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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  July 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. that was fun. >> it was fun. we try to make it fun. >> absolutely. "the real story" starts now. thanks, you guys. fox news alert on history in the making today. hillary clinton is just hours from becoming the first woman to formally accept a major political party's nomination for president of the united states. hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum, live in philadelphia. so we have live pictures of some of the action here in philly today. nearly triple-digit heat out there, which i can attest to, i just walked outside and melted, essentially. it's going to turn into thunderstorms, we understand, as well as protesters that will be raining down as well, both threatening to rain on the parade this evening as we gear up for a fourth and final night at the democratic national
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convention. finally, we'll hear from hillary clinton herself. we have mike emanuel and james rosen. mike emanuel is live on the convention floor. what are we expecting there, mike, as democrats try to get the maximum impact out of what's left in this convention? >> reporter: we expect to hear more from hillary clinton on how she's lead as president. we also expect entertainment in katy perry, we caught her rehearsing a short time ago. she's been a serious surrogate for the clinton campaign and her song "war" has been a regular on the clinton campaign playlist. as for the speech, aides say clinton will lay out a choice in this election. >> this is a moment of reckoning for america, and we have two paths we can take, one that seeks division, one thats gives into forces we are facing, whether they're economic or social, that could divide us,
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versus a path that in working together, it's going to make america stronger. >> reporter: i would love to be able to tell our audience the rest of the playlist for katy perry but frankly i don't get out a lot and our kids were unable to confirm the titles of the songs, martha. >> i would expect "fight song," is that even her song? i guess it is. i'm so bad. we have to find out, mike. maybe these guys will know. before i let you go, tell me about the sanders people and whether or not they've had their feelings healed in all of this yet. how's that going? >> reporter: well, it seems like preps some have a better feeling about hillary clinton at this point, after hearing from bernie sanders. and he has called for unity. others are still really angry. we saw protesters last night break through a security gate. we're told seven protesters were
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arrested right before president obama delivered his speech to the arena, secret service arresting seven, we're told they face some pretty serious charges. meanwhile sanders continues to try to encourage unity. >> i understand. believe me, i understand that for everybody in this room, there are differences of opinion between us and hillary clinton. i got it, believe me. but if anyone says that there is not a significant difference between hillary clinton and donald trump, you are dead wrong. >> reporter: many democrats say they expect the sanders people to come around before election day. but the work to make that happen continues, martha. >> all right, mike. yes, "fight song" is definitely katy perry, that has been confirmed. we'll see what else she's going to sing tonight. >> reporter: nicely done. fox is the place to be for all the heavy political hitters.
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clinton campaign manager robbi mook will sit down with bret baier this evening, we'll get his insight on mrs. clinton's upcoming speech this evening, at 6:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. despite sharp political differences, there is at least one similarity between the republican and democratic national conventions, both trump and clinton tapping their daughters as the people who will introduce them at the conventions. last week the republican nominee's children made their pitch for their father. tonight, chelsea clinton will have her turn in the national spot light. james rosen is live with more on that from philadelphia, hi, james. >> reporter: martha, good afternoon. it is a nice bit of cemetery as symmetry that both presidential nominees will have been introduced by their daughters. of course it's not easy to be the child of a political figure.
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trisha nixon, grace slick of jefferson airplane vowed to dose her with lsd if she got close enough, which she has not. chelsea serves on the clinton foundation board, raising two kids and writing a children's book. her mother is trying to achieve something that only trisha nixon's dad has accomplished, namely winning the presidency after two polarizing decades on the national stage, with one failed bid already on the books. >> i couldn't imagine a better president for them or a better grandmother either. standing there, looking at my children, looking at my mom, i think it's going to be overwhelming. >> reporter: chelsea clinton says the pitched battle between her mom and ivanka trump's dad isn't harming their relationship.
