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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left. thank you for being with us and we'll see you sunday night from cleveland. have a good night. it's 11:00 p.m. on the east coast, 8:00 p.m. on the west coast and 6:00 a.m. in turkey where turkish officials claim they stopped the military from staging a coup against the government but fox news cannot confirm this at this hour. turkey is a key u.s. ally and a member of nato. they have called for calm and expressed support for turkey's president. the president emerged from a vehicle where he greeted hunl crowds of supporters. he blamed the uprising and said it was an act of treason and
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said the people responsible will pay the price. people have gathered across turkey. there have been reports of gun fire in that city and air battles between war planes and helicopters and explosions on the ground including some at the turkish parliament building. this began at about 9:00 p.m. local time when the military declared it had seized control of the government to reinstall the constitutional order to ensure the rule of law rairns in the country. but the military was apparently not united in the attempt to take over. some top commanders condemned it on turkish television and ordered troops back to their bar racks. the president called on supporters to take to the streets to stand up against the rebelling military forces. we have seen dramatic video and one video shows a military helicopter firing in the
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direction of demonstrators. you can see those rounds cutting throughout the air as people run for cover and then there is this. watch. another video showing some sort of military vehicle speeding throughout a crowd and somebody injured lying on the ground. fox news cannot confirm where this happened within turkey. yet another video here from istanbul, you can hear gun shots and see people ducking for cover. look again.
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more video this time where turkish television reports supporters and jets buzzed over the capital city to fly at coup supporters. it reports shots brought down one chopper. the country has also had several military takeovers in recent decades. this also is just the latest in a series of major breaking news stories across the globe. last night a career criminal in nice went on a rampage mowing down people celebrating france's independence day killing more than 80 people including two americans. first we have complete coverage of the attempted military coup in turkey.
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tom steveson joins us live from turkey's capital. what's the latest on the ground where you are? >> reporter: well, we just heard from the local police here they believe as many as 60 people may have been killed overnight in what was certainly an attempted military coup here. last night at around 10:30 local time i was around 200 meters from the central square in istanbul. suddenly we heard people shouting, running along the street and glass smashing. this was the first time something was amiss and this was with a broadcast that came out on state television which had been taken over by military officers from the coup declaring a coup in the name of democracy to the nation. people ran and took cover inside
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wherever they could find it and from there battles took place in istanbul. most of them on a much smaller scale but nonetheless military officers were taking up key positions along the transport choke points. they attempted to enter the presidential palace. they were not able to take into custody the president of the republican who is on the medicine t mediterranean coast. overnight there's been clashes which are still continued. there's still doubt about that. but certainly a very serious attempt to take power in a major city from turkey. >> what about right now, tom, because we're seeing pictures on the ground and we've heard
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presidethe president say they people would pay the ultimate punishment. have you heard anything more from those behind this coup because it's been about 3 1/2 hours since we've heard any word from those trying to pull this off. what have you heard. >> reporter: just a few hours after it looked like things were losing steam. the leaders, one of the alleged leaders of the coup was in fact taken into custody relatively early by the turkish police and was filmed being forced by the police to make a phone call calling off the rest of the coup. that was unsuccessful. there were further attempts which came on and the president as you say was able to arrive in istanbul around 4:00 a.m. local time and make a speech condemning this coup attempt. what the president said was this is a factionen with within the y
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and he blamed the followers of a turkish cleric who lives in the united states. whether that's correct or not we'll have to see. there's no evidence that's been presented whatsoever but we haven't heard anything else since they attempted to storm another media building which was housing cnn -- turkish residents of cnn. that was foiled about an hour later so the situation at this point looks as though government forces have mostly regained the upper hand. >> it's interesting because we have cameras in istanbul but it's very hard to get a feel for what's happening in the rest of the country. do you have any feelers out, do you have any idea about the rural areas because we know that the president has great support in those rural areas? any feedback of what's happening in those parts of the country? >> yes, indeed. that's an important point. i have some good contacts in france who are living in one of
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the south eastern smaller cities far away from the western cities like istanbul which we've been talking about thus far. in those cities it was very clear that the population did come out quite strongly and -- to an extent i should add in istanbul but particularly the mosques were putting out prayer and putting out statements directly from the mosques but calling people to come up and resist the coup. this is what they said explic explicitly and this was going on almost every hour. you have broadcasting against it. thousands of people came to the central square in the city and were demonstrating against what they were calling this attempted coup. >> we are hearing from the state media 17 police killed and 42 people overall.
