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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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lot of confetti but you and i remember me on the floor and their pulling on the thing and it doesn't quite come down but i imagine this time it will be well orchestrated . bill: three days away from that. the vip box is very interesting, it's very trump yet with the fivefold start on the front and that's the place to beseen. we will be there tonight back on the floor . melissa: martha: i will see you at 2:00 and then again tonight. see you later guys. jon: a fox news alert, donald trump now one day closer to clinching the republican nomination for president but not without some chaos at the convention as the member trump crowd stages of floor fight and mrs. trump tries to present a softer side of her husband. welcome to "happening now", i'm john scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in again for jenna lee. it was the opening night in cleveland with anti-trump
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delegates: four but failing to get a rollcall vote and mister trump took the spotlight with his wife melania for a speech that drew criticism. >> it is kindness, love and compassion. for each other that will bring us together. and keep us together. these are the values donald and i will bring to the white house. [applause] my husband is ready to lead this great nation. he is ready to fight every day. to give our children the better future they deserve. ladies and gentlemen, donald j trump is ready to serve and lead this country as the next president of the united states. [applause] jon: senior national correspondent john roberts live at trump tower in new york city, john?
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reporter: good morning and a lot of people, critics have noticed some of the lines in a speech last night were similar to a speech that michelle obama gave to the democratic national convention in 2008. as you can imagine, the trump campaign this morning is disappointed that a lot of the headlines are about that as opposed to the substance and emotion of what she was saying. the campaign manager paul manafort this morning oncbs pushing back against this idea that he plagiarized michelle obama's speech, listen to what he said . >> her speech last night was a very important presentation of the person she knew and really, of her coming to america and what it meant to her to become an american citizen and how important her husband's vision and plans for making this country a better place to live are to her and hurt her family, that's what we should be talking about because that was the message. that's the message of 99.9 percent of the speech.
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reporter: clearly though donald trump and members of the trump family happy with what happened last night with melania trump happy in a language that night her native tongue being able to stand up there before millions and deliver the speech as well as they believe she did. last night the theme was all about law and order, the shootings of police officers in baton rouge and dallas very much a part of what was happening last night particular the speeches of david park in milwaukee and rudy giuliani last night before melania gave her a dress. bill o'reilly asked donald trump if he thought much of the rhetoric surrounding the black lives matter movement may have been the flea use lighter for some of the violence we seen in recent weeks and here's what trump said. >> well certainly in certain instances they are and they certainly had ignited people and you see that. everybody's free to say what you want to say up to a point . but when you're calling death to police and kill the police essentially which is what they said, that's a real problem, bill, that's a real big problem.
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reporter: tonight the focus shifts to putting america back to work, making america work again is the theme. donald trump junior will be speaking. this is the big rollcall of state for the nomination of donald trump and mike pence, that will happen at 5:30 this afternoon and we understand donald trump will be making a surprise appearance at the convention tonight, albeit via satellite and not in person as it was last night . jon: is breaking all the rules, they're not supposedto do that. they're not supposed to be here until the big nomination night . reporter: is the unconventional convention but would would you expect donald trump would have anything else? jon: i guess not. john roberts out there in front of trump tower, thank you. republicans spent the first night of their convention playing to their base, the one thing that unites the fractured party and a version to president clinton. there were plenty of attacks on the presumptive democratic nominee.
