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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i'm trace gallagher in new york with more breaking news koj of the attempted military coup in turkey. some video here from just a short time ago showing soldiers surrendering to forces loyal to the government. turkish official say they have stopped the coup. and turkey's president says the government is now in charge. prosecutors in turkey say at least 42 people died in the capital ankara. and the prime minister says government officials have arrested at least 130 troops who took part in the plot. turkey's state-run news agency also reports the prime minister has called on all of the country's lawmakers to attend an emergency meeting today. we have seen video. dramatic video from across
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turkey. one amateur video shows a military helicopter or some other type of aircraft firing in the direction of demonstrators in ankara. [ gunfire ] amazing. you can see those rounds cutting through the air as people run for cover. and then there was this. watch. [ speaking foreign language ] more running. more screaming. another video showing some sort of military vehicle speeding through a crowd and somebody injured lying on the ground. fox news cannot confirm where this happened within turkey. [ gunfire ]
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can you imagine lying on the ground and just hearing the rapid rat tat tat of gunfire again and again? yet another video from istanbul. urk hear the gunshots. you can see the people ducking for cover. watch again. [ airplane ] and more video. this time back in ankara, where turkish television reports loyalist forces and fighter jets buzzed the capital city to strike at coup supporters flying helicopters. it also reports shots brought down at least one chopper. oth political tensions have been rising in turkey over the war
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against islam-it state the flow of refugees from syria and recent terror attacks including the deadly isis assault at istanbul's ataturk airport. the country's had several military takeovers in recent decades. remember, turkey is a key u.s. ally and a member of nato. let's get back to tom stevenson, a reporter for global radio news. he joins us live from istanbul. tom, daybreak there in turkey. what are you seeing? what are you hearing on the ground? >> yes, well, the biggest news has been that members of the attempted coup, soldiers of the coup who have taken up a key position on a bridge right in the middle of the city. if you know istanbul at all there's a lot of water. you've got the boss frus running through it, the golden hall. one of the key bridges going right across the bosphorus, they've taken a position there. those troops are surrendering. the turkish authorities are telling us the troops are surrendering in istanbul at least is really a sure sign that
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things are really wrapping up, that government forces, loyalist, military and police forces are taking back full control. what's very interesting at this point is that the -- one of the first actions in the coup was the coup plotters arrested the chief of staff of the army. they weren't able to take the president. they weren't able to take the prime minister or other politicians. but they took into custody the chief of staff of the army. and no one has heard from him since. there is still no word on where he is. the presidency has just announced it's appointing another general, a general from istanbul, general umid gundar as the acting chief of staff of the army. which i'm afraid does nowell fo staff. no one at this point knows where he is. so they're taking back control of the city of istanbul, but there are still many questions ongoing and there are still coup forces in play in the country, especially in ankara. >> and as you look at those pictures, we've been talking for the past hour, hour and a half, tom, about the fact that the
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government there in turkey has said that they are back in control of the government. we said we cannot confirm that. but boy, as you look at these pictures of the soldiers surrendering, that is a very strong testament to the fact the government really does look like it is back in control of the government. and talk about what president erdogan said earlier, tom, about the fact that there will be a heavy price to pay for those that attempted this coup. >> absolutely. a quick point. the soldiers surrendering is certainly important. especially from that bridge. the other point is a lot of the power in this coup was coming from the air force. i'd been up all night not just because of the reporting but there were sonic booms they were passing so low over the city. and jets and helicopters have played a big role. it seems to be the air force played a significant role in this. so whether they fully managed to get the air force under the control will be a very big question. and it was the air force in fact which struck the parliament building. can you imagine a helicopter striking against capitol hill? it's unimaginable.
