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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you this afternoon, we'll see you tonight on the floor. going to be a very big inning for donald trump and we'll cover it live from the q. let's go over to shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. near cleveland. at the finale of the republican national convention, and on a day we would normally be talking about tonight's speech from donald trump the buzz is still all about ted cruz. and what donald trump spurters calling the ultimate betrayal. ted cruz is standing by his remarks in which he refused to get behind his formal rife, donald trump. despite cruz's promise to support trump, a pledge he made in march. >> senator cruz, yes or no you'll support donald trump if he is the nominee. >> yes barks us gave my word i would and what i have endeferred to do every day in the senate is do what i said i would do.
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>> of course there's a lot of water under the bridge. he did not do what he said he would do. not only did ted cruz not endorse donald trump he repeat ode the rally can kyle of the never trump, telling people to vote their conscious. donald trump's democratic rival, hillary clinton, tweeting today, vote your conscience, and ted cruz went further than that. listen to him describe this ideal g.o.p. nominee. >> we deserve leaders who stand for principle, who unite is all behind shared values. who cast aside anger for love. >> a lot of people call that a dig at donald trump. the audience here in convention hall lost it. [shouting] >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. >> but by the end it was far more than the new york delegation in an uproar, donald trump himself out to give the hecklers a thumbs up as ted cruz
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left the stage. a cruz supporter rush cruz's wife out of the arena, screaming goldman sachs at her. they feared for her safety and got her out. today ted cruz is defend his decision to brake his pledge. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. if you go good slander and attack heidi, then i'm goes to nonetheless come like a survival puppy dog and say, thank you very much, for maligning my wife and father. >> donald trump did retreat that unflattering photo of ted cruz's wife, compare her with melania trump, a formle model. and donald trump tried to link ted cruz's father to the assassination of jfk. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. the whole thing is redick ridiculous. i think it's -- ridiculous. it's horrible a man can do that. >> fact checkers say that claim
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is not true. obviously. for his part, donald trump is playing down ted cruz's refusal to back him and said it was in big deal, but some trump supporters are not being as forgiving. >> i think it was awful. and quite frankly i think it was selfish. >> i thought it was selfish. >> a little classless. >> if bogey going to a conventioning go to support or don't go at all. >> ted cruz has done something very damaging to himself. he gave his word that he would support the nominee of the republican party. your word is your bond. he has broken his word. >> now on the convention's final day, where the theme is "make america one again," it's clear the republicans are not even close to one. united, are you kidding me? carl cameron is live on the convention floor. any sign that ted cruzs aton pace it third uproar? >> of course he did. marco rubio didn't call hit
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calculate ted for nothing. he was ready with the line when the booing started and said, i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation, and then swept throughout the entire convention hall. they understood that this was going to be provocative and this was dumping on the nominee on the eve of his acceptance of the nomination and it came seconds before the vice-presidential nominee would accept his nomination and what cruz is dog is planning his future. he made it very clear he is going to continue aspiring to be the president and move into the white house. some folks close to cruz were suggesting it's not out of the that if donald trump is the president, cruz would primary him. this is gusty stuff. i ran into folks associated with another presidential candidate and when i asked them about the fall yacht, they said when donald trump loses -- this is republicans suggesting that donald trump might lose -- they said when he loses people will
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blame ted cruz and it was obvious that was coming fob somebody whose boss is look fog run for president themselves and one reason why the delegates were outraged, even folk with misgivings about trump have bigger misgivings about hillary clinton and that they're trying to do is unite the party to beat her because trump is now their nominee. that it can't do anything about it. so, it's more about unite behind the defeat of hillary clinton. don't screw up donald trump's effort in that. by coming in here and undermining hmm. but trump obviously recognizes what cruz is doing. bare mcleed politics to run the world by the oval office, and cruz has his eye on it and has to weight four or eight years since this try. >> it's been like 36 years since something like this happened? >> well, not exactly. people are like, this is unprecedented. we in the press say that too often every four years. the fact of the matter was in 201 ron paul, the father of rapid paul, got to the
