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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. sandra: this is fox news alert. just hours from now hillary clinton will become the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major american political party. this as democrats try to turn the page what was a chaotic and day one of their national convention. welcome to day two in philadelphia. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. democratic strategist, julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of "the five," best-selling author,
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one womans is here. he is outnumbered. hey, sir. >> what a pleasure to be here at the convention with my friends. sandra: looking springy. >> i'm so happy. nobody ever seen us on together. people mistake us for the same person on line. >> have you ever seen julie roginsky, juan williams in the same place? how you have. sandra: there you go. >> it's a thing. you should look at my twitter feed. sandra: welcome. day two, let's begin with the dems hoping day two starts off better than the turmoil we saw yesterday, right from the get-go. >> excuse me. excuse me. [shouting] i'm going to be respectful of you, and i want you to be respectful of me. sandra: a little bit later on,
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bernie sanders, himself, getting a rock star welcome, a standing ovation. the cheers and the tears, clocking in and in nearly three minutes. >> thank you. [shouting] [cheering] thank you. sandra: yet despite the accolades and the admiration, sanders sticking to the task of backing hillary clinton's bid to become the next president. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. [cheering] sandra: but at the mention of clinton, as we saw throughout the night, booing at the just mention of her name.
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a sign that feelings remain raw after a bruising primary, and the release of the bombshell emails on the eve of the dnc, showing the national democratic party stacking the deck against the vermont senator. meantime, as we take a live look at the dnc floor starting to fill up this morning, we could be in for more fireworks and possibly chaos, when the roll call gets underway this afternoon, and sanders name will be entered for nomination. juan, do you expect chaos as that roll call gets underway, possibly around 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon? >> a lot of negotiations last night between the clinton camp and sanders camp on just this point, sandra. as you heard last night when bernie was speaking, he was so appreciative of the fact people there still supporters and asked them to look forward to the roll call but if you look back to' 08, when the roll call started for hillary clinton, she stop
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the and halted it in the middle to affirm barack obama would be the guy. i think part of the negotiations going on even as we speak, whether or not bernie is willing to halt the roll call in the middle and at that moment affirm hillary clinton. kennedy: don't halt the roll call. it is so important for his supporters to be heard. i was with the california delegates last night. they were in a really good mood. it was celebratory night. they people they are have been silenced. georgia delegates had blue tape over their mouths and altered some of the signs. bernie sanders supporters this is the last stand. he officially loses nomination tonight. allow them to have a voice if that's what they want. sandra: we hosted our fox news digital hangout when the booing began. started from the california delegates and started before the national anthem began.
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harris: more than 300 would put votes in for hillary and 200 putting votes in for hillary. even though the numbers weren't in bernie sanders's favor in california, as kennedy just said, for them it was so important to be heard but that negotiation you talk about is something that fox news can confirm today, they are talking with bernie and there is he pongs itly a situation where he -- potentially a situation where he would nominate her. >> that's right. harris: that would sort of quash the feeling really needing to be heard. maybe. i don't know. a lot of people came to philadelphia to make sure bernie sanders feels supported. i think he feels that but he also knows he struck some deals. part of that potentially could be exit of debbie wasserman schultz. if he is getting his way he has to justify all of that i would imagine by being a team player. sandra: bernie sanders did try to calm everybody down when he stepped up to the podium yesterday, julie. was he effective? >> somewhat effective, not entirely effective. some of his supporters feel they were marginalized as dnc shows.
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while he is salve at that tar for their hopes and dreams he will not be able to tell them what to do. a lot of them have animosity towards the dnc establishment and clintons are embodiment of that establishment. they had their day yesterday. they will have their day today. if he puts name in nomination they can vent their spleen, sarah silverman had a good point from the podium, look, grow up. this is almost a buy fairy choice. the thing you have to do what you have to do. if you don't want donald trump to be president it will have to be hillary clinton. kennedy: allow passion. if you shut them down, risk marginalizing people and bernie looks like a sellout. harris: hillary clinton's politics are not bernie sanders's politics. that is not very fair. those people who gave money in campaign to the tune of one cycle $45 million were counting on that money getting them a candidate or somebody like that person into the white house. even a vp pick like elizabeth warren.
