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tv   The Cost of Freedom  FOX News  July 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us. see you from philadelphia. >> he doesn't have internet in alaska. >> buy everybody. >> philadelphia cheesesteak. we'll be there. chaos. controversy. and a convention. welcome, everyone. i'm stewart in for neil cavuto. we're following three big stories the in ein exnext two h. the desperate search on for a motive in the munich shooting. police say the shooter was obsessed with shooting rampages and may have lured his victims to a mcdonald's. officials say the shooter was armed with a .9 millimeters glock pistol. nine people killed in that attack. bernie sanders' supporters expected to take part in a peoples convention this hour in philadelphia, as wikileaks reportedly dumps more than 19,000 dnc e-mails.
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those e-mails suggesting the democratic national committee may have been trying to undermine the sanders' campaign. donald trump weighing in, tweeting, the system is rigged. the explosive e-mails coming as hillary clinton is set to introduce her running mate, senator tim kaine, in about two hours from now, at a rally in miami, florida. we're watching all of it for you. first, benjamin hall in munich on the shooting rampage. benjamin, who did it and what motivated him? >> hi, stewart. that's the big question everyone is asking here, now is who carried out the brutal attack. we are learning that his name is ali sombani. the first images of him leaving a mcdonald's and beginning to shoot. footage shows him walking calmly lifting his gun and firing at the people as they walked towards him. he hacked into someone's facebook messages and offered a free giveaway at the mall to entice his victims.
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investigators raided the 18-year-old's home this morning and found a subsancal number of books about mass killings including a book titled "ram pa page in head why students kill." he suffered from depression and undergone psychiatric treatment and found 300 bullets. clues to what drove him to murder came from a video in which the attacker shouts i'm german not a foreigner, bullied seven years and now i have a gun. he also shouted anti-foreigner language and could have been a neo nazi attack but a picture has emerged of the attacker, seeing one painted of a young, shy man, one who scheid away from the public and despite the fact that there are no islamic connection people are saying the attacks of the last weeks months and years may have played a part in pushing him to act. next case, a major controversy back here. just as the democrats' convention kicks off. wikileaks reportedly exposing damming e-mails that have bernie
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sanders' supporters furious and donald trump saying he was right all along the system is rigged. to christian fisher in washington on e-mails say. >> what the leaked e-mails show is a pattern of top dnc officials actively working against bernie sanders and his campaign throughout the primary. in one emaim dated may 5th before the kentucky and west virginia primaries the dnc cfo suggested using sanders' rils you beliefs against him. for kentucky and west virginia can we get someone to ask his beliefs. does he believe in a god. i think he's an atheist. this could make several points with my southern baptist peeps, draw a big difference between a jew and atheist. that same month the deputy communications director wrote, quote, wondering if there's a good bernie narrative for a story which is that bernie never ever had his act together that his campaign was a mess. now so far there has been zero
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response from the dnc, sanders or the clinton campaign but these leaked e-mails have the potential to drive an even bigger wedge between clinton and sanders supporters and at the worst possible time right before the democratic convention. it also plays right into trump's playbook that this system is rigged. trump posted on twitter, quote, leaked e-mails of dnc show plans to destroy bernie sanders. mock his heritage and much more. on-line from wikileaks, really vicious, rigged. now one other thing that we learned from the e-mails that the n dshgs nc chairman schultz is a huge fan of the musical hamilton. so much so she asked the dnc finance director to help her score seven tickets. but she was told that's a tall order. even for someone of her stature. stewart, no word on if she got to go to the musical. >> we got it. thanks very much, indeed. now these leaks coming out just as hillary clinton is set to roll out her running mate.
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mike emanuel in miami, where it's all about to go down. mike? >> hi, stewart. setting up to be a packed house here in miami for the first joint campaign appearance of the new democratic ticket. the new clinton/kaine signage is up and ready to go. now hillary clinton called senator tim kaine of virginia last night after 7:30 p.m. to tell him she had selected him to be her running mate. we're told clinton respects his experience as a senator, member of the armed services and foreign relations committees and former governor and mayor. kaine is bilingual, fluent in spanish after being a catholic missionary and comfortable using it in interviews. expect him to flash some spanish here in miami with clinton trying to connect with latino voters. they campaigned together in virginia last week and we're told clinton liked his down to earth style and his line of attack against donald trump. some reaction from the
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republican national committee chairman reince priebus, he says hillary clinton's choice of tim kaine does nothing to unify a fractured democrat base which is repelled by her dishonesty and cronyism. we await the unveiling of the new democratic packet in battleground florida. >> thank you very much. now hillary clinton picked senator kaine as her running mate in part because of his national security experience. national security is an issue donald trump hits directly. watch this. >> the attacks on our police and the terrorism of our cities threaten our very way of life. any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country. the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon, and i mean very soon, come to an end.
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to noformer u.s. ambassadoro the united nations john bolton. terror is a weekly event. are we doing enough about it? >> no. clearly not. and even though we are still not really able to determine what the cause of this rampage in munich was yesterday, the record over the past two years has just been incredible and shows every sign of continuing to get worse. so i do think international terrorism is going to be high in the debate this fall. certainly it should be. and i think hillary clinton is very vulnerable on it. >> ambassador, i want you to listen to donald trump where he's talking about -- i'm sorry to president obama where he's talking about trump's vision of america. roll that tape, please. >> this idea that america is somehow on the verge of
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collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn't really jive with the experience of most people. some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don't jive with the facts. >> mr. ambassador, do we have violence and chaos everywhere? >> well, i don't think anybody's claiming there's violence and chaos everywhere. the point is that the world that barack obama lives in may be suitable for the harvard university faculty lounge, but it's not the world that most americans live in. you can say in the case of munich, just as an example, only nine people were killed. it's not like the city population of munich has been decimated. the point is, anybody killed by terrorists, whether it's isis soldier or just a psychotic, is unacceptable and if the democrats like barack obama or hillary clinton or anyone else want to take the line that it's
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only a few people killed, what are you so worried about, politically let them do it. for the sake of the country it's disastrous. >> a poll on the screen right now showing 71% of americans believe we're going in the wrong direction. what do you say to that? >> look, there's clearly dissatisfaction with eight years of the current administration. i think it's true on domestic policy and national security policy and if hillary clinton continues to run as she seems to be doing, for barack obama's third term, i think she could be in real trouble. i don't think the selection of tim kaine as vice president is going to change that political reality. >> we talked earlier about the pace of these developments picking up. earlier today three people were arrested and indicted for trying to help isis. that was in florida. it's not necessarily just a weekly event. it seems to be becoming a daily event. that's very much part of the public consciousness of what's
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going on. >> i think the public is way ahead of some of the politicians in washington. i think they appreciate we still don't have anywhere like a full understanding of just how broadly isis and other terrorist groups have been able to spread their converts and potential for violence. we've had testimony by the obama administration's own top intelligence officials in recent months that the terror threat globally is equal to or greater than it was on 9/11. so we see these attacks in europe, we have to believe as the intelligence officials also said, that this capability is spreading across our country as well. >> now, we're awaiting hillary clinton and senator kaine to make a joint appearance. that's coming up shortly. i want to take you back to an interview neil cavuto did in 2015 with senator kaine, and the subject was, national security. roll tape, please. >> one of the ways you get the president to do something is when you have a debate about a war, you put the administration
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witnesses in the chair. you tell them, you got to tell us the plan and then you ask tough questions and then congress -- >> what do you think is his plan? you've heard republicans think of it. do you think he's done enough? >> there are a number of things he's done well, but there's a number of things we got to do a lot better. here, let's for starters, there's three problems right now. there's the war against isil, there's the civil war in syria against the dictator assad, there's a worst humanitarian crisis since world war ii. these all connect. the administration hasn't done a good job of articulating a strategy that puts these things into a single kind of context. instead, we're writing the check for humanitarian relief and working with the kurds in northern iraq and syria but it's a hodge-podge and it's hard to understand the theory. i think the u.s. was too late to the game and the world was too late to the game in taking action to protect the syrian refugees fleeing around the world. if established a no fly or humanitarian zone in 2014 we
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probably could have kept a million or million in the country in syria where they wanted to stay and made them safe and enforce a u.n. security council resolution. >> ambassador, that was tim kaine in november of 2015, very critical of president obama. >> well, i think he's right on the central point that obama never has had a strategy for dealing with the conflict in syria, the later growth of isis, the refugee flow the conventions of the refugee -- consequences of the refugee flow and a lot stems from the president's unwillingness to acknowledge as he has for eight years that the islamic terrorist threat is based on political ideology. king abdullah of jordan has called this a war within islam. i think he would know as a muslim king of a muslim country. obama and clinton as far as i can see don't fully understand that. even to this day. >> ams about dor john bolton, thank you very much. we were showing you the scene in florida where hillary clinton is about to appear with her pick
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for vice president, senator kaine. we'll be bringing you that later today. as we just witnessed in munich, in cleveland, and orlando, it's the police who are our first line of defense. so what's happening next week at the dnc that's offending them? find out. plus, hillary clinton and donald trump both fighting for bernie supporters. will her vice presidential choice help or hurt her?
