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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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on the web and join us on facebook and "outnumbered overtime." and, we're going to be back, right, for the fnc hangout at 4:00. join us for the digital hangout and we'll be there on all the fox news apps. "happening now" starts now. now. donald trump tries to sock all of the oxygen in the wells fargo center where the democrats are. the republican nominee answered questions and now taking to twitter to answer all of his critics. we are are covering all of the news happening now. >> it is eye night of history in philadelphia. hillary clinton becomes the first woman nominated for president by a major party.
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>> we just put a big crack in the ceiling. >> what does she need to do to win the keys to the white house, plus. tight security in the dnc with protestors showing up for rallies and marches. and police are doing to keep order are. and donald trump in the cross hairs of the democratic national convention. >> how does it square with the things you heard in the republican convention? >> will it hurt or help the republican candidate in november. we begin with a fox news alert on day three of the democratic national convention where the theme is working together, but it is unclear if the party can make that happen? >> well -- >> i am jon scott. >> and i am melissa francis. tonight will be all about
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passing the torch and president obama and vice-president biden and tim kaine will speak tonight. it comes after the first woman nominated for president. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. walk out. walk out. walk out. >> we nominated with a true fighting spirit to be our next president. hillary clinton. >> she has the skills to serve as commander in chief and strength to lead our great nation in the hour of challenge. donald, did you hear me? already great nation. >> you nominated the real one. she's the best darn change maker i ever met in my entire life.
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♪ >> i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> the republican presidential nominee had something to say about that. donald trump holding a new's conference. >> crooked hillary clinton, just ask yourself why she doesn't have new's conferences and the honestly, the reason is, there's no way she could answer questions because the job she has done is so bad. when they talk about change. i notice change. there is no change. it is the extension of obama and in my opinion, worse. >> in about two hours, trump and mike pence will hold i joint town hall in pennsylvania before
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going separate ways for rallies in wisconsin and ohio. mike emmanuel begins our coverage from philadelphia, mike? >> reporter: president obama is expected to four back at donald trump for electing hillary clinton to carry on his legacy. it is a big night for senator tim kaine. serve issing as a mayor and governor and head of the dnc and united states senator. this will have an opportunity for the national audience to get to know him better. he was asked about the bernie sanders supporters? he said he loves them and gave a wink. and talked about p what is at stake. >> we have something an opportunity to elect hillary clinton. most qualified person to run for
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office. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders tried to encourage party u nitty and ask that clinton be voted in. and sanders talked about energy otherwise the grassroots. >> [inaudible] to run for school board and city office on. [applause] >> reporter: vice-president biden was asked about the people for sanders who don't want to vote for hillary clinton. biden said they will vote for hillary clinton, because they are not going to vote for donald trump, jon? >> mike, thanks. now let's look ahead to night three with the democrats with the power hitters taking the stage. byron york is chief
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correspondent for the chief examiner and fox news contributor. i point people to bill clinton's speech introducing his wife saying she is a change agent. but she reflects the third term of bark bookkeeper obama. is she going to it be the steady hand on the tiller or blow up everything and change like her husband said she will. >> reporter: that's the tension we are going to see with president obama coming to speak here. we know that he's going to portray donald trump as dangerously unfit for the president see, but how will he portray hillary clinton? what you saw in bill clinton's speech. she's the best darn change maker i ever met. that is different than the way hillary clinton campaigned over
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the last several monthses in which she portrayed herself as a steady hand at the helm in contrast to unpredictable trump. there is temgz between steady and change. we know that voters are dissatisfied and 70 percent of them feel the country is on the wrong track. they want change more than stability. and barak obama who wants to it see hillary clinton continue his work, will have to finesse that tonight. >> is it because their campaign is banking on the notion of first female president being change enough? >> reporter: that's a great question. that is the change itself. and bark bookkeeper on on barak obama did that himself.
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the first african-american to be a president would be a change right there. you are absolutely right. hillary clinton represents change itself. and as far as the policies and economic woes that look like so many americans and the situation with international terrorism is concerned and as far as the situation with law and order inside of this country is concerned, the question is what kind of change does hillary clinton bring if any? >> getting back to the new's conference that donald trump wrapped up. he brought up the dnc e-mail hack and raising the issue of a double standard. saying that most people would lose their job over the language. watch this. >> the e-mail situation, i call it the double e-mail situation, both very serious. what was said in the last one to the dnc was horrible.
