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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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put my head gear. sandra: things got heated on set of "outnumbered." >> finally happy to have an ally, yes. sandra: thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" live version on digital hangout at 4:00 p.m. join us again, see you for day three on fox news tomorrow. "happening now" now. isis claims responsibility for a gruesome murder inside of a church in france. >> the terrorist butchered the elderly priest as he celebrated mass. we are covering all of the newses now. >> another deadly terror attack in france. the savage murder of a catholic profit inside of his church. isis claims responsibility and when will the horror end. >> theroar and the burning was intense. >> fast moving fires raging out
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of control in california. >> cooler temperatures helping firefighters in an uphill battle to keep the flames away from home. >> and a chilling echo of the cold war. the dnc hack attack shows that russia up to l old tricks. it is all "happening now". we begin with day two of the democratic national convention convention. party leaders focusing on making hillary clinton the first women nominated for president for a major party. i am jon scott. >> first lady michelle obama acknowledged the history in philadelphia. >> today, i wake up every morning a house that was built
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by slaves. [applause] and i watch my daughters, two beautiful intelligent black young women playing with their dog on the white house lawn and because of hillary clinton, my daughterses and all of our sons and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> and then bernie sanders took the stage, issue disappointing many of his supporters with his chosen endorsement of hillary clinton. listen. >> our job now is to see that strong democratic platform implemented by a democratic controlled senate. by a democratic house.
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and a hillary clinton presidency. and i am going to do all that i can to make that happen. >> reporter: and bill clinton headlines the convention tonight for his wife to be next president of the united states. jennifer. >> reporter: we are on the convention floor and amber day is rehearsing for tonight. her song rise up will be featured this evening. the campaign will try to present a picture of unity. they are horrified bite booing last night. they will emphasize hillary clinton's work with childrena families and focusing on how as opposed to building bridges, how we will not tear people down.
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three hours from now. the gavel will be struck and the speakers will be featured here. and women who are known asf the women who lost their sons and daughters to violence who form the black lives matter. trayvon garden's mother will be introduced by the pittsburg police chief and a man whose campaign likes to call the communicator and chief bill clinton will headline. he will tell people about his life and something that people don't know about her, even though she's been in public life 25 years and answer the criticism from the black lives matter youth who see him being the cause of so many black males going to prusson as part of the 1994 crime bill he negotiated
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with newt gingrich. and corey booker last night appealed for unity. >> america, we will rise. this is our history. this is our history. [applause] escaped slaves knowing that liberty is not secure for some until it is for all. sometimes hungry and hunted in dark wood withes and deep swamps. they looked to the north star and said with a determined whisper, america, we will rise. >> booker, of course, was on clinton's short list for vice-president. but she chose senator tim kaine was in richmond, virginia where he stopped for coffee and where his father-in-law first governor of virginia integrated virginia
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schools. and all eyes will be on bernie sanders supporters and conduct the roll call between 5 and 7:00 tonight. and what is interesting when hillary clinton lost to barak obama, she chose instead of a roll call to do it by a clamation. we'll have to see how it turns out tonight, melissa. >> a lot to watch there. >> bernie sanders supporters are outraged over the dnc e-mail scandal and his endorsement of hillary clinton did not silence him. many crying and booing when he urged them to vote for her in november. donald trump said sad to watch sanders. we welcome all voters who want to fix our rigged system and
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bring back our jobs. bernie sanders jumped on the clinton train. why haven't his supporters? >> because as we saw yesterday. >> reporter: bernie sanders does not have control over the very movement that he created. i was shocked as many reporters in the room to not only see the chanting, directed at speakers like elija h cumingses and elizabeth warren. but the protestors out in the street had co- opted and taken from the other side of the aisle like "lock her up". bernie sanders did the best he could be not only going after donald trump and how much will he be a validator of hillary clinton versus just going after donald trump? he did that.
