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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: are you game for another hour of fun? >> absolutely. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. tonight it's her turn. hillary clinton set to make the biggest speech of her political life as she makes yet another crack in that proverbial glass ceiling when she accepts the democratic nomination for president. and makes her case to ascend to the highest office in the land. this is "outnumbered." welcome back to philadelphia. i'm sandra smith. here today, there she is, harris faulkner. host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. democratic strategist julie roginsky is here. today's #oneluckyguy, as harris mentioned a first-timer.
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we welcome to the show the former special counsel to president bill clinton, lanny davis. >> thank you. sandra: lani, we always remind our one lucky buy you're outnumbered. >> i'm luckky. harris: give a shotout to carolyn. >> carolyn, you're beautiful but i'm lucky. harris: that is not what you thought you would said. sandra: last night, everyone all-in for her, the candidate making a surprise appearance after president obama made a case for hillary to succeed him. the embrace between one-time adversaries, now friends. before this, speaker after speaker, ripping into donald trump, inincluding the president himself. we begin with vice president joe biden. >> i know i'm called middle class joe. in washington that is not meant as a compliment. it means you're not sophisticated.
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i know why we're strong. i know why we have held together. i know why we are united, it is because there is always been a growing middle class. this guy doesn't have a clue about the middle class, not a clue. he has no clue about what makes america great. actually, he has no clue period. sandra: and, hillary's pick to be vp, tim kaine, taking aim too. >> you might have noticed, he has got a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest, hugest promises. believe me! [laughter] it's going to be great, believe me! we're going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it, believe me. we're going to destroy isis so fast, believe me! there is nothing suspicious in my tax return, believe me. [laughter].
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sandra: and the last word on the dnc stage, president obama with his own take-down of the gop nominee. >> what we heard in cleveland last week wasn't particularly republican, and it sure wasn't conservative. what we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other, and turn away from the rest of the world. there were no serious solutions to pressing problems. just the fanning of resentment and blame. america is already great. [cheering] america is already strong. and i promise you, our strength, our greatness, does not depend on donald trump. [laughter] sandra: but donald trump hitting right back on twitter, writings, quote, our country does not feel great already, to the millions
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of wonderful people living in poverty, violence and despair. lanny did you think too much time was attacking trump and not telling us why people should vote for hillary clinton to be president? >> to be fair, i think it was about 50, 50. in the republican convention, it was probably 99 to 1 in negativity, attack and not one positive solution by donald trump. so i think it was about balance last night. and imbalance the week before. harris: i had so much more hope when you started your sentence be fair. actually that is not true, when you look at times that hillary clinton's name was mentioned at the rnc, i mean something that we've been talking about here, and now heavy and how everybody pitched on her, by the time they got to bloomberg, it was, you almost could really, really just turn down the sound and write that speech. >> fair enough. harris: her name or his name.
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sandra: i want to bring kennedy in on that note, former mayor of new york city, mayor bloomberg, he didn't make a case for hillary clinton and but spent a lot of time going after trump and his business record. >> through his career donald trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies. and thousands of lawsuits, and angry stockholders, and contractors who feel cheated. and disillusioned customers who feel they have been ripped off. trump says he wants to run the nation like he is running his business? god help us! sandra: was that effective kennedy? >> i thought bloomberg was effective in that people tuning in wondered who is this bitter old guy. clearly another new york city billionaire. he wanted to run for president. he already has been drunk on power as a nanny statist in new york city. he is anti-constitutionalist. who wants to legislate when you put in your body and he was shot down by the higher court in the state of new york. thank god.
