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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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some of them still control the helicopters. so, there could be air battles to go. continuing coverage all night long here on fox news channel. i'm trace gallagher. good night. major violence in turkey this morning shaking the country to its core, this during an attempted military coup to overthrow the democratically elected government of the turkish president recep erdogan. it appears to have failed. erdogan says his government is now fully in charge. most of the conspirators, he claims, have been arrested. it's 1:00 a.m. here on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. in ankara, turkish's capital. word of the military uprising spread at about 11:00 p.m. local time friday. the military said that carried out the coup to, quote, reinstall the constitutional order, end quote.
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soon after, several reports surfaced that the military had seized full control of the country. >> and hours later, tanks were seen rolling in toward a government palace in ankara, explosions reported there, 17 officers are said to be dead after a helicopter attacked some 60 people altogether have been killed. that number will likely change. >> now it's unclear what turkey will look like when this is all over. there are conflicting reports, several government officials claim they're the ones in control, and that the attempted coup was unsuccessful. >> and according to state-run agency, more than 750 members of the armed forces have been detained and addressing a crowd of supporters outside istanbul's ataturk airport saturday morning, erdogan told a crowd assembled there they had pointed the people's guns against the people, the president, whom 52% of the people brought to power, is in charge, meaning himself.
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this government, he said, brought to power by the people, is in charge. they will not succeed as long as we stand against them by risking everything. >> and now for the latest details out of turkey, let's bring in kitty logan. kitty, what's the latest? >> reporter: the government is coming down hard on those who plotted against it. it says they will pay a heavy price for anyone who plotted in this attempted coup, which they describe as an act of treason. now, it's first light in istanbul, the dawn is breaking, and we're now seeing pictures of military which had taken to the streets in istanbul as part of this attempted coup. we're seeing them surrendering. it appears these men were arrested, they were taken away by police. we're hearing now that a total of over 700 arrests have been made in this government crack do crackdo crackdown. we also understand that soldiers loyal to the government are now in charge of the airport.
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if you remember that airport was shut for a short time. it's interesting to note that the ahead of military is still unaccounted for. the government has appointed a new acting army chief of staff for now, but the tv stations which had been taken on air throughout the night are back on at this stage. now, crowds appeared to answer a call from the turkish president, which he made via face titime t private broadcast to cnn turk, that broadcast was taken off the air for a short time but soldiers. during that broadcast, during that tv interview, he asked people to take to the streets to oppose this attempted coup, and we saw that happen. we saw supporters of the president climbing on tanks, blocking the way, defying the military, and that seems to have helped in this turn around, this situation, kind of rapid turn around. it's certainly been a night of drama and chaos. things are not quite back to normal. it's interesting to note the faction of the military which
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carried out this coup says it's not quite over yet. >> now, are there still people in the streets? i know they were telling residents to stay in their homes, at least the opposition was, and then erdogan was telling people to go out. what is happening, currently, in the streets with residents right now? >> reporter: i think there's rather a confused picture. the government is saying that it has control, but the faction which carried out this coup is, like you say, urging people to stay off the streets, indicating that no, it's not over. but it has everything to lose if its men are arrested, it's unlikely to be a good outcome for them. so i think it's a very murky situation at this point. things have moved very, very quickly throughout the night. i think it's going to take quite a bit of time for the dust to settle and for the situation to be fully calm. >> and kitty, you've been following thursday easter att's attack in nice, france, as well. what are the latest developments there? >> of course, the investigation
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is underway now and what authorities would like to determine is whether the man who drove the truck into the crowd, whether he was operating alone, and what his real motives were for that attack. now, they do know that he had a previous criminal record, but there has been no claim of responsibility so far. he wasn't on any terror watch list and the french prosecutor says he may be linked to radical slac islam, but it's simply too early to confirm this. a lot of work ahead for the investigation but meanwhile people very laying flowers there and paying tribute to the 84 people who died and many of those casualties, many of those injured are, unfortunately, still in the critical condition in hospital and today, france will begin three days of national mourning to mark this terrible, horrific attack, which cost so many lives. >> kitty logan live from london. thank you so much. we'll be checking back in with you throughout the morning.
