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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 17, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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all the shootings are being investigated. but when you want to tell me that every cop is a racist and that's all they want to do is kill black people, i mean, it is wrong. this president better get hold of this. this is only going to get worse with the thing happening in cleveland, the convention, and they have people, able to carry weapons around on the streets, they should go to the law tomorrow to the legislature and pass a law immediately so they don't. that could be a volatile situation there. >> listen. bo, there is nobody that is more pro-second amendment than i am on this program. i have carried a weapon my entire adult life. >> yes. >> ohio has an open carry law. black lives matter, the new black panther party. >> i will be there. >> they're going to be carrying guns. what do we do? >> they're the people i fear most. not the law-abiding gun owner. >> neither do i. >> wisconsin is open carry state. >> looking for a foigt. >> until this president, barack obama, condemns in strong unambiguous words the
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anti-police sentiment out of black lives matter and loretta lynch does and the media does it, condemns this -- >> geraldo said -- what do you disagree with? >> the problem with -- you know, second amendment for everybody is that they're plenty of dysfunctional people -- >> you want a new -- this convention, you want the new black panther party? >> hey, sean? >> white patriots party with a weapon. montrell jackson slain today he wrote two weeks ago on the facebook, in uniform, this black officer wrote, i get nasty, hateful looks. out of uniform, some consider me a threat. he talked about the difficulty. we have to -- the center must hold. we have to embrace cops. we have to embrace law enforcement. without law enforcement our country's going to go to hell in a hand basket. >> sean, sean, these leaders right now have to grab this and
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take it in hand now because this is getting out of control. and as this week goes on and only going to get worse. where's the president bringing in the governors, bringing in the head of the fbi? show that we're going something here. don't just sit back and let this continue to happen! and my son was a victim at the day of outrage here in new york. little bo that you know was robbed by somebody who had a weapon in their hand. >> in new york. >> in new york after the day of outrage. >> i know your son well. i'm sorry to hear that. thank you, bo. appreciate it. geraldo, thank you. sheriff, good to see you on set. appreciate you being here. next, tonight from cleveland, right here on "hannity" -- >> regardless of motive, the death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day. >> obama gives a statement reacting to today's deadly shootings in baton rouge. donald trump is saying the country is quided by the crime scene and president obama
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as of right now, we don't know the motive of the killer. we don't know whether the killer set out to target police officers. or whether he gunned them down as they responded to a call. regardless of motive, the death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day. and we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. attacks on police are an attack on all of us. and the rule of law that makes society possible. >> all right. that was obama reacting to the killing of three police officers earlier today in baton rouge, louisiana. three others were also shot. donald trump responded to the president's speech. he tweeted the following. our country is totally divided. our enemies are watching. we are not looking good. we are not looking smart and we are not looking tough. continued with this tweet saying president obama just had a news
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conference but he doesn't have a clue. our country is divided on the crime scene, a divided crime scene and will only get worse. here with reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. almost became vice president this past week. >> did all you could. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you wrote a really nice column and really happy with mike pence as vice president. >> yeah. you know, people don't realize this but calista served in the ag committee and worked with mike as a freshman and known him for his whole career. mike and i, he was my go pac training tapes and describes himself as a reagan kemp gingrich republican and i have to say, mike, glad to have you on the team. >> yeah. >> and i think for what trump needed to do right now, which i think is reassure the traditional party, i think that mike is frankly stronger than i am. a lot of traditionalists who,
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you know, they don't want a bomb thrower, somebody making noise every morning and mike is going to be steady. he's solid. very good governor. >> a good compliment then to trump? >> i think so. a case where you got two guys who are different but they're different in the way between them they fit the whole bill. >> yeah. it's interesting. but you did -- there was a report today. you will serve in some capacity. >> sure. look. we are in terrible trouble. we're in terrible trouble at home where the president tragically after 7 1/2 yearsteds according to gallup. we are trouble in an economy of 25 million americans have dropped out of the middle class. we're in trouble internationally with things like nice and turkey and the things that are going on. so serious citizen could i think avoid the duty to try to be helpful to a new president, particularly trying to do what
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you believe in. i've told donald i'm prepared to work with him and develop things to help us very dramatically accelerate going in the right direction. and i think he and i have a pretty good understanding that, you know, i would have a substantial role trying to rethink this stuff and spent my adult life on these things. >> official capacity? would be official. would it be secretary of state? >> no. i think -- >> you think a different role. you -- >> premature. >> not worry. i understand. you are confident he will win. you have told me. >> the odds are very high and higher every week learning more about hillary, as we see the failure of the obama policy in the middle east and the failure of the terrorism policy, the failure of their domestic economy and now the failure of the policy in the inner city. again, you look around and every time you turn around there's some way in which hillary clinton and the team she represents is failing america. >> how can somebody who 57% of
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the american population think should have been indicted and 67% think is dishonest and untrustwthy. how could such a person like that win? >> i think the longer the conversation goes on, the weaker she will get and people will look back and say how did the democratic party sleep walk into a convention when it was so clear particularly after you had the fbi director's 14-minute indictment and then you -- all the different things we have learns and i think more things are coming. the clinton foundation is a -- it's a cornucopia of corruption. so many things to learn about in the next month or so and amazing to me that the democrats are blindly following her as though none of this matters. >> we are now witnessing police officers, law enforcement, front line of our defense in our towns
