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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  July 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away ♪ breaking tonight, we're live in cleveland as the grand old party gets ready for a big old party to nominate donald trump as its choice for president. hello. welcome to the second hour of this special edition of "justice" live from cleveland. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. as donald trump prepares to accept the republican nomination for president here, the issue of foreign policy and protecting america's borders is front and center. another attack in france only has america more on edge as we prepare the person who will try to keep us safe. joining me now, counterterrorism expert dr. sebastian gorka. good evening. >> good evening, judge.
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>> all right. doctor, in light of what happened in nice this week and i will get to turkey in a moment, how does this play out in terms of the election and in terms of what it looks like going forward? >> well, i think it simply reinforced what we have seen the last 18 months. if you looked at the election say two years ago, people would have said yes, it's going to be about taxes, economics, pocketbooks, obamacare. that's all gone. that's ancient history. november, i think, is going to be unequivocally about national security. the average american sees what's happened, it's even difficult to remember the list. we have had two paris attacks, brussels, san bernardino, ankara, nice, orlando, multiple attacks in israel. this has become the national
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security election and i think that's why trump is where he is, why he's been so successful. >> let me ask you this. do you think, as you ticked off those names, do you think that americans are going to start to become desensitized, like another attack, i don't know, it happens somewhere and do they on the one hand, you have that and on the other hand, you have people saying this is coming to my country and probably my town. >> look, i think that you can be inured over time to these issues but the people i talk to really aren't and for me as a relatively freshly minted american, americans are defined by common sense. when you look at the fact that we have now arrested or killed 107 people linked to isis on u.s. territory, i think people are starting to realize this isn't something you just get used to. this is a war that has arrived on america's shores.
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it's not just about september 11th 15 years ago or it's not about something happening in baghdad and fallujah. it's happening right here in nightclubs in orlando, christmas parties in san bernardino. my impression is no, people are worried and they have every right to be. >> what about what hillary clinton said? i thought it was fascinating. she said in response to nice we need more intelligence. >> yeah. who's going to give her intelligence? can you imagine if she's the commander in chief? >> i never thought of it that way. >> nobody is going to share anything with her, not even confidential stuff, after the home server. it's a joke. it's a bad joke. >> i didn't think of it in those terms but you know, she's running and i have a panel coming back who says she has foreign policy experience. what's your response to that? >> oh, my gosh. what is her foreign policy experience?
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pick one significant issue in the last seven years when she was inside the cabinet, when she was responsible for foreign policy, whether it's the russia reset, whether it's the iran deal, whether it's pulling troops out of iraq that helps create isis. she was a disaster. i don't get it how democrats think because you hold office that means you're qualified. you could be a disastrous cabinet member. just because you were nominated and approved as a cabinet member doesn't mean you know anything. history is littered with people who don't know anything about what they are doing but they simply were politically appointed. everything she touched burst into flames, judge. >> let's just final point, let's just talk about turkey for a moment. most americans if they even noticed what was going on are going to say there was an attempted coup, the president was out of the country, erdogan, he came back, everything was cool. what is the significance of turkey? >> oh, very big.
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to be honest, on the euasian air mass, there are very few countries that are really important. we love the brits, we love to go on holiday but when it comes to geostrategically important countries, there's germany, russia and turkey. turkey is a pivotal nation. look at its role in the cold war as a stalwart ally of the united states, the bases we have there, the southern flank against the soviet union. turkey is incredibly important by itself and the real significance is the good guys lost. military coups can be good or bad and under ataturk's model it was the military that guaranteed the secularity of the modern turkish state. they have had enough of this muslim brotherhood wanna-be erdogan and they stepped in to get rid of him. >> i'm coming up against a break. very quickly, this happened in egypt, the same thing, the
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military rose up and said we want to be secular. we are 80%, 90% muslim but we want to be secular, get rid of the muslim brotherhood. why didn't it work in turkey? >> because erdogan gutted the military. he arrested and put in prison the chief of staff in turkey. he basically gutted the best of the best. as a result, they are lacking the adequate leadership to be successful in taking down the islamists and erdogan himself. >> all right. doctor, always good to get your take on things. thanks so much. >> thanks, judge. with the national security of our country at stake, and the world of volatile hotbed of terror, choosing the right future leader of america is vital. how can donald trump win the key states he needs to take the white house? with me now, chairman of the new york state trump campaign, carl paladino.
