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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  July 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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se to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. lots of breaking news we kick off with. this fox news alert, bernie sanders telling his supporters to vote for hillary clinton and many in the room responded with boos. we're getting ready for a raucous day on day one in philadelphia. i'm martha maccallum. take a look at what happened a little while ago. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine.
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[ audience booing ] >> that went well. sanders trying to regain control of the crowd after that, just a few moments ago, that's what happened in philly, not far from where the democratic national convention is set to kick off two hours from now. there's a lot of drama surrounding the gavel. that has never happened before, that i can remember in covering these conventions. but that's what has happened here today. the news just breaking that debbie wasserman schultz, who has had a very rough day, had hoped that she would at least be able to maintain her role to gavel in and begin this convention in philadelphia that she's worked on for the last few years, now that has been taken away from her as well, they don't want her to be the face of the opening gong in this dnc convention. vice chair donna brazile temporarily taking the reins from her, the chairwoman staying she will step down after the party's convention, and news
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just moments ago that she will not be gaveling in. blake berman from the fox business network is live on the convention floor, he's been watching all this play out. bernie sanders just weighed in on this as we heard as well. blake, over to you. >> reporter: yeah, hi there, martha. bernie sanders here in philadelphia, he's been addressing supporters of his hundreds there gathered in a room, lots of cheers for bernie sanders as he was talking to his delegates there. he briefly weighed into the whole debbie wasserman schultz controversy, telling them that now there will be real change at the dnc. >> her resignation opens up the possibility of new leadership at the top of the democratic party that will stand with working people. [ cheers and applause ] and that will open the doors of the party to those people who want real change.
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>> reporter: it was an entirely different scene for debbie wasserman schultz earlier this morning when she spoke to her home state delegation, the florida breakfast. she was met there with gerejeerd boos. she was supposed to gavel in the convention a couple of hours from now and now we're learning that will not be the case, martha. >> blake, thank you very much, blake berman reporting from the floor of the dnc. and the white house is also weighing in on this whole thing. press secretary josh earnest talking about dnc leadership and the influence of the party's nominee at the daily briefing that happened at the white house just moments ago. here's that. >> what's also true and what's been true for some time is that the president believes that the leadership at the dnc is something that should be determined by the party nominee.
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ultimately those conclusions will be reached by these national security agencies who are focused on the national security of the united states and the successful completion of an investigation. >> a couple of themes that he hit on there, moments ago. were to begin? >> what a day. >> let's start with debbie wasserman schultz not gaveling and what you're hearing about that. >> talking with senior democrats, hanging out with bernie nation, the anger at hillary clinton, the anger at the processes, the anger at all of these things have now come to a head in the person of debbie wasserman schultz. the timing was person. the hackers and the likeeakers e put a controlled explosion that could not have been more perfectly timed to damage democratic unity. at the very moment you're going to say, it's cool, everything's fine, i'm going to pick tim kaine, a centrist, more moderate
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democrat, we're moving on from the primaries, we're in the general, and wikileaks said no, you're going to stop and go back to square one. that's where they are today. >> the most important thing about this leak for folks at home is the content of the leaks, because it justified for all of the bernie sanders supporters that this thing was not democratic, that it was not completely -- that their vote was not necessarily -- >> they were disrespected is what they were. hillary clinton won by any measure. she killed him, she beat him widely, she beat him without super delegates, she beat him period, a clear win for hillary clinton, no question about that. but the snark, the tone inside the democratic national committee, talking about his religion, disrespecting his movement, because it's a movement, socialism, free
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college and all that, when you rub that in somebody's face at the same time you're saying, now come out on convention floor and cheer for her, schultz has had a bad tenure as democratic party chairwoman. there were efforts in the past to oust her. now i'm sure that both hillary clinton and president obama both wish they had acted on that sooner and not ended up here today. >> the big question we had earlier today is whether or not it would be enough for bernie sanders supporters, if they sort of handed debbie wasserman schultz over and said, we know you guys were not happen with her and now she's gone, but what we're picking up from this bernie sanders rally is that it's not enough for them. >> remember, donald trump makes an interesting candidate for some of these bernie guys because of his positions on foreign policy where he is not as interventionist as past republicans, he's against these free trade deals. when he talks about this kind of stuff, he's talking to them. >> anti-wall street. >> anti-wall street.
