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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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well, that's going to wrap up the big "fox & friends" show live from the big tent here outside of the arena. you know what we'll do next? make some s'mores. >> tomorrow, cory booker and geraldo. bill: dem kroots in disarray as the convention kicks off. the leader of the dnc is out. welcome to our road show as it kicks off'. martha: we are live from
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philadelphia. they are starting in major damage control mode. donald trump reversed course in a head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton going from 6 points down to 3 points up. in another poll, it shows a dead heat, 42-42. >> democrats are dealing with the fallout from leaked emails. this has been a brushfire. debbie wasserman-schultz, one of the most prominent party leaders announced she'll step down at the ends of this convention after emails show the party lead officers questioning bernie bere sanders's loyalty. >> i didn't have anything to do with it. i'm adamantly opposed to anyone bringing religion into our
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political process. i don't know anything about the emails. i haven't followed it. i cannot speak to what people who were not working for me saying whatever they were saying. i can't speak to that, i can only speak to my campaign. bill: steven hayes and buytron york. welcome to philadelphia. the emails show the dnc did not wants bernie sanders to be its nominee. >> and worked hard to keep him from being the nominee by sabotaging him in every instances. to see it laid out bare in these emails, to see democratic staffers, including some of the highest ranking staffers at the dnc plotting to make bernie sanders look bad and hick * to look good, it's a big deal.
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martha: bernie sanders kept saying let me at her, i want to go at her on the debate stage. >> remember when they scheduled the debates at midnight on a saturday night so no one would watch? the new interim chairman of the dnc donna brazile said there are probably more out there. democrats know what's in their system. bill: a new poll. among independent voters trump leads hillary clinton by 13 points. how does trump take advantage of this? how does he exploit this. >> in a certain sense what's coming out of philadelphia in these first two days.
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it's exactly in line with what trump is making against hillary clinton. it's extraordinary hillary clinton won't even demount corruption. it's interesting to look how the democrats are responding to questions about this. they all turn whatever question they are asked to the one email about religion where a dnc staffer says we should ask questions about religion because bernie sanders says he's an atheist. the point here is corruption and the point is fixing the game. and they are not talking about that because it dovetails so precisely with the allegations, the claims, the arguments donald trump has been making about democrats and the system at large.
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martha: we'll go to this comment. >> the dnc needs to look at this and take appropriate action and i'm sure they will. what's disturbing to us is experts are telling us russian state actors broke into the dnc, stole the emails and other experts are saying the russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping donald trump. martha: there is irony that hillary's email server wasn't touched by anyone, but this one was touched by the russians. >> we may not finds exactly who was behind it, but we do know what the emails say. and that's the issue. hillary clinton may have a good performance this week. what's worrisome for the democrats, remember all the
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commentary how dark and pessimistic donald trump's speech was, it's inamerican. -- it's pun american. these polls show voters didn't look at it that way. bill: this is brian fallon. he was on with bret yesterday, spokesman with the hillary team about how the dnc is interpreting this. >> given all the distractions that have arising the last couple days, this is a good step that there unite the party. i think it's good debbie wasserman-schultz made that decision. i hope people are mindful for all the work she has put in the last four years -- bill: bernie sanders was on tv24 hours ago say he she's got to go. and these emails wherever they
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came from made that happen. she is off the stage and i emergency bernie sanders in prime time will give a full-throated endorsement. >> i think you will. sanders seems to be ahead of where this supporters are. a lot of unease and anger from bernie sanders supporters. they think the fix was in, they are arguing that throughout. the discussions over debates and timing pointed to this sort of collusion. i think the clinton campaign, you can't finds them condemning the acts by the dnc because of course those acts were perpetrate on behalf of hillary clinton. a lot of people at the dnc are clinton people. they don't want to be condemning their own people for something i think it's fair to assume they knew about. martha: bernie sanders could have had the potential to be a
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ted cruz at this event and sort of rally his troops. but the feeling seems to be going in that the democratic party will be unified as debbie wasserman-schultz argued they were from the beginning. >> this is a disastrous way to start off a democratic convention. as far as the bernie delegates that i have seen in philadelphia. they did not come here to unite behind hillary clinton. they came to support bernie sanders. when he speaks tonight they will want to hear him talking about all the issues he will go through in the hour-long speeches and free college and universal healthcare. and i don't think they will respond as enthusiastically to the end when he says that's why we should all unite behind hillary clinton. >> donald trump jumping at the
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chance to bash the dnc. john roberts live at trump tower. good morning, john. reporter: you can imagine the trump campaign is having a field day with this. donald trump taking to twitter to bash hillary clinton. he said hoyle are you was involved in the email scandal because she is the on one with judgment so bad that such a thing could have happened. he says debbie wasserman-schultz is angry after stealing and cheating her way to a crooked hillary victory, she is out. also commenting on the leak that russia is behind the leak.
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the email scandal is an unbelievable gift to the trump campaign and the republican party in general. reince priebus said yesterday what's happening at the dnc makes the discord at the rnc look like child's play. >> the uphill climb the democrats are facing, starting off the week losing your party chairman is no way to keep something together. reporter: donald trump taking full advantage of planning an 8-state tour. martha, a full week of campaigning during the dnc for donald trump this week. highly unusual. but that's the way he's playing. bill: a potential game changer
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in the race for the white house. supporters much bernie sanders out in force in philly in the wake of those leaked dnc emails. can he win them over? a closer look at that. martha: americans saying they don't trust hillary clinton. she says she is held to a higher standard, a hillary standard that's different from what everyone else is held to. but is that a persuasive argument. donald trump's campaign manager on the email scandal which is not going away. >> i can imagine what a server in the class net chappaqua was
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hacked putting national security at risk if the dnc server was hacked.