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how are you? >> very good, judge. >> donald trump has said he can take new york. a republican has not taken new york since 1980, 1984, in the race for president and that was ronald reagan. how can donald trump take new york? >> i don't think, from my perspective right now, the people of the state of new york are viewing this not as an election but as a second american revolution. what we are witnessing today, we will be talking to our kids about 15 years from now and our grandchildren. this is a major upheaval in american politics that's taking place. and those that are on the trump bus are very very committed. they are committed, i mean, we saw it in the rallies we ran across the state in the primary. you are looking at people who they are looking for somebody to give them some real answers instead of this phony
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aristocracy we have in washington, d.c. that has so controlled us and manipulated our lives. >> but isn't new york state kind of like the country, almost like new york state, new york city is more democrat and upstate is like more like the heartland. >> we are running very strong in staten island. we are running super strong in long island. but the island, that's the blue, white collar working man, same thing in the hudson valley. same thing generally across upstate new york. they are fed up with the progressive movement, fed up with guys like andrew cuomo and obama, who have done little for our economy. they are stuck and -- but nevertheless, the tuition bills are going up, the cost of living is going up and they are not having the opportunities they should have. >> when you talk about the economy, i remember i believe it was in 2006, hillary clinton
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said i'm going to bring 200,000 jobs to upstate new york. i researched that and i think at the end we had a net loss of jobs. do new yorkers remember that? >> they remember it very clearly. what we're going to see in new york is a huge crossover from the democratic working man. he's scratching his head and wondering why am i still in the democratic party when the democratic party has done nothing to help me in my life, to help my family. democratic party is supporting goldman sachs, supporting all this nonsense that's taking from us. since when does our foreign trade become a conservative value? it's never been. our trade, this idea that trade is a conservative value is ridiculous and the press keeps harping on it. i don't get that. >> let's talk about the unions. where are they in this? >> we will take the unions. we will take the working man.
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we will take the teamsters. we will take the auto workers. they are going to move over to trump because he's going to instill in them the opportunity for jobs which is all -- that's their future. they want jobs in new york for their kids. they don't want to have to relocate some place else. they want them in new york and the democrats have done nothing for that. we are going to run really not only with crossovers but new voters we will bring out in upstate. the hudson valley and long island, that's going to overwhelm the progressives in new york city. >> and finally, donald trump has worked with unions in new york city. he does a tremendous amount of building in new york city so even if somebody were to compare upstate new york which is where i'm from originally to downstate, people have said that downstate new york city always beats upstate. >> judge, remember when you were a kid, your parents -- >> no, not really. it was a long time ago. >> your parent would tell you if you do this, you do this, you do
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this, you will have a good life and you will live the american dream. things are going to be good for you. just play by the rules, get educated, get the job, be responsible to your employer, be honest and live family values. what american today, what working man american can tell his kid what it looks like for this country a year from now, let alone his entire future? we can't define it. >> don't you think that this all comes down to getting the vote out? >> oh, you are absolutely right. that's the centerpiece of our campaign is going to be advocacy by the people that are committed. we are going to keep them informed, teach them how to connect the dots and go out and argue for us. it's really grassroots. >> good to have you on. he endorsed donald trump on "justice" and since then, he's become one of the darlings of
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the republican party. scott baio joins me live next to talk about his speaking role at this week's convention. and later -- >> where's the line? you stay on your side. >> he can try all he wants. no one stops me from serving up some street justice. tonight we ask about hillary clinton and whether she should have been indicted. olay total effects
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as cleveland prepares for the republican national convention, so do speakers from across the country who will be joining donald trump this coming week. joining me now is one of those speakers, actor and donald trump supporter, scott baio. hello, scott. >> judge, always good to see you. >> always good to have you on
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the show. now, since you were on my show and you announced that you supported donald trump, you pretty much shocked everybody, how has your life changed since then? >> quite honestly, it's been fantastic, judge, because it started with you and from that, i have gotten so much -- so much time to talk about donald trump, a man that i believe in, and i have done i don't know how many interviews and radio and print and things like that, and i'm actually -- i was at a fund-raiser for mr. trump the other night with my wife and he invited me to speak at the convention which was completely unexpected and out of left field. he had given a speech and was walking out and i looked at him, i said mr. trump, scott baio. he says oh, my god, and he said to me, did you want to speak?