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but the big question how many bernie sanders voters or bernie or bust will be disruptive. they are moving over to her in a big way. 90 percent say they will support hillary clinton, but as you know, it is it is always the passionate minority that steals the headlines and roll call vote, that is a perfect opportunity for chaos and disruption. >> you had the two darlings of the left wing flank, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren were heckled and interrupted; is that side of the party not satisfied with anything that has hillary clinton's stamp on it? >> reporter: i saw a good quote from a bernie sanders's voter. he fed us mountain dew and now
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wants us to go to bed. i talked to a small amount of voters. it is not only the younger and idealistic, but what is disturbing, a lot of the hecklers included older progressive voices and some of the people like a lady from michigan yesterday who voted for bill clinton and now a bernie or bust person p. she sees bill clinton legacy in a different light given the changes to the criminal justice and the trade agreements that were cut in hindsight are negatively viewed. that is the challenge going forward. if you look at polling numbers. something like 90 percent of the voters were coming over before this wiki leaks scandal. the wiki leaks scandal coming at this time was like ripping the scab off the festuring wound.
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>> because bernie supporters feel he was not treated fairly. what about bill clinton? can he energize, reunite the party that fractured so much? >> that is the question. like i said before, with with some of the people i spoke to out in the hallway, they view bill clinton's legacy differently now. i talked to a union worker. they are high on bill clinton and they do remember his eran of governing as an eran of prosperity. but that is competing against the legacy of nafta and the most favored nation for china, which was a legacy item from him. can he speak to bofth those audiences? they have a lot of people here to do that. the way they are deploying
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wilclinton is reaching out to the people who left the party and will not vote for his wife based on economic issues. it is a delicate act for bill clinton to speak to the new progressive party that changed since he was in power and speak to the voters. >> not the party he led in 1992. heidi, thank you. >> we want to hear from you. you think that bernie sanders and michelle obama's speech helped the divided convention. go to to participate. >> france in a terror attack. isis soldiers slaughter ared a catholic priest who was saying mass. how russian leaders are responding to the suggestions
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that they are involved in a democratic party's e-mail breach. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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of the pga tour. deadly car bombing overseas with with two blasts rocking somalia, one outside of the u.n. offices and another an army checkpoint. 13 people including 7 be guards were killed by the homicide bomb pers. al-shabaab be, a terror group claiming responsibility. earlier this month eight somalia solders were kill canned in another al-shabaab attack. france is reeling from another terrorist ark tack. men stormed in with knives and forced the elderly priest to kneel at the altar and then cut his throat. greg has the latest from london.
10:16 am
>> reporter: a line is crossed in france. that's what officials are saying after terrorist waged that bloody attack in a catholic church in that country. it happened in a small town in st. avian. and two attackers north of paris. two attackers shouting forced the priest to kneel and cut his throat. they fled the church after they tried to kill another. police killed them fleeing. one of the attackers was jailed trying to get in syria. he was out on on house arrest. french president hollande rushed to the scene weeks and months.
10:17 am
isis called for churches to be targeted and there are 45000 of them alone making guarding them very difficult. this is more of what hollande had to say. >> we are facing one of the biggest challenges because the threat is so high. what these terrorist want to do is divide us and today after the death of this priest, i express my support for all catholics in france. >> the 86-year-old clergyman is honored tonight in memorial masses in france. he was described as a good, kind and caring priest. we spoke with with the vatican, pope francis is upset and shocked and praying for the victims and in his words a place of prayer, but today it was turned into a scene of terror,
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back to you. the case against two anti- abortion activist has finally come to a close. we have details on that next. >> growing concerns about a second night of chaos in the dnc, as democratic leaders strug toll bring the party back together to take on donald trump. >> if you don't believe that this election is important, if you think you can sit it out, take a moment to think about the supreme court justices that donald trump would nominate. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance.
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were dropped against activity that made videos of themselves. a texas judge dismissing charges of tampering with government records. prosecutor claimed they used fake ids. and the video accused the group of illegally selling tissue tor >> democratic leaders struggling to bringing the party together after a rough first night from the dnc. the most liberal speakers bernie sanders and elizabeth warren urged them to embrace their nominee. >> we must reject the politics of fear and division. if we are stronger together then work our hearts out to make hillary clinton the next president of the united states. >> this is the former chief in
10:23 am
west virginia senator joe man chin and eine pryer for are american cross roads. ian, let me start with you. there were so many tears last night. i am not sure when i saw that. and even chants of lock her up at hillary clinton's own convention, what did you make of it? >> you are seeing the result of five years of the democratic party pandering to the far left liberal base and now they opened it. they learn hard lessons. key members of bernie sanders's revolution will not just line up behind hillary clinton and buy her bumper sticker. it will be fascinating to see if they will be able to bridge that divide between now and november 8th. >> chris, michelle obama and her
10:24 am
video was beautiful. that was produced by jj a brams and she said a lot of things are inspirational. but she mentioned she was worried about the toil that being the president's children would have on her kids. that toil. i wonder if that resonates with people having trouble paying the rent. >> it resonants with anyone that cares about their children and families. what is interesting about what happened last night. it is not how you start the convention, but how you finish it in terms of the first night. you had a republican party from beginning to end was racked with division where some of the prominent republicans in the country not only failed to show up, but continued to fail to endorse, but you saw bernie sanders give a clear endorsement of hillary clinton. >> but, could we stop you now. what about the booing?
