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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  July 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> if it comes down all at once, that's for sure. >> well, that was a lot of fun. >> thanks for being here. and thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. thank you, jon and melissa. fox news alert, and the day that donald trump has been waiting for, the republican party just a few hours away now from officially naming him their nominee for president. good afternoon, everybody, i'm martha maccallum outside in beautiful cleveland, ohio today. a live look at the q arena which played host to a bit of a rocky night on the first night of the convention, some mixed reviews. some people thought it was a great start, others thought it was choppy and the pacing was a little off. whether or not that matters to voters, who knows? protesters outside making a little bit of a ruckus. and inside, making perhaps the last stand of the never trumpers, before the soon to be republican nominee emerged in a cloud of smoke, quite a moment, "we are the champions" by queen
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was blaring across the floor, we were just talking about the. a nice moment between donald trump and melania as she came out. a little bit of controversy over the speech. it was very well-received last night but some way there were some segments of it that looked very similar to a former speech by the current first lady, eight years ago. so the trumps are set to take the stage tonight. tiffany trump will be out there tonight. so will donald trump jr., who is a very strong spokesman for his father. also chris christie, governor of new jersey up tonight. and paul ryan, a lot of people sort of wondering what his role will be, how strong he will be in his donald trump. so that's the scuttle butt here in cleveland. peter doocy, live with what's going to be different tonight. >> reporter: there will be a lot more members of the so-called republican establishment here,
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martha. we learned there's going to be ten freshman senators standing on the stage at the same time in a show of party unity. there will also be remarks from the two highest ranking elected republicans in the country, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, and speaker of the house paul ryan. last night, donald trump had a dramatic walkout and introduction of his wife melania. tonight, they're at trump tower and will address the deaths ale via video from there. the trump team is pushing back hard against the allegation that there are sentences in melania's trump that are too similar to instances in michelle obama's
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feature in 2008. paul manafort says they share the same pride in their upbringing and that's why they share the same words. >> we don't believe there's anything in that speech that doesn't reflect her thinking. and she says we're comfortable that the words that she used are words that were personal to her. the fact that there things like care and respect and compassion, you know, those are not extraordinary words. certainly when you talk about family, they're normal words. >> reporter: here at the quicken loans arena, things are off to a slower start today, because the program kicks off later. delegates are starting to show up, and the theme tonight is make america work again, martha. >> see you over there, peter, heading over a little later this afternoon to be on the floor for the action, looking forward to that. meantime, the ohio governor, john kasich, is about to make an
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appearance at a republican event in cleveland. he's done a couple of these today, the standing governor, extremely popular republican governor of ohio who very much wanted this to be his own republican convention and his own name going into nomination tonight. the trump campaign chairman paul manafort speaking out about kasich's very distinct absence in all of this yesterday. >> i was asked. this is embarrassing that the governor isn't participating. i said, it is, but we didn't make that decision. we wanted him to participate and he chose not to. we think that was a wrong decision. >> so one person who will be there tonight is my next guest, alabama senator dan sullivan, alaska's former attorney general, a marine, father of three, avid fisherman, all kinds of harvard and georgetown on your resume as well, a marine, as we said, and a reservist as well. great to have you. >> great to be here, martha,
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thank you. >> when you hear paul manafort saying that it is nothing to them that john kasich has chosen not to participate, you're going to be up there tonight with ten freshman senators, what goes through your mind? >> the freshman class of senators in 2014, what's on our mind is unity. every republican came together and we brought in a really strong freshman class. i'm going to brag about a lot of my colleagues, remind the convention hall and the american people what we did. one of the first things we did was fire harry reid, which i think was important, and start to focus on the issues that matter, like economic opportunity. that's something else i'm going to talk about tonight in my remarks. >> paul ryan will be up there tonight. on the original calendar that we got, and they keep changing all the time, you can't read into them too deeply, he was supposed
