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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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developments stand in this story. >> and would he want to do bring that to you, howie howie kirtz, thank you. as we are at the republican national convention. we are at the top of the hour. do you know what that means? "on the record" with greta van susteren and joining me here on set greta van susteren. your show. >> nice being on our show. >> what do you think of this one-by-one. >> >> big news going out. even chris christie's son was one of the announcers announcing for the state of new jersey. family night here. >> the feeling of state-by-state and the fact that -- let's listen in. this is new york. >> donald j. trump passes. new york passes. north carolina 72 delegates for the following bound delegates. 29 trump, 27 cruz. 6 rubio, 9 kasich, one carson. >> madam, madam secretary,
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north carolina, the land of the long leaf pine. the land where the summer sun doth shine. where the wheat grow strong and strong grow great. north carolina, home of the largest military installations in the world. north carolina, with the majestic appalachian mountains on our west and beautiful crystal coast on our east. north carolina, one of the fastest growing state economies under governor pat mccrory and the republican led general assembly proudly cast our 72 volts as follows. one, dr. ben carson. 6 senator marco rubio. 9 for ohio governor john kasich. [cheers] >> and the great conservative tradition of the old north states the home of billy graham, we proudly cast 27 votes for senator ted cruz.
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[cheers] >> north carolina is a party which was funded and founded by blacks and whites. and one of the that most people don't know about this states 10% of all of the historically black colleges and universities are within its border. we proudly cast 29 votes for the next president of the united states, the honorable donald don trump. [cheers and applause] >> there is north carolina. you saw right there new york passing because as we noted earlier in the show they are going to be the state that takes him over the 1237 need to do win. can you see 1027 is where it stands right now. >> it's fantastic. we heard when we hear from new york it's going to be donald trump's son who is going to make the big announcement. a fun night for the family. even like looking around
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here, the excitement is electrifying just like it will be at the democratic convention. they are all exciting. we have great convention. we fight and yell and hoot and holler and peaceful transfer of power whichever way it goes. >> we are joined by mike gallagher and brit hume. brit, what about the themes day by day? the first one keep america safe. tonight we are going to hear about jobs and the economy. and then at the end, thursday, you will have donald trump bringing america together again. thematic every night. >> exactly. of course, thursday night theme, i think, sort of sums up the challenge that he will face that night. because the constituency that was large enough to get him the nomination would not be large enough to give him the presidency. and he needs to pull people in to his camp and he needs to -- and he has an opportunity at this convention to do that. that speech, of course, will be
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the critical moment of the whole affair. the thing everybody most remembers. so it is a significant opportunity for him but likewise a significant challenge. >> but it's not even easy for him to unify his own party. >> that's right. >> he has to get the independents and undecideds. it's a challenge. >> we talked about this earlier. mitt romney got 93% of the republican vote in 2012 and lost the election even though he won independents. donald trump needs at least that much of the republican vote and he hasn't got it yet. he is going to get most republicans but he needs to get more than he has now, which is a part of the function of this convention. >> let's listen back in to north dakota down on the floor. >> northern island 9 delegates to the following bound delegates, 9 trump. [speaking foreign language] for the most republican territory the beautiful islands of the northern
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mariana islands where the weather is 85 degrees all year round, traveling over 7,000 miles i am ralph -- governor. it is my great pleasure and honor being the first territory to endorse our next president of the united states, we cast our 9 delegates to donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegates and the rules of this convention, northern mariana islands. >> take him over the needed 1237. >> and of course you know your math. >> that's right. first we have ohio. interesting home state in the back of the room. let. listen in?
