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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 27, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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of the dnc. but a lot tonight with the president of the united states speaking as well. so keep it on the fox news channel and "special report" is up next. thank you. it is supposed to be the democrat's big week, but donald trump was the talk of at least the third day of the democrat's convention. this is "special report." ♪ welcome to philadelphia. i'm bret baier, on this the third night of the democrats' convention. we will see the current vice president and president speak up for their party's nominee, and the official introduction of the vice presidential nominee tim kaine. meanwhile, the gop nominee donald trump has, for the first time, taken the lead in the real clear politics average of recent polls. the numbers, as you see there,
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45.7 for trump, 44.6 for clinton. trump took that lead on a day in which he also took the attention away from this hall in philadelphia, creating a media firestorm about one particular comment in a lengthy news conference. carl cameron starts us off tonight with the trump campaign. >> reporter: in the wake of the dnc hacking scandal, donald trump gave russia a green light to retrieve hillary clinton's lost e-mails. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> reporter: the clinton campaign bounced, "this has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent. this has gone from a matter of curiosity to a national security issue." trump quickly tweeted, if russia or any other country has hillary clinton's illegally deleted
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e-mails, perhaps they should share them with the fbi. prior to that, president obama weighed in on the dnc hacking. what is we do know is that the russians hacked our systems. what the motives were in terms oh of the leaks, all that, i can't say directly. what i do know is that donald trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for vladamir putin. >> reporter: trump let loose on the president. >> i think president obama has been the most ignorant president in our history. his views of the world, as he says, don't jive. >> reporter: trump calls democrat's speculation that -- the gop's nominee claimed ignorance of the russian leader, even as he praised him. >> i never met putin. i have nothing to do with russia. i said that -- i said that putin
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has much better leadership qualities than obama. but who doesn't know that? >> reporter: trump took shots at the clintons for lying about e lieuenski affair. >> she's been a disaster. and her husband left out the most interesting chapter. >> reporter: on policy, he broke with republicans on a federal minimum wage hike. >> at least $10. >> reporter: asked about the freddie gray grace, trump slammed the prosecutor. >> i think it was disgraceful what she did and the news conference that she had that they were guilty before anybody knew the facts. >> reporter: trump has an event in toledo. he said he was being sarcastic about the russians going after hillary clinton's e-mails and mocked clinton for not having held a news conference in 235 days. today's controversy illustrates
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like both of them would prefer to avoid them all together. bret? >> carl, thank you. let's talk about the fallout from trump's comments, and his new lead in the polls. charles krauthammer joins us now from washington tonight. charles, obviously the focus has been that russian comment. but he is right to point out that hillary clinton has not had a press conference. she answered seven questions back in december of 2015. >> well, that was his parting shot, and it was a clever thing to plan, because it is an issue. but i do think there was something about his reference to russia which, whether planned or not, is extremely clever. i'm not the first point out that it set a trap that the clinton campaign fell right into. in that statement that you showed from the clinton campaign, it said, you know, you're inviting a foreign power to invade our national security. now, these are the e-mails that
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she deleted because they were supposedly private. these there ones that were supposedly not work related. these there ones where she discusses her yoga lessons and wedding planning. so if that's what really is in the 30,000 deleted e-mails, then there's no national security to be involved at all. so the clinton campaign ends up admitting that perhaps there really is work related, if not classified stuff, on the e-mails which she deleted, which i think would be the grounds for a charge of obstruction. >> you know, charles, it's not just that release from jake sullivan with the clinton campaign, tonight we are going to hear from former defense secretary leon panetta. he's expected to really go hard at this comment, that they took as really asking russia to go and find these e-mails, asking a foreign government to interfere in a political election.