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mayor bloomberg, he didn't have a lot of kind things to say about hillary clinton. it is wednesday night. the night before she speaks. it would have been really important to lay that foundation for why she is so great. she has tremendous unfavorables to over come. more work needs to be done than one speech delivered about her. >> michael bloomberg, was speaking to donald trump. nothing on earth, that is more personally devastating to him than to be slammed as an incompetent crook and con artist bitth richest man in the world. one thing that donald trump really respects and it is really rich people. to have somebody who is legitimate billionaire like michael bloomberg dismissing his business acumen, saying he is not one of us, he doesn't know how to run a business. he is complete con artist. if you are donald trump you expect to hear that from barack obama. you expect to hear that from joe biden. donald trump was the guy at queens looking at manhattan and
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wanting to make it big. michael bloomberg embodies what making big in the new york city financial markets would be. to have that guy slam donald trump i'm sure was one thing donald trump was most offend by. harris: i live in jersey, itched din take what he said to be offensive. i have a lot of friends who are new yorkers work in manhattan, having bloomberg say i know what a con artist looks like i live in new york. that was offensive. sandra: what part wasn't offensive, together let's elect a sane, competitor did, that. >> that was priceless. calling donald trump insane. kennedy: that is not endorsement for hillary clinton. harris: i'm also offended if i'm for bernie sanders. >> first of all former mayor of new york city came into fox studio this morning with some young people around. >> mayor giuliani. >> mayor giuliani did this to the front page of "new york daily news." did everybody see? which camera should i be something.
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this is the nature of the trump campaign. in front of young people, they were astonished that mayor giuliani was proud of this. so the negativity, the insults, donald trump, donald trump insulting every single republican opponent of his, insulting everyone and that he thinks is going to elect him. sandra: harris, the criticism was, biggest platform in the world. >> yeah. sandra: to prop her up, to list her accomplishments. >> yeah. sandra: to tell people who haven't decided why to vote for her and they talked about donald trump. harris: lanny, to steal from your language, to be fair, it would seem like they had wanted to maybe, if they're paying attention to the polling, so say we've got to pump up her favorables. not only that, make her have the new car smell. talk more about it. they turned from blistering attacks on donald trump to gushing praise for hillary clinton, the question was, was it effective or enough? president obama took center stage last night in philadelphia to make the case for his former secretary of state in a prime-time speech.
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he told the american people she was the most worthy candidate to carry out his agenda. and that she was well-prepared to be the next commander-in-chief. he also acknowledged that she has made some mistakes, and he said, just as we all do, we'll talk more about how that works out. he paid tribute to his one-time political rival this way. >> for four years i had a front row seat to her intelligence, her judgment, and her discipline i came to realize that her unbelievable work ethic, wasn't for praise, it wasn't for attention, that she was in this for everyone who needs a champion. even in the midst of crisis, she listens to people and keeps her cool, and she treats everybody with respect. there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody,
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more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of united states of america. [cheering] harris: hmmm. wow, really, not me, not bill clinton, not anybody? what do you say of tens of millions of people, could almost have finished, except for all those people who backed bernie sanders who don't believe a word i'm saying. >> i know i'm outnumbered -- harris: go for it, lanny. >> you all or at least some of you were saying all negative about trump. you just heard the president -- harris: he pivoted i said that. >> who has more approval than disapproval as a second term president, than, since bill clinton, there ever has been. he just said the sentence that the american people are going to be voting on, which is donald trump versus hillary clinton, on experience, qualifications, and achievement in public life, it isn't even close. harris: i have to press in though, what he said she is better candidate than he was, than bill was. >> no. harris: more qualified.
