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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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from the convention floor. commercial-free. you don't want to miss that. hang out with those guys online. you also want to be on facebook live. it was a lot of fun yesterday. and the promise is more antics today. i promise it will get crazy. you'll love it. i will see you tonight on the floor of the republican national convention. i'm martha maccallum. here's shep. live from cleveland, shepard smith reporting. >> 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. day two here in cleveland. and wow. what a night day one was. just a few hours from now donald trump is set to officially become the presidential nominee of the republican party. a roll call vote to nominate him is set to start after 6:00 here eastern time. it's followed by speeches in prime time from a couple of trump's children along with governor chris christie and the house speaker paul ryan. that should be fascinating. they face the task of getting this convention back on track after a rocky first day, at least that. there was the never trump crowd
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staging a chaotic final effort to stop trump's nomination. there's also the reported outbreak of norovirus, which has the california gop warning that state delegates should not even shake hands. and there's last night's headliner, melania trump, whose speech sounded awfully familiar. >> your integrity, compassion, and intelligence deflects to this day on me. >> her integrity. her compassion. her intelligence reflected in my daughters. >> that your work is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. >> pass them on to the next generation. >> because we want our children in this nation to know. >> because we want our children and all children in this nation to know. >> the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness
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to work for them. >> the only limits of the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> of course that was melania trump repeating the current first lady michelle obama nearly word for word in a section of last night's speech. here in journalism we call it plagiarism. reaction from republicans is all over the map. the head of the gop, reince priebus, said he would probably fire the person responsible. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski said it should cost somebody's job. last night melania trump said in an interview that she wrote that speech herself. she told matt lauer from the "today" show, "i wrote the speech with as little help as possible." but today a trump campaign co-chair said melania trump had nothing to do with the speech or at least the apparent plagiarism and called it an unfortunate oversight, and that's a quote. now the head of team trump is
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denying that the speech copied michelle obama at all. >> fact that the speech itself is being focused on for -- as somebody i think at cbs told me, 50 words, and that includes ands and thes and things like that is totally ignoring the facts of the speech itself. the speech was a poignant speech. it was well received by the american people. >> and parts of it were copied from michelle obama. paul manafort. he went on to blame hillary clinton for stirring up the controversy. another defense of the speech comes from one of tonight's big name speakers, governor chris christie. he said this is not a case of plagiarism because 93% of melania trump's speech was different from michelle obama's. full convention coverage ahead from cleveland this hour. we'll start with carl cameron at trump tower in new york city. man, carl, sometimes it just feels like the train has left the tracks. and when the train leaves the tracks, there's no putting it back up there. you know? >> reporter: well, hold on just a second. one of the things that did
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happen last night is at 1:58 a.m. this morning, actually, the campaign came out with a statement. i'll read part of it for you. it says, and i quote, "in writing her beautiful speech melania's team of writers, melania's team of writers, it says, took notes on her life's inspirations and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking." at one point they put out a paper statement that actually described a team of writers who took notes and prepared this for her. so there's been a lot of explanations about it. there hasn't been one penultimate explanation as to how it got to this point. but there's certainly a lot of frustration. but, convention speeches are fairly common. these types of lofty aspirational and inspirational speeches tend to have a lot of repetitive themes. sought trump campaign thinks it's on fairly solid ground by saying hey, listen, this is much ado about nothing. and in the end this was the potential first lady's speech on the first night. really an introduction of her across the country. and she acknowledged that she
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tried to do it with a minimum amount of help or as least amount of help as possible but she didn't claim that there wasn't any. so we may be standing on the head of a pin or splitting hairs or pick your cliche, but they are not going to let melania trump take a hit for this. and corey lewandowski, the former campaign manager, today said that whoever was the last one to sign off on it including the campaign manager, who his replacement of course was paul manafort, who took his job after lewandowski was let go, said that whoever's let go signed off on it last ought to get fired. that's not likely. the trump campaign tends to circle the wagons in circumstances like this. and it takes lots and lots and lots of missteps. and whether it was a team of writers or one individual or somebody making excuses or coming up with a story that might have been accurate to explain it, at this point pretty much silence out of the trump campaign about it. as far as they're concerned, it's time to move on. >> it's also -- it's something to talk about around the coffee table. but melania trump's not running for anything. so i mean, in the main, what's