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>> well, turkey is certainly an ally of the united states, especially in the fight against isis. joining us now on the telephone, lieutenant colonel mitch udervack, who retired from u.s. army special forces. certainly no stranger to the middle east, and colonel, thank you for being with us. assuming this coup has failed as is reported, will we see any changes in turkey's relationship with the united states? >> we can hope not, greg, especially in reference to turkey's support for our fight against isis. we don't know what the current commander's orders are at the air base right now but i have seen earlier in the day, ru refuelling, flights are operating as normal. there's other bases in special operations in turkey and we want to see them continue as they've been going. as well, something else i want to introduce into the discussion is turkey's support in afghanistan.
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turkey has more than 500 s soldiers in afghanistan. they are responsible for the security on the military side of the airport as well as the nato headquarters in kabul. >> i heard one so-called expert say that instability in turkey could undermine the effort against isis. i'm wondering if it's really just the opposite. that if erdogan consolidates greater power and assuming the u.s. continues to exert control or influence, perhaps he might step up the efforts in the fight against isis. >> that would be preferable. that would certainly be preferable, and we'll have to see, but whether it was the president back in power or the coup plotters, they all benefit from a u.s. presence in their country in the fight against isis. they benefit from their
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participation in nato in afghanistan as well. so, if it's going to be the president and the newly elected government of turkey, that's great. we want to continue the military relations, and i'm sure that our government wants to negotiate if it went the other way, but from what i understand, it was the legal advisor to the army chief of staff that was the coup plotter. that's what i've seen through my contacts and what they're telling me. >> well, the military now says it has, quote, fully seized control. what exactly does that mean? >> well, i say there's three sides to every story in that part of the world and not -- and with turkey's reputation for controlling their international strategic messaging, i'm going to wait until the dust settles to see what's fully in control. we do know that the army rolled out against the government, but the special forces and the navy did not participate. so, i think it's going to take several days before western journalists and western
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reporting to really sift through the dust and see what the status is there. >> does this look to you like a fairly well organized attempt to overthrow government? >> no, greg, it was -- it was a colonel, literally a colonel, one rank above what i was, who was the lead coup plotter. so, no, as quickly as this was apparently overcome, you know, within a half a day, it certainly wasn't well organized, but that's not to say that this can't happen again at some point in the future. but for the most part, a poorly organized, probably premature coup attempt. >> those who were heading up the coup had issued a statement early on saying that it had seized control to, quote, restore the constitutional order, democracy, human rights, and freedoms. is that -- was that really their motive, do you think? or was it something else? >> boy, that sounds like a great public relations strategic message to put out to the rest of the world and just so that we
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would report favorably around the world. i've heard that the army chief of staff has gone missing, like i said a few minutes ago, it was his advisor that was the coup plotter. they've got plenty of problems. they've had plenty of terrorist attacks both from isis related and pkk. we won't know right now. we won't know what their motives were, but we can -- we always have to look with a -- take a grain of salt with what the coup plotters are telling the rest of the world what their reasons were. >> yeah. your opinion that this was not well organized seems to have a lot of evidence behind it. the military did not appear unified. top commanders at one point in time took to television to condemn the coup, and in fact, ordered their troops back to the barracks. that really does show that this wasn't well put together. >> right. there's historic precedent too.
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anybody who's seen the movie valkyrie in the last few years has an idea of what a small coup led by a colonel, how quickly it can turn south when those of higher rank with a greater sense of aware ness of what's going o in the country and what happens when a lower ranking guy steps forward prematurely, and they had the tanks, they had the troops, they obviously had one attack helicopter in the air that we've seen. they didn't have the preponderance of military force supporting to coup. >> colonel, they were reports earlier that there was some conspiracy theories out there that this could perhaps have been something that erdogan orchestrated so he could actually end up using it to his benefit. what are your thoughts on that? >> i cannot remember the number of conspiracy theories i've heard derived in my time in that part of the world. it's really sort of -- it's a
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hobby. creating conspiracy theories is a hobby in that part of the world, and i give no credence, at first blush, to when i hear, hey, here's a conspiracy theory that this might have happened. my first thought from my experience over there is not to believe it, because that -- that's part of the -- many of the cultures over there. >> one of the most important aspects of all of this is the air base that the u.s. maintains in that region in surlic, you mentioned it earlier in your remarks, is it an american priority in all of this that that must remain undisturbed in operating? >> i would say yes. i have landed there myself, transiting from afghanistan. it is critical, strategically vital in our interest in that part of the world, and more than ever, in our coalition to fight against isis, it's where the kc
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135s fly out of. it's where the search and rescue sources are to save our guys that might go down in northern iraq or syria, and it's also where the a 10 war hawks are based which do so much damage to isis targets on the ground. so it's completely vital, not just for the fight against isis in syria and northern iraq but like we mentioned for aircraft transiting in and out of afghanistan will land and refuel there. it's really, really important to our efforts. >> apparently, there have been hundreds of these anti-government forces that have allegedly either surrendered or been arrested, taken into custody. is it fair to say their days are numbered? >> oh, yeah. you know how -- we know how justice works in that part of the world, and we've seen the turkish justice meted out to journalists and, wow, going all the way back to that movie from the late '70s, midnight express, anybody remember that movie?
