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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 26, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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good morning, it is tuesday, july 26th. all out chaos on day one of the democratic national convention. flooding the streets in protest of the party's nominee. good morning, you are watching fox freands this tuesday morning. >> thank you for joining us or sticking around if you have been with us. day two of the convention kicking off today. last night, it was clinton's
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former faux taking stage, urging party unity. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> the democrats unleashing attack dog elizabeth warren on donald trump as the republican nominee hits the trail riding a wave or momentum from the rnc. >> we have a movement. it's only a movement that we win in november. you have to go out november 8th and vote. >> let's get live in philly with the latest at the dnc. good morning. >> good morning. the first night of this convention was an attempt to undo the damage by the wikileaks leak. the hurt feelings of bernie sanders reporters may linger longer than the convention. it was several minutes before he could speak. when he endorsed hillary clinton, there was some applause
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mixed with occasional boos. some stood with tears in their eyes. >> our job now is to see that strong democratic platform implemented by a democratic controlled senate, by a democratic house and a hillary clinton presidency. hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her tonight. >> earlier in the day, there was outright anger among supporters at a philadelphia speech where he said we must elect hillary clinton. the same kind of reception ousted debbie wasserman schultz when she spoke at a florida delegation breakfast. many holding up signs that read shame, no exclamation and e-mails exclamation. massachusetts senator elizabeth
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warren tried to redirect the anger to the republicans. >> the system is rigged. there's enough blame to go around. >> reporter: the narrative now emerging from democrats is, this was part of a russian attempt to interfere with the electoral system to benefit donald trump who spoke fondly of donald trump. there's no proof the e-mails came from russia. they protect the source of their leaks. what is important is what is in the leaks. further attempts to undo the damage is by a speech by former president bill clinton. >> doug, thank you. >> thanks, doug. a rally since the rnc, donald trump and mike pence taking aim at the dnc for
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rigging the primary against bernie sanders as clinton rallied for support, the same spot trump plans to campaign this morning. joining us on the trump campaign trail, sarah, good morning to you. thank you for waking up so early for us. >> reporter: good morning. thanks for having me. >> give us a sense c, we have n been on the trail. give us a sense of how it's been. >> reporter: donald trump is hitting a stride now that he's made it through the convention, safely the republican nominee and making a pitch to sanders supporters which might seem like an odd fit. when you look at the language of the trump campaign, it is similar to the language of the sanders campaign. not just the political system is rigged, but trade and campaign finance. in theory, you could invision a group of sanders supporters that
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might take off. >> interesting. >> we have this sound from trump. he took aim at debbie wasserman schultz and gave hillary clinton a new nickname. listen to this. >> then it turned out debbie flamed out. honestly, whether you like her or not, she worked very hard to work the system. hillary rotton clinton. maybe it's too close. do you think mike pence would say this? i don't think so. he's like the most perfect human being. >> pence is perfect and hillary is now rotton. will that work? that type of rhetoric? >> reporter: trump is trying to do the same thing to the democrats the democrats did to him. if you remember in cleveland, they focused on the small amount of disunity we saw on the convention for monday of the republican convention. now there's a greater divide
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opening up in the democratic party as we head to the convention in philadelphia. trump see that is and is seizing on it to woo them into his camp now that he sees there are as a rule vol neshlties in the party. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> vermont senator, bernie sanders taking center stage at the dnc, working to rally his supporters behind hillary clinton. >> is he selling out or taking one for the team? let's bring in the political panel. guy benson for and fox news contributor and lauren. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> hi. >> you are both at the
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democratic convention. a lot of people, we are waiting to hear from bernie sanders given everything that happened with the e-mails. he was in a tough spot. what was his reaction? >> he did what he had to do and what i expected him to do, offer a full-throated endorsement of secretary clinton. there were a lot of angry protesters. we heard chants of lock her up, a lot of booing at every mention of hillary's name later in the day. when he got to the point in the speech where he said, yes, this means we must support hillary. it was mostly cheers, some boos. he lost the election. he knows he lost the election. this is the end of the line. he is being the good soldier, team player that he has been for the democrats throughout his entire career despite being a so-called independent. >> he said he's looking forward
