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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 15, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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decide. >> too many mornings we're waking up to these hohisk attacks. seems to be one every week. heart breaking. thanks for sticking with us. >> fox and friends starts now with the latest information on the attack in nice. >> we were just allowed to leave the hotel. they took us to our hotel, which is right where -- in front of where -- many of the bodies are. we walk on the street and there are bodies everywhere. there is blood everywhere. i was sick. i was standing in blood and didn't realize it. my wife told me. you heard the pop pop pop sound, and my wife, who oddly enough,
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is deaf, recognized the sounds as gunfire. and we started -- we ran for this kitchen and toilet area which is actually under the promenade. and as we're running, there are people diving off the promenade. >> we got to the festival area, and people just were sprinting away from the crowd. so we were confused and started running. then just started hearing gunshots, and we sprinted home to our apartment. everyone in the entire town was sprinting. we couldn't see anything but the crowd. >> people crouching down, looking for doorways, somewhere to hide. we could hear another shot, another shooting. we weren't sure at the time. we ran into a restaurant in an alleyway where we crouched down behind a car and waited there for about an hour. >> hello, everybody. bad news to start with.
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we'll analyze it. terror strikes france once again. >> a driver behind the wheel of a massive truck plows through the crowd, accelerating as he's driving down the street at a bastille celebration in nice, france. right now, 84 people, including children, are dead. >> apparently, he was trying to swerve and kill as many people as he could. this morning, brand-new information about the driver. live in london for the latest. >> that's right. we do understand that police have identified the driver of that truck. he apparently left behind ide identity documents, a bank card, and a phone. police say he is known to them. he does have a criminal record for theft and violence, but he was not on any terror watch list. now, the truck, as you know, drove deliberately through crowds of people for over a mile. witnesses say the driver deliberately steered towards passers-by. it's understood he was also
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armed and fired into the crowd, according to witnesses, intending to kill as many as possible. he was eventually shot dead by police. there had been police and security at the event who were powerless to stop the carnage, and france on lhigh alert 6 the attacks la year, there will be questions asked about why intelligence services could not have prevented this, why there were no alerts, and was this man operating alone or part of a wider network. whatever his background and motive, the attack achieved its intended aim of fear, panic, and terror. people running to escape the horror, and sadly, many couldn't. >> when i looked down, i actually didn't see people, you know, like walking away hurt. everyone that was down appeared completely lifeless. you could see and just realize looking down there is absolutely nothing you could do for any of
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those people that were out. i mean, they were obvious signs of them being deceased. >> many more heartbreaking stories like this, and sadly, also two americans among the dead. a texan and his young son. today, the french president will be holding a series of security briefings. he has already decided to extend the state of emergency in the country for yet another three months to boost security on the streets. and today, in london, the flags are flying at half mast. the london mayor also concerned about improving security here, in london, and other cities around the world. meanwhile, in france, there will be three days of national mourning. >> indeed. after a day of holiday. all right, kitty logan reporting at our european bureau. how are they able to put together so much so quickly? in the city of niece, they have 1200 security cameras. we saw some of the images in the montage at the beginning of the program of the truck barreling through the crowds of people.
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they were able to go back, and that's the moment, as it was trying to kill as many people. swerving 40 miles per hour. jumped the curb. they looked at these 1200 security cameras and were able to actually see this man get into the truck at the moment he started the terror attack. apparently, he was up in the hills overlooking the city of nice. >> well, i mean, if you're a city official in nice and you find out your president made an announcement that we're coming off high alert, so you feel good about the fact you're not in a major terror target and it's just a truck. after all, you can't ban trucks. you have a commercial vehicle that's going to go through the city, delivering things for their celebration, their fourth of july, it's akin to, and it starts killing people for a mile long. plowing them down in cold blood. and the texan is sean copeland, 51, and his 11-year-old son, brodie, and on top of tat, you have to say to yourselves now, the terrorists are achieving
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their goal here because france does not have the money, the financial resources, or the manpower to keep on high alert. they're asking people who have had service over the last five years to come back on and help out because they're going to continue this high alert extra security status. >> it's unbelievable. you have to listen to this, brian. there is a magazine online called inspire. it's run by a terrorist group. this actually exists. it's run by a terrorist group, and there are quotes on this online magazine that are telling those folks that are buying into this and want to be terrorists how to do these attacks. and one of the instructions is to get in a vehicle and to go as fast as you can. listen to this. this is on their magazine's website. to achieve maximum carnage, you need to pick up as much speed as you can while still retaining good control of your vehicle. the ideal location is a place where there are a maximum number
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of pedestrians and least number of vehicles. so even though isis is not taking responsibility for this -- >> yet. >> -- yet, while there were people dead on the ground, 84 people dead on the ground, isis was tweeting out that if you're a follower of ours, you should tweet out, #niece, and they were celebrating. >> here's the thing. it was bastille day, their independence day. the biggest public holiday. it was at the conclusion of a time when they had the fireworks, so everybody right along the main promenade right there, it's one of the most beautiful streets in the whole wide word. so many people. somebody, this person who did this was following exactly the instructions printed by isis in inspire two years ago. actually, it was directed at the french. we should also point out inside the truck, what they found was in addition to the guy's i.d., they also found a pistol, a larger gun, and a number of fake rifles and grenades.
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and apparently, once the cops stopped him for a while, he was shooting at people and screaming allah akbar. >> when you found out the boston bombers found out how to make a bomb, and it was in the same magazine, how to make a kitsbom the kitchen of your mom. those statements ability how to run over people could be written by a third grader in any country at any time. there's nothing sophisticated about this. compare that to the early attacks in paris, the "charlie heb hebdo" coordination. multiple times, long-term planning. this is a guy with no terror background who decides to get in a truck and run over people, which makes it even harder to detect. >> these were families celebrating their unless day there. we just celebrated fourth of july. i couldn't help but think about the fireworks that go off here in new york city, and this is actually happening. they're trying to target areas where there are a lot of people.
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>> they did that last night. >> one guy watching said it looked like he was a drunk di r driver, and then i realized he was zigzagging to hit people and run them over. >> keep in mind, they had just seen fireworks. okay, so you can tell the difference between fireworks and shots? a lot of people thought they were fireworks. newt gingrich was on the channel last night. here's what he says needs to be done right now. >> western civilization is in a war. we should frankly test every person here who is of a muslim background. if they believe in sharia, they should be deported. sharia is incompatible with western civilization. modern muslims who have given up sharia, glad to have them as citizens. perfectly happy to have them next door. we need to be fairly relentless about defining who our enemies are. anybody who goes on a website favoring isis or al qaeda or other terrorist groups, that should be a felony and they
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should go to jail. any organization which hosts such a website should be engaged in a felony. it should be closed down immediately. our forces should be used to systematically destroy every internet-based source, and frankly, if we can't destroy them through the internet, we should destroy them with kinetic power, using various weapons starting with predators and killing them. >> how significant is that for newt gingrich to come out and say, hey, wake up, america, wake up world. this is a war against our civilization? both candidates have to weigh in and give the perception of what a presidency they would have if the war on terror continues under their next four years. and we know it's going to continue. hillary clinton has a problem. because there's not a person on the planet who could say that president obama's been effective in stopping the spread of the jv team, isis. not only out of the middle east, but now it's on our doorstep. so she picked up the phone and called bill o'reilly.
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listen. >> we've got to do more to understand that this is a war against these terrorist groups, the radical jihadist groups. it's a different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it, but we have to be determined that we're going to win it. one of my priorities is to launch an intelligence surge. we still do not have enough intelligence cooperation between our agencies and those in other countries, including in europe, and we need to have a focal point. >> well, the experts are saying that's absolutely false. saying we have intelligence, we know who these people are, we know where they are. it's basically about action. we need to go out and wipe them out, the experts are saying. i think she's taking a page from donald trump, and it sounds a lot like donald trump because she said, quote, terrorist groups and radical jihadist groups. >> that's right. donald trump called into the
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o'reilly show first last night. listen. >> this is war. if you look at it, this is war. coming from all different parts, and frankly, it's war, and we're dealing with people without uniforms. you know, in the old days, we would have uniforms. you knew what you were fighting. these people, we're allowing people into our country where we have no idea where they are, where they're from, who they are. they have nopaperwork, no documentation in many cases, and hillary clinton wants to allow 550% more in than even obama, and he's letting them in by the thousands. >> so there you have donald trump commenting on what happened, the bloodbath on bastille day in nice, france. donald trump has cancelled his 11:00 a.m. announcement here in midtown manhattan when he was going to reveal his pick for vice president. it was widely believed that it
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was mike pence because mike pence apparently flew to the new york city area, and yet last night, the last official word from donald trump is i have not officially made up my mind. however, mike pence is up against a time slot. today at noon, he's got to drop out because you cannot run for governor of the state of indiana and vice president at the same time. so what's going on in indiana may actually force mike pence's hand before it's official and comes out of donald trump's mouth. mike pence is my guy. >> well, vice president was supposed to be on sean hannity tonight. we'll find out if that's going to happen now without the announcement. >> here's what's coming up straight ahead over the next 2:50. should muslim countries do more to stop terrorists in their tracks? >> i want the president of egypt, i want the king of saudi arabia, i want the imam or khomeini in iran to stand up and be counted. >> but our next guest, a muslim
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responsibility yet, but here to discuss is muslim scholar and a book "land of invisible women", dr. ahmed. welcome back. >> thanks. >> your take on this attack and where we go from here. >> devastating. i mean, it's very important to notice this was france's day of celebration for their independence. a secular day that celebrated the republic and a day where people were gathering. i actually called immediately my french friends attending this, french muslims attending the celebration and escaped with their lives. a pregnant wife, a young father, a 5-year-old son. this effects uniformly anyone trying to conduct a normal life in france. >> sure. >> not surprisingly, there's been a series of itacks, people are struggling to decide, is it connected to orlando, to istanbul, to other things. it's almost immaterial if this person was inspired or part lly
3:19 am
financed. >> connected or not? >> we don't know, and it's almost immaterial. i have no doubt this is going to stimulate other events. what my friends told me they were nowhere stopped to inspect their handbags, no metal detectors. someday has just reported this to be a secure event. there was no evidence there was any security at all. >> the entire city, the entire sea shore. it's impossible to have that as a hard target, what they're trying to create right now in cleveland. what we know about the suspect right now, 30 years old, a french tunisia criminal known to police for armed attacks. no direct tied to terrorism so far. >> that's very important. french national with shared tunisia nationality, my conclusion would be most likely to a muslim, most like laly act as an islamist. this is partly why france is
3:20 am
targeted. france has had more french citizens go to syria and then return than any other country per capita. they're coming back and they also can hook up with enthusiasts who may not have had contact with isis. >> newt gingrich said we should, quote, frankly test everyone person who is of muslim background. if they believe in sharia, shea should be deported. anyone who goes on isis websites, that should be a felony. >> i saw that. it's very discouraging when you're a muslim here in the united states, as am i, as are about 3.5 million other people, every time this happens, all muslims are dehumanized. how are you going to test me? how are you going to test me? gingrich doesn't understand sharia so he's not alone in his ignorance. the whole narrative in the 18 months we have been talking does not understand what sharia
3:21 am
means. it means i live a god-cesent li. >> i can't thank you enough for your perspective. it's invaluable. more fox and friends when we come back. we talk about donald trump and what it means for him naming a running mate. if not today, when? we'll discuss it.
