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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 26, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we've been talking about isis is not a big word in this convention so far. >> we'll hear from donald trump undoubtedly soon. so that is it. this you have the former president speaking as a character reference for his wife and our coverage is going to continue throughout the evening, including with sean hannity. >> thanks, megyn, oh, getting feedback here. welcome to "hannity." day two of the democratic national convention is coming to an end and former president bill clinton just left the stage where he made the case for his wife to be the next president of the united states. joining us now, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, how are you? >> bill clinton is a great story teller. you have to give him credit. he's one of the finest story tellers in modern american politics. old uncle bill had this story and wanted to tell you this
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story. there is a princess that never, ever, once deleted an e-mail, and never heard the word benghazi and made positive everywhere except maybe afghanistan, iraq, and south side of chicago, and some 3400 people have been killed. it's those little things but she's been a terrific change agent and she has pictures of the changes she's made. >> you know what is interesting i heard your name mentioned once or twice. would you like a chance to respond? >> no. look. i think you've got to be fair on this stuff. i worked for hillary clinton on the transformation commands advisory group. she's hard working. she is smart. she is serious about the military, that to her credit. i worked with her on health information technology. she worked hard and she was smart. someone who himself was adopted
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i was delighted to pass adoption bill that bill clinton talks about. she's also the most corrupt candidate ever to run in the united states and deeply involved in the clinton foundation. i want to say he's entitled to the $2 billion man. most of it from shady folks and people who had dealings with the state department at the time they're giving him money. let's be clear here. what he said was clear in terms of a relationship. my judgment of her based on her public record is she'll be horrifyingly corrupt as president and disaster if foreign policy. >> it's interesting. you talk about the $2 billion man between a global foundation and foreign business deals, i'm surprised in this campaign, because hillary clinton, the democrats always claim that they
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have a monopoly on women, minorities, religious freedom, etc. the gay and lesbian community. she took money from countries that killed gays and lesbian. in saudi arabia, people are told what to wear, they can't drive a school, you can't build a jewish temple or a christian church, $25 million to the foundation and $10 million goes to the clinton library. my question is, how do you take that money, it seems to be to be blood money, and they also, i can't find it on record she's criticized them for their policy. >> you can start in terms of bill clinton's speech. clinton spent his entire life telling you whatever you needed to hear at that moment, to like him. and this is a speech, this is a speech that -- and he's brilliant at it. i mean if hillary clinton that he described existed, i would be
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tempted to support her. but the fact is that the hillary clinton he described doesn't exist. she's not a change ago. she's a manned maiden of the public employee unions, the prop of the bureaucra bureaucracy. the person who has done what the old order wants. she can't release her goldman sachs speeches because you know there are things that would kill her in the sanders party. you have lie after lie after lie. then, you have bill clinton paint this fantasy version that does not exist. >> you know, last night there was 61 speakers, mr. speaker. and of those 61, isis, radical islamic terrorism was never mentioned. tonight, by my count, isis was mentioned five times by four speakers throughout the day. and this is a day where a catholic preeflt -- priest was
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killed this morning during a celebration of mass. and i think why don't they have resistance to acknowledge one of the biggest threats we have, evil in our time, isis? >> i think it's tragic. i did a facebook live today just talking about this very phenomenon that you and i talked about on your radio show. here, we have, and last night, giving speeches and none of them mentioned isis, they had the knife in germany and a man killed a pregnant woman with the machete in germany. this morning we point out an 84-year-old priest has his head cutoff by barbarians who are
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evil. but the democratic party doesn't want to get involved in that. it's too scary. they don't want to get involved with any threats and it's sad. >> we'll go back to where alicia keys is continuing to perform. ♪ everywhere i'm turning. ♪ nothing seems complete. ♪ stand up and i'm searching. ♪ for the better part of me. ♪ hang my head from sorrow. ♪ state of humanity.
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♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] >> hello, philadelphia. i am so happy it's been a great day and night. what an incredible honor you have given me. i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. thanks to you and everyone who fought so hard to make this possible. this is really your victory. this is really your night.
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and, if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you, is next. thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia! thank you. >> alicia keys introducing that together. billy, you have to give me up. right? . >> i love you, brother, you know it. >> newt gingrich, you saw what's happening. does the fact that hillary says isn't it time to be for the first woman to be president?
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when she takes money from saudi arabia and look how horribly they treat women. look at debbie wasserman schultz. she slandered women in those e-mails. and they were racist comments in there and an anti-semitic strategy in there. add to that other sorts of things, slurs against gays and lesbians. >> the interesting question is have we reached a point of maturity in which there are an amazing number of successful women ceos? successful women in every walk of american life? that we can have the coverage to say is this the right woman? i mean, i think it would be great to have a woman president but is hillary clinton the right woman? and does eliminating 30,000 e-mails illegally, does failing to protect the americans in benghazi, does the consistent failures we've seen occur as secretary of state does that
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make her the right woman? i think that is what the real issue is. bill clipt onframed the election perfectly when he said one of these two campaigns is pro foundly wrong. because they have such dramatically different visions of how america operates and where we are in the world. and of course, the idea of taking somebody who has been first lady, senator from new york, secretary of state, member of the national establishment saying she's the real change agent. well, fine. she's had a lifetime to do it. where are the changes? how come baltimore doesn't work better? how come detroit doesn't work better? why is the south side of chicago safe? we're told everything she's done up until now is practice. but now we're going to get real changes. if she's a change agent she's a bad one. >> i bring up statistics every time. millions on food stamps, out of the labor force.