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you don't want to get on the wrong side of the law in turkey. >> one of the most chilling movies i've ever seen. look, having survived this coup, colonel, will president erdogan now not only exact revenge, but he is going to move to tighten control over just about every government organ in turkey? >> i believe yes. you know, when -- when a standing leader or when a upcoming leader survives the coup, that elevates them and their status and posture within their own country and within the world. who stood on the tank in moscow in 1991 to support gorbachev? boris yeltsin, and there you have him. everybody remembers him. so, really, you're a leader in a country, you survive a coup, you're stronger, you're more powerful, you wield domestic and international power. >> and i wonder how dangerous in
10:15 pm
the long-term that could prove to be. previously, erdogan had taken control of the judiciary, taken control, largely, of the media. he had cracked down in vicious ways against dissidents and civil libertarians. can he now turn this democracy into an autocracy or a dictatorship? how dangerous might that be? >> he certainly can. dangerous to those in turkey, you know, our government has, i think, learned some lessons in the last decade and a half of sometimes it's better to leave a strong man in place with which you have treaties and diplomatic relations and bases and benefit from strategically in that part of the world than what the other choices are. so, he may consolidate power, crack down even more, but i do think our government is going to continue to put out the line that he was democratically elected, this is who we support. >> can you talk to us about how
10:16 pm
important the stability of turkey is in this region? >> oh, anybody -- everybody, you know, get a google map, get an image of the countries that turkey borders. it has been strategically vital for the civilized world that existed thousands of years ago and now. it borders the former soviet union. it borders -- well, through georgia. it borders iraq and syria. europe through both areas, greece. it is incredibly, incredibly -- can't be overstated the strategic, vital importance that turkey is for all of the world, and especially for the crises in the middle east that we have going on right now. >> last question, kecolonel, an we'll let you go. the flow of syrian refugees across the turkish border has been a serious problem. the growing threat of terrorism,
10:17 pm
of course, not long ago, the isis attack on the airport there. so, turkey's right in the middle of the war on terrorism, isn't it? >> turkey has the worst of everything related to global instability going on right now. the isis problems, the refugee problems, the terrorist problems, you just mentioned it all. everything that makes the headlines these days that's bad happens in turkey within the last several months. they truly have one of the -- they're probably the most significantly challenged democracies, certainly in nato, that we can think of. >> and have they been a faithful ally in the war against terrorism? >> well, they've -- as we know, they've played both sides of it. it hasn't been a highly publicized, but they've bought oil, you know, from isis and tanker trucks. they've allowed, as we know,
10:18 pm
thousands of jihadis to transit through their country. yeah. but they also let us fly missions and they let us have bases from which we launch attacks against isis, and we also train moderate forces to fight against isis with their support. so, they truly work both sides of the fence and have a deal with the good guys and some tacit deals with the bad guys. >> erdogan is nothing if not shrewd. thank you very much. we appreciate your being with us. >> my pleasure. thanks. >> well, a nation divided after an attempted military coup in turkey. >> our special coverage continues after the break. stay with us.
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our live coverage continues.
