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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 19, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ welcome back to this two-hour edition of "hannity". donald trump is now officially the republican party's nominee for president and tonight, he addressed the convention. watch this. >> today has been a very special day, watching my children put me over the top and getting the party nomination. it's something i will never, ever, forget. a little over one year ago i announced my candidacy for president and with your vote today, this stage of the
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presidential process has come to a close. together we've achieved historic results with the largest vote total in the history of the republican party. this is a movement. but we have to go all the way. i'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. i look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on thursday night on how we build a brighter and more hopeful future for all americans. >> joining us now with reaction we have former speaker of the house newt gingrich. how are you? >> i'm great. let me say, we just saw something that was theoretically impossible. >> what is that? >> this guy comes out of nowhere. decides to run for president of the united states. takes on 16 people, many of whom normally would be great
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candidates. and is now nominated. this is one of the most-historic -- the only things comparable are andrew jackson in 1828 and william jennings bryant. this is unbelievable. >> you're right. you're talking about top governors, senators, former senators, governors, running. all big names. >> yes. >> big figures. >> and unlike traditional model of how billionaires did it, he did it cheaper. >> must cheaper. >> it's unbelievable. this guy is so smart. he understands how america talks to its self so well, and he understands the core problems that scare americans so thoroughly. and that i think was literally first.
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>> he's been a politician in over a year and it's funny. i was reading quotes from people running against him, pundits, george will and other people. they could not have been more wrong, more often, throughout the year and some is entertaining. night two of the convention goes well. i want to go back tonight one. >> just reminding the audience. all of the guys who were wrong are now telling us about this. why won't you think they know anything? >> good point. and some get paid good money for that. >> you, too, can get paid a lot for being ignorant. >> i was right myself. >> you were right. >> not about you. >> i was right about obama and i am right about hillary. so i go to last night's convention. everything went smoothly. you've got everybody that thinks they're matt drudge here and walking around with cameras and one guy is with a sign on the
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streets of cleveland, 50 reporters following him. no negative story. so they try to talk about melania. english is her fifth language. a success story in and of itself. here is joe biden, lifted an entire speech in 1988. here is barack obama who lifted the duval patrick speech, elizabeth warren you didn't build that speech. the media, that is all they'd focused on today. >> it's truly crazy. if you had been here, so good, you say rudy giuliani was on fire. >> on fire. >> the audience responded and they were on fire together. and you would say that melania gave a speech so remarkable that my model has been simple.
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melania this week, and bill clinton next week. i didn't think it set a standard so the media is terrified and think, oh, my god, she can become like jackie kennedy, an amazing person that brings us together. she ought to offer to debate in slovinia. imagine, you go to slovania. and she's beautiful, coherent. she was poised. and they were blown away. one of the guys said to me his brother-in-law tweeted him during the speech, okay, i'm in. i'm for trump. >> wow. in the middle of the speech. >> so they sit back and go oh,
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my god. we've got to do something. this is a bases-loaded home run. can we weaken it? and second, that she decides to pull back and i hope in her heart she'll understand this is a rough and tumble business and nasty people, but there are millions of americans who are identifying with her and impressed by her, and i hope she'll stay in the public stage. >> i was so mad all day today. you want to tell me about the vice president of the united states who stole speeches if the british labor leader? barack obama stole large chunks
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of speeches. those guys aren't bothered because they're liberals. >> tonight, big people up there. ben carson, chris christie. i thought don junior. i was blown away. eric trump is going to be with us tonight. they're impressive as a family, these kids, individually are beyond impressive. >> starting with tiffany, straight out of college. hi, i think i'll talk. she deserves a lot of credit. >> she does. >> don junior rose to the occasion. the speech asked for every person i talked to said you know? he was just on. the right message. several people said god, i felt myself moved deeply watching him. so i think you have to say that
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tonight, this convention had a great evening. it completed the nomination of donald trump, and began to get to know him as a person and this is through his son. and if you watched the floor it's pretty happy. people are pretty happy. and everybody else as well. >> we'll be there tomorrow night. >> she introduces you. >> she's in the van and talking about safety at home and abroad. >> you have a considerable amount of time. i've talked to some of the people what is with the look? what is that. >> constrained -- >> bare me with just a moment. i'm in atlanta. newt gingrich. first interviewed him in 1990.
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1994 i'm emceeking the night he becomes speaker. so every event thereafter, i was emcee of the event. but then, about three minutes before introducing you, you do the same thing. do you have a pen? you'd write on a clothe napkin 1, 2, 3, maybe four things and throw it on the podium that became a 45 minute diatribe. you don't prepare speeches. >> tomorrow night's speech will have all worked on the speech because it's so important. >> headline about? >> yes. we're in a war, we're losing the war. we can lose an american city to a nuclear weapon. and we better get serious. >> good to see you. >> do appreciate it.
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joining us now is pollster frank luntz. he's got a focus group of undecided voters. frank? what are they saying tonight? >> juan, a star is born this evening. how many of you had a positive reaction? a really positive reaction to donald trump? >> very sincere. >> authentic. >> genuine. >> how many of you thought donald trump junior is better than his father, raise your hand? >> what is so good about him? >> he got into specifics of the policies his father was advocating for. he was positive. he was authentic. the father should take lessons of the son. >> one more. >> they learned if hard work. >> this is still the son. who does the son tell you about the father? >> all right. >> donald trump, this guy, down to earth. it shows donald trump raised
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good kids. >> i know my children are a reflection of me. >> we never had a situation where children are so concerned. >> who would say this actually impacts your votes? what donald trump junior said? i'm shocked. because he really changes what i think about trump. he makes trump, he makes him sound like an actual human being. >> he's a character. he's a cartoon. >> it brings reality to him. he can be my next door neighbor. these kids can be going to school with my kids.
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they brought believability to him. >> before i think people thought he was cold, hard and mean. this made him cold, hard and friendly. >> she says it's not, so explain. >> we've seen enough of a reality tv. it's time to see more of somebody to look up to a role model who we can identity with as american people. >> is that young man a role model? >> he's a good start. >> he doesn't come with baggage and scandal. i enjoyed watching him. >> he understands how lucky he was growing up with a privileged family. >> he's a relatable guy. he'd reach out to anybody. i wish his dad would do the same. >> i'm shocked here. how does his comments, which he said now, how do they affect your support for trump?