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absolutely horrible. if i would have used language like they used about religion, about race, about everything else that they discussed in those e-mailses, i would have had to run and hide and probably dropout of the race. with her, everything's just fine. >> what about that double standard? does he have a point? >> reporter: remember a candidate would go dark and be be quiet in the week that the opponent had the convention? trump has blown that up. and the key is, that he brought up the e-mail scandal and not only the dnc, but hillary clinton's secret server e-mail. and getting it into the news at a time when it is the last time hillary clinton wants to discuss in her convention week. and charging a double standard
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is trump's way to make sure that people are thinking about that while they are getting all of the happy, pretty pictures from the podium of the democrat convention. >> democrats suggest it is the russian government. trump said it is the content of the e-mail that we ought to be focused on. i know nothing about this and nothing to do with russia and never met putin. but in the past, i believe he had spoken to him in a greenroom of a television show. trump disavowed this. but he made news as heb. refer to the 30000 emaims that hillary clinton said were personal. and russia, if you are listening, i hope you find the
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30000 e-mails and going to get talked about a lot today. >> the president cleared his schedule so that he can campaign on hillary clinton's behalf through most of october. if it was planned long in advance, it starts to sound like democrats are getting nervous about donald trump's potential. >> reporter: if you talk to a democrat, they know the race will be close. in the last few days after the republican convention, trump seems to be going up some. democrats and most political observers believe that hillary clinton will get a bounce of her own out of this convention and we may end up with the race basically what it was before the conventions. but the fact is, it is competitive and the idea that if democrats thought that hillary
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clinton could coast to victory while donald trump blew himself up, that is not happening right now. you are seeing on on the democratic side concern. there is a race and we can't just coast but go out and win as melissa is about to tell you. >> thank you. >> donald trump gets a both of and there is one group of voters that could spell the difference of winning for hillary clinton and tim kaine. the group that the candidate said he loved. mr. trump spent an hour in front of the camera and on twitter ripping hillary clinton and president obama on many issues tied to it his administration or her campaign.
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>> i hope you'll elect her. those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows, tend to care more about our children and grandchildren. >> president bill clinton appealing to the nation to elect his wife president. it may not be be easy. she appears to be be losing a voting block. donald trump getting a bump in the polls n. the survey he leads her four points nationally. and one point before p the june, showses that trump is attracting lesser educated white voters and the lead of 20 points without a college degree. and can hillary clinton reach those voters and what groups are rejecting trump on the other hand? larry sabbeto.
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looking at this on race and socio-economic line. is it true that trump holds that lead among lesser educated white voters. >> it is thorough that he holds that long lead. and it may be increasing. and i don't like to say lesser educated. i would say blue collar workers and our society can't function without them. and that's where he leads and he has a big lead. and so far, i haven't seen a lot at the democratic convention that causes trump's lead to diminish there. that may be a problem with the democratic convention. i acknowledge i haven't seen tonight or tomorrow night. >> that is still left to go. and in the meantime, the democrats point out when you look at nonwhite voters, he doesn't do well. donald trump thinkseses he's
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doing better in that category and i want you to evaluate it. >> i have been doing very well with the hispanic community. really well. the poll numbers are going very time. l.a. times 47 and cnn. they say the big bounce in memory. >> but still, it shows that trump and pence hurting compared to clinton and kaine. if you look at the numbers. 23 percent p. and clinton and kaine 69 percent. so, what is the truth there? what is happening? >> the truth is that i think mr. trump is optimistic. and candidates have to be optimistic and convince their own followers of these things. every category of minority is favoring clinton by a wide
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margin. african-american be most. and hispanics by a close margin. and next asian americanses. can things change? the election is november 8th and i have been consistent and very consistent and trying to tell people do not pay attention to polls before the two party. >> we can't help it. we want a scorecard. when you look at these things. a lot of people are critical of the national poll because that is not how we vote. and the polls based on what your race is, because that's not how votes are counted as well. that is a state by state thing. and we do work on the electorial college. one state that is interesting is florida. i mean, that is a must win for
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trump and what is it looking like now even if you don't want you to look at the polls. >> that's your job and florida is reasonably close. clinton has had the edge there and one major poll that showed trump up a few points and we'll wait for the actual numbers. florida will be be competitive in three of the last four election it was the closest state in 2008 and 12. and i suspect it will be close again you have to look state by state because of the electorial college system. and not a popular vote. and the reason we break down support is frankly that's how people vote. that's my job and that's your job. i know people get up set is, but they would want all of the
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information. >> and we appreciate it. >> donald trump reacting to claims that russia is behind the hack in the dnc. he insighted russia to find other missing e-mails. and we'll talk to jack keane. >> i hope they have her 33000 e-mails that she lost and deleted. because you would see beauties there. i used to blame the weather for my frizz.
