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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and so the more -- the drug trade. so the more we can build these kinds of habits of cooperation and ingrain them in our various agencies, the better off we're going to be. and i want everybody to be very clear, mexico has -- jon: a fox news alert for you there are reports of a shooting spree in munich, germany. a number of people shot there. there are as many as ten casulties and not clear if there are fatalities and conflicting reports of how many people might have been killed there. danny colson joins us on the phone as we look at the video outside of the olympics shopping center in muniche. it is early to say that it has
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the hallmarks of isis asking their inherents to carry out. >> jon, we are having this conversation too frequently. if you look at germany's policy p. that put their intelligence service in a tremendous disadvantage. they can't keep up with the influx of migrants and by sheer number they can't keep up with the threats in their country. intelligence and law enforcement services. germany has strict dpun laws and that did not serve them well. until we as free people get control of our boards and insist that people coming in our country shouldn't be there. we will have this conversation. >> the syrian migrants, making
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their way up through greece. one of the key desires is to get to germany because the benefits are so strong. >> exactly. we have to address that. one of the things of insanity. doing it over and over and expecting a different results. we have to help them at point of origin. and bring them in a society where they have benefits and they vulcanize and they want to have sharia law and they don't believe in the laws of germany, or united states, or france or belgium. that is an unbelievable burred ep on the intelligence services, we are losing right now. >> for our viewers, a shooting incident underway. the shooting has ended, but the aftermath and investigation goes
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on in munich, germany. they have asked people to avoid the area. ten people may have been shot. but again, information is all coming in and all started less than 10-15 minutes ago. >> yeah, jon, reutters is reporting that there are as many 15 dead. that this is what they are see nothing a germ man newspaper and the german television is saying ten. multiple witness accounts of these shots being fired at the shooting center. it was evacuated and the area surrounding the mall is evacuated. there is video being posted on twitter of people who were there.
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one a student from duke university and she posted a video where you can see people running from the scene and carrying shopping bagses et cetera. and we don't have any official word and police responding in large numbers and some word that the shooter was killed as well. >> danny, you talked about hunter ares in germany. is it possible that a huptingly gun or the shotgun brought p to the shopping center? >> i pointed out they have strict gun laws. it could be a shotgun attack. they are effective on a variety of different types of targets. i think the real issue is that can we as free societies deal with the situation.
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until politicians finally get it and give us control and let intelligence services do their job. >> isis put out the word as we saw in nice, france, and as we saw in orlando. they put out the word that individuals should take it upon themselves to seek revenge against the west and using whatever means necessary to kill so- called infedells, right? >> there are hatchel attacks and in israel clubs and edged weapons. it is not just a gun or weapon thing. it is a mindset and i think we are overwhelmed with it. laenforcement and intelligence services are overwhelmed and we have to prepare as free people to defend ourselves in an open society and think about our
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surroundings and respond to our attack pie flight. and change the way we look at life so we can actually preserve it. >> danny colson. formerly with the fbi. kitty is joining us. she is closer to where all of this is going o. she is in london. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i have just spoken to the police in munich and they confirmed there is a shooting in the olympics shopping center in muniche. the police are not confirming casulties to us. they say that the suspect is still on the loose, either in the shopping center or area surrounding it. there is very few details apart that the incident is not yet over according to the police in
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munich. they are responding in large numbers and a number of people on social media commenting on the situation in the area. we don't know yet if there are casulties or who is behind this. there is a huge alert in muntheich. and a few days after, there was was a incident in germany where a young asylum seeker attacked people on the train with a knife and axe. >> we heard that the shooter was killed, but you are saying it is more dire than that, that he is on the los and may not be in the mall. i know the mall area was evacuated and can you tell us how far out that evacuation is at this point? and if people are on lock down? what is going on there? >> the shopping mall has been cleared and police are advising
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anyone in the area to stay away. i don't know how far back they have been sent. we see is people running away in panic. we don't know how much of that area is cordoned off. and we'll learn further details in the hours and minutes. we are learning quickly about what is happening there. this will raise alarm, germ no on high alert, of course, about a possible attack, but we simply don't know yet what this is and who could be behind it. >> kitty, we'll let you go and thank you for johning us from london. >> we want to check in now with steve rogers. a frequent guest on our program and a member of the new jersey and fbi joint terrorism task force. steve, as we said with danny colson from the fbi, here we go
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again it seems, a lone gunman attacks a shopping center and in the word from kitty logan, still on the loose, and very scary stuff. >> took the words out on of my mouth. haven't we learned? here we go again. i am sure if there is no direct connection to isis there would be influence from isis and that's what the isis and terrorist organizations are doing. they are getting the mess amg out. people who have a bone to pick with the government to go after soft targets and now you have a maniac on the loose. the next question is, is there anyone else involved and is there a get away car or plan to exit and exit strategy. that is scary. we don't know who he is connected to and my guess is there is.
