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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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competition. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we have got you covered all night special america's election headquarters 10:00 p.m. i will be here with megyn. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> if you thought the democratic convention was going to be a yawn, hold on to you're seats. bernie sanders supporters disrupting the program. [chanting] and stunning political drama unfolding with the chairman of the dnc getting booed by the state off the stage by her own delegates. and that was before the convention even got gaveled to begin. no one expect this high stakes drama. "on the record" is live in philadelphia, pennsylvania and get ready because we are kicking off prime time at the 2016 democratic national convention and just a short time ago the convention officially gaveled. in but, in a stunning move
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dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz did not do the gaveling. the email cost her her job. even hometown crowd not happy to see her. met with boos at florida delegates breakfast. >> we have to make sure that we move voters together in a unified way. we know that the voices in this room that are standing up and being the disruptive. we know that's not the party that we know. >> senator sanders supporters are not afraid to hide their happiness with wasserman schultz ouster and first ticket of the united states secretary hillary clinton expected nomination. >> i think all of you know debbie wasserman schultz resigned yesterday as chair of the dnc. [cheers] >> we have got to defeat
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donald trump. [cheers] and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [boos] florida delegate danny is here to go "on the record." >> thank you for having me. >> what do you think about sanders and the email? >> i think that the email leaks through wikileaks show we have a long way to go before the election of the american citizen snrs mildly happy, furious, so-so? doesn't pore you? how do you describe it? >> i'm upset. i'm disappointed but i'm not surprised had what we found through the email leak is something that sanders' supporters have been saying through the primary season. there is obvious pies by the
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chair woman. >> the chair woman. were you there today at the breakfast? >> i was. >> were you one of those who booed? >> i stood up with my email sign and i stood there silently until i was approached by hillary delegates. at that point i did begin the chants that went out against her. >> so you have a sign that says email. what was your point? >> i was there to make a point to show her we know what you have done. you shouldn't be here. you need to be out of the track party. because she does not represent the majority of democrats. it's ridiculous that she still attended the breakfast and i wish she had not. because with her ouster, there was a great opportunity for the democratic party to unite. >> so you didn't start booing until the clinton delegates did what? >> they came up to us and they started shouting at us to sit down and to behave and basically follow in -- follow in line. >> -- fall in line. >> i thought it was quite rude. i'm elected official to this convention. i'm a delegate. i have a right as anyone to
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be at that delegate breakfast and express my point of view. >> how did representative wasserman schultz respond to this, the booing? >> she continued. she had to pause a couple times because she couldn't get her words out. the cheers and boos were pretty overwhelming, i can assume. but she finished her speech and then she left. she left the breakfast she didn't stick around and shake hands and meet and greet. >> she wasn't there until her speech was to be given, either. >> what do you think senator sanders should say tonight? >> i think senator sanders should speak to the entire democratic party and not just his delegates. he needs to express that she is sort of unity that the democratic party is currently pushing is acceptable. i think also speak out against corruption within the democratic party at all levels it wasn't just debbie wasserman schultz were exposed. there were plenty of employees there expressing
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anti-semitic views. all of them should be disciplined and exodus should occur. >> in despite of that do you still intend to support the democratic party nominee secretary clinton? >> of course. i will always support the democratic nominee. senator bernie sanders brought me into the democratic party. and i'm very proud to say that. i have already joined my local democratic executive committee. and i'm prepared to work towards bettering the democratic party throughout my lifetime and making it more expressive. >> if you could say one thing to congresswoman former chairman of the dnc i guess she is until the end of the week, debbie wasserman schultz, what would you say to her? >> stay out of politics. >> danny, welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you. >> and outside on the streets, in the sweltering heat, so hot. protesters are making their voices heard. senator bernie sanders supporters are rallying and they are angry. today is only the first day of the convention. but the protests are already much larger than we saw last week in cleveland. "on the record's" griff jenkins is in the middle of it.
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griff? >> hi, greta, we are outside the main entrance where the delegates go in on broad street. can you hear the protesters are heckling, trying to get their message to the delegates. [chanting] >> most of them sanders' supporters. a little earlier this afternoon, just a little bit up this row there is a lower rail in some 55 individuals disorderly conduct. 32 were male, 23 were female. by and large it has been peaceful out here. but certainly a lot louder bernie beats trump. they are angry. they are upset about these emails. most of this started at city hall earlier. take a look where we found them. [chanting] hell no, dnc, we won't sponsor hillary. >> i believe hillary should be in prison.