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to gavel in but it ended up being reince priebus. >> the last remarks i saw from speaker ryan were very much focused on bringing the republican party together. the idea of unity. and, you know, i think you're right, your initial comments about not reading too much into this. this is a big convention, people are coming and going. we were supposed to have certain senators show, some might not be able to for other reasons. there's a lot of fluidity here. i know paul ryan is very focused on the issue of jobs, the issue of economic growth. i look forward to hearing them talk about that tonight. >> so you're going to be up there speaking tonight. are you nervous? >> a little bit. >> a little bit? doesn't hurt to have a few butterflies, helps raise the performance. >> my remarks will be brief, right? and it's mostly, like i said, about the class. i'm somebody who likes to brag about this class. the american people will see, you know, they elected this class in 2014, and it's diverse, it's great, different
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experiences, a lot of youthful energy. it's a great group. >> so much of it for each party, the democrats and the republicans, is about also showing off your future and who you've sort of got on the bench, on your party. but you know, not to make you nervous or anything, but rudy guiliani really blew the roof of the house off last night, had people really fired up. let's take a look at what rudy guiliani had to say and get your thoughts on this. let's watch. >> i did not say all of islam. i did not say most of islam. i said islamic extremist terrorism. you know who you are. and we're coming to get you. >> you've been on the front lines of this fight. this is serious times. >> it is serious. >> and rudy guiliani pointed that out and got a very strong response. >> look, mayor guiliani was a great leader after 9/11 and
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continues to raise these issues in a way that resonates with most americans. i think you saw it last night. the point he made about going on offense, in my view that's what's kept us safe. we've not been without terrorist attacks, certainly, in our own country. but we need to continue to go on offense to lead. it's not just national security. it's economic security. the two big issues i hear from alaskans are those issues. the economy, jobs, economic security, and national security. and that's where we're going to be focused on as an apa party. and also energy security plays into this. the mayor did a great job in terms of focusing on an issue that most americans are concerned about. >> what's your feeling about mike lee and ted cruz? there is a lot of discussions behind the scenes what they're up to, how far they'll push this thing in terms of open delegates
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and the roll call vote. >> i'm somebody who gets along very well with mike lee, ted cruz. ted cruz, when i was a candidate, came up to alaska, spent almost three days barn storming the state with me. >> he just wanted to go fishing. >> well, we had a ball. it was great. so i worked very closely with him in the senate. and, you know, i think my understanding, again, it might be fluid with regard to the scheduling, but last time i saw, i thought ted was going to be speaking at the convention. so again, this is something that they have delegates, but what we need to focus on is unity, we need to focus on making sure that hillary clinton doesn't get in the white house, because it will be a third term of obama on national security and economic security, and the country can't afford it. >> thank you very much. have a great time up there tonight, we'll be watching. new protests in cleveland today after the first day of the convention brought several demonstrations, but no violence,
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thankfully. mike tobin, how is everything going out there so far, would you say? >> reporter: minor incidents, marsha, an emphasis on minor. a group of kids looking like the usual suspects, black hoods and face masks, attempted to put one of their flags up. the cops picked them up. >> we spent a lot of time yesterday evening responding to -- and we got a lot of calls from people in the public, there's a group here, they're putting on masks, we think they're about to do something. our officers were on it, all night long. they did a great job. >> reporter: there was one woman who was picked up because she had outstanding warrants and went to the demonstration anyway. the cops identified her and picked her up. there was one kid who attempted to steal a police officer's gas mask. we watched yesterday as a group of kids who identified themself as anonymous activists, they had their backpacks, cops stopped
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them, went through their backpacks, got a blade, parachute cord and a gas mask. martha? >> all right, so would you say these minor incidents are due to, you know, better-behaved protesters or better law enforcement? what do they think is keeping things so far under wraps, mike? and we hope it stays that way. >> reporter: we certainly have seen fewer numbers in terms of activists, anonymous. we have tremendous police presence. any time kids with face masks gather up, you'll see a pod of uniforms surround them. last night as spectators left the q, police formed a corridor and put themselves in between any potential troublemakers and the delegates and people leaving the q last night. the only difference today, and speaking with cops, they agree with this, there appears to be more of these kids showing up today, martha. >> all right, we'll keep an eye