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running toward the danger. munich is the latest. their heroism seen time and again from orlando to dallas to baton rouge and even cleveland where they were confronting unruly protesters. now the dnc is about to kick off and some police officers are upset there are no scheduled speakers representing their fallen who were targeted simply
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because of their job. but there will be speakers representing victims killed by police. former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler says that is not fair. rod, before we start, i just want to read you the statement from the mr. john mcnessby the president of the fraternal order of police lodge five. he says it is sad that to win an election mrs. clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts. now he used the word pander. that is a very strong word. you support the use of that word? >> oh, absolutely. and i'll tell you, that officer that fop officer that made that statement i couldn't have said it better myself. let's face the facts. he actually said that, you know, hillary clinton does not know all the facts. you know what, hillary clinton does know all the facts when it comes to some of these cases. quickly, michael brown's mother is going to be speaking at the dnc next week. now michael brown, for the viewers edification, michael brown was the individual in
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ferguson who was killed by the police officer darren wilson. the justice department said that was a legitimate shooting, a justifiable shooting. why is that mother speaking at the dnc? but i can tell you who's not speaking at the dnc. the wives and the spouses of those five police officers in dallas, that was killed less than three weeks ago when they were killed protecting black lives matter members. they're not speaking at the dnc. it sends a strong message as to the type of president i think she's going to be. >> the narrative is, that america's police forces are making war on black folks. that is the narrative. >> yeah. >> now you disagree with that. >> yeah. >> do you think that hillary clinton believes that? >> you know, can i be honest? i don't know what hillary clinton believes. it depends on the audience she's speaking to. i don't get into the political things, but let's face facts. i must say the difference between hillary clinton and donald trump when it comes to
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policing is that donald trump calls it like it is. hillary clinton calls it like the audience want her to call it and that's the way i kind of look at this. i don't think -- as a matter of fact, i know for a fact, police officers in this country for the most part do a tremendous job. have we had a number of controversial shootings. you bet we have. we're working hard and diligently to weed those cops out. for the most part each and every day those guys and gals go on the street each and every day and put their lives on the line for you and i. >> sure. >> so that we can be safe. >> it will be police officers who are keeping democrats safe at the convention next week in philadelphia. i want to know what is the mood among police officers? i'm not asking for their political opinion whether they support trump or hillary, what's their morale like? >> well, you know, we're kind of getting used to being thrown under the bus by certain politicians. you know, jay nixon threw the cops under the bus in ferguson during that incident. the mayor of baltimore threw the
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cops under the bus when that situation happened. so we're kind of used to it. even though these politicians throw us under the bus and continue to do that we continue to do our jobs. the mood isn't good. we feel sometimes like we don't have the support that we need from our elected officials. and we get, you know, they talk out of their mouths two ways and sometimes we hear it for us, and sometimes we don't. so i think, you know, going forward, we're just going to have to continue to do the best job we can, realizing that certain politicians are only in it for themselves. >> okay. rod wheeler, thank you for joining us. much appreciated. >> thank you. bernie sanders' supporters fuming as leaked e-mails reportedly show the dnc was trying to box bernie out all along. one of the supporters is here. is it turning her towards trump? and the polls in florida showing a dead heat. is that why hillary clinton's announcing her vp in the miami heat? ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights?
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we told you about a potential scandal breaking ahead of the dnc. we're talking about the report of leaked dnc e-mails showing an effort to undermine bernie sanders during the primaries. let's get reaction from a sanders' supporter and delegate angie. you know the details of this. are you angry? >> yes. of course. >> well, is it enough to drive you away from hillary? she is the candidate. and towards donald trump? >> well, i think that we've all been pretty firm in the fact
7:25 am
that whether or not we're going to vote for hillary was dependent on what we would find out from the convention to philly and everything afterwards and i think that certainly this wikileaks improvement on the story we've gotten does not help out her case or the case of anybody who is looking at the local party support either. >> angie, i remember the nevada convention, not the convention but i think the caucuses and there was some considerable dispute there, we're showing it on our screens right now, chaotic situation, that was in nevada during the primaries. are we to expect a somewhat similar level of protest and chaos at the d nc convention next week from you guys, the bernie supporters, outside the convention? >> well, that was actually the nevada state convention i believe you're showing that footage of. >> correct. >> but there is -- i can tell you there's things that are planned inside, things ta that
7:26 am
are planned outside. you will have to see what happens when we get there. a lot of things that can be done to prevent the disruption that could happen at the democratic convention such as dan malloy coming forward and releasing the "minority report" on the tpp considering that's the number one thing that bernie sanders supporters are most upset about. we have two candidates for the democratic nomination who are both arguing and platforming on the fact that they were against the transpacific partnership yet did not allow for a simple sentence that's the reason we reject the tpp to go on the democratic platform. hillary clinton decided to pick somebody, tim kaine, as her vp running mate who has been a firm proponent and actually tried to fast track the transpacific partnership. i think all of these different things that have happened within the last couple days has been certainly rearing up for a floor fight unless they actually start listening to the -- half of the democratic party at this point no you don't think that's likely, do you? they're not going to put something new in the platform on trade, are they?
