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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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ou have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. a nation turned up side down as turkey's military is attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government. hello, i'm patricia stark. >> and i'm gregg jarrett. thanks for being with us. it's unclear just where turkey stands at the moment. government officials are claiming that they've quelled the coup after explosions and gunfire left dozens of people dead. >> but according to the military, it's taken full control of the country. violence is still ongoing this morning. blasts rocking the nation's capital and its most populated city, istanbul. >> reports from state-run media would suggest that the government has indeed thwarted
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this coup. >> now, for the latest details out of turkey, let's bring in kitty logan, who's reporting for us from our london bureau. kitty? >> yes, good morning. well, the turkey government says it has brought its military headquarters back under its own control but not all of those rebel soldiers yet. but it does warn that anyone who plotted against it will be brought to justice. it says for this act of treason as it's described. now, at first light, we saw the military, which has been -- it had taken to the streets in istanbul overnight surrendering to police, they were taken away and arrested and as you say, there have been over 750 arrests so far in this government crack down following this attempted coup. amongst them, 29 colonels and
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five generals. and now soldiers loyal to the government are now in charge of the airport and those tv stations which you remember were taken off. they're back on and a new acting head of military has been appointed, but meanwhile, the chief of staff, who had been held hostage and has disappeared, has now been rescued. >> all of this came about, this turn around, because crowds appeared to answer a call from the turkish president which me hefacetime. he asked people, he asked his supporters to take to the streets in a show of strength to oppose this attempted coup, and that's exactly what they did. these supporters to the president were seen to be climbing on tanks, blocking the way of those armored vehicles and defying the military coup. it was a night of chaos with reports coming in throughout the night of explosions, fighter jets in the air, gunfire in the streets, but it's not quite over yet. fighting is continuing in
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places, and the rebel units would be faction which started this coup is urging people to stay off the streets. >> incredibly interesting that if indeed erdogan succeeded in contacting his supporters through face titime, really doe underscore the value of the internet and technology and social media as instrumental in halting a coup to overthrow the government of turkey. >> reporter: it's quite extraordinary. it was an almost bizarre moment. this is a man who doesn't like social media. he doesn't really like the press. he doesn't like modern communications. but yet he appeared on this private broadcast of cnn turkfak like a man in control at that point in time, but what's quite surprising and quite extraordinary is that his supporters did appear to listen to that message, because shortly afterwards, you saw them come out on the streets.
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some of them were literally laying down on the street in front of the tanks, quite determined to stop this coup. >> and the response by the military to that, when they saw their own citizens confronting and trying to stop them laying their lives down in front of those tanks, you know, i mean, that's a pretty powerful scene and a powerful message as well. >> reporter: yes, it was quite extraordinary how quickly this turned around. it has played through the night in turkey, but really it has played out in a matter of hours, and there has been a degree of violence which we understand is ongoing, about 60 lives lost, so it certainly hasn't been without blood shet. but it hasn't been prolonged or drawn out and the military seemed to back down fairly quickly once they were confronted and the turkish president made it very clear, he came back to istanbul, appeared on television and said, i'm taking back control and that's exactly what he did. and i think what people are
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fearing now, particularly those people who took part in this attempted coup, is what is going to happen during this government crack down, because this is a president who won't tolerate this kind of action lightly. >> we have heard, of course, from president obama who was in close contact with secretary of state john kerry, they continue to support the democratically elected president erdogan and his government. you're in lobden. what's the sentiment there? what's the new government there saying? >> reporter: yeah, well, this has played out overnight, but generally speaking, most governments around the world have been in support of the current turkish government because it is a democratically elected leadership, and even the turkish opposition, strangely enough, came out in support, because i don't think anybody here even in the uk or europe or elsewhere in the world wants to see an unstable turkey. turkey is an important partner for europe. turkey's also a part of nato, and critically, its neighboring syria, and i don't think anybody wants to see that region
