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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 18, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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k of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. welcome to this two hour edition of hannity. night one of the republican national convention is almost in the books. we'll have he lights and reaction from people. the heros of benghazi, pat smith, and shawn smith. the theme of the night was make america safe again. one of the big moments was one donald trump introduced his wife, melania. let's take a look.
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[ applause ] >> thank you, everybody. thank you. we love you. thank you very much. oh, we're going to win. we're going to win so big. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> we're going to win so big. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. we're going to win so big.
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thank you. ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to present the next first lady of the united states, my wife, an amazing mother, an incredible woman, melania trump. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> and here was reaction. former speaker of the house, newt beginning run. mr. speaker, this has not been your first rodeo. a successful night? >> very successful. this convention has the kind of emergency you saw in 1980 with
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ro ronald reagan. tonight's big moments were melania trump's speech led by her husband's brief introduction which was perfect. i was at another network. we were stunned when we walked out and did the short introduction and walked off. >> i think i read she speaks five languages. >> she speaks five languages. she gived it perfectly. it was a good speech. it will move her up as a potential first lady dra m dramatical dramatically. it pu it. >> we're looking at general flynn. he's out there. you know -- >> let me say, general flynn's book, "field of the fight "is a useful introduction into what's happening with radical islam.
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>> we've been watching. it's another terror attack or assassination of a police officer. america is not safe. we've made really bad decisions in the last eight years. it seems like we're now beginning to pay the price. it's always peace and prosperity that drives elections. is it going to be peace and security? >> that's safety. you get it down to a donald trump level word, it's safety. do you feel safe at home when you watch policemen getting killed? do you feel safe overseas? do you feel safe in chicago when you know that there have been 3400 people killed? i think that sense of safety is a big deal. the other thing i would say is that there's going to be a terrific response to giuliani's speech. rudy was on fire tonight. he believes it deeply and passionately. he's committed to doing something about it, and i thought his speech was -- if it hadn't been for melania's knocking it out of the part,
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he'd have had the best speech of the night. clearly came in second. >> if we look at this and we look at the rise of terrorism, for example, we learned today that iran can build a nuclear weapon than half the time we thought possible, part of the secret reveal. then you look at iraq, cities that americans fought for, turned over to isis along with the financial resources of oil. then syria. then the red line in the sand there. the reset with russia. nothing seems to be working. do you think americans seem to get it now? we had benghazi. >> more and more, and today an attack on a german railroad train, which was a refugee. i think our news media a day or two to figure out what they were yelling. i think for the average american, there's a sense that things aren't working, that safety at home and safety abroad may well be the most important
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issue. because, frankly, if you're going to get killed, then every other extra becomes secondary. >> but think how ahead of the curve he was on building the wall, immigration, not only for security but for jobs, and then taking on a very controversial issue, that is you grow up under sharia, and taking in refugees. do you want to be an american or are you here to advance the caliphate worldwide? >> and what you have here, and, again, general flynn referred to it. giuliani referred to it. hillary clinton is willing to risk american lives to help syrians. donald trump wants to protect american lives even if it's inconvenient for syrians. you couldn't have a bigger gap. people say maybe only eight or ten of them are dangerous. one killed 84 people in nice. one killed 47 people in orlando. so even one can be very deadly. >> you know, you're right.
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i look at all the different terror attacks and i look at an administration that can't admit radical islam. i mean, it's inexplicable to me. it makes that little sense. i think people are beginning to get there's consequences for american weakness, and i think people i talk to are getting the feeling like this is getting out of control. >> yeah. >> i think that's right. and i think that with every passing month, you watch the coup in turkey. i think people are seeing a world that's falling apart, but if you're the left, you can't say that. first of all, if you're the left, you don't want to be judgmental. >> right. >> so who are you to describe these things? >> why would hillary want a 550% increase in refugees when our
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national director of intelligence, cia director, fbi director, homeland security chair and our special enjoy to defeat is defe defeat -- enjoy to defeat isis -- >> she represents a party that's so totally committed to changing traditional america, so committed to drowning it in immigrants, so totally committed to being weak in the world, that they -- you can't even does it with them. it's a basic belief system. >> you know, i asked you, and i know you came under a little fire the other night for comments you maid on tde on the. when you think about it, how to you ascertain -- i appreciate i and you were told how to pridre i would understand wanting a breath of freedom. how do you ascertain those who
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want to advance their radical views and those who don't? >> i had an interesting conversation tonight with two muslims who same over and said sharia is understood by most muslims as a relatively as opposed to relevancy. they said if you're talk about killing gays, suppressing women, replacing the government with an islamic dictatorship. they said if that's what you're talking about, we're with you. there may be a dialogue we need to create to say it's legitimate to check immigrants in the united states. we have no obligation. but also to say if you find somebody like the guy in orlando who starts going on isis websites, who starts saying to his friends, i'm really glad that they killed americans in 9/11, there's a point where it
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goes tilt and you have an obligation to start monitoring that guy in a very serious way. >> you know, if you think about saudi arabia which gave so much one, kuwait, all these countries, the majority of them treat women like third class citizens. gays and lesbians killed, many of them just for being gay. you can't build a jewish temple or church. she takes their money. she doesn't criticism. it appears they bought her silence. a woman who says she's a champion of special interests. >> it's amazing, here's a person who while she was secretary of state, the foundation that is the family foundation, is getting dictators who are totally opposed to what she said she believes in giving them millions and millions of dollars, and they want us to believe it had no impact. >> had no impact? i've gone and researched again and again.
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i can't find the criticism or the treatment of women, gays, lesbians, christians or jews in any of the countries that gave her significant millions of dollars. >> when you take up a publication like "the new york times" which you would think is pro gay and pro woman. >> they're more pro hillary. let's be honest. >> here's a paper that's supposedly liberal, and it collides with a wall of oppression, and it flinches. >> pretty fascinating. i think americans now understand the need to build a wall. i think republicans and democrats, kind of colluded together, i think democrats see a permanent majority for generations which is why they want for immigrants coming in. they're assuming they'll be democrat. and i think republicans have catered to big business who want cheap labor. i think trump will build the wall. is that helpful? when you have 11 of 14 million
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people competing for a limited number of jobs, a limited number of jobs, doesn't that, number one, prevent many americans from getting them, and doesn't it drive down wages, and isn't the national security aspect a lot bigger? >> well, i think most americans agree that we have to have control of our southern border. most americans agree we have to know who is in the country. partly for national security reasons. partially for crime reasons and partially because -- trump says if you don't have a boundary, you're not a country. >> you're confident donald trump is going to win this election. >> i'm very confident. >> why? >> first of all, i think he is going to outline, and we saw part of it tonight. >> sure. keeping america safe. >> but i'm also talking about, you look at melania and listen to her speech. the guy she is describing is a pretty plausible president. you're going to hear from donald junior. you're going to hear from eric
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trump. you're going to hear from ivanka. i ran into an african american woman who has worked for the trumps for years. she speaking wednesday night. i think you'll see a richer, fuller version of trump by the end of this. and i think his speech is going to be presidential. i haven't read it, but i'm fairly confident. i know the team working on it, and i know he personally wants it to be both biographical and visionary. i think he'll pull it off. >> is this a change election? is this -- in other words, we're talking earlier today, i think it was on the radio show, the idea that carter and reagan, you think this is a bigger choice election than even that? that interested me. >> first of all, obama and clinton are worse than carter. >> that's really saying a lot. >> no, it's not. >> 21% interest rate, unemployment. >> start with this. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run for
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the president of the united states. i mean, it's unimaginable how many zones of corruption surround her. their foreign policy is a bigger disaster than carter. carter had a mess in nick raw raug wa and afghanistan. you go through their mess, and it's breathtaking. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> when did you go to your first convention? >> 1984. >> i wasn't that far behind you. >> by the way, joni ernst is speaking. she's a real star. she's terrific. >> coming up, donald trump junior, lieutenant general, michael flynn are here to react on the first night of the rnc, and then later tonight.
