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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> let's go right to doug mcelway. he has the latest from the dnc. good morning, doug. >> good morning heather, good morning abby. this was the first night of the convention in large part to undue the damage caused by the wikileaks release. it became clear the feeling of sander's voters may last long. it was minutes before he could even speak. pronounced and sustained was all of the applause. when he endorsed hillary clinton it was mix withed occasional boos. some of the fans stood with tears in his eyes. >> our job now is to see the strong democratic platform implemented by a democratic controlled senate by a democratic house and a hillary
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clinton presidency. hillary clinton will make an outstanding president, and i am proud to stand with her tonight. >> earlier in the day we saw out right anger among many of the supporters in a town down speech where he told them we must support hillary clinton. debbie wasserman schultz spoke to a delegation breakfast. some held signs that said shame and e-mails explanation. senator warren tried to redirect all of the anger over to a rigged system specifically to their nominee donald trump who she called full of hot air who gives away free goofy hats. the narrative largely emerging from the e-mails was it was a product of a russian hack by president put tin who is a fan
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of donald trump and donald trump is fan of his. in an nbc interview with julian assange there is no proof the e-mails came from russia. the important thing is the content of the e-mails. abby and heather, back to you. >> it will be interesting to see what the fbi uncovers. >> thank you. >> in his first big rally since the rnc donald trump and running mate mike pence making another pitch for bernie sanders supporters. >> bernie has given up. i think his people are going to throw bernie over board. i guarantee a lot of people will come to us. the reason is there is nobody better on trade. we have been ripped off on trade for so long. >> joining us now sharon westwood of the washington examiner. thank you for joining us this morning, sara? >> thank you for having me. >> north carolina is in play right now with the candidates.
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hillary clinton was there today. donald trump will be in charlotte, north carolina. i say hillary clinton was there yesterday and donald trump will be there later today. 15 electoral votes up for grabs in north carolina. what did trump have to say today? >> well, donald trump obviously like you mentioned was making a pitch to sanders supporters who are making a pitch that sanders supporters joined his camp because of trade. it is one of the loudest pleas you heard from bernie sanders supporters during the arena waudz say no to ttp. you saw signs covering the arena from delegates. that's one of the strongest points sanders made. it fits in that multi national corporations are driving the u.s. government towards the trans-pacific partnership. it is one that would resinate with north carolina hit by
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manufacturing jobs moving across our borders, and it is something they need to use. >> donald trump has a new name hillary rotten clinton. both hillary clinton and donald trump making a big pitch for our veterans for the military, right? oo exactly. they add dressed the foreign wars that is something donald trump will invest today. he made a good gap er8liar in the campaign. she said the department of veteran as affairs were not widespread. there are thousands that died waiting in line. that was offensive. it is a center piece of the campaign. it is something you will hear him tout today in front of the vfw and it will likely go well.
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>> thank you for being with us early. >> must become the next president of the united states. >> bernie sanders taking center stage at the dnc to rally his supporters behind hillary clinton. >> many now asking, is he selling out or taking one for the team? let's ask political panel guy benson a fox news contributor and a democratic strategist. guy i will start with you watching the convention play out in the early hours yesterday it got a little wild there. many people wondering what big sugar was going -- bernie sands going to say. did he ease some of the fears? >> it was acrimonious here in the hall early other in the day. i never heard something like that before. even if ted cruz getting booed off the stage in cleveland.
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every mention of hillary clinton's name was met with loud booing in this hall and bernie sanders made a forceful case for why he is endorsing hillary clinton for president. of course he was going to back her. part of the reason he was able to make that case as robustly as they did there were people over in the evening who built up to that starting with in prime time probably the best speech of the night from the first lady michelle obama which unified this building and electrified this building where it had been totally fractured through out the day. he got an assist from michelle obama. >> cory booker had a powerful speech earlier in the day as well. the bottom line is bernie sanders followers will they follow hillary clinton or will they jump over to donald trump? oo i think one thing that happened in the room which i
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thought was extraordinary before bernie came out they handed out thousands of bernie signs. the fact that they put him in such a key prime time spot following the first lady they are making a huge effort to reach out to santed ders supporters and demonstrate the unity of the party. that is ultimately going to be successful. it is hard to lose. it will take some time. i have no doubt. the differences between them. the difference between his policies and hillary clinton are ultimately not that great. it will be easier for his supporters to get behind her. >> there are a sizable group that view him the embodiment of everything he fights against. i think most of them will vote for her. >> trade policy specifically also. more in line with what donald trump has been saying.