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convention on the first day. there was a huge blowup because he was not willing to release his delegates to mitt romney, and the convention had to stop and people were screaming and yelling and hollering. ronald reagan ran against federal ford and disrupted that convention 30 years ago. donald trump loves to compare himself to ronald reagan inch fact there's going to be a lot of references to that tonight. aides suggest the sweeping nature of this and trump's willingness to cast aside decades of political convention in or the to make change and make america great again, would do away with that stuff. so, ronald reagan did it. ted cruz did it again last night. and by the way, ronald reagan had to wait a couple years before he won the presidency after that convention in the '70s where he went after gerald ford. this is not unique but certainly extraordinary, and if you listen to the delegate and the people would want to see trump beat
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hillary clinton it's extraordinarily dangerous for him because it shows the dissenty at this convention. >> it does that. let turn to david now here, the senior politics writer for u.s. news "u.s. news & world report." he says it's not unique. i've been at all of this since 1996, whichn't that long, but i ain't never seen nothing like that. >> impressive. this didn't happen in 2012 would be like rick santorum or newt gingrich, the runner up to mitt romney in an open revolt against the party. >> open revolt. >> open revolt. >> donald trump said he read the script and let him go up there anyway. >> that's a question of the trump campaign competency. did they read the script and know? >> yes, they did. >> i have republican soured told in there was an original version of the speech and there was an endorsement of donald trump in it. cruz then removed it. but cruz is arguing two points here. right? why is it that he is not supporting donald trump. >> because he wants to run in
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four years. >> but on principle? that's what the outlined in his speech or the insult to his wife? i understand why you would hate the guy after what he said about your wife and your father. the problem cruz has is he made a mistake coming here and sort of throwing it in trump's face because the delegates are mad and his open delegation, the texas delegation, was furious at him. >> one of them said to me last night you not a load story tomorrow, we're mad. that said, this exposes yet again this shadow convention that is taking place here. people can disease nye it all they want -- deny it all they want. it is absolutely happening. people working behind the scenes, under the guise that is it not a successful campaign and donald trump will lose and they have to pick up the pieces of the party and paul ryan is one of them and ted cruz wants to be ready to run against hillary clinton in four years. that just a fact.
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>> party chairman say what they say on the record they're supposed to say, and then they turn the camera off or your recorder off and say, probably the not going to win this thing. probably have to look at four years. >> over and over and over again. a lot of people are not going to want to believe it. tell you to the core of mowing being, that's what happened. almost all of them say exactly that. >> the problem for cruz is the trump voters are not going away. even if if trump loses loses the election these voters going to blame cruz for keeping the party dwighted and they'll say the rope we lost to hillary is because of you, ted, and i don't know how the comes back to this convention four years and makes that case. he still -- new york state he has to run there again and they have a lot of delegates. eye don't know why he is picking fights here. there's a way around this. he could have just made the case about hillary, right?
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but he didn't. he said vote your conscious, and hillary is jumping on that. >> paul ryan said it, too. they both said it. >> trump is going to need to hit it out of the park to wash this away. he has to have a ten out of ten. he is capable of it. >> there's no question about that. >> but this has been a rocky, bumpy, divisive convention and he needs a big night. >> they're still needing women, minorities, on some level, and they need them in certain states, because is this about eelectoral college. is pennsylvania in play? can they keep ohio? very specific things they have to do. are they building toward that sniff they are i don't see it. >> the latest reuters poll, trump is down 12 points, the same personal that mitt mutt lost to barack obama so he is in the same place, down but not out of it. these states are close but a convention is supposed to produce a bump. so we're going to have to know
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next week, there's going to be some polling next week, did trump do anything to inch ahead in florida, ohio? that's going to be tough because tomorrow is hillary's vice-presidential pick. >> if it doesn't leak to tonight who it bet dollars to doughnuts it will lick -- leak tonight. write this down, before the big anchors go on for the big speech, right before it, somebody is going to leak who it is and it's going to be all the news. if they don't, something is weird. >> then you're in the democratic weekend. if they get a bump, doesn't evaporate in philadelphia. >> don't tell me there will be no bump because we have been wrong every step of the way. nice to talk to you. so it's a big night. it's huge. >> donald trump is getting set for the acceptance speech. his kids knocked it out of the park. he walked through the arena a couple hours ago for a couple of
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seconds. tested off the mic there with his daughter ivanka, wearing the same red. he is going to introduce him and then he is going to have a moment, donald trump on every champ with tens of millions of people watching him in the united states. ahead, what we haven't learn about what donald trump will say. think he'll talk about lyin' ted? do you think? that's coming up from cleveland on the -- well, the final day of the republican national convention. you've been with us this long. you're going to check in tonight.