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the death toll could go higher. do we know when these people were killed? is this in the initial raid? >> reporter: well, expect that number to rise. as i said earlier, the local police here in istanbul are saying now already as many as 50 and perhaps could go above that. we know that a number of police personnel were killed when there was a raid early on right in the beginning when this was declared on the special forces branch in one of the special forces. that raid appears to be unsuccessful but bloody. they killed 15 or more officers in that one. from there there have been various clashes on the main transport routes outside the television stations so this appears to have been where most of the casualties have in fact come from. as the videos you showed also suggested there -- it's quite possible there were casualties in the attack on parliament which happened late in the night and then again with helicopters
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firing onrators in the streets. >> tom, thank you very much. there are reports that tom didn't say about the general who actually helped lead this attempted coup. the state media is also reporting he was killed as well. as you look at the pictures on the streets from turkey, we are now being told that the state believes that the government believes they are gaining back control from those who tried this coup -- attempted the coup against the government there. up next we're going to give you some amazing pictures. this is amazing drama inside a television station just like cnn where they came inside the studio, we're talking about those who attempted the coup, and they took over the studio. movies have been made about this. it happened tonight in turkey. we will play that for you next. as a satisfied client, quicken loans has asked me to show you just how easy it is to secure financing for a dwelling like this.
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tippicontinuing our news coe of the coup in turkey, let's bring in a state consultant department and risk assessment representative. it looks and we cannot confirm this at fox news because there is clearly some fighting going on in the streets of istanbul a and. >> turkey is going to be in the grips of significant long term tension and possibly civil unre is a volatile part of the world. turkey boarders on syria. if fighting grounds where islam state is enkonsed. you have iraq, iran, egypt, all these important issues for u.s. national security and turkey is going to be gripped by tremendous tension and there's going to be a clamp down whether
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it's by erdogan or a coup attempt and we're going to see difficulties for quite some time to come. >> the president has come on state television tonight and said those who attempted this coup will pay the heavy price. there are people saying that the reason they attempted this coup is because he was becotaking th state more towards an islamic state than a democracy and now that he may win this victory tonight that will be more p an auto tacksy. what do you make of those claims. >> one of the reasons it's going to be a difficult situation in turkey base it's basically a 50/50 country. it's about as disunited country in an important part of the world as we can see. half the country loves him and half the country hates him.
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he's far better organized than these coup plotters. we're seeing that play out in real time but i'm very much concerned that thissa authorize tarn streak we've seen is going to play out far more forcefully. he will have a much freer hand. we'll see a period of oppression of his opponents. he's effective at intimidating his opponents using democratic means and democratic instruments. i think right now it might be an all hands off approach and it could be very very dangerous for perhaps thousands of turks in ankara, istanbul and around the country. >> i was fascinated by president obama and john kerry saying they were watching this and later on they said they had spoken out and come out on the side of democracy. do you think there was a conversation from what you know and what you've seen in your career, do you think the
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president and secretary of state had a conversation like well who do we pick, whose side do we choose or do you think that was a foregone conclusion it was always going to be erdogan. >> any american president, any u.s. administration is going as a matter of principal to support democratic means for bringing governments in and having governments move on. i think it's very important for the united states to adhere to that principal where it makes sense but there are some that are going to argue that given the problematic role turkey has played and reference to try to bring about the right solution to syria and the civil war there and a number of other issues across the middle east from egypt to pakistan that perhaps another government is one that's going to advance western security interests, work as a closer partner of united states and other allies in the region and i'm not sure there are people who wouldn't want to see
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erdogan out in washington and elsewhere in the world. >> what you're saying is we don't like the president of turkey but right now at this point in time you're saying that it's more important to have a stable country in the middle east which many have said is really the lynch pin to the arab world for the united states, more important to have a stable country than it is to get rid of a leader that we may not necessarily be in love with? >> reporter: a destabilized turkey is going to be very dangerous for american national security interests. the turks have successfully inserted themselves into almost every major national security issue the united states faces from the medicine tmediterranea sea. so we want a turkey that's more democratic that adheres to the rules of the international order and we don't know if that's going to play out over the next several days and weeks. this is going to be chaotic for some time to come i'm afraid.
