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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 23, 2016 1:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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♪ ain't no river wide enough hillary clinton announces tim kaine as her running mate today, banking on the former virginia governor to help her win votes in crucial swing states. meanwhile, donald trump is reacting to the news today he has a new nickname. corrupt kaine. we'll tell you why he says the name fits. we'll preview a trip to virginia on monday. we're learning new details on the munich shooting and why teenagers agreed to be the main target of the gunman. we're live from the growing crime screen.
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at last check, the heat index is 106 degrees here in the nation's capital. more on the heat wave across much of america. of course, there's a lot of politics coming up during this special three-hour show. nice to be with you. i'm outside. i'm leyland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann. hillary clinton has chosen her running mate. 58-year-old spanish speaking senator tim kaine from virginia. he's on the campaign trail with her. in florida, hillary clinton praised him as a man with a backbone of steel, willing to take on the powerful gun blobby. that's where we go, live to florida. hi, jennifer. >> hi, elizabeth. he was introduced to this mostly spanish-speaking, diverse spani
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spanish-speaking crowd here in california at this university that has a very large latino population. he was introduced as a devout catholic, former missionary, jesuit missionary, who is spanish speaking. he came on stage speaking spanish to the crowd and was cheer on. he choked up when talking about the virginia tech massacre, which occurred on his watch as governor of virginia. he's won every election he's ever won. even when he was opposed by the nra. >> i've never lost an election. i've never lost an election. i don't mind -- i don't mind powerful groups campaigning against me. that's like an extra cup of coffee to me, folks. it gets me more excited. >> in an effort to appeal to bernie sanders progressives, who by all accounts are angered by what is seen as a more safe choice, the campaign spoke about his civil rights work. sending his kids to mostly black
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public schools in virginia, including one named for their republican grandfather. the governor to integrated virginia schools. th he also talked about his son, a marine. >> behind that smile, tim also has a backbone of steel. just ask the nra. over and over again, he has had the courage to stand up to the gun lobby in their own backyard. >> tim kaine asked the audience of 5,000 people here whether they wanted a trash-talking president or a president who would build bridges. a you're fired president or a you're hired president. what's not clear at this point, elizabeth, is whether the bernie sanders supporters will come along with him. we've received news from philadelphia that they planned on having a press conference with the 1,250 delegates representing those 1,250 g delegates. they're calling the choice of
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tim kaine the kaine mutiny. we'll have to wait and see what the sanders supporters decide to do in philadelphia. >> that certainly is the big question. jennifer griffin reporting live. thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you a lot this week. thank waste nod time in -- no time in attacking the democratic vice president nominee. the businessman's tweets are saying a lot. pardon me. in a tweet apparently samed at bernie sanders voters, trump called kaine a job killer. supporting the transpacific partnership. they slammed him as an insider, accepting $150,000 worth of gifts while in office. in a statement they said if you think crooked hillary and corrupt kaine are going to change anything in washington, it's just the opposite.
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remember when bernie sanders claimed the democratic party is biased to hillary clinton? now he has more weight to the argument thanks to a leak of nearly 20,000 party e-mails. the e-mails just released by the group wic wiki leaks show the g tried to boost clinton's appeal. it was suggested they focus on sanders' religious beliefs. one aide said, quote, in one of the e-mails, my southern baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a jew and an atheist. fox news has not confirmed the validity of the e-mails. kaine pro-life and pro-right to work views are at odds with the core of the democratic party. at the same time, he's fluid in spanish and his swing state popularity could make a big difference come november. amy, co-author of the 2014 book "hrc, state secrets and the rebirth of hillary clinton" and senior white house correspondent on the hill joins us from new
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york. great to see you this saturday. >> thanks for having me. >> there seems to be this tension here in the kaine pick. in some ways, it is a safe pick. he's from a swing state. very good speaker. speaks spanish. those kinds of things. there's also this tension with the left base of the democratic party. >> oh, yeah. that's definitely true. i heard from a lot of them, as soon as the pick was made, you know, this has been an outside year. not an inside year. a lot of people were hoping that hillary clinton might double down and pick elizabeth warren or cory booker or, you know, someone else. i think a lot of people are a little bit annoyed that, you know, she didn't quite, you know -- that tim kaine isn't progressive enough. you heard the word "progressive" a lot in the speech today. you know, a lot of people think he's not quite there. i think a lot of them aren't quite sold on this pick. >> well, we've heard this idea of a bernie revolt or a bernie revolution or something like that at the convention in
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philadelphia. is the pick of tim kaine enough to really fuel that? is this sort of adding fuel or gas to a match, or is this going to sort of go over and move on, much like we saw the ted cruz flap at the rnc? >> i think it might be a little bit of a sticking point there. we might hear from bernie supporters who aren't convinced that kaine is the right pick. and that clinton sort of, you know, misled them in a way when she was sort of leaning towards or indicating that she might lean towards elizabeth warren or someone like her. i think, yeah, they will make an issue of hink what clinton peop telling me, what clinton aides say is they've done the research. they think most of the people have come over to their side. quite a few haven't. you know, they think they're in good shape with progressives, which is why they went with the kaine pick. >> when you think about tim kaine, he does bring a lot to the ticket. speaks spanish, he has middle of the road credentials. think about his views on
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off-shore drilling, other environmental views, the partial birth abortion. those kinds of things. how much did that factor into the clinton decision? >> i think it was quite a bit of a factor. what they're looking to do, they think they have more work to do there, but they're really looking at luring some of the independent voters. some of the conservatives, moderate republicans who they think will come over. there are quite a few of them. i've talked to some of them who are former bush people who think, if she would have gone with someone like elizabeth warren, they would have ruled her out completely. if she picked someone like tim kaine, they're more likely to support her. those are the people they're targeting right now. they're saying if you're unhappy with the republican party and trump and pence, come over to our side. we're happy to have you. >> coming up in a little bit, we're going to have a woman on who is a republican women for hillary. part of that movement. how big of an issue is it in
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terms for tim kaine of the speaking spanish? you think about swing states. florida, colorado, nevada. how much does being able to speak spanish, even though he's not a latino, help? >> i think it does help. i mean, she certainly helped to lock down a lot of the hispanic vote so far. we saw it in states like nevada. you know, it does help. it does help to sort of bring over some more -- to add a percentage point or two in virginia. so he does help a little bit on that. you know, he did rev up the crowd in a big way in florida by speaking spanish several times today. you know, they got kind of a kick out of it. here's this guy who can, you know -- he doesn't look the part and, yet, here he is sort of speaking spanish to us. i think that's effective. it's one of the reasons why they chose him, and they chose miami as the big rollout today. >> yeah. devout catholic, learned spanish as a missionary. something i'm sure we'll hear a lot about as he introduces himself to the country. acknowledging he is a relative
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y unknown. appreciate the analysis. see you soon. >> thank you. investigators in munich are searching for any motive in the attack that left nine people dead friday evening in the german city. witnesses in the attack say the shooter was screaming profanities about foreigners during the attack and said, quote, i will kill you all. our own benjamin hall has the very latest live from a quite rainy munich. benjamin, what is the latest? >> yeah, hi, elizabeth. as you can see, the weather sets the mood in this city. it is the people in the city of munich who are both angry, upset and they are drenched. all day long, forensic teams have been coming and going from the mcdonald's behind us. this is where the attack began. they're learning more about the man who committed this atrocity. the 18-year-old, an iranian-german citizen started the shooting outside, then inside.
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he hacked into a young lady's facebook page and offered a free give away at the mcdonald's to entice his victims in. this morning, investigators raided a home he shared with his parents and found books about mass killings, including "rampage, why students kill." he had undergone psychiatric treatment. written material on massive attacks was also found in his room. it's becoming likely he was a loaner, set on killing people. munich's police chief spoke today of links to the massacre year ago to the day. a video, the shooter had shouting attacks with a witness. he shouted, i'm a german, not a foreigner. i've been bullied and now i have a gun. he shouted anti-foreigner language. today, people from around the city came to pay their respects
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at the scene of the passenger. the second attack in germany in less than a week. the question is how a man who had psychiatric treatment, known depression, was able to get ahold of a gun, and 300 rounds of ammunition. this in a country that has one of the strictest gun laws in the world. how could he carry this off? how do they move on? back to you. >> that is the question. benjamin, thank you. reporting on a difficult story and difficult circumstances. thank you so much. more than 200 people have been wounded and others are dead in suicide bombings in afghanist afghanistan. the attack happened in kabul. in a statement from afghanist afghanistan's president, the white house also condemned the attacks. isis in afghanistan, not the taliban, claimed responsibility for that attack. speaking of isis, three florida men are facing charges of conspireing and attempting to provide material support to the
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islamic state. here they are. hubbard, jackson and christian were arrested on thursday. hubbard was taken down to miami international airport just before his planned trip to syria. the men told an undercover agent last year they wanted to fly to syria in order to fight with isis. amid the attack in munich and other unrest overseas, authorities in philadelphia are upping the security for the democratic convention. former security for homeland douglas joins us. thank you for joining us. i want to get your reaction to the munich shooting. certainly, each of the horrific acts have their own unique motives and unique circumstances. what is your take away from the very unfortunate event that happened in munich last night? >> first of all, thanks for having me.
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i think in munich, we're starting to find out, tragically, it looks like a lone wolf situation. seems to be little tie to isis and terrorism. that's not to take away from how horrific it is and the tragic loss of life. you know, the german investigative services, when i was at dhs, i worked with them closely, are very, very good. i'm sure they're digging in aggressively and looking for any motive. what seems to be pouring out. so far, it was one deranged individual. thankfully, with no direct tie to isis. >> when we look ahead to philadelphia -- and i want to tap sinto your experience at dhs -- how are authorities working to stay on their toes for every scenario possible? when you look at a gathering of so many people upon one city. >> absolutely. the good news is they've had a long time to plan. the secret service, because this is a national security event, has the lead. the secret service does these events year after year.