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fox news learned a them to of trump's acceptance speech will be making america safe again. the theme of the first night of the convention, and everyone will be watching to see what trump says about what happened last night with lyin' ted. blake berman is live outside the convention center. in the land of the surreal what else trump expected to talk about. >> reporter: this speech from donald trump will be heavily, heavily vetted. so much so the campaign sources are telli fox that the speech has been put through plagiarism detection software so whatever happened to melania trump on monday night will not happen to the candidate himself tonight. just agent while ago i was speaking with a senior policy adviser before the speech tonight and that adviser told me think of a pyramid. all the advicers and specialties on the bottom. they have their input on what should be in the speech. the input rose to the top and donald trump signed off on
12:17 pm
whatever made it in the speech and what was taken out. the campaign chairman paul manafort gave a preview in cleveland this morning. >> mr. trump's speech will focus on his vision, given the circumstances of what is going on in the world and the united states over the last month, there will be a section that will be a bit more than normal that will deal with current affairs. >> reporter: that senior policy advisers said there's a few dem traffics that trump and his campaigning are trying to target. republicans on the fence, the independents, and also folks who have never, ever voted in a president contractual contest before. >> it was weird last night when the video monitors went out. so you had to see him as a speck at the bottom. and then you see this describing where it says republic national convention in the red straight to the right of the stage? all of that was down. it was weird.
12:18 pm
and i know they've been working on it tonight. right? >> yay. they've got a new podium, and we know this bus one of our producers with the camera caught the thing when trump was walking up. a brand new podium. the producer says there was a cutout so the podium could rise from the bottom of the stage, presumably. we do not know what trump is going to tonight but he is a showman. keep in mind what he has already done here in cleveland. he introduced his wife on monday. that's not normally. that video message on tuesday, not normal. he arrived wednesday by helicopter. that big spectacle. what does donald trump do tonight? i guess we all fine out here seven hours from now. >> thank you, ceremony one of the biggest trending topics from the convention was the technical glitch that knocked out the lights. officials at the power company say it wasn't there fault. the problem last night involved some production trucks of the rnc that organizers were using.
12:19 pm
started when the big screen started flickering during ted cruz's speech. it looked even weirder in the hall. today, trump's -- but it was weird because right when donald trump, jr. came up there, it was right then that the whole thing went out. i mean, right as he came up. we were like, what -- have the they been hacked? i warrant eric trump. donald trump, jr. was the night before. today they joked it had nothing to do with timing and the problem got worse as eric trump did speak. all the striping you see in an nba irene that started flashing and i'm like, what is going to show up? like has somebody hacked in here and we're about to get something vulgar? that's what i worried about. they were flickering and then all went out along with the big screen so just had a black background like a turned off tv. somebody managed to fix the big screen but the signs around the arena never came back on. of course the conspiracy theories were running rampant,
12:20 pm
but the truth is i'm told it was a sync issue. so, they couldn't get the equipment to all sync up together and had to turn it off. when we can't get on the air we blame rain fade, which is something that happens with the satellite. and anything goes wrong we blame rain fade. i wonder if they tried to hack them. i mean, that would be tough to get in and manipulate the video, but i don't know. donald trump suggested the united states might not always defend our nato allies. heard this? if he is the president, we may not defend our nato allies. his campaign boston blamed -- boss blamed the media saying "the new york times" misquote trump. we'll have both sides. from surrealville here in cleveland, that's coming up. ♪
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donald trump campaign chairman, paul manafort, says the "new york times" misquoted the republican nominee. the "times" reported that as president trump would not guarantee he would help all of our nato allies should russia attack. the newspapers followed up by releasing a transcript that confirms its reporting. i'll read that part. the reporter asked: can the members of nato including in the new members in the baltics, count on the united states to come to their military aid if they were attacked by russia? and count on us fulfilling our obligations, and donald trump respondses, according to at the transcript: have they fulfilled their obligations to us? they do the answer is yes, if not, trump responded, i'm not saying if not. i'm saying right now there are many countries that have not fulfilled their obligations to
12:25 pm
us. trump's running mate, mike pence, said in his speech, a trump administration would stand with our allies and not abandon our friends. we have a political reporter for the "associated press." it's the media's fault which i knew because everything is our fault. but if he did say that, it is really not off script for him completely. this isn't new territory for him, is it. >> he has certainly addressed this topic before, used similar lange. not on the eve of what is the most important speech of his political career. this i an example of donald trump having a tough time showing expertise in policy and even politics. finding his way. never done this before. and it is an issue of timing. why give a full interview to "the new york times" on the eve of your big moment, on the -- here in cleveland?