10:25 am
that that was a sign of division and tears and yelling at elizabeth warren, we trusted you. does that feel like unity or division when people are shouting we trusted you. >> here's what i would say. there is a lot of impassioned supporters of bernie sanders. but in bernie sanders's speech and michelle obama's in particular was a strong call of unity that will resonant. and most of the polling, sanders supporter ares will support secretary clinton. you are seeing in the establishment and moderate republicans. >> wait we'll talk about speaking about the democrats this week. and we'll give them the time they need. ian. bill clinton is sitting in the audience and get up and speak and at a time when he left office. and now the people at the
10:26 am
convention are looking back at his record and not loving his policies on incarceration and not loving his trade policy. >> absolutely. this is not bill clinton's democratic party. this is the party of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and that was made clear. getting back to the different conventio conventions. sure you had had booing of ted cruz for not supporting the nominee. yesterday you had booing of people supporting hillary clinton and every time her name was mentioned it was boos or lock her up. there were more boos of hillary clinton in one day in philadelphia than all four days in cleveland. >> chris, you made a point p. there is so much enthusiasm in the convention and so much
10:27 am
passion. the one thing she lacked was passion and enthusiasm. dew think that transfer or how do you get that when she takes the stage. >> i think you will see an incredible response by democrats. there are two audience. the audience inside. and the more important is the american people watching this and their reaction and you will see secretary clinton not only speak at sanders' support is and the moderate american people. and mothers and fathers that are concerned about the impact. she will speak to that in an impassioned way. and that is going to be the most significant thing. in the end of the day, the thing that voters remember are the last two speeches.
10:28 am
trump's speech and hillary speech. that is going to be the contrast. >> we'll talk about what people at home are thinking. last five days 11 terrorist attacks in europe. that is the number one concern among the voters. there were 61 speeches and no one spoke about terrorism or isis. and voters at home are concerned. >> to be fair they say they are getting to that. it was not the theme. we understand. and thanks to bofth you, jon. >> we are just hours away from roll call. hillary clinton expected to accept the nom sdmagz cemeteriers of bernie sanders are not giving up yet. and new reaction to claims that russian hackers are behind the
10:29 am
dnc leak. the hillary clinton camp said they are trying to help donald trump win. the fbi launches its own investigation. is russia meddling. >> i am confident having known and worked with the bureau and been part of it and the rest of the national security agencies involved it will be a thorough investigation. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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>> hillary clinton is set to be the first woman nominated for president by a major party. roll call is expected later today. senator bernie sanders threw his support behind hillary clinton. but his supporters are not giving up. james rosen is live in philadelphia where it is shaping up to be a big night tonight. >> reporter: negotiations are underway and strenous between the two campaigns over the role that bernie sanders would play. one idea he would place her name in nomination. it is all fluid we are told and state delegations erupting in pitch battles over the process. they have bruised feelings and that was evident when the texas
10:34 am
delegation. and it erupted into a circus atmosphere and you can see the shouting. sanders feel they are not permitted to vote on platform or rule and having signs taken down from desirable camera angles and we are told that the senatora name will be there in nomination and the roll call will see the votes tallieditate by state. >> in terms the roll call and how it plays out. we'll let it happen organically. and how that actually all unfolds, i will let that happen on the floor, yeah. >> indeed, the clinton operation is controlling every element of the convention and some sandersistas said they are not as well organized as the clinton campaign. sanders has texted and e-mailing
10:35 am
supporters and devote their energies for hillary clinton. but delegations are fired up including the california, nebraska and oklahoma. and so which state will put hillary clinton over the top is influx and it could be the state of new york where she has occasionally called home and it could be the governor of the state andrew cuomo who handles the honors. >> it is an exciting night, thank you so much. >> secretary of state john kerry spoke to the russian counterpart about the e-mail breach for dnc. hillary clinton's campaign suggested that russia may have done that to benefit trump's campaign. trump denies the accusation. and the russians say u.s. leaders are just being paranoid. we'll bring our guest.