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on it. so far they've been doing a great job and we're grateful to them for that, mike, thanks very much. donald trump's primary rival has been senator ted cruz, set to return to the national stage later this week at the convention, even though he has not yet endorsed donald trump. what he says he wants for the party and the long term plan which seems to be part of ted cruz's strategy. so what exactly does he mean by that? and also the fallout back and forth over melania's speech last night at the convention. is it a whole lot of nothing or is there something to this? we'll talk about that coming up as well. now the trump campaign's manager is firing back. >> to think that she would be doing anything that would be unnoticed is absurd. she knew that people were going to be paying attention to her words. your insurance company
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reaction this afternoon as sources are saying that donald trump is very unhappy with this whole discussion surrounding melania's speech last night. he does not believe that it's fair. critics say some of the remarks appeared to copy parts of michelle obama's speech from '08. many of the terms were somewhat general, and they say that's all there was to it. others felt she did a very good job, showing the softer side of her husband and showing more of who she is. take a look. >> donald is intensely loyal to family, friends, employees, country. he has the utmost respect for his parents, mary and fred, to his sister, marianne and elizabeth, to his brother robert, and to the memory of his late brother fred. his children have been cared for
11:17 am
and mentored to the extent that even his advisers admit they are an amazing testament to who he is as a man and a father. [ cheers and applause ] there is a great deal of love in the trump family. that is our bond and that is our strength. >> very interesting. joining us now, had a meet that mcbride, former chief of staff to first lady laura bush, good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> nobody knew exactly what to expect from the speech. what was your reaction? >> i thought she did a great job. i think she was very confident. she was very poised and articulate. and she seemed to have no nervousness, which we had heard leading into this that that was something that was worrying her. it's very hard to be a private person and be on this huge public stage.
11:18 am
there's a lot riding on it. >> it is. and the immediate response was all that. it was that she was poised, that she was very straightforward. and i think she made a very good impression overall from what i picked up on the floor from the delegates, when we spoke to people. then this morning, all of this about the common phrases. and there are some common phrases in the two speeches. what do you make of it? >> i thought the same thing, she went to bed last night thinking this was a victory and woke up to this controversy. and that's the last thing that the candidate's spouse wants to do, is be a distraction for the campaign. and this was an enormous coming out opportunity for her. and i think by all accounts, i would agree with you, it was very positive. she also did something that candidates' spouses are very, very good at, is toning down a bit of the rhetoric. this was the soft side, a display of unity by recognizing the other people that went
11:19 am
through a bruising primary. >> you were chief of staff to laura bush. what goes on? if you've got your speech ready -- a lot of people have pointed the finger not at melania but at the staff and said, come on, how could you let this happen, you hung her out to dry with these questions. >> that's the question, who was the staff, how many people were around her, was there enough of an infrastructure, which is very tough in a campaign. and a campaign that we already know is very small. and so probably this is a mistake that often can happen with a presidential candidate's spouse, there aren't enough people around to help. and it's not that she needs a lot of help, but someone that does look out for you, is the check and balance, crosses the ts, dots the is. >> i think it's inside baseball and people out there could care less about this issue, do you agree? >> it's important to recognize that internal mistake but continue to get out there, because that's important. >> anita, always nice to see
11:20 am
you, have a great time, see you out there. republicans are saying americans keep losing jobs under the obama economy. make america work again is the current play on the make america great again theme for tonight. the obama administration says the economy is chugging along just fine. but what do people feel? what are people talking about? plus ted cruz still has not endorsed donald trump. a lot of scuttle butt behind the scenes on what his motives actually are. we'll talk about that when we come back. >> if you in fact went to manhattan and said i'm lying to the american people, voters -- >> you're the liar. you're the one. >> what are you hiding? >> excuse me. i've given my answer, lyin' ted.
