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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 21, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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up tomorrow. we'll have a convention to talk about tomorrow. and impactful donald trump speech to reflect on. >> and ahead, mike pence's motorcade he went this way. we're going that way. >> hey, juan williams is here! bill: no shortage of drama at the republican convention last night. mike pence made a compelling case for donald trump to be elected president. but that's not what everyone is talking about. they are talking about ted cruz getting booed off the stage last night. what a night there. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. first mike pence had a speech last night. he feels donald trump is the right person for the white house and not just an alternative to hillary clinton.
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>> i accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. if you know anything about hoosiers you know we love to suit up and compete. we play to win. that's why i joined this campaign in a heartbeat. you nominated a man for president who never quits, month who never backs down. a fighter, a winner. until now he has had to do it all for himself against all odds. but now he has backup with this party and on november 8 i though we'll elect donald trump to be the 45th president of the united states. bill: there was a moment just before that. ted cruz on stage. he congratulated donald trump on winning the nomination but he did not honor his pledge to support the republican nominee.
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>> please, don't stay home in november. if you love our country and love your children as much as i know that you do, stand and speak and voted four conscience, vote for candidates up and count tickets who you trust to defend our freedom. each person in this room has to make the case to the american people to commit to each of them that we'll defend freedom and be faithful to the constitution. we'll unite the party, we'll unite the country by standing together. i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation.
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bill: at the moment now, this is ted cruz live here in cleveland speaking to the members of the delegation out of texas. give us a little bit of audio to see if he's making remarks on last night. if he is, we'll bring that to you. wow, okay. we'll see if cruz comments on it. >> we came to this convention and it was, where is the drama, we heard this could be a huge moment, and we finally got it. i think the republicans need this. they have a discussion they have to have. this is an unconventional year, an unconventional time. there was a floor fight. there is unfinished business and ted cruz obviously wanted to have this discussion. but so did the trump campaign.
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they they knew what he was going to do and let him go forward with it and arranged to have it turn into a smack-down with the booing. >> i did not say a single negative word about donald trump. and i'll tell you this morning and going forward i don't intend to say negative things about donald trump. [applause] the media would love me to. i promise you every question when i step off this stage will be please say something horrible about donald trump. it makes good news. what i did say is what we all should believe and why i think we got into politics in the first place. i started the speech by congratulating donald trump on winning the nomination by name.
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and then i encouraged folks here and at home that we deserve leaders who will stand for african and do what they say. and i made a particular point to address conservatives at home. i assume there is a reason the trump campaign wanted me to speak. they saw my speech several hours before i gave it. they knew exactly what i was going to say. i assume they believed my delivering that message would encourage people to get out and vote. and they thought it would help. if not i was perfectly happy to get on a plane and go home. but i asked americans at home, do not stay home in november. and i laid out a standard, i said we should vote for candidates that you trust to defend our freedom and to be
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faithful to the constitution. i'm going to tell you right now that's a standard i expect to be applied to me and every candidate on the balance thought from president down to dog catcher. this isn't just a team sport. we don't just put on straight ahead jerseys and blue jerseys and yay! this is about principles and ideals, this is about standing for what we believe in. [applause] and i have to say it was somewhat dismaying that apparently some of donald's
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biggest partisans right down front. when they heard people should vote for someone you can trust to defend our freedom and defend our conscience, defend the constitution, immediately they began booing. i have got to say that's a little bit troubling what they are saying. and i'm reminded of an old story of a man in the middle of a huge lawsuit. he's in a company case that means everything to him and his lawyer calls at the ends of the trial and says "justice prevails." and he said appeal immediately. i thought newt had it exactly right. newt student and said the standard ted laid out to defend freedom, who will be faithful to
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the constitution. newt said donald trump is the only candidate who meets that standard. i'll tell you this. if we want to win this election, that's the tomorrow way we are winning this election. we are going to win. and so with that i'm happy to answer any and all of your questions. >> are you going to vote for trump? >> well, thank you, sir, for your question, and i will answer it the same way i have answered it's many times when our friends
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in the press have asked me. i'm doing what millions of americans are doing. i'm watching, i'm listening. as i told you last night, the standard that i intend to apply is which candidate i trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the constitution. yg for hillary. [applause] hillary phase that test profoundly and -- hillary fails that test profoundly and a significant part of my speech last night was laying out the failure in hillary clinton's vision. some of you may recall when i ran for senate and a lot of people here worked hard in that race, and there were a lot of
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folks in that race that said, you know what? you have got to vote for the lieutenant governor. he's next in line, it's his turn. he's the one who's next in line. and an awful lot of texans took a different view. i have laid out the standard i'm look for and i'm hopeful. i'll be listening to donald's speech. i'll be listening to how he and the campaign conduct themselves every day from now to november. and that's what i believe the american people are going to be doing also. the way to win as i tried with all my might to lay out last night is not to just scream and yell and attack as a traitor anyone that would dare question our candidate.
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[applause] so i answered it with as much as i am going to say, which is that i am watching and listening to make that decision. and when i talked about holding people accountable, i think that applies to all of us. that's what i'm doing. i'm watching and listening. the election isn't today. i'm listening to the candidate. what i don't intend to do is go out and throw rocts at donald. i don't intend to criticize donald. i intend like a voter, like all
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of us, just to listen and make the best judgment i can. and every one of us has to follow our conscience. when friends of mine, supporters of mine ask what to do, i say follow your conscience. do what you believe is right, do what you believe defends your children and this country. >> [inaudible] we need to do it now, we cannot do it in november. we need to stand with you and you need to stand with us.
