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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  July 17, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> thank you to everyone as always. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> well, the gop ticket is set. it is a blockbuster week for the republican matter. i am trace in for julie band band and this is the fox report. ♪ [applause] >> donald trump introducing his v, choice. and the two held a joint news conference here in new york and a welcome home rally just a short timing on in indiana. fans endorsed ted cruz but they
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seemed to put it aside. >> he was under pressure. and i am so outside of the establishment, it was the singl indiana governor mike pence was my first choice. you have admired the work he's done especially in the state of indiana. >> all of america will know soon better, these are good people. donald trump is a good man and he will make a great president of the united states of america. the bulk of pence's comments focused on his life and family. 74 percent of the registered voters haven't heard enough to form a opinion. and only five percent have a favorable view.
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the republican national convention begins in less han48 hours and the city is already buzzing. only fox news can bring you. mike brings you the massive security operation. and shannon broem, on the complete trump/pence ticket. how is it gelling so far in >> they had had the formal roll out and officially showed the borld their gop ticket for this year. but as you expect and always happens with the presidential campaign they will go their separate ways. they will hit two different campaign targets. just a short time pence touched back home in a welcome home rally. and addressed people in the crowd thanking them for being friends. he praised his wife and children and his mother who was on the stage with him. and hit on our troops and
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american worker and importance of the supreme court in the fall election and added this. >> let's mike indiana the first state on the board to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states. and send another hoosier to the vice-president's office. thank you and god bless you. >> and he also said getting home for family pizza night. sounds like a tradition in indiana. >> and a good one. i know it was a lot of variables. how big was party unity. >> reporter: there is a lot of analysis how pence wound up being the pick. he is described as a solid conservative on fiscal and social in nature. trump continues to say that trump that pence was his first pick for a number of reasons. praised him as a good man and praised his record in indiana and washington and he mentioned
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the need to bring the party together, saying this. >> i think that if you look at one of the big p reasons that i choice mike. party unity, i have to be honest. so many people said party unighty. i am an outsider. and i think that is why i won in a land slide. it was not close. >> reporter: while trump was leaning to other picks many times. inside advisors said it would be important for party unity and pence would be the right pick. >> shannon, thank you. a major security operation underway to get ready for the gop convention. additional barriers are going up around the arena and take a look at this. some of the final touches going up inside of the quicken loan
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arena. and including the make america great again banner. and mike, how is the security shaping up there in>> reporter: you asked if there were security to the attack in nice. here is your area. giant snow plows and the other side of public square. two team and no way to get the vehicle on the plaza. and hundreds of police officers took an oath to serve here in unit. horse unit brought up from fort worth, texas. and a town looks like a maze of steel barriers ands concrete barriers. and the police officers have a soft profile. just their uniform shirts and blat vest and duty belt. they will maintain that as long
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as possible. if it gets back heavy doubt come out. >> protest haven't happened. i can't call a big protest. an organization coalition or convention of the oppressed marched across town. and one of the speakers from ferguson, with black lawyers from justice and no way we get through the convention without violence. >> from what i know and many of the groups on the white left and others, i know for a fact there will be blocking highways and arrests and going to be some things. not here, it is going to go on last week. a lot of arrests and teargas and it is going p to be happying and will be happening here.
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>> reporter: 2000 sets of riot gore and steel baton and 10000 flex cuffs and that's part of the gore and the courts will work in 20 hour shifts. >> stay touned. we have you covered from morning to prime time and all begins on monday. donald trump is busy in cleveland and hillary clinton will make appearances of her own. she's expected to speak in the naacp convention in cincinnati on monday. same day the republican convention getses away. donald trump turned down a chance to speak citing scheduling problems with the convention. hillary clinton supporters are attacking pence. and growing buzz that clinton
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will announce her own v, pick. >> they say he is the most extreme in a generation and governor pence appeals to the conservative base. he's doubling down on the policy. they are highlighting pence's tea party rools and anti- immigrant for his position on immigration reform. and anti- woman and anti- lgbt for signing the religious freedom bill back in 2015. take a look at the indiana democratic party purchased url trump/pence and redirecting them to a interview in which he was grilled over a bill that gave businesses the green light to discriminate against the gay people. warren went to town tweeting
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insults. donald trump and mike peninsula are a perfect match. they are small insecure weak men who use hate and fear to devoid our country. and hillary clinton said if you have any doubt trump sticking to a plan for america say hello to his vp pick. >> there is a report that trump deni denies. >> there is a report that it may happen on friday and the democratic national convention starts in philadelphia and so like trump she will pick him or her before monday. >> clinton had meetings at her home on friday in washington d.c. senator war withen, colorado goff dpof higgenlopper and juli
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an castro. >> and a failed military coup in turkey. the prime freedom and president and interior miniter told supporters to come out in city square. and how the failed coup is affecting the fight against isis and always the intention between u.s. and turkey. it is all still ahead on the fox report.