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destabilizing further, so the unanimous viewpoint has been, throughout the night, from the uk and elsewhere, is that this coup was not a good thing and i think there's a sense of relief that it does appear to have failed. but of course there are questions now about what happens next. >> sort of the sentiment of erdogan may not be good but he's the best we've got and considering the alternative, you never know what may happen. kitty logan live in london with the latest. kitty, thank you so much. >> well, turkey is an ally of the united states, especially in the fight against isis. joining us now on the phone is lieutenant colonel who is retired from the u.s. army special forces. colonel is no stranger to the middle east. now, colonel assuming that this coup has in fact failed as reported will we see any changes in turkey's relationship with the u.s.? >> i don't anticipate, patricia, changes with the united states. certainly changes within his own
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country as he consolidates power, purges parts of his military, and cracks down. but i don't believe we'll see significant changes with the military relationship with the u.s. or his provision of facing tubts for the coalition and the fight against isis. >> and if this is something that has been brewing, it seems to me that this could just be the start of things that turkey and erdogan have to deal with. >> certainly. and as we've said before, we can probably anticipate things are going to get real rough for certain groups inside of turkey. this may be a time for him to crack down harder on the pkk as he goes after all threats to the nation, not just the coup plotters within his own military, but kurdish rebels, the pkk, isis. conversely, i'm also concerned that isis and the pkk will
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strike now during this period of government instability when they're focused on the coup itself. this would be a time for asymmetric attacks against the government, and i wouldn't be surprised if in the days or even hours ahead, we see terrorist attacks from within organizations inside turkey, pkk and isis, specifically. >> you know, and over the last four years, they have really been trying to absorb over two million refugees that have flooded their country from syria. what kind of impact must that be having? >> well, there's a triage going to be taking place within the country. having a country is probably the first priority. the refugees will suffer because resources will be dedicated towards rebuilding the government, confirming and consolidating power. i do anticipate refugee support within the country will suffer just for the mere fact that resources will need to be directed at rehabilitating and
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restoring government itself within turkey. >> now, we're not really a hundred percent sure yet exactly how this is all unfolding. i mean, president erdogan could be saying that the coup has been unsuccessful and that he's in charge, but yet other reports are saying that the military is saying that they are in charge. . >> we can't anticipate koo plotters and members of the coup will engage and fight and it will take a while for them to finally route out. >> and at all of that is
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unfolding in turkey, what does that do to turkey's contribution in the war against terror? >> well, i anticipate tonight, we're burning up the military lines in turkey confirming that there's going to be no change in the status of our forces. there's no change to the basing rights, there's no change to flights even. we're going to get everything continue as it is because everything that we have there is southern focused, focused on syria, focused on iraq. but i do believe our government at all levels are coordinating with their counterparts in turkey to assure and ensure that our fight against isis will be undeterred because of the coup. >> will turkey's contribution to the war against terror retract because of this, or could it conceivably expand? >> it could conceivably expand.
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they have a huge military and as i said a few minutes ago, if they're struck from within again during this period of instability, we could see the president really taking the gloves off like he's never done before, both to cleanse his own government and to go after the separatist groups and the terrorists within his own country. i've actually reached out to authorities in afghanistan also to see if there's any change to the status of the turkey mission in afghanistan right now, over 500 troops in kabul. they're responsible for the security at the international airports and that would really be impactful on the mission in afghanistan right now if the turks just stay in their barracks because we don't know what our orders are. our best case is the turks in kabul continue to report to duty and continue to do their mission according to the mission we have going on. >> has turkey been a committed
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member of nato fulfilling its obligation? . >> they are one of the to be five contributors now. they've been doing their part and as previous guests have said, all the way back to the korean war, they've been doing their part, so they are a good ally when it comes to fighting against forces outside their own country, shoulder to shoulder with nato. >> now, colonel, people have said that, though, turkey has been playing both sides of the fence for both the good guys and the bad guys, if you will. i know that that's a fine balance that we as the united states have to deal with to be able to have their help. but how long can a country and a