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what donald trump wants and needs is to pull some of those voters. then hillary clinton tries to steal some of his voters with his tim kaine pick, trying to get suburban, college-educated white voters. these two freight trains are barreling in opposite directions. we get to cover an election where it doesn't necessarily have to be about five counties and three states, we get to look at the whole country again. >> bernie sanders is kind of playing the ted cruz role at this convention, although they have a different tack. ted cruz stepped up and said i'm not going to endorse him. bernie sanders is going to go out there tonight and say, you have to stick with her, i endorse her, and in many ways he may get a real groundswell, a much more positive response for being big about the whole thing. >> he's been magnanimous with her, he's been gracious with her. there was a long time when he wasn't. but when they had the rally in
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new hampshire and he gave her his endorsement, it's been unqualified, it's been full-throated. more important, what does elizabeth warren say? she's been hillary clinton's greatest champion with the far left. she comes out and gives a rip-roaring speech attacking donald trump and for hillary clinton, a lot of this might fade. >> i'm looking forward to being on the floor tonight. >> it will be a hot ticket. >> very interesting, between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, they'll get this crowd very fired up. as we said earlier, you can see why they put them on monday, they want them as far away from hillary as possible, because she's coming out on thursday and they're likely to engender quite a bit of enthusiasm. see you tonight, thanks so much. so the official theme here at the democratic convention is united together. but look at this, thousands of protesters taking to the streets. that uniting force is turning out to be more tricky than they had anticipated.
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[ crowd chanting ] >> that's the theme on the streets of philadelphia today as protesters were out there supporting bernie, chanting against hillary clinton and the democratic national committee. police have been walking alongside the demonstrators and keeping a close eye on potential threats, a tough spot for everybody, especially when it's 97 degrees or something like this out there. leland vittert is live. what are you seeing, leland? >> reporter: martha, people have marched from philadelphia city hall where they were rallying down toward the convention center. they still have a couple of miles to go. we've heard "bernie or bust," we've heard "shame on the dnc." cory came all the way from denver. cory, we just heard debbie wasserman schultz is not going to gavel in the dnc, and we
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heard bernie sanders saying i want you to vote for hillary clinton. is that enough? >> bernie sanders also told us that even if he hold us to vote that way, we should vote for who we think we should. i'm not going to vote against my conscience. >> what's your conscience telling you? >> i'm not going to choose between two liars. >> reporter: you came all the way from colorado, you have a bum leg. tell us what this means to you? >> nothing was going to stop us from coming out. bernie was always there for us. it's not been about bernie, it's about the people and it's about the movement. >> reporter: give us a sense of how this is different from what we saw in cleveland. you guys have a cause it seems like you're dedicated too. >> i think the democrats are trying to make it seem like they're more unified than the republicans. but that's not the case, as you can see with all these people here. >> reporter: cory, thanks so much. martha, this is just the beginning. you can imagine how many people say they're going to be out here in the coming days as this protest is happening even before the official gavel.