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>> champion. welcome to ohio, the host of the republican national convention. [cheers and applause] all right, guys. let's give it an oh. >> i-o. >> proudly cast its 66 votes for governor john kasich. [cheers and applause] >> kasich, john kasich not here. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegates. >> not in the room. the elephant not in the room. >> it's a smattering of applause for ohio here. >> oklahoma. 33 delegates for the following bound delegates. >> unify the party. pretty significant they can't even get the republican governor here. >> your thoughts of that first night, greta, and of what developed today in the aftermath? >> last night was fascinating. of course you had the
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melania and the major rim and plagiarism. but, you know, we have very short memory. something is going to happen tomorrow and we are not even going to remember. this fascinating and interesting to talk about. this campaign is so wild and woolly. something happens every single day either in this campaign or the clinton campaign and suddenly we have forgotten the last problem. >> we are going to hear from more of the children. we have a trump a night with melania trump last night. don jr. and tiffany trump tonight. >> yes, and donald trump jr. will be joining us during the hour. i assume if we hit the magic number 1237 he will be joining us, tiffany we don't know. very little is known about tiffany. she is not very public. >> we are seeing the family there. ivanka, eric, don jr. and they are standing by new york there. >> bret, earlier, total will be announced by his son when
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new york passed earlier, i don't know -- i'm sure you recognized man who did it ed cox who is richard nixon's son-in-law. a bit of trivia here. >> there you go. have you covered a few of these, haven't you, brit? >> just a few. >> we have had an interesting time because we thought there might be some effort by virginia, utah, something, never developed. and for this convention, that is the unity message that they are trying to get through. >> i talked to senator mike lee today, ran into him and he was leading the floor chaos. he said they don't have a candidate. it's hard to created any more problems because they don't even from a candidate to push. >> and that's the issue. they were just making a statement. >> well, they thought it wasn't fair. that they ought to have a vote. they were very critical of the process that doesn't allow them to vote. >> charles, as you look at this image of the children standing there, how big a deal are the children to making donald donald trump's pi?
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>> look, i think the children are probably his greatest calling card. newt gingrich called him a pirate. he is sort of a larger-than-life figure. the family is what grounds him. they give him most of his ad vice. and they also have, presented a domesticated element of trump, which helps, i think, to make it sort of far more acceptable across the country. they understand that. that's why he is showcasing the family so much. and that's why. >> here we go. we are about to hit the magic number 1237. everybody has been talking about. here it is. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegates and the rules of this convention, oregon, 23 votes trump. 5 votes cruz.
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pennsylvania, 71 delegates to the following bound delegates 17 trump. >> madam secretary, i'm rob gleason, chairman of the republican party of pennsylvania. pennsylvania, the keystone state, the home of the stanley cup champions pittsburgh penguins. pennsylvania defers to the great state of new york and my friend chairman ed cox. >> new york 95 delegates with the following bound delegates, 89 trump, 6 kasich. >> madam secretary, new york, the empire state proud to be the home of donald j.
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trump and proud that we were the first state to cast the majority of our primary votes for donald trump, proud that he won 61 of our 62 counties and more than 60% of the vote. and we are proud that we have as one of our delegates donald j. trump jr. [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much, ed, and thank you to my family, eric, ivanka, tiffany, everyone here. all of our supporters in the great state of new york. even in the places that aren't so conservative, we have had such incredible support, you won't believe it we are going to put new york into play this time around. [cheers and applause] i have the incredible honor of not only being a part of the ride that's been this election process and to watch as a small fly on the wall what my father has done
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in creating this movement because it's not a campaign anymore, it's a movement. speaking to real americans, giving them a voice again and it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates. and another six for john kasich. congratulations, dad, we love you! [cheers and applause] >> and there you have it they are over the top. 1237. donald j. trump jr. getting to make the announcement about his father and all the other family members we have gotten to know so well. the evening is only beginning and we still haven't heard from the nominee. still hasn't accepted it brit? >> he is apparently, greta, going to call in here. and he is going to make a presence via video or via telephone. there you see the family
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kind of doing the cheers. imagine he said, don junior said part of the ride. think about the ride. you know, that first debate was august 6th last year. at this very convention center. this very place where the cleveland cavaliers play. >> everyone said it couldn't happen except donald trump and his family. >> donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> it's come full circle. it has -- and there you see the over-the-top. ♪ >> that's our wedding song. i have got to hug my wife.