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join in, chris wallace anchor of fox news sunday. aligning the washington post from demos today, this is a party that is trying to unite behind donald trump here this week. how's that effort going? >> i think pretty well, there's no question there are people still opposed to trump, we saw that play out on the floor, we're seeing it quite frankly my a lot of the leading lights of the republican party who are here but trump toning down his rhetoric a bit and the selection of mike pence, a very popular former congressman, current governor of indiana and a real movement and social conservative has helped unify the party. it's important for trump: he's getting about 80 percent support from republican voters. he's got to get 90 percent, he's got to do a lot of things beyond that in reaching out to not typical republican voters but he's
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got to solidify the base and so far at least that seems to be clearly job on this convention . jon: there has been so much talk about his wife's speech and a couple of paragraphs of it that seem to be nearly identical to what michelle obama said backing 2008. how much of an issue is that going to be long-term? >> long-term it's not going to be any issue at all. it will be gone by the time we leave cleveland but the fact you're asking me about it and everybody is talking about it takes a little bit of the luster away from what i thought was a strong performance by melania trump. this isn't on her, it's on her staff. somebody on the staff failed her. i understand kind of how it happens which is if you're going to help write a speech for the candidate, the wife of the candidate, you're going to look at prior speeches like michelle obama's in 2008, other wives of and romney and you pick out lines that seem to be good but how you go from picking out a theme you want
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to hit to actually plugging and pasting the language in, it's a real failure by somebody on the staff and i suspect they may no longer be on the staff. jon: maybe not her staff but the campaign staff, they can sort all that out.i remember a couple months ago i guess it was when we were looking forward to a contested convention in cleveland there was going to be a fight between maybe the last three standing, it was going to be donald trump versus ted cruz versus john kasich. there was that effort yesterday but that seems to have fizzled. >> yeah, now there's also still talk today about trying to marshal the number of states, i think it's eight states you need a majority of to place ted cruz's name in nomination, obviously he's not going to be the nominee
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but to give him his moments, i suspect the trump people don't want that to happen and will try to beat it back but look, there are certainly some divisions in this party and there are people who are going to sit it out who are here in cleveland as i said before but i think the republican party is going to come out of this convention especially with a selection of mike pence as a vice president pretty united. in the end, a lot of the stuff that happened on the floor yesterday that may happen today is all going to be forgotten after cleveland. the real key to all of this and we have this four-day tv crew program in effect is going to be donald trump's speech on thursday night. he's going to have an hour in prime time and he's got to do a couple things. he's got to unite the party and say on the safe, reliable republican you can depend on
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and that you can run along with as running for reelection to the senate or house and he's also going to make the turn and try to reach out to people at this point because his own favorables are very high, john, i don't have to tell you that. among women, among minorities, among young people. he's got to get them to give him a second look to say i really am a credible president, i'm an agent of change. there are a lot of problems about what's going on with the country today, i'm going to fix a lot of them want hillary clinton istrying to make the point that he cannot be trusted and that something he really needs to counteract if you want to win the office . >> absolutely. if you have, job on may be to unite the party, john two is to present himself when this convention is over and his speech is over, some americans who maybe undecided or even leaning against trump to say you know what? he's a credible commander-in-chief. at this point a lot of doubt, he's got a race that doubt . jon: you will be there to cover it, chris wallace from fox news sunday, thank you. melissa: more protests on tap today in cleveland, the first
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day brought several demonstrations but no violence. >>. [chanting] donald trump doorway. melissa: more groups planning speeches from all side of the political spectrum. steve harris is live in cleveland, what do we expect today? >> melissa, so far the demonstrations have been loud and energetic but really not drawing the huge numbers as of yet. yesterday we were out with the coalition to stop donald trump, just about 800 people marching in all, many explaining to us why they are opposed to donald trump but also some saying they were simply there for the spectacle. >> it's preposterous that we've gotten to this point where a bad actor, a bad businessman, a television celebrity is going to run for president of the united states with no experience had
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no idea, no platform, nothing. a bunch of promises, a bunch of racist, misogynist promises. it's unacceptable. >> on your for the show, mostly. reporter: the police response here has been remarkable so far. most of the police in the downtown area on bicycles, they are wearing body cameras on their helmets did they bendable and quick, guiding the protesters along different routes, moving quickly and at times when we've seen pro and anti-trump groups, they surged into the middle to keep the two apart so we've not seen any violence to spec that ohio is an open carry state and we see people carrying rifles on their backs. as far as arrests go, five nasal park including three at the rock 'n roll hall of fame. they climbed the flagpole to hang and anti-trump protest. as far as the day goes, were not expecting any major marches but a steady stream of anti-donald trump speakers here throughout the day. melissa, back to you and your voices heard, that's what america is all about. don? jon: last night's speakers taking aim at hillary clinton as the democratic candidate
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steps up her own attacks. why she just called donald trump the most dangerous man ever to run for president. we are live in cleveland during a for the second night of the gop convention, we analyze the big speeches so far. what worked, what did not and how police shootings and terror attacks are shaping this political season. plus, we want to hear from you. what did you think of the first night of the republican national convention? the topic of our day on our live, go to to join the conversation. >>
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possibly mean it, maybe it's one thing if he said it six months ago and had listened to people who knew more than he ever will know. maybe so, but not now. what he has laid out is the most dangerous, reckless approach to being president then i think we've ever seen. jon: a new poll finds that hillary clinton has a big advantage over donald trump in the state where both of them will cast their votes, we're talking new york. clinton leads trump 47 to 35 percent. joining us now, amy stoddard, associate editor at real clear politics, charlie hurst, politics columnist at the washington times. welcome to both of you. he is reckless and dangerous, according to hillary clinton. i suppose raising questions about his fitness for office, ab. is the way she sees asher path to winning . >> that is her path.