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>> talking about donald trump with his big convention boost that was expected putting him back in the lead in the general election 48 to 45 percent. what does trump need to do to get that momentum going? >> ultimately he will need to have a structured organized ground game. a lot areic making a point what gets you bumps in the polls obviously the wall to wall 24/7 coverage that comes with the republican convention last week and his ability to command the media has been to his benefit. we really turn a corner now after the convention this week. we will have an opportunity to hear a totally different perspective on him and of course on hillary and leaving this week he is going to have to get seriously organized in the states. thi i think this is where he will face an enormous battle.
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along with the obamas and democratic party they have been organizing with this for a long, long time. it is a structure that will be hard to compete on the ground. >> i keep going back to the independent vote this time around. you look at the cnn poll you break it down and where he jumped among independents who can trump now 46 percent who is now down 28 percent with inp independe independentings. that goes a long way guys. >> i think when you see four straight gays of the republic--t days of the republican party and why they distrust hillary clinton so much. you will see a boost in his holying numbers. she was flat or down a little bit. it is not just the one cnn poll he has a real lead in the real clear politics average. ultimately we will see if it lasts through philadelphia and does it translate in the battle ground states 13 or so states that will ultimately determine who wins the race. >> i think independents are
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going to be much bigger. >> a double dig get lead when it comes to the economy and terrorism who can best handle that. donald trump on top. >> i think you will hear the democrats lay it out this week. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> the time now 10 minutes after the top of the hour. the democrats bernie backers booing at the mere mention of hillary clinton's name. >> hillary clinton wants to build an economy that works for everyone not just (indiscernible). can they get it together? what can bill clinton say to help? >> he is taking center stage. who better to ask than lanny davis. he's joining us live next.
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>> welcome back. frustrations spilling over at the dnc. >> hillary clinton wants to build an economy that works for everyone, not just the people -- (booing) >> excuse me. excuse me. >> bernie backers booing in anger at the mere mention of hillary clinton. is this the dnc's idea of unity? lanny davis former clinton camp. >> i am amazed that your cameras caught that. the amazing display the exact opposite of what you showed. you put that on. >> where i was going to start with you, i was watching it play off that was certainly not a way
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they wanted to start off the convention, right? >> well, it wasn't a way to start off but beginning your program by having that piece without having what happened last night which was positively amazing. i have been involved in a lot of divisive conventions and it was an amazing night with michelle obama topping it off and a unity in this place i would never have imaged. >> lanny, you have to admit there were even boos during the opening prayer there were people protesting waving the democratic flag upside down. >> this played out all through out the day yesterday. >> you know, when a blind man touches a congredong key and he the tail and says i am feeling a snake, then they find out it is much bigger than the tail. what happened with some of those protestors and some of the boos, by about 8 or 9:00 at night you
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saw with cory booker, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and finally michelle obama in an amazing unity after the earlier events that you absolutely described left all of us genuinely in euphoria because we never expected this evening outcome where the beginning of the day started out with such division. >> you have been to a number of these conventions before. have you ever seen that happen? have you ever seen it build up that way to the convention where there was so much chaos and did appear to be quite wild out there? >> oh my god have i have seen it? as will rogers said in the 1930's, i am a member of no organized political party. i am a democrat. so we democrats are accustomed to fighting it out and finally coming together for the general election. what happened last night was not
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an exaggeration. when cory booker spoke, his bette warren, bernie sanders and especial especially michelle obama even those booing at the beginning were cheering at the end. >> bill clinton will be speaking tonight. you have been a long time friend and at cat fadvocate for the clintons. how can he unify the party without over shadowing hillary clinton? >> i don't think anybody can follow bill clinton including hillary clinton and barack obama. he is one of a kind. just watch his way of flowing with the feeling in the room. there is nobody better whether you are republican or democrat somebody who is an artist that
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is bill clinton. for the rest of the week with ba barack obama the end result of this convention is going to be in my memory i have been around for quite a while the most oun fied democratic party. >> bill clinton has a way of connecting with everybody that i have never seen before. >> no one touched on that at all today. >> lanny davis, thank you for waking up so early. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> the time almost 20 minutes after the hour. michelle obama suddenly taking aim at donald trump. >> the issues the president faces are not black-and-white and cannot be boiled down to 140 characters. >> what did the voters think of the first lady's speech. he just put it to at no time dial test. we have brand new results up next.
