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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: we are up and running. bill: "outnumbered" off at one. martha: i will be back with live coverage from philadelphia. bill: another week straight ahead, "happening now". jon: and we are not either, high drama before the democratic convention even begins with the head of the democratic national committee announcing her resignation after an email scandal of her own. welcome, happy monday everybody. i'm jon scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. uniting together, that is the theme for the first night of the democratic convention but it is shaping up to be anything but unity after leaked emails show dnc higher-ups worked to undermine the bernie sanders campaign. the embassy chair debbie wasserman schultz to step down as the party leader.
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jon: but things could get even more interesting when senator sanders addresses the crowd tonight. first lady michelle obama and senator elizabeth warren also set to speak tonight. dot away live in philly with a preview. not? reporter: hi john. there's a really unpredictable dynamic developing about what we might see on the convention floor tonight. for a taste of what we can potentially see, take a look at this video. this is what happened at the florida delegation breakfast just this morning. dnc chairman debbie wasserman schultz was speaking to her home state delegation when a chorus of boos and shouts corrupted. given that present perception if no wonder that debbie wasserman schultz resigned and was denied a speaking opportunity. the last thing you want to see at one of these carefully scripted infomercials. that said, the clinton campaign is hardly severing its relation ship with debbie wasserman schultz area to the
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contrary, it is asking her to be its honorary cochair of the clinton campaign. clinton said in a statement there is simply no one better at taking the fight to the republicans then debbie which is what i'm glad she's agreed to serve as honorary chair of my 50 state program. she was telling 60 minutes last night that shehad nothing to do with this email scandal . >> i didn't know anything about it and i haven't read any of those but i am adamantly opposed to anyone bringing religion into our political process. the constitution says no religious test so that is just absolutely wrong and unacceptable . reporter: bernie sanders definitely more muted than his supporters, perhaps because he feared that the dnc was behind clinton all along.
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>> i think it's outrageous but it is not a great shock to me. it's what we talked about six months ago. there's no question to my mind and i think no question to any objective observers mound mind that the dnc was supporting hillary clinton, was in opposition to our campaign . reporter: sanders will be speaking to the campaign tonight. in a press release yesterday his staff left no indication that he intends to attack either debbie wasserman schultz or secretary clinton. it appears that his venom will be reserved for donald trump but wecannot bout for how his supporters in that ported auditorium will do tonight. back to you. jon: it is going to be fascinating to watch, doug mack away in philadelphia, thank you . our next guest says the convention chaos in the light of debbie wasserman schultz announcing her resignation over those leaks dnc emails. daniel is washington bureau chief for the new york post and joins us now. the democrats were mocking republicans saying the whole ted cruz flat and everything proved they were not on united party. this was going to be there
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attempt to prove they were united. it seems like that has eluded them. >> absolutely. it's funny how everybody seems to have gotten the conventions reversed. there was supposed to be so much chaos after a balkan convention, there were very few arrests, except for the ted cruz scenario which the convention organizers allowed to go on. this has the opposite field, it feels very chaotic. there's a camp inside the convention which is already happening with debbie wasserman schultz on the way out and then there's the camp outside the convention which is another concern here where they're expecting as many as 50,000 protesters per day so 200,000 protesters in total all week. that can really disrupt the city and disrupt his coronation for hillary clinton. jon: talk about the wisdom of hillary clinton making debbie wasserman schultz or honorary campaign chair. this is a woman who just got caught with a farm on the scale for hillary. and to sort of reward her
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with that post makes it look like a quid pro quo, doesn't it? >> it's a little shady, absolutely. it does have the benefit of everybody knows that debbie wasserman schultz has been in the bag for hillary clinton, these emails permit so why not? it makes sense. i don't think anybody's to surprise but debbie wasserman schultz, she is a tough primary battle back in her home state district in florida that she's being outraged with. bernie sanders has come out in support of her opponent and it looks like she might lose that. it's crazy that she isn't putting the entire convention on hold and just leaving, going home to her district and trying to win campaign. she's going to pay a big price for this at home and i think this breakfast that she was jeered at that we talked about earlier, that is a big warning sign that her
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political career might be coming to an end very soon. jon: bernie sanders obviously has a huge contingent of supporters, a huge contingent of delegates at this convention. now that these emails seem to suggest that the party hierarchy was working to keep him, freeze him out of the race, what ... where are those bernie supporters supposed to go? are they all going to jump on board with hillary clinton like the party has helped to mark. >> bernie has jumped on board with hillary clinton and that's what tonight is about. michelle obama, it is about unity tonight and that's the first big test, do they jump on board? is he going to be able to convince them that you didn't get what you want but you have to support hillary because donald trump is so bad for our agenda, is he able to make a convincing case? that's the key to this convention because they need democratic unity in order to have a chance at winning this election. that's why this is so important. this may be one of the most important nights of the convention .
