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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 25, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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a major shake-up rocks the democratic party amid e-mail scandal just hours before the start of the con veng. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier coming to you tonight from wells fargo center in philadelphia, site of the democratic national convention. this is not the scenario today the hillary clinton folks expected for the beginning of her coronation week. and it's not one they welcome. the release of dnc e-mails indicating democratic party leaders deliberately tried to undercut the bernie sanders campaign. it has already prompted a major
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change at the top of the party. less than 24 hours before the convention is gavelled to order. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest down from the floor. he does not have the funny headsets even though the band is practicing. james? >> yes, bret, good evening. hearing the band run through the numbers. debbie wasserman schultz's position worsened steadily throughout the day. she would not have a speaking role at the own party's convention and then not chair the proceedings. finally, word came that dws is stepping down at dnc chair by the end of the week after the convention in return for which reinstated as a speaker before the delegates here. it's interesting the see how that unfolds and also as the individual gaveling the convention to the open and close. the stunning fall of democratic party chair debbie wasserman schultz one day after she campaigned with the party's newly minted ticket reflected fallout from the publication
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online of nearly 20,000 internal dnc e-mails. their authenticity unchallenged. it catalogs the contempt for bernie sanders. the socialist senator from vath vath whose campaign capped 22 states and 43% of the vote against hillary clinton. when an aide reported to waszer schultz the dnc chair replied, spoken like someone who's never been a member of the democratic party and no understanding of what we do. she derided the campaign manager as alternately a damn liar, scummy and an ass. in may, suggesting the three other top officials that sanders religion used against him in southern states. for kentucky and west virginia, wrote brad marshal, can we get someone to ask his belief. does he believe in god? this could make several points
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difference. my sournl bthern baptist beeps draw a big difference between a jew and an >> i told you long time ago that the dnc was not running a fair operation. that they were supporting secretary clinton. so when i suggested to be true six months ago turns out, in fact, to be true. >> reporter: the clinton campaign cast the e-mails and the sentiments they captured as irrelevant to the outcome of the nomination battle waged in spring. >> dnc's impact in these things is minimal compared to the results. what candidates and campaigns spend and do on the ground talking to voters day in and day out what determines who wins. >> reporter: late today, the dnc announced that vice chair donna brazile would be the interim chair. it's a role filled once before
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succeeding tim kaine and she is unlikely to provide much in the way of reassurance to the sanders supporters. among the 20,000 e-mails, there are a pair of month of may 2016 in which donna brazile wrote to cuss out the sanders camp and another nine days later calling bernie sanders, quote, stupid and said i don't know how to repond to bernie anymore. bret? >> james rosen down on the floor, james, thank you. brian fallon is national spokesman for the hillary clinton campaign. he joins us now. thanks for being here. this can't be how you want to start this convention, your thoughts on thisdy and the party. >> this is a productive step that the chairwoman decided to take. you know, she has done a lot of hard work to get the party in the position we're in right now. we're from an infrastructure standpoint fund-raising standpoint, organizing on the ground is prime position to win the general election thanks to
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preparations by the dnc and going forward debbie wasserman schultz is committed to defeating donald trump so she's going to stay involved in terms of helping us lead a 50-state campaign and i think given the distractions that have arisen in the last couple of days and the e-mails, this was a very good step that will help unite the party and i think it's a credit to debbie wasserman schultz she took that step and her decision and as a result of it we'll come together more closely in a few days. >> you are okay with her gaveling in this convention? gaveling it out and speaking to the delegates in this very hall? >> well, she felt strongly about wanting to speak this week and i think there's some people unhappy about that but i hope people are mindful about the fact of the work after having been selected to lead the dnc under president obama she'll close out as a final act here and appear at the convention and stepping down at the end of the week. i think that goes a long way to resolving the concerns. >> this is something that bernie sanders said from the very beginning that you were in
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collusion with the dnc, these e-mails clearly show that. i mean, you are not saying that they don't. >> i won't defend the e-mails. some of the e-mails coming out suggested that someone's religion be used against them for political purposes is completely wrong and unacceptable. that person has apologized and i think as we look into this further, if there's further action to be taken by the dnc that should be taken. >> somebody be fired? >> i don't know. >> does hillary clinton want somebody fired? >> i haven't had a chance to look at the e-mails. i doubt very many people have yet and more to come and we node l need to look at it wholistically. >> is the system rigged? >> yeah. that's what i was going to get to. don't confuse the e-mails and i won't defend with the idea of a rigged nomination process. senator sanders himself said nothing he's seen in the e-mails would have changed anything in terms of outcome. it was won the ground and by