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and cities targeted, ambushed, lying in wait. they're now bringing them in. and assassinating our police officers. what is your reaction to baton rouge and dallas? >> well, this is a war against the police and against our civilization. fully as much as nice or orlando or san bernardino or a war against our civilization. i think, one, we should pass a law that says if you advocate killing police that's, in fact, incitement. and it ought to be a felony. we don't have to tolerate people -- >> that's a terroristic threat, isn't it? >> yeah. we should apply that directly. two, i think that we should equip the police with the most modern and most sophisticated defensive things so that they have the best kevlar jackets, they have the best protection against attack and recognize that, you know, we are asking them to take on what's normally a dangerous job and what has become a really dangerous environment, caused in no small part by barack obama's
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willingness to routinely blame the police even when he's totally wrong and has no information. >> let's ask you about this. i played a montage of him critical of police. as we now look in retrospect and through the prism of history here a little bit and the cambridge police acted stupidly, trayvon would have been my son, i would have looked like my son or could have been me 35 years ago, or going after and speaking out without any evidence, without any due process against what happened in ferguson, very strongly he speaks out. and rushing to judgment. and yet, we have 3,470-plus people since he's been president killed in chicago. mentioned chicago nine times. >> right. and done nothing effective. >> okay. so why if it's a high profile racial case he's wrong and i call him a four-time loser on these cases. wrong every time speaking out early and says virtually nothing with such a disparity of
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numbers. >> look. i think the democrats, true of hillary clinton as of barack obama, democrats are embarrassed by the failure of their policies. they're incapable of taking on the government employment unions and the teachers unions and so they're not allowed to do anything. i mean, you know, if hillary clinton were to get up tomorrow morning saying the schools in baltimore are so bad we ought to have the right to choose a school of your choice, the teachers union would disown her and lose the convention next week. >> pretty scary. all right. back to this and more with former speaker of the house newt gingrich after the break and later tonight -- >> the way president obama got us out of that war was disaster. >> do you want to get us back in there? >> no. i want to win. >> donald trump and mike pence sat down for the first interview on tv together. we'll get reaction. also, donald trump's campaign manager paul manafort is here
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♪ and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back to "hannity." as we continue from cleveland, ohio, with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. we talked about so many problems we have. now we have police officers being assassinated. very scary situation. should governor john kasich work
6:19 pm
with the legislature here in ohio and put a temporary ban on the issue of open carry considering the new black panther party said they're coming here and will be carrying and openly? >> look. it's basically american constitutional right. if ohio has an open carry law, if you meet the requirements for the license, because it does require being licensed, then i don't think your political views stop you from as a citizen -- >> emergency situation because of the threats of violence and open assassination of cops? >> look. i don't worry much about a guy walking up to a cop as an open carry but i worry about a guy on a roof with a rifle. the left wants to find the answer. the fact is the people who have been shot have been shot by people who are operating secretly and who in no way deterred one way or the other. >> we can go and look over obama's foreign policy.
6:20 pm
we can look at iraq. look at syria. we could look at 150 billion to iran and russian reset. what happened in libya. benghazi. even supporting the former muslim brotherhood guy in egypt after the arab spring. we talk a lot about economics. we have doubled the national debt. he's taken on more debt than any other president before him combined. it seems that the black community in america, the hispanic, minorities always vote democratic in election clears so let's look at the numbers. 3,470-plus killed in chicago. okay? if you look at -- break it down in terms of demographics, more minorities than anything else. if you look at african-americans on food stamps since obama became president, up 58%. that's a huge number. number of african-americans in poverty jumped 8% under obama. number of african-americans not in the labor force up 20%, 1 in 5. home ownership rate for african-americans down 4.6%.
6:21 pm
median income, real dollars, down 2,400 in real dollars per person. if you look at all of these things, does this contribute to a sense of rising anger and tension in the country? got to be tied to economics, right? >> look. when liberals can't get anything to work, the policies don't work, the bureaucracies don't work, can't fix anything, they rely on name calling andy viseness. the president in a sense is using the kind of attacks that he's had on the police, for example, as a way of diverting attention from his failure. the fact is liberalism cannot solve any major problem in america's cities. the last city councilman in baltimore who's a republican is 1942. i mean, you start with that kind of thing and so, our challenge as a party, what i'm pleading with our party and noticed mike pence taken up the same call, we need to go in to these communities, we need to offer
6:22 pm
real hope -- >> solutions. >> we need to give them solutions that are practical where they can say, oh yeah, my life would be better off if that was happening. that's how you start turning this around. >> what should -- donald trump i think has a pretty bold agenda and i can run through it. for example, he's talked to me about balancing the budget quickly. he likes the penny plan and other things. tax cuts, raise the amount of money coming in to the government. he's talking about energy independence. expanding coal. expanding fracking. expanding drilling and nuclear technology. he's talked about fixing the va building, military, border wall. that would create a lot of jobs. it is a pretty bold agenda. if he's elected, how hard will it be to get a group of republicans, including speaker ryan and i argue is hostile, has been to donald trump, and mitch mccon knell not enthusiastic supporter and get them on board to finally show that they have a
6:23 pm
backbone when 66% of republicans in these exit polls and state after state said they feel betrayed by the republican party? >> well, that's where i think picking the governor of indiana was terrific. mike pence has the kind of relationships and has the experience as governor to sit down in a room with somebody like paul ryan and came in with. they're the same generation. he can sit down with him and say, how can, how will we get that done? trump's strength is crisscrossing the country with a bold idea, selling it to the american people. but pence could be extraordinarily effective at going into these various meetings knitting together the legislative agreements you need to get it done. >> i think -- i think mike pence resonated very well with the conservative base. his record in indiana. his demeanor. obviously less controversial than you.
6:24 pm
you're a controversial figure. in case you haven't read about yourself. would it be wise -- two things i have in my mind that might work. one to announce rudy giuliani in a position, maybe announce you in a position or chris christie, pam bondi. a group of all-stars to show -- is that a team -- would that be a good idea? >> if trump could get giuliani to agree that he would be the head of homeland security -- >> home run. >> just automatically people ca calmer. in the case of christie, to get him to agree to be attorney general -- >> mike flynn, chairman of joint chiefs. >> director of national intelligence. >> all right. last thing. >> by the way, not that you and i make these things but fun to sit and talk about. >> no one listens to me. i have my role in life. last point. do you think it would also be a good idea, you did the contract with america. you rolled it out after september in 1994.
