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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in philadelphia tonight, site of next week's democratic convention. all the political news is coming up, but first what appears to be another brutal act of terror in europe. authorities in germany say at least nine people are dead after a shooting rampage. a shooter may be one of those people. he may have killed himself. there were reporting early on that authorities were searching for others. munich has been in a state of emergency since this afternoon. mass transit's shut down in that city, highways closed. reporter katy logan has more.
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>> hi, bret. they're still working to verify whether the body of a fifth person could be a suspect or one of the gunmen involved in this shooting. this body was found about a kilometer from the shopping mall and some german media says there was a backpack next to it also witnessed during the attack. police tell us this manhunt continues and that's because they're working on the assumption there could be three gunmen. that's because they received various reports from different people. for now they need to carry on the hunt until they can rule out there are more suspects. the shooting at the shopping center started around ten to 6:00 local time. as you can imagine, it's very business. people got off work, they're shopping for the weekend. we understand it started at a
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mcdonald's restaurant and moved into the mall. there's no indication at this stage of islamic terrorism. authorities say they're unclear on the motive, but police are working on the assumption that this is a terrorist attack. they're downplaying reports that the suspect could be right-wing extremists. some witnesses are reporting that there are indications of that. but meanwhile while this manhunt continues, police are urging people to stay inside, stay off the streets, stay away from crowded areas. that's because they say the lockdown in this instance is standard procedure. they have denied reports there was shooting elsewhere, but police in munich say they're facing the worst challenge this decade in their city. germany has been on high alert all year. the interior minister just a few days ago warned there could be attacks like this in germany.
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bret. >> quickly, kitty. there was one report that someone saw a shooter loading a gun in the bathroom and that shooter yelled allahu akhbar and yelled at children. have you heard anything on that? >> police haven't given the details. they have warned of it. they weren't commenting on any witness reports of what the gunman may or may not have said, and i think we have to wait for further details to come out. they are, as i say, trying to establish whether a dead body is, in fact, a gunman, if there are, indeed, more gunmen, and if they need to hunt for more suspects. bret. >> okay. kitty logan in london. thank you, kitty. let's get more reaction. ed royce, he's the chairman of the house foreign committee.
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he's in hollywood tonight. >> thank you, bret. >> we're seeing all the details and getting latest from authorities as this hunt continues. they think others may have been involved and they're still locking down munich. what are your thoughts as you see this develop today? >> well, bret, our hearts go out to the victims, all of the victims of this attack, but a couple of observations, and one would be the sheer number of terrorist attacks that have occurred in europe just since the attacks in paris, you've had 248 people killed, close to a thousand injured in these attacks, and law enforcement is overwhelmed. that's what i've heard from the security forces there. and at the same time, the attacks primarily inspired by is is, but over the last few years you also have groups like the
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nazi underground that have attacked in germany, killed some 11 immigrants. so you have these different terrorist cells. don't know yet which type of terrorist or brand is carrying out these attacks, but what you do know is law enforcement is overwhelmed and part of this has been our failure to take isis out early enough, which is what we should have done because now they've had the ability to recruit and they're sending people back who are overwhelming the capabilities. not just anymore on the battlefield, now also on the internet. >> but mr. chairman, the predominance of the threat in europe is from radical islamic terrorism, and there have been a lot of threats that the intelligence community has been picking up. just in germany you had the knife attack on the train, the huge attack in nice, france, and others throughout europe.