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dws could join her there. >> we are fighting big money and corrupt politicians. crups of the dnc. >> whose streets? >> our streets. >> i have cried about it. i feel very passionately about what they have done to us. that's not fair. >> it's vile and disgusting and i'm revolting as a democrat and sanders' supporter. chanting] bernie. >> bernie. >> hillary for prison. >> so, again, greta, kudos to the police here and to the protesters who have been peaceful. there have been in actual arrests according to police but 55 detained earlier. and the folks here tell me that they're coming pack in full force because they are mad although really bad weather is moving in. so we will see if it clears out for the night. greta? >> griff, thank you. well, pro-bernie delegates are outnumbered but they are usually the loudest well,
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you could hear the bernie chants on the convention floor a little bit later. not in that sound bite. we 8 play it for you later. that's where we find co-host of america's newsroom martha maccallum. martha? >> good evening. you know, when this whole thing started on the democratic side, hillary clinton never thought that she was really going to have to worry about bernie sanders. enemy ways she still doesn't. they are threatening in reality to change the tenure of tonight. we spoke to a lot of people in the california district and also up in the oregon district. they plan to boo tonight. there is a lot of deep concern express to do one of hillary clinton's staffers. the other meeting that went on was very intense here on the floor just a few minutes ago. robbie hoop and jeff weaver who is bernie sanders campaign chairman talking and basically weaver is acknowledging that he --
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they have lost control ofhing. there is no way that they can stop these folks from booing. i have spoke to several who say they intend to do it. they pretty much do it any time hillary clinton's name is mentioned. while they may not have a lot of power to effect change and they understand that hillary clinton is going to be the nominee, although one person said they were holding out just the slightest bit of hope. this thing isn't over yet. when it is over maybe we will change our minds. they are determined not to vote for hillary and not to vote for donald trump. they are still hoping there is some sort of emergence of bernie sanders. so, clearly, this is a thorn in the side of this whole event, greta. and there is some nervousness here tonight that they could make this in to something that is not quite the celebration that hillary clinton folks had really planned on it being. >> martha, thank you. >> you bet. >> well, it's a big hollywood names dawson firing up the crowd under the hot sun. >> someone like hillary clinton. [crowd boos]
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>> who, who i have said before and i stand by is not a leader. she is a follower. [ applause ] the "on the record" political panel is here from town and guy benson a.b. stoddard. it couldn't get wilderren or hotter or more bizarre. could it? >> no. it's interesting to see the sanders' camp admit that they have lost control of this. they are actually asking chantedders to not chant lock her up which is what we heard at the cleveland convention. this is really a problem for the clinton campaign not only the optics of this as she tried tries to reach persuadable voters as she tries to rebrand and reintroduce herself. in the months to come as she tries to make the case she is worth the vote instead of them sitting out in the fall. >> you know, guy, i read something this morning said something like that chairman debbie wasserman schultz did something the republican
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party couldn't do that's divide the democrats. she has by these emails, she has divided it and senator bernie sanders has said the system's rigged and so do his supporters and now we see these emails. how can they possibly heal that? >> debbie wasserman schultz will go down as historically failed party chair woman and she is on her way home. she is not here at least there is a lot of very angry people with her. it's funny, at the end of last week a lot of us were sitting there wondering can it get any worse than the floor fight at the rnc and plagiarism and getting booed off the stage. the chaired nominee's name being booed every invocation on day one it is a really rough start for the democrats here. >> of course, we will see senator bernie sanders will be speaking. i don't expect him to pull a senator ted cruz. i expect him to be on board with secretary clinton. we have the first lady speaking tonight, too. >> i think the first lady is very appealing figure to most democrats and i don't think that's going to be a
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problem. unless people boo hillary's name in michelle obama's speech. >> do you really expect that? i don't expect that with the first lady. i think everyone will be respectful. >> i would hope that they would, actually. when bernie sanders speaks, his -- this is their trumpet. the emails give them permission, even if they are going to vote for hillary in the fall to make their stand here. >> do you blame them? >> no. i mean, look everyone -- the writing is on the wall. everyone saw how the fix was in for hillary clinton and now we have the emails. but, sanders really doesn't want this to help trump. and it's genuine. but it will be interesting to see what he says and how he says it and how he responds to the protests and the years. >> tonight, i mean, i assume that sean hannity has donald trump later tonight. i'm sure he have something to say about that. >> donald trump has something to say every day all the time. he will continue to try to step on this convention. he doesn't play by typical political rules which is one of the reasons he has gotten as far as he has. the speech i'm most
4:13 pm
