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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 24, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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they were gracious enough to join us this hour. i'll be out here all week. and we'll be back in d.c. next sunday after the democratic convention. hope to see you then with the latest buzz. all right. the stage is now set here in philadelphia. the democrats kicking off their convention tomorrow, on monday, but they do it amid some heavy controversy. a massive e-mail leak revealing party leaders apparently had their thumb on the scale for hillary clinton and against bernie sanders. as we say hello, high noon. i'm bill hemmer, special sunday edition of fox news. >> i missed you. great to be back together. >> it is great to be back. and it's exciting to kick off this next leg of this journey. i'm martha mccallum and we are live at the wells fargo center in philadelphia.
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the action gets underway tomorrow, but there is plenty that is happening behind the scenes. as you know, you've been watching all this unfold. pretty big stuff going on. dnc chairman debbie wasserman schultz will no longer be speaking this week at this convention due to the wikileaks e-mail dump that reveals that she tried to hobble bernie sanders campaign and there are reports now that she is being pressured to not preside over the festivities here in philly. we remember what a big role reince priebus had at the rnc, and she has the same role, but she may not be doing. >> trump campaign manager paul manafort was asked about this earlier today and he said this proves the democratic party's process is rigged. >> there are e-mails proving the system was rigged against him from the start. the only reason they're not the nominee is because the super delegates, the establish elected officials in the democratic party. the fix was in from the beginning. >> with us now, fox news digital politics editor, co-host of fox and friends weekend, and tucker carlson. good day and welcome to philly.
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let's start broadly. if there is one thing you're watching this week, it is what? >> can hillary clinton pull off, basically, anesthetizing the democratic party. she needs to put the rag on their face and ease them to sleep. they kind of need to be quiet because they're worried about donald trump now. they're convinced he might win, so they want to behave. but if there's even a crack, and this wasserman schultz crack is the perfect thing that could split apart into chaos. >> what are we going to walk away saying this is what they're all about. >> the message of the hillary campaign is they're muddy. it's ironic that trump has this brilliant message that they have trouble keeping on. and hillary has no message at all. but the message effectively is, it's time for another first. we elected an african-american president, now it's time for a president, let's break the final barrier. i'm looking outside, however, of the arena. if they have bad protests, the
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ones they expected to have in cleveland, black lives matter, that turns into a riot. what are they going to say? they've endorsed black lives matter. they went to the white house. how are they going to stop and say, stop looting circle k. it's pretty hard. >> 16 years ago in philadelphia, the republicans are here and the protesters tore this town apart. every afternoon at 5:00, there were protesters lying on the exit ramps and the on ramps of the major highways in downtown philadelphia. and they would chain link their arms together in pvc piping, and it takes a long time for cops to cut through the pipe and the chain. it was very, very disruptive. i would imagine day by day, into wednesday and thursday, they'll get more intense. watching tim kaine yesterday. my sense was, they're going after trump. hook, line, and sinker. and my feeling was, unless you have your own message in philadelphia, as opposed to, hey, trump stinks, don't vote for him, vote for us, what are
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you left with? >> it's not the worse thing, because donald trump also agrees that the election should be about him. this is an election where both sides agree, the election should be about donald trump. democrats feel like they keep the focus on him, that they can do it. you heard what the republicans were chanting, "lock her up, lock her up," most of the speeches in cleveland focused on hillary clinton's criminality and all of that stuff. because it was an easy point of party unity. it will be true here, too. they'll focus on donald trump a lot, because they don't have as much in common. there are serious issues they don't want to address. >> give me a serious issue. >> a serious issue is black lives matter. because you know what? i bet most law enforcement officers in the united states, not most, but a lot of law enforcement officers, a lot of police unions, they're democrats. and they traditionally have democratic leanings. big-city police departments normally, traditionally, were populated with democrats. now they find the democratic party nationally says, well, we have some issues and concerns about you. there's real friction at that point. >> that's very interesting. >> i find it very interesting,
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the whole security issue and how uneasy people feel in the country right now. so the discussion after the rnc was that it was sort of, you know, belligerent. that it was too dark, that it was too scary. and yet, i couldn't help thinking, did everyone -- did the 48 hours wipe away nice in everyone's mind? did it wipe away the mall shooting in munich? because, you know, it's amazing to me how quickly those things get absorbed and people move on. but we do live in a pretty scary world. and are we going to be told here that we don't? >> you know who lives in a real peaceful, placid, happy world? most members of the news media. most politicians. they live in neighborhoods with no crime, that have experienced no demographic change in the last 30 years. their lives are great, actually. almost all of the income gains the past ten years has gone to them. that's the whole point of donald trump campaign. so when they say that, it reinforces the truth, and that is that they're hopelessly out of touch with the reality of modern america. >> we can confirm now that debbie wasserman schultz will
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not preside over this convention. i don't know if that's ever happened. republican, democrat, pick your party. >> well, she's got to go. >> and that's what sanders has been pushing for. robby mook quickly earlier today on cnn said the following. >> i think the dnc needs to look into this and take appropriate action and i'm sure that they will. what's disturbing to us is that experts are telling us that russian state actors broke into the dnc, stole these e-mails, and other experts are now saying that they are -- that the russians are releasing these e-mails for the purpose of actually helping donald trump. >> that's like the nut game at the carnival, right? is it under one, two, or three? i think the relevant question here is, what is the effect of this? because all the stories, yes, that are about democrats are going to show america how unified they are. >> she's got to go. i mean, if it's to the point you can't preside over your own convention, whether it was the russians trying to help trump or whatever it was, who cares?
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at this point, she's got to go. if you can't preside over your own convention -- that's the whole point of the job! >> tell us why bernie sanders was after her job for so long. because she is -- so the two-party system, this party has weakened substantially over the past 20 years. they have one job, which is to have this convention and control these delegates. that's what they do. whether it's reince priebus or debbie wasserman schultz. what bernie sanders believed was that she was rigging the system and suppressing delegates that might have otherwise gone to him. now, of course she was. because the democrats didn't want bernie sanders to be the nominee. in the same way a lot of republicans didn't want donald trump to be the guy. and he ate the republican party like a tick tack and, poof, bernie just couldn't pull it off. >> the only relevant question is, is it true? are these e-mails true? it doesn't matter if their providence. the question is, what do they tell us? they tell us that bernie sanders was exactly right.