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what specifically in europe are they doing because they're facing a problem here that seems to be growing. >> they've got a couple of chances. one challenge is that they do not have the capacity in europe, really, under the law to intervene as quickly as we do when we have suspicious activity afoot. so in many places you've got a dozen or 20 european law enforcement officials trying 24/7 to follow a specific terrorist or suspected terrorist who has been in contact with a terror cell in the hopes of catching them in the act or the hopes of intercepting before he attacks. obviously this is exhausting to law enforcement. and if you talk to either scotland yard or the french or german intelligence services,
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they will tell you that they just feel that because of the sheer numbers, they're no longer able to adequately police or follow those who are the greatest threat. and, again, part of this is in germany alone, you have over 1 million people who have come from syria or libya or north africa over the last year alone, and to be able to vet that population coming into the country, to have the capability for law enforcement to really know because isis has already been on record saying they're going to infiltrate that population, to be able to figure out where that next threat is coming from is itself a great challenge. in the meantime as i said before, you've got the red brigades that have come back again to carry out the attacks and the neo-nazi group, the nazi
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underground active in germany that carries out attacks. this is an overwhelming set of circumstances for the intelligence circumstances there. >> mr. chairman, last thing. i know you're also dealing with this with guantanamo. they're putting it around the world. as we watch these things develop in europe, your comments on that and the recidivism that you're seeing of these guys leave gitmo and getting back into terrorism. >> yeah. approximately 30%. and recently, we've had quite a dustup with the admin skrags because we called to their attention in uruguay where we had individuals not just tied to the taliban, but, in fact, five of the six were tied directly to al qaeda itself. it should be no surprise unfortunately one of those has
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gone missing, has escaped over the border. here's a problem. 30%, 30% approximately have carried out attacks or are suspected of rejoining the fight against the west of those that have been released so far out of guantanamo bay. this is why we think it's reckless for the administration to shut down guantanamo at this time, and in the process and in order to shut it down politically, they have been transferring these individuals to countries who do not have the capacity to monitor them. and as a result, they can get loose and carry out again the same types of attacks that got them into guantanamo in the first place. americans have died as a result and certainly many others have died as a result of those have w.h.o. have been released out of guantanamo, who take up weapons and unfortunately are very committed to jihad. that's why they were taken into custody.
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>> it's an interesting element as your committee is tied up with that. thank you, mr.chairman, very much for your time. >> i appreciate you having us on. thank you. startling video came out over social media. a warning, some of this is graphic but this is the first moments outside mcdonald's, outside this mall where things transpired. take a look. you can see there is one man there and we'll get off the video now. matt graham is ceo of graham combat. he's a military analyst.
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we're trying to find out if this is one guy who may have been killed or if they're hunting for others. originally we heard there were three people with long weapons, but we've heard that before in these incidents and authorities are just trying to get the latest information. what are they doing? >> thank you, bret, for having me. they're trying to put pieces together on their own right now. we have heard whether it's an individual shooter or whether it is shooters coming as a group, we don't know. so it could be that lone gunman has killed himself or they are still looking for others. so they're doing everything they can to try to find that information and track where that information has gone. >> we might have a bad phone connection here, matt. i want to ask one more thing. we talked a little bit with chairman royce about the specific problem in europe and what they're nation. it seems like a growing threat.
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>> absolutely growing threat. bret, whether this is jihadist based or nationalist based, it doesn't matter to those who are caught up in the fight. >> matt graham, sorry for the bad connection. wheel check in again. thanks for your time. we're here at the site of the national democratic convention. that begins next week. you can hear sound checks now and then. the democratic candidates were quick to react. hillary clinton tweeted, monitoring the situation in munich. we stand with our friends. donald trump, our prayers are with all those affected. the latest on hillary clinton's running mate search when we come back after this. (vo) one dark stormy night
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as we watch the breaking news, we go to politics. donald trump plans to take a little time off the campaign
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trail following his nomination acceptance speech last night in cleveland. but the republican nominating committee did not leash the city without getting a few things off its chest. good evening, carl. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination. >> as he oh fish aulie became the official republican nominee, he said they're running out of time to defeat terrorism, poverty, and the general inclining of crime. he accused hillary clinton and special terrorists to perpetuating a dismally unfair status quo in the longest speech of history. >> there was great love in that room. honestly, that was all about unity. >> reporter: then trump reverted to attacking ted cruz for
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refusing to endorse him. >> ted cruz took a speech that was done, was on the teleprompter, said hello, and made a statement that wasn't on the speech and went back to the speech. to me, that's dishonorable. >> reporter: that's false. an embargoed copy of the speech was delivered and matched what cruz said at the podium. trump said it was no big dale. today he threatened to politically disorganize against him. but he really made news when he revived two attacks on cruz, that his wife is a special interest and an unfounded crime that his father was an association of lee harvey oswald. >> there was a picture on the front page that does have credibility. they're not going to do pictures like that because they get sued if things are wrong.
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>> reporter: in fact, their own experts say -- >> i'm going to have a hard time watching her final speech. number one, i know her two well. number two, boring. boring. very boring. >> reporter: and mr. trump will take the rest of the weekend off and the next weekend he'll be campaigning a full weekend with every intention to disrupt it. bret? >> carl kameron live in cleveland. thank you. we still don't know who will join hillary clinton's ticket come november. do have some indications though. so far clinton is not saying if she's made a running mate selection or who it is. she's in fll.