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>> boy, this is a fascinating political moment. he just said he wanted to vote his conscience. those are exactly the words that ted cruz used when he urged his voters to vote their conscious. we're seeing a different feeling out there in the course of this election. leland, thank you very much. so as we've been saying, we've got big political events on both sides of the aisle. a town hall with the republican ticket is about to get under way. donald trump and mike pence are in roanoke, virginia. virginia obviously a very important state in this race. so the democrats, you can see them darkening the lights in the hall, they're about to get ready to gavel in their convention and get things rolling in philadelphia. and there is also this story. debbie wasserman schultz boo'd at her home state delegation. there were people in the crowd who were supportive of her but you can see the signs in front of this camera that makes it clear that not everybody was in that camp. now she's picking up a new role
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with the clinton campaign after that dnc e-mail dump that was a tough thing for her, to be sure. is that a good move for hillary clinton? when we come back. the chairwoman's statement yesterday speaks for itself. that's what she plans to do. look, you know, as i said earlier, our convention could not be a greater contrast to what we saw with the republicans last week.
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back with a fox news alert in philadelphia here. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz will not be gaveling in the convention today. she will step down as a new
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e-mail scandal reveals evidence of bias against bernie sanders that was revealed in what we saw with these e-mails. watch. >> in the last eight years. we have a lot of work to do. [ audience booing ] we have so much to do. >> a tough day for debbie wasserman schultz, she was shouted down earlier at the florida delegation, her home state. one of those hacked e-mails reads, "bernie sanders has never been a member of the democratic party and has no understanding of what we do." well, it is partly true, so you can understand why she would say that. david goodfriend is a hillary clinton surrogate and delegate from maryland's eighth congressional district, good for you. >> thank you. >> good to see you here, david. >> thank you for having me. >> your thoughts on this whole gavel thing and this wassermann schultz mess today. >> i know debbie wasserman schultz, my father-in-law was
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one of her first contributors. i have a lot of respect for her. these things happen. we should take a step back and realize, where is it written that every political convention is supposed to run like a corporate game show? this is a democracy, it's messy, and things go wrong. the right result is happening. there are important reforms to democratic party policy that are happening and bernie sanders and his supporters should be congratulated for that. they're sending her on her way and moving on. the bigger concern is now we have an fbi investigation as to whether or not there was espionage by the russians for tapping into a political party and deliberately trying to manipulate our political system. that particulticks me off as an american. so yes, the debbie wasserman schultz issue is interesting to talk about, but man -- >> isn't it your first order of business, whether it's your
11:18 am
party trying to manipulate the outcome? >> i'm more concerned about the russians. you mentioned i'm a maryland delegate, let's talk about that. all of us, whether clinton or sanders delegates, have been together for the last 24 hours, and the vibe i get is there's overwhelming focus on beating donald trump. there's some, you know, sense that it's too bad this all happened now, but i've got to tell you, it's probably 90% let's beat trump and 10%, this is really kind of a messy situation i wish hadn't happened. that's the vibe i get from the maryland delegation, the other delegates i've been with. it's something i think we'll see more of in the next days. look, i'm not embarrassed because it's democracy. >> my guess is once you guys are done with this on thursday, nobody is going to think a whole lot about it going forward. it's a question of whether you can get the intensity and commitment of bernie sanders voters, we just saw that guy in the street who says there's no way he's going to vote for hillary clinton. >> there's about 20% of bernie sanders voters who say they will
11:19 am
not vote for hillary. >> some of them might vote for trump. >> and some might stay home. governor hogan did not go to the republican convention. he does not like donald trump. centrist republicans who do well in democratic states like larry hogan, there's a mirror image between them and the bernie sanders voters who don't want to vote for hillary or trump. there's a going to be a lot of sitting out in this election. >> all of this goes to the honest and trustworthy issue. i think her biggest job this week is to deal with those numbers, just like donald trump had to deal with his credibility and people seeing him as a president. she has to -- and it's tough for her because people have known her forever, people have grown up with hillary clinton and hearing all of these stories. >> i looked in the clinton white house, because people had their own perceptions of bill clinton too, i think the way the clintons operate on this front is to really drill down on specific needs of specific
11:20 am
constituencies and just keep hammering on that. with bill clinton, you might have said, ooh, i didn't like that whole scandal but i really like what he says about my social security check. that's how he was able to prevail as a president. in hillary clinton's case, her negatives are extremely high as had donald trump's, it's sort of a contest between high negatives. she has to be able to show to individual constituencies, i have the answers you want. that's the salesmanship she has to engage in, whether it's elderly -- >> she has to say on the policy, you're going to be better off with me, and she'll win them over in the process if she wins. david, good to see you. >> it's always good to be on your slower thanks for having me. >> see you during the week. it's hot in here, i can tell you, and it's hot out there, but it's not stopping these protesters, they are a lusty bunch. i just can't believe that they are turning out in these numbers, given how hot it is out there. they feel very strongly about
11:21 am
bernie sanders. can the democrats unite? that's one of the points of a convention, and that's what they're going to be working on over the course of this week. tell tempers flaring in the heat of the day. more when we come back. now she writes mostly in emoji.