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>> i went here? he goes no, no, at the convention. i went uh, okay. he said come with me. we went inside the house where the fund-raiser was and it was just -- i wish, judge, i wish that people could meet donald trump. i really do. he's such a regular guy and every time i have been with him and talked to him, he's a guy. he's just a guy. who is very successful. >> let me -- >> that's one of the things that i hope will connect with millions of americans. >> the first time that you met donald was when "justice" was doing some interviews with you at the trump tower. what was your first impression of him? >> my first impression of donald trump was that first of all, he's a big man. he's physically big. and he has tons of charisma and
7:19 pm
presence and he sort of overtakes the room. he's an imposing figure but a gentleman. i remember when he walked -- he looked at me, he turned and looked at you and went right over to you and gave you a big hug, then he turned to me, said scott baio, i want to thank you for everything you're doing for me. i was like uh, okay, i just want you to win, sir. i'm doing it out of -- from my heart. but my first -- the first impression of him was that. but i'll tell you what. he has a gift. i was watching him the other night when giving a speech at this house in l.a. he has an amazing ability to be relaxed in those moments when he's speaking and not only that, he takes in the entire room and sees everything. it doesn't affect what he's saying unless he stops and
7:20 pm
comments to somebody but he takes in everything and he looks around and i can see him sort of getting a gauge of what's happening, then he just rolls along. it's an amazing thing to watch because it's not easy. >> all right. what -- you are going to be speaking monday night at the convention? >> monday night around 8:00. yeah. >> okay. you want to give us -- >> i'm not going to tell you what i'm talking about because i don't know exactly what it is that i'm talking about. i'm just talking, i just spoke with one of the speech writers and we put together some ideas and i'll tell you what, though. i'm a little nervous. i have never done anything like this before. i'm excited as all get out, but it's going to be an amazing, amazing experience. i just don't know where to put it in my list of things that have made my life great. i'm sure it's going to be one of
7:21 pm
the things at the top. >> well, you know, one of the things, i don't know how many people are expected, but monday night, 8:00 is prime time. that's number one. but you're an actor. you are accustomed to big audiences and public speaking. i guess just the topic is different. i suspect it will be from the heart. >> yeah, it will be from the heart but being an actor, you are usually with somebody else and just to go up on a stage, like i'm talking to you now and it's easy but to go up on a stage and just talk to people for a lot of actors is a little -- a little unsettling, a little awkward. but i'll deal with it. i'm not uncomfortable being on a stage, but we'll see what happens. it's going to be great, whatever it is. i don't care. i'm just excited. >> well, you know what, we are all excited for you here on "justice." >> thank you. wait, real quick -- >> are you bringing your
7:22 pm
daughter? >> i'mi ibringing my wife. my daughter is staying here. what did you think of mike pence today? >> what did i think? i thought he was a great unifier for donald trump. i like his temperament, i like his tone. i think that he's a serious guy and this is the first time i have answered a question that a guest has asked me. only because we love you, scott. let me tell you this. america's looking forward to listening to you on monday night. thanks so much for being with us on "justice" tonight. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, scott. another speaker at the convention, sheriff david clark, is still ahead tonight. but my political panel joins me next as we roll on. don't go away. & in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility to do one thing & another.