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the impact? >> reporter: well, the impact is it shows disarray in the campaign and at the convention at a time when this is supposed to be a celebration, when the republican party and the campaign itself is trying to really shape the message and shape the candidate for the national stage and the general election. in the past it's been sort of conventional wisdom that at the convention there's a pivot where whether it's a democrat who's been running as a liberal or a republican who's been running as a conservative they then try to reach out for independent swing voters and perhaps even some disaffected members of the other party. last night's convention speeches were very, very conservative, oriented toward the base of the republican party, not the outreach that comes in the past after these types of conventions. and what it shows is there is still in communications problems and disarray in the trump campaign at a time when they were really hoping this convention would put that to rest. donald trump and the campaign promised the most exciting, most fantastic, most entertaining convention ever and much of the coverage and much of what we saw
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yesterday was disruption. shep? >> carl cameron at trump tower in new york city. thank you. let's turn to josh letterman now, associated press white house reporter. how's this all playing at the white house? >> reporter: the white house, shep-s pretty gleeful about this. they're seeing this as quite the endorsement of the speech that michelle obama gave almost eight years ago. the white house has been really careful, though, not to comment on the actual plagiarism charge. you know the first rule in politics is when your opponent is driving off a cliff you don't want to get in their way. so they're really reluctant to give the trump campaign an excuse to say oh, this is democrats trying to make hay out of nothing, we've already seen the trump campaign trying to blame hillary clinton and say that because hillary clinton attacks women that somehow led to this. you see both the clinton campaign, democrats more generally, and the white house trying to say yes, michelle obama gave a great speech but not really weighing in on the specific charge of plagiarism. >> shawn spicer's going to be on with us in just a few minutes,
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and of course i'm going to ask him about this. yesterday was a series of things that we -- except for the plagiarism part, a series of things that had been sort of teed that up they were coming. this role call -- the call for a roll call and the voice vote. that's a repeat of four years ago and the repeat of the democratic convention. that seems to be kind of back becoming a pattern. but yesterday it really blew up. >> it certainly did. it was an unseamly moment. not the show of unity that republicans wanted heading into the general election. that said, one of the things about this campaign is as soon as you think something blows up five minutes later something even crazier happens and you move on. so even though there was this ruckus during the afternoon, by the evening people were focusing on melania trump's speech. first the really great reaction to it and then of course the concerns about plagiarism. and now it seems like everybody's focused on that. >> there's a lot of finger pointing going on. but it was she who said a few hours before the speech in a taped interview with matt lauer of the "today" show, it was she
12:09 pm
who said, "i wrote the speech with as little help as possible." >> right. >> those are her words. >> that's right. and what an unforced error because nobody would have expected melania trump to have written the speech start to finish. >> nobody. i wouldn't have. >> she's not an experienced public speaker. she's not speaking in her first language. exactly. and it's pretty typical. that said, campaigns want to show that people are personally involved, especially 9 spouse. she did say she got a little help, mostly wrote continue her own. of course less than 12 hours later the statement from the trump campaign saying there was a team of writers that took fragments to try and explain her thoughts. so a lot of confusion exactly about what role she had in that speech. >> it seems like it's kind of a mess in that if they say, well, somebody else wrote it, then she's not telling the truth. and if she's telling the truth, then she's -- they're between a rock and a hard place on this one. and you wonder if at some point it's going to become fodder for this campaign. it seems like the kind of thing the campaign's going to have to