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>> sheriff david clark, the heros of benghazi, pat smith spoke about her son j sha, who killed in benghazi. all telling their story as han d hannity continues in cleveland. stay with us. hannity continues . stay with us. what's it like to put your home in good hands? like having something fit you, just right, thank you randall. every stitch and seam of your home insurance, tailored to fit you and your budget. with unique features, like claim free rewards... ohh! customized home protection extra features all at an affordable price! i'm going to live in this. in means getting more from your home insurance with an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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we're at the republican national convention. we're in cleveland, ohio. tonight's theme was make america safe again. earlier we spoke with donald
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trump junior about the republican national convention? >> congratulations. i'll bet you're proud of your dad. >> i am. to watch him come in here with no political experience and take on the professionals. it takes someone who hasn't been caught up in the nonsense and lived that lifestyle of trying to be a politician and appease everyone. that's what my father is. >> it's funny. i didn't know mike pence that well. interviewed him a couple times. i spent an hour with him on friday. i was beyond impressed. i looked at his indiana record, seems to compliment your dad. >> i think. he's a great choice. he was the person i knew the least in the process, and we're comfortable with guys like chris and newt. really going back and watching him, not just as a governor which he said a great job in indiana in terms of jobs,
8:20 pm
knocking down unemployment. knocking down taxes. go back and watch him in the house and say this guy is also a fighter. he fought for these things and took on the democrats on issues they're trying to push. i'm excited to have him. >> two things i like the most, he was the only leader ever to speak to the tea party that had the guts to do it, and number two, he took on john boehner. i wanted boehner gone years ago and said it publicly. i thought that showed a lot of courage. tonight is about making america safe again. in light of police assassinations and one terror attack after another, it seems your father was way ahead of the curve, especially on securing the border and having the courage to say if you grow up in a civilization that practices sharia, we need to vet you to know you're not bringing that ideology here. >> my father said it from day one. i think he was the law and order candidate before people were talking about it.
8:21 pm
when you look at the world and the place we're at, it's a scary notion. and these enabling policies of the other side where we would rather apologize so we don't hurt their feelings rather than taking care of our children and families. it's crazy. i can't understand it as an american. and i can usually put the shoe on the other foot and make an argument. i can't come up with a logical concept for this. it's crazy. >> i don't understand how in the interim between the dallas killings and the baton rouge killings, in the interim, black lives matter which chanted what do we want dead cops when do we want them, now, they were invited to the white house. >> it's sad. when prince died, they light up the white house purple. the white house is never blue. they don't do anything for these guys. the cops keep us safe. do mistakes happen? yeah. there's 1.5 million cops in this
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country. something is going to happen. i'm not saying that's right, but we have to back them. the overwhelming majority are awesome people that put their lives at stake every day to make sure guys like you and me and everyone in this room, guys all over the country -- >> that's the 99%. >> more than 99%. it's basically 100% minus some criminals. we can't go around because of a couple bad instances that could be bad luck for all we know and use it as a way to empower every criminal and make them think they're a vigilante. >> how do you justify not saying radical islamic terrorism? >> i can't. i can't. it's asinine to me. it makes zero sense. but it's this typical left wing pandering. they try to aease everyone. they're going to appease the terrorists to death. and that's not what the terrorist understands. they understand force. we're basically enables these
8:23 pm
guys to act because they know we're weak. weak leaders in position of power don't normally work. >> i got to you know and your brother and sister and sister-in-law. it's a close knit family. you guys are really close. you've all played a big part in the campaign. how has this changed your life and can you believe your dad is possibly going to be the next president of the united states? these are the words you want to hear, fox news projects. >> exactly. listen, i learned a long time never to bet against my father. when he puts his mind onto something, it's total focus. he does it. i've learned never to bet against him, but to see the movement he's created. it's not a campaign. it hasn't been for a long time. it's not a campaign. it's a movement. the people who built this country, the people who made this country great, the hard working americans who were left in the dust in favor of the activist groups, half of them are criminals, we would rather be nice to criminals than the
8:24 pm
people who support this country and make it great, he keyed into that. >> so many people know i've interviewed you and your family and your dad, and they're always asking about the kids because they're so impressed by you -- i'm not sucking up to you, but they're impressed by the family. you're giving a big speech, your brother is, tiffany is going to be giving a speech. we had melania on tonight. how close is this family? >> we're very close. that's how we were brought up. we were a tight knit family. my siblings and i have an incredible relationship. family business works in one of two ways, either awesome or disaster. you never hear about hey, it's okay. it's one way or another. we're lucky it works. when we vacation, we still choose to vacation together. we were lucky. that was the way our parents raised us. we're first. we have to take care of ourselves and take care of your country. no different. >> good to see you.
8:25 pm
i know it's a big week for your country. >> if i blow it tomorrow, you can make fun of me. >> probably about 60 million or so. no pressure. >> thanks. >> and earlier tonight lieutenant general michael flynn gave a strong speech on foreign policy. let's take a look. >> my message to you is very clear. wake up, america. there is no substitute for american leadership an -- and exceptionlism. america would not fear our enemies. in fact, we should clearly define our enemies, face them, and seek those who threaten our country and way of life.
