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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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different pledge. my pledge reads i'm with you, the american people. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. another mass shooting, 9 gunned down, murdered. this time munich, germany, and at this hour a manhunt for the killer and maybe killers. police say up to three gunmen are on the loose. cell phone video capturing the moment gunman opened fire on people just 3 feet away. we have to warn you this video is graphic. [gunfire] here you can see a man holding a gun walking on the roof of a crowded shopping mall. terrified people running. police putting munich on
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lockdown and declaring a state of emergency. live in germany. lucien? >> good evening. >> what's going on? >> what we know is that evening in munich shortly before 6:00 p.m. police got an emergency call that there was a shooting. a shopping center in the north of the city of the olympic shopping center. when they got there, witnesses were saying there were three people with guns. the police later said those were identified those as rifles and started a manhunt immediately. you mentioned that there are nine dead. police have identified 8 victims of the shooting. we found the corpse of one man. they suspect he might be the shooter. he was carrying a backpack. they are using a robot to find out what is in that backpack. >> lucian did anyone hear
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the gunman or gunmen say anything? >> there is a video of the shooting in front of the mcdonald's. there is also a video of a man also identified as a shooter on a parking garage. he has a dialogue with one of the residents in which he says i am german. we don't have much more details of who these people are. >> so the one who is down they suspect with one of the gunmen, one of the nine dead on the scene. i take it way too early but the police are madly trying to find out about his background and find out any information about him. >> that's correct. they believe he is the man in the video in front of the mcdonald's as they found a red backpack next to him. hearing that it might be pooby trapped, they are being very careful in approaching that backpack and trying to identify that man. >> is munich still on lockdown as we have in the
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lower part of our screen. whole city the third largest city in germany. still locked down? >> munich is still on lockdown. almost immediately they shut down the subways, the buses, the tram system. about an hour and a half after the first report. also trains were stopped, so there are a lot of people stranded in the bavarian country sides in trains. people were told to stay indoors, to stay out of public areas, and actually, there were reports of other shootings. the actual incident happened in the north of the city as i mentioned, but there were also reports that there was a shooting in the center of the city that was unconfirmed. we just got a report that there were also rumors of a shooting at the hewn nic airport. that was unconfirmed by the police. however, the police did say that they arrested one person. it's not clear if there is a connection to what happened in town when you say confirmed you mean didn't happen or we don't know if
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there was a shooting at the airport or not? >> >> the police did not confirm that there was a shooting. however, they did say there was an arrest. but it's unclear if there was any connection to the shooting in the north of munich. >> well, as you might imagine, our white house has issued a statement to the press secretary and just a week ago you had a young man with an axon the train in germany. angela merkel, the german chancellor said anything yet? >> well, her chief of staff peter altmire went on national tv. he said they are constantly following events. one thing he said i think he also tried to reassure people and also some ways it's not necessarily reassuring. he said in the past few years they have uncovered terrorist plots and avoided those. but this is obviously causing a lot of concern, merkel will be meeting our
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closest advisors and ministers tomorrow for emergency session. the interior minister was actually just in new york. he was trying to go on vacation. and he turned around immediately and flew back. he will be in munich tomorrow morning and coming back to berlin to speak with the chancellor. >> lucian, thank you very much. >> thanks, greta. the killer or killers are still on the loose right now german police are racing to find them. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations ambassador john bolton depose "on the record." good evening, sir. >> glad to be here. >> they suspect one is down. one the nine is one of the killers. still looking for two others. manhunt going on. city still in lockdown. the rest of us, haven't been confirmed, suspicious this is terrorism. >> well, we have completely contradictory reports of eyewitnesses. some of whom say they heard the shooter yell al lieu akbar. some say i'm a german blanket foreigners and similar remarks.