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♪ [theme song new york] ♪ yes, new york, new york, great music. so exciting. you covered a lot of it. >> this is so unique. this one in particular. the fact that these delegates, this party got to this nominee. it shows you that he tapped into this vein in america of antiestablishment. it's not working in washington in both parties. and he managed to do it. >> you know what's so unusual. you asked a question that night, that first debate who is going to take the pledge? he was sort of, you know, he didn't take the pledge. >> he didn't, no. >> he had time to think
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about it a lot of the other ones did. some haven't endorsed him. they aren't here tonight, kasich, governor bush. so it's sort of surprising. they took the pledge. >> isn't that something? john kasich is not here tonight and he pledged that first night that he would support the nominee, whoever it was. raising the hand. so, i think that the journey that this takes is going to be interesting to watch for this party. and the question is whether they get the bump out of this convention, greta, that really moves it a couple of other points in unifying the rest of the party. >> i would be surprised if he got a big bump over hillary clinton. because people either love or hate trump or love or hate clinton. it's not like people are budging right now. i think we are going to see the big movement come october, september, october, at the debate when they see the nominee side by side. there is an awful lot of people already decided. and those that haven't decided went be doing that until the debate. >> we are still joined by mike gallagher and charles krauthammer. do you guys have some final
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thoughts here now that is he over the top? >> there is a very, very smart man up here who wrote a brilliant book called "things that matter." that's what seems to me that the american folk are going to be focused on not what matters. not 5 words from a speech. no one is going to vote on whether al first lady did or didn't use a speech from 2008. what matters is national security, terrorism, the economy, jobs, our sovereignty. those are the things that matter. and my hope and prayer is that the american people is going to focus on what matters. >> we are told that mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader says it matters who sits on the supreme court. and is he going to focus on the supreme court choices that if they are under hillary clinton will be dramatically different. >> that is the lowest common denominator for republicans. the binary choice. whatever you think about anything else supreme court will have an effect for
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generations. we know how it can change the entire of the country on important issues. and that will be determined by who wins the presidency. but i do want to say one thing which is what happens here, what happens in philadelphia, all the ins and outs, all the inside baseball matters. but, in the end, i think this election will be decided by exterior, external events. we have already seen how external events have brought the law and order issue out of nowhere to prominence. i think that will dominate and who knows whatever happens in october could have a dramatic effect on how the country goes. so, in a sense, ironically, it's really out of the hands of the campaign. it's really in the hands of history. >> i will tell you what, i'm going to, i think, exit stage left here. >> you will be back though. >> i will be back a little bit later. 10:00 eastern time. and we have full convention coverage of the speeches. you should have a great show because it's exciting. you have this back drop. >> you can't wheat that bret
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is going off to learn how to sing new york, new york. he will be back later. mike, let me ask you this, when charles just asked about what is going to determine big picture thing, exterior things, talk about the supreme court. i thought it was incredible gift that justice ginsburg gave the trump campaign because she put that issue so much in play by making that public statement. every ad for him. >> there are so many real world events that seem to benefit mr. trump, you know, that are out of his control. this is the first year that i have seen americans seem so focused on the supreme court. understanding how crucial a role the supreme court plays. >> she did that. >> without any help from him. and that makes a huge difference. >> all right. now, charles, the debate. i put an awful lot of weight on those debates in terms of the undecides. am i wrong on that? >> you think that decides -- >> -- i think -- because i think people are so polarized right now. love or hate trump. love or hate clinton. the ones who are undecided
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who will call this election in november. they are going to be reached in the debate. >> all 126 them. all 126 the undecides. this is the election, more than any other than can i remember where the persona and the perception of the candidates was more fixed for a longer time than any other time, which means there is a narrow segment of the population still undecided. some of them reluctant republicans. other really reluctant democrats. some of them disaffected senator voters. i think you are right. the debates will have a divisive effect. i would add on that, what happens if you get another tragedy, another massacre, remember the economic collapse? six weeks before 2008, there is a huge degree to which external events have determined things. as to the campaign itself, i would agree with you the key is the debate. >> one of our guests who