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both women regard their parents as grossly caricatured, something ivanka alluded to in her introductory speech in cleveland last week. >> if it's possible to be famous and yet not really well-known, that describes the father who raised me. >> reporter: of course these speeches are not merely sentimental exercises, they're designed to humana asize the tw candidates, bottom of whom most voters have made up their minds about a long time ago, martha, a tough political chore to perform. >> i liked all that historic background too, fascinating parallels between nixon and hillary clinton and their political paths. james, thank you very much. for more on this lets bring in bernard whitman, former bill clinton pollster, the author of "52 reasons to vote for hillary" and he put on my desk this afternoon and will be my reading this evening. probably not tonight, tonight might be a little late. and tony saeg, a fox news
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contributor. let's take a look at trump kids and then we'll talk about what's coming up tonight. >> it's often said with enough effort and determination, you can do whatever you put your mind to. but saying those words and living them are different things. and my father has lived them. >> i know that when people tell him it can't be done, that guarantees that he gets it done. to the unemployed voter sit at home watching me right now, wondering how you're going to make your next mortgage payment or rent payment, my father is running for you. >> he is color-blind and gender neutral. he hires the best person for the job, period. >> so, i mean, there's the inevitable comparison, and chelsea clinton will step up tonight.
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>> i'm so excited to hear from chelsea clinton, she'll do exactly what joe biden, tim kaine, bill clinton, barack obama did, deconstructing this false caricature that republicans have built up over the last four years. no one is better able to do that than chelsea clinton. her mother has been there every day for the last 30 years. she'll start tying that narrative to the real hillary clinton, someone who's been there for the american people, fighting for what's right, creating opportunity, persevering, and working to make the lives of americans better every day for the last 36 years. we just haven't heard that from the republicans. >> here's why she's not going to be able to compete with the trump children who were the stars at that convention. at this convention, you had president barack obama, who gave a very strong address, vice president biden, bill clinton and others. chelsea will play a smaller role than the trump children played, albeit an important one. in terms of celebrity, they
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won't be able to match the glamour and charisma. after the convention, the trump children were the most searched for on google. but where she is authentic, she's the most sincere person to try to vouch for her mother. even rachel maddow thought that bill clinton's address was a little creepy. >> i thought it was sweet and charming, talking about how he first met his wife. these are not people we don't know. we've watched chelsea grow up. so i think this is an individual that people on both sides of the political spectrum have affection for, bernard, and also some sympathy for, because we
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know she went through some very tough times as a young person when her family was going through difficulties that we don't need to retread here but are familiar to everyone. we watched her go through that. >> i think what the american people are going to see tonight is someone who is very, very authentic, someone who can make hillary clinton more accessible, more approachable, more real. i take issue with tony's point, the american people aren't looking for celebrity, we have enough of that. they want to hear about hillary clinton from her daughter's own words, how she's never quit, never gives up. >> the same thing about donald trump, it's interesting, the narrative these kids present is very similar about the way they see their parents. both sides, chelsea clinton and trump's kids, say my parents, you don't really know. >> what better person in your life to make the testimonial
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that you are trustworthy and likeable than the daughter you raised? so i do think she's uniquely positioned to make that case. but my point is i don't know how engaged the public is going to be about chelsea clinton. >> i don't know that it matters all that much, these are the seeds in your mind when you think about the person. none of these issues are at the top of voters' minds. >> the difference here is the only people who can vouch or for speak on behalf of donald trump were his children. fortunately hillary clinton has the president of the united states, the vice president, mayor bloomberg, and a host of national figures speaking on her behalf. chelsea has around her -- >> we don't know if those people matter to people anymore. >> i think people like michael bloombe bloomberg, it's dangerous that you have people who are inside
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politics. >> that's why chelsea is speaking tonight. >> it will be interesting, we're looking forward to it. thank you, guys. democrats are trying to win over republican voters who are not yet sold on donald trump. the arguments that they made last night and whether they could work. >> the thing i admire most about her is that she listens. unlike donald trump, who lets his mouth get a couple of days in front of his mind.
