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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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every day for the fnc digital hang out. we'll have live coverage of that at 4:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., shepard smith takes over from the convention floor, all commercial-free. hang out with us online. we'll have fun. live from cleveland, shepard smith recoporting. >> noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in cleveland where the man who want business to donald trump's number two will be making his case to the nation. mike pence is said to speak tonight on fox prime on fox news channel. just across town a short time ago, donald trump introduced his running mate to supporters. >> i just want to introduce a man who has become a friend of mine, some be who is going to make an unbelievable vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. >> earlier today, governor pence walked through the arena here to get a little bit ready for tonight, tested out the microphone and the podium, seemed to go well. while governor pence's tonight
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headliner, i should say, a lot of people will be closely watching another prime time speaker, the senator from texas, ted cruz, lyin' ted, i think donald trump called him. the one-time rival of donald trump has not yet thrown his support behind the gop nominee. ted cruz's speech could give an indication whether the split republican party is trying to start united and reviewed senator cruz's speech in advantage, and you can bet they're playing attention to milania trump thing. they now admit it was copied. here's how the written explained in the statement, quoting here, she, melania, has always liked michelle obama. over the phone, she read me some passages as examples. i wrote them down and included some of the phrasing that ultimately became the final speech.
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she goes on, this was my mistake and i feel terrible for the chaos that i have caused melania and the trumps, as well as to ms. obama. she says she offered to resign from the campaign, but donald trump would not accept it. she says trump called it an innocent mistake. earlier today, the campaign chairman, paul manafort, was still denying plagarism because of the commonality of those words and for first time we're hearing from donald trump, trump tweeted, melania's speech got more publicity than any in congress, which is all good press. >> and we have coverage of the convention all hour long. carl cameron, what else did trump tell supporters here today? >> reporter: one of the first things he said is we're going to win ohio and that is a very plit fully astute and republican thing to say. no republican won without first
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winning the buckeye state, and went spat with john kasich, sort of pounding one another. kasich has been on the periphery, sometimes meeting with delegates on and off campus, but won't be formally a part of it, and trump has been a little bit peeved about that. winning ohio was critical important and that was one of the first things he said and really had the kind of grgraddo republican convention that's ever happened first he comes on the jet and does a fly by. they landed jet, he jumps in the chopper. they do two laps around the science center here in cleveland that also is just adjacent to the rock n' roll hall of hfame. there were separate rallies for the people standing here, then he lands mike pence and both families come out to greet him along with some friends and other associates. and they walk around and made these very brief remarks and shook hands with the folks
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sitting there watching and went off to get ready for mike pence's big speech tonight. a very important night for the indiana governor, shep. >> i'll say, and there are -- there's all sorts of talks about what his goal is tonight. for mike pence, what is the duty tonight? >> reporter: for mike pence, the goal tonight is to convince social and fiscal conservatives as a very stanch fiscal and social conservative that he believes in donald trump, and will governor, will preside with those types of principles. part of the reason the convention had this type of division which they're working on uniting is there are a lot of old school, fiscal conservatives when he was a democrat, and had more liberal and social positions and his trade policy, and an awful lot of republican party think that could start a trade war. when mike pence gives him his seal of the approval of running mate and very stanch running mate of indiana, will unite the
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coalition and make the pivot at the end of this convention to begin to run in the general election. mike pence is very conservative and helps build up the republican base. donald trump has been in the words of some of his own aides, all year, even into 2015, has been running a general election strategy, oftentimes talking about doing away with republican orthodoxy, in order to get the necessary votes from swing democrats, from bernie democrats and independents, and usually it's the other way around. it's the running mate picked to help move into the general election type campaign and argues in many ways he's been running it all along, shep. >> carl, thank you, from cleveland. and the national political reporter for the associated press live with us here at the q. can he do that? can he bring in the establishment more traditional conservative types and make them believers? >> i think that heel 'll go a l way to do that and i know he's