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>> whether or not he made them seriously or not, could have been sarcastic or half sarcastic as a way to plant the idea. the fact is that it leaves the clinton campaign in a complete contradiction. if these are just private e-mails, then there is nothing to be concerned about. there's no espionage. there is no danger to national security. i mean, they will discover her yoga lesson schedule. >> all right, charles, thank you. we'll see you a little bit later. on this, night three, hillary clinton's nominating convention, two of her closest allies are causing her big headaches. nancy pelosi and virginia governor terry mccauliff. pelosi was asked on pbs why, according to polls, clinton is having such a hard time with one particular demographic, white men. >> how many times noncollege educated white males have voted
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republican, they voted against their own economic interest because of guns, because of gays, and because of god. the three gs. that is softening. some of those people were never going to be voting democratic any way. >> sounds a lot like a comment that then senator obama made on a campaign trip that hillary clinton tried to hammer him with in 2008. more reaction with all of that with the panel in a bit. now to clinton's second headache. her 2008 campaign manager, now the governor of virginia, is still trying to clean up some unhelpful statements on clinton's real feelings about a certain trade deal. james rosen has the story. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party. >> reporter: just as the democrats achieved a show of unity, virginia governor terry mccauliff, a long-time member of
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the clinton's inner circle, exposed the nominee to renewed charges of hypocrisy on an issue of overriding importance to bernie sanders supporters. he said tuesday after the election, hillary clinton would revisit the transpacific partnership, or tpp, the proposed trade deal between the u.s. and 11 other pacific rim countries, favored by the white house and loathed on the far left and much of the right. pressed on whether clinton would turn around and support the trade deal she opposed during the primary fight against bernie sanders, mccauliff said, yes, listen, she was in support of it. there were specific things in it she wants fixed. his office clarified that clinton never told the governor any such thing. but wednesday morning, andrea mitchell was reporting that mccauliff isn't backing down. >> -- the changes she wants or implemented. >> reporter: clinton's campaign chairman says she was flat wrong. >> she was against it before and
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after the election. >> reporter: by wednesday afternoon, mccauliff seemed to have learned his lines. >> she has not wavered on that. in fact, i've never talked to her about tpp. >> reporter: clinton has flip-flopped on tpp once before. >> tpp sets the gold standard in trade standards. i did say three years ago i hoped it would be the gold standard. >> reporter: even though mike pence has also flip-flopped on tpp, republican nominee donald trump revels in the mccauliff muddle. >> terry mccauliff said with a wink to a group of people that if hillary gets in, she's lying, and it will happen. there is nobody, including her own husband, closer to hillary clinton than terry mccauliff, okay? >> reporter: mitch mcconnell indicated just two weeks ago that tpp is effectively dead in the congress, at least for this year, and through a lame duck
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session. so if hillary clinton and/or terry mccauliff would like to revisit tpp, they'll have to win more than the white house to do that. bret? >> james, thank you. tonight will mark one of president obama's final major national addresses, as he seeks to affirm his own presidency by promoting a successor he feels will be pro-t protective of his legacy. but there are appearances to be kept up and there are differences between he and hillary clinton. jennifer griffin has that story. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: we've learned from aides close to president obama that he's asked them to clear his schedule for the month of october, because he plans to campaign almost every day for hillary clinton. another sign of just how close they think this election will be. >> hope in the face of difficulty. hope in the face of uncertainty. the audacity of hope. >> reporter: 12 years to the day
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after a young state senator from chicago transfixed the democratic national convention in boston, president obama will make the case for hillary clinton. in front of a crowd many of whom would like to give him four more years. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: president obama must walk a fine line of making the case for hillary clinton as commander in chief and not stealing the limelight from the candidate who made history. her husband, the 42nd president, had to present his wife as somebody who will continue the obama legacy and representing change. >> hillary is uniquely qualified to seize the opportunities and reduce the risks we face. and she is still the best darn
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change maker i have ever known. >> reporter: and yet the speeches of michelle obama, the president, and vice president joe biden suggests there isn't a need for change. >> this right now is the greatest country on earth. roan then there's her running mate. [ inaudible ] earlier, tim kaine addressed the virginia delegation, previewing some of his speech tonight. >> two days ago, our boy deploys overseas as a marine. and what is his deployment? it's to go serve right on the front line in the countries in nato that trump is suggesting he wants to throw overboard and just leave to the mercies of a big bad wolf russian vladamir putin. >> reporter: we've learned that president obama will mention donald trump by name tonight during his remarks. we've also learned that hillary
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clinton has landed in philadelphia, which set off rumors that perhaps she will be in the convention hall tonight. bret? >> jennifer, thank you. only of the newcomers to the presidential races are getting secret service protection. that means code names. tim kaine is now daredevil to secret service agents. donald trump's republican running mate, indiana governor mike pence, is hoosier. trump's code name is mogul. and hillary clinton is evergreen. before anyone e-mails or a message about putting these names out, the secret service these names can be publicly known. there could be more trouble ahead for hillary clinton over her family's charitable foundation. the irs may soon look into allegations of public corruption. and you'll remember fbi director jim comey would not confirm whether his agency has an investigation into the clinton foundation.