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speakers at the convention making a play for republicans who may still be on the fence. watch. >> ronald reagan called america a shining city on a donald trump calls it a divided crime screen that only he can fix. >> i am not here as a member of any party or to endorse any party platform. i am here for one reason, to explain why i believe it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> he got a lot of applause in the crowd last night. where h jemu green, welcome, nice to have you here. interesting pitch from joe biden, from michael bloomberg, and from tim kaine, saying if you're out there and you're a
11:17 am
republican, or an independent in bloomberg's case, come on over, if you're not happy with donald trump, we're the party for you. >> i think that will probably reach a small number of republican voters who are disaffected with donald trump. but the problem is there's a comma to the sense, which is, oh, he's no good, you know, we have a better vision, comma, and therefore vote for hillary clinton. that is an extremely tough sell for most people who are center right in this country, especially, by the way, when it's coming from president obama who talks a great game on unity in big, soaring speeches like this, but his governing has been divisive and ideological. >> so it's very interesting, i almost feel, jemu, and tell me what you think about this, that we're seeing a real shift in these parties, that may well play out, we won't know until the election is over. the democratic party has become more liberal, more progressive, more wealthy, more college
11:18 am
educated. they've lost some of the blue collar people who were the stronghold of the party for so long. some of those people are gravitating over towards donald trump. then i think you have some people in the republican party who feel like they don't like donald trump for whatever reason and that they feel more like maybe they should vote for hillary. are you seeing that? >> well, we're certainly going through a significant demographic shift that i think has a lot to do with trump's success. but to his point, the message this will attract is republican women. when you look at the video of barbara bush talking about donald trump, i think democrats have had trouble with specifically married women and many of them are republican women. >> but i think it's that college educated, wealthier woman that they're gravitating to. >> we'll see a democratic candidate win republican women for the first time in a long time. >> i think we'll see some changes. look at this graph, it's very interesting. folks at home, there's a lot on
11:19 am
here, so let's just leave it up for a moment and get a good look at it, the real clear politics polling average. since june 10th there have been 10 or 11 terror attacks, it's extraordinary. you can see hillary clinton in the blue and donald trump in the red. hillary clinton is basically where she started the summer, she really has not moved since she started the summer if you look at today. and donald trump's steady climb throughout the course of that period. guy, your thoughts. >> well, i think the climb is mostly at the end of that graph there which coincides with the end of the republican national convention, which kept talking about how awful hillary clinton is. a lot of people criticized donald trump's speech in cleveland as being so dark, painting such an ugly picture of america. and there is some truth to those
11:20 am
criticisms. but the reality is, the world feels dark right now. a lot of americans are worried. they're concerned. they're cared. he tapped into that. whether he went too far or not is a separate question. he's tapping into it. where is here in philly, i think it's more of like, put on a happy face. >> the difference between happening and soaking. any psychology 101 class will tell you fear is the best motivator. trump's calculation here is to scare people to death into voting for him. and that's what we saw at the republican convention. that's why you see that spike on the chart. >> he's been talking about this stuff. usually the event comes before his comments and some of these things. i don't think you can suggest that there's -- somebody's creating this fear. this fear is so out there. >> it's real. >> i'm sure you feel it when you talk to your friends and family. >> it's absolutely out there. but to amp replify it, that's w
11:21 am