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the gop ticket debuted today. donald trump choosing indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. now on to the convention and become with me, my all-star panel, democratic strategist, republican strategist boris epstein. did you continue the fight? >> boris wants me to fan him after he boxes. >> it was wonderful. >> we aren't going to revisit
7:27 pm
elizabeth warren. i just had scott baio on. he's going to be talking at the convention and the republicans normally have, you know, the officials and this and that. we are kind of like almost leaning democrat in terms of celebrity, you know. a little fun. what do you think of scott? >> i think it's great. it's great to have fun. it's great to excite the viewers and excite voters. that's what donald trump is doing, right? there's a reason he brought out more voters than ever in the history of the gop primaries. he's continuing to do that. we need a showman. also, he is somebody who has strong positions, strong ideas and combining that is why he will win in november. >> i was touched when scott was saying you know i'm nervous, i think everybody could relate to that. >> i'm nervous right now. >> no, you're not. >> because i'm after scott baio who was my childhood crush. >> is that right? will you be here monday night? >> i will. >> she was in libya a couple years ago.
7:28 pm
>> scott -- >> let's talk about the swing states. now, carl and i were talking about new york. clearly not a swing state. always in the blue column in a presidential race for the last 30 some years. but these swing states, colorado, nevada, iowa, ohio, virginia, florida, new hampshire, donald trump is moving up very tight with hillary clinton. what's that from? >> so last week when this poll was conducted was her worst week ever. the week of the fbi investigation, the week she was constantly spinning. >> she wasn't barking. >> this week she was endorsed by bernie sanders and we expect a significant bump especially among the blue collar rust belt state workers. >> why would they vote for her when she wants to get rid of the
7:29 pm
coal mines? >> she's not against fracking. >> she said the coal miners are going to lose their job and the industry is going to lose west virginia. it's not. >> she does accept money from national gas industry and fracking is a big issue in the state. it's bipartisan. republicans don't want it in their community. but the issue she has to be concerned about is tpp. the republicans are against tpp. it's not in their platform. donald trump is against it. hillary is for it. the majority of democrats are against it. mike pence is for it. it's confusing. >> you know we were on a show a couple days ago -- >> don't mention the name of it. >> it was on one of the networks behind us. it's fine. fox business, fox news. it was in the family. in the family. we were on fox business together. i don't agree with a lot of what she's saying. >> what about the tpp?
7:30 pm
>> it's a huge problem, the trans pacific partnership, huge problem for hillary clinton. over 45 times she spoke in favor of it. called it the gold standard. then she senses where the political winds are blowing and say it's not great in its current form. everyone knows she is lying. >> you know what, i think that honestly, the bernie sanders followers, i'm not talking politics now, i think they value truth. that's what they found so compelling about bernie sanders. it was his truthfulness, his clarity, his credibility, his honesty. >> yeah. >> how do they segue to hillary? >> i think she's looking to get a slice of the 13 million voters that voted for him. will some stay at home? absolutely. will some vote for jill stein or gary johnson, absolutely. for her to win based on the numbers right now -- >> for donald trump, too. >> perhaps in the rust belt, perhaps. but the majority of bernie
7:31 pm
sanders supporters, especially the ones under 45, 80% of those under 45 that voted for bernie sanders in the democratic party are progressive on social issues and economic policy. i don't think that donald trump aligns with those issues. the area for him to look at is the rust belt. >> hillary used to be anti-gay marriage. she's bad on trade. >> everybody evolves on that stuff. i think it's the wall street stuff, the money stuff. it's not letting out her speeches. that's the stuff that bothers the millenials. >> she does nothing to attract herself to these voters, to the bernie voters. yes, will some of them hold their nose and vote for her, will a majority, yes. if we get 20%, 25%, 30% of those voters, that's a huge step toward winning in november. the polling shows that's what's going to happen. >> does that mean that they are going to really focus on mike pence and how conservative he is to turn them off? >> i think so. i think you are absolutely right. he's had a war against women's rights. he fought planned parenthood. he's against global warming.