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now, those that they have taken into custody now that it does really appear as if the government's taking back control, certainly it is not going to look good for them. there's no doubt about that. the government will take very serious reprisals. we can expect certainly very long jail terms and probably worse. >> as you're talking we're running through some of the new video. you can see some of the soldiers' helmets in there and their weapons being dropped on that bridge. we talked about the bridge being shut down for several hours, tom. and you talked about the air force. i mean, earlier the government had said this was just a small faction. but when you're talking about a couple branches of the military that actually were involved in this coup, it seems like this was very well organized and there were a lot more members of the military, couple branches of the military than were previously thought, tom. >> yes. well, i should say it's certainly been an extensive coup. this has been a real attempt. whether it was well organized or not, it appears to have failed, and certainly they did not
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manage to take into custody the defense minister, the president, the prime minister. they didn't take the presidential palace. so in that regard it was not particularly well organized, but certainly it was an organized attempt. i mean, widespread. hundreds of military officers were involved. they had tanks, they had the air force. it was a genuine attempt at a coup. there's no doubt about that. great deal of premeditation. but the organization certainly wasn't enough to succeed. >> yeah. so i guess what you're saying, tom, is that well organized is not the proper phrase here but maybe well planned is a better phrase. this is some brand new video we're seeing. you can see on the bridge there. we're not exactly quite sure what this is. if this is celebratory. if this is taunting. we don't quite know what this is on the bridge. maybe tom can give us some insight into what's going on there. but it seems that at the time of this coup there had been some planning that went into this, tom. >> certainly. there's no chance that this has.
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been -- i mean, for a start the president was outside of the capital, was away on holiday. you see -- if you're plotting a coup, that's exactly the time you're going to want to strike. they most certainly plan the timing. you've got a coordinated effort to hit special forces. they didn't try to take the presidential palace. they didn't take up all the key junctures in the city. a lot of planning has gone into this. they just haven't done enough of it. i think the key moment is when the police came out in support of the government and started a standoff along with citizens against the army. once it was clear that the police force was not on side with this it was going to be very, very difficult. that and the failure to detain the president himself i think has led to the failure of this coup. but as you say, a great deal of planning has indeed gone into this. just not the right kind. or they certainly haven't managed to pull it off. >> we had talked earlier about the air force being involved in this, tom. do you know if there are any rogue aircraft, any of the attempted coup members flying aircraft that are still
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outstanding at this point in time? >> i can certainly tell you that there were very recently. i could see them with my own eyes. there was an attempt to declare a no-fly zone and there were still choppers going around not too far above my head, and that was only around 45 minutes ago to an hour ago. i should say since then there has not been. it looks like in is tanbul they appear to have the goen tunder control. the battle is continuing and the last bastion is the air force elements that were organized in ankara. it appears unclear whether that's fully under control yet. i think they're going to get it under control. at this point, though, it does look like the government is going to take full control of this situation. >> it certainly does. >> and is in the process of doing that. >> great insight. tom stevenson with global radio news. tom, good of you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> the latest reaction from u.s. officials. that's coming up when our
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breaking news and continuing coverage of turkey. and brand new numbers coming into the news deck. we are being told -- we've been showing you those pictures of the military members, those who
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attempted the coup, turning themselves in. well, now the justice minister says 336 people have now been detained following the coup attempt. remember, we had talked earlier about the fact that the government first said this was a very small faction of the military. well, now we know that 336 of them have now turned themselves in, have surrendered, and they are now in the custody of the government. and we should also note an official in the president's office now says at least 60 people -- we had said 42. at least 60 people were killed in the attempted coup. the earlier number was 17 police officers. we do not know if that number has gone up. but if has gone from 42 to 60 overall. and we will keep you updated as daylight has hit now in turkey and you can see that this thing may be over but there is still a great length to go before we find out exactly what happened in the overnight hours.