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>> sir, i appreciate your comments. and i have to confess what you said would be easy to do. how many people here are frustrated with politicians who just say anything? i am going the answer your question. there are a lot of options that i could have taken that politically could have been a lot easier. there is option number one which a lot of people took. turn tail and run and don't come to the convention. there are a bunch of people that did that. i ain't one of them. there is another option -- let me tell you the politically easy option. to stand up and pledge your
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allegiance to whoever the party nominee might be no matter what. if you are an elected official, that's the right political outcome. whether you want me to or not, i'm not going to lie to you. what i said last night is what i believe. so, yes. >> i didn't say support donald trump. i said support the party. >> you are point was support the party. the republican party. and i -- sir, i'm happy to answer questions, but i'm not going to engage in a screaming match. i believe in treating people with civility and respect.
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when it comes to supporting the party, in the four years i have been in office, there are an awful lot of elected officials in this room, across the party, across the country, that i traveled the country and traveled the state of texas raising money for, campaigning for, helping elect republicans. but let me be very clear. this isn't a social club. it's not simply reagan gave a powerful speech where he said the republican party is not a fraternal order, it's not just my club. we either stand for shared principles or we are not worth anything. [applause]
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let me ask folk here a related question. how many of you all would hike to see more leaders stand up to john boehner and mitch mcconnell? [applause] i want to point out to folks here, you are seeing and you saw last night, why so few elected leaders do. because any type you stand up to mitch mcconnell or john boehner, leadership screams, support the team, you are a republican, we are your leadership, sit down, shut up and support the team. if that's the price, i he ain't going to do it. i am going to honor the commitment i made to the voters
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instead. >> thank you for putting your hat in the ring. if you were asked to give a piece of advice to our nominee, donald trump. what would you tell him to woo and draw and attract the conscience, the principles, the hard constitutionalists to join and rally around his banner? >> i think that's a fabulous question. i'll tell you that's what i he defended to do in he word of that speech last night. you want to know another way the look at the speech in an outline to donald trump and their campaign, this is how you win. i was up last night on twitter
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reading through different articles online. one of them i read had a word cloud. the dominant word is the word [inaudible] the prior night's word clouds. the dominant word? can you guess what it was? trump. if you we do november and the dominant word the voters hear is trump or hillary or email server, we are going to lose. you want to know how we win? we'll win if the dominant mess and the voters here is freedom. this is about your life and your kids. that's how you win an elect, by deserving to win an election.
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>> i want to ask you a question about issues we had earlier that's very difficult for a lot of us. [inaudible] do you agree this party must get back to the value principle by change our rules for any candidate to have a chance to win the nomination. >> thank you for that question. i will point out, the rules we have are not an accident. we have those rules because
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people in power want those rules. unsurprisingly when people in power write rules, they are designed to protect and perpetuate those in power. on the rules fight that happened on the rules committee, i consciously stayed out of it. i wasn't even in cleveland. i understand many delegates fought passionately. when i was asked about the rules, it seems to me republicans ought to be picking the republican nominee. [applause] and as a voter i think reforms that enhance the ability of
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republicans to choose the republican nominee. bill: this is an incredible moment. ted cruz is tripling down in cleveland, ohio. after his speech last night he has grabbed the headlines and he has not given up. we'll analyze this in a moment. not the entire texas delegation is there, but several are. this part of what happened that kicked it all off. >> ted cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the constitution. in this election there is only one candidate who will uphold the constitution. so to paraphrase ted cruz, if you want to protect the constitution of the united states, the on possible candidate this fall is the trump-pence republican ticket.
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>> did we do all we could? that's what elections should be about. martha: ted cruz woke up this morning very heavily criticized and he's facing the music with the texas delegates. listen in.
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>> i will tell the truth, this is not a game, this is not politics. right and wrong matter. we have not abandoned who we are in this country. no, sir, i do not believe that is correct. and let me say this also, if anyone here thinks that -- thank you, sir -- if anyone thinks i was eager to come to this convention and give a speech laying out supporting a great many of the policy positions laid out by donald trump, laying out why hillary clinton is utterly unfit to be president, despite the fact that neither he nor his campaign has taken back
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a word they said about my family, i was not eager to do that. it is something i thought i had an obligation to do. i had an obligation to go stand and speak. what does it say when you stands up and say vote your conscience? and rabid supporters of our nominee begin screaming what a horrible thing to say! if we can't make the case to the american people that voting for our party's nominee is consistent with voting your conscience and defending freedom and being faithful to the constitution, then we are not going to win and we don't deserve to win. that's how you win elections.
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one final question. yes, ma'am. >> i met you when you were running for senator and my husband was running for congress. i asked you, are you a man of your word. you said, yes, ma'am, i am. i asked you if you keep your word. i know that's things were said during the campaign. obviously terrible things that should have never taken place. i heard what you just said that you defend your family, you're wife, your marriage, your father. i voted for you, i love you dearly and i have great respect for you. however, i have to say that it is not about donald trump, it is not about ted cruz or -- it's
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about the [inaudible] [cheers and applause] [we want ted!] >> i agree with you emphatically it is about the united states. i will point out every day in the senate i have spent every waking moment fighting for this country, fighting for you, fighting to honor the promises i made. and by the way, there is a reason why others don't. because the reaction in washington is you get screamed and hollered down when you follow your commitments. you do it anyway, and that's what i did last night. last night -- what i laid out
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last night was not a speech that was focused on me. last night was a speech that was focused entirely on the united states of america on a path forward. our country is at the edge of a precipice. we are at the risk of losing the great jettest country in the history of the world. my soul cries at where this country is and what we are doing to the freedom of our kids and grandkids. and what i have said last night is what i believe is the only path to saving this country, and it is not simply blindly chanting a name and yelling down the seasona -- yelling count ce-
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>> can you imagine our mom knee standing here and answering questions like this? even fellas who yell and scream insults. you have a right under the first amendment to express your views and i will defend your right to insult me. that's what i believe. but when you said it's about the united states of america, i can tell you this, if we don't defend freedom and the constitution, and if we don't make the case to the american people that our candidate can be trusted to defend freedom and the constitution, we'll lose and we'll deserve to lose. my speech last night was entirely about this country and how we save this country, and i'm going to continue to tell you the truth each and every day whether or not it is politically helpful or convenient.