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answer in some definitive way, right? >> well, you never know. i wouldn't try and follow the logic too much of what they're saying because it doesn't really seem to pan out. we've seen all kinds of responses from the trump campaign today. none of them actually explaining how these words got in the speech or actually acknowledging that these were michelle obama's words that were in her speech. so i think the trump campaign is assuming that with their supporters firmly on their side they're going to overlook this and that they'll be able to move on quickly to other parts of the convention and not get too much flak in the long term. >> josh ledderman from the associated press from the white house. thank you. >> thanks, shep. >> so how do you think the economy's doing these days? the unemployment rate is down, way down. wall street is at a historic high. so are average americans seeing the benefit? donald trump's team says folks could be doing a lot better. and we'll have the details of that coming up. from quicken loans arena in cleveland. shawn spicer will join us in just a few minutes. it's nice to have you with us. for lower back pain sufferers,
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today's convention theme is make america work again. as you can see, they're getting things ready on stage. of course a lot of democrats would note that president obama's administration has cut the unemployment rate to below 5%. but plenty of republicans say that's only because so many people hav out of the workforce. shannon bream outside the convention center here in cleveland this afternoon. hello, shannon. >> reporter: hey, shep. you know, the trump campaign is hoping they can capitalize on this theme tonight about jobs and the economy. they think it is a strength for them and they know by far and away, almost a 4-1 margin, that most voters we recently surveyed say the economy is their number one issue. they're thinking about going into the polls. tonight we will also hear from a
12:15 pm
couple of donald's children, tiffany trump and donald jr. both have had their own entrepreneurial and business ventures out there. along with other business leaders who will take to the stage tonight. in the end, though, as you mentioned, the democrats say listen, things are going well for most americans and there really isn't a dream for donald trump to be hammering on this issue because they're handling it just fine. here's what one of his senior economic advisers steven moore says. >> the problem with hillary and barack obama making this case the economy's doing just fine is guess what? the vast majority of americans don't agree with her and they don't agree with him. and it has been a good economy if you're in the top 10% of income, but for the bottom 90% in have been no wage gains. >> reporter: and our most recent polling also shows on this topic of the economy when you put trump and clinton head to head he beats her by a 53% to 41% margin. shep? >> how are democrats reacting to this, shannon? >> reporter: well, listen, of course they're going to hammer those numbers. they're going to say look, under president obama the unemployment has been cut by half, that there
12:16 pm
are signs the economy is turning around, that people are doing well, that there are people who are finding ways, creative ways to get back into the workplace and they're encouraging that and things have gone well under them. but hillary clinton has also gone directly after donald trump's business record because he's put it on the table as one of his top selling points. she's gone to atlantic city where he and many other people had a lot of financial troubles when that city went under with the casinos and others. and she says basically she's not afraid of taking him on on his record because in her mind there are many examples of where it worked for him but not for the average guy. here's a bit of what she said on that just a couple weeks ago. >> well, best i can tell, he has no credible strategy for creating jobs. and maybe we shouldn't expect better somefrom someone whose most famous words are "you're fired." >> so we know what the theme is tonight. the democrats certainly are not ceding that ground in any sense of the word. shep? >> shannon bream outside the convention center.
12:17 pm
shannon, thank you. we'll talk to the republican party's strategist coming up. the party's chief strategist shawn spicer, i'll ask him about a report today in politico's magazine in which they quote george bush the 43rd as saying "i'm worried that i will be the last republican president." stay with us. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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today it is written and here it is discussed that some republican leaders have already given up on 2016 and hosting a so-called shadow convention right here in cleveland. the website politico reports establishment republicans expect donald trump to lose and lose in a big way to hillary clinton and that many of them are also plotting to rebuild the party
12:21 pm
without them. some analysts say donald trump may have chosen indiana governor mike pence as his running mate to reassure those establishment republicans. in fact, during the announcement over the weekend donald trump himself said party unity is one of the reasons he chose pence. sean spicer is here with us now. he's the chief strategist and communications director for the republican national committee. sean, hello. >> thanks for having me. >> how are you? >> i'm all right. day two. >> day two. so two things. >> yeah. >> first of all, melania trump says she wrote the speech. the speech contains plagiarism. what do they do? >> well, first let's look at what's really happening here. okay? it was a 14-minute speech. 1,400 words. and there were 50 words that are in dispute of three common phrases. right? so that's what we're talking about. and when you look at a couple of these phrases -- so let's look at what melania trump said. she said you look hard for what you want in life. akon said you work hard for what you get in life. john legend said work hard to be anything you want in life -- >> play the spot, please.