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you think that is true? >> just misquoted what you just heard. he said she is the most qualified candidate including himself and bill clinton, and of course it's true. kennedy: but he also said whoever to run for president which is laughable an untrue statement. >> you compare it to other people. harris: do you think he was more qualified? >> i will certainly. kennedy: george h.w. bush was vice president for eight years. he fought in world war ii. he also was a cia director. >> my answer is, that barack obama and i -- kennedy: you might not like george h.w. bush, his qualifications were more robust than hers. >> i-like george h.w. bush, i went to college with george w. bush, and i like both of them. serving as secretary of state, u.s. senator and fir lady leads health care battle and other issues, arkansas part of the
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governor's team in reform public education. harris: lani why did he go for qualifications rather than likability. kennedy: that would be like me putting professional snowboarder on my resume' because my husband did that i've been to snowboarding. i have been to snowboarding contests where he has done well. somehow she has career qualifications because her governor was governor and president. that is not only laughable but offensive. >> my answer if you give me 30 seconds. recovering from the use of the word nanny statist, have to figure that out. kennedy: i can give you examples. >> in the united states senate, she was called by republican senators as one of the most effective senators. lindsey graham and she worked together on the armed services committee. harris: okay. >> as secretary of state, certainly no other presidential candidate, including george w. bush who i greatly respect had experience worldwide and relationships with foreign leaders. that is why we think she is most qualified. harris: because we will roll on
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i want to press back in with this, i'm curious about the answer. why go there spend that much time on qualifications. the president talked about himself first for quite some time. instead of likability, why two there? the polls are not saying whether or not her resume' was good. the polls are asking, the polls are reflecting she is not likeable. she has some of the most unfavorable percentages of any democrat or republican to ever run for president. >> one who has worst ones though. harris: they're both in this race. we're talking about this one, julie. >> as longing a you concede has far greater problems in likability and -- harris: people talked about his likability. i'm curious why they would start with hers? >> start with the fact, among democrats who know her for the years, her positive, favorable ratings is 80 to 90%. i've known her since law school, since her last name was rodham before she met her husband. she is kind. she is funny. she is caring. tonight she is reintroducing herself -- sandra: we'll talk more about that in just a second, lanny.
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one more question, are you having fun yet? >> this is fun, like a route canal without novocaine. harris: wow. oh. >> just wait. oral surgery only just begun. harris: i like the fact we do dental work. tonight, hillary clinton will make the stage and make history accepting her party's nomination but can she earn voters trust, what she needs to do. plus, latest fallout to donald trump's comments appearing to encourage russia to find and make public hillary clinton's emails. he says he was kidding. has it become a liability? we'll talk about it. i'm terrible at golf.
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♪ sandra: tonight is hillary clinton's big night, a possible turn for the former first lady, senator and secretary of state. she will make history by officially accepting her party's nomination for president. according to the clinton camp, she is expected to keep working on her speech throughout the day today. the question is, what does she need to say to win over voters? particularly white, working class men, and those americans
9:19 am
who say they just don't trust her? because, lani, even the latest polls, show that 68% of americans just do not trust your party's nominee. >> she most certainly has to address that issue. and the way she needs to address it is to talk about her life's work and on white working class males, she needs to say i'm in favor of the minimum wage. my opponent opposes it. i'm in favor of investing in infrastructure to create jobs. my opponent opposes it. indeed, her whole program for creating jobs, she will spell out tonight in detail. donald trump in his entire speech didn't offer as i think a single solution to a single problem. sandra: all right. so julie, should she address any of her outstanding controversial -- >> agains as we discussed all week in the convention, explain who she is to the american
9:20 am
public and lay out the case. let me give you some statistics. donald trump needs to get 64% of the white vote in order to be competitive this cycle. that is the same number that ronald reagan does, did, excuse me. do with he really think donald trump will get the same share of the white vote especially with diminishment of white vote in comparison to african-americans. harris: you don't know that. >> we do, harris. harris: a lot of people come into the electorate with new voters. >> we do know that. we know polling modeling. trump is not familiar with. harris: november 8th we'll know. >> way modeling and targeting her pick of tim kaine accomplished exactly what joe biden a pick accomplished for barack obama who was not trusted by white men. he bought in joe biden to reintroduce himself to white men. tim kaine help her do that as well. in the primary, comparing apples and ons, during the primary she was the candidate of white male voter running against barack obama.