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i wasn't elected to do the convenient thing. i was elected to stand up and do what's right, and that's what i will do each and every day. thank you, god bless you. martha: this is explosive. what we are watching unfold here is ted cruz who was number two in this race. you remember quite clearly donald trump spent quite a bit of time calling him lyin' ted. those words clearly sunk in. ted cruz is not over the primary phase. everybody else has moved beyond and there is an official nominee in place. he says this is not about blindly chanting a name as they chanted trump trump trump and usa, usa. let's go back with our guys watching this this morning. byron? >> texas delegation, home state. he won the texas primary big. you heard the anger that is out
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there. all day yesterday i was talking to delegates and other polite toes at the convention. what do you have think cruz will do? they said he will have to endorse. a lot of them said donald trump wasn't my first or second choice. but he's the nominee and a republican leader should support the nominee of the republican party. they said, i didn't like john mccain that much, but i had to fall in line and support them. now we are going to support donald trump. so last night when cruz came out and originally congratulated trump, a lot of cheering. but it goes on and goes on, when he gets to the part about vote your conscience. remember we were talking about the never trumpers who wanted to unbind the delegates. the word they used was conscience. he was sending a signal, that's when people realize, this
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endorsement ain't going to happen. bill: we said in unison, he's playing his card right now for 2020. he's betting right now that trump loses in november. >> not just that trump loses. but that trump loses in a large-scale catastrophe. if trump narrowly loses republicans will blame people like cruz who were reticent and dragged their feet. you see people like marco rubio. ted cruz says no, there are holdouts, john kasich and others notably. if it's a close loss, a few points, they will blame those guys. ted cruz is betting donald trump catches fire and crashes into the side of the mountain and he will be absolved from harm and
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be proven right. martha: the brutal primary process is still lurking around. he said i'm not in the habit of endorsing someone who has insulting my wife. and he said i never got an apology, i never heard from the trump campaign. >> it's still personal for ted cruz. by the am not personal for the delegates. if the one woman said to him, this is not about ted cruz, this is about the united states. a number of them said this is bigger than the party. they believe electing hillary clinton will be disastrous for the country. and for this fighting to go on, anything that would help hillary clinton. bill: you got a sense of how serious these delegates are.
6:36 am
they are committed. they are driven. they are in the process very deep as we find out on the floor every night. just doing my own informal poll of the texas delegation. the great majority said he has to endorse. there were a few holdouts. when trump walked in the arena several of them left the delegation and said that was wrong, that was wrong. i was confused. what cruz said was wrong or what cruz said was wrong. they said what trump did was wrong. many of thefl left the arena right past the trump family. >> it was a huge gamble but to some degree he successfully baited the trumps on this one because they made it a bigger deal. as cruz said and newt gingrich followed up with. who does your conscience say to
6:37 am
vote for if you care about the constitution? it's trump. go for it. >> i think it could have been handled better but cruz as he demonstrated today is not here for nice. he's here to make this stand. but the trumps could have taken air out of this by not making such a big deal out of it. martha: the moment trump chose to come down was because he was down there saying bring me in, bring me in before he is off that stable. and all the attention is on donald trump. >> ted cruz hijacked this convention. this is all about ted cruz. until donald trump walks out on the stage tonight, this story is about ted cruz. bill: more from senator cruz in a moment. and more from the trump team. how will they respond? or do they put their attention on tonight.
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mike pence made his introduction last night. did he deliver? live here in cleveland. he's a man known for a large personality. a colorful style and lots of charisma. i guess he was just look for some balance on the ticket.
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bill: ted cruz trip trimming down -- tripling down on his defines against donald trump. this is paul manafort in his daily briefing on what will be a make or break moment when donald trump addresses the convention in cleveland. cleveland. >> i am not getting into a
6:42 am
foreign policy speech today. any questions about the convention? >> debbie wasserman-schultz said there was a threat of anti-semitism in the republican party that landed at the feet of donald trump. we have seen among the protesters here, we saw the comment from youtube shut down because of that. what do you say about what debbie wasserman-schultz says? >> she is obviously making political statement that have nothing to do with reality. i don't control the protest rallies on the streets. any other questions? bill: manafort saying in a
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back-handed way, the boos helped increase unity in the party. he says it's definitely more unified after the booing wednesday night. representative chris collins was the first member of congress to endorse donald trump. what does the ted cruz and the back and forth do to the campaign. >> ted cruz is a self-absorbed narcissistic individual. it's all about ted cruz. america knows that. he's a small man who has not lived up to his promise to support our nominee. the cruz supporters are done with ted cruz. or many of them. i agree with paul manafort, this is a uniting factor. he did a typical ted cruz move, self-absorbed. he asked america to vote their
6:44 am
conscience, they did and they did not vote for ted cruz. bill: how does this unify the party? >> the ted cruz supporters who didn't know ted cruz, the self-absorbed narcissistic individual -- bill: you cannot be happy with headlines like this today. this was a day reserved for mike pence and reaction and a substantial buildup to donald trump's address tonight. >> you can't control hitting speed bumps here and there. but ted cruz who now has hurt his political future to the point he won't recover. he disappointed his own supporters who may have been lukewarm, kind of wish it was ted cruz. they know how ted cruz does not have the personality or qualities to be the president. i think they will be more supportive of donald trump because now they are done with ted cruz. >> he's ended his own career.