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they didn't get the bang for their buck. they didn't get 15 cents on the dollar. >> what they're getting $15 minimum wage. what they're getting is climate change. harris: they got it left. but not him. kennedy: token gestures. they were also not able to shift the parliamentary rules to make amendments on floor which would have been much more powerful. >> how are they token gestures, two candidates, we have one of two choices you think there is third party choice, reality one of two people will be president, hillary clinton or donald trump f i'm a sanders supporter i care about college affordability, i care about climate change and income inequality. there is only one choice, may not be the first choice. sandra: new "gallup poll" talking about hillary clinton's favorabilities the fact her image has been the lowest point in over two decades, talking over the course of her 24 years of her national career. it is lowest it has been. here are the numbers, unfavorable rating, 57%.
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her favorable, 38%. this compares to 38% of the americans viewing her favorably and 57% unfavorably. not long ago, this is dramatically changed, i will point out, unfavorables are high on both sides she is underwater by 19 points? >> remember, she is favorable, highly favorable, 80 plus percent among democrats. that is what we got here, democratic convention. going towards the general i think part of the obligation at this convention is to try to revive or restore hillary clinton's numbers. i think it is one in 10 republicans have a positive image of hillary clinton. so that is where you see the drop-off. republicans want no part of her, sandra. the question is what about the people in the mid did i, the independents? they're shaky too on hillary clinton. so she has got to do something in this convention to try to restore that trust. by the way, let me come back to something julie was saying. i don't think it was token gestures to the bernie people, kennedy. i was talking yesterday with a guy who negotiated reduction in
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number of superdelegates for future conventions based on bernie's complaint, wait superdelegates from for hillary. >> he wanted to get rid of superdelegates. reduction does what? kennedy: but in the end doesn't really alter the process. >> yes, they will have to vote by the wait voters in their state voted in the future. harris: what so bizarre about that? isn't it how the supposed to work? un to getre saying a socialist the party to follow rules. >> that is not the rules. harris: to get your party to have common sense? >> you're a tough customer. i think both parties have delegates who are kind of in place and allowed to vote their expression because they reinforce the party's position. sandra: everybody came to play today, including harris and juan. harris: i brought my own sandbox. sandra: fox news is the place to be for all day and evening coverage of the democratic national convention. 4:00 p.m. eastern "outnumbered"
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wants to be your fnc digital hangout. no matter where you are you can find us across platforms on the web paige, all fox news apps carry us at 4:00 p.m. hang out with us on the web. that is 4:00 p.m. no commercials. an hour unfiltered. bill clinton is set to speak at the convention tonight, but the former president bring as lot of baggage to the stage. will he help or hurt his wife? the mothers of the movement will address the crowd, their children are victims of police violence. we will not hear from cops widows. is clinton missing an opportunity by leaving them out. ♪ that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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♪ harris: former president bill clinton well headline the democratic national convention tonight. he will take the stage to promote what aides say are hillary clinton's lesser-known achievements you about likely to face a tough crowd. the democratic party has been shifting left since its last convention four years ago, even before that. of course mr. clinton has his
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own issues including recent criticism over his private chat with attorney general loretta lynch while her justice department was investigating his wife about her secret email server. probably wouldn't see that happen for anybody else's married couple but it happened for them. juan williams, as we get set tonight, some things you think he may say which will surprise us? >> i think the key thing for bill clinton to do, tonight's theme is about fighting for their lives, fighting for kids and families, but from mrs. clinton. what he will do is talk not so much about the critical hillary clinton but hillary clinton he met back in yale law school, who worked for the children's defense fund. you will have people coming up, including people i know, i'm on the board of a juvenile law center in philadelphia, foster kids in the justice system, talking about idea she has not been to the politician what sandra is talking about earlier, she is so political, she has