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president like erdogan claim both sides of the fence like that? >> i think, for a long time. we here in the united states, u.s., we really can't conceive, as americans, the complexities of that part of the world and what leaders in those countries have to do every day and the decisions that they have to make every day. a meeting one hour with the good guys and then in the waiting room are the bad guys waiting to have a meeting right after that. that's how they keep their countries together. that's how they stay in power. they're incredibly adept politicians and leaders in that part of the world, and as we've seen, they sometimes exceed our capabilities in terms of diplomacy and politics in those parts of the world. >> now you had mentioned earlier that you wouldn't be surprised if some terror attacks took place at this very delicate time. i'm sure that turkey's president
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is thinking the same thing. what do you think is going to be their next move to possibly try to counteract that? >> well, now that they've recovered the chief of staff and military leaders, i believe the president is going to really be seriously talking to his military leaders who he is sure weren't part of the coup and preparing them to protect against, deter, and actually fight against internal attacks. as was said before, the special forces command in turkey did not support the coup, so right there, the president has the special operations forces, probably best suited to fight an asymmetric enemy within turkey to be prepared to go after pkk or isis terrorists starting to emerge as they show themselves during this time of instability in the country. >> and colonel, erdogan has to worry, does he not, about his own safety, and he has to ensure that he is surrounded by
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absolute loyalists who can protect him, personally, from any attempt on his life because typically, you know, following coups, that sort of thing happens. >> boy, gregg, you said it. especially in that part of the world, from my experience in afghanistan and iraq, i've come to learn that assassination is a form of politics in that part of the world, as brutal as it sounds. there are people that will seek to continue to take him out, and as we've seen throughout history, strong men, when threatened, really have to watch out after either a coup attempt or an assassination attempt and it doesn't go well for enemies within that country. i'm also concerned about him over purging his military. he is really going to have to find out who he can trust, but history has shown that when a leader decides to purge his military because he can't trust most of them, he really weakens
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his military, and many people attribute the overrun of the iraqi military by isis a few years ago to the prime minister's purge of some of his best officers within his army because he thought that they were too close to the u.s. or wouldn't follow his key and specific guidance. >> now, he has done this already in the past, has he not, purged his military already at other times? >> yes, many of the guests have talked about that already, and i think we're going to see it in other ways coming. i'm sure we're concerned with nato as well for him, as i said, not over purging his military. leave a capable leadership in place so that you can continue to do your missions on behalf of nato and within your own country. it's a delicate balance that none of us on the outside can really do other than those people inside turkey and him specifically. >> colonel, it's interesting that president erdogan did not
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return to the nation's capital of ankara but instead he went to istanbul. what do you make of that? >> well, he knows his country best, and i know with communications technology, he probably was quite certain that that airfield was secure, secured by his own people and his own loyalists. and he put down to -- it was a wise move to put down in his own country. as we heard, earlier reports of seeking asylum in germany, that doesn't go well for a leader that leaves the country and tries to come back when the dust is clear. i think it was a wise move on his part and i'm sure he was in touch with forces on the ground, perhaps his special forces, that were securing the airfield for him. >> i also want to get your reaction. it's also his decision to do
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something he doesn't normally like to do and that is to employ social media. he went on face time in a private broadcast out to his supporters and as our kitty logan was reporting from london, those supporters began to mass against the military coup leaders, literally putting themselves in front of tanks and in some instances, helped stop the coup. what's your reaction to that? >> brilliant is the word that comes to mind, and i don't know if that's the right one now, but here's a guy, and as he said, doesn't like social media, but when it came down to survival and requirement, he used a tool that he has tried to suppress before, and it's interesting, like i said, here's a guy that plays both sides of the fence, and he used something that he's tried to suppress in the past. what an irony that the turkish
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president used social media to get the word out. but it was quite effective, and perhaps that's why he is -- he used it, because he knows he's suppressed it in the past for its effectiveness. now he's turned it around and used the other edge of that sword and wielded it to his benefit. >> and simultaneously, it's interesting that social media sites, major ones, facebook as well as twitter, were suddenly shut down for periods of time. it's a little bit unclear if they still are shut down or up and running. but this is -- this is a man who shrewdly employed social media, something that he is anathema to his conduct in the past. colonel, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> really appreciate you having me. thanks again. >> thank you. turkey's president insisting that he is still at the helm following what seems to have been a failed military coup. >> we'll bring you ongoing coverage throughout the night.
