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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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check out more on our facebook page. and thanks to everyone at the pro football hall of fame for a great visit. >> that's it for us. tomorrow, the road to sochi begins. "special report" is next. the man who wrote "the art of the deal" prepares for the biggest sales pitch of his life. donald trump accepts the republican presidential nomination tonight. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier from cleveland, ohio, site of the republican national convention. it is going to be a big night here as donald trump formally accepts the gop presidential nomination. but before we get to politics, some news about this channel. fox news, and our parent company, 21st century fox. here is media analyst howard kurtz. >> reporter: roger ails resigned
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this afternoon as chairman of fox news channel, effective immediately. rupert murdoch, who hired roger ailes, is taking over as chairman of fnc and fox business and assuming the role of acting ceo. the announcement by this network's parent company 21st century fox, followed days of negotiation and intense media coverage. the sequence of events was triggered by a lawsuit filed by gretchen carlson, after her contract was not renewed. roger ailes has denied the allegations in this pursuit. then there was a review that included interviews with fee nail fox employees that led to the announcement. murdoch praised him for having made a remarkable contribution to our country and our company. and without directly referring to the harassment inquiry, they
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said we continue our commitment to maintaining a work environment based on trust and respect. roger ailes, of course, has been synonymous with fox news since its founding, and while taking on the acting ceo title, he sent a message of stability. bret? >> howie, thank you. we are about four hours away from history here in cleveland. a man with no previous political experience, a real estate mogul, a reality tv star, a billionaire businessman, is about to take his place at the top of the gop presidential ticket. donald trump defeated 16 other declared candidates over a long primary season, with a tough talking populism that preached contempt for traditional establishment politics. this the process, trump brought hordes of new and disaffected voters into the fold and induced shock and awe with opponents and
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detractors. tonight, we have james rose within the uproar caused by one of those defeated primary candidates, senator ted cruz. but we begin with carl cameron and what we can expect from donald trump tonight. good evening, carl. >> reporter: well, historically the ak sep taps speecceptance ss been meant to set the trajectory and tone for the upcoming campaign. tonight, he accepts the nomination in front of the biggest international audience yet. trump toured the stage this amp with its new podium. >> i love the media. >> reporter: his remarks are set to go 40 minutes but likely will go longer. each of the themes, make marriage safe, work, first and great again will echo throughout.
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>> i'm talking about trade, law and order, i'm going to be talking about boarders and many different things. our country has a lot of problems. >> reporter: to avoid the problems that plagued his wife's speech, his remarks have been run through a software program to eliminate dupe natilicatidup. >> there will be a section in it that will be a bit more than normal, a speech that will deal with current affairs, such as the crisis they've seen in the cities and terrorism that's facing the record. >> reporter: trump said as president he may not honor nato alliances. mike pence sought to clarify this morning. >> i think donald trump's position very broadly with regard to our allies and regard to treaty obligations and nato is that it's time for our allies
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to begin to pay their fair share. >> reporter: pence's acceptance speech came after ted cruz outraged supporters by refusing to endorse him. trump was quick to tweet, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours early but let him speak any way. no big deal. cruz insiders indicated he hopes to run again even in 2020, even if trump is president. and so tonight, donald trump will take all the talk of this convention about disunity, and disorganization, and with his remarks, try to bury it and launch the general election campaign. he'll make that effort in just about four hours from now, after his daughter ivanka gives her
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introductory remarks. bret? >> carl cameron on the convention floor. carl, thank you. let's go deeper now into the cruz speech and reaction to it. here's chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz's morning meeting with the lonestar delegation exposed him to blistering criticism. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that issue was cruz's refusal during his convention speech wednesday night to endorse the man who bested him during the gop nomination, donald trump. a decision that infuriated delegates. >> god bless each and every one of you, and god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: the moment spelled big trouble for cruz. the runner-up in delegates this year with eyes on another run in 2020. not least because he had indeed made the pledge on a national
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debate stage. >> senator cruz, yes or no, you will support donald trump if he's the nominee. >> yes, because i gave my word i would. >> reporter: today, cruz argued that pledge was rendered null and void after insults by trump on his wife and father. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people that attack my wife and father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you slander and attack heidi that i'm going to come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and father. >> reporter: while cruz called on delegates to vote their conscience -- >> i can tell you, i'm not voting for hillary. >> reporter: condemnation came quickly from unnamed officials at the rnc who termed cruz classless.