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president obama keeping tabs on the crisis hitting an important u.s. ally. meanwhile, we saw the protests outside the white house over what's happening in turkey. let's bring in kevin cork. he's live for us in washington. kevin, what do you know? >> reporter: hey, trace, good evening. nice to talk to you from washington tonight, where president obama is actually urging all the sides in turkey to support the democratically elected government of president erdogan. no real surprise there. as you probably have also heard tonight, the president did meet with his national security team, and he also called secretary of state john kerry. and in a readout of that call the white house is saying tonight, "the president and secretary agreed that all parties in turkey should support the democratically elected government of turkey. they should show restraint and avoid any violence or bloodshed. of course as you've been reporting throughout the night there have been a number of reports that dozens have been killed in the ongoing unrest in turkey. meanwhile, demonstrators outside the white house this evening gathered mostly in support of president erdogan although there
9:16 pm
was a healthy number of them who were also protesting him but all very peaceful outside the white house this evening. trace, i can also tell you that white house sources are telling fox news tonight that national security adviser susan rice is traveling this evening but she is traveling domestically. and we are told that she has been in consultation with her colleagues within the administration. and as you can also well imagine, we do expect an updated readout from the administration over the weekend as this story continues to unfold. but for now that's all we know from washington. as i get more information, you can bet i'll pass it along to you, my friend. >> i just want to quickly go back, ken, if i can. protesters on both sides of these. you had how many -- was there a larger group that were proeltsiproelts i protesting in favor of erdogan than against the turkish president? >> that's a terrific question. i can tell you from first glance looking outside the fence from the north lawn effectively it looked split 50-50 and you could actually hear them cheering fairly often and then some were saying hey, listen, we don't
9:17 pm
support president erdogan. if you want sort of a breakdown, i would put it this way. i would say it was probably 70-30 in support of president erdogan. this also, trace, i think is fair to say was likely orchestrated by the turkish government. maybe even by the embassy. again, that's just a guess. but that's certainly something i've seen in my experience here in washington. but again, about 70-30 in surmt. but there was a healthy number outside the white house that were actually in support of what looked like change at least for a few hours. >> kevin corke live for us in washington. thank you very much, sir. i just want to go back to the breaking news we brought you at the top of the segment. now we're being told by the turkish government that 336 -- i'm not sure if that number is correct but 336 people have now turned themselves in. i want to bring back if i can gillian turner because we were talking about just this type of thing, right? 336. and he you were saying earlier you can't pull off a coup with 10 people. so clearly this was not just a small faction. this was a fairly significant
9:18 pm
number of people in the military that actually tried to pull this off. >> it sounds like it. and we'll have to also look for a breakdown of the seniority level of those folks. that will be quite telling as well. was it really only people from the very junior ranks of the military, or were there some more senior folks as well? >> and we talked earlier about this. one general -- there are more leaders. you've got all these different things. we're talking to tom stevenson from global radio news, and he was saying, look, he's not clear but he just saw outside of his window what is akin to some dogfights in the air with the government forces going after some of these rogue air force planes that had been taken and been used as part of this coup. so not just one branch of the military but a couple of branches there were involved in this. >> also not surprising based on the fact that something like this requires an incredible degree of quite intricate planning. and it's not something that could sort of organically happen overnight. this is probably in the works for many, many, many months.
9:19 pm
>> and if you're planning this, how do you cross military branches? i mean, let's face it. if you're going to plan within the army you've got one general, you've got one, you know, one leader there and you're going to bring in the air force. you're talking about an entirely different set of leaders that would be involved in that. is that a fair assessment? >> yeah. and it sounds like it would have been an incredibly risky operation, very tricky to keep it under wraps. certainly not something that would be very easily contained. i'm very surprised because of that at how quickly they were able to make advances today. you know, shutting down bridges, airports, social media. a lot of things happened very quickly today. a lot of momentum got picked up. >> it seems like they went by the coup book, gillian. first thing you do is you shut down the state-run television. you go in there and shut it down and take control and give your first message saying look, we have taken control of the government. everybody's like, well, apparently they've taken control of the government. then you shut down social media. it doesn't work as well now as
9:20 pm
it used to because clearly there are ways around the shutdown of social media. but it seems like whoever did this kind of went by the checklist of how you at least do the propaganda war in a coup. >> others have pointed out tonight that traditionally the first thing you'd want to do if you were the people organizing this would be to try to take control of the president himself. and so that would have been -- that probably would have changed the direction of this entire thing and given it a lot more momentum. they failed. they were not able to do that obviously. so this was a different playbook in that regard that they were using. but i think that returning to stability and having the president reinstated now is really the right thing for the united states, certainly for turkey at the moment. we need a really strong reliable, dependable ally in the turks at this moment. >> and just so you know, gillian, while you were talking the producers are telling me that now they're getting apparently e-mails? is that a fair assessment?