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caught thkhat that goes across the country. donald trump is keeping a similar schedule. he got back to new york about 4:30 this morning. probably catching a little bit of shut eye before starting his busy day. of course, we're expecting at 11:00 this morning to have the vice presidential roll-out, a big celebratory thing, and trump thought it wouldn't be appropriate given the news coming out of france today. it's expected in the next couple days, he will announce his running mate, and it looks like it will be mike pence. might not happen until sunday, but he wants to get it done before the convention starts on monday in cleveland. meantime, this terror attack in nice on the mind of donald trump. we expect he'll be talking about this in the coming days. yesterday, he tweeted about it a couple times. saying at one point, quote, when will we learn? it's only getting worse. listen to what he told greta van susteren last night. >> what are we doing? we're trying to be so nice, so civil. we're so weak, the world has got
3:26 am
to strengthen up. we have to be very tight with our borders. it's now a different world, greta. this isn't 40 years ago and 80 years ago. this is a different world. we're trying to be so politically correct, and we're making such big mistakes. >> one of the reasons that we do believe that mike pence, indiana governor, is his running mate is because yesterday at teterboro airport, a plan landed in the indianapolis area and a man who looked a lot like mike pence got out of the plane, immediately got into an suv and went to a location unknown. pence also thinking very much about this attack in nice. tweeting out last night, quote, very simple tweet, saying, quote, this must end. so we're not sure, brian, when the announcement of the running mate will be made. could be as early as tomorrow afternoon. we'll let you know. >> i bet you can't even shut out him making the announcement later today. i wouldn't thing, if nothing
3:27 am
develops in the investigation and it just goes underground, i wouldn't be surprised if he did something tonight. would you be? >> i would be surprised if he did something tonight. i mean, he always could, but in a situation like this, typically, you want to give it at least 24, maybe even 48 hours before you do something like the vice presidential running mate announcement, because while you can talk a lot about terrorism and some of the other problems besetting the nation and the world, it really is a celebratory event, and that's not something that would be politically correct, even though he's not wanting to be politically correct in the campaign, but something you wouldn't do in the wake of what happened in nice. >> indeed. donald trump said last night on bill o'reilly's show, and i'm sure you saw this. he has not officially made up his mind. while we -- you know, we showed the pictures of mike pence getting off that little jet at teterboro, is there any possibility that he could change his mind, and it might not be mike pence? >> if this is in the realm of
3:28 am
possibilities i would expect that the possibility is probably somewhere around there. there's a lot of things you have to put in motion when you're picking a running mate. mike pence has to file papers by noon today to say whether or not he's going to continue his gubernatorial race. he could always say i'm going to continue and gets named at the vice president and say i have changed my mind. but there's other political calculations in there, too, he has to give the republican party in indiana a chance to put a new candidate forward. trump could change his mind. we know he's somewhat of a mercurial character, but with pence, the dye is pretty much cast here. >> that will be made public, whatever he decides to do at noon today, correct? >> secretary of state going to make the announcement at noon. >> newt sounded a lot like trump yesterday. i wonder if in newt's mind, he said, i don't think it's actually done. let him know, i can go along with the team if i have to.
3:29 am
>> that's why i thought pence all the time, they're different people. >> coming up, is president obama to blame for what happened in france? >> this is the fault of western elites who lack the guts to do what is right, to do what is necessary, and to tell us the truth. and that starts with barack obama. >> is newt gingrich right? the former head of the bin laden unit here live next. if you love crab and who doesn't then seize the day already. crabfest is back at red lobster with so many kinds of crab and the most crab dishes of the year. so dive into whatever floats your crab-loving boat. like crab lover's dream. crack open tender snow and king crab legs, and twirl creamy crab alfredo. or try the new alaska bairdi crab dinner. sweet and straight from the icy waters of alaska,
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3:33 am
powerful civilization in history, all of western civilization, is helpless in the face of a group of medieval barbarians who, for example, recently burned 20 young women to death, burned them to death, because they wouldn't have sex with them. a group which beheaded recently in the philippines two canadian businessmen, and we're told to be reasonable. to be passive, to not judge. i just want to tell you tonight, everybody who watches this video, this is the fault of western elites who lack the guts to do what is right, to do what is necessary, and to tell us the truth, and that starts with barack obama. we are behaving as though we're insane. we're like sheep wondering why the wolves keep killing us. these people are opposed to our way of life, opposed to our values system, opposed to our various religions, opposed to the whole concept of freedom, and the rr very honest about it. they tell us what they want to do. >> on our top story, former cia
3:34 am
officer who headed the bin laden unit, gary joins us from tampa. >> i was the chief of the hezbollah unit. mike ran the bin laden unit. >> you're right. when i was reading that, i was thinking we're talking about someone else. nonetheless, newt gingrich very clear there. he said it was the fault of western elites, starting with barack obama. do you agree with that? >> yes, i do. let me explain why. it is law since 1986 under goldwater nichols that an administration produced a national security strategy each year, and that allowed the military to do a national military strategy, allowed the congress to budget. the obama administration has only done that in two of the last eight years and their last national security strategy looks like some kind of human rights global report, asking for, you know, it's just -- it's not a serious document. and so it starts at the white house. and if you're not going to be
3:35 am
serious about it and recognize that they have declared war on us. we need to declare war on them. we need to eliminate isis. the caliphate. we eliminated the taliban, the core part of the taliban, in 2001, after seven weeks when i was on the ground. once we get set up, took about a month to get set up on the ground, seven weeks to defeat 70,000 members of the taliban. we can take care of these thugs from isis in about a month once we're on the ground. now, of course, we're going to need allies to come in here, to hold the ground. it's more complicated that just doing that but we need to get rid of the caliphate at the first step in the process. it's a process that's going to take about a decade. we're going to have to get our european allies online. >> well, if you're not happy with the current counterterror attack plan from america, which we're supposed to be leading and we choose not to, let's see if you're happy with hillary clinton's plan to attack this
3:36 am
isis threat, because unless she divorces herself from the current president, you have to think that we're in for a lot of trouble. let's hear it. >> one of my priorities is to launch an intelligence surge. we still do not have enough intelligence cooperation between our agencies and those in other countries, including in europe. and we need to have a focal point. >> gary? >> what a bunch of nonsense. we have had liaison relationships with our european partners since world war ii. these are deep relationships with significant cooperations. we have assisted them with funding at times in different ways. look, the problem is the europeans themselves don't commit enough resources to the problem, and the europeans are overwhelmed by refugees and very large and growing populations they're not covering. it's not a failure of
3:37 am
cooperation, mrs. clinton. it's a failure of our european partners to step up to the plate and commit the resources they need, as they're failing to do on nato as well. they're not reaching their 2%, and you didn't hold them to account when you were in the job of secretary of state. this is just a talking point to avoid action. >> gary, it's been a really hard last few weeks. we all have heavy hearts. our entire country does. and i think i can speak at least for myself, i'm angry. i'm really angry this is continuing to happen. you have 84 bodies there on the ground. you have white sheets over them, and you have these terrorist organizations that are tweet tweeted #nice and celebrating. if you want to communicate with washington, what is your message for the administration? how -- you tell me. what is your message for the president and this administration? >> the message is, mr. president, they're at war with us. declare war, number one. so that the people of the united states will recognize that sacrifice and commitment is needed to destroy isis.
3:38 am
that's the first thing you have to do. the second thing you have to do is you have to -- when you do that, you need to invoke article five of the nato charter. the other thing you have to do is get the europeans to step up their intel machines, their programs, commit larger resources, and we all have to recognize this is going to be a minimum a decade fight. even if we destroy isis, they'll cut their beards off and some may integrate back into al qaeda. it's islamic jihadist terrorism we're fighting. >> you know, barack obama in the last 15 minutes of his presidency is not going to change his approach. so this is going to be on the table of the next president of the united states. it's scary, came out this week in one of the washington papers. that was that the caliphate, isis is preparing for the end of the caliphate, which you were talking about earlier, because they're losing a lot of land in syria. what they're going to do next is just completely and uniquely focus on terror attacks abroad.
3:39 am
that's what we saw yesterday, and that's going to be what we're going to see all across the world. >> steve, they also have chemical weapons. they seize those chemical weapons from the syrians. i would see sort of an end of days scenario for them, that they will increase the lethal taland the terror and use them in the region. this is going to get very, very ugly. the president of the united states, as newt gingrich stated, has failed in his responsibilities to defend the united states. he's lost control of the middle east. it's in flames. and that's what he will leave when he leaves office. >> a few less global warming summits, a few more global terror summits where we lead the charge. thank you, gary. >> stop talking about global warming. >> thank you, gary. >> thank you for joining us from tampa. >> let's hand it over to abby. >> brian, good to have you back. >> good to see you. great job this morning. >> we have headlines overnight.
3:40 am
another attack on police potentially stopped. officers involved in shooting can killing a man who fired an ar-15 at them. >> why was he firing initially? who was he firing at? that's something we don't have the answer to. that's something we're currently looking at. >> four baltimore officers were at the scene at the time of the shooting. none of them were hurt. police say it's still unclear what motivated the suspect to open fire. >> an attack coming hours before what is called a day of rage. today, officers in 37 cities are on high alert as racial tensions reach a boiling point nationwide. hacker group anonymous asking people to protest police brutality. and meanwhile, president obama sat down for a town hall on race relations, telling abc's david muir, it's crucial we bridge the gap between police departments and the communities they serve, following a recent officer-involved killings of black men in baton rouge and
3:41 am
minnesota. >> police departments that are doing the best work are also training their officers not just on shooting, you know, being good shots, not just on the technical aspects of police work, but they're also training officers about how do we get rid of some of our implicit biases. we all have them. we all carry around with us some assumptions about other people. >> but the president's message was not well received by erica garner, the daughter of eric garner who was killed two years ago. she stormed out of the taping, accusing the network of silencing her questions. those are some of your headlines. back do you. >> thank you varmuch. >> meanwhile, donald trump has delayed his big announcement set for 11:00 a.m. today. but is he really perhaps having second thoughts about choosing
3:42 am
indiana governor mike pence? we have a political panel, and they're going to talk about that coming up next. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> hi, political panel. nexium 24hr is now the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night make nexium 24hr your #1 choice.