donald trump has been doing. the democrats have been saying, yes, there are these challenges and fears, but we're stronger together. >> i don't know that we've heard that so far, maybe we'll hear it tonight, what hillary clinton is going to do about it. i don't know that we've heard a solution or plan for figuring out -- >> she gave a speech a couple of days ago talking about what she was going to do about it. >> more coming up, we're out of time, guys. thank you both, jehmu and guy. good to see you both. we're hours away from hillary clinton's big night, an historic acceptance speech. many supporters of bernie sanders will still not on board. will they give up the fight before she takes the stage tonight? that was the other night, that was about as bad as it got out there, but that was pretty bad. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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each party's still trying to find some unity. they're still working on that in philadelphia. there are growing concerns that some democrats may not unite or at least may stay home because they're still upset about bernie sanders. there's another candidate some of them are talking about supporting. they've dug in their heels, protests have been happening against hillary clinton and the dnc. leland vittert has been watching the story all week in philadelphia. any action, or is that part of it over, leland? >> reporter: so far things have been pretty calm, martha. we've seen every day the protests get later in the day and also get far more aggressive. at the beginning, the secret service began by putting up no-scale fencing that makes it difficult to climb up. the protesters were able to climb it up. then the protesters brought out
11:26 am
bolt boltcutters to get through the fencing. that's what happened last night when several protesters were arrested by the secret service and held on felony charges. there are pro-bernie folks, the p pro-weed folks, and the anarchists. last night there was a protester, one protester was injured. he was either dancing or stomping on the burning flag when his dress, yes, his dress, caught on fire. his fellow protesters had to pour water on him to put out the fire. what happens tonight? day four, we've seen a huge increase in police presence here right around the protest area. the other issue out here, and you probably can see if you look out here live, is the clouds have really darkened. there is a severe thunderstorm warning right now for much of the rest of the afternoon here in philadelphia. the third issue is the protesters' state of mind, something that you really have to question when it comes to motivation.
11:27 am
best evidence of the protesters' state of mind, the 50-foot inflatable joint they've carried around with them most of this week. it's been involved in every one of the protests that has happened. we had our brain room pull to it a map from "the washington post" that shows the intensity of weed consumption around the country. you can see on there the darker the purple, the more folks are smoking weed in any given state. philadelphia is not that dark a purple. but martha, i can tell you from having been out here in the past four days with these protesters, the protesters who have come in from all over the country have certainly upped philadelphia's game when this comes to weed consumption. >> i wonder how exactly they measure that. we'll save that for another day. leland vittert, thank you very much, from outside the convention center. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is responding to criticisms leveled as
11:28 am
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and we are back with this fox news alert on the trump campaign, hitting some more battleground states out there today. let's go out to grand rapids,
11:32 am
michigan. that is where we are awaiting a town hall with vp nominee mike pence, as donald trump gears up for a rally in iowa. they're spreading out to cover more ground today. meanwhile the white house is weighing in on donald trump and hillary clinton receiving intelligence briefings now. listen to this. >> the director of national intelligence has indicated he intends to conduct those briefings pursuant to that longstanding tradition. and he certainly is supported by this administration and this white house in doing so. >> that was from earlier today. let's go to carl cameron who is live in cedar rapids, iowa today, hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, martha. it's a consequence of both of the candidates being formally nominated and accepting that nomination that they'll now both be able to start getting these briefings virtually first thing tomorrow morning. mr. pence yesterday got wrapped up in this discussion that donald trump had at his news
11:33 am
conference when he suggested that russia take a look and try to find hillary clinton's lost e-mails. and pence put out a statement yesterday that in effect said that if russia had anything to do with the dnc hacking, there would be very serious consequences. well, between donald trump's remarks yesterday about inviting russia to do that, when he says was sarcastic, and pence actually referencing russia in regard to the dnc hacking, the spokesman for the kremlin held a news conference today and said that it's another example of anti-russian sentiment being used for political election purposes in the united states, and that the idea that they were involved in the dnc hacking or anything else is absurd to the point of stupidity, and that america needs to figure out what's going on with those e-mails on its own. all of this a diplomatic spat now between moscow and the u.s., which started with donald trump