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>> there is a certain level of humility there. it shows gratitude. there is a value system. >> he's showing efrp pathy for the american people. >> you feel a connection. a legitimate connection to regular people. >> again, this is the son. why does the son have impact on your opinion of the dad? >> it didn't seem like he was reading from a script. >> everybody was reading from a script. >> nobody is as good or bad as the media paints them. donald trump has some good quantities to him, somewhere. >> if donald trump would act at home the way that he does on television. you can see i'm not like this all the time.
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i'm not sure it makes it lesterible. >> i understand he spent a lot of time with his dad. i think he spent time with his mom and that is the reason he has the personality that he has and he is the way he is. >> how many of you would like to see donald trump run for office? >> sean, this never happens. the fact is that they didn't know donald trump junior before tonight. we've got here independents, slightly leaning republicans and democrats that are all undecided voters and almost all of them like what donald trump had to say. >> he's been on the show a number of times and i turned to him and said you're going to run, aren't you? and he laughed.
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>> thank you. >> we're going to check back in with frank luntz throughout the night but first, we'll speak with donald trump's other son, eric and his wife, laura and l later tonight... >> i am proud to support donald trump. an extraordinary businessman, the right leader for a time such as this. >> dr. ben carson joins us live on set, that, and more as we continue from the rnc convention in cleveland. it's "hannity". if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children across the globe by getting your vitamins at walgreens.
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welcome back to "hannity".
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earlier today i had the chance to speak with donald trump's son and his wife, watch this. >> joining us, eric trump and his wife, bride, lara, how are you doing? >> fine. >> i see you behind the stage. >> i'm here now and happy to do them. yeah, i support however i can. so happy to do it. >> it's very interesting. you watch the whole family. i know i watched the liberal media yesterday. if you look at the convention you couldn't have had a better night. rudy giuliani, i interviewed pat smith, parents who lost their children to illegal immigrants and two lines of melania are the same and joe biden mranlarrized an entire speech. barack obama plagiarized duval
8:20 pm
patrick and elizabeth warren. >> she is so poised. so elegant and delivered so well. english is her fifth language. imagine going over to slovania and doing that in front of 30 million people, it's difficult. there are people born in america, english is their first language, go out there and crumble. she represented our family so well. and we couldn't have been more proud of her. and my father. >> she has a success story. she was successful from the very beginning. she does speak five languages. english is the fifth one. >> no one wants to talk about that she came into the country legally and became very successful and had an amazing career. she's an amazing woman. she's come here legally and learns the language. >> legally assimilates and has a
8:21 pm
love for the country. >> you can feel her hoff for this country and everything this country has given her. that is what we want out there. we want legal immigration. and the issues he's been willing to step out on, that other people deem too controversial, they don't want to touch it, but we need the wall and need to vet people coming in from countries that practice sharia law. i don't understand why everybody does not seem to get that. >> i don't know how many more people need to die. you have nice, san bernardino, new york city. how many more cities need to be hit? my father got a lot of heat for coming out. it's only getting worse and worse, these people want to kill
8:22 pm
americans. they want to kill our way of life. they want to bring sharia law. they can care less about our constitution. he's the man to do something about it. >> that is the thing when i talk to you or your brother or sister, or even jared and lara. how many years have you been married? >> do you want to ask eric? >> i want lara to talk now. he's spoken enough. >> we've been married a year and a half but together over eight years. >> that is great. >> i know him well. >> you can see the big trump tower, trump water, even. was it intimidated when you got involved in the family? i've been around you and you're very close-knit. >> very close family. i think it's one of the things that is very comfortable for me to be part of the family. when you come into this family they open their arms and take you in whole heartedly. i've never felt more comfortable
8:23 pm
around people. that sounds strange but no. of course it's intimidating to know that you're meeting someone's parents and then, it happens to be donald trump. >> so what is that first meeting like? bring us into the inner circle. >> we met at the u.s. open. eric brought me to the u.s. open, did not tell me his dad and melania would be there. they were very nice. and we had an ice cream cone together. i said this is what normal people do. this is great. so very nice and easy. >> when you hear attacks against your father in law, and you know they're not true, how does it make you feel? >> it's frustrating for all of us. we care about him immensely. we know he has this country's best interest at heart. for anyone who knows his true heart, it's hard to hear people lie about him, to say the negative things but look. we know the truth and the rest of the country knows. he's got so much support.
8:24 pm
so i think you really do have to just take it with a grain of salt and understand that you're always going to get no matter what side you're on, there is always going to be an opponent. we try to do our best. >> there are sometimes, i've been at fox news 20 years and on radio. this is my 30th year on radio. 20th at fox. sometimes, new anchors get hired and that first negative article and they panic and don't know what to do. i say just google my name and you'll feel so much better. it works out. last night is about national security. we've got to get americans back to work. i worry about isis. we saw the iranian deal not what we were sold and they can build a weapon in half the time. you've got iraq, syria and russia. and a foreign policy and on the economy, you've got 95 million americans out of the work force. 50 million in poverty. 46 million on food stamps. one in five american families,
8:25 pm
not one person working. this is a daunting task. >> the jets that were built in 1960 and taking parts out of them from museums. we're about to crush $20 trillion in national deficit. all the while, let's let hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees, that isis is part of that. where is our common sense? you go and look in the inner cities where they have 60% unemployment in african american youth and latino youth. why isn't everybody in the country behind the message america first? >> that is basic, right? people on the radio show and tv show, i breakdown your father's agenda simply. conservative justices which i believe in originalism and
8:26 pm
original interpretation of the constitution. he's told me we've got to get our budget balanced. he wants to expand coal, drilling, fracking, nuclear energy. he wants to fix the va, build up the military, build a wall for national security reasons and also, not have americans keep competing with illegals for the wages. and i ask to you disagree with that, what is not conservative about that? it's simple, right? >> there is regulation, there are businesses that are failing. and there is a problem for and he wants to spend $17 million on proverbial and the ones that are left they have the soccer field
8:27 pm
all to themselves. >> $6 million went missing under hillary clinton's state department. >> $6 billion went missing. we're building big bridges in new york. one of the largest in new york history. three and a half billion dollar bridge. where did that money go? why is someone not accountable? >> that is like the bridge in central park, the ice rink, he brought in experts from canada. every poll we read, you breakdown demographics. black americans, white americans and women. and hillary does better with women. it seems that every election, democrats always want to portray whoever the republican nominee is as racist, sexist, homophobic, want dirty air and wanter and want to throw granny
8:28 pm
under the bridge. you know your father in law and how he treats people, especially women. what do you want to say to women that maybe don't know him as well as you? that hear these reports? misrepresentations? >> well, it is a misrepresentation and i think that i've been fortunate enough for eight years now to be part of this family, and if you look at the, if you look at the trump organization he has more female executives than any place i've seen and right there, that tells you he doesn't care if you're a man, woman, as long as you do good work he wants you in there. as his daughter in law, he's treated me with respect. i've never seen him disrespectful to any woman. he goes out of his way to make women feel special and important and listen to their opinions. >> i've been to trump tower many times and the trump organization and it's true that i see many people working there.