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you look at her points, you look at polling and you see her dropping not tremendous plummets but she's losing points in several polls, especially in key battlegrounds, making her campaign very nervous so they're going to double down on this referendum on donald trump to try to scare people into voting either for her or staying home and say he's unfit for office while she's examining just how high her negatives are rising so she wants does about her dishonesty to spread doubts about trump's fitness. you're going to hear more along those lines for the next four months. jon: charlie, that's why she's referring to him as the most dangerous man to run for president . >> i think 80 is exactly
8:18 am
right but the problem for hillary clinton is that of course she's got a record to look at and when you start talking about things that are dangerous, things that we know are dangerous are leaving top-secret documents on a private email server in your bathroom, not securing your consulate in ben ghazi, allowing your ambassador to get killed raid lying under oath to congress. those things are very dangerous, they really are part of her record and she can't do anything to undo those things so the best she can do is try to conjure up this notion about how dangerous donald trump is. jon: there has been a lot of talk about a rocky, tumultuous convention. what you think about the way it has gotten off to a start? >> i don't think it's bendable to us but what i think would've been best for him is a little uneventful in the beginning, first couple of days not a big floor scene, not an insult from his campaign manager to the very popular governor here, john
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kasich who's sitting out the rmc and obviously has not endorsed trump. not a plagiarized section or two in a speech, a great disserviceto mrs. trump , whatever staffer is responsible for that so we are focused on these dramas and these issues that are clouding the fact that they had a good lineup of speakers last night, that should have been focus. donald trump instead calls into bill o'reilly's show while pat smith, the mother of one of the victims in ben ghazi is on the floor making a compelling argument on his behalf so i think they need to have an uneventful couple of days, a distraction free and drama free few days in which culminates obviously with a great speech by donald trump on thursday night and to unify and sorted and on a noncontroversial note. that's the point of this couple of days is the pic of mike pence calling down other
8:20 am
republicans, coming together and this plagiarism story and these insults and all this other stuff, this gets in the way and stepped on a good new cycle. jon: when i talk about tumultuous i was talking about the predictions from a couple months ago and everybody was saying republicans were not going to have a clear nominee going into the convention. what about this new york state pulled charlie? donald trump has lived here all his life, hillary clinton lives here now. she's leading 47, 35. does he have a chance in new york state? >> i think he probably has a better chance than any other republican we've had in the last 30 years but realistically, it's an enormous uphill climb. honestly, if i ran for statewide office in new york with a d behind my name even i could get elected so i think it's highly unlikely that it's going to be contested but if we are sitting here talking about polls in new york, then that means that places like north carolina, virginia, ohio are not being threatened which it
8:21 am
would be very good news for donald trump. as far as the convention overall, i feel like it's been, i think 80 is right. there have been a lot of these distractions but all that stuff will go by the wayside, nobody cares about this stuff but i think when they watch that speech by melania trump last night, it was a tremendous success and i think people took away something, feeling like they got to know her personally a little bit and him a little bit more personally and that's what they were going for last night. jon: enjoy the rest of the convention, we will check in with you again. thank you. melissa: we want to bring you breaking news happening now, there is a massive explosion that has been reported in ankara turkey. this is according to the associated press, a loud explosion was heard in
8:22 am
turkey's capital city of ankara. one report saying at explosion may have occurred at the state on television building, we are focused on this of course because of the attempted to that happened on friday. you look at the neighborhood turkey is in and the migration that they had lately, also the problem there on the border with syria, we're going to keep an eye on it and be right back. that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. .