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>> the ted cruz supporters who didn't know ted cruz, the self-absorbed, narcissistic individual that it starts and ends with ted cruz, now know who he is. >> i really think he lost a lot of political credibility yesterday. >> this is a big boy game. you get into this process, you're going to get hurt. you're going to see your own blood. i tell people, if you can't stand the sight of your own blood, don't run for anything. >> reporter: so when donald trump was waiting for ted cruz's speech to end, trump grew impatient and he tapped the arm of the young man who was escorting him to the vip box and said, watch this. and then started making his way down onto the floor to great applause and stealing the thunder of the man that mr. trump calls lying ted. bret? >> james rosen on the floor. james, thank you. let's get more perspective on this. alabama senator jeff sessions
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joins us now. we just listened to james' piece. and you heard senator cruz today and last night. your thoughts? >> well, i hate that it came to this. i think ted made a really big mistake. a lot is at stake for america and for conservatives and for constitution that we love in this country. he needs to be for donald trump. we've got to get everybody there. but i will say this, bret. one thing that trump has said that is true, outside this hall, this party is becoming more and more united. and i sense a greater and greater confidence in donald trump from the people i know, people who were uneasy at first. i think he's unifying our party. but more importantly, he's reaching out to independents and democrats. >> two more questions about this, not to dwell on it. he said he was not going to be a servile puppy dog and the pledge was abandoned when donald trump went after his wife and father. >> it's just bigger than that.
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i know he feels badly about it, i'm sure. but this country is at stake. the future of america is at stake. donald trump's policies are sound. they are conservative. he's got great judges to nominate. he will repeal obamacare and a lot of other issues that we fought for and believe in, and it cannot happen if he's not elected. >> last one, here's what paul manafort said this morning about why, why have ted cruz speak? >> why did you guys allow him to speak knowing that he probably wasn't going to endorse trump last night. >> we didn't know that. but that wasn't the point. mr. trump made no conditions. the reason he spoke is mr. trump believes ted cruz, one of the candidates who ran for president, should be allowed an opportunity to help bring the party again today. and he assumed that ted cruz would bring the party again, just like walker and rubio and chris christie did. >> then you had the two tweets from donald trump, and we showed
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them earlier, saying it's no big deal. i saw the speech two hours before. why let him speak if you knew he wasn't going to endorse? >> bret, as i remember, he met with some days ago, about two weeks ago and said he wanted him to speak at the convention, put no conditions on that speech. it was up to ted cruz and ted cruz made his own decision by what he would say. but trump honored his commitment to let him speak, and so did the republican party. >> all right. tonight is not about ted cruz, it's about donald trump. what do you expect from this speech? what does he have to do in this speech tonight? >> well, i think he's a special person. i think we're going to see that tonight. he seems to be -- i saw him at lunch making a speech. he was relaxed and confident and showing the kind of leadership that you expect out of a strong leader. i think that's what we're going to see tonight. i think it will be a message about unifying america. when you talk too much about individual groups within america and group rights, it creates
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more division rather than unity. i think donald trump is going to be talking about americans, all of us, whatever background, ethnic, race, or religion is, and the unity that we need as a nation on broad principles that unite us. >> is this going to be visionary, is it going to lay out policy, is it going to be -- have you seen it? >> i haven't seen it. i haven't given any advice on it, but i'm curious about it. i think he will communicate very effectively. i do believe he'll talk about some of those key issues that concern americans that others have ignored, like lawless immigration. that needs to end. we need a policy that's lawful, that serves an interest to the american people. we need trade agreements that protect our entries and our jobs and our wages. make sure that we're not cheated on the world stage. i think those are good policies that he will talk about. and a lot of republicans haven't been talking about those two issues much. >> do you think he'll get a