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talking about benghazi, you can add iran to that equation. they got $150 billion and they can build a bomb in half of the time they would have otherwise. i keep saying this is a choice election, mr. speaker. we're going to get our budget in balance or not. and energy independence, or not. we'll say radical islamic terrorism or not. keep obamacare or have choice and savings accounts. or not. make better trade deals or not. it is a choice election. there is no doubt about it. >> and because it's framed in bill clinton's head, one of these is real and one is not real. my news letter today on an attack by an hbo guy about the whole crime issue, i'll give you donald trump and i were wrong to say crime has gone up. and we produced fact after fact after fact from police chief
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after police chief. it's an objective fact crime is going up in america that murders are going up in america. the reason people feel less safe is people are less safe. hillary clinton had secret service since 1992. she spent 24 years now behind a wall of taxpayer protection. maybe she doesn't feel unsafe. >> well, maybe, look. if the fbi director or cia director director of national intelligence, and former special envoy to defeat isis says like belgium and europe that isis groups will infiltrate your population and she wants a 550% increase of that, it seems to me someone that protected would be willing to gamble to the lives of the american people, boy not be willing to gamble and i would listen to experts in washington who do this for a living. >> statistics are misleading.
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if you get killed or your son or daughter it's 100% fatality rate. then, you say well, it's only going to be 3%. well, 3% would be 25 dead americans and what right does an american president have to pick foreigners over americans in terms of whose life to risk? >> we've got to take a break, mr. speaker, you're generous with your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> when we come back, the trump campaign's attorney is going to be with us, next, plus, tonight. >> what about bernie's call for unity behind hillary? >> i can't do it. >> bernie sanders has thrown his support behind hillary clinton but his followers haven't done the same. geraldo riviera spoke to him and things got tense. some protestors threw water on geraldo. there is my man.
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welcome back to "hannity". we're at the democratic national convention from the city of brotherly love. joining us now special council . there is your first female president. >> yes. >> i just came back from cleveland and i'm a big alicia
8:24 pm
keys fan. and i also didn't understand bill clinton's speech, honestly. i heard others praising it. i didn't hear much policy. i didn't hear anything other than their hoff story. and to be honest with you, their love, their relationship, their marriage is certainly something that is in question. >> it's interesting you say that. remember in 2008 michelle obama suggested if you can't keep your own house in order? >> i remember that line. from tonight's statement, that you can drop her in any trouble spot and she'll fix it. maybe that is because she has too much experience in dealing with controversy. let's be serious. let's talk about the use of the fbi and irs to go after
8:25 pm
individuals. and you have travel gate, china gate and you have benghazi. you have more controversy every year that goes on that she's been involved and i would like to see a female president. i don't care if it's male or female. i hope it's somebody that is going to put the american people first and not themselves. you talk to somebody since 2013 successful in making over $26 million, by special interest groups, including wall street, the banks and so on, that is not somebody on the side of the guy who is struggling to make money. >> we had the awful story of the
8:26 pm
84-year-old priest beheaded in a church today and in germany, six attacks in eight days and radical islamic terrorism wasn't mentioned yesterday, and mentioned five times today by my count. but then it's benghazi and iran. you can't say radical islam. >> everyone making it seem that the notion of having a female president is something unique, it's not. they have prime ministers in israel, england, germany. it's not something that is new. yes, it would be new for us, but who cares? i'm looking for somebody who is competent. she's as inside as inside can be. this individual has been involved in politics. i'm not sure if she had a job outside of the public sector.
8:27 pm
>> i ask the people to call on the radio show name three things she's done to better list of the american people. and then, i play "jeopardy" music. nobody successfully answered the question. we have kelly ann conway, and bernie sanders, and i stand with bernie in this sense. donald trump and bernie sanders are right. this system has been rigged. this system from the get go, between super delegates, what we saw, these memos that insulted black people, insulted gays and lesbians and was anti-semitic in strategies, gay slurs are in there.
8:28 pm
i found that despicable. i would feel the same way. >> yes. the candidate, it's obvious what happened but this is not just a one time thing. this has been throughout the democratic party for years. the last 20 years. i'm a great clinton fan, grew up in the 90s and this is a culture continued to thrive within the democratic party and continued to hurt african americans when talking about the glass ceiling. >> last night, van jones was tearing up but there are articles how black americans are worse off since barack obama has been president. we have an increase of black americans on food stamps. 20% increase on black americans not participating in the labor force, median income of the
8:29 pm
average black family is down in real dollars about $2400. then, they have the debt. and then they don't want to stop illegal immigration. who has been impacted by minority americans? is that true? >> it was exciting to see the first lady talk about her children being able to play on the white house lawn. i think about the children in chicago who can't play on their lawn and think about black women die of cancer more than diagnosed than anyone else. >> we know obama is, and i know they're making a big deal about high profile killings that have taken place but it's a police officer involved but there is over 3470 some-odd people in chicago killed during obama's presidency. >> sure. >> and he doesn't talk about chicago. why? >> i can't tell you.
8:30 pm
i don't know if it's become african americans have given barack obama a pass when it comes to certain issues. dr. cornell west spoke about it. >> by the way, dr. west, who i had on many times says the same thing. wealth gaps rise to record highs between whites, blacks and hispanics. that is happening under obama's watch. >> that is being said at this convention. it's remarkable to me. that is the type of message you'd hear at anti-incumbent election. and that is is a change election kind of message. it's just going to be odd for hillary clinton. >> yes. she's talking about how bad things are. i'm like your guys are in there.