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as everybody knows who has watched this whole thing play out, it was a bitter primary battle. now donald trump's former rival, the last surviving one in that race, ted cruz, will speak at the convention later this week. but there's a bit of a hitch here. the senator still has not endorsed donald trump. and there are growing questions about what cruz and his loyalists are everything working on behind the scenes. correspondent james rosen is live at the convention center, in fact i could probably throw a stone at him from where i am right now. >> reporter: but i hope you will refrain from doing that, martha. good afternoon to you and to our viewers. much is still up in the air
11:25 am
about how tonight will unfold, to a degree that top officials in the republican national committee and within the campaign of the presumptive nominee don't typically have to contend with on the very evening they're prepared to nominate that nominee. alabama senator jeff sessions and new york congressman chris collins, two of the first elected officials to endorse donald trump in this cycle, will make the nominating and seconding speeches respectively. organizers are hoping to make new york the state that puts trump over the top. but the same divisions within the party that produced yesterday's extraordinary spectacle of discontent over the rules package governing the convention could erupt once more if the name of texas senator ted cruz, runner up in the primary count, is not place d into nomination. >> are you for putting ted cruz's name into nomination? >> he's withdrawn. i don't know whether he'll be
11:26 am
considered or not. >> this has to do with the future of the party, it has to do with our rules and the process by which the rules are adopted. >> reporter: there is still little doubt that donald trump will secure the nomination. there's no doubt, however, that the rival he decried as lyin' ted will be a presence at the quicken loans arena because senator cruz has 559 delegates, many of them bound to vote for him, and that will have an impact. >> ted cruz knows what's at stake in this election. he knows that hillary clinton could have two to four supreme court picks that would alter the trajectory of this country for a generation. >> reporter: also up in the air is exactly who is going to be presiding over this roll call vote which could prove contentio contentious, whether the gop wants to expose house speaker paul ryan to those potential divisions and parliamentary maneuvering or perhaps whether the party chairman, reince priebus, will handle those chores, martha.
11:27 am
>> fascinating. james, thank you so much. we'll see you later. the economy of course is one of the top issues for voters this election cycle. now republicans are trying to tap into that. tonight's convention theme is make america work again. democrats say when it comes to the economy, there's not too much to if i can ofix out there. what is the experience of americans? we'll find out tonight. and a family affair through and through for the trump campaign. we'll see more of the trump children, who are all adults, as you see there. donald jr. will take the stage tonight. will any of them have a role in a future white house or a future political career for themselves? when we come back. >> he often muddies his own message. his children are notably articulate and precise. if someone had asked what were donald trump's top assets, i don't think anyone would have
11:28 am
imagined it was his family. they actually are a political asset. (wolves howling) when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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allstate offers a't imagine genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. two trumps are set to take the stage tonight at the republican national convention here in cleveland, although not the one running for president. we'll see an appearance, though, he'll appear every night in
11:32 am
whatever shape or form. tiffany trump and ivanka, who has a prominent role on the final night, were speaking out this morning. >> he's a meng of tssenger of t people. the only filter is himself. he's able to communicate exactly what he wants to say. it has gotten him into trouble occasionally. much more powerful is the fact that he speaks from the brain and speaks from the heart. >> monica crowley, a fox news contributor, joins us now. monica, i'm fascinated by the role of these young, professional trump children who i think it could be argued could play a bigger role than the vice president, potentially, and melania who has given the sign that he's happy to take a
11:33 am
supportive role. what do you think? >> i think donald trump has a lot of valuable and trusted advisers around him. but i think when you look at the inner circle, the most trusted circle of advisers are his children, donald jr., eric, ivanka, and tiffany who will speak tonight. he relies on them for guidance and a gut chuck. when you run for president, it's not just an intellectual gut check, is my message reaching people, but it's also an emotional gut check, am i doing okay out there. >> when you look at prior presidencies and who the closest adviser is, they're all great looking, they have a great kennedy-esque look at them. you have the father, joe kennedy, who was rough around the edges, and the next generation who turned out to be leaders. if it doesn't go trump's away,