8:29 pm
everyone i meet seems happy. >> the woman tonight is the general manager of our winery. my assistant, african american woman who is family to me. >> that is a woman who did the viral video. >> i met her. >> she's incredible. >> i met her when i was there, gave her a hug, we took a selfie. >> she loves you. >> i want her to be on my show. she said no. i can't do that. >> i would take a bullet for her and she is speaking tomorrow. she's speaking here tomorrow. >> we have many examples of that. people will see it firsthand. >> is this unlike any other experience you have had? >> it's amazing. >> what do you think? >> unbelievable. >> i've been at conventions since 1992. >> it's not normal. >> this is not -- >> we feel people -- everybody is dancing and having a great time. >> there is a little competition. don junior, your brother speaks tonight. you speak tomorrow night. your sister introduces your dad
8:30 pm
on thursday night. is there going to be a grading system in the family? >> maybe you can rate us. >> i don't want to hurt don's feelings. we all have a lot of pride. >> do you show each other the speeches? >> yes. we d they all take different angles in a certain way. you'll see i focus on kind of the why question. >> you're a little bit different. don is a hard driving, you're a little bit more laid back but both very smart, very committed to your father and the work you do. i know you love philanthropic work. i know this is tough for family sometimes, lara, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> joining us now with more reaction on night two of the rnc is the editor and chief of life laura ingram.
8:31 pm
are you doing well? >> doing great. >> really good night. melania, two lines, joe biden steals a speech. >> the media misses the point. i think out of all of the conventions this is by far the most interesting. people are having the best time. a draw in the beginning. but so what? it's a family. what families have no drama? if they think a single american is not going to vote for donald trump because of a single thing in melania's speech? >> she hit a grand slam. according to luntz's focus group, they loved it. >> everybody i talked to. >> absolutely. >> i said i'm go toing hold him accountable to that. >> yes. >> and what party? >> he's going to be republican. i don't want to hear that joke. >> he likes the second amendment too much. >> yes. >> it seems as people get to
8:32 pm
know this family, i mean, they like them. they say okay. you've got to do a lot of great things to have a family that kind of -- >> you and i have kids. as we get older, if our kids turn out pretty well, then, it's a life well lived. >> exactly. >> not that we didn't make mistakes. lord knows i've made a lot. if your kids turn out as put together and gracious as i think the trump kids are, incredibly talented but a sense of humility despite the fact they're from a well to do family. that cuts through. there is a piece that trumps nor kardashians. you think from that reality show, billionaire world, but boy they have a sense of themselves. in today's culture, quite surprising. >> i've gotten good stories out of the kids. how did that feel when you did this?
8:33 pm
he made them work. nothing was given to them. it wasn't given to them. >> there are rules, you know? >> yes. and entitlement generation we've talked about before, it's easy. when you've done well, you want your kids to have everything you didn't have. but what donald trump seems to have done is say that is a child abuse, giving kids everything they want, showing them that work ethic and gratitude. we have to be grateful for blessings and they have gratitude for the moment. i heard that in eric's moment. don trump tonight. i think you heard that in ivanka as well. there is a graciousness and that is very positive. >> america is facing a huge choice of election. newt is contending that the choice this time is bigger than 1980. how do you see that? >> i think it's about the same. that is my first election.
8:34 pm
>> my first vote, reagan, 1980. you couldn't vote then, you were too young. >> i worked for president reagan. it was without a doubt for the country. back then, there are lines for gasoline, now, there are lines for veterans in the va. i've seen your turquoise leisure suits you kept in your closet. yeah. all of. that i mean. >> really? >> mixed marshal arts supplies. >> are you done? >> the mullet. >> yes. >> i am training every morning. no sleep. >> i love it. >> let's go. time to train. >> go you forward we know hillary is false. i think the polls know she's
8:35 pm
disonest and not trust worthy. 57% think she should have been sdieted but she polls well. >> she's polling well. and donald trump needs to reassure americans he's going to have a steady hand of real change. >> i was a chris christie person. >> rudy did a great job. >> i think we know what the status quo is. we pointed that out. there is a lot of anxiety out there. if you like the status quo, hillary is your gal. if you think the country can be more prosperous, the only choice is donald trump. it's sad that john kasich continued to go on a terror against donald trump on nbc the other day. >> with hillary clinton, we get failures of the obama years and the charm. >> i quibble on the charm.
