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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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this morning. >> yes, and waking up to these horrifying stories from eyewitnesss, people in the crowd who experienced the terror and panic and confusion last night. many people simply enjoying the fireworks to celebrate bastille day. many tourists and foreigners amongst the crowd as the suspects drove this large, heavy truck at speeds very deliberately through those crowds intending to kill as many as possible. police have been able to identify the driver. he left a phone in the vehicle. they say he's the a 31-year-old frenchman and have not named him yet. they do say he was known to police. e he had a criminal record of
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violence, but he was not on the radar on any terror watch list. but france has been on high alert for the past year since those terrible attacks in paris. questions will be asked why intelligence services could not have prevented this. also a crucial question, did this man operate alone? was he part of a wider network? there were police presence at this event. they were powerless to stop that truck charging into the crowd. this happened at 11:00 p.m. local time, but the streets were busy because people were out celebrating this special event. the fireworks display had just ended. two americans were among the dead. a texas father and his young
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son. the french president is holding a series of emergency security meetings. what does france need to do to prevent another tragedy from this happening as france begins to mourn. they are just terrifying. the chilling new accounts as iny attacks. >> survivors describing the chaos and terror they witnessed along the french rivera. >> we were just allowed to meet the hotel to our hotel which is right where -- in front of where
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many of the bodies are. you walk on the street and there are bodies every where. there's blood every where. i was sick. i was standing in blood. i didn't realize it. my wife told me. i heard the pop, pop, pop sound and my wife who is dead recognized the sounds as gunfire. we ran for this kitchen and toilet area, which is under the promenade. as we are running there is people dying off the promenade. >> we got to the festival area and people were sprinting away from the crowd. we were confused and started running and then just started hearing gun shots and we sprinted home to our apartment. everyone in the entire town was printing. we couldn't see anything but the crowd. >> we saw people running towards us and people crouching down looking for doorways, somewhere to hide. you could hear another shot.
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we went and crouched down behind a car and waited there for about an hour. >> as the bodies were lying in the streets pro isis groups were celebrating on social media encouraging supporters to use nice hashtag. >> the terror army bragged about the number of deaths during their whole month of ramadan. >> 490 civilians murdered in 14 attacks worldwide including 49 in orlando. former george w. bush's speech writer telling the kelly files more attacks are likely to come. >> when inspired terrorist attacks are successful terrorist attacks, the more success they have in taking territory, the more they stand up to america and iraq and syria and are able to with stand the assault the more attacks they carry out and more jihadists flock to them and
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carry out attacks. >> he said the same thing a month ago terrorists calling for this specific type of an attack on an online article called the ultimate mowing machine published six years ago encouraging them to motown crowds. you need to pick up as much speed as you can while containing good control of your vehicle. the ideal location is a maximum n number of pedestrians and least number of vehicles. donald trump and hillary clinton both reacting. garrett tenney is live for us with more on that. good morning. >> heather and abby good morning. terrorism and national security has been one of if not the top issue for voters here.
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>> last night each weighed in with their immediate reaction to the attack. donald trump went on the record and told greta van susteren that we are living in a whole new world, we have to get tough, smart and vigilant if we want to stop these kinds of attacks from happening. >> what are we doing? we are trying to be so nice and civil, we are so weak. the world has gotten strengthen up. we have to be very tight with our borders. this isn't 40 years ago and 80 years ago. this is a different world. we are trying to be so politically correct and we are making such big mistakes. >> hillary clinton told bill o'reilly the world of terrorism is a completely different kind of war. it is vital to support allies and not abandon them including
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nato which trump has been an outspoken critic of. >> we have to do more to understand this is a war against these terrorist groups. we need to be smart how we wage it but we have to be determined we are going to win it. >> this morning donald trump was scheduled to announce his running mate. reports indicated mike pence was going to be his vp pick. he has since said his campaign will now make that announcement sometime this week. >> garrett, thank you. >> strong words coming from donald trump's list of vice presidential contenders. attorney general michael flynn and newt gingrich slamming the stance on islamic extremism following the horrific attack.
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>> president obama came out with a statement, okay, i got it. that's wonderful. i am done trying to convince him to really recognize what it is we are facing. we shall not fear what it is we are facing. we should stand up to this, the leaders of this world, that's who i want to see get up on the neck tonight, get up on their soapbox like i am on my soapbox right now and condemn this madness. we are like sheep wonder can why the wolves are killing us. anybody who goes on a web site favoring isis or al qaeda or other terrorist groups that should be a felony and they should go to jail. if we can't destroy them through the internet we should destroy them with kinetic power using weapons starting with predators and frankly just killing them. >> indiana governor mike pence a reported frontrunner tweeting a statement in part, this must
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end. we must resolve to bring to justice all those responsible and defeat this enemy of civilization at its source. >> there was a phrase that came out you either kill them there or you kill them here. >> the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. terror in france. if you are just joining us 84 people killed after a day of celebrations in nice. 50 children in the hospital. >> also coming up a former cia officer who says it is time to declare war on isis.