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every standard in terms of popular vote, states won, delegates won, pledge delegates, hillary clinton was the far and away winner. bernie sanders not challenging that. he endorsed her and will have a prime speaking slot tomorrow night and going to show that this party's unified. you won't have ted cruz type situation on the democratic national convention floor like you did last week in cleveland. >> will you see the speech beforehand? >> we are in close coordination and confident what he is going to say is similar to what he said the other day appearing jointly in new hampshire. >> brian, honestly, if you see the coverage of the e-mails and go back to what debbie wasserman schultz said, at time and time again, the hand was not on the scale in this election. but it really was. aren't you p.o.'d? aren't you mad and saying how's this possible? >> again, we need to keep looking and reading these e-mails, get to the bottom of them. i won't defend the ones coming out so far and again you have to understand what gets e-mailed
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among dnc officials doesn't is it the winner in any given e-mail primary contest. there is a lot of spirited contests that took place over several months. it was a fair fight. evenly contested. bernie sanders outperformed so many people's expectations and the reality is in terms of popular vote, pledge delegates won, hillary clinton won and bernie sanders acknowledges that himself. >> given this controversy, brian, why then go the extra step to name debbie wasserman schultz the honorary chairman of hillary clinton's 50-state campaign? >> she has done a lot of work that's gone into getting us to the place she is today. she is somebody that believes strongly in state parties and helping those down ballot races, you know, not just hillary clinton on the ballot against donald trump this fall. we are committed to running kanld dates up and down the ballot and the states you don't necessarily think of as battleground because that's important in terms of winning state houses and governorships and committed to that. debbie wasserman schultz has a lot of insight and knowledge and know-how to lend to the effort
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and going to be overseeing that part of thing. >> you think that promotes unity? >> critical step in the minds of many of these frustrated bernie sanders delegates, the demand that you heard bernie support earls say is about who the chair should be. debbie wasserman schultz i think in a huge gesture to party unity agreeing to step down and that's what counts. >> donna brazile is in the e-mails, too. >> she is a long-time party leader. i think people are hard pressed to question her support. she did not endorse hillary clinton. she was very neutral in the primary process. i think people across the party agreed she is a good placeholder to serve out this remainder of this ten your. >> i heard robby mook this morning say that the belief in the campaign is the hack happened from the russians. >> well, there's a lot of signals of that, a lot of signals suggesting they have russians were behind the hack and attested to by top
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investigators of the fbi and said it was the russians and then today "the washington post" came out with a report that suggested that a lot of leading cyber security experts tend to think based on the signs it was done in service to donald trump's campaign. that's them saying it. charles krauthammer on this very network suggested signs in cahoots of putin and donald trump so we'll have -- >> answering a question i asked him about this -- what robby mook said based on that. >> yeah. >> but it's a very troubling thing, true. >> you are pretty certain talking about it based on experts saying that russia hacked the dnc e-mail system but you insist that no one hacked hillary's home server in the hillary clinton e-mail situation. >> well, two very different situations. the evidence of the dnc breach is clear. there's 20,000 e-mails leaked out in the last couple of days. hillary clinton never been any incident of suggesting a successful breach or intrusion on the server. in fact, all the evidence
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including the logs show no skeefl intrusion. >> the fbi said -- >> there was no evidence and he couldn't necessarily rule out that there might not have been and that's a hypothetical there's no evidence to suggest -- >> when you hear wikileaks and julian assange saying they're ready to release hillary clinton e-mails in coming weeks, what do you think? >> i don't know the basis of that. gucifer saying he breached the server was exposed as a lie. the fbi director attested to that. >> here's senator tim kaine a ways back talking about the handling of classified information. >> let's talk about the first amendment for a second. freedom of speech. we believe it. you're a journalist. you can't slander somebody with no consequence. i can't take classified information as a senator and give it to somebody with no consequence. reasonable speech has reasonable limits. >> from what we heard from the fbi director's testimony, i mean, how is the new running
