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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 18, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> this man is hooting at the police. he has a mask on. nice little sniper rifle. he is military. i don't know who this man is. a running gun battle broke the peace and calm of a sunday morning in baton rouge about 8:40 in the morning in a restaurant not far from the police department. officers were having prbreakfas according to one expert, rod wheeler here. that is when a 911 call came about a man with a rifle not far from there. the police headed to the scene and that's where the gun battle began. six officers wounded, three killed. >> shots fired. officer down. {off-lin {off-line}
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>> the bear cat and officers running to help but not enough to safe three officers officer monday trawl ja-- montreal jack the job for three years described as a gentle giant. recently posted on facebook that the racial tensions and hosti hostilities here were touching him to his core. he talked about the paradox of getting nasty looks in uniform and looks of fear while out of uniform. brad garafold 24er yaos on the force four kids described as a great neighbor a true family man also brought down in the hail of jun gier. matthew garold recently allowed to patrol by himself. he was a former marine and army crew chief also killed. >> i told the troopers be
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prepared be aware of your surroundings and be safe. that's what this was all about. >> we can add the name to gavin long 29 years old from kansas city, missouri. reportedly had been in dallas during the police shooting there and came here to baton rouge. black male former u.s. marine. yesterday was his birthday when he opened fire wearing extra ammuniti ammunition. his media is violent and anti police rhetoric. we have heard that over the past couple of weeks. some of the federal swat team fbi swat team from new orleans don't believe this is over. back to you. >> that is unfortunate and very scary. leland vittert live for us, thank you. authorities are piecing together more information about
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the suspect. gavin long a former marine from missouri. >> more questions remain seeing the photos of the families, of the wives. the republican national convention starting this week. >> fox news contributor rod wheeler. good morning to you. >> we were talking about the uncertainty and this feeling of unsettlement all across the nation among our police officers but especially where you are in baton rouge after the can iikilf sterling over a week ago and the worst has happened. >> i can tell you that police departments all across the country, heather is on high alert. the reason they are on hey alert is obviously we see this animosity directed toward the sflirss all across the country.
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officers are being told to ride two officers maybe even three officers to a police car. i got new information regarding the suspect and how this shooting event went down. this is really interesting. the officers were having breakfast together. it is not unusual for police officers to have breakfast they were laughing and talking about their families. around 8:39, 8:38 a.m. they got a call of a man with a gun possibly firing shots about a half a mile from where i am standing nouw. the officers decided to go as a group to investigate the complaint. when they turned into the convenience store lot they turn nude a funnel of danger. the funnel of danger is the area where the sus respecpect had pod himself to take out cops. that's why we see the three
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officers were shot initially. you can clearly hear the officer's voice, you can hear the adrenaline in their voice. they are saying they don't know where the shots are coming from. this suspect was dressed all in black. he had on a mask. the officers returned fire striking him as well. >> rod, as abby just mentioned, the feeling there in the community is going to be hard to over come in the coming weeks and months if ever. we have additional information as well. the new black panther party form there had in baton rouge just 24-hours before the attack. >> that's right. they were tweeting and they were sending out their propaganda on social media. what's interesting the suspect in this case actually participated in some of the new black panther rallies in dallas, texas less than two weeks ago. he was in dallas. check this out. he was in dallas for the protest
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against the police officers right after the police officers were killed in dallas. then he went back to kansas city and on july 12th, this is new information. he rent add rental car drove from kansas city to baton rouge to participate in the black lives matter protest in baton rouge. we are starting to connect the dots. the questions that remain is whether or not there was any warning signs with this guy. that's what they are trying to figure out now. >> i think at the least his social media sites specifically his youtube site. >> thank you so much for joining us. speaking of social media we will check in with you. montrell jackson, one of the last things he said in reference to one of the problems going on, i am working in these streets so any protests, officers, family, friends can be safe. if you see me or need a hug or want to say a prayer, i got you.