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and if there is an exit strategy, they have a problem on their hands. >> in the brain room, 2014, 4 people died as a result of terrorist attacks in european union states. 2015, that number jumped to 151 over the course of a year and it appears, we know little about what is going on in munich, but it has all of the hallmarks of a isis lone wolf style attack. a guy with a gun going to a popular place and opening fire. we have had reports of 15 casulties, whether they are deaths or injuries, we don't know. steve, you are a local police officer, how do you protect against something like this? >> intelligence and information
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is critically important. this administration is allowing tens of thousands of refugees to come in this country without being properly vetted. they have to go through a process that at least we know where they are from and who they are. getting down to the local police. police officers don't have a clue as to what to look for. it is not their fault. the government failed to filter critical information to our local cops. and why we are saying on your broadcast and others, they have to get back to getting the intelligence units in each police department in the country. give the cops the ability and capabilities to collect information and send it up the chain. it is coming down but not to local cops. that's one of the biggest thing to do. and see something, say something. you have to say something and
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you may find out later, that people saw something and never said a word. >> yeah, just to update folks joining us once again. there is a shooting spree in a shopping center in munich. germany television said ten dead. and a newspaper reporting possibly 15 dead. the police are alerting everyone that this situation is not over. it is ongoing and the shooter is still on the loose in the shopping center or entire area that is evacuated. and what do we do to secure the area where you have a gunman still on the loose? >> at a will set up a perimeter. if they think they have him contained. they have canine and helicopters and tactical unuponits out.
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they are securing the area and looking for accomplices. how wide that is. they have not determined. i just left the republican national convention, i can tell you the people who are there, what is on their mind is national security. they are scared to death that whoo we are seeing unfolding in germany and france and beginning to see is here these attacks are increasing. the president has to come to grips with the fact that we are at world war three and use military options to deal with isis and terrorist groups in the mideast and get the funding down to the the local level to it combat it here. >> german police. at the moment we have a large police praegz ongoing in the area of the olympian shopping
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center. they tweet out to avoid the area a round the center. and the white house came out to say they are aware of the situation and monitoring and not enough for them to comment on it. we don't know how many casulties or who is responsible for this. germany has the strictest gun laws in the world. there is no right to carry in germany. how might the gunman gotten his weapon. >> it is not about guns. we disarm the good guys. how did they get the guns? there is a black market and isis and terrorist are well financed and they have a lot of money. not only get guns to the people. they can get explosives to them.
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and how to prevent this, we have to monitor social media and nsa the power back to do what they do. a lot of people are concerned about their rights to privacy, we will not have a country left to have rights to privacy. the equipment we took away from the police and nsa, we better rethink that. we'll say it once and again, they are here. it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. >> lieutenant steve rogers, thank you. we'll have more. >> danny colson is with us. formerly with fbi. i recall the attacks in paris in november. several attackers were recent refugees who came in the country pretending to be refugees and
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they had terrorism on their minds. it is a conduit for this kind of thing >> that is right. i enjoyed what steve rogers said. they have chosen this as an invasion. there is not enough intelligence from the local police officers to our intelligence agency. and there is a reason for that. and the attorney general guidelines that the fbi operates on does not allow for dissemination in most cases. an fbi agent can't tell a police officer we had an investigation on these guys and russian, and the boston marathon bombers, they couldn't tell it.
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and we are at war. let's talk to the local police cops. i want to echo it. we have to do something about it. the politicians pontificating and no one is changing anything. same thing in orlando. he was investigated a couple of times and ultimately cleared. he had drawn the attention of your old agency but they were not able to say to local police in fort pierce that they might want to cope -- keep an eye on on this guy. >> when are you going to let logic run an fbi investigation or local police investigation?
