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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and i'll be right back with them, or i'll be on after them. 5:00 eastern, 4:00 in oxford, 5 eastern at facebook live, and f, and on the app. see you later. democrats about to gavel in, but did donald trump steal the show? one hour, no prompter, no notes peppered with questions by reporters of those hacked dnc e-mails, not about what's in them, but who was behind them. >> it's just a total deflection, this whole thing with russia. i never met putin. i don't know who putin is. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> i'm not going to tell putin what to do. >> are you asking a foreign government, china or anybody, to interfere, and hack into the
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system of anybody? >> that's up to the president. let the president talk to them. it's not even about russia or china, or whoever it is that's doing the hacking. it was about the things that were said in those e-mails. there were terrible things talking about jewish, talking about race, talking about atheists, trying to pin labels on people. what was said was a disgrace. welcome, i'm stuart vanny in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." donald trump is about to speak in pennsylvania. if he brings this issue up, we'll bring you there live. first, john backoolton is the p ignoring what those e-mails contain? >> reporter: i think they are. there's a lot we don't know here. let's get a couple things out of the way quickly. number one, i do believe russia is capable of hacking the dnc, the rnc, my own enterprise
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institute, anything they want in this country? i believe they're fully capable of doing it and probably are. number two, do i think russia is capable of carrying out an effort to influence american elections, absolutely. not that i think i understand them enough to know how effectively, but i don't doubt they'd be prepared to try and influence an operation if they could. number three, do the answers to those first three questions mean they hacked the dnc and gave those e-mails to wikileaks? not necessarily. you know, the key here is computer experts saying, ah, but we found electronic fingerprints that look like other russian hacks. but that doesn't necessarily mean that those really mean that they're russians. let's be clear. look at the hack of -- or the issue of whether hillary's e-mail server was hacked. fib director james comey said, just a few weeks ago, they didn't find any direct evidence that it was hacked.
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and he said this, given the nature of the system, and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. so let's get this clear, from the democratic party's point of view, the russians sent it the a-team to hack hill's computer and sent second string to hack the dnc? kbla explain that to me. >> this is something new in politics, a presidential candidate who offers rapid fire, off the cuff, no notes. how do foreign leaders react to this kind of leader in america? >> i think it's something they've never seen before, and i'm sure that it will take some getting used to. i think it's important that a candidate for the office of presidency know that every word he or she says is very carefully
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scr scrutinized by foreign leaders and since our president has enormous capability at his or her disposal, these words mean a lot more than they mean in conversations with -- if i may say so, with all due respect, the american press. >> well, are you saying ambassador, that he should tighten up his words? be more careful with his words? be scripted in fact? is that what you're saying? >> no, i wouldn't say he has to be scripted. and i'm certainly not going to hold anybody to a higher standard than i'm able to hold myself up to. this issues that have international ramification can cause foreign governments to make conclusions that may not be warranted by the sort of thing you say in casual conversation among americans, particularly bantering with a hostile press such as he faces almost all the time. but that said, i think the subject of whether, and to what extent the russians were
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involved in this leak of these e-mails, is something the democrats have already tried to make political hay out of, and i think he's responding to it. the people who looked at the evidence in the dnc computer, may be experts in computer forensics, but it doesn't mean they're counter intelligence experts. let me give you an alternative hypothesis, somebody who wanted to cast blame on the russians could put in those indications of other russian hacking efforts. if i were bernie sanders supporter, and i wanted this out and i were good at computers, maybe i'd do that. there's word for that, it's called disinformation, and that would be at work here, too. a computer forensics expert can't tell you the answer to that. >> ambassador john bolton, thank you. >> thank you, sir. as we continue to monitor donald trump in pennsylvania, on the left-hand side of your screen, back to that hour-long news conference earlier today. he thould do the same.