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both cleveland and philadelphia were picked, they start their planning processes. they immediately set up a team. while the secret service has overall authority on it, there are literally hundreds of agencies that sit around the table as they plan on that. i just got back from cleveland, and i can tell you that despite some of the incredible challenges facing our security services, it's an amazing moment to see how close they worked. i was on a street corner watching four simultaneous demonstrations going on. all the while, our security services were able to keep the peace, keep them separated. they're going to have different challenges in philadelphia. what they're doing is all in real time. they have a plan. they've practiced it. they will continue to practice it. they'll adjust in real time. it is not as if they have it stagnant and don't change it. all the while, they are reporting back in. as information comes in, i can assure they're tracking what
1:16 pm
happened in munich. what happened in turkey a week ago, what happened in france. they are constantly evaluating and changing. the amazing thing to see is how closely they all work, from the secret service to homeland security investigation, tsa, fbi. the philadelphia police department will play a significant role. the philadelphia state police. >> that's what i wanted to ask you. >> the national guard, all on the front lines. >> how do the agencies work in coordination? that's a huge undertaking in itself. >> yeah, it's really an amazing one to watch. i was involved in a lot of these large planning events. when the planning first starts, the room is very small. as it gets closer and closer, the rooms get larger and larger. they have countdown meetings. in the countdown meetings, you'll literally hundreds of people representing tall ining agencies. starting with the secret service to the u.s. postal service. all the various elements that will intersect during the week in philadelphia are around this table, exchanging information in real time.
1:17 pm
working from a plan as the secret service set up. constantly adjusting it depending upon what is happening. weather circumstances. they have meteorologists on standby tracking weather. on every possible scenario. it's a massive undertaking. secretary johnson, the current homeland security adviser secretary has been incredibly active and involved. particularly, in light of recent national events, even upped the security plan in cleveland. it was impressive to see just how deep it went in cleveland. i know in philadelphia, they're going just as deep. >> douglas smith, thank you so much for joining us. perhaps our viewers didn't know about countdown meetings and meteorologists. it's interesting what goes on behind the scenes. thank you so much. >> thanks. still ahead, a community says good-bye to one of the three brave police officers killed in the ambush in baton rouge. plus, a heat wave is sweeping much of the country.
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it's gone from uncomfortable to dangerous. i'm standing outside to prove it. the sun is beating down on the eastern sea board with the heat index in triple digits for millions of americans. tomorrow could be worse. we'll tell you how high the mercury will go. plus, together at last. donald trump and mike pence will soon hit the campaign trail together. we'll take a look at what to expect from both of them leading up to november. >> so one of my really good choices in life, although i'll confirm that in about three and a half months from now, but i believe truly it will be one of my really great decisions, is picking mike pence to run along with me. (vo) one dark stormy night
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afternoon. mourners filled the baptist church to honor 45-year-old brad garafola, shot by a lone gunman last sunday. he leaves behind a wife and four children. yesterday, hundreds of people came out to pay their respects at the funeral of officer matthew gerald. the 41-year-old officer was also killed in the ambush. funeral services will be held on monday in baton rouge for monoterrelmon jackson, the third officer gunned down during last week's attacks. donald trump and vice presidential pick mike pence are getting r and r after the convention in cleveland. the duo already racked up fundraising numbers before hitting the trail. joining us with the latest is kevin, covering the trump campaign expensively. we love when you're here. >> thank you for having me. i love being here. >> i want to play a sound bite
1:24 pm
and get your reaction. it was on -- from donald trump speaking about unity. take a listen and we'll talk about it. >> they talk about unity. i want to tell you, that was unity. that was unity, right? i saw you last night. that was unity. that was amazing. the party has just come together. the party has come together. i ran as an outsider. i didn't want anybody. now, i have guys like mike pence. this isn't supposed to happen. >> so we hear the democrats hitting so hard, that the republican party is fractured. look at the convention. but that's not necessarily what the republican party is saying. they're saying we are coming together, especially after the convention. >> there is a remarkable moment just minutes after donald trump left the stage to deliver what many are calling the best political speech of his career. i put this question to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell.
1:25 pm
he said it was great and we now have a unified party. clearly, the republicans are coming together. there was one blemish. even senator ted cruz was universally panned amongst republicans for not endorsing the republican nominee for president. >> i was going to ask you, did that actually unify more people? >> absolutely. i think it did because i think it showed perhaps that the criticism from the donors that i've spoken with, from the reports i've read with sarah pal palin, who we know endorsed senator cruz initially and helped propel and launch his political career, but also from the texas delegates i interviewed on the floor at the republican convention. they were all in shock to see cruz put personal politics above what exactly is good for the party. >> do you also see from the news
1:26 pm
today -- i realize we're still experiencing the fallout, if you will, the news of hillary clinton's vice presidential pick, but does that help unify the party? there was a ton of speculation that tim kaine was going to be the pick. is this something the trump campaign was prepared for? are they saying, listen, we knew this was going to happen and we have a better platform for you? >> already, he debuted the nickname corrupt kaine to go with crooked hillary. what's interesting is we were talking about republicans and whether or not they're unified. i've got to be honest here, i've been interviewing some progressives in the last 24 hours who are telling me they are not in line with kaine's position on the transpacific partnership, which donald trump made a central issue of his presidential campaign from a policy standpoint. clearly, you talk to people like senator elizabeth warren or senator bernie sanders, both of whom, i'm sure, we'll be seeing in philly this week, delivering
1:27 pm
policy pitches of their own. they are at odds with the democratic ticket on a key policy position, tpp. >> do you see donald trump -- i know this is sort of -- i'm asking you to sort of look in a future looking glass if you will -- but do you see him capitalizing on the fact this isn't necessarily the pick that many progressives would have wanted and him going after the progressive base saying, listen, i'm a better alternative for you? >> absolutely. minutes after clinton appeared on stage with kaine, the trump campaign sent out a fundraising blast and tried to capitalize on that. they view him as a member of the democratic establishment. they view the dnc leaked e-mails that came out yesterday as an illustration of what they argue is a rigged system. this is all fitting into their narrative. now, the bottom line is this, he still has to look at the polls, which he loves to do. he's still a little down. they're expecting a bump out of the convention. i am very, very interested to see the polling that comes out
1:28 pm
within the next 48 hours, to see just how big of a bump he got out of cleveland. >> some people like to be the underdog. never know. thank you so much. good luck this week. hang in there and please come back. >> of course. thank you. for decades, the u.s. has been a force against russian aggression. now, some fear donald trump is cozy with strong man vladimir putin. what does it mean for our national security? we'll have a conversation after the break and show you more shirtless vladimir putin pictures. plus, a security sweep is underway at the wells fargo center where shannon is standing by. how is it looking? >> haey, liz. planes, trains, automobiles and boats are all going to have a tough time getting around next week. security is ramping up. we'll fill you in live from philly coming up. ♪ ♪
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hilalary clinton says next week's democratic national convention will deliver a different vision than what republicans displayed in cleveland. will her vp, tim kaine, satisfy the bernie sanders wing of the party? the convention kicks off monday in philadelphia. that's where we find our own shannon vereen. hi, shannon. >> hi, liz. balloons, ecigarettes, selfie sticks, among the items not permitted in the perimeter once the dnc locks down over the next 24 hours or so. federal, state and local officials have been working on this for months and they say they're ready. the secret service director says any time you have a major event like this it, quote, presents difficult challenges. but the planning of cleveland and philadelphia gives him confidence about the safety of both conventions. police departments in both cities have been working together, trying to share lessons they're picking up along the way. in cleveland, we saw law
1:34 pm
enforcement officers from around the country. they were brought in to shore up the local police force. the department is much larger. philadelphia has the fourth largest police department in the entire country. the justice department awarded the city of brotherly love more than $43 million in funding to pay for security costs for the convention. homeland security secretary says there is no room for error. >> this will be a carefully organized, thorough security event. of course, it's always against the back drop of world events. we've got to be vigilant. we've got to be cautious, thorough and careful. >> along with roads, sections of i-95, air ways, they're all going to be patrolled and there will be restrictions. even the delaware river behind me, the coast guard is going to head up efforts to lock down zones on the water, as well. monday if you're thinking about bringing out a personal watercraft, you'll have to make another plan. >> i'll rearrange my plans. shannon, we look forward to
1:35 pm
seeing you this week. thank you so much. >> sure. going into the democratic convention in philadelphia, hillary clinton is no longer a bill clinton democrat, many are saying. hillary and the party have moved away from that political center, isolating voters along the way. >> rural virginia, many feel abandoned by the democrats. >> i've always been a democrat. my whole life. never voted nothing but democrat. i'm voting trump this year. >> reporter: janice decided to show her support by selling trump merchandise in roanoke. >> i cannot believe in the democratic party. from sitting here talking to people, the majority of the things i'm hearing is, we need change. they truly believe hillary will not bring that change. we're going to have more of the same. trump will bring the change. >> in fox news reporting clinton's left turn, we ask questions about just what and
1:36 pm
who this new democratic party stands for. how will clinton handle the competing special interests groups her party relies on? tune in tonight 8:00 p.m. for fox news reporting. clinton's left turn. if you miss it at 8:00, you can catch it again at 11:00 or 2:00 a.m. coming up after the break, triple digit temperatures and low humidity are to blame for a massive wildfire that's still growing. up next, we'll tell you where hundreds of people are being ordered to evacuate. plus, meteorologist janice is here on the heat wave speaking the nation. >> we're dealing with extreme heat. temperatures over 100 degrees for at least two dozen states. we'll tell you when it will end when we return. america's news headquarters comes back after the break. let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold!