12:22 pm
>> okay. >> their integrity be, compassion and intelligence reflects to this day on me. >> her integrity, her compassion, her intelligence reflected in my daughters. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> your word is your bond. that you do what you say you're going to do. >> we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. >> pass them on to the next generation. >> because we want our children -- >> i mean, sean, it is what it is. i mean, is the strategy today to say john legend said the same thing? i'm just curious. >> no, what it is is to say there are several phrases that are used. your word is your bond. shep, you can't tell me you haven't used that as well. this is -- i give the hillary clinton campaign credit. they found a bunch of similar clips, went out and said she said the same thing. but this is not like paraphrasing a story, which is plagiarism. that's what plagiarism is. what she said are phrase that's have been said by everyone, not just -- >> so this is a non-thing? >> no, i think this is a faux
12:23 pm
controversy that is being made up to undermine what was an amazing speech. >> who made it up? >> i think the clinton campaign largely responsible -- >> well, that's not what i've seen. what i've seen is if you run this through a plagiarism software it comes back as plagiarism. >> if you look at the speech side by side next to each other and say where there's actually -- there's three little phrases and areas where there's any overlap. aside from that it is all her. so again, i think that this is a bunch of people trying to make something out of nothing. >> okay. >> look, let me just give you one more. this is what melania trump said. the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. that's what she said. twilight sparkle who's one of the my little ponies, said this is your dream, anything you can do for your dream. if your goal is to find parity between what someone else said i can get as silly as you want. you put the phrase through google and it's going to spit a ton of stuff out. when you use common phrases which she did in three small areas of her speech, that everyone uses then you can find controversy. if you actually look at what happened last night, she gave an amazing speech.
12:24 pm
she spoke passionately and eloquently about the man that she knows and loves and is going to be our next president. >> okay. politico writes today that there -- look at this. there is a shadow convention going on. and it quotes president bush the 43rd as saying, and i quote, as it goes to the screen -- i'm going to read it off the screen, the quote. "i'm worried, bush told this gathered group, that i will be the last republican president." >> well, he doesn't need to worry because we're going to elect another republican president, vice president this november. donald trump and mike pence are going to win. this country can't afford hillary clinton. not just for the next four years but for a generation because that's what would happen. if she gets elected, two to four supreme court justices are at stake. that's the trajectory of this country for a generation. and we cannot afford it. >> another quote from politico today. "and so to an almost unprecedented extent as 50,000 republican activists, officials and media pour into cleveland
12:25 pm
this week, there is something of a convention within the convention. many of these gop titans, the intellectual and financial pillars of the party and its possible future elected leaders, are plotting a parallel course." they talk of the koch brothers. it's a lengthy article. i'm sure you've read it. is this not happening? >> if people want to go out and find controversy and dissent, they can find it. it's a big country. we have 300 million people. but if you look at the amount of excitement, intensity and enthusiasm that was in this building and around the world when people were watching that speech last night and what they're going to see over the next three nights, it's going to electrify people -- >> is there a shadow convention? >> not that i'm aware of. it must be a small little shadow because i haven't seen it. i mean, look, we started here last august on a debate stage on this floor. 17 amazing candidates. we whittled it down to one. in the process we shattered debate ratings. we shattered turnout. more people than ever before turned out. and donald trump got more votes than any republican candidate ever before. the people have spoken. the party's united. we're going to win in november.
12:26 pm
>> is it -- so it seems like what we're doing is just not acknowledging? we don't want to acknowledge the speech. we don't acknowledge the shadow campaign that's going on. it's not that everyone in the world isn't talking about it. they are. the koch brothers. the big money. paul ryan sitting on the side with his -- >> paul ryan's speaking tonight. >> i know. but you heard his comments the same way i did. you don't want people to not do what their conscience tells them is right. >> and you also saw paul ryan put out a statement praising the selection of mike pence, a man who served in congress, who served as governor of indiana to tremendous success. one of the best bond-rated states in the country. amazing job creation. great relationships in washington. >> how do you feel like the "60 minutes" interview went? >> i think they did great. they complimented each other. the problem is everyone wants to look for the differences. but what makes this a great ticket is they complement each other. if you're looking for parity and 100%, then you know, we can clone somebody. but the reality is this is a great ticket. they bring a lot to it.
