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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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what we saw yesterday. >> it could. if yesterday prevails today, we could be off the tv mark tonight. we may not have the exact time. the 1,237 delegates are there. in fact, many more than that. he may get more than 1,600, and be unanimously confirmed. >> okay, brit, as we get into the weeds, we'll let it unfold. think about this moment and put it into perspective. when you listen to jeff sessions say that name in this hall, the road that we've taken to get here. >> well, as you correctly observed earlier, brett, this is the outcome that none of us imagined when the process started. and one of the things that is interesting about tonight and tonight's story is to watch the group of men who will be speaking for donald trump tonight, who decided that they would roll the dice and stay with him. and their fortunes are on the line tonight as well. i mean, paul ryan is and mitch
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mcconnell have decided to throw in with donald trump. others in the party have not made that choice. the conservative movement is very divided over him. you see also, chris christie will appear tonight. you know, he wanted the office himself, and then he threw in with donald trump and he is feeling disappointed he wasn't chosen for the number two spot. we'll hear from him tonight. so every political convention, a lot of the people you see up there, wish they were receiving the nomination themselves. it is always been true, but we'll see that tonight. that will be part of this. >> just to point out, congressman chris collins, was the first congressman to endorse him. he was part of the legislative team, his legislative leadership team from new york. he specifically, mike gallagher, talked about what he saw for jobs in his area, and the fact that this anti-establishment push is real across the country,
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even though it wasn't seen by inside the belt way or media elite. >> what we're seeing tonight is the culmination of what was been very real. for all the reports of divisiveness, not a lot of deviceness in the arena tonight. this is like the morning mist on a summer afternoon. it is not there any more. tonight is proof positive, the party is unified, and there is going to be support, because ultimately, people are coming to the realization, that to not support mr. trump helps mrs. clinton get across the finish line, and that's untenantable for everybody i would think, who is in that reena here tonight. >> yeah, and again, we'll point out he is going to get the nomination, but the other forces within the republican party could get the signatures needed, charles, eight states, majority of eight states, to as you mentioned last night, put ted
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cruz's name into nomination. we don't flow if know if it wil. but it will be a symbolic gesture if it happens. >> that's what we're down to. this is symbolism. it is not even like the last ditch effect to have some effect on the rules that could throw things into doubt. there is no doubt this is going to happen. whether at this point it may slow it down on national tv as a way to register opposition, i'm not sure. but i think what is remarkable is, as you asked before, if you step back, this is without a doubt the most improbable success in a primary race, i believe jimmy carter in 1976, this is the first non-politician to win a major party nomination, since eisenhower in 1952, and he defeated nazi germany. we had a good record to run on. the one thing i do want to say is given how improbable with
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trump's rise, and he clearly tapped into real concerns that had been overlooked, or at least down-played about the so-called establishment, but the other unusual part is the level of opposition and unease. i would point out one thing. this is the first time in history that a sitting governor of a state in which a convention is being held has not shown up at his convention. and that i think is a reflection in and of itself of the reluctance, it may not be opposition, but it is reluctance of some major parts of the party to get on board. >> mike duncan, inside the rnc, is there angst about that, that ohio governor john kasich is not in the hall? >> obviously you want everybody to be under the tent, but angst is not there, because the polls are showing that the republicans are coming home. we started consolidating
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immediately after he got the nomination. there are still concerns. 17 people who started this journey almost two years ago and it takes a while to get over there. the party is coming together, because as mike said, this is binary choice. >> chris christie last time spoke about mitt romney. tonight, it is probably a lot different in the set-up, and one would think that hillary clinton is the unifying factor of this convention tonight. >> i suspect we'll hear quite i a bit from christie about hillary clinton. four years ago, he was looking ahead to this night, and hoping he would be the guy on the stage. at this point now, even though as disappointed he may be about not getting the second place on the ticket, he has to work this for donald trump. if he comes out and makes a speech about himself, i will be
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as stoun astound astounded. we'll hear a strong endorsement of donald trump, condemnation of his opponent, and, you know, a tough guy speech as we expect from people like chris christie and rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani delivered the goods last night. it will be interesting to see what chris christie says tonight. >> south carolina, one of the early politicians, let's listen in for a few minutes. >> he may be the only man perfectly equipped to win the ferocious battle ahead. perhaps you have not seen donald trump with the people as i have. thousands of them at the rallies. sometimes waiting in lines eight hours, ten hours for the chance just to get inside the building to see the man. i have never seen anything like it. perhaps you've not heard the