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with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i have great respect for governor pence, but i also have great respect for newt. i have great respect for chris, chris christie. i have -- we have some tremendous people in the republican party. but i'll be making the announcement at the appropriate time. >> and that at this point is unclear when the appropriate time is. most probably tomorrow or the next day. donald trump postponing his vice presidential announcement in the wake of the horrific terror attack in france. this after frenzied media reports he had chosen mike pence as his running mate. was this simply the right move to delay the announcement or ghts? it be a sign trump is
3:46 am
let's discuss with our political panel. boris epstein is a republican strategist. janet green is a former hillary clinton campaign adviser and fox news contributor, and nomiki is a democratic strategist. just a moment ago, you said pence is the perfect choice. why would he change his mind about pence? >> let me be clear. perfect choice for donald trump. he's cookie cutter. he balances out trump on foreign policy. he has that strength in foreign policy. on tpp, in a strange way, the trade thing, he actually is for tpp, which could balance out the more corporatest side of the republican party, which is in alignment with hillary clinton, even though she's been campaigning against tpp, it's not fully in the democratic platform. >> last night on the bill o'reilly show, when your candidate hillary clinton also
3:47 am
called in to, donald trump said he had not yet made up his mind. do you believe that? >> no, but nothing would surprise me, given the state of the race. i think it's interesting we have seen newt gingrich in the last day really trying to make last-minute push by being unhinged and more aggressive in his rhetoric. so maybe there is some slim chance because we don't have a candidate in donald trump who is stable. so since manipulation of the media that he's doing is perhaps a way for him to change his mind. >> boris would expect you to say that. >> that was a great talking point. thank you. >> come on. >> you know, have to take him at his word. he meant what he said on o'reilly, which is these are great options. we have a really great bench in the gop. democrats do not have the same. so when he makes the choice, he'll announce it. >> when it comes to what happened in paris, you know, you know when you just look at politics, hillary clinton has been part of this administration
3:48 am
for years. and so when you look at foreign affairs and things like terrorism, overseas, hillary clinton is going to get some of the blame for this. >> i don't know about that. i think that would be the spin coming out of donald trump's campaign, but the reality is there is only one person in the race now who has serious foreign policy experience, a deep understanding of terrorism and counterterrorism and that's hillary clinton. no question when they're on the debate stage and donald trump is talking about fear and doesn't understand which countries are lead by which leaders, it's going to be clear. >> if you think about the blame game -- >> at least she knows what's going on. >> one at a time, boris, you start. >> an utter failure of secretary of state does not give you credentials. >> great talking point. >> isis was born on her watch. the middle east was blown up on her watch. she has done nothing to keep america safe. america is less safe now than it was eight years ago. we need to change and get obama/clinton out and get trump in. >> as we have taken back
3:49 am
territory from isis, they are now relying on these one-off lone wolfs and you know how they're recruiting them? by the rhetoric that comes out of the moulth of donald trump ad his cronies vying to be his vp. that's recruiting these young men to attack us, to attack the people -- >> you think that's happening because of the election here? >> they're attacking france because of donald trump? >> they want a candidate like donald trump because they want to increase their -- >> you couldn't be more wrong. >> they hate us. thank you very much. a spirited friday morning conversation. >> all right, fox news just confirming the suspect is a 31-year-old from tunisia. with french citizenship as well. so why does this matter? because tunisia is the biggest exporter of isis recruits. we're going to prove it next. and trump campaign chairman
3:50 am
paul manafort is in our green room, and general michael flynn is also on deck. what they know about trump's running mate, straight ahead. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. benefiber® healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪
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3:53 am
brand new video just in of the shoot-out in that deadly attack in france. >> you can hear it. >> they killed 84 people. a truck mowing down a crowd celebrating bastille day and the driver was a 34-year-old french citizen who was from tunisia. 31 years old. but does -- what does that tell us? here to discuss this is the chair of the military affairs at marine corps university, dr. sebastian gorka.
3:54 am
>> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. so what does that mean, he's from tunisia, what do you make of that? >> well, it could be very significant. if you look at the last five years of violence in the middle east, if you look at the rise of isis in the last four years the greatest number of foreign fighters pouring into isis have come from tunisia. so we don't know who's behind this. but it's clearly a jihadi attack if we look at the background of the individual, and given he's connected to tunisia it could be another isis attack, ainsley. >> yeah, doctor, apparently he's been identified mohammed bouhlel is his name, i believe. he did scream allahu akbar during the attack. that narrows down the motives as well, does it?
3:55 am
>> it does for people who have common sense, steve. but maybe not for the administration. this is the pattern we see again and again and again. whether it's ft. hood when major nidal hassan was shouting allahu akbar and in the orlando nightclub, that mateen was shouting allah is the greatest. this tells you this isn't about workplace violence or some other label. this is again an instance of the jihadis taking the war to the infidel on their home territory. in this case on the fourth of july for the french republic. >> what's bad about this, the attacks, the carnage. an 11-year-old kid who is supposed to be starting little league soon from texas, that's just in america. let alone the 84 others who lost their lives. but here's the positive part
3:56 am
about this. you have belgium who understands the threat and you have england who understands the threat. all of these countries have been touched and tested. now directly since 9/11. this is an opportunity, isn't it, dr. gorka, to have a worldwide push to take on radical islam. america -- america leads this push. we streamline our intelligence units and get its into one, much like a macro look at what we did in iraq to defeat the insurgency. this is an opportunity -- a window. >> absolutely. this is exactly why i wrote my book "defeating jihad." we need leadership now. it's 15 years later. no more political correctness. no more saying the migrant issue is just one of charity, we should let everybody in. no, it's time for common sense to win over. the political elite has to change their baehavior. they can't continue to live in
3:57 am
this alice in wonderland wonder world. it's not about jihad. we need jobs for the poor people. >> the elites get the security and we get the blood. thanks. coming up, paul manafort and more. ht? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade. you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children across the globe by getting your vitamins at walgreens. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. right now with card, select centrum vitamins are buy one, get one half off.
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4:00 am
island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] [ sirens ] we were just allowed to leave the hotel. secured a route to the hotel right where -- right where in front of where all the -- many of the bodies are. you walk on the street, there are bodies everywhere. it's blood everywhere. i was sick.
4:01 am
i was standing in blood. didn't even realize it. my wife told me. all of a sudden, i heard the pop, pop, pop sound and my wife who is oddly enough deaf recognized those sounds as gunfire. and we started -- we ran for the kitchen and toilet area. which is actually under the promenade and there are people diving off the promenade. >> when we got to the festival area and people were just sprinting away from the crowd and so we were confused and started running. then just started hearing gun shots and we sprinted home to our apartment. everyone in the entire town was sprinting. we couldn't see anything but the crowd. >> people were running towards us. people were crouching down, looking into the doorways, at the homes. we hear another shot. another shooter. we're not sure of the time. we ran into the restaurant, and we crouched down behind the car and waited there for half an hour.
4:02 am
>> terror strikes france once again. >> this is a fox news alert. a driver behind the wheel of a box car truck plowed into a crowd of people, accelerating as high as 40, 50 miles per hour, jumping curbs at the bastille celebration in nice. right now, 84 people including some reports are ten children and a number of americans are dead. >> this morning, brand-new information. information about that driver. so let's get right to katie logan who is in london for that. hey, kitty. >> reporter: that's right. we're learning more details about the driver who plowed the truck deliberately into crowds celebrating bastille day. now, he was shot dead by police. and police have identified the man, but not named him officially. they're waiting for dna to confirm that identification. he did leave documents and a phone in the truck. we understand he's a 31-year-old
4:03 am
french-tunisian national who lived in nice. he was not known to be radicalized. now, it was closed to traffic when he carried out the attack, raising questions as to how the truck found its way there. it drove for almost a mile and a half deliberately steering into crowds killing as many as possible. witnesses caught up in that horror described terrifying scenes. >> i looked down, i actually didn't see people, you know, like walking away hurt. everyone that was down appeared completely lifeless and you could see and just realize looking down there is absolutely nothing you could do for any of those people that were out. i mean, they were -- obvious signs of them being deceased. >> reporter: now the state department has confirmed two americans were also killed.
4:04 am
a texas man and his young son. this photograph of the boy was taken in france the afternoon before he died. and still, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. although there have been problems with islamic extremists in nice in the past. >> all right. kitty logan live in our european newsroom, thank you very much. now let's go out to cleveland, ohio. lieutenant general michael flynn is there early for the gop convention. general, your observations about what happened last night in nice, france? >> yeah. well, first of all, thanks for having me on. >> you bet. >> again. for something like this. yeah. i'm going -- i don't want to talk about the tactics of what happened and this unbelievable tragedy on essentially france's independence day. we're going to find a big connection here to the radical groups that espouse this ideology. there will be ties that go all throughout europe, or go
4:05 am
throughout all north africa, back into the middle east and even al qaeda, et cetera. the radical islamist ideology is alive, well around kicking. we need to congress up with solution -- when need to come up with solutions and have strong leaders step up to the plate and i'm actually, guys, i'm absolutely adamant that -- and i, you know, in the last 24 hours i have called out for the leaders of iran, khomeini, and the leaders of the muslim world -- i can tick them off if you want. there's a bunch of countries with a bunch of, you know, so-called leaders to step up and call this what it is. they know they have a problem inside of their own system. and, you know, i would love to see our own president bring this group together in a much different way where they all show up.