9:21 pm
e-mails from the pro-coup factions that say they're still fighting. does that surprise you? >> no. i think we'll probably hear some back and forth at least for the rest of tonight, until the coup gets entirely stamped out. it looks like that's the direction it's going in. if there are certain threads of it that were active i would not be surprised. it's going to take -- this is not fire in a single location. right? it sounds like this is really embers popping up all around the country. at least in different major cities. so it's going to take the government a while to really usher out the last of those. >> gillian turner, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. again, we're getting live pictures coming in and we're being told that those who have surrendered now mount in the hundreds, 300-plus people. the death toll has gone up to 60. we don't know how many police officers were involved in that. but that is what they're telling us now. 60, maybe more. others have said the death toll will clearly rise. and now we're being told that some people who attempted this
9:22 pm
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continuing our breaking news coverage of the attempted coup in turkey, let's bring back in john fidalides, state department consultant and geopolitical risk executive. a lot's happened in the last hour since we've talked to you, john. now we're getting the numbers rising, 60 people dead. we do not know how many of those are police officers. but if you did not see the pictures earlier, some 336 military members we believe have now been arrested by the government, and we're being told through e-mail that there are some people behind this coup that claim to still be fighting. what do you make of the latest developments here, john? >> trace, two things, if i might. one, this 336 figure is just the beginning. i expect to see thousands of military officers and political supporters detained either for credible or for non-credible
9:27 pm
reasons over the next several days and next few weeks. as president erdogan, as many of your other guests have also said, uses this failed coup, if it is in fact a failed coup in the end, to further consolidate power. and what's astonishing is that the military historically has been the single most trusted institution in turkey. it's why baft coups were so successful. in 1960 and '71 and '80 and in '97. but this time this group had no control over the chain of command. and it's astonishing that they even attempted a coup not having any sense as to whether or not all of the heads of the various armed forces would even support this coup. so it's unraveling before our very eyes, and i fear there are going to be terrible recriminations against the supporters and a number of political opponents of erdogan that he's conveniently going to fit into the circle of coup plotters against him. >> so when you talk about terrible recriminations, john, i guess you're really talking about the worst for those who
9:28 pm
turn themselves in. you don't really see any trials. you don't see individual trials for those who turn themselves in. the justice system doesn't seem to work in your estimation? is that what you're saying? >> there will be trials. the turks have been very good. they take a very legalistic approach to these processes. and as a matter of fact, when the prime minister of turkey was arrested in 1960 he was tried, found guilty and then executed. he was hanged for his previous crimes as prime minister. there is a legal process that will play out here. what i'm saying is that there are going to be very long-term jailings here of hundreds of support of the coup and you may even see executions of the leaders of the coup. remember, president erdogan has been speaking for hours about people committing the highest level of treason. one thing tends to lead to another. we'll see how this plays out. but it will be within a legal court procedure for hundreds if not thousands of these coup plotters and supporters. >> what about those who are still fighting at this hour,
9:29 pm
john? what do you make of them? do they hunker down? do they hide out? do they try to reform? what happens to those people who are still fighting? or at some point do you also imagine they will turn themselves in? >> this may be more a question of human instinct. if these people know they are going to face the worst circumstances, the worst consequences, certainly jailings for life if not possible executions, then you have every incentive to basically fight to the death. i don't know how many of these people are going to feel that way. but there probably is not a lot of incentive to surrender right now. so i think some of the ones, especially the leaders, are going to see how they're going to be able to at least fight to the end on this. there really is no pleasant way out for them i'm afraid. >> do you think maybe these people who are still fighting, john, do you think there's more than just a handful? you said thousands, you believe thousands might be involved at the end of this. so do you think right now as we speak that more than just a handful are still involved in the fighting, that maybe the
9:30 pm
government is telling us no, we won this thing, it's all over with, maybe the government is overselling this and there might still be some of these groups that are active and are still potent? >> i think they'll fold pretty quickly over the next 12 to 48 hours. i don't know that there are thousands of individuals who are part of this plot. what i want to say is that there may be dozens, scores, hundreds, but erdogan will use this attempted coup to bring in thousands of other of his political opponents and connect them to this coup and use this as a pretext for jailing and eliminating a large swath of his political opponents to clear the path for the permanent consolidation of power that he's been seeking for the last ten years. >> clear on this now. john siti lichlt des. good of you. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, we'll check in with a journalist live in istanbul, turkey for the very latest on the attempted coup. stay with us. ♪
