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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 23, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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this has been a special presentation of the cost of freedom. keep it right here for the clinton/kaine debut. it's coming up. fox news alert. we are awaiting start of a rally with hillary clinton and her brand new running mate senator tim kaine. any moment now they will make their first appearance of the campaign together at florida international university in miami. a state that will play a major role in determining who wins the presidency. hello and welcome to inside america's election headquarters. i'm john scott. >> and i'm mar cell neville. tim kaine is from virginia, another big swing state. she announced her choice on twitter.ont
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i saw pause the calorrly simon song, anticipation is over. >> reporter: that's right. we have debbie wasserman schultz warming up the crowd here. hillary clinton is in battleground florida to introduce her bilingual running mate in miami hoping to connect with latino voters. clinton made the phone call to senator tim kaine of virginia last night just after 7:30 p.m. to say that she wanted him to be her running mate. kaine looked like the fro frontrunner but he wasn't taking anything for granted. kaine and clinton had a chemistry rtryout last week and
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kaine looked at ease, saying she would be a you're hired president. clinton says she likes that he's boring. >> and i love that about him. he has a great -- he's never lost an election. he was a world class mayor, governor and senator. and is one of the most highly respected senators i know. >> reporter: donald trump blasted kaine on twitter this morning saying tim kaine is and always has been owned by the banks. bernie's supporters are outraged. bernie fought for nothing. so we have the new clinton/kaine signage up here at the florida international university. and we expect the first of many rallies for the democratic ticket ahead of the democratic convention in philadelphia and throughout the rest of the general election campaign. >> so i'm looking at the monitor there, and debbie wasserman schultz up there speaking now. seems like she's getting the
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crowd ready for hillary clinton to take over. >> reporter: that's right. she appears to be the final warm-up act. she is a congresswoman from florida, from south florida area. and so she's very familiar to this audience obviously as the dnc chair, familiar to a national audience. but definitely trying to rev up the crowd before we see clinton come out on stage with senator kaine and we'll get to see their chemistry in action here at the first rally of many here in the general election. >> that's what everybody is looking for, the chemistry. so many things will be analyzed once we see hillary clinton and tim kaine take the stage together. and of course in a being wasserman schultz's home state there, florida being a very competitive state, so quite important for the dnc chair to get that crowd there revved up. >> reporter: no question about that. and it's interesting watching tim kaine on the campaign trail, he is very comfortable speaking spanish after being a missionary
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in central america during his time in law school and so he has no problems breaking out the spanish, answering questions. even doing full blown interviews in spanish. and so it will be interesting to see how this south florida crowd reacts to hearing him speak spanish very well by everybody i've talked to standards. so that is something to watch for when he's talking to the crowd in just a few minutes. >> mike emanuel, thank you very much. in so as we await the into guks of the democratic ticket is this will tim kaine help hillary clinton and hurt the chances of donald trump? let's get the republican's perspective from louie gohmert. what do you think of tim kaine on the ticket? >> i think if hillary clinton needed somebody to help her show that she truly is 100% establishment, she made the perfect choice. i mean, he was dnc chair during the wall street bailout.
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i didn't support it. and then i hear hillary clinton saying she's got the job of telling people how good she and obama made things for them. and you may have heard her yesterday he's trying to save doom and gloom. and i thought of kevin bacon, remember in animal house standing there going all is well, all is well. somebody needs to take hillary saying how good things are and put it against kevin bacon. all is well. it's in the well. and that's why trump is playing. >> of course we don't know exactly why she dhoez tim. but there is a lot of speculation that she thinks that her long experience in washington and his long experience in washington and virginia will pay off. that voters will compare that with donald trump who has never held collective office and say we'll go with experience. >> she was about as toene deaf n
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that pick as she was when she was testifying before the benghazi committee and dorothy woods behind her on the front row and she has the gal to say none of you have lost as much sleep as i have. she is tone deaf so oftenl to s none of you have lost as much sleep as i have. she is tone deaf so often that she doesn't get it. things are not good and she didn't help them and neither are obama. tim kaine is a nice guy and if you want establishment, then he will help her a lot. i just don't see that helping. >> she has moved left in the primaries mostly i suppose because of the presence of bernie sanders. is choice of tim kaine a suggestion that she is moving more rightward or more centerward in this election? >> it's a slap at her opponent's supporters. this is not what they were
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looking for because kaine appear cozy with the big banks and, you know, not necessarily the small community banks that didn't get us in trouble, but he's seen as being the big bank's friend and they're the one that is got us in trouble. and he's wanting more deregulation. deregulate for the small community banks, but my word, look at what removal of glass-steagall has done for us. it got us in trouble. so i think she's the one that has a lot of explaining to do. this is not a good choice for the rank and file americans. i went around the country anywhere ted cruz asked me to go and i'm telling you, people understand we're in some trouble and all is not well with due deference to hillary and kevin bacon. >> let me read and you line from the "washington post" says, it
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says cape canaveral okaine may perception of hillary's remote, chilly. will it work some. >> no, she doesn't have bill clinton's affiaability. so this was not the choice to make. there was a lot of speculation julian castro would be a good choice. but that is not who she went with. she didn't go to youth, she didn't go with vigor and vitality and enthusiasm. and somebody for the future. she went with the old guard, dnc chair. so you have debbie wasserman schultz that was about to introduce them and then going to bring out the former dnc chair. this is just more of the same and i don't think that will sell well. >> i have to debate you on one point. he's only a year older than i am, so i like to position he's a young guy.
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>> you can be young and still part of the old guard. we have young guys that are part of the old guard there in washington. nothing wrong with age. >> congressman gohmert, thank you so much. >> i got your back on that. you're not old. good to see you, sir. meanwhile, the democrats are gearing up for their party's national convention just 48 hours from now. and of course yesterday's attack at a mall in munich bringing safety concerns to the forefront. hillary clinton facing pressure to emphasize national security while authorities get ready to ramp up patrols at the convention pl do convention. doug mcelway is live in philadelphia with more. >> reporter: yeah, you're right, yet another mass shooting, this one in munich yesterday. it shines a lot on the random risk it is that we all face and it also shines a light on the tremendous pressure law enforcement is under to get it right here at the democratic national convention. i had a chance yesterday to do
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an interview with the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson as he toured the facility to examine the security preparations and i noticed having seen this man at several hearings and several interviews that he appeared to be a bit more nervous than he usually is. completely understandable given what is at stake here. yet he expressed a lot of confidence in the preparation, security preparations under way here. >> this will be a carefully organized thorough security event. but of course it's always against the backdrop of world events. so we have to be vigilant, cautious, thorough and careful. >> reporter: one thing johnson told me is that this area is easier to protect than theentio. we're doing something a little unconventional here to give you a look at the convention site. if you take a look off to this side here, you see the stadium there, that is the citizens park stadium where the phillies play. further town to the right is the stadium where the eagles play.
