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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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davis didn't know this and just helped the mom out in a tough spot. somebody you got to call somebody in. rachel platen, thank you for writing in on that. thank you for being part of "the real story." i will see you tonight on the floor of the dnc. >> live from philadelphia, "shepard smith reporting." >> would you look up there sunsets they the greater carole ring who rocked the media with a stirring rendition of "you got a friend." the entertainment at this convention, i tell you what, it likely got four -- like we got four days of free tickets to some of the greatest music. it's been amazing. last night, gosh, just one after another after another. lenie cavity was incredible. what a -- len any kravitz was incredible. tonight, katie perry is going to be singing, singing her new song, "rise." i actually had a conversation
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this morning with her agent and long-time friend, and he said that she is very nervous, she is not doing any media, and i'm like, katie perry is nervous? she is rolling in the dough and the super star, and the truth is, she is singing this new song for the first time, live, in front of the president and the vice-president and the -- even katie perry isner obvious. i'm sorry you missed "you got a friend. "as the last note came just as the animation to start the show began. i'm shepard smith in philadelphia. the last day of the dnc. and first from philly this afternoon, hillary clinton is getting ready for the biggest speech of her whole dang life, and possibly her toughest challenge yet. they call it rowe osee introducing herself to voters who may have the made inthunder mind. chelsea clinton will introduce her mom and even she says her
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mom needs to fix the image. >> that's not the person i know. that's not the person i grew up with, that i'm so proud to stand beside and to introduce here in philadelphia. >> well, if tonight is about humanizing hillary clinton, you could say last night was about demonizing donald trump on some levels. speaker after speaker tore into the republican nominee, calling hill dangerous, incompetent, and insane at one point. president obama got in what could be one over the harshest burns of all. appearing to lump trump in with our nation's enemies. >> that's why anyone who threatens our values, whether fastist or communist or jihaddist or home-green demagogues will always fail in the end. >> a home-grown demagogue. donald trump responded to the attack this morning "fox and friends." >> they try to hit you as hard as possible. mostly false stuff. i get it. it's politics. but they'ring too their thing. they're trying to win. they're trying to justify eight
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years of horror. >> donald trump also responded to critics after he called on russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails. think of that in the main. a soon to be person who gets daily intelligence briefings, just called on the russians to hack into our political system. the clinton camp accused hem of asking for foreign espionage on his political rival. today donald trump said he was just being sarcastic. team fox coverage now. carl cameron with more on the comments, live in cedar rapids iowa where there's a trump rally. first to jen give griff in philly. the bar is high for hillary clinton. she is following in the footsteps of incredible speeches. this would not be easy for anyone, jennifer. >> reporter: absolutely not. in fact, the bar is so high there is some concern that, can she follow the president,
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vice-president, biden, and others who have made such passionate, high oratory all week long. this convention has built from the first night the momentum has built each day. long gone are the days of cheese when debbie was sir minimum -- wasserman schultz stepped down. and the president and vice-president said they couldn't top michelle obama's speech. last night, president obama passed the baton to hillary clinton. giving a full throated endorsement of the person running to replace him in the past candidates have wanted to differentiate themselves from the sitting president with the assumption people are tired after eight years of the same party, but this president saw the infavorrable ratings of the democratic candidate and is fighting for his legacy. >> i can say with confidence there has never been a man, or a
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woman, not me, not bill, nobody, more qualified, than hillary clinton, to serve as president of the united states of america. >> god willing, god willing, hillary clinton will write the next chapter in the journey. we are america. second to none. and we own the finish line. don't forget it. god bless you all. and may god protect our troops. >> reporter: such soaring oratory but campaign sources tell me that hillary clinton is not worried. they were talking about her. she doesn't see herself as competing with the president or the vice-president in her remarks tonight. she is still putting the final touch on the remarks we understand. >> what are you noticing in terms of themes in the speeches? last night and the lineup tonight? >> well, i think what is most fascinating is how there's an overt attempt to appeal to
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republican voters. you heard it time and again, during the speeches last night. no more so than in tim kaine's works. he spoke about his father-in-law who was the first republican governor of virginia. he was here in the v.i.p. section last night. >> if any of you are looking for that party of lincoln, we've got a home for you right here in the democratic party. >> reporter: even the president mentioned the american roots -- the midwestern roots of husband grants and said most of his family from the midwest were republicans and there's a concerted attempt, and if you look at the lineup today, you'll hear from the families of fallen law enforcement officers, hear from military generals who back hillary clinton and worked with her and hear from a medal of honor recipient. those are typically demographics of the republican party but the democratic party this year with such an unusual election, with donald trump as their opponent,
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they believe they can peel off those moderate republicans and you'll hear before the that tonight. >> jen griffin on floor at the dnc. thank you. donald trump on the campaign trail in iowa. touring key battleground states trying to keep up the mo. he jumped head in the real clare politics today. trump leads by less than a percentage point and these numbers can change again after the democratic convention wraps up here in philadelphia. campaign carl cameron is live, cedar rapids iowa, where trump is set to hold a rally. says he was kidding about russia and finding hillary clinton's missing e-mails. says he was kidding. >> reporter: he does, and notwithstanding that explanation, there's now a beef coming out of moscow. the spokesman for the kremlin says the idea they would get involved in meddling with american politics is absurd to
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the point of stupidity. his words-not mine. he went on to say that its up to the u.s. to figure out what happened to the e-mails and whether the dnc was hacked and by whom and suggested that they understand in russia that the united states sometimes uses anti-russian sentiment for political purposes and, he said hi understood and they do in russia, that sometimes candidates get hyper bowlic and even out if they actually win an office here, particularly the presidency. trump yesterday said -- he welcomed russia to go and look after the clinton e-mails. then he did an interview where he said it was sarcasm. he was cracking wise. watch them both here back-to-back. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> wouldn't encourage anybody -- first of all, said with star custom, didn't encourage
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anybody. they may have then. they don't know. they have no idea. and it's pretty sad when a foreign country, whether it's them or china or anybody else, disrespects us so much they would even do a thing like that. >> reporter: as of tomorrow, both of the candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump, will begin getting classified intelligence briefings about the national security and international security situation, and then come saturday, we will be exactly 100 day is from the election. >> carl, thank you. i was distracked. behind me all of a sudden looked like pyrotechnics back there but one of the big lights up above just blew, and then all these sparks came down from it and it was like, okay, are they testing pyrofor this? or what is happening? a light blew up. look at that. ask and you -- no. that's a separate thing. where is that? what the heck is that?