4:06 am
not just the second guy or the third guy, but the principals, the people who are in charge and say, okay, we have to do something. we cannot have this type of activity on the international stage. this is so abhorrent, and it can be dealt with. there is a strategy to win. >> yeah. i read your book when i was out, and it's so concise. it's actually looks as though it's a -- right out of the headlines. it's called "the field of fight, how to win this war and who's responsible for all of this." so you're saying that american leadership has to go ahead and take out the head of this pariah in raqqah. we almost won in afghanistan, we almost won in iraq and we quit. you're saying, focus, streamline, go at them there and work your way backwards? >> yeah. and, you know, thanks for talking about the book. but this is not about the book. i don't even care -- >> but your book is about
4:07 am
yesterday. >> i know it. i know what it's about. this is about a message to the world that says, hey, look, we can not have this type of behavior. this is unacceptable behavior. one of the things that i believe we must begin to explore is what i'd call a new 21st century alliance that brings together the muslim world with the rest of the international community and make a decision. don't have a debate. don't argue about this. is it going to happen again or not? it is going to continue to happen as long as we use this incredible level of political correctness and this political correctness is certainly here at home. and it's definitely overseas. we have to stop this. i mean, i feel so badly for these people of france tonight and it's just unbelievable. and we saw that we had an american -- a couple of americans killed in this. a child, a young kid. yeah, i'm sick of this. but, you know, we can talk about the tactics and the trucks and
4:08 am
the shooting. i'm beyond that. i'm now about big solutions and it's going to require big leadership. >> i think we're all in the same page with you. you're talking about big leadership -- >> i don't know, i mean, i appreciate you saying that. we're not all on the same page. you may be, but this country is not because -- >> yeah, i'm speaking for the three of us. >> i know, i know. i'm sorry. but we're not speaking clearly and precisely to the american public at the very top of our government. that is an unbelievable disservice to this country. i mean, everybody knows what it is. come on. i mean, i don't care who -- you know, who's out there. how many thousands of conversations that i have had with all sorts of people. you know, i don't care if people are purple with pink polka dots. everybody knows that this is a problem and they're looking for solutions. people are concerned. i'm a guy who doesn't scare easily, but i'm scared about this enemy. >> i think we all are. last thursday we talk about what
4:09 am
happened in dallas and this morning about what happened in nice. orlando a few weeks ago. we're talking about this on the curvy couch than we're used to so it's affecting you like you said here at home. what's your message for the next administration? >> my next message for donald trump because that's -- i mean, you know everybody said, hey, you're a democrat. i have all sorts of different beliefs but i believe in america. and i believe that right now we need fresh and refreshing leadership and that's why i'm -- you know, i'm not a surrogate. i'm not somebody's, you know, tea boy. i believe in this country and i believe that we need strong leadership right now. it's not just about this threat because we have other threats. we are dealing with russia and china. russia and china signed a major deal. i mean, there's all kinds of things going on in this world it's very complex. we need tough diplomacy. we need strong, tough leadership and we need not to apologize for what we know to be true which is
4:10 am
what our country was build on. so i could on and on. i appreciate the time this morning. >> general, you were on the program earlier in the week. with the launch of your book. and at that point you were still out there on the short list for donald trump for vice president. >> yeah. >> until last night we thought he was going to announce today at 11:00 his pick. did somebody give you a call and say, you know what, general, it's not going to be you? >> let me tell you, i'm absolutely humbled -- i mean, i'm in awe that i was on -- or even considered in that. >> you were. >> again, i'm just telling you that donald trump -- what i do know is that donald trump is not picking somebody for donald trump. donald trump is picking somebody for this country, and for everybody out there, you know, i know that there's going to be all kinds of arguments because i understand our political system far more than most people. but i will tell you that this is about this country going forward and this is about strong,
4:11 am
resilient willingness and determination and resolve as americans to make sure that we continue to be the world leader. not just for the next four years but for the next 400 years. we have to understand what is happening in the world. i don't think we do. we're not getting it from our government right now. >> but general, you know this. that america moving in the right direction, the same direction against a common enemy can't be stop and our military in recent times defeated radical jihadists in iraq and afghanistan and we pulled out. in 2015, you discovered that al qaeda reconstituted with a massive complex and are training all of these guys again. so we know how to do it. we just need the resolve to finish the job and let guys like you do what you do best. >> yeah. 2015 thing is the largest training camp since the training
4:12 am
camps we discovered in afghanistan years ago. that was discovered by a great general, campbell, in afghanistan. so these guys are determined -- this enemy is determined. they have a campaign planned. they are executing that campaign plan. we know what that campaign plan is strategically for certain. but the bottom line is, it gets back to what i said right up front. there are leaders, you know, i'll put those in quotes because i define that differently for different people, but there are leaders around the arab world and the muslim community and khomeini himself and i'll throw russia in this because russia needs to tell iran to back out of the proxy wars that they're in so we can begin to settle this situation down. the arab and muslim leaders need to be counted. i know you're short on time but there's a way to solve this. we can win this. >> not without going through iran first. >> general flynn, thank you for joining us this morning from cleveland, sir. >> thanks, gang. i appreciate it. >> you bet. coming up on a friday, the
4:13 am
attacks in france putting the new spotlight on security at the rnc. ohio has an open carry law, so will that law keep us safer here at home or put us more at risk? that's next, live from cleveland. ou run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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4:17 am
all right. the massacre in france turned the spotlight on security in cleveland. just days ahead of the rnc. it's putting focus -- new focus on the state's open carry law. >> joining us now from cleveland with the new details, peter doocy. hey, peter. >> reporter: and ainsley, because this open carry law is a state law, it overrules anything that the city wants to do, so authorities are now adjusting their tactics to make sure that people who love donald trump, who are going to be open carrying weapons here and people who do not love donald trump are openly carrying guns they're safe and they all behave themselves. but we did hear yesterday from the department of homeland security chief jeh johnson as well as the fbi director james comey that they are worried about what may be coming their way on monday here in cleveland. >> i am concerned about the prospect of demonstrations
4:18 am
getting out of hand. i am concerned about the possibility of violence. there is a concern any time there's an event like that people from across the speck drum of radical groups will be attracted to it so we're watching it very, very carefully. >> reporter: so there are two big concerns for federal officials who are coordinating security here in a seven mile zone. there are protesters and we are seeing the hardened fences you only see at national security events like at a convention. these are going up everywhere. as you can see across the street, just as things get in place, they are in the middle of the room. they're already affecting traffic a little bit. but the other big concern is terror. we are seeing now on many street corners these concrete barricades are being dropped off. it was obviously part of the plan, part of the preparation. there are dozens of them just in this immediate downtown area,
4:19 am
but this is the kind of a thing that will go in the middle of the road and could potentially prevent a nice-style attack here in cleveland. >> peter, a quick question, a clarification. there's no open carry, by people inside the safe zone, right? >> reporter: right. so the entire event zone is 1.7 square miles and there are parts of that -- they're going to try to keep everybody that is open carrying in the same place. nobody will be allowed to bring a gun into the quicken loans arena or the other places where the dignitaries and the speeches are. that's not to say that other events within the convention area will not have people carrying guns that they brought from home. >> peter, i'm glad you showed the cement barriers too. something i wasn't thinking about yesterday, but today a different story. >> absolutely. peter, thank you. >> peter doocy. we'll be joining him shortly. coming up, donald trump postponed the announcement of
4:20 am
his running mate, but is he having second thoughts? >> we'll ask trump's campaign manager, paul manafort, who's here to set the record straight. >> there he is, walking slowly. he has a lot to say. nice to see you, paul. ♪ you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children across the globe by getting your vitamins at walgreens. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. right now with card, select centrum vitamins are buy one, get one half off. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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4:23 am
i have great respect for governor pence, but i have great respect for newt. i have great respect for chris, chris christie. i have -- we have some tremendous people in the republican party. but i'll be making the announcement at the appropriate time. >> so when will that be? joining us right now is trump campaign manager paul manafort. mr. manafort, good to have you on the couch. mr. trump said last night he's
4:24 am
not officially made up his mind. >> well, until he announces it he hasn't. whether he wants to announce or hasn't made up his mind there are two different questions. >> why would mike pence fly to the new york city area yesterday? >> i think that mr. trump has reached a decision, but he hasn't -- he isn't prepared to announce it yet. until he announces it, you know, there's no formal nominee. i mean, the reality is we're going to have an event today. he was moved by what happened last night. it affected him and emotionally he's -- the carnage in paris and the idea that this is is just nonstop and seems to be happening quicker and quicker and more and more places and he thought it was totally inappropriate in the aftermath of that tragedy to do something even as important as what he was going to do this morning. so he said he wanted to just take a little time. it wasn't a matter of taking time to rethink things but it was a matter of honoring the
4:25 am
people -- >> that was the suggestion. maybe he was having second thoughts, thinking about somebody else. >> i don't know that he has second thoughts. however, i know the reason that the events was cancelled was out of respect. >> newt gingrich last night was on sean hannity's show. he said he hasn't been told it's not him. but he said it's likely pence. when will you let the guys know on the short list it's not them? >> mr. trump is planning on making an announcement this weekend. so people will certainly know by -- you know n a short time. >> you don't know when that announcement will be? >> we'll be putting out an announcement this morning of what's going to be the new process after postponement of today. so i would think it's going to happen before we go to cleveland. >> definitely not today? >> it will happen before we go to cleveland. >> wow. so i have to ask you this.
4:26 am
something died yesterday. the never trump movement died. what was behind it? how real was it and what stopped it? >> first of all, the never trump movement was really never very large. at least as far as the convention was concerned. it was a bunch of rogue malcontent delegates. most of the activity you saw circling around the convention and the rules on the platform committee were being driven by people who weren't even delegates. they were super pacs, trying to get over the fact that donald trump had beaten them. so in this 24/7 world with super pacs, even though you have lost, you can still stay active. and people did. >> well, bill kristol -- >> but the reality is that the delegates have come together. the delegates are the people who are elected because they're activists in the party. now, donald trump brought more new people in, but beyond that there were many delegates who didn't come in as trump delegates but now who are avid trump supporters and they recognize that donald trump beat
4:27 am
16 other candidates in a record turnout of republicans. one with the record number of votes. they understand very clearly that denying trump the nomination through some back room deal would destroy the republican party and that's -- not just the presidential election but probably the congress as well. it was never a real opportunity and yesterday in the rules committee, there were two important votes. one was to unbind the delegates to free them to quote vote their conscience. that lost 87-12. we crushed them. the second vote was to let voters vote their conscience. they got less votes to the point they didn't want a recorded vote. as far as i'm concerned, the never trump movement is never more. it's gone. >> let's talk about the rnc and what you plan to establish. everyone says it will be different than anything else we have ever seen. one report was wrong, that tim tebow was going to speak. he's not going to speak -- >> not necessarily. he's saying it's just a rumor. he's not saying he's not.