12:27 pm
they're going to get things done. the problem is right now a lot of people who want the same old same old, this isn't what they're going to get. he's a non-traditional candidate. he's a successful businessman. he's a successful man in the entertainment industry. and he's a successful family man. when it comes to -- if you're asking me is this going to be traditional, no. is he going to be like every other status quo politician that's come along, no. but you know what? we haven't won the last two elections either. so i think that maybe it's time that this is what we need. >> what are you expecting tonight? >> i think you're going to hear a lot of great speeches. you've got chris christie, ben carson. you've got tiffany trump and donald trump jr. you've got paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. it's a great mix of individuals. but what we're going to do is learn more about donald trump, the man, behind what you see. i think tiffany and don are going to talk about the man that they love, the father that he is. getting to know -- >> everybody i talk to about donald trump who's known him for a while says the same thing. >> look at the people -- >> they say this isn't the donald trump we know, this bombastic person with all these lines -- >> part of the job of this convention is for people to know more about the man that they see
12:28 pm
on tv, to know how gracious he is, to know the kind of man that has people that work for him for 20 and 30 years because of how caring he is toward his employees, toward his families, toward his friends, toward his colleagues -- >> have you been in contact with him? >> absolutely. >> how is he today? >> i haven't talked to him today, no. >> when did you speak with him last? >> when he selected mike pence sflp pp. >> and how did that seem? we were all -- >> when they did that "60 minutes" interview, he was so excited about the tremendous response that it was getting from mike pence. he was excited about the enthusiasm that mike pence had -- >> so the pushback didn't happen, the whole can i change my mind now meeting -- >> in fact, you saw paul manafort out there saying that never happened. i think what you see is a lot of background storss with no names attached to them. donald trump said that didn't happen. paul man atorte said that didn't happen. at some point you've got to wonder about the quality of some of the reporting that's coming out. >> okay. donald trump will speak. what's his theme on thursday? >> i think it's going to be make america great. that's what he got -- the theme of this convention. he's going to talk about the
12:29 pm
different directions he's going to take, the policies he's going to pursue and the contrast that's going to get drawn between hillary clinton and him. look, if you want the same old, you want another four years of barack obama, the same kind of status quo excuses, i think people have had enough of the clintons, they've had enough wage stagnation, they've had enough excuses, they've had enough corruption, if people are ready for a new direction in this country, ready to make america great, then donald trump's going to talk about that and give you an alternative. >> we'll be listening. >> i hope you will. >> sean, it's nice to see you. >> thanks, shep. >> good luck. enjoy. can speaker paul ryan help unite a divided gop party? coming up, we'll talk with the "fox news sunday" host cris wallace about you what to expect from paul ryan's speech tonight. bottom of the hour, top of the news on america's election headquarters.
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train in germany yesterday was a member of the terror group. the knife and ax attack injuring five people, two of them critically. cops say they shot and killed the suspect as he tried to escape. turkey has formally asked the united states to extradite a muslim cleric from pennsylvania accused of having ties to last week's failed military coup. that's the word from turkish state media. officials say 232 people died, more than 1,500 injured in friday's coup attempt. turkey's government has detained thousands. olympic organizers say they're looking at all legal options to ban russia from next month's summer games in rio. yesterday the world anti-doping agency reported russia's government operated a cheating program across dozens of sports for the last five years. we'll be right back. aughters het was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i m service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. the house speaker paul ryan will call for unity in the republican party and the country during his speech here in cleveland tonight. that's what an aide told the "los angeles times" newspaper.