8:26 pm
joining us now, the author of the field of kwieflight. michael flynn. you had a big audience. we're not fighting. we're not safe. the jv team is not contained. all we've been told is false. an assassination of police or a terror attack somewhere around the world, we're not winning. >> right. the president of the united states has, for some reason, decided not to be really clear with the american public about the enemy that we are facing, and radical islam is to cancerous and barbaric and vicious. think about what these people do. they lock somebody up in a cage, and burn them alive, and then they film it and put it on twitter. >> you know what anybody has asked this president, did you watch the beheadings of james foley or those guys on the
8:27 pm
throw their head on the back, and they put it on social media? that is sick, twisted, evil, disgusting. it's like it's modern evil in our time. >> it is modern time. >> not saying radical islam is like not identifying nazis back in nazi germany. >> people have to realize that evil exists in the world, and when america doesn't play a leadership role in the world, that evil will raise its head up, and it will come after our way of life. we saw that in spades with the nazis and the rise of communism. right now we are experiencing the rise of radical islamism, and it has to be dealt with. >> you're saying something. i wrote a book in 2004, maybe. it's called "deliver us from evil". i tried to explain in the last century, 100 million souls were souled, naziism, fascism, over
8:28 pm
100 million souls, and good people, it seems, have a very hard time of wrapping their arms around evil. i tell anybody who can handle it, watch videos of people being burned to death or beheaded. i would like to know if obama saw it. if you did, how can you say it's a jv team. >> i don't know how you can fathom calling these guys what he's called them. they are fighting around the world. think about the last 30 days alone where they have attacked viciously in our own country in orlando. what they just did in nice. turkey, bangladesh. baghdad, where we say we're beating them, they killed over 200 people with a couple of suicide attacks. >> by the way, hillary and obama both said after the most recent
8:29 pm
attack, no, we're doing well against them. there is a way to defeat them. what is it? >> the way to defeat them, in a way, is to discredit this ideology that we are facing. to make sure that we are very clear about what it is that we call them, and then go after the leaders, go after the armies that exist on the battle field, and make sure that we create -- >> here's my question. everyone goes out of their way to say islam is a peaceful reasonable. not all islams support radicalism. you read words in the koran. >> there's all kinds of things. in my book i call for the creation of a new 21st century alliance. this is where the muslim nations have to be taken to task. these leaders in these countries have to step up. >> haven't the saudis and other
8:30 pm
countries played both sides in the middle? >> many of them have. the one thing i really do j el-sisi. he shows enormous intellectual courage by calling out his ideology. >> he had more courage in egypt than obama had in calling out radical islam. >> we should have embraced el-sisi, but we didn't. what happens is other nations creep into the middle east like russia. russia will fill that void if we're not there to do that. this is an unbelievable time. >> general, will you work for donald trump? >> i have told him that i would be willing to serve in his administration. >> your dream job, there. >> i'll let him figure it out. >> if he asks you, tell me what you'd want. >> here's what i'll tell you. the country is going in the
8:31 pm
wrong direction. we need donald trump in the white house. i believe he's going to win in a big way, because people are sick and tired of the corruption that we have with obama and what we know hillary clinton has done. so whatever the -- whatever he decides, i'm just glad that i'm able to serve this country today doing what i'm doing. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up next, tonight on hannity. >> when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you are black or white. they just come to save you. >> former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani addressing the republican national convention. he's coming up next. also later tonight. >> if hillary clinton can't give us the truth, what should we give her the presidency? >> we did our part. every fallen veteran did their
8:32 pm
part. now do yours. >> two to the co-authors of "13 hours" join us along with pat smith. her son died in the terrorist attack in benghazi. she spoke tonight. and former governor rick perry and so much more as hannity continues. stay with us. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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we know the risk you're taking. and we say thank you to every police officer and law enforcement agent who is out tonight protecting us, black, white, latino, of every race, every color, every creed, every sexual orientation. when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you are black or white. they just come to save you. >> rudy giuliani speaking earlier at the rnc. before he took the stage he spoke with me. let's take a look. >> rudy giuliani, keeping america safe again. the theme of your speech. let's go over a lot of what we're talking about. >> sure.
8:36 pm
obviously we're going to talk about what happened yesterday to those police officers who were ambushed in baton rouge. reminded me of the black panthers. they were called to a phony holdup. they went there to save the lives of african americans and got slaughtered. >> lying in wait. >> this is what the black panthers used to do. it's getting outrageous when you consider every police officer i've seen here in cleveland since i've been here has come up to me and said there's a target on my back. >> i'm hearing it from all over the place. >> well, who put it there? this comes from the top. from all the things you've pointed out going back to the situation in camden to the whole situation with trayvon martin that turned out to be not true.
8:37 pm
>> came bridbrigde, ferguson. >> that doesn't means there aren't times police don't act illeg illeg illegally. they go to jail, but when they're unfairly accused, you have to stand up and explain it the same way you do when you say trayvon martin could have been me. >> if ever there was a fire marn or policeman hurt, i don't think you ever missed. you would always go to the hospital as mayor. you would stay there with the family. sometimes all night. you did that almost every time. i don't know if you missed. >> i don't think i did. it was probably over 50 times before september 11th. i've been at the bedside of many police officers dying and firefighters dying. these are men and women who put their lives at risk for us. they put their lives at risk for us whether we're white or black
8:38 pm
or hispanic or gay or whatever. you know, when the police officer runs into the shooting he doesn't ask if it black, white, hispanic. he tries to protect the people. when the firefight runs into the building, he doesn't say is the baby white or black. it's all lives matter. and what ever happened to the barack obama of this is one america? no black america. no white america. one america. what ever happened to that barack obama? >> that was the same guy who said if they bring a knife, we bring a gun. i want to stay focussed on this. he's an attorney. for whatever reason, you have these high profile cases. he looks at it through a racial prison. . he speaks out. no due process. no presumption of innocence. no evidence. no facts. he ended up wrong in almost every case, but he's virtually silent on over 3470 people
8:39 pm
killed in chicago during the time he's been president. >> and those are the people whose lives i saved. i spent my life as mayor saving black lives by reducing crime and murder by 65%. and they were 75% of the murders. i spent my time trying to rebuild the neighborhoods. harlem isn't what it was in the past. you've been there. it's a safe community. >> time square. >> same thing in south queens. i fixed the minority neighborhoods of my city. i remember in baltimore when the political leaders of baltimore were there, they said nobody has ever done anything for this community. you know who's been running it for 50 years? democrats. >> since 1942? what message does it send between the shootings of the dallas police officers and the baton rouge police officers, in the interim, president obama had black lives matters
8:40 pm
representatives coming to the white house, some of whom chanted who do we want dead cops, when do we want them, now? why would he invite them, and why is hillary clinton taking their council on criminal justice matters? >> look, i'm sure there are good people among them. i'm sure there are ones that are worried about racial injustice and they have a right to be. but when you start yelling out kill police, do this, do that, that's a group that's gone in the wrong direction. if i set up a white lives matter group, i'd be accused of creating racial division. this is one country. all lives matter. >> all lives matter. >> by the way, white lives matter to black lives. i'm going to tell you why. these police officers who went there to try to save that woman from the attack were trying to save black lives. >> you know, it seems every other day, and this is keep
8:41 pm
america safe again, every other day it's either a shooting of a police. now it's an open assassination attempt, or a terrorist attack in fact it never seems to stop. >> i am more than willing to get on the conversation about better education, more and better jobs, work rather than welfare. we can do that. we did it in new york. let's take education. we, the republican party are for choice. they are dominated by the schoolteachers' union that stops them from being able to be for choice. we're the ones who can lift them out of poverty and help them and help them get better jobs. >> you know, we learned today that the secret deal that obama made with the iranians, now they can build the bomb in half the time. then you add to iraq, syria, and
8:42 pm
opening for isis and the financial benefit of oil they use to finance their terror. add to that helping muhammad morrissey. how bad is this going to get if we continue down this path? >> i think you'll hear me say this is the worst secretary of state of my lifetime. her main reason she shouldn't be president is her experience. >> did you see when tray gowdy went through the list. the trump campaign came up with an ad. tray gowdy is interviewing james comey. did she tell the truth here? no. no. lie. lie. lie. at some point this has to resonate with the american people about -- >> what about lying to the victims of benghazi and their families. what about going before congress and saying what does it matter? what difference does it make if
8:43 pm
american lives were lost? we want a president who doesn't care what difference it makes? if american lives were lost. if you were in the military, would you trust that person as your commander in chief? >> i wouldn't. at the end of the day, we always view elections through the prizm of peace and prosperity. is the issue of safety and security the borders, for example, people coming from countries that practice sharia, the antithesis of american values. >> it's all part of the same thing. if you want to talk about the problem, beginning race, we have to take our solutions which i believe move people out of poverty. >> you did it. you did it in the biggest city of the country. >> i moved 500,000 -- >> 600,000. >> sorry. 100,000 went to new jersey. 500,000 had jobs. most of them minorities. i know it helped them. >> off of welfare. back to work.