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further off to the right still is the wells fargo center is where the convention is. and if we look to the left, you can see the city skyline of philadelphia and in the foreground a big long white tent, that is where the magnetometers will be, all pedestrians will have to go through that, no vehicular traffic will be allowed at all. and then turt ofurther off to tt is fdr park about a block away, that is the official site for demonstrations and protests. no protest group will be as impassioned as the bernie sanders followers who have obtained permits for nine different rallies. there are 30,000 sanders of followers expected to attend and in fact they account the for one-third of all the approve aed events in the fdr park. the passions of the sanders camp are fully inflamed. after this wikileaks release yesterday of 20,000 dnc e-mails
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which seem to show at least from the sander perspective that there may have been some efforts to impede his movement toward the democratic nomination. we spoke to the sanders camp this morning and his speech which is scheduled to be delivered here on monday has not yet been written and they're a little perturbed because they don't know whether or not the clinton camp will want to vet his speech. should be an interesting night. that speech scheduled to be delivered again on monday. back to you. and by the way, i can't hear you because i pulled out my earpiece. >> very good report there, doug mcelway. and while we're waiting for secretary clinton to at that time take the podium, the democratic convention is shaping p to an star-studded affair. pop singer katy perry is expected to attend in support of hillary clinton. and actress lena dunham posted she's scheduled to make a speech at the convention along with
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actress america ferrera, demi lovato also traveling to philadelphia next week, the former disney star has previously campaigned for clinton. and lady gaga is set to perform at a concert very close to the site of the dnc. >> so as the democrats gear up for their big convention in philly, donald trump is winding down, taking the weekend off from campaign events. peter doocy live at trump tower here in new york city with a look at that. >> reporter: hillary clinton announced that tim kaine would be her running mate in a text message to supporters. and shortly after, donald trump had a mad text of his own that said, quote, tim kaine is hillary's vp pick, the ultimate insiders. obama, hillary, kaine. don't let obama have a third term. attached to that was a link for trump backers to dounate to his campaign and they are calling
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him corrupt kaine, comparing the current virginia senator and former virginia governor to his successor in richmond, governor book bob mcdonnell, who was convicted which was eventually overturned. but donald trump says is this the same kaine that didn't get indicted while bob m did. adding to that, jason miller now says, quote, it is only fitting that hillary clinton would select an ethically challenged insider like tim kaine who has personally benefitted there rigging the system -- from the rigged system while serving in government kaine has taken tens of thousands of dollars in freebies more than $160,000 in fact on free vacations, tree clothes and free tickets. and twitter is probably the only place that we're going to hear from or see donald trump today. he doesn't have anything
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scheduled during the clinton/kaine ticket rollout down in florida, but he does plan to hold rallies in swing states while the democrats hold their convention to nominate hillary in philadelphia. >> i could see him emerging from those revolving doors behind you and inviting you in for lunch. we might be seeing him yet. >> if he does, i will ask him first about tim kaine over lunch. >> love to get more thoughts not via twitter. thank you, peter. hillary clinton highlighting tim kaine's solid political experience saying that is why she asked him to be her running mate. clinton and kaine holding their first rally together this afternoon in miami at florida international university. but a recent poll shows nearly half of all the voters have never heard of kaine. joining me now judy miller,ed
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author and journalist. and our interview might very well get interrupted because when hillary clinton takes the podium, we'll go to it immediately. so let's start with this. i think we said half of the audience and people polled said they hadn't even heard will of tim kaine, so what does that mean going forward? >> well, i don't think that half of the american people had heard about mike pence either. mr. trump's running mate. so i think what hillary was looking for is as she says she has the responsibility gene. she was looking for somebody solid, somebody very stable, somebody with enormous experience which tim kaine has, former governor, former mayor. still lauded in virginia to his very compassionate and calm handling of the after math of the 2007 shooting at the campus
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there. somebody who is not going to cause her any embarrassment or any surprises as he himself says arthel, i'm very boring. what she wanted was very boring. the most exciting thing about him is that he plays the harmonica. other than that, i can't find anything really exceptional. he he did take a year out to work in a technical school in honduras. and as a reaction to that, he learned fluent spanish and of course that will help her a lot. and finally one last thing, we all know because of donald trump hillary has a white male deficit problem. and tim kaine is the kind of solid southerner whom she hopes will bring back some of the errant white males. >> harmonica is not a bad snu ,
9:18 am
instrument, but i'm sure he's no steefr have stevie wonder. you mentioned part of hillary 00 calculus is to go after that white male voter. so who else's 00 calculus is to go after that white male voter. so who elsehillary's00 calculus after that white male voter. so who elsehillary's0 calculus is to go after that white male voter. so who else calculus is to go after that white male voter. so who else -- using him on the campaign trail, who else' door will he be knocking on? >> hispanics. she has to motivate that constituency. she not only has to appeal to them which she does in huge numbers over trump, she has to get them out to vote. and his appeal in spanish is likely to be very helpful. and finally, it's virginia. as you know, it is a swing southern state. she needs that. she will have to win not only ohio, pennsylvania and florida, she's going to have to win virginia and states like that to win. so i think that tim kaine is basically the most solid and dependable if up surprising kind of choice she could have gone
9:19 am
with a cory backookebooker, a b american. >> let's take a break. if hillary clinton is not on the stand when we come back, we'll speak with you again. you're good with that, judy? >> i'm fine. >> stay with us. we're waiting for hillary clinton and tim kaine to appear there at the florida international university in miami. (vo) one dark stormy night
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we're watching an waiting the start of a rally with hillary clinton and her brand new running mate senator tim kaine. they're holding their first rally together this afternoon in miami. and as we wait, i want to get judy miller back with me from the manhattan institute policy research. we were talking about the choice of kaine. i don't know if you heard me at the top of the show, i mentioned that we should pause carly simon's song anticipation because the anticipation is over, but apparently i need to put her back on the box because we're still waiting for this moment here in florida at the florida international university in miami. but as we await for hillary
9:24 am
clinton and tim kaine to take that stage, in is a big moment of course, but perhaps an even bigger moment will be thursday night when hillary clinton makes her speech there at the convention in philly. what does hillary clinton need say to convince the voters who are not with her to get on board with her? >> the largest problem she has in terms of polling and queue ratings is that people don't trust her. she has to say things that reassure people about what james comey the fbi director called her extreme carelessness with respect to the handling of classified information. she's got to address concerns that people see her as someone who thinks that the rules that apply to you and me don't apply to her, that the clintons have their own set of rules and that they're above the rest of the
9:25 am
people. and shes that to do something and this is the hardest task of all, the fact that a lot of people just don't think he's very likeable. somebody like tim kaine who is very likeable is likely to balance that out a little, but ultimately it's all about the person at the top of the ticket. and hillary is just not liked by people who don't know her. and i think that that -- she doesn't have to go through her list of policy prescriptions which are detailed unlike mr. trump, she doesn't have to go through a lot of the positions the democrats hold dear, but what she has to do is somehow encourage people to trust her as a commander in chief and that is a high order considering her negative rating. >> and because of this factor that many people are finding
9:26 am
that hillary clinton is not trustworthy and you're saying people say you are definitely the top of your game when it comes to policy, but we're looking for personality in a way based on what you're saying likability. so how ccan hillary do that on thursday? because part of donald trump who is great at labeling people, he's already put his stamp on that convention saying that it will be boring. so how does -- you know what i mean? she doesn't have the razzle dazzle that trump has, maybe she doesn't want it, but how does she communicate through the television or cellphone? because that's exactly -- they will be watching body language, listening for her voice, her tone, her delivery. so how important is all of that come thursday night? >> clearly it's very important for the people who are watching, but i'm not sure you'll get great ratings for the democratic
9:27 am
national convention. i mean, it's very much a done deal and second of all, look at the ratings to donald trump's convention. even that was not extraordinarily high considering that donald trump brought out more republican voters and got more primary votes than any republican candidate in modern history and yet a lot of people didn't tune into hear what he had to say. i think hillary will have the same problem. but in a way, a little bit of hillary goes a long way. she doesn't have to give an hour and 15 minute speech because the nation knows her. if anything, there has to be less hillary and more other people it remind the nation what the democratic party aspires to be. >> and on that note of other people, chelsea clinton will introduce her mom and of course we all know how well the trump kids did.