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the turkish government appears to have crushed an attempted coup in turkey, principally in the nation's capital of ankara. let's go now to istanbul, the largest city in turkey, and joining us there is grn reporter tom stevenson. he's coming to us live via skype, and tom, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, yes, it does look, at this point, certainly from where i'm sitting now in istanbul where all night we've had jets flying over, we've had soldiers on the street and all the makings of a classic coup and if the government forces have just about regained control of the city and indeed sbally of ankara. it looks like a failed coup attempt. we're receiving word from the interior ministry and the justice ministry here that they have rounded up hundreds of military personnel who have been involved in this coup attempt, including some senior generals. many people, myself included, actually believed this may well have been a sort of junior
10:22 pm
officer's coup. it actually looks as though there's a rear admiral and least three major generals who the authorities believe, at least, that's not been demonstrated yet, have been involved in this coup. so, yes, they appear to be wrapping up, taking back control of the city and they're making many, many arrests, certainly including some senior military personnel. >> any idea of the motive behind the attempted coup? >> well, the news broke, or i first found out when i was outside around 10:30 last night at the time here, that is, when people were running down the street, tables being turned over, everyone running for cover and trying to get inside, but when statement came through the news radio, there was a statement given by the organizers of the coup who said they were going to bring -- restoring democracy and stability and the prestige of the nation. they were a little bit vague about that. whether there was any further
10:23 pm
motive beyond that, of course, there would have been at some time. what it is has not been made clear. turkish president recep tayyip erdogan made it clear he believes this was organized by followers of an exiled turkish cleric. that's going to be a contentious statement. many information will have to keep coming. >> the exiled cleric actually resides in pennsylvania, the subject of several legal actions. one wonders whether this will now be the impetus for his deportation, which turkey has requested repeatedly. the u.s. has so far denied. i'll add that his mosque and his organization deny any connection or responsibility, but that is, to some, at least, suspect. you mentioned a moment ago, sort of the scene of how people there
10:24 pm
in turkey were reacting. give us more details about what unfolded, what you observed, and how people reacted. >> well, i was sitting, perhaps, 200 meters away, but at about 10:30 last night from the main central square or plaza in istanbul, taksim square, and essentially soldiers started firing into the square, i didn't see that immediately but subsequently did, and then it became clear that there was panic and there was a broadcast which came through on the state radio station and from that point, people started locking up shops. there was general panic, i think it's safe to say, and basically running for cover, running to their friends' houses or to their own houses to get inside. the military forces themselves that were responsible for this coup did try to declare a curfew and martial law. subsequently, that was violated. the turkey president and the prime minister made calls for
10:25 pm
people to be on the street, the loyalists, their supporters, and resist the military coup, so people subsequently did go out and civilians, certainly most of them, it must be said, certainly rough looking young men, nonetheless, they played a part in the resistance of this, standing up to the military forces, circling them, in some cases making civilian arrests of the soldiers themselves. >> president erdogan at the time was apparently on vacation. he was certainly out of ankara. he was out of istanbul. since return to istanbul and spoke to supporters and a crowd at the ataturk airport in istanbul. is there some expectation that erdogan will very soon address the nation about this? >> certainly. yes. i mean, as you say he was holidaying in a very beautiful part of turkey on the mediterranean coast and for a while, he could not get back
10:26 pm
into -- he couldn't get back into the capital for a while, couldn't even get back into istanbul, eventually landed and he made a speech where he condemned this. he tried to calm people and he said there are going to be severe reprisals for those responsible. now he's calling for there to be an extraordinary session of parliament here, meeting of congress, and he will be addressing the country and i think certainly he gained today. we can expect more in the way of resignations and arrests of military personnel and the suspicion here among many in the opposition is that we can expect a push from here, perhaps not today but in the near future, towards erdogan seeking new executive and presidential powers for himself, and that's what the opposition suspects anyway. that's been a long-term goal of his, and he may well use this time of chaos when people are looking to him, in any case, to try to push that through. >> talk to us about how the general population of turkey feels about president erdogan.
10:27 pm
how popular is he among the people there? >> well, i think like in any society, there is division, but here, there is a particular polarization about erdogan and the ruling justice and development party. there are supporters who support them very avidly, fervently, and as they were chanting when he came back to the airport, when he was able to land in istanbul, we will die if you say we should die for you. there are hard core supporters of his. on the other hand, there is also an opposition which is very fervently against mr. erdogan, who see him as an autocrat. he's certainly no civil libertarian. there's no debating that matter. so, there's a great polarization. i should say the government retains very substantial support in the country. i think a majority of support, certainly enough to stay in power. the other point is that the oppositional members, they have no time whatsoever, mr. erdogan
10:28 pm
did not support this coup. they all said, this is unacceptable. we don't support the government, but we can't have a military coup. >> tom stevenson, grn reporter in istanbul, many thanks for sharing your thoughts and observations. we appreciate it. coming up, we will continue our coverage of the attempted military coup in turkey. >> the country's president doing what he can to let his nation know that he is still in charge. stay with us as we bring you the latest headlines throughout the night.