interested to see tonight is elizabeth warren's speech. one of the few figures in this party that is wildly be -- widely beloved. sides of the schism. what will she be able to say, if anything, to get them to come together? she is a figure who might be able to pull it off. >> everyone will be watching donald trump's twitter account as she speaks tonight there will be a lot of distractions. >> oh yeah. >> if i were secretary hillary clinton, i would be furious with debbie wasserman schultz and she rewarded her making her national co-chair after this. i don't get that. >> what's interesting is debbie wasserman schultz didn't write all those emails but she is the head of the organization that is posed to remain neutral and be a referee and that's not what happened. so the problem with yesterday, we all knew she was never going to come out on the floor. but she, by saying no, i want to fafl in and gavel out and to watch her go. >> shameful. >> go to the florida breakfast it was way more distraction than anyone needed. especially her, she is in a primary on august 30th that
4:14 pm
is going to be tough. >> one religious one asking about senator bernie sanders religion. not going to ask you about that just point out that debbie wasserman schultz was not on that string of emails. i don't want that one to be pinned on her. >> i think other people share the blame for sure. >> i think that particular one, anyway, if you will both stick around. >> sure. >> just moments ago, the dnc apologizing to senator sanders, his supporters in the democratic party. there is an uproar in philadelphia over. this earlier this morning the boos just kept on coming from congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. whenever she tried to speak the crowd just let her have it. >> >> we have to make sure that we move voters together in a unified way. we know that the voices in this room that are standing up and being disrupters, we know that that's not the party that we know. >> chairman debbie wasserman schultz' democratic primary opponent tim kanova goes "on the record." good evening, sir.
4:15 pm
>> good evening. how are you? >> i'm very well. i assume you have some thoughts about the trouble here in philadelphia. what do you think? >> well, i think it was a sad spectacle perhaps not too unexpected but sad nonetheless. i think debbie wasserman schultz has not been effective as the chair of the democratic party for a long time. the wikileaks disclosures it's understandable that it dismayed a lot of folks and angered a lot of folks. >> am i correct, did senator bernie sanders endorse you over congresswoman wasserman schultz in your primary? >> he did in may. i had -- i have been a supporter of bernie sanders for the past year. i'm a law professor at nova southeastern university in fort lauderdale. it's the only law school in wasserman schultz' district. and i had worked with bernie sanders in the past a few years ago. i was on an advisory
4:16 pm
committee on forming the federal reserve. it surprised me. i wasn't seeking endorsement by senator sanders but in may we received one. and it was certainly helpful. >> we were suspicious or thought it was at the time because he was so mad claiming that the dnc was rigged against him. and that, and, of course, she was in charge of the dnc, so we thought that was one of the reasons why he endorsed you. >> well, that might be. i will say if my politics didn't line up with his, i don't think i would have been getting an endorsement. i won't say that i line up with him on every single issue but we do share a progressive agenda. and, you know, as far as the perception that wasserman schultz and the dnc has been rigging the game against bernie sanders and against martin o'malley, i can talk to you about what's happened at the local level where things do seem rigged against my challenger, it has been for a long time.
4:17 pm
every endorsement that i have received from any labor union or grass roots group has been a fair process where the candidates have been screened. there have been endorsement questionnaire forms. and every endorsement that wasserman schultz has received from unions to democratic caucus groups has not been an open process. i have never received a questionnaire. there has never been any screening. and this seems to be in some ways her pattern. when i first jumped into this race months ago, i would go to speak at a democratic party caucus or a local democratic club or union hall and before i even got there, they had gotten a call from someone on debbie wasserman's schultz' staff urging them to not let this man speak. you either believe in democracy or you don't. and i will say that she has -- she certainly has been avoiding the whole issue of having even a single debate with me. >> all right. should secretary of state hillary clinton say anything? she has not given her this
4:18 pm
honoree role in her campaign post the revelation of these emails. should secretary clinton say something? should see say something to you? >> well, i think anyone who looks at this situation should be somewhat embarrassed about the way the dnc has been run for the past year or more. and, you know, rewarding wasserman schultz, even with an honoree position does seem like it's a bit tone deaf. now secretary clinton is going to need the state of florida, assuming she is the nominee. she is going to need the state of florida to win most likely and to win florida a democrat is going to have to win broward county by a couple of hundred thousands votes, at least. it's very questionable whether wasserman schultz would even be helpful in that regard. she could be dragging down the ticket for a democrat. >> tim, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, nice to be be with. >> you grim news isis claiming responsibility for
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a bloody bomb attack. we go to germany which has been hit so hard. that's next. plus, buckle up, the democratic national convention is going to be a wild ride if it's anything like today. we are back in philadelphia in just moments. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment.