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for the region as a whole. dan gillerman joining us right now. thank you. what's your reaction to these fast moving events? >> we're certainly experiencing a very, very democratic event ranging from the horrific terror attack in nice and now to this coup attack in turkey and all of these things have a very direct impact on our region and israel. we were watching the events unfold in turkey, it is indeed a
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country where the army has a very special role to democracy and has been a feeling -- it has taken away from democracy towards -- and which the army and the secular part of turkey has really resented. i think that this coup damaged him who was perceived as a strong leader. i think also a very big question is what happens to the army? because the army truly is the strongest faction in tour kurke you don't want to see the army disintegrating. this coup was illegitimate the head of the army was taken to
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the hospital, looses a lot of -- but we'll have to wait and see what happens to our leadership whether it is still uncontested. we've seen over the years a situation where there's a real fight for supremacy and leadership over the arab world, over the muslim world has been between two countries or not even arab and that's turkey and iran, and i think we and all peace loving people in the region would like to see turkey prevail over iran and we'll have to wait and see whether this coup attempt has actually damaged that leeadership. for israel who has signed a pack and agreement with turkey over several years of tension this is a very significant movement because we are in the process of
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renewing our relationship. it could play a constructive role in egypt in maybe bringing the -- in muslim states into a more conciliatory and pragmatic relationship with israel so this has consequences far beyond turkey, it is part of nato, part of europe, part of the european country, so we have to watch this very carefully an hope that turkey steady lizlizes because unrest in turkey especially with the syrian crisis and refugee flow could be very harmful to europe and the rest of the world. we need a strong and stable turkey and not one suffering between coup attempts and regime changes. >> this is patricia shatark, wh
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go through with it at this time? >> there has been a lot of dissatisfaction among the democratic parties and among the armies with taking turkey to the extreme, making turkey which traditionally has always been muslim very democratic society to become a more radical islamic society. and there's been a lot of resentment about that. there's still a lot of respect for the founder of the new turkish republic, who vow was to keep it democratic and have the army in charge of guarding democracy and the president has been very pragmatic leader, he
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has put many journalists in jail, he has practically disbanned the free press and has limited the power of the army. and i think there's been a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction among most turks who want to see turkey as a secular country watching it becoming more and more extreme. and i think that this coup is a manifestation of this dissatisfaction. in way it is very similar to what we saw in egypt when the muslim brotherhood when -- took over and the egyptian people and army have viewed it with great disdain and very quickly had the army take over and disbanned the extremists. we are witnessing in our region
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as a whole fight between muslims and extremists and i think the army has viewed elduran back to politics but i hope they'll learn a lesson towards a more democratic society rather than take it to the verge of extreme islamic rule. >> ambassador you have listed a lot of the complaints that many western nations have expressed about el-duran, toward a dictator ship, suspending -- and
11:31 pm
controlling the media, this may give it more of an impetus to do the same, do other nations stop supporting him or fear the alternative? >> well in our region sometimes the devil is better than the alternative and we don't know what the alternative would be. in fact were the alternative were the army, it may have stabilized turkey and we have seen this very clearly in egypt, egypt was held hostage by extremist, by the muslim brotherhood and the army stepped in and although it may seem un-democratic it indeed stabilized egypt and made it again democratic. i think that el-duran would have
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to be very careful even though this coup has failed apparently has very strong leadership -- >> ambassador i'm afraid we're up against a hard break and we'll have to leave it there but our sincere thanks in the early morning. we appreciate it. coming up we continue our coverage of the attempted coup in turkey. >> stay with us as we bring you the latest headlines throughout tonight.
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this morning turkish president is saying he is still in control of his country and a military coup attempt has failed. >> thanks for staying with us for our special live coverage this morning. right now thompson roeuters say at least 1,500 troops have been arrested. he suggests they stay on the troops. a military chief who has been held hostage has been rescued. >> this has left at least 60 people dead and reports of gunfire in istanbul. the turkish parliament planning to meet today in an emergency
11:36 pm
session. turkey of course an important ally to the united states in tonight against isis and also a nato ally. the turkish government appears to have crushed an attempted coup, but let's go live now to istanb istanbul, joining us is grn reporter tom. tom, what's the latest information you have? is this still on going or over? >> i think it is more or less a done deal. there may well will some scattered units who have not yet given up arms, but it is at this point we can reflect and say that this was a very serious attempt coup. it failed but it was one that was not that far off if you understand what i'm saying, it was highly organized.