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jon: what about her choice of tim kaine as a running mate, does that propel her forward in this campaign season? >> it hasn't yet. he does have certain benefits but he's a little bit of a bore. he said so himself. that's a huge concern that nobody's looking forward to his speech or hillary clinton's speech. the republicans were able to do that well and that the biggest things that the convention ended up being donald trump's speech and mike pence's speech and of course ted cruz speech but they were able to formulate the convention to highlight these speeches. the democratic convention is the opposite, people are looking forward to more scenes bernie sanders and barack obama, looking forward to seeing everybody but hillary clinton and timkaine. that's a big problem is they are going forward because you need to have enthusiasm if you want to win an election . jon: let's talk about some of new polls out in the race for the white house.
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donald trump gets a big postconvention bounce, a cnn orc poll shows trump leading clinton 48 to 45 percent, a six point jump for trump the last convention polltaken . similar results for the con full national poll which finds trip pulling ahead of clinton by four percent with still a sizable swing from the past week when the former secretary of state was clinging to a two point lead. i guess we could expect that hillary clinton might get a bounce out of her convention but given some of the chaos we talked about, that might not necessarily materialize. >> look, it's huge for donald trump obviously. he needed this poll, heb the jump but you need to wait two weeks, three weeks to see what happens with hillary clinton and how it evens out. obviously if you're donald trump and you're the republicans you have to be very pleased that the convention appearsto have been a success. what more could you hope for
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and bouncing six points in a poll ? hillary clinton, bill clinton make a convincing case and barack obama, these are key elements to this convention and it will help prove whether or not she's able to get her own balance, if she can bounce back then the race will be set in a couple weeks. i think that's the key right here. jon: daniel helper, washington bureau chief for the new york post, thank you . >> thanks john. melissa: donald trump not slowing his campaign down as the democratic convention gets underway in philadelphia. trump and mike pence talking to voters in the swing state of virginia and north carolina. national correspondent john roberts is live in new york city with more. i imagine they are feeling good this morning, john.
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reporter: there they like those poll numbers they are seeing. it's a tradition for one candidate to stay dark while the other one is having their national convention but hillary clinton didn't do that last week and donald trump is breaking the political mold again, not just doing a couple of ants but doing events in seven battleground states . he is often north carolina and virginia today, then off to florida, iowa and colorado and he's what going to have a big speech in arizona along the border where he will talk about immigration. this morning donald trump having a field day with what's going on at the dnc and the email scandal while hillary clinton has disavowed any connection to what happened. donald trump placing the blame squarely on her and a flurry of tweets today saying among other things, crooked hillary clinton knew everything that her servant was doing at the dnc, talking about debbie wasserman schultz. they just got caught, that's all. they laughed at bernie. donald trump taking on debbie wasserman schultz saying quote, the highly neurotic debbie wasserman schultz is angry that after stealing and cheating her way to a crooked hillary victory, she's out. the trump campaign also
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laughing off any suggestion that russian hackers released the dnc emails to help trump's campaign. here's what his campaign chair paul metaphor said yesterday. >> they are pretty desperate quickly is all i have to say on that. it's a far reach, obviously. to lead their convention with that tells me that they really are trying to move away from what the issues are going to be in this campaign. it's pretty absurd. reporter: it was clinton's campaign manager robbie boone who was making the allegations about russia trying to help out the trump campaign but let's keep in mind melissa while it may be because there were some reports that russian hackers were the ones behind the email leak , there were officials at the dnc that the emails, not the russians . melissa: is a good try at the subterfuge, you got to respect that. ask for the report. jon: germany's interior minister is beating up security afterthe fourth attack in that nation just a week . please say a man blew himself up and wounded at least people after he was turned