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gotten the email scandal. they will present a different hillary clinton who has been involved as a community organizer, someone who is -- sandra: will they hear that juan, under cloud of looking at bill clinton, reminder of him meeting with attorney general lynch in the middle of that ongoing investigation? >> i think that is slowly ebbing. no way to wipe that away, but i think that one, bill clinton, although i think he looks older and doesn't have the same oratorical power he once had, he is a very popular politician. and very much honored in terms of his two presidencies. harris: we haven't gotten the embargoed speech. sometimes we get them this early, sometimes they come later in the day. i will guess my idea for bill clinton may not see it in the speech. if i'm think see it tonight i'm think he watched outnumbered. he could do something, julie, like this. would he want to acknowledge the fact that, the scandal that went on, that we all know is not tucked away neatly in a box
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somewhere and will potentially come out green between now and november, with an intern in the white house, not acknowledge that to hillary clinton, this was me being a bad boy, blah, blah. >> harris he will not do that. harris: that would be entertaining. >> that would be great television but he is not going to do that. bill clinton is beloved in the democratic party. maybe not amongst bernie sanders supporters but across the party at large the democrats and a lot of independents look back on '90s which is something he won't want to bring up, people dope want to talk about something that happened 20 years ago as a time of nostalgia, and peace and prosperity in our country. he is bridge to those feelings with older people but somebody, juan pointed out, can talk about her from a very human perspective. as we said in the last segment, she needs that. you saw her numbers. harris: she wasn't likeable eight years ago according to barack obama, only just enough. >> yes but they will have to
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change the narrative on this they will have to make her be likeable. i keep saying this, people keep laughing, in the land of blind, one-eyed man is king. harris: oh, boy. when you look at what he has to accomplish tonight, per what julie just said, that gets you older voters. she needs millenials. she -- kennedy: millenials are not impressed by his presidency. they don't know who he is. harris: they don't know who he is? >> to the scandal. he is not their president. he is not, not the person, barack obama has been much more formative to millenial voters, the same way someone like ron paul has, point here is bernie sanders has forced bill and hillary clinton to run against his record. you talk about how he is going to stand up to talk about what she has done for families, what about what he done for african-american families? what about three strikes? drug sentencing completely reformed under his sentencing so crack sentencing, the sentencing
9:19 am
disparity was god awful. and that has changed a generation. harris: she was in favor of that. kennedy: she was in favor of that. harris: told people of color they -- kennedy: and despite his slippery rhetoric that he is going to gloss over his history with -- harris: he won't bring that up either. kennedy: he would love to talk about his presidency. he did in 2012. he outshown the president. he doesn't have the ability to do that anymore. he can be pinned pinned in a cor based on his own party. >> two things. i will not hire you as speechwriter. harris: nobody edits like i do. >> that is very true. nobody has the red pen like you do. to kennedy's point there are a lot of parts the clinton tenure nobody is having with, especially millennials. hopefully tonight he will address this. kennedy: there will be a lot to address. we're all wearing a dress, except one. one group we're not hearing from
9:20 am
at dnc, the widows of police officers killed in the line of duty. instead the tonight's speakers include mothers of trayvon martin and eric garner and michael brown. that doesn't sit well with some percent. fraternal order of police, it is sad to win an election mrs. clinton must pander to people who do not know all the facts while men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting political institutions of this country. mrs. clinton, you should be ashamed of yourself if that is possible. clinton campaign said two members of law enforcement will be speaking at convention, adding as hillary clinton said we need to support heroic police officers who put their liveslives on the line every day and listen to voices of mothers who lost their children. again, juan, i think it is more pressing to have conversation about criminal justice reform than criminalizing police behavior. i think this is divisive display and i think it is offensive to
9:21 am
law enforcement in the face of these assassinations in baton rouge and dallas. >> i think this is a political voice for people who feel they haven't been heard and so what you're doing, hillary clinton did this during the campaign, she needed the black vote as a so-called firewall against bernie sanders. what did she do? she made it clear she heard and related to the mothers of these young men. i think garner was choked. others were shot. made it clear she understood their complaint and it was legitimate complaint. now you get to the convention kennedy, and she is putting them forward, again saying to the black community, i'm in you touch. why? because one of the questions for democrats is whether or not they can get a turnout from the black and latino community that was similar to what barack obama got in '08 and' to charge up that vote. turn out the vote mechanism. in terms of police community it is not intended to offend them
9:22 am