8:31 pm
>> since i know you, the first clinton administration? i just want to say i didn't understand his speech. a woman lives in a town shall remain nameless said you're there to vouch for me not overshadow me. he gave us her resume. then, it was just odd. >> it was a total love story. i feel bad watching him. he didn't look well. i know people don't believe it, but it was kind of sad. >> so what is really sad in my view is that when he said i never met a change maker better than her, nobody applauded because who believed it? it was like, and i love this new flavor of spam that came out today. >> it is hard to hold the mantle of change makers when your party has been in power eight years. bill clinton went out there and gave a much-less partisan speech. okay? because his goal was different.
8:32 pm
to reintroduce his wife, dehumanize her and soften her. and the problem with hillary clinton is hillary clinton. >> how big a problem is when they start the convention and chanters, bernie, bernie. it's bringing down the house. bernie said in his afternoon speech we've got to support clinton. and he's booed. you see the people out in the streets and media seems to be ignoring it. our friend, geraldo is going to join us in a minute. debbie wasserman schultz, the corruption there. >> it's been a tale of two conventions. i was on the floor hours watching. >> they won't let me on. how did you get out there sf. >> i'm wondering how. >> and when i went outside, just there was not a lot of passion in the hall tonight until bill
8:33 pm
clinton came out. and i after she got a big change maker. that is why bill clinton said she's not a big change maker. >> i think she did a better job helping barack obama than helping his wife. >> there is no question. he sealed the deal. >> absolutely. >> he said>.&body could have turned this economy around in four years. but that is a different bill clinton. >> we've got to go to my friend, geraldo, riviera. hillary clinton was nominated but some bernie supporters are not happy about this and they took to the streets of philly to voice that anger and once again, our very own geraldo riviera was there and things got pretty heated. take a look. >> you guys, how are you feeling about the way things are coming down? >> with sanders? last night? i mean, i thought the speech was
8:34 pm
a disgrace that he gave last night. i think it reflects the fact that the reason people are here protesting today, the reason people are marching in the streets is everyone is dissatisfied with the candidate's 1%. and bernie sanders went alongside that by throwing his full weight behind hillary. we're not happy for sure. >> did he disappoint me? >> yes. his campaign was based on calling out the 1%. and you know, i guess they're part that have 1%, then, goes back and it's very disappointing. >> what are you going to do now? >> i'm going to go to california so my vote doesn't count. >> either bernie sanders, herman supreme? all $7 billion people on the planet before supporting hillary clinton or donald trump. >> i can understand if my fellow
8:35 pm
colleague who supported bernie wanted not to vote for hillary. i can understand it. i have determined that it was a binary race before this. i wish it was bernie. she won the election. i don't like how she won it. >> what about bernie's call for uni unity. >> it's a sad day, it's a sad day. >> joining us now, fox news senior correspondent geraldo riviera. we'll get to the heated moment in just a moment. this is universal, though. >> well, the -- there are different kinds of demonstrators out there. the bernie people are disillusioned. i guess you have the establishment bernie people here. but 20% there, disgruntled and dropping out and going for the green party.
8:36 pm
>> what about going for trump? >> i found a couple. what i did find is that there are bernie protestors and then, there are other issues. hots of different issues. some are comical. others are serious. and they're filled with fury. >> what did you think with black lives matter? >> they have a thing about black lives matter? >> some reporters don't care the fox nag. i carry it boldly because i'm proud of the association and if you don't like it, that is your problem so we gathered around city hall. where they're simmering.
8:37 pm
>> when you chant what do we want, dead cops, when do you want them, now, and pigs in a blanket -- >> that is -- >> legitimate criticism. >> right. >> and when you talk about what happened tonight -- >> even michael browns. what happened to us is very aggressive and i just stand there and put my chin out and say yeah. >> i want you to know something. >> do you mind? >> the whole thing was made up. >> they're using bad language,
8:38 pm
right? >> you have your pride of self here is what happened. >> you don't know what i do. >> yeah. time to go. time to go. >> you're not welcome here. >> that is not for you to say. >> you're not welcome here. >> they don't know what they believe in, half of them. they're just bullies that don't care about free press. >> that is it. this is what i love about you. we throw water at you and you're in there. that is you. i love that. >> come into -- >> if i was there i'd go in with you. >> i know, would it have been real trouble. >> we have both to keep us calm. >> who is this guy that got,
8:39 pm
that pushed you back there? in the gray shirt? >> he's us. >> he's security. >> ex-cop. >> and he's man mountain dean. >> he is pulling you in. i'm like no. let him in. it is great i mean, i just want to briefly say this. there is a real issue with violence, inner city violence and the cause of it is terrible civil war going on. >> one of the loudest voices supporting minorities, blacks and hispanics in america. you've always been passionate i said to the guy you don't know who i am, screw you. i'm going to sneak in two moments. >> we have to take a break, coming up on "hannity". >> we need to change our foreign policy to focus on defeating and destroying isis, a word you didn't hear last night at the democrat convention. you didn't hear it. they don't want to talk about it.