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>> bernie sanders kicking off the show. >> was it enough to sway the sander's fans and how did the rest of last night's speeches resinate with voters. lee carder is a poster and partner at met llanski partners. >> one of the biggest speeches of the night everyone anticipating the first lady's speech. here's a piece of that. >> i want someone with the proven strength to persevere. someone who knows this job and takes it seriously. someone who understands that the issue the president faces are not black-and-white and cannot be boiled down to 140
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characters. when you have the nuclear code at your finger tips and the military in your command, you can't make snap decisions. you can't have a thin skin or a tendency to lash out. you need to be steady and measured and well informed. >> all right, lee, what was the grade? >> you can see obviously democrats absolutely loved it. gave her an a. independents a c and republicans an f. gis it is not all that surprising how democrat and republicans reacted. the interesting thing is to watch the independents. independents said you might be missing the point. we like that donald trump is decisive and different and we like that he is not all that measured. he is very, very direct. the attack didn't necessarily work. the way -- >> go ahead. >> the way that she told her
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hole speech through the lens of her daughters was the one that was appealing but this attack didn't move independents. that's what they need to do this week. >> another big speaker elizabeth warren turning it around on trump saying the gop system is the one that is rigged. >> i am not someone who thinks republicans are always wrong and democrats are always right. there's enough blame to go around. there is a huge difference between people fighting for a level playing field and the people fighting to keep the system rigged. >> no one seems to love this one. >> this one is not a home run by any stretch. democrats gave it a b. democrats and republicans tracking similarly. b minus. there's more than enough blame to go around what they said is the system is rigged but your system in the dnc is clearly rigged and not rigged in the way of bernie sanders.
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people said look, you are system is the one that is rigged. >> speaking of bernie sanders he had this to say you must endorse her saying she will become the next president. >> any objective observer will conclude based on her ideas and leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> those independents again. lee? >> those independents. the independents really were not with the democrats last night. you can see republicans and independents gave it an f, democrats gave it a b. they needed to do better with democrats than he did. the thing i found most
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interesting at the mention of hillary clinton i don't know if you saw it but the dials dove. it really went down at the mention of hillary clinton even with democrats. that's not good for her. what we need to sees people rallying behind her. we heard from independents it wasn't enough for him to say we need to support hillary clinton. i want to know why he came around after everything he has been through. that case needs to be made for bernie supporters. >> love those dial tests. lee carter, thank you for being with us. >> of course. great to see you guys. >> the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. she promised unity but it is anything but that. >> can hillary clinton really rally the base and bring divided democrats together? our political panel is on deck for a fair and balanced debate. >> you are making candidates more dangerous by making it illegal. >> it is like a glass of wine.
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>> it is tuesday, july 26th. an all out chaotic day on day one of the democratic national convention. >> filling the streets in protest of their party's nominee. >> you are watching "fox and friend first on this tuesday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman.
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>> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> the democrats unleashing attack dog elizabeth warren on donald trump as the republican nominee hits the trail riding a wave of momentum from the rnc. >> we have got a movement. it is only a movement if we win in november. you have to go out on november 8th and vote. >> let's go to doug mcelway he's live with the latest from the dnc. >> you know the e-mails they are saying were hacked by the russian government by putin to put dutrump in the white house. julian assange of wikileaks says there is no proof they came from the russian government what is
2:32 am
important is the content of the e-mails. when bernie sanders took the stage last night he was unable to speak for three minutes so sustained was the applause. the hurt feelings of bernie sanders fandz is not going to be so easily dismissed. when he endorsed hillary clinton last night there were applause and also boos and some stood with tears in their eyes. >> this election is not about and has never been about hillary clinton or donald trump or bernie sanders. this election is about and must be about the needs of the american people. >> earlier in the day when sanders spoke to his supporters in a downtown philadelphia gathering there were out right boos much, much more anger when he said we must vote for hillary clinton. debbie wasserman schultz received a similar reception
2:33 am
when she ride to speak. in the keynote speech elizabeth warren tried to redirect all of the anger at the pop per place from the democrats perspective to the republican party. donald trump he called add giant hot air machine oh who gives away goofy hats. >> one of tonight's speakers bill clinton knows how to rally a crowd. change the course of the giant ship of state of the democratic party. >> doug mcelway, thank you. we just saw bernie supporters flooding the streets how can hillary clinton gain their trust and unite the parties? >> let's ask our political panel former 2008 clinton campaign advisor and republican strategist phillip stud. thank you for joining us. >> morning. >> phillip, i will start with you this time. what does she need to do to unify the party?