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peters doey has specifics. >> reporter: an organization named for three speakers, the bill, hillary and clinton foundation, is being probed by the irs. the commissioner announced today amid accusations of pay for play. the commissioner passed along two irs investigators a letter from 64 republican lawmakers written by congresswoman marsha blackburn. she says "the clintons have used their foundation to personally enrich themselves at the expense of american foreign policy." she alleged a company paid bill clinton more than $16 million to be its chancellor and donated more than $1 million to the foundation in exchange for usaid grants that could be approved by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. she also accuses hillary clinton of approving a pipeline company for a russian company in exchange for donations to the clinton foundation.
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a clinton foundation source tells us the story is wrong, as the clinton campaign continues to do damage control after the released of hacked dnc e-mails by wikileaks, whose founder julian assange said in a recently surfaced interview, he is trying to cost hillary the election, because she pushed for his indictment when wikileaks published classified cables and her libya policy started a chain reaction that ultimately created isis. so sandwiched between speeches, her team is playing defense on multiple fronts. bret? >> peter, thank you. hillary clinton on abortion. she says religious beliefs against abortion have to be changed. we'll look into that when we come back. but first, a look down at the floor and the speech of reverend jesse jackson. we'll listen in as we head to break. >> with trayvon martin and
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michael brown and far too many others, the shootings of young black men must stop. we deeply regret the killing of police officers --
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a look at the wells fargo center here in philadelphia. inside, night three. in international news, a suicide bomber detonated a truck filled with explosives in northern syria. at least 44 people were killed. isis is claiming responsibility for that attack. rescue workers worked feverishly to find survivors under the rubble of those buildings. some of them totally leveled by the powerful blast. here at the democratic national convention, one of hillary clinton's most enthusiastic constituencies is the pro-choice movement. today, shannon brean looks at where clinton stands on the issue of abortion and how apparently it differs with where most americans stand. >> reporter: fox news has confirmed that vice presidential nominee senator tim kaine, who describes himself as personally pro life, made a private deal to back secretary clinton's deal to appeal the hyde amendment that blocks federal tax dollars from being used to fund abortion.