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and bernie sanders was riding the same wove that trump rode. disaffected people who had been left out of the process and feel like the system is rigged. >> and it is. >> and we would all remember the states where it appears bernie sanders had won and they do the delegate count and suddenly he didn't win anymore. suddenly she has the super delegates locked up and her totals were bigger than his. and a lot of people, including donald trump would look at that and say, this is a rigged system. that issue is very important. people understand that. whether or not it's debbie wasserman schultz is running the government or someone else -- >> it's like the dumb horses, the pigs tell us, some animals are more equal than others. it's a scam. >> last line in the book, right there. a typical politician would be banging the drum on this thing all day. a typical politician running for the white house would come out
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and make a statement on camera on this very issue today and say, told you, system's rigged. trump is not the typical politician. you have found him with the opportunity to go after clinton on certain areas and you're left shaking your head going, why did he do that? why not push that button further? >> he'll tweet something. look, it's not a particularly disciplined campaign. he's not running a very disciplined campaign. he's not a very disciplined candidate. but i will say this. the system has always been rigged. this is not a newly rigged system. this process was always designed to protect establishtarians, incumbents, and things like that. what's different about this year, is trump and sanders called them on. it's always true. but trump and sanders -- and the way howard dean did it in 2004, sometimes candidates effectively or less effectively say, you know what this is designed to do? it's designed to keep independent, 74-year-old socialists from getting the
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nomination. they don't want different. they want the same. this year trump called them on it and it makes people angry. >> and i think it's interesting, the rnc, the usual faces with respect there. there was a lot of discussion about that. here you'll have president obama and joe biden and all of those establishment figures here. and i wonder what kind of difference italthough the rigge been around a long time, i think the sort of understanding of it and in the populist is in a different place. >> exactly. what changes is not the system. what changes is our expectations of democracy. what's the message of the internet, of social apps. you matter, your voice matter, take a selfie, because you're important. to tell those people, actually, you're not important at all, you know who's important? debbie wasserman schultz. meanwhile, donald trump taking a little bit of a break from campaigning this weekend on the heels of the republican convention, but trump hasn't stayed silent on twitter. fired back against the new attacks from senator elizabeth warren. boy, those two like to go at it on twitter. they're going at it once again.
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he's also calling on bernie sanders supporters to join his ranks. >> great respect for what he's done. he's been taken advantage of and frankly the system was rigged -- and i'm the first one to say it, but was rigged against him. but he has been gamed. it's a rigged system against him. and what happened with the choice of tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders and everybody -- i was shocked. i love it, from my standpoint. >> chief political correspondent, carl cameron live in new york city with more. so, a lot of other news in that interview today. what's trump saying about his muslim ban at this point, carl? >> reporter: he's revised it to a great degree. over a year ago when he announced his campaign, he said the statement that he read was that donald j. trump is calling for a complete ban on new and immigrating muslims coming to this country, visitors and immigrants a lot. and he said it would be
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temporary. today on "meet the press," in an interview that was actually taped yesterday, as was the bit you just played a minute ago, trump has revised it. and now what he's saying is, it will be a ban or extreme vetting of would-be immigrants or people coming from specific regions and specific countries and he included in them france and germany and places where there's been a lot of islamic radical terrorism. and this is a big change. and he acknowledges that part of the reason he's revised his language and revised the construct is because people didn't like it when it was just using the word "muslims." listen to. >> i actually don't think it's a pullback. in fact, you could say it's an expansion. i'm looking now at -- people were so upset when i used the word "muslim." oh, you can't use the word muslim. and i'm okay with it, because i'm talking territory instead of muslim. but just remember this.
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our constitution is great, but it doesn't necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay? now, we have a religious, you know -- everybody wants to be protected. that's great. that's a wonderful part of our constitution. i view it differently. >> reporter: indeed, he does. a couple of other pieces of news out of that interview. he has acknowledged that he will put some money or may put some money into a super pac to go after ted cruz and punish him for his performance at the convention last year, either stop him from running for president or senate re-election. he's now included in the list on his hit list. john kasich, the governor of ohio, who didn't go to the convention and refused to endorse him and he acknowledged there's may be even another person he might spend some money against, although they haven't said exactly what. very, very feisty. donald trump returns to the campaign trail tomorrow. and throughout the week, he'll be o on the campaign trail, running around, holding events for the all but express purpose
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of dumping all over the dynamic convention. martha? >> trying to pull attention away from what's goung on in philadelphia. >> donald trump, you know, is hoping that supporters of bernie sanders will jump ship and support him instead. i want to bring in pam bondi, donald trump supporter for that campaign. and thank you for your time again today. let's talk about bernie sanders in a moment. but this whole e-mail flap and debbie wasserman schultz will now not preside over this convention. what do you make of that, pam? >> well, it's everything that paul's been saying and donald's been saying all along, and what bernie sanders has been saying. the system is rigged. and it's dnc chair. she wasn't supposed to take a side. we all know that. and clearly now by these e-mails, we know she did. i think they had the chance of a lesser of two evils. either having her speak and get booed by the democrats, just like ted cruz, or not having her
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speak at all and she is the head of the democratic party. it's a lose/lose situation. >> we were told earlier today that she won't speak, but now she won't even preside over this convention. so perhaps they avoid the rub of her being in the arena. but in a larger sense, when you're trying to express unity, on the eve of the beginning of your campaign, what is the factor impact of this, pam? >> well, it's huge, of course, because, this is all ant-bernie sanders. and bernie sanders was antiestablishment, anti -- brrn bernie sanders wanted change in the country, that's what donald trump wants. so now this is feeding into everything that bernie sanders has claimed all along, when you have the head of the dnc, the head of the party, not there presiding over the convention. again, they had to choose whether she came out and got booed or whether the head of their party wasn't even present. and lose/lose for them, all the
9:16 am
way around. it hurts the democrats greatly. >> just so our viewers at home understand, this would be the equivalent of reince priebus being yanked at the last minute. >> exactly. >> with this move of debbie wasserman schultz, and bernie sanders has had her in the crosshairs for several months. because he thinks she was whipping the super delegates against him. >> and these e-mails show it. >> trump tweeted this earlier today, the bernie sanders supporters are furious with the choice of tim kaine who represents the opposite of what bernie stands for. philly fights, question mark. what would your prediction be? in terms of how the rough now starts to work its way through the mechanisms of this campaign? >> well, i agree. i think what's happening is just what you said. bernie sanders wants to return government to the people. this feeds into everything he said. bernie sanders has a lot of people in that convention center. they're going to be there every
9:17 am
night. i think they're going to be very vocal and i think they're going to be very, rightfully so, upset. especially when hillary picks kaine as her running mate. he's anti-everything bernie sanders believed in and still believes in. and i think mike pence is going to be a terrific counter balance to kaine. and i don't wait to see mike pence, who lowered taxes when kaine increased taxes, debate him. >> trump has made the case that bernie sanders supporters should come to him. there is scant evidence that that will happen, pam. pug did a survey and said 97% of bernie sanders supporters ultimately will vote for hillary clinton. so is that a failed attempt? >> i think that was before these e-mails came out. i think this is before the bernie sanders supporters lep s learned that the head of the dnc, the dnc they were working against bernie sanders.
9:18 am
hillary clinton represents the elite. donald trump is going after and means it and wants to help the middle class of america. ivanka's speech talked about that and donald trump spoke about that. i'll tell you what, too, our law enforcement throughout the country, they adore donald trump, because he's going to protect them, so they can protect us. not only domestically, but abroad. >> thank you for your time. good to see you last week in cleveland and thank you for spending a few moments with us today as we continue to follow this breaking news. pam bondi with us there. so, now you know, debbie wasserman schultz will not preside. that's something you don't want to happen on the eve of your convention. >> we're still waiting to know if she will be stripped of her leadership role at the dnc, but she will not preside. that's all we know at this point. and we'll keep you posted as more developments come in on that. but that's weird. that's a very unusual set of circumstances to have her not here. so the other big news out of the dnc is that hillary clinton picked tim kaine to fill out the democratic ticket, of course, so will he change the game at all?