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you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. >> thousands of people hitting the city square in turkey as
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officials tell people to come out and show support. that after a failed military coup rippled across the region. the turbish government closing its air space to military aircraft and stopping the base. it is slowing down the fight against isis. a faction of the u.s. military tried to topple the president erdoga n's government. john hutti has more from jerusalem. >> the turkey's president said the supporters of the failed coup will pay a heavy price for the trez an. 3000 people have been arrested after the military came in and
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helicopters attacked the presidential palace and parlamount. the president called for supporters to amass on the streets and defend turkey's democracy. tens of thousands of protestors clashed with the police that connected the european and asian sides of itan bull. more than 1400 others wounded. and the prime minister and president obama erdogan said the cleric to be behind. there was a power struggle between the establishment and urdo agwho is more authorityian. and tonight he demanded the iowa man's extradition back to turkey and said the aechlt attempted
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coup that it was orchestraed by a minority faction in the army. despite the assures that it is under control. the uprising shows a country rave aged by terrorism and beset by p political chaos. >> president obama has been be updated on the developing situation in turkey and urging his administration to working with their turkish counterparts to protect diplomatic mission and american personnel overseas. garrett teny has more. >> reporter: turkey is a nato ally and a vital partner. and so u.s. officials are coping a close eye on the situation. this morning, president obama met with national security and foreign policy teams and a top concern is how this could impact the fight against isis.
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the president underscored the shared challenges with turkey. and the joint everies against terrorism. the president requested continued updates as the situation warrants. the air base in southern turkey is a key stage place in the fight against iowa sis -- isis. secretary of state john kerry is in luxembourg in a meeting and today it he reiterated the president obama remarks that the u.s. supports the democratic elected government of turkey and said the coup was not seen coming. >> if you are planning a coup
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you don't tell nato. it surprised everyone. it does not appear to be be a brilliantly planned or executed event. let's reserve all judgment until all of the facts are in. >> reporter: turkey is blaming the attempted coup on a excelled cleric who now lives in pennsylvania. goulan condemned the attempted coup but the president of terbingy is pushing hard for the u.s. to extradite them. but turkey will need to provide legitimate evidence that goul an was involved. people of france remembering the victimses killed when a truck played in the crowd. isis claiming responsibility for are the attack. and an american father and son
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among the victims and how the community is rallying behind the family in their time of need. >> i can't believe it. i knew he was going there, but p you know, it is hard to believe and understand and hard to compreend.
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>> france remains on high alert. and memorial growing on the promenade desanlees. and isis is claiming responsibility for the carnage and referring to the the truck driver as one of its soldier.
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benjamin hall is live in nice. what is the latest on the ground, benjamin? >> reporter: trace, we have walked around the tea and in the aftermath of the attack you see the families torn apart and the attack and brutality that clearly happened here. we were in the hospital today and there were grieving families coming and going and friends and relatives looking for loved ones and many unsure if they are even still alive. and there was a surge of the number of people giving blood as people come together after a brutal attack. and people want to do however they can to help the country heal. tragically people are still looking for loved ones. >> on the night of the attack we know she was there. we don't know where she is. it is the last hope, we'll call
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on hospitals to plose give p us information. >> and people at the hospital were still not allowed in and that is partly for the reason, the 84 bodies that were killed in there were so mangled they were not yet recognized. and people waiting to know if they had any families and more coming out about the attacker himself and the connection to isis. although they have claimed responsibility and he was a shoulder of theirs. it doesn't appear he was directed by them. they crossed his phone records and found a link to omar diowa a bi. also from the city of nice and a major recruiter for al-qaeda in syria. in the past isis called for people to attack like this. and call them mowing machines in
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the propaganda. >> he was raddicized from a disdpruntled man going through a diverse and to terrorist. that is the danger. he was not on the radar and he almost overnight seemed to have turned in a terrorist and that is a very, very hard person to stop and that's what people are learning. >> thank you, benjamin. >> friends and family of two americans killed in the attack are sharing their memories. they were on a family vacation when it happened. brady's school and family are trying to keep. >> we don't understand what happeneded and how to explain it to ourselves much less to the 11 or 12 years old. they will take care of the
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family. >> a go fund me page was set up for the family. his wife and older children survived and still in france. donald trump making a direct a pole to the cornerstone of the republican party. evangelical voters. >> religion's voice was taken away and we'll change that. >> sometimes struggling to win over social conservativeses. will his v, pick help to coalesce the republican base? that's next. look at all these purchases