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melissa: right now new fallout from a fiery speech last night, america's mayor rudy guiliani not only attacking lori clinton but calling out the media as well. >> i'm sick and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media and by the clinton campaign.
8:26 am
melissa: joining us now is howard kurtz, anchor of media buzz. great to have you. it's always the media's fault, we are always to blame. doesn't feel like that sometimes? >> yes, but you know this place very well for rudy guiliani to pick out the anti-media banner that trump pounds away at four more than a year. it's popular obviously with republican delegates and trump does get a lot of unfair political press, one headline said trump's disaster his first day at the convention, it certainly had some hiccups but for guiliani to not only because trump's longtime friend but to do a little media bashing, i don't know if it brings in new voters but it rouses upthe base . melissa: i was interested to see the headlines this morning because it struck me,
8:27 am
it was like the 60 minutes interview, it was everything that went on so far. your impression of whether last night was fantastic or horrible depends on the lens through which you were looking. it's almost like it's to america's watching these things go by and there's one side which controls most of the media which it seems like it's going to think it's a disaster no matter what and there's another side who is pro-trump and thinks it's all fantastic, have you noticed this deep and notable divide? >> absolutely and it's not the typical left right divide in that a lot in the conservative media who were against trump in the primaries still not sold on donald j trump and you had some thought rudy's speech was too angry, others thought it was a home run. others like jody ernst who were supposed to be a key speaker for the nominee, didn't get on until after 11:00 and a lot of the country had gone to bed but all that has been superseded by what's become the viral moment of this convention so far in cleveland and that is the flap over melania trump's speech and the similar striking similar words and passages from a speech by michelle obama in 2008. that has become the story.
8:28 am
melissa: is although if you are watching live last night everybody was talking about that entrance that made . like a wwe event where he came in through the fog to music and one thing that struck me because you're a tv critic so look at this from the tv critic and producer's point of view, doll trump said he thought the convention before this in tampa was the most boring thing he'd ever seen in his life and this was going to be watchable, good television. from a producer's standpoint, he did put on a show like nothing we've seen at a convention, no? there's the moment right there. >> that was a nice bit of statecraft and even him coming out and briefly introducing his wife, donald trump is never brief as you know, it was a nice touch of a guy who knows how to do television and it's really sad. there's no special prosecutor needed here, this is watergate, melania did a good job, it is not her fault that
8:29 am
a speechwriter borrowed some words and phrases from michelle obama so the nice moment, i went to bed thinking this moment was not accustomed to public speaking really good nice job and today i think the campaign is inflaming the coverage of the similar words and phrases because they're going out and saying no, it didn't happen and that justencourages reporters to say you think it didn't happen? let's play that videotape again and again comparing the two speeches . melissa: you think that's what all of america is focused on or is that what the mainstream/left-leaning media is focused on it? that they found this angle to attack her so that's what they want to talk abouttoday and by virtue of continuing that headline , the rest of us are sort of falling victim to the same narrative. any chance that's true? >> i don't think most of america is focused on this at all right now and rightly so. there are bigger issues facing the country but the media have a mighty megaphone
8:30 am
and if this goes on for another day and a half is and is superseded by something else that happens in cleveland, it becomes part of the story of the convention in a way that the clint eastwood and empty chair thing happened that mitt romney's convention, that's unfortunate because it's not that big a deal. on the other hand corey lewandowski says the speechwriter should be fired because it has become a distraction. it will remain a minor distraction that will depend in part on whether journalists can let go of what they see as a juicy story. melissa: you make a great point in your article about how we are focused on the tragedy around the world and we can hardly process that it's happening so much. before you came on you mentioned there's another explosion now in turkey that we are watching. it's an interesting counterpoint to what's going on, i wish we had more time, howard kurtz, thank you so much. we've got you covered all week here, had to the fox news app for live coverage through thursday with the digital hangout as well featuring the "outnumbered"
8:31 am