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people, the men, the women, the old and young, crying, we love you, donald. and him answering, i love you too. as he autographed every t-shirt thrust his way, all the way, smiling and posing for countless photographs. you must have glimpsed this tenderness last night with melania. we know this man loves his family. and he is walking away from a business enterprise many can hardly imagine, because he loves his country. and he wants to go to work for us. yes, we are awakened, and we are
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filled with a furious resolve to fight and to win for our children and their children and their children, and for the world. finally, to paraphrase one of the poets of our time, buffalo springfield. there is something happening here. what it is is precisely clear. we areoi to make america great again. with donald trump. thank you. god bless you. >> lieutenant governor, henry mcmaster from south carolina with the line, "there is something happening here." something about that accent, too. let's go down to the floor, chief washington correspondent, james rosen with a sense of the action. let me listen to paul ryan. hold on one second. >> as required by rule 37 of the convention rules, during the
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roll call, the states will be called in alphabetical order. any delegation may pass when its name is called. without objection, the state of new york may cast its votes out of order. that is not an objection, for the record. during the roll call, the chairs of each respected delegation or their designee will announce the vote of each state. during the roll call of the states, the secretary will announce each state its total number of available votes and the number of votes bound to each candidate. as required by rule 37 c, no delegation will be recognized to change its votes until all delegations who have passed have been given a second opportunity to vote. additionally, the chair would like to remind all delegates
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that the secretary is required under the rules of the convention to announce and record delegate votes in accordance with their obligations under rule 16 of the convention rules, state law or state party rule to reflect the voters' presideference in each state. the official results from each state are those announced by the secretary. the chair wishes to announce that if a delegate requests a poll be taken of their delegation under rule 37, the secretary will send representatives of the convention to supervise the polling of the delegation. after the poll is completed, the results will be delivered to the secretary, and the secretary shall announce the results at the end of the roll call of states in accordance with the
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rules. lastly, i wish to remind our delegates our alternates and guests that maintaining order during the roll call is extremely important. if the convention is not in order, it is difficult for the secretary or the presiding officer to hear the votes announcements or otherwise acknowledge delegates seeking recognition. to conduct the roll call of states, i am pleased to introduce at this time, the secretary, susie hudson and assistant secretary, jeff chence. >> okay, just so you know, the ticker is on the bottom of the screen, it will have the roll call and you'll be able to keep track with the vote. real quick, former rnc chairman mike duncan, what he said,
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anything different? >> no, we had a unanimous consent to put new york to put him over the top, wihich is a little unusual, but the secretary will call the roll and explain what the state -- how the delegates are supposed to vote in the state by state law and that will be confirmed by the assistant secretary. >> mike, couldn't -- did they really need to have a special motion to allow new york to go last? couldn't new york could -- >> i've never seen it done before, brad. >> usually you just pass. >> yes. >> here is jeff sessions. >> the rocket that took us to the moon that place where we had two of the greatest trump rallies in the nation's history, mobile and huntsville is proud to cast its vote, one vote for marco rubio, 13 votes for ted
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cruz, 36 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> state by state here, we're going to dip into some of them. you saw jeff sessions, who by the way is part of a state that is up front, and this delegation map is designed at this convention by how those states voted for donald trump. the states that voted the most for donald trump are up close, the ones that didn't vote for donald trump happen to be in the back. including ohio, that obviously went for governor kasich. now, as we go along here, mike, let's go down to the floor and check in with james rosen and get a sense of the feeling on the floor. james. >> good evening. you just heard a truly roar after senator sessions basically
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committed the state of alabama for donald trump. there was no real clapping for marco rubio or any of the other names. we just saw the virginia delegation file inment at first we wondered, all the seats were empty. was it a protest. in fact, they were present at a reception, and they're just late to the game. in fact, virginia voted for donald trump. more importantly, we've begun going back and forth on this issue. will ted cruz have his name. i just spoke with a delegate from michigan. he told me no, to his knowledge, none of the petitions that cruz would need to file in order to have ted cruz's name placed into nomination for the presidency have been circulated. so at this point, i also asked senator mike lee of utah a short while ago, does it matter if ted cruz's name is placed into nomination. he said no. why is that. because he has 559 delegates.