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>> heartbreaking. >> he's a hero. hero among us. >> where the executions in baton rouge are feeling fresh security concerns as the rnc kicks off today. >> the city is calling for violent protests and unrest as the police calls for open carry ban. >> this keep the city safe we have more. >> the police union is very concerned that anti police a protestors ascending on cleveland combined with an open carry law could create a very dangerous situation for those assigned to protect the reasons convention. they are begging the governor john kasich to temporarily suspend the state's open carry law before anything bad happens. >> if you are telling me you can't do it the delegates lives
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are more important than the police outside of the gate. we don't want to divert the resources we have by watching good god fearing law awe biding citizen that is have open carry. that is going to draw our attention in the tragic world we are living in right now. we want all of our resources looking for the truly bad people that are going to come out here. >> governor kasich plans to avoid the kick enloans the first to not go to his convention in his own state. there will be no changes to the ohio open carry law. law enforcement is a noble essential calling and we all grieve that we have again seen attacks on officers. ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily and suspend states constitutional rights or state laws as suggested. a 15 and a hand gun crowded the
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square. we have seen organized protests as well. the first of about 170 groups with permits of protest marched yesterday and so far things have been peaceful. back to you in new york heather and has been bee. >> peert dos see live in new york. thank you. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump promising to get america back on track by restoring law and order. >> hillary is a weak person. we are the law and order candidates. we are going to change things around. >> is this message a ticket to the white house? we are weighing in. ean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end.
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>> we need law and order. we need strong borders. >> whether it be the horrific attacks in the united states, the instability in turkey. >> i think that is all a result of a foreign policy of hillary clinton and bill clinton that b has led from behind. >> they say it needs to stop from coming from behind. >> stat gist kathy lynn taylor, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. great to be here. as we were showing in the clip, the law and order candidate, he has been good at branding his campaign. you can define for one sentence
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why he is running for president. >> this is a brilliant slogan. a perfect time donald trump has had extremely good pension for doing. you know, with four attacks in as many weeks here on u.s. soil, four mass attacks and terror deaths around the world rising at a rapid pace, terror deaths raised more than 80 percent. it is not just for americans it is all over the world. as donald trump might day there's a huge opportunity for leadership here. if he can lay down the law and mike pence can back it up they will be in very good shape. >> we have talked about party unity. how will this allow them to cross party lines or will it and bring additional votes for them? >> of course 60 percent of americans feel less safe now than they did eight years ago. 60 percent of americans say the
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country has gone in the wrong direction. that is beyond just the re republican party as well as the democr democrat party. >> the blue dogs have come over trump in the gop primary more than ever in the history of the gop. you have seen that happen in national security, domestic security. we know clinton is not trusted. whenever she is going to pick as her vp will be trusted. nobody has credential on national security. barack obama has made it less safe internally. donald trump and mike pence are the answer. they will win on november 8th. >> often times the secret weapons of a campaign can be the family members that know the candidates better than anybody. we are going to hear from a different family member each
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night this week. what can melania trump say to convince voters especially women that donald trump is their man? >> i think it is one of the attributes donald trump most relate to is his successful family, close knit family and family values. i think she will be able to play in that very, very well tonight. in the case of mrs. trump clearly pretty and powerful as a successful career women herself as someone who exercised nothing but great restraint and judgment and loyalty on the campaign trail. she could be a really smart and effective voice for tapping into family values this weekend. i think americans are looking forward to getting to know her better and seeing that for sure. >> not really a voice many americans have heard. many will be tuning in for and hearing her for the first time. >> the topic keeping america safe. as we were introduced to governor pens as trump
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introduced him as his running mate. i want to talk about the economy. >> he brought down unemployment. over 150,000 jobs created. let's take a look at the financials of indiana. i am in the world of business. you talk about any potential opportunity. governor pence is for indiana. it was 30 seconds in unemployment meaning one of the worst now it is second for unemployment. great for veterans. we have seen in the military commit some of these heinous acts. we need to treat our vets better. >> something donald trump says he is passionate about. >> people want to be safe economically and physically. >> thank you for being with us,
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you guys. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> 20 minutes after the hour. hundreds packing a theater in cleveland for the premiere of conservative filmmaker's new documentary, hillary's america. >> we are joined live up next. ♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months,
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>> "hillary's america". hundreds of people packing the
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theater for dinesh d'souza new documentary. >> follow the money. >> what is the goal of the democratic party is to feel the most valuable thing the world has ever produced. >> fox news contributor said he was there. he got to watch the movie. he gets to join us live with his opinion on it. thank you so much, first of all. >> thank you for having me. it was an amazing event, the world premiere. >> it is being described as take no prisonerprisoners. >> take no prisoners on the history of the democratic party and the rise of hillary clinton. he is capturing the space of the conservative documentary much like michael moore on the left. he's painting a picture of what
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the world with hillary clinton might look like. we got a chance to talk to him on the red carpet. here's what he had to say and info on the movie. >> it all began when the obama administration tried to shut me up. >> what are feeks going to see? >> they are going to see american politics the way they have never seen before. the democratic party is the party of equal rights and the civil rights and the logical guy and the ord-- little guy and th ordinary man. >> the democrat sports slaves. >> you have not seen asordid strain of gang officerism in the democratic party from the beginning. >> the democrats went from slavery to enslavement. corrupt big city bosses that's how you get bosses. >> the workman fest station of
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this sordid position. >> the film is about to play right now. >> keeping them overnight for eight months. (cheers) >> i knew some of the history but a lot of it i didn't know. it breaks my heart that most of america hasn't seen this and doesn't know this. >> do you feel like hillary clinton if you were a service member do you feel like hillary clinton would have your pack? >> i think the only type of back hillary clinton would have for me is kicking us out the door in some country we have no business being in. >> i promote the whole american dream thing and i think americans do exactly the opposite. they don't promote the american deem and don't promote coming from nothing to something. >> for the young people i would say that for one thing they need to wake up and they need to sue
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the universities for malpractice for only giving them one side of hits and for african americans. i found my way out and they can find their way out. >> that was carol swain. she was a professor at vand belt featured prominently in the movie. powerfully walked through the racist history of the democrat party and the strains that head now toward the modern democrat party and hillary clinton's candidacy whose policies are also not assisting those so much in need. a powerful film that they are hoping voters will see through to november. >> a lot of people getting emotional. very interesting. >> peert, thank you. the time right now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour.