host and shepard smith will be on the scene until 6 pm eastern as well so lots of places to get what you need. john? jon: republicans looking for unity, finally finding something they can rally around: hillary clinton. rudy guiliani leading the charge last night, pounding clinton on benghazi and comparing donald trump to another presidency sir . >> he will make america once again like the president i worked for, ronald reagan. [applause] >>
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melissa: right now we are waiting to see what day two of the republican convention will bring after an opening session where republicans
8:36 am
found that the person who really unites them: hillary clinton. in one of the most powerful speeches of the night, former new york city mayor rudy guiliani fan of those flames, attacking secretary clinton on benghazi. >> hillary clinton's answer to congress about the depths of these four brave americans because of her gross failures as secretary of state was quote, what difference at this point does it make? [doing] what difference does it make?watch the video yourself. and see the arrogant disregard for american lives lost unnecessarily because of her. melissa: kevin mccullough, syndicated radio has and kevin marshall is a syndicated radio host as well and a fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. kevin, what's your reaction to that and the rest of rudy's speech last night? >> i think he's been waiting what, 12 years to give this speech? he's wanted to have a night to key off on hillary clinton
8:37 am
for the longest time and finally got his wish and i want to tell you i found it to be very believable and very passionate. country was appalled at hillary's statement that day before congress and i think i was running the trump campaign i would make several ads incorporating her response that question from senatorpaul, very memorable moments in the holden ghazi chapter seven leslie , of course is a mother of one of the fallen americans in that scenario in benghazi, listen to what she had to say i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. that's personally. in an email to her daughter shortly after the attack, hillary clinton blamed it on terrorism. when i saw hillary clinton at sean's coffin ceremony days later, she looked me squarely in the eye and told me a video was responsible. melissa: leslie, is that effective?
8:38 am
>> yes, it is very effective. this is a woman has pain and i know that pain, i buried a child and no parent should ever have to but we also have very different ideas of blame. for me it was god, for her it was a clinton. we've seen other victims families from benghazi, whether it is mister wood's mother, whether it is ambassador stevens family, whether we just look at the people that have said that is not my experience, it doesn't diminish her pain and her blame. it's very effective but there are a lot of people who feel that way. however, 18 separate bipartisan investigations do not concur that hillary clinton was to blame for these individual deaths. melissa: okay. kevin, when we watch what went on last night and all the speeches, you wonder is it more important, they say 80 percent of republicans for
8:39 am
donald trump, he needs to get to a number that's more like 90. is it more important to get those hard-core republicans or is it more important to try to sway people on the fringe in the middle, i would say for deciding between the two candidates as opposed to those who are deciding if they're going to come out and support him or stay home out of protest. which group is more important today? >> i think that trump is understanding that the convention is used to heal the party so it's more of an internal focus but we also do this in the age ofsnapchat and everything else so we know people are watching from every corner of the globe . i think you can have multiple layers of messaging going on at the same time and i have a brother that serves in forward activity in the u.s. navy, i have lost a child. there are people that live their lives in a very consistent way individually,
8:40 am
going about their business and they're watching this. i was talking to mike huber driver this morning, she's watching what's going on, 28-year-old driver. people are paying attention so it's important we talk about national security, it writes important you need to trust the person in that position not to give up confidential secrets on hard drives and not leave our men behind it she didn't just abandon them, she didn't just tell the number two in libya that i'm going to call you back and she's waiting for the phone call. she abandoned them and came home and lied to the relatives and she said to congress what difference did it make ? rudy guiliani made great points last night. melissa: is it more important to pump up your own candidate or attack the other side candidate at this point in the game, which you believe is more effective? >> i'm glad you said that because we were talking about this yesterday here in los angeles. i think right now you are in a sense preaching to the
8:41 am