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just joined us is governor -- who will be joining us after the break will be governor rick scott. we're going to take a quick break and be right back. >> 12 votes for the next president of the united states donald j. trump. ♪
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donald trump has just won the republican nomination. the theme make america work again. businessman florida governor rick scott is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> it's exciting to be here. >> fun to be-to-have another businessman nominated as well. >> like my racetrack in 2010. i was the oyster. i was not the establishment candidate and all the polls i couldn't win and we won. it's exciting. i have a partner in washington who is going to help me get more jobs. >> you are very optimistic. florida is a very tight
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state. it's a big state to win. you have got to win florida. you have got so many electoral college votes if there. >> you have to win florida. the most important state. >> the most important state. i thought wisconsin was, mine. tell me what does donald trump have to do to win those independents and undecideds? >> i think it's all about jobs and he has the right background the business person. a person who has never created private sector job hillary clinton and strong on isis. >> what's your unemployment rate. >> down to 4.7%. >> 1,118,000 jobs. hopefully we have another good month. issue is the economy. think about it with what happened in orlando, with the 49 people slaughtered by the isis inspired terrorist, we just lost a young lady in miami who was in gang baton
4:25 pm
rouge and shooting? kansas city. a lot of police officers feel like a target on their back and not getting community support. donald trump would do what for the police that you think secretary hillary clinton would not do she says she supports police. >> obama -- nothing he has done to do it. 45 minute low in our crime rate we have great law enforcement. he will show up and he will find out what the issues are and show up and help. if there is a funeral he will show up and go to it. he will tell people he cares. he will make sure everybody understands the importance of our law enforcement. if you think about my state, jobs, good education and safe. supported local law enforcement and part of it is the federal government. >> senator marco rubio is back in the race there tell me about that. >> it's exciting. we are going to win the senate race. >> he said he didn't want to do it. >> well, we have two
4:26 pm
candidates in. whoever wins the primary is going to win the general. marco rubio is doing good job and other candidate doing a good job. >> someone missing every night and bring it up every show for good reason. this is ohio big state important state. governor kasich ran for president. governor kasich who wasn't by the way -- who was a colleague of mine a number of years ago at fox news. he took the pledge. he supported the nominee and he has not supported the nominee and can't seem to get far enough away from the arena where all the republicans are. you say what to him? >> well, exciting to be here. it's his home state. but i'm sure everybody has their reasons for coming or not. >> what's his reason? >> i don't know. >> and if donald trump says he wants to unite the party, how do you get governor kasich in the party he? seems like is he headed out the door? >> the party is uniting. we are going to make sure donald trump wins. everyone has their reasons. >> does it bother you? >> i want to unite the party. i don't want hillary clinton
4:27 pm
as my president. she ♪ going to help me anymore than barack obama has helped me. i want donald trump to be our president. this is a election about donald trump and hillary clinton. we're going to have one of them. i want the business person that's going to destroy isis that's going to make america great again. i don't want the career politician hillary clinton chance to destroy isis and didn't and never created a private sector in her life. >> the platform, part of the platform that want -- seeking an amendment to ban the gay marriage at the same time they want to unite people. you have gay republicans how are you going to unite them. >> the supreme court has already made the decision. the orlando bombing attacked our gay community. attacked our extended community. we need to figure out how to come together as a country and include the republican party we all need to come together. the supreme court. >> are you for that amendment or not? >> look, it's a law of the land the part of the
4:28 pm