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bring you back here the second there is any news. buts first -- this is a fox
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news alert. isis strikes again. this time in germany. a syrian suicide bomber who pledged his allegiance to isis blowing himself up and injuring 15 people. this is the fourth bloody attack in germany in one week. grn reporter dave ceet something live in germany. dave, thank you for joining us and tell me how do they know this is part of isis? >> we got some new information about the attack today. basically they found video on his cell phone that he left behind in which he claimed allegiance to is. and also is affiliated group kind of claimed them as his own that he was an isis soldier. this no evidence that i.s. might have planned this attack. what it is looking like now a lone wolf attack that was inspired by i.s. but in terms of the public mood here. it's still going to be very frightening to a lot of people. >> how long has he been in germany? >> two years, actually. he entered two years ago and
4:24 pm
has been trying to claim asylum in germany. but that kind of kept getting rejected and looks like he actually got his -- two weeks ago saying that he was going to be deported. it's not clear yet whether that might have sparked off like [inaudible] >> of the 15 people injured, any life-threatening? >> four are in serious condition. we don't have any updates on their status yet. but they are still alive at this point. >> dave, thank you very much. and, of course, the headline being that he had pledged his allegiance to isis and germany hit again. thank you very much. and back here in the united states, the fbi is now launching investigation into the dnc email hack that has sent the dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz packing her bags. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been working. >> found malicious code on the dnc servers that's a
4:25 pm
carbon copy of what russian hackers have used in the past. the second piece of evidence is that they used a type of exfiltration type of information. the way they stole the information from the servers been used by the russians in the past. they also point to the timing which is more evidence, they say, that it was done at the behest of the russian government. and you want to remember, just back about a month ago, the head of wikileaks, julian assange promised that there would be more clinton emails. let's listen. >> >> we have upcoming leaks in revelation to hillary clinton which is great. we had a very big. >> some of the ones that have not yet come in public domain you plan to put out. >> we have emails of hillary clinton which are pending publication, that is correct. >> at this point cyber security experts say they are not seeing any forensic evidence that leaks julian assange of wikileaks to the
4:26 pm
new release of the dnc emails with you it's really hard to tell at this point, greta, because often these hackers use ways to mask their true identity, greta. >> catherine, why democrats and not the republicans? i don't understand. this you think they would go after both of them. >> that's an excellent question. the cyber security expert we spoke to late this evening, who used to run cyber security for the defense intelligence agency, military intelligence said that it's highly likely that religious russia and china are also in the rnc servers but at this point we just know about the dnc and that may be one of the shoes that will drop in the future, greta. >> catherine, thank you. >> okay. you're welcome. >> and donald trump, well, he is not keeping quiet about the dnc chaos. you will hear from donald trump next. one network dominated coverage of the critical rnc. fair, balanced and unafraid. that's why millions of americans turn to fox news
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news out of philadelphia. >> debbie wasserman schultz. [crowd boos] i always knew she was highly overrated. [ laughter ] not good. but she just got fired. they said debbie, you're fired. get out. debbie. out. boom. boy, they were [bleep] how about that for disloyalty, though in terms of hillary clinton. in all fairness. debbie wasserman schultz has been so much for hillary clinton and -- this is politicians, other than mike pence, of course. he is great. these politicians, look,
4:31 pm
there is no loyalty there. none whatsoever. it gets a little heat and they fire her. get out of here. get out of here. she knew what was going on. hillary clinton knew what was going on. she knew everything that was going on. she knew it's a rigged system that bernie sanders never had a chance, okay? hillary clinton, i have been saying this for a long time. and i got it from bernie sanders because he said she suffers from bad judgment. right? bad judgment. she suffers from very bad judgment. her instincts are bad. they're no good. her instincts are defective. her instincts are defective. but she has got -- she is low energy. she actually is low energy she goal home and take a nap for four or five hours. no naps for trump. no naps. i don't take naps. >> the "on the record" political panel ask back from town hall guy
4:32 pm