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he has not released them. they will be called for ted cruz when the roll call goes through, as we're seeing now and there are certain other states. but besides the eight states he captured, there are those that are proportional and his name will be sounded again and again. so ted cruz will be a presence at this convention. one other point, we're hearing ted cruz's speech that he is going to deliver to the delegates on wednesday night, which he hopes will be his 1976 ronald reagan moment that could c catapult has not been vetted by the committee or donald trump. i've heard from sources that would be unprecedented for a major speech like that not to have been vetted by the convention organizers in advance. brett. >> we should point out that america samoa is treated, they're territories, but treated like states. they get the microphone, the time and we'll go around the room. mike gallagher, hearing what
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james is saying, one, they don't have the paperwork for cruz to be for nomination, but they'll be adding the delegates. it doesn't seen like there will be a dust-up that was predicted. two, the thing about the speech, not having vetted the speech, if true, that seems pretty unique. >> about every five minutes, we share news something unprecedented about this week. and this year. everything about the trump candidacy has been unprecedented. charles talks about the historic nature about the things that have happened this week, the unusual things that are happening tonight, i would suggest as the first time in history that a presidential candidate for a major political party has appeared in silhouette with fog machines rolling out smoke, and lights and we are th. and he is not supposed to do it that way. he is not supposed to do the things he does. it is kind of fascinating to watch this stayed process tonight, and we know it is a
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formality. we know it is going to be the nominee. and yet, it almost appears quaint, compared to this product of the culture, a reality tv star, and a mogul from new york who is going to be the nominee. the contrast to me is striking. >> i'm getting the speech news from james rosen. >> actually, i've been in the situation behind the states where people put on the teleprompter on one speech and they deliver an entirely different speech. maybe we had some of that last night. >> yeah. >> charles, your thoughts as we're ticking down the states here. there you see arizona, with their member, and you're going to see on the bottom of your screen, it add up until you get to 1,237. new york will put the final state that puts him over the top, his home state, which is front and center. charles. >> yeah, the number i'm looking at, it will be interesting how
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high up cruz and -- he was obviously trying to play the part as we heard from janes rosen, he is trying to play the part of ronald reagan from 1976 when he was the runner up and then propelled to the front-runner. and the winner in 1980. and looking forward to cruz's speech, i will say two things. one is that if last time that we had a speech that was not vetted by the convention, the speaker came out with a chair on an empty stage. so i would look for that, fast en your seat belt. the other thing is i would agree, cruz is a master of contemporaneous speeches, i don't know if he could throw away the speech, but he could easily veer off the way that trump does often, and deliver. >> all right, brett human, this is all the pomp and circumstance of getting to the official
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nomination. each state naming their delegates, but in the lead-up, you had this little preamble, arkansas they raise delicious catfish, so we'll hear interesting -- >> i've always loved that, where every state has its chairman announces the vote tally for the state, they always give a little commercial for the state. and you know, if you think about traveling any time soon, everyone of those chairman seem to be trying to entice you to come to his or her state. that's part of the fun of all of this is the little commercials. i think some people thought it was boring. i don't think they are a a bit boring. >> let's listen to california. >> 72 delegates, with the following bound delegates. 172 trump. [ cheers and applause ]
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we want trump! we want trump! >> unbound california -- >> mr. chairman -- >> we want trump! >> mr. chairman, my name is shirley husard, i am the mother of three boys of the greater los angeles area. mr. chairman, it is so important that my son, my three sons -- three sons get an opportunity for their future. good jobs, there are families that need saving in their communities. mr. chairman, donald trump is the candidate that can provide for my boys and all california the hope and opportunity for the
3:21 pm
true america. that's why i am honored to stand before you today on behalf of the great state of california. california, that is 100% rock solid. pro trump delegation, and i am proud to place 172 votes to the nominee of the next president of the united states. donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, it is all about the presentation, isn't it?