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to his delegate votes for him during the role call. >> look, he's passional about the democratic process. i'm not surprised he wants to see the delegates have the opportunity to express their votes. it's in contrast to the republicans who refused a role call vote. i spoke to many republicans in cleveland who were not allowed to be unbound and required to vote for trump on the convention floor. he wanted to reinforce that's the difference here. i completely agree. despite some of the talking points of the democrats being so split, the truth is, the difference between $15 an hour and $12 an hour minimum wage, they are not vast differences. i think the party is absolutely coming together. will there be people that descend? of course. it's a democracy. we are going to see a very
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united party. >> polls show donald trump with a big convention boost, putting him back in the lead in the general election. the republican nominee is touting the gain as you imagine. he did that in virginia yesterday. listen. >> you see the polls that just came out? we had, like the biggest bounce that anyone can remember. we are leading. we are actually leading in the polls. the cnn poll was so good, i may have to start liking them again. >> the brand-new cnn poll he's references puts him at 48% and clinton 45%. what does trump need to do to keep that momentum going? >> well, i think a couple things. if you look at the cnn poll, he is up three points, head-to-head with hillary clinton. when you include the third party candidate, his lead grows. there were problems in cleveland last week from a lodgist cal
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standpoint, a unity standpoint. i thought he was going to get a bump and he has. now it's a democrats turn. traditionally the party with the showcase will see a polling advantage at the end of the week. he wants to step on that. doing what he does best, staying in the media spotlight all the time and eating into that air time across the board for the democrats and making sure that he's offering counter programming which is an area of expertise he's honed for many years. >> also in those latest polls that came out, perhaps more significant, donald trump led hillary clinton by almost double dinlg tgits when it came to who most trusted when it came to the economy and terrorism. >> as we heard, trump spent an entire week, five days doing nothing but bashing hillary and blaming her and barack obama for every ill of the world.
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it's not surprising some of that has stock. i think we are going to see a reversal next week. i have been saying this for months, national polls don't have a lot to do with how elections turn out. we have an electoral college. people don't win based on the popular vote. the clinton campaign has 7,000 stoppers spread out in each of the states. the latest count on the trump side is 50. they don't have the ground game. the rnc is going to help them. they are not won based on popularity polls. we have seen lots of polls after the convention that had nothing to do with the results a few months later. >> yeah. a lot of it comes down to the important swing states. >> it definitely will and you have to look atmore of those polls. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here in the next hour. >> the time is 12 minutes after
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the hour. debbie's demise. the former dnc chair getting booed off the stage. >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. okay. thank you very much. >> what do voters think of the big e-mail scandal? >> that's disturbing. this is supposed to be a party for the people. democracy is for the people. that is not -- that's atrocious. >> fox's first weekend host clayton hits it streets to see what the democratic voters think of their corrupt party. he's joins us next.
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welcome back. dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman
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schultz forced to step down after wikileaks released a troef of embarrassing private e-mails by dnc executives. some proved the party was stacking the deck against bernie sanders. we have reaction from democratic voters. i'm sure they had nothing to say about this, nothing at all. >> they were all positive. i hit the streets in philadelphia, went to a bernie rally, 145 degrees, that's no lie, under cover. watch this. we are at a bernie rally. 110 degrees outside. sunscreen a must. see if you can figure out what they are saying. hell no, dnc, we don't vote for hillary.
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i don't think they are hillary supporters. let's find out. familiar with the e-mail scandal, right? >> absolutely. >> dnc press secretary, wondering if there's a good bernie narrative for a story that he never had his act together, his campaign was a mess. that's from the dnc. >> violates the democracy and my vote. obviously i'm angry. >> will you vote for hillary? >> absolutely not. donald trump thinks bernie votes are going to him. what do you think? >> i doubt it. >> i mentioned briefly, my college roommates in december. would you help us get tickets to see "hamilton" on broadway. she didn't get the ticket. are you sad? >> not at all. >> are you happy?