11:34 am
and he did assure everybody last night that he was going to win, that this next generation has a future? >> they're so poised, so articulate, to pulled together, i think these children are donald trump's greatest achievements. despite all he's achieved in the business world, he would be the first to say my children are my greatest testament. every time they go out there, people are reassured, because donald trump is something of an unknown quantity. he's never done this before. but when the children speak, there is a sort of calming essence to what they bring to his overall message. i think if any of them or all of them are interested in a political future, i think it's theirs for the taking. i'm not sure that they would want that. i think they've found great reward in terms of business career. but if they want politics, i'm sure it would be open to them. >> are they any drawbacks? >> i think so. look, these children are extraordinary in every way, but there is a reason why they don't
11:35 am
allow relatives to operate on you if god foreshadbid you're i e.r. or need an operation. the emotional tie could bind you if something goes wrong. i just hope there's no emotional blinding going on, and that they can talk straight to their father, which by all accounts they certainly can. >> what about ivanka? she will introduce him on the final night. what do you think about her role, which almost feels bigger than melania's role. >> i think she's been extraordinary. i do think her role is bigger than melania's. ivanka brings a certain poise but also a younger, millennial generation voice. >> which he's had some trouble with. >> that's right. mrs. clinton has trouble with younger voters. donald trump needs to reach those. he's also made significant progress, in no small part due to the children and their message and their outreach to that group.
11:36 am
he's also had some trouble with women, female voters, and going into the general election that will be an issue. i think ivanka can go very far in terms of reaching women, reassuring women, hey, look, i turned out pretty well. he treats women extremely well. >> donald trump jr. is up tonight. a lot of people have a sense of him, have seen him interviewed, but maybe not as much in the broader sense of the country. and i predict that he's going to be the story that we're talking about tomorrow morning, because he's a very forceful speaker and speaks very strongly on his father's behalf. the topic tonight is jobs, you know, business, getting america working again. >> yes. >> your thoughts on that. >> he's also donald trump's namesake, donald j. trump jr. so he probably more than any of them is standing there representing his father. so i expect great things from him tonight. and again, it's about reaching that next generation of voters. it's about reaching the mill enide
11:37 am
enni enni ennials, which each of these children on subsequent nights is going to do. i think they can make enormous progress on getting to those voters. >> we'll see. it's going to be interesting. thanks for being here today, monica. the republican theme at the convention today, as monica and i were just talking, is make america work again. democrats say the economy is doing very well, and you'll hear a ton of that in philadelphia, how great things are dog. shannon bream is live at the convention center with more on that. donald trump has success as a businessman but democrats are working to turn that narrative against him, shannon. >> reporter: yes, martha, they say he has put it on the table so it's fair game to discuss it. we've seen hillary clinton go after him again and again on this. she took a trip to atlantic city where of course he had a number of casino properties before that city and he hit some tough financial times. she used that to hammer home the fact that he always comes out smelling like a rose but leaves average people behind with their
11:38 am
own economic trouble. she added this about his plan. >> independent analysts say he would at $30 trillion the national debt in order to give a massive gift to the wealthiest americans. wall street money managers and our largest corporations. but after all, what else should we expect from someone who calls himself the king of debt? >> reporter: of course, martha, the democrats overall are pointing to the economy right now, saying look, they've slashed the unemployment numbers under president obama and things are going so well, they don't need trump to now begin interfering with his version of what he things would work for the economy. >> shannon, what does the trump campaign say, how are they pushing back against that? >> reporter: they of course think this is a winning issue for them. noting that voters by almost a four to one margin say the economy is going to be their top issue going into the fall election. of course when we have events flare up, that can sometimes change and flip-flop with national security.