9:21 am
we'll see what happens going forward. >> i may remind you state of ohio is led by a very popular republican, who not only refused to endorse donald trump, refused to go to the convention. harris: this was one of the speeches last night. >> john kasich. both republican presidents. both bushes refused to endorse. sandra: doesn't say anything about trustworthiness. one of her biggest problems. in one of the local papers, a delegate asked what does she need to do and say, become forthright in admitting various tran aggressions. harris: -- transgressions. harris: i understand why bill clinton didn't want to talk about email server, so on, so forth, people up there on the stage will be asked about it. tim kaine will be asked going forward, trustworthiness and email server and benghazi and so on, so forth. while the argument has been it doesn't resonate with democratic voters, it resonate with independents and total idea there was something underneath,
9:22 am
beneath the truth is a problem for a lot of people. so why do you think that nobody on that stage so far is even acknowledged that? >> first of all, wait for her speech tonight. harris: you think she will? >> her answer is going to be look at my life's work. i said i, i don't know whether she will say this tonight. she already said she made a mistake. consequence of that mistake has been -- watch what she says about her solutions to people's problems. that is what they want. sandra: in that speech we're told. she is taking stuff out. adding stuff in. what does she need to do, kennedy? kennedy: i'm a woman and independent voter. i'm not a democrat, i'm not a republican. i'm the kind of person she needs to reach out to. i'm a natural audience and i don't want to hear a speech tailor-made for republicans. i want to hear a speech that addresses her ethical flaws that allows her to do these things over and over and over again where she skirts responsibility. she changes her story. and then, has the incredulity to
9:23 am
stand up and not even answer questions about it in presidential debate. perhaps she had inside information. >> let me just say this. sandra: can i hear what he has to say? >> the quick response you will hear her tonight talking to the american people about their problems, you too, and why she can help solve problems by being specific. that is the first way to restore trust. the second way to compare herself to the alternative and if you are telling me that donald trump hasn't lied consistently, ask jeb bush. ask ted cruz. ask all the republicans. kennedy: that is not good enough defense of her, saying donald trump is flawed person that is not a solid defense for her. that has been the tone of this convention. >> you ignored what i said. i will try again. kennedy: that is your conclusion. hillary is not donald. that is not good enough. >> not a quick response. we could talk about another time, love for somebody at this table to ask the question why
9:24 am
didn't donald trump address his bankruptcies? why didn't donald trump address -- >> he talked about his bankruptcies. >> at his speech. >> in presidential debate. >> excuse me, kennedy, you're asking her in her nominating speech to discuss all her flaws. why didn't you ask donald trump do that. >> because he holds press conferences. >> let me finish. i let you speak. let me get my point across, you never ever pointed out the fact of all the negative things we're hearing about donald trump that you had chance to lock her up, governor of new jersey, standing lock her up, prosecute her to rule rudy ghoul. nobody talked about the aspect of that people want to talk about why hillary clinton is not running toward the fact i don't trust her. harris: we'll talk about this later in the hour. when you go 230 days in news conference, you will get a lot more questions asked. >> how many days have we gone
9:25 am
since donald trump told you he was going to release tax returns and he hasn't. harris: i haven't asked him. >> more than 200 days. harris: holed as news conference. >> why didn't he mention that. harris: now you're asking why reporters who were there are not asking questions. >> you just asked a question why she hasn't held a news conference. i think she should hold news conferences. are you saying donald trump should keep his promise, every other presidential candidate. harris: he has been asked about it. and i'm sure if he were he would have an answer. sandra: we know hillary clinton does have some problems. she does have problem with white male voters. nancy pelosi thinks she knows why. what she is saying that is stirring a lot of controversy. and accusations, democrats have no clue about working americans. we'll all discuss. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices.