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as the dnc gets under way here in philadelphia, hillary clinton working her way to philly along the campaign trail. she's speaking to thousands of veterans just a couple of hours ago in the swing state of north carolina. her speech at the vfw national convention just days after she
11:25 am
announced senator tim kaine as her running mate and on the heels of dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz announcing that she will step down over this e-mail scandal that's been brewing and bubbling over the last several days. jennifer griffin join us live from charlotte with more. >> reporter: we've just learned former vice president al gore has endorsed hillary clinton. he will not be attending the democratic national convention. he's blamed bill clinton for costing him the presidential election. he was waiting in the last minute. now we can report he is endorsing hillary but he's not coming to philadelphia. hillary clinton was here behind me at the vfw convention in charlotte. it was a polite crowd, not a large -- you know, pretty subdued crowd, i would say. she did get a standing ovation when she quoted eleanor roosevelt.
11:26 am
>> i have been the recipient of numerous political attacks for a very long time. i've learned to live with that. i have, as eleanor roosevelt advised many years ago, if a woman wants to be in the public arena, you better develop skin as thick as the hide of a ryan os rhinoceros. >> reporter: hillary clinton tried to lay out her positions from years on the senate armed services committee. she was the first new york snort to be on that committee. she talked about working with republicans like senator john mccain and never mentioned donald trump by name. but it was clear who she was referring to. >> i believe that who we are as a people, the values that we hold dear, the history that we care about, matters a great deal.
11:27 am
i'm not interested in talking pro voc atively. i'm not interested in insulting people, including our military. >> reporter: the campaign is anxious to but the the debbie wasserman schultz situation behind them, and are relieved she won't be gaveling in the convention today. back to you, martha. >> thank you very much. after a healthy post-convention poll bounce, donald trump and mike pence are set to hit the campaign trail together. sometimes we see a couple of days of quiet period after the convention, but he did go back to new york, donald trump, for the weekend. but now he is ready to get back on the trail. this is sort of a town hall format, we are told, with donald trump and mike pence, it's in roanoke, very important state as he tries to get a boost. he also is trying to court the disgruntled bernie sanders supporters. we'll see how he does with that.
11:28 am
that's a live shot in roanoke. we'll take you there as soon as that gets under way. the fbi is investigating where these hacks came from. this is a very interesting and opportunistic spin from the hillary clinton campaign when they're facing a meltdown. basically i think they want to get through the week. you're late for work.