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mate not making the case of consequences for hillary clinton. >> absolutely not what he is saying. the situation that senator kaine is suggesting is one that took place in the general petraeus case of somebody that knew that they were in possession of classified material and gave it to somebody not clear to have it. there's no evidence that took place in the hillary clinton example and the director attested to and that's how they concluded there was no basis to go forward with any charges. >> so, in the hillary clinton camp you're just putting all of the e-mail stuff behind and don't think it's a problem and the foundation thing in the general election? >> two things, number one, the issue is closed as far as the justice department review and this means that any meaningful look at this concluded there a es no basis for any case. now, politics-wise, we know that republicans and others that are opponents of hillary clinton and the ticket will continue to try to keep it in the news. judicial watch mounting a lawsuit with the intention of trying to continue to manufacture drip, drip, drip to
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keep this going and we know that we will have to answer questions about it going forward and in the minds of voters a lot of searches put to rest based on the justice department closing this case out. >> will we see a different hillary clinton as far as approach to the press considering that you're coming into a general election with a candidate who says yes essentially to every candidate? >> i think we will have hillary clinton out there getting the message across in a variety of platforms including interviews -- >> more than before? >> probably. but i think that you are going to continue to see her do is stress local media. we put a priority on interviews with local outlets to directly reach the voters in the states to divide the election. >> what do you want to get from this week out of here? >> well, i think that you are going to see a pretty strong contrast over the next week and last week in cleveland. last week was very much doom and gloom scenario about the state of the country. a gloomy diagnosis of where things are and yet no solutions offered. here you will see a continue
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mystic vision of overcoming the challenges as a country. we are clear-eyed about the looming economic anxieties and nothing wrong with the country that can't be fixed by coming together and hear an optimistic vision of achieving change for middle class families that right now want to see the wages rising again. we have plans to do that and articulate that this week. >> we appreciate you coming in especially on this day. you know it's an open door for senator clkaine or hillary clinton. >> thank you. what has this e-mail scandal done to unity? we'll find out, next. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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welcome back to philadelphia. democratic convention begins tomorrow. this was supposed to be a week where hillary clinton and the sanders teams came together. buried the hatchet. now, because as you just heard, the new e-mail scandal, that hatchet is anything but buried. here's mike emanuel. >> the campaign got something it wanted with the resignation of chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. but it is not clear that fights among democrats are over. vermont senator bernie sanders reacted quickly. quote, debbie wasserman schultz has made the right decision for the future of the democratic party. the party leadership must always also remain impartial and something that didn't occur in the 2016 race. just yesterday, hillary clinton was singling her praises. >> i want to thank congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. and i'm looking forward to working with her. >> reporter: in the first joint
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interview of the ticket, clinton blamed the poor poll numbers on being told a higher standard than everyone else. what she called the hillary standard. >> well, it is, you know, a lot of as you saw at the republican convention unfounded, inaccurate, mean spirited attacks with no basis in truth, reality, which take on a life of their own. >> reporter: today former new york city mayor bloomberg once a republican and now an independent announced he's planning to endorse clinton in a prime time speech at the convention. he's expected to make the case she is the best option for moderates in this election. for senator tim kaine, the morning after the launch rally in miami, it was back to his hometown in richmond, virginia, to attend mass and while he's gotten high marks of many democrats for the initial performance on the stump, die hard sanders supporters said 88% of the delegates found kaine to be not acceptable and warned today they're not giving up the
12:21 am
fight. >> she is clearly damaged party unity to a large extent by her choice of kaine in particular. what she could do now is to open up the convention to actual debate over platform issues. >> the progressive democrats of america have no intention of standing down at this point. we brought bernie sanders to this party sort and we intend to be there. >> reporter: last week many democrats took the republicans like donald trump and ted cruz bicker but on the eve of the convention here in philadelphia, it is clear many democrats are coming here and not singing kumbaya. bret? >> all right. mike, thank you. let's get reaction to the story. brit hume is fox news senior political analyst here and charles krauthammer in washington. first, to you, brian fallon cited you earlier tonight
12:22 am
confirming the dnc hack by russia, cited by robby mook earlier in the day on the sunday shows and just want your reaction to that citing of you. >> if he's trying to flatter me, it is not going to work. this is a slick willie-ism worry of the candidate's husband. i was asked what i thought about the report. i said i have no idea if they're true and the story is plausible and if it is true then it has implications which are disturbing, it means that putin actually sees an opportunity to intervene in our election which is the kind of provocation that i think would be a result of the weakness that the obama administration has shown to every russian provocation for the last eight years. but i'm not a cyber expert. i have no idea if it's true. >> all right, brit. what about the fallout of all of this? you heard brian fallon try to put a good face on this day.