3:22 pm
>> i think the delivery of the california line. >> kind of get the sense, brett, of when donald trump sees and hears that coming from people in california, why he think he is can win that state, i think most experts think it is a long shot, but a lot of enthusiasm on display for sure. >> the other thing, mike gallagher, there has been a lot of diverse faces and voices in this convention. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. democrats love to use the word diversity, and sheerhere is a w of color who is enthusiastically showing her support for donald trump. there are a lot of people that look a lot different than the five of us here on this stage who are huge donald trump supporters. you know, brett mentioned how enjoyable this is to watch. you feel this infectious enthusiasm for all the states, because they're so proud to have their state represented in that manner. i spent a lot of years in south carolina, known henry mcmaster, who gave one of the nominating speeches, i was on the floor
3:23 pm
minutes after it was announced he was going to give that speech. he was so very proud to represent the palmetto state and it is just a joy to watch these states and these individuals participate in this american traditional process. >> let's go down to shannon green, who is also down on the convention floor with a sense of the feeling down there, shannon. >> listen, a lot of energy, as you would imagine. you hear the excitement. some of them have different outfits, different props, a lot of unity, and very excited to get to formally what they've been planning on doing for months. we stepped in over here by the v virginia delegation, there has been a lot of chatter about whether they may do something unusual. you'll remember, yesterday, former virginia attorney general was one on the floor protesting and calling for a roll call vote. he is not here tonight with the delegation. i'm told that he is out at a
3:24 pm
previously planned dinner. i don't think it is a protest that he is not here tonight, but that means he won't be part of the delegation, which was very, very heated up yesterday. fired up as things were playing out. the adoption of the rules committee. tonight, i don't think the virginia group here is planning anything surprising or shocking, but there has been chatter, so i did want to check in with them. i can confirm, as i said, the former attorney general, who raised much of the heat on the floor yesterday, won't be part of the proceedings here tonight. we expect them to vote as they had planned, with the delegates as has been allocated. nothing up their sleeves as far as we know. >> thank you, shannon. >> charles, this comes after a day where the news media really focused on one speech and a whole controversy about it, melania trump, and the two paragraphs of what she said that compared almost exactly with michelle obama's speech. there was a lot of coverage about that. your thoughts on that, and the
3:25 pm
day after? >> well, that's what happens when you make a small gaff in a large proceeding. i don't think it was bias. i think it is just [ inaudible ] this is extremely unusual to get something lifted from the previous president's first lady's speech. now, what should have happened is, a quick apology, this happens all the time. in inadvertent, but instead, it became a larger issues, because you've got paul manafort, the campaign manager, saying this was not plagiarism. he said there is nothing in michelle obama's speech. these were common words and vall value, and i write a lot of words and have a lot in common with william shakespeare.
3:26 pm
it is the sinking together that's the problem. it would have been easily avoided. unfortunately, it wasn't. >> charles, thank you. washington, d.c., as we head to break, putting in their delegates. we'll take a quick break and come back to the floor at the republic national convention. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further.