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just after 7:30 a.m. in istanbul, turkey the sun is up in a nation where right now rebelling forces within the country's military are apparently not backing down. in an e-mailed statement, reps for the group staging the coup say they are determined to keep fighting and they're telling people to stay inside. but the country's president says he is in control and that the government has squashed the coup. he also says the people responsible for the plot will pay a heavy price. video shows soldiers in turkey this morning surrendering to forces loyal to the government. one official reports at least 60 people have died during the attempted takeover and more than 300 reportedly are now in custody. a live look here from turkey where the sun today has risen over a nato ally in crisis. but after a night of gunfire, explosions and battles in the sky above the country the government reports it is now
9:36 pm
pulling itself back from the brink of collapse. let's check back in with tom stevenson. he's a reporter for global radio news. he joins us live from istanbul. and now you have some of these rebels, these coup attempters, tom, saying that they are still involved in this, they're still fighting and they're wanting people to stay inside. it doesn't look like from the video that we're seeing that a lot of people are worried about staying inside their homes at this point in time. >> well, in fact, we've seen thousands of people coming out directly to oppose this, often physically -- i mean not with weapons but they've come out in crowds, they've had civilian arrests of military personnel who were involved in this coup plot. i should say that this statement looks at least from istanbul, from here in istanbul, very much like a last gasp. in ankara there still may well be some fighting that's going on, although they've certainly been defeated at this point. but here p looks rather
9:37 pm
irreleva irrelevant. i should also say the interior minister here in turkey has just been telling us that they think they rounded up or gave a number of 336 exactly people they say that's been involved in this coup. they say they've got those people under detention and they're going to be of course proceeding with charges against them. we're going to expect that figure that rise. i can't corroborate its accuracy but that's the figure we're getting from the interior ministry here at the moment. they're making a lot of arrests already. many of the soldiers have had to surround as we've seen from the footage. the streets are empty. a few hours ago i could barely go out of my door. there were soldiers out on the street. now you can walk around and the atmosphere is very different. >> yeah. and tom, very quickly, if you can, where do you expect to go from here? what does the government do right now? what happens as day breaks and as the day goes forward in turkey? >> well, we've just seen a statement from the prime minister which was actually expressing a rare moment of solidarity in turkish politics. he was praising the opposition
9:38 pm
parties for all opposing this coup. they all did. there are three major opposition par parties. and although they fight tooth and nail against this government they all came out very quickly against this coup. so that was a rare moment. in terms of what they're doing right now, the top brass and the major political figures are all trying to figure out how to make sure that this is all he ended in a smooth way. and the president for sure is going to be coming out. he's going to be calling a meeting in parliament. he's for sure going to be calling for the presidential palace. this has been on his plate for some time. it's part of what he sees as his legacy to the country. and he's going to be pushing for more executive power as a result of this. and he's going to get pushback from his opposition parties because of that. they're going to wrap up at least in the major cities the last of the coup plotters and i think they're going to push for probably some executive powers for the president, for mr. erdogan himself. >> tom stevenson with grn, live for us in istanbul, turkey. good reporting all day. tom, thank you very much. we want to bring you back to one
9:39 pm
of the wildest things we have seen tonight. this was the scene a short time ago at cnn turk, a joint venture between cnn and a turkish company. amid all the reports of shootings and bombings, jets flying overhead, the person who had been reporting said troops made their way into the studio and then forced them to leave. you could still hear what sounded like gunfire and the crowd outside but all you could see was that empty desk. we can't imagine american troops storming a tv network here in the u.s., but it happened tonight in turkey. eventually, the network came back on the air. let's get live now to kitty logan. she's in london for us. kitty. >> reporter: yes. that's right. that news channel is back on the air now. it was -- the staff there were freed. the soldiers who had taken staff hostage have now been arrest by police. that channel is broadcasting again. but this wasn't the only incident of its kind throughout the evening. earlier just as that attempted
9:40 pm
coup began we saw the state broadcaster, trt, taken off the air as well. and the presenter forced to make a statement virtually at gunpoint. that also has been resolved now. those soldiers have gone. that channel also broadcasting again. but the media has really played a key role throughout the evening. we saw at that same channel that you first mentioned, cnn turk, we saw the presenter speak to the turkish president by face-time. he was in a hotel resort, and he was appealing to his supporters to come out on the streets and to defy the coup, which they did. so it seems that that message that he got out was extremely effective. which is quite ironic really because this is a president who really doesn't like social media and modern communications or the press. >> and it's amazing because we talked about this earlier, kitty, is that you know, when this coup happened they shut down the social media, right? they shut down the social media. at least they tried to. and some people got around it. and then they went after the state television, shut it down and got their messages out.