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away froma music festival in southern germany. it comes after a machete attack over the weekend and a deadly massshooting at a munich mall . benjamin hall , live in london with the latest, benjamin. reporter: germany is reeling at the moment after the string of four attacks in a week, 12 people killed, dozens have been wounded and three of them have been refugees who are responsible. we are learning that isis is claiming responsibility for the latest on that happened last night when a 27-year-old syrian set off a backpack laden withexplosions outside a wine bar in the southern town of ansbach where 8000 us serviceman eight . fortunately he killed only himself but wounded 15 others. police raided the shelter where you live and found videos of the radical islamic content and more bomb making material. he was a syrian refugee who
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was due to be deported. he had twice tried to commit suicide in the park. about 120 miles away in munich hundreds of people were gathered at the scene of friday's mass shooting to commemorate the night were killed there. during the shooting spree at a shopping center read that was carried out by 18-year-old german iranian on a somebody who also took his own life. he had been captured at the beginning of his massacre and yesterday a 16-year-old afghan friend was arrested under suspicion of having known about the attack. he had met with somebody at the scene and knew that he had a pistol. the two of them had met last year at a award. all these attacks are raising serious questions about germans open our refugee policy. 1.1 million refugees came into germany last year and determine the same indications of terrorist among the refugees tensions now around that country and big questions about whether that policy was floored and if it has to change going ahead. jon: scary times in germany right now, benjamin hall in
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london, thank you. melissa: shooting in fort myers florida. what police are saying about it, what it means for public safety. and we want to hear from you. how do you think the dnc email scandal will affect the convention? just go to to join the conversation. >>
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jon: devastating wildfire reporting homes in california . at least 18 houses near los angeles already destroyed in the fierce flames. thousands of more threatened. unexpected wings making the fire harder for crews contained and the fire chief says this is the most extreme fire behavior he has seen so early in the season. melissa: tragedy at a nightclub in fort myers florida following a shootout that left two people dead and
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more than a dozen wounded. it happened during a party for teenagers with some of the victims as young as 12 years old. the shooting comes six weeks after the terror attack at the polls nightclub in orlando but officials tell fox last night shooting appears to be gang-related with no connection to terrorism. police say three suspects are in custody in the area around the nightclub is secure. steve rogers is a former member ofthe fbi joint terrorism task force and retired detective , also retired lieutenant commander in the office of naval intelligence, you are more than qualified to sit here and talk to us about this. you wake up in the morning and there's been another incident area it is hard to keep all of them straight. talking about this attack in the florida nightclub last night, gang-related they say but there is a fear of public safety in the us right now, what do you make of that in particular? >> law enforcement use the term appears to be gang-related but we know in
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the intelligence community that isis may be influencing gangs to get involved in terrorist activities. gangs usually will go after one or two targets, they went after little kids. they went after teenagers in this incident before there's a rush to judgment that there's no solid evidence it's terrorist related but i think lawenforcement is being very careful on this and we will draw a different conclusion down the road . melissa: i want to go overseas now as the islamic state just claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in germany, the fourth attack there in the past week. police syrian refugee blew himselfup and wounded 15 others after he was turned away from a music festival . it comes after a deadly machete attack in southeastern germany and a shooting rampage at a munich mall on friday.