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you're looking live at the floor of the republican c convention. let's listen to hawaii, ready to put their delegate news nomination. >> keeping the potential enemies at bay. >> guam, not hawaii. each territory gets the same street. >> a piece of america in asia, a place where it is wednesday, where america's day begins, the island of guam, pledges its nine delegates to the next president
3:31 pm
of the united states, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, my apologies, guam. i thought you were hawaii. now i know you're guam. but you get the same treatment from the crowd here. nine delegates going into the nomination. you see trump's number at 536 at the bottom. no doubt there is no surprise. he is going to get the 1,237. he'll get way above that. let's check in with martha on the convention floor. >> a lot of excitement as we go through the roll call. it's still done exactly the same way, each state standing up with a lot of pride, announcing their delegates as they go into the nomination for donald trump. a he'll get over the number with no problem. new york is getting very crowded waiting for donald, jr. for his father's nomination. tonight is about unity. you're going to hear from paul
3:32 pm
ryan. we heard from him a moment ago to start the roll call, but he will be back tonight. expect him to be very strongly behind donald trump and mike pence. for all of the back and forth and hess station th a andhes tation, if last night was a night to look at the things that are wrong in the country, tonight is the night to talk about jobs, talk about the future. talk about pulling the party together. that's their mission. that's what they hope to pull off. it is a big message they hope to complete tonight. this is part of it. the first big part is putting donald trump over the top. that will happen moments away. >> hawaii was next, it was the leis that threw me off. carl, we're used to having you here on the convention floor as chief political correspondent. your thoughts on this day.
3:33 pm
you've covered this from the beginning. >> well, thanks, brett. i'm feeling a little lonely over here. that's where i'm accustomed to being. that home is floor for me. this building is home for donald trump. because he is here, i'm here. he will appear tonight by video, live feed. he'll be watching all the returns. he is watching himself imagine right now, slowly winning the nomination. he'll call in and say thanks after it is completed. he won't actually accept it until thursday night, bret. >> it is -- are we going to see donald trump in some way, shape or form in every night of this convention, carl? >> reporter: at this point, yes. and he is actually planning to have an event in cleveland tomorrow before he makes an appearance at the convention tomorrow night. he actually may not appear tomorrow night, because of his event in cleveland.
3:34 pm
we're a little unclear about that. this happens to be at the last minute. of course, last night in the convention hall, his wife melania, her speech was very, very warmly received, but today, the trump campaign has been doing some serious tap dancing because of the allegations that some of it appears to have been plagiarized from the michelle obama speech. obviously, the trump campaign is very upset about this. paul manafort, the campaign manager, gave a variety of explanations as to what happened. at one point, he blamed and attacked the clinton campaign for making it all up. at one point, corey lewandowski, the former campaign manager, who took over after lewandowski was pushed out, so it has been a difficult day. and we know that the trump campaign is basically trying to get past it and new all along that the nomination tonight would knonot get out of the newy the end of the day. >> carl in new york, let's
3:35 pm
listen to illinois. >> introduce the chairman, tim snyder. >> good evening, my fellow republicans, more importantly, fellow americans. i am a proud citizen of the state of illinois and the united states of america. and we have the finest governor in our nation, and governor bruce rauner. the state of illinois cast six delegates for john kasich, nine delegates for ted cruz. and 54 delegates for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> the state of illinois, a blue state, the home state of barack obama, is a big trump supporter
3:36 pm
on the republican side. also a republican governor, bret, bruce rauner, who is the governor, in a blue state. >> that's right. and he is not up, i don't believe this year. but the number of the republicans in blue states. >> senator mark kirk from illinois. >> kirk is up, and you know, he is one of those who is not backing donald trump. and it is true in some of these blue states, they're fortunate to pick up seat, and there is a lot of fear in the party that mr. trump may cost them their seat. at the moment, however, if you look at the polls, that's looking less likely. >> yeah, it looks like it may be the opposite. james rosen? >> bret can you hear me all right? >> yeah i got you. >> indiana is awarding 57
3:37 pm