8:40 pm
>> donald trump calling out the democrats right here at the dnc. yesterday, not one of 61 speakers ever talked about the threat posed by isis. we'll check in with dr. sebastian gorka. straight ahead. ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the c300 for $379 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack,
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welcome back to "hannity". earlier today, two men pledged allegiance to isis and killed a priest in france during mass. and in syria, a man killed a pregnant woman in germany and a suicide bomber from syria injured 15 people outside of a restaurant. how much attention does the dnc speeches pay to the islamist threat? according to reports, 61 speeches yesterday mentioned 0 times. the fact spoke about. >> we need to change our foreign policy to focus on defeating and destroying isis. a word you didn't hear at the democratic convention. they don't want to talk about it. in a true way, they established
8:44 pm
isis because of weakness. people in this room know what i mean by weakness. >> and joining us now, dr. sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, i believe this is a simple explanation. if they thought it was a threat they would have talked about it. >> you're right, sean. a pregnant woman murdered yesterday, a priest beheaded at catholic mass in front of the altar? this is incredible. they can't talk about it if they
8:45 pm
do, they'll admit they don't have a plan and what they've been trying is a failure. out side of iraq and syria, over two months there has been a jihadi attack every 83 hours. >> i saw that. that is insane. by the way this, is the jv time. this is the sest time we've ever lived in. obama told us last week. >> right. what does the secretary of state say? that air conditioners as dangerous as isis. >> you can't make this up. there is a petition to get rid
8:46 pm
of air conditioners at the state department. because they're so dangerous. you have to love. if you don't laugh you realize how bad it is. let's think about a priest killed in front of nuns and parishioners. we've killed or arrested 107 people linked to isis if america since the caliphate was declared. that is three times as many isis suspects that we're intercepting. the situation is rapidly deteriorating but the democrat party, hillary clinton, president obama don't go look for problems. everything is fine here, sean.
8:47 pm
>> everything is fine here and with the economy and they're acknowledging something needs to be done about the economy. >> for the left wing, for the democratic party, reality is optional, sean. >> wow. you know what? that is a good point. they did say that donald trump seemed to be, well, it was harsh and dark. but when you're out of work and on food stamps and iranians are getting a bomb and isis is on the march. you have terrorist attacks one day and cops being assassinated the next, that is a dark reality that needs to be fixed. you can't fix the problem unless you admits it exists in the
8:48 pm
first place. now, one of the benghazi heros is with us. you watched alicia keys and shattering the glass ceiling and watched bill clinton praise his wife. that is not the hillary clinton you knew that four hours into the attack that she was in a meeting pondering the question of whether or not we needed permission from the libyans to save americans and two, whether or not our military men and women needed to be in uniform and she kept sending them in and out of uniforms but they never sent in to save them. >> that is what we're going to get for the future. they're more concerned about the feelings of the people killing americans than americans that are being killed. when that decision making ends up coming in, that is not good for us. that is not good for america.
8:49 pm
that is really not good for military. those are the ones that are going to be in harm's way. >> what do you feel was hung out to dry. the whole event was lied about by her? >> the only thing i can say i feel is contempt for her. because it just goes to show you the person that is going to be there in the future, should she become president that is what we're going to see. they're more concerned about parading people on stage that are going to support criminal behaviors or chairman of the dnc. she disappears and who does she get? a job with hillary. >> thanks for being with us. when we come back, black lives matter chants ring out tonight.
8:50 pm
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that is dnc attendees chanting "black lives matter" before speeches of mothers who lost children in high profile police shootings. joining us now, larry elder, d
8:54 pm
and, of course black lives matter. all lives matter. geraldo's life matters. a group that chants and that group, i feel sorry for mrs. brown. and trayvon martin's mother. black eye witnesses identified him as fighting a police officer for his gun and charging an officer and all of a sudden you can't name any of those people? >> sean? >> can you? name one? >> no. >> it's not a political issue. tonight is about the mothers -- >> what about the mothers of the children lost in chicago?
8:55 pm
why is that not as important? why is a guy that bought a gun and robbed a store and intimidated a clerk. >> these moms represent the movement and. >> saying what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now? >> sean, these moms are coming together to bring people together. >> what does that say about the democratic party? >> did you hear when jordan's mom praised the cops? >> well, what bothers me about this is facts show police shootings are down.
8:56 pm
in 2011, 24 people were killed by the police, last year, only eight people killed by the police. the fact is that twice as many whites are killed by cops. it's just not true that there is an epidemic of white cops shooting blacks. 965 people were killed last year by the police. less than 4% were white cops shooting unarmed black men. this whole thing is built upon a foundation of lies. >> i think you're upset about the moms of the victims without the relatives of the cops shot. >> and think of the moment -- >> this is -- if you had the
8:57 pm
moms on thes stage and had them meet? that would have been well produced. >> i agree. that is not this party. >> they missed that opportunity. and by not bringing top families in? >> we've got a heart break and more "hannity" coming up your way and more reaction tonight two of the dnc. please, stay with us. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant?
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is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. welcome back to the second hour of "hannity". we're live and in philadelphia pennsylvania and former president bill clinton took to the stage and tried to convince convention goers his wife was the best person in the world to hold the office of president of the united states. >> she's a natural leader and best darn change maker i ever met in my entire life.
9:01 pm
this woman always wants to move the ball forward. that is just who she is. how does this square with the things you heard at the republican convention? what is the difference? what i told you and what they said? how do you square it? you can't. one is read, the other, made up. and this time, hillary is qualified and she's still the best darn change maker i have known. >> joining us now is former
9:02 pm
obama economic advisor in part responsible for the disaster of the economy that is you're a bernie supporter, right sf. >> absolutely. >> can you name three things that impacted the american peoples lives for the better? >> it's an interesting question. i don't have a specific answer for you. >> but those years in the public eye, right? >> she's done great things. my concern is what is she going to do moving forward? the speech was more of an e-harmony dating commercial. we didn't focus on how to move forward economically. >> and i brought this up.