4:28 am
>> number one t tebow question. number two, what is going to be different about this convention? >> first of all, the tebow issue and i'm not sure of all the details on it. the three different arrangements that puts out the announcements. we have been active in suggesting people that we thought would speak and framing a strategy for the convention. but tim tebow was never on our list of people that should have been announced yesterday that had accepted and were going to be speaking. the reality is this is a very strong and a different committee. people said is it going to be a show biz convention? no, it's not going to be a political convention, it's going to be a convention about the people. more than politicians but a convention that focuses on four things really. one, donald trump. i mean, even though he is this larger than life figure there are many parts of his personality that american people don't know yet. that you may know better than them, because you have had
4:29 am
personal interactions with him. they don't know the family pham -- >> roll out the business contacts? >> yeah, we haven't heard from tiffany trump. >> his family and friends are a key part of the program because they complete the picture of who donald trump is. >> one of the things that "the new york times" about what was going to happen during the festivities in cleveland said that one night, they would be talking about bill clinton's many indiscretions. >> well, you have got one goal is to broaden who donald trump is. another is to make sure that people understand that this america that hillary clinton is complaining about is her america. she created it with obama. they had the government for the last eight years, not republicans. all of the problems in the wage losses and the increase in poverty has happened under the obama/clinton watch. we'll be reminding people of that and then we'll focus on hillary clinton and who she is. she can't be the change agent this year. she is the epitome of the establishment.
4:30 am
she's got weights on her legs when she tries to get away from that. the convention is going toic that about her -- going to talk about her character, her record and her past and that's what drives her negatives. we think it will be a story that the american people don't want. >> since she started to raise money in the end of may, how much have have you raise and is it true that sheldon adelson has been asked to shell out millions for those who have bailed out of the rnc? >> first of all, i have no idea. i'm not the rnc. i'd like them to him write a check to the rally if he could. we filed our committee at the end of the may but we didn't start fund-raising. we had one event in may and the money hadn't come in by the filing. we started to raise money by june. our direct money raising didn't start until the end of june. we had record amounts coming in.
4:31 am
>> paul, what's the number, do you know? >> well, in june we raised over $51 million and more important to us, we raised almost -- we did raise $20 million in small donor contributions where the average contribution was under $100. >> okay. going into the convention, right now, according to the latest "new york times" poll, you're tied. >> in some places we are ahead. look, the campaign has now -- you know, gotten itself into a groove. mr. trump is on fire on the campaign trail. he's comfortable in all of the various means -- ways in which he's now presenting his candidacy. doing rallies and town halls and doing meetings with local media. he's doing prepared speeches about his vision. finally with the noise being removed of 16 other candidates his message is being heard. >> we'll hear it this week. >> next stop, cleveland. >> thank you so much, paul manafort. hillary clinton showed up on fox news last night. here's her plan to fight terror.
4:32 am
>> one of my priorities is to launch an intelligence surge. we still do not have enough intelligence cooperation. >> but our next guest says that's simply not true. meet them next. clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. ♪ ...meta appetite control. you and temptation with... clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
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if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. and the radical islamist ideology is alive, well and kicking. what we need to do is we need to come up with solutions and we need to have strong leaders step up to the plate. >> and where are those leaders? that was lieutenant general michael flynn earlier from cleveland right here on this program on the attack in nice, france, last night. what kind of leadership do we need? former navy s.e.a.l. carl higbie is the author of "enemies
4:36 am
foreign and domestic" and a former officer joins us from tampa. gary, need the muslim leaders to step up, don't we, and they just don't. >> there's a great problem right now and the problem is that the shiia of the middle east, that is iran, the alawites and the special groups in iraq are conducting a genocide against the sunni across the middle east. based on that genocide, the sunni states, saudi arabia, kuwait, the rest of them, are reticent to pull back completely from the support of their sunni allies. and the united states has provided air cover for attacks by the iranians. i mean, the place we have gotten to because of the national security failures on the obama administration is horrific. we' we're not going to get the help
4:37 am
from the arab states to bring the sunni arabs in we have to stop that genocide and the iranians are the driving force behind it. >> and carl -- go ahead. >> navy s.e.a.l., if you had the president in front of you, or the next president in front of you, you have seen the enemy face to face. what's your message to them? >> i think what we look at here, what is done every single time there's a terrorist attack. lock down the borders, you flood the area with firearms, with agents of firearms with agents to protect the populist. what does hillary clinton want to do? she wants to take away the guns, open up the borders and no scrutiny on islam whatsoever. i would say commit the necessary resources. the terrorists who think they have terrorized people like me, you haven't. you have energized us. >> because you don't lose when you're allowed to fight. it's when you're pulled back, here are 50 guy, go into syria and go neutralize a terror
4:38 am
network, that's the issue. this is a complicate thing, gary. al qaeda is supported by iran. they helped bin laden and they helped to transfer the guys and to a degree they have worked together. to another degree they fight each other. what they both agree on is they don't like the west. >> there is a common hatred of the u.s. and there have been times where there's been cooperation. but the sunni shiia battle is a pitched battle. one of the statements made by mrs. clinton last night was that she wants an intelligence surge that there isn't cooperation from the europeans. that's totally false. we have had 50 years of intelligence cooperation between the united states and our european intelligence allies. the truth is, our european allies are overwhelmed. they don't have enough resources, they have allowed massive influx of islamic populations from the middle east. they're incapable of covering it. it's not they're not sharing but they don't have the capacity.
4:39 am
they failed to build up nato, we are in for a very, very rough ride. >> gary you say who they are, you have carl saying the navy s.e.a.l.s and all of our armed forces they're ready to go in, ready to kill these guys so why isn't it happening? >> failure of political leadership in the united states. general flynn has got this right on the money. it's a failure to recognize who the enemy is, it's failure to act. the administration will argue away any possible way they can to avoid committing troops and put in the troops. >> it's failure to follow through. we set the constant red lines and red lines and we don't adhere to them. they don't have respect for us. they don't fear us. you pound them back to the stone age and let them know if you mess with america or the the western allies we'll come find you. >> after the pulse night club attack t -- there was a lot of talk from the political left, we need more gun control. people from the political right were saying, look, if they don't
4:40 am
use a gun they'd use a pressure cooker bomb or they'd use a knife. >> or a truck. >> exactly, ainsley. now we have to add truck. >> steve, you're exactly correct. look, they would use gasoline, they would start a fire, blow up a dam. they would do anything they could do to cause harm. gun control's not the answer in fighting islamic extremism. it's a false straw man and the president has a political agenda in the united states. i'm sick of hearing this. >> the other thing is there's a lack of resources for special ops and for the military. there's been a big pullback and the president got i saying i will not start another middle eastern war. your reaction? >> you know, he pulled out in the middle of the war. look, we have isis because of the president's policy. we go back to what he was saying. 9/11 was caused by box cutters. it wasn't caused by bombs, but by box cutters. we're fighting an enemy that
4:41 am
will use all means necessary. we should go the same distance. >> the enemy is not particularly sophisticated. not like these are master criminals. >> don't underestimate them. look, these guys are hardened fig fight fighters, willing to die for their cause. >> we can take them out easily. are your navy friends saying we can go, what are they saying? >> unleash us. if you want to send soldiers overseas to be diplomatic, it won't work. send diplomats. >> we need -- gary, i want you to weigh in on this. we need facebook and twitter and all of their communications. the people that are based here, our enemy is using that against us. we have to get -- we have to get silicon valley on board. >> yep. >> there are over 50,000 accounts registered by isis on twitter. they're probably active on 11,000 of them. they have mastered social media and are using it to an advantage
4:42 am
against the west. >> right. >> and we've got to go ahead and drop the hammer on them, on that. >> well, you would think so. and carl, there was a story in the washington papers this week that talked about how isis is preparing for the end of the caliphate. it will disappear because of, you know, they are losing ground in syria and they see the writing on the wall. but after that, that's fine. we're going to live everywhere else. we're going to strike abroad. >> sure they're losing physical broad. and this is the social war. guarantee you there were people who knew about the terrorist attack who didn't say anything. that's the problem. we need to go to those who are tweeting out messages, take them into custody. if they're overseas, in the war zones, kill them. >> so many have come back after fighting in syria. this guy wasn't looked at with a terror record or on the terrorist watch list. well, look at this, because
4:43 am
of what happened yesterday we'll show you this picture. it is heart breaking. an 11-year-old american boy swimming, that was taken just hours before he was killed by a terrorist in a truck whose dad also killed. he was supposed to go play little league, go back to texas and play little league. we're going to tell you their story, next. nexium 24hr is now the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night make nexium 24hr your #1 choice.
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i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days,
4:46 am
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4:47 am
victims brutally run over by a truck packed with grenades and guns at a popular tourist spot. 51-year-old sean copeland and his 11-year-old son brodie on their dream vacation in france with their family. brodie loved baseball and played for hill country baseball near austin, texas. his father also heavily involved in the community of sports. this photo you can see there taken of brodie in the french riviera shortly before the attack. the family member now asking the public for their prayers on facebook saying losing a loved one is hard no matter the circumstances but losing a loved one in such an unexpected and tragic way is unbearable. we don't know where the rest of the family was during the attacks or if they were hurt. the death toll currently stands at 84 with ten of those being children. 18 others are in critical condition. there are reports this morning 50 children are being treated for injuries in the hospital. i mean, it's just -- it just
4:48 am
breaks your heart. as you were saying, ainsley, he was about to start little league. >> and the hill county baseball team issued a statement. the teammates are traumatized. not supposed to be happening to kids, they're supposed to be playing a season starting in a couple of weeks. >> they were watching fireworks. >> that's what they were doing, celebrating bastille day over in france, with their family. they're not going to come home. >> on a dream vacation. a beautiful family. you can't even imagine. >> thank you, abby. on the cover of "the new york post" today, this is the headline as you can see right there. again, at least 80 dead in another terror attack. up to ten children were killed. this is the body bag with the small child and right next to the baby is -- >> a baby doll. >> little doll. heart breaking. >> thank you, abby. meanwhile, straight ahead -- >> you just heard donald trump's campaign chief saying donald trump has no second thoughts
4:49 am
about his choice of a running mate. so how does the party feel about the possibility of choosing mike pence? rnc chief strategist shawn spicer weighs in next. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. it scared me and caused a lot of disappointment and how i feel about myself. wearing depend underwear has helped me feel more connected to the people around me. i know that i'm protected, i'm not thinking about bladder leakage and i'm meeting people.