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very well liked among some of the more conservative and established donors and trump needs help in that area, too. governor pence will be a huge asset on the fundraising trufro for trump. >> the optics weren't what some people inside the campaign wanted the announcement of mike pence. does that seem to be improving her how would you assess that? >> it's definitely improving and that's why this is such a huge night for the governor and for the campaign as a whole. they're going to rollout of the convention as a team, and they're going to start doing some fundraising together, and doing some events together and they'll split off and it will be helpful for trump to have another voice in the room, you know, spreading the message, and convincing people trump will be great in the white house. >> i read today, and have i guess for a couple days, that trump wants the vice president to take care of policy. do you have reporting on that, and specifically what does that mean? >> well, he's even said, to a number of reporters, that that
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was a huge consideration in his vice presidential search. he really wanted someone who could, you know, work the halls of congress and really help him connect with lawmakers and advance his policies if he's elected. so that's not a big surprise. >> the two of them are not in lockstep. as carl cameron said, donald trump is a life-long democrat who has come to the republican side and the republican nominee. mike pence is a very contelephoco conservative, tea party established person with truly different policy ideas and lifelong thoughts different from donald trump's. they say they're coming together. is there -- is there evidence to back that up? >> there's evidence they are far apart on certain policies and that's why i think his speech will be important to see how he navigates with, with comfortable being on the ticket, not compromising his own values and sort of carrying forward that message to some people in the party who might still be really
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nervous about having trump as the nominee. >> are insiders convinced this convention is doing what they want, and that is uniting and trying at least to bring moderates or undecided under the tent? >> no, i don't think they are. >> i think they really have an important couple weeks out of the convention. it was a little bit rocky, the first couple weeks, and that makes the next couple weeks from the democratic convention on so important to the trump campaign to really show that it's moving forward, it's professionalizing, it's taking voters seriously and the need to reach out to them, and i think governor pence will have a big role with that. >> there are two different ways of thinking about what this convention has become. one is, he couldn't get the former presidents and the muckety-mucks within the society in here, so he had to use his family. the other way to think of it is, he needs to show himself and soften himself as a family man and if that's your stance, this might be going better than many thought and observed at the time. donald junior tonight, and two
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tonight that are important. >> absolutely. the family is universally thought of as a huge asset for trump. the children in particular are very beloved by those who are close to trump. people i talk to, who are doing some fundraising for trump say they frequently talk about the kids, point to the kids as an example of the fact trump really deep down is a great guy. he's got this great family, a blended family, that he's hung together very well. the kids are all very loyal to him. they're all in business with him. they really speak highly of him, and they're helping convince some donors to give money to trump. >> really? is that -- that's a place where they need help? >> it is. they've been doing so sort of without their knowledge so far because fundraisers i talked to say they point to the kids as an example that trump must not be so bad, but they're going to be doing it directly in the coming weeks. donald, junior is going to houston on monday to do his first solo fundraiser for his father and the kids are going to be there helping raise money for
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him, helping get the funds they really need to get out there and reach voters. >> for the room last night -- in this room, donald, junior was a hit. tonight, the two who are speaking tonight are sort of known as even better than that. >> that's true. eric trump, i think, will be a huge draw tonight, and of course ivanka introducing her father tomorrow will be really special moment for the trump campaign. i think that the -- the people who support trump are just loving having the kids out there as much as possible. and i can see them being in commercials throughout the general election, really carrying forward their father's message. >> you said one son has the bug? >> yes, donald, junior was at a wall street junior breakfast talking about how he wouldn't oversee running, and is sort of his patriotic duty. >> you never know. >> julie bykowitz. thank you. >> yep.
