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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 19, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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we're still hugging because we took a picture, all right? >> lou holtz is celebrating 55 years married to his wife. "after the show show," we'll find the secret to a happy marriage. >> have a great day. see you back here tomorrow bill: a big night in cleveland, ohio as the trump team is off and running. rudy giuliani is bringing down the house. melania trump has her big night, but not without controversy. nice. i'm bill hemmer. how you feeling? martha: day two is on. i'm martha maccallum. donald trump is not expected to speak until later in the week. watch this.
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that was something. we are the champions blaring in the background. some cam paired it to a wwe moment. it had a television feel to it. he was like a rock star entering the stage. he introduced his wife melania. mrs. trump delivered one of the biggest speeches of the night. she was there to tell the full story of her house, the man he is and shoe she sees him with stories of her own upbringing. >> my parents impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life.
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that your work is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise. that you treat people with respect. they showed me values and morals in their daily lives. that is a lesson i continue to pass along to our son. and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow because we want our children in this nation to know that the only need for your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. bill: there are questions whether parts of that speech were lifted from the current first lady. rudy giuliani gave a shout-out to law enforcement across
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america. >> we give a shout-out for law enforcement out tonight, every race, coloring with creed, sexual orientation. when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you are black or white, they just come to save you! >> it's time to make america safe again. it's time to make mayor what won again. one america. what happened to there is no black america, there is no white america, there is just america! what happened to it? where did it go? how is it blown away.
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bill: that was even electric home inside the q. martha: they don't ask if you are black or white, what sexuality, they come to save you. it was a very powerful moment for rudy giuliani last night. >> they said that line, you know who you are, we are coming to get you. martha: we are not a black america, we are a white america taken directly from barack obama in his keynote address in 2008. we have a lot of team con for you. we begin with senior national correspondent john roberts outside of trump tower where donald trump and his wife
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returned in new york city. good morning to you, john. >> it was a quick round trip for donald and melania trump. he's got a full day working on that all-important acceptance speech. then there is that little thing called the national election campaign he launches friday after he accepts the election from the republican party. the trump campaign is pushing back against melania speech saying it was similar to the speech michelle obama gave in 2008. listen to what paul manafort said. >> i don't remember what michelle obama said 8 years ago. so -- frankly, this was her vision that she wanted to
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communicate about her husband. >> did donald trump say "you are fired" to anybody? >> i don't think donald trump feels there is anything to fire. reporter: the donald trump campaign won't be happy about today people won't be talking about what she said, but where it came from. tonight's theme of the convention is make america work again. martha: we are learning more from donald trump from one of lathe night's speaker. rudy giuliani said he had had enough about the narrative that donald trump is only caring about himself. he said when he was mayor donald trump came to him and on the
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condition of anonymity often helped in a crisis. >> i'm sick and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media and by the clinton campaign. i'm sick and tired of it. this is a good man. reporter: one of the big event today is going to happen that 5:30. you can expect martha there will be a huge cheer from the crowd when the number of delegates counted goes past that all important 1,237. john, thank you very much. bill: chris stirewalt our fox news digital reporter.
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giuliani is in his element. >> he knows how to electrify the crowd. the convention didn't feel like a regular convention. there was something missing until rudy giuliani came out and took the roof off the hall. bill: he treated that speech like a roast at the prior's club in manhattan. paul manafort was on abc. he said this was 58 word out of 38 people speaking. how big a deal i this? >> she didn't deserve this. if the campaign is going to treat anybody well, it ought to be the candidate's wife. i'm sure from her point of view
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to help her husband and help the country. the fact that there would be anybody in this campaign that would not take seriously enough a speech of this importance for her public introduction that they would be this careless, this is not okay. really sloppy. bill: is it a story later? bill: this was her big introduction to tens of millions of people seeing her for the first time. >> you don't get a second bite at the apple. a candidate spouse becomes defined by these moments. and because of this carelessness and whatever this was in the campaign that she doesn't get to do it again. obviously she doesn't do have much many interviews. she doesn't want to be a campaign spouse in the sentence you saw mike pence's wife by his side doing it every day and spent a career doing that. that's not melania trump.
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so in that way this campaign has let down its candidate and let down the candidate's bill: we'll give our viewers a sense of that later. "make america work again" is tonight's theme. newt gingrich will join us in a moment. we'll get his reaction to last night as well. all that is coming up, martha. martha: lots to talk about as we look at last night as well. the first night of the gop convention. some rowdy behavior and a less than warm welcome. we'll see some of the scuffles, somewhat typical stuff. not too much out of the norm. but yesterday we saw a bit of a backlash. there is senator lee the senator from utah. bill: the party is rolling out a new platform that some say is a more socially conservative
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agenda than they have had in a long time. how will that play out? martha: one common theme that could help bridge the gap in the republican party. hillary clinton, all that coming up live from the convention floor in cleveland, ohio. >> hillary clinton's experience is the basis for her campaign. hillary clinton's experience is exactly the reason she should not be president of these united states. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. martha: ohio governor john kasich has been the topic of a lot of intrigue in ohio. he's so low key at this home state convention that it's remarkable. he hoped to be the starring event thursday night and accept this nomination for his own when he started his journey in this presidential election. but he has not backed donald trump and the trump campaign has not been happy about it. but john kasich speaking to folks from michigan, in cuyahoga
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falls, ohio. bill: physically he is not inside the arena. and that does not appear to be changing. donald trump blasted his decision. while the convention was under way. which was another unique moment. there is a platform for the party and some suggest it's more conservative that a nominee has ever been. senator john barrasso was on the stage, good morning to you. what about the statement the platform is a lot more conservative than the nominee has ever been. >> it represents the grassroots people from around the country that came together. 112 members of the republican party, two from each state and the territories. it's about our view, our vision and our values for the future. it's a good, solid republican platform.