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>> i want to borrow your phrase dangerous for national security because there are been a lot of people that have said tonight saying look this president erdogan president erdogis not on the long term this is it going to be a lot better for the united states if this guy were to go than if he stays and starts leaning more toward auto owe karatic rule. you're take. >> we need to be careful here. it's danger on the other side of this argument for the united states to be seen as supporting violent coups to overthrow democratically elected governments. even with the problems between the u.s. and turkey i don't think it's wise for us to be openly supporting military coups. that then exposes us to a double standard that would effect the diplomatic achievements around the world. the political opposition has
8:20 pm
been inept and even if there half the people in turkey opposed to erdogan they have never worked together to try to defeat him. they're working in smaller factions and making sure there's not one larger party. >> you say democratically elected. i've got 20 seconds. you say democratically elected but there are critics that say this democracy is rigged. he owns the democracy over there so it's not the democracy we think of in the united states. >> it's a highly imperfect democracy. that's turkey's over the last 100 years and it hasn't ended yet. >> is this the end or is this the turning point that might lead to the end? >> reporter: it might be too early to tell right now. i think we'll know in about 48 hours. >> political risk executive. john, good of you, sir. thank you. >> thanks for having me. we have more ahead on the crisis in turkey and what it means for the united states as we show you the pictures, there
8:21 pm
were gun shots that were heard throughout the night and now the state media is saying that some 42 people died and those on the scene tell us the death toll will likely rise. more coming up. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah.
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continuing coverage now with breaking news, the attempted coup in turkey, a key u.s. ally. joining us now is the former terrorism analyst at the treasury department. great to have you with us. i'm just wondering what you make of this whole argument that says turkey, a stable turkey, really because it's the gateway, it's the bridgeway if you will for the united states to the arab world, a stable turkey is very important when it comes to the fight against isis. do you buy that argument.
8:25 pm
>> i do buy that argument and for many years turkey did serve as a buffer. the problem is over the last several years under the leadership of president erdogan we have seen a deterioration of that buffer zone. we've seen that boarder between turkey and syria, turkey's eastern boarder has been left open. it's been exploited by groups like isis and other jihadi groups and erdogan has done this on purpose so turkey has not fulfilled its promise as a nato ally. >> there were people in da mus cuss were clapping. nothing they would love better than to see the president
8:26 pm
erdogan regime fail. >> he's been doing this since the uprising began. he did it with other countries where they've been financing the jihadis, providing them with arms and assistance and so there's no love lost between these two leaders. this is not to say this coup was responsed in any way baut their cheering. >> let's face it president erdogan and the united states haven't been the best buddies the past two or three years. this has been in some cases a roadblock in the fight against isis has it not. >> it has. we've seen one administration official after another head over to turkey and have tough conversations with the erdogan government whether it's been vice president biden and secretary of defense, state department officials, they've gone over there implorg erdogan to do a better job in this fight
8:27 pm
against isis and he hasn't . i do think when you think about what folks at the white house are thinking about right now they're probably saying we probably are happy this coup has failed but that still doesn't solve the problem that we have with this turkish leadership. >> i'm sure the people are watching the screen with us because this is the smoke coming from the city of istanbul. we don't know exactly what this is from. we have heard there have been -- apologize. this is ankara. we do not know what this is from but there have been reports of bombs. president erdogan said as he spoke there were aircraft going off the rouge aircraft responsible for this attempted coup. we're unsure what this is but for those joining us we are being told that 42 people have been killed in the coup attempt, including 17 police officers. jonathan, back to you now. as you watch these pictures and you watch this unfold, what do
8:28 pm
you believe this means for the fight against isis going forward. >> well, look, i think that right now we've lost a lot of leverage with erdogan. not because the united states had any role in this coup whatsoever but because when this guy regains power and he regains stability in turkey he's going to be a strongman. he's going to do whatever he wants to do whether that means cracking down on the military, purging what he calls mutiny within the army or going after the enemy of the state he will be purging and he's not likely to be listening to his allies, especially the allies where he's the differences of opinion with over the last several years like the united states. >> so it's a dangerous situation because now you're saying that president erdogan is getting much more powerful because you can do this and because he will punish his enemies and make those who were responsible for this attempted coup pay a very heavy price so now he becomes
8:29 pm
even more powerful and woa to those who try this again. >> this is a guy that has been amassing power over the last several years. he's been destroying the judiciary and taking over newspaper outlets and cracking down on human rights not allowing for protesters to protest freely inside the country and supporting islamists groups. now you have an attempt to overthrow him. he is angry. i am fearful for what happens to turkey now. if you thought a coup might have toppled this democrat think about what this auto owe karatic man might do that that democracy. >> what does the united states do with an angry auto owe karat? >> we're going to have to try to rein him in. how we do that is unclear. a lot has to do with how this coup looks a day or two after. >> thank you sir. we're going to take you live
8:30 pm
to istanbul but i want to take you back to the pictures of the smoke over ankara. we'll show you next. there's clear images that show this is still very much an active situation in turkey. much more coming up as we continue special coverage. [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it.