6:45 am
when it comes to the republican party, not honoring his men, then doing what he's done today, which -- last night. he could have just been, i'm going to support the party, never hillary. he didn't even go that far. bill: did the trump team not vet hip well enough? >> i'll go back to donald trump who is magnanimous, man of high character. he said ted cruz finished second in the primary, i'm going to invite him to speech. bill: 9:00 critical. >> donald trump reaching out and inviting ted cruz who came in second, i think it speaks to donald trump's character and ted cruz defined himself to america as a very small man.
6:46 am
it's all about ted cruz. we are done with him. bill: you were first to endorse and you believe in places like upstate new york trump can win and western pennsylvania to the eastern part of ohio. and you think that sliver of america is how he wins in november. do you feel that way today? >> absolutely. the bounce coming off the convention. especially the kid. especially to the moms of america. this is a nurturing dad, this is a wonderful human being or you would not have the type of children with the values they have and the confidence they have. he elevated himself with that swath of america. the soccer moms, so to speak. they are seeing a dad through his kids' eyes and ivanka will knock it out of the park tonight. bill: we'll know in a few months whether your prediction is correct. back over to martha for more
6:47 am
object this breaking news. martha: they will have to work hard to turn that narrative around as they go through this process. big us in from ted cruz. our panel all assembled. stay with us. we'll be right back in cleveland. >> i am here to tell you there is a better vision for our future. a return to freedom. you both have a
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>> i'm not in the habit of supporting people that attack my wife and attack my father. that pledge was not a blanket
6:51 am
commitment that if you slan dearn attack heidi, that i'm going to come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you so much forma maligning my wife and maligning my father. i would note that you would have a similar view if somebody were attacking your wife. martha: that was ted cruz moments ago. special report panel in the morning here. charles, what do you think is going on here? >> last night what cruz delivered was the longest suicide note in american political history. this morning he add an addendum. the theme of it was, it's a matter of principle as a conservative and as a constitutionalist he could not endorse donald trump.
6:52 am
at the beginning of this thing this morning he said i'll watch and wait and see if i can support him. but then he lost it. he blew it. it was toward the end of the event. he was asked a question about endorsing. you can see him calculating, should i give a reason. then he said it's all personal. about the wife and the father. he's a calculating guy. that totally undid the great political philosophical reasons he offered last night. that was already in jeopardy. for the first six months of the campaign he was especially nice to trump. he was drafting in the wake of the head car and everybody else was attacking trump over the mccain comments. and he didn't. this wasn't a matter of principle. but as of this morning i think he destroyed his political career. martha: the question becomes about the trump campaign.
6:53 am
they put him up there at 9:00 at night in the prime spot. they had to have felt somehow he was going to help them with a group of voters they they thought wouldn't turn out in november. >> donald trump probably made the calculation that ted cruz would go out and end his political career and given the rope to hang himself. i am not sure that will be the case. it could go either way. but it is a risk for the trump campaign to take risks like this. i think what the party wanted this week was an uneventful unified common focus and super disciplined convention. they are really hanging their hopes that it will be forward looking, optimistic, specific
6:54 am
and unifying. they will move past grievances and gripes with former rivals. martha: i was standing near the trump family box watching all of this unfold. you could feel the room turning against ted cruz as he was speak. the booze started, and you heard a trump trump trump trump. you could watch on the faces of eric and donald jr. and he came down to sit in it before he finished his speech. ted cruz said this isn't about blindly chanting a name moments ago. >> this is great theater. donald trump was told three days ago, according to ted cruz's vote that he wasn't going to get ted cruz's endorsement.
6:55 am
paul manafort said he expected ted cruz would give a good speech and say things that would benefit the trump campaign. i think the trump campaign initially misread what happened. and having trump walk in and look like he was bigger than the moment. charles krauthammer is not very often really wrong. and he's really wrong on this. it's not inconsistent. they are not mutually exclusive for ted cruz to have made a principled argument last night and also be personally offended by donald trump's attacks on his wife and father. i would argue the two are closely connected. if you are looking at donald trump and evaluating donald trump in terms of his character. it matters. martha: you don't stand up at the convention and do that. >> you could make that argument it's a fair criticism of cruz's
6:56 am
speech. there is no doubt this is part gamble for ted cruz's immediate future, i also think it's something more than that. i think it many a statement of principle that says to republicans, we are not all with this. people are rallying around donald trump. i think it's important to say that a country, not all republicans, not all conservatives are where donald trump is right now. when he insulted john mccain and mocked carly fiorina, you are not seeing the political party embrace him after that. martha: the other candidates said all those things all the way along. now it's over. >> it's important what ted cruz did to say not everybody is along for the ride. >> steve usually doesn't go to cruzian extremes in the morning. so you have got to excuse him
6:57 am
and take away his coffee. martha: we'll see the next chapter tonight. bill: what a morning we have had already. donald trump ready to make his case. he will be on stage tonight. constipated?