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bill: here is what i have learned from three, four, five, six national conventions. i know democrats are good at pushing the message and republicans can be sloppy and all over the board. that doesn't appear to be the case last night. >> the platform went well, universal acclaimed as a good, solid platform, focusing on the things that unite republicans. jobs, the economy, national security. national security is energy security, economic security, not just the borders. this is change versus more of the same. we cannot another four years like the last 8 years of barack obama. that's what hoik gets you. what about voters see? what will you make them think about? >> they will see an agenda that is to bring people in, to he
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tract new voters. people want to get back to work again. they are tired of this tepid economy. they are concerned about opportunities for themselves and their children. when you compare it to the liberal almost socialistic platform the democrats have come up with, it repeals right to work. it focuses on things like climate justice. economic inequality as opposed to economic growth. hillary clinton has attacked american red, white and blue energy. bill: take me back to the stage yesterday. you were up there. it got loud. it was raucous. did you expect it? >> that's what republican conventions and political conventions are about. bill: not so often. i remember in 2008 in denver it
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was the democratic side. but not on the republican side. >> that's been the complaints that the conventions have become too staid. i would have been happy to go to a roll call vote. it would have taken more time. i wanted to make sure the platform got adopted. and it was overwhelmingly adopted. bill: do you think this wrinkle, if you want to call it that, is over? >> this is a big party. we'll continue to attract voters all through the poll. it will be a spirited campaign all through the end because it's so critical. the supreme court weighs in the balance. the supreme court is also there because you are looking at 3 or 4 supreme court justices the next four years.
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we'll see what happens next week when the philadelphia convention meets with the democrats and they have their fights. we'll work through the maze and they have a mine field they have to go through and it will be explosive. martha: last night donald trump's wife made her debut in cleveland. >> it is my great honor to present the next first lady of the united states, my wife, an amazing mother, incredible woman, melania trump. martha: the speech got a lot of positive response right afterwards. but then and little bit of controversy seeping in today. bill: there was a fight on the floor from the group that opposes donald trump as their
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nominee. >> the question is on adoption of the resolution. all those in favor say a yes. all those, no. in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it. your insurance company
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>> you are an average american who feels like you have been foregone the and neglected by faraway leaders and the deck is stacked begins and you just can't win, donald trump will have your back. >> i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter in america! >> to our troops in a trump-pence administration, help is on the way. >> tino he understands what it's going to take to fix this. the only way we are going to keep america safe is to have an elite military, all right? >> the trump administration will take on this fight and send a clear message to the islamist terrorists. you may have fired the first shot, but rest assured, america will fire the last. >> the president must have the tools to deal with all threats
6:26 am
to this country, and must have the guts to put them into action. and donald trump is that leader! martha: marcus luttrell talked about the fact that people don't feel safe in this country. and he felt donald trump is the one to address that. there was a lot about law enforcement and our military, making america stronger. you heard those voices from mix mccaul and flynn as well. making america safe was the theme and they met the moment. bill: they had a list of politicians, but they also had regular americans who had sacrificed unfortunately. it's unfortunate you have somebody like nuke flynn, the place was emptying out while
6:27 am
mike flynn was speaking. joni ernst, too. martha: by the time she got out there, most people had left. lots of family, it will be very central tonight. meanwhile, there has been a battle unfolding, we talked about it with senator what last owe. hours before melania trump took the stage. several delegates were denied a full vote on the floor. ken cuccinelli threw his yes kengses on the -- his credentials on the floor. challenging the rules that bind delegates to vote for trump. arkansas congressman steve womack wielding the gavel and
6:28 am
rejected a roll call vote. >> all those in the favor say aye, all those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it and the resolution is agreed to. without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. martha: this got people going. we don't normally see this playing out on the convention floor. but a screaming match ensued between ken cuccinelli and senator mike lee. >> the existing rules don't adequately compensate those states that consistently voted republican. >> the delegates are there. >> you are making my point for me. this is about the future of the party.
6:29 am
at any convention we have an opportunity at that convention for delegates from across the country to weigh in on the rules. martha: this is the last gasp. bill: mike lee conceded to me that trump will be the nominee. but he said he would be a stronger nominee if you allow this to go forward. i asked cuccinelli about it and he said we have more ideas here. it's likely he will have something submitted in writing. martha: the rnc said they needed 10 states to have that roll call vote. then they came up there and said we only have 7 states so you won't have an independent roll call vote on this. but it does feel like it's all about 2020 and changing the rules for then rather than
6:30 am
changing the rules in this convention. bill: head to the "outnumbered" hosts and shepard smith are live on the scene for a live digital hangout every day from 4:00 to 6:00 eastern time. martha: given everybody who gets up there to speak. it really is a family affair for the trump campaign. he brings his children and wife. they travel together in a pack. they are very tight and they are advising their father at the highest level. last night melania trump was first one up. she is criticized today that there are some lines that are similar to what michelle obama said in the past. >> i have seen him try for years
6:31 am
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martha: donald trump enlisting the help of his family through his entire process. last night he took to the stable in a very dramatic way to introduce his wife melania. originally a lot of positive feedback on how she presented it and she was lovely. a nice introduction of her to the people. watch some of this. >> your work is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. but you treat people with respect. martha: some noticed when they went through the speech that it had several similarities to first lady michelle obama's
6:35 am
speech in 2008 saying "your word is your bond." >> i lot melania said a great job. no one is going to accuse melania say this is the first type she has ever been proud to be an american when her husband was elected president. she showed a level of elegance and poise and charisma that the american people want in a first lady. martha: i think this is a subject you will hear a lot about on cable tv for 24 hours. i think most of the people in america don't care if the phrases overlap. it reflects, not on melania who did a nice job, and her husband was proud and happy with how it went. but it reflects on the campaign.