but clearly in the statement. kennedy: six months ago it would have been a different display. now you're talking about deadly consequences of a divided nation. on both sides, however it is m.i.t. representing. >> the next president will have to do something in race relation, specifically poor people of color, hispanic and black and the police. harris: i want to give sandra a chance to finish her thought. sandra: we're sitting here we think, we think, we know they're offended. he made the statement from the president of the fraternal order of police, lodge 5, says the union was shocked and sad inched by the speakers that were chosen for tonight. do you think that, do you think hillary clinton should relook at the speaker choices and add some in? >> no. sandra: family members of those slain police officers? >> no. let me just -- kennedy: how do you heal the divide then. >> you heal the divide when you're in power. harris: interesting question, why not change the speakers. >> do you think donald trump would do more to hail the racial
9:23 am
divide this country, kennedy? kennedy: do you think this is how you have a discussion. >> binary choice as julie was saying. kennedy: when you take issue, i think when you take issue with the clinton's record completely valid especially on matters of criminal justice reform you are not endorsing donald trump. >> you're going back on your earlier position, what president clinton did with the criminal justice reform put more cops on the street and put in place three strikes you're out. harris: also changed which crimes they would concentrating on. juan, i want to get your answer to sandra's question because i think it is an important one. we've seen a float, if you will, across both conventions to be fair who will be speaking when. yesterday early on, it wasn't on the record yet but we knew they were floating the idea of putting bernie sanders last. they have been adding and taking away speakers the entire time. why not do what sandra is saying that would be suggestive of to seem fair, not just political,
9:24 am
have families of slain police officers? why not do that? >> well they are having police officers here. harris: that is not what i asked. i said on parody. >> explain. harris: i said on parody, having loved ones of people shot, people of color who were shot by police or stabbed, or choked or whatever it is, why not have the parody of that? >> flatly from the perspective of this core constituency of democratic party, black voters this is not a parity issue. black people, es special unarmed black men, three times more likely to be shot by a cop. this is point of great frustration in the black community. kennedy: is dylan noble's mom going to speak. he was white and unarmed and shot by police in fresno? harris: that is dying more more people who are white than people who are white. shots violence, escalated among blacks. you look at death rate, that is horrible thing to be comparing.
9:25 am
why not the parity? kennedy: five seconds for julie roginsky. >> let me say this i have a son he is white. juan, you have a grandson he is black. i'm not concerned about my whiteson walking down the street as you should you had be about your black grandson. that is reality. people don't want to hear it. that is reality people should acknowledge. harris: that is not people don't want to hear it how do you go forward. having parents and loved ones of one side, not the other side, is anything but politics? >> we have to acknowledge this. harris: we have. a lot of people out there have not. kennedy: unfortunately we run out of time. fallout is growing. more fallout after dnc etch mails were hacked, forcing share debbie wasserman schultz to resign. russia denying involvement after some allegations of democrats. fbi is expanding its probe. new details next. ♪
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sandra: republicans were criticized last beak for freakily mentioning and invoking hillary clinton's name at their hillary clinton's name at their
9:34 am
. democrats doing name dropping. hillary clinton was directly mentioned 203 times. the most, 23 times by new jersey governor chris christie. on the first night of the dnc convention alone donald trump was directly mentioned at least 88 times, the most? 23 times by senator elizabeth warren. this puts democrats on track right now to far exceed rnc references to hillary and trump's not taking this criticism lying down. firing back on twitter. among his tweets, quote, bernie sanders totally sold out to "crooked hillary" clinton. all that work, energy, money, nothing to show for it. waste of time. this morning trump responded to elizabeth warren's shots. tweeting, poke -- pocahontas bombed last night. juan, shaking your head. >> every speaker he was tweeting
9:35 am
about, me, some things i said. harris: we saw. >> he is amazing, seeing more in terms of name dropping in terms of trump here than you saw clinton at rnc for very specific reason. they feel, in line what we did in the previous segment about hillary's high negatives. they have to drive up. sandra: also interesting, last night, lack of one name mentioned. that was isis. pence talked about that this morning with trump at campaign event. listen. >> it is extraordinary to think that yesterday in philadelphia 61 speakers came to the podium and not one of them named isis by name. this man will name our enemies without apology and he will defeat them. sandra: you know, and i saw this, julie, after this morning. i saw her on pete hegseth say, where was mention of the military? where was the mention of isis. 61 speakers and not one mention.