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>> officers promised to protect and serve are gunned down. brand new information about the killer and his sick message just days before the murders. >> the ambush raising fresh fears as thousands descend on the city for the republican convention. we are live with new measures being taken. lf? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here. the all-new e-class. self-braking, self-correcting, self-parking. a mercedes-benz concept car that's already a reality. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> it is monday july 18th. this is a fox news alert. police officers killed in cold blood in baton rouge. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am abby hunts man. this is what we know. six officers responded to a 911 call shot at out side of a gas station. three were killed three others injured. so far this year, listen to this, 30 officers have been
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killed by gunfire. compare that to just 14 last year in all of last year. it is only july. >> unbelievable. the execution fueling fresh concerns about security as the republican national convention kicks off in cleveland today. this is a look there at the quicken loans arena. >> rich he hadson is following the heightened security life in cleveland. >> leland, we are live in baton rouge. >> good morning on a very sad day here in baton rouge. the flag at the baton rouge police department behind me at half staff as the flag is around much of this city. they a there are not words in the english language to describe the grief that has beset baton rouge. >> this man is shooting at the police. he has a mask on looking like a ninja. he is military.
2:31 am
i don't know who this man is. >> 9:00 a.m. when the signs of gunfire broke the peace. there were six police officers nearby at a local restaurant frequented by officers who responded then. in that gunfight there were three officers killed three wounded. you can hear the sound of fear, desperation and adrenaline in their voice. >> shots fired officer down. shots fired officer down. >> we need at e vak. >> we will be back to you in just a second. stay alive. >> three officers died in the end. officer montel 32 year 10 years on the force described his friend as a gentle giant.
2:32 am
he recently posted on facebook about the racial tensions talking about getting looks in uniform and looks of fear when he was not in uniform. brad garafola 24 years as a sheriff's deputy here in louisiana. four kids drieb described as a family man and also a great neighbor. third officer killed matthew gerard. 41 years old only been on the force about a year. had a long history of service not only to his community but his nation as well. he was a u.s. marine. also an army blackhawk crew chief. >> hero is not only the word. incredible human beings. my brother we have grown up together. seeing their emotion in the hospital this morning was unbelievable. makes me want to do my job even
2:33 am
harder. >> the suspect gavin long 29 years old also former u.s. military with extra ammunition on and ns withes report he was dressed in black and social media posting talking about a violent anti police anti white tulling dalling s -- anti white police tendency. you fear there are more attacks coming. >> makes it so real when you see the faces and the names. leland vittert live for us. thank you. president obama offering a unified message in the wake of the baton rouge attacks. >> regardless of motive, the deaths of these three brave officers under scores the danger that police across the country confront every single day. we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law
2:34 am
enforcement. attacks on police are attacks on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible. >> the president's words echos the sentiment of police chief james craig traveling to each police chief and warning officers to remain on heightened alert. for more we bring him in as detroit police chief james craig. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> difficult day for law enforcement all across the country. take a look at the numbers. it really says it. in 2015, 14 officers killed in the entire year. compare that to 2016 where there have been 30. that is an increase of 114 percent, just so far this year. so the question for you is, do you believe that there is a war on law enforcement across this country? is that something you would say? >> i wouldn't call it a war on law enforcement. certainly there is heightened
2:35 am
concern. i look at what going on in detroit we have a high support of the community. when you look at what happened in dallas and baton rouge you are talking about military veterans also. i have reach out to a local veteran's organization. this is an area we need to constantly work on in this community. i don't know what the situation is in baton rouge with this shooter but we know some of our veterans are suffering from some form of mental illness and we need need to have a relationship with that community. then you have the rhetoric that certainly is emanating across this could be tree and i do think it has had an impact on pushing the button of some of these individuals. we know this suspect specifically, although he was a veteran, was also online spewing
2:36 am