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and ahead, leaders from the pro life movement today meeting to celebrate the gop's platform including a push for a constitutional amendment on the rights of the unborn. but if donald trump becomes president, will he stick to their script? after all, he's donald trump. that's coming up from quicken loans arena on day 3 of the republican national convention, this is fox news channel, america's voice for news and information on cable, and the number one cable station in america. for lower back pain sufferers,
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but it won't last forever, so hurry in. . just into fox news channel, big news from the supreme court, forcing people in texas to show a government i.d. before voting is discriminatory, that is the ruling that just came down from a u.s. especialliappeals court. it's the fifth circuit court that ruled the effects of the voter i.d. law are
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discriminatory, and that is a violation of the voting rights act. it would be considered a strong blow to what might be the nation's tougher voter i.d. law struck down by the appeals court on the texas law today. more on the ramifications of that, and bigger picture meaning coming up. pro life advocates holding a meeting in cleveland. this year's republican platform includes some of the strictest language in history. and mike pence is known for his tough stance on the issue. the indiana governor signed an anti-abortion bill every year since he took office in 2013. janet reams here with more. hel hello, shannon. >> reporter: hey, there, shep. pro-life groups call it life affirming. it has planks that include things like making smure there' no taxpayer funding that goes to
12:16 pm
planned parenthood. and talking about this, the gop senator also said the selection of mike pence is a big decisiwi pro lifers. >> pro lifers can be part of a strong national voice for the cause of life, but we can be confident of more than that. we can be confident of governor pence's strong, proven performance on life issues and that is so critical. >> reporter: pro life groups say picking mike pence as the number two, shows the signal trump is serious about social issues for social contelephoservatives and been called a hero of the pro life movement because of his fight against planned parenthood, and that e leklecti and he's being called dangerous skpun acceptable, and called the gop platform, hands down the worst we've ever seen, and adds some of the most dangerous
12:17 pm
abortion restrictions in the country. conservatives say donald trump will be true to his most recent announcements on the issue of abortion and has undergone an evolution, in 1999 calling himself quote very pro-choice. he later wrote he was uncomfortable with what he learned about the partial birth abortion procedure and would sport a ban by 2011, calling him pro life, and says while he does remain pro life, he does support some of the elections they do, as well, including protections for the life of the mother and in cases of rape or incest. shep? >> shannon, thanks. i reported a moment ago ago from the texas voter i.d. law s discriminatory. what happens as a result of that? >> i would imagine we're going to see that on the fast track to the supreme court f. nothing
12:18 pm
else, they'll be a move for an injunction to that decision on hold, and asking the supreme court to more broadly consider the law. we're stuck with the ties of the supreme court for four, essentially on many tough issues. we'll see where it goes, but i wouldn't be surprised to see an emergency filing with the supreme court within days. >> and they would be expected to give us something before november? >> reporter: yeah, they absolutely could. they would probably act very quickly to ask both sides to respond in this case to make a decision about this. maybe even not getting to the mayor, because you know that's a very involved process, but consider whether they would put the fifth circuit ruling on hold, which would allow the law to be in effect for november, so i'd expect relatively quick action by the supreme court if indeed they file an appeal, which would seem like a no-brainer. >> shannon bream, who covers the court for us, live this afternoon, thank you, as always. there's word mike pence could have a lot more power than most vice presidents if donald trump wins the white house. next, what trump's son
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reportedly said about what the vp's job will actually be, and we'll talk it over with the fox news sunday host chris wallace live from cleveland coming up. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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when mike pence takes the stage tonight in cleveland, we could be hearing from the guy that would really run the country in the trump white house. the new york times magazine is reporting that donald trump's son made an offer to the ohio governor, john kasich, during a rubbing ma running mate search. i'm quoting, donald trump explained his father vice president president would be in charge of foreign and domestic policy, and scheduled what trump would be in charge of, quote, making america great again.