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so donald trump is getting ready to hold a town hall with running mate mike pence, about 30 minutes away for that. the republican ticket rolling out an aggressive campaign schedule after their party's convention. senior correspondent john roberts is live at trump tower in new york city with that. hi, john. >> reporter: martha, good afternoon to you. it's been tradition over the decades that one candidate stays off the road, quote, dark, while the other candidate is having their convention. now donald trump is taking it to the max. over the next five days he's hitting the trail in seven battleground states, beginning with that town hall with mike pence in roanoke, virginia. that is tim kaine's home state. from there they'll go to ohio, florida, colorado, then donald trump will finish up on saturday with a speech in arizona. we understand he'll be doing something at the border, so it will likely be about immigration
11:33 am
and border security. he's likely taking advantage of the bump he got from his convention last week and the disaster at the democratic convention. he's saying on twitter, quote, here we go again with another clinton scandal and e-mails, can you believe, crooked hillary knew the fix was in, "b" never had a chance. quote, the state of florida is so embarrassed by the antics of crooked hillary and debbie wasserman schultz, they will vote for change. the trump campaign is also mocking the claim of clinton campaign manager robby mook that the russians hacked the dnc's e-mails. >> they're pretty desperate, pretty quickly, is all i have to say on that. it's a far reach, obviously. to lead their convention with
11:34 am
that tells me that they really are trying to move away from what the issues are going to be in this campaign. it was pretty absurd. >> reporter: you know, there are some reports that russian hackers might have been behind the release of those e-mails at the dnc. but martha, remember the age-old adage, never put something in e-mail that you wouldn't want to have on the front page of "the new york times." and while it may turn out that some foreign country or hackers from a foreign country did boston those, those e-mails were not written by the russians. they were written by the upper echelon at the dnc. >> very true. john, thank you very much. joining me for more on this, richard fowler, democratic strategist, mercedes schlapp, former spokesperson for george w. bush. we've been talking about it all day, but donald trump, as we pointed out, is also a story, because he's trying to stay in the news by doing this roanoke thing, mercedes. he got a nice bounce.
11:35 am
we can put the numbers up on screen, the poll shows him getting a six-point bounce, and cbs has him tied. >> it's a significant bump for donald trump. when you look at mitt romney four years ago, he got out of the convention, there was no bump at that time. where he is making significant inroads is helping to shore up the base. he's got about 87% of republicans backing him up, quite shocking especially for the #nevertrump movement. he also had a jump in independents. where he's still struggling is with the non-white voters. that will be his biggest challenge, where he needs inroa women. his focus is taking that message to the heart of the working class men and women who have been stuck in this economy. he's being effective, as we know, unconventional, because he's going on the road this week despite the fact that that's something you don't normally see when the democrats are rolling in with their convention. >> in terms of organization he
11:36 am
also doesn't really have any time to waste, they need to get out there, they have to work on the state operations, which some people think they're a little bit behind. rich, what do you make of this? >> they're absolutely behind on state operations, that's where the democrats have the advantage. mercedes pointed out, where trump is having problems is with non-white voters and with women. hillary clinton has built a machine in florida, in ohio, in virginia, in colorado, and in nevada. the trump campaign is probably in a hiring frenzy trying to figure out how they're going to run these on the ground campaigns, which is what this race will come down to. the problem is the democratic base is bigger than the republican base. but we have to turn them out. that's what you'll see starting tonight, you'll see the party give a lot of red meat to the democratic base. you have michelle obama, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, all speaking tonight. they'll lay out what will be the democratic platform, closer to
11:37 am
hillary clinton's speech on thursday. >> they have a huge lineup tonight and it's going to catch a lot of attention. in terms of the ohio situation, john kasich is not really helping donald trump in ohio, so he's got a lot of work to do there. the other big story with ted cruz coming out of the rnc, and we're seeing our first numbers in terms of how all of that reflected on ted cruz, getting up there, not endorsing. let's put those numbers up on the screen, this is pretty stunning, mercedes and richard. pre-convention he had a 60% positive view. he's now at 33. >> i've got to tell you, matt and i were both at the texas delegation breakfast the morning after cruz gave his speech where he was booed. his own delegates stood up and said, we stood with you, our families stood with you, now it's time for you to stand with us and support the nominee. this has created a rift in the party in terms of cruz taking what trump would have considered the higher road but unfortunately not willing to unify the party.