12:26 pm
his team is incredibly excited, and things -- he basically stepped all over his own message, not in a helpful way. >> no. in fact a lot of things stepping on his message help was or the "times" was or however, and ted cruz completely stole the night from pence, and you said you have talked to some cruz people in there. how did you describe them. >> i was on the phone with a senior cruz adviser and he seemed to be in shock that this is not the kind of reaction his team thought he would get whatsoever. ted cruz himself reached out to donald trump two or three days ahead of time so shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone on trump's team that he wasn't going to be endorsing. that said, his team just the intensity of that booing is not something that anyone expected, and they're going back to d.c., going back to texas and trying to regroup to see what his next step will be.
12:27 pm
>> they expected they would come here, they would mention his name once, that they wouldn't endorse him and that the trump people, the trump people, would not boo him? and then further, this morning came out and doubled down with my daddy and my wife, like it was all calculated and planned. that's what happened. >> exactly. i think it's just a reminder how deach this feud between ted cruz and donald trump guess. people might -- >> he talks by my daddy like that? i wouldn't get over it. there's a reason for that. >> my daddy and my wife. it's not every day in american politics where someone goes after your father and says, he may have had something to do with the jfk assassination. donald trump has kind of raised the intensity here in insults and ted cruz is not one to forget. now that the question becomes how does he move forward? >> huh does he? clerics clearly ted cruz has aggressive 2020 am -- ambitions.
12:28 pm
the rules fights, closing primaries, are designed to make it easier for ted cruz in 2020. i don't know what he is going to. do his team doesn't know what he is going to. do clearly they're shocked. they're -- i think probably a little worried at this point about how he moves forward. >> i bet they are. they have to escort your wife because they're screaming goldman sachs at her. >> not something you expect to see here. this is supposed to be a unity convention. the party is supposed to be coming out stronger heading into the three-month sprint to the finish. >> well, trump's kids say united everybody around trump. i have to go. donald trump's secret weapon takes center stage. what we know about ivanka trump's big speech. in the cleveland the police are here to protect everybody so maybe don't attack them when you accidently set yourself on fire.
12:29 pm
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ivanka trump says she terrified to introduce her father tonight in front of thousands of people here at the q. >> i've never spoken in a stadium like this, and i just want to make sure i do a great job for him. it's a real honor and a privilege that he asked me to do this, and i think it's a testament to him as a parent. >> ivanka was on "today the poise, the. the last of donald trump's four older children could speak. analysts call him his better half and his secret weapon. the billionaire says i rely on her for my company and my
12:35 pm
campaign. peter barnes is live on the floor here at the q. peter? >> reporter: as for the politics of this, just look at these numbers on candidate support among women voters from the last fox news poll done at the end of july. clinton was clobbering trump among human being -- hillary clinton was clobber are trump by nearly 20 points, and trump is especially weak among women voters who are his daughter's age. those millenials. so as a young woman and an executive in his company, she can help him with those voters, talk about his support for women and his companies, and in the workplace, but do want to point out that trump actually leads hillary clinton among women voters over 50. now, for all voters tonight, ivanka can also complete this portrait of her father that she -- that her siblings have
12:36 pm
painted of donald trump, their dad, as a loving and supportive parent, who is caring, and empathetic. she actually said on fox and friends this morning that he is a great parent and businessman which will make him a great president. shep? >> peter barnes, thank you. donald trump says he has tremendous support among union members and blue collar workers but analysts say his running mate could hurt his chans of picking up those votes. some union leaders called indiana for mike pence the most antilabor candidate in american history. 1500 union workers demonstrated outside the trump international hotel in las vegas, protesters came out in support of a labor group trying to unionize workers at the hotel. shannon bream has more on that from the con strengths floor here in kleveland. >> reporter: trump says when it comes to coalminers, construction workers, he is the
12:37 pm
one they trust. he says blue collar americans are signing up with him and he is comfortable he can null their votes he says they can trust him to work against unfair trade deals and to create jobs, and he says he thinks the workers are with him even if the union leaders are not. >> the men and women of the teamsters, are with trump. they're going to vet for me. the workers are going to vote for me because i'm going to create jobs. >> but union leaders say that trump's decision to pick indiana governor mike pence as his vps proof he won't be good for the average worker and for union workers. they point to what they're calling pence's antiunion effort. fighting minimum wage and get thing right to work laws passed in indiana. afl-cio tweeted the trump's priority is assaulting the rights of working people and helping ceos line their pockets.