9:19 am
what does his presence bring to this picture, as we head to november? >> also, what's ahead in philly this week. democrats say they're aiming for unity, aiming for optimism for america, but could it be more divisive than what we saw in cleveland? we'll compare the two, fair and balanced still coming up today. >> this was probably one of the most peaceful, one of the most beautiful, one of the most love-filled conventions in the history of conventions. (vo) one dark stormy night we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal
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so this is the week when the democrats will try to put their best foot forward when the convention kicks off tomorrow. hoping to outshine donald trump and the republicans in cleveland, some critics slamming their convention. the former mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter,
9:24 am
saying this. quote, we just saw four days of some of the angriest people possible in the united states of america. chaos, invite ree ol, confusion, plagiarism, and the likes of which we've not seen in either party in modern times. let's bring in michael warren, online editor for "the weekly standard." good to have you with us today. >> good afternoon. >> the big news right now now is debbie wasserman schultz will not be presiding over this thing. and it's a political win for bernie sanders, for sure. because he's saying that she's been gunning for him since the beginning and now she's the one who's out. >> yeah, disarray at the republican convention last week and now disarray at the democrats. it really sort of isn't really suggesting that both political parties are putting their best foot forward here, but as we saw last week in cleveland, whatever happens on one day of a convention is erased by whatever crazy thing happens the next day. this may be the story going into the convention, but i imagine
9:25 am
there's going to be a lot more fireworks, you know, maybe sombsome bernie folks will cause some trouble. there may be some great speech on tuesday or wednesday that erases this whole idea that the democrats are disarray. it's a one thing after another kind of thing that moves this story forward. >> it's interesting, the role that debbie wasserman schultz has and the role that reince priebus has, they have to fight to stay neutral through the entire primary process. they have to say, you know, whoever the people choose is the one that we will back. and because of the super delegate organization in the democratic party, you know, it became very apparent to people that that wasn't necessarily the case. that the votes that were being placed in the primary were sort of a suggestion to the super delegates. and you know, in many cases, they picked who they wanted. how significant is this rebellion, would you say, mike? >> it's hard to say. again, to look at the comparison with what happened in the republican party and in the convention last week, these
9:26 am
party chairs actually sort of represent the party institutionally. and so in many ways, they're supposed to be publicly neural, but the reality is that they're trying to, you know, figure out who the best candidate is for their party and protect the party as an institution. and you could argue that debbie wasserman schultz was doing exactly that by sort of pushing away this kind of bernie sanders revolution going on behind the scenes. it's just that all of this stuff isn't supposed to actually be public. and i think it reveals, again, sort of a problem that you see on both sides of the aisle, which is a distrust of institutions because they're sort of playing the game and holding the strings above it all and interfering with what the people in both of those parties want. >> i guess it really comes down to, i guess most democrat voters in america don't really care who the party chair is, that's sort of inside baseball. however, you know, they do care that they're being represented. and you have to wonder if those bernie sanders voters, of which
9:27 am
there were many, stay home. i mean, i think that's one of the big goals of this week, isn't it? to bring them in, make them feel wanted, and maybe this goes part of the way towards doing that, do you think? >> maybe, i don't know. i think what the e-mail act did was sort of reveal these underlying tensions within the democratic party. we're starting to be papered over, i think, in a lot of the past few weeks, because of donald trump as the example, you know? democrats were maybe mad at each other, but at least they can agree they don't want donald trump to be pd. now all of these divisions are back at the surface and i think causing real problems for democrats. we'll just have to see if the specter of the trump presidency, you know, ends up bringing them back together like they were before, all of these wikileaks revelations. >> michael warren, thank you so much. good to see you. there is another significant story this week, and that is the city of philadelphia. it's on high alert in wake of the attacks around the world. the extraordinary efforts
9:28 am
they're taking to keep everyone safe here at the democratic convention. plus, in a moment, more of the breaking news, the head of the dnc will no longer preside over this week's convention. leaked e-mails reveal that bernie sanders was a target of the party for months. could it mean big trouble for the ticket? here's governor mike huckabee on his take. >> i think debbie wasserman schultz will be about as popular as a mosquito in rio. this is terrible timing for these wikileaks e-mails to come out, to reveal that all along, jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick
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this thing hasn't even started, and there's already pretty stunning developments that is rocking the philadelphia convention. dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz, who organized the entire thing, is no longer going to preside over this convention. this after wikileaks drops a bombshell trove of dnc e-mails, showing the party leadership apparently favored hillary clinton over bernie sanders early on. dnc chief financial officer, brad marshall, wrote an e-mail about senator sanders. it read in part, quote, can we get someone to ask his beliefs? does he believe in a god? he has skated on saying he has a jewish heritage. i think i read he is an atheist, he writes. but this morning, bernie sanders doubling down on his call for the ouster of wasserman schultz. here he is. >> i asked and demandsed debbie wasserman schultz's resignation many, many months ago. and i state that again. i don't think she is qualified
9:34 am
to be the chair of the dnc. not only for these awful e-mails, which reveal the prejudices of the dnc, but also because we need a party that reaches out to working people and young people and i don't think her leadership style is doing that. >> doug schoen, fox news contributor and former adviser to president clinton and brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush. thanks for being here. doug, let me start with you. what's the impact of all of this? >> not much. and i know it sounds today like a lot of big news and, you know, i don't say that to minimize it. but you didn't hear bernie sanders attack secretary of state hillary clinton. you didn't hear him say, let's go to the streets. i think this will be like the ted cruz/donald trump kerfuffle. it will resonate, there'll be a lot of media attention, but by
9:35 am
the end of the week, nobody will be talking about wasserman schultz. what she did was outrageous, but ultimately the focus will be secretary clinton. she doesn't want this to happen, secretary clinton, but you know what, in the scheme of things, this is not going to be a big deal a week from now. >> brad, what do you think? >> i disagree. i think the head of the party has no role in the head of the party has legs. and the next question is, what did hillary know and when did she know it? i have to believe that the dynamic did ndnc did not do this on her own. hillary has been on the public stage for 30 years. certainly they tart to one another. and isn't it something that the scandals that have hit the democrats have been through e-mails, whether it's hillary acting as secretary of state or hillary trying to rig and the dnc put their thumb on the scale
9:36 am
to get rid of another democrat. i think there's more to come. and we don't even know if there are more wikileaks to follow. hillary is involved and we want to know to what extnt. >> i gets to the basic ability of people to pick their nominee, doug. and whether or not it's already in the bag. and was it already in the bag for lick? i mean, i think everybody felt very strongly if she decided to run, she was going to be the nominee. and bernie sanders giving her a run for her money was somewhat surprising and sort of took the party off guard a little bit, the strength of that but it goes to the intensity of the bernie sanders voter. do they stay home, not show up to vote? are they angry? is that a factor? >> martha, you raised a number of very good issues. i'll start with the last one. the real issue is will the brrnds brrn voters come out for secretary clinton or will some