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cheryl: they will try to turn this around to what it is supposed to be about for the big night, the grand finale is the republican nominee will take center stage to accept nomination of the republican party. a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. bill: remember when donald trump said the convention in 2012 was so boring, we are not going to have a boring convention and so far he is right. ted cruz dealing with the fallout of his appearance last
7:01 am
night defending his decision to not endorse. he said this last hour in cleveland. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting people who attacked my wife and attack my father. when you stand up and say vote your conscience, and supporters of our nominee begin screaming what a horrible thing to say, if we can't make the case to the american people that voting for a party's nominee is consistent with defending freedom and being faithful to the constitution, we are not going to win and don't deserve to win. >> bret baer, anchor of special report, good morning, so much as happened and it is only 10:00 in the morning. >> reporter: he took questions and tried to extend that moment
7:02 am
this morning. he mentioned reagan's speech in 76 twice, talked at length about standing up for principle. i don't think it is going to sell with this party broadly. we will see. he is saying you have to vote your conscience, someone who will defend the constitution and he is not voting for hillary clinton but he will say i will wait to see what donald trump says. you talked about it with the panel over there but it is surreal that he was given this spot in this primetime position. >> he kept saying this is not about me but the principles of our party but then he lapsed into he attacked my wife and my father. i will not come back like a puppy dog and say everything is okay which is extraordinarily personal on ted cruz's part of the reagan reference there was an effort to have a reagan like 1976 moments but it was not that
7:03 am
at all. >> if you look at reagan's speech in 76 and ted cruz's speech, much different. we have a soundbite. remember the first question in the first debate in the same arena, who is going to support the nominee, you may not remember the question at the end of the detroit debate in early march, listen to this. >> can you definitively say you will support the republican nominee even if that nominee is donald trump? >> yes because i gave my word that i would and what i endeavor to do every day in the senate is do what i said i would do. >> he goes on to say he won texas but the beginning was yes, i gave my word. i think about the number that has been thrown about the last
7:04 am
two weeks of republicans who are going to vote for trump, i think it is 80%, mitt romney was 90%. a 10% cap. among that 10% how many of them is ted cruz appealing to today and in coming months? that is how this election is decided. >> there is fraction inside this party, there are republicans who are not on board with donald trump, some may have been starting to get there from what they heard in this convention, the importance of supreme court decisions and who he will put on the court, the fact that you could pass things, mitch mcconnell making the case they pass things president obama has vetoed with donald trump in the office, who would sign them. those things get those people across but there is still a faction of ted cruz supporters. >> he placed a bet that donald trump would lose this election.
7:05 am
there has been a lot about a possible supreme court justice. he was not working to align himself whatsoever and called out other people and call them hypocrites, if you support donald trump you are a hypocrite, so many layers, he got up and trashed donald trump. even though he said he didn't. >> interesting to hear him say who wants to stand up to mitch mcconnell and john weiner? he was back to his speech from the primary and doing his thing, standing up to the establishment and not following as everybody says, just get in line. we will see how it plays, i don't think it is playing well in cleveland. >> they are taking a new podium out for donald trump's unveiling later tonight. his daughter will be introduced and his challenge is what?
7:06 am
>> to convince the people sitting at home that he is capable and able to be in the oval office and make the decisions. >> he has to look like a president. >> to see donald trump behind that desk. how he does that, how he walks the line between appealing as he did in the primary and not being too stiff, being humble but also being donald trump is challenging. >> they have been working on it for a long time. some quote he said in that article, that they may surface into night's speech. >> an indication that there will be a lot about security and safety in the country is the foundation for prosperity, one of the phrases we are told we are you going to hear tonight. you can't prosper unless you get past the issue of everything
7:07 am
feeling so precarious and that haunts us. >> that law and order phrase you are going to hear and it is -- this election comes down to police officers feeling tense and anxious about security, donald trump have a shot at some of these things. >> long hours, stories like this keep going and there are other big names tonight. they have brought out a new podium. what do you see? >> what we see behind us is a lot of activity on stage for the last hour. it is wrapped in the new podium or whatever is under there is wrapped in a blue sheet but the old one is gone, make sure everything with that podium, not just donald trump -- his daughter will be the sixth member of the trump family to come to this convention and
7:08 am
attack their dad or husband in a new light and keeping the speech a little bit. >> people don't see his warmth and his compassion. he has tremendous warmth and tremendous compassion. he shows both sides of himself in other settings, he is a very private person in that regard. it is easier for me to express these things about him as a person, as a father and he is more reserved in terms of expressing those things himself. >> the theme, make america won again, we need leadership that will focus on what unites us, not what divides us. donald trump will move us beyond identity politics that are holding us back by restoring leadership, building trust and focusing on shared love of country and our common goal of making america great again.
7:09 am
unity is the theme of the night but he will focus on national security, talk about how the country cannot prosper if it is not safe from terrorists, congresswoman and venture capitalist, quite the night for the 125,000. >> thank you. we will see you later today. >> last night was not unity night. that did not happen last night but perhaps tonight it will as donald trump has his big moment on stage. there are big divisions, donald trump walked in when ted cruz was on stage finishing his speech putting all the focus in the room, there were blues across the room for ted cruz, a fascinating political scene unfolded there. the texas senator playing this right. penalty made up next.