6:36 am
akid turning in a paper can run it through a check. >> a lot of the media and a couple democrats are trying to take a couple dozen words out of several thousands on they are missing the bigger point of what took place last night. they showed a major contrast between melania and the former first lady. martha: we were watching the coverage on different channels. people calling for paul manafort to be fired. saying anybody who allowed this to happen did a disservice to the first lady. >> i think the person who should be fired is hillary clinton. she broke the law and that's being ignored.
6:37 am
melania did a perfect job and gave the campaign a reason to be proud. if we are talking about firing anybody be it should be hillary clinton. instead of her running to get a promotion. she should be demoted and should take a step back. martha: let's play paul manafort on this this morning. >> this represents her views. >> the speech writers put it into a speech? >> it was a collaboration. and how much she -- a wordsmith, i'm not sure, the word of her speech reflect her feelings for her husband. martha: i argue that the family is so central to this campaign. dew feel that? >> absolutely. they are not on his best surrogates, but also his top advisers. the people that know him best, the people he's closest to.
6:38 am
they are an integral part of every facet of this campaign. everything donald trump does he does with his family. martha: during bill clinton's presidential run there was discussion about are we electing a team of people with hillary in the team. but tonight we'll hear from donald trump, jr., if people have not been exposed to him a lot, i think they will be blown away by this young man who may represent no matter how things go for done donal -- for donalde reflection of a political dynasty. >> donald trump has one of the greatest asset in his wife and four kid. i'm so glad and thankful they are all willing to take the stain. they do a great service to him and our country by showing the softer side of her their dad is. martha: we'll see more tonight
6:39 am
when we see tiffany trump and donald jump, jr. we'll see you later tonight. thanks for coming in. bill: this is such a great facility in the huntington convention center along the lake in cleveland. the city has done such a fantastic job. when you think about the history of cleveland. the city leaders have done a terrific job of revitalizing the town and bringing jobs back and growth, the *. last night on the floor i met a guy from california. i want you to see what he was wearing. on the floor of the convention, he had the first official donald trump socks. do we have a shot? do you see it?
6:40 am
martha: we are looking at trump hair socks on a man from california. bill: he was so happy to show the socks. martha: i saw somebody in a huge uncle sam outfit. so many nice folks that come up to us and say hello. bill: these delegates. this is who the party relies on to get the mess and out in all these states. make socks great again. that's what it says. >> we have a lot coming up for you this morning. and there are some harsh word for the former secretary of state last night at the republican national convention. even some coming from the crowd. >> that's right. lock her up.
6:41 am
i'm going to tell you what, it's unbelievable. unbelievable. martha: that's a chant you don't hear every day. we'll get newt gingrich's take on that. round two today. we get ready for the tuesday version of the rnc. much more coming up right after this break. stay with us.
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>> barack obama and hillary clinton brought us isis and brought down benghazi. i shudder to think how many times our flag will fly at half-mast if hillary clinton is in the oval office. >> benghazi was about opportunities. opportunities taken when we defied the stand-down orders. and opportunities squandered when hillary failed to protect her people on the ground. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. bill: a common theme last night at the convention. hillary clinton. former house speaker newt gingrich is here with us. you can move throughout that floor and talk to delegates and they will say, trump wasn't my
6:46 am
first pick orify fourth pick or my 7th pick, but he's a better pick than hillary clinton. is that enough to bring this place together? >> i think by the end of philadelphia next week, virtually all the republicans will be drifting back toward donald trump. hillary is so utterly unacceptable. donald trump came out of nowhere, beat 1 candidates, some of them very, very good. all of the traditional republicans who spent their lifetime in the party say, oh, my gosh, now you have the last residue down to 10% now. but they will see hillary and say hillary, and i i'm not sure.
6:47 am
bill: you think about charlotte in 2012, the war on women. i thought republicans were all over the board. it seems different here. >> trump is a tremendous marketer. paul manafort is an expert guy who has been through a lot of conventions. the two of them realize unless you build thematics and m -- and momentum, it becomes clutter. last night was about safety at home and overseas. bill: 1 to 10 what would you give it? >> at least a 9. melania hit it out of the park. i was at another network
6:48 am
watching it, she were stunned how good she was. she set the benchmark for bill clinton. when you ask which first spouse would you wanted and she wins that one. bill: manafort said out of 50, 8 words. >> they never beat up clinton when he took entire sections from duval patrick. if they were the same word, i would argue melania delivered them a heck of a lot better than michelle. i thought melania was very compelling and very effective. bill: with bind that ended his campaign. >> he didn't take just a paragraph it was amazing how much he stole. bill: ways your speech about?
6:49 am
>> about safety around the world and the real threat of islamic terrorism. and the on person with the guts to face up to it is donald trump. it will portray how bad it's gone the worldwide as barack obama and clinton have done nothing about the problem we face. bill: rudiey jeud giuliani -- rudy giuliani said he's sick and tired of people beating up on donald trump. >> he's very smart, very hard working. he's a great father. look at the quality of his kids and their education and their seriousness and professionalism. and he is a guy who actually gets things done. i think you compare that with the current politicians in washington, he's head and shoulders above obama or
6:50 am
hillary, and i think his instincts are better. if you look at the people who work for him, they will tell you he brings people together, he makes them better than they were, and i think compare that with the traditional washington politician, i have been intrigued with him for a year. he's touching something america needs right now. we are at a real crisis on every level. we are at a crisis in race relations. we are in a crisis with 25 million americans dropping out of the middle class. he has the guts and intelligence to drive through that and get us to i think a dramatically better future. >> i can tell you there are hundreds of millions of people on this planet who live with fear and sang sighted after just having flown home from france. martha: speaking of the high
6:51 am
points from last night, what a speech from milwaukee sheriff, david clarke. how he wants to restore law and order in america.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> i didn't hear what you said. >> you took down comments on your youtube channel live stream. >> i don't know anything about that issue, i'm sorry. >> it was word by word. i listened to both of speeches. >> it wasn't word for word.