12:38 pm
well, don't expect hillary clinton to cede any territory on this group which does vote with democrats. she has continued to bring in many, many top name union endorsements all throughout her campaign. that's leverren in in doubt for her. speaking with the folks in vegas she said, i am the one who is going to work on your behalf. i've proven it. you can trust me. you can't trust trump and add this. >> we have to send a loud, clear message right to work is wrong for workers and wrong for america. >> reporter: we are standing right by where the new york trump delegation has been seated, just off the stage. and trump points to new york as an example of where he says there's prove he worked with i'm unions, with multiple construction projects in manhattan. he says you have to work with unions to get things done, and he says i've done and it they respect me. we'll see come this fall.
12:39 pm
>> we shall see. and final permitted protests today in cleveland. a group calling itself stand together against trump, marched a couple of hours ago. that came after police arrested 18 people here yesterday. [shouting] >> they say two people assaulted a couple of cops. the cops are okay, just minor injuries, and officers arrested both suspects. police arrest 15 others for resisting arrest and failing to disperse and basic stuff. one group lit the american flag on fire. cops say a man's pants then caught on fire, and when an officer tried to put it out the man assaulted the cop. mike tobin following a protest here in cleveland. what's the scene like in downtown cleveland today? >> reporter: more of the same. you have a group of self-described an naar -- anarchists. they took to the stage, some people opposing them, police
12:40 pm
watching closely. if it gets too out of hand the police will move in and separate everybody and move people off the square and prevent things from getting too out of hand. the lost of the legal or permitted protests took place today and that's the first one we saw take place on the predetermined protest route. the problem is they never got close to any people, didn't get close to the quicken loans arena, and 260 people said they're just trying to get the media to relay their message and that's the organization stand together against trump, organized by a group of muslim doctors. on the square there's could as all the time -- cameras all the time and people get their attention without the permit. that the situation. >> not a lot of trouble this week to speak of. right? >> reporter: no, there really wasn't. the most excitement we saw so far is what you were talking about, the revolutionary communists who showed up and attempted the flag burning. what you hear from the police is not your first amendment rights. it's about starting a fire in the middle of a bunch of people, and we saw a cop got hit in the
12:41 pm
process and ended up with two anyoneys in the deal. -- two felonsy. the group is not discouraged and are coming back because they like the attention. when things get too out of hand you get the police. you say the straight troopers in line because this group here on the steps was getting too rowdy. look like some trump supporters showed up and now you have a situation developing and what we have seen is the police overwhelm them with numbers. so many police on the public square that they separate the different groups and telling us to move right now. they separate the opposing groups and move the people off the square just by volume, shep. >> move! >> move! >> move! >> i sometimes want to scream like that. let's watch this. no more screaming? >> reporter: they'll usually move a little bit, establish
12:42 pm
their line, and rest for a little while. let things calm down. they don't want to have a big shoving match. they'll advance their line and then stop until they decide they want to move further, and what we have seen in the past is if it gets rowdy enough they'll put a lot of police bodies out here on the public square. >> and they'll make you move! i wouldn't mess with that guy. not to nothing. ahead we visit with kennedy. she took a tour of cleveland. that's coming up next. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are genital yeast infections, kidney problems, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor about jardiance and visit and get a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. another look behind the escapes here at the rnc. kennedy joins us now. look at that. a miracle. >> great graphic. >> television magic. kennedy is here, host of "kennedy."