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a sudden the military storms into our building, on set, in our control room, pulling this network off the air in the middle of a news cast. that's what happened tonight in turkey. this was the scene a short time at cnn turk, a joint venture between cnn and a turkish company. amid the reports of shootings, bombings, jets flying overhead, the person reporting said troops made their way into the studio and forced them to leave. you could hear what sounded like gun fire but all you could see was what you're looking at, that empty desk. very real in turkey. eventually they did come back on the air. kitty logan is live in our european news hub in london. what's the latest. >> reporter: that's right. just a short time ago we heard that police entered the building of that cnn turk studio. they have arrested the soldiers who had taken it over. that station is back on the air
8:35 pm
as you say, but earlier in the evening right at the start of this there was a similar incident at the state broadcaster, a group of soldiers went in there and took over that television studio and the presenter was forced to read a statement on air. she was very uncomfortable doing it. this is the case in these type of coups or attempted coups, type of incidents, media is the key and getting a message out about who is in power is key, but it was very interesting how the turkish president responded to the take over of the tv networks. he was using facetime to broadcast his message and ask his people to go out in the street and stand up to the military. throughout this evening the media has been playing a crucial role in the course of events. >> kitty thank you very much.
8:36 pm
we're crossing the wires right now. there are reports that the president erdogan says that turkey, the government there, is back at the helm of that country. we cannot confirm that but that's what's coming out of turkey right now. continuing coverage of the news in turkey. let's bring in the former deputy assistant secretary of state. he was responsible for turkey and other nations. great of you to be here. what are you finding and what are you hearing on the ground right now about what's going on in that country. >> i think the tide has turned in president erdogan's favor. throughout the night from where i live, i live in a forest near the center of the city but i could hear explosions much of the time, walking tv and talking to friends, could hear gun fire and it seemed inside the military itself there was a clear struggle going on and finally resolved itself. a key turning point was about
8:37 pm
three hours ago when the commander of the first army of turkey, which has military control in istanbul, said he's not in favor of the coup. he's against it. shortly thereafter the troops pulled back from the airport and we see the bridges reopen in istanbul. so things seemed to get back to normal a bit here in istanbul but it's in ankara where the reports seem to continue of violence, unprecedented violence on the parliament with reports of helicopter attacks on the parliament. and so that situation seems to remain unresolved but as you just announced president erdogan has announced that he himself is back in power and essential lie that the coup is over but we have to wait and see how things unfold in ankara. i think it's significant as well that he flew not to ankara but he flew to istanbul. he didn't fly to the capital because the situation has been
8:38 pm
so tenuous there. >> why fly to istanbul? is it a bigger show? does he get more supporters there? what's the reason you fly into istanbul instead of ankara, the capital. >> i think the reason was the situation in ankara was so fluid and in fact the coup plotters were in control or at least were not under control to the extent that they were coming under control in istanbul. i mentioned that statement by the commander of the first army here in istanbul, i think that led president erdogan to think it's relatively safe in istanbul and once he's in istanbul then he can really call his supporters to the streets. so he has greater sureness about the situation here in istanbul than the capital. >> i want to put up video if we can of a couple of soldiers being arrested. president erdogan said earlier
8:39 pm
those responsible for this attempted coup would pay a very heavy price. i want your take on this. what happens in the hours and days ahead to those who actually attempted this coup? it cannot be good. >> it's going to be as dark as you can imagine i'm sure. he has made clear in his statement that he made shortly after landing here in istanbul that there will be full retribution, the highest price paid in terms of punishment for this act of treason and attempt to undermine the democratic system in turkey. people who commit -- who are convicted of treason, that's a capital crime in most countries so i would fear that those soldiers' days are numbered. >> it's one or the other because if this coup had been successful then erdogan is out of power but it's not successful or at least we don't have confirmation it's not successful but it doesn't look on the ground. if he's not out of power does he
8:40 pm
get ultimate power by the fact that he's back in. >> yes, sir, i think that's what happens. the context has been for a couple of years he has been trying to kobl together a constitutional majority that would allow him to change the constitution and change the power structure here so the president is the most powerful actor in turkey. until now the president has been supposed to be above politics. the thichange he wants to put i place would make the president the key leader in turkey. i think he's going to consolidate sufficient support now because he's going to be able to claim everyone has to rally around me to protect democratic principals such as they are in turkey. >> and embassador if the president becomes the most powerful actor in turkey what does that mean for the united states? >> it's a mixed bag. for anybody who believes in the importance of democracy as the center piece for long term