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>> 235 days, no news conference for hillary clinton. you ought to check it out. because there's a lot going on. >> donald trump made those comments in miami earlier today. pam bondi is florida's attorney general and a trump surrogate. madam attorney general, does his style give his opponents opportunity, you know, the rapid fire, off the cuff opportunity for his opponents? >> of course they're going to jump on every word he says because he speaks freely. donald trump is speaking from the heart. donald trump is up there unscripted. when hillary clinton is speaking from q cards. y she brags about almost 3 hnd intervi 300 interviews, they've been very controlled interviews. she hasn't done a press gavel like this, that i've ever seen. donald trump is taking all question comes from anyone, and you know, all she talks about is
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reliving yesterday, reliving yesterday. donald trump gets up there and he talks about what we need to do for america tomorrow. that's what the american people, stuart, want to hear. >> let me let our audience hear the sound byte from donald trump earlier today that got him into this trouble. roll tape. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by the press. >> pam bondi wasn't speaking tongue in cheek a little bit? >> he already said he doesn't know who hacked. it could have been russia, china, some genius with a 200 iq laying on his living room couch. that's what donald trump said about this. of course he was saying that. the media -- you know, and she's saying none of these e-mails contained classified material.
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she has the top secret, the highest security clearance in the country, and she's saying none of them were of national security. >> how do the people of florida take this? donald trump was speaking in florida, a battleground state, a swing state, very important state for the next election. how do the people take it when they see him answering questions like that? not a political professionals who are passing every word, but regular people who are just watching tv and watching donald trump? >> stuart, that's what i'm hearing everywhere i go, from real people, that he's real. i mean, this is going to be the leader of our free world and he is taking all questions, answering everything talking about john kasich, talking about vladimir putin, talking about don junior does not want to be mayor of new york city, although he'd make a great mayor, talking about russia, talking about the tpp without script. hillary clinton does one-on-one, sit down interviews and she's
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not done a press conference or had anything in what over 200 days? that's ridiculous for someone who wants to be the president of the united states. and this is how politics used to be run. now, with donald, we are seeing a real person up there answering tough questions over, and over, and over by all members of the media. >> pam bondi, florida attorney general, thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. on the left-hand side of your screen, donald trump speaking in scranton, pennsylvania. if he goes back to the russian-hacking e-mail problem, we'll tell you about it. we are in fact moments away from the dnc gaveling in for day 3. tonight, the president will be speaking about uniting the country, but what's happening in his own party. and listen to this from nancy pelosi, the house minority leader, dismissing donald trump as, here today, gone tomorrow. is that risky?
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on your screen, donald trump speaking live in scranton, pennsylvania.
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he has just said how great his convention was. on the right-hand side of your screen, democrats about to gavel in the day three of their convention. to fox's jennifer griffin on what we can expect today, jennifer? >> reporter: hi, stuart. as you mentioned just behind me over my shoulder here, we expect ohio congressman marsha fudge to gavel in and that shortly after that, after the national anthem, we expect him to put tim kaine's name into nomination for vice president. we'll hear from tim kaine later tonight. the democrats have been under some criticism for not talking much about national security up until this point. the last two nights have been focusing more on families and children, and black lives matter movement. but tonight i'm told there will be a heavy focus national security and in fact they'll be a number of republicans who are backing hillary clinton, whether it's michael bloomberg of new york who is slated to speak. of course there will also be the former top navy jag officer, the
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navy's top lawyer, rear admiral, john hudson. he became known about signing a letter to president obama about prisoner abuse, and then we'll hear from vice president joe biden and president obama making the case that she is ready to be commander in chief. stuart? back to you. >> anything new on donald trump, jennifer? >> well, what i'm told by the campaign -- and we've heard this repeated -- that they don't take him serious as a person, but they take him serious as a candidate. they're very concerned these polls in ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, and elsewhere show them to be neck-and-neck and they are very concerned about these swing states. also florida of course. we're standing next to the virginia delegation and we will be hearing from tim kaine tonight. he came out today and spoke to the virginia delegation, and an interesting point, he said his son who's a marine, deployed two days ago to europe to help out with nato. you can expect him to talk about
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that tonight and how concerned they are about the statements coming out from donald trump tonight. i do not expect the president to mention donald trump by name, but i'm told that he will make a very lawyerly case against donald trump becoming the commander in chief. we've also just learned stuart that president has asked his aides to clear his schedule in october so that he can campaign every day for hillary clinton and tim kaine. that's how concerned they are about how close this election is. back to you, stuart. >> jennifer griffin, donald trump speaking now in scranton, pennsylvania, and he's finished there, he will go on to speak in ohio, that's later on today. question for you, did house minority leader nancy pelosi dismiss donald trump's chances in november? listen to this. >> i think that donald trump is being treated to a premium standard. there just isn't a thing he can say that can predicate everything else and what do you think about what trump said. who cares.