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10:31 pm
attempt have been arrested, and his government remains in charge. he's urging his supporters to remain on the streets to show their loyalty to him and to confront the troops looking to overthrow him. >> that coup attempt has left at least 60 dead. that number is likely to change. at least a thousand others have been wounded. there were reports of gunfire in istanbul as well as the capital city of ankara where most of the coup took place. explosions were heard outside the parliament building in ankara where the turkey president blaming the attack on supporters of a cleric who know lives in exile in the united states in pennsylvania in the poconos. he and his organization have denied any connection. >> so far, we know dozens of people have been killed during the attempted coup in turkey and hundreds of military members have reportedly been detained. the president of turkey claims that he's in charge and that the coup will not succeed.
10:32 pm
joining us now is captain chuck nash, retired member of the u.s. navy and also a fox news contributor. captain nash, your reaction to this? >> well, when i first heard this, i was on the air, actually, on our sister network, fox sister network, when it came across, and i was surprised but at the same time, i actually had the thought running through my mind that president erdogan had brought this upon himself. he has been pushing for a very long time to move the country from what everybody's talking about, democracy and freedom, and he's been moving the country more towards the islamist side of the equation, and the turkish military from the founding of the democratic state has been in charge of maintaining the secular attribute of a modern turkish state. so, when erdogan first came to power as prime minister and then
10:33 pm
later when he was elected to the city office of president, he brought a bunch of extra powers to the presidency which had never been in the turkish constitution, so one of his first steps was to go back and take a lot of the retired military people who were part of previous coups in turkey, and turkey is no stranger to military coups. but he went back and really pulled 84-year-old retired generals and charged them and then started rounding up journalists and closing down freedoms and doing a bunch of things to really seize control and then cement that control. so, there -- inside the turkish military, there is that dna of preserving the modern turkish state, and i think he pushed them too far. he didn't have enough of them
10:34 pm
cleaned up, cleaned out, and there were some, i'm going to call them, turkish patriots who said, no, enough is enough, and we're going to step in here. and i think that's what we're seeing. we are seeing the results of overreach by erdogan, forcing this situation, and it appears, maybe, that those who stepped forward in trying to rectify this did so without the full preparation and without the depth that they needed to really do what they need. >> we were seeing some video of what appeared to be some military being arrested or taken in there. several years ago, i had worked for a turkish station, and many of the people that i worked with really prided themselves on the secular ideals that they had within their country, and i'm just wondering, what are the people there -- what are they feeling like? are they maybe afraid to support and go along with the military
10:35 pm
who are trying to maintain that out of fear? >> patricia, i think there's a lot to that. because look at what happened to -- i'm just going to talk about journalists for a second. if you were on a newspaper that came out and said anything against the government, you were immediately accused of slandering the government. they would come in and close down your newspaper and arrest and jail the people who worked at the newspaper or the television station. so, the fear that a dictator -- and that's what erdogan has become -- that a dictator can generate within the population, people are not going to step forward. that's why it took a tremendous amount of courage for those who did get involved in this thing to even think about it, because inside these organizations now, you have people who are willing to, you know, undercut you and so as not to be involved, they're going to leak
10:36 pm
information. so that this happened and burst out on the scene like this is really remarkable. >> what do you think erdogan is going to do next now that this has happened and he's trying to regain control? >> he's got two ways to play this. one is he could realize that he darn near brought himself down and brought the state of turkey to chaos and look for a way to moderate what he's been doing. or he could break heads, crack down, give himself additional powers and use, as an excuse, this threat to the state by, quote, undemocratic persons, end quote, and really try to draw -- capitalize on this. as some in this country have said, never let a crisis go to waste. i think he will do the latter. i'm afraid he will do the latter, and he will really
10:37 pm
strengthen his power and use this crisis to seize opportunity. >> and if they get away from this secular model and he does become this dictator that it sounds like he would like to become, what does that mean for the united states? >> we will have probably lost what has been a tremendous ally in an absolutely strategic location and a key spot in the world. i've been to turkey many times. i lived there for about three and a half months, in an operation right after the first gulf war. i have some turkish friends. i have always admired the turks as the military people, as war fighters, as their reputation goes back to the korean war in a u.s. allied operation where they were fierce fighters in korea, always way up to the modern times. they have one of the largest standing armies in nato. they bridged -- literally bridge
10:38 pm
europe and asia, so it would be very difficult if a nato ally were to turn into a dictatorship. that would be very difficult to reconcile, but it's something that would have to be dealt with because of the strategic implications of all this. >> captain nash, although erdogan was democratically elected and is behaving increasingly like a dictator, i'm reminded of what richard nixon said of the shah of iran, we must support him as bad as he is, because the alternative could be much worse. and of course that proved prophetic, didn't it? >> yes, it did. and we did support the shah right up until we didn't, and when we didn't, the wheels came off of that, and we can see what happened over time. it's the same thing as what happened in egypt with mubarak.