12:23 am
>> if you're a party trying to say we have an act together and all united you don't have to fire the party chairman on the eve of the convention. on the other hand, there is this point that the democrats don't really dare raise which is this. how much of an obligation does a party have to a candidate who is, a, not a democrat, and, b, not someone that the democrats believe could be elected? and i think it's a fair question. and it certainly doesn't surprise us that debbie wasserman schultz and the team favored hillary clinton. and if you think about it in pure hard political terms, hard to blame them. why would they? >> so, charles, you have the democrats when donald trump tweeted out this star that they said looked like a jewish star and they went all kinds of -- got very upset and you had donald trump, you know, reacting to that. but it was a couple of days coverage. now you have an actual e-mail where democratic officials are talking about bernie sanders
12:24 am
religion or lack thereof and how they should exploit that to make himdy min initialled in the eyes of democrats. it is pretty startling. >> it is but i would suggest that if this had happened at any other time it would be a two-day story perhaps. the reason it's so explosive is because it's been leaked, obviously, with deliberately leak right on the eve of the convention. so everybody's here. everybody's gathered. we are in close quarters. the story goes viral. and clinton has to act immediately. essentially for all person is found. i like the way political correct and not going to say a fall guy anymore and trying to end the story. but i could see this story being overtaken within a few days. what it does do is it breathes life into the sanders resista e resistance. it was dead once he endorsed her. might have been a little bit of
12:25 am
y ruckous and now it's a story. validates the charge that the whole campaign or at least gives ammunition that the campaign was rigged and now the sanders people acting thinking that they will have public opinion behind them because of the revelations. >> but, brit, i mean, you don't hear from brauns himself that this is going to upset the apple cart. >> the best news is that sanders today said it would not affect the intention to be behind hillary clinton and what he says in the speech to make here in prime time. so obviously the party wants to keep the sanders voters in the fold to the extent they can and sanders is unprepared to try to blow it up. that doesn't, however, mean that people supporting him who are here will not still be infur yated and that the process is rigged an i don't think it's any reason to believe that these --
12:26 am
what was described in these leaks was in any way devicisiven this race and hillary clinton won it fair and square and didn't need the support of the super delegates about which the camp complained so bitterly. >> just to wrap up, charles, the interview on "60 minutes," one in which by all accounts tim kaine comes out pretty well in his interaction with the secretary clinton and he's getting big kudos in the speech where he announced and there is differences and not somebody to reach out to the progressives in the party and bring them together from that choice. >> that's not his role. he doesn't have to. hillary's gone so far left and she is going to go over a cliff if she goes anymore. his job is to secure the center. meaning independents and maybe disaffected republicans. that's what he was. he was a kind of a centrist. much more like hillary's husband
12:27 am
in the early 1990s. let me just say regarding sanders that unless you hear him say in his speech to vote your conscience i think hillary's okay. >> brit, you know, is there a disaffected sanders voter? is there an anti-establishment sanders voter who says, you know what? kick the table over. let's -- washington doesn't work on both sides of the aisle. and gives it to donald trump. is there that person? >> i think there might be some of those people that decide they're not going to vote for president this year and hard to imagine somebody thinks the way bernie sanders does being for donald trump. he'll appeal to them and on paper you can make a case on some issues, trade being one in particular. but in the end i don't think disaffected sanders votes will help donald trump very much. >> but they could stay home. >> they would. >> and hurt hillary clinton. >> absolutely. >> charles? >> i think that's exactly right. the odds of a sandersista going
12:28 am
over to trump are pretty small and you have to be pretty angry. i'd put that number very low. but the odds of a sandersista saying that the preferred hero of a captive of wall street is not fit to be president, et cetera, i think the odds of them staying home is really high. this could be a contest on whether more republicans stay home or more left-wing democrats stay home. >> all comes down to the numbers. charles and brit, thank you. charles, my odds are high you'll be cited again by the clinton campaign. >> it's not going to work. when we come back, why donald trump is making changes to his call for blocking muslim immigration. we'll explain.