benson and a.b. stoddard. guy, first to you. the poll coming out big question how much bounce if any did donald trump get out of cleveland and we have a cnn poll in which 42% 42% tied among registered voter. that's the cbs one in which he they're tied. but here's the cnn one. 42%, 49%. that was what it was before. now look at it now. it's amazing, isn't it, guy? >> look at the real clear politics average. is he now in the lead. so if you are the democrats right now, especially with this convention starting the way that it has. you're probably starting to feel a little bit antsy. because last week as i said, earlier, it didn't go off without a hitch in cleveland. but the american people were reminded over and over and over again of the reasons why they don't like hillary clinton. donald trump has got an bounce out of that convention and the question is can he hold it and democrats will bounce out of
4:33 pm
here as well with good polling numbers. >> a.b., it always seems so horrible when you are in the midst of it. this seems so horrible for the democrats with debbie wasserman schultz. last week we thought it was horrible so horrible and now we can hardly remember it. a week from now can we remember it? >> donald trump can change the good news cycle. we don't know if they will turn the news away and keep the bernie protesters from booing and jeering. the polling should scare democrats. he has obvious shot in the right places in the battleground states to win ones that matter most. he consolidated the republicans behind him. that's the improvement in his numbers that we are seeing. that's really important. she is going to have to hold these democrats. that's her big challenge after this week. >> guy, do you think obviously senator tim kaine is a distinguished history. and i don't mean to take away but he is from
4:34 pm
virginia. she does want virginia and she does want florida. and she did elevate i don't know if elevate is the word but gave a reward from debbie wasserman schultz, congresswoman from florida. you know, is that going to be, you know, a enough? >> i think virginia is probably a state where the clinton campaign is feeling pretty good at the moment. but they are probably feeling not quite as good somewhere like ohio and pennsylvania. florida is always absolutely crucial. i don't think debbie wasserman shoults is popular enough in that state or any state frankly to be an addition to the electoral calculus. >> why didn't she swift kick yesterday tell debbie wasserman schultz to go home? >> she should have. >> sort of drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. it just gave more for the narrative fed into everything sanders people say about the dnc. >> whole accountability issue with the clintons and hillary clinton. is this their idea of accountability? if they are deeply sorry about the rigging of the game that we know absolutely happened at the dnc, why did she force out debbie
4:35 pm
wasserman schultz by the way, wink, shear -- here is a job right away. >> we know dnc and debbie wasserman schultz is the chairman. hillary clinton have any culpability at all on this? >> they haven't found emails connecting the campaign to the did. nc. >> this is just the dnc debbie wasserman schultz. >> but, trump has a point. does hillary not know that there was a huge debate over limiting and scheduling of debates in order to favor clinton and to not help along the candidacies of martin o'malley and bernie sanders? yes, that's true. did she enter into a victory fund, a joint fundraising agreement with something like 30 states last summer? these long before she was the nominee or even the primary voting had begun, which is something that you do after the you are the nominee. she did. she was treated in many ways a coronation and it was obvious to bernie sanders and martin o'malley and their supporters all along, the emails are what really have given them a new
4:36 pm
mission. >> booing. >> activity behind us, a.b., guy. our carl cameron is in winston, south carolina. what's the trump campaign saying about all of this? >> hi there,, greta. you played a little bit of his remarks this morning in roanoke, virginia. they did take questions it was more of a rally than a town hall meeting. tonight, pastor mark burns who folks might remember brought the house down with a raucous speech at the cleveland convention last week is on stage right now. they are going through the process of various different people who were at the convention rallying this group here now in winston, salem, north carolina. one of the battleground states as is virginia trump is targeting this week. he will be going all over the country campaigning during the democratic national committee to attack. and he is going after hillary on those dnc emails on the idea that hillary clinton has been rigging the system and it's not going to stop. he is going to do this every
4:37 pm
single day, one, two, and sometimes three events a day. all trying to bracket as we say in political parlance the convention in philadelphia. trump wants to make this an unhappy party for all the democrats gathered in the city of brotherly love, greta? >> carl, thank you. and programming note i just learned it's not just donald trump tonight with sean hannity but mike pence also joining them. well, talk about lousing timing for the democrats, just on the heels of the dnc email leak and sanders' protesters taking to the street and dnc chair getting booed by own delegates. tonight is the big night for senator sanders. he will speak tonight in this arena. will he extend an olive branch or pull a senator ted cruz. that's next. >> all eyes now turn to the democrats. after a hotly contested primary fight. party leaders have unite to do take on trump, but how will hillary clinton officially rally the base? >> let's make this happen
4:38 pm