7:27 am
>> i would hope that, you know -- there's very smart people in the democratic party and if i was one of the smart people i would start speaking up at this point saying we've got some serious problems going into november and unless we start paying attention to what is going on, with all of these things coming out about the democratic party this week. they have four days, they have four days to make it right. >> okay. >> and i -- >> that sounds like an ultimatum. >> it's not an ultimatum. i just want bernie sanders delegates going into that convention bus butt i can tell you a lot of people hear my sentiments. >> sounds like fix it or chaos. >> i mean, people are upset and -- >> okay. >> emotions are running high. and if they thought that they saw a ununited party at the republican convention last week they've got something else coming to them this week. >> that's an interesting thing. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. get back to that wickly leaks leak if i can put it like
7:28 am
that. can that controversy help trump with bernie supporters? former democratic pollster, pat. welcome to the program. what do you think? this is a controversy here. how many of the bernie people will jump ship for trump? >> right now, i would say look, about 40% of the bernie supporters either don't want to -- are not going to probably support hillary at this point. some of them are going to trump, maybe about a third of that. third of them may be staying home and a third are going to third party candidates. there's still a movement. >> wait a second. if your proportions are right, the number of people who will support trump and/or stay home is greater than the number of bernie supporters who will jump ship and go to hillary. >> the people who say they will not support her. majority will. where the others will go. the fact is, we don't really know yet, but i want to tell you with bernie sanders' supporters,
7:29 am
the belief that as donald trump said at the convention in his acceptance speech which i thought was a smart line, the system is rigged, poor bernie sanders didn't have a chance. he said that. >> this reaffirms that for these voters. a lot of the sanders' voters at least with trump, they agree on trade, the delegate you just had on, that is a big issue, a big trump issue too, they are against the political class and what they feel is a rigged system, politically and economically. bernie sanders and trump have been stump out of the same trough at opposite ends. >> you heard it from angie. >> yes. >> that was almost an ultimatum. coming out. you fix the trade thing or chaos. >> they've got a problem because super delegates will come up at this and we will see what happens because that's the question about the future of the party. and remember, a lot of sanders' voters, sanders dominated young voters and they are -- while they don't like trump they are not pleased with her. >> okay. in your analysis are the
7:30 am
democrats more split going into their convention than the republicans coming out of theirs? >> i think maybe so. i think potentially more. i don't think you hear it in the media very much, other than frankly fox will cover it. they want -- this taking of kaine will not help either. as they said, you keep looking at the moment that bernie sanders as i said surrendered gave up his sword and didn't get to get his horses back, by the way, couldn't take them home, his was joyless, to the sanders people many look at social media have been terribly upset by this. >> tim kaine doesn't bring them together again? >> tim kaine is about the worst choice for them. he is an establishment inside politician on the trade bills. he and hillary clinton are very, very comfortable. >> they're going to appear together on the podium on the left-hand side of the screen a couple hours from now in florida. >> yes. the thing is, what i am amazed by, the democrats' attitude that
7:31 am
they -- that the trump speech was somehow very negative, was dark. you know the difference is, it finally came home to me. the american people agreed with what trump said. 68% of them think the country is in decline. this notion that oh, you know, that the press -- many of the mainstream press and the democrats have, i don't -- they're whistling past a grave-yard on some of the things, people really -- things are great. if i were trump that's the campaign i would like to have it based on no y. >> you have a special tonight on the fox news channel. >> yes. >> it's clinton's left turn. that's the headline? >> yes. it's special about where the democratic party has moved and why. and particularly the nominee's movement even in this campaign to the far left and also what we focus on the sanders' voters and democrats who feel they've been left behind like me. >> that's you. >> that's me. i'm a democrat, and i love my
7:32 am
party's history. i don't understand this party where it's going. but the -- and so we're really going to delve into that for an hour and we're really pleased. it's our first political insider special from our political show that we do with doug and i and john. >> there it is, ladies and gentlemen. fox news reporting. clinton's left turn. a political insider special. that is tonight anchored by harris. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. pat, thank you very much. we will see you tonight. >> thank you. why is the dnc host committee trying to keep its donors list a secret? charlie is looking into that. ivanka trump getting rave reviews for her performance. one thing she called for is begging the question, who pays?
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quick check of the headlines this hour. three florida men charged with
7:36 am
planning to join isis. according to court documents, one of the men planned to travel to turkey and then on to syria. the other two are accused of providing him with weapons and firearms instruction. isis claiming responsibility today for a deadly attack in afghanistan. it happened during a protest march. at least 61 people killed. more than 200 injured. horrific. and donald trump waste nothing time taking on hillary clinton's running mate. trump labeling senator tim kaine, corrupt kaine. claiming he's ethically challenged. while that follows a report in politico that kaine accepted $160,000 in gifts while he was virginia's governor and lieutenant governor. meanwhile, ivanka trump getting rave reviews for her speech at the gop convention but one thing she said sounds like something you would hear from democrats. listen to this. >> as president my father will change the labor laws that were put in place at a time when
7:37 am
women were not a significant portion of the work force and focus on making child care affordable and accessible for all. >> all right. steve moore is a trump economic adviser, caprice is an ohio state senator. she is a democrat. i'll start with you, steve. affordable, accessible child care nap sounds like a democrat plan but i ask the question of you because you're a trump economic adviser, who pays? >> well first of all everything is unaffordable right now. health care is not affordable to americans, tuition costs for college, child care because the average american hasn't had a pay raise in 10 years under barack obama's policies. the middle class has been completely financially squeezed by obama policies. and we want to, number one, grow the economy and give wage increases to average americans so they can afford these things. the other thing we're looking at, we haven't finalized this yesterday, stewart, something where you can allow parents to maybe deduct their child care
7:38 am
expenses from their taxes so it's not such a financial burden. >> so that's -- but this is ivanka trump who said this. >> right. >> ivanka trump. >> yep. >> i have to come back to you. this sounds like a democrat plan. answer that. >> no. i mean, look, you're sounding like a democrat. the democrats say that republicans are after women. no, we want -- who pays the bills in most households. it's women. and they are the ones who are feeling the financial strain of the last ten years. we're saying we want to make child care more affordable to people, a, by improving the economy and b, possibly allowing them to deduct child care expenses from taxes. >> capri, how do you feel about the republicans, the daughter of the presidential nominee, stealing what some think is your idea? >> well, i mean, i think it's just because ivanka trump understands what it means to be a woman in the work place. she understands that, you know, women that need to be able to access child care in order to
7:39 am
actually be a contributing member of their family's economy, they need access to affordable child care so certainly it is something that democrats have advocated for over the years and something i believe can be functional. we got to remember, that in order for people to be employed, you need child care and to look at how you actually -- we do something in child care in ohio, and one of the things that i've always -- >> who pays? >> well, it's a combination of things. state and federal partnerships. >> who pay is. >> the american people pay, but guess what, you know what, when more people are working and paying into the economy,their id i certainly am not an economist, but conventional wisdom prevails you would think when you are employed okay and able to make more money, then you are paying more into the economy. therefore, it is something that is going to ultimately be a return on investment. particularly if you're able to increase the fpo limit that federal poverty limit on the
7:40 am
means testing for subsidized child care so people are not trying to stay at a specific level -- >> the taxpayer pays. bottom line. >> yes, the taxpayer pays. however -- >> but we're running a deficit in this country close on a half trillion dollars. >> people are making more money, making more money because they have the ability to work, because they have a safe and affordable place to leave their children they will be making more money and paying more taxes. >> come into this. >> another element of this, though, that is important that we're looking at and the trump campaign, which is yes, let's make child care more affordable. by the way, the problem is, that obama hasn't grown the economy. caprice priest is right. we need more jobs. where are they? we haven't created high paying jobs. we're creating mcdonald's jobs and walmart jobs under the obama -- >> here's my point. why don't we also -- when we talk about child care what about caprice, the stay-at-home moms. a lot of middle class moms right now -- >> one of the things that we have worked on as well -- >> we want to make sure we're not discriminating against them.