6:25 pm
trump's promises to america, the things i mentioned and others, ten big items, i'll get it done. >> i would make it our promises to america. >> what do you mean our? >> house, senate and presidential candidate. >> sign on? >> make them? you design something so attractive -- >> can't -- >> can i sign up? >> i like the idea. you will be on with us every night this week. >> apparently so. >> stuck with me? >> we're stuck with each other. >> listen, i first interviewed the former speaker in 1990. i was emceeing your event the night you were speaker. i walked in. cbs, nbc, abc. i'm a local radio host. i walk in the room. i said, do you have a minute? i said, you introduced me to dan rather and the other guys. and i'm like, could you do my radio show tomorrow? you said yes. >> and i did. >> i appreciate it. the first joint interview to "60 minutes" today and highlights, reaction from trump's campaign manager paul
6:26 pm
manafort and then also later tonight -- >> we don't need inflammatory rhetoric. we don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or advance an agenda. >> president obama calling on rhetoric to stop. maybe he can start the process himself. reverend daryl scott and daryl parks weigh in as we continue from cleveland and the rnc. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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6:31 pm
>> all right. that was donald trump and running mate indiana governor mike pence earlier tonight on cbs. it was the first joint interview. joining me now paul manafort. >> good see you. >> this is your week. are you excited? >> we are. >> there's a theme every night. >> the overall convention theme is make america great again and tomorrow night is make america safe again. >> chillingly apropos in light of the horrible events of earlier today. >> putting the program together, we were talking about it from a national security standpoint and we also felt that the lawlessness in the cities is something to focus on and going to address that in the program and unfortunately even more appropriate tomorrow. >> by the way, if we can get a shot over. we have fireworks over my shoulder here. as we see. probably celebrating paul manafort sitting down on set with me. can you take a sht of that? if you can get it. let's talk about the selection of governor mike pence.
6:32 pm
i was fortunate enough to spend an hour with him the other day. and i've interviewed him a lot over the years but i've spent hours studying before the interview as i should. i was surprised he took on boehner. the first person in leadership to take -- speak to the tea party. i looked at the record in indiana. it was impressive. he's a great family guy. married his high school sweet heart. married 30 years. takes strong stances on issues. different personality than mr. trump. tell us about the process. >> well, a couple of months ago when mr. trump started the process, he wanted somebody experienced, somebody to be president. day one. and somebody who could help him in washington. mike pence fills all of those qualifications. his record is as you just referred to as governor is a record of somebody who took on the system and who refused to say no when everybody is telling him he couldn't do it. lowered taxes.
6:33 pm
>> dramatically. largest in indiana history. >> still balanced the budget. kept $2 billion reserve. >> surplus? can we do that in washington? >> we are going to. that's the kind of skill set mike pence brings to the team. >> i had newt gingrich on. i don't want to rehash the whole thing. when did mr. trump settle on mike pence? i talked to people in the campaign and reports out there that thursday night he wanted to pull back and they have all told me it's not true and false reporting. i want to go to you. >> he made the phone call on wednesday night and governor pence and his wife flew to new york on thursday and they didn't come to shop. >> yeah. >> they came for a purpose. but thursday night after the situation in nice happened, it really bothered donald trump. he was moved by the carnage and very disturbing to him and he called me and said i can't do my announcement tomorrow morning. doesn't feel good. and so we spent a couple of hours on the phone in between things he was doing, before he got on an airplane, rearranging
6:34 pm
the announcement from friday to saturday and that's what we were doing and no second thoughts or doubts. >> offensive. you have hillary clinton all of her scandals, benghazi report, followed up by james comey saying that she lied, she lied, she lied. how does somebody where 57% of the american people think she should have been indicted over the e-mail scandal and 67% think she is dishonest and untrustworthy and how does that person compete in a presidential race? >> well, let's put it this way. she spent $100 million against donald trump in the last month and a half, really. and we're the ones moving up in the polls and she is not. >> dramatically. >> she is a flawed messenger. people have shut her down. >> what do you make of the polls. up by 7 and 2 and cbs news/"the new york times" time have you close but winning florida, ohio,
6:35 pm
pennsylvania. what other states are in play? winning in iowa and tied in connecticut last poll i saw. >> the movement is in the right direction. national polls at this time meaningless. the states count. in the last several weeks, as donald trump's been out there campaigning and the message is clear, the polls have closed and we are now even or ahead in the battleground states before mike pence appointed and before our convention. so i'm -- i like our position. and it's because people see that he is -- stands or change. this is a change election. and we couldn't have a better establishment candidate to run against. i don't know how hillary clinton talks about that she is going to make improvements without recognizing the fact of problems were created by her and obama the last eight years. >> i would agree with that. tell me the states you would like to see put in play. >> i tell you the ones we are putting in play. >> pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania's in play.
6:36 pm
i mean, with mike pence, wisconsin is in play, michigan is in play. connecticut is in play. >> new jersey maybe? >> maybe new jersey. the rust belt stakes in favor of our campaign right now are also there in new jersey. >> last question. last two questions. would you put maybe announce problem like a rudy, a jindal, a chris christie, other positions, mike flynn ahead of the election? >> something that's being discussed. mr. trump was not a traditional candidate. we have talked about it. first thing we have to do is get through the convention. >> what about trump's promises to america? agenda on paper, a promise, elect me. good idea? bad idea? >> i think you will see this week something like that coming forward. >> really? this week? >> i want the american people to see the real donald trump. not just the campaign donald trump which is -- >> there's a difference. sometimes people ask me about him. i interview a him a lot. i say he is a fun guy.
6:37 pm
>> it's not -- >> i have to break. coming up next, right here on "hannity" -- >> we don't need inflammatory rhetoric. we don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda. >> obama calls the divisive rhetoric to stop after three officers killed and three wounded in baton rouge earlier today. that and more on this two-hour edition of "hannity" as we continue in cleveland, ohio. get ready for the rio olympic games
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fox news alert. the officers ambushed and killed in louisiana earlier today identified. police have now released photos of two of them. 32-year-old montrell jackson, he was a 10-year veteran of the baton rouge police department. and 41-year-old matthew gerald. and he was a part of the department less than a year. the third officer was identified as brad garafalo and earlier president obama gave a statement from the white house on the shootings and urged all americans to tone down the rhetoric. maybe you can be a good example. take a look. >> i know we're about to enter a couple of weeks of conventions
6:42 pm
where our political rhetoric tends to be more overheated than usual. and that is why it is so important that everyone regardless of race or political party or profession, regardless of what organizations you are a part of, everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further. we don't need inflammatory rhetoric. we don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda. we need to temper our words and open our hearts. >> here with reaction defense attorney general daryl parks and senior pastor of new spirit revival center, reverend darrell scott. his lectures are beginning to sicken me. with all due respect. he rushed to judgment without
6:43 pm
any evidence. without any due process. without any facts in the cambridge police case, the trayvon case, the ferguson case and he's used overheated rhetoric on the issue of race and other things the entire presidency. i don't need his lecture. >> we don't need him to make it political. it's horrible, the crimes against the civil authorities. we don't try to make it political and use it as a political talking point and act as if to inflammatory rhetoric of a certain political party caused this guy to become a sniper. because that's just not true. >> the president himself has jumped, rushed to judgment in all of these high-profile cases and, daryl parks, why does he speak out? you were involved in ferguson and the trayvon martin case. he spoke out before any evidence was presented. wait, wait. he rushed to judgment. he didn't give these cops due process or george zimmerman or officer wilson due process. did he?