10:39 pm
there are these times where we support countries and organizations because we've got a relationship with them. it may not be perfect, nothing's ever perfect, but we deal with it, and we try to make it work because of the long-term interests of the united states, not necessarily the interests of our partner. and with this, it looks as if there was a break that could have maybe turned turkey away from this, what i'm going to call a cascading, almost, towards the east and towards more of this -- of an islamist approach to governing, and now, i'm afraid that this is going to be seized upon by erdogan to use this as justification for why he needs to increase that cascade effect. >> all right. captain chuck nash, many thanks,
10:40 pm
sir. good to see you. >> my pleasure, greg. >> turkey's president telling his nation the government is still in charge after this attempted coup. >> turkish citizens answered a call from their president to confront troops trying to take over the country. we'll have more on this breaking story after this. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. you're watching continuing coverage of the coup attempt in turkey. the turkish president claims he is in charge and that the coup will not succeed. so far, the reaction from washington has been swift. kelly wright has the story from our washington, d.c., news room. kelly, lots going on tonight. we still may not know how all this is going to shake out. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that president obama is concerned about the attempted military coup that has been taking place in turkey, which is a nato ally. he is urging all parties in turkey to support the democratically elected government of president erdogan. demonstrators gathered in front
10:46 pm
of the white house tonight, among them were supporters of turkey's president and those who were against him. president obama is urging everyone in turkey to show restraint and seek peaceful solutions instead of resorting to violence or bloodshed. the white house says president obama spoke with secretary of state john kerry about the situation in turkey as they monitored the developments there. secretary kerry issuing a statement about this, stating, the united states views with gravest concern events unfolding in turkey. we urge all parties to ensure the safety and well being of diplomatic missions and personnel and civilians throughout turkey. kerry adds, u.s. citizens should shelter in place and stay indoors and update family and friends of status when possible. turkey, a nato member, is a key ally to the u.s., as i stated before, especially in our u.s.-led efforts to defeat isis and has allowed american jets to use air bases to fly missions
10:47 pm
against the extremists in nearby syria and iraq and at the present time, the base remains operational for u.s. forces. but a successful coup against the democratic elected turkish government could make it difficult for the u.s. to continue to cooperate with turkey. again, president obama is urging all sides in turkey to support the current turkish democratic governor. >> thanks so much, we'll check back in with you later on. >> let's dip in now to our sister station, sky news. they have been covering this coup attempt out of europe all night long. let's listen in. >> sometimes networks just go down, you know, internet stops working, so it's always -- is it a concern to the government or some force trying to take it out, you can never be sure but the suggestion that things were slowed down deliberately is not completely turned off. >> did they give an indication if that was the coup plotters or the government, who would
10:48 pm
benefit most, i suppose it benefits everyone if no one is talking. already massive unrest in turkey, whether there is a popular backing for this military coup remains to be seen. but there's definitely a lot of unhappiness, and we're seeing already that some people were celebrating the coup, while others in ankara and istanbul certainly not. >> these are pictures that we're showing now of the turkish parliament leaving ankara. this is the aftermath, completely trashed as we can see. looks like a derelict building already and this is just from one night's activity. president erdogan saying that, you know, he is in control now, firmly back in control. i guess we have to believe that, the shots that we've seen of people out on the streets this morning, but there is still a pocket of resistance, at least, some of the resistance forces are in control of helicopters still. >> and you don't know how this is going to develop through the
10:49 pm
day, how this will -- whether this will trigger a -- that popular movement behind the government or whether people will see this as the starting gun to get out and protest. we don't know. we still don't really know what the real drive or the motivation of the military is, because obviously, the big criticism of erdogan is he's a hard line islamist. >> who does in fact turn off facebook. >> exactly. not just the social media, but the classic media, the newspapers, the tv stations, he's suppressed control of that. people don't like that in turkey. they have a democracy they enjoy. he's trying to draw more powers to this presidential role, so you don't know how this will play out in the next few hours. incredibly dramatic to watch it unfold. >> what is very fascinating about this is, this is very much a 21th century coup attack.