11:34 am
at the news conference yesterday. first we'll show a little bit of how he said it and then how he talked to brian kilmeade yesterday afternoon that aired on "fox & friends" this morning, essentially saying it was wise cracking and not serious. >> of course i'm being sarcastic. you have 33,000 e-mails deleted. the real problem is what was said on those e-mails from the democratic national committee. you take a look at what was said in those e-mails, it's disgraceful. it's disgraceful. >> reporter: disgraceful. mr. trump yesterday afternoon was interviewed by brian kilmeade. it aired this morning on "fox & friends" and he said it was sarcasm and that any other suggestion was unfair, and that he was just making a joke, and of course he was not invite them to do that. but it didn't matter, the damage was done. no less than leon panetta, the former cia director at the democratic convention in philadelphia yesterday said he was effectively encouraging for
11:35 am
nations that we have not always had friendly relations with, to commit espionage. tomorrow they'll both get classified briefings, martha. >> carl, thank you. so the battle over the bread and butter issues playing out at the convention last night. vice president biden hammering donald trump in an attempt to appeal to middle class voters, saying the billionaire businessman just doesn't understand what they go through. joe borelli joins me now, joe, good to have you with us today, welcome. >> thank you. >> let's start by listening to some of the sound we have from joe biden. >> how can there be pleasure in saying "you're fired"? he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? give me a break. that's a bunch of malarky. >> joe biden said he's known on
11:36 am
the hill as "middle class joe," and he laughed and said that's not really a compliment. but he's always been the person in this administration who has been sort of most in touch with that part of the population. are you concerned about him and his voice with them? >> look, biden is likeable, and the funny thing is that we're talking about everyone's speech except for tim kaine last night. and i think he's going to have a hard time when he doesn't have joe biden opening for him and when he doesn't have barack obama closing for him. but last night gave us an opportunity to compare the records of both vice presidential candidates now that we have the record. if you want to talk about not caring about the middle class, compare the two. tim kaine became the governor of virginia. unemployment doubled under his watch in virginia. and he had the benefit of having an expanded federal government right next door in d.c. we have our candidate, who creating 150,000 new jobs in indiana, by lowering corporate taxes, lowering taxes on individuals. that's the message we're going to try to bring to voters in
11:37 am
rust belt states. that's the message the middle class wants to hear. hillary clinton, what is she offering middle class voters? bernie sanders attacked her in april for violating her pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000. i don't think our party has a problem speaking with the middle class. i think the democratic ticket is the one with that problem. >> what about the "you're fired" thing? they're going to use that, they'll exploit those moments when donald trump sat at the board table, the boardroom table during those "apprentice" episodes and looked people in the eye and said "you're fired." this issue the mean and the dark that they are going to continue to bring at you guys. >> they've tried this with a number of things with donald trump. no one out there has not heard the catch phrase "you're fired" by donald trump. it's not like they discovered this in some hidden closet somewhere. in fairness, maybe the federal government needs to be told "you're fired" on a couple of
11:38 am
things. i'm not concerned with this, this is not what the american public care about. this is deflection from the clinton campaign which we've seen this week with the russian comment you just aired earlier. >> when you look at ohio, obviously very important state. you know, a lot of industrial areas in ohio. it's a very mixed state, there's also urban areas, suburban areas. pennsylvania is a very serious battleground area. and, you know, you're going to have a tough time in pennsylvania. you've got tim kaine, you've got virginia, which may be why you brought him up, because he's going to be campaigning, and that's probably worth a couple of points in virginia and it's going to a close state. how do you think those states are shaping up? >> to go to virginia, the last hampton college poll has trump and clinton tied there. but i think tim kaine is actually a one trick pony for the campaign, for the clinton campaign. his goal is to deliver virginia. and it's actually questionable whether that is the case. look, to use a "full house" reference, hillary clinton would