choir. anything you say against hillary is going to get a lot of applause. it's almost like before the football game and everybody gets all wild up at the rally and now it is time to rally the troops if you will, no pun intended to support trump, bill him up. this climax up to that point and later after he is the nominee and she is the nominee, after the end of this month, that's when you go after the opponent. you do it in the base, you do it in ask, you do it in every interview possible so i agree that this is the time they should be really praising and ramping up leading up to that big moments, to donald trump as theirpresumptive nominee. melissa: the best way to unite the party is reminding them how much they dislike the alternative . thank the both of you for joining us for your insight, we really appreciate it. fascinating time for sure. you can go behind the scenes of our coverage at the republican national convention on social media including on snapchat you get the inside scoop by downloading the app on your iphone or android and following fox news on snapchat for a look behind the headlines. john? jon: republicans taking on a major issue of the moment on
8:42 am
the first night of their convention, the murder of police officers and the role of the black lives matter movement. what it means for donald trump as he gears up or a battle with hillary clinton. >> donald trump is the steadfast leader are nation needs. >> i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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nah, bro. we gotta go off-script. rip to shreds every motel, cabin and teepee, between here and the wedding. now get out of my seat. alright. (screams) road trip! whahhhh hahaha... road trip! jon: the explosion we told you about in turkey turned out not to be, it appears to be a residential fire in a building in the turkish capital of ankara. it's been brought under control we are told. these are tense timesin turkey after the failed coup attempt against president government on friday. residential fire there but no explosion . there is some smoke on the skyline so a bit of good news there. out of turkey. we will keep you updated.
8:46 am
melissa: new information on the gop opening a of attack against the black lives matter movement. and hillary clinton, it came from the milwaukee county church's remarks at the convention, blasting the group's hostility toward police officers and asserting that no one including the presumptive democratic nominee is above the law. let's bring in as rebel, rnc delegate and the ceo 2020 meters for america. he went on during that speech and said a lot of things that are considered incendiary and a lot of groups. he said i want to make something very clear, matter in america. it is different to be there in person than to hear it on television. what was it like during those things there and what was the reaction? >> let me tell you, there wasn't any speaker last night that had the crowd more electrified. the crowd was so excited before he said anything and let me tell you, about the
8:47 am
blue line's matter, that was important because what he did was turn the page and talk about this is black versus white anymore. this is about all police officers and he highlights the fact that there are black police officers that are being killed just like white police officers and by making it a police thing, making sure people can support our police, that's what's going to help us move forward as a country. it was a unifying speech, he spoke truth to power, i was proud of what he said and it's a blue line's matter concept that is where we need to go and how we need to protect our officers is going to be critical. melissa: there are a lot of people who would disagree and say the opposite, that what he wasdoing was throwing fuel on the fire and anytime you say things like blue line as a matter or all lives matter that those are divisions . >> here's the difference. melissa: how do you respond? >> here's the difference. blue lives matter, there's no blue people. it's not about race anymore. it's about whether you're going to support law
8:48 am
enforcement officers. black lives matter, all lives matter, that's race. he took race off the table and he's talking about whether we're supporting our police officers. walking out of the convention center, there were black lives matter protesters tackling as we were coming out and you had 20 police officers walk by and got a standing ovation and a round of applause from our convention goers last night. a stark contrast and that's the sort of support and message i think he brought last night to support our police officers and that's important because there's cops of every race and creed who are under attack in this country. melissa: as a delegate on the floor that's representing a group, the narrative that's coming out is that it is a republican vet convention that is divided, that is fighting itself. is that the impression on the floor, is that how you see it? >> no. you know, there was an element of never trump in our crowd but let me tell you this. i think we moved on. i am someone who believes we should have had a voice vote
8:49 am