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he's a -- you know, he is donald trump here today, good tomorrow presidential candidate. >> he is here today, gone tomorrow candidate to fox business network's chris reagan, along with simon rosenberg, and capri cafero. you're a democrat. you said be careful about dismissing donald trump. >> you said if we dismiss donald trump, it is to our peril in november. you just heard those poll numbers in that stand up record before we went up here, and in swing states like ohio and virginia and even pennsylvania, you are seeing donald trump and hillary clinton neck-and-neck, and that is because his message on issues like trade, and immigration, are resinating with some areas in the country who feel they've been left behind by the economy in the last 20 to 35 years. they are attracted to the message of fear and anger and action because they're sick and tired of having, you know, basically a bill of goods being sold to them. they want some be do something
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and donald trump is singing that tune. so we ignore him. it's at our peril. >> trish, you and i have been covering this the last 13 months. how many times have we seen donald trump dismissed with a roll of the eyes? >> over and over again. this is the biggest mistake, politicians on both sides of the aisle made. stuart, i said, and you said, as well, from the beginning, they're making a mistake because this is a guy speaking a language that americans understand. they know their lot in life is not good from an economic perspective. they obviously know we're not on a good trajectory in terms of our international perspective and the threat of isis of course, and so for nancy pelosi to dismiss that, basically reinforces what so many americans fear, that the washington elite is out of touch, that they have grown so far away from what the average american thinks and feels and is experiencing, that they can't
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possibly understand why it is like someone like trump would be seeing the successes he's seeing right now, stuart. >> simon, to does speaker pelosi have to say something like this to show competence? has to be almost dismissive, he's here today, gone tomorrow, this guy. >> i think it's a great question and i think my view on this is democrats are taking donald trump very seriously, but our whole goal of the campaign is to make him gone tomorrow, that's the whole reason is we're trying to elect our candidate and defeat donald trump. what she said is the strategic objective of the gathering at this convention. >> that's politics. >> i don't think anybody in our party is not take him seriously. >> i've got to remind you, simon, in a cnn poll, donald trump leads hillary clinton by 18 points among independents, and the l.a. times poll out this morning, donald trump leads hillary by 7 points. it's a little bit dangerous
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isn't it, to dismiss? >> i don't think we are dismissing, and i agree with my colleague, democrats are taking him very seriously. i do think two weeks from now who the polls settle down, democrats are likely to be three, four, five points ahead again as we were prior to the republican convention. this would be the high-water mark for the republicans with a bump that trump got, we're going to get our bump, too. let's -- stuart, have me back in a few weeks. but democrats are feeling really good where we are. nobody is taking this guy for granted. >> capri, back to you for a moment. >> yes. >> this is day 3 of the convention. the first two days were rockers. it was division. is that put to rest? are you going to say that? >> i don't think it's put to rest yet. i think there are some bernie or bust group that seems to be unable to be suede swaded by sa
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supporte supporters. there is a rumor someone else's name would go in for nomination as vice president. we'll see how that goes. i want to caution these bernie or bust people if you want a progressive agenda there's a little tale, it's called the 2,000 objection, and it's called ralph nadir. you sit home, you're going to get the other party in the white house. i think these folks are being very short-sided and i will hope time will heal some wounds and we will see some unity. president obama and vice president biden in particular, i think are in a good place to try to bring us together as best we can. >> okay, trish, back to you, what's the mood like on the floor? you're right in the mid of it. >> i am and it's not theunecasithunification people are hoping for. part of that may be you haven't really seen a real sense of outreach to these people that have supported bernie sanders so strong