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you put all of these together, germany, this is a country with very strict gun control that is not used to this kind of violence at all, what do you make of it? >> one word describes this all, invasion. in the pastinvasions would take places at beaches. we are being abated, leading the west, germany, france and here in the united states and there's going to be a methodical attack on all the western countries and unless we do something to stop it, these things will increase quickly . melissa: as somebody is used to dealing with this on a terror and national level, you look at these refugees coming in from syria, and .1 million come into germany in the last year, i remember a year or two ago when we were looking at the pictures of what was happening to people in syria, needing to flee their homeland and go somewhere else, they have to go somewhere. there are good people mixed in with the trojan horse that is coming in as well, how do you sort through all of it as
8:21 am
a law-enforcement? >> you can't sort through all of could have a safe zone in syria and keep them where they are and had our us military protect them. we don't know who's coming here.we're finding out who's coming here, a lot of bad people and they're here with one mission in mind: to take us down. we have to set up a process to keep them where they are and protect them with our military and a methodical way of processing them into some of the countries that we want to bring them into but we're creating a serious public safety problem for our nation right here. melissa: for people at home, it feels like these things are happening with greater frequency. for last week in germany alone. is it because we're covering it now and the media is focused on it because of the presidential election or is it happening more frequently? >> it's happening more frequently and it's going to be increasing because there is no response from the western world. we send a sympathy card, there's committee hearings,
8:22 am
the president gets on television and tells us how bad he feels. there needs to be a strong high-level response from the military, the state department and your local police . melissa: thanks for your insight, john? jon: verizon scooping up another falling internet star after acquiring aol last year. the company it just bought. plus, last-minute security procedures at the democratic convention amid growing fears that protest could turn violent read what's sporting thoseconcerns and what's being done to keep everyone safe . >> and let's go back and not quit the gym and have a chance to say goodbye to grampy tim oh, that's the power to turn back time. (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv.
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jon: justin, a mega merger in the tech sector with verizon buying yahoo for nearly $5 billion. the deal marks the second time in two years that verizon snapped up the remains of a once giant internet star. the nation's largest wireless carrier but aol last year for a $.4 billion . verizon on the yahoo bidding
8:26 am
after a five-month auction. the deal expected to close in early 2017. melissa: right now growing concerns about protests that could turn violent at the democratic national convention as the dnc tries to unify, protesters say they want to be heard. leland vineyards is live in philadelphia. what's it like on the ground there? reporter: loud, boisterous people but certainly a lot of energy here. more organized, more people than we ever sought out on the street at the rnc and there are a lot of groups out here, different groups but they have to common themes, to common chance. one, feel the burn. two as you just heard, hell
8:27 am
no dnc, were going to vote for hillary and people coming from all over insupport of bernie sanders. one from traverse city michigan, a long way to come eileen. why is this so important to you? because the election was cheated . it was great from the beginning and we knew it bernie was filling stadiums of 20,000 people. the news wasn't even showing it and were trying to figure out why is that? we started figuring out that this is rigged against him and this was from the get-go. reporter: you see these emails that came out talking about what the dnc was doing. you think that your case, right? it definitely proves our case. what we are hoping it will prove is that hillary was involved in it also and the fact that debbie wasserman schultz stepped down to appease us and hillary hired her, to split seconds later to run her campaign, it shows that hillary is involved in all this as is obama. reporter: it seems likeall these protests and angry folks a lot out there, hillary is going to get the nomination or it seems that way . >> . reporter: for you going to vote for?
8:28 am
>> i ... i am going to wait to see where i think my vote will most hurt hillary. i might even vote from. i'm 60 years old and it will be the first time i ever cast a vote for a republican but if it will keep hillary out of office i will vote from but most of us are leaning towards outside, we will not vote for hillary and even though the news media keeps telling people none of these people will, in fact thursday 13 million people are doing the den exit which is where we are leaving the democratic party on thursday for good. reporter: eileen cook here and there's a feeling and the sentiment we are hearing from people is different from the sentiment from the rnc where some people are angry, protesters. these are people saying they will work against hillary clinton and judging by this
8:29 am
crowd that continues to grow on day one, there are a lot of them . melissa: have a lot of passion, that's for sure. for that report. jon: a dangerous plaything hold across the us so how hot might get before things cool down? meteorologist maria molina coming up. us, how hillary clinton is responding to her critics at the republican national convention . >> i often feel like there's the hillary standard and there's the standard for everybody else. >>
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melissa: right now a quick look at what is still to come this hour of happening out. hillary clinton firing back at critics, why he says some of the negative comments about her having been fair. sentencing getting underway for a california man who tried to join isis. how long he could stand behind bars. an extreme heat waves across the country. temperatures soaring to triple digits in many places. will it ever cool down? jon: of the shape of