7:10 am
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7:14 am
blueed off the stage for not specifically endorsing donald trump. this morning he came out again, damage control or doubling down? everyone is talking about his motives, what he is trying to accomplish, watch this. >> this is not politics. i will tell the truth, i will not malign or insult or attack, this is not a game, it is not politics, right and wrong matters. martha: a columnist for the washington examiner, republican pollster and author of the selfy votes, howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of media buzz, what a morning, this is the hot story of the morning. let me have you take it on first, what is going on?
7:15 am
>> ted cruz is 45 years old. he has decades left in politics and is making a gamble that will bring short-term phase for what he thinks will be long-term gain. he is gambling donald trump won't win this election, there will be disaster in the republican party and he will be able to say i was the one that stood up and said no. this is an understanding able his friend in the short run, ted cruz doesn't have a lot of friends, not much of a team player, he will alienate more people with this move but is gambling 20 years from now when he is younger than donald trump or hillary clinton that he will be in a position to be politically viable and potentially president. >> what is the impact on the trump campaign, was it a bad move to let them take the stage? >> on the one hand donald trump, somebody who doesn't get beat by anybody, always in charge,
7:16 am
someone coming on stage and humiliating him. i don't agree with that because what happened was people backing trump. this is the gamble he is making and it is a risky gamble. why assume people are looking at ted cruz? they may look for another trump or stay with donald trump. i don't think people by the story that all he cares about his principles, he cares about ted cruz. this reinforced that view of him that he will come into a republican convention and make it about him. martha: a moment of major proportion. i was standing on the floor and you could feel, i made the gladiator analogy, everyone was waiting, who will get the thumbs up and who will get the thumbs down in this arena. >> to say he is not a team player the understatement of the
7:17 am
decade. he came to the dinner party, ate the food, drink the wine, it creates a little sympathy for donald trump because he tried to be magnanimous and bring his former rival on stage and ted cruz showed he has political friends in washington. not sure i buy this notion, he took the pledge, violated the pledge, i don't think he is in position to pick up the pieces if trump were to lose and lose badly. we took his press conference live. we are talking about ted cruz as a guy who would say this. >> he said it was not personal but it clearly was because then we got to the line about he insulted my wife and didn't even say he was sorry and that is the thing, for voters who are not constitutional conservatives,
7:18 am
reservations are not necessarily about conservatism but a lot of people can understand, someone insults your wife, your father, dealing with that personal level of i can't get behind this person -- and that is the argument he will try to make, my speech wasn't an indictment of donald trump but he says things like we need a lighter -- a leader will in the united love, not anger. they seem like the 9 things but in the context of the night clearly failed attacks on donald. >> he said what if this is our last moment. did we live up to our values, did we do all we could, did you blow it in not nominating me? that is what i heard. >> very bad form. the other thing to remember is people sitting this out are not ted cruz supporters. marco rubio supporters, john
7:19 am
kasich supporters, it is bad form, the republican party whatever they think of donald trump they don't like hillary clinton a lot more and it was rude, the only way to put it. >> your thoughts on tonight. he has to hit it out of the park tonight, end this with a good news story. >> this is about a semblance -- republican unity. all this will seem like footnotes, how disciplined it is, the foreign policy the day before his speech, stepping on news cycles. of trump gives a good speech, we don't have high expectations, pronouncing a successful campaign but he will salvage momentum as hillary gets ready for her convention. it was a mediocre speech or
7:20 am
doesn't have a coherent focused message, we have to say it did not work out well. martha: how high is the bar? >> it is high, anyone who might think i like what donald trump says but not sure i can envision him in the oval office, he has to project being at 1600 pennsylvania ave. would be okay. he met that bar, donald trump is less predictable, less practiced a politician, he has to demonstrate credibility to anyone on the fence that it will be okay. >> he has to -- a lot of people like that he is unpredictable and bombastic and not politically correct. he needs to balance those things but there's a huge audience and opportunity for him, to show
7:21 am
people i'm temperamentally sound and fit to be president of the united states. >> back to the other night on stage in the wwe moment with the smoke and the silhouette, most media advisers say don't enter that way tonight. >> the measure of success tonight will not be in quicken loans arena. the audience at home, independents and working-class democrats with an attraction to donald trump, does he pass the commander-in-chief threshold. >> great to have you here. back to you. >> this is the story but it will be trump's night tonight so what is it like to be on the floor of the convention. we will so you live coverage from cleveland. take a listen. >> time for a president who understands the art of the deal and appreciates the value of a dollar, our tax dollars, time for the president who has always
7:22 am
been the one to sign the front of a check, not the back.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> we are not even halfway through the night but we are back in the tennessee section. i want to give you an idea what is happening, i call it centerfield because you have a teleprompter on the right and a teleprompter on the left to make sure the speaker doesn't get every one of the words, centerfield teleprompter is tight, centerfield teleprompter is there so you don't miss anything. it gets very tight throughout the night, the delegates move around, they love to take selfys
7:26 am
a lot. it is the vip box. it has a gold outline on it and down here in the front, you see these 5 gold stars right there in the front, we saw his kids in the box last night. this is where the guest of honor is going to go. >> using that box later tonight. that floor is action-packed, there is energy down there and as we saw last night you do not know what will happen. >> you watched trump sitting in the box and it is like they -- everyone is looking at them. camera is on them. everyone taking pictures of them
7:27 am
and they are trying to be as polite and not give too much away as they watch this unfold except positive feedback. >> reporter: looking at the delegates from texas, ted cruz about his decision, very serious people all over the country, they made it in a way that might work. they are dedicated republicans and democrats, they are the ones in the -- candidates need to organize. those are all the people to support. martha: donald trump will take the stage tonight hoping to close this deal with voters, a bit of a rocky convention at times, he was proud of eric trump, his son. he watched every second of it closely. it was fun to see the family gathered last evening. one of the figures is mary fallon, she was on the short
7:28 am
list for vp and will talk to us about what she expects this evening when we come back. >> the convention is doing two things, showing donald trump is trying to unify the party. a few people, delegates, candidates doesn't dismiss the fact the rest of the party is coming together.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
bill: you will see donald trump trying to bring the party together. his former rival marco rubio tips him with a video clip last night. >> unlike barack obama and hillary clinton donald trump take seriously the threats from islamic radicals and is committed to rebuilding our military and unlike barack obama and hillary clinton he has committed to appointing constitutionalist judges who will respect the proper role of the judiciary.