12:23 pm
no word on whether the trump campaign made that same offer to mike pence, but trump resbopond to twitter in the last hour and i quote, john kasich was never asked by me to be vp, just arrived in cleveland, will be a great two days. but as i noted, kasich's advisor says it was trump's son who asked governor kasich not trump himself. governor kasich, of the state is not even here and not going to be here and that's a talker, as well. chris wallace is live at the cleveland convention center. across the way there in our newsroom. chris, there are a couple kinds of vice presidents that i've known of, there's the dan quail kind who doesn't do all that much, and there's the joe biden kind who is in on everything from what we're told. i don't know of one who has been in charge of all policy, foreign and domestic, do you? >> no, and it could never work. the only thing mentioned along those lines is i remember in 1980 is the same republican convention, ronald reagan sud n
12:24 pm
suddenly got the idea he wanted to offer the vice presidentcy to gerald ford, the former president four years before and they were trying to work out some kind of co-presidency, wherein particular, gerald ford would be in charge of foreign policy, and after some period of negotiations, both sides realized there was no way this could ever work. the president's the president, the vice president's not, and it all fell apart and that's how reagan ended up big george bush, 41. i very much doubt this happened. you've got to realize at this point, there's no love lost between the kasich camp and the trump camp. it kind of makes the trump camp look silly that, you know, he's just going to be a ceremonial president in charge of slogans like, "make america great again." i very much the offer was seriously bade, and it went nowhere n a nowhere, in any case, and he's
12:25 pm
not even attending the convention, john kasich. >> have you noticed, anything, chris, that would suggest donald trump has become more serious about foreign policy, that he's reading up on policy papers, that he's becoming engaged in one way or another, or are we are still the slogan eere? >> i don't know, i don't an fair to say he's the sloganeeree but just the fact he's been running for president for just about 13 months now and he's had to do assault intervi all the interviews and all the preparation and debates and certainly seems much more with foreign policy than he was at the very start of the campaign. you can still argue with a lot of the things he's said, like the idea that saudi arabia, and japan, perhaps should get their own nuclear weapons or that nato is obsolete, but i think he's more converse. and having said that, is he a policy
12:26 pm
policy guy? i don't, but he's a big picture guy and they used to say that about ronald reagan. >> most people think mike pence is a bit of a policy wonk. he's been on some committees, involved in actions that suggest that he actually is that, and they hope that at least on the more traditional conservative side of things that mike pence is going to be a boost around here. do you see evidence that he will be? i. >> i think he absolutely will be inside the hall and with the base of the republican party. and you're right. he served in congress for 12 years, on the foreign affairs committee, has been the governor of the state of indiana and been very deeply involved in economic policy here -- or in indiana rather for four years so he does know a lot about policy. there's certainly no suggest io
12:27 pm
he's going to have a co-presidency with donald trump. and trump has been very open about it, as part of unity, that there are a lot of social c conservativ conservatives, who still have doubts about donald trump and this was an effort to shore up the base. he's getting about 80% of republican voters in the polls. romney got around 90% and still wasn't enough for him to win the presidency, but he does need that -- not only a unified base, but an enthusiastic base who will vote in big numbers and i think pence will help him with that. what we haven't seen in this convention -- and it's really curious, is more of an effort to reach out to the other group that trump is going to need to attract if he's going to put together a winning coalition, that's women, that's young people, that's minorities. we haven't seen a lot of reaching out to them and it will be, at this point, it seems the only person able to do it at this convention is donald trump himself, in his acceptance speech tomorrow night. >> watch for that. chris wallace in our newsroom at the cleveland convention center. chris, thank you.
12:28 pm
ahead of what to look for later today and kennedy will be here. she went to talk to some protesters to see what has them all fired up. kennedy and the protesters, you can see it? you'll see it. also the conventions these days are more or less a formality. >> reporter: there used to be more of an element of surprise heading into the conventions and now they're pretty preordained. >> coming up a look at when and why things changed. on fox news channel, bottom of the hour, top of the news coming right up. first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america.