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why does it have to be run based on guidelines that are influenced by the american civil liberty's union. when they shoot you in the head you lose your liberties. we need to think and unleash the powers. i believe in privacy but also survival. >> once again, there is a shooting investigation underway. we understand, we have been told that the shooting is over, but the gunman is still on the loose. and that as many as 15 casulties, injuries or deaths, we don't know took place in the the olympia shopping center in munich. 135 stores on two floors. obviously a terrifying situation
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and fits the hallmarks of isis. that's what isis wants to make people feel terrified in the daily lives, in shopping and businesses and places where people congregate. >> an employee called in to rueteres said a bunch of staff members are hiding out in the shopping center and they have a shooting casulty that is severely injured. and still an ongoing situation there. and transportation authorities said they halted service on multiple tram and train and bus lines due to this shooting, because a parentally the shooter is still on the loose and they are describing the situation is ongoing and german special force police arrived in the munich
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shooting situation. and bob, who is former co-chair of the terrorism force. bob, we don't know if this is terrorism, but obviously we are seeing signs that don't look good. what is your reaction here? >> yeah, i think we could probably, the evidence that we have so far and pretty clear it is a form of terrorism. it is not a domestic violence and it is not like a employee dispute. it is clearly beyond the divide lines. there is a trend in europe and in germany and part of an ongoing process that we are seeing getting more frequent as time goes on. it was a soft target like a train where people can get in and out without being searched
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and it is a active and fluid situation where hopefully the police will move in and control the situation and minimize the casulties here. >> i mentioned the employee called in to routers from the scene saying many shots were fired. i can't say how many but a lot. all of the people outside came in the store and one person on the grouped so severely injured he didn't survive in the opinion of the employee who is hiding out in the shopping center. we are in the storage rooms and no police approached us yet. bus, train and tram lines are all halted in the massive manhunt for the shooter on the loose. and we don't know how many casulties might be involved here. we have a television station
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saying ten deaths and then we have a local newspaper saying 15 deaths, possibly. but gaep, that is -- again, that is not confirmed. the police are trying to get it under control and not updating the press. >> it is the kind of thing that will draw the attention to the authorities. we have a small statement from the national security council saying they are aware of the situation and will get back to the reporters when they learn more. once again, chooking in with danny with the fbi. isis sympathizers have this kind of things in their hearts and you wipe out isis in raqqan and
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syria and iraq where the group exists and has base of operation, does that put the pinchers on on this kind of thing? can you prevent this kind of thing by wiping out isis in syria? it doesn't appear we have danny with us. i think bob is with us. >> i heard the question and unfortunately the cat is out of the bag. we have a situation that even though isis is centrally located and even though isis, we know where they are operating from and upon where they are training and know where the orders come from. and the problem is, these individuals have been already ready to get others motivated and others disenfranchised individuals radicalized and to move in like this. are behind
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here. isis is throughout europe. and they are here in the united states. and it is a very difficult situation for the intelligence community to monitor them and for law enforcement to stop them. >> yeah. we were talking earlier about the fact that we don't know what kind of gun was used but clearly the police are categorizing this has a mass shooting and gun control laws are very, very strict in germany. how does that happen? >> look at how these individuals traffic so much across the borers and that is not only the people, but it is getting bombs across and weapons across and all types of equipment into the countries and this is one of the things we fear in the united states. what is going on in europe, more
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frequently could be be happening in our own country and in our own intelligence agencies and law enforcement and military, you are looking at it closely. >> bob, we mentioned that you were formerly with the anti- terrorism task force in new york. you had to stay awake at night and think about preventing this kind of thing. we are getting word from the dpa news agency, police expect multiple dead in the munich mall shooting. bob, back to you. how do you prevent it. >> three things in this business we have to do. i was on the new york state terrorism task force. this is common around the world. one, we need all of the intelligence we can get both syria, iraq and all of the different networks. we have to maintain inteleigence. and the constant enforcement