7:33 am
after a long and spirited primary, time for fighting each other is over. time to come together and fight for a new direction for america. time to win in november. >> one of tonight's speakers oklahoma governor mary fallon. good morning. got a lot to cover and want to talk about your message, trump's message, what is happening with ted cruz. first of all on trump. what is his challenge? >> he will have the biggest audience ever. closing the deal, he will make the best president of the united states and talk about his vision for america and how it is different from hillary clinton and how he will lead the nation to get us back to economic prosperity, defend our nation, make sure we are safe from those who threaten our way of life, support the constitution, support promoting -- appointing
7:34 am
supreme court justices that will uphold the things that are important to republican principles and the republican party and be the leader conservatives want to have. martha: we have seen a fair amount of unifying over the course of the that. iraqi night last night. what are your thoughts on that? >> the public was pretty clear on the floor how they felt about ted cruz's speech. when he got towards the end, the mood of the crowd, it is important we continue to empathize we are one is a party, we are united behind conservative principles and our main goal is to make sure we elect a republican president and hillary clinton is not president of the united states and you will hear a series of speakers tonight who will lay out the principles of what republican stand for. i will be speaking tonight and that is what i will talk about. it has been a distraction. bill: how does trump overcome this and leave the viewer, leave
7:35 am
the voters with a feeling that they can say trump can win in november? >> he will do it. you can't take your eyes off of him when you hear him speak, when his children are speaking last night, great speakers will be lining up, what republicans stand for, he will do interesting things because that is what everybody expects of him. people will be watching and listening and he will be back on the core principles of the republican party and why it makes a difference. >> a huge audience with these headlines. martha: what about the safety issue in the country and abroad? that will be a big focus from what we hear this morning. >> absolutely and one of the top concerns of americans. i don't think they're worried who did this or who did that. they are concerned about their
7:36 am
safety and security, do they have a job, can they support their family? if our children will have a good future. i'm not worried about this other stuff. i want to know we are going to get america back on track and have a leader who can do that and donald trump is proven to be a successful businessman, one that can bring people along with him. >> you will vote for donald trump? >> absolutely. i will say that tonight. i will endorse him. did. i am a believer in conservative principles. in our legislature you have a chance to vote on legislation. if you walk a vote, don't vote at all that is voting the opposite way. i believe in getting on the field and standing for what i believe in which is conservative principles and that is what donald trump represents. bill: your message tonight is what? >> make america one again in unity. here is the conservative
7:37 am
principle our country stands for. anyone who believes in these, whether you are democrat, independent, certainly a republican if you believe in these principles then you belong to our party and should support donald trump for president. >> john kasich will be in the house, ohio delegates supported john kasich in this election, very important. >> ohio is very important but the ohio delegates are here. they are on the floor. that is part of the message we got last night, we have a lot of people across the united states that are here is delegates, spending money to be here. it is their time away from family and work and they are united in the principles we want to elect a conservative president who will stand for the conservative principles in our platform. martha: thank you for sharing a
7:38 am
preview with us. >> taking came at hillary clinton and president obama saying they operate above the law, watch this from last night. >> these laws are under siege by a president determined to ignore laws he doesn't like and by a former secretary of state who believes the laws don't apply to her. >> that is a florida attorney general pam bondi, why she thinks donald trump is the right candidate for law and order when we come back. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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martha: donald trump's son eric
7:42 am
gave him a ringing endorsement last night during his speech at the are in see, eric from portrayed his dad is the law and order candidates while taking dick that hillary clinton on her trustworthiness, scott walker was more direct in his critique of mrs. clinton. here he is. >> after hearing the fbi director's report a few weeks ago i listened to that and said i wouldn't even give hillary clinton the password to my iphone let alone access to highly classified information. >> vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed or intimidated or steered from the path that is right and just and true. martha: interesting watching that play out last night. karl rove joins us in the circle. a quick thought on eric trump,
7:43 am
he did repeat my father is running for you, speaking to people who are down on their luck, want a better shot at the us economy and jobs. how do you think he did? >> he did pretty good and his father should take a lesson from it. eric trump's audience, he understood was less than 20,000 people in the arena and the millions of people tuning into night. this is less of a rally speech and more of a conversation, less aimed at the people in the room and more the people tuning in saying i heard about this guy but i will get my first in-depth review of him because a bunch of people, won't just be hard-core partisans watching the primaries, tonight the swing voters say this is my one chance to take a look at him. next week i will look at her and revisit them in the debate. >> this is not a rally. >> better be careful because in a rally he operates one way and when he is being interviewed by
7:44 am
you or having a conversation he is a different person. he needs to be the latter person. bill: pam bondi was on stage last night. why are you supporting donald trump? >> i know donald on a personal level and originally i was for jeb bush because i have known him 15 years and donald, i know his kids, i know the real donald trump, the ones that when you are in new york donald trump's staff will say can we get you some coffee? no but i'm outside a coffee machine, let me get it for you. when he is about to get the nomination when ted cruz got out of the race i called him and called right back, left a voicemail and he said how is your mom doing? i lost my dad a few years ago. that is the donald trump i know. i know that family. i see him as a family man and a great person.