8:41 pm
stability, then i think the united states, those officials and the american people will have difficulty because the system will kons straight so much power in one man's hands. it's obviously a huge negative. on the other hand it's a positive if a coup is put down. coups are messy. they rarely come out in a good way. general the united states doesn't favor revolutions but the outcomes are unpredictable and often problematic. so there will be stability in turkey at least mid term stability because the power equation will be clear. but in terms of separation of powers and democratic impulses i think that will more of a challenge for the united states. >> it's becoming very clear to us over here. embassador, good information. thank you sir. >> thank you. as we said at the top of this segment president erdogan has said his forces are now back
8:42 pm
in control of the government. this is not the first apparent coup attempt in turkey. let's bring in brian. this is has been going on for some 60 years. >> in order to understand what's happening in turkey right now you need to understand the role of the military in those four military coups we've seen since the dawn of the republican turkey in 1920. the military see themselves as the protectionists of the constitution. they don't want the government to overstep what they believe are their bounds. they also see themselves as really the guidance when it comes to making sure that the government stays section yar, keeping religion out of government. so the protecters fortunate constitution and keeping religion out of the government. we started in 1960, there was a coup there. it was called the hanging coup. there was a dictator at the time who had so much power, stifling the press and putting
8:43 pm
politicians in jail and 30 military officers stepped in and took power, the army, navy, air force. there wasn't the blood shed we saw here and the power was brought back to a general and it was peace until until 1971 and then we had a coup that was done by memorandum. military officers stepped into a radio station and put on a bulletin to turkey saying the government has a choice here, they do what we say and give power back to the people or we're going to take the streets and the prime minister at the time decided to step down. now what we're seeing again, 1997 we had the islamist welfare party in rule they were taken out. so we've seen this before, four successful coups. those coups, the military had the power. they were fully supportive. we're not seeing that on the ground right now from what we understand. >> as we heard from our prior guest it looks like the president has the ultimate power. he is the most powerful actor in
8:44 pm
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continuing coverage of news in turkey. these are pictures on the left hand side of your screen, these are soldiers surrounding to the government. this means when the soldiers surrounder that the president erdogan will be the most powerful actor in the country because he will now regain control of the country. day break there in turkey and the president had said earlier that those who were behind this attempted coup would pay a very heavy price for this. you can see the soldiers have their hands up. we do not know what will happen to them. we do know they were taken into custody and beyond that it is anybody's guess, but as our guest earlier said it cannot be good. meantime we continue breaking news coverage here of the attempted coup in turkey, a key nato ally to the united states and a home of a strategy air
8:49 pm
base in the fight against isis. you were there in turkey and you say you heard chatter but nothing about a coup or attempted coup. >> there's been a couple of fault lines inside the country probably inside the government with people splitting on sides with erdogan and against erdogan but nothing predicted anything like this. nobody i talked to who is currently or former in the government like myself would have told you a week ago we're really worried there's a high impact event about to occur like this. it really blindsided everybody. >> if somebody had asked you three weeks ago is there some unhappiness with president erdogan you would have said, you're hearing some chatter about that all the time. >> absolutely. i think what a any of the members of this military coup faction would tell you if talked to them tonight they believed by doing this they are setting the restart button for the country. they're reinstating the levers of power for the government because that's what they see as
8:50 pm
their primary role. >> it's amazing because they were saying earlier tonight this was just a small faction of the military but you look at this and think erdogan was on vacation out of the capital and police officers. this thing looked like it was well organized. >> it did. we get some numbers of this hopefully how many people were really involved. because to myself and others that's the big question right now p the government is starting to name names, identify some people from the military ranks who were involved here. is how people, how much manpower went into this because as you mentioned this is not something you organized overnight or in a week or even in a month. >> and they said, and we've only got a few seconds, they said one of the key generals in charge of this coup was killed in the attempt. and they said only one. you would think there would be more than one general in charge or one military leader in charge of this. >> you would think. i mean, the turkish -- the