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bounce, big or small, out of this convention, even if hillary clinton names a vp nominee to squelch some of that tomorrow? >> i don't think there's any doubt about that. these are little blips in the convention. some of the critical media highlighted minor thing as if they were significant. the significance of this convention is he had a supermajority of delegates. cruz people are coming around to him, even on the floor. and throughout the country. so i think we'll come out of this with momentum and unity. >> last thing, senator. you were the first sitting senator to endorse donald trump. you were, at that massive rally in alabama when you walked out. that journey to this moment is pretty amazing. >> it really is. i felt deeply that our candidates weren't connecting with the voters, and that we needed to talk about their problems. their wages are down for a
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decade or more. this is not healthy. people are unhappy with washington. they thought the trade deals weren't working. my study finds out that the people were correct. they want a lawful system of immigration. nobody will talk about that. and donald trump did. he talked about the concerns of the american people. he's attracting independents and democrats. he's got the kind of support that can lead him to victory in november. not another close loss. >> senator sessions, thanks for your time. >> thank you. up next, hillary clinton's running mate could come tomorrow, who will she choose? first, though, throughout the broadcast, we'll be showing you what folks who have attended this convention thought about it. take a listen as we go to break. >> finally we have a businessman, a real true businessman to help the united states. finally. >> he was not my first choice,
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but he's the nominee. and we need to win. the country needs to win, because we can't keep going like we're going. >> you don't have to agree with everything every republican says. we don't have one opinion. it's a million opinions, and we vote to a consensus to do the best thing for our country. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast.
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the florida state attorney's office is looking into the police shooting of an unarmed therapist trying to help an autistic patient. cell phone video shows the caretaker lying down with his arms raised before being shot in the leg. north miami police had responded to a call about a man with a gun. but the autistic patient was playing with a toy truck, and no weapon was found. the police department is not commenting on this case. the justice department says it is working with local law enforcement. on the markets, the dow's nine-day winning streak ended today with a loss of 78. the s&p 500 was off 8. the nasdaq dropped 16. after the republican convention ends tonight, the focus will be on the democrats and their meeting next week in philadelphia.
3:20 pm
they and we are waiting to learn who will be joining hillary clinton on the fall ticket. jennifer griffin has the latest on the search for her running mate. >> reporter: first, there were 27. soon there will be one. virginia senator tim kaine kept a busy schedule thursday talking immigration, trailed by reporters wanting to know if he had been asked by hillary clinton to be her running mate. >> do you want to be her running mate? >> i'm a happy senator and i'm not looking for another job. >> reporter: he spoke to spanish media in spanish. he's already campaigning. >> the preference isn't treat latinos as second class, with they immigrated yesterday or they are a respected federal judge. >> reporter: the question is whether the 27 million potential latino voters after several latino politicians were on her short list. julio castro was a favorite, but
3:21 pm
his stock fell after he violated the hatch about. tom perez doesn't have the national security credentials clinton said she was looking for. corey booker still plans to campaign hard for hillary. >> you're going to see hope and compassion, and i'm here today because i'm going to defend those values and ideals. >> reporter: elizabeth warren, after being quiet on twitter, resumed her attacks on donald trump last weekend, but there are few indications she is the pick. finally, there's former iowa governor tom vilsack, currently agriculture secretary. he's a clinton family effort, but there's been little effort to elevate his profile since he campaigned with clinton last year. he was asked today if he was her hick. >> there's a thing called the hatch act, and it prohibits me from answering that question.