8:44 pm
>> helped them with education. helped them with choice and vouchers and charter schools. let's help the community because it had been held back and hurt. there are vestiges of slavery. that exists. none of it excuses killing police officers, but as a party, we have to address ourselves to that. >> 58% of black americans since obama is president, on food stamps. >> instead there should be a 58% increase in these who have jobs. i turned my welfare workers into employment agents. when you come in for welfare, they look for you. >> 20% fewer black americans in the labor force today since obama's presidency. >> i want to get them back in the labor force. that's the answer. we have to deal with these problems, and the republican
8:45 pm
party has to be the agent of change. the african american community has been behind the democratic party 95% for 40 years and look what it's gotten them. >> mr. mayor -- >> how about giving the republicans a chance. i think our answer y. we love them. we tear about them. they're our brothers, and we can do a lot more for them than the democratic party has done. >> mr. mayor, always good to see you. which job are you going to take for mr. trump? >> secretary of love. [ laughter ] >> coming up next, right here on hannity. >> if hillary clinton can't give us the truth, what should we give her the presidency? >> we did our part. every fallen veteran did their part. now do yours. >> two of the men who wrote "13 hours" and lived it. and pat smith, she lost her son the night of the benghazi attack. they'll join me right here onset, and then later.
8:46 pm
>> tonight our commitment is this. making america great again starts by taking care of our veterans. >> going to step up and take the fight to the enemy, because it's here. >> former governor, rick perry, and a lone survivor, mark marcus luttrell. they'll join us when we come back. it's hannity on the road straight ahead. what're you, what're you, what're you? i probably got that question 3 to 4 times a week. i'd always get asked if i was asian or moroccan or something else. so i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry. and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it just confirmed what i guess
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8:49 pm
he will make america stronger, not weaker. this entire campaign comes down
8:50 pm
to a single question. if hillary clinton give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency? >> we have to let someone who will lead with strength and integrity, and i believe that person that person is donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> we did our part. every fallen veteran did their part, now do yours. >> now it's time you do yours. god bless you, thank you all. >> that was the hero of benghazi and the mother of sean smith. her son, of course, was killed during the terror attack, and speaking all of them here at the rnc in cleveland. joining us, the co-authors of "13 hours ". i can't keep up with your nicknames. i was really glad, because i've gotten to know all of you, to
8:51 pm
have you have that big audience, that big stage. what did that mean for you? you've lost your son, you've been lied to. we know your son was asking for security -- >> begging. >> begging. >> begging. he told me on the phone the night before that, well, he was going to die. and that's a heck of a thing to have to hear your son say. >> over 600 requesting for security. >> yes. >> denied. >> yes. >> and your son should be alive. >> yes. and these guys said that they could have done it. >> well, the fact is, we've gone through the whole stand out. we have four requests for security, during stand-down orders, correct? >> oh, yeah. >> and that's the thing. they call you guys liars. here you guys risked your career to help go save people you know are people under fire, americans under attack. you go do your job and you're told again and again, don't go. that's insanity to me.
8:52 pm
>> it's just, the agency, there's a guy that they're there. they're not military guys. obviously, all of us were, and, you know, they wanted a militia that was not military trained. just some group of civilians that came together and overthrew gaddafi. >> they have one meeting at 7:30 at night. they're wondering, the big question, americans are still under fire. 13 hours. we call it that for a reason. people under fire, and they're wondering, do we need to ask permission to send americans in to go save them? then we have our brave men and women in uniform going in uniforms, out of uniforms, in uniforms,uniforms? this is weakness, madness and betrayal. >> when you have an ideology
8:53 pm
that is more worried about the impression you're going to make on those are you going to attack than on saving american lives is ridiculous. >> that's during, and then after is the big lie. hillary lied. did you see, what did she say to you? what did obama say, too? >> well, they both said the same thing, that it was a matter of the video. and if it would be any different, they would call and let me know. and panetta. >> same thing. >> oh, he was the best one. he said trust me. trust me. >> like this? >> yes. he grabbed my face like that and he said i will get back to you and let you know what happened. >> nobody's ever done that to me on my show, in 20 years, if it's anybody, it's got to be you. you lost your son. while she was telling you that story, she was telling her own
8:54 pm
daughter. >> yes. >> telling the libyan president, the egyptian prime minister that it was a terror attack. she lied right to your face about your son who died. >> yes, yes, she did. she not only lied then, but when i tried calling and asking, they would say i am not a member of the immediate family. so they wouldn't tell me anything. >> all right, and then did you see trey gowdy ask james comey? hillary clinton said this, was that the truth? no. she said this, was that the truth? no. said this, was that the truth? no. 67% of americans think she's a liar, and they're going to vote for her? what would you say to those who still want to vote for her. [ laughter ] don't hold back. you can say anything you want. this is cable. >> everybody knows that woman. >> not everybody. i think we have a video of her shooting somebody in the head, and they'd say oh, that's okay. she didn't do it.
8:55 pm
she said so. >> that's what comey did. >> that was unbelievable. >> yes. and he was, in my words, in my opinion, he was bought and paid for, to get that kind of answer. >> you know, you guys risked your life. you lost some of your friends. you think about ty woods, glen dougherty. you think of sean, the ambassador, what does it mean to you that before, during and after, lies, lies, coverup and lies. what does it mean to you? >> well, it's hillary clinton and her failed foreign policy. i mean, it started months before that, you know, a year before that, had she decided, because she's one who decided to put ambassador stephens in there and overthrow gaddafi. >> you guys are sitting ducks, 600 requests for help. >> i don't even know why my son was there.
8:56 pm
>> understood. >> you know, it goes back to their incompetence in how to lead a country, really. she can't even control a state department and figure out what one department of our country's doing, yet she wants to run the whole darn thing. >> when you're told to stand down and americans are under attack, if i remember correctly, there were two or three stand down orders? >> three waits, one stand down. >> okay. and you see, and then you know, when you defy orders, you kind of know your career's over, don't you i know maybe you didn't think about it, but in retrospect, that means your career's over. >> yeah, especially if you mess it up. but we didn't care. >> you didn't care. >> you're going to save a life. >> and maybe a little earlier you could have saved sean. >> of course. >> the ambassador. >> and ty woods and glen dougherty died trying to save as many as as they could. >> right. >> you are awesome. i'm so sorry about the loss of your son. >> thank you. >> thank you guys for being real
8:57 pm
heroes and telling america the truth. >> they've got to know the truth. they've got to know. they've got to know! >> i agree. coming up, one more hour of hannity, coming up straight ahead. >> tonight our commitment is this. making america great again starts by taking care of our veterans. [cheers and applause] >> who among you are going to step up and take the fight to the enemy? because it's here. [cheers and applause] >> lone survivor, marcus luttrell, and rick perry join us. another edition of hannity, straight ahead, stay with us. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant?
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nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. welcome to the second hour of hannity. we're broadcasting live from the first night of the republican convention. we are in cleveland, ohio. tonight's theme was make america safe again. former texas governor rick perry, and marcus luttrell addressed the crowd. >> tonight, our commitment is this. making america great again starts by taking care of our veterans. [cheers and applause]
9:01 pm
thank you. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome an american hero, the lone survivor, marcus luttrell. >> the next generation, this is for you. your war is here. you don't have to go searching for it. your people are afraid. i stand among you, walking, allowed to walk with giants, and now we're looking for the next generation of giants. who among you will love something more than yourself, who among you will step up and take the fight to the enemy? because it's here. [cheers and applause] >> and earlier, i spoke with governor perry and marcus luttrell. >> how are you?