delegates to donald j. trump. it was, of course, and now you hear it, that put donald trump over the top in the nominating process. we expect it will be new york officially at the convention tonight. a couple of quick notes. we're not expecting any mass walkouts at any point. senator mike lee, of utah, thought he may organize such a thing, but ted cruz tells me people are fantasy sizing about it, but when new york goes, he is going to walk out. it will probably be a small number of people who do that beyond that individual. one other point, we are are hearing on the floor here some displeasure with what happened with melania trump's speech. not because it reflects poorly on her, but they say it reflects that donald trump's campaign has not become fully professionalized, even after the big shake up with corey lewandowski and paul manafort
3:38 pm
taking the helm, and furtherm e furthermore, it casts that he has hired the best people. if you're going to hire the best people, how did something like this happen, bret. >> the trump campaign is pushing back hard. we just heard donald, jr. weigh in that he wasn't terribly pleased about this. we'll hear from him tonight. meantime, we should note jennifer griffin is reporting on the democratic side of the race, confirming "washington post" story that hillary clinton has -- is deciding on a vp choice, two leading candidates are tim kaine from virginia and the agriculture secretary, tim vilsecs. not surprising choices, however, those two are leading the pack, according to jennifer. let's listen to kansas city, royals fans and missouri. >> proud home of the iconic bob
3:39 pm
do dole. cast nine votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. 24 votes for senator ted cruz, 6 votes for senator marco rubio, and one vote for governor john kasich. >> all right, between the laeis of guam and hawaii and the kansas delegation, i got a little confused there. that was kansas on the nominating procedure, as you see, donald trump, 709. tonight, what does this convention have to do, charles? >> if i could just tell you, get the correct -- guam and hawaii. >> i have to say, that when i heard the guam delegate say it
3:40 pm
is wednesday, i thought that was the most charming shoefnistfor . it takes a lot of time. totally charming. look, i think what they have to do tonight, last night was the dark night, where they say how bad things are. today, particularly with paul ryan and mcconnell speaking, who actually are looking to do legislation, to work with the president trump if he wins, they're going to outline the new program, new conservatism. some new idea of where they're going to go. obviously, reflect the trump agenda, but these are the guys who will make it work. that's why i think it is going to be a serious night, trying to get a little more reaganesque, and but you've got to go beyond
3:41 pm
that. >> all right, charles. as we go to break, kentucky. >> 17 for the next president of the united states of america, mr. donald j. trump. ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering]
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welcome back to cleveland and the republic national convention, as the roll call continues for the official nomination of donald trump, as the gop nominee. in the meantime, breaking news now from kansas city, kansas. we just saw the state of kansas put donald trump's delegates into nomination, but sad news out of kansas today. the police chief in kansas city saying that an officer was shot and killed this afternoon, responding to a drive-by shooting. the suspected vehicle was fled about 2:00, captain robert melton arrived, and suspects jumped out of the car, hitting
3:46 pm
melton numerous times, declared dead at the hospital. the chief noting that kansas city is still reeling from another officer gunned down in may. this makes now 31 police officers who have been killed this year in the line of duty. this convention has mentioned numerous times over the last day, and will again tonight, the law and order line that you hear from donald trump in the wake of what we're seeing not only in baton rouge, dallas, but now you can add kansas city, kansas, to the list of cities dealing with this. let's check in with martha mccallan on the floor, as the roll call continues. >> you know, one of the significant things here tonight is who is not here. here we are in cleveland, ohio. in the middle of this state, an enormous manufacturing problems, and one of the people responsible for that is john kasich. the topic tonight is how to get
3:47 pm
people back to work, all of that would have really melded nicely into john kasich's message as governor of this state. it is very significant he is not here this evening. he did speak to the am itch gmi delegates, why he had dropped out so quickly when he swore that he would stay with this until the very end. he said i felt that there was going to come a point in time when i was going to have to say things i didn't believe. which i thought was very interesting. john kasich, not here tonight. the bushes, not here tonight. mitt romney, not here tonight. the people who are here are trying to pull together the unity message that we spoke of earlier and they're big players. as charles said earlier, they're going outline their agenda tonight but without john kasich, a former congressman, former omb head, a lot of time on the hill and you really believe this would be his night in his home state, tonight, he may be home watching us on tv like everybody