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action. you have to hit the individuals in syria and hit them with the drones and make those arrests, and all of that information that might be helpful. and then security. whether it is armed guards in the hall or police on the street and perimeters built around the public areas. there is no silver bullet and no way to say this is going to stop it. it takes a long time and expertise. >> how important is intelligence for this kind of thing? we have been talking about that. but stopping before it gets to the point where the guy supers the mall with the gun. >> that is key. everybody said if we could do one thing to make a difference, it is obviously to stop it
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before it happens. unfortunately, many of these things slip through sometimes we don't have intelligence. there is lone wolves that are radicalized. and so that's why intel yeaps and enforcement and security. it is like the three- legged stool. one of those things don't operate the stool fall. that's the systems put in place in new york city and los angeles and around the world. and there needs to be more money and manpower and training. this is going to be with us a long time. >> and virtually every citizen is a photojournalist. these are via facebook of the
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situation in the olympia mall. it is the largest mall in bavaria and 135 stores and the police say they are expecting multiple dead after a shooting incident there. the gunmap is on the loose and why those officers are crouched in the guard position outside one of the entrances to the mall. and rod wheeler is a former homicide affecter for washington d.c. one of the anchor retailers of the mall is h& m. it is a store popular with young people. the identity and ages of the dead might be incredibly appalling. >> absolutely, don. and the fact that the police have issued a statement saying they are expecting multiple fatalities is not a good cipe
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and couple that fact with the shooter still on the loose. they have not been able to capture the guy yet. some of the previous guests, couple of things to be aware of. we are starting to see more of these attacks in the united states and around the world. we know isis is probably behind the attack. you have to operate as if it was a terrorist attack. and the question that we are confronted with with today. how much intelligence did we know about this individual or on group of individuals and were there any warning signs that could have intercept issed this in law enforcement or how much of that entelejeops should we have shareded with the general public. we'll have to rely on the general possible to stop these
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kinds of things. july 20th. the germ man interior minister said be on the look for lone wolves. that's why it takes me back to my point. at least one of the boerms and gunman who killed so many in the restaurant arcade in paris was a new arrival in syria. he was brand new to the country. >> that's right. but each in that case, that particular person you are referencing, there were people who were aware of him. people in his inner circle and look at the guy in orlando, florida. same thing. and the tasarnaev brothers in
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boston, same thing. information and intelligence needs to get out quicker to law enforcement and the citizens, so citizens can be aware of this type of situation. >> let me point out what our viewers saw from facebook live. pictures of police apparently going into part of the shopping mall. we had video of shop are ares, pedestrian running away from the scene as the police were running in there. and civilians running in those shots. a number of sieve issilians and workers heard the shots and went in back rooms and coolers to try to hide. and again, it is a very large shopping center and it will take a long time with the gunman on the loose. it will take a long time to sort out the innocent from the bad
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guy they are looking for. >> it is next to the mrun authority ich olympic stadium. famous for the militant group black september took 11 hostage and eventually killed them. that is right next door to the shopping mall. and there was a shooting spree there. and police are reporting that there are the dpa news agency in germany said to expect multiple dead. police describe it as ongoing situation and the area was evacuated and they have stopped service on train lines and bus lines et cetera. and we have our own kitty logan following the story from london. what are you able to find out? >> reporter: i can read you the latest tweet from the police. warning people to avoid public
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areas. they say the situation is still unclear. and dpz to show how much there is a sense of pantic. they confirmed several people are are injured. there are reports of german media. the situation is very fluid. and unclear. and still dealing with. it we are hearing from new's agency reports that there are special germany police in the area. and last time i spoke to the police in munich. they warned the shooter was on the run. and they are urging people to stay off of the streets and stay in their homes. this is a fast moving situation. and we are receiving a lot of
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conflict it is reports. it is serious. and only a few days ago, the interior minister warned about more terror linked. an asylum seeker tried to stab people on a train in germany. there are warning signs of a number of casulties there. we are going back to live images and tape that is shot earlier. the situation is ongoing. and kitty, we understand that the german justice minister spoke out and saying there is no reason to panic, but it is clear that germany remains a possible target. i would imagine anywhere in europe at this point with these incidents popping up so is frekweptly. tension is high including