9:02 pm
>> very good. >> marcus luttrell. somebody i've come to admire. >> you said whoever wins, i'm going to support them. not everyone's doing that. what's your answer? >> well, texas folks like to keep their word. so hopefully, we'll have people that keep their word, you know, they conditiodidn't say when th going to do it. i get it about principle. i get it about we may not agree about everything. but in the end of the day, we had ourselves a competition, and donald trump is the last man standing. donald trump, hillary clinton, supreme court nomination. >> right. >> what else do you need to know? >> how about that? how about building the wall, building up the military. >> military, security, economy. what of those three things can you not support? >> energy independence? keeping america safe again. the country knows your story, marcus. it's inspiring, it's amazing.
9:03 pm
it's scary. i know you lost your friends. i know you sacrificed a lot. i see guys like you go fight, and i see a president that can't say radical islamic terrorism. he can't get the words out of his mouth, or he meets with black lives matter before what happened in dallas. it makes me angry. >> i agree with you. it's it's so frustrating it's hard to put into words. my own brother was a navy s.e.a.l. before he got hurt. he called me up the other day, the classification thing. nobody's really touching on that, but in our world, that's life or death. that's the biggest thing he was focussed on, and he couldn't believe that any type of top secret classification. if our lives depend on that is
9:04 pm
corre correct -- >> the respect or the discipline to take care of information that could cause his friends to be killed, that is disqualifying. >> governor, we took the, mosul, ramadi, fallujah and tikrit. and this president and hillary pulled out earlier. we learned today that the ironiniro iranians, they can build a bomb quicker than they could before. >> if there's one word that describes them, it's liars. these are people who are not telling the truth to the american people. they are lying to the american people. they are using subter fusion to -- this can't stand, that's why donald trump, it's so important to have him as the next president. he will not lie to the people. >> i fought in ramadi.
9:05 pm
i was with chris kyle. it was the worst placatie ive 'r been in my life. i remember watching the news when it fell again, and you hear the vietnam guys or the older war guys when they hear about that happening -- >> they fight and died and we hand it back. how do we ever ask our young men and women to serve when they're going to sacrifice, do their job and succeed and we give it back to a worse enemy that can finance their terror with the oil money that we gave to them because we pulled out. >> i'll say from a military perspective, we look through that blindly. that's your job and the most important thing is, if we're out there fighting for those cities to take them over. when we get back, back us up when we're out there and when we get back.
9:06 pm
>> i was down with you on the border. we spent a whole day together. it was an amazing day. i learned a lot that day. and i saw how much respect you have for all of these guys and being from texas, i can't imagine what you felt when you saw these guys, the ambush that took place in baton rouge, the chief, all the people did an excellent job of expressing the love that the people of texas have for the men and well in blue. again, when the american language gets to the point where we can all express appropriately, we will, but this is heart wrenching to see, these are moms and dads, regular folks that you see at the grocery store, that you, you know, your cousins. >> it's more than that. what i do, you got to understand. the police officers, you're not born into that.
9:07 pm
that's not a recruitment thing. those people live in our community and step up to do that. americans don't like to deal with other people's crap. and the fact that a police officer would step up. >> black lives matter, what do we want, dead cops now. last question. donald trump asked governor rick perry, who had the greatest job growth story in the country, during the time of obama's presidency, would you say yes? >> he's going to be looking for people who have experience in running really big things. obviously, the state of texas is a really big thing. >> texas is pretty big, governor, it's not small. >> you know where my interest is. it's in the military side of things. there's, there's a job or two that i would consider. >> you would be interested in? >> i love my country. >> you want to serve. >> i will serve. and i will serve handily and proudly. >> i said publicly, i think you, too, would have been a great
9:08 pm
president. >> you know, they're still a team. they're still a team. and i hope all these guys and gals will get in here. >> we're spokes in the wheel. >> let's do this. >> marcus, good seeing you, my friend. >> governor. >> yes, sir. also earlier tonight, the chairman of the house homeland security committee, mike mccall spoke about national security, fa take a look. >> our country's national security is at risk. president reagan once reminded us that america was a shining city on a hill. a beacon of hope to the world. but after eight years of weak leadersh leadership, our city on a hill is now a city under siege. today our allies no longer trust us. our adversaries no longer fear us. and our enemies are plotting against us. this did not happen by accident. it happened by design.
9:09 pm
it is the work of barack obama and the architect of his failed foreign policy, hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] >> and joining us now, congressman mike mccall. making america safe again, really important. we just had on some of the heroes of benghazi. we know hillary lied about that, about her server, the whole thing's a mess. i quote you all the time, you, james clapper, james comey, mike steinbeck, general john allen. brennan, our cia director on top of it. all of you had said that isis will infiltrate the refugee population. big issue with donald trump. he's been attacked for this. is that true? we know, like they did in paris,
9:10 pm
that isis has plans to infiltrate the refugee population that hillary wants to increase 550%. >> that's what always top intelligence officials have told me. they want to exploit the program. they have actual evidence of this happening. >> this happening in europe? >> i think europe probably mo. but they want to use it to get into the west, into the united states as well. it's a very reckless policy, that's what donald trump's trying to do in terms of vetting a population coming in. if you can't properly vet them, you shouldn't responsibly bring them in. it's not an absolute right that they come into the united states. >> you say properly vet them. if somebody comes from a country that practices sharia law, tells women how to dress, they can't drive a car, gays are executed. so they persecute women, gays
9:11 pm
and lesbian, christians and jews. hillary takes money from them, side issue. and how do you ascertain that they want liberty and freedom and assimilation or how do you determine whether they want to advance the caliphate? >> you know, we put together a document for mr. trump to look at to determine if the purpose, if this person brings in sharia law, wanting to advocate the overthrow of the government. >> how do you know what's in their heart? >> that is a difficult pros s procession. >> so obama is bringing in refugeeing now. >> 10,000. >> in spite of the intelligence community saying it's dangerous. are they willing to gamble with the lives of the american people for whatever political correctness reasons? >> they already are. that's what people are so upset
9:12 pm
about. >> barack obama's gambling, because he's safe and secure. he's got a secret service around him. we've got to protect our president, but you say he's gambling with the living of the american people, and hillary clinton will increase that by 550%. if americans die, will they have blood on their hands? >> i think mrs. clinton will exponentially enlarge that program. >> i use harsh language here. if you agree they're gambling with american lives because they're not listening to the intelligence community and our top intelligence officials and some people do die, i blame them, am i wrong to blame them? >> no, you're absolutely right to blame them. they're defying their own intelligence experts saying -- >> including you, because you have access to information that i don't have. >> which is why i passed the
9:13 pm
safe act that put a pause on the program till we could properly vet, have it signed at the highest levels. >> trump is right about a temporary ban. i don't know how you possibly ascertain what's in somebody's heart. he's lalso right about building the wall. >> in dabiq magazine, they talk about wanting to smuggle a pakistani nuclear device into the western hemisphere, across the u.s./mexico border. when i believe that, i have to believe isis. >> do we have the ability to detect that radioactivity? >> at the portis of entry. >> in new york city, they have roving, not radar detecters, that's for when i'm speeding. they have roving radiation detectors to pick up any nuclear material, and there are people
9:14 pm
that i know who would have a valium stress test coming out of their doctors, and i know officials that will pick that up. they look and see the guy's 68 years old, probably not a terrorist and let them go. >> we have the radiation portal monitors at the ports of entry between. we don't. that's a threat. >> so we need the wall. >> we need a barrier, multi-layer to stop threats from coming in. the question i asked was reagan said do you feel berlts off. i think the question is, do you feel safer? >> the answer is obviously no. cops being assassinated. the world is falling apart. now iran can speed up the time that they can build a nuclear weapon. >> they're firing missilies off. >> is that part of the deal we didn't know about? we've got all 50 states told that isis investigations are
9:15 pm
ongoing. ov 1,000 cases of isis terror investigations. how much is going on that we don't know about? >> it's what we don't know that keeps us up at night. we monitor a lot of i haves in the united states. you mention 1,000. we have people radicalizing over the internet every day from out of raqqah, syria. >> it seems after every terror attack or shooting,we could have found them on the internet, are we doing a good enough job? >> i think we need to look at shutting down these internet directives. that's radicalizing, chattanooga, san bernardino, a lot of the homeland casing. >> thanks for keeping the country safe. thanking so much. when we come back, my friend
9:16 pm
herman cain. and later tonight. >> a vote for hillary is putting all of our children's lives at risk. >> you think obamacares and black lives matter. no. >> earlier tonight, we heard from family members who had loved ones killed by illegal immigrants. we will speak to two of them. that's coming up, that and more as han its continues live from the rnc, stay with us.