9:28 am
they all knocked it out of the park. >> yes, they certainly did. >> so how much pressure will be on chelsea clinton to make her whom appear like a warm person, the mom, the grand mom, you know, how does she do that? >> well, by reminding people that she's a mother now and what she's been through as the daughter of a woman who has been in public life for so long and yet managed to raise a fine daughter and be a mother and a very caring and present mother. i think that once again family is an issue with the clintons especially given the marriage between bill and hillary and all that has happened, the lack of faith and faithfulness. but i think chelsea stands out as someone who is the kind of young person who millennials can
9:29 am
aspire to emulate. she like the trump children, they are really adults now, but they're fine adults and they can speak about their parents in a glowing and warm way. but hillary also has to assure her base that the bernie sanders people, the bernie sanders much to the left of her faction, that she is aware of their concerns, that she's aware of the fact that they regard air as too centrist, too practical, too pragmatic. she has to fire up that left wing base and that is a tall order given her own centrist interests and that of her rubbing mate. he, too, is very much a centrist kind of guy. he's on the senate foreign relations committee, a roman catholic, very concerned about the death penalty. that issue will play well with
9:30 am
d democratic voters. but it will be hard to fire up the democrats. i think the democrats will be fired up by the need to defeat donald trump just as republicans were fired up by the need to get her. and what we have is a kind of negative/negative here that may produce a positive but could also be rather a bit of a senator. >> judy, stand by for us. john scott and i are here in the studio and we're waiting for hillary clinton and tim kaine to appear there in miami. >> only 30 minutes late right now. but that's the way these things happen in politics. when hillary takes to the podium there to introduce her new running mate to the public, we'll take you right there. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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fox news alert, we are still waiting an watching for the beginning of a rally with
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hillary clinton introducing her running mate, tim kaine. clinton and kaine will hold their first rally together in miami this afternoon at florida international university. we are keeping a eye on it. we will bring to you live just as soon as those candidates step to the podium. but of course the election takes place against a back drop of security concerns. and germany is ramping up security a day after a gunman went on a rampage at a fast food sfraupt and then a mall in munich riling thi ikilling nineg 27 more. local media identify the shooter as ali sunbully. they don't believe he had any ties to richl, but also say they found evidence in a he was obsessed with mass shootings when they made a search of his home. benjamin hall is live with the latest. >> reporter: more information now coming out about him the day
9:36 am
after he killed nine here in munich. we're learning that the first time we saw the german was in amateur footage and sthat showe him lifting his gun and firing at people as they walked towards him. earlier he had hacked into a young lady's facebook page and offered a free give aaway to entice victims. his home was raided and they found a collection of books about mass killings. he has suffered from depression and undergone psychiatric treatment. he continued his rampage in the mall and continuing to shoot. it was this continue all movement that led police to believe there were other tackers amid the chaos report cass in from around the city of other potential attacks and police shut down munich. today people from around the city came to pay their respects.
9:37 am
at the he scene of the attack, many were bewildered, but most affected the attack to come from radical islam and we're now learning this could not have been further from that. he has been painted as a sigh retiring boy who had psychiatric problems and suffered from depression, but people saying the attacks over the last months and years may have pushed him to act. >> benjamin hall in munich. thank you. for more on this, let's bring out state department consultant and geopolitical risk executive. it's a little disturbing to know that this guy had been apparently studying up on mass killings. is this a one off kind of thing or can we expect to see more of these because there are these young men primarily out there with some pretty twisted minds?
9:38 am
>> i'm suit absolutely mystified by the munich police already deciding what are the motives and what are not the by the munich police already deciding what are the motives and what are not the motives. i think it would take quite some time to figure out after serious investigation and not within mere hours of the shooting. one is that you have an 18-year-old young man living with his parents who gets a glock and 300 rounds of ammunition from who? a family member, a friend? how does he get that in the country with the strictest gun control regime or among the strictest in all of europe? so we need to filed out how we got this illegal weapon and who would give it to somebody who is undergoing psychiatric care or had mental problems. and secondly as a journalist just mentioned, he hacks in to a facebook page to lure children to mcdonald's to maximize the carnage with the horror of as many dead children as possible. how does a mentally ill person become so resourceful, so
9:39 am
creative and so methodical without anyone detecting anything? so there is still i think a lot of questions to ask. and i think the munich police are ill advised to say it is this it or not this. let the investigation play out. let's get all the facts. and then we can reach a conclusion. >> he was of german iranian heritage. iran is not known to be a hot bed of isis, but there are isis connections in that state. are you suggesting that this could be isis inspired this some way? >> i'm not suggesting anything in particular. fr in france, we had a killer who used a truck to plow through a crowd. and immediately we're told that he was a lone wolf driving his truck and five days later, we find out that he had five accomplices and they had been planning this truck mass murder
9:40 am
for a year. it took them five days to get to that. so why is anybody reaching any conclusions about what took place or what the motives were? we're still hours in to this investigation. it needs much more time to play out and i think it's incorrect to foreclose any possibility as opposed to saying it's definitely not this. we don't know yet. nobody knows. >> and germany's chancellor angela merkel cannot say what we need is nor gun control because as you point out, they have the strictest gun control laws in the world. there was a report of a mosque being used as a depot with thousands of gun, rifles and rounds of ammunition and largely played down by german and european press. but anybody who goes online will find it. there are radical islamist activities ginning up for a
9:41 am
possible mass murder attack in germany and as well as other countries. i don't know of any possible connection here, all i know is that nobody should be within 24 hours saying what it's definitely not. we don't know. >> good point. thank you. and soon hillary clinton will be presenting her brand new running plate for tmate for the. they're rallying today in florida. a big swing state where the latino vote could be key. so what does senator kaine bring to the ticket? we'll discuss. ♪
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for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. a day of a sister she after she named tim kaine as her running mate, holding a big rally in miami. and this as some democrats complain senator kaine is not
9:46 am
progressive enough. tam tammy bruce and alan colmes are here. good it see both of you. so alan, i'll start with you. i want to talk about tim kaine.. so alan, i'll start with you. i want to talk about tim kaine. who will tim kaine be bringing to the voting booth and who will he turn off? >> he will certainly bring virginia possibly which is an important state where the election resides. but i know progressives and i consider myself one, some of them are upset about this, but i am not much for political purity tests. you compare him to the vice presidential candidate on the other side who is anti-lgbt, anti-abortion and donald trump will let his vice president run policy. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is still the head will of the ticket, she's the one who will be calling the shots up like what might happen on the other side. >> so alan, i gave you a chance to give me some positives about tim kaine and you really didn't did it. >> what did you mean? >> you talked more about mike pence and why he's not the --