with the rules because there are people voting or not delegate and i had a group of old ladies sitting next to me who said i can't even scream but you scream for me because they can't hear my voice. i think we should have had a voice vote but hopefully we got past that as a party. the more controversial votes, let's get back on message and help america understand donald trump represents the party of freedom and free markets . melissa: when i watched the video of that voice vote in the past i always laugh because it's more about who can yell the loudest and who's in the room than any sort of accuracy at all. it's an interesting point you make. a scale of 1 to 5 so far as someone who's there, what would you give the convention and again i would ask you because the impression from people outside is so different if you're not there. what does it feel like they're on a scale of 1 to 5? >> i would say a 4 1/2. there was a lot of excitement last night. this is a long time coming. last night was the beginning
8:50 am
of our convention but it was the end of the primary season so it was a big exhale a lot of different campaigns it's over now. now it's time to nominate who's going to be the next leader of our party and let's move forward so we were glad to see the end of the republican primary last night. melissa: thank you for bringing up that perspective, we appreciate it. we haven't had a lot of boring this season, it's good. >> thank you. jon: while republican confab in cleveland, hillary clinton is on the campaign trail in a key battleground state. where she is and what she's saying about the cleveland convention and the gop ticket. >> ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.)
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jon: we had some unexpected excitement on "outnumbered" yesterday. let's find out what's coming up at the top of the hour. sandra and harris?
8:54 am
>> i'm using superglue. >> make america work again. will it be as fiery as it was last night when several speakers praise the roots attacking the administration's treatment of law enforcement? >> after yesterday's stop trump floor flight show the parties divisions, has the gop found unity in slamming hillary clinton? and what can we expect from donald trump's son donald junior as he and daughter tiffany speak tonight. will ask on a thursday night speakers. our guests today are marshall blackburn sitting right over there. our hashtag one luckyguy, brett baer will be joining us at the top of the hour and more on here date . jon: sounds great, we will be watching. >> i wish i were making that up, it's in the show. thank you.
8:55 am
melissa: right now the clinton campaign focusing on the battleground state of nevada with the presumptive democratic nominee getting ready for a series of events in las vegas including one aimed at voter registration. as a team hopes to register 3 million americans who can vote for her in november. mike emanuel is live in las vegas, this is important mike. >> hi melissa. a couple hours, hillary clinton will address a large union audience at the aspen convention center in las vegas, clinton will also do a little fundraising in las vegas and as you mentioned, will do a voter registration event with her campaign, hoping to sign up 3 million youth new voters, getting those folks to vote for her in november. clinton is also taking swipes
8:56 am
at donald trump calling him the most dangerous man ever to run for president. while she has disagreed with path for balkan presidents, clinton says at least those presidents understood the magnitude of the job. >> inever doubted they had a sense of history. they had a sense of their place in history. they understood the enormity of their responsibility , that they sought and assumed. i don't see any evidence that this man feels that way. >> it may be the week of the republican convention but hillary clinton's week is off to a busy start. he was in minneapolis speaking to the america american federation of teachers and their clinton attack comes new running mate . >> mike pence is one of the most extreme vice presidential picks in a generation. and he's one of the most hostile politicians in america when it comes to public education. as governor of indiana he cut millions from higher education. >> clinton has also picked up and another union endorsement which represents gaming, food service and other service workers in the las vegas area. endorsing her today and saying they will help deliver
8:57 am
battleground state nevada p7 the fight is on, thank you so much and we will be right back. >>
8:58 am
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>> melissa and i have good stuff ready for second hour. melissa: that's right. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: this is a fox news alert. the republican national convention off and running in cleveland. we're hours away from donald trump officially dropping the word presumptive from his republican presidential nominee title. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today harris faulkner, nationally syndicated radio talk show host meghan mccain, republican congresswoman from the great state of tennessee, we welcome to the set, representative marsh that blackburn. today's #oneluckyguy, fox news chief political anchor and anchor of "special report," he is a busy guy, we're so glad to have bret baier with us on set today. br


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