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thick smoke is covering the sky above much of los angeles. wildfires are burning out of control just north of the city. you can see the flames reaching up into the sky. that fire started yesterday afternoon amid sweltering temperatures, low humidity and, of course, the winds that blow through the canyons there. folks living in just about 300 homes are under evacuation orders. while there are now hundreds of firefighters on the ground and in the air trying to fight that blaze. out here on the east coast, the heat index is up and down the eastern seaboard in the triple digits. being out here in it, i can tell you it has gone way beyond simply uncomfortable. in many parts of the country, it is down right dangerous. janice dean is at the weather center. j.d., i know it'll end sometime but i'm guessing not in the next two and a half hours of the show. >> you don't look like you've broken a sweat, leland.
1:42 pm
i want to know how it's possible. >> janice, southern men do not sweat. they nearly glisten. >> very nice. you don't look like you're glistening, my friend. any rate, let's look at the fire danger. you mention ed the heat across southern california. we have heat all over the map. i want to point out potential for wildfires across southern california, continued risk for the next couple of days. the current temperatures, i mean, into the 90s and 100 degrees. not only southern california, for much of the country, we have heat advisories in effect. take a look across the plain states, even the mid-atlantic. we are into summertime, my friends. where you see the warnings, heat indexes of well over 100 degrees in some cases. close to 105. even 110 degrees is what it feels like. people are urged to stay indoors and, of course, in the air-conditioning. unless you're like leland and you don't sweat. there is the current heat index. 104 in kansas city. 104 in tulsa and charleston.
1:43 pm
that reaches to the mid-atlantic and the northeast. it's not going to break for the next couple days. we do have a cold front moving through portions of the midwest and the northeast where we could see the potential for large hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes. a couple of stories we'll be watching throughout the afternoon. leland, back to you. >> it'll be hot in philadelphia as you reported during the protests there and the dnc, as well. janice, thanks so much. >> any time. after the break, less than two weeks after bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton, a bomb shell leak threatens democratic party unity. can the clinton camp hold it together in philly? two political insiders join us to weigh in. trump and pence are heading into kaine country on monday. can the duo woo virginia voters? >> when donald trump does his talking, he doesn't tiptoe around the thousand new rules of political correctness.
1:44 pm
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with less than 48 hours to go until the gavel drops on the democratic national convention, bomb shell revelations about how the democratic national committee does business. a wikileaks e-mail dump suggests bernie sanders may have been right. the primary system was rigged against him. here to weigh in, a former sanders supporter who is now pulling for trump, and a radio talk show host who has supported hillary clinton for a long time. first, on the issue of bernie
1:49 pm
sanders, does this wikileak dump, a lot of e-mails in there talking about his religion, talking about all sorts of other things, prove that sanders was right all along? >> oh, absolutely. look, it proves all of us conspiracy theorists. they said they were delusional. this confirms what we knew. the dnc corruption is probably the most corrupt leader. she did everything to advance clinton and suppress sanders. >> we'll get to those arguments in a minute, but you can agree this is not exactly what the dnc wanted 48 hours before the convention began. >> no. listen, i'm sure the russian hackers who work for putin want donald trump to be elected. donald trump is ready to abandon nato and -- >> hold on, hold on, hold on. we'll get to the voracity in a second. you can agree this probably is not great timing for the democrats. >> i'm sure the russians who released this wanted to
1:50 pm
embarrass the democrats. there's not that much there. i mean, what you have is, for example, someone wrote to debbie wasserman schultz and say, the sanders campaign is a mess. she said, no, senator's campaigs and she wrote back and said no, i have to stay neutral. >> and what about bernie sanders, whether or not he is jewish or an atheist. >> again, one supporter said hey, we should talk about bernie sanders' religion, and he was shut down. look, the people on the dnc, whether or not they are hillary clinton or bernie sanders supporters tries to win for the dnc candidate. stayed neutral. >> mark, that is a ridiculous thing to say, ridiculous, how about the leak where they accused bernie sanders' team of hacking the voter file. that is ridiculous to claim to the democratic national
1:51 pm
committee, stayed above the fray throughout the entire primary season and this just confirms that it was deliberate. >> you know i'm a virginia state delegate. what happened, there was a glitch that allowed bernie sanders supporters to look into hillary clinton's file. and the dnc said hey, stop doing that and sanders stop doing that and it was over. >> oh, my god, i cannot believe -- there was a lawsuit. the sanders team was going to have to sue the dnc to get access to their data. you are glossing over it because you want reconciliation and you don't want to face the problems that the dnc faces, it extends down to the media. >> you know, anyone who claims to be a sanders supporter and a trump supporter i really think you need to check whose side you're on. >> mark, it's because -- there is a lot in common between these two candidates. >> no, there is not.
1:52 pm
>> yes, there is -- >> sanders is about bringing the country together the way hillary clinton is. i can't imagine anyone who watched that convention -- >> double speak, they have become the hallmark of the democratic party, repeating lies that are not true. >> guys i am prepared for this panel, i didn't need any of them. it's been great seeing you guys, harlan, very quickly, we'll get to the issue of donald trump who you support. one of his many tweets today, leaked e-mails of dnc showed plans to destroy bernie sanders and mock his heritage from wikileaks, really vicious, from our teachers, that is not our misspelling. that is donald trump. but on that issue, harlan, how does this play? how does trump begin to capitalize working out of this
1:53 pm
tweet? >> look, it's going to be tough for him at this point. but unfortunately, the mainstream media as been able to rebrand donald trump as a racist. and when you look at him as a man that is not who donald trump is. why did paul ryan call his comments racist about the judge? >> they made several attempts to reform immigration to be a racist issue, i find that offensive. >> and paul ryan -- >> the part of it is this, bernie sanders supporters are never going to go to donald trump. these are progressive people -- >> mark, mark, mark -- >> yeah. >> the facts don't substantiate that at all. you look at the west virginia exit polling they show 40% of bernie sanders supporters could be convinced to go to trump. you're talking to somebody who went to trump, isn't this something that bernie sanders needs to worry about. >> i think it's as rare as
1:54 pm
eating greek cheese on the moon -- harlan is that a compliment? >> it's very rare. i will take it as one because i would much rather conform to the ideals of the democratic party that is understood them for a long time than this new ideal. >> what do at the do, increase wages and jobs -- >> harlan -- >> look if we go to $15 unfortunately, this is something i didn't agree with. >> what did you agree with -- >> if we go to $15 -- >> let me finish -- >> what did you agree with? >> well, trade, the biggest issue in my mind. look. the middle class has been gutted. >> why is your candidate going to china and firing americans to go do it? why is your candidate doing that personally? >> oh, my god, let's take a step back here and make sure the policies are clear in the '90s, the policies which hillary clinton has supported.
1:55 pm
which hillary clinton called the gold standard over 40 times before she backtracked on it in the primary. >> donald trump -- how can you support him? >> he is the only candidate in this race that has been ideologically consistent in this issue. hillary clinton has flip-flopped several times, i don't know what she believes frankly. at least he created jobs, hillary clinton has never created jobs. >> yeah, he created chinese jobs. >> how many jobs have you created, mark? >> oh, yeah, now you're going to go personal? >> on that note, gentlemen, shockingly we're out of time. imagine that, mark harlan, i'm so glad i prepared all the questions, you guys stole the show, thank you, we'll have you back. >> thanks, guys. >> liz? >> all right, very interesting, virginia senator tim kaine says he never lost an election but can he help hillary clinton win the white house?
1:56 pm
not so fast. plus, donald trump keeps hammering hillary clinton's record and getting ready to contain in kaine country. ...c. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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the city of brotherly love, preparing for thousands of demonstrators outside in the heat. this, as hillary clinton officially announces virginia's
2:00 pm
junior senator tim kaine as a running mate. kaine's first words, not in english, but in spanish. meanwhile, donald trump and his runningmate mike pence getting ready to hit the trail, in the battleground state of north carolina. and europe in shock, after another deadly spree, this time in germany targeting kids at a mcdonald's. live in munich with the latest on the motive and the investigation investigation. good saturday to you, with a heat index on the eastern seaboard is a little more than 100 degrees. a gavel drops in philadelphia at the dnc. i'm leland vittert.
2:01 pm
>> and i'm elizabeth prann. let me be honest with you, for many this is the first time you have heard my name. >> tim kaine's days out of the spotlight, officially over, the father of three is hillary clinton's vp choice on the democratic ticket. and he is making it clear he is ready for a fight. >> i know the nra. they're headquartered in my state in virginia, they campaigned against me in every statewide race that i have ever run, but i have never lost an election. >> kaine was governor when the virginia tech shootings occurred back in 2007 and calling i had the worst days of his life. he blocked gun sales to certain individuals with mental health issues. >> tim kaine got a lot of cheers for delivering part of his
2:02 pm
speech in spanish. his mastery of the along could be a big plus. but kaine has weaknesses, where he is on the other side of the democratic face. they have been studying kaine's resume. susan, you view this as a net positive or negative for the clinton campaign? >> well, you know, leland, it's kind of both. because on the net positive side here we have a candidate who is able to reach out to swing state voters, virginia is a really important swing state. and kaine was able to win decisively as governor and then as senator. so he has the ability to win statewide in a very important swing state. and he is more of a moderate, so he is someone who can reach out more to the moderate voters that hillary clinton clearly wants to see come to her side in november. but he also has some negatives. he is not elizabeth warren or
2:03 pm
brown, who would please progressives who wanted bernie sanders to win the nomination. and we're looking for somebody, a liberal who wants to somewhat unite the democrats after a tough primary. so he has both, some strengths and takeaways. >> and you bring up both, the primary now heading into the dnc in philadelphia. give us a sense of how things are shaking out, whether or not bernie's folks are looking at it. >> depends how you define revolt. i think they contributed to helping eliminating bernie making it to the primary. because the super delegates of course were all going for hillary clinton and they would like to end that system. so you see that fight still brewing as we speak.