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bill: hillary clinton gets ready to accept her party's nomination in philly. a sizable number of voters say they don't trust her. she says she is the victim of what she call the the hillary standard. >> for whatever reason, i see it, i understand it, people are very willing to say things about me to make accusations about me that are -- i don't get upset about them anymore. but they are very regrettable. bill: lanny davis, former special counsel to bill clinton. i don't think anyone predicted the last 24 hours. was this necessary to assuage the sanders voters and supporters who are saying they do not want hillary clinton? >> yes. necessary, hoff is in charge is responsible. debbie wasserman-schultz has
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been a friend of mine for many years. i feel sad for her. she did the right thing. senator sanders praised her for her service. but the emails were horrible, and her stepping down was necessary. martha: the cite sip was she wouldn't allow enough debates. bernie sanders said let's get on the stage. there is a pattern that appears to show the dnc was putting their thumb on the scales all the way through. >> he debate she had she did well. i know very few hillary supporters who didn't want more debates. bill: the emails came out for a reason. was it russians?
6:18 am
was it democrats? without the emails, debbie wasserman-schultz is til presiding. without the emails bernie sanders has a person in power he did not want. you have got to get debbie wasserman-schultz out of the picture to get sanders endorsement tonight. >> don't get too far ahead on your skis with what's happening to the democrats. john mccain in '08 was down 8 point to barack obama. after the convention he was up 5. watch what happens when bernie sanders take the stain. it's a serious problem, we cleared it out quickly. we didn't wait two or three days to direct plagiarism.
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at the end of this week we'll be more unified than any democratic conventions presented in a number of years. martha: it seems that each candidate had a job to do in their convention. for donald trump it was credibility. he appears to have accomplished that to some extent. for her it's got to be this honest and trustworthy issue. clearly it's something she was concerned about. >> she is a great friend. she is funny, she is caring. she always cares about somebody else. that's what she has to convey. winning back trust as a result of being pounded in the media is difficult. and she has got that challenge. but she cares on issues about things most americans care about. she'll fight for them and donald trump represents a greater
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threat. but this is hillary clinton's moment. i agree with you to look into the camera and recognize she has got to earn people's trust back. bill: on the stable tonight cory booker, senator bernie sanders. that's debbie wasserman-schultz in a split screen. let's give it half an ear before we go to the questions. she is suggesting -- she is expressing unity. she'll be on the stable at some point. that's still on the schedule. >> i was speaking to hillary clinton. she thanked me for my service.
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we had a wonderful conversation. bill: it's hard to get the audio there. we'll find out what she is saying. tonight is liberal night for the democrats. >> tonight is unity night. anyone who thinks the dnc problem will be a distraction. starting tonight, when you see bernie sanders endorsing hillary clinton and you see the difference with ted cruz being booed and insulted even after donald trump wins, you will see the contrast. listen to what bernie sanders says tonight. bill: look at the signs they are holding up? the emails, the roll call. >> you do a great job in the media as journalists. george bush was down 8 points before this convention and he was up 8 after. watch what happens after our convention.
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martha: i'm sure you are right about that. but this is the sauce and as it gets made. they want a roll call. good to have you with us. question is, too much bag and to be president? we'll address that. we'll show you the new ads after this. they brought this on themselves.
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6:26 am
been now and november 8 on the campaign trail. people in florida and minorities. thank you very much. on to victory. thank you. martha: that's politics. next to him is somebody saying no, and holding up signs that say emails. they want a roll call vote. debbie wasserman-schultz said she is not going away. she says you will see me on the campaign trail every single day. clearly this has been a tough 24 hours for the woman who has been the face of the democratic party. bill: i remember they weren't
6:27 am
all on board with barack obama and it was a major story. you saw after a period in cleveland, ohio, donald trump how did he do, ivanka trump impressed everyone. that seems to be the takeaway from last week. the other significant event is there are twices many delegates in philadelphia based on the democratic system than they are on the republican side. how are they going to react later today. as far as we know even though she won't preside or this convention, she'll still open and close it. how is the audience going to respond? martha: you think about the factth this election you have two candidates who have high unfavorable numbers. in the latest polls we saw hillary clinton's numbers went higher. you are working as a party to try to get out the votes.
6:28 am
on both sides you have that concern that you have people falling away, they are frustrated. do they show up for the polls? you have got to get the voters out in an election that is extremely tight. bill: i think it's significant that yesterday bernie sanders was doing national interviews saying he wanted wasserman-shultz out. before the sun set in philadelphia, he got his wish. watch this and watch the other side. donald trump will be public this week. it doesn't always happen this week. he will make campaign stops in virginia, north carolina. hillary clinton and donald trump looking to get a boost from their conventions. martha: will the leaked dnc emails overshadow her big moment or will that issue go to the
6:29 am
wayside before thursday night? our coverage from philadelphia continues right after this. >> hillary clinton comes into this convention with more baggage than delta airlines, and this is one more big load she'll have to shoulder all week long. not a good way for the democrats to start their convention.
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martha: democrats set to kick off day one of their convention here in philadelphia. last week some experts said that trump needed to prove that he's capable, that he's credible. that he could be presidential.
6:33 am
that was his big task today a new poll shows his favorability numbers did go up. he went from 39 mid-july and after the convention at 46. both of these candidates have had a hard time with the unfavorables. that's her major job this week. charlie hurt joins us now. columnist for "the washington times." we have these on by the way because they are about to start up the rock band in a little while. we like our headsets, they are fun. what do you think of those numbers? >> i don't think you can overstate the importance of those numbers. the fact that donald trump was able to move his negatives,
6:34 am
that's big news. for a year he has been running a bombastic campaign. it's also done him and lot of harm with independent voters and democrats. and obviously republicans. the idea he can move that needle at all is big. the other problem or advantage for him is that hillary clinton has been with us for 2 1/2 decades. and she has spent a lot of time building up those negatives. those negatives are set in concrete. i predict she'll have a much, much harder time moving the needle on her negatives. martha: we showed the sounds bite from "60 minutes" where she said there is a hillary standard for the truth. she said i don't know why people come after me time and time again. but she believes she is held to a different standard than other people are. >> if you could get into the
6:35 am
back room with her when they are trying to plot out these statements that she makes, i'm sure they are going for some certain demographic. but it's terrible politics. people hear it and they think she is just full of it. and she is papering over the fact that she does have all of these problems. what we are seeing today, it's just so choice, that the problem with debbie wasserman-schultz is all part of another seem scandal. another email scandal. couldn't it have been something else, a telephone evils dropping scandal. but it's emails. it does seem like when she is talking, she is not telling the truth. even if you talk to democrats and certainly the bernie supporters. they feel the same way. when she is talking, she is not telling the truth. martha: let's listen to paul
6:36 am
manafort talk about this email situation. >> the point donald trump has been saying, the rigged political system needs to be changed. bernie sanders is suffering that. there are people voting for sanders because they were against wall street influence and politics. they were against the rigged political system. martha: their message is if you think this is rigged, you should check us out. >> donald trump took over the republican party by accusing the republicans of rigging the system. as it turns out it wasn't rigged at all compared to the democrats. donald trump doesn't have to necessarily win over all those bernie sanders supporters. if he just keeps half of them from showing up, that's a huge
6:37 am
victory for donald trump. martha: when you look at how this stacked up. hillary clinton has to make her mark over the course of the week. they have a big name speaker, you have got michelle obama, elizabeth warren and cory booker. they were laughing at the rnc. they think they have got this in the bag in terms of star tour tonight. >> in a lot of ways they do. elizabeth warren is a real heart throb for super progressive and liberal voters. the same with bernie sanders times 10. michelle obama is one of the most positive live rated the first ladies we've have had in a very long time. martha: people speculate about a potential political future for her as well. >> look how great all these people look. then thursday hillary clinton walks out.