3:21 pm
despite his support of a ban on partial abortion. it's a win for pro-choice advocates who are taking center stage this week at the dnc, pledging to do everything in their power to make sure clinton becomes the next power. >> hillary has always been in planned parenthood's corner, because she knows women deserve someone who is in theirs. she will always stand up for the right of every woman to access a full range of reproductive health care, including abortion, no matter her economic status. >> reporter: hillary clinton not only supports expanded access to abortion, she's made clear she believes personal convictions of average americans should. stand in her way. >> laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. and deep seeded, cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed. >> reporter: a brand new poll
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shows clinton is out of step with the majority of americans on this controversial topic. 78% say they support substantial restrictions on abortion, including 62% of those who self-identify as pro-choice. 62% of all those surveyed say they oppose the use of taxpayer dollars for abortions. social conservatives say the numbers prove they're turning the tide. >> since 1973, the pro-life movement has never been stronger. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: referring to the dnc's most pro-choice platform in history, pro-life democrat senator joe manchin said it's "crazy to force those who don't agree to pay for abortions with their tax dollars." another pro-life democrat, senator bob casey, who spoke here earlier this week, wrote a letter to the platform committee criticizing the move. bret? >> shannon, thank you. the federal reserve is once
3:23 pm
again not raising interest rates. but it is once again saying that near-term risks to the u.s. economy have diminished, which suggests the decision could be different come september. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost two. the s&p 500 was down three. the nasdaq gained 30. the temperature is not the only thing running very high right now in baltimore. so is the tension, after all charges against police officers there are droppedhe freddie gray case. we'll go there live, next. this is the media center here at the democratic convention. as we did in the republican convention, we'll take you over to twitter. a lot of you use twitter and we do, too. so we'll go over to the twit ernest and find our friend, adam sharp. good to see you. let's talk data. today night. >> today night, bill clinton, the headline speaker. two of the three most talked
3:24 pm
about moments of the night were bill clinton. number three, meryl streep. hillary clinton came on after primetime. a lot of folks turned tvs off. >> so what's this? >> the bill clinton speech, tweets per minute, we saw it build. with every one of the sound bites, talking about meeting his wife, talking about her as a changemaker, and building to a big finish, amplifying the conversation. >> what are these yellow dots? >> these are the other nominees. donald trump live tweeting the speech, responding in realtime, bringing his following into the conversation and lifting the volume along with it. >> these are the top tweets of the night? >> yep. the number three most retweeted tweets of this convention were from donald trump. hillary clinton herself celebrating the victory comes in at number two. trump is using this as an opportunity to put himself on the stage, turn this convention as a debate. >> he uses twit ear lot. >> that he does. >> adam, thank you very much.
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the speaker about flint, michigan on the stage right now, and the water problems there. meantime, across the country, prosecutors in baltimore are admitting defeat, and police are bracing for trouble tonight. today, the state dropped all the remaining charges against police officers for the death of an african-american man in police custody last year. now there are concerns about a repeat of the riots that occurred back then. our correspondent is in baltimore tonight. hello, garrett. >> reporter: bret, good evening. there was no hiding the frustration of baltimore state attorney marilyn mosley this morning, when she announced her office was dropping all remaining charges against three officers in the death of freddie gray. her office has been working on
3:30 pm
this case for more than a year now. six officers were charged in total. after four trials, prosecutors have failed to score even a single conviction. critics have said all along that she was too aggressive in her charges that she brought against the officers. and even the judge barry williams, who oversaw three of the trials, told prosecutors they have failed to present much, if any evidence, showing the officers willfully and intentionally disregarded their training when they placed freddie gray in the back of a police van without a seat belt. despite that and dropping all remaining charges today, this morning, she said both she and her team still stand by their work, and blamed individuals in the baltimore police department for thwarting the investigation at every turn. >> we do not believe that freddie gray killed himself. we stand by the medical examiner's determination that
3:31 pm
freddie gray's death was a homicide. >> the comments made today about our officers by ms. moseby were outrageous and uncalled for and simply not true. the state's attorney could not -- simply could not accept the evidence that was presented. she had her own agenda. >> reporter: tonight, police in baltimore are again on edge, wary of the kind of riots that we saw last year. thus far, bret, we can tell you there's been very little, if any, protests. bret? >> that's good news. garrett, thank you. a new report indicates deaths in the line of duty of law enforcement officers are up 8% over last year. the national law enforcement officer's memorial fund says 67 officers have been killed so far in 2016. 32 shot on the job this year,
3:32 pm
compared to 18 at this point in 2015. 14 deaths have been by ambush, an increase of some 300%. back here in philadelphia, one top thak's been virtually ignored by democrats so far, terrorism in general, and the islamic state terror group, or isis in particular. tonight, president obama's fbi chief is warning how dangerous isis still is. kevin corke is at the white house tonight. >> at some point, there's going to be a terrorist attack out of syria like we've never seen before. >> reporter: that from james comey warning americans that the isis threat from syria is soon to scatter. the terror group using the message app telegram threatening to strike other western cities, including right here in the united states. recently posting this image of the statue of liberty in new york, along with the words "washington soon." >> we and the american
3:33 pm
counterterrorism business are constantly focused on that. that's not here yet. that challenge is going to come. >> reporter: comey's message comes just a day after two isis killers stormed an early morning church service in france, murdering a catholic priest before being killed by police. >> we need to change our foreign policy to focus on defeating and destroying isis, a word you didn't hear last night at the democratic convention. >> reporter: the repeated terror attacks in europe have in turn raised the issues profile on the u.s. presidential campaign trail, and trump's criticism that the war on terror has received scant attention by democrats this week at the convention is backed up by the numbers. for instance, according to the fact checking website, there were 61 dnc speakers on monday. tens of thousands of words, and not a single mention of isis. not one.