11:38 am
it's caused somewhat of a problem. >> bernie sanders is doing the opposite. >> absolutely. >> he's saying, come on, vote for hillary. >> there's no question that bernie sanders supporters are very enthusiastic. in the '70s, ronald reagan did not endorse the nominee. but i agree, i do think the bernie sanders supporters will be key. we are a huge party. we're a big tent party. they're out there protesting. what bernie is going to do tonight and what he's doing right now as we speak is telling his delegates, hillary is the way to go, she's not me, obviously, but the party platform speaks to what we ran on. we ran on affordable college, we ran on health care for everybody, we ran on leveling the playing field. >> come on, richard, the grassroots don't want hillary clinton. >> mercedes, both parties are dealing with the not normal candidates. if you were to shake this out, it wouldn't be the same, we
11:39 am
would all say we want somebody different. but what hillary clinton will do tonight and throughout the week is lay out a clear platform of what the democratic party and what it is not. all you saw from the republican party last week was, we're not hillary clinton, she's crooked, lock her up, so on and so forth. >> i heard some lock her up on the floor tonight. i think bernie sanders comes out better in the end of this. i bet his numbers are better after this than ted cruz's. >> but his supporters, 40% of bernie's supporters are not supporting hillary clinton. that's big situation. i don't think they would back necessary bernie's idea of endorsing hillary clinton. >> there's an inside game on this, martha. if the democrats take control of the senate, bernie sanders is in line to be the budget chairman of the united states, he will write the next budget. i guarantee you, if hillary clinton is the president, that will be a very progressive budget. >> richard and mercedes, thank you both, see you throughout the week. high drama on day one of the
11:40 am
democratic national convention. bernie sanders takes the podium tonight. that's going to be something, he'll get a huge round of support and he will try to convince those people they should get up and sheer for hillary clinton. will he succeed at that? >> make no mistake about it. we have made history. blue the dog here for propane. you know, i'm just a humble dog. i didn't attend the elite boarding kennels,
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i'm shepard smith live at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. coming up, we'll speak with bernie sanders. e-mails seem to back up his claim that the democratic party was working against him. we're also set to hear from donald trump in the next hour. we'll see what he has to say about the whole e-mail situation, coming up at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." we'll see you then. hot, hot, hot, at the democratic convention. humidity scorching most of the country as well. look at the red across the country, heat index of 104 in raleigh, north carolina, 100 in new york city. philadelphia is right between those two areas, that big swath of orangey red. we're expecting to have damaging
11:45 am
winds and heavy rains hitting much of the area throughout the day today. so that is that. that's what we've got on tap in the weather. democrats in major damage control mode as their convention kicks off today. the theme is "united together," as they try to bring everybody into the united together feeling. but it might be a tall order in the wake of the e-mail scandal today. mike emanuel is down on the convention floor covering all of that for you us, hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, martha, the breaking news is that debbie wasserman schultz has decided against gaveling in the convention this afternoon. we saw her tour the convention state late last night hours after she resigned as chair of the democratic party, under intense pressure. the plan at that point was that she would gavel in and gavel out of this week's convention.