2:04 pm
but i think you will see democrats uniting behind hillary clinton. let's face it, this is not going to be behind the republican national convention where we had ted cruz on the floor, and the non-endorsement speech by ted cruz, here is what will be important. when bernie sanders gets on the stage at the dnc, how robust will his endorsement be? they are watching to see how big it will be. bernie sanders has to bring along other voters, he has to bring them into camp clinton. and they want to hear that in his speech. so we're really not there yet, we want to hear what he has to say. >> and to that point of the speech he will deliver on monday about 48 hours from now, we don't know his timing yet from what his speaking slot is. they're reporting now according to the sources within the
2:05 pm
campaign the speech is not yet written. and the sanders folks are not yet sure whether clinton is going to want to read it and vet it ahead of time. the question is, if it's not a full-throated endorsement, what are clinton's options? >> well, that is right, look at what happened at the republican national convention, trump said he vetted the speech that cruz was going to say, and he let it go anyway. it sort of hijacked the day away from trump. so does clinton want that in philadelphia? no way, if i know the clinton camp they are going to vet that speech. i don't think they're going to take the risk, and if it's not a full-throated endorsement, who knows? maybe we'll see bernie sanders speaking at 3:00 a.m. who knows? maybe he will be doing what ted cruz did. >> where does the numbers come? is it better to really give that
2:06 pm
full-throated endorsement or is it better to find a little wiggle room between him and hillary clinton? >> well, he kind of had his foot in both camps along the way. he wants to declare himself as a real liberal and not really fully bought into camp clinton. but you know, if he does pull a ted cruz, i think it would be a political disaster for bernie sanders. i think you know it was a huge risk for ted cruz, we're not sure what the fallout will be for him politically, and i think for bernie sanders you can almost say for sure if he didn't really get out there and endorse hillary clinton, his political career may be in the dumpster. >> right, some may argue he is not at the point to care being older. thank you for your reporting from philadelphia. >> thanks, leland. on the other side of the day
2:07 pm
where hillary clinton began to campaign with her freshly announced runningmate, donald trump is not staying silent, giving a new nickname. peter doocy as more. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth, the trump campaign is now hitting tim kaine who they call corrupt kaine two different ways. now first, about that nickname, the campaign is accusing hillary clinton's new runningmate of essentially accepting bribes while in office to a greater extent than his successor, the virginia governor bob mcdonald did on his way to an indictment. so trump said, quote, is it the same kaine that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts while governor of virginia, and didn't get indicted, while bob m did? he says. it is only fitting that hillary
2:08 pm
clinton would select an ethically challenged insider, like hillary clinton. kaine has taken tens of thousands in freebyes, had free vacations, and that's not all. he voted against the trans-pacific partnership, that he is one thing that trump has been criticizing, calling him kaine out on ethics, saying that tim kaine has been praising the trans-pacific partnership and is pushing hard to get it approved, job killer. kaine is set to oppose the tpp as early as this week so that his position lines up with the top of the ticket with hillary clinton. and trump does plan to campaign in swing states including tim kaine's virginia, while the democratic convention is going on, so we definitely have not heard the end of that. elizabeth? >> yeah, i assume he will try to
2:09 pm
make headlines. peter doocy, thank you, we appreciate it. a fox news alert as we learn more today about the shooting rampage in munich that left ten people dead including the gunman. more than two dozen were wounded late yesterday in munich. the 18-year-old suspect opened fire at a crowded shopping mall, sending people fleeing out of mcdonald's, police say the german-born shooter was obsessed with shootings, and they say he received psychiatric treatment. german chancellor angela merkel had words of comfort. >> we all mourn those who will not come back to their families, to the families, and children who have to deal with emptiness.
2:10 pm
to others i say we share with you your pain, we think of you, we suffer with you. >> the victims, all residents of munich, were mostly young. the gunman was a dual citizen of iran, but there was no link to islamic terror. still, the country is on high alert as a migrant refugee problem continues inside germany. earlier in the week, a teenage afghan refugee attacked passengers with an axe on board a train. here for more on how this impacts our foreign policies, general jack keene joins us, thank you for joining us. i want to bring up more news on the attack. the police say it's the worst casualties in several weeks. but we've seen a number of
2:11 pm
isis-claimed attacks in afghanistan. what does it tell you about the group itself? are we seeing more attacks, an uptick, and if so why? >> well, first of all, despite the rhetoric that we have isis contained and taking territory away, can we are in fact doing, isis is a thriving organization. they have expanded into bangladesh in the philippines in the last two months, and already sponsored attacks in bangladesh. obviously, they're motivating people to kill their fellow citizens in europe and the united states and elsewhere. they have a firm organization in afghanistan. i think that is largely due to the presence of al qaeda. across the border in pakistan, they want to undermine the support for al qaeda. they are a committed organization. and what is happening in afghanistan is a pattern, the taliban and isis certainly. and the pattern is playing out before our very eyes. we pulled our troops out of there and stopped doing combat
2:12 pm
operations well over a year ago. we have a smaller force there not directly involved in combat operations. since we made that decision, elizabeth, that is when the taliban regained momentum against the regime. and the problem has been a serious one for sometime in 2009. crystal and petraeus, two of our best generals presented a plan to the president to defeat the taliban. and they told us what the minimum requirements were. the president gave them 25% less force than what they requested. and a little over a year later, he pulled them out. that would guarantee the taliban would continue, and we face the problems that we are facing today. those decisions are very consequential. >> and we hear from the administration they're getting squeezed. but if they're getting squeezed and pulled out of iraq how are
2:13 pm
they able to kill more people and in turn become more dangerous and lethal, but at the same time they're getting squeezed out. the two just seem very counterintuitive. so the president said this week we're going to keep 9800 troops in afghanistan. is that enough? >> no, it's not, we're not going to be able to return under this president for a more direct role and turn the momentum back to our favor as it has in one time. isis is now part of a radical islamic global jihad. the number of people in the last five years that have been killed by radical islamists is ten-fold. the number has increased three-fold. how do you defeat this movement? one, if it's a global jihad, put together a global alliance to deal with it and a strategy to deal with it. and then specifically deal with the organizations themselves.
2:14 pm
isis has a safe haven in syria from which everything that they do out of that safe haven is impacting in the world. that is from where they're motivating people to kill their fellow citizens all over the world. this is a fundamental military operation. you go to that safe haven and you destroy it. wherever a radical islamist organization has a bona fide safe haven, that means we go in there and kill them and stop this once and for all their iconic beliefs and the motivation they're providing to others. because that motivation goes away quickly when you see the dead bodies and put them in shackles and put them in guantanamo bay or somewhere else. that is physical occupation and all the headquarters they have. all the functioning at the headquarters are eliminated. it won't completely destroy the organization but it's going to impact dramatically on followers. when we say how do we stop
2:15 pm
people from going into malls and killing citizens? that is so hard to stop. it is true for police to do it. but what you do is take away their motivation to do that. and you take away that motivation by destroying the organization that they're a part of. >> yeah, and you hear it, when we speak with you and also other military experts it's so frustrating when they know what needs to be done and they are not seeing it get done. >> and the sadness is, this is not just being frustrated about a decision that you disagree with. the consequences are huge. we're talking about thousands of people. last year, radical islamists killed 28,000 people. that is war-like numbers. they're at war with us and civilianizati civilianati civilization, but we're not at war with them. >> thank you, general. good talking with you. and number one, sizing up the competition for the biggest
2:16 pm
prize of all. and i thank donald trump for the confidence he placed in us. and i accept your invitation to run and serve as the vp of the united states. >> i am grateful for your decision to ask me for running mate. ♪ is the world truly ready
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2:20 pm
well, two of the biggest names in politics have picked relative unknowns if you will to join them on a journey that could lead to the white house. how do these presidential pairs match up? let's bring in our fox contributor, angela mcgowen. jim, i do want to start with you. this is the first time i've had you on a panel so i'm excited about it. you have said during a commercial break that you thought that tim kaine was more of a bold choice. and i was going to ask you if you thought he was too safe of a pick. and also was he not necessarily going to satisfy the bernie sanders, who were looking for an
2:21 pm
elizabeth warren? the bernie sanders supporters? >> well, if possible. it could be a safe choice and bold choice at the same time. i think it's the perfect choice. it shows that hillary clinton is going to try to win the center, and that is where elections are won, in the center. it's a bold choice because a lot of the choices, the democrats said pick someone from the bernie sanders wing, and she picked somebody who is decidedly not. i think it's the right decision to make. will the bernie sanders supporters come along? donald trump made sure they would come along during the convention last week. >> you said something interesting last week, you said elections are won in the center. >> they are. >> but angela i want to talk about you because this is an election cycle that we've never seen before. maybe they're won in the election cycle. >> i'm going to agree with him in a certain extent that you do want to get the independents.
2:22 pm
and you do want to get those millennials, if it's a kaine ticket, i don't think he is going to pull on the millennials. however, it was a bold move from the standpoint she can move more to the left to gain some of the bernie sanders supporters. >> but that is her banking on the theory she is going to get the base fired up. and i'm talking about the young millennials, but we haven't seen her get them fired up. >> but ivanka trump did a great job and she is a millennial. and you have donald trump, who is a big-time celebrity. the millennials, you can't gauge them or poll them, because they go with the wind. i'm betting on the fact they will support donald trump. >> and i'm banking on getting them to the polls on election day, that is a whole different vote. >> 57% of seniors vote, 47% of
2:23 pm
millennials vote. i thought the convention was a desan disaster for donald trump, look, you had a convention at the end of it trump gave a speech too long, dark, divisive. millennials are not into divisiveness. david duke -- >> that's not fair. >> it's jim, david duke tweeted how wonderful the speech it was and was so inspired he got into the race in louisiana. >> that has nothing to do with conventions, conventions do not win elections. i do bring he brought in new folks and love the fact we had diversity, we had women, blacks, hispanics. they try to make the republican party out to be racists. >> republicans are not -- >> not you. liberals, let me change it, i apologize. you want to make us out to be
2:24 pm
racist and sexist and it's just not the case, so if you guys won on policy, you may have a chance, but bashing folks, people are tired of it. >> let me just say something about the diversity, there were 18 million african-americans, you would find more in helsinki than cleveland. >> 16% of the black vote in ohio, don't count us out. don't think you have us. >> i do want to talk about the trump/pence ticket, if you will. we talked about diversity, and heard donald trump say look i'm anti-establishment. but this is why i brought in pence, i want to talk to you about how you have seen -- i notice they have not been on the campaign trail that long but you've seen them in iraq, what is your impression? >> i think they have chemistry and truly like each other.