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story sky breaker in a busy neighborhood in dubai. burning debris rained down on the ground below. no reports of anyone hurt there, though. and hollywood legend garry marshall has died. he's their written and director behind the classic such as the romantic comedy film, "pretty woman," and the sitcom, "happy days." . a publicist confirmed garry marshall died at a burbank hospital at 81. the news with shepard smith continues after this. o retire? o retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. bottom of the hour, top of the news from the republican national convention in cleveland and the theme here today, on day three, is make america first again. the rnc staffers say tonight's speeches will focus how donald trump will help the united states, requeand i quote, restos historical claim in the world. we're live on the floor of the arena. tell us about tonight's theme,
12:34 pm
peter. >> reporter: hey, shep. expect to hear a lot more tonight about foreign affairs national security. the trump campaign says the speakers will discuss the republican vision for a new century of american leadership, and experience -- excellence, rather. the lineup for tonight, the headliners start with senator marco rubio of florida. he'll be appearing by video. then, u.s. senator ted cruz, a big one, obviously. he may finally endorse -- formally endorse donald trump, we're not sure, but look out for that. you can definitely expect him to serve up a heavy dose of criticism and hillary clinton in her record in foreign policy and national affairs. then, donald trump's son, eric trump, will be speaking, followed by newt gingrich and his wife, and the former speaker of the house, and finally the keynoter, indiana governor, mike pence, the vice presidential nominee, will finish up that lineup tonight.
12:35 pm
shep? >> no trump? we've had trump on monday, trump on a tuesday, trump on a thursday? what about today? >> yeah, i think you could see him here tonight. the campaign is definitely hinting at that, and of course that would be a great -- another great visual for the nominees to appear on stage together after trump's speech, and -- but as you just hinted, you know, this has been a very untraditional campaign year and candidate, and back in the day, i think when we both started the nominee didn't show up until the last night for his big speech. and donald trump is anything but traditional. back to you. >> he does it his way. peter barnes on the floor, thank you. just into fox news channel, president obama is speaking in washington about the white house's global development summit on humanitarian issues around the world. we'll monitor the president's remarks if he mentions the convention or makes any news, we'll bring that to you and streaming live, as well at
12:36 pm the events in cleveland and next week in philadelphia are really the continuation of a long-american tradition. ever since the mid-1800s the parties have convened ahead of the elections but the roles have changed quite a bit over the years. >> reporter: conventions are really a big info mercial for the parties. >> an infomercial with colorful attire. >> it's a chance to see what the party is all about and what it wants to be about. it's highly scripted, very programmed. >> and yet it wasn't always that way. in generations past, these were the places presidential hopefuls won or lost their bids. >> it used to happen at a very small number of party leaders could have a tremendous amount of influence about who the national ticket was. >> those party leaders gathered in a smoke-filled room, a phrase a reporter coined in the 1920 republican convention, describing a late-night meeting that resulted in the nomination
12:37 pm
of warren harding. in those days the voting process was tedious, at times. democrats in 1924 cast more than 100 ballots over 16 days before settling on a nominee. >> no party today would want to have the semblance or impact reality of such disunity before a national television audience. >> prior to franklin roosevelt, candidates didn't even show up to accept their nominations in person. they considered it too aggressive. >> back to george washington, the great traditionalist. reluctant candidate. this office is too nobel for the likes of me, but if the people were to choose me, i would out of a sense of duty serve. >> but politicians eventually started campaigning for their party's support. and by the mid-20th century, a handful of states allowed voters to have a say. >> i'll tell you, i'm voting for mr. ted because i think he's the best qualified man in the country for the job. >> but the delegates they sent
12:38 pm
to the convention didn't hold much sway. in 1952, 15 states held democratic primaries. and estes keyfofer won almost all of them; but he still lost the nomination to stevenson, who hadn't entered a single one. things changed however after the at the ultimatous 1958 convention in chicago. protesters fought with police outside the convention hall, while inside. >> i proudly accept the nomination of our party. >> political opponents of vice president hubert humphry claims the party unfairly shut them out of the delegation process. >> there was a tremendous sense of betrayal by people on the left within the democratic party, so they pushed through a series of rules that made primaries much more important in the selection of delegates and