9:03 pm
there is 54% since your buddy, president obama became president, 54 increase on black americans on food stamps. and i'm going to guess you're going to go back and blame george w. bush. are you? >> no. i'm not. let us remember down, then up. so it was going down, then, those things improved. >> what do we got? >> lowest labor participation rate since 1970s. >> it doesn't explain the languishing activity in the job
9:04 pm
market and the fact middle class wages are stagnant. so you're overburdening the economy. you know and i know it's like an octopus strangling the economy. >> so obama was running and said $9 trillion is irresponsible. he said $9 trillion we're taking a credit card to the bank of china in the name of our kids and have to pay that back. so he will accumulate more debt
9:05 pm
than any single president of the united states combined. >> we can go through obama record if you like. you have been confused for a long time. >> will he or not accumulate more debt? >> he will. i want you to be nice, too. we're trying to get him as a guest. >> he's a nice guy. i have been out to dinner with his wife. i have no idea why she married this guy. >> the question is are we going to feel comfortable with a man like donald trump saying -- >> and that is not the case. >> you get flipped out. okay? if anything and donald said this
9:06 pm
over the weekend. she's going to start incorporating -- >> if it walks like a duck, sounds like a quack it's coming from a duck. >> so if debt is doubled that means obama did it. >> so if you look at those negatively impacted it's minority americans. and if you look at millions in poverty, he thinks it's bush's fault. >> well it's not just property we look at when looking at
9:07 pm
health care disparities. more black women die of cancer, more women have -- >> obamacare did not save them? >> no. >> it did not. and to be honest for you, while working on this campaign, i lost my mother to cancer. >> i'm sorry. i lost my mom a long time ago. painful. >> very painful. >> not wanting to go because of the rising costs, me shutting down my business because of health care reform, it's not there. looking at black men in prison, more now than in 1850 it's not the same. alicia keys can sing all day, but we do not have things in common than black women being paid less across the board. economic policies have failed. >> so your buddy obama, you talk to him recently.
9:08 pm
>> do you tell him i say hi? >> di. >> did he see you on the show? >> i don't know he watches this show. >> and i lost my mom and dad years ago. sorry you lost your mom. he promised the average family per year is going to lost $2400 and people lost their doctors and plans and are paying 40% to 50% per year. >> more than 20 million more people got insurance. >> why do you divert? >> they'll throw me out of there. >> they will. you know? i'll have sean doing brown belt black belt thing.
9:09 pm
>> oh. >> there is is a chance to say the economy sucks. >> the last six years things have gotten substantially better. the question for us today is r fur -- you're looking at the next eight years or four years, if you dislike deficit, why are you supporting a guy with a $12 trillion tax cut? >> reagan. >> i would like to know how has it gotten better for people of color? >> in the last six years, we
9:10 pm
come in losing and we spent six years improving. poverty has fallen. the poverty rose more under ronald reagan than under barack obama. you never want to say that. >> the first president that will never hit gdp growth. >> i said you're right about that. >> in the beginning you're counting up the beginning of the recession. >> in six years, the rate improved. >> i got to break. >> yes. >> that is right. >> it has not. it has not. >> yes. it has. >> thank you for being with us. now, democrats are under fire after yesterday not one of the
9:11 pm
61 speakers mentioned isis. wow. and tonight vice president crazy uncle joe biden laughed off criticism that liberals are facing. we heard about the priest in france today. take a look. >> yesterday, this man will name our enemies and we feet them. >> we have the single most significant homeland security of any country in the world these guys don't know what they're
9:12 pm
talking about. >> there are more speakers still to come. >> can you talk about that? >> here with reaction, there is you know i'm thinking you don't mention it once, this is apparently not a priority for them. >> usually in a presidential election jobs are the number one issue. jobs are still paramount and national security and terrorism is on equal footing. the fact we're well into day two before we got any reference to
9:13 pm
deal with ideology in his ear. it was here, sean. the fact we're well into day two before we got a reference to it tells you where the democratic party is. i said how long would it take you to smash isis? he said 4 or 5 weeks. that means special ops on the ground but you need strong leadership to make that happen. this president has never been committed to this fight. and what you're seeing on the stage is people supporting a woman who is not as committed to the fight. >> i think and i may be wrong,
9:14 pm
that you agree. >> the democrats need to be talking about islamic fundamentalists but another point. the republicans and democrats need to be talking about vladimir putin. and suggests we need to focus as monica suggests on what the russians are doing in the middle east, western europe and isis serves putin's purposes to destabilize the west. >> i'm not joe biden. three better words, jobs. >> what is it about hillary clinton and e-mails?
9:15 pm
you know? she said i know nothing about e-mails. there is no self awareness on the part of the woman. she could be done in and doug is right on this issue. if the russians were watching her in realtime, sean, or by watching her private nongovernment server and vladimir putin has her e-mail inventory, we may see that. >> let me tell you what the cia director michael hayden said that he'd lose respect for any serious intelligence agency if they had not accessed those e-mails. they haven't. >> i agree. that is why my advice is talk about russians and problems we face as americans not democrats and republicans but americans.
9:16 pm
all faiths and all kreedz. >> was it nice for michelle obama? she's the woman in 2008 that said a number of times in my adult life i am proud of my country. overcoming past evil, wrong injustices? none of that made her proud? >> donald trump focus on make america great again has gotten a lot of traction. and so every speaker tried to deal with that slogan. excuse me, doug, bill clinton's message is about softening her but targeted to young women tonight. bill clinton was targeting young women and married women.