3:22 pm
>> reporter: bret, i'm told by very well placed sources that secretary clinton has not yet called her vice presidential pick. she's not told any of those on the short list that they are not longer on the list. she will make that call tomorrow from florida, and immediately thereafter the campaign will e-mail out to followers who are the vice presidential pick will be. i'm assured that the campaign does not plan to leak that name, the name of the vice president, tonight during donald trump's speech. i'm told there are three people on the short list, virginia senator tim kaine, tom vilsack, and this just in, corey booker of new jersey is still on that short list i'm told. bret? >> jennifer, thank you. russia's entire olympic team could be banned from the summer games. the court of arbitration for sport today rejected russia's appeal of the ban of its track and field team, which filed
3:23 pm
allegations of state sponsored doping. the olympic games in rio de janeiro, brazil begin august 5th. brazilian police have arrested ten people who allegedly pledged allegiance to isis and were discussing possible attacks during the games. their communications were found on social media. the justice minister says the individuals were complete amateurs and ill prepared to actually carry out an attack there. a u.s. government official tells fox news there has been increased chatter leading up to the olympics but nothing specific. we will brace for some rowdy behavior outside the quicken loans arena, but it has not materialized. we'll look at why next, with a live report. and some more thoughts on the cleveland convention attendees. >> i'm supporting him because america needs him. >> it was tough, i'm going to be
3:24 pm
honest with you, but i think i can get behind him. >> look at the alternative. you know, our party is better come together and support our nominee, all of them, because we don't want to go down the path of the other side. let's just say the other side. we don't want four more years of obama, and that's what it would be. this is shaving. blades here, blades there. some more over there... whoa! that's not a blade. this is gillette shielding. with lubrication before and after the blades. shields from irritation for a close, comfortable shave. proshield from gillette. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid
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a massive security operation here in cleveland was bracing for massive protests and possible violence. that has not happened. correspondent mike tobin is outside the arena with a look at possibly why. good evening, mike. >> reporter: good evening, bret. it's usual madness out here. there's a report just confirmed by the secret service that someone has been slapping stickers on people.
3:29 pm
police say a couple of officers have been treated with a skin irritation because of those stickers. but overall, the police are out here in overwhelming numbers and are pleased that we have got thn far without a lot of trouble. >> for us and the city of cleveland right now the last three days have been pretty even. not too much going on, and when things have sparked up, our officers, our law enforcement partners were there to take care of it. >> reporter: the biggest dustup so far was that flag burning attempt so far. people got burned and a couple of cops were punched. 17 people were arrested. the aclu is now complaining that the city is dragging out the bond hearing and the paperwork so those individuals in jail can't rejoin the protests. but things have been so relaxed that the cops have been taking community policing to a new level and playing ping poll with the demonstrators. it seems like it was started
3:30 pm
from the indiana state troopers and lasted until they had to get back to work. overall, everybody is hoping for one more relaxed night. bret? >> mike, thank you. donald trump's big night is almost here. we'll talk about wit the panel. but first, social media is a very big part of this republican convention. earlier today, i got to swing by for a closer look at this week's convention, twitter twenlds. -- twitter trends. this is media row, a lot of different media organizations here. this is the twitter caucus room. let's talk to adam sharp of twitter. you have a lot of data for us? >> yes, i do. the story last night we've been talking about all day, ted cruz upstaging the rollout of the vp nominee. the most heated moment of the night, people asking will he or won't he, endorse him that is. mike pence, number two.
3:31 pm
>> and laura ingram top four. >> scott walker ahead of her. the trump children who spoke the night before, a lot stronger. donald trump, jr., talking about hillary clinton can't pass a background check. >> up here, we have this motion of all of the tweets happening, and during the speech, it's massive. >> during the speeches, we can see in realtime as conversation takes off, spikes, and tends to settle back at the end of the speech, waiting for the next speaker. one exception to that, monday night, melania trump, a second arc overnight as people made the comparisons to michelle obama's 2008 speech. >> and you have a space here that you do some interesting q&a. >> the twitter blue room. different campaign spokes people and the media have been coming
3:32 pm
in to do periscope chats. >> we use twitter all the time @ bretbair. "special report" continues after this. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation.