8:51 pm
erdogan administration has said that this was mostly made up of senior folks. excuse me folk. and left out the seniors. >> can i just stop you right there? can you stay for a minute? we're going to keep her until the other side of the break. breaking news coverage continues right here on fox news channel. get ready for the rio olympic games
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back now to jillian turner, former white house national security council staffer. and jillian, we were talking earlier about the fact the u.s. had some pretty high stakes in this. my irish grandmother used to say better to live with the devil you know than the devil you don't. this guy for now, erdogan gives us a stable turkey, and that's important. >> very important. >> they say. >> the united states government needs more than anything a stable partner in the form of the turkish government right now. more than ever. as i see it, we've got two
8:55 pm
primary security interests there. one is maintaining access to incirlik air base and the american soldiers that are stationed there. number two is having turkey as a really strong nato ally to help be really hands-on in the anti-isis fight. everything from pitching in with air strikes against their strongholds in syria to continuing to accept refugees constantly. they've got 2.5 million syrian refugees inside their borders right now. big role here for turkey. >> do you think in that conversation between obama and kerry there was ever a moment where they said, you know, do we want to back this guy? this guy's been kind of trouble for us the past three years. do we want to keep backing him? 15 seconds. >> in spite of the criticism, no. because as the u.s. government you've got to go with the democratically elected government and that's the erdogan administration at this point. we don't work unilaterally with governments that have come to power via coup like this. so this was the best case scenario for u.s. security interests. >> gillian turner, you'll be back with us next hour.
8:56 pm
gilli gillian, good to see you. thank you. continued coverage of the attempted military coup in turkey. let's bring in glenn hall. he's the u.s. editor at the "wall street journal." glenn, i just want your take on what's happening on the ground in turkey right now as daybreak has happened there. >> yeah, trace, well, it looks like things are starting to settle out. we know that erdogan is back in the country. he's in his stronghold of istanbul. we have the government officials say they're slowly putting down the coup. there is still fating going on. but the battles seem to be simmering down rather than up. >> yeah. and we saw the arrests of the soldiers earlier, glenn. we have looked at this thing from afar now for the better part of the last six or seven hours. do you think it will take days to kind of mesh this whole thing out? >> well, there's a real mess now, right? because the complications for everyone, the military to military relationship between turkey and the u.s. has been stronger in many ways than the government to government relationship. the military officials in turkey have historically had the
8:57 pm
stronger power that erdogan has been putting down. they were starting to resurface their power. there's a struggle for control of turkey right now which that kind of instability is the real fear for everyone because it's such a critical point in the war on islam and they're still critical in staging that war for both u.s. and allies. >> do you think this leads to stability in turkey, glenn? >> stability is the hope for all this, right? and that's why the u.s. administration's response was so carefully measured. they want to see stability, and they didn't know which way this might turn. so i think they were careful for a reason but ultimately democracy is what they have to stand by even under such pressure. >> yeah. there is a lot of pressure. and i've got to go quickly. but i want your take on was this ever a conundrum for the administration? do you think they ever thought that maybe this is not going to turn out the right way? >> i think they were very cautious for a reason. and i think they're intimating that they weren't sure which way it would go, and that seems to
8:58 pm
be the way that they played it. >> glenn hall with the "wall street journal." glenn, good of you. thank you, sir. continuing coverage of breaking news as the sun rises over turkey. we will check back with a live report from istanbul just ahead. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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i'm trace gallagher in new york with more breaking news koj of the attempted military coup in turkey. some video here from just a short time ago showing soldiers surrendering to forces loyal to the government. turkish official say they have stopped the coup. and turkey's president says the government is now in charge. prosecutors in turkey say at least 42 people died in the capital ankara. and the prime minister says government officials have arrested at least 130 troops who took part in the plot. turkey's state-run news agency also reports the prime minister has called on all of the country's lawmakers to attend an emergency meeting today. we have seen video.


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