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lorry driver >> a massacre in france. at least 84 people are dead. dozens more injured. many critically after a truck mowed down people during the ba celebration. >> gary bernstein joins us now. thank you for waking up early with us. france has been under a state of emergency for barometalmost a y. you have a truck full of explosives that employed over innocent people. you wonder what is stopping that from happening at home. >> this can happen anywhere in the world now. of course europeans are under greater risk accepting a large number of ref fees larger islamic populations that have not been integrated into this
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society. it can happen anywhere. the united states needs to organize itself with its allies. we need to declare war on islamic jihadism which includes both isis and jihad. we doo acceptance of responsibility for this. it could have been al qaeda also. it doesn't negate the need for us to declare war on isis and destroy and start moving forward and make a serious effort to put this and put these terrorists down. >> we know right now there are investigations going on in every single state that are related to isis, to terrorism. it could happen worldwide and we know it happened in orlando and it could happen withe of weapon. it was this truck in orlando. we seen them use knives and
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pressure cookers in the boston bombing. how do we use that when they are using everything to kill. isis ceased the chemical weapons and employed them. they will use them more likely in the region they are less likely in the united states. there's nothing these guys won't do. they will use weapons of mass destruction to kill scores of americans and europeans. they are committed to killing us. i challenge the government tol get off the golf course and end this. >> isis has chemical weapons. >> it is a scary, scary reality.
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as we look at what we can do more one of the things we can do is invoke nato article 5. explain what that is and what difference it would make? >> an attack on one is an attack on all. we need a coalition of forces to enter from syria or more nannma. we need to decapitate the caliphate. they are likely to save off their beers and join al qaeda. they are likely to more of into something else. we have to strengthen the allies worldwide. >> tackle the head but don't forget the tail can be just as deadly. >> so well said.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news coming out of france. 84 people killed including two americans. 50 children that's new information at the hospital at this hour. >> how this attack could effect the race for the white house. recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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>> out of respect for this situation i think it was inappropriate to have the news conference tomorrow. i postponed the news conference. >> donald trump has been building up his vp announcement all week but in the wake of terror attack in france he is postponing the pick. could he be rethinking the decision? >> here to weigh in gop
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strategist dr. christopher metzer. thank you for waking up so early this morning. appreciate it. we will start with that. you wake up to this terror attack and donald trump knows he needs somebody who understands the reality we face someone who is in line with him as he moves forward. >> we would have known at 11 today we would find out at some point. that's not the real impact of this attack. the bigger impact of this attack is on the general election. as more and more americans every week hear about a new terror attack, it only gets them more concerned about their personal safety. they want to hear from our two general election candidates hillary clinton and donald trump what they are going to do to make america safe far more than they are worried about who donald trump will pick as his presidential candidate. >> christopher, what do you think? do you think if he had chosen
2:22 am
pens, should he maybe change his mind, other names gingrich, christie, flynn, general flynn? >> i agree with my colleagues in fact we don't know who the choice is. whoever the choice is going to have to be his decision. we don't know that he has made up his mind. i don't think that it is time to speculate about that. i do agree that the issue is about safety. that's really the issue. the tan dat who is going to be elected is going to be the one who we believe can keep us safe and not fearful and worrying every time we turn the corner. >> when a voter walks into the voting booth they are thinking about how we feel who is going
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to protect them and their family especially under such unsettling times. they have both spoken out. who do you think has the better message at this point? >> it requires a suspension in reality to think hillary clinton who allowed four of the americans who died in benghazi is the right choice to lead this country and make america safer. second, she has sid she wants to continue the policies of the last seven years which has gotten us where we are today. americans don't want to continue going in the direction we have gone in the last seven years in the fight against terrorism. we want to win the battle on terror. donald trump is talking about let's sec tour our borders and bring the fight to them and get tough. that's appealing to not only republican and independent voters but it will be important to swing democrats who are essential for trump to win. >> you mention swing states, the
2:24 am