11:37 pm
coordinated strike teams, the problem is they couldn't take enough of them. they succeeded with the army hq or take the interior ministry or arrest the president or any other senior politicians, that said the main places they did take the army hq and q forces for lack of a better term have now surrendered so with that taking place in the last couple of hours to say that yes, the game is up. and thes a matt >> to what extent if at all has this destabilized the ability of the president to govern or just
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the opposite? has it likely strengthened his hand? >> well, although it was a very serious attempt, there's no question, and it could well have gone another way, perhaps on another day. this was no joke. i think it's at least reasonable to suppose that the president having succeeded now will see this as strengthening for him, that will shore up his base and may quiet some of the oppositionists for quite some time. it looks like he called for the people to rise against him, he called from the mosques, party supporters and a great many responded and they helped nonetheless certainly in resisting this attempted coup. and that's a fact. and one that none of the opposition parties are disput g
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disputing. and once he can use this to use we need to have a more tight security regime you need to put more trust in me with that power of greater freedom, so it's certainly possible he could come out of this strengthened. >> do you have a spenense of a percentage of turkish people would have liked to have maintaining that secular model rather than going in the direction that the president wants to take? >> i think it's fair to say that there's a very slight majority of people who would count themselves as broadly opposed to the government and that would be a very broad coalition.
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but of that said there is really very little evidence i could even say no evidence that there was substantial support for this coup. i saw absolutely no evidence of anybody speak to go it. anything published. all of the political parties came out strongly against the coup from those far leftist to kurdish, nationalists to the central traditional parties, the far right party. all of them were against it. in contrast to what the ambassador was saying the previous guest and also with the quite laughable comparison to egypt, it is a murderous -- there may be of course some people who did but they haven't raised their voices. >> but, is that because they on principal don't support over
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throwi overthrowing a democracy or because they fear the wrath of an increasingly powerful and ruthless president? >> i think that there's some of both of that in there definitely. i think it's fair to say there was a principal stand taken by a lot of the opposition. they say look, we don't like this president at all and despise his way of governing but we don't want to have a military regime either. and that's what many of them have come out and said. on top of that as well a lot of them are prague mattists and supporting the coup may not work and as you say bring reprizeles.
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there have been me elected democratic merits who have been im prisoned by this government before and lots of good reasons for civil liberties to criticize it. but a military coup is not something looked at outside of the coup party themselves. >> you have joined us over the last couple of hours and we sincerely appreciate it very much. >> the turkey's president is telling the nation his government is still in charge after this attempted military coup. >> citizens answered a call to take to the streets and confront troops trying to take over the country. we'll have more on this breaking story right after this.
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test. test. ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. you're watching continuing coverage of the coup attempt in
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turkey, the turkish president claims that he is in charge and that the coup will not succeed. so far the reaction from washington has been swift. kelly wright has the latest from our newsroom. >> the president was brooefiefe the national security team. he is urging all parties to support president erdogan. early in tonight people gathered. among them were for him and against them. he is urging people to seek restraint instead of turning to violence or bloodshed. they monitored the developments there. secreta secretary kerry says he spoke
11:48 pm
with the prime minister and kerry issuing the following statement the united states views with gravest concern events unfolding in turkey. we urge all parties to ensure the safety and diplomatic -- u.s. citizens should shelter in place and stay indoors and update friends and family of their status as soon as possible. >> they play missions in near syria and iraq. at the president time the air base operational but a successful coup against the government could make it difficult to cooperate with turkey. again it is important to remember it is the seconds biggest alliance and one of the most important u.s. allies in the fight against the islamic state and president obama is
11:49 pm
urging all sides to support the current turkish democratic government. >> thank you. we'll check back in with you throughout the morning. our special coverage of the attempted military coup in tour key continues. >> we invite you to stay with us as we bring you the latest headlines as president erdogan assures his people of turkey that the attempt has indeed failed, but it is unclear whether that is absolutely true. we'll have the latest for you when we come back. (vo) one dark stormy night
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download the blood donor app, visit, or call 1-800-red cross today. you can make a difference. a major power struggle playing out in turkey. this as an attempted military coup is underway in our nato ally. thank you for being with us. >> it is unclear who is calling the shots in turkey right now. but the country's president is insisting that it's still him. a night of explosions and gunfire has reportedly left at least 90 people dead and more than 1100 others wounded. among them, 17 police officers killed during a helicopter attack. it does appear the coup attempt has failed but that cannot be confirmed


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