6:38 am
martha: is that why we see some of these fantastic speakers. elizabeth warren, cory berke is a great speaker, and bernie sanders coming so far away? >> absolutely. the enthusiasm isn't there for hillary clinton. but there is plenty of enthusiasm in the democratic party just not for hoik. martha: if bernie sanders is up there and the crowd is going crazy. that will be story tomorrow. martha: if you were dunn throe there that's what you would be do. >> i think that's what the democrats will be doing. bill: we have breaking news. a fox news alert. two people dead as many as 18 wounds after a shooting in a
6:39 am
nightclub in fort myers, florida. it started in a parking lot after midnight. what do we know about a motive? how did this happen? >> the f.b.i. is definitively ruling out terrorism and local law enforcement is calling this gang related. around midnight as this teen party was emptying out of the nightclub, that's where club blue is. there were teenagers all over the parking lot waiting for their parents to pick them up. suddenly a car drives by and bullets fly and there is absolute chaos. two people are dead including a local basketball star and 18 people wownltd. three suspects are in custody. good news for the wounded, there are only 3 that remain hospitalized. the age range of the wounded, 12-28.
6:40 am
it was build as a swimsuit glow party. the club posted a statement saying how truly and sorry it is for all involved. quote we tried to give the teens what we thought was a safe place to have a good time. ages 12-17. there was armed security as well as full security inside and out. this club is typically an adult nightclub. friday the theme of the club was girls gone wild, no panties edition. people are stunned you have got 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-year-old kids attending a nightclub of that kind of risque events in the first place. but three suspects are in zane they are pursuing others as the
6:41 am
investigation moves forward. martha: the markets now open for the day as the new trading week gets under way amid a blockbuster deal. the dow jones is down 56 point. a major mover could be verizon announcing they are buying yahoo. the deal is worth $5 billion and it mark the end of an era for a company that was once considered the pioneer on the web. what a tale that has been for yahoo. they will be purchased by verizon. bill: in philly, hillary clinton's ears were ringing after the republican convention in cleveland last week. [lock her up!]
6:42 am
bill: clinton responding to those chants. and we have heard those chants in philly. >> the embarrassing dnc emails leaked at a very inconvenient time. who is behind the hack? >> there is a lot of signals suggesting the russians were behind the hack. that has been attested to by experts including the f.b.i. she spent summer binge-watching.
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bill: after a week's worth of hits from the republican convention. debbie wasserman-schultz is stepping down as the head of the dnc. she just spoke 15 minute ago in philadelphia to the florida delegation. >> we'll move together in a unified way. we know that the voices in this room [inaudible] we know that's not the florida we know. the florida we know [inaudible] bill: you can see the sanders
6:47 am
supporters holding up signs and booing. one said emails, another says roll call. with us back from new york city, jason, thank you for your time. i expected to see donald trump in front of the camera blowing this issue out of the water. this is what he has been running on for more than a year. why did he not take advantage of that. >> i think you will see mr. trump out there later today. he will be in virginia and north carolina traveling with governor pence, talking about his mess and. the vision he has for the country. but the democrats are doing a pretty good job of blowing themselves up. no need to jump in the middle of it. bill: so we'll see him later today and throughout the week. >> yes, traveling with governor pence. bill: as we look at the convention today. your team talked about wooing bernie sanders supporters.
6:48 am
maybe that happens and maybe it doesn't. but pew research said 90% of bernie sanders supporters will vote for bernie sanders. >> i think you will see a lot of people disillusions with the democrat party coming on board. mr. trump opened up a 5-point lead. bill: he talked about yesterday about extreme vetting. suggesting that other countries could come under his category of banning muslims from coming into the u.s. what's happening on that front. how and why is his explanation changing. >> we have to keep our country safe. we have to make sure we can control who's coming into this country. in germany and other places around the world, we are living in dangerous times.
6:49 am
we have to keep our country safe. bill: he says he will develop super pacs that will defeat governor kasich and senator cruz if they run for office again. >> his number one priority is defeating hillary clinton and making america great again. you will see it if when he's on the road with governor pence. a lot of the reason for the polling numbers is going back to thursday's speech in cleveland. mr. trump gave an electric speech. 75% who were watching said they agreed with mr. trump's proposals. that's in stark contrast to what we are seeing from hillary clinton. 8% of people think hillary clinton is untrustworthy. bill: we saw polling with a bit of a bounce in cleveland.
6:50 am
many pollsters say give it two weeks for the full effect to take place. donald trump has shown that he's unabashed when it comes to strapping and fighting and pushing back. that's far different from mitt romney of four years ago. does that win in 2016? >> it's winning right now. trump is a different candidate. he speaks to the fact that most people want the break up this rigged system we have in washington. this is a rigged system hillary clinton and tim kaine have. that's what we are seeing in the emails trying to keep bernie sanders down. they are working and conspiring against bernie sanders. people see the continual trading favors. going back and forth. we are thrilled tim kaine is hillary clinton's pick for vice president. bill: more to come on that. campaigning continues this week.