together and win the election. >> one team is bringing you the latest reports, powerful interviews and every big moment live from philadelphia. full coverage of the democratic national convention starts tonight on fox news channel, america's election headquarters. at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. when age-related macular have degeneration, amd never being satisfied. we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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4:41 pm
secretary clinton neither wanted or needed the debbie wasserman schultz controversy overshadowing the start of the democratic convention. how bad is it? this morning debbie wasserman schultz got booed as she spoke at the florida delegates breakfast. >> we have to make sure that we move forward together in
4:42 pm
a unified way. we know. [crowd booing] >> that the voices in this room that are standing up and being disrupters, we know that that's not the party that we know. >> up until that breakfast wasserman schultz was planning to gavel in the convention. after the boos she quickly handed over the duty to stefanie rowling's blake. [gavel] >> i hereby call the 47th democratic national convention to order. [cheers and applause] [gavel] chris van holland goes "on the record." i should add the winner of the democratic primary for the u.s. senate in maryland. i should add that, too. >> thank you, greta. >> how did secretary clinton get the senator bernie
4:43 pm
sanders and supporters? they are pretty passionate about him. >> they are passionate and with good reason. we are going to hear from bernie sanders tonight and a message he conveys to his supporters, i think will go a long way to getting people to unite. the big question for this convention is whether we leave here four days from now united. and that will depend a lot on what bernie sanders says. it also requires the clinton team to continue to reach out to everybody to show that we're moving forward together. but i think it's going to be a happy ending. >> well, i think here in the arena it's going to be probably quite polite and that outside bernie sanders supporters don't quite feel that way. they are still pretty angry. >> well, i think what you are going to find is that as they see more of the content, the policy that comes out of this convention, the speeches that talk about many of the issues that bernie sanders raised on the campaign trail, economic empowerment. trying to make sure we are inclusive country, all of those issues are going to be front and center throughout this campaign and i think that will give them sense
4:44 pm
this team is moving in the right direction. >> what did you think when you heard about the controversy of the emails. >> look, the timing was terrible and content of those emails were inappropriate. it was dealt with very quickly. this just came out the other day. you already have debbie wasserman schultz doing the right thing, stepping down. you saw the mayor of baltimore, my state of maryland gavel us in. and then just a little while ago, you saw the dnc issue a full-throated apology for what happened. so i think we're going to start here, a fresh start, and coming out of this convention again, big question is four days from now. and i'm feeling confident that that will be a positive story. >> big speakers coming up. senator sanders one of them. first lady michelle obama is going to speak. what do you think her message is going to be? >> i think it's going to be the kind of message she gave four years ago and updated for the challenges today. if we want to continue to move our country forward, we
4:45 pm
don't want the kind of division. we don't want the sort of dark picture of america that came out of republican convention, ohio. america does best when we work together to get things done. i think that's what michelle obama. >> is donald trump going to give your party a run for its money come november? >> no one is messing around here. this is going to be a full-out political battle, state by state, neighborhood by neighborhood. but i do believe that beyond the issues that are very differn issues, there is more fundamental question this election. you are hearing it from, of course, a lot of republicans. i mean jeb bush said and i'm quoting that donald trump has grotesquely manipulated the anxieties of the american people. and that's what you saw out of the republican convention. it was the republican party taken over by trump despite what a lot of republicans would have wanted. it's just -- it's different in -- totally different than what we have seen before in a presidential candidate and
4:46 pm
pretty scary for the country. >> congressman, nice to see you. we will be watching your senate race come november. >> thank you. >> and 2016 democratic convention already filled with disorder, co-host of america's newsroom bill hemmer is live on the floor. bill, super star demi lo votto about to take the stage. are they ready to dance like they were in cleveland. >> yes, they shall. good evening from the floor of the convention here. this floor is hot. all the action is up in the bowl because that's where you find the states that went for bernie sanders. i was just in the oregon delegates a moment ago, bernie sanders sent out that text to the delegates earlier telling them not to protest on the floor. and i shared that text with them they said they all got it and they say it doesn't matter because booing is the sound track of a contested convention. those delegates, bernie sanders supporters say he got 57% of the vote in our state. only 25% of the super delegates and they are not happy about it. behind me, florida has been a hot state all today. 246 delegates, greta.