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strongly. hillary clinton has just hired debbie wasserman schultz, so in other words, people are saying, wait a second, what she did was so unbelievably wrong, it was the greatest fear every bernie sanders supporter had. they felt like the whole system was rigged against them, and so by her turning around, hiring her, it makes them feel as though it's just status quo as usual. so i have to tell you, stuart, people were crying when bernie sanders got up there and gave his speech on opening night and there's still this sense of, you know, tehey're not there yet so it will be interesting to see how the president and vice president are able to navigate that room given emotions are running so high. >> moments ago, marsha fudge did gavel the convention in for day 3, literally moments ago. the proceedings will continue and tonight vice president joe biden will speak and then the president himself will speak. capri, i want to ask you about donald trump, how the major news
1:23 pm
conference today he's speaking again live now in pennsylvania. has he stolen the headlines? i mean, taken control of the news cycle all over again? >> he very well may have. obviously we're talking about him in every segment that i've seen, has been talking about donald trump and his press conference. i saw what you will to waall to coverage yesterday, but online presentence and social media have been playing a great deal of attention to donald trump and this has been his forte. this is what he knows. he knows how to captivate an audience, but the media and public are playing into his hands. >> capri, simon, one in all, thank you for joining us and don't miss trish regan tonight on the fox business network. live coverage of the democratic national convention. what happened at the last dnc that is getting no attention at this one? neil knows. and how was trump's
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day 3 of the democrat convention is underway, but it is donald trump stealing the headlines. he spoke in florida, now he's speaking in pennsylvania.
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♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> that is sebastian de la cruz, a fine young voice from texas. that man is 11 years old. what a performance. joining us now, robert wolf, former economic advisor to president obama. robert, no national debt at this convention, or the republican's convention last week. now, i understand that debt is not exactly a sexy issue. i can understand not wanting to dwell on it, but it is important. why is it completely absent from your convention? >> well, i don't necessarily think they need a to have a
1:30 pm
discussion about the debt. but certainly the debt and deficit, the economy and growth, has to be something that is critically important to everyone in this country and i know for a fact, secretary clinton and others are going to be speaking about it, as well as president obama tonight. >> robert, will they tell everyone what went on wrong, because the debt was 10.6 trillion when president obama walked into the white house and is nearly 19 1/2 trillion. will hillary clinton or president obama take any responsibility for that? >> well, i think when you're the president of the united states, you take responsibility for everything going up and down. just like he should take accolades for bringing the deficit from 10% gdp down to 2%, and someone who is a deficit hawk like yourself, i'm sure you're equally happy that happened. but there's no question we have to get growth in this country getting going again. >> so what went wrong, robert? you know this stuff. you're a former banker. >> yeah. >> you were on the president's
1:31 pm
economic advisory board. for the last eight years 2% growth, the mid class dle class worse off. what went wrong? >> i think this was not a normal recovery and that's no excuse. we have not seen a recession like this since the great depression, and normally post-recession, the rebound comes from half of it is housing. if it's 4 or 5%, half is usually housing and construction. 1% is consumer and 1% is manufacturing. with construction and housing you just didn't see it. there was no mobility. there's still millions of homes under water and lending was very difficult to get. you saw it from the consumer side and on the manufacturing side we've struggled with exports and a stronger dollar. stuart you and i are aligned we need to find growth to make sure the debt comes down. >> all the noise behind you robert is the nominating process for vice presidential candidate tim kaine.
1:32 pm
now, how is he on growth? because as i understand it, in virginia, when he was governor, i think unemployment went straight up. how is he on economics and growth? >> well, as you know, virginia has been one of the best performing states in our country with respect to unemployment. you know, virginia got hit when military spending went down, but they did some amazing things with their skills getting technology as one of the key company and manufacturing in the state of virginia. it started with mark warner, when he was then governor and took the tobacco litigation money and started building broadband throughout the country so it could get to the rural areas and then it continued on with kaine. >> robert wolf, thank you very much indeed. i want to switch to jennifer griffin on the floor of the convention right there. explain what's going on. give us the inside story, jennifer.