2:25 pm
pence was a great pick but you can't just have one candidate to pull on conservatives, they have to be lock and step. it is night and day so it will be interesting to see how we pull on the conservatives. only thing i can say in 2012, obama and the republicans defeated mitt romney, and i'm hoping it won't happen this time. >> i think pence was the choice, almost everybody else didn't want the job. john kasich turned it down, marco rubio turned it down. >> how do you know all this? were you in the room when they turned it down, were you on the phone? >> i it wwas actually on the ph with them. >> you say it with such conviction. >> you know, i read published reports on that, so if it was incorrect, it's from published reports. pence was the best he could do it moderates him in terms of
2:26 pm
attitude, but i don't think it will get him over the finish line. >> all right, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> still ahead, on america's election headquarters, we'll be joined by a donald trump is your oh gatson. the reaction to hillary clinton's vp choice. >> plus, the lineup behind hillary, we'll speak with somebody who is behind that movement. stay with us, you don't want to miss it. (vo) stank face.
2:27 pm
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2:30 pm
well, donald trump and mike pence are off the campaign trail today. but the republican presidential candidate has made it clear on twitter how he feels about hillary clinton's vice presidential pick, tim kaine, joining us, pam bondy, florida attorney general. pam, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, elizabeth. >> i want to ask you off the top. we had a guest earlier. he actually said that mike pence was not donald trump's first
2:31 pm
choice for vice presidential candidate. but you very strongly disagree with that? >> donald trump did not ask marco rubio nor john kasich to be vice president. and to your guest's credit, though, i think he was reading inaccurate news reports, but no, that did not happen. >> okay, i want to switch gears now, i want to get the reaction to the news we heard today. hillary clinton's pick of kaine, he is a pick that many predicted. but i want to get your reaction, what is the discussion behind the scene, the trump campaign, how are they responding? this was a pick we thought she was going to go with. >> you know, it's probably a decent pick for her, she needs all the help she with get. but compared to mike pence, there are striking differences, when kaine, as governor, unemployment went to 3.4%, increasing i think over 170,000 people to the tax roles. with pence, in indiana, it went
2:32 pm
from 8.4 down to i think 4.8%, which is a huge, huge striking difference between these two men. mike pence is a great down to earth guy, i just got to know him this week, i think he is what the american people are looking for. he has done great infrastructure in indiana, and he is wildly popular. i think it's going to be a great debate and i think mike pence will do very well. >> you spoke a little bit on what he was looking for. you spoke at the convention, we heard from ivanka and her dad, donald, they brought up issues we're not used to hearing at the convention. ivanka talked about mothers and the polite of working mothers. and donald trump addressed the lgbt community, which we haven't seen at a convention. is this the new gop, is that
2:33 pm
anti-establishment, are we going to see more of this as the campaign rolls on? >> well, donald trump has always been anti-establishment, which is great. and i think what he is doing now is bringing the establishment around. ivanka, talking about working mothers. that is so important. so many women in this country have children and work. by choice or by necessity. and you know, i'm proud of the ones who choose to stay home as well with their kids. but you know, we have such a diverse america now and with so many working moms i think that is so very important. and yeah, donald addressing the lgbt community after what we just went through in the florida ma incident, i can tell you he was so concerned about the victims and the family. >> so many people are so fearful. the last thing i want to ask you
2:34 pm
is we saw mixed reaction after ted cruz spoke. and i want to ask you when people say it looked as if the party was divided. they say that really brought a lot of the party together. what is your reaction to his speech, and obviously, his words the next day? >> well, of course, i'm extremely disappointed in ted cruz, he is a very bright man, of course. but he was not so bright that night when he can that. and you know, his feelings are hurt. he believed he should have been the nominee and many people did. i mean, of course governor bush, john kasich, a lot of people wanted to be the nominee and they were not. but it backfired on him when he got booed from his own home state. i talked to john kasich, the ohio delegation, mary taylor, rob portman, they were encouraging everybody, and they
2:35 pm
were all behind donald trump. >> all right, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. well, donald trump does exceptionally well with white men who have not been to college, he far under-performs in polls with women, especially those with education. and experts will tell you women voters are the key to the swing states. here to discuss the paradox, megan malloy. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> all right, so what percentage of this in your organization is against donald trump versus being for hillary, perhaps because she is a woman. >> you know, i can only really speak for my organization on this here, i have to say we are not republican women against trump, we are republican women for hillary, because we really do support hillary's experience and her leadership and a lot of her principles that she has really shown during her time in office and during her time at the state department. >> if negative, hillary clinton has ran pretty far hard to the left here especially during the
2:36 pm
primary against bernie sanders. none of the ideals she espouses are republican in nature. tim kaine has a few, but hillary clinton has pretty much vanqu h vanquished that spot. how do you still call yourself the republican? >> well, none of the ideals that trump has been espousing are republican ideals either. his immigration ideals and trade ideals are isolationism. you look at the call to deport the immigrants, that is huge government overreach and huge overreach on ideals. you know, we have been the party of lincoln since we were founded and so i don't think we're the party of trump. >> so to echo reagan here, you're saying the party has left you, rather than you leaving the party? >> that is correct. >> take us through how this
2:37 pm
works, are you trying to convince people with effort and success? >> we are a new group. we didn't think this was a group we would have to create, but once it was clear that donald trump would be the nominee we got together for if nothing else, a support group, women who were not able to support the republican candidate for the first time in their lives, really. so that has gone to a small group, to a handful of us to really a larger national group. we have had a huge social media outreach, and feedback from folks around the country and around the world even. and we're planning to be in philadelphia at least a few of us for the convention, and say hey, republican women, it's okay to vote for hillary as a republican and as a woman. and no, you don't have to support trump. because quite frankly, he is not a republican. >> you mentioned a few issues you did not come down the republican side of things. you talked about trade and immigration, and talked about national security and defense,
2:38 pm
at some level it appears that hillary clinton may be more hawkish than donald trump is. hillary, on the other hand, about the issues such as taxes or abortion policy or marriage thoughts, are those just not important to you anymore? have you decided that trade and foreign policy is more important? >> i think they are very important to me, we are at a crossroads. >> you said we're at a crossroads as a party. >> hold it, are you talking about this as a republican? >> i think as a republican, there are folks calling themselves a republican giving out this rhetoric republican principles and not really on what the party was founded on. so you do have a lot of folks who are republican by nature, who believe in small government or individual liberties. >> there is nothing about hillary clinton that espouses
2:39 pm
small government. >> i think there is, she is moderate on a lot of her stances, especially when she was a senator. i am a republican, i don't agree on everything. >> megan, you look at the democratic platform right now, it's about exploding entitlements and government intrust to more and more parts of our lives, there is nothing about that that is small government. do you think she is going to pull a bill clinton and repubun the center and play nice? >> i think so many are able to step out and support hillary clinton, really show how dangerous so many think donald trump and his policies are. for us to take some of the policies we really agree with and supported all of our lives, to say it's more important to us and our party to sustain this national support to break away from some of the ideals that have really been i think, less important to donald trump and hillary clinton both. so you have to look at the
2:40 pm
overall campaign, the overall person. i think you look at a record of leadership. you look at some of the just really -- willful ignorance that i think donald trump has had on some of the issues and it's difficult to support him. >> well, megan, we'll talk to you as the campaign goes on and see what republican women join you. we appreciate you. >> thank you. >> liz? >> coming up, coming out of the convention in cleveland. the convention of how unified the republicans really are is still lingering. we're going to talk to one delegate about moving forward. my experience with usaa is awesome.
2:41 pm
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well, we're learning new details about the trove of nearly 20,000 e-mails showing the dnc officials favored hillary clinton over bernie sanders. documents come as hillary clinton prepares to nominate their presidential nominee in philadelphia next week. garrett, what can you tell us? >> liz, this is what we heard bernie sanders talking about all through the primary, how the system is rigged and how party officials were against him. turns out bernie sanders may have been right. this new like of close to 20,000 e-mails allegedly shows top officials at the democratic national committee openly mocking bernie sanders at the primary contest and actively working to tip the scales in favor of hillary clinton. in one of the e-mails, the dnc's national press secretary wrote to a colleague saying wonder if there is a good bernie narrative
2:46 pm
for a story, which is that bernie never ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess. and in a few weeks before that in the primaries in kentucky and west virginia, dnc staffers were working to hurt sanders' popularity. they appear to attack his religion, writing it may make no difference, but for kentucky and virginia, can we get somebody who can ask his beliefs? does he believe in god. he skated on saying he was an atheist, or jewish. the southern bishop peeps will draw a difference between a jew and an atheist. it is important to show that the dnc completely claimed it was completely impartial. today, the dnc is not commenting on the leak and nor are members of the campaign nor for bernie sanders. as for today, we can't say the
2:47 pm
li leaks are authentic, but if that is the case it could certainly cause trouble at the national convention, where groups of sanders supporters are already planning protests. all right, garrett, thank you so much. and still ahead, while the republicans stuck to their points in cleveland the democrats are preparing their counterpoints for philly. we're going to take a look after the break. now, i know a thing or two about health care. and -- i know that the problems have only gotten worse in the last four years. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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2:51 pm
in 1980, we asked the people of america, are you better off than you were four years ago. well, the people answered then by choosing us to bring about a change. we have every reason now four years later to ask that same question again for we have made a change. the american people joined and helped us.