9:37 am
of them defect to hillary clinton? but listen to what brad blakeman said. what did secretary clinton know. you didn't hear him say, take to the streets. you didn't hear him say, let me withhold my endorsement until we get answers to these questions. unless he raises those questions or someone raises them in a significant way, i don't think the impact will be all that great, notwithstanding the fact that what the dynamic did, and brandt's absolutely right, was completely outrageous and wrong. and donald trump is right, this has clear this nomination fight was rigged or they did everything they possibly could to, in fact, rig it. >> let's turn to the overall theme and feeling of the convention party. your party's convention has been branded the darth vader party. it was dark and a lot of anxiety was brought forward. how do we feel about that
9:38 am
>> i think we're living in dark times. donald trump told us the way it was. this is the problem the american people have. no one's telling them the way things are. how do we get out of the rut we're in? the fact is, this is the year of the outsider and hillary is the ultimate insider. they're trying to paint a picture everything's great. the american people clearly think the opposite. and not only republicans, but democrats as well, as we've seen with the popularity of bernie. so, yeah, the truth sometimes is not very pretty, but trump told it. >> yeah w, i mean, doug, how do the democratic party present a message that everything's okay, when clearly americans know everything is not okay. >> well, they shouldn't present a message that everything is okay, because it clearly isn't. what they need to do is two things. make the case that in their view, donald trump is not qualified to be president and it's too great a risk for america and americans to take. and second, that secretary clinton has an alternative vision and can reach out to disaffected americans,
9:39 am
minorities, young people, lbgt voters, to reach across the political ideological, cultural spectrum in a way that arguably the republicans were not as successful in doing. >> in terms of the diversity you just mentioned, and i looked a to the speaker list and they're touting how diverse it is, the speaker list at the dnc, but for each group they said was going to be represented, in my mind, i went back to someone at the rnc who was also from one of those groups. and you think about peter thiel standing up there saying, i'm a very proud, grae american, and he spoke right before ivanka trump had a speech. but the issues we're getting bogged down over, like bathrooms, is not pressing in this country. do you think the rnc gets any point for broadening the tent at the rnc, or is that going to fall to the wayside? >> i think the rnc should get points. and you know who should really deserve the credit is donald
9:40 am
trump? donald trump could have nixed anything speaker he wanted to and the fact he didn't nix cruz, he did it to his benefit. because the republican party is a big tnt. we don't live in a tepee. and it showed by the diversity and breadth and scope of the speakers that spoke. maybe the democrats didn't like the message, because unfortunately their reign over the lasting ayears has not been very good for any american, republican, democrat, whoever you are. >> all right, brad and doug, great to see you both. thank you very much. >> that's why they play the games, right? that's why they hold the convention. you don't know what's going to happen here. maybe doug's right. maybe on wednesday, all this thing blows over and maybe it's not. we shall see. there's been a machete attack in southern germany. more on that in a moment here. as we push on in philly, fbi director james comey did not push for an indictment against hillary clinton because of her e-mail server scandal, but questions remain over the clinton foundation. the author of the book, "clinton cash" is peter schweitzer.
9:41 am
he's live this morning. coming up this afternoon, i should say. plus, hillary clinton chooses her running mate, calling the virginia senator, tim kaine, everything that donald trump and mike pence are not. howard kurtz will tackle that. first, mr. kaine from his first rally in tampa on saturday afternoon. >> we can't afford to let him do the same thing to our country and, folks, we don't have to, because hillary clinton is the direct opposite of donald trump. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. man, it's like pure power at your finger tips.
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9:45 am
i have to say that senator tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not.
9:46 am
>> so hillary clinton has made her choice, selecting virginia senator kim kaine to be her running mate. the first made their first appearance yesterday in tampa, florida. that state, of course, a critical swing state. one that could be decided by latino voters. but before we see both of them again here in philly, they will make their first joint interview on "60 minutes" later tonight. here is part of what they had to say. >> he calls you crooked hillary. what do you call him? >> i don't call him anything. and i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on. >> she's done a good job of letting the water go off her back on this. that's not the way i feel. when i see this, you know, crooked hillary or i see the up," it's just ridiculous. >> howard kurtz, host of "media buzz" and a fox media analyst is with us in philly. how you doing, howie? >> great, bill.
9:47 am
>> i think i saw a tweet yesterday from trump who called him corrupt kaine. with the selection of kaine, what does it do for democrats on the far left? his position on trade, on abortion, the death penalty, while he was governor in virginia. >> in a word, nothing. the selection of tim kaine does nothing to assuage the feelings of the bernie wing of the party, the far left democrats, who don't like his position on the banking industry, for example. but this was the safe choice. not in terms of reaching out to the sanders voters, because the calculations are, where else do they have to go, but picking somebody who is not going to do any arm, an experienced ex-governor, as well as a member of the senate foreign relations committee, and is low key, and not likely to be a distraction. but that clip you just played of them coming out together was 24 hours ago. i think the kaine story ended with this coup of debbie wasserman schultz being deposed at her own convention is going to totally overshadow what would have been the kaine rollout. >> it's kind of like ted cruz
9:48 am
and cleveland a week ago. but you're a message guy, right? you're into communications. when i listen to kaine and clinton yesterday, it was, trump's bad, trump's bad, trump's bad. but where was that blank fill in the blank vision for the democratic party and hillary clinton's campaign? did you hear that? >> i didn't, and here's why. part of this is event similar to the rollout on mike pence on the republican side, was to introduce tim kaine to the country. most people don't know who senator tim kaine is. it was talking about the work he did in the civil rights movement, he speaks spanish, all of that. you've got to introduce the guy first. secondly, the whole effort of the clinton/kaine team now is that we are the sober, responsible, maybe not terribly exciting, maybe kind of wonky team to contrast, as we saw in that "60 minutes" clip, with donald trump, who is bombastic, who is controversial, who calls name and all of that. and we'll see that theme again and again. >> so you have four days to package your vision to the american people.
9:49 am
think about when a convention truly mattered, republican or democrat. when? >> you know, in the modern era, they matter less and less, with so many sources of information. 1976, when ronald reagan failed to protect gerald ford. since then, ted kennedy not shaking hands with jimmy carter in 1980 helped pave the road there. 1982, bill clinton and al gore got fabulous coverage for their convention. and the post-9/11 convention, george w. bush, 2004, the theme security, i think that helped him on the road to re-election. >> can you say whether or not this matters? can you say whether or not cleveland mattered last week? >> i think cleveland did matter, gauze donald trump had to pass the commander in chief threshold. this is a do no harm convention. if anything goes smoothly, they'll be happy and still have a tight race. >> thank you howie. >> thanks. >> so we are covering some breaking news here before the
9:50 am
dnc gets underway. the head of the party will be absent from the convention. debbie wasserman schultz will no longer preside inside this hall amid the still-unfolding fallout from a wikileaks document dump that has some e-mails that went back and forth from the dnc chair and some other people that worked with her that had some t had some very unflattering things to say about bernie sanders. so how does all this play out? bill and i will be right back. hi, i'm dominique wilkins. when you have type 2 diabetes, like me, there's a moment of truth. and with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight.