6:51 am
jason miller, thank you for your time. martha: a lot goes on behind the scenes at the wells fargo center. the rnc isn't wasting any time with these attacks against hillary clinton.ans are they release an ad reminding democrats of her baggage. [♪] postal service. priority: you covergirl introduces new supersizer fibers mascara 400% volume plus so much length you can't believe your eyes crazy new super sizer fibers mascara from easy, breezy beautiful covergirl
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martha: philadelphia is our home for this week as we settle in for the duration of the democratic national convention. tonight we'll hear from bernie sanders, michelle obama, cory booker, elizabeth warren. some big stars in the democratic party are ready. bill hemmer is down on the floor it's a different layout than
6:55 am
what we saw in cleveland. bill: we try to figure out which states get the prime time parking space. iowa, not bad. ed the thing about the iowa caucus and where it all began back in january. right to our left here. you have got arkansas. front and center. former first lady of arkansas, hillary clinton. not much of a surprise, pennsylvania, then you have got virginia with the selection of tim kaine. you know how critical those two states are, p.a. and virginia. in new york. for the second convention in a row, new york is front and center. here is your stage. i imagine the republicans and democrats in new york are pretty flattered by that position. to found out here, you will see florida back to the left.
6:56 am
florida. florida. wow! so that gives you a sense of where we are. the bands fired up a moment ago during the commercial break. they are doing a sounds check. the set looks outstanding, nice clean lines and good colored. the stairs you see here, you never know how the party will use the stairs and how they will come up and down and how they will configure the stage throughout the week. we saw minor adjustments in cleveland. they replaced the podium when donald trump came out. but that was pretty much it. martha: hillary clinton from new york state and donald trump is, too. it's a new york presidential race which we haven't seen in a long time. debbie wasserman-schultz encountering unrest this morning. it was a chaotic scene when he came out to speak to folks.
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martha: so we are waiting for the start of a news briefing from the democratic national convention. the dnc will give a questions about likely to raise about the wiki email scandal that plagued this event. we'll monitor that. we'll take you there if there is breaking news from the news conference. thousands of democrats flood into philadelphia to crown hillary clinton as the party's presidential nominee with senator tim kaine as her running mate. welcome, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'mi'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. it is nice down there. kind of mellow down there. but later tonight it will rock. who knows what will happen when they start this thing in the afternoon. we will see how the delegates, we'll see how the superdelegates react to the sues of the last 24 hours. leaked emails convincing many the head of the dnc rigged game during the primary battle.
7:01 am
debbie wasserman-schultz announcing her resignation before the convention begins after it was revealed her team favored hillary clinton. wasserman shults facing hostile crowd in philadelphia. they are the delegates from florida. >> i also had the privilege of speaking to hillary clinton. and, she thanked me for my service. we had a wonderful conversation. she asked me and i committed to her that i would serve as the surrogate throughout this campaign so we could make sure that she is able to help build on the progress that we've been able to make. martha: brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. brit, tough morning for debbie wasserman-schultz. >> it is a tough morning for debbie wasserman-schultz, martha. good to see you. when you think about it is peculiar outcome in a way. everybody knew that debbie wasserman-schultz and most of the main line democrats, mainstream democrats including
7:02 am
those at democratic national committee would be for hillary. why wouldn't they be. hillary is a democrat. bernie sanders is not. not only that there is the fact that bernie sanders's views are exotic in the use of many, including many democrats. if you think about this, one. jobs of a political party is to nominate and elect candidates martha: that is a good point. >> obviously they want somebody who can be elected. there is a widespread sense among democrats d others that bernie sanders couldn't possibly be elected even if he were to get the nomination. so they favor hillary. it isn't attractive they would try to use his religion against him which never happened. there we are. i have to say i have a little bit of sympathy for debbie wasserman-schultz who appears to have done exactly what the clinton camp and party wanted. martha: it fuels the fire of bernie sanders supporters who wanted him to be the democratic nominee. >> it is also the case, martha,
7:03 am
democratic party needs bernie sanders to get elected. barack obama could win over people for variety of reasons. hillary clinton doesn't have the advantage. she is too corporate, too centrist by many of them. they turned over the platform to mr. sanders for at least large swaths of it. now they have, they have executed the head of the party. all of this is sacrifice on the altar of party unity. bill: i still do not know how these delegates are going to react. there will be at some points drama today or possibly tomorrow. that this wouldn't satisfy them either. you wonder how deep is the level of discontent has run the party is aware of in order to make this coup possible? they had to get her out of the way. >> in a hurry. bill: yeah, sanders 24 hours ago was still saying she needs to be fired. >> he got her scalp. note, however, that sanders
7:04 am
himself said, what, yesterday this does not affect his intention to stand by hillary's side and not affect the speech he made here and rest of it. he will do his part in the end. and he endorsed her. which is a little different from what we saw at at the republican convention point he hadly did not endorse the nominee, donald trump. martha: you wonder what the impact of that is? reminds me of reluctant ronald reagan the stage, people were cheering him, take your moment. bernie sanders taken a different tact than ted cruz. sort of the ted cruz at the moment. he will get up there and endorse and be for the team and that may engender more support. >> will be pleasing to the hillary delegates and superdelegates as well. bill: think about the trump response. cnn has him up by a couple of numbers coming out of cleveland. cbs has hid tied with clinton.