platform that seeks a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage you would oppose. >> i haven't seen that but can i tell you the supreme court has already made a decision okay. >> and our job, my state we are focused on jobs. >> all right. focused on jobs but you have a good unemployment rate. >> >> you want it down to zero. >> down to 60,000 people on unemployment. my good friend rick perry now we have beaten them in job creation. he reminded me is he no longer the governor. >> so don't blame me. take it up with governor abbot instead. mitch mcconnell is going to speak. what do you think? >> it's very important. it's very important in my state. my supreme court. we passed legislation and they don't allow it to go into effect. the supreme court is very important. you saw what donald put out. he put out individuals that people would feel comfortable with. so it's very important. it's also important to win these senate races. >> governor, thank you very much for joining us. and the numbers now for
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donald trump he has passed the magic number 1237. now it's 1448. so he is up there we are going to go down to the floor with my colleague bill hemmer is standing by on the floor. bill? >> greta, good evening to you. we are waiting on wisconsin in a moment here scott walker is going to join us after they get the opportunity to cast their delegates down here. wisconsin is a tough state for donald trump. you well remember that was the state that ted cruz went and won. it was at that point he was able to turn his campaign around and he went on a roll maryland, new york,rhode island, and on and on. greta, it's quite a sight when you see the name being intured and who they choose to do it from the state of california just a huge representation down here. the mother of three boys in los angeles. she found an app. called
4:30 pm
she described having chills down her spine tonight in front of the crowd here. corey lewandowski a moment ago, i saw him he said doing that for his friend donald trump was a home run. we will see significant republicans on the main stage tonight, greta. senator membership mcconnell, paul ryan who was in the auditorium tonight for the first time is he not here today there was speculation as to whether or not he was trying to stay away from the quote chaos. regardless of that speaker ryan is here tonight and we will hear from him. and one other moment here, when the four trump children came town here, it was a surprise to everybody. nobody thought about it we could see them hanging out in the suite high corner here. they saw the crib down here on the floor unannounced. you saw donald trump jr. who will speak later tonight in prime time put his father's name into the nomination of the state of new york and put him over the top at 12:37. at that moment he said dad,
4:31 pm
i love you. that's quite a site, greta. >> that is fun for all of us. no matter which side of the aisle. democrats, kids, the grand children, getting to know them, they all love their parents. i feel sad for them though, we in the media can zero none the parents and maybe point out some flaws to the chagrin of these young kids because they all work so hard and love their parents so much. maybe you feel the same way about it but i feel bad for the kids. >> i will tell threw is more excitement on this than we saw in tampa four years and saint paul four years prior to that. these people despite their disagreements that he they will tell new private have energy for this campaign starting to see that even more tonight. starting to seat outsider influence. bill, thank you very much. probably get back to you on the floor later. thank you, bill. >> joining me in the sky box high above the convention floor former contestant on the apprentice and director
4:32 pm
of african-american outreach for the donald trump campaign omarosa. good to see you. >> good to see. >> you donald trump cinched the nomination. he hasn't accepted that will come later. secretary hillary clinton has the lock on that. how do you tell donald trump is the one they should vote for. >> i look at the numbers from the primary and how many african-americans came out to vote for donald trump. that just gives us a lot to work towards to know that we do have to earn the african-american vote. we don't take it for granted. we are going to have to go and let the community know how inclusive this campaign is and how passionate donald trump is about unifying this country. >> how are you going to do it? you have got it do heavy lifting. can't do it on tv and cable because a lot of these communities people can't afford cable news. >> that's right. >> can't afford to have fox or any other cable news. you have got to reach out. what kind of action will be done to go into communities after courting democrats
4:33 pm
that republican also do something different. >> we have robust and strategy that we have toward the african-american community that is a combination of faith-based, education, door-to-door, using media as well. major media buy in key markets because we really do have a lot of work to do in this area but we are committed to do the work that we need to earn their vote. >> do you have enough time? i mean a lot of people want a little proof. we have been told a lot of things over the years. still unplymouth. people come through and say the fancy words every four years but still living like this. >> we have to put the resources and time to do it. we cannot take our community for granted and we have to mobilize them quickly. as you said, time is of the essence and we are committed to do it. >> omarosa let's listen what did is going on on the floor. >> our delegates cast the following three awards for dr. ben carson.