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>> pretty happy. >> they say it's rigged. donald trump says it proves the system is rigged. do you agree? >> 100%. >> it is unpatriotic and un-american to vote for her. >> one of the e-mails, the concern with bernie sanders they have been talking about is hillary clinton's policies wouldn't move the country forward. while secretary clinton would not worsen the fiscal situation, she also will not improve it. >> i had that feeling all along. >> one of them targeted hispanic voters, specifically and their strategy internally. basically saying hispanics are generational in their loyalty and they like to hear a story close to them as a strategy for
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bringing them into the party. do you think the dnc expects your vote? >> i mean, i think the thing is, for the dnc to expect any vote right now is, i don't know, it's like living in a cloud. >> thousands of e-mails have been leaked by wikileaks. one is making fun of a black woman in the dnc. going back and forth, one of the spokespersons for the dnc writing back saying, wow. i'm sorry, i hope you get a raise for this title. what do you think about that? >> that's disturbing. this is supposed to be a party for the people. by definition, democracy is for the people. that is atrocious. that's the first time i heard that e-mail specifically. wow. >> here back on the convention
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floor walking around looking for signs this morning. this used to be a stand with her, hillary sign. bernie supporters are probably not going to come home to support her anytime soon. >> three days to go. it will be interesting to see how long the outraj lasts. >> let's get her "hamilton" tickets, i feel sorry for her. >> some americans are on the trump train and don't need to be rallied. >> donald trump is for the american people. i just don't trust hillary. >> voting for donald trump. >> we are hitting a virginia furniture factory to see why these workers want trump for president.
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it is a true american made company that kept jobs here at home for nearly a century. >> the hard working employees could be the deciders in this election. on the record, we went to virginia to find out who they are voting for and why. >> in virginia, it's the largest wood furniture manufacturing plant in america. the folks here are proud, hard working and they have a lot of thoughts on this election. this plant is certainly an important one because this particular company has been keeping jobs at home for nearly 100 years. as mr. trump and secretary clinton deal with the issue of trade and keeping jobs in america, what advice can you
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offer them in washington as someone who has done it. what is your advice to the folks? >> my advice is there tis, the american people. they want to be part of this answer. go talk to your people. >> reporter: we hit the floor to find out what the workers think about this year's election. what are your thoughts on the election? >> pretty simple. donald trump is more for the american people. if i don't vote for trump, not necessarily all his ideals, but i just don't trust hillary. i see nothing she offers that i want to vote for. >> voting for donald trump. i think he's going to bring all the jobs back to the united states. we need them. >> i'm 57 years old. i voted every year. when i was 18 i was in the military and voted every year since then. this is the first year i'm torn
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in the middle of who to vote for. i'm a democrat. i usually try to vote with my pocketbook. there's some things i like about trump, some things i like about hillary. i wish we could take the two and put them together. maybe we could come up with somebody that could straighten the country up. >> if the vote was today how would you vote? >> i'm going to have to plead the fifth on that. if i say one thing, i'm going to catch it from my wife. if the wife ain't happy, you ain't happy. i'm going to bleed the fifth on that. >> happy wife, happy life. that is what they say. 26 minutes past the top of the hour. hillary's time to shine goes up in smoke. >> you are making candidates more dangerous by making it illegal, okay? >> it's like a glass of wine, you know what i mean? >> our own pete heads to a
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protest in philly to see how high a priority pot is to the people.