9:17 pm
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9:20 pm
you've all been very kind to donald and me and our young son baron. and we are very glad to be with you at this historic convention. because we want our now is the time to use those gifts as never before. for purposes far greater than ever. and he will do this better than anyone else can, and it won't even be close. [cheers and applause] >> that was melania trump speaking at the republican national convention. joining me now, herman kaincain.
9:21 pm
she's an amazing woman. smart, charming, kind, nice. >> and everyone got to see that tonight. i think for the first time. >> she speaks five languages. >> she spoke the right language tonight. she spoke to the people tonight. i find her to be confident and elegant, but also what i learned about melania trump tonight is that she has her husband's respect and affection, but she has affection for the united states. she did not make her speech about her husband, but that the 16 opponents of her huskband husband deserve respect and gratitude. >> i agree with you. she was being gracious. i found her to be gracious. i met the younger son once, and he happened to be, baron happened to be with his mom, and just put his hand out, looked me in the eye, hello, mr. hannity,
9:22 pm
that's impressive. >> a gentleman. >> she said to america, the greatest privilege on planet earth is to be an american, and next week will be the tenth anniversary of her becoming an american citizen. you saw the joy and pride she has in being an american. i thought it was a terrific introduction. and maybe next week in philadelphia, hillary clinton has a spouse who will be proud. we'll see. >> she might have a spouse who will get up and speak. >> ouch, ouch, ouch. >> me, me, me, me, me. >> bill clinton was not the first black president, okay? they keep saying that. >> who's saying that? >> we know it, but they keep doing it. see what sticks. >> i think this is unfortunately, i hate the idea of saying political timing. but to have this planned for a
9:23 pm
long time and in the leadup to this, the assassination of police, terror attack, terror attack, assassinations. this is in the forefront of everybody's mind. >> yes. >> peace and prosperity drive elections. security now is top of mind. you know, to get into this convention, i think we should bring people a little vision. there is a perimeter around this building. >> right. >> that is miles before you actually get to the building. >> yes. >> this is how dangerous things have gotten. >> it's not just terrorism, quote, over there. people feel insecure in their own neighborhoods. if you're in the wrong coffee line, lollygagging in the wrong park, you can die of violence. moms in the suburbs are somehow talking about abortion and contraception only, they've figure out that isis's version of birth control is to
9:24 pm
exterminate us all from the face of the earth. you can't control all of this. >> herman, you have your radio show. what are your listeners telling you are top of mind in terms of what they're looking for in the next president? >> national security and international security, top of mind. and they're also saying, it starts with the tone from the top. and if you have the right tone at the top, that really is a trickle down effect, in terms of confidence. and it builds that confidence between communities. you're not going to solve this divide that has been perpetuated on the american people by the liberal media and this administration with any top-down program or plan. it's in the community. but they say the tone starts at the top, and the rest of it will take care of itself. >> you know, you told mowe a
9:25 pm
story. i was inter vviewing you on the radio and you were doing it from donald trump's kitchen? is that true? >> yes, he said would you like a land line? you get a better reception. >> glad to hear there's a land line in the kitchen. very important. so every night has a theme. tell us about it. what's the plan? >> well, the plan, and i think this theme moving forward is certainly security, but affordability, making america first, and i'd love to see the theme making america great forever. to really being the tying theme. >> or great for everybody. >> for everyone. >> a lot of people are left behind in this country. >> many, sean, and they feel that way. this is why, mark my word, donald trump will do much better among female voters than people predict. we have this affordability, fairness ethics. these are really the themes driving many women. >> you were focussing on this night. i've been to a lot of
9:26 pm
conventions. herman, you own the convention. when you get up there and speak, it's like, nine, nine, nine. >> i'll give you one. this media narrative that the party is disunified. oh, my god, look at the people breaking out on the floor, they are on the side of most americans, shawean, where they don't feel safe and secure. we have no equivalent to bernie sanders to hillary clinton. >> good point. >> where's the candidate that won 22 states and is going to have trouble in philly? >> it's everything that is wrong with politicians. the crybaby sore loser faction, oh, will you support the eventual winner? yes. jeb bush, no. lindsey graham, no. john kasich, no. why did you lie to us? and why being a sore loser?
9:27 pm
yes being why be a crybaby? the crybaby caucus. i look at trump's agenda. i wants to balance the budget, eliminate obamacare, he wants to build a wall, fictix the va, heh care savings request taccounts. >> the cry baby caucus. paul ryan is in it. >> you have paul ryan. >> ted cruz ever going to support? >> we might find out tomorrow night, lindsey graham reluctantly. >> ted cruz, he did well. if he would have won. >> yep. >> he would want everyone to support him. honor the pledge. >> they all stood up and said they would support the ultimate nominee. their credibility and hypocrisy came through. i want the anti-trump, never
9:28 pm
trump, cry baby trump folks to do, shut up. just be quiet. >> we saw the rules commit eye. . >> they had a chance three times. the other thing is we're talking about individuals, will they support trump, what about the voters in their states where he won overwhelmingly, you don't respect the voters of your state? >> more votes than any other nominee. >> more votes than some of these people get in their own statewide elections is my point. he got more voting than some of these senators and governors get. however, respect the voters. >> i've had to suck it up, excuse me with all due respect. bob dole was sucking it up. john mccain was sucking it up. why are you laughing at me. >> you were part of the sucking it up for the good of the party.