9:47 am
>> he is a progressive. does he line up every single no. he's been a governor, a senator, he speaks spanish, you know down his resume and it may be a safe choice, but a very solid choice. >> maybe he should have chosen anthony weiner. here. >> here is the thing, i actually suggested that he was the best one for her. she's losing the white male vote. her messaging is that, well, he's a good guy, i might be a liar and a crook, but he's not. >> that's her message? >> yeah, that's how it is resonating. but here is what you have with this situation i think in particular. and the problem for hillary. donald trump can ameliorate the issues he has with them. no experience, maybe his style or worried about him being a hot
9:48 am
head. mike pence is a great guy and all of the opposite. and it's an indication that you have problems with trump that can he learn to change. hillary's issues as i've mentioned not jokingly is that people don't trust her. they believe she's a liar. and any vp pick is not the going to be able to change that. and also it's two establishment people. trump picked an insider because he's a an outsider. hillary should have chosen an outsider. >> i think that's a myth. donald trump is the ultimate insider. he's been playing with government for years. he's gotten all kinds of tax breaks to put his casinos up. to call donald trump an outsider is ridiculous. he's been playing the inside government game since the beginning of his building career. >> alan's upsetness proves he's an outsider. >> i'm not upset at all. >> i think this offers an absolute change for the american people. both kaine and pence are very
9:49 am
well liked, vred really steady guys. but if you want more of the same, establishment, you've got double that with the hillary clinton could i namic. with trump, you will get change. but you have people who who know what they're doing. >> alan, can hillary clinton win over bernie sanders' supporters? >> probably not all of them. but she also might get because of the pick of vp maybe people she might not otherwise have gotten who member further to the right. look, it's already indicated she's brought over a lot of his supporters, but they could vote for gary johnson, not vote at all. you talk about hillary being unstable, talk about a liar, donald trump lies when he says hello, i think he is saying good by. if you really want to not have donald trump be president, hillary clinton and tim kaine are the best choice. >> and we have a situation where it's not just my opinion of hillary's problems with trust issues. it is baked in. the american people view her as
9:50 am
a liar and as untrustworthy. it's not rhetoric. that she cannot overcome and that will twist and turn independents in how they vote. >> tammy turn to independents and how they vote. >> tammy bruce, alan colmes, glad to have you both. all right, john? she was the youngest follower of murder rouse cult leader charles manson and she was up or parole.'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. you made with your airline credit card.these purchases
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california governor jerry brown denying parole to the youngest follower of cult leader charles manson. a parole board deemed 66-year-old less si van houten fit for release but yesterday brown overturned it. back in 1969 van houten and several members of the manson family went on a two-day killing spree that left seven people dead, including actress sharon tate. before brown's decision, tate's sister delivered a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures to the governor's office opposing van houten's release. the supreme court of virginia is striking down governor terry mcauliffe's executive action to restore the
9:55 am
voting rights of more than 200,000 felons. in a 4-3 decision the court ruled mcauliffe's action unconstitutional, siding with republican lawmakers who said the governor over stepped his authority. the executive order restored voting rights to felons who completed their sentences while also allowing them to run for public office and serve on a jury. republican lawmakers argued governors must consider each former individual's case individually. brand new details into the investigation of a police shooting in florida. it concerns this video we're going to show you where an officer shot and wounded an unarmed man why authorities are placing a second officer on leave. >> as city manager, i am well aware of the public sentiment. we have received hundreds of calls and e-mails, both -- both at our police department and at city hall. i can assure you we are listening. ,
9:56 am
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sorry ma'am. no burning here. ugh. heartburn. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. we are waiting hillary clinton and senator tim kaine who are rallying together for the first time since secretary clinton announced that kaine joined the campaign as her running mate. they're in miami. a huge swing state with a big population of hispanics. a voting bloc that campaign hopes to dominate. hello to all of you. welcome to another hour "inside america's election headquarters.
10:00 am
>> nice to be with you today. i'm john scott. might help that tim kaine speaks fluent spanish. he's a senator from virginia, another key battleground state. senator kaine worked his way up through local politics to the governor's mansion before joining the senate four years ago. and he has a reputation of working well with others. we have fox team coverage, shannon bream is at the site at the democratic convention in philadelphia which gets under way on monday. but let's begin with jennifer griffin, with the clinton campaign in miami. jennifer? >> john, there's a very good reason that the clinton campaign chose this location in miami, florida international university, to roll out her running mate. this is the first time we will see her together with tim kaine since the announcement was made last night. florida international university has 54,000 students, two-thirds of whom are hispanic. lati latinos, as you know, john, will
10:01 am
be a key demographic in this election. in fact, as you mentioned, senator tim kaine of virginia speaks fluent spanish, from a year spent as a missionary in honduras after law school. he speaks spanish. he's going to be able to campaign in spanish. it's one of the key reasons that the clinton campaign and hillary clinton herself chose him as a running mate. it's also interesting to note that he is a sent tris pick. his wife is the daughter of the first republican governor of virginia, a key battleground state as we mentioned so many times before. we also have some details from the campaign about how the decision was made. john padesto, hillary clinton's campaign chair, took her and we're told it was in a duane reid plastic bag, 26 binders of possible vp lists, candidates, that was months ago. she whittled that list down and we're told that padesta told her
10:02 am
that she really needed to feel very comfortable with her pick, someone she wants to spend a lot of time with. then we learned that the clintons had invited senator kaine and his wife to chappaqua last weekend for a final lunch. and that's sort of when this process began. we also know that senator kaine brings a lot of national security experience to the ticket. he was on the armed services committee and foreign relations committee. you hear the crowd behind me. they're getting ready. we expect them to come on stage any minute. kaine himself has addressed the criticism that he is too boring. he has said in the past that, in fact, that boring is the largest growing demographic in the u.s. also of note, john, we do know that the bernie delegates are not happy about this pick, which
10:03 am
they see as very safe choice. not a particularly progressive choice. senator elizabeth warren was one of the few short list candidates who has not tweeted out support for kaine. we know that she appeared with president obama today as part of his weekly address to talk about banking reform. that's not something that's particularly associated with tim kaine. and we also have learned that bernie delegates, 1250 of them, part of the bernie sanders delegate network, plan to have a press conference, and from the tone of the press release, it's suggests that they may be a disruptive force at the upcoming democratic convention in philadelphia. >> jennifer griffin, keeping an eye on this official campaign candidate launch there in miami. thanks, jennifer. >> john, jennifer, while the democratic conventionic kicking off in philadelphia in just about 48 hours, of course yesterday's attack in a mall in