7:45 am
the things i care about, our border. bill: border security will be part of the discussion tonight. how big is his challenge? you were inside the hall. get a sense what people are thinking and feeling and talking about? how big is this challenge? >> when i spoke everyone was cheering, with everything i said about him and this morning the ohio delegation at breakfast and even the ohio delegation were cheering. they want to get ron portman reelected which is very important so they were behind donald trump, the ohio delegation is about unifying and that is what donald's speech has to be about tonight. martha: the issue of unifying didn't go well last night. >> mistake and everybody's part, mistake to let him speak, they should have looked at his speech in advance and if they knew what he was going to say that wasn't
7:46 am
helpful. last night and this morning, the story is ted cruz, not mike pence. this was his first introduction and heated terrific job. i got to know him at the white house, he's a terrific human being and got to shine in that low-key midwest common sense way, self-deprecating humor and the story, the coverage is dominated by ted cruz who did not do himself or his ambition any good. you saw this morning. bill: did you see this coming? >> i didn't. prime kill meat, your colleague, our colleague said i don't think he is going to do it. ted cruz has ambition, he wants to run. he restricted his senate operation and political apparatus to run in 2020 whatever the circumstances are and you would have thought having thought that he would have remembered reagan 1976
7:47 am
graciously supporting the man who had just beaten him in a terrible convention. i was there in 1976. that was one acrimonious -- this is kids play compared to the tensions on the floor, there were fistfights on the floor of the 76 convention yet reagan got up, thought about tomorrow, graciously endorsed ford and let the predicate for 1980 by describing the shining city on the hill, the vision of america's future he thought was possible with conservative principles. >> how do you feel, speech is over. is that a relief? >> i was more nervous about the ohio delegation. bill: it seems like a mixed bag still. folks in texas wanted ted cruz to endorse trump last night. not all of them but most of them. >> it was not a happy breakfast for him this morning when he spoke to the texas delegation, he kept being pressed, last night when a former cochairman
7:48 am
of the party stood up on the floor, there could be a stronger ted cruz person in texas and said i'm upset with him for doing what he did. bill: john scott is up next on "happening now". good morning. john: you cannot accuse the republicans of being boring. another newsworthy night in cleveland at the are in see, speeches from mike pence, newt gingrich, ted cruz, we have analysis and a look at trump's big moment with an all-star lineup including chris wallace, britt hume, joe tripy and karl rove and clinton vp satisfaction at a fever pitch and what fox thinks will be the biggest battle for november coming up, "happening now". bill: see you in 10 minutes, big lineup including one man with an incredible story about defined odds and learning to walk again. he is here to preview his motivational speech, back live in cleveland in a moment.
7:49 am
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bill: one of tonight's speakers is a walking miracle. he suffered a spinal cord injury, between his father and his brother's girlfriend. >> he was told he had a 1% chance of walking again. he is back on his feet. he is a motivational speaker, how are you doing? >> amazing. bill: you must think often about how you were able to survive. why do you think god kept you
7:53 am
around? >> at first it was a big question in my head wondering why i am still here and what my purpose will be and i think god revealed that to me in a lot of ways and it was an incredible journey. bill: what do you give others from this unbelievable journey? >> i am asked a lot to speak to groups. i never wanted to get in front of people. that was my purpose, the gift god gave me, the chance i had in overcoming that, i have been able -- an enriching experience including my position with the first step foundation and giving people the same opportunity i had to fight and overcome their injury. have you met donald trump?
7:54 am
>> i have not. i have met a bunch of incredible people. the first time i had any idea about any of this. bill: what do you think? >> the first gop convention, it was overwhelming. bill: your message will center around what? how many people receive it? >> the volatile political season, the american voting experience, to voice our opinions because i care so much in this great country. bill: will you vote for donald trump? >> i have been a long time
7:55 am
republican, the season has gone along, absolutely crazy. bill: millions -- >> i do hope to meet donald trump. bill: what would you like to tell him? >> i am excited for what he can bring to the table as a businessman. i work for a family business, he will do a great job helping our government do the same thing small businesses have to do every day. bill: where is home? >> ohio. bill: how far? >> 21/2 hour drive. bill: you are at home. out of michigan. you must have an incredible family and incredible friends in
7:56 am
life. >> support from ohio. and all over the world. something i haven't got. bill: the website is see you tonight. honored to meet you. martha: tonight in the end will be about donald trump so what will he say about this important night in this campaign process? a huge moment for donald trump. we will be right back after this.
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> ... >> ...
7:59 am
8:00 am
i hope my friends in blue are watching because last night when i left the convention center they came over to me, these guys are so fantastic. they taking such great care of us. thank you so much to police officers in cleveland who have made us feel safe here and have been just a pleasure bill: walk outside that arena and you are surrounded by men and women in blue and they come from all over the country, all over the state of ohio and you feel good here. martha:the other day they got a standing ovation in the street as a huge group was walking by, people support them here and for good reason . by everybody. bill: 2:00?martha: yeah . jon: so as donald trump gears up for the biggest night of his political life there is more fallout from ted cruz's stunning refusal to endorse the republican nominee which got cruz booed off the stage last night, some fireworks? the texas senator just double down on his position, i'm jon scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee.


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