2:52 pm
we don't announce people by groups or special interests and, let me add, in the party of lincoln, there is no room for intolerance and not even a small corner for anti-semitism or bigotry of any kind. >> all right, president ronald reagan, speaking at the rnc convention back in 1984. the balloons have dropped in cleveland but the question of whether or not the gop is more unified going into november still remains. here to provide a recap of the week and a look at where republicans go from here, someone who was there, south carolina attorney general and convention delegate allen wilson. thank you so much for joining us, sir. >> thank you, i wasn't a delegate but i was right there with my delegation on the floor and it was a wonderful time. >> all right, so you were right there front and center during all the news. i want to play a sound bite from ted cruz. obviously this is a huge talking point coming out of the convention. i want you to listen and then get your reaction.
2:53 pm
listen here. >> we deserve leaders who stand for principle, who unite us all behind shared values, who can't decide anger for love. that is the standard we should expect if you love our country and love your children as much as i know that you do. stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. >> so, allen, i want to get your reaction because of course you have some who are criticizing senator ted cruz saying that was a divisive moment but then you also heard newt gingrich who followed senator cruz that night and he didn't necessarily have a bone to pick with that and we also hear people that are saying, listen that unified the party, that actually brought us together. what's your reaction? >> well, listen, the very last thing that senator cruz said is
2:54 pm
we'll follow the constitution. one of the things that mr. trump has done is shown a great deal of transparency in already giving a list of judges whom he would appoint to the federal court, including the supreme court. the last eight years, we've had an administration who's turned our government to the rule of law to the rule of regulation and hillary clinton's going to be no didfferent in the third obama term. >> what was the mood, the pulse of delegates? and from your experiences, how was it different from conventions past? >> well, this primary, we just made it through the last nine months to a year has been extremely contentious. i walked into the convention expecting there to be a lot of contentious rancor between members. but what i found was a delegation that was 1,000 percent committed to seeing that donald trump is the next president of the united states. i saw absolutely no division. i saw nothing but unity among my
2:55 pm
delegation and the delegate members from the other state. so i was very reassured by that. >> i want to ask you a similar question that applies to the attorney general of florida. we heard a number of topics that were brought up during the convention that weren't necessarily brought up at gop conventions past. one of then was ivanka talking about mother's rights, mothers and working mothers. we also heard donald trump bring up the lgbt community. what was the reaction when those issues were brought up this year? >> i think the delegates were happy to hear about these issues. in the mainstream media, the republican party has been cast different than what it is. i would never associate myself with a party that was anything but open to all the issues that affect all people from all walks of life and quite often we are ma lined in our positions on the issues and i welcome that and i think mr. trump did as well. >> i would like you to expand on
2:56 pm
it a little bit. perhaps some folks at home aren't necessarily getting the right interpretation of what happened in cleveland. so give us a firsthand account. >> i think you had a republican party who was speaking to independents and even democrats who were not happy with the status quo. they're not happy with seeing the free markets run down. they're not happy with the direction the country's going in. they're seeing the rule of law trampled. we don't care what your sexual orientation is, we don't care what your ethnicity, your race, your gender. what we care about, are you -- >> unfortunately, i have to interrupt you. allen wilson, thank you so much. i'm sorry, we have to get to the hard break. wh ... this! this is why i love it here. that fresh air all up in your face. my cousin wilbur in the city has to wear a leash just to go for a stroll. i'm sorry, but with propane, you can live where you want
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hillary clinton hopes there ain't no mountain high enough for her to climb with her new running mate virginia senator tim kaine. will he help her in the crucial swing states she must win to take the white house. >> the fight for millennials. how both presidential campaigns are targeting the country's biggest generation bloc. big question, will those targeting efforts work? >> and we hope you are keeping cool as most of the country struggles with triple digit temperatures. we're going to find out how long the mystery's expected to last.
3:01 pm
>> hour three now of america's election headquarters. thank you for staying with us. hopefully you are inside enjoying the air conditioning. triple digit temperatures all up and down the eastern seaboard which will make for a hot democratic national convention. >> welcome to "america's election headquarters" from washington. >> a week ago, only political junkies could have identified tim kaine in a crowd. today, the junior democratic senator and former governor from virginia used his fluent spanish to woo a crowd in miami. as, now, he is hillary clinton's running mate. jennifer griff be on the trail in miami as we speak. hi, jen. >> hi, leyland. as you said, this was tim kaine's coming out party here.
3:02 pm
it's the first time we saw him with hillary clinton since she asked him to be her running mate last night. he even joked that many people in the crowd probably had never heard of him. so he took a long type to introduce himself. he came across as very humble. there's already been some reaction from the progress itiv wing of the democratic party with michael moore tweeting out donald trump will likely win as a result of this pick. it's not clear whether bernie sanders voters are going to accept him cain as hillary clinton's running mate. but who is tim kaine? hillary clinton presented him as he was a former missionary in honduras who speaks fluent spanish. they chose to roll him out here in miami at florida international university which has 52,000 students, two-thirds of which are latino. florida is absolutely crucial to the clinton campaign and, of course, donald trump cannot win
3:03 pm
the presidency unless he wins florida, where there is a growing and very strong latino community. tim kaine spoke spanish. he spoke about his background as a civil rights leader in virginia where his father-in-law was the first republican governor of virginia. he integrated the schools there. tim kaine and his wife have sent their children to virginia public schools. tim kaine. you can't really find any republican who criticized cain. he has been a very -- he's been in the senate, on the armed services committee. he also talked, leyland, about how his son is a marine. back to you. >> you know, jen, as you think about this decision to pick tim kaine, you have the positives you talked about, seen as a centrist, speaks fluent spanish. then you look at his key issues. he votes for right to work. something the unions do not like. is for off shore drilling,
3:04 pm
something the environmentals do not like. what democrats would call questionable views when it comes to abortion. not so much in terms of fully to a republican side but democrats don't see eye to eye with him particularly on partial birth abortion and things like that. give us a sense of how this went down, what was the matrix that the clinton campaign put him through? did he think it wasn't important to rally the base or they figured they had the base, therefore they could pick somebody who might appeal more in swing states? >> well, i think what's interesting, obviously virginia is a swing state. they wanted to win virginia. but this is really a look back at the previous president clinton's era. where the clintons really were successful when they moved towards the center. i think after donald trump chose mike pence as a running mate that they figured they could probably move a little bit back towards the center. they also, we understand that the chairman of hillary
3:05 pm
clinton's campaign who presented her with 26 different candidates. he had binders on these different short list candidates for her vice presidential pick. he told her, he said, this has to be somebody that you are comfortable being with at important moments throughout your presidency, who you want to be with all the time. what we noticed when they cap pain cam pained together in virginia about nine days ago, it was clear hillary clinton lit up when she was with tim kaine. she was very comfortable with him on stage. it was unlike we had seen her at other times. also, tim kaine in general, if you talk to his republican opponents in virginia, they see him as a very honest straight forward clean-cut candidate, if you will. he's from the midwest. he's from kansas city. he grew up in the midwest. he has that midwestern sensibili sensibility. he's a devout roman catholic. he'll be in church tomorrow morning at richmond at the
3:06 pm
church where he and his wife have always gone. >> that issue of honesty, donald trump hitting back on twitter, calling him crooked kaine. we'll have more on that later on in the program. the democrats have had an advantage. hillary clinton could see who donald trump picked as a running mate before she had to pick. then the democrats were able to see how the republican convention went, warts and all, before having to roll out their convention schedule. we saw the make america safe again, make america work again, make america great again theme from the republicans. looking forward, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, give us the theme that the clintons are rolling out. how is this going to work? >> well, you're going to see a lot of the themes we've heard hillary clinton and tim kaine today speak about. tim kaine said do you want somebody who is going to build bridges or do you want somebody who's going to criticize america. he has already proven and shown that he can come out and hit donald trump. he's no elizabeth warren.
3:07 pm
the question is whether the progress itives in the party, a we've seen press releases from the bernie sanders supporters and bernie sanders, about 1,250 bernie sanders delegates who are holding a press conference. they're calling it the kaine mutiny. they don't think he's liberal enough. the clinton campaign is going to be going out of their way to present tim kaine's progressive past. even though, really, his entire political career has been somebody who has reached across the aisle who has had, as you mentioned in virginia certain stances that would be considered more middle of the road. the one area where he will be seen as very progressive is he has taken on the nra and he gets very emotional when he talks about gun violence. >> bernie sanders speaks on monday. at least we've been told so far that speech is not written yet coming from lauren blanchard,
3:08 pm
the reporter. thanks, jen. >> all right, so let's learn more. joining me now for more on hillary clinton's vice presidential pick is linda tran. she was the communications director for senator kaine when he was in that position. first, we've been discussing the fallout of this announcement and analyzing it. we had some guests on who said, listen, he's not necessarily someone who's going to please the progressives voters, the ones who really elizabeth warren. him being a centrist gives hillary an opportunity to rally and get young millennials. are you seeing that sort of play out? also, you add so much time with him, is this something you predicted?