7:05 am
a lot of pollsters, say chill out, give it two weeks how each convention. i expected donald trump to be in front of a camera yesterday, brit. after all this is what he is preaching for a year. the system is rigged against you at every level. >> they enjoy saying that. his campaign manager was on fox news channel yesterday saying just that, that the whole thing is rigged. in fact it is not rigged. it is not rigged in either party. less rigged i would say than it has ever been in the sense that the party elders and party leaders have less to say. they have more to say in the democratic party. what was interesting, they referred it to a committee, the question of superdelegates which democrats have and republicans really don't. what is the purpose of superdelegates? it was instituted to keep the party from nominating some wing nut who couldn't possibly be elected. what we have, to the extent that the superdelegates in in cycle
7:06 am
contributed they contributed to avoiding what they thought was that very thing, bernie sanders unelectable. having done exactly what they were supposed to do, intended to do, there is talk of abolishing them. i don't think it will happen because -- martha: it worked. they will say it worked. >> it wasn't decisive to be fair bit. it was not decisive, the superdelegates role, if they had to be they would have. martha: in terms of the dark and light contrast, what we heard from hillary clinton and others it was so doom and gloom in cleveland, so angry, so scary. we'll present a much more positive picture of where america is right now, what do you think of that? >> if secretary clinton comes out on the stage and they lower buckets of flowers and she pretends america is in the garden of eden, it is not going to work. you simply can't get rosy scenarios how things are in the america in the world pass an electorate this year.
7:07 am
if you try to be optimistic, which is never bad thing, it avoid being so optimistic you don't get it. she has to strike a balance between sunny outlook and message and recognizing there is real distress in the country. the economy isn't working for a lot of people the way it once did. the policies of democratic party which have been in effect the past eight years have not delivered kind of recovery country needed. it's a tall order frankly for her to do that, to strike that balance between optimism and recognize how tough things are. bill: quickly back to the trump point, he tweeted this, he tweeted a lot, how much bad judgment was on display writing dumb emails using religion against bernie. this is what will be different this week, watch how the media covers this, trump is making appearances in swing states every day this week with mike pence. you know what he has done with the media so far this campaign.
7:08 am
they have drawn his attention. how much attention will he get this week? >> his events will be covered on evening news programs and through the day, part of every show will be devoted to what donald trump did today. i don't think it will quite overshadow this this is too big of an event. we feel it is our obligation to do that. people are interested in it. this is the big event. if donald trump tries to up stage it, which he is good at doing, it will, i can't imagine what he would do or say but on other hand half the things he has done so far this year have done things i couldn't imagine a political candidate doing. that will be interesting, as you suggest, bill. interesting to watch. martha: we have an indication of music we'll hear. the bernie sanders ad theme which got so much attention. we heard we are the champions of by queen which donald trump walked out in a blue haze of smoke. apparently queen wasn't too happy about. bill: brit, you're always our
7:09 am
champion. see you every day. >> aren't you kind to say that, bill, thank you. bill: brit hume here in the skybox. we're awaiting remarks from hillary clinton speaking this morning at veterans of foreign wars convention at charlotte, north carolina. organizers expect 12,000 military veterans on hand. donald trump scheduled to make remarks in charlotte. jennifer griffin watching the clinton team. what is the campaign reaction on the email scandal and resignation of debbie wasserman-schultz now. reporter: bill i'm told from a senior democratic source debbie wasserman-schultz resisted stepping aside until the very end. she had to be convinced to step aside. i'm told she said she would not step down until she heard from the president early sunday morning. we understand that john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chair, he is the one who did the negotiating with her. he reached out to her and
7:10 am
basically said it's time. just a day before wasserman schultz introduced hillary clinton in miami what was supposed to be the most important day of hillary clinton's campaign. >> i want so thank congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz. [cheers and applause] and i'm looking forward to working with her. reporter: hillary clinton said in that "60 minutes" interview that she did last night she really wasn't familiar what was inside of those emails. we expect to hear from her here at the vfw national event just within about an hour. there are four million veterans who belong to this vfw. donald trump will be addressing the group tomorrow. back to you, martha. bill: thank you, jennifer. we'll be with you throughout the week. jennifer griffin in philadelphia. martha: new questions today about who hacked dnc emails.
7:11 am
people are coming to the stage. getting a feel for it. checking things out. excitement building on floor as more people come in. the wikileaks story expected to release more emails. you have ones from mrs. clinton's own server front and center. clinton camp says it is russia's fault. bill: hillary clinton responding to questions about the emails but her answer do not satisfy everyone in philadelphia including democrats. >> right now the clinton campaign seems to be tone deaf on this. you're not hearing any kind of sense of remorse about it. why? i think probably because that's the way they play ball. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
7:12 am
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martha: live shot in philadelphia. 10:15 a.m. eastern time, robby mook, the clinton campaign spokesman is speaking at event in philadelphia. they sort of give everybody the run-down what they expect at dnc. happens at rnc, they give a briefing to reporters what is lying ahead. hillary clinton responding to the wikileaks email situation in an interview. that aired only on "60 minutes" overtime, this section. it did not air on the actual "60 minutes" program. she was asked about emails by scott pelley and appeared to show those emails that appeared to show a bias towards bernie sanders.
7:16 am
watch this exchange. >> no, and i didn't know anything about it and i haven't read any of those. >> you have people in the democratic national committee who are supposed to be, if you will, agnostic about who the nominee is going to be. and they seem to have their thumb on the scale for you. they seem to be working against bernie sanders. >> again, i don't know anything, i don't know anything about, about these emails. i haven't followed it. martha: matt schlapp, chairman of american conservative union. former white house political director for former president george w. bush. marianne marsh, former senior advisor to john kerry. bill: live and in person. you're a real person. martha: fun to see mary ann not in the box. hillary clinton doing a bit of a sergeant schultz i know nothing. how is that possible. >> of course she doesn't knowing
7:17 am
anything about it, they are not her emails. martha: she heard about this kerr cuff. >> she knew you debbie wasserman schultz had to resign yesterday because it became about debbie wasserman schultz and not about clinton-kaine. 24 hours comes tim kaine, vp pick, amazing job, yet all everyone is talking about is debbie wasserman schultz. if a change should been made, not shoved been four years ago, not four months before the election. martha: emails reveal there was thumb on the scale towards hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. why not address that head on. you know what, i'm not okay with, that is why we're making this change? >> i think two things. first of all anything that was said in those emails shouldn't have been said. nothing was really done that really helped her. the fact she comes out into this election, into this convention with 300 more electoral votes. nothing the dnc did helped her in that respect. those were votes by people in
7:18 am
primary states and caucuses. she won outright. nothing they did actually helped her in that respect. but emails should not have done. bill: what do you think, matt? >> i think this is big problem. they have fec problem. they were he will legally coordinating with dnc they received benefits and did not disclose the benefits. she will have the filings to be refiled. giving same answer on these emails on other emails. i don't know what you're talking about. what is this. we'll read more about the emails. here is the fundamental problem for hillary clinton. and debbie wasserman schultz who was doing her bidding. they lied. they lied over and over again. every time they went on television and looked in your eyes oh, we are an unbiased party in all this. we're being fair. think about what reince priebus had to do with the 17 candidates. they were in the bag for hillary from the beginning. it's a huge problem. huge political problem. it is now a legal. it is fec problem. >> to that extension why donald trump is not releasing taxes.