7:41 am
>> i agree with that. >> hold on a second. steve, if we got 4% growth in the economy. >> yes. >> for a couple years. >> you got it. >> we're going to get that under trump. >> afford accessible for all child care? could we afford it with 4% growth if the taxpayer is funding? >> what i'm saying is something slightly different. when you get 4% economic growth and that's our goal in the trump campaign, you're going to create high -- more jobs and higher paying jobs. caprice and i agree on this. you get more jobs you're going to have more people paying taxes. >> never going to be able to have it be universal. it has to be means tested. i say that as a democrat. you have to do it. >> that's the last word. steve and cra xrees. thank you very much. >> grow the economy. >> thank you, everyone. ahead of the dnc kickoff, why are the folks in charge scrambling to keep their donor lists under wraps? and now we know who is hillary clinton's choice and florida is where we're about to seat the
7:42 am
ticket for the first time together. is the trump campaign worried about this? florida's attorney general is here. you're here to buy a car.
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ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. the dnc host committee asking a pennsylvania judge to keep its donor list under wraps until after the convention. they say releasing the list early could damage fund-raising. could it be democrats are keeping it secret because they are wall street donors. is that the case? charlie from the fox business network is all over this one. is there the case? they want to keep it secret because it's wall street giving money. >> one of the great things about the clinton in their duplicity they're very transparent. it's not like they hide, you know, the illegality or the mere illegality they're committing. of course this is absurd. we should point out that we are in the process of making calls to all the major banks. so i don't know for an absolute fact that the big banks and the
7:46 am
big money people and the big corporations and by the way all the clinton foundation donors who got maybe some special favors from the state department when hillary clinton was there, i don't know for a fact that they're on that list. but i can bet you -- i'll bet you a beer, an expensive beer or glass of wine, that they are. >> $60 million. >> right. >> they've raised or are going to try to raise to pay for the philadelphia convention. >> right. >> $60 million where is that coming from? >> the big banks themselves, essentially boycotted. big corporations boycotted donald trump. not like the rnc didn't raise money but they were boycotting because of the taint of trump. and you can just -- you know they are plowing money -- now to hillary clinton. part of the tainted trump he doesn't care about them. so you know. it's hard to buy influence with a guy that is telling you like,
7:47 am
you know, won't take your influence. he will take your money but won't take your influence. >> essentially you believe that it is big corporations and wall street. >> right. >> that's funding the clinton campaign and the philadelphia convention? >> and anybody that gave to the clinton foundation, let's be clear here, black rock the biggest money management in the world, guess who's on the board. cheryl mills. cheryl mills is a friend of hillary, general counsel on the foundation. tell me black rock is not giving. maybe they're not, but, you know -- i have a brooklyn bridge i could sell you. >> the convention is being held in the wells fargo, they've got their name right. what about the optics of that? >> well, i would just, to be fair, all the sports stadium, it kills me they're named after banks. i'm a met fan. it's called citi field. i miss shea stadium. to be fair. it is kind of an interesting irony. >> it sure is. >> right there. you know. >> i have to ask you about donald trump. >> right. >> the end of may, he had $1.3
7:48 am
million in the kitty. end of june $20 million. sounds like he is beginning to pull in some money. >> i'll tell you, the -- and i've been critical of donald in the past about some of his stuff but that speech he gave, i don't a care what "the new york times" said it was a great speech. it showed he could be formidable, forceful and like a candidate. like a real candidate. >> so that's -- >> help him raise money? >> from my understanding it's been increasing. i talked to the donors after that speech they were all-in after that. >> really? >> they felt like -- they felt like he was a normal human being. >> charlie gas perino on top of it all, we thank you for that. good stuff. >> ted cruz still feeling the heat for refusing to endorse donald trump. now hillary clinton is trying to use it to her advantage. how is that working out? and a top official in germany saying if you want absolute safety, then you have to live in a surveillance state. we'll debate that.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
you got to go for trump. >> donald trump calling out ohio governor john kasich and ted cruz saying they get on board with his campaign and with polls showing trump in a dead heat with clinton in states like ohio are folks like governor kasich
7:53 am
hurting the donald by holding off on that endorsement? we have with us a gop strategist. welcome to the program. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, stuart. you too. >> john kasich, did he make a huge mistake by refusing to even set foot on the floor of the convention? if he had, if he had come through for donald trump maybe that poll would be different. >> yes, and yes, stuart. i completely agree. recent poll shows clinton and trump at 44% each. look, john kasich won his re-election campaign in 2014 by 30%. he also won march 15th, the republican primary, you know, he won all but, you know, he won all the 66 delegates. could that make a difference in the ohio poll and in the general election? absolutely. when you've got that sort of popularity by kasich he can make a huge difference and he made a huge mistake.
7:54 am
>> it was 44 and 44 with 11% undecided. could it be swung by some kind of kasich action at the convention. >> absolutely. i was sitting on the floor of the convention and the ohio color guard came in and this is the day after ted cruz had had his speech and i thought, wow, this was the moment when john kasich should have surprised that convention with a speech and an endorsement for donald trump and yes, that 11% would shift many of those votes would shift to trump and he would absolutely win ohio, but i believe trump thinks he's going to win it without him. >> okay. i want to show you donald trump from yesterday, not the big speech at the convention, but this was yesterday where he's talking about a ted cruz endorsement. roll tape. >> and you know, he'll come and endorse over the next little while. he'll come an endorse, but i don't want his endorsement. what difference does it make? i don't want his endorsement. i have such great -- i don't
7:55 am
want his endorsement. ted, stay home, relax, enjoy yourself. >> would you say bearing in mind what donald trump has said and the results of the convention, the old guard, the people who would not support donald trump, is that part of the republican party finished? >> well, look, i was in that convention hall. the energy was there across the board. so i believe the establishment voters are going to be on board because they are united in their opposition to hillary clinton, there's no doubt in my mind, stuart, but i believe that trump -- look, he had to counter punch. that's his style. it would be odd and frankly voters would be disappointed if he didn't counterpunch against ted cruz. ted cruz is playing the long game here and i think it's a big mistake. i think he absolutely could have shined the other night if he would have put out a simple endorsement. trump's brand is about his independence, his willingness to fight and he's demonstrating that proving that to voters once
7:56 am
again and he's saying i don't need these guys. i'm going to win without them and frankly i don't want their endorsement. that's all about his brand. >> i think it's a new republican party. it's not your dad's republican party any longer. trump has shifted it. am i going too far? >> no, you're not. look, i grew up in the republican party. i started my career in 1988 on the establishment side, but the republicans along with the democrats have failed this country especially many the past ten years. and they haven't fought like trump's fighting. so i believe trump with the 14 million votes drawing a lot of i independents through our primaries, he'll be reshaping this republican party. i totally agree. >> all right. thanks very much for being with us this morning. >> thanks, stuart. bernie or bust. protesters gearing up for the dnc, they're coming out next week in philadelphia. there will be demonstrations. are ben and jerry going to join them? how they feel about hillary
7:57 am
clinton's vice presidential pick as they will be joining us shortly. but first, we're getting more information on that deadly attack in munich. no one can be guaranteed absolute safety. we'll debate that in a moment.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
that is the podium where hillary clinton will appear with senator tim kaine her vice presidential pick. the two will make their first joint appearance. the crowd is gathering. one hour from now you will see them for the first time together. saturday morning, here's the latest headlines. bernie sanders supporters are up in arms after that leak of dnc e-mails. those e-mails suggest that dnc may have been trying to undermine the sanders' campaign. one telling us to expect plenty of protests at the dnc convention next week. about 100 migrants are marching
8:01 am
toward serbia's border at this hour. currently, hungary admits about 30 migrants a day. local media today identifying the munich shooter as an 18-year-old, a german citizen with an iranian background. officials say he had recently undergone psychiatric treatment. munich today holding a day of mourning after he shot nine people before taking his own life. germany's chancellor, angela merkel, her chief of staff saying this after the shooting. you can only have absolute security in an absolute surveillant state and nobody wants that. it would be the opposite of our free western your penoweuropean life. colonel, i'll start with you. we can't be safe without creating a police state.