3:09 pm
>> first, i think it depends on which progressive you talk to. on my own social media feed, where they were talking about facebook or twitter. what i've actually seen is people being stunned at how much they liked and appreciated the tim kaine they saw at the podium today. i've had a number of people who are self-proclaim eed dyed in t wool bernie-aics. so they will really come over to his side. we saw how powerful of an asset tim kaine can be on the campaign trail. clearly hillary clinton is comfortable when she's on stage with him. that was evident today. that and her ability to show a little bit more comfort and her own authenticity is going to be powerful on the trail. >> from your experiences with him, how do you foresee him being deployed? we talked about his ability to
3:10 pm
speak spanish. talked about the way he spoke today attracted people that you didn't necessarily initially thought would be attracted to him. how do you foresee them deploy him? >> i expect as many places as they possibly can. you see that he's appealing. he is completely bilingual and comfortable speaking in spanish and english. that's not him putting on an act. that's who he's been since he was in his 20th. he spent a year taking a break from harvard law school to become a missionary and run a school in honduras. that's where he said he learned the values of faith, family and work. and that's the kind of message i think resonates no matter what language it comes across in. hillary clinton has the incredible luxury of having a number of very different powerful surrogates she'll continue to deploy on the trail including the president, vice
3:11 pm
president warren and elizabeth warren, brown, cory booker, many others. >> do you think he's going to be able to excite some of the young voters? i think it was an interview before she selected tim kaine, i think he was described as vanilla and she said, i like that about him. she might like about him are the 18-year-olds to 25-year-olds going to like that about him? >> heard somebody say earlier in reaction to the speech today that the breaking news is actually that tim kaine is not boring. there was a ton of energy clearly in that room tonight. or this afternoon. people are clearly excited when they hear from him. i think the more they do, the more excited people will be from all walks of life. >> there's some issues, and leyland had touched on it just a little bit, where perhaps he's not necessarily completely in line with the dnc platform. he had talked a little bit about abortion. are we going to see him softening a little bit? is that an area where the republicans are then able to hit him and say, listens, you
3:12 pm
changed your position and now that you're on the clinton team you're this? >> everything i know about tim kaine and my entire experience of him is he is one of the most principled people i've ever known in elected life or otherwise. he will always do what he thinks is right. there was many occasions when i was on the front lines with him and witnessed when he could have mate a politically decision and he didn't. that is why he has the ethos that he does, he's always looking to do the right thing. >> since you spent so much time with him, is there anything about him you wanted to share, any personal narratives or personal interpretations? >> i think it is very, very telling that tim kaine tweets the junior staffers the same way he treats the senior staffers. everybody has the same reaction to him, which is he's so authentic, he's so real. >> how do you think he's going
3:13 pm
to do? >> i think he's going to do brilliant. >> it's nice to have the insight and you to bring us those personal experiences. thank you so much. all right. when we come back, with all the recent terror attacks around the world including some here at hope, we're going to take a look at hillary clinton and donald trump's plan to fight back. plus, i know a lot of you are talking about it, a heat wave leaves much of the country melting. our own janice dean is tracking it all. janice is there any break in sight? >> well, maybe winter. >> yeah. >> no, we're going to have to deal with these temperatures at least through the weekend. we'll talk about when the heat might break a little bit when we return after "america's news headquarters" after the commercial break.
3:14 pm
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3:17 pm
on this saturday, there's politics of course in america and in germany a day of mourning for victims of the shooting rampage outside a mcdonald's in the town of munich. chancellor merkel says the attack has germans wondering where is safe. there was an taattractioack on a couple of days before this.
3:18 pm
the gunman opened fire before turning the gun on himself. witnesses say he shouted profanity to foreigners saying, i will, quote, kill you all. police say the gunman was obsessed with mass killings and acted alone with no connections to any terror group. former fbi assistant director steve pomorans. we moved from the idea this was some kind of terror attack to a lonely deranged depressed killer. we've seen this too often in america. what's interesting to me about what happened yesterday was the german response or lack thereof. it was pandemonium in munich. they seemed to actually panic. they shut down the stations, shut down the auto ban. are you surprised by how this reaction went? >> no, not terribly. the germans are actually pretty good at this. i think when you have one of
3:19 pm
these situations, especially now, where they're coming so often and they're so bad, many of them are simultaneously attacks that get out of hand. you have to react as if the worst is happening and then you can ratchet back if you find earlier reporting is not accurate. i'm not terribly critical of how they reacted. i'd rather see them overreact then underreact, that's for sure. >> well, that's true in a lot of cases. certainly, that's the rule of the secret service and homeland security uses when planning for the effects be it in cleveland or philadelphia. we talked a lot about security in cleveland and how cleveland could burn and there could be riots and whether or not they had enough police officers. this video was particularly striking of the police there, ready for any eventuality in cleveland. we can roll this video. these police are not off-duty, they're playing ping pong with a couple of hundred protesters who
3:20 pm
showed up. one person said they expected a riot and instead got a block party there. is this one of the things where we sort of always worry about the wrong thing and you hard one target a lot and then you open up a lot of soft targets anywhere else in the country other than cleveland? >> well, yeah, i guess that's one of the potentials. but, look, you have to, when you have one of these very high visibility occurrences, occasions, and clearly, they're highly desirable terrorism targets. you really don't have a source but to put all your resources into it. because your resources are limited, obviously you make some other targets more vulnerable. i don't thing given the number of people at an event like this, the sensitivity of it, the insignificance of it, the sip bo symbolic nature of it. a who lot le lot of terrorism i symbolic. they pick things that are
3:21 pm
symbolically important. and what is more so than our four-year political conventions to pick our presidents. so i think you have to do this, you have no choice, but you invest a huge amount of money and a lot of resources in it. >> we think about what's going on in philadelphia now. at least the reporting of, the philadelphia enquirer, respected news, they say they expect 50,000 protester possibly coming. we have heard about the mutiny and how they will try to rile up crowds. is there a sense of complacency you think that sets in or it's one of the swaituations where is only four days so you put the level where you need it? >> they're not comb placeant about this. it's four days. it's been months and months of planning for this. a lot of money. a lot of people. a lot of tension. a lot of high emotions. so complacency is the last thing i'd worry about.
3:22 pm
that's not the nature of the business. >> well, we can only hope things in philly go as well as they did in cleveland. there was one report out of cleveland that police were reporting about what the protesters were doing on the radios and one call went out, the protesters are now sitting in a park playing "duck, duck, goose." so we can wish for more calls like that. we appreciate it, steve, good to see you, sir. >> appreciate it, leyland. after the break, the city of brotherly love about to nominate the first woman democratic candidate for president. philadelphia prepares to write another chapter in our nation's history. ugh. heartburn.
3:23 pm
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the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ welcome back, on this summer saturday, coming to you from washington, d.c. heat in abundance here on the eastern seaboard. democrats in philadelphia have a theme of working together and uni uniting. a topic that wasn't officially the theme of the convention last week but, as you'll remember, it was brought up quite a bit. in the last hour, you heard from south carolina republican allen wilson on that very subject. now, south carolina democratic chair convention speaker at the dnc, jamie harrison, is in philadelphia to weigh in on the other side. nice to see you, sir, appreciate you being with us, as the thunderstorms clear in philadelphia. >> yes, they're clear, we're dry
3:28 pm
now. >> that's a good thing. before we get to this issue of party unity which is becoming a big deal now with tim kaine, idea of a kaine mutiny, want to get your thoughts on tim kaine overall. i know you tweeted congratulations but considering cory booker, rising african-american star in the democratic party, also conceivably one of the castro brothers, could have had an hispanic on the ticket. will tim kaine do a lot in places like mississippi and alabama? >> listen, we have a wealth of talent on the democratic side. from tim kaine to cory booker to secretary perez, secretary castro. hillary clinton could have picked any of them and they would have made magnificent vice presidential selections. but tim kaine is just a great guy. i think even senator jeff flake, a republican, said i can't think of anything negative to say
3:29 pm
about this guy. we're so proud and so happy to have him as our vice presidential nominee. >> give me a sense here of what the feeling is in philadelphia. you can't tell me everybody's hugging and kissing and everything else because we know the bernie supporters are upset. they're angry over tim kaine, angry other the wikileaks e-mails. how do you put this back together in four days? >> listen, i wouldn't make a blanket statement that says bernie supporters are angry about tim kaine because i've talked to supporters and they're enthusiastic about tim kaine. we had him as our keynote speaker at our -- >> hold on, i'm sure there's a lot of people who like him. he got crushed in south carolina, number one, and number two, you think about things going forward in terms of the convention. we know that there is talk about a kaine mutiny. there's talk about bernie supporters getting very upset. >> listen, there can be talk about it, but the quote is, will
3:30 pm
that happen. don't think you'll see a ted cruz moment at this democratic convention this week. i know, you know, donald trump and pence and all those folks would have liked that but that's not going to happen. we are united together. i can tell you, yes, you're right, hillary clinton won south carolina, but i can tell you, bernie sanders supporters in south carolina are just as supportive of bernie sanders as those in vermont it they love, you know, they love their candidate. but at the same time, they all want to beat donald trump. we're going to be united in that one purpose. >> we heard the republicans trying to unite aaron tround th of beating hillary clinton. we'll see who's more united. enjoy the party in philadelphia, appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having me. >> all the best, thanks so much. >> as many of you know, some parts of the country are dealing with dangerous heat this weekend
3:31 pm
and prolonged triple-digit temperatures. is there any end in sight? meteorologist janice dean is at the fox weather center with today's forecast. hi, janice. >> hi, liz. i remember not long ago we were complaining about the cold and the snow. but i knew this day would come and it is july. here is the heat index. in some cases, well over 100 degrees. from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. heat advisories up for other two dozen states here. today, tomorrow, into monday for a lot of these places. dangerous heat so you want to take precautions, stay indoors as much as possible, check on the elderly, watch your kids and your pets. that summer heat wave, even in philadelphia, it is going to be hot, hot, hot. i foresee some jokes about hot air in philadelphia as well. let's take a look at your watches and warnings. we have a cold front that's draped across the midwest.