6:55 am
there were over 1,400 words in that speech. the senator jeff sessions will put his name into nomination tonight. he has been a key adviser and has become a close personal friend and adviser. the second speech will be given by congressman chris collins who was the first member of congress to endorse donald trump and the second speech will be given by lieutenant governor henry mcmaster. the lieutenant governor of south carolina and an early supporter who was instrumental in trump's victory in south carolina. >> was there a story of a delegate being threatened in the bathroom? >> i think i have a pretty good sense of what's going on in this convention, but city haven't
6:56 am
gotten into the bathrooms. >> [inaudible] temperature saying that your people [inaudible] temperature will there be a big change meaning in ukraine and russia. and my bigger question, this convention is closely watched in ukraine -- bill: to topics there. manafort suggesting he was pretty much done with that. over 1,400 words in that speech. with regard to the platform, he said it's finished and over for now.
6:57 am
ken cuccinelli is still out there and so is mike lee. what did melania trump have to say in the end? that's next. in cleveland, it's day two,e next. company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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. . . .
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martha: this is tuesday in the whole process of the rnc that means donald trump is now hours away from his official nomination on the floor as president. as the nominee for his, for the presidency. one day, on day two of the republican national convention here in cleveland. look at the nice shot over the beautiful arena as we look where we were last night when trump broke with tradition, quite dramatically, came out and made a rock star entrance to introduce his wife melania. the first family member to speak at convention. a broader appeal to general election voters. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom."
7:01 am
i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. how are you feeling? day two, the train rolls on. today's theme is make america work again but last night trump was working the crowd, introducing his wife melania, she in turn introduced america to another side of donald trump. >> donald is intensely loyal to family, friends, employees, country. he has the utmost respect for his parents, mary and fred. to his sister maryann and elizabeth. to his brother robert and to the memory of his brother fred. his children have been cared for and mentored to the extent that even his advice they meet they are amazing testament to who he is as a man and a father. [applause]
7:02 am
there's a great deal of love in the trump family. that is our bond and that is our strength. martha: so tonight we will hear from two of donald trump's children, tiffany. and then donald, jr., will take the stage making the case while they feel their father would make a great president. bill: high-profile republicans will be on stage. house speaker paul ryan. new jersey governor chris christie delivers his address. peter doocy outside the convention hall, actually inside here in cleveland. tell us about the message, peter. reporter: they let us in. the whole point of the speech, bill, was mrs. trump to explain to voters who might not have been paying attention that there is a lot more to him at the politician seen at big rallies getting the crowd all riled up. >> he is soft when he has to be but he is also kind and fair and caring.
7:03 am
this kindness is not always noted but it is there for all to see. that is one reason i fell in love with him to begin with. reporter: there is now some scrutiny on two paragraphs in melania trump's remarks similar to text in michelle obama's 2008 address, including two lines almost identical. accusations started swirling that mrs. trump's words were lifted from mrs. obama. melania said she wrote most of the speech herself and trump campaign denies any kind of plagiarism. melania's team of writers took notes on life inspiration and in some instances took fragments that reflect her own thinking. melania's love for america shown through the speech and made it a success. mr. trump and the candidate, jetted back to new york. they will remain there for
7:04 am
today's program and make america work. bill: talk about the program. how did the theme to make america work, what will they say what story do they tell? reporter: because trump's business is family business, he is bringing family members, to explain how they think he is better job creator, better to revitalize the economy than hillary clinton. we'll hear from the recent wharton business school grad, tiffany trump, donald, jr., helping run the family business while his dad is been busy the last few months. bill. bill: thank you, peter doocy across town inside of the convention hall. thank you, sir. martha: joining us on the roll of trump's family essential understanding the trump political story.ef political correspondent for "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. i know he will be think about he growing up, being at his father's side and his knee, his
7:05 am
father's work ethic. they demand they get good grades and work hard in school. all of that. they are essential to the entire trump campaign. >> the whole idea of having his wife and his children speak to personalize donald trump and reintroduce him to the american people. he was very famous man before any of this happened but wanted to give a more personal side. important thing about the children, think of george w. bush, having karl rove, long time political advisor. donald trump was not a politician. he doesn't have a karl rove. it is his children who function in that capacity. i talked to people in the extended trump circle and if they wanted to get an idea or proposal in front of trump's eyes they try to go through one of the children because they are the most influential people in the campaign. martha: they absolutely are. when you go to where they work, their offices, ivanka, donald, jr., lined up, interacting constantly. they're literally running their
7:06 am
father's company now. i don't think he would be running for president if he didn't think they were ready to take over the company. hard to remember an instance when you have three professional adult children of a candidate this involved as a advisors to their father. >> we haven't had that obviously barack obama's children were very young when he ran for office. george w. bush's daughters were in college, not known for their political advice at that time. sothis is actually completely unusual. and, trump has thrown his adult children into the campaign. i've been to many rallies in which trump is speaking and he mentioned don. don, come up here to say a few words. so they're used to being put on the spot and developed into pretty politicianed public performers. martha: even people who say they're not sure about donald trump, often the second or third line after that is but he has done a great job raising those kids. that is not lost on this campaign. i think they understand the power of the family. the only other example i thought
7:07 am
of, byron, was george w. bush, to his father. he was very close advisor in the white house quite often during his presidency. someone he clearly trusted. if donald trump is successful in the quest for president, you may see them having a roll beyond just running the company, do you think so? >> absolutely. a blood relative perform as different function in the white house or in a campaign than any staffer does. you're absolutely right. the young george w. bush in his father's white house was, he could read newspaper articles and see who was leaking. he could try to find out who is against my dad, who is for my dad. that is kind of personal thing that a blood relative does, that a paid staffer doesn't do. i would, if donald trump were to be elected president, these children would play a serious role in a trump administration. martha: perhaps in some ways more important than mike pence's role or even melania's role,
7:08 am