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london? >> germany has had a number of alerts over the past year or so. around the new year, there was a stabbing incident in the area a few months ago that turned out to be a suspect who was having psychiatric problems and not related to terrorism incident. but throughout this year, germany has been on high alert and warnings. and they would come as no surprise. here in london, authorities remind us that they have averted many terror plots. and we have seen people charged and convicted in this country. and london has had escaped the worst of the kinds of incident and in germany tis the first to
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note. the attack on on the train was isis inspired. we don't know what is behind. and there are insdepts in the past years. and nothing to do with the terrorist organization would we'll learn further details from the coming hours. >> kitty, reporting from our london purrow. >> and if you are joining us. you are looking at pictures from munich, germany. you can see people hugging on the sidewalks. there has been a shooting of some sort. as these things go. the news gets worse as we going along. we believe we are dealing with a shooting rampage and she
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believeded more than one shooter is involved here. >> we were led to believe at first that they were hooking for o one shoot are, and that person got away. you you can see by the police' response they are bringing in all kind manpower. and we have pat joining us now. again, i am asking every law enforcement officer how to prevent it. >> i am disinclined to say it on national television. but it is extreme difficulty. they are needless in a haystack. whether you have terrorism or whether you have a deranged
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individual. there is absolutely virtually no way to pinpoint the moment they go operational. you can have them under surveillance as we have with the tasarnaev brothers and curac hi. it is never sustainable for a number of different reasons, but primarily economic. you will see it time and time again. guys on the radar. saw it with pulse night club. sewn it in france. and they are investigated by the fbi and the subjects of no-fly restrictions. and none theless. they will go off of radar. it is a really, really tough job for the intelligence of law
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enforcement. >> i noticed you worked for the new york police force. new york is a big city with a lot of international travel. but what is it that the city of of police force of new york city does that other departments might learn from. >> under the steady mands of ray kelli & flood work. no won up. and but they changed their leafs. >> they do a now different things. ray kelly went out and brought individuals with tia back grouped and relevant background outside of the policing arena and brought in intelligencing
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individuals and they consulted and together, they put together a series of tripwires that we were able to prevent under ray kelly. all of them. the time square bomb and a very well structured series of protocolses put forward by the nypd. and one of them under coverses work great. you have to put our spooks in their spaes. we have to be more of a spooker. and convince them we need intelligence. that and that is involved our
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intel, and it's under coverage. and that >> that is to stay on to the gees. and when we find a guy like the tasarnaev brothers and shooter in the also night we stay on them. and attention tear ker shame on us. nall, police are still searching for shooter or stoot are the in munich, germany. it is confirmed one is dead. according to the a. mull pel paem are rrt. it is the second attack in germany within on monday, a 17 year old afghan immigrant went crazy on a train, attack it ises
10:42 am
he was hot dead by police. we don't know if it is isisas t >> joining us is howard kurtk, our media bus. >> hope ep related to that. one the of the good things several members of the main street much media for the doom and gloom sfeech. chucked to today had was if americans were not skaered for their saved before they are now. and then at this time, president obama said it was almost the and the birds were girling and fine.
10:43 am
thou is it this play in trump'sinar tev. >> the that we are that made donald trump decide. and critoids the speech if it is not unhale be. >> the it was the third paragraph of the speech. here we are on the mofrp attacking in germ fee. on at any pointed. two minutes in to the show we had's prak nows nooment that killed three police in baton rouge and i had already torn up half of the show to deal with the truck deliver in niece happened a previoused this
10:44 am
evening x. one benefit that the assassination of the cops. and so the media has to cover everyone one of the stories, but i am noticing patty ann each one gets a lot of attention for a day and half and another attack comes along or displaced by other news. >> it is sad so many recently that they are not getting as much attention. it is almost difficult to keep track of. and so how does this impact the campaigns and hillary clinton's convention come canning up and media coverage over the weekend wrapping up trump's convention and moving to the democrats? >> it is painful to sit here and talk about how the conventions are squeezed in between the
10:45 am
various attacks. hillary clinton and the democrat surigates and running mate will have to address the issue. it is very much on the minds of the american people. the country is kind of in shock at the spate of mass shootings and terrorist attacks. and in the trump convention in cleveland. stories of police and sheriff david clark of milwaukee was a speaker. hillary clinton's list, she is going to father mother of trayvon martin and family members of black community killed in confrontation with the police and news worthy and troubling us. the democrats have to balance