10:04 am
munich, germany, bringing safety concerns to the forefront. the shooting coming a day after donald trump criticized the become administration's fight against terrorism. meanwhile, in philly police getting ready to ramp up patrols to make sure everyone stays safe. shannon bream is live in philadelphia with more. so shannon, how confident are officials there that they're really for this week in philly? >> as you know, it's been months, maybe years in the planning to get ready for next week the dnc here in philadelphia. officials tell us they're monitoring everything from terrorism attacks to deadly ambushes on police officers. factoring that all in as they adjust to prepare their final rep operations for the kickoff officially on monday for thousands of people to come here to the convention and all kinds of different possible threats. the philadelphia police department actually had a team on-site at the rnc in cleveland so they would monitor things there, take away lessons for what was happening in that venue. they do expect significant protests here, up to 50,000
10:05 am
people a day. we know many of the permits requested are for groups supporting bernie sanders, another progressive groups among those protesters each day. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says the potential threats to an event like this comes from numerous different directions and sources which makes the task of protecting this event a challenging one. >> the environment in is self evident. the homegrown violent extremists, the attack we saw in orlando, the attack we saw in san bernardino, the murder of our police officers in dallas creates for an environment where all of us in law enforcement and homeland security have to be vigilant. >> reporter: the city of brotherly love is no stranger to huge events. giant sporting events last year, they hosted the pope here and they said that was actually so big it triggered an official designation as potential terrorism target and mass protest site. they said the dnc event is much
10:06 am
smaller, more manageable for them versus something like that when it comes to security, arthel. >> shannon, they've dealt with mass transit issues and lots of crowds there as you just pointed out. what about issues involving transportation for the dnc? >> reporter: yeah, it's going to be a little tricky this week if you're in this area. i-95 runs around the official sites of the wells fargo center. so given the truck attack in nice, france, that claimed dozens of lives they're going to be significant restrictions on heavy vehicles using i-95 for several miles around that year. that's rvs, 18-wheelers and trash trucks. and of course you would expect road closure all around the event scene but the restrictions extend up into the skies as well. this is going to be considered a no drone zone for 30 nautical miles all around downtown philadelphia which is away from the official site of the venue. all of that is going to be prohibited. if you take a drone in that space you could be facing civil and potentially criminal
10:07 am
penalties and there's air traffic control issues as well because the flight path coming in to the philadelphia airport is so close to the wells fargo center as well. now, we're here along the beautiful delaware river today. you can see there are boats out here. but this is also going to be severely restricted as a security zone come monday. the coast guard is going to oversee that along with help from federal, state, an local officials and if you want too try to get your boat out on this waterway it's going to be really tough starting on monday, arthel? >> and for good reason. thank you so much, shannon. as democrats gear up for their convention, donald trump is winding down. taking the weekend off from campaign events after officially becoming the republican nominee for president. that is not stopping mr. trump or his campaign from blasting hillary clinton's choice of tim kaine to be her running mate. already dubbed him "corrupt kaine." trump will resume his empvents a few swing states on monday. isis is taking responsibility for a deadly bomb
10:08 am
attack on a crowd in afghanistan. authorities say at least 80 people were killed in kabul when two suicide bombers detonated explosives in the middle of a peaceful demonstration. more than 100 people were hurt. it is the deadliest attack in weeks in afghanistan. draws attention to isis and away from the taliban which has been blamed for recent attacks. take you now live to florida international university in suburban miami, that's where hillary clinton is introducing the man that she picked yesterday or announced the choice of yesterday to be her running mate, virginia senator tim kaine. this will be their first campaign appearance together. the music, arthel, you know something about "ain't no mountain high enough." >> ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough. >> you can always count on arthel to chime in when there's music involved. tim kaine and hillary clinton making their first joint
10:09 am
appearance together. he says he was as surprised as anybody else, got the phone call late yesterday that hillary clinton had picked him to be her nominee, her running mate for the vice presidency of the united states. they're going to have a star-studded democratic national convention we told you about some of those who will be appearing, demi lovato and others. tim kaine described himself as boring and said that boring is the largest growing subgroup in the united states. >> well, i mean, they have a tough act to follow because, say what you will, donald trump delivered in terms of excitement. a few hiccups there last week in cleveland, but the trump children definitely made very
10:10 am
clear their message about their dad, the man to trust, the man for -- for the president, to be president, the only man to be the president, only candidate. he's the one to trust. he is for the american people. he is for -- you know, trump made a point, john, as you well know, to point out he is for the middle class. he really brought that home, i'm assuming, because to sort of pre-empt hillary's message, that's usually her voter base. >> very curious, that she went with this particular pick, as you know, senator bernie sanders gave her fits in his pursuit of the nomination. and many of her positions have moved to the left to sort of blunt the effectiveness of the sanders campaign. so she has gone back to a more centrist choice in tim kaine. whether that will appeal to the large segment of the party that
10:11 am
likes bernie sanders is yet to be determined. but that is the choice she has made. let's hear while she talks about why. [ chanting hillary ] [ applause ] >> hello, miami. i am so excited and grateful to be here with all of you. i must say, after everything we've just seen at the republican convention this past we week, being here with you on this beautiful day is truly like
10:12 am
a breath of fresh air. when i look out attal all of y you know what i see? i see america's future. instead of the fear and the anger and the resentment, the lack of any solutions to help working families get ahead or keep our country safe, i sense the confidence, the optimism that, you know what, we are stronger together and we're going to make that future better. donald trump may think america's in decline, but he's wrong. america's best days are still ahead of us, my friends.
10:13 am
and when he says, as he did say, i alone can fix it, he's not only wrong, he's dangerously wrong. we americans, we solve problems together. and if donald doesn't understand that, he doesn't understand america. i know that no one does anything all alone. and part of our challenge is to make sure we do work together. i'm looking forward to working with your elected officials. i want to thank senator bill nelson who is with me yesterday in orlando and tampa.
10:14 am
i want to thank congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, and i'm looking forward to working with her and with congresswoman fed ri federika wilson and congressman elsy hastings. and i want to thank all the elected officials from all levels of government who are here and supporting our campaign and our vision for the country. now, next week, next week in philadelphia we will offer a very different vision for our country. one that is about building bridges, not walls.