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let's be clear, the risk of civil war inside several european countries is very real. patrick kovar head of security said in a public speech two weeks ago he could see civil war in france. he predicted it might be occasioned by kind of an incident of massive sexual assault on women has occurred in cologne germany in new year's eve. that could set it off. whether this is a right wing extremist in germany we don't know at this point. but i think when you put a million unvetted refugees into a country like germany, you're going to have cultural clashes. it's not to justify it, obviously, but to say it wouldn't surprise me if after ax attacks on german trains and the attack we saw in nice. it's 1 chock in the morning in munich now. this is a direct parallel to what happened in nice in the evening of bastille day on july the 14th.
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so, in the midst of this uncertainty, it's obviously difficult to know there was one gunman or more than one gunman. let's get this pros prospect of civil war out on the table because it's real. >> astounding when you think that an entire city in munich is locked down right now. third largest city in germany. second time in a week that they have had something that's -- last week on the train and now this. >> this attack near the site of the munich olympics attack -- >> -- from '72? >> exactly. near the site of the munich railway station where literally hundreds of thousands of refuse we dids from the middle east have been coming through. that's the main entry point into germany over the past year it's the locust of that conflict between civilizations where you could well see something like this as the beginning, i'm afraid. >> or have someone who is just a copycat who is cruel, who is evil.
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>> a complete nut case. >> an evil one at that. >> indeed. >> just terrible watching. these stories aren't going away. >> it's spreading all over europe. this is one country after another. the risk of this spreading to the united states, i think, is real as senior intelligence officials have testified in open session of congress in the past 60 days. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. when the bullets began to fly chaos erupted. people running for lives. police immediately began searching for killer or killers. sabrina and her boyfriend were in the middle of the free for all. sabrina, tell me, as soon as you heard the shots, what did you next experience? what did you see? we run out of italy where we have been before. we saw people running in every direction possible. behind us, before us, and we were trying to get another big place where our
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apartment is placed. when we passed that, we saw saw -- everyone left their bags there. so that made the impression everyone just left as soon as possible to get into supermarkets, cafes and their apartments to be safe somehow. >> max, the u.s. state department is telling americans to shelter in place. lockdown. i take it you have gotten the message to shelter in place and don't leave the apartment? >> we were told directly italy to get out of sight and they will would be shutting the doors of the supermarket already. as we left, we could see supermarkets were shutting their doors with customers in to keep everyone safe. the general consensus was everyone just get home safe, stay and lock your doors. >> don't be in the streets. >> just to reiterate. we weren't near where the initial shooting was near
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olympian park. we were bystanders of what we initially thought was another shooting. >> sabrina, if you look at the the window of your apartment, does munich look desolate? nothing is moving? people are sheltering in place? they have done as directed? stayed behind and locked doors? does it look like ghost town? >> yes, very much so. >> people don't live here and have any apartment at the moment are trying to hide under like little brings and little safe places wherever they find like dull cut corner of something. and the only thing you can hear and see is ambulances going by and helicopters flying over our heads. like every two minutes. >> we can hear people eating
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their dinner. no cars on the streets. can't hear pedestrians. no one is talking. everyone is in their houses. >> sabrina, people are helping each other using social media using #open door. what is that? >> a really nice like #called like four hours ago when all this happened. everything shut down while this shooting was going on in olympia park. police told public transport to shut down. taxis were told to not take any more passengers. had you no opportunity to go anywhere. just by your foot. but when you are living somewhere where you can't go by foot because it's too far, people called #open doors. which means people open their doors for strangers, for tourists who don't know where to go at the moment be safe. >> i don't know if you are aware at the moment there is also bulletins come out to
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say the mosques in munich open their doors people are welcome to stay there. >> sabrina and max, thank you very much for joining us. and obviously, you know, stay safe in a very unsettling situation. thank you. >> thank you. >> and back here in america, donald trump taking to the podium, calling for law and order in last night's acceptance speech at the republican national convention. trump stressed more than once and emphatically that he will be the candidate to keep america safe. >> i have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets. and the safety of our police when i take the oath of office next year, i will restore law and order to our country i will work with and appoint the best and brightest prosecutors and law enforcement officials to get the job properly done. to make lives safe for all
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of our citizens we must also address the growing threats we face from outside the country. we are going to defeat the barbarians of isis and we're going to defeat them fast. the damage and devastation that can be inflicted by islamic radicals has been proven over and over. at the world trade center. at an office party in san bernardino. at the boston marathon at a military recruiting center in chattanooga, tennessee. and many, many other locations. only weeks ago in orlando, florida. 49 wonderful americans were savagely murdered by an islamic terrorist. to protect us from terrorism, we need to focus on three things.