10:50 pm
i don't think i've ever seen a head of state address thefaceti. that's incredible. it's humiliating. i think it's bizarre. i think any serious military coup effectively ended when he got back into the country because you can't control your country via a smart phone. it's just not going to happen. however, his reputation as the strong man in turkey is taking a significant beating by that image that some of the papers carried of him, you know, on a mobile phone, you know, being held by news -- imagine if theresa may -- >> it was definitely a tone when you saw a normal situation and you felt some balance had been restored but you had a look at the mirror and they're talking about civil war. that really is the question, how many people are for president erdogan and how many against. you can't really get a definite
10:51 pm
sense of that at the moment. >> no, you can't, because he has these hard line fans, these backers. he's -- he does have the support of the right wing and the religious right, but turkey has enjoyed this fledgling democracy since the '80s, you know, forged by the founding father ataturk and it's all the way back to galipoli and they enjoy those benefits of democracy and they're seeing those things eroded, and his decisions, his foreign policy, particularly with syria, has been an absolute catastrophe for turkey, because he's sort of aligned himself against assad and put himself in the camp of these terrorists and now he's bringing terrorism to his own borders. horrendous management of the
10:52 pm
kurdish situation is completely at odds with the rest of the world but he's -- these southern areas are in all sorts of mess. >> not to mention syria, well, they've probably been rubbing their hands with glee at this coup attempt because they definitely aren't friends. caroline, david, stay with us, we're going to take a break. much more coming up shortly. we've been watching our sister network, sky news, and their coverage of this coup attempt in turkey, which appears to have been put down by the administration and the military controlled by president recep erdogan. there are a great many people who have been arrested so far, many of them are military officers who were instrumental in staging this unsuccessful coup. the president who was out of ankara, the capital, as well as istanbul arrived afterwards in istanbul and spoke to supporters
10:53 pm
at the airport, ataturk, there, and said that he would exact revenge on those behind the coup. >> now, the military here has always seen it as their duty to protect the secular nature of turkey, and over the last year or more, erdogan has been moving away from that and there's been a lot of unrest, a lot of changes, and this could be part of what spurred this. you know, we don't know their intention at this time. these are assumptions, but a lot of changes and unrest that have been taking place over the last year in turkey. >> there are reports that at least 60 people have been killed, 754 troops detained. we saw video tape earlier of some military officers literally being taken into custody and escorted away. and erdogan reminded his supporters that the airport that 52% of the people elected h
10:54 pm
president. he intended to carry out his duties, notwithstanding today's events. >> yeah, and a lot of unrest beginning early in june when 11 people died, many badly injured when a car bomb hit central istanbul and then two weeks later, that suicide bombing at istanbul international airport, which killed 42 people and more than 200 were wounded. so, a lot of turmoil leading up to these recent events. >> the turkish president is ensuring the country that his government will continue to operate after this coup attempt and night of explosions. we'vevideotape, gunfire, arrests across the capital, dozens are dead, many are wounded, and an official in the president's office confirming that 60 people, including 17 police officers, were killed in this coup
10:55 pm
attempt. government officials insisting it failed as turks took to the streets overnight to confront troops there who were attempting to take control of the country. >> more on our special coverage of the attempted coup in turkey continues. >> we'll be right back. suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. a nation turned up side down as turkey's military is attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government. hello, i'm patricia stark. >> and i'm gregg jarrett. thanks for being with us. it's unclear just where turkey stands at the moment. government officials are claiming that they've quelled the coup after explosions and gunfire left dozens of people dead. >> but according to the military, it's taken full control of the country. violence is still ongoing this morning. blasts rocking the nation's capital and its most populated city, istanbul. >> reports from state-run media would suggest that the government has indeed