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welcome to fox and friends first. it is tuesday, july 26th. all out chaos on day one of the democratic national convention. >> angry protesters flooding the streets of philly in protest of their party's nominee. >> good morning to you on this tuesday morning, i'm heather childers. good morning. >> i'm abby huntsman. day two kicking off today. clint
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clinton's former faux took to the stage to urge unity. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> the democrats unleashing attack dog elizabeth warren on donald trump as the republican nominee hits the trail, riding a wave of momentum from the rnc. >> we have a movement. it's only a movement if we win in november. you have to go out on november 8th and vote. >> let's go live in philly with the latest from dnc. doug, good morning. >> reporter: morning guys. the narrative emerging from democrats about the e-mails is they were hacked by the russian government as a result of putin's effort to put trump in the white house. he's spoken highly of putin and putin highly of trump. julian asang says there's no proof the e-mails came from the russian government. what's important is the content of the e-mails. last night's opening night was an attempt to put this damage
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behind the democrats. the hurt feelings of bernie sanders supporters will not be so easily dismissed. he was able to speak for several minutes. sustained is the applause he received. when he endorsed hillary clinton, there was a lot of applause and a lot of boos. some stood with tears in their eyes. >> our job now is to see that strong democratic platform implemented by a democratic controlled senate, by a democratic house and a hillary clinton presidency. hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her tonight. >> earlier in the day, when sanders spoke to a crowd of supporters in downtown philadelphia, there was outright anger and boos when he said
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hillary clinton must become president. debbie wasserman schultz received a similar greeting. in her keynote speech, elizabeth warren tried to paint donald trump as a giant hot air machine. >> hand over your money, your jobs, your children's future and the great trump hot air machine will reveal all the answers. and for one, low vote price, he'll throw in a hat. >> one of tonight's featured speakers is former president, bill clinton. he knows how to rally a crowd and create damage for himself. i was at the meeting in 1988 when dukakis was the nominee. he spoke so long, he was booed . he became president four years
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later. >> he is a long speaker. thank you. on the republican side, donald trump is doublie ining dn what he calls a rigged system. >> he's calling foul on hillary clinton saying she knew about the dnc to keep bernie sanders from becoming the democratic nominee. >> she was the arm of hillary. she worked for hillary, essentially. it was a big rigged system. i'm the first one to use that term. it was a rigged system. bernie had no chance. hillary knew everything going on. probably saw most of the e-mails at some point. the way she said, gee, i don't follow the e-mails. it's so important and she doesn't follow them. doesn't happen to be up on the subject. she's just a liar. she's been a liar from day one. people are wise to her now, i think. >> in trump fashion, they are calling clinton disloyal for throwing debbie wasserman
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schultz under the bus and not having her back despite hiring her following the e-mail leak. mike pence heading to charlotte this morning for the next stop on the campaign trail, a day after clinton rallied for veteran support in the same spot. >> promising a unified convention, but day one of the dnc told different details. >> enough is enough. >> those are bernie supporters protesting their party nominee. >> can hillary unite the party and gain the trust of sanders supporters? let's ask janine green, a 2008 clinton campaign supporter and billy. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning, again. >> yes, thank you for sticking around. i will start with you. we have protests outside flying a flag with a democratic donkey
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upside down. we have protests inside. people booing every time they hear hillary clinton's name. how can hillary or can she unite the party at this point? >> absolutely. i think, when i look at these crowds and when i was in the convention hall last night, this is what democracy looks like. democrats have always been a party where there is lots of disagreement. there's lots of passion. we, at the end of the day, i think, when you listen to michelle obama's speech, will come together because of that future she laid out that she wants for her daughters and the fear, speaking of a word that donald trump likes a lot, the fear of having him anywhere near the white house will be a part of that recipe for unity. >> watching this play out in the earlier hours, filly, this was a
1:37 am
disaster. the speakers on the floor had to stop to wait for the shouting to stop. do you think bernie sanders did what he needed to to unify the party? >> he did fine. you will see more consolidate. that's the keyword, consolidation. i don't see unity. this is a disruptive election on the republican and democratic side. they have to consolidate as much of the bernie vote as possible. she's playing chess in the sense of going to the key target states. she's running ads in the key states of ohio, virginia and florida, which seems to be the biggest state of all. she can consolidate enough votes in the state of florida and take the states barack obama won in 2012, she has a chance to win. >> and in north carolina. trump hasn't started that. people booing, during the opening prayer was something.