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4:52 am
donald trump position -- or postponing i should say his vice presidential announcement in the wake of the france attacks. we saw frenzied reports that he had picked indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. how does the party feel about this? >> communications director for the rnc, sean spicer. good morning to you. >> good morning, folks. how are you? >> doing okay, although we are a little confused because, you know, there's a media frenzy yesterday where we saw mike
4:53 am
pence flying a little jet to teterboro, a couple of miles from trump headquarters. then last night, donald trump said he had not yet made up his mind. does the rnc believe he has made up his mind? >> i don't think it matters what i think or what anybody thinks until trump says what he is going to say, i don't think it matters what other people think. i think he's trying to play it very close to the vest. it's a very important decision as you know for both candidates who their vice president will be. it speaks volumes. look, he has a very stellar, final list of folks whether it's christie, gingrich or pence. each of them is very, very well respected in the conservative community and can really articulate the contract that's going to exist in this presidential election. >> here's what donald trump
4:54 am
said, in light of the terrible attacks in nice, france, i have po postponed the vice presidential announcement that was due at 11:00 a.m. today. what's the main difference between the trump camp getting ready for a convention as opposed to the romney camp? >> oh, i think donald trump brings an element of business, an element of celebrity that's never existed before in either party, frankly. you look at the list of speakers that got announced yesterday, there are people who are going to speak to his family. friends of his. people who have worked for him 20 or 30 years. there's a bit of hollywood, a bit of athleticism coming into this. it's a very, very different convention than either party hosted before and it's not same old stale number of politicians getting up. i think you will see that in philadelphia, frankly. when hillary clinton gets up there, it will be one politician after another, talking about the same failed strategies. donald trump is going to bring a different level of excitement to the political arena that is going make more americans tune in and have the excitement and
4:55 am
enthusiasm they have had since last august when this kicked off. >> people are waking up this morning, they want to know the agenda for the convention. can you roll it out for us and tell us what to expect? >> that's a great question. the rules committee last night wrapped up, set a set of temporary rules it will offer up to the convention. largely supporting the candidate and the rnc. then what we do, we go into monday morning. we'll convene for business of the convention. that means that -- approve the temporary roll. we'll do -- approve the rules and the platform and then on tuesday, the speakers will come out. wednesday is when the vice presidential nominee will be slated to speak. there are celebrities and folks who have been mentioned. we talk a lot about the military and hillary clinton's failures in benghazi and other places. then thursday night, ivanka trump would speak, mr. trump would give his acceptance speech. and mr. reince priebus will speak that night as well. >> all right.
4:56 am
sean spicer, we're flying into cleveland tomorrow. you're not making a taxi run, are you? >> oh, you'll love it, the fox set-up is down here, they have done a phenomenal job of getting ready and the entire city is ready for this event. >> don't worry, i have a rental car. i'll take steve to the hotel. >> there's a wide look at the new city of champions. >> i was there two weeks ago, you're right it is beautiful. see you soon. however, geraldo rivera as we switch gears, he's not happy with the president's plans to fight terror as we saw last night. >> i cannot understand why he's not yet done it. on the president of the united states -- to wipe out the caliphate. instead they're in raqqah or mosul. they're surrounded by their money, by their internet. >> geraldo rivera still upset. he joins us live next. >> surrounded by his money. it's time to discover that in a lexus suv... ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
[ screaming ] good morning to your family. it is friday, july 15th. terror strikes france once again. >> yes, indeed. ainsley, people screaming, running for their lives, a terrorist behind the wheel of a big truck plowed into a crowd. accelerating as he went at the bastille day celebration in nice. 84 people dead, including children and two americans. initially they thought it was a drunk driver but he drove for over a mile. and they heard gun shots and they fought they were fireworks. confusion from the street in nice. >> this morning, geraldo rivera is going to comment. but first things first. let's go right to kitty logan who is in london for more. >> reporter: good morning, guys. terrible scene in nice overnight. but we are learning more now
5:01 am
from french authorities about the driver of that truck who deliberately killed so many people. he has been named as tunisian citizen, mohammed bouhlel. he was shot dead by the police. he was a 31-year-old truck driver. he lived locally in nice. he had held his license for a year and he was driving a rig which he had rented nearby. now, bouhlel did have a criminal record, but he was not on any terror databases or known to be radicalized. it's thought he drove this truck alone, but it isn't known if he had accomplices backing him from a wider network. this is also interesting, this road was closed to traffic when he carried out the attack and that raises questions as to how the truck found its way there. it steered intentionally into the crowds. bouhlel fired a gun at people as he passed and a pistol was later
5:02 am
found in the track. and witnesses who were caught up in this horror describe absolutely terrifying scenes. >> there were bodies everywhere. blood everywhere. i was sick. i was standing in blood, did didn't realize it. my wife told me. >> reporter: now, the state department has confirmed that two americans were also killed. a texan man and his young son. and this photograph was taken of the boy in france the afternoon before he died. now, today, the french president is visiting victims in hospital in nice. but so far, there's been no further progress on the investigation and no claim of responsibility, guys. >> all right, kitty logan in our european newsroom, thank you very much. geraldo rivera joins us on the curvy couch. >> good morning. >> the news out of centcom is in the wake of what's going on with isis, we are going to send more troops to iraq. a total of 560. the united kingdom is going to send 250.
5:03 am
is that going to help? >> about time. my goodness, what is this gradualism? i don't understand how the president of the united states can watch this unfold and still believe that his thesis, his approach to fighting the caliphate is a little here, a little there, a little more bombing, special operators. >> he doesn't want a war. >> but because you are proud of your policy and stubbornly insisting that it will work does not mean you can't as an intelligent patriotic person say it has not worked, we must wipe out the caliphate. here they have a geographic area where they have cash and communications and they can carry out the diabolical attacks. i was in iraq during the surge, '08, '09 particularly. the more pressure we put on al qaeda in iraq, the fewer the attacks. >> let's look at this. 550 people, 250 from britain,
5:04 am
thanks, guys, 550 people, these are not special ops. these are engineers and who are they protecting? the 50 special ops swept in there? there's no political game plan, there's no general that would say this is my plan. i'm very proud of it. nobody is saying that. that's why three secretary of defenses have left already because they were embarrassed by this guy. >> on wednesday, our one true ally in the region, france, announced that the aircraft carrier charles de gaulle would be returning to the battle in syria and iraq. up. >> why did they leave? >> and the next day this happens. they only have one aircraft. >> coincidence? >> the next day this happens. i don't know if it's a -- you know, a point/counterpoint there. but i submit -- france has the largest restive muslim population outside of the arab world. they have their hands full. i think what has to happen now is that everybody has to understand that we are up
5:05 am
against an existential threat. they -- france today, what's to stop the truck from going down times square tomorrow? we have to eliminate the rat's nest, their base and then deal with domestic security. the home video -- steve, when i urged you last night you looked at it. it is so horrific. if you're not emotionally engaged with this fight before this attack in france and of course what happened with me and my family in france in november, got me in a place i had not been before. once you see the children squashed and torn apart, bodies rent adun -- asunder there, and it's a great promenade. >> all the people were talking about you, they felt so sorry about you watching that unfold
5:06 am
in france and your daughter over there. kitty was just reporting on the picture of the little boy, a picture of him in the water before he died. then you have a dead body with a baby doll next to it. then we read inspire an online terrorist magazine, this son their website. to achieve maximum carnage, you need to pick up as much speed while maintaining good control of your vehicle. the ideal location is a maximum number of pedestrians and the least number of vehicles. >> soft targets. >> that was from 2010. they have given us the blueprint as to how they can approach. i think the united states has done a lot to stop this type of attack. but right outside our own building there's a concrete, you know, pillars now. that prevent vehicles from going on -- on to the jersey barrier. >> the midtown -- they're stopping trucks from going through. >> there are common sense ways to fight them. but this is -- there is a beast that's -- almost like a science fiction movie spitting out emissaries to carry out evil. the beast, they're in qqah.
5:07 am
we know where raqqah is. we know where mosul is. rather than 500 engineers, where are the first cavalry -- the 82 and airborne, 101st airborne, where are our magnificent troops to put an end to this? turkey under siege itself. the turkish army is miles away. >> do you know where they're at? they're ready. we had lieutenant general michael flynn on. they're ready to take it on, but that pc thing is stopping them. watch. >> the radical islamist ideology is alive, well and kicking. what we need to do is we need to come up with solutions and we need to have strong leaders step up to the plate. this is about a message to the world that say, hey, look, we cannot have this type of behavior. this is unacceptable behavior. this is not something like -- is it going to happen again or not? it is going to continue to happen as long as we use this incredible level of political correctness. >> and the political correctness keeps many from calling it what
5:08 am
it is. it's islamic terrorism and extremism. >> it is that, as a component of a war. we are at war with an ideology that is more than an ideology. it is a geographic entity. we know where it is. i can show you on the map where it is. i can show you the highways that armored divisions could use to attack. i could show -- and i'm an amateur. i really do believe that it's time for the president of the united states to go beyond and -- believe me, i think he's a sincere man and a smart man -- >> that could be his legacy. >> i don't want him to console us now. i want him to be firm. >> i don't to be blamed. he tends to blame us. >> i want to announce a major escalation if not a war against isis. the united states has a principle -- i don't mean to interrupt. you know this from chronicling
5:09 am
it from the tripoli fight on. we're going to get you back. when he cut -- when isis cut the heads off the journalists and drowned that pilot, it was time then. it's time now. >> okay. i have a fox news alert. we understand from a journalist who is on the ground at the airport in nice right now, there is an evacuation undergoing right now. we don't know exactly what the circumstances are. but there's an evacuation from the airport in nice. >> i think that the french obviously they will not be suspending their state of emergency for france on the front line. they have enemies within and enemies without, i believe it's a very, very tense situation. i believe the first step is a military step. not a political -- i don't want to be calmed now. i want a military solution to what is essentially a military problem. >> let me finish what i was going to say. marcus luttrell just said, i believe geraldo is 100% right.