de demographics that need to be won over. listen to what newt gingrich said about trump changing his mind -- not changing his mind but delaying his announcement? >> donald trump did the right thing about postponing tomorrow. this is such a horrendous event in france we have to focus on the historic nature of this. >> bottom line a lot of people coming out saying we need leadership. dt donald trump coming out saying he will not make the announcement today. >> do you agleez key demographics will sway toward trump after events like this? oo you asked the question earlier about who has the struggle or message, i am not hearing message from hillary. i have heard a bunch of mumbo
2:25 am
jumbo but i have not heard a message. for someone who has been at the state department who supposedly had all of this experience, wasn't i am hearing from her is well at this complicated. if trump were elected president, what would occur is you would have the candidate who absolutely will work through a comprehensive strategy and strike that balance between fear and anger. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> all right. 25 minutes after the hour now. terror in france as the truck mows down a crowd watching fireworks. at least 84 dead, 50 injured
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. >> breaking overnight a day of national celebration turns into horror. france once again finds itself the target of a major terror attack. >> a truck driving at full speed employing into thousands of people celebrating bastille day in the city of nice. >> i was standing in blood i
2:30 am
didn't realize until my wife told me. >> it happens at the promenade right next to the westminster hotel. 84 people are dead including two americans, a father and a son from texas. the hospital confirming two children are dead and at least another 50 children are hurt. pro isis groups praising the attack. but isis has yet to claim responsibility. >> katie logan who joins us lye from london has brand new information on this. >> police say the driver of the truck left behind identity documents and a phone and as well as a bank card. that is going to help them in their identification process. they haven't named him yet. we understand they know who the person is. he was known to police, he was on -- he has a criminal record but not on any terror watch
2:31 am
list. he drove his truck deliberately at high speeds into thousands of people over a mile intending to kill as many people as possible. the french president described it as a terrorist attack. there are some eyewitness accounts that he fired into the crowd. he was eventually shot by police. you can see the bullet marks in the front of that truck. there was security. they were powerless to stop the carnage until that point. france has been on high alert in the past year since the deadly attacks in paris. there will be questions asked about why they didn't do more to stop the attack and the man, the driver of the truck, was he working alone, was he part of a perhaps wider network. this we don't know yet. it happened at night around 11 # o'clock local time when the people had been out celebrating
2:32 am
the french bill clintatille day. they were trying to escape in panic and terror and confusion. many were not able to flee. there were many children amongst the casualties many critically injured. around 14 in critical condition. there are two americans among the dead a texas father and his young son. right now the french president is holding a series of emergency security meetings. he has declared three-days of national mourning. an extension in the state of emergency in the country going on since there. there are flags flying and he will be reviewing security in the city and many capitals around europe today. >> with all of the information left in the truck that helps.
2:33 am
>> the latest attack is a remi terrorism is front and center in the race for the white house. >> donald trump, hillary clinton both reacting in different tones. >> garrett tenney is live for us with more on that. >> good morning. the immediate aftermath of tragedies like this is typically no place for politics. both candidates canceled several xaiven vents scheduled for later today. but there's no escaping how this latest attack again raises the issues of terrorism and national security back here at home. for much of the last few years those two issues have been at the top of the list of issues that americans are most concerned about. last night both donald trump and hillary clinton weighed in with their immediate reactions to the attacks. donald trump says sadly we are going to see more of these kinds of attacks in the future if we don't get stronger, tougher and smarter in the fight against
2:34 am
terrorism. he reiterated the ban of muslims who have ties to terrorism. >> i would not allow people to come in from terrorist nations. i would do extreme vetting. our country has tremendous problems. we don't need any more of the problems. right now we have more investigations of this kind going on than we have had in the history of our country. we will allow tens of thousands of more like this. >> he told bill o'reilly the war against terrorism is a completely different kind of war. we have to do more to understand it including what he calls is an intelligence search which means there is greater cooperation of our intelligence agencies and our allies those in europe many of which have not been as
2:35 am
cooperative. it is important to stress that our alliance is so strong with france. they have so much tragedy and violence we need to stand strongly with them was events like this mean we need to strengther ourally ances. >> he has been an outspoken critic of nato. >> he was scheduled to announce his running mate last night trump said he was still making up his mind. garrett tenney live for us. >> they were praising the deadly attacks and the terror group not yet claiming responsibility.