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fox news correspondent jennifer is live from florida. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening. hillary clinton was on stage just moments ago. she spoke for about 25 minutes. she did not mention the munich atta attack. she spent her time attacking donald trump and talking about his speech at the rnc. she also did not mention her vp picks. the top of her list continues to be tim kaine from virginia. no one has seen him today. secretary clinton has kept her cards close to her chest but virginia senator tim kaine checks a lot of boxes. he has all the qualities hillary clinton said he was looking four. the former governor of an important swing state a senator from a state with a democratic governor to choose his replacement.
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national security after years of serving on the armed services. he grew up in kansas and attended the university of missouri. he does not threaten to upstage clinton and he speaks fluent spanish in a year where they're seen as. he became bilingual after taking a year off in law school. the short list winnowed to kaine others. she did not mention her vice presidency choice. there are 1.8 million latinos to register to vote as of february,
3:22 pm
15% of the state's registered voters therefrom are a million puerto ricans in florida. that number has doubled since 2000 due to the financial crisis in puerto rico. in miami/dade county the number of democrats increased 62% among hispanics registered from 2006 to 2016 while the number of republican registered voters was flat. tim kaine's office said he was supposed to be in boston today for a fund-raiser. he is thought to be on board a charter flight right now, a flight that left boston and stopped in bedford matt and is en route to miami, florida. that's what we're expecting to see her. we're told she'll text out her choice for vice president sometime today or tomorrow. bret? >> thank you.
3:23 pm
let's talk politics with charles krauthammer. first on hillary clinton as she gets ready to make this pick and comes here. what she faces in the wake of the rnc convention in cleveland. >> well, i think she has to present a case in some way. she has to be careful not to pretend to give a pollyannaish view. think what she can do because trump did not offer specifics. he basically said i'm the only one. i can do it. i will do "x," i will do "y," but he never connected "i" to the policy and the policy that supported the action. without doing a laundry list of things, she can say, i can do a program and i will carry it out and accomplish the following. aiming at the same constituency,
3:24 pm
the middle class, the ones that trump say were never heard. >> there were a few specifics than he does on the campaign trail in that speech, what he would do in the first 100 days. the evangelical talk about the tax issues for churches and the johnson rule if you will. there were more than are usually on the stump with the donald trump speefrps. >> let me give you an example. at the very beginning trump said i will eliminate crime and violence in america. you can't name a single society in the history of the world outside a monastery or two that has eliminated crime and violence. that was blanket statement. there were ten ways in which that could have been softened and made more plausible if nothing else, and he never said how. but he did say i'm the one. this was a speech of a man
3:25 pm
offering strong leadership. that's been his theme from the very beginning. strength versus weakness, decisiveness, et cetera. i'm strong, determined, and smart, and i will do it. how you get to that from the elimination of crime, he didn't let on. >> we've talked about how this race is tightening in the polls nationally in some of the swing states. do you think that after that week you'll see a different set of numbers for donald trump? >> well, you know, i've learned to myisha grin in the candidate casino where i think i lost my shirt and my trousers that you don't bet against donald trump. i would suspect that the bounce he got was less than he might have if he hadn't had the cruz incident, but i think there's something there and he'll be able to advance from there. >> charles, the band is playing
3:26 pm
you off. thank you for cominging in. see you next week. former ku klux klan leader david duke said he'll run for the u.s. senate from louisiana. he's a registered republican. he served one term as state representative more than two decades ago. he has failed at congress job. both are disavowing any connection with duke. a funeral was held today for one of three law enforce management officers killed in baton rouge, louisiana. 41-year-old matthew jer raleigh-durhgerrard was ambushed outside a convenience store. the phoenfuneral for the other be monday. the nasdaq finished ahead for the week. for the week with the markets the dow gained a quarter of a palk point.
3:27 pm
it was up 0.6. terror strikes again in europe. last week it was frachbls tonight it's germany. we'll talk about the latest, bring you the latest details and what it means politically when we come back. she spent summer binge-watching.