3:34 pm
>> she developed a new global counterterrorism effort. >> reporter: tuesday, former president bill clinton said his wife would be ready to lead the fight against terrorism when elected. an argument president obama is expected to echo in his speeches at the convention tonight. meanwhile, bret, the pope is weighing in. he said the recent wave of jihadist attacks are proof that the world is at war. but it's not a war of religion. he said it's a conflict of interests, money, and resources. bret? >> kevin corke, thank you. the man who shot president ronald reagan 35 years ago is being allowed to leave a mental hospital and live full-time with his mother. a judge says john hinckley, jr. no longer must return to the washington, d.c. facility at regular intervals, as he's been required to do for more than a decade. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 1981 shooting that left president reagan and three others injured.
3:35 pm
doctors say he's no longer plagued by the mental illness that drove him to that crime. the democrats' convention is not just about hillary clinton and bernie sanders and tim kaine. there is the next generation of democrats. we'll talk with one of the rising stars, texas congressman joaquin castro, when we come back.
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8,500 patient volunteers, and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪ welcome back to philadelphia, looking live there on the floor is the congressional black caucus addressing the convention here. just ahead of a very big night at this convention, events like these sometimes make stars. one of the democrats who might fit into that category is texas congressman joaquin castro. he and his brother represent the next generation of democrats. representative castro joins us.
3:40 pm
thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> let me get your thoughts on what has dominated this day, this donald trump news conference. we just caught up with him, brian kilmeade has an interview on fox tomorrow. he asked him about those comments about russia. take a listen. >> of course i'm being sarcastic. they don't even know it's russia, china, who knows who it is? but you have 33,000 e-mails deleted, and the real problem is what was said on those e-mails from the democratic national committee. you look at what was said, it's disgraceful, disgraceful. they talk about religion, they talk about race, they talk about all sorts of things, including women and what they said on those e-mails is a disgrace. >> congressman, he says it was sarcasm when he says, russia, you should look into getting hillary's 33,000 e-mails. your reaction? >> you see this pattern with
3:41 pm
donald trump where he says something very bombastic, and in this case, it's a real national security threat. there are experts who are saying this boarders on treason, which is a very serious thing. i say that, you know, as somebody who sits on the foreign affairs committee, the intelligence committee. hillary clinton, to her credit, has said she's trying not to make this political. but when donald trump invites the russians to hack a political party, that is something that is very bizarre in american politics. >> sure, even if he was just joking about it at that moment with the media. >> i don't believe he was joking. i don't accept -- >> sure. but republicans push back and say, the national security threat is that there was classified information on hillary clinton's server, and that's the real threat that happened, not the talk of russia -- >> there were nine different committees that went over that, from benghazi to the e-mails in
3:42 pm
the congress. it was determined, as best is possible, that server was never hacked. that a foreign government or anybody else never looked into it. >> well, that's what the campaign said. the fbi couldn't really decide or come to a conclusion. >> they said they had not been able to determine that happened. and so, you know, that issue has been vetted. but when you have a presidential candidate for either party, if this was a republican or democrat, it's incredibly irresponsible in this digital age, the technological age we're in, to be inviting a foreign government to interfere with the political process. i think this is a digital watergate. i think this could be a digital watergate. >> opposed to how hillary clinton handled her e-mails or the dnc -- you think this is a digital watergate? >> i do. i would like to know first of all as we all would, to be able
3:43 pm
to confirm who was behind the hacking of the dnc. but then after that, if any american received the information that was hacked, did any american or campaign receive information that was hacked. >> i want to ask you about -- you talked about or hinted at running for senate in texas in 2018. are you closer to making that decision? >> no. i've said for a while now that i will look at my options in 2018. i'm happy representing san antonio and the united states congress. i'm not somebody who is in a hurry and says i have to run for governor or senator in two years. but i will take a look at it. ted cruz is a senator who is up in 2018. ted cruz said that he would go to washington and change washington. he has. he's made it worse. ted has only worked for ted. and i think republicans and democrats agree on that. >> i've heard democrats say we're going to turn texas blue. but boy, you look at texas, congressman. that looks like a real uphill battle. just looking at your votes, you