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this is a fox news alert.
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more violence tonight in germany. police say a man was killed when an explosive device he was believed to be carrying went off near an open air music festival. at least ten people were injured. earlier today, a man with an machete killed one and wounded two before arrested. friday, a gunman killed nine people at a mall in munich. if you can't tell, the band stopped practicing. we have gone to the regular microphone set-up. donald trump, meantime, is making some changes to one of his signature issues. his call to ban muslim immigration. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us when's in the new plan. >> reporter: ten months after calling for a ban, donald trump revised the proposal in part because of a backlash against targeting religion. >> i don't think it's a -- you could say it's an expansion. i'm looking at terrorists. people are so upset when i use the word muslim. remember this.
12:34 am
i'm okay with that. i'm talking territory instead of muslim. >> reporter: he wasn't specific in explaining how to accomplish it. >> tough standards. >> anyone? >> if a person can't prove they're from an area and what they have to be able to prove, they're not coming in the country and stop the syrian migration and from coming into this country in two seconds. >> reporter: trump said he was prepared to punish former rivals cruz and kasich for undermining party unity. >> i'll probably do a superpac ad when they run against kasich, $10 million to $20 million, against cruz and maybe one other person i'm thinking about. >> reporter: it was recorded yesterday. he took today off. the campaign chairman said that the campaign is confident to swing in swing states and blue states. >> the one to have difficulty is clinton because we've expanded the map. pa p's in play.
12:35 am
wisconsin's in play. michigan's in play. iowa's in play. connecticut's in play. >> reporter: the last republican candidate to win connecticut george h.w. bush in 1998. the campaign boss jumped all over the leaked e-mails delair clairing as trump does that the democratic nomination process fixed from the beginning against bernie sanders. >> the progressives in the democratic party have been cheated by the establishment but then the wikileaks leaks of the democratic e-mails over the last week prove that that was always the plan. the e-mails proven the system was rigged against him from the start. >> reporter: new york city trump tower, carl cameron, fox news. the gop nominee back on the trail tomorrow in virginia. tuesday donald trump speaks to the national vfw convention. throughout the week, he'll be campaigning across the country including pennsylvania. counter programming to democratic convention here in philadelphia. so will the turmoil over the
12:36 am
e-mail scandal with the dnc overshadow the convention? we'll talk about wit the panel when we return.
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rig a system and you know, you spread e-mails around with each other and senior staff in that manner i think this outcome is inevitable. today's events show i think really what an uphill climb the democrats are facing in unifying the party and starting out the week losing the party chairman is no way to keep something together. certainly, neither party has total 100% unanimity and it's now how you lead and bring things together through times that aren't the easiest. >> well, that is one of the two major party chairs who will have his job at the end of next week.