9:36 am
>> first of all, day one. let's see what happens in intervening days. we talked about this on the couch before. democrats and republicans have different priorities in this election. used to be the economy stupid, who would be best for the economy. now look at democrats prioritize, versus what republicans prioritize, republicans think national security is number one issue which would lead you to talk about isis. democrats think economy and income inequality which would lied you to prioritize those. sandra: are you suggesting that the security is not a top priority? >> the emphasis you will not see here. the emphasis is much more on jobs and economy. and as i said, day one. let's see what happens in intervening couple of days. sandra: not that many days. we'll keep listening. we'll talk about more tonight. kennedy: more economic impingement, more government creates less economic growth. so that all the democrats are offering. we're going to meddle in your
9:37 am
kids lives, we'll shape your children it, takes a village. free college. go ahead and default on college loans. that is fine. you can totally do that. that is completely permissible but we'll take issue with donald trump's bankruptcy. completely hypocritical talking about the economy. that is why the economy has not recovered in eight years. sandra: are you good? donald trump speaking out about his proposed muslim ban. coming up, what he told sean hannity last night, that he won't be doing anymore. and whether it means he might be changing course on his original plan. and right after the show, harris, get excited. join us on "outnumbered overtime," join us on the live chat, click on fox news.come/outnumbered. go to facebook live. outnumbered fnc. or no matter where you are, join
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9:43 am
>> talking about territories now. people don't want me to say muslim. i guess prefer not saying it frankly myself. so we're talking about territories, the reason, why you say why, how is it possible, look what is going on in germany where they had a knife-wielder yesterday who killed two women and just viciously violently killed, came from syria. i don't know if you know this, kaine sign adler wanting to take in far more than obama. he wanted to increase it very, very much beyond obama, sean. and the whole thing is crazy what is going on. harris: so, juan, where do you fall down on this? donald trump said all along, he is not a politician the he is learning his way and he says that he is, gathers more information, gets feedback, he will be shifting some things. he is very open and honest about that. >> sure, mike pence, his vice-presidential pick we saw earlier on show, that is wrong. you can't do that.
9:44 am
harris: he said early on before he was picked. sandra: that is in december when he was talking about blanket ban. >> not just like critics. people in the tent, in the republican tent who said i'm not comfortable with this. paul ryan is another. mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader. i think trump is responding to the idea even republicans are uncomfortable with the idea that you would use a religious test for -- >> wait a second. talk about insanity what he is proposing? talking about territories that have experienced terrorism he is talking about every part of world including this one. you wouldn't have anybody from europe, wouldn't have anybody from israel, our biggest ally in the middle east. wouldn't have everybody from japan, had a non-muslim terrorist event yesterday. wouldn't have anybody from anywhere. terrorist events practically every country in the world, talking about american samoa or some territory that hasn't had that. harris: excuse me, i take it to mean something slightly different than that i think that he is still putting the litmus of people who are coming into this country who may not have
9:45 am
everything that they need to get in and -- >> that is not what he said though, point-blank, listen to his words, point-blank expanding to include territories anybody from those territories. not going to be muslim or anybody. kennedy: makes people feel safer, i think problem we're missing here, unfortunately it gets missed on all sides of argument, may feel better to have the bans, may make us feel safe and somehow protected but it doesn't do anything to the people already here, who, problem might be exacerbated in this country. don't get to the motivation and how to address that. and also how to address security. if you can't rely on law enforcement for everything, how are people and businesses and soft targets like malls supposed to protect themselves? i think unfortunately these big conversations which make us feel better distract from ultimately solving the problem. harris: sandra, to make us feel better, when president jimmy carter put something when our hostages were taken in iran, there was a litmus test,
9:46 am
are you with them or the rest of the us in the west? there was a test to get people to come in. sandra: is it fair to say, even this far into the game, juan, that even trump supporters are still trying to figure out exactly what trump means by this and where he will ultimately go with said ban? >> right. if this is something that really inspired you like the wall, you have to stop and think, he said he still intends to build a wall. when it comes to this proposal he seems to be shifting. for some people it might be unsettling. going back to what harris said he is not a politician. can you give him a break? >> is now. harris: wow, juan williams giving donald trump a break. i think that makes news. reports say hillary clinton is preparing to reintroduce herself to america, with her acceptance speech at the convention later this week but will her big moment be overshadowed by all a-list speakers appearing before her? we'll talk about it. the roses are blooming in herbal essences
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depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. sandra: we're having way too much fun here. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott in
9:51 am
second hour of "happening now." jon: bring some of that back to new york. in our next hour, so much for boring stage managed conventions, chaos in philadelphia as democrats gathered for day one. michelle obama gave a well-received speech that seemed to quiet some of bernie or bust protests with every speaker including bernie sanders himself. the dnc is considering a bigger role for the vermont socialist tonight. last hour, vice president joe biden did a walk-through of convention floor. we briefly saw house minority leader nancy pelosi. elizabeth banks appearing moments ago. we got your convention covered. does donald trump? he is not laying low. he gave a heated speech this morning at vfw gathering, again calling hillary clinton untrustworthy. he is tweeting up a storm including digs at bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. it is all ahead on "happening now." sandra?