8:36 pm
>> he can read a great speech. >> he's a terrific politician. but this is about status quo versus change tomorrow. >> you get to speak? >> tomorrow night, 8:10:00 p.m. i'm here as a lifezette editor. >> i wanted to speak but i couldn't speak. >> you're too big of a shot. >> yes. >> they'd have to shut the whole convention down. would you be throwing your scarfs to the aubd yens? dropping them into the audience? to the girls? >> okay. great. >> coming up on "hannity". >> i'm proud to support donald trump. and an extraordinary businessman. the right leader for a time such as this. >> when we get back, dr. ben carson, and mondayica -- monica
8:37 pm
crowley. >> i know when someone tells him something is impossible, that is what triggers him into action. >> highlights from donald trump junior's address, well received by the frank luntz focus group as "hannity" continues live from the quicken loans arena. we'll continue. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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donald trump understands there is a responsibility to ensure that they're available to all. not just the privileged few. this is exemplified by his willingness to take on the establishment against all odds. it is evident in his passion for the american worker and found in his desire to put his considerable skills to work on behalf of american interests, not his self interests. i'm proud to support donald trump as an extraordinary businessman, the right leader for a time such as this. >> that is former presidential candidate dr. ben carson. he joins us now on set. great job. did you enjoy up there? >> it was fun. absolutely. >> different than performing
8:41 pm
brain surgery and spine surgery on people, right? >> slightly you called it a movement many times, there are people that ran for president that were up on the stage for you. you asked will you support the nominee? what did you think of the people that didn't keep their word? >> i hope they will come to realization that your word is important. and as demonstrated in melania's address and michelle's address years before that. and actually if you go back in several other addresses as well. >> there might have been similarities on the two speeches, two lines in the speech. i don't think i've heard melania trump say i'm proud of my country for the first time in my adult life. >> here is the interesting thing. they should be rejoicing in the fact that a democrat and a republican shared the same
8:42 pm
values. this this is what the big story should be. >> you've become close to mr. trump. how often do you talk to him? >> as needed. >> is that a medical thing? as needed. >> as needed. >> are you looking to join the cabinet. >> i don't want to -- >> he asked you to serve in a capacity of something you're passionate about. if he gave you an opportunity to do that job for him, would you do it? >> i would like to help advise. i know the right results to get
8:43 pm
it done. >> would you help lead the way? >> i will always. >> i'm so annoying. >> i listen to the good lord. >> i sound like chris matthews. so it's something you would pray about? i remember interviewing you when you got in. for you, this was a deliberative process in which you felt compelled to run. you felt compelled to serve and another door just opened for you. >> i feel that i have a responsibility to do everything i can to save this nation. and -- >> i'll take that as yes. >> there are a number of ways that that can be achieved. >> let me call donald trump, health and human services secretary, he's in. surgeon general. you're in. you're in. >> there you go. >> great job tonight. good to see you. >> thank you. >> also tonight, donald trump junior addressed the rnc crowd.
8:44 pm
got huge reviews from frank luntz's focus group about his father. >> we've lost confidence in our leaders and faith in institutions but we're still americans. we're still one country. we're going to get it all back. we're going to get it back better than ever before. i know we'll get it back because i know my father. i know that when people tell him it can't be done, that guarantees he gets it done. i know that when someone tells him that something is impossible, that is what trigsers him into action. >> now with reaction is monica s a secret weapon. he's got his wife, don junior, eric, and ivanka.
8:45 pm
i've gotten to know them more closely. they're empressive in their own ways. and frank luntz's focus group says i want that guy to rub. >> none of the people have done this before. one year ago. >> and the candidate has never done this before. they're naturally poised from melania to don junior, and what is important is that not only are they speaking personally about their father and donald trump they know on an intimate level, but speaking to the mel hen yils and younger voters who donald trump, i think makes huge inroads with. mel len yils are with us in
8:46 pm
getting governments out of our lives, don't spy on on me. right? when you say which party do you work for, they say democrat. this is a twha maybe they can take it up a notch. >> tucker what is your take on it? they're impressive. >> amazingly impressive. there are no former republican nominees speaking here. there has been a lot written about this. donald trump created a new cluster around him. they kept saying melania had a line that is similar. these are political speeches. there is some boiler plate. >> a lot of boiler plate.
8:47 pm
>> and i mean, if i say to you, you know if you work hard and play by the rules you should be rewarded. >> you stole that. >> that is like saying children are our future. >> but joe biden stole an entire speech from neil kinic. barack obama stole duval patrick's line and elizabeth warren's line. >> that perfectly encapsulates what we're dealing with here. that the democrats are held to one standard and republicans to another standard. democrats can get away with it but republicans can't. but i think things have shifted. we're seeing techtonic shifts across the board. we'll see an ethical change and trump is riding the tiger of the change and realignment.
8:48 pm
take a look at the brexit vote. this is sweeping the nation and world. >> i think when america gets compare and contrast this week, and what has been happening, the worst thing they can come up with is similar lines and words used i'm going to be interested to see what happens when the democr democrats show america how hard, extreme left they have become. they're the party that is out of touch on issues like security, immigration, refugees, taxes, finances, i think global warming they want to make it a crime if you disagree. >> hillary clinton twice has scolded a racial group saying all white people are privileged. really? is an up employed machinist in cleveland more privileged than the president of the united states? that is insane. >> what about hillary clinton, she works for one hour if and
8:49 pm
hour and a half if she takes pictures. >> when did i become okay for politicians to say people who look a certain way are culpable, guilty. what? that is not allowed. >> very to break. >> donald trump is allowing americans to say do you know what? we're done being turned foo bad guys in our own country. >> thank you. >> fox and friends tomorrow? >> yes. i am. bright and early. >> how do you get up. you're on morning noon, and night. . >> i love napping. >> coming up next, tonight, right here on "hannity". >> this justice department allows you to render a verdict. i'm going to present the case now on the facts against hillary rodham clinton. >> governor chris christie addressed the rnc, making the case against hillary clinton. we're going to get reaction from our panel, also back to frank
8:50 pm
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8:53 pm
>> in the past few weeks we have seen the justice department refuse to prosecute her. over eight years we've seen this administration refuse to hold her accountable for her dismal record as secretary of state. let's do something fun tonight. tonight, as a former federal prosecutor, i welcome the opportunity to hold hillary rodham clinton accountable for her performance and her character.
8:54 pm
i'm going to present the case now on owe the facts against hillary rodham clinton. >> poor hillary. imagine him attorney general. that is chris christie giving a rousing convention speech tonight. here now with reaction, fox news senior correspondent geraldo riviera, and florida attorney general, you're speaking tomorrow, right? >> i am. >> there has been a lot of rumors you may consider going to washington. >> i think you're starting those rumors. yeah. >> i am back, right? maybe she can be attorney. if you can pick a job, would you do it? >> i'd do anything i can to help donald trump. right now, i want to help get him elected and that is why we're here. >> let's talk about the finances, americans are dying.