12:41 am
the other does not. debbie wasserman schultz resigning in the wake of this dnc e-mail scandal. there's a lot to it. steve hays, a.b. stod dard and david catny. all right, steve. the fallout of this. steve fallon tried to get through all of this and there's detail in the e-mails and i think people just starting to get the significance of all of this. >> i think that's right. hilarious watching reince priebus, most subdued reaction of somebody that's popping champagne bottles in the back room. the republican convention had the difficulties we'll say. he has to be thrilled that it seems like the democratic convention starts under a serious cloud, quite honestly. you have e-mail that is clearly show, "the new york times" lead, jonathan martin wrote "the new york times" story writes a clear
12:42 am
effort to sabotage the bernie sanders campaign. >> let's just analyze this. sabotaging bernie sanders campaign and yet debbie wasserman schultz is going to gavel in this convention at that podium behind me. >> yeah. >> and then speak to the delegates on the floor. many of whom are from states that bernie sanders won. how is that going to work? >> i mean, mind you that shouldn't be possible and according to "the new york times" story, hillary clinton's team basically didn't force her out but said, basicallbasically don't leave and spend a lot of time running the convention, it will cause a scene and bernie sanders people come after you and that's what her decide to resign and equally interesting to me is watching "60 minutes" overtime, their -- >> there on the show? >> i think the stuff -- >> i don't think it is. not on the show. >> on the website, they have scott pelli asking questions of tim kaine and hillary clinton about this. and he asked hillary clinton
12:43 am
directly in your view is any effort by the dnc to favor one candidate or another would have been improper? and hillary clinton said, i don't have any information about this. i find it extraordinary that a question that direct and simple, would it be improper if this, in fact, happened, she can't say, of course it would be improper. the dnc is a referee, not to thumb the scales. >> a.b.? >> well, everyone knows that the dnc anointing her from the start. there was an effort to schedule the debates to favor her, limit the debates in a way to favor her. i remember the congressional black caucus superpac with an endorsement at dnc headquarters and then the hillary fund, parties get into an agreement after the fight is over. not last august of 2015 before the fight has begun. way in the beginning of a
12:44 am
primary campaign, she was in an agreement with the 31 states or something where they would always raise money together and instead of money going to the parties, much of it went to the hillary clinton campaign itself. it is legal and not proper. bernie had a chance and many times and i spoke with the campaign about this to actually raise this with his own supporters and he didn't. he wanted to stick with the issues and not be seen as picking a fight with the party and he thought was a distraction and now they have gotten to the point where tomorrow i guess debbie wasserman schultz was supposed to address the pennsylvania delegation and not going to and hillary clinton chair john podesta will instead. >> the release says she will address the delegates. >> if hillary clinton lets her speak -- >> chasing debbie wasserman schultz? going to do this? is she not? >> if hillary clinton lets her speak and the loop of tape of people booing at debbie wasserman schultz play over and over again that's hillary's
12:45 am
failure. >> very hard for me to believe that she will end up taking the podium tomorrow. i can't imagine the clinton campaign wants this. i can guess that there is sort of a tradeoff here. you resign but you get your one last speaking, you know, opportunity. i can't imagine why she would want this. why does she want to get roundly booed by sanders delegates and the e-mails are still getting unearthed? each hour we're learning more. >> i wanted to ask about this but i ran out of time. this is an e-mail dealing with donald trump talking about ted cruz's father. and the picture at the national enquirer from the dnc. quote, while i will note that cruz's father was, in fact, a militant who fought the regime and castro defeated and it would not be unusual for him to be caught up in the ugly web of cuban militants with questionable histories, it goes on to say that the picture may be real and that donald trump may be touching on something
12:46 am
that is legitimate. this is the dnc. >> right. >> e-mail. >> this is going beyond debbie wasserman schultz and they're going to have to clean house. this is communications director. cfo. ceo. this is the upper echelon of the party. now, debbie wasserman schultz is taking a hit on this. she is the chair. she should take the hit and now all the names of staffers are going to have to go. i would think this week. and the timing could not be worse. for the democrats. they were gloating last week, look at all the disunity and now they have this on their hands. >> and fallon tried to say the bernie sanders supporters is on board and bernie sanders. i saw those rallies through the primary. i saw how fired up they were. and they -- how anti-establishment they were. if anything says establishment, suspect it this? >> yes. it is this. i mean, it is the allegations that bernie sanders and his
12:47 am
campaign and donald trump and his campaign made about the democratic primary process have been proven true. everything they said was true. i think the challenge here for the clinton team, if you're on the clinton team, you have to beer if if ied more is coming out. julian assange said we have more. we have more that relates to the private server. >> the private server. >> i mean, if she wasn't -- >> they say wasn't hacked, by the way. >> they claim wasn't hacked and now -- they claim it wasn't h k hacked and if there's more e-ma e-mails, we found a number of them, state department, justice department, fbi found others. if there were other things they deleted and deleted because they were problematic, and he has them, they could -- he could blow up the campaign. >> all right. we are going to continue this conversation. also, talk about this "60 minutes" interview of clinton
12:48 am
and kaine after this. dwas.