6:44 pm
he rushed to process and made it as a case. go ahead. >> well, let me say this to you. i think without question the message the president had today was about showing honor to the officers that lost their lives today and not about rhetoric. this today was about bringing the country together. >> we played him talking about rhetoric. why does he speak out in cases you have been involved in, trayvon and ferguson and also spoke out in cambridge and high-profile cases with some racial component and 3,470-plus dead people in chicago since he's been president, virtually silent. why? >> he's the president. he has -- >> what a hypocrite. >> respond to the pain on both sides. he's responsive. >> why is he silent about 3,470? why does he rush to judgment in cases you're involved this? >> he is not sigh lelent. >> 3,470. >> spoken out. >> darrell scott?
6:45 pm
>> listen. because, you know, those deaths are anonymous deaths. they're not high profile and so there's no political gain behind it. >> we have the names and scrolling the names the other night. >> you're right. if it's no -- nothing that's getting national attention, he feels there's no need to speak on it. >> why is that? so what does that say about him about him lectures us about rhetoric? >> i wish the president would be pissed off on this and let the crap stop. >> i think he is pissed off. >> we need to stop it right now. show some emotion. not drop a tear. show some emotion. get upset like the rest of us americans are and cut this mess out! >> save these kids. >> if i was -- >> they're dying. >> let me say this. today was about the officers. >> i would go to cleveland and come to cleveland harder. he needs to crack down verbally on chicago. >> thank you both. we'll have more. you will be with us, pastor, nest hour. another hour of hoontd. don't touch that dial. right after this quick break.
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welcome to hour two of "hannity" and this is a fox news alert. three police officers were killed, three others injured in baton rouge, louisiana, earlier today. law enforcement sources say that the suspect is shot and killed. joining us on the ground with the latest is casey steeg el. casey? >> reporter: bah tonlg rouge police headquarters behind me. a live look. you see the flag at half staff. you have a very large police presence here. let's bring you up to speed now. the shooting broke out less than a mile from here. and it was at about, oh, 9:00 this morning or so central time. 10:00 eastern. police first responding to a call of a man who was said to be armed, dressed in all black and hiding or hanging out behind a beauty supply store.
6:51 pm
so when officers responded, the exact timeline, a little unclear, but there was a shootout between the suspect and police. witnesses report hearing up to 30 gunshots. six officers both with the baton rouge police department and the local sheriff's office were hit. as we know, three officers have died. and we are already learning a little bit about each of them. officials say 32-year-old montrell jackson, a 10-year veteran of baton rouge pd was killed. as was 41-year-old matthew gerald who just graduated from the police academy in march. and then east baton rouge garafalo. gavin long was the suspect. today was his birthday. and his last known address was
6:52 pm
kansas city, missouri. he was also a former united states marine and did a tour of duty in iraq but baton rouge police say officers killed him on the scene this morning after that shootout with police. so as of right now, clearly, a lot of unanswered questions at this hour. if this man did live in kansas city, missouri, what was he doing here in baton rouge specifically? there were no protests going on at the time. no organized activity. remember, this all happened just before 9:00 this morning on what started as a beautiful sunday morning but ended, sean, with complete tragedy. back to you. >> unbelievable. all right. casey, thank you. we appreciate your report. joining us with reaction, former detective mark fuhrman larry
6:53 pm
elder and geraldo rivera and darrell scott. i'm making the case that the president on issues of police is hostile in his rhetoric. this president has rushed to judgment with no facts, no due process. in high-profile racial cases. i think he's stoked the fires. and he's virtually silent. if we care about all lives, 3,470-plus chicago, his hometown, dead and he doesn't talk about that. it doesn't fit the narrative. why? >> what is propelling this whole movement is this notion that black people are being assaulted by police and almost record numbers. the facts say otherwise. in the last 45 -- >> explain to geraldo. >> according to the cdc, cop shootings against blacks declined 75%. while cops shootings against whites pretty much flatlined. according to "the washington post." not fox news. "the washington post." 965 cops, people were killed last year by the cops. less than 4% were white cops killing unarmed black men.
6:54 pm
cops kill twice as many white people than white people. whites are in 10% of crime. >> is this anger -- >> that's why the police are there and the blacks are arrested more. >> is this anxious and angst -- >> this is my point. you can't have a conversation without having an intelligent discussion about how often young blacks offend. that's why. and the doj had a study a couple of years ago by the national institutes of justice, the stat arm of the doj saying that 75% of black motorists said they were stopped for legitimate reasons and speeding, driving without a license, driving with an expired tag, driving without a safety belt, blacks more likely to commit offense. you cannot have an intelligent debate without -- >> well, let me respond this way. remember, baton rouge -- >> name one thing i said that's wrong. >> i'm not -- i don't
6:55 pm
necessarily find anything wrong with your position. my -- >> not my position. those are facts. >> my question to you is, is all of this ang wish based on fiction? >> yes, it is. >> you think it's propaganda? >> i think -- >> all of this, this anger and this fear, now let me tell you -- >> i absolutely do. police shootings against blacks down dramatically. deal with this on a case by case basis. we're in cleveland. rice was killed by cops. there were three reports asked by the grand jury and all three experts said the cops acted properly. deal with them on a case by case basis. >> i submit your case is not helpful for this reason. you have all of this ang wish out there in the black community including east cleveland where the 12-year-old was shot, and if you're going to say, you know, people, you're all wrong. you're all fools. you're not -- this is not happening. >> you're paraphrasing.