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harris: live from philly at the dnc! one last night. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she thinks she knows why white men who didn't go to college are voting for donald trump. she said that, watch. >> so many times white, non-college educated white males have voted republican. they voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of god, the three gs, god being woman's right to choose. that is softening. some of those people were never going to be voting democratic anyway. harris: this is not the first time we've heard this theory, back in 2008, then senator barack obama made similar remarks on campaign trail about working-class people that live in economically depressed areas. then he said this. >> guns or religion, or
9:31 am
antipathy toward people who are not like them, anti-immigrant, or anti-trade sentiment. as a way to explain their frustrations. harris: and president obama brought it up again in an interview last december. >> particularly blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy where they're no longer getting the same bargain they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck. you combine those things and it means that there is going to be potential anger, frustration, fear. i think somebody like mr. trump has taken advantage of that. i mean that is what he is exploiting during the course of his campaign. harris: you know, lanny, let's set your remarks about donald trump aside for just a
9:32 am
second and concentrate where we are in this country and healing that needs to be done in many senses. you can talk about race relations. you can talk about economic situation, people needing jobs and so forth. that kind of talk doesn't do that healing. your thoughts. >> i agree. i don't like the comment because it is generalization. i know a lot of working class white men who are progressive, who believe in the minimum wage, the right to collective bargaining and now, over a period of time have accepted gay marriage. so i think generalization is bad but more importantly, hillary clinton is going to focus on genuine grievances by white men as well as white and women of color and that is, there are people who are economically insecure, and she needs to tell them what she will do to help them. that is why i have emphasized in all my comments. i would like to thank all of you for being so kind to me so far -- harris: you're sweet. >> she needs to night to tell
9:33 am
the american people, this is about you, and donald trump did that but then follow it up by saying, here are the specific solutions i have in mind. that is the best message at all. harris: julie, what i hear lanny saying this doesn't help the cause trying to get white men. nancy pelosi is not acting like a friend. >> it is counterproductive statement to make. by the way, whole phrase, god guns and gays was from 2004 which bush campaign was trying to run on to get the coalition to come out. she didn't invent the phrase. i would say unhelpful statement for following reason. lanny is right, not because of what, of what she is talking about. it is really because of the fact they feel disenfranchised economically. harris: she needs to reach out to them. >> when donald trump says, believe me, i will bring jobs back here, i will bring back manufacturing, believe me, i will do it, and they hear it and appreciate it.
9:34 am
i understand that what she needs to spell out not only she is going to do it, but how she is going to do it. sandra: nancy pelosi said that in very same interview, she said it is incumbent upon mrs. clinton to mitigate problems with the voting bloc. >> thank you. sandra: where is she going to go with that? is she going to talk about trickle-down economics again? that is where nancy pelosi went. >> i will talk about one proposal. sandra: we've got it all wrong. >> infrastructure, bridges, roads, airports, people back to work, with the private sector as a partner and invests. and public/private partnerships. she is not someone who stands for big government. she believes as u.s. senator. as a u.s. senator she had good working relationships with the private sector. and in public/private partnerships on infrastructure investment. kennedy: i understand that she goes after donald trump for his bankruptcies. rightly some i mean that is an area of suspicion that he has yet to overcome. yet she wants all students to
9:35 am
default on their debt and then shift that to the american taxpayer to pay for college. that is a big government program. assisting -- $15 federally mandate minimum wage. that hurts small businesses. they have to lay people off and fewer workers and automation that hurts minorities. >> you're right in reservations. she does not stand for default in student debt. she stands refinancing. harris: i want to cover with you, julie, this idea with the coal miners, how much trouble hillary clinton got in when she stepped in with that. the works clarke white men needs to reach out to. she already managed to tick them off. >> i spend a lot of time with union guys considering votes for trump as a lot consider voting for republicans. harris: he reached out to them. >> this is not democratic mon legitimate people think, these iron workers, teamsters, people like that. you tell them about a $15 minimum wage.
9:36 am
they are not think it will eradicate their small business. they are dying. they don't have infrastructure projects to work on. you don't have projects to work on you financially die. harris: give julie the last word and move on. kennedy: absolutely decimated in large part because of unions. harris: democrats are sharpening attacks after donald trump appeared to encourage russia to find hillary clinton's deleted emails. but now trump is hitting back, saying he was being sar casttic and real issue is being ignored. plus plus, right after the show, lanny wants to talk -- i give you a chance i promise. >> sorry. harris: we're going to cook up more. "outnumbered" on the web, right after the tv version of us wraps up you can join the live tab, find overtime on facebook live at same time. join us in the conversation. stay close.