10:46 am
that and deal with the attacks on innocent people. trump has emphasized more than hillary clinton. there is no getting away from it. it feels like the new normal. >> just today hillary clinton meeting with families of the victims of the pulse night club shooting and talking with community leaders and sounds like it bolsters donald trump's speech last night. donald trump you know, he's talking about immigration and stopping the terrorist from coming in to this country flew a flawed visa. and talking about the massive shootings. he has positioned himself on the side of law enforcement. i am not saying that hillary clinton hasn't said anything p
10:47 am
about the horrible attacks. but she's giving more emphasis than the republican nominee to the members of the black community who understandably feel like too much gip to the police. it is front and center in the campaign and there are other issues to the economy. and i don't think they are heading in the fall debates and accord to underestimate the power of that issue as we all see the carnage play out on the television screens all too frekweptly as we are doing right now. and just updating everyone. germ no's dpa said police in munich expect multiple dead and police at this point are still not confirming whether they believe one shooter or more than
10:48 am
one shooter. and police telling dpa that so far no one was captured and the attack started in the mall in a fast-food restaurant shortly before 6 o'clock p.m. and they don't know if they are dealing with one or more shooters. but the situation is not secure and describing it as ongoing. and the train service and bus service is stopped and a massive police presence on the scene. and lots of ambulances to deal with the casulties. there are reports from german television of multiple deaths and also of casulties and no confirmation on those numbers from the police at this point. and walid ferris signed on the
10:49 am
trump's to be an advisor. this is first shots ringing out in a fast-food restaurant in munich. that was an hour and 50 minutes ago. that attack bearing all of the hallmarks of an isis attack does it not? >> multiple people killed and wounded, and operation not yet and according to the results that we are looking at is serious. and it is terrorism. for sure. and what we don't know about the perpetrator. but look at what happened in france? even here in florida. it takeses a few hours for authorities if they have a person in their custody to get to the id. once we get to the id we have
10:50 am
a direction and once we know that that person is on the list. radicalized or not or mental issue. follow the direction. >> entire are munich transit system is hut down. they want to cope people away from the shopping center and the shooters may have jumped on a bus or subway and filter people as they get off and see if they can find the shooter or shooters that way. again, when you look at events around the world. second terrorist ark tack in a week, walid, the bad guys have the civilized world on edge... >> you are right. and many of my colleagues would agree. if there is one or more
10:51 am
shooters. and they are basically, it is it the safety of other people and making sure they can capture them and stop them. if you look at what happened in belgium and nice, and paris and here. germany, we are attacked and this is a war. it is time before we get results. but you can project already. that is attack, wave after wave. you don't question the third wave. as long as we don't have a statement by authorities, we are waiting. >> you cannot allow this to become the new normal, can you? you can't figure if you go to a night club or mall or soccer
10:52 am
game you might become the victim of a gun authority man spraying bullets. it is up to the political leaders and policy makers to come up with a solution. >> absolutely, the wisdom of your statement is important. this is where leaders prove there are leaders in national security. in america alone in california and now in europe. european leaders and our leaders need to educate the public is as to what is happening. we are moving to a daily attack and not a weekly attack. my memory is that president bush 43 said fight them over
10:53 am
there in afghanistan before we have to fight them over here. so we don't have to fight them over here. a lot of people mocked that statement but now the chickens statement but now the chickens are coming home to roost. iraq largely against the advice of military leaders. isis has sprung up, and now isis seems to be metastasizing all over the world, including places like orlando and germany. >> we are in my view in a much worse situation in terms of leaders' response, especially the administration. because not only they refuse the notion that to stop them from coming here you have to stop them there. they have withdrawn in a chaotic way from iraq. they are not responding to the threats there. but even here, they do not recognize the fact that we aren't attacked by a movement. they don't recognize the fact that there is an ideology recruiting it. we are below zero in
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counterterrorism at this point in time. a change must happen, no doubt about it. >> walid, you are a terrorism expert, a mid-east expert. you are also donald trump's foreign policy adviser. in his speech on the convention force last night, mr. trump said that if he becomes president, that these killings are going to stop, the terrorism is going to stop. we would certainly all love to -- love to think that would happen. how? how is he going to accomplish that? you're his foreign policy adviser. >> well, look. quantitatively we're not going to say that by early february everything is going to, you know, be rosy and every single act of terror will stop. no. but the policy of the admission, of the next administration, it will change. a massive change in foreign policy. and how do we engage them there? for example, ending isis. we're not talking about containing isis. there is no containment of isis. it is ending isis. but that is a major