10:36 am
does this in your dnc hack have the hallmarks of russian meddling? >> i think it does. we have three good foundations to make the claim. the fbi indicated that the dnc, and other campaigns in the united states have in fact were targeted by russian intelligence in the past. second, independent cyber experts confirmed that russian intelligence or individuals associated with russian intelligence were involved in the dnc attack and use of wiki leaks that is long been an instrument that is aligned with the interest of the russian government. if p it was not involved here, they were indirectly involved and profiting from the outcome. >> we'll get to wiki leaks in a moment. i suppose many in the republican party or independents that are
10:37 am
snickering that the democrats had you know, so many faults exposed by what happened exposed here. but bigger picture. if the russian government is meddling or hacking into a major american political party, is that a concern for all of us? >> absolutely. and what makes it more concerning is the extent to which this kind of of directed information is occurring in the united states and united kingdom and austria and part of the kremlin's strategy is to empower and embolden far right and far left extremist parties across the nato zone in the home of getting populs movementes in power and undermining support for a liiances that were built up after the second world war and why you see the directed
10:38 am
attacks against the dnc and clinton is because they are strong proponents of nato. it would not be a surprise for the republicans to it be target of attacks. >> the russia is trying to empower and destabilize. >> i wouldn't say the fabric of america. the russian government has great interest in people taking our a liiances much differently. be it military like nato and free-trade arrangementes, that post world war ii international system that gave so much stability and prosperity is not in putin's intchlt and the more
10:39 am
insecurity, more leverage russia can get. they use left wing and right wing parties. they have said as much and directed as much. and look at russian media and messaging, these directed attacks against the u.s. political parties whether democrat oars republicans should not surprise us in the least. >> what about wiki leaks tis an information clearing house and nonpartisan or open to anybody. but you suggest that wiki leak system a puppet of the russian government? >> i work with a lot of investigative journalist on the left and right who try to figure out what is going on in the world. and their journalistic integrity is called in to question because of the political opinions they have. but there is a difference between a journalistic oergdz informing the audience and giving people the too manies to understand what matters in their
10:40 am
lives and a organization like wiki leaks that releases on direction of others and takes money by foreign governments. and determines what part of the story you will see. that is directed propaganda and not journalism. and one of the things we need to do in the west is draw a distinction between the first amendment and ability to have a conversation about the facts and the distorted facts and messages that we get from certain media organizations tha first amendment and working on behalf of our adversaries overseas. >> george swift wi, thank you. >> donald trump making headlines. he spoke in charlotte this morning and renewed his attacks
10:41 am
on hillary clinton. >> we know how she takes care of the veterans, just look at her invasion of libya and her handling of benghazi. a disaster and look at her e-mails which put america's entire national security at risk. [chanting of lock her up] >> trump dismissed sanders speech and warren and booker. >> it is hot in philadelphia and dangerous heat exist all over the country. will it ever cool down? janice dean is standing by with your forecast. and california firefighters could use a break in the heat as they struggle with two fast- moving wildfires foefting thousands from their home. >> the flames seemed like 50
10:42 am
feet in the air from where i was. we were freaked out because we have animals that we needed to take care and have we grabbed them and got our important documents out. real cheese people,
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>> stunning video capturing the moment when lightning struck the empire state building last night. look at this. the storm around the skyscraper in midtown and lightning strikes the empire state building. it strikes it about 22 times a year. it came in new york city and temperatures in the 90s. >> don't you wish we could store that energy and power the whole building. >> yeah. that is it a problem. >> fire crews in california are battling two fast- moving wildfires. the sand fire north of los angeles burned more are than 58 square miles since last friday and forcing tens of thousands of to evacuate and another one in ben surburned homes.