4:34 pm
five awards for governor john kasich. 8 for senator ted cruz. 16 wards for senator marco rubio. 17 awards for our next president of the united states of america mr. donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> you know omarosa for all the criticism that republican party gets for not being diverse getting more diverse. >> enthusiastically putting their support behind donald trump. it just gives us the motivation that we need to keep up the work. >> what's different about him? you have supported donald trump for a long time and know him well. what's so different about him? >> he understands at the end of the day we need jobs. our community needs jobs and
4:35 pm
training to jobs. donald trump's ability to make good business deals will be the most powerful asset that he has because he will make a great deal for america. >> the middle class doesn't have much choice right now. they have got the two candidates. vote secretary clinton or donald trump. how do you convince the middle class that two wealthy people donald trump and secretary clinton, i mean, how can you even get what it is like. neither one of those in recent years has had to worry something like college tuition or even paying a heating bill or airconditioning bill or paying for he would kerrly parent who is sick. how do you reach the middle class to say, look, he gets it even though he is not common denominator is that donald trump is a father, is he a i can't understand father. is he passionate about the family. is he passionate about the community. and you know what? there is no diswecket because at the end of the day donald trump is an american he stonts see all americans rise not just one party over another. >> check out the hats on the
4:36 pm
state of washington. i thought these head phones looked unusual on my head. i don't know if we clip those on microphone head phones. i have got to tell you, people make remarks about cheese heads my home state which i think looks quite snappy. >> i'm from ohio and i have seen some many wonderful things here in my home state it's so good. i have to shout out youngstown, ohio where i'm from. >> shout out to youngstown, ohio. where is your governor? he took that pledge where he is. >> he made that pledge to be here. i think on behalf of all ohioans, we are disappointed is he a man of his word traditionally. in this one case he said he would stand behind the nominee and yet we look around in this arena and there is no kasich. i think that's a shame that he is not standing by the pledge he made to the american people. >> speaking of this arena, do you have a basketball team here? >> yes we do. we have the world champions, the cavs. >> that's a gimme for am rosa.
4:37 pm
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six votes for the next president of the united states. >> speaker to call for party unity and, of course, wisconsin just voted right this second, that was governor scott walker. former florida congressman colonel allen west is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, good to be with you, greta. >> are you enthusiastically supporting donald trump where are you on this. >> clear indication of where this country needs to go. i served in combat and can i tell that you there is no way can i consider anyone that has abandoned america to die in a combat zone and thrid about it to be commander and chief. >> but the way you state that it says it's anybody but donald trump is the nominee and i will do irving i can to be able to share sure that he is the next president of the united states of america. i cannot come out and officially endorse him because i work with a 501 c 3 organization there in
4:41 pm
dallas, texas i will be voting for him in any way can i help as far as policy and being a voice out there i will. >> how. >> you got to go out there. >> what does that mean. >> means you have got to show up. the g.o.p. has not shown up. one of the key things the g.o.p. has not done when you look at the civil rights legislation. no one goes out and say al gore sr. against that legislation. >> i don't know if a lot of these sort of predominantly african-american comiewnts in some of these inner cities have ever seen a republican national candidate come through number one and democrat one drive by every four years. and these communities don't change. cleveland has a problem here. >> the democrats are always there but the thing is that let's sit down and objectively look what's going on. the black family has been disseminated. 24% households. a lack of education opportunities in the inner
4:42 pm
cities with school choice, home schools, the lack of small business entrepreneurship, it was art laugher and jack kidnapper came one this idea of urban economic empowerment zones. that's something that the trump campaign should be going out and talking about. how do we get small businesses to grow. how do we get minority small groups to grow. >> you go out and talk about it now july, gotten to november. a lot of the these communities, and this is why i suppose a lot of people across america have been supportive bernie sanders or donald trump a lot of talk. time to show they will produce. how do you convince a community that has heard a lot of talk that you can actually produce and change the lives. >> go in especially in churches and meet with the pastors and community leaders. one of the things that i used to do when i was a congressman you go out on night patrol rides with the police officers and see what
4:43 pm
they are dealing with you talk to the people out there on the streets and you start show thawing care. start talking about after school programs for children right now a matter of showing up. >> a lot of police in this country feel there is a target on their back and do not feel support from government officials if you talk to these police officers that are here doing incredible job a fly couldn't get in here if they don't have credentials. they are concerned. they want people to stand with them. >> i want to say this not only are they protecting us here. it's amazing. police have all over the country they are also protecting the right to protest constitutional right. the police are doing unbelievable. i wish the people could be here and see the police. all over the country. >> absolutely. >> allen west, thank you. >> donald trump jr. just pushed his father over the threshold. is he here to go "on the record" next.