3:32 pm
the potential for hail, maybe isolated tornadoes tonight, so your severe thunderstorm watch in effect for parts of new england until 8:00 p.m. local time. we have a watch across the midwest. a tornado warned storm around the dubuque area, iowa, seeing rotation on radar. not only the heat but there's also potential for severe weather. tonight, across the midwest, as you can see, shaded in the yellow and orange, and across new england and northeast and the mid-atlantic. as we get into the convention in philadelphia, it's going to be hot. just be prepared for that, liz, back to you. >> all right, thanks for the warning, janice dean, we appreciate it. >> so, how much green does it take when it comes to trying to win a general election? hint, it's a lot of green. so far, donald trump has nowhere near the amount of money hillary clinton has raised. up next, we'll talk money and what it means in the race to the oval office. (vo) one dark stormy night
3:33 pm
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welcome back. this summer saturday between the elections. donald trump may already be seeing a money bump now that he's the nominee. the candidates claiming he raised, get this, $3.5 million in a single day. perhaps helped by the announcement of mike pence as his running mate. but he is still far behind hillary clinton when it comes to cash in the bank. a reporter at the "washington post" covers the intersection of money and politics, two interesting things. appreciate you being with us, sir. >> thanks, if to have be you. >> as you break this down, it doesn't seem like donald trump is all that concerned about this big fund-raising gap. you don't hear him talk about it. you don't see e-mails go out, begging for money. those kinds of things. what's going on here? >> he wasn't paying a lot of attention to money. as you know, was kind of poking fun at those who were raising
3:38 pm
money in traditional ways. now at the type of the convention in the last few weeks, donald trump has become more of a traditional fund-raiser. we saw, as you pointed out, during the convention, he had an extraordinary night of online fund-raising. they started to e-mail, started to direct mail. something else happened at the convention, donald trump' noubsnoubs announced he is going to be helping support from a superpac, something he said throughout he wouldn't do. >> he really poked at a lot of other candidates and criticized them for doing. the question is can you keep up, rub the campaign, huge expenses. the clintons have almost double the amount of money in the bank that the trump campaign has. how do you make u.p for that? >> yes, it is a tough road for the trump campaign. in part because if you look at june total fund-raising numbers,
3:39 pm
you had hillary clinton having raised about 300 million compared to donald trump's 89 million. so he's got a ways to go. there was a good deal of relief over this 3.5 million raised in one 24 hours. it's not close to a record that was set by bernie sanders with about $6.5 million in 24 hours. but it's a good number. it shows donald trump can appeal to grassroots appeals for fund-raising and can do that quickly. >> we all talk about it and what the record is. but that doesn't even compare to the amount of money that comes in from huge donors, folks the clintons have been cultivating relationships with since about the time i was born. are the big republican bundlers getting behind trump in the way they need to? you see the split in the republican party where donors say we're going to sit this one out? >> there's definitely a split
3:40 pm
amok the additional financial support base for the republican party. from the traditional business community, chamber of commerce board members and, particularly, from wall street. a lot of those folks are wary of donald trump. some appointees from the bush administration, including the former treasury secretary, said they'll back hillary clinton, not donald trump. >> you have to wonder how much that splits the money and how much folks say i'm going to sit this one out. the one issue is taking federal money. president obama famously eschewed that in 2008 when the dollars rolled in. has that chaship sailed? >> he has said he not going to accept that money, i believe. it used to be an option that candidates of both parties took advantage of. as you pointed out, barack obama is the one who really broke the tradition and now candidates from both parties, especially
3:41 pm
because they can raise so much from the ability of large donors to write unlimited checks. that are once a pretty good system of federal support for presidential candidates has gone by the boards. >> we'll have to see if folks will really open up coffers and write those huge checks to donald trump. great reporting, great insight. appreciate it. come back and talk to us as the campaign rolls on. we'll be right back. guess what i just did? built a sandcastle? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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welcome back to "america's election headquarters." on this special three-hour edition. i'm elizabeth prann joined by leyland vitter. we've seen hillary clinton select her vice presidential pick today. that is tim kaine from virginia, senator tim kaine. so, it's been a very exciting day. this on the heels of the tens of thousands of wikileak documents that are just being circulated as reports surface the dnc may have been talking about bernie sanders in cahoots with the clinton camp. >> you certainly thought the clinton campaign had real
3:46 pm
knowledge of how this was going to go with tim kaine. he's known as a swing state senator, popular former governor, those things. they'd made this calculation they could announce heading into the convention and they thought it was worth the gamble if you will, move to the center a little bit then pick a die-hand democrat. then comes in this wikileak document dump that many people say prove everything bernie sanders and the populous side of the ticket had been saying about the dnc all along, that they were rigging things for hillary clinton. the question is how does that play in cleveland and how does that play in philadelphia. the democrats start there in about two days. it will be the oldest presidential ticket on record. there you have 70-year-old donald trump who we saw of course in cleveland, 68-year-old hillary clinton, taking the stage in philadelphia, as we move down here, their famous
3:47 pm
kids, chelsea clinton and ivanka trump will try to target young voters. millennials becoming an important part of the electorate. joining us from philadelphia, college republican national committee republican alexandra smith. national spokes person for move, trejon treeer. the millennials are so important. i want to go to you, in the sense we listened to ivanka trump's speech on thursday night. many said this could have been given at the dnc. a very populous message. are you worried that millennial voters are going to start being wooed by this message? >> well, look, as we saw in 2008 and 2012, president obama did really well with the millennials. we know they're a very important bloc of the population, they were at 18% in 2000 and 1% in
3:48 pm
2012. millennials really respond to not so much the candidate but the message they're bringing forth, right, college affordability is important. that's why we saw sanders who was successful with that message and he really -- it really resonated with the millennials. he had more out to vote than trump and hillary clinton came out and vote for him. >> you think that's the reason we're hearing this message from ivanka trump about child care and trying to help young mothers with child care and these kinds of things, the issues that she was talking about? >> i thought she had a great speech at the rnc. you could tell the crowd was fired up. she mentioned herself she is not -- she is neither a republican nor a democrat. i thought that was critically important for reaching millennial voters, the majority
3:49 pm
of whom don't identify with any party. in terms of assessing the candidates, i disagree with my friend here unfortunately because they have assessed hillary clinton and young voters are not coming to her the way they did to barack obama. if she can't put together the key part of the obama coalition, she's going to have a problem come election day. >> how do you fix that? tim kaine doesn't seem like somebody who's going to real appeal strongly to millennial voters. >> well, look, this week we're going to see, i believe on wednesday, we're going to see president obama address the convention and i think he's clearly a big draw when it companies to the millennials. i think that will be very helpful to him. so i think that's one way to go. she just needs to continue to talk about college affordability. the plan is very similar to what
3:50 pm
bernie sanders was trying to push during his primary bid. she's more in line i think, better in place to get those millennials. >> you got about 20 seconds for a final word. >> look, i think that hillary clinton is not providing millennials with the change they want to see this election cycle. they're looking for someone who's different, who's coming from outside the process. if she can't put together that key part of the obama coalition again, we're going to see problems around electionday. >> we appreciate you guys being here, thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll be right back. steady. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. on a perfect car,
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and twirl creamy crab alfredo. or try the new alaska bairdi crab dinner. sweet and straight from the icy waters of alaska, you've gotta get it... to really get it. but it won't last forever, so hurry in. >> a lot of politics on this summer saturday. out of control brushfire north of los angeles has burned thousands of acres, sending smoke over the city and uncontrolled flames in the canyon. residents are told to get out now. and you can see from the video windy conditions. >> an accused murderer on the run since april is behind bars
3:55 pm
in arizona after being arrested in mexico. reed shot people in a proper dispout. they fled to mexico. it is not clear when john will return to washington state. freedom denied for the youngest member of the charles manson. leslie van hougton will stay behind bars. jerry brown said she is an unacceptable risk to city. she is serving a life sentence for killing a wealthy grocer and his wife. bernie sanders left his mark on the democrat i think party platform. here with more and the push for
3:56 pm
party unity is democratic strategist. he was in the committee meet nothing orlando. an ton, thank you for joining us. can you give us an overview of the dnc platform and anything in the platform that surprised you in the meetings in orlando. >> no, the platform was a direct reflection of the future of the country. the issues are quality- like and health care or criminal justice reform or infrastructure or raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. that's what voters care about and that reflects the values of america. >> you said it is a direct reflection of the values of america. a lot of folks say that is bernie sanders and his impact on the democratic party platform.
3:57 pm
dew agree or disagree? >> it show ises a strong symbol of party unity. a lot of people expect a fight but it was all about unifying the party uplike what the republican side was. there was issues that senator clinton cared about and bernie sanders cared about and they came together for the future of the country. >> obviously the democratic message will be shared throughout the nation and globe. what victimings are they capitalizing on a week after the rnc, head to the convention and learning the pros and copies of holding the republican convention last week, what is the take away? >> our convention will look like african-american. you will see african-american
3:58 pm
and latinos and middle-class and unified party. the republican, a number of gop elected members and former presidents who didn't show up to their convention. on our side is, you will see former presidents and every elected official and see awe unified democratic party. >> i want to press you a little wit. wiki leaks released tens of thousands of documents that show members of the democratic party working with the clinton team and talking about bernie sanders in unflattering ways. is that going to impact the dnc? >> it has no impact. the real objective for the party is to elect secretary clinton and tim kaine in november. and the primaries spoke for itself. and one thing the primary is
3:59 pm
a good screen to make sure we have the best candidate going forward. and it was a good bout. both voters spoke and everyone is ready to move forward to defeat donald trump in november. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we appreciate it. >> and thank you at home for joining us on the breaking news day. we saw the presumptive democratic nominee formally announce her running mate. virginia senator tim kaine and we look forward to the coverage in philly this week. >> philadelphia is where we'll be at and according to the philadelphia inquirer, 30 or 50,000 protestors will be there. and a mutiny over the kaine pick. and a number of sanders'
4:00 pm
supporters fired up over the wiki leak e-mail and combine that with the heat up and down the east coast, it could be a combustible situation. >> thank you for joining us. hillary clinton appears with running mate jim kaine. i am jon scott in for julie banderas. this is the fox report. clinton and kaine, giving us a look at the democratic ticket in miami. they were singing each other's praises and attacking the republican rivals. clinton made the announcement by text message and twitter. the senator and civil right's attorney is the best person to take on donald trump and mike pence. >> i wanted to come here to miami to introduce you


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