2:36 am
here to weigh in jim hanson. thank you for joining us. a lot of questions remain. but we heard from the two candidates for president of the united states. we heard donald trump say we need to be smarter, quicker. we heard hillary clinton talk about strengthening our ties with nato. either one of those. the answer? >> donald trump was on the right path when he said we need to stop allowing people in from terrorists or jihadist controlled nations. that is ridiculous policy for us right now. they released a paper saying we should stop importing jihadists. there is immigration laws that allow you to ban people who need
2:37 am
totalitarian ideologies. shi sharia is a totalitarian ideology. the people who believe in that should not be allowed to come to the country. they won't assimilate they cowi do what happened in france and create these enclaves of extremists where they preach hate and end up with terrorist attacks like we have in nice. >> it sounds like things they have been pushing others to do. you say isis is like a disease. they are going to pop up sw else with a different name. what does that mean in terms of how we fight them off? what does the next president have to do? >> it is a global jihad. right now isis is the big team in that global jihad. but you have al qaeda and boko haram. if they all died tomorrow, new groups would pop up, fly the black flag and start killing innocents. we have to make it a war of
2:38 am
ideas. we have to attack their ideology. we have to fight them as jihadists not as muslims. that means we need to go into the communities where they are. when france started looking in the mosques in their country, the ones they know where hate is being preached, they found weapons. the people who were telling these people like the one in nice to do these attacks. we need to have the guts to do the same thing here in the united states. we know who is preaching hate. we need to stop them. >> you are saying we should monitor those mosques here in the united states. >> absolutely. this is not all muslims. there are plenty of muslims we should enlist to help us with this. they are the ones who can tell who the bad guys are. we need to stop this molcally correct insanity who says we can't look where the bad guys are can't listen to what they are saying and stop them before these acts.
2:39 am
>> that is what is crazy to me. newt gingrich made a statement said any one who pledging their allegiance to terrorist groups or isis they do it online all of the time. we should track down these people. >> newt is correct. he also said that sharia adherence which is not all of islam, it is the portion that believes their law should be supreme over even the u.s. constitution, those people cannot assimilate, will not be part of our culture and don't belong here. we shouldn't let them in and we should look at them where they are right now so that we can stop terrorist attacks. we can't stop trucks, bombs and guns we can stop the people wielding them against us. >> if they are in this country we need to get them out of here. >> the orlando killer pledges his allegiance on facebook and his father pledges his allegiance to al qaeda. >> almost 40 minutes after the
2:40 am
hour. the terror attack in tranfrance coming days before the republican convention. >> will this change security tactic brothers the big event. we are live in cleveland up next. with's free cancellation, you could just forget the beach wedding... and the beach booty... you could just book a different resort. like in alaska. they've got igloos.
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boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new >> fox news alert. the deadly attacks in france turning the spotlight going on in cleave lapped. that is days from the rnc. >> authorities are already on high alert. we are live in cleveland this morning. security was already on high alert before this terrible attack. >> we are getting a sense of exactly what authorities had planned here. this is a street corner you can sees in the -- on the outer most parts of the 1.7 square mile event zone. you can see the city where cleveland browns play.
2:44 am
just an hour or so police officers were supervising as these concrete barriers were dropped off. they are all over the city now. they are stacked up. you can see across the way there are some over there as well. this is the kind of barrier that is going to go in the middle of the street to stop this style attack. the planning that goes into these when you see a big truck it is to stop a truck bomb fblt now they know it will be crew s shall to stopping what we saw in france. we saw these kind of fences being stacked up through out the city. it is now going up. all of the crash ctrash cans ha removed as well. you see these plastic bags that is one less place for any one to store anything who is wishing to do the convention harm. while this is all going on here. just tree days before things
2:45 am
really kickoff and dignitaries start to arrive back in washington director of home lapped security and fbi director are saying they are concerned about what might happen here. listen to this. >> i am concerned about the prospect of demonstrations getting out of hand. i am concerned about the possibility of violence. there is a concern any time there's an event like this that people from across a spectrum of radical groups will be attracted to it. so we are watching it very, very carefully. oo a you heard it right there. not only are they concerned about terrorists who may have their eyes on the republican national convention here in cleveland, they are also worried about the very dangerous climate and dangerous rhetoric coming out of some of the anti police protests. they say if somebody is just here to antagonize the police, if they say something, if they spit on an officer they may not be raised. that goes to show you they are
2:46 am
worried about people doing very much worse things. >> you had the attack in france and donald trump has been outspoken about how we need to move forward. you have people who support him and people aren't happy about some of the his messaging. you mentioned demonstrators and protestors. what are they prepared to do if and when the protests break out? >> we know that they are planning to have extra judges working in the court system -- the court will be open add 20 hours. they have more jail cells open. they can take almost 1,000 protestors at a time if there are mass arrests. police have been knocking on the doors of the homes of people who have been arrested in the last few years at anti police protests trying to get a feel of what they may have plan, what they may be this thinking ahead
2:47 am
of this. police are trying to do everything they can to know what might be coming here at the start of next week. >> peter, going back to something you mentioned briefly. if you spit on a protester you won't be arrested. there have been mixed reports that police have been given a stand down order. have you heard anything about that some of the specifics have been close to the best obviously. they don't want anybody to know what the specifics are that law enforcement has. law enforcement, they think they are prepared, but time is obviously -- the event start is bracing closer and closer by the minute. obviously something like what happened in france is new cause for concern. >> you will be holding down the port f fort for us all week. we will talk more about it with
2:48 am
brian kilmeade with "fox & friends" regarding what's going on in france. >> great job watching both of you for the last two hours. we will pick it up where you left off. the effect on the presidential race which is taking place right now. with us today live attorney general michael flynn knows as much about terror as anybody in this country. he will be here. trump campaign manager paul manafort here on why he put his vp pick on hold. reporter navy seal geraldo rivera. don't miss a minute of "fox and friends." >> don't miss a minute of it. quite a line up. stay with us. ♪ 4 by 4 those who jump start the weekend. the ones who want to see it all... hear it all... and feel it all... all summer long.