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>> donald trump introduce ped his vapproximate pick mike pence. they have differing views on issues important to conservative including trade and a dorgz rights and trump said he went with pence to unite the republican base. >> one of the big reasons is party unity. so many people have said party unity. >> for more we'll go back to
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shannon. you attended a religious rally in cleveland. how were voters responding to the pence pick? >> reporter: just talking to the potential voterses in the event pence was not a make or break pick for them. we were in the event called the response. they were worshiping and praying for the candidates who hope to lead the country. the people we talked to didn't have a strong feeling, most of them didn't know who he was. conservative political activist said trump cannot rely on pence to win over a deeply religious crowd. >> he's a born again believer and a solid guy and probably a great pick p. he was not my pick. but i do think that donald trump will have to move it. the vp will not move the constitiency. he will have to do the right
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thingses and i hope he will. recent polling shows a wide lead for donald trump. 66 percent said he's their choice. and 18 percent for hillary clinton and 16 percent not sure and to be sure, people who are interested in voting, it was not between donald and hillary. it was voting for trump or staying home. >> what about the controversy over the indiana religious freedom law. >> prominent religious leaders are bringing up now that pence is officially the vp pick. last year they passed a law to protect religious business owners who didn't want to take part in business and goods. there was a back p lash and a lot of criticism. and governor pence signed a modified bill. many feel he caved in on the
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important issue and left the people still exposed and now that pence is back in the spotlight, a number of religious leaders will have a wait and see approach. they think when it is on the line pence didn't stand up in the way they hoped he would. >> shannon, thank you. and for more on this. a supporter of donald trump and ralph, good to see you. i am not sure you heard shannon saying evangelicals is not between trump and hillary but trump and staying home. how does mike pence help the ticket? >> i think it helps enormously trace. i think it was a source goffonering pick and a unfoying selection. and not that trumps inially needed it. i saw the poll that had him 66 among the white evangelicals.
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there is a new pew research poll that had him at 78 to hillary 17. that's good as george bush did in 2004. they were already coming. but it adds to the ticket and underscores that trump's decision- making process led him to a man of deep christian faith and core conservative principles and a stellar unblemished record at the federal and state level. not everyone has agreed on mike pence on everything. but an 80 percent friend is not a 20 p percent. on his it is 99 percent. >> evangelical square that donald trump and mike pence differ on so many issues in the voting block. >> you want someone with a different set of of experience
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and in pence's case, both as a broadcaster and as an opportunity and now as a congressman and governor, he's delivered firm ideas. he's voted for no child left behind. and the prescription benefit with george bush remember he run against john boehner as minority leader. and my own view as a friend of both p men, i think he will be an asset to donald trump and as an interpreter if you will, not a horse whisperer, but translate the core convictions of the grassroots to donald trump and to his senior advisors. >> it is not the vice-president
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but mike pence said i am open to revisiting free-trade. is there a concern about that? maybe it lean-tos trump's way than pen's way? >> the president makes the final call. that's always the case, trace. but what you are seeing with the emerge and evolution of the vice-president beginning with walter mondale and jimmy carter and dick cheney established a way here. the vice-president especially someone who had experience on the hill and policy chops was mike pence will carry weight. the president will make the final call and he will be an advocate for conservatives. >> i want to get your take on the splash. can we show the video back to book. you go back to mitt romney's
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announcement and it was just big p- time deal and today, it is subdued. and you you look toward the convention in the next 3 or 4 days, are you looking for more of a splash or showy. what are you looking for out of the convention this week? >> trace, i have to tell you, i heard the commentary over the last you know, 12- however many hours since it was announced and i guess less than that. and in the aftermath of the terror attacks in nice and the coup attempt in turkey and all of the instability and that is been in the world in the last 24 hours, i don't think it was appropriate to have a bap loan drop and over the top festive occasion. and i just don't know how you announce it matters as much as who the person was. when george bush announced his
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vice-presidential running mate 16 years ago to the day. it was in front of a blue curtain in austin, texas with a couple of american flags. it didn't matter, you had someone with experience. mike pence has that experience. state and federal over 20 years and a solid conservative. >> performance over glitz. ralph reed, good to see you. >> full disclosure, we reached out to the clinton campaign to come on the newscast but they did not respond. 2016 has been anything but the usual political season. in fox news reporting, taking over the trump convention. bret baier locks behind the scenes and who will be there and how it will be run and how will it affect the election? >> donald trump is not who i would have been for, but the people have chosen and you like
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it or not like it, but you have to abide by it. >> any effort to free the bound delegates has a chance to succeed? >> i hope not. we would have perpetrated a fraud on 32 million voters. >> don't miss this 8:00 p.m. p eastern time. and then airs again after justice with janine. >> and before they get to cleveland, they will be joining us on the fox report with an update on the epic road trip. >> donald trump officially chosing governor mike pence as running mate. what changed, next.