9:41 pm
it was kind of a fascinating look to see how each side in this attempted coup would try to get their message out to the masses. >> yes. social media slowed dow and there were people who found ways around using a proxy server, for example. i did see throughout the night people tweeting from istanbul and it did come back up again. but particularly the president was very effective in coming straight out at the airport and calling a kind of a press conference, making a statement on camera saying i am here, i am in control. and he's been quite effective throughout the night in defying that attempt at media control, which is a classic move in any kind of coup situation, trying to take control of state media. but he seems to have manipulated it very effectively tonight in his favor. >> kitty logan live for us in london. kitty, thank you. joining us now, mike baker, former cia covert operations officer. mike, good of you to join us. what do you make of what happened in turkey today? >> here's the thing. if we're honest with ourselves, and what i mean by that is if we
9:42 pm
actually look at what's important to our national security interests, what's best for our interest here in the u.s., then it is unfortunate, frankly, that this has evolved the way it has. and erdogan is going to, as your previous guest mentioned, is going to use this to continue to consolidate power into an authoritarian stance. anybody who tries to portray erdogan as a proponent of democracy and a secular state that's respectful of all religions is either naive or willfully ignorant of what erdogan is and what he represents and what he's been doing now and what led to eventually some of the military trying to wrest power from him. so you know, on the one hand i'm sure the white house is going to come out, they're going to say all sorts of things about how this is -- it's good for democracy. and that you know, the forces of democracy have won.
9:43 pm
but this is an authoritarian president who is absolutely intent on pushing turkey into being an islamist state, a conservative islamist state. that's his goal. from a national security perspective what's in our best interests? that's not in our best interests. >> and i think what they're saying, mike, the administration's argument in this thing would be look, they're willing to bet that right now it's important for them to have a stable turkey versus having a leader that everybody happens to love. clearly there has been some bad blood between erdogan and this administration in the past three years, but i guess they're hedging their bets in this case, mike, saying look, we would rather have more stability in this fight against isis than have this state go somewhere that we do not know where it will end up. >> yeah. you could spin it that way. sure. but this is an administration here in the u.s. that's spent a great deal of time promoting erdogan. and talking about you know, how
9:44 pm
important he is to the region and what a great friend to democracy he is. until he started to head south and show his true colors, at which point the white house realized they had a problem with him. as far as his being an aide or an ally in the fight against terrorism, you know, frankly this is a beast of his own creation. so a
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
the white house here in the u.s. is trying to spin this as a victory for democracy. again, even though the past couple of years as you point out trying to say this is actually a victory for elections and government and democracy. that's completely nonsensical. >> i think it's a pickle for the white house either way. former cia covert operations officer mike baker. good of you to join us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> turkey has seen several armed takeovers in recent decades. ahead we'll take a look back at the troubled relationship between the government and its military. continuing coverage of breaking news on fox news channel. constipated?