even though she is his wife, she doesn't seek to be that influence in the country, more being the support system. >> trump has never said that melania plays a huge role in the campaign. he said on a couple of occasions she told him to cool it, back off. martha: as wives do and husbands do. >> exactly. but i don't think as far as a strategic role, she hasn't played one, not nearly as important as children. martha: we'll look for donald trump, jr., particularly tonight, to make an impression on people not familiar with him. we'll see how that goes. byron, thank you. always good to have you. bill: talk about giuliani, another man bringing crowd to its feet. milwaukee county sheriff, david clark and talking about police matters and issues in dallas, texas, and on and on. >> american law enforcement officers understand race is and has been a heated issue around our country. most appreciate the vital need
7:09 am
for thoroughness and transparency for the greater good in their actions and investigations. these are truths that are self-evident to me which i practice and they are the truths that donald trump understands and supports. donald trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs. bill: sheriff clarke is our guest in a moment here. he will make the case why donald trump is the law and order candidate. the never trumpers are down but are they finished? analysis from karl rove in a moment. sheriff clarke had them from hello, right? martha: he did. bill: the first words out of his mouth. we'll talk in a moment. martha: new jersey governor chris christie scheduled to speak tonight as well. what does he have to say not being picked as donald trump's running mate. he is speaking out about that. bill: he is known as america's mayor, rudy giuliani. man, did he fire up the crowd. could a cabinet position be in
7:10 am
store? a friend and dr. charles democrat hahmer joins us live after -- -- charles krauthamer joins us. >> what i did for new york, donald trump will do for america! i am sick and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media, and bit clinton campaign! i am sick and tired of it! innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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♪ >> i did not say all of islam. i did not say most of islam. i said islamic extremist terrorism. you know who you are! and we're coming to get you! martha: rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york city, fired up, talking about not wanting to be misinterpreted by the press in the way he talked about defined category of islamic radical terrorism on the first night of the rnc last night. he went after hillary clinton. he went after president obama. he praised donald trump. he basically said that donald trump has been maligned. he has known him for many years and he wanted people to understand that donald trump
7:15 am
that he knows who is smart and generous that he described him. his enthusiasm prompting wonder whether or not giuliani may be vying for position himself. all this while being reported that chris christie was not donald trump's running mate and alluded to it himself in a speech. we'll bring in charles krauthamer indsyndicated columnist and fox news contributor. good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> rudy giuliani was really fired up last night. it was one of the strongest moments that we saw. can you see him with a position in this administration if there is one? >> oh, i think that is a sam dung. he is i think is already in there. he will be homeland security chief. he could be defense secretary. he hit every talking point there was. but as a physician, i was a little bit worried about him.
7:16 am
he was way up there. i would have liked him to measure his blood pressure. he got the crowd going. it was a semihoward dean. but it was obviously sincere and quite enthusiastic. he is the tough law and order guy. we're in a law and order atmosphere and i think he was sort of relishing it, but for sure he will be in the cabinet. in fact he would give a certain gravitas to a trump presidency. martha: yeah. it makes you wonder if it wouldn't be effective for the trump many campaign this week to sort of present their slate, these are the people that are on this team. is that something you would advise? >> i think they're doing it without actually naming the posts. in other words you know giuliani will be in the administration. you don't know where but obviously in some kind of a homeland security. there will be others. i mean you can imagine newt gingrich. i see him as chief of staff if that is something he would want to do. you obviously, could give him
7:17 am
almost any cabinet position. you have got a roster of high level people. there aren't that many because there is a lot of opposition to him in the establishment, people who already served but i think they would be showcased. i don't think you have to name them. i think it's a little too restricting. it creates too many targets if you do that. people will campaign against a giuliani or against a newt gingrich. this way, you get the benefit without the negatives. martha: what is your take so far after night one in terms of how the trump campaign is doing? what do they need to accomplish over the next three nights? how much have they moved the needle, if they have? >> i'm not sure how much the needle was moved. i think on night one you want to set up the argument that the alternative is horrible. it was an anti-hillary night. extremely effective going from top to bottom, covering from everything from benghazi to her
7:18 am
other, i mean her other adventures. everybody had a talking point or two abouter had. i don't think we made the case yet for trump. that i assume comes later. of course it comes on the last night when trump speaks himself. and he has to make the case to the country. but, last night i felt it covered the ground, did all the negativity was in one night. i'm not sure how much is left over for the other three. martha: you know, when you look at change elections that is really the big election for donald trump, isn't it? is he seizing a a moment america wants a very hefty, muscular, change, and are they willing to let him be the person that carries that? >> you phrased it exactly right. the answer to the first question was yes. the answer to the second question is still unknown and on that hinges the outcome of this election this is a change election. i think hillary clinton could have been defeated by any of the
7:19 am
dozen republicans. the republicans chosen one man who is the iffiest because he is outside and is unknown and shall we say an unusual personality and the question is, does he pass the threshold of acceptability? in other words, the country wants change. hillary represents the status quo. she will carry on the third obama administration. that was extremely unpopular. you have to get somebody on the other side for whom people say i think i can accept him with a finger on the button in the situation room when the phone rings at 3:00 in the morning. that is the threshold he has yet to pass and he may not. if he doesn't, he will not be elected. but it is like reagan in '8:00 at this in that sense. people were -- 'eight at this they were dissatisfied with the carter administration and was reagan somebody they comfortable with. the election was one in single
7:20 am
phrase in one of the debates, where they said about jimmy carter, after serious attack, by carter, oh, there you go again. a kind of way which endeared him. he is not as nut as the other side said. he became president as a result. martha: may be the three trump children may lay out the fact that you just brought up. can they make the case for him, that he is not as off as you think based on some of what he said? we'll see if they do that successfully. >> that is exactly what his wife start last night. martha: charles, thank you. >> pleasure. martha: good to have you with us during the day time. appreciate you coming in. >> i do get up in the morning. bill: that is really good thing. martha: we all try. bill: 20 minutes past the hour. dallas, baton rouge, police in america under assault. one of the last best speeches last night focused on our heroes in blue. we'll talk to milwaukee sheriff,
7:21 am
david clarke on restoring law and order in america. >> so many actions of the occupy movement and "black lives matter" transcends peaceful protests and violates the codes of conduct we rely on. i call it anarchy.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make something very clear, "blue lives matter"! in america. bill: that line right there earned one of the biggest ovations entire night of the rnc. the man who delivered it, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. how did you feel out there.