8:02 am
that's what angela merkel's chief of staff appeared to be saying. do you agree with that, colonel? >> in essence, stuart, you know, here's what's interesting about that. when you start talking about surveillance and a police state, half of germany just 20 some odd years ago was under a police state. the east german secret police, their principal job was surveilling the public, the general public so i think most germans are scared about the notion of surveillance, but there's very few places where there's 100% security and it takes more than surveillance to get there. >> bring it back home to america for a second. would we want more surveillance in the united states if that improved our security? colonel, answer that one. >> well, remember, quickly there's two kinds of surveillance. there's technical surveillance and we do have cameras all around for security, primarily used for forensic matters after an incident and then we have human surveillance where you have people watching other people and stuff like that.
8:03 am
i think america is in pretty good shape right now because we don't have 1.1 million refugees, many of whom we know nothing about like germany has. so europe, germany, other countries over there, they've got a lot of tough times and surveillance would only be part of keeping it all secure. >> same question to you. the quote is, you can only have absolute security in an absolute surveillance state and nobody wants that. your comment on that statement from germany's angela merkel's chief of staff? >> yeah, i think that is largely an accurate statement. the united states is nothing close to that. we are debating here on a regular basis the level of security that we want, that we will tolerate, that we think will keep us safe. we debate that on a regular basis with the fbi and encryption and aerial surveillance and so many other things that the fbi does. >> do you want to see in america more surveillance of whatever type you're talking about, do you want to see more of it?
8:04 am
>> well, personally, i think that we need to enhance our security services here. that is law enforcement, that is the intelligence community, because i think they -- look, i retired from the fbi two years ago. they are under great stress. it takes a lot of people to follow one target 24/7. >> i'm going to interrupt you for a second because i heard the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee yesterday talking about the police forces in europe saying they are overwhelmed, they just don't have the staff to cover the suspects 24/7 and give the kind of surveillance that they really need. i think you just addressed that, ron, because we don't have the resources here at this point to do the surveillance we want. you're nodding your head. is that correct? >> that is correct. you know, we have a different threat than europe has. they have hundreds of foreign fighters, domestic travelers who have gone to the isis controlled territories to fight and then return home.
8:05 am
we don't have near those numbers. but we also have a vast criminal threats here in the fbi and law enforcement do not have the resources to put a bubble around each one of those potential targets and follow them at infi nigh tim. we do not have it. >> our viewers are watching scenes from the nice attack in france of july the 14th. that was an horrific scene. do you think that our demand for more is surveillance is a stronger demand when people in their own homes see scenes like that? >> yeah, i'm sure it is -- i'm sure, stuart, without a doubt and when people hear about folks in a mall being attacked like they were in munich yesterday that makes all of us a little bit concerned but to follow along quickly with what ron was saying and i know our law enforcement people are overtaxed. i think we beat back that bit of being overtaxed when we have a policy that says anybody who has any relationship, any
8:06 am
communication with isis or al qaeda or somebody else known to be a recruiter or a terrorist or an operations officer, whatever in the middle east, that person, we just don't surveil that person, we arrest that person and put them in jail and we have mandatory minimum sentences of maybe ten years. if i'm going to communicate with isis i expect the fbi to arrest me and put me in jail and not come up with two years why i ought to be in jail. >> just 20 seconds, a technical question. how many people does it take to surveil one suspect 24/7? >> i would say in the mid-20s. if you're doing it discretely and you're talking about -- >> over 20 people are required to have surveillance of one terror suspect 24/7. 20 people, more than that? >> sure. more if they are surveillance conscious. more if you're talking about a plane. it takes a lot of people. >> thank you very much indeed
8:07 am
for taking part in the debate today. bernie sanders supporters digging in as the democrats look to go all out in philadelphia next week. is vice president pick doing anything to add to the fire? and hillary clinton appears with her running mate in florida in about an hour. this as polls show donald trump is running a tight race with her in the battleground state, the sunshine state. florida's attorney general pam bondi is here. everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
8:08 am
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8:10 am
it's about terror and protests, how police in philadelphia beefing up security ahead of the democrats convention next week. what are they up to, doug? >> reporter: well, we have seen so many recent attacks how terrorists have been hitting soft targets. the democratic national convention is no soft target.
8:11 am
there are multiple players of security all around this convention site. it gets deeper as you get closer to the convention site itself. there is a tremendous law enforcement presence here both local, state and federal, both seen and unseen. the secretary of homeland security who toured the site yesterday noted that the wells fargo center is easier to protect than the gop site in downtown cleveland because this is basically a giant parking lot with three stadiums on it, a vast expanse of flat asphalt that is basically easier to surveil. that said, there is a steady stream of people coming and going in preparation for the convention which gets underway on monday. study stream of vehicular traffic coming and going and all it takes is for one lone gunman, one car bomb to disrupt the best laid plans. >> but the environment we're in is self-evident. the home grown violent
8:12 am
extremists, the attack we saw in orlando, the attack we saw in san bernardino. the murder of our police officers in dallas creates for an environment where all of us in law enforcement and homeland security have to be vigilant. >> of huge concern especially is fdr park which is about a block away from where we stand here at the wells fargo center. it is the designated site for official demonstrations and protests. the most inspired of those protesters may be those supporters of bernie sanders. many of them are incensed that the leaks of almost 20,000 hacked dnc e-mails which some sanders supporters believe show an organized effort within the dnc to block or to at least impede bernie sanders from ever getting the democratic nomination. sanders supporters will be out in great number in the coming week. they have obtained permits for nine different rallies approved by the city of philadelphia.