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2:52 am
alert, the world on edge after the attack in nice, france. dozens are dead after a truck mows into a crowd. francois hollande extending the state of emergency, but what can we do to protect the homeland. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> let's begin with new information that is coming in regarding the suspect who was killed in this attack in nice. apparently, investigators have already recovered a license, they recovered a bank card, they believe to belong to the suspect. also initial reports coming in he was able to get through there because he said he was delivering ice cream. we discussed how he was able to do that earlier. what can we learn from this to bring here? >> you know, that's a huge fail on the part of security, allowing a vehicle in, regardless of what they're telling you, to a secure event. that's why you have vehicle checkpoints. when you do secure events like this, and you'll see this with
2:53 am
the rnc, no deliveries during the time of the event. that's fundamental protocol. we talked about having barricades, legitimate concrete barricades, vehicles to stop other vehicles from coming through proper checkpoints. letting a vehicle like this come through is unacceptable. there are things here in the homeland we need to do. we were talking about how do we have the orlando shooting, san bernardino? how are these things happening on the home front. what are we missing? i have to be honest. we're not going to catch everything. we're just not. and we're putting -- everyone is putting all this pressure on intelligence. you can only catch so much. these people are very smart that are planning these events, these attacks. there's also so many areas to include religious places, mosques, that we wasn't do surveillance on. these significantly from a practical law enforcement stand point, they inhibit us. >> you know, france is under the state of emergency at this time.
2:54 am
still, this happens. a good point, there are going to be things that happen no matter what we do. if you were running the department of homeland security, what would be some of the things you put in place now. >> those are big shoes to fill. one of the main things would be our ability to do properly surveillance. i understand the sensitivity about religious places where people are worshiping, but that's a huge problem. if you don't have access to surveil me, that's where i'm going to go to plan. we also have to get our muslim community, our brothers and sisters in that community to work with us. just having law enforcement and, you know, outside entities working and helping us with that, it's not enough. i know our candidate hillary clinton spoke about having better intelligence, working with europe. we also need to work with this other countries, the countries where we're having these extremists come from. we have to unify the globe, truly. and it just can't be europe, it
2:55 am
can't be the knroous. it has to be everybody. here in the homeland, we need to put pressure on our muslim community to work with us. this is their home. and we do see some individuals, not all, empathizing, some assisting. some individuals just turning their head, not being involved but not saying anything. that's a problem. >> letting political correctness take over from our safety. if you see something, say something, no matter who you are. >> correct. >> a long road ahead. thanks for waking up so early. >> the latest breaking details on the deadly terror attack in france. that's next. >> stay with us.
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and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. we are back with a fox news alert. independence day celebrations turning deadly in france. a truck packed with explosives driving full speed into a crowd that was watching fireworks in the city of nice. at least 84 people are dead, including an american father and his young son. we just learned the terrorist behind the wheel was known to police. they're now searching his home for clues. >> and donald trump postponing his vp announcement, originally scheduled for this morning. >> the list said to be narrowed down to newt gingrich and mike pence. many speculating pence is the pick, put trump telling fox news last night that he is yet to
3:00 am
decide. >> too many mornings we're waking up to these hohisk attacks. seems to be one every week. heart breaking. thanks for sticking with us. >> fox and friends starts now with the latest information on the attack in nice. >> we were just allowed to leave the hotel. they took us to our hotel, which is right where -- in front of where -- many of the bodies are. we walk on the street and there are bodies everywhere. there is blood everywhere. i was sick. i was standing in blood and didn't realize it. my wife told me. you heard the pop pop pop sound, and my wife, w


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