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>> russia, if you are listening,
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i hope you are able to find the 33,000 that are missing, i think you will be rewarded mightily by our press. >> donald trump appearing to call on russia to hack in hillary clinton's e-mail. he made several comments in a new's conference. twitter blowing up about it and he tweeted this, so if russia or any other country or person has hillary clinton's 30000 illegally e-mails, perhaps they should share them with with the fbi. and not encouraging anyone to hack her. intelligence officials believe that russia was behind the hacking that forced the democratic chair debbie wasserman-schultz to step down after they showed that it worked
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to stop bernie sanders's bid. we have a fox news military analyst. a lot of talk about who actually hacked in and got the e-mails that are the subject of the first day of the dnc. >> the hackers swore he was from romania and he may have been russia and working for putin and it would be be a group. what do you think about that. >> the evidence is point ping to the russian kgb and gru. russia military intelligence. they hide who they are and what server they are using. the united states has the best offensive cyber capability in the world. >> we are got in hacking in
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other people's stuff. >> absolutely. >> and secondly. russia is widely regarded as having the second best. and china is most prolific and russia is good at what they do. it is routine for governments to take political intelligence away on a regular basis. the fact that the russians have been in the white house, state department, and chairman of the joint chiefs and political orgs like the dnc and many think tanks is routine business. >> why do they use it. >> most to be informed in the direction that the united states is move nothing and what they will do in result of that in terms of their actions. russia is aggressive in the
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eastern european elections and push an outcome that is desirable to them. there is evidence that russia was involved in the vote for the british exit from the eu and helping to fund the people who wanted britain to exit from the eu. they are aggressive. we don't know what the motivation is here. but given the circumstantial evidence that i am providing you. >> they are trying to influence the outcome. >> the other thing is, gathering information is routinely done and taking that information and distributing that information, so everybody can consume it, because why? they are trying to have some kind of an outcome. that is unusual for them. >> is it unusual for other dpfts and would the u.s. do that? >> i don't know for sure. but the united states is
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aggressive in its gathering of intelligence and we are best in the world at it. >> very intchlth we'll ask you something about what fbi director james comey said. >> we can't take our eye off a future threat and that is at some point, there will be a terrorist diaspora out of syria like we have seen before. not all of the islamic killers will die on the battlefield. hundreds and hundreds when the coalition will suck sowed clushing the islamic and through the fingers of that crush will be dangerous people and primarily to western europe. >> that was supposed to be about cyber security. he got into talking about isis. diaspora is when a population is spreading out. we would see isis crushed and
10:30 am
they would go in to other territory. and the terrorist attacks, we'll see more of them. do we have to live with that? >> two things. the fact that the caliphate exists in since 1212, that gave isis supremacy among all radical islamic organization. and that motivated people to kill their fellow citizens. the longer that exists, the longer it would happen. in europe there is over a dozen attacks to include five nato nations and that reality is here. he is right that some of those terrorist, not all of them are killed on the battlefield and captured and some of them go someplace close to home. but in the long run, once you kill isis and destroy it, in
10:31 am
time the ideology and terms of supporting that movement would be less of it. and that's why taking down a safe haven no matter where it was, like the one in afghanistan. that brought us 9/11. and we have a safe haven here and another one in afghanistan now. and libya and they should be destroyed and the longer we put it off. more attacks. >> don't use what he said for not going in and squash the caliphate. >> they should have been squash last year at the latest. >> we have to g. thank you. >> thousands of people participating in dozens of protest. could there be more today? a live report. >> plus, donald trump takes aim at democrats saying they have no respect for law entorse ifment
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>> it is a mess. look at isis, not mentioned and look at what is happening with law and order are. they mention everybody but our on police.