12:35 pm
the aide said that the speaker will talk about how the only way to change the country is with republican majorities in congress and donald trump in the white house. let's bring in the fox news sunday anchor cris wallace. a lot going on. sean spicer has a tough job. >> yeah. look -- >> how are things, cris? >> i was going to say, this is a party that obviously has some divisions in it. and you'll see that in paul ryan's speech today. obviously the speaker of the house. he's got a complicated relationship with donald trump. he has endorsed him, but he has felt no qualms at all about calling him out at various points when he felt that trump has said or done something that he disapproves of. i have no question that in his speech tonight he will support trump and say that he needs to be elected president. but job one for him, as the spaker of the house, is going to be trying to hold on to that republican majority in the house. and the house republicans have
12:36 pm
put out their own separate agenda that in some ways is similar to donald trump, in some ways is different. and he's going to very much push the positive agenda of republicans, some of whom may run very much along with trump and some of whom may keep their distance from trump. so it's a very complicated sort of threading of the needle that paul ryan has to do tonight. >> what do you make of the political reporting that there are two things happening and paul ryan is really doing two things now? one is he's trying to play along with this to the degree possible but at the same time in the background waiting to pick up the pieces when it's over. you read politico, the same way i did. >> well, look, i do think that not all but most republicans would like to see donald trump win because they'd like to have a republican in the white house and to the degree that they have an agenda and want to get things done over the next four years they've got a whole lot better chance with donald trump in the white house signing legislation rather than hillary clinton in the white house vetoing
12:37 pm
legislation. but having said, that there certainly are people that have their doubts about trump and are kind of looking past november 8th and the possibility that if he goes down to defeat tlez going to be a real battle for the heart and soul of the republican party. is it going to be this new, more populist working-class party that donald trump represents, or is it going to be a mixture of that and also more of the establishment or of the chamber of commerce with whom donald trump has been in kind of open warfare? so there really is a struggle for the soul of the party to the degree that trump has won the nomination and he's going to be the standard bearer for the party and the general election that's going to go on hold. but if he loses, you can be sure the day after the election that battle will be going on. >> they have been very good over the course of the campaign at capturing the narrative, when necessary changing the
12:38 pm
narrative. now they have control of the most important hour of television, and on a tuesday night. i wonder if you can think of things that they could do tonight to regain the narrative. >> well, you're talking about the trump campaign. i think that -- >> yeah. >> -- they did a pretty good job last night. i think there are two things they have to do. one is they have to make the case that things aren't good. and that's not a hard case to make. most americans by about a 2-1 margin think the country is on the wrong track. so they'll try to make the case that things haven't gone well under obama and that clinton will simply be a third obama term. we're talking now about the economy tonight, not national security. so she hasn't been as directly involved as she was as secretary of state. and on the foreign side. they'll certainly do that and make all the arguments as to why in terms of trade, in terms of regulation, in terms of taxes that this isn't helping the economy. but then they have to pivot and they have to make the affirmative case.
12:39 pm
and i'm not sure they did that very well last night. it's not just enough to be angry about the way things are. they have to make a credible case that donald trump is the answer to people's problems, that he'll make their lives measurably better when it comes to the economy. and that's going to be a key tonight. it's not enough just to say those guys are bad. you've got to say why we are good. >> the people here are in love. the reaction that i'm getting from person after person after person. whoever these anti-trump people are, i haven't met them, and i've made the effort to do so. people seem in absolute lock-step and they believe to the core of their being donald trump is the answer to all problems. you can see it in their eyes. there's no game about it. they believe it. core believers. >> oh, it's certainly not true for everybody. we know that there are hundreds of cruz delegates there, i think
12:40 pm
over 500, and some representing other candidates as well. but for the people who are there, and i will tell you going down on the floor yesterday it was a very different republican party than i've seen at prior conventions, and i've gone back a few years to conventions. in the sense that it was much more of a country club type atmosphere in prior republican conventions. the conventions of the bushes and of romney. and even of mccain. this is much more of a working class, much more of, you know, white-collar -- rather blue-collar white workers. and it's a different group. and obviously they are not happy with the way this republican party has responded to their concerns and trade deals and globalization and regulation and spending and their inability to be able to stop the obama agenda. and that's why they're here.