2:34 am
>> i am convinced less unification and more consolidation. both of these candidates are not very popular. kwet if you look at the po-- ye at the polls it is will 45 percent each. hillary clinton thinks if she is more likeable she can consolidate the remaining votes and get to the majority. trump looks at the wikileaks and hopes it continues to drip, drip, drip out. that's the way he consolidates the vote that's the way he gets the majority. >> there are people who are angry, really upset over how it played out. what more does she have to do? >> she will still do it. i think if we look back to 2008
2:35 am
and what we are called puma voters hillary supporters who were so angry all of the attention the media pays to them. ultimately they went over to president obama. i think we are going to see the same thing here. the thing is. they are passionate especially the young ones who have gotten involved in politics for the first time. this makes sense. as the election continues to get closer to election day there is going to be a really tough choice where they can either stay home or have what we saw in cleveland be the future of this country. i think hillary has done as good job or the campaign has been a good job of really showing the difference. that's what this is going to boil down to. it's not going to come down to what tweet was most effective. it is what is being laid out on
2:36 am
this stage which clearly we watched cleveland. >> one is a failure and the other is great. we have brand new polls a different boost. putting donald trump in the lead and republican nominee beasing no time of his big game in virginia. >> you see the poll that is just came out? we had the biggest bounce any one can remember. we are leading. we are actually leading in this the polls. the cnn poll was so good i might have to start liking them again. >> 48 percent compared to clinton at 45 percent. the question now is what we would lose if we keep the momentum being as we are watching the dnc.
2:37 am
i would say at thats chess verses checkers. hillary is playing a chess game where she is trying to win florida. tim kaine is going to allow her to get the vote in florida. trump is playing checkers. i know it sounds like i am den grading trump. he might not be. he might be playing a sim builder game that may be winning the election playing from a national stage rather than going state by state by state to try to wieven state. i think that's the way it will play out. i think he said this is how it worked for me in the primary it will work for me in the general. >> one of the topics on everybody's mind is terrorism and homeland security. it is not mentioned by a single speaker the first day of the convention. if you look at the poll it is
2:38 am
puts donald trump ahead of hillary clinton by double bdigis as to who would handle terrorism or ohomeland security. >> it will be mentioned. we have got three more days. each day comes with a theme. there will be a lot of folks on national security. speaking of national security we are sitting here talking about tweets and the chaos of both conventions. it is likely russia hacked the dnc. that is something that -- >> isn't that also serious? >> when we have someone in donald trump chair leading for you. >> what about hillary clinton and her private server. >> this is the new reality that we face. >> what about it?
2:39 am
that connects to a foreign government coming into our political process with an agenda with an opening that they have seen that kot has given them. that scares me. we need more conversations about that. (indiscernible) in somebody's basement. >> i am talking about a foreign govrpment coming into our country to get involved. >> this goes right into the people's concerns with national security. >> it does. this is the talking points that were distributed the democrats. there is no evidence there was any kind of coordination. julian assange came about. >> he is so credible. >> i am looking for the answer over than it is a talking point
2:40 am
between the hillary clinton. there's goortd nation between him and the white foundation. (talking over one another). >> some of the dnc leaders who were participating in the e-mails and what they said, what happens to them moving forward? >> it could be damaging. >> they were despicable. they were despicable. >> we have to leave it there, though. thank you for being with us this morning. have a great day. >> thank you. >> time now, 20 minutes almost to the top of the hour. convention chaos bernie backers watching t watching. >> pot is a high pry anotherity. get it? what exactly are they fighting for? >> this is the republican not a democracy. republicans say less government. >> we are talking about republic
2:41 am
cans heads to a hot rally who are giving a whole new meaning to "feel the burn."