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we must have the best, absolutely the best gathering of intelligence anywhere in the world. the best. [cheers and applause] we must abandon the failed policies of nation-building and regime change that hillary clinton pushed in iraq, in libya, in egypt and in syria. instead, we must work with all of our allies who share our goal of destroying isis and stamping out islamic terrorism and doing it now, doing it quickly, we're going to win. we're going to win fast. [cheers and applause] >> and the "on the record" political panel is here, abc news political director rick klein and the associated press white house reporter josh letterman, first to you, rick, is he the law and order candidate?
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>> he is an angry savior. a would be savior a new role for donald trump. law and order fits in with the theme. that was a grim speech. it was not an optimistic portrait of america. built on the assumption voters feel like things are going wrong. wildly wildly off track in america right now. as he said he is the only one that can fix it those are two significant assumptions and both of those things have to be right for him to win and law and order fits into that. he is the outsider. he is saying is he trying to appeal even to the bernie sanders people who feel like outsiders. so that fits into the theme. >> it certainly does. if you want to know whether this is going to resonate with voters all you have to do is look at a day like we had today in munich unify ago lot of people. sad reality if we have a lot more events like that between now and election time, each time it seems to put this issue of safety, security, law and order really to the forefront of minds of voters and to donald trump's point
4:16 pm
possibly really helping him drive that message home. >> how does secretary clinton answer that? >> i think she says things aren't nearly as bad as donald trump says they are. she is not. >> breaking news even though it's germany. >> every couple days going to be something. she isn't going to oppose law and order. we can obviously do better. but you don't have to start from a pessimistic place and feel like things are as broken as they were. then i think she would also point out that a lot of the slogans are hollow ones. there is nothing about him as she even said tonight. the idea that he would say he is the only person that can fix it is a little farfetched. >> she is quite hawkish in law and order. historically not being painted that picture. >> iraq war others have highlighted. issues she is actually to the right of donald trump on national security issues obviously with a big issue in the primary with a lot of democrats that want to do see someone more to the left, more like obama or
4:17 pm
even someone more liberal like that on some of these national security issues. but at the same time, if you are running against a law and order candidate, you sort of want to be a law and order candidate yourself. >> although she is part of the obama administration. she is getting pinned with that as well. people are not happy with the obama administration and with the justice item department. well, she is the establishment. donald trump is telling the establishment has failed. so if people are thinking about it just in those terms, she needs to find enough distinction to say i'm not a third term here. it's a weird time. 60% plus of the country says we are on the wrong president with approval ratings in the 50. how could both of these things be true? >> all right, rick, josh, don't go away. just when you thought it could not get wilder, well, it did. the brutal fight continues. donald trump and senator ted cruz are right back at it you will hear from trump next. munich germany on lock down. hunt for three killers in a deadly shooting rampage. back in europe straight
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deja vu? it sure seems like primary season all over again. the fiercely bitter rivalry between donald trump and senator ted cruz not over. right now it is sizzling hot. at trump's stage and trump's invitation did not endorse trump. trump doesn't like that obvious snub. is he not taking it lightly. trump is even reigniting some of the primary feuds that includes a national enquirer conspiracy theory about senator cruz's father. >> honestly he may have ruined his political career i feel so badly. i feel so badly.