12:41 pm
very much in support of donald trump and his argument. and the question now is -- because while that base is very, very important and trump captured it with 13 million votes in the primaries. he's got to expand that. there just aren't enough of those voters to elect him president. he's got to reach out to women, to young people, to the minorities. it's a changing america. i think mitt romney got 58% of the white vote in 2012 against barack obama, and it wasn't enough. he still lost. and the country has done only more to evolve in those four years. trump has got to expand the base or he's not going to be elected president. >> chris wallace in our newsroom that is here in cleveland now at the cleveland convention center, which is a short bus ride from here at the q, where all the festivities take place. cris, i'll see you over there. save a little food, please. over the next three nights delegates will pack this room to hear speeches, rally behind their party, and nominate their presidential ticket.
12:42 pm
ever wonder how they decide who gets to be here? >> the guy called me and says would you like to be a delegate, and i go what's it involve? and we went through it. >> how a person becomes a delegate. have you heard the whole story? we have that for you. hang tight. avors. so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! (baby babble) not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! our vitamins contain no gluten, dairy or artificial flavors. so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. to help spread the word, we made t-shirts! reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ over the past six months millions of americans voted in republican primaries and caucuses, but the nomination really comes down to fewer than 2500 people. the delegates who fill this arena over the next four nights. we've heard a lot about how the state divvied up the delegates among the different campaigns, right? but we really haven't heard that much about how they selected the actual people who will nominate the republican ticket here in cleveland. for at least one delegate it all started with a hat. >> whether you like trump or not it's a good idea, make america great again. so i needed a hat. >> when he went yong to buy one, dove hartman says his name
12:46 pm
apparently ended up on some sort of list. >> i think. i don't know. somewhere along the way that was what triggered it, i think. >> it would explain the phone call he got from the trump campaign. asking the real estate agent from southern illinois if he'd like to support the real estate tycoon at the convention. >> it's been such an unusual campaign, i didn't even question whether it was somebody pulling my leg or not. >> it was no joke. turns out anyone can join the celebration. ♪ but just as each state has its own unique identity -- >> california, the largest, most diverse state. >> maryland, home of the 8th wonder of the world, michael phelps. >> the garden state. >> the sunshine state. >> they all have their own ways of deciding who gets to be here. >> since the delegates are elected at the most grassroots level, each state handles how their delegate process is run and then their delegates are who make up the larger delegation at the convention. >> reporter: so how exactly does a person become a delegate? well, it depends on where you
12:47 pm
live. each state has its own rules for selecting delegates. and some states have different methods for different types of delegates. in short, it's confusing. but here's the simplified version. in some states the public picks the delegates with their names appearing on the primary ballot. in other states the presidential candidates get to choose. by either sending in a list of names, choosing from options the state party gives them, or directly appointing their delegates. however, most states select their delegates during various party gatherings at state or local conventions, caucuses, or committee meetings. and still others have mixed methods, voting on some delegates on primary day while picking others at state party meetings. >> will the committee please come to order? >> reporter: republicans in new york finalized their slate of delegates at a meeting this spring, selecting a mix of local supporters and state party officials, including john j. lavalle. >> i guess where i'm concerned it's kind of unfair because i
12:48 pm
just decided i wanted to be a delegate so, i made myself a delegate. >> reporter: yeah, he did have to earn the approval of his fellow republicans. >> all those in favor of the motion, signify by saying aye. >> it's becoming more about the people and the type of delegates that are coming to this convention are the average men and women. it's not formally like it was always elected officials and party leaders and bosses and all that. it's not that anymore. it's starting -- it's going to the grassroots again. and i'm loving it. >> reporter: back in illinois voters had to sign off before doug hartman could represent them in cleveland. he collected 100 signatures to get his name on the primary ballot. >> my wife worked one side of the street, and i worked the other. and we got the -- we got to 100. we didn't go for many more than that. >> reporter: it was enough to send him and his hat to the convention, a place he admits he never thought he would be. >> it is kind of strange. the whole campaign's been strange. you know, when i bought a hat,
12:49 pm
people said is this some kind of joke? i said no, it's not. i'm going for trump. and now they are too. >> how to be a delegate. my thanks to the producer martin finn who did that fine work for us. a university in ohio is pulling out of its first presidential debate. wright state university over in dayton, ohio was scheduled to host a debate in september. but today the university president said it would be too expensive to guarantee security on campus. hofstra university on new york's long island is a backup host. we'll see how that goes. as republicans rally around donald trump at the convention here in cleveland, hillary clinton is campaigning in some key swing states spp she's speaking out now, right now, in las vegas, and we'll hear from the presumptive democratic nominee. that's next from fox news channel, america's choice for news and information on cable.