1:33 pm
>> stuart, it's quite incredible. they just suspended the rules and put the name of tim kaine into nomination. so essentially, they went to a voice vote, 2/3rds of this entire hall here. we're standing with the virginia delegation. you can imagine how loud they were when they put the name go nomination, but essentially, they just nominated tim kaine to be hillary clinton's vice president. he will give his acceptance speech tonight. that followed -- they had the pledge of allegiancallegiance, very beautiful invocatoin who spoke about the dallas police officers. we kpoelexpect to hear a lot mo about national security and gun violence at the third night. democratic convention, stuart. >> jennifer griffin right in the middle of it. thank you very much, jennifer. a democrat under fire from his own party, why is that?
1:34 pm
because he said the widows of the police officers should have been invited to speak at the dnc, too, what is wrong with that?
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1:37 pm
this is donald trump speaking live in pennsylvania addressing hillary rodham clinton and the e-mail hacking problem. let listen in. >> women, by the way, if i ever said the things that are on those e-mails, i would have been run out of town and probably had i gotten the nomination, i would have been forced to come to scranton, stand right here and say, i'm getting out of the race. they were the worst things and they're trying to sluff them off. they're trying so hard to sluff them off, and then i see her campaign manager -- i don't know, young guy, nice guy -- who knows. and he's on television. and he said that hugzrussia hac
1:38 pm
them. no, no he said russia hacked them. i'm trying to figure out how does he know that. so he goes, i think it was one of the sunday talk shows and he goes, russia hacked them and then he goes, like -- i said huh. how does he know? he doesn't really know. and then he said, uh, trump, trump. yeah, trump. and i'm sitting there watching him saying what did i do? what did i do? what did i do? right? trump, i wish i had that power. man, that would be power. so he talks about russia hacking. the only thing he didn't say is what was on the e-mails, was the horror. what was on the e-mails was the horror. but i'm sitting there watching, falling asleep -- he's a boring guy -- and he said russia with e-mails, probably with china or somebody else, may be a 400 pound person sitting in bed. okay? might be. some of the greatest hackers of
1:39 pm
all time. but he said russia, and then he said trump and it reminded me of john lovetts. did you ever see the liar on "saturday night live"? yeah, yeah, i went to harvard. this was, like, yeah, russia hacked. yeah, yeah, it was trump. trump, that's -- i said, whoa. now, these are lying, bad people, folks. these are bad, bad people. these are bad, bad people. and they're incompetent people and we want to turn our country around. we want to make great trade deals. we want to have strong borders. we want to have the lawall. we want the wall accident we're going to get the wall because we're going to stop drugs from pouring in our country, and people from pouring into our country. we want the wall. >> let's get more on the dnc hacking e-mail scandal. a little bit of background before we go to congressman
1:40 pm
emanuel cleaver, a little bit of background. early this morning in florida, donald trump accused the democrats of distracting attention away from the content of the dnc's hacked mails, by bringing attention to the russians, who hacked suppose e-mails and whether they could get the 30,000 e-mails hillary clinton had deleted, that's the background to his comments that you just heard. congresswoman emanuel cleaver is with with us now. they allege you are distracting attention away from the very damaging comments of those dnc hacked e-mails. do you have an answer? >> it's unfortunate. i don't think we know exactly who hacked into the dnc. i think we do know that it was hacked. as i understand it, people in the state department, the cia,
1:41 pm
and the fib abi are conducting investigation. my understanding is the top officials are at least suggesting that it might have been russia. i think in the wort would be he all of us to take our time and breathe and wail until the investigati investigation is finished. i don't have any question they will find out exactly who did it. we've had hackings before and we are pretty certain about who did it based on the investigations. >> okay. what about the content of those e-mails? donald trump has just said that if it was a republican, they'd be run out of town on a rail. those e-mails did containeth ni ethnic mockery, religious and not exactly profiling, but some in sults a insults, and dirty tricks within the hacked e-mails. what's your comment on that? it's serious stuff. >> it is very serious, and first of all, i don't think that the
1:42 pm