10:47 am
firefighters are struggling with the extreme heat and gusty winds. >> they are 75 feet all. and theroar of the jet engine of the brush burning is intense. >> we could go back and then they say the winds changed and we need to be evacuated. >> janice dean joins us. jd? >> i wish i had better news for southern california especially with the sand fire. 25 percent contained and look at the temperatures well over 100 degrees and we are dealing with hundreds of thousands of acre in terms of all of the wildfires that are burning in the west. highs today hoong the coast cooler with on shore flow and going to the desert it gets
10:48 am
hotter and two more large wild fires up to 30. and that is hundred acre or more. the whole west is dealing with this ongoing situation. the drought is extreme to exceptional in the southern and central california and not a lot of relief in sight. we'll deal with this story for next several weeks or months. and turning it over to the heat index and feels like summertime in the southeast and gulf coast. heat and what it feels like. dangerous heat for these areas and make sure you are inside watching over your pets and kids and elderly. and a little bit of relief in wednesday and thursday. and plain state and river valley and northeast. that is good news. we want to point out. severe threat for parts of the
10:49 am
midwest. and over toward the midatlantic. jon scott, i have good you news. it twitter pictures from correspondents in philadelphia that got drenched. shannon bream had a plastic hat and meg an can kelly in a garbage bag. but better today in philadelphia. you see those pictures. >> they deserve a day. >> those ladies with make gorgeous bags look great. >> new fashion. >> and now a multibillion dollar deal for versison. and we are live in philadelphia where history is about to be made with hillary clinton set to become the first woman nominated for president by a major american political party and what her husband will say
10:50 am
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hi, everyone, i'm martha maccallum in philadelphia. another brutal terror attack to report in france today. yet the word "isis" did not come up yesterday on the floor of the democratic convention. that's got a lot of people asking why and whether it's on the agenda for this evening. and how did hillary clinton and donald trump do? we'll show you videotape from that. plus bill clinton will take center stage tonight for his wife. chris wallace joins me with some of the former president's primary moments and whether or not he's in top form for the big evening, when we see you at the top of the hour. stay tuned. "the real story" is coming up.
10:54 am
a big batch of corporate earnings reports out today with the markets taking stock, as we take a live look at the dow, it's trading down 63 points on the day. elizabeth mcdonough is live with the story. liz, give me the big picture. should we be worried? >> goldman sachs is saying seven straight quarters of declines for u.s. stocks, they haven't seen that since the last time the u.s. was in a recession. but the u.s. is not in a recession, the stock market is going up, melissa, because the u.s. stock market is a safe haven. we've got negative interest rates on the world. >> it's always where is the safest place to be, money is attracted to it.
10:55 am
e-mac, thank you so much. high drama at the dnc this week along with some lighthearted moments as well. why a convention worker sayings the dnc stage was the perfect place to propose. ♪ all you need is lov ugh. heartburn.
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this saving applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. as new barriers go up outside the convention site in philadelphia, a second fence is being placed outside the subway station near the dnc site. there already is an eight-foot-tall fence surrounding the area where the wells fargo center is located, said to be four miles that stil. it appears authorities may have been caught off-guard by yesterday's protests. police said there were at least 15 demonstrations.
10:59 am
there were more than 50 arrests. all right, time for the final 30. love is in the air at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. convention worker andrew binz getting down on one knee on the convention stage to propose to his co-worker, liz hart. hart said she was speechless after he popped the question although she did find the words to say yes. the couple says they've been working on the dnc for a long time and this was the perfect place to make their engagement official. i can't decide if that's a romantic or if they like just did it at work. what do you think? romantic? >> what if she had said no? i always wonder about that. there were a lot of people watching out there in the hall. >> maybe that's what he was worried about, this way there's a lot of public pressure on her to say yes. it could have been like a safety thing. i don't know. >> safety in numbers. >> there you go. >> we men think these things
11:00 am
through. >> definitely bold, big audience. >> long and happy to both of you. that you understand. "the real story" starts now. thank you, you guys. we start with this fox news alert. a rough ride, some tense times so far at the democratic national convention. and it is set to get even hotter. i'm martha maccallum. glad you're with us today. i'm live in philadelphia. the city is getting socked. the heat comes from triple-digit temperatures. have you seen the redness that goes across the map of the united states? that's not stopping thousands of bernie sanders supporters flooding the streets. these folks mean business, i wouldn't stand out there protesting on a day like this, but these guys are very committed and they're out there. they're calling the dnc's treatment of their guy wildly unfair. as the heat rises, as you might imagine, so do tempers out


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