7:25 am
>> it is overwhelming. i don't know what kind of reaction you will get. i get to speak in front of big audiences. nothing like last night. bill: you had them at hello, sheriff. >> you know, that line, i believe it and i think people know that, that i bleed blue, i really do. i've been this in 38 years, law enforcement. this is in my blood. i tell people if you cut me it will not come out red, it will come out blue. this is about cops who go out on daily basis i send out there. i send men and women out as sheriff every day into harm's way. i don't know they're coming back for sure at the end of the day. fortunately most times they do but you never know. so the least that i can do is send a clear message to the cops all across this country now that i have their back. bill: i think the audience heard that. and in fact i remarked on the standing oaf vyings you got when you just showed up on stage -- ovation. i don't know if it was you or
7:26 am
the uniform but it worked. >> the uniform is impressive but i love my uniform. it is a symbol, it really is. it is a symbol of order and liberty in america. that is what american law enforcement. we're on the front lines of ordered liberty. it's a symbol of authority. you heard me, people want to be treated with respect and fairness. it all has to happen at the same time. this is what i've done, basically all i've known in terms of a profession. bill: you are speaking to this issue and it's clear that police are concerned. they're traveling in pairs now. sometimes more than that throughout america. who is speaking to that? >> not enough. not enough people, in terms of support for the american law enforcement officer. i think that there has been an anti-police message being delivered by some pretty important people that have a big stage and a big voice in this country. bill: anti-police? >> anti-police sentiment. it is fanning the flame of you know, an already -- you have
7:27 am
people out there who are resentful, they're angry about something, and they're looking to display that sort of resentment and anger, right now what i call is this ideology, that is what "black lives matter" is, it is ideology. there is not organization. there is no structure or hierarchy. it is organization that has anti-police ideology. we're seeing people that have anger and resentment inside looking to lash out. this ideology said here is your target. it is the american police officer. bill: two weeks ago, donald trump came out with with the phrase, law and order candidate. first time you heard it what did you think. >> i believed it. i talked to donald trump about state of things in my community. he asked me what is going on, seeing some things and hearing some things but the thing i liked about donald trump, long time ago early in the presidential primary process early on, he sent and unambiguous message about support for american law
7:28 am
enforcement officer. he didn't beat around the bush. you have good, they do important work, he was very clear in that support but here is what i think that i know we're going to get out of donald trump. he will appoint an attorney general who will see local law enforcement as an ally in the pursuit of criminals. right now, under last two attorney generals more so with eric holder than loretta lynch, they treated law enforcement as almost hostility. see us as adversary instead of ally. cop is all the bad guys in the america and criminals are the victims. so the whole thing has been flipped. i expect donald trump to appoint an attorney general who will get back to where we were and see local law enforcement in a important player in this thing and support us. when things go wrong in our world like it can, this isn't a perfect profession. we have all know that. sometimes some bad things are going to happen, some ugly things are going to happen.
7:29 am
we need to deal with the ugly incident and not paint entire profession. bill: thanks for stopping by today. >> thank you. bill: you prepped for the speech a lot? >> i worked hard. when you're ready, it -- bill: you feel the audience. >> it is the heart. bill: don't think people don't know that when you're out of uniform you have the hat on? >> that is how i roll. bill: what is the story behind the hat. >> i'm a cowboy at heart. i'm a horseman. i own my own horse. i spend time around horses. this is kind of the gear for horses. bill: thank you, sheriff. >> thank you. bill: thank you. martha? martha: good to have him here. house homeland security chairman michael mccaul spoke last night as well. he channeled ronald reagan in some of his comments asking, ask yourself this, are you safer now, do you feel safer now than you felt eight years ago? think about the answer that you have to that question at home. he will join us moments away, plus this.
7:30 am
[shouting] bill: that was the scene yesterday. donald trump supporters shouting down an effort to block his nomination. karl rove will analyze that in a moment as our coverage continues on day two, cleveland, ohio. when consultant josh atkins books at
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♪ >> we want donald trump. we want donald trump! bill: so there was a fight. it was a floor fight breaking out on day of convention. anti-trump delegates failing in last-ditch effort to block trump's nomination. paul manifort saying he never doubted effort would hit a brick wall. appears that is the case of the last night we saw trump backers delivering impassioned speeches trying to unite the party after scenes like this, lifelong democrat whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant. her message. >> my only child was also killed by an illegal immigrant. i call them illegal aliens. i have been talking about illegal immigration since 2012, since he got killed. no one listened until donald trump.