10:15 am
embracing the diversity that makes our country great, lifting each other up, standing together because we know there's nothing we can't accomplish once we make up our minds. and that's why i am so thrilled to announce that my running mate is a man who doesn't just share those values, he lives them. i have to say -- i have to say that senator tim kaine is
10:16 am
everything donald trump and mike pence are not. he is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one. and he is a progressive who likes to get things done. that's just my kind of guy, tim. we both grew up in the midwest. we were raised by fathers who ran small businesses and who taught us about the dignity of work and the discipline of a job well-done. and in both of our families, faith wasn't just something you talked about at church on sundays, it was a call to serve others in every way that we can.
10:17 am
and as you get to know senator kaine, you will see that tim's lifelong commitment to social justice is a shining example of his faith in action. you know, during law school when his fellow classmates were taking internships at prestigious law firms he took time off to work with missionaries in honduras. and after he graduated from harvard law school, he could have done anything, but instead, he chose to become a civil rights lawyer.
10:18 am
one of his first cases was a pro bono case representing a woman who was denied an apartment because she was african-american. so while tim was taking on housing discrimination and homelessness, donald trump was denying apartments to people who were african-american. he is still fighting those battles today, serving as a nonpartisan city council member and then the mayor of richmond, virgin virginia. he worked hard to bridge racial divides. he built the first new schools in a generation. he helped turn that struggling
10:19 am
city around. and as governor of virginia, he led the common wealth through the worst financial crisis in a generation. what did he do? he brought democrats and republicans together to protect the programs that working families count on. and while mike pence slashed education funding in indiana and gave more tax cuts to the wealthiest, tim kaine cut his own salary and invested in education from pre-k through college and beyond.
10:20 am
and by the time tim left office, 40% more of virginia's kids were enrolled in early education programs. and then as a united states senator, tim has used his positions on the foreign relations and armed services committees to stand up for our veterans and our values and our men and women in uniform and our security. now, there's no doubt in my mind, because i'm here with him, that tim is so qualified to be vice president and, as i have said many times, the most important qualification when you are trying to make this really
10:21 am
big choice is can this person step in to be president? well, at every stage of tim's career, the people who know him best have voted to give him a promotion. and that's because -- that's because he fights for the people he represents. and he delivers real results. now, i can't wait for all of you to get to know him the way that i have, the proud father of three grown-up kids who have their own lives and are making their own contributions, including serving our country, a -- [ applause ] -- a loving husband of a brilliant wife who is a great
10:22 am
fighter for progressive causes in her own right, the leader who cares more about making a difference than making headlines, and make no mistake, behind that smile tim also has a backbone of steel. just ask the nra. over and over again he has had the courage to stand up to the gun lobby in their own backyard. after the horrible virginia tech shooting he signed an executive order to keep guns out of the hands of those who were deemed
10:23 am
severely mentally ill. and he has fought for common sense gun reform across the country, as we saw just a few weeks ago when he joined the 15-hour senate filibuster asking that we get those reforms done. so when i say he's a progressive who likes to get things done, i mean it. he's not take on special interests, whether he's calling for tough regulations, on payday lending, or fighting back against attacks on planned parenthood and defending women's rights to make our own health decisio decisions. tim has led on some of the most important issues facing our
10:24 am
country, from voting rights to lgbt equal iity to criminal justice reform, to comprehensive immigration reform. now, after last week i probably don't need to say this but i will, this is one of the most consequential elections in our lifetimes. when someone says "i alone can fix it," that should set off alarm bells in not just democrats' minds but republicans, independent, people of all ages and backgrounds.
10:25 am
that is not a democracy. i said -- i said yesterday in tampa, we fought a revolution because we didn't want one man making all the decisions for us. and besides, it is just nonsense. no one does anything alone we don't have a one-person military. we don't have a one-person teaching core, we don't have one doctor and one nurse that fixes everything, do we? we work together. that is what has traditionally set us apart from places that have turned to single leaders,
10:26 am
desspits, dictator, authoritarians who have promised people, i can fix it alone. you know what that says about us? that somehow we're helpless, we can't do this work that needs to be done in america ourselves, that we can't reach out to one another, that we can't make the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. i reject that. i reject that. and next week, starting on monday in philadelphia, you're going see a very different kind of vision. so -- [ chanting "usa" ]
10:27 am
>> so i wanted to come here to miami. i wanted to come here to introduce you to the person that i just can't think of anybody better to have by my side on the campaign trail, in the white house, together we are going to take on the challenges that are hurting americans. we are going to give the middle class a raise. we are going to give tax relief to working families to help with the rising costs of raising kids. we are going to create more good jobs. we're going to make sure every child in america has the chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. so please, join us, join us, take out your phone right now. text "join" to 47246 or go to because we
10:28 am
are hiring organizers right here in florida right now. so be involved in every way that you can because, together, we're going to win this election and move our country forward. please join me in welcoming the next vice president, my friend, senator tim kaine. >> hey, guy, thank you. hello, miami. hello, fiu. [ speaking spanish ]
10:29 am
i'm feeling a lot of things today, most of all gratitude. i'm grateful to you, hillary, for the trust that you placed in me and we're going to be [ speaking spanish ] in this great [ speaking spanish ] ahead. i'm grateful to this country which has given me so much. i'm grateful to all of you flori floridans, my virginians, all of you who have poured your hearts into this wonderful, wonderful campaign. and today, like every day, i'm especially grateful to my wife ann, i love you, honey. i love you, honey.
10:30 am
and to my three beautiful kids, nat, woody, and anella. i am the luckiest dad and the luckiest husband in the world. this is quite a week for me. and believe it or not, for as powerful as it is to become hillary clinton's running mate, that's not the only thing on my mind this week. ann and i have three kids. our oldest son nat is here today with his fiance. he is a -- he's a proud marine. and in just a few days he's deploying to europe to uphold america's commitment to our nato allies. for me -- for me, this drives
10:31 am
home the stakes in this election. nearly 2 million men and women put their lives on the line for this country as active duty, as reservists, as guard members. they deserve a commander in chief with the experience and the temperament to lead. what is -- what does donald trump say about these great americans, these two millions? he repeatedly calls the american military, quote, a disaster. and just this week donald trump said that as president he would consider turning america's back on our decades' old commitments to our allies. and all of you remember a few months ago when he said about a
10:32 am
senate colleague of then senator clinton's and mine, john mccain, that he wasn't a hero because he had been captured and served as a prisoner of war in vietnam. and he wants to be commander in chief? well, our service members are out there on the front lines, trump saying he would leave our allies at the mercy of an increasingly aggressive russia and, folks, that's an open invitation to vladimir putin to just roll on in, even a lot of republicans say that that's terribly dangerous. when you -- all right. i'm hiring for the speech writing team. we've seen again and again that when donald trump says he has your back, you better watch out. from atlantic city to his so-called university he leaves a trail of broken promises and
10:33 am
wrecked lives wherever he goes. we can't afford to let him do the same thing to our country. and folks, we don't have to because hillary clinton is the direct opposite of donald trump. [ crowd chanting hillary ] >> hillary clinton -- hillary clinton, she doesn't insult people, she listens to them. what a novel concept, right? she doesn't trash our allies. she respects them. and she'll always have our backs, that is something i am rock solid sure of. and i know that because hillary
10:34 am
knows that we're stronger together. we're stronger when we work together, when we grow together, when we pull together, when we live in the same neighborhood and worship together and go to school together, when we're together we're stronger. so, i could not be any more honored to stand by hillary's side in this very important campaign. i've spent most of my life in public service because i believe in doing everything i can to make a positive difference in people's lives. and i can see a lot of you out there who feel exactly the same way, exactly the same way. i'm one of -- i'm one of on20
10:35 am
people in american history to serve as a mayor, governor, and a united states senator. so i have -- i have been able to see how government works and how sometimes it doesn't. from just about every perspective. and i've always believed that however you serve, what matters is whether you actually deliver results for people. and that's been my goal, that's been my goal in every position i've ever held. now, i know for a lot of you this might be the first time you're hearing me speak. and, hey, let me be honest. for many of you this is the first time you've ever heard my name. but that's okay because i'm excited for us to get to know one another. so today -- today i thought i might tell you a little bit about me and where i come from.