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the speech tonight, he'll talk about his vision for america, he ole talk about the tough times we're facing and the consequences of failed leadership in the world and in the united states. and he's going to say you can make a difference with effort. >> a little off script, do you think? >> he'll be donald trump tonight. >> paul manafort, the campaign chair, talking about this big speech for donald trump tonight. we've just, from the campaign, received some excerpts of that speech. he begins that he humbly and gratefully accepts the
3:37 pm
nomination for the presidency of the united states. let's bring in our panel, charles krauthammer. brit hume. mara of national public radio. and tucker carlson. starting with the humbly, obviously, charles, but this speech, what do you think is going to be the main thrust of it? what does he have to do? >> this is his reintroduction to the american public, but in some way an introduction, because not everybody follows closely the republican nominating process. so he's reaching out now to the -- he's going to -- you need 65 million people to win the general election. and the majority of them have not really seen him. and this is his chance to make a second introduction. i do think we've heard all of the negatives, because hillary would be unacceptable. he now has to do one speech, one day on why he's the man. >> a lot of rhetorical tools on
3:38 pm
these excerpts, tucker, where he says, i am your voice. much like his son did about these different neighborhoods that are struggling. he says, i am your voice. >> that is exactly what he needs to do. i agree completely with charles. he doesn't need to attack hillary, he's done it, and he's good at it. he doesn't need to pile on his vanquished republican opponents or he doesn't need to talk about himself. he needs to talk about voters. he's good at it when he bothers to do it. to the extent he's succeeded, it's only because he's the only candidate who even pretends to care about americans that nobody in power even bothers to like or pretend to like. if he does that, i think it works. >> does what he says tonight affect this race dramatically tomorrow? >> i think it can. he said in the past, hillary says her slogan is, i'm with her, but i'm with you. you're going to hear some of that tonight, i think. the other powerful thing he has
3:39 pm
is change versus more of the same. the country is in the mood for change. he's the status quo, he's change. there's nothing more different than donald trump. >> if we look at the polls, the rcp national average of polls, it is 44 clinton, trump 41.3, brit. nationally, within the margin of error, or at least very close. and in the swing states, there are a number of close states. this is shaping up to be a pretty close race. >> this has been good for him in recent weeks. hillary has done kind of a face plant and trump has held steady. this is a real opportunity for him. you know, it is one of the striking facts of this whole campaign that donald trump, of all people, the guy with the glittering gold furnished apartment in new york and golf clubs all over the place, is the guy that has struck the chord with the working man and woman. and the forgotten middle class.
3:40 pm
the truth is, all campaigns are always about the middle class, they're not forgotten at all. but if you can convince them that they have been forgotten and you can help them, you'll win. he needs to have people listen to what he says. if they're skeptical of him, as many are, people may turn and think i think he can do it. these speeches are one of the few chances you get. these convention addresses, to reintroduce yourself, and people remember them. they make a difference. >> and they're seen by a lot of america. charles, that is the hurdle, right? sitting at home, i can see him. i can see him as president. >> look, between now and the first debate, this will be the last time he's going to have an audience of this size, and he'll be able to make that case. and remember, in the debate, that is sort of a jousting affair. that depends on the other
3:41 pm
player. that's a game of tennis. this is a personal display. what will be interesting to me, less the contempt but the demeanor. he's where reagan was in 1980, in the sense that the other side discredited itself by its record in office. the question with reagan, as it is today with trump, does he meet the minimal threshold for competence and fitness for the presidency. the 1980 campaign ended when reagan, who was going to be the warmonger, turned to jimmy carter and said oh, there you go again. it was over. >> briefly down the road here, starting with you, charles, about this journey. you officially are putting a black chip now on donald trump. but your bets have gone really from nothing -- >> i put the $100 on monday this week.