4:22 pm
he will come and endorse over the next little while pause he has no choice. but i don't want his endorsement. what difference does it make? i don't want his endorsement. i met him once. i think is he a lovely guy. all did i was point out the fact that on the cover the national enquirer there was a picture of him and crazy lee harvey oswald having breakfast. now, ted never denied that it was his father instead he said donald trump. i had nothing to do with it a picture on the front page of the national enquirer which does have credibility. they are not going to do pictures like that because they get sued for a lot of money if things are wrong, okay? a lot of money. there was a picture. and that's the only thing i know. >> co-host of "fox & friends weekend" tucker carlson goes "on the record." tucker, nice to see you. >> hey, greta. >> so, tucker, you know, i sort of thought we got
4:23 pm
beyond this one although i will say it's an interesting feud but here we go again. >> poor mike pence he looked like he was dying back there he had not been briefed on this detour from new boss. with trump is he so clever that sometimes you have to wonder well maybe i don't understand why is he doing this but perhaps is he thinking 3 dimensionally while the rest of russ thinking in two dimensions and there is some strategic reason for it. in this case it's nutty and counter productive. i'm not sure who wins. cruz hurt himself at the convention the other night we can be certain of that what does trump get out of resurrecting this jfk assassination theory or mentioning ted cruz's name? if there is a good reason i will feel calmer about it for those of us who don't want to see hillary clinton become president, this is worrisome. >> probably everyone is talking about it to the exclusion of talking about the fact that we are awaiting her vp choice. maybe is he stealing some of the wind out of her sail. here is something else that
4:24 pm
he said last night or today about the supreme court one thing i want to leave you with supreme court justices. no matter how much you like or dislike, no matter what your feelings, whether you are the governor of ohio, whether you're a senator from texas or any of the other people that i beat so easily, and so badly, you have no choice. you have got to go for trump. supreme court justices. >> so he says they are going to have to hold their nose and vote for him. governor kasich and senator ted cruz, right? >> if you are a conservative, this is obvious. prima facie true. of course trump has a stronger likelihood of picking a more reasonable supreme court justice than hillary clinton does. i'm not sure he needs to say it and in this context beat
4:25 pm
all the other guys in the race. tragedy here in my perspective is that he gave this kind of redefining speech last night that really laid out what the republican party ought to be focused on going forward. i thought it was solid. i think it speaks to actual concerns of actual people not just my neighbors media and washington middle class voters. that's what the republican party had been missing. if he had stopped talking last night or just continue to do repeat sections of his speech from here until november he would be president. detours into wacko bird land they don't help. i don't get it. >> interesting last night he talked about gay rights and he talked about fairness and equality. seeking a second constitutional amendment to do away with gay marriage. he got an an applause by the republican audience. >> the whole thing was amazing. the republican economic program. this is guy who is, of course, running as a famous businessman, a successful practitioner of business, but he did not give us the
4:26 pm
stock republican lines about entrepreneurship and capital gains tax cuts or entitlement reform for that matter. everything about what he said last night was a radical departure. maybe a refreshing departure. america has changed so dramatically in the last 25 years the republican platform has not. donald trump is ushering in this new era. he should be talking about that. i think. but what do i know though tucker, thanks we will see you tomorrow morning on "fox & friends." >> thanks, greta. >> police are still cr searching for suspects in munich. months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer. allstate offers a't imagine genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts.
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ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. this is a fox news alert. munich the third largest city in germany is on lockdown. and right now a massive manhunt is underway. at least one gunman and maybe up to three gunning down and murdering innocent people in a massive shooting spree. current numbers 10 people are dead. one of those dead may be the gunman or a gunman. fsn correspondent kevin ozebek is live in the capitol. kevin, what's the latest? >> well, greta, this mask manhunt in munich has been going on for hours now. it all started 6:30 local time just as people in munich were starting thick weekend. munich police say at the main mall in the city shots started ringing out horrific and very hard to watch cell phone video that emerged from the scene. you see a man right outside of a mcdonald's fast food restaurant.