12:39 pm
thus in the selection of democratic nominees. >> republicans followed with similar changes of their own, and historians say the increased reliance on the primary system changed the landscape of presidential politics. >> the smoke-filled room has been aired out, and it's been replaced by a kind of silicon valley work space filled with very smart number crunchers. >> the last time the convention started without a clear nominee was 40 years ago at the republican convention in 1976. >> west virginia, eight votes for reagan, 20 votes for ford. >> ford for that lnarrow low de based on the primary results. conventions haven't been nearly as suspenseful over the past decades. but they still serve important functions. >> in addition to highlighting the presidential nominee, conventions provide a party for
12:40 pm
to showcase its up and coming rising stars. >> like the state senator who first walked on to the national stage at the democratic convention in 2004. >> there is not a black america, and a white america, and latino america, and asian america. there's the united states of america. >> clearly, the impact of the conventions can extend well beyond the selection of the presidential ticket. >> you know what the outcome is going to be, but it's still a chance for the parties to highlight and showcase their party, their message, their plans for the future, in prime time, in front of a much larger audience. >> much larger it is for sure. some great pictures from the old days. protesters today trying to block the main entrance at the q by forming human wall outside the building. look here. wall off trump they briefly chanted. the group is protesting donald
12:41 pm
trump's plans to build a wall. yesterday protesters tried to make their way down blocked off streets but broke up after police threatened to arrest them. mike tobin is amid the crowds outside the arena. how is it this afternoon, mike? >> reporter: you know, shep, i'd call it peaceful madness. directly behind me, you've got a purchase of people pro capitalism, and people oppose them and argue. you've got people playing music, and of course a very large presence of police. and what we saw yesterday, is it doesn't take much to go from a large presence of police, to an overwhelming presence of police. suddenly this square was flooded with police officers yesterday. the chief said they were slicing up the pie and divided the opposing groups and put so many bodies on the square the police shoved everyone else off the square and they resolved the conflict without an incident. shep? >> all right, mike, how are they handling these protests?
12:42 pm
it all seems relatively tame. >> reporter: what we're hearing from some of the officers is the anarchists, they're not showing up because they knew there was going to be this overwhelming of police and when they break off, the police just dog them, the whole time. they never get a break. the big unknown is whether someone is going to show up here, hell bent on being harmful, that is what the secret service doesn't know and they only have to get it right once, law enforcement has to get it right every time, shep. >> all right, mike, thanks. kennedy went to cleveland public square and met some of those protesters. it's always fun when kennedy does this. she'll be up next to show and tell, stay with us. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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12:46 pm
in cleveland, public square as they call it, a couple blocks at the quicken loans a rein rena. kennedy is here, hoand right no the fox reporter. >> reporter: that's right, shep we went out yesterday and met some of the groups, some of the people. many of them didn't know why they were there, but they wanted to be vocal. some bull horns and all of them hated the westboro baptists. >> that's good. >> why don't we -- >> reporter: check out a little bit of my adventure. >> all right. >> reporter: all right here in public square, just blocks from the convention center, close to the q, where various fashions of christians, black lives matter people, communists, have gathered to yell and call each other racist. let's take a look. so what are you guys doing here
12:47 pm
today? what are you hoping to accomplish? >> we're going to reach people for jesus christ. >> i'm seeking the nomination. >> i'm hillary for president? >> hillary for prison. >> is it getting crazy? >> no media, please. >> but your bandana is so catching. what do you think about the rnc being in town? >> this is insanity. >> reporter: police are all gored up so they've got body cameras, they've got go-pro-like cameras on their helmets, they've gotten reports of $20 million in new equipment just for cleveland pd. [ chanting ] >> reporter: that was alex jones. he was just escorted out by the indiana state police and obviously chased by an angry crowd. the black lives matter people and the bible believers are now going back and forth, calling each other racist.