6:56 pm
>> the statistics are flatlined. that's not helpful. >> sean? >> we have a situation of a center is in peril. if cops are not protected, they cannot protect. i just want to -- >> you're not helping by not telling the truth and the truth is that a black person is less likely to be shot than a white person. >> alton sterling was shot by two cops after a traffic stop and had a whole bunch of those offenses that you cited. the broken taillight and, you know, the -- >> he -- >> other -- the windows and all the rest. he's there. his family today released this statement that they were disgusted by the despicable act of violence against the officers and then see this family -- >> i want to get to the socio economics of the pastor in a moment. mark, i didn't see i would see this in my life we have policemen in dallas and around
6:57 pm
the country and there were other incidents where in san antonio, one particular place and elsewhere they're targeting police for assassination. lying in wait. they're ambushing these guys. you know, what do we do to keep the men in blue safe and does the president have a responsibility for the rhetoric he has used and the instances in which he's rushled to judgment? >> well, sean, let's start with the politicians and the people that are city managers and mayors and congressmen and the president had screwed this situation up. you need to turn this over to sheriffs and police chiefs and allow them to do what is necessary to get control back and to get their officers back in to those communities to not only put pressure on the bad actors, the bd guys, the controls, but to also -- >> wait a minute. >> the intelligence so they really -- >> runs away from a cop at 8:30 in the morning and then the cops are wrong and then, you know, the ferguson effect, the
6:58 pm
baltimore effect. darren wilson was innocent. >> but they're getting acquitted. >> michael brown robbed a store and fought him for the gun and black eyewitnesses made that point in court. but our president rushed to judgment. >> well, he does. but you have to understand something, sean. this is not a political issue. this is a police issue. this is crossed the line. this is not ideological. this is tactical now. you have to have officers that are led by their police chief and their sheriff in to these communities and they need to take the fight to the suspects that are making the threats. the second thing, you can't allow a false narrative to be presented by black lives -- >> yeah. well, you know, black lives matter guys invited to obama's white house? pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon? >> exactly. >> what do we want? dead cops. when do we want them?
6:59 pm
now. >> when you give them legitimacy -- >> go ahead, finish your statement, mark. >> well, when you give black lives matter legitimacy like that, and then you allow them to shut down thorough fares in every major city in the country, you take the power from the police, you need a permit. that's not a constitutional right and you're allowing this narrative to be echoed across the country and then crazy people like this guy in baton rouge this morning are listening. >> uh-huh. all right. let's go to pass tor scott. there's statistics that are important and another one. there's a socioeconomic political part of this equation. i'll put up on the screen what i discussed with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. black americans, and this is not just the black community but the hispanic community and all america. we have 95 million americans out of the labor force.
7:00 pm
we have 50 million in poverty. 46 million on food stamps. 1 in 5 families don't have a single person in the family working and we have doubled the national debt under this president. look at this. obama's president, black americans on food stamps up 58%. look at these numbers that we are putting up on the screen. number of black americans -- can we? number of black americans in poverty jumped 8%. how much is this playing a part in the anger of people don't feel they have a shot and ladder up the american dream? >> there's frustration in the black community right now. but the black community is looking for a target to vent their frustration on because we don't want to vent it on our black president. >> is obama pushing their anger towards cops? is he pushing their -- >> some of it, yes. >> failed economic record. >> things like what happened in baton rouge and dallas, there's no excuse for it and can't say,
7:01 pm
it's like saying if you didn't say that, they wouldn't have done that. there's no excuse for that. you can't legitimatize the motives but there's frustration in the black community and don't want to vent on who we're bending it on for years is the president. we blamed bush for everything. to blame the president for your problems is a national right but it seems as if a black person blames president obama, they look as us as race traitors. our president. our president. >> black and hispanic americans did better under bush. larry? >> they did. this is critical. there was a front page article in "the new york times" about a black harvard economist angry about the death of brown and gray and said i'm not a protest guy, a data guy. let's find out how often these darn cops shoot black people and shockingly, less likely to shoot a black person than a white person 20% less.
7:02 pm
more likely to use lower levels of force against a black person and don't want to take it to defcon 1 and afraid and the wrath of sharpton and jesse jackson and black lives matter and let a 19-year-old unarmed kid in fresno shot and killed and nobody gave a rip. >> that's like the ones in chicago. geraldo, i love you to death. one of my closest friends. >> i feel the same way about you. >> i thought i was one of your closest friends. >> you all are. we got to get -- if i -- if 60% of teenagers in any demographic don't have a summer job, if i was not washing dishes, i would be with my dopey friends. >> i don't believe that liberal entitlement approach curing poverty works. i do not. i think there should be cash incentives to parents whose kids get "as" and perfect attendance records.
7:03 pm
i want, you know, i want -- >> why don't you admit the rhetoric is disproportionate. >> hiring people that need jobs like that. but i think that one thing we cannot overlook and it is our responsibility, it is incumbent on us embarking on a great tradition in this hall and the nominating a republican candidate for the president of the united states, it is this is the summer of 1968 again. >> scary. >> i lived through it. if the center does not hold all of this talk will be -- >> i'm scared to death that there's going to be more cops shot, i think targeted assassinations. there was one group, i won't mention it, threatening to kill celebrities and famous people. everybody's at risk. let's give a last word real quick to mark. he's been very patient. mark? >> you know, sean, when i listen to all of this, that's going on in the media and on the show right now, there's one thing that's absent. nobody is demanding personal
7:04 pm
accountability for the actions that sometimes precipitate these issues, the shootings. the man in baton rouge, alton sterling, he had a crime, assaulted a man a with a man. he refused to get on the ground and this is generated all this anger and it was directly on his shoulders, all he had to do was put his hands up and go to jail. >> it's very tough when people see videotapes and don't have facts and there's never an arrest that's going to look nice and sweet and clean, especially if resisted and we always rush to judgment. if cops protect our lives, they certainly deserve the presumption of innocence. >> why not tasers? why doesn't have officer -- >> you have a long gun. >> and what happened to comply you won't die? virtually every one of the men would be alive if they complied.
7:05 pm
>> appreciate it. keep us in your prayers. all right? >> i will. guests are next and then later tonight -- >> i got more votes than anybody and understand there's a faction. >> is it already unified? >> i will say -- >> because of this pick? >> no. i think much more unified than people thought. >> donald trump and now governor mike pence, they sat down with "60 minutes" first joint interview and highlights and reaction with the panel and joined by iowa senator on set. she will be speaking at the rnc tomorrow. she gives us a preview of the speech and more tonight. it's "hannity" on the road. same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles.