10:36 am
vice president was never a job i thought about growing up in kansas. like a lot of people in kansas city my parents weren't that in to politics. church, kansas city royals, you know, that's the kind of thing we spent time talking about. they had too much else going on. my dad ran a union organized iron working shop in the stockyards of kansas city. and my mom, in addition to all the challenges with my two brothers and me, she was my dad's best saleswoman. that iron working business was tough. it's the kind of job where you can't cut corners if you're not careful, you can make one mistake and ruin an awful lot of work in an instant. i learned that working in my dad's shop. my two brothers and i, we all pitched in. sometimes we were scheduled to pitch in and sometimes dad would just shake us in the morning and say i have an order to get out and i really need you guys today. i remember once the last day of summer vacation, i was so looking forward to sleeping in
10:37 am
and then i felt that hand on my should eer at about 6:00. i really got to have your help to get an order out today. but that's what families do. we would go there early, especially in the summer to try and get the work done before the day got hot. that's what fam ilys do. that's what families do. my parents, al and kathy and they're alive and healthy and they're happy today. 81 years old. alive, healthy, and happy. they taught me early lessons that have guided my life, the importance of hard work, a faith and kindness, a following your dreams. my mom once told me, and i'll say this, she wasn't much of a lecturer. she liked to live and we were supposed to follow the example. but she once told me this, tim, you have to decide whether you want to be right or you want to do right. if you want to be right, go ahead and be a pessimist.
10:38 am
but if you want to do right, be an optimist and, folk, i've been an optimist ever since. i went to a jesuit boys school, rockers high school in kansas city. all right, jesuits in the house. i like that. the motto of my boys school was men for others. and that was the -- that was what we were taught. and that's where my faith, which has been important to me because of my parents' example really grew into something more viable. it became like my north star, the organizing principle for what i wanted to do. even as a young man because of these great teachers i had and because of my parents' example i knew i wanted to do something to devote myself to social justice. and that's why after racing through the university of missouri in three years and starting at harvard law school, i decided to take a year off from school to volunteer with
10:39 am
jesuit missionaries in honduras. [ speaking spanish ] well, when i got to honduras it turned out that my recently acquired knowledge of constitution allow was pretty useless. but the experience of working in my dad's iron working shop was actually kind of helpful. so i taught teenagers the basics of carpentry and welding and they helped me learn spanish. and i tell you, my time in honduras changed my life in so many ways. [ speaking spanish ]
10:40 am
and here's -- here's something that really stuck with me. i got a first-hand look at a system. this was 19 it's80 and '81, a dictatorship where a few folks at the top had all the power and everybody else got left behind. and it convinced me that we've got to advance opportunity and equality for everybody, no matter where they come from, how much money they have, what they look like, what accent they have, or who they love. and in 1970 a republican governor of virginia, linwood holten, blielieved exactly the same thing. he integrated virginia's public schools after the state had fought for 16 years after brown v. board to keep them
10:41 am
segregated. now in 1970 in virginia that took political courage. and then he and his wife went even further. they enrolled their own kids, including their daughter anne, in integrated schools and it sent a long signal that their governor wasn't going to back down or take half step or make rules for others that he wouldn't follow for himself. so, many years later that young girl anne went to princeton, har harvard law school, guided by the experience of a youngster in first generation of integrated virginia schools. and one day in a study group sh had been off teaching kids in honduras. a anne and i got married 32 years
10:42 am
ago in richmond, virginia. that is -- that's the parish that we still belong to together. hi, i hope you're watching. we will be there at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. marrying anne was and remains the best decision of my life. and it -- am i right? am i right? and it turns out she actually learned negotiation a lot better than i did in law school, which is how a kansas city kid ended up in virginia. anne and i settled down, started a family and we sent our kids to those same public schools that her father had opened up to everybody. including -- including one
10:43 am
school that i helped build when i was mayor that our school board named the lynnwood holten elementary school. how cool was it to see our three kids healed od out the door wit backpack on named after their civil rights hero grandfather? now, lynn's example helped inspire me to work as a civil rights lawyer, representing people who had been turned away from housing, either because of the color of their skin or because they were an american with a disability. and this was my civil rights work for 17 years. i brought dozens of lawsuits when i was in private practice, battling bank, landlords, real estate firm, insurance companies, and even local governments that had treated people unfairly. in 1998 i won a historic verdict
10:44 am
against a national insurance company because they had been red lining minority neighborhood, treating them unfairly in the issuance of homeowners insurance. at the time i won that case, it was the biggest jury verdict ever in a civil rights case in american history. i like to fight for rights. i like to fight for right. and i found myself going to city council meetings in richmond to raise the issues that i was dealing with every day on behalf of my clients. but i was frustrated at the division and infighting. so in 1994 i did something that seemed even crazier than what i'm doing now. i decided to run for local office. man, i was so scared the day i announced but i wanted to hemi city and my community. i knocked on every door in my district. i won my first race beating an
10:45 am
incumbent by 94 votes. the first of many nail biters and squeakers i've had since then. and as i've often said, if i'm good at anything in public life, it's good because i started at the local level, listening to people, learning about their lives, and trying to find consensus to solve problems. in the years that followed i became mayor of richmond. i was elected lieutenant governor of virginia. and in 2006 i became the 70th governor of the common wealth of virginia. when we moved in to the governor's mansion after the inauguration my wife became the only person who had ever lived there first as a child and then as an adult. we had to make tough decisions when i was in office because it
10:46 am
was the deepest recession since the 1930s. but that didn't stop us from expanding early childhood education from building more classrooms and facilities on our college campuses so more could go to school because we knew that education was the key to everything we wanted to achieve as a state and it's the key to everything we want to achieve as a nation. we invested in open space preservation and cleaning up the chesapeake bay because our kids and grandkids deserve to enjoy the beautiful common wealth that we love just like you love the beauty of your sunshine state. and we achieve national recognition for our work in tough times. when i was governor of virginia, best managed state in america, best state for the child to have a successful life, best state for business. one of the lowest unemployment rates. one of the highest bond ratings.