3:48 pm
else. back to you. >> let's listen into minnesota. >> what will change this year, cast the following. rubio, 17. cruz, 13. and 8 for the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> the next president of the united states, and there you go. >> mike gallagher, i want to return to that conversation i was having about the shooting today, and the fact that this law and order team is running under this -- >> you know, my life's work is to assist the families of police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. and we've had to write too many checks and assist too many families. there is a stark difference between what we're hearing this
3:49 pm
week in k cleveland and what we're going to here in philadelphia. there are plenty of people who seem antipolice. donald trump, from day one, and i've said this over and over again, continually praises police. he has done it from the gypping -- beginning of his campaign. the pro police thankfulness to law enforcement is something that americans are yearning for. mrs. clinton went offer to the naacp convention this week and has raised the issue of african-americans being killed by police hours after three officers were slaughtered in baton rouge. it is hard to discern that between people who are grieving and mourning the loss of life. yet again today in kansas city, another brave officer is going to be laid to rest in a grieving family will have to say goodbye. it is unthinkable. >> missouri.
3:50 pm
>> missouri, home of 11-time world champion st. louis cardinals. missouri, the birthplace of talk radio, 1120, the voice of st. louis. missouri, home of the 12-time delegate conservative icon, witt phyllis schlapp. missouri, the birthplace music missouri cast 11 votes for ted cruz and missouri casts 41 votes for the next president of the united states donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> what's what i'm talking about. >> missouri, i didn't know was the birthplace of talk radio or whatever that station was. >> i'm on tinder hooks waiting to hear which state that has the world's largest ball of twine. and i'm sure it's coming. look, on the law and order
3:51 pm
thing, the tragedy you talk about in kansas city, the democrats are going to have a parade of the mother of young black men shot by police. yesterday we saw in this convention a parade of people who were killed by terrorists and whose relatives were killed by terrorists or by illegal immigrants. this is the starkest contrast you can possibly have on the law and order issue at home. and i think the republicans have political advantage. the democrats are playing with fire here given what the national reaction has been to the killing of police. >> do you want to weigh in on that? >> i do. i think we have seen it before. we saw it particularly in 1968, the republicans in this country has put up with a lot of things. they will not put up with a wave of murders carried out against police officers. it is plimplely beyond the beyond the
3:52 pm
beyond the pale and idea of wave of police murders by innocent african-americans the public doesn't buy. the political advantage if there is one is with the republicans. >> let's listen in to nebraska. >> madam secretary, nebraska, the good life, with great opportunity, the home of silicon prairie news. the university of nebraska cornhuskers, the number one beef producing state in the union, the place where people find their happiness from honest work and where a person's word is their bond cast their 36 bound delegates for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> nebraska, another pitch for talk radio show, i think. back with former rnc chairman mike duncan, we are
3:53 pm
seeing this and you can see the scroll at the bottom of the screen 936 now and they will goat 1237. new york will take donald trump over the top. your thoughts on how this has gone and the surprising fact that there really hasn't been like zero dustup at all even th predicted going in that the never trump or undecides, the unbound people were going to do something. well, there is still some time to go. the trump train is on its way to victory. there is no question. a couple of road blocks. with you now. >> utah and virginia. >> could do something. we had one state that passed. michigan passed at this point. but none of this is going to change the outcome. this hall is becomes unified. had you a lot of people who withdrew their names yesterday from petitions wanting to have this "roll call" vote. they thought about it let's talk about that for a second. 11 states they had signatures for the majority of delegates in 11 states and then the pressure was put on them, the trump whip team went into action and
3:54 pm