10:55 am
responsibility. that translates to strategies in iraq, in syria, maybe in libya. but also in terms of homeland security. i mean, mr. trump was very clear. if you do not identify the ideology and the movement, how are you going to be fighting it? there will be implications in terms of how we're going to conduct homeland security. there will be a massive change. that's what the american public needs to debate before november, in my view. >> again, police are saying, according to the bavarian interior minister, there in germany, at least three people have been killed in this attack at a large shopping center in the city of munich. u.s. residents there are being told by the u.s. consulate to shelter in place and listen to all police instructions. you can imagine it is the summer vacation season. munich, a large city, and a great number of americans are probably there trying to enjoy a vacation. so this kind of a situation, when it comes up, is just as frightening for them as for the
10:56 am
local residents, maybe more so, because they are strangers to a place like this. but again, the u.s. consulate is telling americans to shelter in place. >> all right. fox news correspondent kitty logan is working this story from our bureau in london. kitty, we do have reuters regulatory that german tv is reporting that the bavarian interior ministry is confirming three deaths. that's kind of several steps removed there. are you getting any confirmation from the interior ministry of the number of casualties here? >>. >> reporter: well, we're seeing the same reports you are on the news wire, the bavarian ministry has confirmed three are dead. the police in munich tell me there are several dead and injured, they wouldn't give me the exact number, they say it's at least one or two.
10:57 am
perhaps police are reluctant to give too much information at this stage. certainly a number of casualties. police say there are still people trapped in the shopping center. this is a busy shopping center, friday evening after work, many people in there. it would have been open until 8:00 local time, say police. a lot of stores in there. they are now trying to evacuate the injured. they do not know where they shooter is at this stage. this is an ongoing, fluid situation. police say they don't know anything about the shooter, we don't know any motive, they don't know who this person is. they have warned people on their twitter account to stay indoors, to stay off the streets. now, we're also getting unverified reports of shootings in other parts of munich. i have to urge a little caution here, often confusion and panic happens in these situations. but certainly police are aware of it. the latest tweet has come out in the last six or seven minutes or so.
10:58 am
they're saying, we don't know right now where the suspect is, please take care and avoid public areas at this time. that's the latest message from the munich police on twitter, warming team to take care and stay off the streets. >> it's interesting that the munich police uses "suspect" as a singular, because a.p. is reporting the police still don't know if it's one or more and that the shooter or shooters are on the run. are you hearing any more classification on how many suspects we're talking about? >> reporter: no, that is not clear. and when i spoke to the police a little while ago, that is what they told me as well. they said they weren't sure if it was one or more suspects. obviously they don't seem to have come into contact with the suspect at this point in time. if this is a large shopping mall, it won't be easy for the police to locate that suspect.
10:59 am
i've been all across europe, in shopping malls in germany it's possible for anyone to walk in off the street without any security check or screening. if you like, if this turns out to be a traffic, iterrorist att easy target, a soft target. germany has been on high alert. and just a few days ago, the german interior minister warned that germany was vulnerable to attacks. >> kitty london reporting from the fox bureau in london, keep us posted. a teenager went wild a week ago on a train in germany, hacking at people with an axe and several knives. he was shot dead by police. and now this at the shopping center in munich. they don't know who they're dealing with. it's too early to ascribe this to any one individual or any one organization. but it has all the hallmarks of middle eastern terrorism. >> and we still don't have a
11:00 am
confirmation on casualties. but we are hearing from police officials, they are willing to say they believe there will be multiple deaths. our coverage of this breaking news story is going to continue right now on "the real story." stay with us. we begin with a fox news alert from munich, germany, where a massive manhunt is under way after a deadly shooting at a shopping center there. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. police have yet to comment specifically on the number of casualties but say they expect, quote, multiple dead. police say the attack started at a fast food restaurant in the mall. now german special force police have arrived at the scene, we're told, and workers are trapped there inside. and they are speaking to local media, giving some color as to what is happening inside. they are still hiding out from the shooter or shooters. it is yet to be confirmed how many are involved. what we are


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