9:47 pm
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9:50 pm
continuing coverage of breaking news, the attempted coup in turkey, want to show you some brond new video now. this is people apparently trying to attack, to stop a turkish police armored vehicle carrying turkish soldiers that participated in the coup. this is an armored vehicle that apparently was somehow com
9:51 pm
commandeered by these forces and this is what we were talking about, did a large portion of the people support president erdogan? apparently, this is part and parcel of some evidence that says, yes, it did, in the big cities in ankara and istanbul, there were reports that he was losing support, but he had support in the rural areas. remember, 80 million people in this country, and we had cameras on two of those cities. well, the attempted coup in turkey comes just one day after the horrific bastille day attack in france, at least 84 people died, including at least two americans after a man drove a large truck through a crowd celebrating france's independence day. as investigators dig into the man's past, france has now called up thousands of reserve security forces. let's get live to connor powell. he's in nice for us. connor, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, as the sun rises here on saturday, french authorities are still trying to answer the same question they've had, really, for the last, about, 36 hours, which was, why did mohammed
9:52 pm
bouhlel carry out this attack and did he work with anyone else in order to organize? and now they're describing it here as an unsophisticated attack, and at first sight, it does appear that way, although it was an extremely deadly attack, at least 84 people were killed. that number could rise because there's at least 50 people, according to president francois hollande, who said that they are still fighting for their lives here. but this attack was a simple attack in the sense that it used a vehicle, and he drove down the highway, the main promenade here in nice, zig-zagging, swerving, trying to intentionally hit people. there were a weapon and some fake explosives found in the vehicle, but that's about it. and so french authorities are trying to figure out, was this a loel wolf attack, was mohamed bouhlel inspired by isis or al qaeda or any other extremist militant groups, or was he deranged and mentally ill and trying to live in a fantasy
9:53 pm
world where he was some type of extremist and bomber but without the connections to these groups. that's one possibility that they're still trying to explore. now, we are learning more about a lot of the victims. there are over 200 people that were injured. a lot of the injuries that we saw in the last 36 hours or so were people who had injuries to their feet, to their legs, some arms, many of them are the types of injuries you would see either obviously being hit by a vehicle but also we're being told, people who were fleeing, that they were trampled as part of the stampede in the chaos to try to get away from this truck that was moving so ferociously down the promenade. a lot of people were simply running over each other. we understand that there are several young and children tharm injured in this attack, many of them were simply trampled by adults and others that were trying to get away. 10 children were, in fact, killed. so there are still a lot of questions about this attack that french authorities are trying to
9:54 pm
figure out, but this is now the third attack that france has experienced in the last 18 months or so. there is a sense of sort of stunned feeling here, but i can tell you that nice is starting to bounce back. yesterday, by late afternoon, the city was bouncing back. there were a lot of people out, stores were open, we're already seeing people, essentially, treat nice as it was before this attack, which is a holiday destination. >> very tough to bounce back from that. connor powell live for us along the french riviera. continuing coverage of the attempted coup in turkey up next. we will show you that the death toll is going up, the number of arrests are going up and yet there are people out there who say they are still fighting. we're coming right back. has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®.
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9:58 pm
and as we continue, breaking news coverage of the attempted coup in turkey, it's important for us to realize how big and
9:59 pm
how powerful the turkish military really is. >> we've seen this before. this is a very young democracy. less than a hundred years old. four successful coups and why were they successful? the full power of the military was behind it. they saw that the government wasn't acting in the way that they thought was just in the constitution, they see themselves as protecters the cod they decided they needed to step in. here, we're seeing where they haven't seen the military fully step in and maybe that's -- it'll be interesting to see what we're going to see now with erdogan still in power. >> it is approaching 8:00 in the morning in turkish, 1:00 on the west coast and we are now being told that those arrested, you can see at the bottom of your screen, is now in the 750 region. that is apparently going to go up. the number of dead is above 60. again, we do not know how many of those were police officers. we are now being told that there are still some of these rebel fighters, those who attempted the coup, fighting, and that
10:00 pm
some of them still control the helicopters. so, there could be air battles to go. continuing coverage all night long here on fox news channel. i'm trace gallagher. good night. major violence in turkey this morning shaking the country to its core, this during an attempted military coup to overthrow the democratically elected government of the turkish president recep erdogan. it appears to have failed. erdogan says his government is now fully in charge. most of the conspirators, he claims, have been arrested. it's 1:00 a.m. here on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. in ankara, turkish's capital. word of the military uprising spread at about 11:00 p.m. local time friday. the military said that carried out the coup to, quote, reinstall the constitutional