3:42 pm
>> you were in. but quickly about the journey. >> this is the most improbable presidential victory since jimmy carter, and it is more improbable than jimmy carter, because carter was at least a governor. donald trump struck the chord, he found the issues. i think overplayed here and there in a way i would not approve of. but he did it in a way that had eluded 15 other competitors who were veterans. >> brit? >> are we talking about the general election and beginning to put chips on the table? >> chips on the table for the candidate casino? of course, yeah. i was just talking about the primary and his betting all along on candidate casino. where are you? >> everybody was surprised by it. >> you have $100 in chips. what do you got? >> 50/50. [ laughter ] >> speaking about 50/50, what's
3:43 pm
extraordinary right now, ohio, tied. hillary clinton has spent tens of millions in ads in the battleground states, and he's had a pretty chaotic convention. polls done this week during this convention showed them absolutely tied in ohio. >> that was my point in the beginning. tucker? >> i would just say that this is a -- not a leading indicator, it's the last indicator of this whole pivot point, the economy, our culture have changed in the last 25 years, and the people in charge didn't notice. so everything is changing, not just the politics. >> panel, thank you. the big question here is about unity, and this. what was ted cruz thinking? that's next. but first, what two republican convention attendees want to hear from their nominee tonight.
3:44 pm
>> i want to hear him talk about how we're one nation, we're no longer factions. i think that's been the hard ers part, watching us turn into black americans, mexican americans, it would just be nice to see us americans again. >> uniting the party is not a one-way street. reaching out will bring the people in, the ones that are resista resistant. trump is a deal maker. make them a deal.
3:45 pm
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stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. >> senator cruz, yes or no, you will support donald trump if he's the nominee? >> yes, because i gave my word that i would. that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, that i'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say, thank you very much for maligning my wife and father. >> ted cruz got a really warm
3:49 pm
welcome when he walked in, because i think people assumed he would be the better man, join sides and fight hillary clinton. but he chose not to and the crowd turned on him quickly. >> back with the panel. ted cruz was the talk of today. some people were saying they were very upset about it, really a lot of them. others were saying, it was just like 1976, because reagan did not endorse ford back then. well, here's the end of that speech. >> we must go forth from here united, determined, that what a great general said a few years ago is true -- there is no substitute for victory. >> brit? >> when ronald reagan said that, he wasn't talking about victory for jimmy carter. so while it was true he did not use the word endorse to gerald ford, he was stand thing with him. the choreography was just what
3:50 pm
you want. it was in effect an endorsement. it was nowhere like ted cruz making a speech about his principles and make no mistake, bret, ted cruz is about one thing and one thing only -- becoming president of the united states. and everything he does can be looked at in that vein. he arrived in the senate with glittering insider credentials and set about the task of trying to make himself appear player. he sought no achievement in the senate really. he sought to create the attention as an outsider and he did it. he had the right insight about this race which was people are looking for an outsider. unfortunately he got upstaged by a real outsider. remember what he did at the beginning of the campaign. he praised donald trump. i like donald trump. i think he is a breath of fresh air and all that because he thought trump would fade and he would pick up his constituents. trump didn't fade he turned on him eventually and his state turned on him since. when he is suggesting there that the reason he didn't keep his word about the
3:51 pm
pledge -- look, ted cruz has the guts of a burglar and very, very tough guy. and if he had thought it was in his interest to keep the pledge, he wouldn't have cared about the insults to his wife. he knows politics ain't beanbag. he did what he thought he ought to do to further his own presidential politics. >> guts of a burglar that's absolutely right. >> get to have bret hear. >> it's hard to give ted cruz the benefit of the doubt that he is acting out of those principles. couple explanations why did this. true conservative and he is not and then he says a personal peek. criticisms about ted cruz and intense today. one it comes from people who know him very well colleagues in the senate. people who have a basis for evaluating him. >> senator jeff sessions. >> second it's very personal. they don't like him as a man. a take away from me is one of sadness. i think ted cruz would be a fantastic supreme court justice. very smart and capable person. he will not serve in that position or i think any higher position after this.