8:13 am
30,000 people are expected to attend the largest rally over the five-day period and sanders rallies account for one third of the approved events in fdr park. sanders is scheduled to speak on monday night at the convention. we reached out to his people and they tell us his speech has not yet been written. they are writing it as we speak. of concern to them they don't know whether the dnc will vet the sanders speech. was saw what happened at the republican convention when the republicans did not vet ted cruz's speech and what happened and there's fallout from that. we don't know whether that's going to be happening here. the sanders people a little bit upset that they don't know what time slot they will be given on monday night. so a lot hanging in the balance right here. back to you. >> thanks very much indeed. as doug said, bernie sanders is set to speak on the first day of the dnc, the convention next week. and the bernie or bust movement is still going strong. many of them are wondering where the sanders' voters will go.
8:14 am
where will they land? now to two of bernie's biggest supporters. they would be ben and jerry's ice cream company founders. okay. ben and jerry, joining us this morning. ben and both of you, i have to ask, are you ready to toss in your hats to support hillary clinton? ben, to you first. >> i'm -- i'm working on it. i'm not there yet. >> i can tell. jerry, how about you? >> yes. i -- i feel like defeating donald trump is so important that i am -- i'm willing to vote for hillary. i'm glad she's come around on some of the issues that we're so passionate about. >> i've got to ask you about these leaked e-mails. they clearly show that the clinton campaign, the democrat structure, if you like, tried to
8:15 am
undermine bernie sanders. they even questioned his religion. they tried to paint him as an atheist, so he would look bad. jerry, you can't be too happy about that even though you are say you're going to support hillary. >> you know, i'm not really surprised that the democratic establishment and the democratic elite were trying to make things more difficult for bernie and that they had been supporting hillary's candidacy even before she even announced. so that was not a surprise for me. no, i'm not thrilled about it, but that is -- that is the state of main stream democratic party. >> so ben, how do you feel about it? >> you know, it was not a surprise to me. yeah, i'm certainly aware that the democratic party, the main stream democratic party didn't oppose to bernie sanders from the very beginning. you know --
8:16 am
>> we've done interviews together before. i've talked to on camera before about democrats and politics. in the past, both of you have been vigorous supporters. you've been wide eyed, smiling, you're enthusiastic supporters of bernie in particular. now you're laid back. you can't quite decide whether you're going to support hillary or not. you're a little worried about bernie. are you going to be at bernie's 30,000 strong protest rally next week in philadelphia, both of you? >> i'm actually -- i'm hot going to be at that particular event. i am going to be at the convention. i am going to be meeting with some of the state delegations. there's also a small business group i'm meeting with, so i'm -- i'm definitely engaged and you know, there's going to be 1,900 delegates there who are supporting bernie and we are still working hard for the issues that bernie has been talking about and fighting for for years.
8:17 am
>> you're looking down, ben. >> i'm sorry. i spoke out of turn. >> no, you didn't. no such thing. you're looking down. you're usually upbeat, lively, positive, a go get 'em kind of guy, but look at you. you came in like this this morning. >> you know, it's a little early for me. >> saturday. it's the weekend. >> okay. is there anything that hillary clinton could do at this late stage that would win you both around to enthusiastic support of hillary clinton? what would that be? >> well, you know, i think $15 minimum wage, free public college for everyone, health care for all, there's a list of things that we're working on. >> ek okay.
8:18 am
hold on a second ben. within about an hour we'll see hillary clinton with tim kaine. they'll be up there together. how do you feel about tim kaine as the vp pick? >> i never heard of him. >> like i said, there's a lack of enthusiasm, is there not? any comment from you, jerry? >> he's -- he's a safe pick. he's a main stream pick. he's not, you know, a progressive that i would have been more excited about, but hillary's trying to win the election and she's doing what she feels is going to give her the best hand. >> well, look, i'm very sorry that we dragged you out of bed at 11:20 eastern time on a saturday morning but we're very glad you made an appearance with us. thanks for being with us, gentlemen. thank you. >> take care. bye bye. you know, the no shows dissing donald trump's convention, but they might not be alone. new signs hillary clinton may have some of her own.
8:19 am
and we're less than an hour away from seeing the ticket going head to head with the trump team or team trump i should say. the big stage in the battleground state of florida. the state's republican attorney general and miami beach's democrat mayor are here to battle it out.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
republicans who had no shows at their convention last week. a new report shows a handful of
8:23 am
democrat senate candidates and other candidates around the country also intend to skip the democrats' convention next week in philadelphia. gab we just put some of those candidates up on the screen. there's about five of them that we have reports they're not going to be showing up. why not. >> well, i spoke to democratic campaign operative out in wisconsin who works on the campaign and what he conveyed to me is that democrats feel as though their party is plenty unified going into the convention and that it's better to be out there actively campaigning, trying to win over these voters an especially some of these swing states like wisconsin, that it does them more good to be out there on the ground that it would be for them to be in philadelphia for four days. >> that's interesting. so the party is united enough despite the scuffle about bernie sanders. it's united enough that they don't need to show up at the
8:24 am
campaign at home. does that sound like a bit of an excuse as a reason to stay away because they don't want to touch the convention. >> that's certainly something to take into consideration considering how up popular both of these major candidates are. we're now seeing democrats distance themselves from hillary clinton, but what is interesting is that two senate candidates, ted strikland from ohio, katie mcginty, those are the two that will be attending the convention. and it's going to be interesting to see whether it helps or hurts them because they're heading into a place where democrats are going to be praising hillary clinton who has waffled on issues like trade and now tim kaine who 4 hours ago was praising the transpacific partnership and these two candidates come from states where donald trump and the republican message on trade at the moment is really resonating with voters. >> do you think that tim kaine pick is a problem for hillary in some spates with some
8:25 am
candidates? >> i certainly think that it would be. i mean, donald trump again, he's delivered this message that really resonates in the belt. he's attracting blue collar work ers and for hillary clinton to pick somebody out there out there actively championing these free trade agreements it could certainly hurt her in those states. >> last week the republican national convention, the media had a field day with the no shows. an absolute field day. how do you think they'll treat the no shows at next week's democratic national convention? >> i think we'll hear a lot about -- a lot of messaging focusing on these candidates running the campaigns of their lives. democrats are going to spin this and say it's better for them to be out there meeting and greeting voters, but as you mentioned you're very right. we heard a lot of pushback for the republicans who were absent from last week's convention and i think the narrative will be a little different with the
8:26 am
democratic convention. >> i believe you're right. thanks very much for joining us. we'll see you soon. now, with team trump hoping to enjoy a post convention bounce, hillary clinton looking for one of her own as she introduces her running mate in the battleground state of florida. the state's attorney general is here. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. hillary is unveiling her vice presidential pick in florida as polls show a virtual dead heat in that the sunshine state. to florida attorney general pam bondi. attorney general, welcome to the program. good to see you again. >> thank you. great to see you too and we're praying for neil. >> as are we all. thank you, pam. now, tim kaine, the selection as the vice presidential pick for hillary clinton, i am constantly told that he speaks very good spanish. is that his big advantage in the sunshine state? >> i think it's his big advantage of course but i think
8:30 am
overall, i think it's because he served on the armed forces committee and after we all heard donald trump's speech at the national convention, donald trump is so strong on our national security and that's what the american people now more than ever care about and that's what i believe hillary clinton lacks and that's why i think she probably chose kaine. he's not a bad pick for her, frankly. >> do you think that the selection of tim kaine will add two, three, four percentage points to the polls in hillary's favor in florida. >> no. i never look at polls. i really don't. i never have and i believe donald trump is so strong coming out of this convention, i believe hillary's biggest concern right now is what she's going to do in philadelphia, how she's going to address her convention, because donald trump hit on every issue, our economy, of course jobs, national security, domestic security, everything that the american people care about and we live in
8:31 am
a real world with real problems and he is our candidate who's going to fix those problems. he is so strong on national security. >> i just want to stay on florida for a second. is it your judgment that the pick of tim kaine is not enough to pull the -- that the clinton/kaine ticket ahead on november the 8th in florida? >> i do not. i do not. i think just because he speaks spanish, if that's the reason, i think more because of armed forces but no, i do not think his name recognition is big enough in my state. i don't. not at all. >> okay. let me break in for a second because there has been an almost mass exodus from puerto rico, many of these people fleeing especially to florida and orlando in particular. i'm told there's about a million puerto ricans that have entered florida, not just recently, but about a million are there, spanish speakers who generally vote democrat. that's a big chunk of the voting population of florida.