7:35 am
donald trump is not only my hero, he is my lifesaver. bill: karl rove served as white house deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and fox news contributor among many other things. how are you doing? >> fabulous. bill: i have a ton of stuff. how did they do last night? >> >> melania trump was inspired. you saw one, karen vaughn another. pat smith another. some of the veterans, mark geist. we had a great group last night who made, who made three arguments. one argument was, if you like the way things are going, hillary and bill, i mean, hillary, bill and barack. if you want change, go with this guy. third, here is why i am going with this guy. all of those are important. bill: they stayed on message. not the way it goes with republican. >> stayed on message but stayed on the clock. one of the things about last
7:36 am
night, it began to grow a little bit longer. they ended up behind schedule. one missing ingredient last night was a little bit of dash more of optimism and hope. i thought joni ernst's remark, senator from iowa, surrounded by a bunch of veterans was forward-looking. we'll do this for the military. do this for your veterans. bill: happened so late in the night. >> happened so late last night, the message got lost. particularly end of eight years one party holding white house. the opposition has to accentuate the change message. in large measure saying here is how bad things are and how they're on the wrong track. but part of it also has to be, here is what we're going to do, you have hope and optimism things will be better. bill: newt gingrich was sitting in the chair last hour. wait until the end of philadelphia. if you're in never trump category. if you're on the fence all that will dissolve away. here is how he made the point. watch. >> all these people traditional republican, spent whole lifetime in the party, going, oh, my
7:37 am
gosh, look who our leader is. that is why you have this last residue down to about 20% now. maybe down to 10% by thursday night of republicans kind of saying, oh i'm not sure. but then they will see hillary and say, okay, i'm sure. not her. bill: chuck grassley said two words, supreme court. scott walker said he may not be your second, third or fourth choice but better than hillary clinton. that seems to be what you're hearing inside hall. >> bill mcgurn has great piece in the "wall street journal," former colleague of mine in the white house, if you're not for trump here is essence why hillary is bad. i think it will be process, not an event. it will take longer than next essentially eight or nine days to the end of philadelphia. bill: you do? >> i do. look there are a lot of hurt feelings. more hurt than normal. normally by the time we get to the convention, candidate is pushing upper 80s, there is visible enthusiasm. not much in the way of
7:38 am
opposition. that is way it is in winning campaign. there are larger number of people undecided we've had since 1992. smaller percentage of republicans who are behind their candidate and smaller percentage of democrats who are behind their candidate than we have traditionally seen at this point in the drama. this will take a little bit longer. i think newt has his finger on the right thing, the thing that draws people together is the opposition to hillary clinton. the thing that will enthuse them in a sense that donald trump has got an optimistic vision for the future that has them in it. bill: yes or no, today, does he get there? >> well, we don't know. bill: numbers that you're describing here? >> that is what campaign is all by, so you're still unsure. >> that is what this week is about and coming weeks are about. you will not solve, even when you think you have this problem solved this election is so fluid and so volatile it could be affected again by presidential debates this fall. this has to be constant concern of the campaign, fighting on
7:39 am
three fronts, how do we go about keeping republicans moving towards us and being enthused? how do we persuade swing voters to come our way and stay with us? and how do we aim at defections from democrats. every defecting democrat we get is worth two votes to us. one taken away from their column where it normally goes and 1:00 added to ours. those three responsibilities have to be at forefront of trump managers. there will not be a day where the first, first tuesday after the first monday in november where they say, we got this done. bill: mark this conversation. we'll cheng in a month. >> there we go. bill: a month after that. >> there we go. you're boring. can't come up with something new? bill: i like it. the point being these are data points karl, when you go through a long campaign like this, when you trying to figure out where is the course and direction and the tipping point. at this think that is what you're addressing. >> yeah. bill: i'm remembering that
7:40 am
you're still a little unsure. >> it's a mix. he has a lot of material to prosecute the case against hillary. he needs to do that in my opinion very effectively and consistently. he has to add into the mix what i'm going to do that give you a sense, not only do i know what the problems are, but i have got answers, common sense answers that resonate with you, that mean america is going to be better. bill: thanks. karl rove. >> you bet, see you tonight. >> you bet. absolutely. martha: good to see you, karl. a remind for you at home, fox news has you covered all week on it. v and social media including snapchat. we were snapchatting from the floor and behind the scenes of our coverage. download the app on iphone or android device. follow fox news on snapchat. karl loves his snapchat. bill: he does. shaking his head yes. bob dole was there last night. age 92. looked great. martha: he was. bill: how are you doing any feel great, i feel good, i may run again.
7:41 am
martha: i interned for bob dole many moons ago on capitol hill. yes i did. bill: is that right? martha: we will take a break and get right back. one of the famous quotations or questions rather, in american political about thiu heard before? >> stand there in the polling place, to make a decision. i think when you make that decision it might be well if you would ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? martha: congressman mike mccaul putting his own spin on that question last night. he joins us coming up. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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7:45 am
were eight years ago? >> no! >> no. martha: new spin on president reagan's famous line from 1980. the chairman of the house homeland security committee saying that america is weaker than it was when president obama took office, suggesting that it is by design. he joins me now. texas congressman michael mccaul, chairman of house homeland security committee. author of the book, failures of the imagine, deadliest threats to our homeland and how to thwart them. welcome, chair. nice to have you in person here with us in ohio in cleveland but you know, you talk about this a lot and you know a lot more than most people in this country about the threats that face us. how much do you think the people of this country understand the situation that we're in at this point? >> well i think most people see what's happening overseas and in nice and paris, brussels, istanbul, now they see what happened in, you know, san bernardino, chattanooga,
7:46 am
orlando, now with the police officer shootings, it is really just chaos and violence and i think people are, i asked that question, do you feel safer because i think that is a relevant question of the day. most people don't feel safer today. they want a president, a commander-in-chief that can deal not only with isis threat but the throat domestically with these cop killings. martha: i just sense such a deep disease in this country in all of the things you just pointed to build that case. you walk around and talk to people, everybody talks about it. they feel unsettled, they feel nervous. donald trump has his work cut out for him to make the argument this week and beyond, that he can help that. that he can bring some comfort and some strength and security to the nation. what do you think he needs to do? and have you spoken to him about that? >> yeah, i met with him. the campaign, manafort, national security advisor to the campaign.