10:47 am
one of the highest family incomes. we did that during tough times. and so -- and so today i am proud to carry that work forward as a virginia senator, serving on the armed service, budget relations committees. they just added me to the aging committee. i don't know why they would have done that. i'm proud to support my wife's public service. she has been a legal aide lawyer, juvenile court judge, foster care reformer, and now she's secretary of education for the common wealth of virginia. and anne and i are both so proud of our great common wealth and of our great nation. and isn't it great already? i mean, isn't it great already? what a great country.
10:48 am
you know, as i look back over these experiences, what i've learned is that god has created a rich and beautiful tapestry in this country. it is a rainbow of cultural diversity that embraces all people regardless -- regardless of their race or economic status, regardless of their religion or their gender, regardless of their sexual orientation or where they're from. we've got this beautiful country that should be a country of welcome, that should be a country of inclusion, and i know that that is a fundamental value that hillary clinton shares. [ speaking spanish ] i'm a catholic. and hillary is a methodist. but i tell you her creed is the same as mine. do all the good you can. pretty simple. do all the good you can.
10:49 am
measure your life by the positive affect you can have on other people's lives. be of service to one another. now, that's a notion that americans of every faith tradition and every moral tradition believe in. and it's a message that hillary clinton has taken to heart for her entire life, for her entire life. fighting for children and families. like when she was first lady. after she tried in a congress blocked her in the big advance that we needed on health care reform, she said, you know what, i'm not stopping. if we can't get it all, can we pass a program to provide health insurance to 8 million more american children? and that's what she did. and that's what she did. that's who she fought for. fighting for -- fighting for equal rights, for
10:50 am
african-americans, for latinos, for people with disabilities, for lgbt americans. in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, fighting tenaciously to make sure that 9/11 first responders in new york and other localities would get health benefits. now, there are an awful lot of people who have put their trust and their faith in hillary. and she's always -- and she's always delivered for them. from working with the children's defense fund to first lady of arkansas to first lady of the united states, to senator, to secretary of state, she has always delivered. and --
10:51 am
[ crowd chanting "hillary" ] and you know what? here's something you can tell about a great leader, she not only delivers in the easy times or the simple times, she delivers in the tough times and she even delivers when she's on the receiving end of one attack after another. she never backs down. she never backs down. hillary -- hillary, whatever the drama, whatever the attack, whatever the situation, stays focused on what matters, helping people. that's what keeps her going. so, here's how hillary and i are going to continue that work. with a strong progressive agenda. we are going to make the american economy work for
10:52 am
everybody, not just those at the top. not just those at the top. and we'll do that -- we'll do that by making the largest investment in good paying jobs since world war ii. we will make college debt-free for everybody. we'll rewrite the rules so that companies share their profits with workers rather than ship jobs overseas. and we'll make sure that wall street corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. and while we're on the subject of taxes, where are donald trump's tax returns?
10:53 am
raise your hand if you think those returns would show that he's paid his fair share of taxes. i don't see a lot of -- i don't see a lot of hands. we're going to fight for paid family leave, equal pay for women, and raising the minimum wage to a living wage. to keep families together, to keep families together and to bring them out of the shadows in our administration in the first 100 days, we'll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship. [ speaking spanish ]
10:54 am
i will encourage you, if you haven't done this, go to a naturalization service where people become u.s. citizens. it is -- how many of you -- raise your hand if you have been a naturalized citizen. yes. well, thanks for choosing us. thanks for choosing us. if you haven't been to one of those services, it's going to be one of the most powerful things you will ever see. often after the oath has been taken there's an open mike and people get to walk up and say, here's why i decided that i wanted to become a citizen of the united states. and it will just bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face when you hear what these people think about the greatness of the united states of america.
10:55 am
[ crowd chanting "usa" ] and when you go to one of these naturalization services and you see the people's desire to join this great country, you will -- you'll basically have this pretty amazing thought. [ speaking spanish ] anybody who loves america this much deserves to be here, deserves to be here. now, there's one last part of hillary's plan that means a lot to me personally that kind of emotional for me and i bet it's emotional for you. how to stem the epidemic of gun violence that kills 33,000 americans every year.
10:56 am
as governor during one of the most horrible shootings in america's history, this issue is very close to my heart, very close to my heart. and i know that many of you here feel exactly the same way after that tragic shooting in orlando in june. we can do better, folks. we can do better. it was in april of 2007, about halfway through my time as governor. i'd had just arrived in japan on a trade mission to bring jobs back to virginia. had checked into the hotel room, fallen asleep and a knock on the door say, governor, you got to turn on the tv. we got to get on the phone. horrible shooting under way at virginia tech, this wonderful college in blacksburg, virginia. and as jet lagged as i was and just arrived i said take me back to the airport. i'm getting the first plane
10:57 am
home. it was 14 hours over. 14 hours back. i walked on to that campus jet lagged and in the wrong time zone but i knew that, you know, as a leader even though i didn't have any magic words to say that would take away the horror, the tragedy, i had to bring comfort in some way to the families of those who had been killed, to the students and professors who had been injured. and also to the first responders who had been there to help them. this -- this -- april 16, 2007, that was the worst day of my life. it was the worst day of so many people's lives. and for the parents and the loved ones of those kids and professors, that pain never goes away. precious 17-year-olds, a 70
10:58 am
plus-year-old lithuanian born holocaust survivor who was a teacher who could survive the holocaust, who could survive the soviet takeover of his country, but who fell victim to gun violence because he blocked the door and told his students to climb out the window as his body was being riddled with bullets. survived the holocaust, survived the soviet takeover of your country and fall victim in blacksburg, virginia, to the horror of american gun violence. so when the vast majority of americans and even a no jority of nra members agree that we have to adopt common sense gun safety measures, hillary and i will not rest. will not rest. we will not rest.
10:59 am
we will not rest. we won't rest -- we won't rest until we get universal background checks and close loopholes that put guns in the hands of criminals, terrorists, and dangerous people who should not have them. it's so easy. the american public wants it. gun owners want it. the nra members want it. we will not rest. now, folks, i know the nra. their headquartered in my state, in virginia. they have campaigned against me in every statewide race that i've ever run. but i've never lost an election. i've never lost an election. i don't mind -- i don't mind powerful groups campaigning against me. that's just like an extra cup of coffee to me, folks. just gets me more excited. i'm 8-0 and i promise you i'm
11:00 am
not about to let that change, especially -- especially when donald trump stands in the way of progress on every single one of these issues that hillary has laid out as core to her campaign and many, many more. so now i'm going to wrap this up with three easy questions. we're at an university, i can give you a test, right? i can give a test. these are three questions to ask yourselves. one, do you want a you're fired president or a you're hired president? of course you want a you're hired president. donald trump is the you're fired guy. that's what he's known for. when this whole campaign is done and everybody's forgotten, the one thing they will remember about donald trump is "you're fired." bankrupting companies, shipping jobs overseas, stiffing contractors, being against federal m


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