7:32 pm
he thinks smoking -- in 2000 he published a letter saying smoking doesn't kill people, it's in people's minds. >> 15 years ago hillary clinton -- >> one thing to keep in mind about bernie supporters, they are looking, it's a series of movements, several movements that fell under his campaign. they are looking for where they can actually progress. even though hillary clinton is a neo-liberal and not our perfect candidate by any means, she's not a neo-fascist. she will at least open up -- >> hold on. there's no neo-fascist in the race. i'm not letting her go there. that's a ridiculous statement. you are not a spirited endorser of hillary clinton. fair enough. >> or donald trump. >> we will see about that. donald trump is somebody who is a movement. bernie sanders, you're right, represented a movement. now the only movement left is donald trump. >> if in these swing states it's getting closer and closer, donald trump is going to come out of this convention with a bump. >> sure. >> no doubt.
7:33 pm
and hillary's convention is the following week in philly. next week. the week after this week. but is, will she get the same kind of bump, or is she tarred from the comey, loretta lynch, that whole thing, a reminder of that? people bristle at that. almost 60%. >> i think democrats are frustrated by that, some are. there's the trustworthy factor but it won't keep them home. when they look at the opposition from a democrat's perspective, those progressive on social and economic issues, donald trump is not the solution to that because he's not offering solutions they are looking for. she should be most concerned with those voters that will stay at home. >> if you look at the voters who are concerned for their jobs, blue collar voters, for a lot of them it was bernie or trump. now it will be trump. a state not on there is pennsylvania. he's up in pennsylvania right now. could be the first republican since 1988 to carry that state. then he wins in november for sure. >> it will be very interesting.
7:34 pm
thanks so much. we're back live in cleveland. street justice is still ahead. next, i talk law and order and donald trump with a convention speaker sheriff david clark. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know
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many of the groups on the left, mostly the white left and others, i know for a fact that there's going to be the blocking of highways and there's going to be arrests and there's going to be some things. not here, but it's going to go on next week. it's highly likely that there will be a lot of arrests, there will be tear gas. it's going to be happening. it will be happening here. >> that's malik shabazz from black lawyers for justice talking about the protests at
7:39 pm
the republican national convention. it's just two days away and the stakes could not be higher in this historic race for the white house. joining me now by phone, milwaukee county sheriff david clark, who will be speaking at the convention also. good evening, sheriff. >> how are you, judge? >> i'm fine, thank you. going to be a lot of arrests, what i know, blocking of highways, tear gas, et cetera. what do you make of all that? >> look, this is an important part of our democratic process, the selection of the next president of the united states. in has to go on. so my wish is that the law enforcement in cleveland, i'm sure they're prepared, but that they put down an aggressive foot right away right out of the gate to draw the line, very bright line into what kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated. >> you know, one of the things, sheriff, i don't know if you can see this, but i have been in cleveland all day today and i went to the rally that was
7:40 pm
supposed to garner 10,000 people or something and the way i counted and the pictures are now up on the screen, there couldn't have been more than maybe a hundred people there. are they talking a big game or are some of these new black panthers saying they are going to arm up and come to cleveland? you think that's a possibility? >> sure. i would take that stuff seriously and i would be prepared for it. i always say you hope for the best but prepare for the worst. like i said, law enforcement and some of these agencies that i'm seeing across the united states are taking too soft an approach. that does not work. it didn't work in the '60s when we had this type of environment going on then. you had law enforcement officers hurt and killed, you have civilians, innocent civilians hurt and killed. it was a disaster to take this soft approach. you cannot play pussyfoot with these individuals. you have to throw the hammer down early. like i said, reasonable but it
7:41 pm
has to be effective and you know what they understand in they understand force. they do not understand a passive state by law enforcement. there's a balance here. it's for the commanders on the ground, law enforcement commanders, you don't want to overreact but at the same time you do not want to hesitate. i know for a fact, i have been doing this for 38 years. if you send a loud and clear message right away to the criminal element, to the thugs, you know what, they will get the point. they will still push you a little but they will know where the line is. right now they do not know where the line is so they continue to push. >> i think that's very true. you know, sheriff, being here today, you see a lot of law enforcement presence and my next guest, chris cox, is with me, we will be talking about some of the motorcycle groups that krar coming here. let's talk about you and the convention. scott baio was just on. i asked him what he was going to say at the convention. do you know what you will be talking about and which night are you here, wednesday?