7:47 am
he wants to be known as the law and order candidate. i know in 1968, this year is kind of reminiscent like that. martha: nixon. >> nixon ran on law and order campaign. reagan on national security. i think he is trying to combine these two elements together. and i as former federal prosecutor, my job last night was to make the case against hillary clinton. to provide the indictment that the fbi and justice won't do it, then the political indictment of her how she was the architect of this failed foreign policy that created a more dangerous world for america. martha: here is a little piece of what you said about that last night. let's play it. >> today our allies no longer trust us. our adversaries no longer fear us, and our enemies are plotting against us. this did not happen by accident. it happened by design. it is the work of a barack obama and the architect of his failed
7:48 am
foreign policy, hillary clinton. martha: how much time do you think the democratic convention will spend on arguing that they have made us safer? that the iran deal, for example, was a huge achievement which they clearly believe it was? >> i don't think they will focus on it at all. i know in the presidential bring marry race candidates were asked about top three issues of the day, none of them mentioned national security or foreign policy. and i think, you know, she will make the case, that is her strength. i think it is her vulnerability. this is where she is weak. look what happened with iraq. she was in baghdad one day for three hours. the status of forces, our forces being withdrawn out of the region, not engaging with prime minister maliki the entire nation imploded. al qaeda in iraq became isis. so very good case i think to prosecute that in many ways her foreign policy led to the creation of isis.
7:49 am
martha: all right, politics, just for a moment in the last minute we have together, ohio, the governor, john kasich, who wanted to be the nominee of this party isn't here and there's still quite a bit of divisiveness we felt on the floor yesterday. where is this all going? >> conventions are made to unify, to bring the party together. i have five teenagers. we don't always agree on everything in a family. this is the time to come together. i think in a way when i look at some of the antics on the floor, it's, they have ever right to do it under the rules of the convention but to me it really sounds like sour grapes. the american people have spoken. they have voted. it's a democracy. and donald trump is the nominee. so my view is, let's support him, advise him as i'm trying to do, to make him a better candidate and a better president. martha: do you have a message for john kasich? >> it would be great while here in his home state it would be great to come speak to the convention. that would be a statesman like
7:50 am
thing to do and taking the high ground. martha: chairman mccaul, very good to see you. >> thank you, martha. martha: always a pleasure. bill: on deck in a moment here, tonight, house speaker paul ryan and two of donald trump's children will speak and the theme is this, make america work again. we'll get a preview as our coverage continues live in cleveland on day two. >> oh, we're going to win, we're going to win so big, thank you very much. [cheering] thank you. my cousin's wedding is coming soon. ♪ i like the bride more than the groom. ♪ turquoise dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no ones got moves like uncle joe. ♪ when it's go book on for instant rewards like gift cards,
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bill: got a fox news alert. there is new information after this attack on board of train in
7:54 am
germany. 17-year-old afghan refugee writing a note he wanted to take revenge on infidels. kitty logan with breaking news out of london. what have we learned? reporter: isis in this video claims to show the perpetrator in this attack threatening to carry out attacks in germany. he is named in this video as mohamed riyad. presents himself as isis soldier. calling all muslims who are not in isis territory to carry out attacks where they are. we know this attack happened last night around 9:00 local time. the suspect attacked passengers on a train in southern germany using a knife and axe. police say he targeted people randomly but brutally. those most seriously injured are members of a chinese family. two are said to have life-threatening injuries. several witnesses say they heard the attacker shout "allahu akbar!" three times.
7:55 am
when a passenger called police, officers say they heard this in the background of that call. emergency alarm stopped the train. attacker ran off. he was shot dead by police after he lunged at officers with a knife. german authorities have been on the alert for isis-style attack for some time now. this is first of its kind in germany if the claims prove to be true. authorities say the particular suspect, 17-year-old afghan came to germany two years ago. he was asylum seeker. he was placed in a foster home recently. police are not aware of any extremist links. they are still investigating and this is still fluid investigation, bill. bill: thank you, kitty logan with breaking news out of london. we'll watch it here. thank you, kitty. martha. martha: tonight all about the economy. final thoughts after this. first here is arkansas senator tom cotton. >> let me say again, this time the directly to our troops in a
7:56 am
trump-pence administration and republican congress. help is on the way. [cheers and applause]
7:57 am
>> ... >> ...
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7:59 am
martha: you could not have a convention without the balloons and everybody wants to know the number of balloons that are in those messed up there so it 125,000 of them, we are told and it thousand pounds of confetti, that would leave the market to come down in one piece. we'll see if it goes off without a hitch. we have seen some times when it doesn't quite get going, they are pulling the strings and they don't come down but a big night for donald trump, if all goes as planned. i did not count the balloons personally. i did do some research and were told there were that many. 1000 pounds of confetti is a
8:00 am
lot of confetti but you and i remember me on the floor and their pulling on the thing and it doesn't quite come down but i imagine this time it will be well orchestrated . bill: three days away from that. the vip box is very interesting, it's very trump yet with the fivefold start on the front and that's the place to beseen. we will be there tonight back on the floor . melissa: martha: i will see you at 2:00 and then again tonight. see you later guys. jon: a fox news alert, donald trump now one day closer to clinching the republican nomination for president but not without some chaos at the convention as the member trump crowd stages of floor fight and mrs. trump tries to present a softer side of her husband. welcome to "happening now", i'm john scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in again for jenna lee. it was the opening night in cleveland with anti-trump


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