8:34 am
important leadership as the democratic convention is about to get underway. dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz is getting down after newly released emails suggest the dnc supported hillary clinton over bernie sanders in the primary season area they were supposed to be neutral. the fallout the democrats efforts to project party unity at the start of the national convention. joining us now, alan calls most of the alan holmes joke syndicated by fox news radio and terry bruce, a radio talkshow post fox news contributor. alan, do you first. are you surprised at what these emails revealed. >> it's a shame, it's one staffer who apologized but it's inexcusable. people should know anything they put in an email, anything in writing that the second phone call is likely to come out of a digital world, don't say or write anything youdon't want the world to know about ,
8:35 am
jon: the democrats were apparently at the national committee was apparently putting its, on behalf of hillary are voters supposed to trust that the process is going to be there from here on out? >> that's what you're going to be seen at the convention. this is one of the issues, is this notion that these primary seasons are supposed to be about the voter and they are finding out that it never was about them. all these books, all those primaries were irrelevant and it's going to strike anybody regardless of what your party is but in this case you also got, this is the first time this has ever happened with the chair of the party stepping down if you will but she also this morning was booed at her own florida delegate gathering off the stage and the convention, i believe she's going to be opening it. that will begin a series of booze. they still seem to be disconnected and tone deaf about how the fact that certainly all democrats and all republicans don't like being lied to and this is
8:36 am
wild horse bernie sanders is doing so well in the first place. jon: were going to stand by for just a minute at the national convention is underway in north carolina. hillary clinton is addressing it , let's listen and. >> ... for those who serve. i've been a direct beneficiary of your expertise and commitment. some of my top advisers are members of the vfw. i'm grateful to all the veterans and retired military leaders who have shared their knowledge and counsel with me . i especially want to thank the vfw for the close consultation you provided as we work to put forward our plan to reform the va. today, i especially want to acknowledge and appreciate retired marine general john allen, a former deputy
8:37 am
commander of the us central command and commander of the international security assistance force area overseeing nato troops in afghanistan. i had the great privilege of working with general alan and therefore i am deeply honored that he endorsed me this morning. his confidence in me and that of the other esteemed military leaders who support my campaign means a great deal to me. but it also imposes a high responsibility on me as well. so i think you, i thank you for what you've done behind the scenes as well as in public to make sure that america keeps our promises, honors our history and gives our veterans respect and the opportunities they burned.
8:38 am
a lot of the issues you have fought for are at stake in this election america is grappling with big questions. how do we keep our country safe? how do we make the world safer? how do we make sure we give our troops what they need to see their mission through? and when they come home, that they have the support and access to services they need to lead the, productive successful lives area these challenges matter to me personally, not only as the proud daughter of a veteran, my father you rotten enlisted in the navy shortly after the japanese attacked pearl harbor. he became a chief petty officer responsible for training thousands of young sailors before they shipped out to see, mostly to the
8:39 am
pacific theater. after my father died in 1993, i received letters and old photos from men who had served under him, talking about what a difference my dad made in their lives. these are letters that i treasure . my dad once told me how sad he felt when he left great lakes naval base and accompanied his trainees to the west coast to join their ship. he knew some of these bright, energetic young men wouldn't survive. some of them probably bought it too. but still they went to serve area because they knew our country needed them.
8:40 am
that's the kind of courage and honor our men and women in uniform illustrates every single day. i thought a lot about my father's experiences later when i became a senator from new york serving on the senate armedservices committee . and then as secretary ofstate . i've worked hard over the years on many of the issues you care about and work on every day. i am not a newcomer to these issues . and today i want to tell you a few of my core beliefs which will guide me if i have a great honor to be elected this fall. because americans are just choosing a president. we're also choosing a commander-in-chief. the person who decides, questions of war and peace,
8:41 am
life and death. there's no more solemn or serious responsibility than that. so you deserve to know what we candidates believe about national security and how we go about making life or death calls because they will affect our men and women in uniform first and foremost and they will affect our veterans. let's start here. i believe the united states of america is an exceptional nation capabilities that no other country comes close to matching. and we have ... [applause] we have the world's greatest military. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. [applause] we also have an
8:42 am
economy that is larger, more durable and more entrepreneurial than anyother on the planet . and we are guided by values that have long inspired people across the world. a commitment to freedom and equality, justice and diverse city that fundamental american ideal that every single person deserves to be treated decently and with respect. no matter who they are. [applause] i believe in standing with our allies because they are part of what makes us exceptional . no other country in the world has relationships like we do.