5:10 am
too many civilians are dying, that is is our job. >> it's our job. wouldn't you rather have them plotting -- if they're going to plot, worried in an apartment or in a shabby neighborhood that the landlord is going to drop a dime on them as they plotted, half heartedly, rather than in a major command and control center. send this one there and there and this one can do the truck -- we have to eliminate the rat's nest. >> donald trump delayed his vp -- he was going to make a big announcement this morning at 11:00. smart move? >> well, you know, ainsley, i have to tell you that when i heard governor mike pence i said he's fine. he's okay. >> safe bet. >> but i would have -- i just imagine if governor chris christie had been named vp nominee by donald trump yesterday, and he was there today to go shoulder to shoulder with donald trump and say we're coming for you, and as only that prosecutor can. now assuming he's clear on the
5:11 am
bridgegate thing and i take him at his word -- he's not an unindicted co-conspirator, nobody better to help donald trump in this fight against this particular islamic extremism against this threat. he's got the fire in his belly. he would make them tremble and i was disappointed but i think pence would be fine if that's who it is. former speaker gingrich also would be fine. my particular preference, given the fact that the united states is being pressed on all sides is the governor from across the river. >> interesting. i didn't know that. >> people vote for the guy at the top. it was clear last night that donald trump on "o'reilly show" he said this is war is, we have to declare war on this. >> he absolutely was right about that. as was o'reilly. we had not had a declaration of war. why not? why can't we declare war on that country?
5:12 am
ask the congress of the united states to put us on the line. they have been playing both sides of the fence here. we don't have a declaration of war. well -- >> geraldo, we have to be accurate here. he said, show me your plan. and we'll give you a declaration of war. his plan is ridiculous. his own secretary of defense doesn't back it up and the thing just went by the wayside and he went golfing. that was the president. >> president obama. >> president obama. tell me your plan to defeat isis, he has none. and the congress is showing him something to show yes or no to. >> come back to trump and the issue of a declaration of war. because there is a geographic entity that self-describes itself as a state, i think that donald trump should now press this issue to his advantage. here's a country, ersats country and i declare war on isis and let hillary clinton and the president say we can't, we can't, we can't. let the presumptive republican
5:13 am
nominee say this is the position of our party. we want a declaration of war against isis. >> yeah. >> there's no equivocating about that. >> all right, thanks. >> sorry to be so agitated. >> we're all frustrated. >> we're all upset. >> yeah. >> thank you, sir. >> coming up -- >> straight ahead, donald trump. well, he was expecting to name mike pence as his running mate today. what's his time line now? john roberts is outside of trump tower right now because he's allowed to be. ♪ you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children across the globe by getting your vitamins at walgreens. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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5:18 am
closed doors, but he's out on the street, in front of trump tower, john roberts, all over the trump campaign. what's happening? >> reporter: good morning. the trump campaign is trying to figure out when they can have this rollout and where they can have it as importantly and then how to respond to the terror attack in nice. here's the way it looks at this point. they want to get this done before the convention starts on monday. but finding a place in new york city on a weekend is difficult. so there's priority number one. they want to make sure they get enough distance from the nice attack so they have a celebratory rollout and not look like an inappropriate thing, given the news in europe. then has donald trump really made up his mind about who he'll go for? it looked like pence get off a cessna citation yesterday, landed at teterboro airport in
5:19 am
new jersey, outside of manhattan yesterday. we know that donald trump spend an awful lot of time with the indiana governor in the past few days and he does look like for all intents and purposes the most logical choice. but at the same time, donald trump says he hasn't made any final decision. though a little while ago with you folks on the curvy couch, paul manafort, his campaign chairman said he thinks probably he has made up his mind. listen to this. >> i think that mr. trump has reached a decision, but he hasn't -- he isn't prepared to announce it yet. until he announces it, there's no formal nominee. i mean, the reality is we were going to have an event today. he was moved by what happened last night. it affected him and it affected him emotionally, the carnage in paris and the idea that this is nonstop, seems to be happening quicker and quicker and more and more places was bothersome. he thought it was totally inappropriate in the aftermath of that tragedy to do something even as important as what he was
5:20 am
going to do this morning. so he said he wanted to just take a little time. >> reporter: and a little while ago lieutenant general michael flynn said to be on the short list didn't tell you whether or not that he was on the list, we are on a bit of a clock because by noon today, governor mike pence is going to tell the state of indiana if he'll continue his gubernatorial run. by noon today we may get a clear indication. >> all right. thank you, john. the attacker in france turned a truck into a killing machine, so how do you protect yourself from something like this at home? what you need to know, that's next. (guy) oh man, the show's
5:21 am
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more on that fox news alert out of nice, france, where at least 80 people are dead this morning, many more injured, after a truck plows through the crowd. >> that's the truck right there. the people ran for their lives and took corner wherever they could. nearby restaurants, hotels, some even ran back into the water. >> how can you protect yourself in a crowd like that? former self-defense expert steve cardian joins us. are you saying i have never seen this before or i know exactly what to do? >> i know exactly what to do. we have to prepare for an event like that.
5:25 am
creating it during a time of crisis is not the time to do it. we think of the things that can go wrong. when you're walking into the venue look for potential exits. >> every time? >> every time. doesn't matter where you are. >> on the airplane, where's the exit? >> exactly. know that. it's planned in here. you don't have to think about it. you know, as you're -- don't walk in the center of the masses. regardless of their intent, they want to blow you up, they want to kill you or run you over, they'll go to the masses. stay off to the side, next to a structure or a building so you can excrete yourself and remove. when you get to the venue, where you're going to stay or going to be, look for north, south, east, west potential exits and try and stay on the outskirts. that eliminates you from the middle of the pack where you're sure to be stuck. >> what happened last night was so confusing for people. thes after -- it was a night of celebration, they had had fireworks a number of people are probably drinking. they see this truck, they thought it was a drunk driver initially. they heard pop, pop, pop, they thought that was fire crackers
5:26 am
until they realized that was the gun. >> you need to believe your eyes and ears. we have two senses, our sight and our sound. don't disregard them. if you believe that something bad is happening, look at the patterns in crowds. we see people running for no reason, you're off in the distance. there's a reason for that. don't wait until that reason comes up on top of you. start to engage, move. >> last week when you were here, we were talking about dallas and the way that the human mind works, when you see something, all the people are running that way, it takes one to four seconds before you say, wait a minute, i should go too. >> when we're blitzed, when we're surprised it takes a half second to four seconds to realize what's happening. for some of us, even longer. some people going to the -- go into the freeze pattern, they can't move. >> two points that you say, don't walk in the center of the pathway and keep your head on a swivel. >> keep your head on a swivel. we have heard that referred to that in law enforcement. the center pathway that that truck entered was filled with people. don't walk in the center --
5:27 am
>> walk next to the building? >> walk next to the structure. there was a roadway with tree on it. that's an obstruction. he's not going to go there, he's going to the masses. head on a swivel, walk into the building or out of the building, head on a swivel, walk around. identify any potential threats. recognize them, deal with them. >> kind of interesting things. the big terror targets on the july 4th, you hit orlando, not a major city in america. beautiful, but not a major. nice, france, a scenic place, but not a major place. not paris. >> these are supposed to be pleasantries, things we enjoy. things we look forward to. now we're going to them and people are being killed. you are your own first line of defense. so you've got to take precautions because we can't rely on anybody else. new york city's got it done, great. they go into frozen zones, they block off traffic. in this case, we saw they were
5:28 am
letting traffic -- vehicular traffic go in there. had they stopped that, maybe this would have been different. we can't stop this type of an event, but we can minimize the damage that it can cause to our -- to the people in our country. >> all right. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. coming up, who is to blame for what happened in france? yep. you will see a sound bite later in the show. and is newt gingrich right? judge pirro has plenty to say. >> newt said it's western elites to blame, starting with obama. i have asthma...
5:29 am
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5:32 am
[ bleep ]. i'm sick and tired of being told that the wealthiest, most powerful civilization in history all of western civilization is helpless in the face of a group of medieval barbarians who for example recently burned 20 young women to death -- burned them to death because they wouldn't have sex with them. a group which beheaded recently in the philippines two canadian businessmen. we are told to be reasonable. to be passive. to not judge. i want to tell you tonight, everybody who watches this vi o video, this is the fault of western elites who lack the guts to do what is right, to do what is necessary and to tell us the truth and that starts with barack obama. we are behaving as though we are insane. we are like sheep wondering why the wolves keep killing us.
5:33 am
these people are opposed to our way of life. they're opposed to our value system. they are opposed to our various religions. they're opposed to the whole concept of freedom and they're very honest about it. they tell us what they want to do. >> that was newt gingrich, fired up last night. letting everybody know what he thought about the terror attacks and what the frustration he feels that we seem to be doing nothing substantial about it and the president made clear he'll send over 500 troops to the area to subdue isis. joining us now is judge pirro, who is doing a special edition from cleveland tomorrow night at 9:00. you watched newt. you were nodding. >> i agree with him. i totally agree with him. we have a president who is an apologist. look, i'm an amateur and in june of 2014 when i first heard about isis, i said bomb them, bomb them again. i took some heat, but i was right. they were the jv team then. if we had done something -- this this president would stop apologizing for what we do and stop saying you christians, it's
5:34 am
your turn, as he did at a prayer breakfast, then maybe america would be united in a way where we understand that they're coming. they're here, we're next. i have to tell them i'm as aggravated as everyone who sat in this chair today. if we have people standing in the blood of innocent victims who go for a celebration, we have a problem at the top of this country. >> you have been to egypt? >> i have been to egypt many times. >> and what did our president do to embrace the message? >> look, our president didn't want to support mar sissy. we are muslims we don't welcome back the muslim brotherhood and he would prefer to give tanks and airplanes to morsi, forget that. they are here, they're going to kill us. women, children, it doesn't matter. we have got to declare war on
5:35 am
them. we've got to start having a conversation about surveillance in mosques. we have to make sure that in the jails these imams are going in and radicalizing people, they just want to kill us. i mean, how dumb are we? and newt is right. we're sheep saying, why the wolves killing us or being nice to the wolves, not all wolves are bad. baloney! >> judge, let's talk -- well, isis is not taking -- we all share your frustration. isis is not yet claimed responsibility. we do know that the suspect born in tunisia, lived in france. named mohammed bouhlel. >> uh, there's a shock. >> found a pistol, rifles and grenades and paertd -- and apparently because they have a series of 1,200 closed circuit cameras throughout nice, they look and saw him get into the car by himself.