12:48 pm
>> before these people came up, everybody was talking and having a good time, arguing politics and trying to get our thoughts across and convince people the things that we believe. >> that's it from public square. it was quiexciting, somewhat informational, mildly chaotic, but not too much -- there was more tension than escalation, but you can tell there are a lot of people in that crowd from a lot of different factions, who are asking for it, and you know what, you don't want it, thank you. >> reporter: and thank you, shep. >> and you're welcome. i always wonder about these protests, you don't see anybody else because none of us walk by there unless you make a special trip, so i don't get it. >> reporter: so you send me. it was like when anchor man, the various channels came out and the spanish-speaking channel is there, and the weather channel. that's what it felt like. and there were some trying to a
12:49 pm
insight one another. the police had done something interesting, they created two long isbicycle chains, separati the bible believers from the black lives matters people. >> i hope you're having fun. i really like your 'merica hat. she wears that when we go out clubbing. >> that's my street gear. all for you. >> appreciate you. >> thank you. hillary clinton could announce her running mate as soon as friday, when we all kind of know. what do we know about who is on the short list, that's next. first at folks, urge ent, t congressman from hawaii, mark takai has just died, according to his vofs. the spring, pan kcreatic cancer he passed away surrounding his
12:50 pm
family. he was a member of the house committee on armed services. congressman takai was but 49 years old.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
as republicans continue their convention here in cleveland, hillary clinton is getting ready to reveal her vice presidential pick. secretary clinton has met one-on-one with some contenders we're told and are expecting an announcement as early as tomorrow. jennifer griffin is live at campaign headquarters in brok ly brooklyn. what do you think of the top of her list? >> the smart monseey is on virginia senator jim cane. some politicians i've spoken to said there are indications already some of those politicians are already preparing in the event that
12:54 pm
cane's senate seat opens up. that's how many are convinced cane will be on the ticket. hillary clinton herself has left a number of clues about her future running mate. she wants someone with national security experience and served on both armed foreign services committee and laid out why kaine would make a good vp. >> he's too boring. >> and that's what i love about him. he's never lost an election. he was a -- >> governor. >> world class mayor and senator and governor, and is one of the most highly respected senators i know. >> reporter: we're told the announcement will happen this weekend in florida . it looks most likely at an event in miami. that is where we expect to see them both together, her vp pick. cane speaks fluent spanish, and florida, of courses are the
12:55 pm
latino community there, very important. he even introduced hillary clinton in spanish the other day. shepard? >> he's not the only one on the list though right? a list is not one person. >> reporter: no, of course not. there are still others on the short list, but he's at the top of the that list. elizabeth warren. there's been so much talk about her, and so we noted that she could be on the list, tomvil vik also on the list. we'll have to wait until this weekend, shepard. >> thank you very much, jennifer, and we'll be back with an unprecedented moment in a u.s. election year. and it happened on this day in history.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
historians say it had been an unwritten rule for a president to serve no more than two terms. f.d.r. died from a stroke just months after he began his fourth term and had been in the oval office in some of the toughest times in history, the great depression, and world war ii, and congress later passed the 22nd amend mement, stating no person can run for president twice, but went with a familiar face 72 years ago today. this afternoon we've got a lot of fun stuff coming. my favorite thing is the live, five clock ha 5:00 hang out on the fox news app, and fox we sit around with some of the goofy people who are here, and talk about a little bit more in depth about what's happening and we try to gettasm amped up on a of coffee so it's interesting and sweat a lot. it's on your facebook live feed, and and on the app. and the final bell is
1:00 pm
ringing on wall street and we've got records. the nasdaq up more than 1% today. the s&p in all-time record territory and the dow sun today. "your world is coming up," i'm shepard smith, in cleveland. day three of the gop convention, the drama is building, that's because ted cruz will be speaking tonight. and just as trump was flying into cleveland, cruz was giving his own speech and let's just say the crowd didn't like it. >> our party now has a nominee, and i don't know --