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10:36 am
president, a strong senate majority by her side, we'll keep that american dream alive for a new generation. >> many have argued that donald trump would harm our national security if he were elected president. the fact is, that he has already done damage just by running for president? >> there are clear achievable and affordable and responses to our challenges. but we'll not get to them if america makes the wrong choice in this election. that's why you should elect her because she will never quit when the going gets tough. >> it is your victory and this is your night. thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia.
10:37 am
thank you. >> and so heavy hitter along heavy hitters in the democrat national convention and appearing on day two, the mother of sandra bland. >> what a blessing to be standing here so that sandy can still speak through her momma. and what a blessing it is for all of us that we have the opportunity if we seize it. we have to seize it. to cast our vote. for president who will help lead us down the path toward restoration and change. >> and she was among the mothers of the movement. woman whose sons and daughters were killed in police involved incident. nine of them speaking in support
10:38 am
of hillary clinton in at a two in the convention and the former attorney general telling delegates that trust must be be restored between the law enforce sxment communities that they serve. >> it is not enough for us to praise law enforcement officers after they are killed. we must protect them and value them with the right tools, tactics and training while they are still alive. we must also come to realize that coping our officers safe is not inconsistent in insuring that it those in law enforcement treat the people they are sworn to serve with dignity and respect and fairness. >> at the same time 32 officers killed this year alone. up 78 percent from last year at this time. and in the meantime in baltimore, prosecutors dropped
10:39 am
all charges against the three remaining officers charged in freddie gray's death. gray, you will remember a black man who died from injuries that he incurred while in police custody. for more on all of this, bring in angela mcgouan. we also have jackson, a fox news contributor andro talk show host. angela, we set the table of the tone of the dpshgs dnc, police officers and union are offended. are they justified. death is death. i don't know if this was the right ven ow for the mothers to vent but it was beautiful what sandra's mother said regarding sandy. i don't think we should try to lobby votes by using fear
10:40 am
mongering or tragedy. but democrats are desperate. i wish they would have had the widows there. i love and i can't am saying it. eric holder balanced it out. >> yes, he did. both parties are doing it. democrats are doing it and republicans are, too. donald trump praises law enforcement. and the same way as angela points out. you have the parents who have lost children. is it right to do politics around this? and make it political. >> they are political conventions and what we saw hillary clinton was playing against the trump card if you will. last week donald trump presented his base and this way she balanced out the narrative and presented her base. they are both playing politics. she's going for the sister vote.
10:41 am
african-american men have outvoted men and white women since 2012. and in order to excite her base, she had to present their case if you will. but what we want are safe streets and we want safe police and safe citizens. but we have to remember angela, that people give the power to police and when people see that power abused, they take it back p. and that's what we are seeing and how do we change that? >> it is a great point. everyone wants safe streets and everyone agrees on it. is it making it better or worse by pouring fuel on the fire? >> it is pouring fuel on the fire, but melissa, both sides are doing it and what we need to do as leaders and as people, and
10:42 am
decision makeerings, is people who represent certain interest p. we need to talk about policy. are we that desperate to get the white man's vote by polarizing and black man's vote by decisiveness. i hate the way the campaign is going. talk about the issueses? what is it dealing with the policemen? is it systemic. there is only a handful of bad cops. ? what is it with our community we don't respect the police of officers. >> before we talk about reconciliation you have to have recognition. you you have to recognize there is a problem and if you had a cut, angela. you pour perp oxide and alcohol and it hurts. that's what old folks you used to do. it hurts and you you
10:43 am
clean the wound out. >> but like you said, there is political and a cheerleading thing in the convention. and is it the proper place to do so. >> just as you get up and running, we have to go. and we'll do it again next week. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> fox news alert. we take you to tempe, arizona where a scary situation seems to be just wrapping up. officer involved shooting and led to the suspect barricading himself inside of a senior center in tempe, arizona. apparently the suspect was shot by an officer. the officer is okay, but the suspect ended up in a senior center. we are now told that the suspect was in custody. and the officer once again is
10:44 am
okay. and the investigation is underway as to what happeneded in tempe, arizona just outside of phoenix. when we get more information we'll bring it to you live. ...clear for take off.