11:39 am
have been better served giving us a vice presidential pick something like uncle jesse or uncle joey, but she gave us danny tanner and it wasn't too well received. >> that might be lost on some of the audience, but that's okay. pennsylvania, it hasn't been won by a republican candidate since 1988. it's a difficult state to win. and it's one that donald trump says he'll spend a lot of time in. >> as he should, it's a must-win state for the trump campaign. again, go to issues like tpp. we have secretary clinton supporting tpp, then not supporting it, and now you have terry mcauliffe kind of giving a wink and a nod to the establishment saying she's going to support it after all in the end. these are the issues that matter not just in pennsylvania but in other rest belt states. to not have a consistent message from the candidate and her surrogates is very disheartening to a lot of voters there. >> how good is your operation on
11:40 am
the ground? if you look in ohio, where you're not going to get a lot of help from john kasich, which was called an embarrassment for the trump campaign. he really holds the string to a lot of the sort of operations on the ground, because he's a very well-liked governor. give me a description of your ground game in ohio. >> i can't specifically cite any firsthand knowledge of the ground game in other states. but i can tell you this, the campaign has done more with less since the beginning. and that's no surprise, that's no shock. the campaign is sleek, it's efficient. you can get things done on a quicker basis. we see that not only with fundraising that has sort of exponentially increased over the last month, but we also see it in turnout and events' response time. the mesh with the rnc has been a complete success. i had dinner with folks from the rnc last night who really outlined just how well the two camps have come together to build this machine that's going to take on clinton. is the machine smaller than clinton's? yeah. maybe hillary clinton's is so bloated that it's become
11:41 am
somewhat inefficient, especially when you see a disjointed message from her own campaign. >> one last quick thought, michael bloomberg. your thoughts. >> you know, michael bloomberg is going to have a hard time telling republicans like me in new york city that he was somewhat of an outstanding mayor. a lot of people don't want to hear or don't know in the rust belt states that he doubled property taxes on new york city residents. so if bloomberg wants to become a bigger issue in the campaign, i think it's going to be a tough sell on some of the swing voters, given his tax history. >> all right. good stuff. joe, thank you very much. good to see you, thanks for coming in today. so eight years after their own primary battle, hillary clinton and barack obama are now on the same team. a big moment last night for these two who have been long rumored to not get along that well. last night things seemed pretty hunky-dory and it was a moment they both seemed to enjoy
11:42 am
immensely on that stage. she's making her case for the presidency, she has to head out alone now, but no doubt he'll hit the campaign trail as well. they're hoping it will go a little smoother than that. [ cheers and applause ] [ crowd chanting ]
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i'm shepard smith live at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. i'll talk about what hillary clinton needs to say tonight to win over new voters. the news begins anew at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting," i'll see you then. fox news alert now, as the clinton campaign gears up for its big night. chelsea will introduce her mother, she has done it before as you see from thissed vid evi the campaign trail, and then hillary clinton will formally accept the nomination of her party, it's been a long time in the works for hillary clinton. joining me now, democratic
11:47 am
congresswoman debbie dingel from michigan, good to see you, congressman, nice to have you with us. what did you think of last night? >> last night was great. each of them were touching in different ways, from governor o'malley, who really was one of the contenders at the beginning, joe biden, you can't help but love him, and everybody loved tim kaine. and president obama knocked it out of the park, defining what this election is about. >> tonight we'll hear from chelsea clinton. obviously it will be an adoring tribute to her mom. matt lauer spoke with her this morning and asked her this question about whether or not she and ivanka trump could get together to change the tone of the campaign. let's take a look at this. >> you and ivanka sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss tone and discuss what it's like to hear those things coming out of the other candidates' mouth about the person you love.