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>> thousands of breaking newses supporters -- thousands of bernie sanders supporters putting police on edge. dave, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. we can expect more protests from bernie sanders supporters and other folks out there sending a message across to the dnc delegates and everybody outside of the convention hall in south philly. it was a big day of that in and itself. including myself as we went into the convention site we could see
2:45 am
protestors trying to break through the police lines. what is happening is the protestors were calmly climbing over the lines. if they got over police would put handcuffs on them. real tlirp zip tie cuffs and issued disorderly conduct citations. disorderly conduct society tation carries a $50 fine. they tried to keep the delegates safe trying to keep the dignitaries safe as they make their way into the convention site. there will likely be more protestors supporting bernie sanders despite the fact that he spoke last night trying to calm the waters and urge party unity. they are in their own giving an ear full including the press as well. police will continue to be out there full force likely issuing
2:46 am
more disorderly conduct. hopefully it doesn't have to go much further than that. all right. thank you very much. dave kinchen. >> geraldo rivera always entertaining as he is apparently defending the general implying that failed curbing key coup they were having a beer together? >> yes, indeed. i think you have pretty much done the entire tease. that's exactly right. the coup attempt in turkey. an american is accused of it. got a great alibi because geraldo is hitting the suds with him. we are going to talk to geraldo about it. we are already here at our special location in philadelphia. the big thing aboutlphia when it comes to fine cuisine is the philly cheese steaks. who makes the best one pats or chetums? it will be the battle of the cheese stake.
2:47 am
we have the representatives with us today. we will be so filled up to here by 9:00 eastern time. >> i am a philly girl. i am cheat tums all the way. >> i am pat's. let's see on the show that kicks off about 15 minutes from right now. >> thank you, steve. we will be tuning in for sure. >> i want the job. i want to taste test the cheese steaks. >> we will be right back. stay with us. you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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tonight was the democratic convention in philadelphia where today the temperature was over 100 degrees. as if hillary clinton needed
2:51 am
another reason to sweat. went through two pant suits. >> too easy. >> it's supposed to be hillary clinton and her pants suits time to shine but her convention seems to be going up in smoke. we sent pete hegseth to see how a priority it is to the people. >> the smell of cannabis and socialism was thick in the air. protesters, a lot of passion, a little thin on facts here's what we heard on the street. we're in downtown philly at a legalized weed rally where they're literally rolling joints behind me as we speak. we're here to talk about weed and what they know about
2:52 am
socialism. >> you're here for the cannabis rally? >> i need some. >> you want to legalize marijuana. >> hell yes. i want to decriminalize people. there are nonviolent crimes in jail today. >> a lot of people would use marijuana if it was not illegal. >> you're making cannabis more dangerous by making it illegal. >> it's like a glass of wine. >> that's the same thing that has lots of medicinal purposes. it inspires us. >> you do understand we're taking you guys all down. and it's not a threat. it's a promise. >> this is a system that has let us down.
2:53 am
>> who beat the fascists? >> it's been evolving towards p plutalkeracy. >> why would you -- >> you want today make the stage this is a republic not a democracy. >> we're talking about two different things, republican and democrats are different than -- >> okay. okay. >> why are you carrying around the flag? you consider it a symbol of raci racism? >> yeah. >> i don't know a difference between a republic and democracy. >> the current system is broken. >> we are done. we are done. this is our country. this is not mass media. we're done. >> she is done. >> she was done following a question when i asked her how much should the 1% pay and she
2:54 am
didn't have an answer for that she said just more. >> i thought marijuana was supposed to be like a relaxing fort force. there seemed to be a lot of angry women. >> there were a lot of angry fo folks. they were not going to support hillary clinton. they're in for socialism just having a little weed on the side. >> what do you have planned for today? >> we're going to keep asking questions of folks on the street. last night not one mention of terrorism from the stage in light of what we see in the world today. a lot of questions what hillary clinton would do about dressing it. >> thank you so much for joining us, let you get to work. >> such an important issue for voters out there. the time is six minutes till the top of the hour. bill clinton back in the spotlight. former president taking center stage at the dnc. who else will be front and center showing support for
2:55 am
hillary clinton. we'll find out when we come back.
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e-mails hillary hadn't deleted yet. it takes a long time. just do select all. >> he's tough but funny. this is a live look for you at the dnc floor, the wells fargo center where day two of the dnc convention gets underway. i'm hoping for a little bit more of a peaceful start to the day today after a rocky start for day one. the dnc leaked e-mails to take down bernie sanders setting off a firestorm of protests. those sanders' supporters not going down without a fight. thousands of them expected to take to the streets again today. the same tonigtheme tonight a l fighting for women and children. it's not without some controversy we've talked about this already. there is outrage among police officers and others who say that families of fallen officers are not being represented.
3:00 am
we'll see if that changes. taking the stage tonight, former president bill clinton hoping to use his popularity among democrats to clean up the mess left by the e-mail leaks scandal. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts now. no one is more disappointed than i am. >> to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> people get it. the system is rigged. you know, for me, this choice -- >> i've been a democrat my whole life it will be the first time i cast a vote for a republican. >> don't let


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