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7:09 pm
welcome back to "hannity." now earlier both donald trump and hillary clinton responded to the horrific shootings in baton rouge, louisiana, with trump calling for law and order and clinton saying, quote, today's assault on police is an assault on all of us but after years of rhetoric coming from the left how can this country be unified? here now with reaction, danesh
7:10 pm
dasousa and judge janine pero. the words don't mean anything. rushing to judgment. >> the words are irrelevant right now. it is the history of the actors that's relevant. we can say isn't it nice they're saying nice things? here's the bottom line. hillary clinton is getting the information from black lives matter and advice. the barack obama is getting his information from the greatest purveyor of hate in this country, al sharpton. going to the funeral of five white dallas cops shot because they were white by a racist african-american, that was a hate crime and tucking about centuries of racism and jim crow laws, how dare he? today, the cop killing is normalized in this country because of this president. >> you know, judge janine makes a point. you have this movie "hillary 2016" and sought out the support
7:11 pm
of black lives matter and been in the obama white house a number of times. >> i think not only that, i agree with all of that, but the volatility of the situations occurring again and again and again and where? if we were to locate them, occurring on the liberal plantation. now here's what i mean, sean. over the last 50 years, the left has created these -- they have taken the rural plantation and they have rhee created it in the inner city. in oakland, baltimore, detroit, even inner city dallas, unlivable places. i mean, almost causes you ptsd through the day. the family structure is broken down. there's no -- the liberals provide them -- >> parts of cleveland that are not -- it's sad. >> bad here. >> so this is boiling over. i mean, the way -- liberals talk about let's find the root cause. the root cause is liberal plantation is boiling over and some of this is coming out of this. >> judge? >> i think when's happening is that this is all about politics
7:12 pm
and legacies. this is all about trying to ingratiate yourself to certain people and the president saying i'm going to let out 20,000 illegal immigrants who are criminals. >> and gitmo to go back to the battlefield. >> the concept is we are racist, our turn. you christians, you remember the prayer breakfast. you know? it is your turn. and at the end of the day, what we have got are the cops putting on the uniforms with targets on the back. >> i watched the new movie coming out next week. you give a history lesson. every election, democrats say republicans are racist, sexist, anti-gay and want to kill your grandmother and poison the air and water. i've summed uphill ri's campaign. there is a history here that's inaccurate. >> the attack on trump is he is a racist. he doesn't like immigrants. a fascist. ironically, the democratic party
7:13 pm
that's been implicated in all the most sordid events of history. the democratic party north and south protected slavery. the democrats passed the segregation laws. a democratic delegate to the national convention who started the ku klux klan. >> they don't know the history. >> to the 1960s. more -- >> when does the movie come out? >> this friday. we had a premier right here in cleveland today. >> i got a special disk and my name on it in case i copied it and sold it. >> you know -- >> call them watermarks? >> yeah. i think it will cause a big stir nationwide. >> i hope it will. it does educate. i would never want to be in your courtroom. i don't know. >> let me tell you something. >> yeah? >> i convicted a cop of killing an african-american man. i'm not saying it to patronize anyone. the people in law enforcement do their job every day. they're color blind.
7:14 pm
>> this president -- >> throwing us back 60 years, 100 years, these are the purveyors of guilty. >> he says they're guilty. >> when hillary clinton says we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the african-americans, put yourselves in the shoes of the women burying their husbands, hillary. >> good point. all right. and joining us now with reaction to all of this, and of course, 2016 gop presidential candidate former arkansas governor mike huckabee. one thing i appreciate is we still have some of the 2016 primary candidates that didn't endorse donald trump and some not coming here and all of them signed a pledge. is their word meaningless? >> well, sean, it is just -- it's just dishonorable. it was here in this city in cleveland that we were asked on national television to support the nominee. we all said, yes. either you keep your word or you're a liar. i hate to be so blunt but look.
7:15 pm
i know some folks -- >> i like your bluntless. >> none of us enjoyed being defeated by donald trump or anybody else but that's what happens. >> right. >> we enter this as an election. so yeah. they ought to, you know, man up and just say, look, i got beat and i'm going to support the party. this is a choice of donald trump and hillary. >> what do you think of the selection of mike pence? i see the "60 minutes" interview. i had an hour with him friday night. i had interviewed him a lot over the years and not read the entire bio. this is a guy that challenged boehner, spoke to the tea party while he was in leadership the first one ever in the republican party. this is a guy who has a great track record as governor in indiana and seems to balance trump out a little bit. you know? i guess you can't have two -- >> he does. he's a solid choice. and i think that's one of the things that donald trump looked for, somebody to balance him on a number of areas and trump said
7:16 pm
most important and somebody with governoring experience and admire about mike pence opposing t.a.r.p. and understood -- >> bailouts, all of it. >> yeah. >> you know -- >> of all things, i remember of congress -- >> there was a lot of pressure. >> oh, they all pretty much gave in. very few that stood tall and he did and i think that bodes well for him. >> yeah. governor, have you talked to mr. trump about maybe doing something in his administration? >> well, i mean, i have had several conversations with him. i'm not sure that, you know, i want to go into some federal bureaucracy. i'll do everything i can to make sure -- >> i would like to throw you there if you don't mind. i think you would be good. >> well, you know -- we'll see what happens. you know? but nothing's been offered. nothing's been accepted. and right now i'm not thinking about it but trying to rebuild my life after being have been
7:17 pm
crushed by donald trump for a year. >> by the way, with friends like me who needs enemies? i'm throwing you to washington. >> thanks a lot. i'll put your name in the hat. thank you, sean. >> i'm sorry. i can't hear you. you're breaking up. bad cell. thank you, governor. good to see you. coming up next here on "hannity" -- >> i understand there's a fx. >> is it already unified do you think? >> it is close. >> just because of this pick? >> no. i think it was much more unified than people thought. >> donald trump, governor mike pence gave their first joint interview to "60 minutes" tonight. we'll get reaction from the panel. plus, iowa senator joni ernst will join us. it's "hannity." we're on the road and we'll continue. put some distance between you and temptation with...