11:39 am
but right now the economy is still at the top of the list for most voters. look at this poll, this looks head to head whether voters across the spectrum would choose trump or clinton as more equipped to handle the economy. they choose trump by a march margin of 53 to 41 over hillary clinton on that issue. steve moore is a senior economic adviser for the trump campaign. >> he's put tens of thousands of americans to work as an employer. that's something hillary clinton has never done. so i don't think it's very wise for hillary clinton to try to compare resumes with donald trump. >> reporter: they're also digging into these unemployment numbers and saying they don't tell the full picture about what's happened under president obama, that there are millions out of the workforce and underemployed, and they say if you like that, hillary clinton is your candidate, martha. >> the truest test is how people feel in their gut about the economy and how things are going in their own lives when it comes time to vote. shannon, so much. a powerful speech on the
11:40 am
make america safe again theme. this from milwaukee's sheriff. watch this. >> so many of the actions of the occupy movement and black lives matter transcends peaceful protest. i call it anarchy. >> so this is a big issue for this campaign on both sides. who can better deal with the issues that black lives matter bring up and the issues of racism in this country? we're going to talk about that when we come back.
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oh, honey! here, have some of ours. oh! when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national there's the choo-choo train. we're having a good time out here. one of the more powerful speeches that came out last night was from sheriff david clarke. make america safe again was the theme last night. clarke addressed the police shootings and deadly attacks against officers. he was forceful. watch this. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter in america.
11:45 am
>> meanwhile, later in the evening, malik shabazz, former national chairman of the new black panther party and co-founder of national black justice defends black lives matter, in an interview he did last night with megyn kelly, explaining the problem as he sees it. >> these police departments are choking our black men such as darius robinson in oklahoma, choking the life out of us. we can't even make it to trial and get a decent trial with due process without the police of america killing us outright. that's why everybody is upset. >> so you hear that dialogue, and it is a very important topic that is across this nation. al alan colmes is a fox news contributor. good to have you here today.
11:46 am
alan, what went through your mind when you saw david clarke saying, blue lives matter? >> of course he's right about that, all lives matter. but when people say black lives matter, it's black lives matter too, because blacks have felt for so long disempowered, under guiliani, for example, the way they would stop and search young people of color in the city. >> but those activities were going on. >> the economy was better in those days, all kinds of things could have contributed to that. simply to say blue lives matter as if to say we're not going to give credence to black lives matter, what too many people take out of context is, are there bad actors in the police, most of him are great? yes. let's not define an entire group on either side by a couple of bad actors. >> i wasn't to plnt to play rud, like many people, there was a
11:47 am
different situation in new york city when guiliani was mayor for a number of reasons. he was very passionate last night, let's hear what he had to say. >> it's time to make america safe again. it's time to make america one again. one america. [ cheers and applause ] what happened, what happened to -- what happened to there's no black america, there's no white america, there is just america? what happened to it? where did it go? how has it flown away? >> an obviously play on words, the words of president obama in boston when he was just arriving on the political scene and caught the imagination of so many people across this country and he said, we're not a black america, we are not a white america, we're the united states
11:48 am
of america. such a galvanizing message. and we have not heard him say those words again. >> no. >> it was an opportunity for him to say those words again in dallas. why did he not? >> you would have to ask barack obama that. but i think we can all answer the question that rudy guiliani was asking rhetorically last night, it was a brilliant speech. and the answer is we've had a community organizer instead of a president. >> oh, come on. >> he's done what he's done his entire career. i lived in new york too, in the dinkins era, okay? you say, it's because the economy was better. you can't separate the two. the economy was better was rudy guiliani fought crime, because he made it safer. that's what makes the economy better. by the way, in minority communities as well, the best thing that can happen in minority communities is if the law is enforced properly. that was what rudy juliguiliani proved. thank you for playing that, i was standing in my hotel room alone applauding him. >> of course all lives matter,
11:49 am