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♪ we were in philly a few months ago. making a return to the city of brotherly love. that was in the heat of the primary race. you can bump into american history everywhere. here's some of the sights that we found in this great american city. >> we're going to the first place in the united states, independence hall. >> let's go. >> so this is the assembly room. >> yes. >> what happened here? >> the signing of the declaration of independence. >> in this room?
9:55 am
>> yes. >> you had john adams. in the big chair behind you you had john hancock. >> the declaration of independence. >> what a symbol the liberty bell is. >> it is. >> the bronze came from england. >> yes. >> but it was made here and originally used to do what? >> call the meetings of the pennsylvania assembly. >> what does this crack represent to you? how do you smain explain it? >> the crack represents the ideas and the dreams of all the people all over the world. our life isn't perfect. that's what that crack represents. >> so the final resting place of benjamin franklin. >> yep. >> maybe the most beloved in philadelphia history. and here is his grave site with his wife. and he wrote his own epitaph. that said -- >> if you will not be forgotten
9:56 am
as soon as you're dead and gone. >> i love that. >> and you were dying to see this again. >> i love terri. >> if this doesn't work out, maybe i'll go work there. lonely planet. >> showing us around philadelphia. remember the tavern one. so donald trump focusing on issues of crime and corruption in his acceptance speech. president obama says he painted way too dark a picture. why he says the republican nominee is making things look worse than they really are. plus, more on the breaking news from philadelphia. the head of the dnc is not ib invited to this party that's going on in this town anymore. that's a pretty big deal. more on that when we come back. doing your own thing, making your own way... can be pretty, well, bold. rickie fowler is redefining what it means to be a golfer.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
so one of the most prominent faces of the democratic party will be virtually absent in philadelphia. we just found this out today. dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz will not be here. she's backseat amid a controversy that's unfolded over the past 24 hours. she will not presiding over the convention as you saw reince priebus doing. he had a lot to say on the stage. wonder who, if anybody will do that. good to have you on a sunday. >> good afternoon, it's 1:00.
10:01 am
i missed you. >> i missed you, too. >> 36 hours. >> back together. we are live wells fargo center. this will be our home for the next week. and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz is under fire. a wikileaks bombshell showed that the clinton campaign tried to help fend off the bernie sanders campaign during the primaries. i don't know if that has ever happened before. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani blasting the democrats, saying in the republican party, there would be calls for heads to roll. >> if a republican had said let's take advantage of something being jewish or agnostic or atheist, because in this particular state maybe they don't like jewish people and atheists. if a republican had written that, they would demand our resignation. instead, they're going to hide
10:02 am
her. >> chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner." byron, what's the biggest picture here? >> i think what these leaks show is an extreme level of concern about bernie sanders at the highest level of the dnc from a very pro-clinton perspective. mayor giuliani just referred to e-mails between top dnc officials about possibly stressing bernie sanders being an atheist or a jew or some sort of religious attack they were apparently going to make on him. i just posted a story about a local activist in tennessee, a bernie activist, who wanted to attend a fundraiser that debbie wasserman schultz was going to attend june 2nd, about six weeks ago. concern over this reached the highest levels of the dnc. they were ex-changing e-mails between the top finance officer,
10:03 am
debbie wasserman schultz's chief of staff, whether to allow this woman into the event. they worried that they might make some sort of protest. they thought aboutcate physic n physician -- confiscating everyone's phone. >> it's hard to see how telling her she can't come and refunding her $50 turned into a story. >> it didn't turn into much of a story. what happened was, they finally let her in. she actually organized a protest outside and then went inside and didn't make -- there wasn't a problem. the extraordinary thing was just how high up in the party this reached, the level of discussion about it in late may of this year. i actually exchanged e-mails with the sanders supporter in tennessee this morning. she's actually quite dissolut n
10:04 am
disillusioned to find out there was this kind of debate about her. >> were they concerned that bernie sanders would make a battle, give it a go and possibly overcome hillary clinton? is there any suggestion there that that was possible? >> this is not a suggestion that he's going to get more delegates than hillary clinton. remember, this is late may. it was just before the california primary in which they did think bernie sanders might be able to embarrass her a little bit. in fact, she just trounced him in california. bernie sanders is getting high levels of enthusiasm. they were worried about seeing demonstrations of this enthusiastic pro-bernie anti-hillary sentiment very close to their convention. >> hilly -- it's hillary clinton, so she had the advantage of that, being somebody everyone has thought was going to run for a long time. this was her moment i
10:05 am
democratic party. on that side, the outsider guy did not win. on the republican side, he did win. and he's saying to those bernie sanders voters, look, if you want the person who's anti-wall street, if you want all of that, i want you to come on over, does this strengthen his argument? >> i think it's going to be very difficult for donald trump to attract many bernie sanders supporters. it's not going to happen in great numbers i don't think. the bigger worry is that some of these bernie sanders -- like the woman i talked to in tennessee, are so disillusioned they just wouldn't show up. we all reported on reince priebus during the whole republican primary battle. he tried very hard to stay completely neutral and not put his thumb on the scale for any one candidate because it was such a passionate race. the rnc tried to be fair in all this. i think what you're seeing in a dnc is a very, very pro-hillary
10:06 am
clinton organization that's supposed to represent the whole democratic party. >> you're still going to see protestors by the hundreds. who will carry the bernie banner. we'll see how that moves from the sidewalk to outside here. my guess is by wednesday it doesn't do much. but on friday morning, is the next foyer days more about trump's bad or is the next four days about trump's bad, but this is what we would do if you vote for is? >> if you watch the rollout event with tim kaine and hillary clinton in miami yesterday, it was about evenly divided. hillary clinton did make her case for a $15 minimum wage and dead debt-free college. there was a lot of time spent attacking donald trump. i should say, though, we had controversy after controversy or maybe many controversy after many controversy at the rnc. this democratic convention has started with the chairman of the
10:07 am
party being removed from the picture. i mean, that is a huge story. i think it's bigger than anything that happened at the rnc. >> i think it's a big deal for the party, certainly. do viewers care? do voters care? how tied are they into the nuance of this? >> we'll see about that. i think you could argue like just like donald trump's speech thursday night was the big event for the republican convention, hillary clinton's speech thursday night will be the big event here. by i think it's pretty easy for everybody to understand it's not getting down in the weeds to say they just removed the chairman of the party. >> thank you, byron. >> byron, thank you very much. hillary clinton, tim kaine now turning their attention toward the national convention this week. many democrats praising the rally that launched this campaign yesterday in tampa where kaine officially joined the clinton campaign. some critics in the party saying kaine brings the ticket too far
10:08 am