11:46 am
this morning she received a rough reception from home state delegates from florida, with boos and holding up signs for bernie sanders. they decided they did not want that to be the optic as the convention was getting started. the democrats are rolling out their biggest names as speakers. new jersey senator cory booker, a finalist to be hillary clinton's running mate. michelle obama, elizabeth warren, who many wanted to be clinton's running mate. then there's bernie sanders who will get a promise on in the prime time spot. but sanders' supporters show no sign of giving up the fight. >> someone like hillary clinton, who, i have said before when i stand by, is not a leader. she is a follower. so stay the course. >> reporter: so we are back here on the convention floor, awaiting the start of the
11:47 am
democratic national convention. we'll give you a little look around the floor. no surprise, virginia has a prime spot in the middle of the convention floor, that being the home state of running mate senator tim kaine. as we look a little bit back here, we go to the midwest, iowa a critical battleground state in this election. i'll let the folks in on a little secret, martha and i are from the great state of new jersey, personal privilege here, the garden state is just off the convention floor, but by nba/nhl standards, those would still be very expensive tickets, martha. >> that's a good to know. we don't like to see new jersey in the back row, do we, mike? new jersey had a pretty good seat at the republican convention. i'll be over to visit the new jersey folks tonight on the floor. mike, good to see you as always, thanks a lot. see you later. so a group of high school singers from all 50 states lobbying for a prime time singing slot on the last night of the dnc. will they get it? and what is the special message
11:48 am
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now you can watch nbc's coverage of the rio olympic games live at home or on the go. we have a great story for you now. a group of young singers from across the country, trying to be part of a historic night in philadelphia. the female high school singers coming to philly for a festival, hoping they're chosen to sing the national anthem thursday night to support hillary clinton as she gives her acceptance speech. joining me, steven fisher, founder and artistic director of the let freedom sing girls choir
11:52 am
national convention. where are the girls from? >> all 50 states, hawaii to alaska to florida to maine. two girls from all 50 states are here in philadelphia to show music can literally bring all 50 states together. >> they're from all over the country. how do they get together to practice? >> they haven't. they came together the first time sunday. floor yus sound from the moment they were in the room. that's what music does. >> your goal is to get them on stage to sing the national anthem. >> and to sing for hillary, not in partisan spirit, historic for all of us and especially for young women, again to encourage all our public servants to find things like music that truly bring all 50 states together. >> how did the girls get picked from each state. >> i looked at the best girl and children choirs in each state, called the directors and said would you like to send two
11:53 am
singer delegates to philadelphia and they all came. >> and look how beautiful the girls are. they're fantastic. everybody getting along? >> absolutely. but we're not talking politics. >> that helps. that probably helps, right? >> when you have young women from all 50 states, all different views, that's not what matters. they love making music. >> i was in choir, it is a stress reliever. to be able to sing is such a gift. thank you, steven, very much. >> thanks for having us. >> we're going to hear them sing in a second. moments away from that. they're going to sing for you in a moment. keep your eye on another news event about to happen. donald trump and mike pence getting together.
11:54 am
they're having a town hall. let this wonderful choir sing us out to break. go, girls. ♪ god bless america, land that i love ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ from the mountains to the prairie ♪ to the ocean, white with foam ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ god its unique formula supps immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day.
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11:58 am
attention from the dnc and do work in the state of virginia where they need to carve out as much as they can. hillary clinton has a strong presence in virginia and strong organization as well. they're struggling, both of them, to get the vote of virginia. you know what? let's talk with the girls. tell me your first name, what state you're from. >> taylor from missouri. >> joslyn from ohio. >> olivia from arizona. >> alexandra from south carolina. >> mary anna from florida. >> sophie from illinois. >> sophia from hawaii. >> i am candace from alaska. >> i am michaela from pennsylvania. >> wow. you guys are so beautiful. it is so good to have you here. so you're not talking any politics, right? >> no, we're not. >> you can say i would like a blue t-shirt, i would like a red
11:59 am
t-shirt. >> no. >> what is so important and special about what you're doing? >> i think it is special. we have someone from all 50 states. it is a beautiful thing, people from all over the entire country can come together and make music. >> how about you, what's been the most fun so far. >> meeting every girl, knowing where they're from, getting to know them, it has been an amazing experience so far. >> that's so cool. was it hard to get selected from your state to come? >> we were just -- there's a different process for everything, but all in all it is an honor to be here. >> i'm sure you're so good, you're the best in your state. why don't we let you sing us to break. i'll let you say good-bye.
12:00 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ her home state delegates piled on today. more on her rough reception and e-mail fallout. was a hack a russian conspiracy to ruin the election? today among dnc speakers, first lady michelle obama and hillary clinton's rival bernie sanders. he is set to appear as thousands of his supporters gather in the streets of philadelphia.


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