8:32 am
>> it is, but alsodonald trump has come a long way in unifying our party and unifying florida. you know, i've been to three conventions. i've spoken at two. presidential conventions, and when donald trump spoke i've never seen an energy like that and when he is in florida i have never seen a presidential candidate ever draw that many people, draw that many crowds from all demographics throughout our state. we have a huge state. dade county is important. we love dade county. but also the i-4 corridor, the northern part of our state and of course we know we're a very important date and florida loves donald trump. >> i've been saying for some time that this is the new republican party. i've said that since the convention, the last couple of days. >> i've heard you say that. >> do you agree with that? it's not your dad's republican party. do you agree? >> not at all. i do agree. i whole heartedly agree and
8:33 am
that's what was so amazing about being at the convention. it was real people talking about real things, real issues, unscripted. we wrote our own speeches. it was -- it was really quite exciting. i mean, to have an astronaut speak, to have people -- business people speak, it was really amazing and i think to have his children speak, i think they hit it out of the park. >> okay. pam bondi, attorney general of florida. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. to the democrats, who thinks even though the polls are close, hillary will end up winning. phil levine. welcome back to the program. >> make your case please, pam bondi just told us that the selection of tim kaine will not be enough to push the hillary clinton/tim kaine ticket over the top on november the 8th. make your case as to why she is wrong. >> well, i think most
8:34 am
importantly i don't think anyone picks a vice president because they want to win states or they want to win votes. you pick a vice president because you want somebody who can take over, god forbid as the commander in chief of the united states of america and senator kaine has all the right stuff. he was a mayor, he was a successful governor. he has tremendous foreign policy experience, domestic experience and as you can see behind me right now, people are very, very excited so it's about not winning states. it's about picking the right person who could actually do the job. we know many the republican ticket, the number one person can't do the job so maybe their number two has the opportunity to. >> you never miss an opportunity to get your talking points in. that's very good. okay. now, there is a lot of opposition from the left wing of the party to the selection of tim kaine and now we have the release of these e-mails suggesting that the party edged out bernie sanders quite deliberately. it's a split party. is that not a problem?
8:35 am
>> no, i don't think it's a split party. stuart, what you're going to see starting tomorrow and monday in philadelphia is a very unified party. progressive, liberal, you're going to see the entire organization come together. think of who's going to be there. former president, i mean, when you look at that republican convention, i'm sorry, that was nick at night. that was like tv land. it was yesterday. >> never miss an opportunity, phil, and you didn't. i want to refer you to ben and jerry, the ice cream guys. they were on this program ten minutes ago. they were not enthusiastic for hillary. ben in particular was not enthusiastic for hillary. he's really still enthusiastic for bernie sanders. that is a split, is it not? >> i've got to tell you something. ben and jerry's is good but i'm much more enthusiastic for haagedaas. a lot of people like bas kin robins so what can you do? >> careful. they're watching as we speak.
8:36 am
phil levine there, miami beach mayor there in florida. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, stuart. a minimum wage protesters ability to make the dna protest to the max -- or take it to the max i should say. will hillary clinton's running mate choice have bernie sanders supporters running away? tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember, as long as there's at least 8 hours between doses.
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the push for $15 an hour minimum wage is heading to philadelphia. protests are expected outside the democrat convention which begins next week. former afl cio director is with me now. why the protests? if all the democrats platform is $15 an hour, don't you believe she'll push for it? is that why the protests are
8:40 am
there? >> i think we're very happy that hillary's at $15 an hour. people are going to have their say as we like to do in the democratic party and as is our right in america, and they'll be a lot of expressions of love for american's people and american's allies around the world. >> $15 an hour at a 40 hour week, i think adds up to roughly $30,000 a year. why should a teenager make a starting salary of $30,000 a year? >> well, for one thing, most teenagers won't make a starting salary of $30,000 a year, because they won't get 40 hours worth of work. the bigger question is how do we raise consumer -- >> i mean, $30,000 a year for teenager by legislative -- >> did you not hear me? most teenagers won't get 40 hours a week.
8:41 am
we need to boost consumer demand. how do you do that? you do that by lifting wages at the bottom. we need to do something about this awful zoning gap of inequality. >> okay. >> and we need to make sure that a mother doesn't have to work two jobs to provide for her children. >> okay. i'm going to make a couple of points here. number one, $15 an hour, $30,000 a year, destroys entry level jobs. number two. >> wrong. >> i travel a lot. i go to a lot of airports in this country. wherever i go i see the -- i see the wait staff being taken away by the use of technology. people order in restaurants these days from tablets, not from wait staff. people can see it coming. they know they can't afford this $15 an hour so they go to technology. two points. answer them both. >> okay. let me take your second one first. everyone will be able to afford $15 an hour because it will be
8:42 am
the new standard. number two, and the wages have nothing to do -- businesses are going to adopt new technologies as a matter of good business practices. and so -- and number two, we've seen, we have experience with the $15 an hour minimum wage in seattle. there hasn't been any job loss. in fact, in tacoma there's been job increases as consumer demand has been lifted. we think it's a moral question not just an economic question and we think a $15 an hour minimum wage increases family values. >> i just saw one of the signs our viewers were seeing from one of the protesters. it said show me $15 an hour and a union. makes me think that the union is behind this. you want to sign up people because union membership in the private sector is declining
8:43 am
rapidly and you need union dues. >> we want to represent people at the lowest levels of our economic ladder. we believe that when people at the bottom of the economic ladder are benefitted then people all the way up the economic ladder are benefitted. this raises -- a $15 minimum wage raises the wage floor to benefit all workers particularly low and moderate income workers. >> it's fun to be back at it. you and i have duelled over the years. >> we have. >> i always enjoy that smile on your face. good to see it on a saturday morning. >> thank you very much, stuart and i look forward to being with you this week. thank you very much. the stage is set for hillary to officially introduce her vice presidential pick tim kaine. a sanders supporter who may go to trump, next.