people pulled out of the list and they ended up not getting credibility. >> there wases whip team but many had the opportunity to sign their names. many of them signed them at breakfast and didn't understand what they were signing, when they were explained what the consequences would be they withdrew their name. >> let me wrap up with this. this is going how the trump people wanted it to go on this kay. >> i want to hand reince priebus and paul manafort what they were doing all day. meeting with lawyers and parliamentarians. they put together a process that works. american people responding to it tonight. >> there has been some consternation that the district of columbia delegates didn't appear to have any votes for donald trump and, yet, when the chair announced the results it was unanimous for trump. the answer to that question is the d.c. rules, the rules of d.c. republican party are that if there is only one
3:55 pm
candidate's name in nomination as is the case here tonight, the d.c. delegates votes will all go to that candidate regardless of what occurred in the primary or the caucus system. >> and final thing here, mike. your thoughts on this process and this nominee? >> it's been a long process. when i was chairman and i went in the convention, i want to do nominate someone who could win. i wanted to give them a bump. and then i want to do make sure that we had every opportunity to win i think you are seeing that happen i think they put together a campaign. this campaign is different than the fact that you are going to have more external pressure. more international events and national events will have a lot more to do with this than the average campaign. >> mike duncan, thank you for being here. let's listen in to the floor new hampshire where he won first his primary state. >> i represent the people of the great state of new hampshire the live free or die state the state has has no sales or income tax.
3:56 pm
a state that was the first to recognize donald j. trump and deliver the first victory on his behalf on a path to 38 victories that he achieved. it is my pleasure tonight to read the votes on behalf of the people of new hampshire. two votes for marco rubio. three votes for jeb bush. three votes for ted cruz. four votes for john kasich. and 11 votes for my friend and the next president of the united states donald j. trump! [cheers and applause]
3:57 pm
>> that was by the way corey lewandowski former campaign manager for donald trump announcing the new hampshire delegate total as you heard there. lewandowski, an official delegate for the republican national convention. and you're going to hear the delegates being putting in the official nomination, the delegates. as you add up to 1237. obviously, we talked about that's the magic number for the nomination. and donald trump will get the nomination in a little bit. new york will take him over the top. let's turn now to new jersey. >> 51 trump. madam secretary, the son of
3:58 pm
governor chris christie. [cheers and applause] new jersey, the garden state, the greatest state in the union, and the state that cast the highest overall percentage of its popular vote for mr. trump is pleased to announce that its 51 delegates will be given to donald j. trump for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] meanwhile a developing media story about this channel fox news channel and our parent company 21st century fox. here is howie kurtz. howie? >> fox news chairman roger ailes. let's try to clear up what we can. 21st century fox the
3:59 pm
parent of this network says in a statement that ailes remains on the job in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit with allegations vehemently denied by ailes filed by gretchen carlson after her contract as a daytime fox anchor was not renewed. you can move that prompter a little faster, please. the company has launched an internal review of the matter. new york magazine citing unnamed sources reported today that fox anchor megyn kelly told the outside lawmaker conducting the review that ailes had sexually harassed her when she was a fox reporter about a decade ago. kelly has not addressed the matter publicly at all. ailes' lawyer susan estrich has responded with this statement. ailes has never harassed megyn kelly he has spent much of the last decade helping and promoting her for the stardom she has heard which she was repeatedly and publicly thanked him. that's where the
4:00 pm
developments stand in this story. >> and would he want to do bring that to you, howie howie kirtz, thank you. as we are at the republican national convention. we are at the top of the hour. do you know what that means? "on the record" with greta van susteren and joining me here on set greta van susteren. your show. >> nice being on our show. >> what do you think of this one-by-one. >> >> big news going out. even chris christie's son was one of the announcers announcing for the state of new jersey. family night here. >> the feeling of state-by-state and the fact that -- let's listen in. this is new york. >> donald j. trump passes. new york passes. north carolina 72 delegates for the following bound delegates. 29 trump, 27 cruz. 6 rubio, 9 kasich, one carson. >>