4:44 pm
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4:47 pm
moments ago donald trump reached the delegate threshold. securing the g.o.p. presidential nomination. it was trump's eldest son donald trump jr. that pushed him over the edge. right now donald trump jr. goes "on the record" from this unbelievable arena. >> it is amazing, greta. we're about to hear from speaker of the house small ryan. what a difference four years makes. >> four years ago we weren't in politics. >> a year ago. >> people said impossible. hear in my speech. impossible is just a basis from where my father starts. when people tell him impossible he always proves them wrong. >> mind scenes four children, tiffany, ivanka, eric and you. >> yes. >> how did you manage to he will woe the other three
4:48 pm
out. >> i was a delegate for the state of new york. being a delegate i got to be a part of that process and a couple of the guys suggested i didn't realize you could play with the process that way. they structured it. that's why pennsylvania deferred so kindly i have a lot of friends in that delegates as well they deferred their votes so new york could get it and throw him over the threshold. i worked with the chairman he had cox, it was great. surreal. >> it is fun for a child. depending, you know, whether you are a democrat or republican, what a thrill for the kids. >> you know, when they have seen how hard he has worked. even we have worked. especially him. the guy that actually says and here you are. this is what you have worked so hard for for the last 18 months. it's awesome. literally the most surreal experience of my life. >> who ising two speak to the children you? are speaking tonight? >> i'm speaking tonight. we are all speaking actually. my father is incredible guy, a famous guy but also a guy no that not a lot of people really know. they see what he is talking about. they understand care about america. talk about him as a father.
4:49 pm
talk about him as a business guy the way we have seen it whether it was with him following him around on job sites when we were still in diapers or to this day as executives in our organization. we have seen how he has evolved. we have seen how he has grown and i don't think anyone can be a better reference point for him. >> well, speaking sort of, i guess for him is speaker ryan. see what speaker ryan has to say. >> >> i don't know if speaker ryan realizes he has a hot mike. >> sound bite. listen quietly. >> mr. chairman,. >> seek recognition? >> two contested vote alaska reported by secretary. misrecorded by the secretary. we cast 12 votes for senator ted cruz, 11 votes for donald trump. and 5 votes for marco rubio.
4:50 pm
that was pursuant to the alaska, state of alaska rules for our party. 100 percent of our delegates agrees with that is the proper vote. we were never notified of anything different by the rnc. we were never consulted. our national committee people weren't consulted. our attorney wasn't consulted. we were never told that you were going to miscount our votes tonight. >> the gentleman will suspend. >> the two wisconsin famous wisconsin chairman reince priebus. >> is the gentleman requesting a poll of the delegates of alaska? >> yes, i'm requesting a poll of the delegates of alaska and that those votes be accurately recorded in this convention. a delegate has taken exception to the correctness of the vote from the election of alaska. report delegates to
4:51 pm
supervise the poll. >> this is how they make the sausage, huh? >> i guess this is. >> i was hoping for something exciting this sounds more admin sterile. >> your father is beyond 123 12k3w4-7 sort of irrelevant. >> they are passionate about the process. >> if there is one thing i understand is making sure people get their voice counted. we have been yelling with that forever. in the process as you have seen throughout it doesn't always happen that way. >> people who complain on both sides of the aisle about being rigged. so i guess we're going to see what happens here. we get music. >> that's nice. >> while they figure this out. sort of fun, at least it's fun for those of us who are cheese heads to see paul ryan and ryans priebus from wisconsin. four children are going to speak. have you divided up the topics? >> not necessarily specifically. i think we all sort of set out to do it ourselves.