3:44 pm
kind of have a progressive voting record, kind of in line with wendy davis. zero percent with america's conservative union, zero percent with national right to life. 15% with freedom works. 11% with heritage action. we've seen these scorecards. >> i don't know which votes they're looking at, but i won't deny that i'm going to do everything that i can to build the infrastructure of opportunity in texas. there is something that has distinguished this country from other countries in this world. we have created great universities, a strong health care system, and an economy that is built around well-paying jobs. so when people put in a full day's work, they can support themselves and family members. so whatever the votes are that support that agenda, that's what i'm going to do. >> we'll cover it either way. quickly the message in your speech tomorrow night? >> yeah, it's going to be a speech about opportunity. i'm going to start off with my grandmother's story. my grandmother came to this
3:45 pm
country in 1922. bret, my grandmother was an immigrant from mexico. she wasn't a murderer or a rapist. my grandmother, when she came here was a 6-year-old orphan. both parents died around the time of the mexican revolution. she worked as hard as she could, as other immigrants have, to try to get by for herself and give my mom a better chance in life. i'm going to talk about how hillary clinton will help build that infrastructure of opportunity, and i believe donald trump, if he's elected, will tear it down. >> congressman, we appreciate your time. we're happy to have just one of you. that's fine with us. >> invite my brother next time. >> thank you very much. donald trump encourages the russians, as you heard, to hack into hillary clinton's e-mail again. he says he was being sarcastic. not everybody is laughing. we'll get reaction from the panel when we come back. bp is pioneering drone technology
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more than two dozen' questions from reporters. we'll start there.s wring in ou,
3:50 pm
fox news senior political analyst brit hume. a.b. stoddard associate editor real clear politics. ric grenell former u.s. spokesman to the u.n. and trump delegate and debbie dingell a clinton super delegate: i want to start with you got so much attention and one phrase he is being sar scas particular. everyone has jumped on it including representative castro moments ago. >> look, no one should be surprised that the clinton campaign is panicking about what's going on. i get it things are not going well for them. this has nothing to do with donald trump. it has everything to do with hillary clinton's 30,000 missing emails. we are not going to be surprised by a clinton campaign making this bigger than what it is. they under estimated russia consistently. they mocked mitt romney for making russia a big issue and i don't understand why they are surprised that russia actually spies and
3:51 pm
hacks on other countries. we all know that. they should know that. >> congresswoman? >> i'm going to tell you. i listen to do it, rick, i was just horrified. i call what he did treason. i am going to say it that strongly. i don't think you encourage another country to do anything that's against our national security. what he called for today. >> they already do that. they already hacked. >> you are encouraging them and telling them it's okay? >> it's not okay to tell a foreign government to hack anybody in this country. >> they didn't tell them that. this is a big distraction from the clinton campaign. they are very worried about what's going on. look, the fact is russia does this all the time. >> it's not okay. >> democrats consistently under estimated russia. constantly. >> i don't estimate them. i think of them as an enemy. so to say an enemy should hack anybody is wrong. >> debbie, it might interest you to know that these accusations that are coming from others in your party about treason and the rest of it were referred to by the nation, the nation, the
3:52 pm