7:19 am
>> nice positive individual. nice positive vote. why those details are out there. that is quibble i'm happy to argue. >> let me say this is going through all of these emails i think we're actually going to find is, more indications that the dnc was doing everything it could for hillary clinton. when you say she earned those delegates the fact is the dnc was hing her win those. that is why you will have near riot on this floor. >> first of all hillary clinton won the votes. that is with the sanders people. if there is a story here it is whether the sanders folks are going to be happy. martha: that's right. >> florida delegation this morning they have gotten everything they have asked for in the platform. they got debbie wasserman schultz job gone. they have gotten everything. yet there seems to be more and more demands. bernie sanders is speaking to night. it's a big progressive night, big lineup like that. bernie sanders says he is with hillary clinton i have no doubt. there are constant disclaimers whether he can get supporters lined up. that is the problem. can you make the sanders delegates happy, that is a big question.
7:20 am
bill: i think, matt, she is making larger point here, that is hillary clinton's team is worried about not attracting bernie sanders voters. martha: got to bring them in. >> they're trying. >> she had been trying to do everything she could to get them on board. this aggravates things substantially. what is one thing bernie sanders wanted more than everything else, he wanted fair treatment. he didn't get that. it is clear he didn't get that. he has rather substantial beef to make. if you look all the polls where types voters will go, people attracted to bernie sanders they're moving away from hillary clinton. martha: you have to wonder also in terms of the vp pick, is she going to wisshe had gone another route? there is anticipation that perhaps you're going to have a bernie sanders love-fest out there. he will be the reluctant guy, i'm with hillary. you twice have to be with hillary too. that will make them more warm outpouring to bernie sanders. >> if you're bernie sanders you call yourself progressive you can't possibly be with donald trump.
7:21 am
what is more disturbing is someone like cornel west, wrote the platform and endorsed jill stein. bill: they can and will be a major headache today and tomorrow. >> i hope that changes. bill: great to see you. martha: look forward to seeing you more this week. bill: day one in philly filled with controversy already. who hacked emails? what else did they find? what else did we learn. first reaction from the trump team on all this. >> justice wasn't done with the investigation and you can be sure that if they're able to hack the dnc, the clinton server was hacked as well. those state secrets are sitting somewhere, if not many places around the world. ♪
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bill: this is robby mook, clinton campaign manager talking about the leaked emails and things going around the dnc the last 24 hours. [inaudible]. >> i, the chairwoman's statement yesterday speaks for itself. that's what she plans to do. look, as i said earlier our convention could not be a greater contrast to what we saw with the republicans last week where you had speakers coming who barely talked about the candidate. one of his opponents from the primary wouldn't even endorse him. and you had, utter, you know,
7:26 am
discord outside of the convention hall because you had former presidents, positives, senators who wouldn't even show up. our party is coming together here to unify, to elect hillary clinton and defeat donald trump. and that's what you're going to see today. [inaudible] >> thank you for having the press conference but been more than 200 days since secretary clinton had a press conference [laughter], first. >> [laughter] in contrast to ted cruz, senator sanders endorsed hillary clinton. he gave outstanding speech in new hampshire few weeks ago. i will leave it to senator sanders how talk about how he goes through the process of drafting that speech the we're excited. we think it will be a great way to close out the evening.
7:27 am
>> what about the press conference? >> [laughter]. i just work here. >> i think you will be continuing to see secretary clinton answer questions in variety of formats including probably press conferences before the whole thing over. she continues to take questions on road, do interviews. she has been answering questions on number topics and emails for a long time now. josh? >> [inaudible] >> again, i think we're simply reflecting what experts are telling us. i think it is up to donald trump to decide what he thinks of it. i think that voters need to take a look at this. it's, it's troubling, if it's true.
7:28 am
>> [inaudible] >> well, i would argue the lasting damage out of their convention was to donald trump because he failed to present a clear plan what he is going to do to help get this economy working for he have one and boy, was it depressing. it was all doom and gloom. he failed to bring his party together. all that said, when there is a clear trend historically in polling after your convention you always get a bump. so i would, i would kind of suspend any polling analysis until after our convention and then we can interpret once voters have had a chance to see both sides of the argument and both sides have had four days of convention and communication that happens during that, in
7:29 am
we'll see where we are, but i wouldn't read anything into what you're seeing right now. >> we'll do two more. >> [inaudible] >> look, i'm not going to get into, you know, there is a plan in place. she was clear yesterday what she plans to do and i'm, i'm much more excited about the incredible speakers, the talent that will be up there tonight, making the case the choice voters face than i am concerned about with all due respect to parliamentary procedure and gaveling in and all of that. what matters here is the message to the voters. >> last question.
7:30 am
>> [inaudible]. >> i don't know the senator's comments. i can't comment on that but again what we are pointing to as a campaign is the reporting that all of you are doing on this topic and what the cybersecurity experts are saying. >> thanks, everybody. >> thank you. bill: so there we have directly from the clinton team the immediate reaction to what's been happening here in philadelphia. brad woodhouse, former communications director for the dnc in the skybox. >> thank you. bill: dan falls, "washington post."
7:31 am
this neglected institution, dnc has begun public embarassment on each of national convention designed to highlight party unity, period. >> you won't be surprised i disagree with that. i think that is a vast overstatement. look what the dnc built right behind you, which is what their role is nominating process and convention and look, we're going to move forward from here. unlike last week when donald trump committed malpractice by allowing ted cruz to speak, having not endorsed him, this issue, you know was resolved yesterday. sanders people i think -- bill: tonight sanders is out there and michelle obama is out there, elizabeth warren is out there. >> that's correct. bill: is this design, quickly now, to get you all the loudest liberal voices out of the way on day one? >> no, i don't think we're designed to get the loudest liberal voices out of the way. this is progressive party. we want all of those people to join this effort to elect hillary clinton and to elect, to elect tim kaine.