4:52 pm
i knew i was going to be speaking tonight on putting america back to work. i will talk a lot about my father, you know, the way he has conducted himself in business. the way he brought us up in business. the people he really listens to in business. the thing people don't understand about my father he wasn't this executive type that hid away in a private office. he has learned and did well by being on job sites. being on the ground. talking with the real hard working blue collar guys pouring concrete, laying sheetrock, doing that kind of work. asking for their advice. and actually taking that advice and giving it credence it deserves. he made so many changes on projects by listening to those guys and valuing their opinions that allowed him to become the developer he was. not just looking in a real estate project in a spreadsheet format. it was being there on the ground getting dirty. can you see that. that's why is he so relatable to a lot of those guys and very traditional union voting blocks that vote democrat. those are our people. >> well, you said tonight
4:53 pm
when you were announcing the numbers for your father, you said that you think new york is in play. new york has not been a democratic state in a long time. >> not since '84. we can that i think that you will be upstate fishing on the weekend. policeman -- you got to get your father and do the bumper sticker. and even in new york city, which is, as you know, not exactly a bagsian of conservative principles and thought. i have people that come up to me time. >> i have not heard a single negative comment in new york city. i had so many people that are flagrant about saying hey, i'm a democrat. i have always voted democrat but i have seen what your father has done. i saw what he did. he sticks it on time ahead of schedule even and under budget where he risks his own money to prove to the city that he could do it. he did the same thing over at berry point with a golf course. two years. he took it over in 18 months and done. you know, the kind of incompetence that we see in
4:54 pm
our politicians, i mean, it's the opposite of that these people new yorkers even though they they may not be necessarily conservatives, they understand his track record of accomplishment. when he says he is going to do something he just does it and i think that's going to make a big difference for us. >> we will take a quick break and we have more with donald trump. donald trump jr. on the other side of the break and we also have bus to the alaska delegates. they say their vote was miscalculated. we have much more about that when we come back. ♪ ♪ data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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this is a fox news alert. drama on the convention floor. alaska claiming its votes were miscalculated or miscounted. chairman priebus and speaker ryan consulting. donald trump jr. is still with us. he has a big night speaking in front of 30 million people. >> i do. what's the worse that can happen, greta? >> well, we have had a lot. all right. so tell me what's ivanka going to be talking about? >> i think she is going to introduce my father. i imagine that will be. >> that's easier job, do you think? >> no, i don't. i think there is going to be a lot of eyes watching. what i'm really exciting about going first and getting done. and then can i sit back and say guys, what's the problem? what's the big deal? don't worry about it only millions and millions. all the texts i'm getting from my friends hey, don't blow it. >> how about eric? what's his speech going to be about. >> talk a little bit about the businesses. talk about charity. he has done a lot as it relates to charitable endeavors and how my father influenced him in that
4:58 pm
process. so, you know, i think we're all going to be pretty different. >> what in the world happened with melania's speech? and picking up the language from michelle obama? >> i'm not sure but, listen, more importantly she did amazing job delivering a speech. this is someone who doesn't want to be out in the public eye. that's not her thing. she wants to be a mother. she does a phenomenal job on that. to be able to get up on that stage in front of 30 million people and deliver something. to me it was more about delivery. she delivered impassioned speech. >> your father's entrance was quite interesting last night. do you have any hints about thursday night. is he going to make a similar entrance? >> i imagine is he always going to keep it interesting. >> do you know what it is? >> i don't yet know what it is. >> is he hands on on this? >> i imagine for his entrance and that night he is going to be hands on. i think he is also going to defer a lot of stuff to the experts as it relates to this. i think he is excited to be able to watch us do this and see it. but, i got a great call from him a few minutes ago just walking on to the set hey,
4:59 pm
it's incredible. not often that you see him acknowledge the gravity of the situation and be able to throw him over that count was awesome. >> tiffany, i didn't ask you do you know what she is going to say? >> i don't. we all said we are going to do our own thing and talk from the heart and talk about my father and his accomplishments and what he has been as a father and what he dual for this country. >> i keep going back to this but it really is fun for all the kids. >> listen. >> exhe want we jump on whether it's your father or somebody else we dump on him part of the process especially conservatives. >> >> both sides. >> everyone gets hate. >> we get it too. >> tougher as conservatives get it. >> if i say something about your father. >> at least you guys are reasonable. it's the other side it's like feel like -- fighting against hillary and the media. >> we get a taste of our own medicine, believe me. >> i'm sure. >> don, thank you trech. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern live from cleveland.
5:00 pm
up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from cleveland and don will be back to speak later. don't miss that. he wants to make it 31 million. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. as we continue our coverage of the republican convention in cleveland, ohio, you are looking at live pictures of the arena floor where less than one hour ago trump jr. and the new york delegates put his father over the top for the nomination. >> and it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates. and another six for john kasich. congratulations, dad, we love you. [cheers and applause]


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