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♪ >> i will tell you this. russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. kennedy: democrats wasting no time pouncing on comment yesterday after donald trump was asked about russia possibly hacking the dnc emails. clinton's campaign says trump was encouraging espionage. meantime trump tells "fox & friends" he was being sarcastic with that remark and real issue is being ignored. >> of course i'm being sarcastic and they don't even know frankly if it is russia. they have no idea if it is russia, china, somebody else. who knows who it is but you have 33,000 emails deleted and the real problem is what was said on
9:42 am
those emails from the democratic national committee. you take a look what was said on those emails. it is disgraceful. kennedy: well, it appears jake sullivan opened pandora's box by pinning whole thing on russia as opposed encouraging the dnc to take responsibility for some of the content of those emails and i think the reason that democrats are pouncing on this is because they're worried he might be right. they're worried that perhaps russian hackers do have possession of those deleted emails. >> that is not my reason. let me get my reaction. first of all what you saw was a serious comment. he wasn't joking, inviting a foreign power to engage in cyber warfare and interfere with our elections. second, what he wasn't joking about, statement many times he admirers vladmir putin. what he wasn't joking about disparaging john mccain getting caught as p.o.w. what he wasn't joking about,
9:43 am
disparaging a federal judge about his mexican heritage. the problem is he insults everyone including his fellow republicans. harris: his spokesperson, katrina pierson, was on with megyn kelly, the way we knows he was joking. the he included line press will thank you for it. when you saw that you think it for yourself. >> he was quite serious. was he serious when he disparaged john mccain. harris: let's get back to the point about -- >> this man -- harris: you know he does not have the faith, that many people don't that she will be pressed by the mainstream media, some in the mainstream media on the emails. so it was tongue in cheek to say the press will thank you for it because there is disinagainous notion. >> he says he admirers vladmir putin. a serious matter invite vladmir putin's, by the way the intelligence agencies of our
9:44 am
government, the cia, and nsa, have said that this comes from russian hackers who have been identified by the trail of metadata. >> can i jump in on this. let me prosecute the against him the same way chris christie wanted to prosecute case against hillary clinton. one, paul manifort, chief adviser on payroll of his puppet in ukraine and payroll of a bunch of russian oligarchs. did business with favorite oligarchs of putin, wanted to bring trump tower to moscow. will leboutillier be my best friend. was that a joke. i don't make jokes about being best friends with despots. article 5 of nato, when tanks roll into latvia, i would be curious to see whether latvia fedexed money over before he fedexed nato allies. i don't find this as joke, none of. kennedy: the thing, clintons are so wordry about connection to
9:45 am
russia, uranium one, where bill clinton was paid $500,000 by speaking fee by a russian bank wit when a friend of his donated in four donations $2.35 million to the clinton foundation to consolidate 20% of the world's uranium in russian hands. therefore i mean that is much stronger connection to russia and. >> got to give me chance for one sentence response. what you said is factually inaccurate. kennedy: that is according to "new york times." that is according to "new york times." >> no it is. kennedy: absolutely nice multiagency, department of defense, treasury, commerce, the state government, nuclear regulatory commission in utah, all approved that deal, having nothing to do -- >> canada, wyoming and state department signing off on it while she was secretary of state? harris: thank you. kennedy: donations from foreign governments did not disclose after promising to do so. sandra: republicans are using this as pointing out this is convenient and timely distraction from talking about
9:46 am
what is a real issue, and the risk that hillary clinton took on by putting that private server in her home and exchanging classified information. >> so when donald trump says he wants a foreign agency, a government -- sandra: which appears to be tongue-in-cheek to many of us. >> appears to be tongue tongue-in-cheek. anyone watching that knows he said i admire putin and invited, what we know are russian hacks. sandra: how do you address the risk she put our country at? >> at the moment there isn't a scintilla of evidence, nothing that anything was compromised on her server, but we know -- sandra: talking about the risk, the risks of that happening. >> know the state department was hacked. we know the white house was hacked. commerce department was hacked. not one piece of evidence despite the fbi's thorough search of the hard drive anybody hacked that server. kennedy: said they couldn't retrieve deleted emails because they were so thoroughly wiped. >> we're talking about compromise by foreign services,
9:47 am