7:32 am
this is a time to move on and i think the decision that was made yesterday was the right decision. you know, if i were in the same position i might make a little bit different decision whether i would go on stage. bill: we'll see how they react. our time is short. got to get a quick break. brad woodhouse. thanks. back after this.
7:33 am
7:34 am
7:35 am
♪ bill: 10:35 here in philadelphia. we're five 1/2 hours away before the dnc is gaveled to order and how will these delegates and superdelegates react now? where is the sanders supporters? where are they? have they been won over or is this about to get a bit after steamy mess here in philly. rnc releasing new add on hillary clinton baggage as convention gets underway in philly. here is part of that now. >> welcome to philadelphia
7:36 am
international airport. you will find your baggage at carousel number two. local time is, 7:31 p.m. enjoy your stay in philadelphia. bill: lisa booth, president of high noon strategies, contributor for high noon strategies. julie roginsky. welcome to the skybox. we heard democrats say there could not be a greater contrast, julie, between last week and this week. >> right. bill: i think a lot of viewers watching right now are going, what's up with that? wasn't supposed to go this way. >> it wasn't supposed to go this way. i guess russians or whoever got ahold of treasure trove of emails. bill: you say whoever for a reason. you think they're telling the truth. >> who? the russians? bill: was this moscow. >> i have no idea whether it was. apparently people much smarter about this stuff than i am are suggesting it might be, but
7:37 am
whoever it was got a treasure trove of damaging information and leaked it. we're talking about it today. the timing could not be more awful for democrats as they're kicking off. incumbent upon hillary clinton and everybody else to change the subject and talk about the positive vision for this country as opposed to cleveland last week, distopian analysis where he are in this country. martha: lisa, seems like julie and others are focused on the hacker might have been but seems to me the most important part of the story is not what is in the emails, not how we got them and they do appear to point to a plan to get hillary where she is all along. >> exactly. as a republican to know disunity is not exclusive to the republican party. that is what we're certainly seeing on left specifically to the emails. the problem for the democratic party drives the narrative that the system is rigged for hillary clinton. there is one set of rules for hillary clinton and there is another set of rules for everyone else. that is narrative bernie sanders drove throughout the democratic
7:38 am
primary and narrative donald trump has been driving. it is very effective. voters are receptive to it. if you look polling majority of the americans believe that the fbi, they disapprove of the fbi's decision not to recommend indictment. that is also 60% of the independents and 1/3 of democrats. there is this narrative has been driven believed by voters that there is one set of rules for hillary clinton and another for everyone else. i think that is damaging for hillary clinton. bill: look at these polls, julie out of cleveland. >> i got a good bounce. he got a good bounce. we'll see what happens after this week. real polls people should focus on state by state polls probably around september, if not a little earlier. we have the olympics starting next month. so people will not be focused. having done this so long, these fluctuate. continues to lead in a lot of state by state polls. we have to see what happens this week. incumbent for her to stop on momentum out of cleveland. incumbent to change subject from the leaks.
7:39 am
i want to say whether it was russians or anybody else what we found out in the dnc leaks was unacceptable. i'm glad debbie wasserman schultz stepped down. there is no room for this kind of operation in any political party including mine. i'm glad that happened today but more importantly going into september, there will be two visions presented. one is a vision this week, which is positive vision for the country. the other what we saw last week. look, most people in this country, don't think the country is going in the right direction. they tend to agree with donald trump on that. on other hand it is up to democrats to disabuse them of that notion. that is tall order. >> democratic party has no choice. that is the vision and dynamic and narrative they have to drive. president obama is in office last two terms. hillary clinton running to be extension of those policies. you look at majority of the americans believe the country is heading down the wrong road. majority of the americans believe the country is not strong for future generations. there is a concern among americans, a lot of americans
7:40 am
haven't seen pay increases. wages have been stagnant a lot of americans are feeling economic pain. for voters they're looking at this, believing the narrative driven last week, that things aren't so great in the country and seeing racial unrest and division as well. democrat are a little off base thinking things are fine and dandy when there are a lot of voters out there not thinking that way. martha: she clearly has to find her moment to distance herself a little bit from the prior administration saying something would be different under hillary clinton administration. >> she will have to. don't forget this president has i think fairly record ratings -- >> he has not been in the media as much given attention. >> regardless of the reason he is still much better off, regardless of reason much better off than bush was. bill: ladies, we're well out of time. martha: thank you very much. debbie wasserman schultz stepping down as we've been talking about. she is no longer dnc chair. how will they handle this distraction over the course of this week? we'll speak to the communications director of rnc.
7:41 am
they have issues to deal with and how they hand them them. when we come right back. ♪
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7:44 am
martha: new reaction to dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz announcing she will step down in a matter of days. she will gavel in and out convention and call it quits. she is resigning from leaked emails. the clinton campaign responding moments ago. here is robby mook. >> the dnc is revealing -- reviewing all information. when hackers dump information sometimes they are doctored. there is place to review the information and they will take appropriate information. >> are you -- [inaudible] >> they're doing that review right now. we'll have to see what comes out of that. there are systems in place you through them to do that.
7:45 am
martha: sean spicer, chief strategist and communications director for the republican national committee. sean, welcome. >> thanks for having me. martha: robby mook floating the suggestion even the content of some of these emails may not be what is appears to be because sometimes hackers alter emails. >> i don't know too much about hackers what they do. sound like mr. mook has much better idea how hackers operate, considering the environment he has been living in with hillary clinton for a while he is definitely the expert on hackers. it is weird. at some point they have to take responsibility. fact even if one or two emails wasn't legitimate, enough of them are to show they rigged system. hillary clinton ride to run in 2008. she wasn't successful. it was clear this time to insure victory they rigged system for her. martha: donna brazile came out and said we expect there is more information in the emails. >> you're a communications person. there is a reason you do that. >> they are realizing it may get a lot worse.