3:52 pm
>> mara. >> what is so interesting is brit said in his interest. i think it's a clear gamble. >> he thought it was a smart gamble. >> yes. a smart gamble. ted cruz either delivered the longest suicide letter in history or he set himself up for 2020 when he assumes donald trump will fail miserably and he will be able to pick up the pieces. but that is very, very unclear. >> charles, what about the people who say, listen, this is about the convention, controlling the convention and how does the trump campaign get him to the podium? not mentioning the fact that if ted cruz is really principled he would stay outside, why did he go but why did they let him? >> look, i think when trump says he read the speech two hours earlier and he saw what was in it, there was no way he could then shut him down and deny him the podium because that would have looked like he is shutting off his opponent. people wouldn't have known why. i thought the fact that he let cruz go up there and too
3:53 pm
this, get booed off the stage, showed a certain magdalene imagine niment and largeness on the part of trump. he made the right decision when he realized what was going to happen and let him go up at the last minute. i think the speech in and of itself if you were to read it without who gave it when and where, you would say it's a pretty good presentation of the conservative case for staying out or not supporting. the problem was the venue and the person. you can make that speech at a think tank out of town but you don't do it at a celebration for the man you are about to rebuke. that's just bad manners. you don't go to somebody's house and insult them. this is trump's house. he won the nomination. the problem is the man. as everybody here has commented, it's hard to credit this as an act of principle when he spent six months being in honoring trump and also, i thought he let the cat out of the bag
3:54 pm
when this morning he said it is because of heidi and my dad and the insults. well, that blows away the argument that he was acting on high principle. it's okay to defend your wife, but if that's the reason you undermine your own case for high mindedness. >> you know, he said in his comments this morning that, you know, this isn't just a team sport. if you have watched ted cruz in action over the past several years you know as far as he is concerned it's not a team sport at all. he has been out for number one and his ambition to be president of the united states all you have got to know that's what he is doing and you will never have any problem understanding what he does. >> mara he continued it today at the texas delegates. kept on going. >> kept on going. totally unapoll get particular. this is someone who has never had any hesitation about sticking the finger in the eye of his colleagues or courting their contempt. he knew what was going to happen. he stood there. he said oh some made the joke about the new york delegates. he knew what he was doing.
3:55 pm
>> final word, is he in for 2020? >> i think those ambitions have. >> either way donald president trump or not. >> he has wrecked his political ambitions. will he continue to smip at trump going forward? i think it's possible. >> panel, thank you. anxious to hear that speech delivered. stay tune to do meet a security guard here in cleveland who is really living the dog's life. ♪ ♪
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finally tonight, security has been tight around this convention in cleveland as mike tobin reported earlier. the secret service, the fbi, hundreds of cleveland police officers and officers from around the country have men in tack techs that can deploy here if things get out of hand. none could be sweeter than this meet megan daughter son. providing extra security at the cleveland restaurant. fit with his own custom security vest. reagan's owner says he is more bark than bite. and says it's still doggone nice to have his four legged friend employed alongside him for this week's convention. they told me they like dog stories. thanks for inviting me into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. tomorrow be in philadelphia preparing for the democratic
4:00 pm
convention and, don't forget tonight america's election headquarters. complete coverage of the republican national convention 10:00 p.m. eastern time. but right now greta goes "on the record." this is a fox news alert. tonight is the night. 13 months ago they said he couldn't do it. 10 months ago they said he couldn't do it. in january they even said he couldn't do it. but here we are. july 21sts 2016 and he has ton it. yes, the night republicans or at least most republicans have been waiting for. in just about three hours donald trump will take the convention stage and make it official. he will accept the republican nomination for president. earlier today donald trump and his daughter ivanka, who will introduce her father tonight, walked through the arena and right now you can begin to feel the energy and the excitement united states this arena. but last night, different story. boos filled the air when