8:55 pm
95 million americans out of the labor force. 58% increase black americans on food stamps and these are devastating numbers. >> the poverty maintenance problem has not been working. the war on poverty failed. there are many people excited because he can get into washington, and we've learned from the campaign he can do more with less and create aspirations for people and jobs and opportunities. >> geraldo? >> may i use my time to talk about governor chris christie? >> yes. >> when you saw chris christie you said that is that is the vice presidential candidate i was longing for. why? because there he made a case
8:56 pm
with and was more powerful and there is chris christie making the case on substantive issues. she was the secretary of state and we lost and that is a fact donald trump can run on. >> are you then ready to support? endorse? >> that is not my role. >> is there a chance you would vote for hillary clinton? >> is there a chance? the only reason i hes state? i don't know. i don't know. but this is my answer. donald trump must, can i get my bodyguard to take him off the set. >> if he -- to make hispanic people feel that they're -- >> he's doing better than mccain in the polls with hispanics. how do you feel about the campaign?
8:57 pm
devastating for hillary. shows in pennsylvania, florida, and ohio. >> very important. donald is doing a great job. and he's going to win you over and he's -- chris, tonight was laid out fact by fact by fact. >> coming up next, we're going to check back in with frank luntz and get reaction tonight two of the rnc convention. coming up straight ahead. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ oudairy or artificial flavors., so we invented a word that means that.
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over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. welcome back to "hannity". hour two from the republican national convention at quicken loans arena. we've got a lot to get to this ho, including my interview with governor scott walker. let's check back in with frank luntz. >> how many voted for barack obama once? twice? not at all? this is dead center in this part of the country.
9:01 pm
what i want to know from you, chris christie gave one of the most-electric speeches i have seen. >> chris christie set all of hillary clinton's lies and brought them to the floor of the convention, where people are able to say guilty or innocent. it made an impact. >> he makes a great case against her. >> this is one of the highest moments so far. chris christie. >> let's face the facts. hillary clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than protecting america's secrets. and she lied about it over and over again.
9:02 pm
she said there is no more classified information on her server. the fbi director said that is untrue. she said she did not e-mail any class bid information. the fbi director says that is untrue. we know what four years of hillary clinton will bring, failures of the obama years but less charm and more lies. >> now, explain to me. you thought this is powerful. tell me why. >> the less charm and more lies was speaking to me. you know? >> how did it impact you? >> hillary said this. the fbi said this. evidence. >> do you remember the speech bill clinton did did mitt romney?
9:03 pm
the question was this an effective prosecution? >> absolutely. they used these words, these are facts. there is no doult they're true. >> i wanted to do -- there are a couple of you. >> i'm getting sick of seeing fighting and i'm a voter that wants to know facts. >> did he not present those facts? statement by statement? country by country? did it give you options to oppose it? >> why not? >> i think he gave out a lot of red meat. i didn't hear about what policies of trump he liked. >> i think he was trying to
9:04 pm
prove a point that hillary clinton cares more about politics than the people. >> there is a second powerful moment. i know division is an issue you felt like is this country divided? >> absolutely divided. i'm looking for leadership. i voted for bernie sanders. >> the identity crisis is clear. we group everybody. we go voting block and turn to bringing everybody together. that is a message that
9:05 pm
resonates. >> who did you vote for? >> bernie sanders. this is the first time bernie sanders people have something positive to say about paul ryan. >> blue eyes. >> everyone, everyone is equal. everyone has a place. no one is written off. because there is worth and goodness in every life. straight from the declaration of independence. that is the republican ideal. and if we won't defend it, who will? >> that is -- he's talking about republicans. i want those that voted for obama twice. what is your reaction? >> we're in a fantasy world with everybody coming together.
9:06 pm
it's just never going to happen. you have to be realistic. if you vote for hillary, we know about the lies and all of that and we know about benghazi. if you vote for him, he's a bigot. >> who are you haening towards now? >> i can't say. >> you have a liar and bigot? >> yes. like having two pit bulls at the gates of hell. whoever gets there first is going to be whoever it is. >> that is the worst analogy i have ever had. it's the lesser two of evils. that is what it's come down to. a leader will be bringing compromise. >> is that hillary clinton? >> i don't think so. >> is that donald trump sf. >> i don't think so.
9:07 pm
>> it's paul ryan. >> this is the city of cleveland. we put over a million people in the streets from all walks of life. and there is always going to be differences. >> we need a leader that can unify. >> is that donald trump? . >> i think there is a possibility. >> it's not the clintons. this started in the 90s with the clintons. they're institutionally corrupt. >> i don't think they're institutionally corrupt. >> yes, they are. >> they had one mistake, that is nafta. >> that is -- >> clinton could cross both aisles. it's not true. >> they're a syndicate.
9:08 pm
>> if we wrap and talk about hillary clinton, that is when you start to see the chaos of the group. the decoreum starts to break down. they have passionate reactions from people. when we come back, sean, we're we'ring to talk about rudy giuliani and powerful impact he had yesterday. then, i'm going to force them to choose. >> wow. did you hear that? all right. i'm predicting, i have my own mind set, two pit bulls at the gates of hell? did i hear that right? by the way, that sounds like a fun, great bunch. i don't know what you're feeding them to drink. sounds like fun there frank. thank you. joining us now is kelly ann conway, and doug shown, and
9:09 pm
radio talk show, face from south central. very humble. kelly ann, you've been doing polling and focus group. you can share a lot. and is that a lot of what you hear from undecideds? >> very capable. and swing voters don't like politics. they look at, they don't get results and they don't get performance and implementation. they look at donald trump and say i just want to know if he can deliver and make good on promises. other thing we find is that the reasons we don't like hillary clinton and donald trump are different f you're doubtful about donald trump it's because you don't know if he can deliver and two, maybe you don't like what you said or how he said it. but hillary clinton's negatives are much higher, she lies for a living. she has a fundamental character flaw. the question is i don't care for
9:10 pm
hillary clinton and i don't really care for donald trump, but, the but is followed by what don junior said, but, he delivers and makes it happen. >> something i think is happening you add mike pence. >> you've got eric trump tomorrow, bright, smart, articulate, then, you've got ivanka introducing her father, then, melania, the worst thing they can do is say one of her lines is like joe biden's, sorry, doug. this is a powerful, impressive family unit that really america is paying close attention to. that is true. >> what they're going to vote on
9:11 pm
is what happens thursday night. that speech will be -- >> that speech is important. it's the most-important speech of the campaign. and i predict bill clinton turned the race around for barack obama. >> we have seen him now using a teleprompter, staying on message, really well done for somebody who has never done it before. >> it has been. the race is now dead even. all public polls show that. the trend is -- >> i'd say trump is a little ahead. >> we disagree. what you heard the focus group say correctly is the big problem. >> thoughts? >> well, when he comes to november, what people are going to vote on, sean, is whether or not i think donald trump is going to improve my life, whether or not i think hillary clinton is going to improve my
9:12 pm
life. the economy has been the worst performing recovery in history of everybody's lifetime watching this program. we have had a sub-2% gdp growth. and so if this is a normal recovery -- >> have you ever seen him shoot hoops? he's got a steady left hand. it's impressive. >> i'm in the going by that line. i don't know how to interpret that. >> most people feel they're working harder and making less money. >> the best line is hillary rodham clinton, we get the obama years but less charm and more lies. wow, even doug is laughing. >> this is how it played out.