9:29 pm
>> why isn't there animus toward, and their fear of hillary clinton's radical leftist agenda. >> i agree with you. >> that should be enough at a threshold, and can we listen to what our grandmothers taught us, if you have nothing good to say, please say nothing at all. >> i didn't know my grandmother, but i knew my grandfather. and he said you better listen or i'll slap you in the back of the head. >> they're all across tv. i don't know with whom they're strat jieding, but it makes them very popular to go on and bash trump. >> every election, the race card is played. the race card's being played already we see by hillary. i'm sick of it. >> i'm sick of it, and a lot of black people are sick of it. >> and why do the polls show 90% -- >> some polls can be manipulated to show what you want them to
9:30 pm
show. that's why they play the race card they get away with it. they spoon-feed these racial sound bites to people who only get their news from liberal sources. >> the number of americans in poverty has gone up 10%. the number of americans on food stamps, up 58%. the number of people in chicago 347. if you look at the number of african-americans not in the labor force, up 20%. if i didn't have a job, herman, you and i would have been hanging out, and it would not be good. i got in enough trouble, and i worked full time. >> see, those numbers, you don't hear on the nightly news, liberal networks. you don't hear on some of your liberal competitors. >> it pis schlpisses me off.
9:31 pm
>> that's why we got to get the truth out there. and here's the great part. they will call up, and i don't ask whether they are black, white, green or blue, they'll say i'm a black woman, black man, voting for donald trump. >> you're one of the most happy guys i now. you've got this laugh. i can't be around you and not laugh and have fun. >> good. [ laughter ] >> godfather's pizza. what was it, pepsi? >> coca-cola. >> there's another reason. you should see all the poll numbers reflected. there are a lot of hidden trump voters in this country. people tired of arguing. family, friends, kwcolleagues. can you find a single hidden hillary voter in this country? they're all way out. first woman, bill's wife. >> same thing about exit polls.
9:32 pm
they don't always tell the truth. if you're in a black-voting precinct and somebody comes up with a clipboard and asks you who you voted for? >> in your obama tee shirt. >> they aren't necessarily going to tell whether they voted republican or democrat. >> coming up next on hannity. >> a vote for hillary is putting all of our children's lives at risk. >> you think obamacares and black lives matter. no. >> family members who had loved ones killed by illegal immigrants shared their stories at the first night of the rnc, we'll be joined by two of them next. that and more as hannity continues live from the rnc, we're in cleveland, ohio, live. straight ahead.
9:33 pm
9:34 pm
9:35 pm
a vote for hillary is putting all of our children's lives at risk. it's time for donald trump. hillary clinton, or as we know her, crooked hillary. always talks about what she will do for illegal aliens, and what she will do for refugees. well, donald trump talked about what he will do for america! [cheers and applause] >> you think obama cares. and black lives matter.
9:36 pm
no. and we all know hillary is obama's third term. >> and welcome back to hannity. earlier tonight we heard from parents who had, of loved ones killed by illegal imfraptss. they shared their very painful stories. their sons were killed by illegal immigrants. we're talking about, what, 24 year old, or 32 years old? >> my son was 32 years old. >> off-duty police officer. >> he had just left work, ten minutes, on his way home, and was on an elevated, hov off ramp and a three times the limit the illegal, high on meth. >> three times the legal limit. >> and had driven over 35 miles the wrong way on four different freeways in phoenix and crashed head on into my hoson.
9:37 pm
>> in mesa, arizona. >> yes. >> that's his condition. what else can you tell us about him. >> my son? >> no the person responsible. >> he had committed crimes in colorado. burglary charges. conspiracy to commit fraud. he had assaulted a police officer. he was awaiting trial, he never showed up at court. he was back and forth across the border. he was apprehended in 2012 at the border. they took him back to adams county, colorado. he went in and talked to a judge, and they showed him leniency and released him. >> he's wanted for charges of burglary, leaving the scene of an accident. how many do you know that he's committed. >> i know the day he killed my son, he was extremely intoxicated, back and for the from his wife and brothers'. and they kept letting him get in the vehicle. >> when he was in our legal system, they knew he was here
9:38 pm
illegally. >> correct. >> so he goes to jail, and then they release him to go out and commit more crimes. so in many ways, i think an argument could be made that the american government is partly an accessory to the crime of killing your son, is that fair? >> that's what we're fighting about. >> this has happened time and time again. sabina, you have a mother of a person killed at the hands of an illegal alien. your son was hit by a drunk driver from guatemala. had a long criminal record. in the u.s. how long? >> at least eight years that we know of. >> eight years of criminal activity, in and out of jail. >> well, he not a, armed robbery and grand theft auto. the d.a. pled it it dodown to o felony. he got deported. came back, got caught drunk driving, received probation. now he's on probation, a felon,
9:39 pm
no license, no nothing, he getting probation, gets busted again for another dui, gets probation again and five weeks later kills my son. >> the day that donald trump announced that he talked about some that are rapists, some that kill americans, i met, i've interviewed on my radio show a father whose son was killed, get this, by a criminal, illegal immigrant who had raped a woman, kidnapped her, kept her captive for a week, who spent years in jail, and when he got out, they set him free again, knowing he had no papering, no reason to be in this country. why would you allow a rapist who held a woman kidnapped, and kept her captive for all that time? why would you do that? >> this is what we want to have answers to. is why we need new leadership in our country. >> and you wrote a letter to the
9:40 pm
president. >> twice. >> what happened? >> nothing. >> not a peep. >> nothing. >> when donald trump came down that day, makes the comments about illegal immigrants and it becomes a big controversy, what are both of you thinking? >> for me, it was very personal and very the touch and go. prior to him announcing his candidacy, i contemplated suicide. i could not take the pain anymore. i had lost my only child. i was never going to be a grandmother. mother-in-law. his dad and i have divorce. i have no family left. my family was separated for life. i couldn't deal with it anymore. nobody was helping me. nobody was listening to me. i contemplated suicide. and i had the tv on, and i walked past, and i still remember it. i walked past the tv, and i heard donald trump say illegal immigration, and i stopped, and i screamed, and i dropped to my knees, because that moment my
9:41 pm
life was worth something. he gave my son a voice that day. and he became my lifesaver, and i told him that. he became my hero and lifesaver. >> both of you have met him, right? >> yes. >> how many times? >> three. >> four. >> what do you think when you heard it and you heard the controversy. you watch these shows that, like i do, i, i knew it to be true. i've been to the, i've been to the border, covering illegal immigration, 12 times. for everywhere from the rio grande all the way to san diego. i've been out in helicopter. i've been in horseback. it was pretty funny. all terrain vehicles. i was there when criminal gang members were arrested. i was on boats. i sat through intelligence briefings, seen gun warehouses, drug warehouses, a tunnel built in an office in san diego dug all the way from san diego.
9:42 pm
i saw the level of sophistication. it was shocking. i sat through briefings in texas alone, in a seven or eight-year period, 640,000 texans were victims of crime. how in god's name are we allowing this to happen? >> it hasn't happened to the one. if it was to -- >> to obama. yeah. >> we would have a 500-foot tall wall. >> right. >> and it would be solid. >> i believe in my life, i've met, i've met people like yourself, i don't, i don't think i'd be with you. i'm done. if my kid dies at the hands of a drunk driver who'd been an illegal, i don't think i could recover. and i really admire your strength. you never heard from the president, you wrote him and lost your son, and this is such an important issue, that would piss me off. >> we were in washington when
9:43 pm
kate steinle's father was testifying and we were blocked. and we found out they were entertaining illegal college students to talk to them about the burden they overcame to get through college. and the next day they were entertaining illegal teachers at the white house. we asked them to meet with us. when have they ever had anybody in the white house on any issue like this. >> how big is your group of people, family or community that have suffered the same things? i know you know other people. >> it's thousands that we're aware of, but there's so many, like you said, who check out, and they don't. >> i don't blame them, do you? >> they don't want to talk about it. >> do you blame them? i don't judge that. >> i don't feel i'd be honoring my son's life, if i didn't continue the legacy and stop the insanity from ever happening to another family. >> it's so sad. and both of you got the opportunity to tell these stories tonight. i saw the crowd was really paying attention.