this hateful rhetoric. >> we can learn a lot about them from there. >> you heard from the east baton rouge sheriff yesterday in response to the attack. this isn't as much about gun control this is about bringing the country together. this is about what is in the men's heart. how can we come together as a nation? what is your message on coming together? >> that's a great point. we need to come together. i said something to local media here yesterday the media plays a key role in this. i think in addition to keeping the channels open, the media has to come in. one thing we saw is a respect threat of killing police officers. both were arrested. so
2:37 am
on the same token if an african american is involved in the shootingings dent how much play would they get in the media? we have to old our officers accountable in criminality. i think there's a bias in the media. the media has to play a role. >> appreciate it. placing blame on the officers. adding to growing fears in cleveland as the republican national convention begins today. so much violence nationwide and abroad. security officials say they are ready for anything. >> convention officials tell us in the wake worldwide it is a
2:38 am
reminder of what can happen here. they have been talking about it for the past year. the chief says they have increased barrier security on the roads following the truck attack in nice. what happened in baton rouge is yet another reminder of them that they have to watch their backs for the republican convention. t the secret service is responsible for securing the quicken loans arena. they are prepared. >> we have placed barriers or barricades at certain key streets and intersections around the downtown neighborhoods just to make sure like things that are attempted are at least mitigated. >> they were eating breakfast
2:39 am
and crews rushed to the scene. they didn't know they were walking straight into an ambush. >> i never felt like this. >> all we can do is put our faith in good people. >> you have to be sure. >> police officers here are joined in cleveland by thousands of federal state and local police officers. in the east coast of florida he drove up with his partner cargo. they are a canine unit. talking to a number of police office officers today is gets a lot more advanced. a lot more police officers. there's a strong presence here as the republican national convention begins officially today. they have been here for much longer than that. >> rich ed sonlife for us.
2:40 am
>> thank you, rich. >> indiana governor mike pence is now the man of the hour. >> one of the big reasons i choose mike, one of the reasons is unity. >> will pence really unite the party? scott brown weighs in up next. you both have a
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perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you
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clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> welcome back. donald trump's main reason for picking mike pence as his running mate is to unify the party. >> here is former republican senator massachusetts scott brown. thank you for joining us early this morning. >> is this the ticket that can unite the party? >> i think it is a great first step. obviously governor pence has
2:44 am
strong credentials not only dealing inside and outside the beltway but understanding the legislative process understanding a good strong kong conservative. yes, it is a great first step. when you talk about hillary clinton that can unite the party. when you talk about donald trump it unites the other party. >> you have governor john kasich of ohio has not endorsed donald trump not going to the convention this week. some are saying no there is still a last ditch effort to remove donald trump before the convention is over what does it mean for them? >> it is sad unfortunately. they can look at a larger picture when mitt romney and senator mccain when others needed our help right now donald trump and governor pence need their help. we need to unite to make sure we
2:45 am
take back the white house, keep the senate expand the numbers on the house and kickback against the obama clinton agenda that has stagnated and put this world in great danger. i am hopeful they will come around. i am disappointed governor kasich is not here. i think it is trurude the fact t people here worked very hard during the campaigns and all of the states for him. he can come here and say thank you and let them say thank you to him. it is more like a get together moment. we have got to join forces here to push back. >> it is not just the party that needs to unify both parties. it is people all across this country. this rnc convention beginning the day after the murders the three police officers in baton rouge. how is the rnc addressed that?
2:46 am
>> let me remind everybody watching in listening we are americans first. we are not democrats, republicans, black, white, we are americans first. we need to work together for the betterment of this great country to make sure citizens are safe and secure. you can carry a firearm but when it comes to actually putting people's lives in danger and attacking the people that are keeping us safe and secure it starts with leadership to tell the black panthers go home and stand down. there is always a but and that sends an important message to people. >> it is an important message you can hear for the next few days. thank you for waking up early for us.