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>> today donald trump making a change by announcing governor mike pence at a hilton hotel instead of the trump tower. he included the update of the new hotel in washington. james rosen is live with us. more on trump and the business empire p. >> reporter: different times trump has said what he would do with a sprawling empire. he told them he would do whatever is appropriate. his knowledge would prevent him from being truly blind of what is happening. the real estate billionaire said if if i become president, my
1:46 am
company is peanuts. i havi vankan and eric and john to run. presidents and vice-presidents believe it or not are not bound by the same ethic statutes. they told us, that nothing would prevent donald trump from servings xhaner in chief and ceo. kenneth gross who served bob deal and michael bloomberg said turning over the emire at this time trump children would be a positive step. >> it doesn't absolve him of being concerned about conflicts of interest. it helps, but he needs to be conscious ofed holdings that he has and not only his assets, but his debt as well which is held by regulateded entitties in the
1:47 am
government. >> he could even draw a salary but not use the position as chief executive to benefit those companies. >> james, thank you. >> there is much more changing in the trump campaign than the edition of mike pence. this logo got ridicule on line. trump approved the logo and the campaign replaced it with a simpler logo. don't go anywhere. five live from the epic convention road trip is still ahead. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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>> fox news will have extended coverage of the republican convention. that is the gang of five. they will meet with every day americans and conventions in cleveland and eric boling. and kimmerly and juan and danna and kimberly. i can see eric boling in the back. every time i look at that. where they hit bol ping's weightlifting set? >> actually what we did. danna was kind enough to give everyone a gift and look what she got me. a work out set. the rubber resistance training that is fantastic. and it is not a lot of time to work out, trace. 4 or 5 cities. >> it is extreme and nutrition
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is amazing on the bus. i have never eaten more healthy. >> a couple of years ago, greg gutfold was going to san diego and wanted recommendations and he likes the dirt hole-in-the-wall greasy spoon. and kimberly is a fine dining woman and gutfield likes the greasy spoons. how do you cross the barrier from here to cleveland? >> actually, weate in the agricultural fair and i had a ice cream cone and half a cheeseburger. nwanted to go back to the sausage. and then kimberly kissed the pig and i kissed the pig. >> i milked the goat. and in fact you go on the five facebook page you will see what
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we did that proved what we are saying is true and you can see the milking the goats. and first time in my life i milked a goat intentionally. >> before bol ping puts his book up in front of juan william's face. being with these four has to be some what of a tedious roadway. it is like a rock band. >> what? >> wow. >> i am just saying. >> trying to hurt me with my buds. here comes boling's bock. you know what, this is like rod trip. i am sure you have been on road trip. this is the five bus and we are are all grownups and have weird ways about us. >> especially that. >> and he, i didn't kiss a pig
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and milk the goat? >> i was in a kiss a pig contest and i knew kimberly was going to win and she was a champion. go to the facebook page and watch the video. you never have sewn such a good sport p. and all of these people. >> they had me on my knows. >> and all of the people learning about their community. and experiencing life in america and we got to be a part of it. it was great >> that is the key. we were going to it a major decision in ohio and seeing america along the way and this is a great way to start the convention. >> reminds you of what the military and veterans and fought for our liberties and freedom and live in a beautiful country and beautiful people and worth fighting for and protecting. >> we drove across to pennsylvania to west pennsylvania to go to the dairy
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agricultural festival and on the way to columbus ohio before we go down to the rod to the convention. one of the great things about the trip. fox fans. you wouldn't believe people get in their car and follow us so they can be with the five. >> they love you guys. >> people love you guys and want pictures of kimberly and danna. and you are a great team. have a good trip and safe travels. and good luck in cleveland. >> thank you, trace. >> don't miss a special fox news sunday from cleveland. and chris wallace will anchor from the quicken loans arena. check your local listings and we
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>> just in time for the republican national convention. youngstown, ohio unveiling a life size bobble head of donald trump. it is the handiwork of students. to create the stat u. it weighs throw hundred pounds.
1:58 am
and the bobble head will go outside of the quick ep lons arena, home of the world champion cleveland cavelers and they will greet them. they are working on a hillary clinton version for a debate in september in dayton, ohio. the republican national convention begins on monday upon night. we will have you covered. this is an epic may not describe fully and that's how fox reports this saturday, july 16th,
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