chair of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz, had any idea about the contents of those e-mails. but she's the chair, so she stepped down. many of us have not had an opportunity to examine the e-mails and i can assure you as a democrat, as an american, as an african-american, if there is in fact information that can be interpreted to be defamation, a statement about any group, african-america african-americans, latinos, republicans, or anybody, we -- we've become a nation that has become so politically tribal, and i don't think we need to tolerate that from anybody. >> congressman bernie sanders supporters are still very, very angry. there were e-mails passed around within t within the dnc suggesting reporters raise the issue that
1:43 pm
he's a jew and he's an atheist, if that got out it wouldn't play well in kentucky. bernie sanders supporters are very angry about this, sir. >> well, bernie sanders sanders ought to be angry, fox viewers ought to be awningry. anybody who sustains bigotry ought to be angry. i haven't heard a single democrat say that was okay. and in fact, there may have been people already fired, i don't know, but if we find out the names of individuals who did that, they need to be fired and you'd hear me as a -- one of the first people to demand it. >> congressman, can the president bring that convention together tonight? >> well, i think we're already together. i mean, i think one thing you need -- it would be helpful for everybody to understand, many of the bernie sanders sporteupport are good and decent people, and
1:44 pm
many individuals were involved and occupy wall street, and there are others who are not as interested in government. in fact, i had a conversation with a young man yesterday, who said he was here because he believed that we should not have a government, period, so i think that overwhelming majority of the bernie sanders supporters are going to vote for secretary clinton, and you can see them staying many of the individuals who are really hostile, they've left and doing demonstration all around the city right now. they want some attention, and i think they're going to get it. it's unfortunate. conventions ought to be able to go on without interruption, yours or the democratic -- republicans or the democrats. >> last night, some of the mothers of youngsters killed by police appeared at the dnc. later, davids axlerod tweeted
1:45 pm
they should have invited slained police officers. mothers of movement would have been powerful to have the mothers of fallen police officers. david axlerod is catching some fire. there's some opposition, criticism to him, but what's wrong with inviting the wives perhaps of slain police officers to the dnc? what would be wrong with that? >> absolutely nothing. there were police officer and law enforcement officials on the agenda yesterday. they were not forgotten and if you will recall, every speaker who talked about the slained african-americans, unarmed african-americans, also talked about the police. david axlerod's statement is perfectly legitimate. you know you can fail to do a lot of things. you look back and say, that would have been powerful. it would have been powerful, and if someone had recommended it,
1:46 pm
it would have gotten serious consideration. i wish i thought of it. if i had thought of it, i would taken the responsibility to try and get it done. the balance yesterday was aimed at presenting these mothers while at the same time, bringing on a number of law enforcement officials to talk about what they were doing and i'm the former mayor of kansas city. i had police officers who protected me every day. i was president of the police board. so -- and i think if you talk to the police officers in kansas city, they'd say this is one of the most involved mayors in our history with the police department. i mean, it's just something that was not done. i don't think anybody sat around and said, let's not have police officers here. it would have been powerful if we could have families of those police officers with us. >> congressman, emanuel cleaver. we appreciate it. >> can i just say, i hope neil cavuto will get well quick.
1:47 pm
we miss him. >> thank you very much congressman. donald trump still speaking there in pennsylvania. just moments ago he referred to what he'd been saying this morning about russia hacking dnc e-mails. in fact, donald trump was peppered with questions earlier today on ties to russia, nato, the dnc e-mail hack at a press conference in florida. i spoke about all of this with one of donald trump's top military advisors, lieutenant general michael flynn. donald trump said on nato, i want to modernize nato and countries who are members must pay the countries half to pay. what do you make of that? >> related to nato, nato must step into the 21st century, stuart. we are in the second decade. nato was built on a series of assumptions post world war ii. operated effectively against the soviet union, and the cold war.