2:47 am
>> 44 states have that in place which is in effect there where they are having the rnc convention. >> let's check with brian kilmeade standing by live to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> it is so beautiful. >> it is beautiful. the news is it is pouring and it is thundering so loud. >> i thought that was your stomach. >> actually. i should have had a bigger breakfast. a very good point. that is where we are going to be today instead of outside for today. senator scott brown finished up the interview. we are going to build on the baton rouge killings. we more details and more analysis to offer. a preview of day one of the republican national convention. aguest donald trump will be joining us live.
2:48 am
geraldo rivera will break down everything happening in the world. anna kooiman and the team of clayton morris from the team bb here. it will be a great show. we will have everything happening. we will have a one-on one interview with dennis kucinich. he starts out as the mayor who is one of the best politicians in the america. that is the latest from here. three-hour action packed show. we have to open up with another horrific cop killing. that has got to stop. back to you guys. finish up strong. >> we look forward to watching. >> dallas has open carry as well. >> we will be right back. stay with us.
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and we are back now with a
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fox news alert. three officers killed in the line of duty in bat tonl rouge, yesterday. as sommourn the horrific attack. some of the most shocking social media reactions. >> good morning, heather and abby. >> we're here at the republican national convention. on social media this morning. some disgusting kmen 25ir ri. it's interesting to watch which messages twitter decided to pull down and which one they decided to pull up. we'll start with this one with the police barricade and black lives matter. this caused a lot of controversy. armed pigs meet political consequences in baton rouge. there's stuff we had to black out because it was too violent to put on television. we had to blur out some of the hashtags. another one blaming the police for the shooting saying this
2:53 am
good cops need to start snitching on their racist co-workers today. only y'all can stop this. they're also if you can notice one of the hashtags using the black lives matter has the emojis that twitter rolled out a few weeks ago that showed the hands up in the air and here's another one saying no sympathy whatsoever for these pigs. i hope baton rouge won't be the last and then a solidarity tweet. we ain't squared using that hashtag. we ain't scared. others like this showing a deep divide tearing the country apart showing armed police officers facing down that protestor in the street. of course, politically and the people who are arriving here for the republican national convention taking to facebook. donald trump earlier in the day saying we grieve the officers killed in baton rouge today. how many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country. we demand law and order. that's a line you've been hearing from the trump campaign,
2:54 am
law and order candidates as they're calling themselves. mike pence tweeting this, his new vice presidential pick, our country needs leadership. our police need support. we can and must stop this. it's time to renew america's commitment to law and order and make all of our people safe once more. speaker ryan saying horrified by another senseless attack on law enforcement in baton rouge. we pray for the officers and their families. that is the word from the republican national convention. a lot of this conversation being driven by what's unfolding in baton rouge. we should mention, guys, some of the protesters who are camped out here at the republican convention taking to twitter this morning. they're being asked to move and take shelter. they're taking shelter at kirkland park. severe thunderstorms moving them out of their holding area where they've been camped out overnight. back to you guys. >> so bad. clayton, you were talking about the emoji, the black lives
2:55 am
matter hashtag. people talking about there not being an emoji for the blue lives matter hashtag or the all lives matter hashtag. any discussion on that or if that would happen? >> well, yeah, absolutely. twitter rolling out that hashtag for black lives matter, and if you use that black lives matter hashtag for months and months and months, it's retroactive. it's adding that emoji back to tweets you're featuring. hillary clinton's tweets featuring black lives matter has that emoji next to it. no blue lives matter from twitter. >> clayton morris life live in cleveland. thank you very much. >> you bet. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. now get a swiss gear backpack for only $10. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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with's free cancellation, you could just forget the beach wedding...
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and the beach booty... you could just book a different resort. like in alaska. they've got igloos. benghazi, immigration and recent terrorist attacks taking center stage as the republican national convention kicks off in cleveland. day one focusing on making america safe guy. highlighting hillary clinton's security failures. the mother of benghazi victim patricia smith. former new york city mayor rudy gully on any and willie robertson. and country music superstars the band perry will cap off the night with a charity performance. and let's keep talking about the rnc and the increased
3:00 am
security in the wake of the baton rouge ambush. log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page hash keeptalking. that wraps it up. be here tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. on "fox & friends first." it is monday, july 18th. i'm ainsley earhardt and we are live there cleveland. fox news alert, three more officers killed in cold blood. another police ambush this time in baton rouge. >> shots fired. officer down. got a city officer down. shots fired. >> brand-new information about this investigation and the officers who were lost. meanwhile, in the wake of another attack, donald trump sticking to tough talk. >> we are the law and order candidates.


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