9:13 pm
>> really good line. >> wow. >> this week, his kids, him. next week, hillary clinton is going to be more popular and dynamic figure. this is donald trump's house, this is his convention. >> do you agree with that, doug? >> i do. but donald trump has to for the first time put it together and make a case. >> he worked on this speech personally for a number of days and weeks. >> this is the most-important address. >> they're taking it seriously.
9:14 pm
>> this is make or break for donald trump. >> you don'ts think that crowd is going to be insane? >> mike pence was a home run. he kind of blew me away when i met him. that is a good move. >> it was. i think he's the yin to donald trump's yang. >> he won't be winging it. >> do you think we should build a wall? who is going to pay for it? >> there is the idea of putting themes into this convention. >> in his speech he will do that. about the economy, being more aggressive and about the supreme
9:15 pm
court justices. >> if donald trump were a democrat, chris mathee yus would have a thrill running up his leg. >> donald trump is going to have enthusiasm but there is no substitute for a quality candidate. >> she's a horrible candidate she's shrill and mean. >> she's a good debater. and. >> i think she's a better debater than speaker, though. not likable. >> can she make herself likable?
9:16 pm
trump is a great debater. >> i think after donald trump knocking out 16 quality, big-name republican senators, governors, i think all bets are off. >> that is right. she isn't likable. and donald trump occupies space in hillary clinton's head. >> that is right. >> if the swing voters move in donald's direction, it had been tough. >> how is donald trump up in pennsylvania? this is a state of coal miners.
9:17 pm
>> there are legal issues and sounds like -- >> every day, nobody listens. >> nobody wants to hear her. >> this is a center left. >> coming up, more with frank luntz and his focus group. they have to decide who they're going to vote for right after the break. and later tonight -- >> he draws up the talent in people so they can achieve their full potential. it's a great quality to have in a father and in the president of the united states. >> hi lights from tiffany trump's speech that was very well received. that and more as "hannity" continues, straight ahead.
9:18 pm
9:19 pm
9:20 pm
9:21 pm
welcome back to day two of the republican national convention. have any of frank luntz' undecided voters decided to vote for donald trump? can they hear me? >> yes. they can hear you. there is a great group of people there. whoever said two pit bulls in the gates of hell was very funny. that cracked me up. i want to say to the group. does anyone think the world is better off, our economy is better off that the poor and middle class are better off, that we're safer under barack obama's policies?
9:22 pm
>> and we have rudy giuliani. >> my kids won't ab live without obamaca obamacare. so yes. a little better. >> obamacare, i can afford health care before obamacare. i can't now. >> i agree. we spend so much on insurance, it's more than our mortgage. >> i'm a health insurance agents. this is not working. it's not. and it works for some people, those in the nice category of medicaid. however, rates have gone up 25% a year and out of pocket is outrageous. >> we're closing in on $20 trillion worth of debt. and neither of the people is talking about it. can we pay for entitlements that are bankrupting us? >> sally may is knocking on the door. what are te going to do about my loans? >> how much are they?
9:23 pm
$180,000. i make $50,000 a year. >> my 16-year-old graduated high school. we're in debt because she's going through premed. she's finished her first year. we're in debt because we have to get loans to go to school. >> sean's question is -- >> frank -- i want to -- >> are we better or worse off? >> worse. i want to add one thing. >> so, here is the question. here is the question. >> it's my focus group. >> we have 13 million more americans on poverty and stood r food stamps and have 95 million americans out of the labor force. obama will accumulate more debt than any other president before him combined by the time he leaves office.
9:24 pm
with that said are we better off? >> you have every right to ignore what he said. >> does anyone here blame barack obama? >> yes. >> why do you blame him? a. >> you have people on food stamps and it's a way to coon troll people. he's looking for their vote. >> he's entitlement. jesus. >> entitlement economy is jesus? >> he's a real person. >> i am a fraud investigator. they've changed the way they report stuff. people are not liable to report changes. i can apply for food stamps today.
9:25 pm
>> who do you blame for that? >> the federal government. >> federal government. >> barack obama? >> barack obama? >> i don't blame barack obama. >> i don't. >> no? >> no. >> last one. >> there was a lot of debt under george w. bush. i'm tired of debating between george w. bush and barack obama. i want to hear about the future of our country is going to be. >> i want you to see the highest moment of the debate. of the convention so far. rudy giuliani scored the highest of anything we have seen so far. let's take a look. >> we know the risk you're taking. and we say thank you to every police officer and law enforcement agent out tonight, protecting us.
9:26 pm
black, white, latino. of every race, color. every creed. every sexual orientation. when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you're black or white. they just come to save you. >> who loved it? >> loved it. >> why? >> go ahead. >> he included everybody. all races. everybody. >> why so powerful? >> rudy giuliani is the first to admit that some things have been good. >> my father is a cleveland cop. in an era of an no, sir ti, the moment of appreciation was important to me. >> this resonated with me. >> like we're standing there over again. >> i watched you guys as you reacted to it. and first time i have seen you
9:27 pm
engaged. so here is the $64,000 question. have you moved towards trump or clinton? or where are you you were? five of you. who moved towards donald trump. who has not changed? how can you not change? >> you're asking me whether i want to be stabbed in the left eye or right eye. they're toxic candidates. >> i hate both of them. my vote is sacred and i don't want to waste it. >> i don't want to vote for either of them. >> you've seen much of it. >> yes. look at who they are and what they are.