9:17 pm
>> i'm talking about getting it for the road. >> yes. bill clinton emphasized change. >> she's laughing. go ahead. >> young women, minorities, muslims. you reached out but didn't hear the reference. >> they put michael brown's mother up there. her son bought a cop's gun and tried to attack an officer who is going to kill him. >> i'm not running this convention. >> what does it say about chanting black lives matter? >> all lives matter, sean. >> not in this hall. >> i'm with you. i'm not running this campaign. i did 20 years ago, not now.
9:18 pm
i got to say i'm proud to be on with you and my friend monica to talk about something that threatens us. >> you'll do better at defense budget. i hope he will and get. >> for the secretary. >> coming up next here on "hannity". >> i can't trust her like other supporters after the wikileaks came out. the democratic primary was rigged. >> angry supporters yet in force again today causing chaos and making it known they do not support hillary clinton. penny lee are here on set and also, checking in with chris. >> and later tonight. >> i need white people to the move to the black. this is a black and brown resistance march.
9:19 pm
>> oh, black lives matter stages large protests in philly and white people, you have to go to the back. oh. we'll show you that, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:20 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
9:21 pm
9:22 pm
>> after the wikileaks came out which proved from the beginning the primary was rigged against bernie sanders. >> i think she's a total disaster. the fact she can't win without cheating tells you a lot. >> i'm going to be voting for
9:23 pm
donald trump. i'm a registered democrat. >> i'm looking at alternatives right now. jill stein, dream party. >> i'd be willing to vote for trump. i want change. i don't want eight more years of hillary. >> bernie sanders protestors taking to the streets outside here in philly. trump campaign advisor what is that pin you have on? what is that pin? >> it's beautiful hillary clinton pin. >> are you serious? >> absolutely. they're free tonight. >> you have a free pin. >> you have to admit that she was cheating with the dnc. they were kol you'ding. >> i wasn't kol you'ding. >> you held staffers. >> yes. yes. >> and you have some -- an anti-semitic strategy. >> no? >> and one staffer.
9:24 pm
>> one top staffer? >> one staffer. >> if donald trump had some staffer that said something racist? anti-semitic? antigay? >> former chairs have called for their firing. many. >> why isn't hillary called for firing. >> she's under investigation. >> investigation? that means five year -- >> that is not the case. >> she said she has in idea about the e-mails. we've heard this before. >> and julian assange from wikileaks promises there are more coming our way. and have a treat, popcorn, there are more e-mails coming. >> will that be the october surpri surprise? >> i have time. >> i'm free. >> frank luntz, how does it look
9:25 pm
when they're chanting "black lives matter" in this all and most of america knows they said what we do want, dead cops when do we want them, now. if there was a group in donald trump's campaign that said what do we want, dead liberals, when do we want them, now? is there a difference? >> absolutely. we're looking at undecided voters who represent 11% of the population. a lot of these people reject both candidates. it's three things. number one, accountability. i don't think the dnc scandal is going to help secretary clinton. two is common sense. and they're looking forward.
9:26 pm
>> do you feel bill clinton lost? >> i tweeted out that he doesn't have the voice that he had even three years ago but still had a hold of the audience. >> this year, hillary clinton had become like bill clinton and bill clinton became more like hillary clinton. he points the finger and gets angry. and i think more importantly when you talk about accountability he's right in transparency.
9:27 pm
what are they going to say? she's a liar but not a liar? >> answer that question. good point. >> it's a fair question. i don't think numbers are going to move but people are going to look at other factors. whether or not she has a vision. >> there are two specific things. she's accomplished in a hong career that made lives better. >> okay. >> so the chip man? >> yes. chip plan. >> i want dirty air, dirty water and children to die. >> that is growth. >> what else? a balancing point is a different
9:28 pm
type of speech. >> trying to rebuild the image. >> it's 18 years there. >> we went from yale law school to chely's birth to tonight. >> no one is going to vote on the marriage. 81% belief america is less safe today. 81% and she was secretary of state for four of eight years. we nef talk about it because it's not sexy. but we have a higher percentage of americans voting. >> we brought you in because you're sexy and you bring in viewers. that is why you're here. >> you brought me here because my ass fits the chair.
9:29 pm
>> we don't talk about it because it's not sexy. why are you here? >> well what? >> i'm the one who makes all of you look awesome. 81% of americans and they're not wrong, sean. she's going to be held accountable. the question do you feel safer? >> no. >> russia, noshg. and i think that 81% is going to grow. >> it is all about she has to be held accountable and not qualified and omarosa gave a wonderful rendition of this. why is somebody in a position of
9:30 pm
power? >> last question. so hillary clinton is a champion of free rights. she's a champion, right? >> i can't believe you said ass on your show. >> just said it again. >> i couldn't believe you said that. >> listen. i said it myself. i said johnny stewart has his head up obama's ass. it's cable. >> exactly. exactly. >> right. right. we have smart people on, too. it is not a matter of, it's not a sexy topic. national security. saving lives is important. why is hillary clinton a a champion of gays and lesbians and treat women like third class citizens. and why does she take money from
9:31 pm
those countries? >> give me one example. this is until after we beat the drum. >> they were ashamed in isis times. >> and so it's a fair question to ask. >> would you take -- would you take -- take money from a country that kills gays and lesbians? >> no. >> would you take money from a country where women can't drive a car? >> running as the first female? >> the answer is no. we're not safer.