4:47 pm
a large number of them were at that breakfast earlier today with debbie wasserman schultz and some of them were there to boo her that is a divided delegates tonight. back up in the bowl with the state of vermont. i talked to done any donnie dietz. 26 delegates only 4 support hillary clinton. i said at this point what you can do dottie? she said it's not over until the fat lady sings. we shall see, greta what's next. back up to you. >> thank you, bill. and then, of course, demi lovato she is going to be performing. tonight in a short time senator bernie sanders will take the convention stage. will we see fireworks be mentioned. special "on the record" conventional panel is here. brad sherman and congressman paul tongco. >> what's going to happen when senator sanders takes the stage. >> he will offer agenda and appeal to convention goers to come behind the candidate that can bring us to a
4:48 pm
victory that doesn't allow for a trump candidacy to be victorious. he is bringing us to that point. no denying campaigns are emotional creatures. take as while for emotion to evaporate. but what we have here, i think, is an acknowledgment that working families, great many of us in the middle income community are best served by a candidacy of hillary clinton and not by donald trump. >> congressman sherman, what's the role tonight, do you think, of senator elizabeth warren? is she -- i mean, any sort of role between helping to unify your party, i think? >> i think both sanders and warren can do a lot to unify this party. you have got to remember that while sanders has millions of voters around the country, the most angry 200 were out in front of this stadium. and the vast majority are already for hillary.
4:49 pm
they will certainly be ready for hillary if they can ever really imagine a trump presidency. a lot of these angry bernie people, they can't imagine themselves looking into the faces of families they know being deported by a president trump because they don't even think that's possible. as we get closer to november, and as the prospect of a trump presidency becomes more of a joke those folks will be with us as well. of course watching a performance. this crowd loves. this yeah. >> these are always big parties. republican one is a party too. sort of fun. what i always say is how mean and nasty everybody is and come november it's a peaceful transfer of power. >> exactly. that's the whole process here at a convention. people coming together knowing that settle on one pepper, who is the most electable? i mean, there is much more here that union nights us, greta, as a party than divides us. and the fine tuning that's come in to play from both campaigns has been helpful. and we are going to see inspirational efforts this week to hand out a successful note.
4:50 pm
>> i'm curious how breaking the glass cereal will be portrayed i remember when n. 1948 when when geraldine ferraro was woman candidate. it doesn't seem like that woman thing is such a big deal this time it will be the first time. >> fun to watch. congressman, thank you both. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. and "on the record" griff jenkins hit the road to talk to the voters who will decide this election. go to virginia next. first, let's listen in to demi lovato on the stage in philadelphia ♪ all about me tonight ♪ tonight ♪ you say you're complicated ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time let's start over, let's rewind and let's go back and not quit the gym
4:51 pm
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and twirl creamy crab alfredo. or try the new alaska bairdi crab dinner. sweet and straight from the icy waters of alaska, you've gotta get it... to really get it. but it won't last forever, so hurry in. "on the record" is live in the city of brotherly love in the 2016 national convention. the deciders. griff jenkins went to virginia to visit a furniture factory. >> we're in virginia. the largest wood furniture manufacturing plant in america the folks here are proud, hard working and they have a lot of thoughts on this election. this plan is certainly an important one because this particular company has been keeping jobs at home for nearly 100 years. >> john, have you kept these american jobs here in this day and age of global economy. it must have been tough.