7:42 pm
>> monday. i will be arriving in town tomorrow. preparing, i do have a prepared speech. i don't want to let too much of the cat out of the bag but i think people were to take a guess, you can kind of know what i'm going to talk about. >> well, i will tell you, sheriff, you are very articulate, very much looking forward to it. finally, in terms of what happened in dallas, i know that obviously, you have been in law enforcement a long time. law enforcement throughout the country as we go forward, do they have the resources that they need to combat what seems to be a real problem in this country? >> no. i will be straightforward. we don't have all the resources we need. law enforcement agencies all across the country including my own, we are down in personnel, budgets have been cut, it's part of that crime reduction dividend that policy makers have been cashing in on, not giving law
7:43 pm
enforcement as much money because crime rates were down. but when you have crime on the run, you want to keep your foot on the neck of the criminal and of the criminal -- of the crime and disorder. you don't want to let off the throttle. but that's what we did. now it's coming back to haunt. we do not have the equipment. president obama ended the 1033 program which allowed law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies to use surplus military equipment, not tanks, and surface-to-air missiles but things like ballistic armor, ballistic vests. we can no longer get that stuff. now they have to go and use their budgets and their budgets are slim anyway. we don't have the equipment as well. something like what happened in dallas, you really couldn't plan for that sort of ambush but i'll tell you right now, people are starting to get it in terms of realizing that law enforcement officers, these agencies, crime fighting has to be invested in again if we are going to reverse this upward tick in crime
7:44 pm
violence and disorders especially in major urban centers. >> all right. sheriff david clarke, look forward to seeing you in cleveland. thanks so much for being with us. >> looking forward to getting there. thank you, judge. my next guest is the founder of bikers for trump and says this his group will help calm the protests and keep people safe in cleveland this week. chris cox joins me now. all right, hello, chris. how are you? >> good. thanks for having me. >> i'm walking around the streets of cleveland today and i see you in cleveland on a bike appear it says bikers for trump. how did you get involved in this? >> it just evolved. we started off last august and started taking the political temperature if you will, traveled around talking to different venues and as i suspected, bikers were on board for these three reasons in this order. bikers want to see a commander in chief call it what it is. it's called radical islam. it is one of the biggest threats not only to our country but the
7:45 pm
world. as far as we are concerned, barack obama is the george washington of isis. we want to take the fight to them. second, we like the idea of building a wall and vetting syrian refugees. because we like the idea of building a wall, it doesn't make us racist. it makes us patriots. >> let me ask you this. have you ever involved yourself in a presidential campaign to the extent that you are involving yourself now, and if not, why now? >> not to this degree, but because now more than ever we need a change of leadership in washington. we have to start from the top. it's more evident than ever as we see that these people coming forward, calling for the destruction of private property, calling for police officers' lives to be taken. it's just irresponsible and we believe it is incumbent upon all who understand the value and support of our veterans and law enforcement, first responders, we must get behind them and support them. >> all right. now, bikers for trump.
7:46 pm
a lot of people when they hear bikers, sometimes they think hell's angels and the majority of you guys are, what, ex-military? >> veterans. yes, ma'am. a lot of people have that image in their mind because of hollywood but in reality, bikers are not only blue collar but white collar. many times, they have reached the top of their field. for instance, franklin graham has a motorcycle ride from north carolina to alaska every year to raise money. jay leno is a motorcycle enthusiast. kyle petty from nascar raises money every year on motorcycle rides. i'm not suggesting i know their political orientation. i'm just saying the idea of the biker is not what most people have in their head. >> just for my viewers, the way he looks now is not how he looked this afternoon when i saw him on the street in cleveland. but how many guys, women, women bikers? >> yes, ma'am. lots of women bikers. >> how many you think are going to be here this week? >> you know, i'm hearing up to 10,000 guys could come in town.