11:48 am
>> it's certainly something i would consider. i think it was clear last week and ivanka introduced her dad, that she's proud of him. i hope it will be at least as clear why i'm so proud of my mom when i introduce her here in philadelphia. >> what do you think? >> i think it would be great if the two of them could sit down. they're both very impressive young women. their parents have done a good job of raising both of them, i want to say that. i'm really worried about the tone of this campaign. i represent the largest population of muslims in the country. and dividing us by fear and hatred isn't a way to protect our national security. it's not a way to be american. and if those two could dial down the rhetoric, i think it would be a very good thing. >> it's interesting, because that is obviously a unique understanding that you have in the state that you come from. what do you think, in terms of bringing refugees into the country, when you see what's happening in europe, what do you think -- are we doing a great
11:49 am
job with the way we're vetting them or can we do a better job? >> i think the government has to do a better job of telling people how we are vetting them. obviously there's a great deal of insecurity and anxiety. all of us came from someplace else. we can never lose what that spirit of being american is. i know many members of the muslim community. we've targeted people because of nationality in this country and in the world, that's what world war ii was all about. >> people aren't anti-muslim, they're anti-islamic-extremism. when you look at the slashing of this priest in a small town in france, and you look at these attacks in germany and france, i think people have a realistic fear that we're going to see more of this here. and i do think, just looking at
11:50 am
the polls, donald trump, as much as you don't like what he's saying about it, it's resonating. there are a lot of people that say, we need to figure out how to make sure these people who have these kinds of motivations are not getting in the country. >> i agree with you 100%, national security has to be our number one priority. i want to tell you about a young man in my district who is a muslim, a valedictorian, he came from pakistan to this country. he wanted to go into the marines so he could protect and serve. he died in boot camp in march. >> that's horrible. but -- >> he was discriminated against because he was muslim. and, you know -- >> nobody things that that's a positive story. >> it's not a positive story. that's why we've got to find a way to keep ourselves safe, and i totally agree with you, extreme islamists are not going away. but we have to keep it balanced. >> congresswoman, thank you,
11:51 am
good to see you. it is the biggest day at the convention for the democrats. the republicans are keeping a close eye. they're working on their rapid response. a peek at that coming up next. plus time for our political trivia question. who is the longest-serving u.s. senator? real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free.
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the answer to the trivia question of the day. who was the longest serving u.s. senator and the-and-robertbird. he serve from 1959 to his death in 2010. strom thurmond was the oldest but not the longest. so the republicans setting up a rapid response team in philadelphia to monitor the statements at the democratic convention and then quickly strike back. shannon bream is outside the convention hole.
11:55 am
how does the operation work? >> we had to move inside because the rainstorms are no joke in the afternoon. what the rnc is dying trying to do is disrupt the narrative. the know the democrats are excellent at optics and messaging and i want to fact check them and challenge them from the stage. >> you want to do at a convention is wake up, here's my script. our job is to mess up the script and make them react. a convention is a very, very intense time. our job is to add to that frustration and make them have to go away from what they plan to do and having to react to us. >> and they know they have to do this very differently than they did. people consume information much differently than just four years ago at the last two conventions. so they're using snapchat, twitter, facebook, their live streams are reaching millions they exclaim, prisoning in high profile advocates and surrogates, and you know the
11:56 am
democrats did the same thing in cleveland so works both ways. >> busy little bees. thank you very much, shannon. we'll be stuck in the tent for a while. big thunderstorm rolling in right now, and it's set to hit the convention hall here in philly a short time from now. there it is. it's pour, pouring, pouring. so much for my maybe exit from here for a couple of hours. we stuck in the tent. we're live in philadelphia at the democratic national convention. we'll be right back.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
helped the mom out in a tough spot. somebody you got to call somebody in. rachel platen, thank you for writing in on that. thank you for being part of "the real story." i will see you tonight on the floor of the dnc. >> live from philadelphia, "shepard smith reporting." >> would you look up there sunsets they the greater carole ring who rocked the media with a stirring rendition of "you got a friend." the entertainment at this convention, i tell you what, it likely got four -- like we got four days of free tickets to some of the greatest music. it's been amazing. last night, gosh, just one after another after another. lenie cavity was incredible. what a -- len any kravitz was incredible. tonight, katie perry is going to be singing, singing her new song, "rise." i actll


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