4:54 pm
how you have done is it. >> we northern nice. we innovated. we were not afraid to invest in this company and in this country we have got to be willing to compete we don't run away just because we have competition. mr. trump and secretary clinton deals with this issue of trade and keeping jobs in america. what advice you can offer the politicians, all of them, even in washington as someone who has actually done it? what's your advice to the folks? >> my advice is this. as one factor i think you are leaving out and that's people. the american people and the american worker wants to be part of this answer. go talk to your people. >> we hit the floor to find out what these workers think about this year's election. >> what are your thoughts on
4:55 pm
the election? >> well, it's pretty simple. you know, donald trump is -- he is for the american people. >> vote for trump not necessarily on all of his ideals but i just don't trust hillary. i see nothing that she offers that i want to vote for. >> i am voting for donald trump. i think he is going to drink all the jobs back to the united states we need them. >> i'm 57 years old and i voted every year since i was 18 i was in the military. i have voted every year since then. really, this is the first year that i am tore in the middle on who i need to vote for. i'm a democrat, i usually try to vote my pocketbook and some things i like about trump and there some things i like about hillary. i wish we could take the two and put them together, maybe we could come up with somebody that could really straighten the country up. >> if the election were today and had you to pull a
4:56 pm
leave about an hour from that furniture factory. >> the rain didn't clear you off. thanks. fox news shannon bream is tracking all the tracking data in america's election headquarters. >> let's start with the candidates and donald trump here. we can see the volume of data of people talking about him. nearly 37 million people posting it could be positive. it could be negative it could be neutral. but that is a lot of attention that is he getting on facebook. top group 25 to 34. let's look at his rival hillary clinton. she has got a lower volume,
4:57 pm
28 and a half million. it's lower. we would expect this week as she is here for the convention those numbers will come up. less attention on social media than donald trump. again, it doesn't measure positive or negative but, again, that same age group is the one talking about her most. now, this is something interesting. when you look at the issues. here are the top five. government ethics keeps bubbling to the top. there is a time line we could follow here at the bottom of the screen. you will see these little spikes. june 26th, 27th. that first spike on government ethics that's when attorney general loretta lynch and bill clinton met on the tarmac and hillary clinton and met with the fbi. issues she will have to address throughout the convention and beyond because people are paying attention, at least online. greta? >> shannon, thank you. and bill o'reilly is live and next. but, first, let's get back to the convention floor where we find co-host of america's newsroom martha maccallum. martha? >> hi there, greta. a lot of excitement down
4:58 pm
here. demi lovato left the stage a moment ago. one of the interesting things you are seeing when you look at the people wants signs around, you see these love trump hate signs. it's the bernie sticker that they are putting over it and adding sentiments like love plus bernie trumps hate. and you see these bernie trumps hate. they are covering them up so their signs really reflect their enthusiasm for bernie sanders rather than for the democratic party or hillary. we spoke to someone a little while ago who said that they believe it's the corruption in the party that really has sort of sickened them and turned them what's going on here tonight. they feel like email scandal is indicative of exactly what they were worried about from the beginning. tpp, the trade agreement that was made has been a big. they are saying no tpp. there is one right there. stop tpp. interrupting the speaker right now with this chant. i think we are going to see a lot of that tonight. these folks are not exactly here to get in line and to
4:59 pm
support the party line tonight. they want to know. they want their voices heard. they want people to listen to what they are talking about. corruption, trade, it's interesting how some of these things really line up with what trump is saying although most of the people down here say they are going to support the party. they are not going to switch over to donald trump which he has been working hard to engender the support to come from these people to come over his way, greta. >> it's fascinating. people on the floor of the party faithful. people across the country who supported bernie sanders. what are they going to do who aren't in this hall. martha, thank you. that's all for now. see you all tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern and "on the record" kicks off democratic convention prime time for the number one network in all of cable news. big night tonight with sean hannity. he has donald trump and governor mike pence. they both join sean. and up next, "the o'reilly factor." the number one show in all of cable news for gazillion years. i don't remember what it is but bill will tell if you ask him.
5:00 pm
anyway, i'm just teasing. anyway see you all tomorrow night right here 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page and like it. see all the behind the scenes at the convention. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. as we begin our coverage of the democratic national convention in philadelphia, pennsylvania the first capital city of the united states. this is the 47th nominating meeting for the dems. first one in 1832. when andrew jackson was chosen to run. tonight, the first lady michelle obama, bernie sanders, senator elizabeth warren all the headliners. those speakers will come later on. we begin later on with trump vs. obama, a vision of america and that is the subject of this evening's talking points


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