9:32 pm
>> thank you. good to see you. >> case closed and thank you. the jury is in your hands. >> joining us now with more, the chairman of leading from the front how are you? . >> i want that down. >> are you kidding me? >> next time. >> good to see you. >> good. hanging out in philadelphia. >> hillary clinton abandoned you. >> we did feel abandoned. no stand down order when you don't stand up anyway. i said that last night.
9:33 pm
we have to worry about uniforms and have to worry about a foreign government to save your people. >> what did you think of 61 speakers and not one mention of isis? >> if you do, here is the deal. a lot of them are going to vote and if you're going to condemn isis, then i think they feel like they're going to condemn the muslim community. and if you feel like them, so you're putting terrorism in front of votes. >> it's amazing they have this resistance. >> we live in the greatest country of the world. and now we do.
9:34 pm
>> now, it's starting to bite us on our own turf. frank is saying people are feeling it is safe now. i doesn't happen you guys were staying. i don't know if it's worse that they're watching in realtime on a camera. she's wondering do i need to ask permission? and oh, should our troops wear uniforms? put them in uniforms? in, out. and you were in germany. >> the first thing i turned on and i saw susan rice.
9:35 pm
>> sunday shows? >> i turned it off. and what offends me if i can fight terrorism in sports, then, i can wear these shorts. i can wear shorts. >> you can wear whatever you want. you're an american hero. >> thank you. good to see you. coming up next, right here, from the dnc, it's "hannity". >> black lives matter protestors marched today. we'll get reaction from the return of tamara holder in the house, then, later tonight. >> we know how she takes care of
9:36 pm
the veterans. just look at her invasion of libya. and her handling of benghazi. a disaster. >> donald trump criticizing hillary clinton as we continue from philly straight ahead. ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast.
9:37 pm
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9:39 pm
. >> we need white people to move to the back. this is a black and brown march. if you are white you'll appropriately move to the back of the march. this is for the black and brown community and that is it. p you see white folks direct them to the back of the crowd. that includes media. make room for black media. white people, to the back. black people to the front. >> welcome back to "hannity". broadcasting live in philly that was a group of black lives matter protesting today in the city of brotherly love chanting "black lives matter" in this hall. joining us now, charles hurt, fox news contributor tamara holder. um. >> um. >> you want to defend that? >> sure. >> go ahead. i want to hear this. >> go ahead. >> well, i think -- i think.
9:40 pm
>> i want to be entertained. >> i thought before we started this segment you said you weren't going to interrupt me. let's just shut up. >> woah, testy there. >> first thing is that one african american woman does not represent the entire black lives matter movement. and i like you go for the worst person in the group. and there is a group of people. >> no. no. >> look around here. >> there are different members there. i didn't see one person say wow. that is not nice to put white people in the black of a line and white media the back and only black people in the front. >> let's talk about this. >> isn't that racist? >> i think this is a full representation of black lives matter. i'm in the going to defend everything they do and i'm not going to defend the fact you have chosen to put these tapes
9:41 pm
on. >> pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. >> why do you think the african american community is upset? because chicago paid out 34 million -- >> there is a serious issue we need to talk about and address on this subject. and i don't blame that lady. she's just doing what she's doing. >> that is racist. >> i get that. the point is that she's getting direction from a major political party in this country that that is just fine. >> you're a democrat. why did they get ininvitations to oeb yumma's white house?
9:42 pm
>> those of us who came up in the 60s as white southerners fighting for civil rights, i find this offensive. let me finish, tamara. this thing is a disaster. what do you think numbers are in the black african american community? black lives matter is not popular. they are not winning. the notion of this democratic party is just building it's own pier here. >> you think this is going to hurt them in november? >> you bet your life it is. this is with voters looking and going what are they doing? >> as someone who marched in the
9:43 pm
06s. >> you marched in the 60s? >> no. no. >> sir, i am insolved in work right now, today, things change and issues change in society. so let's talk about what is in our background. hillary clinton is our background. you want to talk about isis and whatever. do you know what the issues of today were? social justice, women and families, health care. those are the issues of today. >> do you know what i saw? >> we're protected in here. we're protected. >> why do they take the highest racial profile cases in the country. michael brown's mother was there. her son did rob a store and
9:44 pm
intimidate a clerk. >> what about trayvon martin carrying a pack of exitels. and he had marijuana in his system. god forbid. don't test me. >> really? >> yes. >> maybe i deserve to be shot by a giant gun. >> these are terrible situations. you have a nominee who corrected herself. issue the correction after she made a mistake saying all lives matter. these people are playing games. >> let me ask tamara a question. do all lives matter or black lives matter? >> all lives matter and part of that is that black lives matter as well. >> what if somebody said white lives matter? >> this is what is great. hillary showed all lives matter in different ways.
9:45 pm
this is not just about black lives matter. don't roll your eyes because your candidate is the rent a friend candidate. he had no friends up this. no friends up there that wanted to work with him. and you can play with papers but he has no friends. i'm just listening to this stuff. tamara, why are you interventing things? he has friends. >> the point is what happened tonight is the same part problem the party has. when standing against sanctuary cities which is a 4-1 loser in this country. when you stand and say only black lives matter and you white people are behind the curve
9:46 pm
you're putting yourself in a bad position. and i thought bill clinton did a marvelous job because he's bill clinton and sanders people went to protest so they filled it with clinton people so it's sounding good. he's up there saying when she takes on an initiative you know it's better all i can think of is libya. i'm thinking of 30 years of a record in this party. >> i think he's the independent variable in this election. >> if he stays disciplined, she's changed, she is in their minds the establishment order and she is.