8:43 am
generations of american troops fought and yes, died to secure those bonds because they knew we were safer with more friends and partners and fewer adversaries and enemies . our men and women in uniform carry that work forward today. my running mate in this election is a wonderful man in virginia named kim kaine. he was governor of virginia, mayor of richmond virginia. if you're not familiar with him yet, i urgeyou to check them out . he's a great public servants and a terrific i. his son is a marine. his son is actuallydeploying
8:44 am
today . to help defend our nato allies in europe. that's how committed he is and many others are to our alliances and we should be too. after all, america's word has to mean something. [applause] i believe in being firm but wise with our rivals. finding common ground where we can and standing our ground when we must. that's the balance that made it possible for me to work with all kinds of nations, to work, to increase pressure on north korea, to work to stand up to the chinese and south china sea area to work with russia to conclude the new
8:45 am
start treaty that reduces nuclear stockpiles while standing up to them. because of their threats to our friends in eastern europe. one thing for certain, you will not ever hear from me is praise for dictators and strong men who have no love for america. [applause] and yes, i believe with all my heart in democracy. and i believe in diplomacy. it's often the only way to avoid conflict that can end up exactly a much greater cost. i believe the most sacred responsibility of a commander-in-chief is deciding whether to send men
8:46 am
and womeninto battle . i have visited our troops in theaters of war. and tension. i know how serious this is. force must only be used as a last resort . and only with a clear and well thought out strategy. our troops deserve nothing less, america expects nothing less . i believe our troops strive to comport themselves with honor. and they deserve a commander-in-chief who will never order them to commit war crimes. i believe in listening to our generals and admirals because they have invaluable knowledge and experience and they are doing one of the most important jobs there is, commanding america's sons and
8:47 am
daughters. this commander-in-chief, i will always show them respect and hear them out. you will never hear me say that i only listen to myself on national security. [applause] i believe in doing everything we can to meet threats at home and abroad. i know we live in adangerous world . that's why we need real plans, real strategies to deal with terrorism including homegrown terrorism. i've worked with experienced people from across different fields and indeed across the political spectrum to come up with comprehensive strategies for these and other threats. i will be ready to get to work on day one.
8:48 am
i take nothing more seriously than our security. most of all, i believe in american leadership. i believe that who we are as a people, the values that we hold dear, the history that we care about matters a great deal. i'm not interested in talking provocatively. i'm not interested in insulting people including our military. i'm interested in bringing our country together. i'm interested in healing the division. we have to protect ourselves against terrorists. to do that, we need to meet other countries in stopping isis, al qaeda and other radical jihadist groups. weshouldn't leave that to the rest of the world to figure
8:49 am
out on their own . that will keep us safe. we need a strong global economy because it's good for american jobs and exports. that we should lead in setting and enforcing the rules. if we retreat on either security or the economy, behind some kind of imaginary wall, we will have lost our leadership, our purpose, our chance to prevail in the 21st century. and if america doesn't lead, we leave behind a vacuum and that will either cause chaos or enable other countries to rush in to fill that void. and they will be the ones making decisions about american lives, jobs and safety. and the choices make no mistake about it, might not well be to our benefit. that's not an outcome we can
8:50 am
live with. i have set forth plans and strategies for dealing with these threats. i know how challenging it will be to meet the difficulties that we face in the world today. but you see, i have confidence. i have optimism. i don't understand people who trash talk about america. talk about us as being in decline, who act as though we are not yet the greatest country that has ever been created on the face of the earth for all of history. [applause] if you want somebody who will scapegoat other people, pedal fear and smear, i'm not your candidate area i'm interested in bringing everybody together, rolling up our sleeves and
8:51 am
getting to work to solve our problems. that's why in the senate, i worked closely with republicans. now, as some of you might know, i have been the recipient of numerous lyrical attacks were a very long time. i've learned to live with that. i have as eleanor roosevelt devised many years ago, if a woman wants to be in the public arena, you'd better develop skin as thick as the hide ofa rhinoceros . i didn't say oh, i'm only going to talk to democrats. i'm not going to work with republicans. how silly would that be? i was elected to represent a great empire state and i wanted to do everything i could to produce results for the people who honored me. by electing me to be there senate. so i worked with republicans
8:52 am
to increase the benefits paid to family members of the fallen. to expand veterans access to military health insurance, to make sure that all members of the reserves and national guard and their families had access to tricare, military health benefits, even when they were not deployed. i introduced the heroes at home act to establish new services for military members and veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. i've fought successfully in 2007 to amend the 2007 defense appropriation act to establish a training program for families, caregivers , helping their loved ones with tbi. i did all this ...