9:28 pm
>> they're speaking for donald trump. >> donald trump junior moved me over. i'm going to reconsider and my family is going to kill me for it. >> were you open 48 hours ago? >> not as much as i am now. >> we've been emasculating this country. i'm a patriot. my liberty is my dna. >> you fight me and i may not make it. >> we're going to take a look at mike pence's speech. other big speakers tomorrow. we're going to see if our undecided, independent
9:29 pm
democrats, we're going to see whether ohio voters are changing their minds tomorrow night. >> what a great group. we've got newt gingrich tomorrow night. and laura ingram. we'll see you back here for another focus group. and joinings now is the american muslim frz trump founder and fox news middle east analyst truch foreign policy advisor dr. walid farris. i know people misinterpret his position. i have heard him and i interviewed him. here is the problem. if we have people that come from countries that practice sharia, and in other words all of the countries that gave money to hillary clinton, okay. these countries say that on many
9:30 pm
cases, gays and lesbians are killed. you can't build a temple or a christian church. they can't drive. if you grow up with that mind set, how do we ascertain when someone wants to come and how do you tell the difference? >> this is a million dollar question and i wanted to address it. this is the cancer we're trying to put out. if we're victims, the muslims, we're victims. >> these groups are killing muslims. >> yes. taliban killed more muslims than
9:31 pm
anything. >> if you're an apostate, the penalty is death. >> we're victims and we're oppressed by our own people. look at the islamic countries right now, islamic world right now. majority of them run by corruption, corrupt politicians. this is the reason that i'm here today supporting donald trump. >> we're gambling taking people in from countries that practice sharia. >> the this is what i'm trying to tell you. people don't have educational opportunities. they don't have -- >> saudi arabia? >> they don't have it.
9:32 pm
27 of the saudi arabiains, half of the population cannot drive a car. no constitution, nudging. >> they're oppressed. put gays and lesbians to death and they don't allow chrissin churchs. >> there is a vast jihadi radical current in all of these countries, problem is that the administration, clinton obama administration partner with the muslim brotherhood instead of working with leaders who is the answer, they prefer to be with indonesia. they did the iranian deal instead of walking with demonstrators. we discussed that. >> our choice is just by
9:33 pm
mentioning these cases. >> do you think unless there is a shift politically they'll ever have ability to fully vet people that want freedom or opportunity? >> the answer is last eight years was without foreign policy. quickly. >> yes. >> saudi arabia would never leave them. china is south china sea. and hitting our ships like
9:34 pm
flies. he's making jokes. >> it's good to see you in person. >> congratulations tonight. i appreciate your time. coming up next, tonight right here on "hannity". >> he draws out talent and drive in people so they can achieve their full potential. it's a great quality to have in a father and in the president of the united states. >> tiffany trump gave a well received speech about her father's character. our panel will be here with reaction. that and more as we continue from the rnc. that is the show. stay with us.
9:35 pm
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9:37 pm
>> it's one of his defining qualities. whatever he does, he gives his all, and does it well. his desire for excellence is contagious. he possesses a unique gift for bringing that out of others. starting with those closest to him. he's always helped me be the best version of myself by example. he moat ti vats me to stay true to who i am and what i believe. that is what he does. he draws out the talent and drive in people so that they can
9:38 pm
achieve their full potential. that is a great quality to have in a father, and better yet, in the presz of the united states. >> that was also donald trump's daughter, tiffany trump. she got a great reception tonight. speaking earlier, here with reaction fox news contributor pat gidehl, pastor james davis and psychology expert and radio host dr. gina loudoun. these kids are expressive. you have your daughter up there. >> up there. >> she made one of the impressive decisions. i won't talk about it. very good decision. >> oh, my god, sean. >> it's what i do for a living. >> this is about this speech. >> yes. >> you have impressive kids what does it say about a parent?
9:39 pm
>> it says so much about a parent. that is one of the -- that is something personal. when i i handled these things. there is a lot of candidates i liked. and i was praying about this. the message, you know people by their children. the children that donald trump -- >> every time my kids get in trouble. >> right. right. >> my parents were much better people than i am. they did not deserve me. >> i know tiffany. she's a great girl. i met her in atlanta. sometime ago. and she was just so down to earth and charming and i didn't know she was trump's daughter. and she is here, i thought she was a secretary.
9:40 pm
she was nice and friendly. i didn't know she was a daughter until i met her in new york. very impressive. >> don junior killed it. >> pastor, what did you think? >> same thing. that when you look at a man's family, it speaks volumes to his character. >> but that is not fair to my parents. >> that is just one. >> stop it. >> not even prayer and fasting could have helped. you think trump is going to win this? >> i think there is a real case he can win. this is a black swan election. we have a country where not only people think we're on the wrong track, two thirds think the country is in decline. if trump can convince them, he
9:41 pm
can be president. i think his family played an important role. >> we had two muslim americans voting for trump. we have two pastors, black americans, you guys are voting for trump. i'm meeting people from groups that supposedly don't support donald trump that love him. >> love him. and look at the women for trump. i've been going to these things for a long time. i've never seen a magic in the air like there is here. and i feel women are more
9:42 pm
involved in this. >> it's concerned me, 58% more black americans on food stamps. 20% more black americans at out of the labor force and i get kicked off that conservatives are against black americans. that is not true. >> this time of the year they're trying to play the race card. >> every election instead of pin the tail on the donkey it's pin the racist on the republican. >> you want to say the worst thing about somebody call them a racist. >> we've within r been here all week. we're black. >> i am? >> i am. >> so there has been no racism. at all. i mean, honestly. >> i watch you walk around here.
9:43 pm
no offense but you're like a rock star here. we've got to run. i'm out of time. sorry about that. when we come back, governor scott walker joins us right here on set. that and more as "hannity" continues from the republican national convention. stay with us. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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9:46 pm
welcome back to "hannity" as we continue, day two of the republican national convention. joining us now is the governor the of the great state of wisconsin, scott walker. >> great to be with you. >> you gave me your personal
9:47 pm
e-mail. you got out of the race, why now? i want you to tell people what you told me. >> i just could see how things were going and i knew i didn't want to be a part of things where i was distracting from defeating hillary clinton. america deserves better than this president, than hillary clinton. and that is what donald trump can bring to the table. >> the first question is will all of you support the nominee in the end? now you are supporting the nominee. >> yes. i want to point out that right here, in this arena, that i would, i thought, you know my first choice wasn't donald trump. i joke about that. >> that is fair. >> i said i thought, and i didn't hold my fingers behind my back. i said any republicans were better than hillary clinton.