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see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting.
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oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. >> and i think president obama has been the most ignorant president in our history and the world is a mess. and you look at what happened in migration with syria and libya and iraq and everything's he's touched. he is a disaster as president. and he will go down as one of the worst presidents in the history of our country and it is a mess. and i believe hillary clinton will be worse. >> that's donald trump dishing out pointed criticism of both hillary clinton and president obama and the republican nominee holding a new's conference in florida just hours before the president is set to address the
10:48 am
democratic national convention. we'll bring in mea lacy. former spokesman for hillary clinton's 2008 compain and sarah is former deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina and rnc spokes person. mo, what in your view should the president say tonight? >> the president is a rebound in the polls and his approval ratings are are above the 50 percent mark for sometime. the american people seltzed in a feeling good about his job performance. and what he can to, one, solidify the ground on the record of the last eight years. donald trump will try to connect hillary clinton to that record. and he will solidify the record. and what that is.
10:49 am
and number two, he can talk about hillary clinton as a partner and someone he worked with on the white house on important issues and talk about her decision- making process and leadership and set the stage for that part of the conversation as well. >> sarah, according to his press spokesman, josh earnest, the presidencies it less of an opportunity of defending the past, but advocating for the record. and so is this about trying to enhance and burnish his resume or trying to propel hiss former secretary of state in to the office he now holds? >> any president is thinking about their legacy and i am confident he is. i think it is a tough spot per him and hillary clinton. last night bill clinton tried to make the case hillary clinton
10:50 am
was an agent for change. 70 percent of the country thinks the country is in the wrong direction. it is one thing he can't do is distance himself from his himse from his own legacy, thereby distancing hillary from it. he's going to have to tie her to it and basically acknowledge she's running for a third term of his legacy, something that a lot of voters don't want to hear. >> that is the question we'll take up with these two panelists when we come back. more with that when we come back. your car got rear-ended
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now you can watch nbc's coverage of the rio olympic games live at home or on the go.
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hello, evan. i'm martha maccallum. firing back and forth. fox news sunday's chris wallace joins me and we will try to make sense of what's going on answe the putin question, what if any are his connections to the russian leader. hillary clinton selling her ideas as a change maker. we're going to talk to the rnc and get their claim. hillary clinton has not spoken to the press in quite some time. what's going on with that? "the real story" for you coming up live from philadelphia. we're back once again with the former spokesman for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. sara was a spokesman for the
10:55 am
republican national committee. so you heard bill clinton saying hillary will be a change agent. sayre ray alluding to the fact that 70% of the americans think the country is on the wrong track. aren't they hungry for change and if so hasn't bill tried to build hillary as a steady hand trying to build on barack obama's policies? you can't be both, can you? straight as a railroad track and an advocate for change? >> unless it happened in the last eight years. i think that's what they're saying to say is that throughout her entire history she has been a person, her entire life who
10:56 am
has fought to bring about change. that's the crux of the campaign argument. the case she's been making is she has been and always will be a champion for you, that donald trump has been and always been a champion for only himself. that's really how they are trying to frame this election, and so i think their argument is when they're talking about her as a change agent, it's her long history of trying to break down those barriers to help everyday americans. >> but, sara, if we've made 7 1/2 years of progress, would the wrong track be the right track? >> i think that's exactly right. i think the clinton campaign has been incredibly caution up until now. i don't see a clear narrative coming up.
10:57 am
there's going to have to be a rally around her. >> sara isgur flores and mo elleithee. we'll be right back.
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i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise.
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ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. thanks for joining us. >> are you coming back tomorrow? >> absolutely, you bet. >> "the real story" starts right now. fox news alert donald trump goes on the offensive as the democrats kick off day three of their convention. hello, everyone. i'm martha mack cal um and this is "the real story." the republican presidential nominee taking questions that spanned everything from vladimir putin to the dnc wikileaks which is one of his favorite topics and clinton's campaign at this stage, doing as they do so well, firing back. first let's go to john


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