to the right, rocking the democratic party ahead of their big gathering. with us in philly, mike emanuel live in philadelphia with more on that. good afternoon. >> reporter: nice to see you. all is not quiet ahead of the democratic convention here in philadelphia. fox has learned th eed debbie wn schultz will not preside over this week's convention. there's been intense pressure over wasserman schultz following the wikileaks release of those internal dnc e-mails. she was the final speaker before hillary clinton and senator tim kaine took the stage at their launch rally. the e-mails revealed she favored clinton during the primaries. in their first joint interview on the democratic ticket, clinton said they would not sling mud at donald trump. >> he calls you crooked hillary. what do you call him? >> i don't call him anything and i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he
10:09 am
seems to thrive on. >> reporter: the morning after their first campaign rally, tim kaine was back in richmond, virginia, attending mass at st. elizabeth catholic church. many democrats are praising the choice of kaine, some liberals including her former rival are not happy. >> you know, the ticket secretary clinton -- i have known tim kaine for a number of years. we served in the senate together obviously. tim is a very, very smart guy. his political views are not my political views. he is more conservative than i am. would i have preferred to see somebody like an elizabeth warren selected by secretary clinton, yes i would have. >> reporter: at this point, it appears the oyster of debbie wasserman schultz appears to be only her role here at the convention, not to her post. this would be a big victory for the bernie sanders folks who
10:10 am
have wanted her out for long time. >> indeed they have. see you throughout the week. thank you. back in cleveland, donald trump used his rnc acceptance speech to focus on some of the darker issues that he sees troubling this country. he highlighted problems with crime, terrorism, illegal immigration. president obama offered a different take saying things aren't quite as bad as the republican nominee says they are. >> as serious as these terrorist attacks are, the fact of the matter is that the american people are significantly more safe now than they were before all the work that we've done since 9/11. and so maintaining that perspective, i think, is absolutely critical. and trying to fan fears simply to score political points i think is -- is not in the best interest of the american people. >> this may be one of the most
10:11 am
sensitive issues of this whole campaign. let's bring in marjorie cliffton and david avela, republican strategist. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> both sides are trying to get at the temperature of the american people. how nervous are they about what's going on in the world, and what we've already seen here at home in orlando, in san bernardino. marjorie, does the president miss the mark if he doesn't understand the disease that exists right now in the country? >> well, i think campaigns are built around either hope or fear. and obama's campaign was very much built around hope. i think what he's trying to do is set benchmark. yes, there are -- he acknowledges the fear of terrorism and other, but on balance where we've come. and where we've come is a 51% drop in violent crime since 1992 and that's been both a product of republican and democratic administrations.
10:12 am
and really, you know, what approach do we want to take. coming identify trump's campaign, absolutely we need to acknowledge fear that's happening in the country. but making our voting and climate just one of only fear is really not helpful to anything because it actually doesn't bridge thoughtful policymaking on either side of the fence. >> do you think the people in the country, depending on which city you look at. a lot of cities have seen a tremendous jump in the homicide rate. do you think people feel safer now than they were eight years ago? >> like his word choice or not, donald trump does get at a ce sentiment that people have about their personal security. 51% of americans believe they or a family member will be a victim of a terrorist attack. let me tell you, republicans welcome a discussion in this election about personal security when the president is making comments like he just made and john kerry is saying that we
10:13 am
should turn off our air conditioners because it's a bigger threat than isis versus donald trump who is saying we should secure the border and strengthen our military. and marjorie being a good pollster will tell you, republicans are going to be victorious on election day. >> i think 73% number believe the country's not headed in the right direction. those numbers seem to point in the direction of a change election, marjorie. do you see it differently? >> well, i think one of the things that has changed dramatically over the course of eight years is the way we do media. how we talk about issues, what's the story telling that's happening. candidly, sensational and fear-based media is something that people are attracted to and it's working, it's compelling. yes, it does have people fearing -- >> that's -- wait a second. that suggests that we're not seeing things like nice, people
10:14 am
driving -- >> no, no -- >> it's suggesting that people's feelings, we all had a 36-hour break. i had a chance to talk to family, talk to friends. people are worried. they're very worried that something is not right in the country. >> i agree. >> when it comes to their security. if democrats want to try to tell them that's not true, they're going to have some problems with that. >> i agree with you. i'm not saying that that is not a legitimate fear. i remember back in the late '90s traveling to europe and there was a terrorist based group in parts of asia. i'm not saying that that is not legitimate. for example, donald trump's premise about building a fence around mexico. we've seen about a 1 million person drop in illegal immigration from mexico in the past four years. it's more like let's look at policies and approaches that address the prop whole liistiwh.
10:15 am
not just isolated fear based. an absolute, you know, let's put muslims out of the country and use those kinds of tests, those are not effective policies to fighting these problems. so absolutely ak knowledging people's fear, but finding a way to have dialogue around them. >> is that going to turn people off do you think? >> no, it wasn't too scary. it is a realistic look at where we are. we have a group of people that want to bring harm to america. and the challenge for hillary clinton is, americans by and large are concerned about their security. and they know what has happened over the last seven years. she is campaigning on, i'm going to continue what we've done the last seven years. and everything donald trump is talking about right now, will he potentially change that when he's actually in office and realistic about dealing with congress or as he continues to get national security briefings,
10:16 am
will maybe he evolve on some of this stuff? perhaps. fundamentally what he's talking about is making america safer which hillary clinton is saying let's keep doing what we're doing. >> i'd also offer the one thing hillary clinton does have in common is she's trying to run a campaign based on hope. i'd like to focus on hope and ways we can build upon. not having every win want to lock themselves in a bunker in their houses. >> marjorie, hillary clinton's record also includes allowing foyer americans to die in benghazi and americans forget that either. >> we'll see you more this week. we got some breaking news out of europe now. a man with a machete attacking people in southern germany. one dead, two wounded, the attacker's been arrested. the assail i can't said to be a
10:17 am
21-year-old syrian refugee. this is a country on edge after the shooting in munich on friday evening. so more details on this as they come in. it is about -- what about 7:00 in the evening in germany. this news is certain to put people on the edge and let you know what comes with it. we have a heightened police presence in philadelphia of course. how authorities are hoping to keep the peace as they brace for massive protests that are expected. we'll see if they materialize. some peaceful one out there right now. also, hillary clinton she has picked and announced her running mate. but is a rising controversy threatening to steal their thunder with the absence of the party chair could mean for democratic efforts to unify here in philadelphia. he has no idea how to create jobs, nor does hillary clinton. and the two of them together with the it of the establishment in the year of change. ♪
10:18 am
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10:21 am
now you can watch nbc's coverage of the rio olympic games live at home or on the go.