9:52 am
sandra: so much going on. see you in just a bit, jon, thank you. jon: thank you. kennedy: very good, this week line up of a-list convention speakers raising questions whether they could overshadow hillary clinton's acceptance speech. first lady michelle obama's speech last night getting high praise after a night that also featured senators cory booker, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, masterful orators all of them. could be a double-edged sword for hillary, who has to top the speeches. can she do it? the shadow over hillary could grow even greater. her husband bill speaks in prime time tonight. president -- obama and vice president biden on tap wednesday. some saying speech speech may not bring down the house. >> she is not flashy and there
9:53 am
are better speech makers but she knows her stuff. more than anything that is what is ultimately required to do a good job in this office. kennedy: what a horrific backhanded compliment. harris: sound like when you have a little one and you're trying to get them to eat their peas and really like carrots better. look, look, i know i'm not selling it but my message is amazing, eat these peas. and they spit it all out. kennedy: like you're a guidancer for a fat girl. >> what child do you have that eats peas and carrots? harris: both of mine. i have to sell it. >> listen, she has got incredible validators. first lady last night. she has got the vice president, president of the united states, her own husband, former president. she may not be flashy but she has people around her campaigning with her this fall who can make the case for her, who are immensely popular among democratic primary voters. in case of her husband among independents even. barack obama is, let's not
9:54 am
forget, over 50% in his approval ratings pretty unprecedented going into sixth year or agent year of his term. contrast that with donald trump who had nobody validating him for any level. harris: that is not true. >> who? sandra: his kids were the best surrogates. harris: your children don't count? >> your kids, notice i didn't mention chelsea clinton. kennedy: giving a boring speech no one will talk about on friday. >> people look to the trump children as -- . >> let me finish my thought here. you don't have former president bush or other former president bush validating him. senator after senator most part going out there, with constituencies of her own. his kids are supposed to validate him. her daughter will validate her. kennedy: they don't talk about her accomplishments. they're talking about themselves when did they talk about donald trump?
9:55 am
cory booker was very negative. >> go to matter of last resort. he wasn't getting -- this is a-list convention. harris and i were talking about shifting lineup even as we speak because there is so much competition for time. harris: that is not what we said. that is your take on it. my take they're shifting this because bernie sanders so changed the conversation they lost their dnc chair. we're saying same thing but for different reasons. kennedy: we're saying so much, not only "outnumbered overtime" coming up in moments we've also got a fox news hangout, digital hangout. more "outnumbered" right here in just a moment. stay with us. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. 80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented.
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(vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. sandra: thank you for joining us for day two from philadelphia. "outnumbered." we'll be at the convention center later on for our digital hangout. any last thoughts from mr. juan williams, our #oneluckyguy? >> we're talking about, hot time summer in the city. philadelphia is smokin' hot. on that set i was popping sweat. came down here, a little cooler, harris. harris: it is. it is smokin' hot for a lot of reasons. we love philly. love being here. they're cool. kennedy: went nuts during digital hangout. 4:00 when we gaveled in. sandra: they will do it again today. kennedy: if what happens same kind of fireworks on the floor. harris: can't wait.
10:00 am
put my head gear. sandra: things got heated on set of "outnumbered." >> finally happy to have an ally, yes. sandra: thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" live version on digital hangout at 4:00 p.m. join us again, see you for day three on fox news tomorrow. "happening now" now. isis claims responsibility for a gruesome murder inside of a church in france. >> the terrorist butchered the elderly priest as he celebrated mass. we are covering all of the newses now. >> another deadly terror attack in france. the savage murder of a catholic profit inside of his church. isis claims responsibility and when will the horror end. >> theroar and the burning was intense. >> fast


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