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. .
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8:47 am
donald trump taking no time at all to come out against hillary clinton's vice presidential pick, tim kaine as the two prepare to make their first joint appearance in miami. that will be moments from now. peter, what do you have? >> reporter: stuart, we've got a new nickname from donald trump for hillary clinton's new running mate. he is calling the long time virginia politician corrupt kaine. that is new overnight. the trump campaign communications director also e-mailed us late last night after the pick was announced to tell us that quote, while serving in government kaib has taken tens of thousands of dollars in freebies on free vacations, free clothes and free tickets. if you think crooked hillary and corrupt kaine are going to
8:48 am
change anything in washington, it's just the opposite. and trump is now expanding on its criticism of kaine comparing him to former virginia governor bob mcdonald who was convicted of doing favors for a businessman he and his wife accepted gifts from. that was recently overturned, but trump says is this the same kaine that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts. and there's speculation that elizabeth warren is bummed not to be on the ticket. he also tweeted pocahontas wanted a slot so badly but wasn't chosen because she hasn't done anything in the senate. then he asks, philly, fight. now trump's talk about the bernie supporters and the philly fight is interesting because it comes just a few hours after those dnc e-mails came out where
8:49 am
we now know that the dnc wasn't really trying to help bernie sanders out too much and that plays right into trump's talk on the campaign trail about the system being rigged for secretary clinton. so we'll see how that plays out in the next couple hours and next couple days. >> well, a fast attack, that's for sure. trump tower there behind you, thank you very much indeed. not all democrats are happy with hillary's pick. you can count democrat strategist holland hill as one of them. welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. >> you were a bernie guy, jumped ship to trump for whatever reason. now hillary's picked tim kaine and you don't like it. >> this makes me less likely to vote for her. he's the ultimate insider that doesn't have a last name clinton or bush. he was a governor, a chair of democratic national committee. i just don't understand this. if she was trying to appeal to bernie sanders supporters this is the exact opposite of what she should have done. >> so when you were a bernie
8:50 am
supporter you saw yourself as supporting an outsider. someone outside the normal political structure and now you don't like this hillary ticket because tim kaine is an insider. >> she has doubled down on the establishment. >> what about other previously supporters of bernie sanders? how are they going to feel about this insider, this middle of the road guy? i've been on the right side of the issue. but that is a big issue for us. >> what about trade? that is an issue where tim kaine is gung-ho for the latest trade agreement. you don't agree with that? >> certainly not. at this point i don't know what bernie is thinking.
8:51 am
i can't believe that he endorsed her without knowing who she was going to pick as her running mate. we cannot afford to double down on the failed policies that have led to the export of millions of american jobs to places overseas. it is gutting the middle class and i cannot believe it. >> so you're up in arms. very excited. about 15 minutes ago, we had the ice cream guys on the show. they were bernie supporters. and ben was not enthused about what is going on in the democrat party. is it really split at this point respect worse than the republicans were split last week? >> well, i don't buy the media narrative. i saw outrageous headlines coming out of the rnc and i watched every night and i thought that it was great convention. i thought the trump kids did a great job. what did i see from the "washington post"? a night of terror, a day of horror. there was this disconnect in the media where they're trying to portray the rnc as being up in
8:52 am
arms. i think the convention in philly will be a mess. there are 30,000 bernie sanders supporters that i hope they don't riot, but there will be protests. >> we've heard 30,000 protests, maybe more, plus nine permits for other protests, all bernie sanders supporters. sounds like a split. >> it does p. and i think we will see it in the convention hall, too. >> we had a young lady on the program earlier a we don't get some satisfaction on the issue of trade following the tim kaine pick, there will be chaos inside and out said. floor nights all over the place in philly you think? >> absolutely. but i don't think you will see it on the mainstream media. i mean, there is -- there is a dlib pratt effort on the part of the establishment in the media to repeat it so it becomes truth. this is classic of the democrats by my estimation. i've seen it behind the scenes
8:53 am
and now seeing it from this side of the table. and i cannot believe it. >> i have been talking to you for six months on a weekly basis and i've never seen you so fired up. >> the democratic party that i knew is dead. >> but the democratic party that you wanted is socialist. >> it is not socialist. we've had in conversation before. no, i do not want a socialist party. i want a moderate party that works for the american worker. i think increasingly the republicans in this new trump wing of the republican party, i think that that is where i am. >> i've said it's a new republican party. it's not your father's republican party. and you approve. you like this new republican party. >> yes. >> and you're signing up? are you now a republican? >> i'm still a democrat. i'm trying to chankt the democratic party from within. >> what kind of response have
8:54 am
you been getting? >> i'm loathed by some democrats and my credentials for the dnc have been pulled back. >> i didn't know that. >> i'm still going. >> arlen hill everyone, thank you very much. moments away from seeing the clinton ticket for the first time, this comes as donald trump is hoping for big post convention boost. we're on top of both subjects next. you're here to buy a car.
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there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. the clinton ticket is about to make its debut. we ingo to byron york. every single time a are the procedure talks about tim kaine and the election, they always say he speaks fluent spabish and that should go down well in florida. what do you say? >> they are having this event in florida. there is some reason for that. but i think that the bigger reason for the selection, this
8:58 am
selection shows that hillary clinton is a very confident candidate. she believes she has not only a lead over donald trump in florida and nationally, but an electoral advantage is that allows her to choose a safe pick, she does not need any sort of exciting hail mary sort of pick. it also shows and your discussion with ben and jerry was great, it shows that she feels confident that she has basically enough support from the progressive wing of the party, the wing that supported bernie sanders, she basically feels that she's got them in the bag and did not need to offer them a vice presidential -- >> that's interesting. a lot of people say that she's in fact dissing the bernie sanders we think of the party and that she may well now pull herself back to the center of democrat politics. what do you say to this? >> this is the classical political where are they going to go. the primaries are over, bernie sanders has endorsed hillary clinton, so i think that the
8:59 am
feeling is that she doesn't need to do anything more for them and it would be extraordinary if any large number of democrats defected from hillary clinton. she believes that by november, they will be with her. >> now, we've had analysts on this show, maybe partisan, who say that about if you add up the bernie supporters who will go to trump and the bernie supporters who will stay home, that is a greater number than the bernie supporters who will now vote for hillary. what say you? >> well, that second group, the number that will stay home is a very important issue here. and that will be a problem and i think we saw michael moore the other day, who has predicted a trump victory, michael moore said the problem that will hurt hillary clinton is not bernie sanders voters going to trump, that is probably not going to happen very much, it's the ones that were disappointed and stay home, it's unclear how many that will be, but clearly that is a real concern for hillary clinton. >> i can hear the band striking up in the background. thank you, byron.
9:00 am
this has been a special presentation of the cost of freedom. keep it right here for the clinton/kaine debut. it's coming up. fox news alert. we are awaiting start of a rally with hillary clinton and her brand new running mate senator tim kaine. any moment now they will make their first appearance of the campaign together at florida international university in miami. a state that will play a major role in determining who wins the presidency. hello and welcome to inside america's election headquarters. i'm john scott. >> and i'm mar cell neville. tim kaine is from virginia, another big swing state. she announced her choice on twitter.


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