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>> translator: we're working with the safety of the population. >> we're monitoring the situation in munich very closely. it's an folding situation. it highlights that we all have to be vigilant in homeland security. in law enforcement. really, worldwide. >> while talking about this attack in germany today, so far at this hour, nine dead, ten
3:32 pm
injured. a shooting. we don't know if it was just one shooter or if there were others. the hunt continues, according to german authorities at this hour, for other polices. th accomplices. this coming amp other reports. outside of kabul. 40. bangladesh 2rk 2 dead. isis claiming responsibility. july 3rd, a baghdad truck bomb, 192. here in the u.s., the five police officers killed in dallas, in nice, the 84 killed with that truck in shooting, 300 wounded. july 17th, baton rouge, three officers executed and today in munich let alone you had the germany train attack where four were wounded with an ax and a knife. let's bring in steve hayes, kear
3:33 pm
tin porous and monica crowley editor for "the washington times." you know, steve, you look at the list of those attacks, and you understand the angst that people are feeling around the world. >> yeah. it's really almost overwhelming. it seems like every time we sit down here, we're talking about a new attack, a different variety of attacks. sometimes you have people using a machete or hatchet thapd're truly a lone wolf attack. other times they're too quick to label lone wolf attacks because that's supposed to be the new paradigm. they turn out to be not lone wolf attacks. it turns out he likely had poli accomplices in double digits. some think that omar mateen, the attacker in florida, had help that the fbi didn't know about
3:34 pm
initially. i hope the president and others refrain from making quick judgments about whether this is a lone wolf attack and let the investigation run its course. but clearly this is one of the reasons that americans in particular going into this election have so much anxiety about terror. >> we should point out there was a report that the shooter yelled allahu akhbar, targeting even children. the. of the attacks, kerstin, has be to islamic radicalists. >> one thing that makes them more terrifying frankly, in the past we would see large urban areas, new york city london, madrid attacks. now they're completely random. a gay nightclub, somebody on a train. it starts to make people feel like anywhere, even in america
3:35 pm
they're at risk. the other thingcy s they don't have to be affiliated or given instruction from isis. that's the new paradigm. that's what isis wants. they want lone wolves and they're inspired. they're still terrorists. >> this is a very serious topic but here in philadelphia they're doing sound checks for the democratic national convention which starts obviously monday. mon karks speaking of this, the politics of this, donald trump spent a number of minutes talking about the threat of terrorism. how do you think hillary clinton is going to deal with this and all the string of attacks? >> she's going to have a very difficult time because she was president obama's steward for poli policy. she's walking a very fine line. she needs to put some distance between herself and the
3:36 pm
president because of the rising chaos and uncertainty. when donald trump talked about law and order, he talked about national defense. she has to put some distance between herself and the president but not too much where it looks like she's alienating the president and the democrats. he can continue to say, look, we tried it her way, we trietd president obama's way, we try it secretary clinton's wei, it obviously didn't work. we're in a far more dangerous time, the american people are at risk. are you better off four years ago -- today than you were four years ago. the question now is are you safer today than you were eight years ago. the answer is a resoundingly no. >> we're going to talk about the vp t he reaction after we take quick break. ♪
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book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. well, you're looking at the place where hillary clinton will accept the nomination. we hear she's going to announce her vice president at candidate. it's down three choices. tim kaine, former governor and senator of virginia, expected to be the lead horse for the running for v.p. on the democratic side. then you also have on the vilsack. he's the agriculture secretary. i think we have some bioboxes of them. and cory booker, the senator
3:42 pm
from new jersey. we bring back our panel. steve, of those three, kaine in. >> i would bet on kaine. i would put my money on tim kaine. the alternative for the liberals is donald trump. she's not likely to lose much support if she picks tim kaine. he's capable senator. he's one of the senators if you talk of him on capitol hill, they will speak highly of him. as someone who spent countless hours covering congressional hearings, you in and listen to him, he knows what he's talking about. he's not reading talking points. that's likely to benefit her both in the presidential debate and when he speaks on the stump. >> you know, kerstin, he gets made fun of for being boring. hillary clinton said that's what i love about him. the mike pence and tim kaine could beburner.
3:43 pm
what do you think? >> she has it down to two guys and then cory booker, someone she could work with. with tom vilsack, she has a very long relationship with them. the benefit is that kaine would be replaced by a democratic governor and they won't have to worry about a situation. that's bayne fit. i think cory booker is definitely long shot, but if she wanted to do something that would excite people more, that said, hillary clinton she plays it safe generally. she doesn't like to take risks. >> it doesn't seem like a decision, monica, that's about the state because there are many swing states that are close in these states. new jersey is not one of them. >> look. i think donald trump's choice of mike pence was safe and that freed mrs. clinton to make a safe choice on her side also. she doesn't seem overly
3:44 pm
concerned about taking care of her left flank. tim kaine has some serious issues. liberals have serious issues with him. they're unhappy he promoted regulatory changes. they're highly unhappy with him. >> and on guns. >> and cory booker has problems with the left because he supported charter schools, merit pay for teachers. so he's raised the ire of the teachers. >> maybe she's making a play for independence. >> which is exactly right. the problem is if she loses a number of the bernie sanders voters, she could be in big trouble. >> do you agree, steve? >> the possibility that they would stay home, wouldn't organize on her behalf, but i think in all likelihood, they're likely to come out and vote for her precisely because they find so distasteful, the republican
3:45 pm
on the other side. >> all right. as we get ready for all that will happen here, what do you think this week will look like in comparison to the republican convention? >> well, this is something that was very angry, very knellive, very dark. and so democrats, i think, are look for something a little more uplifting. they view it as a possibility if possible to reintroduce hillary clinton. they think she's misunderstood and she's going to reintroduce herself to people and provide a more uplifting message. >> all right. we are looking live and we should take that to break. she's meeting with some voters there in florida, again, getting work that her choice on vp and there's the all important selfie. her choice of selfie could be coming any minute. we'll have the latest here live on fox news channel.