7:18 pm
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7:21 pm
he's very establishment in a lot of ways and that's not a bad thing. >> that's interesting. >> i have seen more people that, frankly, did not like me so much and now they're saying, what a great pick. you see the kind of reaction. he has helped bring the party together. i understand. look. i got more votes than anybody and i understand there's a faction. >> is it already unified do you think? >> i think it is close to unified. >> just because of this pick? >> no. i think it was much more unified than people thought. >> all right. that was more of donald trump and governor mike pence's first
7:22 pm
joint interview earlier tonight. here with analyst, fox news contributor, pollster and trump campaign adviser, kelly ann con way and contributor lisa booth is with us. i watched this tonight and i got to be honest. i think the chemistry is amazing. they look good together. >> they did. >> you're a democrat. you said they did. >> they're comfortable. that's the question. really comfortable. >> compliment each other. >> notice how pence complimented him on issues. everyone's saying, trump won't listen to anybody. won't take -- he said, i like his disagreements. good for it. >> that was a good point. >> very important point. >> you said you watched the hour i did with governor pence. >> yes. >> and i've known him for years. interviewed him and never really met him and then did the research and said he challenged boehner. forgot that. first leader in washington in
7:23 pm
leadership to speak to the tea party. i'm a conservative first. not a republican. i was really impressed. the record in indiana. >> it is incredible. the record that came about after mitch daniels left and mike pence came in and doesn't give credit for that. employment under $5. $2 billion surplus. >> how? >> tax cuts. hello. 5% for employers and individuals. everyone. >> trump said that impressed him. the record said i want to do that for the country. >> absolutely. elusive to john mccain and mitt romney against barack obama. we need to sew up the rust belt in the midwest states. >> michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. >> ohio. >> of course. >> iowa. he is in there. >> iowa is winning in a poll and even in connecticut which floors me. can he win the states? >> yes, he can. they can. what pat said is very important. very easy, authentic relationship. >> it was, right? >> blossoming there. i also thought, i don't know why everybody's playing this ridiculous game of, do you
7:24 pm
disagree with what so and so did five and ten years ago? elections are about the future and not the past. >> that's a great point. >> if they want to know, lisa, sean, what their vision for america is, ask the right questions. my favorite part was this. when mike pence said, we have a difference in style but we share exactly the same vision. that's key. >> that's key. look offensive pat's party is. no offensive, pat. >> speaking of no chemistry. >> the most extreme pick in a generation s. that the best you got? >> hillary clinton has no message. there are so many americans right now sitting around and so concerned about the direction of this country. they're seeing that the middle class is left behind. the world is on fire with isis and the terrorist attacks across the globe and seeing the country implo imploding. you see how high the racial divides are around the country and they're the only ones who
7:25 pm
are addressing the concerns of americans. >> let me ask a question to all of you. does this choice of pence, which is rock solid, and they had real good chemistry together, how does that impact hillary's choice? >> i don't know. >> sherrod brown or elizabeth warren? >> she is not going elizabeth warren. ain't going to happen. i think caine. easier to take somebody. vice presidents, this mattered right now. mattered how people judged it, whether it was smart. it's not going to matter long term. >> do you know what happened tonight? this election moved on to inspirational optimistic forward looking. since 1960, voters go for the inspirational forward looking candidate with the exception of 1972. hillary cannot pull that off. she just -- it is not in her dna to be positive. >> i thought it was smart. i understood why donald trump delayed announcement and i think it's always -- i think this week is about him. right? shouldn't be about vetting a
7:26 pm
vice president. >> no. >> this is going to feel like -- >> sean, donald trump has an opportunity this week, not only with republicans and i think that pick with mike pence to send a message. i care. i want to unite the party. we are in this together against hillary clinton. but it's also he's got the eyes of the nation upon him this week and he needs to talk about he's a law and order candidate. the americans seeing the country -- >> tomorrow's about keeping america safe. >> speaks to -- >> forefront of our minds. >> cuts to the heart of the lawlessness of hi hill. >> going miss way. it's up to him to prove his personal qualities. >> he's shown a lot of discipline in the last month and nobody's talking about it. >> this is important for thursday. >> he knows he is going to win. coming up, iowa senator ernst joining us here next and she is speaking tomorrow at the rnc. that and more as continue. "hannity" on the road speeds up
7:27 pm
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welcome back to hoonlt and we are broadcasting tonight from cleveland, ohio. republican national convention starts tomorrow. monday's theme is, quote, making america safe again. iowa senator joni ernst joins us on set and will address the convention tomorrow. >> thank you. great to be here. >> in light of what happened in baton rouge today, in light of what happened in dallas, in light of what happened in orlando and what's happening in paris, i am very concerned that things are spiraling out of control really quickly. and that we have people that will not deal with and even identify the nature of threats we are currently facing. what are you going to say tomorrow? >> sean, i assume you're talking about the administration when you point that out. >> yes, i am. >> that will be my focus tomorrow evening talking about making america safe again. i'm going to focus on national security but we have a void.