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. . . . . . . they brought this on themselves.
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education record, his taking on tough issues like gun safety, climate change, the whole picture is one that i find, you know, very appealing. and then finally, i want somebody who will be candid and will tell me, hey, i don't agree with this. or, could you think about it somewhat differently? i don't think i have all the answers. i think that we'll be a good team. >> i'm ready, first, to be a supportive vice president so that the presidency of hillary clinton is a fantastic one. >> first interview of hillary clinton and tim kaine together. they'll accept the nomination on the stage behind us. we're back with the panel. your thoughts on how he helps her? >> i think he helps her because you can just tell that she really trusts him and natural and calm and confident in a way she isn't around a lot of people. and i think he brings out the best in her.
12:53 am
again, i don't think that he's the top of the ticket. i don't think anyone's electing tim kaine but i think she picked someone that's definitely experienced and ready to be president. she was going to look for someone that could govern on day one if something happens to her and i think that's the way she is. and i think she picked someone that enough of the party will rally around. there was a problem with every pick, never a perfect vice presidential pick and the best person for her to pick. >> i want the look at polls. first the rcp national polls. the average of recent polls has hillary clinton up slightly over donald trump, 44.6 to 42.7. and then you look at the state by state average of polls, florida first. trump at 43.8. hillary clinton at 43.5. average of polls. here in pennsylvania, clinton at 45.5. and trump at 42.3. trump thinks and the campaign
12:54 am
thinks that pennsylvania's some place that he can do well. and ohio, it's essentially tied with the average clinton 42, trump 41. i mean, shaping up in a lot of these swing states to be definitely very cles. >> for all the complaints of donald trump as a nominee, he's essentially in the same place as where mmp was if you look at polling. nationally down 3 to 4 points. battleground states, within the margin everywhere. some polling post-convention -- >> except virginia. got a little bit of a -- >> depends on the poll you look at. a florida poll had him way down, too. 8 points. the average, he is behind. he is behind. they have a little bump out of the convention. probably two points. that's probably going to evaporate this week unless the dems have a total kas s tcatas. the unknown about the e-mail can zal of hillary clinton, private
12:55 am
scandal and now the dnc thing, it is the element of the unknown to give trump a chance. >> quickly, steve, back to the interview, the part that did not air on the air, it's on the web, you referenced it before, has to do with the e-mails and the dnc and didn't air. >> it would be pretty -- the answer to all of the reporters in philadelphia are calling sources, checking people to get more information, this answer that hillary clinton gave in my view is newsworthy on its own. the fact she was asked directly whether it was improper and wouldn't answer given the evidence of what the dnc did pretty incredible. >> we'll post that answer on our website. back with some final thoughts in just a minute.
12:56 am
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1:00 am
a fox news reporting special with my colleague. good night from philadelphia. new special. good night from philadelphia of it is monday, july 25th. disorder at the dnc. a major shakeup rocking the democratic party amid a new e-mail scandal just hours before their convention kicks off in philadelphia. >> dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz amid the e-mails plotting against bernie sanders. >> you're watching fox friends first. >> good to be here. >> no shortage of drama and we have fox news coverage on