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almost coming one ways to thwart bernie sanders and his campaign and if that's true, i think that much more than, you know, vice-presidential pick could have the effect of dampening the enthusiasm of sanders supporters. >> kerstin if you look back at -- where the real -- just juice was in this primary was behind sanders and that enthusiasm. >> so what this would do is confirm what they were thinking was going on. this was against debbie wassermann schultz for rigging in terms of the debate, for example, setting up the times they wouldn't get as much prime-time coverage so she wouldn't get attacked and she wouldn't get as much coverage. this would sort of reignite that anger again if they have more evidence to prove what they suspected was going along. >> it plays into something that was going on and something he
3:52 pm
was talking about o the campaign trail. it's disaffected voters who agree with him on bad trade deals. one of the things trump kept talking about last night is we're but today he had this press conference in which he answered questions about ted cruz that kind of got a little bit off topic if you were trying to stay on message after your big speech. >> yes. you want to stay above the fray. after. >> and i'm being generous here. when you go to the national enquirer and you go to, you know, defending previous fights that you have had in the primary, a lot of people say why do that. >> he had a real moment last night. i think he gave the speech of his life last night. i mean, he hit a very simple message of law and order, strong national defense. defeating this corrupt system. economic populism. he had the crowd in the palm of his hand and polling today shows 75% of the american people who saw it had positive views of that
3:53 pm
speech. why he would want to go off message today and attack a former opponent who is no longer in the game and really no longer a threat to him, i can't really understand. >> i will give you the last word. i know where you are going to come down, steve, but, you thought this was off the -- >> -- yeah, i really think this is crazy. i mean, i think it says something about donald trump and stability potentially. i think it's really unfortunate that he did this to raise and suggest that it's true that ted cruz's father really may have had some role in the jfk. >> he said there was a picture and defending a direct question. >> he was. but if you look at the way he defended the direct question, he said the national enquirer wouldn't put anything on its pages that wouldn't accurate. >> all right. we're obviously following the breaking news out of munich. and we also have the possible vp announcement coming down. we have all that breaking news. stay tuned for a final look back at the republican convention. the gillette mach 3 turbo
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3:58 pm
welcome to quicken loans arena in cleveland, ohio. a sight what is quickly living up to g.o.p. convention unlike any other. >> you are ignoring delegates who have been elect to do this convention. >> not going to do this. i'm not going to do this. >> "roll call" vote. "roll call" vote. >> remember, the big dust up on the floor with the delegates that there could be something else today. ♪ we are the champion, my friends. >> your word is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> let us commence the call of the roll of the states. 58 trump, 28 trump. >> 57 votes. >> it's my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates. [cheers] >> if do you what you love, hold nothing back and never let father of failure get in
3:59 pm
the way, then you have pretty much figured out the trump formula. >> i have seen it time and time again, that look in his eyes when someone says it can't be done. to run for the most powerful, yet unforgiving office in the world, there is no greater calling. >> vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. >> when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, the change will be yuge: >> no one has more faith in the american people than my father. he will be your greatest, your truest, and your most loyal champion. >> my opponent asks her supporters to recite a three word loyalty pledge. it reads i'm with her. i choose to recite a
4:00 pm
different pledge. my pledge reads i'm with you, the american people. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. another mass shooting, 9 gunned down, murdered. this time munich, germany, and at this hour a manhunt for the killer and maybe killers. police say up to three gunmen are on the loose. cell phone video capturing the moment gunman opened fire on people just 3 feet away. we have to warn you this video is graphic. [gunfire] here you can see a man holding a gun walking on the roof of a crowded shopping mall. terrified people running. poli