5:36 am
it doesn't appear he has any accomplices but things like these -- like this don't happen on their own. >> no. no. he's not on his own. i can't speak to the specific facts but for what he had on the truck, his ability to get through from what i have heard -- i have ice cream and they let him through. i mean, we have got to have consequences. i worry about some of the people who are, you know, making sure that people don't get through these areas where they're not supposed to. we need the concrete barriers, we need all that stuff. but i believe that, steve, there are groups that are providing weapons. there are groups providing c-4. this doesn't just happen with some guy sitting in his house reading e-mails. we've got to surveil the mosques. i know that's politically incorrect, but let me tell you something. the problem with us we'll have a president who will come out today and say, we need to stand strong and we're going to make
5:37 am
them accountable. by the way, is anyone from benghazi held accountable? you remember that? four americans were targeted and killed. i mean, no. >> donald trump, he said he's going to delay -- he was supposed to speak at 11:00, delaying the vice presidential pick. he said he's the law and order president, he's declaring war. is this based -- based on everything that's happening, he is the candidate that needs to be the next president? >> well, i mean, personally i love donald trump. he's been my friend for decades, okay? we need someone and certainly not hillary clinton, but yeah, i think we do. we need donald trump. i have said it, i'm open about it. hillary clinton is one of the reasons that we here. hillary clinton was our secretary of state. we have got secretaries of defense who keep quitting. these people don't know what they're doing. let them apologize yesterday. >> yesterday, the president had a town hall about race relations
5:38 am
on abc and espn had to carry it. this is the biases in america about where we came from. >> police departments that are doing the best work are also training their officers not just on shooting, you know, being got shots. not just on the technical aspects of police work, but they're also training officers about how do we get rid of some of our implicit biases and we all have them. white folks have them, black folks have them, we all carry around with us some assumptions about other people. and i think if we're honest with ourselves, that because of the history of our country and because of the images we receive as we're growing up, et cetera, oftentimes there's a presumption that black men are dangerous so that has to be worked through. >> what's your reaction? >> my reaction is he talks out
5:39 am
of both sides of his mouth. he says on the one hand, he says, look, i want to unite everybody, but let me remind you guys are bad and these people are victims. you have been mean to us forever. the guy is looking through his rearview mirror. look forward as to what we'll do. we have one enemy right now and that is radical islam. i don't want to hear about a conference. i don't want to hear about people's feelings. i want to hear about what my father and grandfather fought for as veterans. >> sure. judge, he's in the 11th inning right through of his presidency. what's his legacy going to be? >> weak. one word -- weak. not connected. two words now. i'll keep going. but, you know, he just -- he doesn't have a plan. he doesn't have a policy. he's frustrated. he should be in academia. >> i'll tell you on the subject of race relations which got swamped by the terrible terror news out of france, he said -- tim scott a republican said, listen, i have been stopped seven times in a year and newt gingrich said we have to be
5:40 am
honest and say that the black experience is different from the white experience when it comes to law enforcement in this country. what's your reaction to that from the legal background? >> me my -- my reaction is america was color-blind when americans voted for him. we're over it, he's not. let me ask you one question. are african-americans any better off since he's been the president or are they worse off? you answer the question. >> all right. judge jeanine pirro, special report from cleveland tomorrow night. >> yes. >> 9:00. >> we'll be there at the convention. >> all right. see you then. >> judge, see you there. we'll be heading there shortly. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. >> coming up the attack in france putting a new spotlight on security at the rnc. ohio has an everyone carry law so will that law keep us safer? or put more at risk? that's next. ♪
5:41 am
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from the makers of zantac. the massacre in france turning the spotlight on security in cleveland just days before the rnc and it's putting new focus on the state's open carry law. >> where people can openly carry weapons. we have more details from peter doocy. >> reporter: and security officials here have two big concerns. there is terror and there are protesters who recently have indicated that they are willing at times to get violent. so first, we're seeing some of things especially overnight. that are here to stop potential terror attacks. these jersey barriers, they're going up in streets and alleyways all across town. this is something that would be in theory able to stop something like the truck attack that we saw in nice last night. then you look over here in terms
5:45 am
of keeping protesters back, they have got this eight foot wall fence. the whole reason that they've got it like this is so that it's impossible to scale. you can't really get your fingers in them, nowhere to put your feet. that said, no matter how much preparation is going on, federal officials in washington, d.c., especially the dhs director jeh johnson and the fbi director james comey are worried about what might be coming to cleveland at the beginning of next week. >> i am concerned about the prospect of demonstrations getting out of hand. i'm concerned about the possibility of violence. >> there's a concern any time there's an event like that that people across a spectrum of radical groups will be attracted to it and so we're watching it very closely. >> reporter: the entire event zone is 1.7 square miles. since people can open carry guns
5:46 am
that they bring from home, that they legally own, there are parts of that 1.7 square mile area that you -- that protesters or supporters will be allowed to have firearms. not everywhere. not in the more secure part of the 1.7 square mile and not inside, but that's something to keep an eye on. that's something that authorities are adjusting their tactics for. >> peter, you have been to a number of these political conventions around and -- and the national security zone with the steel wall like behind you. how would you compare the size of the zone in cleveland to other national security event zones? does it seem big, small, what? >> reporter: it seems small -- especially just because it's so close. this is so close to where a lot of the action is going to be. in fact, i was just talking to somebody from the rnc an official who said they wanted it further back, but the aclu sued
5:47 am
them. they thought they were too far away, they didn't feel like they had enough space to demonstrate and this is closer. that's on top of the concerns about terror, on top of the concern about the dallas-style attacks on officers. the proximity of the perimeter to the convention center, to the arena where this is going to happen is something that rnc officials are keeping an eye on. >> a lot to worry about. thank you, peter. >> interesting he was talking about the cement blocks, those barricades. >> jersey barriers. >> something i didn't think about yesterday. but this morning on the forefront of our minds. >> something to stop a truck. >> a lot of people are showing up to the rnc for the first time because donald trump is involved and others are shot knowing up because donald trump is there. and the news is just -- it's on a tremendous -- it's a break neck pace. >> yeah, you're right. well coming up because of
5:48 am
the massacre in france will our liberty being affected? to keep america's safe we have to infringe on people's rights. >> dr. keith ablow and arthur aidala up next on that insanity. we searched billions of flight combinations to make getting here easy. because the hardest part of any trip, should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters. but can your multivitamin to be healthy. do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70% of your immune system that's found in your digestive tract. new one a day with probiotics. your multi with more.
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5:51 am
very different, very somber mood in cleveland here. both candidates running for president in this race are now running to be war time presidents, and this is where the conversation turns this morning as the fight against
5:52 am
islamic radicalism takes on a whole new tenor here and in the rest of the world. we'll talk to general jack keen, rob o'neill as well. as we look at what lies ahead for the election and the back drop of islamic radical extremism extremism. how the candidates will respond and who the american people will better equipped to handle what lies ahead. we'll also bring you the president of france, who is about to make a public statement we understand, at about 9:00 a.m. eastern. we'll take you live to france with more on that. bill is on his way to nice. i'm here in cleveland. we will see you all at the top of the hour. for now, back to you guys at "fox & friends." >> now following the massacre in france as martha mentioned, a big question -- will our liberties be affected in exchange for security? >> all to keep america safe. >> here to weigh in on this is psychiatrist dr. keith ablow and fox news legal analyst arthur
5:53 am
aidala. from a law perspective what's your? >> absolutely. our rights -- of course. look what happened. before 9/11, when i used to travel to europe or whatever i would show up 40 minutes before the flight. i'd walk right in there and jump on the flight. and then within a week it became a three-hour ordeal. someone was touching the inside of my legs and inside my arms around basically getting strip searched. that's not exactly search and seizure laws, it would normally prohibit that. but government's fundamental reason to exist to keep us safe. and they're going to tread on some of our rights. >> why are you shaking your head? >> and their abilities to keep us safe. >> look, this is the danger, people say to keep you safe you have to give up your rights. your rights are your safety. that's what governments are there for, to preserve your individual freedoms. >> keith, you're right. >> because frankly we are not
5:54 am
kids. we have the tools to keep people as safe as possible. >> sure. >> without infringing on their rights. >> but peter did a live report -- >> i saw it. >> he said that the frozen zone is smaller this time because the aclu was going to sue them because they felt the protesters were too far away from the good stuff. >> and -- okay. so you have on one side the aclu and you have what keith is saying and he's right. you don't want -- the terrorists win. the more rights we have to give up to protect ourselves, the more they're winning. but the flip side is we have to do everything we can to protect ourselves. so in israel before you even arrive at the airport, while you're outside on the highway, they're checking your car. checking you before you even get into the airport. >> i don't think that's necessarily trampling on rights, but we have tools now, technology tools so let's deploy them. i don't know if it makes sense to have giant screens to show the protesters just within feet of the convention center but the protesters are back. in other words, we have all the
5:55 am
tools. can't we preserve liberty while giving them a bigger voice? isn't that easy? we have big screen tvs with all the protesters. >> we're not security experts here, but the donald trump events, the best events were when with the protesters were far back. they didn't stop me from wanting to enter and cover it. >> and being straight up in someone's face like in the 1960s this close to somebody -- >> like they were in california with donald trump at -- he had to walk over the barrier in order to get into his own event. >> now move back. ainsley, what bothers me, these s.o.b.s are changing the way we live. >> yes. >> they're changing the way we have to live our lives. >> so is the pc culture. i mean we're putting pc before safety in many cases. >> but the thing is i don't think the founding fathers thought about we should be listening into mosques like
5:56 am
judge jeanine said. but from a common sense perspective, if that's what it takes to protect that little boy on the beach from texas -- it's a balance. >> even the pope had a popemobile. i think that we need to be careful because we have one ambassador of individual rights in this presidential race named donald trump. and an ambassador of depriving people of their autonomy named hillary clinton. so you've got to be careful because the people who hate autonomy are very vicious people. and he needs to take care. >> i'm not sure that hillary clinton is using that slogan on the website. i have to check it again. [ laughter ] >> sure. i love honesty. >> the truth would get me -- >> let me tell you something. i was here a week ago with you guys talk attack -- talking about the police officers and now the world is in a bad spot. >> yes, indeed. we'll step aside. we'll be back in two minutes. and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
5:57 am
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5:59 am
fox news alert, moments ago french police taking away a woman believed to be connected
6:00 am
to the terror attack in nice. >> you can see people yelling at the cameras as she's put into the cop car. protected by face masks. >> police are not saying if she played a role in the attack that left 84 people dead. ten of them children. >> that's right. more coverage on fox. martha: terror strikes france once again. a truck mowing down people during a bastille day celebration. the driver accelerating as he went through that crowd. that was the final showdown with police. at least 84 people are dead. more than 100 injured. in short, it has happened again and there does not


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