4:31 pm
he points a gun at a include children. that group starts running away. he points his gun at them and just starts firing. as you said, greta, the latest death toll now stands at 10. according to german press reports, the tenth body was found about a half a mile away from the mall. so, it is possible police say that that was one of the gunmen and he potentially may have committed suicide after he fled this scene. and also according to german press reports right now, police robot is at that man's body and is detecting, trying to detect if there is explosives on him. greta, at this point, no word yet on a motive. police say they just aren't there yet. the investigation is still very early on in stages. according to witnesses it could be an act of domestic terror. according to one witness. one of the gunman was slurring out antiforeigner
4:32 pm
slurs. >> kevin, thank you. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is working her sources. she is here to go "on the record." catherine you and i have these conversations way too often with these shootings. what are you learning tonight. >> i spoke with social media contact. he said to me they are seeing the same pattern of these isis accounts lighting up that they saw a week ago in nice with the truck account that killed 84. they are not referring to the suspect or suspects as soldiers of the caliphate. but they are certainly celebrating what is happening in munich. separately, a character recidivism -- characterism said this was attack targeting children as we saw in nice last week that is a way to ultimately inflame the situation and leave the ultimate scar on the community. >> lowest of low to shoot kids. lowest of low. >> that's right. >> what they are saying about any isis is it always
4:33 pm
seems recently from nice and maybe even the attack last week on the train. it's after the fact. is there any indication that isis, other than being an inspiration that isis in any way directed or supplied or paid for or anything else? >> not at this point. there has been no claim of responsibility. and it's so early in the investigation that no links to any terrorist group, al qaeda, isis, or even some other has been identified. but to give some people some context, leading into the security there was what's called intelligence note from be jump authorities that warns specifically about isis cells that had been trained and armed coming from syria into western europe. and the target list included shopping centers, restaurants, as well as american fast food chains. this event, this attack does seem consistent or at least dove tail with that information. >> all right. we are learning what's crossing the wires is that police believe that the person down may have been the sole shooter and that he committed suicide.
4:34 pm
and. >> they have a term for this in these terrorist groups. they call them nike jihadists which is the just do it terrorists. take what you can where you are and act. that is sort of the siren call of all of these groups at this point which is why it's so hard to detect. >> which is what is so awful about the social media is that you can inspire from far away. walls aren't going to prevent this. >> well, the fbi director, one of his sort of signature assessments is that this is the crowd sourcing of terrorism. can you send it out to thousands of people. it reaches them all in their pocket on their phone. and you need to just have one one half of 1% express an interest to have an event like this. >> shooting kids, wow. shooting kids: catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> we'll continue to bring you live updates on the pretty nice in munich. up next, the trump family dominating the republican national convention. a look back at the best moments as "on the record" kicks off prime time on the number one network in all of cable.
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paragraph of of a a todayly shooting spree. one person dead in connection with with the shooting. that killer has taken his own life. police believe he acted alone. right now 10 people are dead. the killer is included in that death toll. "on the record" is monitoring and we will bring you instant live updates as soon as they come in. and back here in the united states a 2016 republican national convention is now in the books. and there is no doubt about it. it was the donald trump show. but let's face it. donald trump did get a run for his money from who else? his family. they nearly stole the show. >> i have been with donald for 18 years. i have been aware of his deep love for country since we met. he never had agenda. when it comes to his patriotism. because like me, he loves this country very much. donald has a great and deep and unbonding determination
4:40 pm
and never give up attitude. >> i have seen it time and time again that look in his eyes when someone says it can't be done. i saw that look a little over a year ago when he was told he possibly couldn't succeed in politics. yes, he did. for my father, impossible is just the starting point. >> he motivates me to work my hardest and to always stay true to who i am and what i believe. that's what he does. he pulls out the talent in people. that's a great quality to have in a father and better yet to the president of the united states. >> to the unemployed voter sitting at home watching me right now, wondering how you are going to make your next mortgage payment or rent payment, my father is running for you. to the laborer watching me right now, forced out of a job by undocumented workers. illegal immigrants, my father is running for you.
4:41 pm
to single mothers to mothers with children. can no longer afford benefits for. my father is running for you. >> when my father says he will build a tower, keep an eye on the skyline. floor by floor a soaring structure will appear. usually record setting in it height and iconic in its gin design. real people are hired to do real work. vision becomes reality. when my father says that he will make america great again, he will deliver. >> next the highlights from this week's republican national convention right here "on the record."