most liberal journal in america as, quote, the pernicious language of mccarthyism, accusing people of being disloyal and somehow favoring russia. my own view of it is this is a little hysterical that trump was semiserious at most at what he said today and was really just trying to stick it to hillary clinton for having so sloppily handled classified information that it's possible her server was subject to being hacked by the russians and who knows who else. >> well, i have nothing but the utmost respect for you and you know that i feel that i think if we are going to have a commander and chief and world leader we shouldn't even make jokes at press conferences about these kind of things. >> or in private emails. >> i think the problem here and the editorial the nation wrote came out before his press conference. the problem is that donald trump likes to come out and step on whatever good news cycle is he having and make it about him. you know, you don't have to encourage the russians just because they hack us and spy on us. and threaten our national
3:53 pm
security. you don't have to encourage them when you are running to be the commander and chief to do it again and to could it more. you don't have to put house speaker paul ryan in the position of having to criticize what you said and say that putin is a creep and they are an adversary and this is not something that we would encourage. >> what about charles krauthammer who says now the clinton campaign is boxed in. they put out a release they are concerned about the national security but yet the missing emails and classified emails and what comey said about hillary clinton's emails. >> bret, no one has been more critical of hillary clinton and her email than i have. she took government records and hid them in a rogue server that was unsecured. it was the height of irresponsibility. and anyone else who did that would never get another security clearance let alone be a commander and chief. but two wrongs don't make a right. what trump did today was stupid. >> rick? >> i think if these emails are really about yoga and chelsea's wedding planning we shouldn't be worried at all. turn them over to the fbi. no distraction. turn them over.
3:54 pm
>> i'm not reacting to the clinton campaign. i'm reacting as a member of congress who leaves we have got to keep our country safe. i'm never going to encourage another country to do that kind of action. >> i do want to ask one more question. this is from house minority leader nancy pelosi speaking to pbs today about why hillary clinton can't gain traction with white men. >> so many times white noncollege education -- educated white males have voted republican. they voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of guys, and because of god. the three g's. god being a woman's right to choose. that is softening. some of those people were never going to be voting democratic anyway. >> congresswoman, hillary clinton ran against barack obama in 2008 using his comments to a fundraiser in san francisco that sounded a lot like that. i mean, your reaction to the minority leader? >> i have nothing but the utmost respect. >> i got it i knew that was
3:55 pm
coming. >> for the speaker. i come from a state where the white male vote is going to matter. i think that hillary clinton is going to get that vote because i think she is going to go out there and talk about trade. and she is going to talk about issues and in the end vote for the person that is going to protect their job. >> i will just say to speaker pelosi who is coming up next, i think, i'm gay, i'm harvard educated and i'm progun. >> all right. she has a couple words for you. brit, final word. >> i would say that's the kind of comment from a leading democrat that makes the kind of voters that donald trump is attracting feel they are being looked down on. i think it's a dangerous country for democrats to trod. >> we should mention that house minority leader nancy pelosi is live with greta coming up at this very desk. that's it for the panel. thank you very much. but stay tuned for a look at what's around town here in philadelphia.
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full-time employmently tonight, since we updated you on the happenings inside philadelphia. outside a 7 colorful donkeys have been placed. democratic donkeys around town they are called all over center city. each painted by a local artist to represent a delegates if you are searching for alternative to poke pokemon go. there is an app. for that believe it or not. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. big news, the democrats' enemy knee hillary clinton will join chris wallace on
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fund. check your local listings. greta is "on the record." she is sitting right next to me with very special guest. house minority leader nancy pelosi. we will see you later for coverage of the democratic convention here on fox all eyes are on philadelphia, big night at the 2016 democratic convention president barack obama vice president joe biden and hillary clinton's vp pick tim kaine is speaking tonight. security is extra tight and burning with expectation. co-host of america's newsroom, martha? >> good evening. here is some of what we're picking up on the floor tonight about what you can expect. look for mike bloomberg who has a very high speaking spot today. he is going to come right before tim kaine this evening. look for him to take down donald trump new york billionaire to new york billionaire. i have detected quite a bit