1:48 pm
the global situation has radically shifted and changed, and we are facing a new sit of threats that everybody seeing all around them. so nato needs to be relooked at. it doesn't mean the alliance is throw the baby out with the bath water t mea water, it means we need to relook at what nato is designed for the future that's what's important. >> a lot of concerns the e-mail and the hack dnc. mr. trump said he wants to treat putin firmly, but he wants to be friends and he said if putin has the 30,000 missing e-mails from hillary clinton, mr. trump wants to see them. but more substantively, what do you make about russia? >> i think he's right. this is about respect and first of all, it's not about russia's release of e-mails whether they did it or not because we really don't know, it's about what was in the e-mails. and i've read some of those and i've seen them in the media. some of those e-mails are so
1:49 pm
disparaging against, you know, african-american communities, latin american communities, even women. so i think that we need to have mutual respect with some of the world leaders around the world today. we have none of that today. there is no respect right now and our relationships around the world, not just with russia, but with other countries is very much lacking. >> did you expect to hear what you did hear today? >> i -- what i always expect to hear out of donald trump is honesty, and like i said up front, this was one of the most honest conversations with the american public. hey, we are in a tough time right now in this country, and going forward it's country is going in the wrong direction, and i think all of the various surveys and polls that come out, people feel that way, and people are concerned about radical islam and they're concerned about their own security and our national security, and our economic conditions. so, this was dump, i think, at his finest getting an
1:50 pm
unbelievab unbelievably, honest assessment of not only what he would do as a president, but those state of play right now, in our own political system which is totally rigged. i mean, god i feel bad for bernie sanders, and it's broke and the status will not work. >> general michael flynn, thank you for joining us today. >> thanks for having me today. >> all right. well, clinton's campaign manager just said that has donald trump saying it reminds me of john lovitz's pathological liar on "snl." the former cast member tells us if he's laughing about it or not. this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. get out there. find hotels at up to 50% off and more ways to save at
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i watched this guy and he talked about, we think it was russia that hacked. first of all, it's what was said
1:54 pm
that was so bad. then he said, it could be trump, oh, yeah, trump. he reminded me of john lovitz for "saturday night live" in the liar where he goes, yeah, yeah, i went to harvard, yeah, yeah. this is the guy. you have to see it. yeah, could be trump, yeah, yeah. >> donald trump impersonating "snl's" john lovitz. to another former "snl" cast member, joe piscapo. the liar character, john lovitz, he told lies and they got bigger and bigger. is that an appropriate analogy there, you think? >> one of the most brilliant characters ever on "saturday night live." that's the funniest clip that donald trump went there. i'm laughing and listening and watching. yeah, that's the ticket. i love the character. for donald to do it on an international stage, you got to love this guy, man. >> he can communicate, can't he? he's an entertainer.
1:55 pm
he knows how to grab that audience. >> can i tell you,ic he's genuinely funny. he's having fun with this. while it might irritate some people, when trump was kind enough to come on my radio show, i said, you're going in front of 20,000 people. i'd rest, prepare. he gets pumped up. he knows people tune in for this. that was genuinely funny. >> i get the impression that the political professionals and the journalists, they pick over every single word donald trump ever says. what he says actually goes right over the head of the professionals and lands on the general public who regard it as entertaining and interesting and they're not picking on each word. >> what a wonderful observation. you're so hon the money. that's exactly right. donald trump has the gift of talking to the people. mainstream media hate that. they hate that because they can't understand it.
1:56 pm
i know from the radio audience. they talk, they listen. they love donald trump. here's this billionaire in touch with the common man. you can't discount that. you can't say that's not right, that's dumb, that's not professional, not presidential. donald trump has a line, exactly what you said, right to the people. >> joe, you're a well-known face, well-known character. a lot of people know you're a fairly conservative guy. here you are walking around at the dnc in philadelphia. what's it like? is it a bit like walking around in hollywood? >> everybody's so nice. it's really nice. i walk in, joe, you're with hillary? i'm not a hillary hater. they know that i know donald for all these years. it's nice. i wish we could stop the i have tr -- vitriol, stop the hate. i'm here because i wanted to be here for my listeners. it's a great celebratory feel. i will tell you this, if i may. it was a little more exciting in cleveland.
1:57 pm
there was a little more energy in the room. maybe when cory booker speaks, it's off the charts. >> you know how it is, joe. i'm done. we'll see you later. all right, everybody. we are done. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in philadelphia, and this is "the five." day three of the dnc is under way. president obama, v and vp nomin speak tonight on hillary clinton's behalf. last night her husband bill tried to make voters swoon by recounting their love story. >> i married my best friend. i was still in awe after more than four years of being around her at


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