not a scintilla of evidence. kennedy: "gucifer," hacker, associated with the dnc hack, russian hacker, he also claims that he got into hillary clinton's. >> you're behind the news. surprise me, kennedy. he said he lied. fbi -- >> can russian here make a quick point which is me. you know who doesn't find this funny, who doesn't think he is being sarcastic, vladmir putin. you know who doesn't have sense of humor, took him at his word, vladmir putin. >> praised vladmir putin. does anyone here disagreed he praised vladmir putin. kennedy: are you worried that julian assange has her deleted emails? >> no, i'm not worried about her deleted emails. i'm not worried about anything, hillary clinton has right to privacy. kennedy: no matter what happens. you are a fire work, katy perry sound checking right now at wells fargo at dnc. let's check it out. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady,
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's go to jon scott back in new york. we'll see you soon. second hour of "happening now." >> looking forward to that, harris. in the next hour, the hug heard round the world. barack obama passing the torch last night or as he called it the baton. will voters respond? can hillary clinton bring his
9:52 am
kind of skill to her big speech tonight. we've got analysis. also chris wallace here with preview of his interview with hillary clinton this weekend. plus donald trump, stealing some of the democrats thunder with an incredible news conference during "happening now" yesterday. he set off a firestorm with his comments about russia. but was mr. trump manipulating the media? howard kurtz weighs in on that. germany goes on offense, conducting anti-terror raids after a string of terror attacks across the country. there have been several arrests today. more on this developing story, as we get them. all of that, and more "happening now." harris? harris: look forward to it, jon, all of it. thank you very much. >> thanks. ♪ kennedy: the president in his speech last night in a light moment commenting that the first lady has somehow not age ad day
9:53 am
over the last 12 years, but when it comes to himself, listen. >> i know the same can not be said for me. [laughter] my girls remind me all the time. wow you changed so much, daddy. and then they try to clean it up. not bad, just more mature. sandra: it is not so hard to being leader of free world might give you gray hairs and crows feet if i may. check out then senator obama in '04, when he first spoke at dnc. in '08 as president. there he is now. i think he looks pretty good. harris: i sometimes do that with "outnumbered" on dv. i go back a couple years when he started to see this. he poked fun at himself before, like this, it is funny. it is effective. kind of humanizes him. your thoughts. >> well, first of all, we ran against him, hillary, friends in 2008. he was a tough competitor.
9:54 am
i think he has been a great president but, on a personal level, the fact that his approval ratings are higher than his disapproval ratings, is a great advantage for secretary clinton. sandra: went all serious here. harris: i know. >> what is clear to me every time i see that, going back to my own pictures from 12 years ago. wait a second. harris: we were at the white house correspondents dinner this year, the president took liberty to poke fun at himself. if you haven't seen it is worth a second look. >> meanwhile michelle has not age ad day. [cheering] the only way you candidate her is photos is by looking at me. take a look. here we are in 2008. the. [cheering] here we are a few years later. [laughter] and this one is from two weeks
9:55 am
ago. [laughter] sandra: i had pleasure of sitting next to you for the correspondents dinner t was a good speech. i'm going to miss him. harris: bipartisan manner over the skeleton. kennedy: will hillary take the man tell and funny about that? >> can i tell you about a story in law school. last name was rodham. most men were sitting around, telling raunchy, male, disgusting jokes. somebody in the room would be laughing. we started laughing. we were laughing at hillary rodham's laughter. she has a great sense of humor. she is great friend. she is always there when you need her. no coincidence we're all still with her and supporting her. hopefully american people will get better glimpse. harris: will we see that tonight? >> i hope so. harris: all right. we'll be right back. stay with us. you don't know thit in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of.
9:56 am
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>> it will be all over. sandra: thank you, to lanny davis for joining us for the first time on "outnumbered." >> thank you. this is pleasurable. no pain. sandra: that is not what you said at start of the show. >> i changed my mind. >> anesthesia kicked in, right? >> absolutely. harris: she enjoyed watching. shoutout to carolyn. >> i love you, carolyn. sandra: by the way did i mention, there is more. staying right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web.
10:00 am
find us at facebook, we'll have more from philly on the web. but we'll be back in new york on your tv tomorrow at noon eastern. we look forward to seeing you there. "happening now" starts right now. national security is on the minds of countless voters. we are covering all of the news "happening now". president obama embracing hillary clinton last night and now all eyes will be on clinton as she makes the most important speech of her life and trying to win over


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