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just in and word coming in over the past hour and a half, two hours or so, that a police officer has been shot in kansas city, kansas. i thought it was missouri. it's kansas? the chief there says the officer is alive but in critical condition. investigators say they have one suspect in custody. police say they were responding to what they called an armed disturbance when the officer was shot. at this stage it does not appear to be any sort of ambush or anything like that, but it comes after the recent police shootings in dallas and baton rouge. and again, it is a kansas city, kansas police officer who was shot. at this moment unknown condition. there's a story from the kansas city star newspaper today of a woman coming out of this house where the police had staged talking to authorities, yelling at someone in the house. we know one in custody, one -- they're having discussions with
12:54 pm
one other. and we do not know the condition of the officer except at last report the officer was critical and the kansas city, kansas public information officer says that they're asking for prayers. hillary clinton not taking a break from the campaign trail as the republican convention continues here in cleveland. the presumptive democratic nominee is in nevada today, our second battleground state this week. she was here in ohio yesterday. and last night she told the journalist charlie rose donald trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate in the history of this country. mike emmanuel's in vegas for us. mike? >> reporter: well, hi, shep. we thought we might have some big breaking news a short time ago. karen finney, a senior adviser with the clinton campaign, was on with wolf blitzer, and he asked if the running mate announcement for hillary clinton would come this friday and finney responded "i expect that's about right." then finney turned to twitter quickly to try to clean up the mess saying "to be clear, there's no announcement set yet.
12:55 pm
we'll just have to stay tuned. like i said, i'm not spoiling the surprise." this hour, hillary clinton just wrapped up speaking to the largest public sector unions convention here in las vegas and she took a dig at the republican national convention there in cleveland, comparing it to the wizard of oz. >> there were similarities that appeared to me. you know, lots of sound and fury. even a fog machine. but when you pulled back the curtain, it was just donald trump with nothing to offer to the american people. >> reporter: that clearly a crowd pleaser in front of a union audience, very enthusiastic about hillary clinton. she's coming here across town in las vegas to an event with the culinary workers union, basically talking to them about her campaign pledge, their effort to basically sign up 3 million more voters to vote for her in november. shep? >> an attack on donald trump as well from team clinton?
12:56 pm
>> well, that's right. perhaps recognizing that she was going to take a lot of dings at the republican national convention, hillary clinton used historic terms to talk about donald trump. basically saying that he's the worst republican nominee to run for president and so it's pretty feisty here in the dog days of summer here in las vegas, shep. >> mike, thanks. we'll be right back.
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on this day in 1984 geraldine ferraro became the first woman to win a spot on a major party's presidential ticket. democrats nominated the congresswoman from new york as vice president during the party's convention in san francisco. she ran alongside walter mondale. historians say ferraro sometimes overshadowed him on the campaign trail, often drawing larger crowds and really more attention from the media. still, ronald reagan and george h.w. bush would end up winning and in a landslide.
1:00 pm
after geraldine ferraro brought women a step closer to the white house 32 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. final bell is sounding on wall street. here comes "your world." >> announcer: you're watching the number one early prime on all of cable. you are looking live at the floor of the gop convention in cleveland, ohio. they will be gaveling in in just over an hour from now. will we see more of this? >> point of order! point of order! point of order! >> or are we in for more convention commotion ahead of the big vote tonight? reaction from wisconsin governor scott walker. he's here. but first, the president just writing this open letter to law enforcement today saying, "we have your backs." sound familiar? >> i would lik


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