7:46 am
you know, look, we had a wild ride last week in cleveland but when you talk about where we came out, donald trump got 7-point bump. we're ahead in the polls. we feel good how it ultimately ended for us. the gavel hasn't even dropped down here the chair of the party is resigning. everybody is apologizing how they treated bernie sanders. but the bigger problem they will have this week it is not just about emails and how they treated bernie sanders. it is an idealogical rift that exists between extreme far left of their party and the far left. that's the problem. it is not about one person resigning or a particular staffer. it is about an entire party that has a huge gap where their basis. martha: let's play a little while ago, about an hour or so ago, this was the scene when debbie wasserman schultz came out to speak to the florida delegation. here's what happened. >> we've had three quarters of deficit reduced under president obama. we made sure we can continue to build on our economy and we must
7:47 am
under president hillary clinton make sure, we must under president hillary clinton make sure that our economy works for he have one. [shouting] martha: what do you think it will look like when they get to the roll call stage? >> i hope it looks a lot more like that. i'm in favor of debbie wasserman schultz speaking this week multiple times. there is huge contrast when people want to talk about our convention. reince priebus got huge accolades how he ran convention and logistically. how it came out. donald trump made it clear that the job reince priebus and rnc was pham noll that. logistically you're seeing absolute chaos. >> had states that, people were infuriated because their votes for ted cruz weren't being counted. i talked to many dell gates on the floor from variety of states, my vote you didn't even count. they were angry, sean. >> no question people had issues here and there. those were small minority of the folks. we went out of convention
7:48 am
unified as party. martha: they will too, don't you think. >> no, not at all. the difference what is going on here there is why logical gap. people on far extreme left represent bernie sanders wing of the party, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. martha: you have plenty of people think there is idealogical gap between donald trump and where they are. >> not like this. chaos and protests and civil disobedience exists before this convention even starts pales to the greatest single event in cleveland. this is bad. martha: sean, thank you. very good to have you here. it is a bit of a relief to have yours hine. >> you i enjoy going to someone else's convention. martha: good to see you, sean. bill: how many sanders supporters do you honestly think trump can attract? >> it doesn't -- bill: is it one, two is? >> i think it will be a lot. they need all of them. their coalition to win is made up of a bunch of niche coalitions. sanders coalition is big.
7:49 am
enough people are upset with the system, upset with the government that doesn't understand their needs, if we get, five, 10, 15% of the sanders supporters -- bill: 15? >> recent polling number has gone up 40%. martha: a lot are young people don't feel affiliation with one party or other. they're looking for outsider. >> what you see all week is the status quo and establishment. if you want status quo, you will see on the stage. bill: thanks, sean. jon scott back in new york for "happening now." >> already major drama. the head of the dnc fired. she was booed at her delegation's breakfast. the threat of more leaked emails hangs over the democrats heads. catch you up on the latest drama. plus new polling shows donald trump got a bump from the republican convention with one prominent pollster saying trump would win if the election were held today. it is all ahead, "happening now." bill: jon, see you ten minutes
7:50 am
away, "happening now." we're learning more what we expect later today on the floor so don't miss that next. ♪ you didn't read your car insurance policy. you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it. you can't even find it. the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device.
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>> what we have is kind of a bromance going on between putin and trump which is drink from this leak and we have the republican -- >> that is well-put. >> republican party platform moving back saying they won't defend nato allies. >> and donald trump extraordinary interview with the "new york times" last week.
7:54 am
>> maybe simply a mutual admiration society. i don't know. >> frightening. >> it is frightening. bill: seems to be a moving target, doesn't it? martha: spin clearly from the dnc today is that this whole email thing is about russia and who hacked into it rather than content of those emails. main political question for democrats as they gather in philadelphia when they gavel in a little while from now, whether they fill intensity gap and enthusiasm gap exist from the sanders voters and get behind hillary 100% to put her over the top. bill: dnc officials first time they popped up their head this morning they were taking heat from the people, whether they were delegates or whether or not they have gathered to protest outside. later today, 4:00, the convention begins. the roll call will be tomorrow at some point. and if you go down to the floor as we were a short time ago, you see what the priorities are. so often, martha, the same states keep popping up, right? it is virginia, and it's florida.
7:55 am
i have not located ohio yet. we'll do that through the course of the day here. so you've got this, you've got this anvil hanging over this convention already. it has not even started. martha: perhaps the biggest shock when you look at polls not that donald trump got a boost out of his convention, that is sort of typical but how close these polls are, bill. i mean donald trump and hillary clinton are tight. this is a tight race going forward. and that is not lost on the dnc. they know they have their work cut out for them. they have a very food week here in philadelphia. they -- good week. they hope they get a bump out of their convention that donald trump got out of his. bill: we'll see donald trump today, typically in a conventional year, the other side would sit the week out. they would be quiet but that is not, that is not the case. hillary clinton was in cincinnati last week when the republicans were in cleveland, we know that. trump will campaign today in virginia and north carolina. campaigning in florida on tuesday. he will be in the state of pennsylvania on wednesday.
7:56 am
this is rather, it does not happen this way when the other side goes out in tandem, interest/pence together. martha: trump campaign said they would start in ernest after cleveland. they have catch-up in organizations in the states. they need to be out there to maintain the lead. that appears what they're doing. bill: i would argue this is a far cry from what mitt romney or john mccain dared to do in the last two cycles. martha: so a shake-up as we have discussed this morning within the democratic party just before the start of their big week here in philadelphia. could the resignation of the dnc chair cause chaos? our coverage continues live from philadelphia. ♪
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martha: we are up and running. bill: "outnumbered" off at one. martha: i will be back with live coverage from philadelphia. bill: another week straight ahead, "happening now". jon: and we are not either, high drama before the democratic convention even begins with the head of the democratic national committee announcing her resignation after an email scandal of her own. welcome, happy monday everybody. i'm jon scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. uniting together, that is the theme for the first night of the democratic convention but it is shaping up to be anything but unity after leaked emails show dnc higher-ups worked to undermine the bernie sanders campaign. the embassy chair debbie wasserman schultz to step down as the party leader


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