7:47 pm
i'm expecting about 1,000 but until i see it, then i'll believe it. just so you know, the rolling thunder, they have a ride every year in washington, d.c. and we actually provided the endorsement for rolling thunder to donald trump at memorial day weekend. we had over 600,000 motorcyclists. >> 600,000? >> yes, ma'am. it is a ride to bring attention to p.o.w.s and veterans from around the country come together. this is for one weekend. so 600,000 bikers in one weekend. that's a drop in the bucket. i estimate there's probably seven to ten million bikers and bikers are citizen crusaders from all walks of life. they are very involved. if they're not raising money to put a roof on the house of a veteran, they are raising money to put an engine or transmission in his car or they are having toy runs in december to make sure children -- >> but now you are doing this for donald trump. >> yes, ma'am. we are bikers for trump. >> very quickly, because we have to wrap here. you indicated that when you heard there were certain people who were coming here, they were
7:48 pm
going to try to protest, you are here to kind of rebut that. >> we are. we are going to be standing in force and if we are asked to, we will form a wall of meat between the police officers and the protesters so that we will be able to circumvent -- we are just not going to stand for it. we are really upset about what's going on. we want to stand behind the police department, the first responders and the firemen and we are going to do our best to see that no harm comes to our delicates. >> chris cox, great to have you on. thanks so much. keep on riding. you had to wait two hours but street justice is next. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
7:49 pm
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welcome back to "justice" live from cleveland. now, before i left new york, i took to the streets and asked people if they thought hillary clinton should have been indicted. take a look. you have law and order on your shirt. you believe in law and order? >> absolutely. >> what do you think what the fbi decided about hillary clinton? >> it's a travesty. >> why? >> well, the thing is, everybody has to abide by the law equally. it doesn't seem like that happened. >> is your confidence shattered? >> it is. >> thank you law and order. are you disappointed in the american justice system?
7:53 pm
>> right now, yes. absolutely. >> what do you think the public's reaction to this is going to be? >> they're mad. everybody's mad. that's why trump's doing so well. >> it sends a message to everybody in the u.s. that if you're a certain level, have power, money, you can get away with things. the regular joe on the street could possibly be thrown in jail. >> why do you think the clintons keep getting away with it? >> being a clinton, i think they're above the law in a srn way. >> you like hillary clinton? >> of course i like hillary. >> why of course? >> because a democrat. she's good for people. >> she hasn't done anything in 20 years. what makes you think she will help you now? >> [ inaudible ]. >> you are on a rooftop in benghazi waiting for help, she didn't help them and they died. >> she tried. >> i think she went to bed that night. what do you do? >> i work on broadway. >> you work on broadway? what show should i see? >> go see "fully committed."
7:54 pm
>> are you in that? i don't believe in being fully committed. >> i think you should be fully committed and see it. >> who will you vote for in november? >> hillary. >> i knew i would get that answer. you think there's a double standard when it comes to the clintons? >> oh, absolutely. i think they probably thought they were above the law and they conducted themselves that way their whole career. >> if she lied and said she never had classified information, then why is it a good decision? she lied. martha stewart went to prison for a year for lying once. hillary lied for a year. >> those lies did not constitute perjury. politicians lie routinely, unfortunately. >> what is the clinton name represent to you? >> well, the '90s clinton name represented something different than it means to me today. >> and today it means what? >> today now, it means that she has something to hide.
7:55 pm
and that there are people willing to help her hide it. >> should she be the president of the united states? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> why do they get away with stuff, i don't know. it doesn't seem like the united states because she gets away with everything she can do. i couldn't get away with a ticket if i parked here for five seconds. this woman gets away with anything she wants to do. anything she wants to do. if you don't vote for trump and start listening to the man, we're dead. all of us. >> where's the line? >> just his imagination. >> you stay on your side. >> i will. >> i love you, judge jeanine. >> that message ends our two-hour edition of "justice" life from cleveland before this week's republican national convention. thanks for joining us. friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter and instagram. don't forget, keep it on fox throughout the convention for full coverage here in cleveland. see you soon.
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i am trace galla ghhad er. >> that man convinced me to be a republican. you don't want my vote? >> it is a campaign season. some wondered if they made a mistake. some worried about violence. >> i listen to the people. you better get a gun. i hear people saying, i am getting a gun. >> and most can't wait to celebrate their man. >> the hippies had woodstock. we'll have trump stock and we'll have it in


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