10:22 am
big reveal is always interesting. >> right. >> what does it look like? >> today is the day when people get their picture taken at the podium. the security isn't as intense as it will be as we get deeper into this whole thing. people stand in front of the podium and get that i can picture taken. >> nice a clean. crisp colors. i see virginia down in front. i see florida down in front. i see new york down in front. that all kind of makes sense. >> it does. and unlike the last convention, you've got more delegates. a lot of the states up into the second tier here behind us. our good friends from gauam. >> how can you ever be in a bad mood. >> they gave us dried mangos. lot of fun. >> city of brotherly love is
10:23 am
getting ready for what will be possibly massive protests. this ahead of the convention. several large rallies are planned for today in expect tens of thousands of demonstrators in the days ahead. it will likely get more intense as the days go by here. we're live outside philadelphia's emergency operation center with more. a news conference just wrapped up. what did they tell you? >> first and foremost, the concern about the heat. city leaders tell us the temperature and humidity could reach trouble digits every single day this week. it's hard to keep cool when you're out on the street. they set up misting stations and water distribution points to try and help keep people cool. there's a march going on right now, we're told. hundreds if not thousands of people marching down market street from city hall to independence hall about climate
10:24 am
change. interesting on a day when it could hit 100 degrees. officials are predicting 35,000 to 55,000 protestors every single day. they admit that the heat could keep the turnout lower. >> maybe have a 5,000 person planned march and because the weather's so stifling, 2,000 show up. we don't really know. we will be prepared for whatever we're faced with. >> reporter: good numbers of protesters in cleveland was also lower than predicted. this is a much larger metropolitan area. >> i think geography has a lot to do it. are officers there more concerned after the attacks on police and these terror attacks overseas? what is their feeling on that, rick? >> reporter: well, we heard from mr. richard ross who said they are keeping a close eye on the incidents oversees and also the
10:25 am
attacks on police officers in dallas, baton rouge, and elsewhere. he said changing some of their tactics and equipment to adjust to that. they did say they're adding some barriers to try and prevent trucks from repeating what happened in nice, france. we've also seen that area around the wells fargo center which resembles a fortress at this point. they created that perimeter around the complex. they are doing a lot. and here's more from the commissioner. >> it's hard to plan for the unknowns like that. you -- just when you thought you were beyond all that craziness and chaos, you get something else happening. unfortunately, the unintended consequences is every one of those incidences repairepares y in a way you didn't have to and think in ways you never thought before. >> reporter: the last time philadelphia host add convention
10:26 am
of course was in 2000. they made more than 400 arrests that time. the city has made it clear, they don't want mass arrests this time. >> it was a mess then. we'll see how it goes this time. we were here for the pope last september. the perimeter was massive. and they made families of six walk several miles a day. there was a lot of criticism, especially here locally, about some of the steps they took. we'll see whether or not this is better than making families of six -- >> have that experience where you look where you're going and you realize you have to walk around seven blocks in order to come back around that area to get through. i'll be curious to see if the heat keeps protestors away to some extent. people might not want to deal with it. >> 97, 98, 99. >> trip the digits maybe every day this week. so there's that.
10:27 am
we'll be in here as much as possible. as the convention gets under way, there's new questions about the clinton foundation. so where does that investigation stand? we heard precious little about it when director comey came out and spoke about the e-mail matters. we'll speak to the author of the best selling book "clinton cash." more from philadelphia right after this.
10:28 am
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10:32 am
questioning looming for hillary clinton. there's a letter from the chairman of the senate judiciary committee demanding transparency from the fbi on its decision not to indict clinton for her use of a personal server, writing, quote, the fbi should provide a written accounting of the scope of its investigation, the steps it took and the evidence gathered. until the fbi does so, much of the public will rightly be skeptical of the integrity of the investigation, unquote. executive producer of the documentary based on his book, peter, welcome back here to our special edition of "america's news room." what's grassley looking for and why? >> how was it that you had the fbi director lay out a case, a very compelling case of lying and attempting to hide information in her e-mails which is in itself a violation of the
10:33 am
law, how do you lay out that case and in the end conclude that there's not grounds for investigation -- prosecution. that's what i think they're ultimately looking for, explain to us the process of how you got to that point. >> i get it. that makes sense. but if there is an investigation perhaps still under way, maybe they don't want to show that hand. >> yes. >> that's a possibility yes or no? >> i think you're exactly right, bill. i believe and know the fbi is investigating the clinton foundation. i don't know where they are in that investigation, but that is going on. i think you are quite right that the fbi's probably going to be reluctant to talk in detail about their procedures and process as they were looking into the e-mail server given the fact that they are still looking at the clinton foundation. >> that could be massive, peter. >> it is. >> and it could take a very long time. correct? >> no, i think you're exactly right, bill.
10:34 am
and that's really the challenge. think about this. this very specific, important, but narrow investigation about e-mails and the e-mail server took more than a year. when you're talking about the clinton foundation, you're talking about a global enterprise, money coming from around the world, more than $2 billion worth of beat collected, decisions made by hillary clinton as secretary of state, communication between bill clinton and his aides and the secretary during her tenure. it's a whole lot more complicated. i think it's going to take a substantial amount of time. >> when you reflect on the fbi director's testimony, did you hear any clues in that testimony? >> i did. i heard a couple of things. i heard first of all that they think that there was a serious lack of security and that there were procedures that were not followed that should have been followed. the big question of course was why. he was asked, why do you think
10:35 am
they set up this server the way that they did, and he basically punted on that question. to me, that goes to the heart of the matter. i think the reason they set up the server in the first place was not so they could have political gossip taking place that people couldn't read about, by precisely because they had to have means to communicate on these issues relating to the clinton foundation, the speaking fees, and the flow of money. why did they set up the server, and the fbi director didn't want to precisely answer that question. >> got it. that's the suggestion you take away from that, then. >> that's right. >> okay. now, lay makers, people like grassley. they gave him a deadline. the deadline has come and gone. does that mean anything now or in your view are they playing at a much higher level right now? >> it's really quite shocking, bill. if you look back at the history of this, repeatedly members of
10:36 am
congress who have oversight of the department of justice have sent letters to the justice department asking questions. for example, last summer, senator grassley who chairs the judiciary committee, they help set the budget for the department of justice, sent a ten-page letter to the attorney general asking about the russ russia-iranian deal. they got no answer. that was more than a year ago. the department of justice is basically taking a posture, you guys on capitol hill may be responsible for our budget, but we're really not going to tell you a whole lot. it's really a slap in the face, i think, of congress. >> peter, thank you for your time. if i could slip in one more here. you been watching this e-mail leak from the dnc? have you read enough about it yet to figure out what's going on? or any conclusion. >> what i think is most interesting, bill, is the fact that the dnc which is supposed
10:37 am
to be neutral in a presidential primary as the rnc was supposed to be neutral in its primary clearly was pro-hillary the entire time. that that apparatus was basically in the tank for clinton and doing things to undermine bernie sanders. that's pretty shocking and amazing. i think we're going to see some repercussions of that going forward this week in philadelphia. >> we'll see how many of the delegates react to that, too. peter, thank you for your time, author of the book "clinton cash." thank you, peter. the democratic party's rules committee voting to create a commission to limit the role of super delegates. this was a huge controversy during the primaries. people felt they were voting for one candidate and the other person ended up with more delegates at the end of the operation. chief weigh correspondent james rosen joins us now. hello.