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2016 republican national convention wrapping up with a bang. donald trump finishing off the week with his speech. trump wasn't the only one to fire off the crowd. listen to some of the highlights from this week. >> we must not be afraid to define our enemy. it is islamic extremist terrorism. >> it was hillary clinton who advocated for the overthrow of qaddafi in libya. now libya is in chaos. hillary clinton is accountable for this and much more. >> next, let's go to russia.
4:47 pm
she went to the kremlin on her very first visit and gave them that stupid symbolic re-set button. you know what i think that button should have read? it should have read delete. she is very good at that, by the way. >> it's important for you to know what it means to be an american. it doesn't mean getting free stuff. [cheers and applause] it means sacrificing, winning,lessing, failing, succeeding, and sometimes doing the things you don't want to do. >> let me tell you why i have been on the trump train from the beginning. see, when you are from the south and you grow up with rednecks, there are some occasional disagreements.
4:48 pm
sometimes those disagreements turn into fisticuffs. but any time i was ever in a bad spot, i always knew my brothers would have my back. and today in a lot of ways, america is in a bad spot and we need a president who will have our backs. [cheers and applause] >> to paraphrase ted cruz, if you want to protect the constitution of the united states, the only possible candidate this fall is the trump-pence republican ticket. >> our leaders need to be stronger. under donald trump our deals will be smarter. our soldiers will have what they need and our veterans will have what they earned. we will secure our borders, protect our nation. in all this we will be more serious and when we do, this nation will start winning again. >> the "on the record" political panel is back, abc
4:49 pm
news political director rick colin and white house reporter josh letterman. josh, did you have a highlight speech this week? >> well, one big moment from the convention that really seem to do reverberate across the convention hall was when donald trump not once but twice issued a call for protecting the lbgtq community in his speech. this was a really marked departure from what we have seen in previous conventions. four years ago, mitt romney never uttered the word gay, said anything like that in a call for that kind of rights much less lbgtq. you could really tell the entire convention hall was holding their breath when he did that are they going to boo him? are they going to cheer him? how exactly is this going to be received? of course when he was roundly applauded for it he took a moment to say as a republican it's really nice to hear you cheering me for that really clear indication of how the politics of this have shifted in such really short amount of time. >> rick, your favorite moment? >> there were two moments where donald trump
4:50 pm
controlled himself during his speech. one when there was a protester who started going on a code pink protester we believe. of course at the rallies sometime get them out of here. did he not speak for a long time until she was restrand. he said how great are our police officers. the other time when the crowd started chanting lock her up. does he start chanting with him? he waited and beat her in november. can he show that self-controlled. he showed it in those two moments dish i thought the kids in many way stole the show. it's a reflection on them as i teased that my parents could never run for president with their kids. i thought his children did a good job. >> one of the things that a lot of skeptical republicans say when they finally have been brought over to the trump side is that one of the things that did it is his kids and getting to know his kids. you can fain a lot and say things that aren't true you can't fake your kids. >> you can't hide your kids. >> some of those kids are ones that we haven't seen a whole lot. we have seen ivanka and
4:51 pm
eric. we haven't seen a lot of tiffany trump, for instance. >> it's interesting that governor mary fallon and joni ernst. two women who spoke almost invisible because of time. >> the timing. this was such a kay 00 continuing behind the scene convention. they lost control of the schedule. one night they went too long and another night too short. that's why planning matters. two voices they would have like to do showcase in a big way. >> rick, josh, thank you both. >> and on to philly. >> now it is the democrat's turn. democratic national convention in philadelphia is days away. and right now we are awaiting the news. who will secretary hillary clinton pick for vp running mate? meanwhile dnc security being ramped up. shannon bream is levee in philadelphia. shannon, what's the latest? >> all right, greta. a couple of things. we expect that we could get the hillary clinton vp pick at any moment. we are standing by and a man who is rumored to be on top that list poo testimony solid senator tim kaine, used to be a governor in virginia. it's interesting what we
4:52 pm