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>> new cnn polls, you probably heard about them, trump getting the expected post convention boost. how can he keep that momentum going? here are the numbers in the head-to-head match up, 48% of donald trump and 45% for hillary clinton. now he's leading. >> he is, but as we all know, fear and loathing is just a really strong motivating force. he and every person up on the stage last week who yelled and screamed and said the sky is falling, it was effective for what he wants to do and how he wants to divide this country. as we saw last night, love trump's hate. the diversity on the stage and three more days of that, i think, will result in a similar bump, if not more significant for hillary clinton's campaign and ultimately as phillip says,
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this is about playing chess. hillary clinton will continue to do that and all the republican who is actually are voting for her. whether it is foreign policy officials who have been with the republican party forever. i think we are going to see a continuing flood of republicans saying donald trump is not worthy of this office. that's going to be a really big part of her game plan. >> phil, a big part of that boost was the independent vote. trump 46%, clinton 28. clinton was 34 and trump 21%. that goes a long way. >> it does. i'll play inside baseball. if you look at the electoral could want now based on polling. trump is 190 to 191. clinton is over 200. trump has to go into the key states and play the game he is
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nationally in the pennsylvania, north carolina. that is my strategy, if i was advising him. he has momentum. i think hillary will get moment momentum. this is a neck in neck race. both candidates need to go hard and fast. >> we have to leave it there. we are going to see you next hour. >> trump thinking he can switch some of those states over. we'll see if he can. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. hillary clinton and donald trump have different plans for your taxes. which one would put the most money back into your paycheck? >> we have the breakdown and the numbers are astounding.
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welcome back to fox and friends first. clinton's campaign promising to build an economy that works for
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everyone. >> which candidates will actually put the most money in your wallet? here is morgan ortega. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> love having you here. let's take a look at trump's tax plan compared to clinton's tax plan. under trump's plan, americans making $20,000 a year or more would see more money in their paycheck. under hillary clinton's, americans making $55,000 or more would see less money in their paycheck. compare and contrast the two for us. >> well, i think one of the main things is donald trump is actually coming out with a new revised tax plan because he wanted to focus the tax plan a bit more on growth, but also on spending. that's one of the things where we have to be careful as republicans when we cut taxes. we need to have a detailed plan
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for what we are going to do for the national debt we are leaving for generations to pay off. it's a significant issue. what is significant is if you take the corporate tax rate down to 15%, this is what most businesses and corporations hamper job growth. what hampers them from creating more middle class jobs is a tax rate that unincentivizes them. >> let's look at trump's plan for wall street compared to clinton. trump wants to overhaul and address separation from commercial banking. hillary clinton wants to keep dodd/frank and downsize financial institutions that are too large to be managed effe effecti effectively. how should we think of the two? >> one of the interesting things about the election that is blowing minds is you have the democratic candidate who is closer to wall street than the
1:46 am
republican candidate. hillary clinton has changed her tune. she's taken record amounts of donations from wall street. with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren's push to regulate wall street, hillary clinton has taken on that policy proposal. what is interesting about trump, he said he wanted to get rid of dodd/frank, he has tough words for bankers saying they are hedge fund managers and not going to get a free pass. i think trump is cognitive his base, the working class americans were wiped out in 2008 from the financial crisis. making sure he had a tax plan and a wall street plan that incentivizes growth. he doesn't want to do things that overly regulate small businesses. if you think about local community banks, those are the things -- the big banks take on the regulation like dodd/frank. they are take on lawyers to
1:47 am
fight it. the small banks can't do that. >> we want to get this in quickly. minimum wage, bernie sanders brought it up in his speech. compare trump's plan where he does not support a wage hike, he says states should decide. and clinton wants to phase in $15 wages and use new york state as a model. what works? >> this is the classic democrat and republican stance on an economic issue. hillary wants the government to tell everybody from topeka to los angeles to georgia how much it should be. trump is looking at it saying he wants the states to decide the appropriate minimum wage for cost of living in their state. >> so important to understand the differences in their economic plans. it could come down to the economy.