12:46 pm
on the fox business network, you brought a wwe guy, a super nice guy. >> a ww super star from cleveland, loves politics. big fan of fox news. we wrote a piece about how the presidential race is like wrestling, and we within around here at the q and made some magic happen. >> you love pro wrestling? >> pro wrestling? >> you like the wwe? >> this a wwe super star. >> you want to get down right here? >> for free? >> yeah. ♪ >> do you think that the clinton foundation is the next level of investigation and will any charges actually make purchase? >> what do you think? >> i don't think salt. it was a big ruse. >> i didn't know a word you were talking about. >> this is wwe super star,
12:47 pm
dolph. >> okay. what you don't know, what you don't know, i used to do some work for the wwe when it was the wwf, and i -- would you wear a mask? >> no, no. i worked with -- >> were you a mexican wrestlers? >> block, we're here at the gary johnson for president event at the winking lizard tavern, blocks away from the q. governor, i have a treat for you. this is a big surprise for you. this is dolph zibgler, wwe super star. >> you look like a super star. >> what would you say to spun on the fence another libertarian. >> i'll send dolph over to do some persuading. >> you sad that john is hillary clinton, brock is donald trump and you're rand paul. >> i think it's more because my
12:48 pm
hair gets curly. >> why is cleveland the perfect sit for the rnc? you're from here. >> i'm from cleveland. everybody i bumped into so far has said the hospitality has been through the roof and the city is amazing and everybody has been very happy. >> kind people. >> that was fun. >> embrace the wrestlers. >> i'm loving cleveland. >> there are three pro wrestlers from the cleveland area. dana brooks, one of the diva, and dolph zigler. >> you've are bff's. how did that happen. >> he has been on my show. >> going back to mtv days. >> no. i never would have cavorted with someone like that in my mtv days. how dare you. no, nothing. he was probably in junior high. >> i don't think you can do
12:49 pm
that -- >> is he popular around here in wwe is big here. >> he has two and a half million twitter followers. that's how -- just a the metric i use to judge one's popularity. >> so we'll be looking for you tonight on the biz. >> last night i was on the floor, roving. the where are some very heat disputes between pro cruz delegates and the very angry pro trump delegates who felt like ted cruz stuck his meaty thumb in the eye of trump lovers and they want revenge, and ted cruz wants? the white house. in 2020. >> he does. there's no doubting that. >> no. he threw down. >> said said it almost came to bible cuffs. >> a state senator from colorado and from arkansas and talking bet the moral obligate where one is morally gobble it'sed to
12:50 pm
support the candidate of the conservative christian platform. >> i'm sorry i missed that. >> and they were in each other's faces, one of those, comp at me, bro. >> we there foree. >> i was talking video. >> we'll look for you on the biz. fog business network, the fastest growing cable network in all of cable. >> for good reason. a wonderful home. >> hillary clinton could announce her vp as soon as tomorrow but they could leak is as soon as tonight if they choose. do not know. a man many consider to be the favorite might not want the job? what is this? you'll hear what he had to say. that's next. ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer.
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with no networks and virtually no referrals needed. so, call now, request your free guide, and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. sixty-five may get all the attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. go long™. as the republican convention wraps up war hearing hillary clinton could announce her
12:54 pm
running mate as soon as possible tomorrow. could leak tonight. who knows. who names who keep coming up, senator tim kean and thomas vilsack. she could surprise everything. your following senator daine. >> he is documenting questions. i should note his -- getting extraordinary attention with cameras and reporters chasing him all day long. earlier at an immigration event he didn't bite on a vice-presidential nominee question. >> i've said all along what i'm going to say now, i'm a happy senator and not looking for another job. i'm a happy senator, not looking for another job and it has been a real honor. >> of course that's what you say when you're on the short lift. kaine did take some gentle swipes at donald trump. he has a nice guy reputation in
12:55 pm
the senate but wanted to show a contrast. >> give us some info on cory booker. >> i confirmed earlier today that senator cory become are met with secretary clinton at her home last week on a day she met with several others on the short list. booker was not biting at questions today but made an interesting sports reverence. >> talking to a former football player. i'm happy to do what the coach asks me to do and play whatever role that the team wants me to play. and so i'm looking forward to this general election. i'm frankly looking forward to next week. >> then there's agriculture secretary tom vilsack he was doing on event in missouri today. he said he could not answer questions about being a running mate because he was there in his official capacity as secretary of agriculture, and so he politely declined. >> kind of him. mike emanuel. thank you.
12:56 pm
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sargento snack bites. big flavor in a little bite. on this day in 1930, president hoover credited the veterans administration. its essentially combined a few federal programs into one agency. after world war ii congress put in place lots of new benefits to veterans. millions of vets have relied on the va. this year reports that vets died while waiting for care have candidates on both sides of the aisle look for reforms. after the birth of a department to look after our heroes 86 years ago today. >> i'll be doing a facebook live hangout from here on the floor at 5:00 eastern time, 4:00 central time. on facebook live and on the incomes and the texas news app and probably get it without all of that. the final bell is ringing on wall street. it's been a bit of a down day but not horrible.
1:00 pm
we were down triple digits for a wild but recovered here in the final hour. this best in business coming up on "your world." this is fox news channel, america's choice for information on cable. it's been just over a year since donald trump and melania first descended on the escalator at trump tower. now the balloons are set to drop as trump prepares to accept the nomination in cleveland. will his speech live up to the hype? and will his words unite the party? welcome, everyone. i'm stuart varney, in for neil harwell. this is "your world." a speech that could smash records. more than 30 million tune in for mitt romney in 2012. nearly 39 million for john mccain four years earlier. to shannon bream on the floor of the g.o.p. convention