8:53 am
jon: hillary clinton in north carolina speaking to the vfw, trying to draw a line of distinction to herself and donald trump saying that the united states as the world's greatest military and don't let anyone tell you otherwise read donald trump suggesting that the military has been hollowed out under seven and half years of the obama administration and saying that he would rebuild it, she is trying to make essentially the argument that it does not need rebuilding. she course was on 60 minutes sunday night, last night talking about the she heard about herself after republican national convention. as we get back to our media panel discussion, i want to play some of that for you now. >> i don't know what their convention was about other than criticizing me. i seem to be the only
8:54 am
surefire theme that they had. there was no positive agenda, it was very dark, divisive campaign and the people who were seeking were painting a picture of our country that i did notrecognize. negative , scapegoating, fear , bigotry, smears, i just was so saddened by it. jon: speaking out about the attacks against her and says she is held to a different standard thaneveryone else . in the meantime donald trump is going after the media tweeting that some news outlets have been more critical of republicans than they have democrats read back to our media panel now, alan coles and bruce, what do you think about her comments regarding the way she heard the republican national convention? >> this is what we just heard from the secretary is that she also said in 60 minutes last night that the benghazi situation wasn't quote, her
8:55 am
ball to carry. so it's americans listening to all of this and her arguments, it reminds us of her main problem which is credibility, trustworthiness and the fact that she lied. i think when it comes to what the republicans did we seem apparently the biggest balance, the most significant bouts for donald trump since the year 2000 when it came to any convention impact. the american people are experiencing life. he is living in a fantasy world and that includes her view of the convention and the balance was something like 50 percent of viewers at the republican convention said they were more likely to vote for donald trump so this is about the honesty, being able to tell the truth to the people that we are respected enough to be told specifically what's going on, what's happening in our country. people are going to be able to make their own decisions. you heard a tepid response at the vfw to her speech because we know this is a woman who's responsible for isis,
8:56 am
responsible for benghazi and responsible for the chaos in large part around the world on its curious alan that she was trying to throw cold water on the republican convention and called it dark and dismal, that kind of thing it was. jon: it gave donald trump a six point bounce. >> there's always about after convention. jon: not always, he got six point. >> let me respond to what tammy said about being ben dossey. that's not what i heard. >> it was her ball to carry. >> there have been nine different investigations already, the republicans have been talking about ben dossey since mitt romney was running , they tried to get that to stop electing obama four years ago, it hasn't worked. rather than a sunny version of america, ronald reagan who everybody likes to talk about had a sunny vision for this country. at the republican convention all we heard wasthe cops are getting killed , the refugees are coming in. so our young black men but they didn't talk about that at the republican convention, the refugees are coming to
8:57 am
get us: immigrants are coming to get us, muslims are coming to get us. let me finish. trump says i'm going to expand beyond what i said before about stopping muslims coming into the country. if that's what people want to vote for, good luck. jon: we have to end this segment here, tammy, alan, thanks very much and we will be right back. coverage compa ss™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance.
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. harris: we begin with a fox news alert. not the way democrats wanted to begin their big week in philadelphia. a scandal broke wide open late yesterday. we got word dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz lost her job and will exit stage left at the end of the convention. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. with me today, here in philly at the democratic national convention, sandra smith, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy herself, democratic strategist, julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy. no rest for our friend, coanchor


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