we're not a white america, we're not a black america, we're just america. but then clarke says blue lives matter, that goes against what guiliani said. >> but i'm asking you, why does he not repeat that at a time when the nation -- >> i don't agree with the premise that he hasn't repeated it. >> he's not repeated that line. >> not exactly that way. he has the right temperament. he's spoken out completely and continually about how police want to go home at night like everybody else. he gets a bad rap unfairly. i would rather see the temperament of a barack obama than a rudy guiliani who was not liked by blacks in new york. i'm from new york too. blacks are not happy about rudy guiliani. the temperament, versus a donald trump in that position, really scares me. >> in philadelphia they'll have black lives matter as an honored position, as the president has had in the white house. if this is what this campaign comes down to in november, the
11:50 am
michael brown story in measuring y ferguson, missouri, and rudy guiliani calling for law and order -- >> law and order is a dog whistle to blacks, it started in the nixon administration, george wallace used it, richard nixon used it. >> we need a world where we don't talk about how blacks feel about certain politicians. >> when blacks are treated equally in the criminal justice system, maybe we don't have to say black lives matter. >> thank you, guys. >> great conversation. how much money is being spent on this whole thing in cleveland? who benefits from it? we'll break down the numbers. plus which easy one. was old hickory. go to your history books, folks. come back for the answer, next. ♪
11:51 am
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♪ all right. time now for our trivia question of the day. we asked you earlier which president's nickname was old hickory? the answer is andrew jackson. the seventh president of the united states. i think you knew that, right? history class. high school. takes you back, right? all right. so as we've been seeing here, cleveland has been working hard to get ready for all of this. and they're hoping they're going to get a big economic boost from having the republican convention here as sthouds of delegates open their wallets, spending their money everything from hotels to restaurants to clothing and tourism, t-shirts, all kinds of good stuff out there. blake firman of the fox business network is live in cleveland. blake, how are they doing? are they getting a bump out of
11:55 am
this? >> reporter: take a look here at east 4th street, martha. what a party here. this has got to be one of the busiest streets in the country right now. here's the big number in cleveland. 200 million to 250 million. that is what they are projecting to have here as direct investment from me, you, all the other tourists that are here and coming here throughout the week. i'll give you another couple numbers. there are 22,000 hotel rooms here in northeast ohio. they believe just about every single one of those is filled up. the restaurants here, they're allowed to stay open until 4:00 in the morning. certainly an extension. it's not a one size fit all kind of thing for the businesses here. but most everyone that we've talked to is telling us that things are certainly good. >> this year, 2016's been unprecedented as far as business. you know, we seem to grow every year as a company. and this year's been one of the best ones. >> reporter: and that's what we've heard, martha, from a lot of folks. it's not just this week and last week. but if you go back to the cleveland cavaliers who wouldn't
11:56 am
championship just a few weeks ago, they say this has been a really good few weeks for the folks in cleveland, martha. >> all right. that's good news. thank you very much, blake. barely halfway through this whole republican national convention here in cleveland. there's lots of anticipation ahead of tonight's star-studded speakers, and the ones we saw last night of course brought the crowd to their feet a couple of times. we've on as the gop officially plans to nominate donald trump for president in just a few hours from now. and you know why they called him old hickory? because he was tough. tough like a big old strong tree. when we come back. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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12:00 pm
from the convention floor. commercial-free. you don't want to miss that. hang out with those guys online. you also want to be on facebook live. it was a lot of fun yesterday. and the promise is more antics today. i promise it will get crazy. you'll love it. i will see you tonight on the floor of the republican national convention. i'm martha maccallum. here's shep. live from cleveland, shepard smith reporting. >> 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. day two here in cleveland. and wow. what a night day one was. just a few hours from now donald trump is set to officially become the presidential nominee of the republican party. a roll call vote to nominate him is set to start after 6:00 here eastern time. it's followed by speeches in prime time from a couple of trump's children along with governor chris christie and the house speaker paul ryan. that should be fascinating. they face the task of getting this convention back on track after a rocky first day, at least that. there was the never trump crowd


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