found in the last 24 hours or so there are many on the left who wouldn't be happy about that pick. they say is he too conservative to add to her ticket. of course you remember tracking all through the primary season there was bernie sanders. there were mist his ardent followers. there was a pull to the left on many key issues. and there has been talk that bernie sanders and his followers wouldn'ten on board, necessarily, with hillary clinton unless they got a pick to the ticket that they thought also would be tough on issues that they favor on trade, on banking, on wall street. those kinds of things. but in looking at the tim kaine's record we found, you know, he is what some would consider a pretty conservative democrat on key issues on things like abortion. personally is he pro-choice. he doesn't think the government should get involved. he would favor partial birth abortion ban. cop sent laws in virginia. in addition while he would vote for assault weapons ban, he doesn't think it's the best way to control gun crime and issue of him backing right-to-work laws. unions say no thanks on that. that's absolutely the
4:53 pm
opposite of what they would like to see. pretty strong statements on the left saying he would be a terrible pick based on trade, based on banking, those kinds of things. so we'll see. he certainly would not be somebody who would make the bernie sanders contingent of the party if he is the one added to the ticket. dnc preps have been underway for months in planning. in talking to local officials they are monitoring things like terror attacks. like the attacks on law enforcement officers and murder of police officers in dallas and baton rouge. all of that is factoring in. also philadelphia police have had a team of their own in cleveland this week working with authorities there so that they can gleen any lessons that might be helpful here. keep this in mind when we're talking about terror. just days ago where a suspect used a truck that killed dozens of people. so, from where i'm standing, i could see i-95 that wraps around this area. rvs, trash trucks are going to be routed away from this section of 9 a. headache for them. we can see the airport from here. planes landing, coming and
4:54 pm
going. air traffic will be impacted as well, greta? >> shannon, thank you. of course we are standing by. the announcement could come any second. she is going to tweet it. we will find out who secretary clinton is going to pick and major update in munich. we'll be right back. his it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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and it's fda approved. bravecto is for dogs 6 months of age or older. don't worry, princess, we'll settle the score. tonight we ride, with bravecto!! ask your vet about 12-week protection with bravecto. this is a fox news alert. an update right now on that deadly munich shooting rampage. fox news correspondent katy logan is live with the latest. >> significant update from police in munich who have just tweeted that one of the 10 dead is a man who they believe was a suspect in the shooting in this deadly shooting in the shopping mall. they say that this person committed suicide. they understand that he government who they say was most likely acting alone. and this body was found about a kilometer from the mall where the shooting happened in the early evening german time. now, until now, police had been working on the understanding that there
4:59 pm
were three potential gunmen in the shooting. that was based on witness reports and they were telling us just a short while ago that they simply have to verify whether this was true or not. they carried out a huge manhunt across the city. there now appears to be one gunman according to late rest police reports. shooting started 10 to 6 local time in a nearby restaurant mcdonald's. the shooter moved into the mall crowded at the end of a day on friday. one video shows the suspect supposedly shout is he a german citizen. miss have not confirmed. this authorities say they are unclear on the motive. they still investigating what was behind this they don't believe it's an act of islamic terrorism. they are still trying to find out why this suspect carried out the deadly attack, greta. >> katy, thank you. that's all for now. make sure you are here sunday night.
5:00 pm
we kick off the democratic convention special. sunday 7:00 p.m. up next anchor bret baier for "the o'reilly factor" as we await the big decision from the clinton campaign. ♪ ♪ >> good evening. i'm bret baier in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. we have a lot of breaking news tonight. an announcement from hillary clinton about her vice presidential pick is believed to be imminent. really any second now. we'll have that for you as soon as it happens. but, first, an apparent terror attack in munich, germany. at least 10 people are dead. 10 more wounded after at least one shooter and it's believed to be one now, opened fire at a major shopping center in munich. video of the chaos emerging on twitter showing one gunman opening fire on a crowd of innocent


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