9:44 pm
i hope america pays attention. >> yeah. >> we need that wall. >> yes, we do. >> and we need donald trump. >> absolutely, 100%. >> i'm so sorry about your loss. >> thank you. >> your country failed you. your country failed you. and i'm sorry about that. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up next tonight on hannity. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter! in america! [cheers and applause] >> milwaukee county sheriff david clarke was a big hit at the convention. we'll play highlights of his speech. we'll get reaction. and the reverend daryl scott is back. he wants me to go preach at his church. i'm like a sinner. i'm the last person they want there. a amen, thank you very much. good grief. constipated?
9:45 pm
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donald trump is the ste steadfast leader our nation needs. he has spoken passionately to me of his belief in our american system of justice, and he speaks to the values that are the foundation of our social contract. throughout his campaign and over the many years before he has consistently and constantly raised his voice, not only in defense of the character of the american police officer but the need for all people to feel that they are being treated fairly and respectfully by law
9:49 pm
enforcement. ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter in america! [cheers and applause] >> very powerful moment by sheriff david clarke during his speech. joining us with reaction from the harvest praise and worship center, pastor mark burns, a.j. delgado, and pastor daryl scott. you know, i could never understand this at all. so bernie and hillary are asked, black lives matter, all lives matter. is this a trick question? [ laughter ] >> you're the religious guys. then we'll get to my friend a.j. >> you're not religious? >> i believe in jesus. >> praise god! >> but i'm the one that needs
9:50 pm
the saving, i need the help. >> pastor sean hannity. >> you know how many people come to that church? zero. but how do you answer black lives matter. all lives god that made you the same one that made me? >> absolutely. all lives do matter. >> he just made you better looking than me. >> this is true. my wife would say that too. but listen, all lives matter. but at the same time, there are some social injustices that have taken place, but i think we just live in a country and society where it's easier and more politically correct to put adjectives before our name like white, black, hispanic. i'm just of a time period where i believe we need to begin focusing on the colors that unite us and not the colors that divide us. >> i agree, but every single election, they're going to say, pastor, republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, want dirty,
9:51 pm
air, water, and they want to kill granny, as a matter of fact, we want to throw granny over the cliff. >> you know what, i think they leave something off of black lives matter. what they need to say is black lives matter too. because it seems like if you say all lives matter, the black lives activists get offended. all lives matter. black lives matter too. >> what if somebody said white lives matter too? hispanic? >> it started off with good intent, but it's devolved into bad activity. >> it's become, what do we want, dead cops. pigs in a blanket. >> the intent was good initially. it's gone bad and the thing is, you can't do the right thing the wrong way. >> isn't there a premise of, hands up, don't shoot, which was a big lie that we found out. >> right, it was based initially on a factual lie but i think he's correct that the intent was a noble one. but then it's become disrupted as we've seen and corrupt. but i think the bottom line is, we have to focus, especially being here tonight, on the fact
9:52 pm
that trump's message -- i mean, look at this panel. a white man, a latina, two black men and we're all here enthusiastically supporting donald trump. >> a fat white guy. >> a really good looking one on the end. >> listen -- >> guess what. the zero percent -- >> the zero percent of the black. we represent the zero percent of black people that don't support donald trump. >> right. you don't exist. >> black people do support donald trump. >> right? >> but you think of the policies, and i brought this up earlier. 58% more black americans in poverty, 20% more black americans out of the labor force since obama became president. >> the net worth of a black family right now is -- >> wait a minute. it's down $2,400 since he was president. >> we've been, as black americans, we've been voting democrats for over 50 years, and we're still broke. it is an awakening that i
9:53 pm
believe that has taken place. it is an awakening that is saying, listen, we've been voting for the democrats and the black community is still impoverished. we still own little. we still -- we're not as economic as empowered as we're supposed to be. >> let me go back to one black lives matter question, pastor. why is this group that chants what do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, now. how do they get to go to the white house between the assassination of dallas cops and the assassination of baton rouge cops? >> seems to me president obama is more reactive than he is proactive, and he reacts to public -- >> wait a minute. he compared this to the abolitionist movement and the women's suffrage movement. >> and the abolitionist movement, john brown attacked -- what was that? harper's ferry. that was -- >> if you look at the underground railroad, there were -- this was white and black and people, christians, that worked together to save people
9:54 pm
that needed help. >> president obama is simply trying to make up for the eight years that blacks have been believing he was going to be this uniter, this person that's going to raise up the economic value of black people, and he's failed that. >> all right. you guys are the pastors. i got to get to the harvard grad. >> oh, no. >> why do you always say it? >> why would you be upset? if i went to harvard, i did three and a half years of college, they say, hannity, college dropout. >> it doesn't mean anything. >> i ran out of money. i was broke. >> and look where you ended up. it's okay. >> but you have been one of the most passionate and outspoken voices in the hispanic community for donald trump, and he's taken heat because of his immigration policies. >> and i always tell people, i don't support him in spite of being latino. i support him because i'm a latino. he is a champion for us. and at the end of the day, i think your community agrees with my community, we all agree as
9:55 pm
americans, it's about jobs and the economy. that's what we need, especially in the minority community where we tend to have higher unemployment rates. hillary clinton has no plan. >> here's the thing. i think if you look at the numbers, the black and hispanic community has been negatively impacted, disproprogressiortion impacted because people come in competing for jobs, drive down wages, drive down opportunity at a point where we have 95 million americans out of labor force. i'm piszed off if i'm not working. >> poverty knows no color. poverty doesn't care whether you're white, black, young, old, hispanic, asian, it doesn't care. this is what donald trump -- this is what i say he's the unifier because he is dealing with issues that are not just focused on one race but the human race. and right now, we need jobs in this country. >> are you one of the pastors that lays hands on people? >> i do. i'm going to lay hands on you right now. >> oh my god, do it, please. >> right now!
9:56 pm
>> they're speaking tongues at your church? >> i asked you that. wait a minute. if you start speaking spanish or russian or french and you never studied, i'll believe the tongues thing. >> you dropped out of, you know, out of seminary, so we know you wouldn't understand. >> this got way too deep right now. >> i went to a catholic seminary. >> do you find yourself being reverse racially profiled? being a latino, do they say, how can you as a latina support donald trump, the same way we get it all the time, how can you as a black person? >> everything. >> horrible things on twitter, people have attacked you and i get mad. >> every day. but i wake up knowing that i'm the true champion for the latino community supporting trump. >> there are others latinas and latinos that support trump in spite of what everyone -- >> he has higher support than mccain has and romney has already. >> do you think the same will be in the black community? >> i know it is.
9:57 pm
t to be honest, a lot of pastors that i know, they're not leaders. they're managers. and so they're fearful of their customers, so to speak. but they call me -- >> i'm watching your hands. >> they call me -- >> we need a break. thank you -- that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. be sure to tune in tomorrow night starting at 11:00, continuing coverage, every night, 11:00 to 1:00, every night at the convention. great first night. see you back here tomorrow. ♪ and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from.
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