10:38 am
>> reporter: good after moon. the revelations in those 19,000 dnc e-mails posted online by wikileaks which has already prompted debbie wasserman schultz to give up her role at the democratic convention, also pass add cloud over the proceedings of the democratic rulings committee in downtown yesterday. at issue were the rules that will govern this party going forward, and specifically the role of its 700 plus super delegates. these are elected officials, party insiders who are not bound and unanimously favored hillary clinton in this cycle. sanders put forward amendments to restrain their power, all of which the clinton forces opposed. to the point where the committee chairman, former congressman barney frank, said this is not a prerecorded message. here's a sample of the debate. >> this is even a question in
10:39 am
2016 in a party with a name democratic tells us all we need to know about the struggles over who will control this party, the people or the elites, the insiders. >> there are elected officials all over america. they're not big shots. they represent hamlet. they represent small cities. they represent a variety of places. and some have come to be super delegates. that is opportunity. that is diversity. >> reporter: that was representative sheila jackson lee of texas. before that, a delegate from maryland. after hours of debate and negotiations, the two campaigns struck a deal to create a unity commission that would work to shrink the number of super delegates by two-thirds and allow only elected officials to serve as super delegates. the final product is expected by 2018. >> james, thank you very much.
10:40 am
so the voters now in some of these battle ground states that you're going to hear so much about, pennsylvania, virginia, ohio, they'll see a whole lot of the candidates over the coming months. which battleground states are truly in play today and how many are locked up? we'll break out the map in a moment. first, though, trump campaign manager paul manafort. >> trump's expanded the map. we're no longer looking at one way to win as romney was confronted with. the one that's going to have difficulty finding paths to victory is clinton because we've expanded the map. ♪ ♪ we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal of purina cat chow complete with the four cornerstones of nutrition including high quality protein.
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now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete.
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pennsylvania's in play, wisconsin's in play. michigan's in play. iowa's in play. connecticut's in play. these are states that the democrats lockdown early for the most part. it's the opposite this year. >> is it really? we will see. that was paul manafort. he says donald trump's expanding the playing field for the republican party by putting traditionally solid democratic states in play this fall. nationally, hillary clinton holding a narrow lead. the same goes for pennsylvania, a swing state that hasn't gone republican since 1988. clinton leading by a little bit more than three points. larry, good to see you on this sunday afternoon. >> thank you. >> do you think that manafort has a point? do you believe that it could be a different-looking map this time around? >> actually, the vast majority
10:46 am
of states will be the same colors we've come to associate them with. rather blue. we'll recognize the map, believe me. now, will there be a few exceptions, shiure. my guess is it will be irunder five or six. he's talking about expanding the map. certainly they're going to focus a lot on pennsylvania, on ohio, on michigan. wisconsin, i'm more dubious about that. iowa, you never know. these are possibilities. for clinton, i think she's going to focus on expanding it to north carolina, possibly arizona. you'll have a few states that are different. i disagree about connecticut. it's not going to be close by november. >> wow. that will certainly mess with their plan. they feel very differently about the way things can go. it's interesting when you talk to people and they do -- many people do seem to have a different concept of the way they're looking at this
10:47 am
election. whether we have a brexit sort of vote on our hands, i guess we'll find out in november. these are all averages of some of the states that larry just spoke about. there is a look at virginia. 42-37 in favor of hillary clinton. let's look at ohio where we just spent some time at the republican national convention. that one's tight. we'll call that a tie for the moment in ohio. let's take a look at florida which republicans believed they can win. that one is razor tight as well. what do you think about florida? how does that look? >> well, it will be competitive. it always is. i do think that the clinton ticket will probably have the edge there, but let's see what unfolds in the general election. right now, we in the midst of convention bounces. it's hard to measure because the two conventions are right on top of one another unfortunately. i like the old days when we had two, three weeks, even a month in between the two conventions,
10:48 am
but i'm old-fashioned like that. there was some bounce from the trump convention. i'm sure there's going to be some bounce from the clinton convention. we'll wait until mid to late august and finally the bounces will have declined or disappeared and we'll have a real sense of where the campaign goes from there. where we start out. >> i think it's going to come down to these debates, don't you? the conventions will settle in august. come september, you're going to have that first bate, which i anticipate are going to be the most watched debates ever between these two. >> you're going to have an incredible turnout. they're finally giving the super bowl a run for its money. sure, something big happens in one of these debates, it could affect things. the history of these debates in recent elections is that they tend to reestablish, reattach, reassure voters who already are
10:49 am
leaning to one candidate or the other. you don't have a lot of people switching back and forth. and there's enough time even from the last debate to election day for the debate effect to disappear. >> larry, thank you very much. good to see you, my friend. >> i'll see you in philly this week. >> looking forward to that. cool. the economy and security run neck and neck for voters this year, but health care is not far behind. what's the difference between trump and clinton and how you are treated by your doctor? dr. marc steagall breaks that down. he is next live. ♪ has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®.
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we will repeal and replace disastrous obama arecare, you w be able to choose your own doctor again. >> absent on a consistent basis was the mention of repealing obama care, but there it is, the republican nominee said it. the rising cost of health care
10:54 am
will certainly be a hot topic heading into the dnc this week. so which candidate offers the better plan for you and your family. live with us, professor of medicine at nyu's medical center, mark stegall. hillary clinton wants donald trump wants to repeal obama care and hillary clinton wants to expand obama care. >> she's using fear of politics, she's saying, look if you don't have insurance, you're in trouble, but having insurance doesn't necessarily give you access to health care. she wants to decrease the amount you pay out of pocket for prescription drugs, decrease the amount of deductibles and co-pays you want to pay, and have three sick visits a year fully paid for. guess what, bill, that's extremely expensive and that's
10:55 am
extending obama care. now donald trump is saying, let's at least get rid of the individual and employer mandate, let's get rid of the payment advisory board up on high, and let's make all premiums tax deductible, and finally, everyone should have health savings account that they can roll over to their mother, to their child, year after year, if god forbid your mother died, you can take over that health savings account. that would take out out of pocket expenses and save insurance for a rainy day which was what it was originally intended for. >> hillary clinton going after out of pocket costs and co-pays and deductables, aren't those costs already going up under obama care? >> good point, they're skyrocketing, and there's no way to rein them in simply by throwing money at them.
10:56 am
trump wants drug companies to have to compete with those overseas for lower costs, competition may in fact drive down health care costs, just throwing government money at it may actually increase costs. >> more to come on that, dr. mark stegall, analyzing it for us. thanks, mark. a very unusual situation has unfolded here, the dnc chair, debby wasserman schultz may not even be a part of it. we'll be right back. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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we'll see you next week, everybody. fox news begins right now. >> i'm chris wallace reporting from philadelphia, on the eve of the democratic convention, we speak with hillary clinton's chief strategist, and donald trump's campaign chairman. >> i just can't think of anybody better to have by my side. >> let's go make history and elect hillary clinton the 45th president of the united states. >> clinton chooses virginia senator ktim kaine as her runnig mate. we'll see how the campaign stands now. then the fallout from cleveland. from ted cruz's role as spoiler. >> vote your conscience.


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