7:32 pm
that's what you were avolluding to. void of leadership here in the united states and any time i'm traveling abroad, any time i'm doing 99-county tours in iowa -- >> full grassley. >> the full grassley, doing that, what i'm hearing world leaders as well as folks back home say is where's american leadership? where's american leadership? >> you know, it's interesting because look at paris, for example, there was a 2010 article of -- from the arabian peninsula, al qaeda inspired one and it's called inspire and they gave the exact tactics that were used in paris. i know that there have been plans and i have talked to security people, national security people saying, yes, iowa is a threat. mall of america is a threat. it is not just new york. it is not just going to be san bernardino or chattanooga or orlando. we are at risk and now we have police officers targeted and
7:33 pm
brought in for assassination. >> right. >> how do we deal with? >> address it. leadership coming from the top. but we also need to address it at the grass roots level. we have to have community leaders that are willing to step out and speak against this because it is happening in our own communities. the fbi director jim comey has stated that there is isis and isis affiliates in all 50 states. >> all 50 states. >> 1,000 ongoing investigations currently that we know of. maybe more? >> there could be more. there could be more. but that's shocking and shocking to the folks back home in iowa. they say, joni, what do you mean there's isis in iowa? and i say, yes. we know that's true. the fbi director has stated that. we have to have the willpower, we have to have the leadership to step up, call it what it is. it's extreme islamic terrorism. >> why do you think the president and hillary clinton
7:34 pm
can't say the words? >> they're being very politically correct. they're afraid to step out. we need to recognize there's islamic leaders out there that are just shocked and horrified at the hijacking of their religion by these extremists. they need to step up and say something. >> obviously, donald trump i think is in the forefront of two big issues. immigration, building a wall, securing the border. and secondly, if you grow up under sha rye yeah, a woman, you're told saudi arabia gave $25 million to the clinton foundation, $10 million to the clinton library. women can't drive, told if they can go to school or work. women need four male eyewitnesses for -- to prove rape. gays and lesbians killed for being gay and lesbialesbian. women are treated horribly. they bought her silence. why is that not rez natding with women? >> it should be resonating with
7:35 pm
women. this is something here in the united states, we have really encouraged women to step forward. i'm the first federally elected woman in the state of iowa. i've held many positions. >> i love your iowa fair. >> iowa state fair. >> you have to give me fried butter, fried pink ls, pork chop on a stick. >> pork chop on a stick. >> you don't want me to leave there alive. >> it is a great experience. >> i have loved it. >> we encourage everyone to come out. >> you were vetted. >> i was considered. >> you were considered. >> i was considered. >> you met with mr. trump. >> i was. i have told people i left our meeting feeling very encouraged about his candidacy. and we spoke about a lot of different things. very comfortable conversation. >> how long was the meeting? >> several hours. several hours. and i enjoyed it very much. we talked a lot, of course, about national security because that's very important to me. >> sure. >> we talked a lot about iowa
7:36 pm
and what iowans are talking about. but he also brought up some things that are concerning to him. education. children in the inner cities. >> wants to go back to the states. >> yes. >> very conservative agenda. a lot of conservatives say to me, he is not a conservative. he is a nationalist populist first but the agenda is conservative. >> it is and to hear him passionately especially about the children in the cities, making sure they have skills to go to work. and support a great economy here in the united states. he talked very passionately about this. >> do you like mike pence? >> i do like mike pence. i do. >> senator, great to see you. >> thank you, sean. so much. thank you. >> cool to be considered. >> yes. >> for vptd. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, we'll check in with charles hurt and here to preview what else to expect tomorrow at day one of the rnc. that and more as we continue "hannity" from cleveland, ohio. please stay with us. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night,
7:37 pm
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welcome back to "hannity" and the rnc is kicking off the convention here in cleveland tomorrow, and tomorrow's theme is "make america safe again." and joining me is charles hurt and american conservative chairman matt slat.
7:41 pm
i spoke at your group the last two years. >> yes. >> and i said that i will give as much air time to candidates, and you decide. then in 2016, i will give more time to candidates and you decide and we will support the winner, and so now there are people who are including the former presidential candidates not on board, and what is with these people makings promises and not keeping them? >> well, they made donald trump sign a pledge. >> yes, they made him sign the pledge and forced him to, and then they don't. >> well, the fact is that this makes them look like cry babies and sore losers and helps trump run against the broken system, the old system. >> and charles, you have been a trump supporter from day one and you took a lot oft heat, and me being fair to him, i took a lot of heat. and if you look at the polls, he is growing and growing and hillary is just disintegrating and why?
7:42 pm
well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is taking political correctness and shattered it. >> n't it is are refreshing? >> yes. it is like a glass of cold ice on a hot day. >> wen with he goes over to the line that says things that make me cringe, okay. >> and if they make him cringe, it really makes me cringe. >> and the radio talk show, there is nothing that makes me cringe, nothing. >> and where we would be starting at this point in the general election basically tied, a and you the insider versus the outsider and disrupter versus the total establishment, and you have the law and order candidate and versus the secretary of benghazi, bring it on. that is a great place for him. >> and now, trump had a tough number of weeks and then he got the footing, and got the messaging, and hillary has had a horrible three or four weeks now. >> terrible. this could be the worst stretch of a presidential campaign that we have seen, a some people who have not liked trump, they say
7:43 pm
with the stretch she has been through how come he is not up 10 points or so. and the thing that we know is that his zone is in concrete and not a dang thing that she can do to have them come down, but with trump, the numbers are moving around and people are looking at him, and hey, is this the guy i want him to be president? and that is what this week is about, do they want him to be president. >> and he has been in politics for a year, and this is a short time, and the learning curve as newt pointed out, it is astronomical and the learning curve is amazing. >> yes. >> and it is amazing. >> if you have chris matthews, you have a thrill. >> and people like that the look at donald trump, and they marvel, because one thing they know with hillary clinton is a perfectly horrendous candidate. >> isn't she the worst? >> and they ask her, where is she? she doesn't do anything? she is not doing interviews. >> and she called into fox,
7:44 pm
and -- >> she is following trump. he is in her head, you know. >> and who does she pick that helps her or hurts her? >> well, i don't know, if she does the elizabeth warren, it is not going to help her, and in fact, i think that would ruin elizabeth warren's career which is on the way -- >> well, poke hon tas has ruined her career, so we will move on. >> and i wish he would pick a different name, because poke hon tas was -- >> and he said that, it is a insult to poke hon t-- poke hon >> and yes, jeb busch said in an interview that she is not going to be building the wall, and i watched that and jeb upset that he lost, and i have great respect for him, and yeah, he is going to be building the wall -- >> and by the way the funding has gone through congress, and budget deals and a lot of the democrats have voted for the wall, and including hillary clinton. and so who is the person who is
7:45 pm
being desubpoena thetive in all of this. >> and your group has played a huge part in the last two years in this. >> that is right, and you have been a big part. >> i have been honored to do that. >> and we will be coming back strong. >> all right. when we come back, more "hannity" from cleveland, ohio, right after this break. after a long day, jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? vitamin enriched to revive skin and fight 7 signs of aging your old school dance moves might show your age, your skin never will olay. ageless.
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7:50 pm
much more. make sure you are with us tomorrow. >> previously on "legends and lies: the patriots"... >> king george has declared us rebels. he threatens us with death. >> now, i see you all hanged upon liberty tree. >> now it seems we must all hang together, or we most assuredly will hang separately. spies are everywhere! >> we must put a spy behind enemy lines. >> captain nathan hale.
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