9:47 pm
>> i think if he makes it about economy, and remember, with god here, it's a kwur the enemy of the american people. >> i agree. >> her hope is to make it about donald trump. >> tamara gets the last word. >> i like how donald trump made his platform be the platform of ignorance. he likes people that are uneducated. you don't go to college unless it's a state school not a school named after a person. >> get used to it. president donald j trump. >> what truth did he show last week? >> he understands radical islamic terrorism. he won't have abandoned people in benghazi. he's created jobs. and seems to run a business better than hillary.
9:48 pm
>> he would have abandoned our nato front. >> it's 280 foot notes. >> it sounds good. >> go ahead, i'll put you down for trump. good to see you. coming up next on "hannity". >> we know how she takes care of the veterans. just look at her invasion of libya. a disaster. >> donald trump talking about hillary clinton's record up next, matt and mercedes with leslie marshal weigh in on that and more as we continue from philly, straight ahead. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to
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9:52 pm
the other candidate in this race, you know her name, crooked hillary clinton, and believe me, folks, she is crooked. has a much different view. she recently said of the v.a. scandal that it's not as widespread as it's been purported to be. we know how she takes care of the veterans. just look at her invasion of libya and her handling of benghazi. a disaster. or look at her e-mails, which put america's entire national security at risk. >> donald trump speaking at the vfw national convention earlier today, north carolina, joining us now is the chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlas, fox news
9:53 pm
contributor, his wonderful wife, mercedes, and leslie marshall. yeah, it's institutionalized corruption, matt. it's so bad that there were bonuses given to top officials at the va for keeping two separate lists. one is when people actually requested help, and two was when they actually got it, and the phony list that's, oh, we gave them help within two days. meanwhile, people were dying. >> this plays into the whole what's going on in the country which is they want to try someone new. this idea of putting a politician back in charge in washington when we have all these serious problems, it's not just what's happening overseas, when they come home, we treat them so shabbily. the idea that you bring in an outside guy who's run a bunch of things well to actually shake things up at the va, i think it helps trump. >> what do you think of the difference between the two conventions so far, mercedes? i mean, this is the chaos, confusion, corruption convention to me. >> well, it's a -- the difference is that the republicans really had it all
9:54 pm
out in the open to a certain extent. you could see the tension in the room but by the end, for the most part, especially after that pivotal moment of ted cruz and the booing, there was a sense that we're going to rally around trump, even the texas delegates went after cruz and said, we stood by you, now we want you to stand by our nominee. with that being said, the stars with here, obviously, they brought up their progressives, their line-up yesterday. i thought michelle obama had a very strong speech. >> for somebody lecturing us about saying -- anyone who telds you, america, we need to make it great again. yeah, you said, for the first time in my adult life. >> the democrats are more excited about the obamas than they are about the clintons. >> i don't think so. we had bill clinton there for almost an we had hillary clinton. >> i thought it went on for several hours. >> actually, 48 minutes. i was like, okay, it's time to wrap up, i'll admit. when you give a speech, just
9:55 pm
feel it, it's time to end. but last night, something i was encouraged by, as somebody who supports hillary clinton and wants my party to unite is that people that were holding up bernie signs were then holding up signs that said, i'm with her. and even though we see a lot of protests, mark my words, and you got this on tape -- >> you're living in fantasy land. they're not leaving. >> in november, you go -- >> bernie, bernie, bernie. >> "bernie or bust." >> in november, the democrats will rally around hillary. the republicans will rally around trump. >> hillary cannot take on his revolution. someone they will boo. >> someone to the left of her -- >> let me speak to this, something really clear, machise which is for 20 years, hillary and bill clinton have been at the center of democratic politics, they know her well, they have a big problem with her. trump has a problem with republicans but they don't know
9:56 pm
him, they're getting to know him. every day that passes he's getting more and more -- she can't improve. all she can go is go down and even tonight, that was pretty flat in there. >> by the way, bernie, bernie, bernie. what do you think -- they're chanting bernie at the start of the convention. hell no, dnc, we won't vote for hillary. >> maybe the reason there weren't that many people chanting in cleveland, it's because there weren't that many republican there has. >> at lunch, bernie said we've got to support hillary. boo. >> during the prayer? during the prayer, you mention hillary and there's boos. all these vips that weren't at the gop convention, trump doesn't need them. >> by the way, hillary has 9 out of 10 in some polls, 4 out of 5 in some polls, bernie supporters, yes it would be nice to have 100%. >> excuse me, they walked out of the hall tonight. >> 4 out of 5 is 20% to trump
9:57 pm
and if i'm donald trump, i'll take the 20%. i just took your number and i ran with it. >> i'm trying to figure out what change maker means. is this rainmaker, now it's the change maker. it's the most focus grouped phrase i've heard in a long time. >> last word to the liberal. >> i think that we saw the party unite last night, even unite more, and in november, i hope -- >> bernie, bernie. >> we got to go. that's all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. we'll be back tomorrow night, broadcasting again right here. i get combat pay for this job in philadelphia. thanks for being with us. have a great night. rand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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10:00 pm
madame chair, i move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> hillary clinton making u.s. history. >> what a day, what a day. >> it really. becoming the first woman nominated for president. thank you so much for joining us, i'm heather childers. >> good to be with heaer