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thanks for being with us. >> 48 minutes after the hour. pot is a high priority for bernie sanders supporters in philadelphia. what are they fighting for? >> the republic is not a democracy. they say less government. >> you are talking two different things. >> okay. >> pete heads to a rally with pro-pot protesters who give a new means to feel the bern. they brought this on themselves.
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now it's war, and i want them dead! the fleas and ticks? their whole gang. we can do that. only bravecto kills fleas & ticks for up to 12 weeks with one tasty chew. starts killing fleas in two hours and kills nearly 100% in under twelve. and it's fda approved. bravecto is for dogs 6 months of age or older. don't worry, princess, we'll settle the score. tonight we ride, with bravecto!! ask your vet about 12-week protection with bravecto. welcome back. it is supposed to be hillary clinton's time to shine, of course. but, her convention seems to be going up in smoke. >> a pro-bernie protest to see
1:52 am
how high priority pot is to people. pete joins us live from phil li. good morning to you. what an assignment you got yesterday. >> a marijuana legalization rally. the smell of bernie was in the air. very high on passion, you might say. a little thin on facts. we went to hit the street to ask questions. here is what we heard. we are downtown philly at a weed rally where they are literally rolling a joint behind me as we speak. we are here to talk about legalization of pot and their favorite cause, socialism. >> cannabis. >> you are here for the cannabis rally? >> no, i needed some. i'm not from here. >> do you believe in legalizing
1:53 am
it? >> hell yes. there are way too many people for nonviolent crimes in jail today. >> marijuana is so good. a lot of people would use marijuana. >> you are making cannabis more dangerous by making it illegal, okay? >> it's like a glass of wine, you know what i mean? >> have lots of position on purposes. >> construction, rogue clothing. >> you understand we are taking sides. it's not a threat. it's a promise. >> a system that basically let us down. >> defend the game and ignore it. >> it's kind of been evolving towards hypocrisy.
1:54 am
>> you want to make the stage this is a republic, not a democracy. republicans say less government. >> you are talking two different things. republicans and democrats are different than a republic democracy. >> okay. >> you consider this a celebration? >> yes. >> symbol of oppression? >> yeah. >> shouldn't people be concerned about i don't know the difference between a republic and a democracy? >> the current system is absolutely broken. >> we are done. we are done. this is our country. this is not hillary clinton, we are done. we are done. >> we are done. it's not your country, it's their country. they were high on wanting to legalize marijuana and all in for socialism, including, as you saw, a flag from the former soviet union prepared to stand the time. >> some of those outfits.
1:55 am
do i love you were owning the capitalist shirt all the while. >> that's right. we had a lot of conversations about capitalism and socialism. they can't defend how much they want to take from the 1%. we'll get back on that. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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good morning to you. it is tuesday, july 26th. all-out chaos on day one of the democratic national convention. >> angry protesters flooding the streets in philly in protest of their party's nominee. >> it was a wild day. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends" on this tuesday. >> thank you so much "f "fox & friends first." >> day two of the convention kicking off today. last night it was clinton's former foe taking center stage urging party unity. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> the democrats unleashing attack dog elizabeth warren on donald trump as republican nominee hits the trail himself riding a wave of momentum from the rnc. >> we have got a movement, but it is only a movement if we win in november. you have to go out in november
2:00 am
and vote. >> let's go right to doug mcelway. he has the latest from the dnc. good morning, doug. >> good morning heather, good morning abby. this was the first night of the convention in large part to undue the damage caused by the wikileaks release. it became clear the feeling of sander's voters may last long. it was minutes before he could even speak. pronounced and sustained was all of the applause. when he endorsed hillary clinton it was mix withed occasional boos. some of the fans stood with tears in his eyes. >> our job now is to see the strong democratic platform implemented by a democratic controlled senate by a democratic house


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