9:48 pm
think about the supreme court. that is potentially 2, 3 generations. the lady nominated by ronald reagan when i was in high school. the fbi report was clear to me. that this woman is unfit to be president. heck, after i heard that fbi report i wouldn't give her the pass word to my iphone. >> that and when tray you goedy, everybody said he was a decent man. she lies with regularity. >> it is clear to pee he was ready to say the question is he wasn't able to pull the legal trigger but sdieted her in the moment. >> in my state she had a 10-point lead that has been cut in half. my advice is don't talk about
9:49 pm
anything other than hillary clinton. there is a clear contrast in terms of an outsider who is going to shake things up. versus hillary clinton. >> this is i think the larngest context, the kind of voters i needed to win. >> i think i was involved. >> i -- >> you -- i enforced you every time. >> you did. >> and what mike pence's selection, it says independent voters this guy is serious about governing and having support he needs to transform and take on washington. >> this is the thing that the
9:50 pm
reality is that republican -- i'd like to use the word conservative. conservative governments work in your state. people take what you do as a governor on the local and state level and say if we apply these things nationally, we'd be better off? >> absolutely. we have more people in wisconsin employed than before. never had more people. balanced budget. surplus is up. taxes are down. college tuition rose for the first time in four years. our first time in history, but the message there, why i love the opportunity of taking donald trump and having him work with the house and senate and people there and say the real answer, our founders talked about 240
9:51 pm
years ago, when declaring their independence from power overseas is they believe power should flow back to the states, to the people. >> you mentioned donald trump. he gave a list of supreme court justices that he'd appoint and type of people. were you happy with that? >> absolutely. diane sykes -- by the way, her husband, former husband, okay. >> they're divorced. she's a top notch, quality person. he put her on along with 10 others, the federal society of conservative group said they said isn't there going to be order in the court? >> do you like lowering the tax rate? >> we want to bring more jobs and higher wages to america. we have to bring them back.
9:52 pm
>> and this is somebody that wants to work with a republican team of conservative voters. we'd love to have a president like donald trump. >> donald trump called you and said i want you to take this position, would you consider it? >> i won't. it's nothing to do with the election and everything to do with, we asked me about not about a position but hey, would i consider? i said no. i'm going to take over the republican governor's association after the election. and i think i can do more as a governor helping governors work with their administrations. >> so we talked about lower taxes. and he's for all of the above.
9:53 pm
>> it's porp, his vice presidential election. pence tried to unseat boehner, god bless him. >> i go back and say more than just politics. the fact that donald trump is looking ahead, getting ready to govern, mike pence will help the house and senate. there is no end to the good we can do. like wisconsin went from all democrat to all republican control. >> that is why we got elected and again and again. >> so we can say in fairness that there was skepticism among
9:54 pm
conservatives but as trump goes forward, and lays out a plan on anything, immigration, he seems to have outsider -- >> he's got a definite populist viewpoint. i hear that all the viewpoint. >> and i hear that in wisconsin for sure but around the country. people have had it with washington, they are so fed up with this president and hillary clinton is the ultimate washington insider. the well connected in washington are lining up behind her. there couldn't be a clearer contrast out there. the well connected in washington are afraid of donald trump because they know he's going to take that power and send it not just back to the states and local governments but more importantly back to the american people. >> do you think there's two issues that, say, paul ryan from your state seems to have a problem with trump on. one is trade. and i've asked donald trump a lot about this, and he believes in free trade, but he believes in fair trade, and there are a lot of barriers. i know mike pence talked to me about the idea that he would go the japan and other countries and try to get them to invest in
9:55 pm
the hoosier state, which i think is smart. but if they're putting up obstacles, is it fair to say, uh-uh, that's not going to work? >> and i think this is one good example where i think paul ryan and donald trump are coming closer together. in the sense that i've heard him say, in my state, talking about trade, that he thinks they're actually pretty similar, their viewpoints, to your point, it should be fair trade. it should be free trade for sure. if we're at a level playing field, americans can compete with anyone. but under this president, barack obama, he gives the trade agreements that are this big and you start looking in the fine print and you think, what does this have to do with free and fair trade? and that's why paul and others objected to many thins the president tried to put into that. they only support donald trump negotiating a better plan. >> i feel like paul ryan has been more harsh to donald trump than he has to obama and hillary. i know things changed tonight.
9:56 pm
>> i think as time goes on, he's going to say, hey, we need a republican president to enact our policies. i've heard him talking about it with delegation after delegation. he talked about for them to get things done, they know they have 100% add very sversary in hilla clinton. >> one was the position on immigration, especially refugees. is it dangerous to bring in refugees from countries that practice sharia when the national director of intelligence, the fbi director, assistant fbi director, chairman of the house homeland security committee and general john allen, all say the refugee population will be infiltrated by isis. >> and a number of us governors, mostly republican but even some democrats raised concerns. i raised concerns about it, saying it's not based on religious as much as the origin of the refugee. if you've got people coming from syria, for example, where that country has been devastate bid
9:57 pm
the islamic state and the jihadists, we need to be mindful of that and this administration and barack obama has failed to prove that they've vetted these. >> they can't vet them and hillary wants a 550% increase. governor, good to see you. i thought it was great when you said, i got budget, i can't have a deficit in my campaign. good answer. good to see you, governor. unfortunately, that is, for tonight, all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. we'll be back 11 to 1:00 eastern, 8 to 10:00 pacific tomorrow, ivanka trump will be our special guest. it's sean hannity, "hannity"on fox news, thanks for being with us. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you!
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it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. the republican party making it official, it's done, donald trump is, in fact, the nominee. thank you so much for joining us, i'm heather childers. >> i'm kelly wright, trump's nomination tonight closing one of the biggest deals he's ever made in his life but sharing the limelight, his son, donald trump, jr., who cast the final vote. >> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates. and another six for john kasich. congratulations, dad, we love