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okay. i didn't see that. but that was a light glowing. -- light blowing. saw the light blow. okay, shep is crazy. ahead we talk 0 with "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. if you're the democratic nominee for the presidency of the united states, the democratic nominee, and what you need is to get moderates, regular folks, in regular america, whatever that is, out in the middle -- not in the cities, san francisco, los angeles, boston, new york, is not there. you need people who live in small towns. people from the backbone of america, who are moderate. they could be swayed one way or the other. if that's what you need to become president of the united states, where do you go for the first interview after this huge convention watched by tens of billionses of people what outlet do you goer four very fer spirit vie?
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you go to fox news, and she will. and that is next. ♪
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biggest night of her public and professional life, and after that, you are going to go to one place, one place next, to get your message out to the people you need the most, like this whole convention was this for hillary clinton. soften yourself up a little and convince moderates in regular america in small towns in working places, where people are moderate and maybe not completely committed, might go republican, might go democrat this time. if she can win those, if she can win those, she is the president of the united states. so, where she goes right after this convention is absolutely crucial. the next stop. the next place. because everyone in the world will be quoting it. eave news organization in the entire world will be using clips for it. all the journal-its on the planet are counting on that interviewer, whoever gets her next, to get the big answers to the big questions. so if you're the clinton campaign, where do you go to find those people?
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you go to fox news. and she will. and on "fox news sunday" this sunday, chris wallace sits down with hillary clinton for her first postconvention interview and exclusive and she'll talk to no one else. fox news. chris wallace is here. that's a score. >> i thought you said you were going to promote the interview. >> i thought about it but changed my mind. >> i was feeling pretty good until cow told me about the stakes. it's been 15 months since hillary clinton got into the campaign to sit down with us and she has done a zillion sunday shows and other shows, and they kept saying, our time will come. turned out it's kind of purposed. as you say, she is going to have this acceptance speech tonight and then going to go on a bus tour with kim -- tim kaine. we'll talk to her on saturday, her first interview as the democratic nominee, the first
12:17 pm
woman -- >> in american history. >> the only interview she is going to do friday through sunday. so you want to see what hillary clinton thinks about this convention? >> yes. >> what she thinks about donald trump. >> yes. >> what the thinked about the campaign. >> obviously. >> ask her questions people have on their minds. there's only one place to go. >> "fox news sunday" with mr. soup himself, mr. sunday and mrs. soup. your father would be so proud of you. >> well, hadn't thought of that. >> he would be. >> i think he would be. he would probably be fighting he for the interview. >> what's your goal? >> well, that's a good question. obviously you want to make news. you want to get her to talk about things hadn't talked about. one thing we kind of have an advantage is, yes, she is going to give her speech tonight and give her basic program but she has been off the trail for the last week, and so there are lot of things that have happened, what donald trump said about russia, what various people in the campaign, this campaign said
12:18 pm
about trump, what trump said about them and this is the first opportunity, and i also think that in our fair and balanced way we'll ask her some questions that lot of people in the main stream media have nod ask the her so far. >> you can go to her wednesday and learn about policies and positions and she is very good at talking about that sort of thing. with these two candidates it's tough to contrast. it's tough to compare and contrast, because there really aren't a lot of specifics from the other side, so i wonder how you'll go about that process? >> on a lot of these issues i would like to explore where she stands and not to talk about donald trump. i don't want to give her the out of being able to say, well, donald trump says, no, i want to -- what's your position on x? and how does that work? and why will that be better? and one of the points that barack obama had to deal with last night, two-thirds of the country thinks we're on the wrong track. a lot of people feel economic anxiety. a lot of people do not feel this recovery, that statistically is going on so why should the
12:19 pm
democrats get a third term? there's a lot to talk become. >> identity wait fog the politicker that finds it politically necessary to tell the truth, that globalism is not going away, and that economies are going to have to change fundamentally and there is no bringing back some things that are gone because of realities in the world. no, you can't have it the way it was. it has to change now because the world has changed. that reality -- >> let's take an example of that. that's kind of what hillary clinton was saying when she got roasted for talking about coalminers. you're not going to get your jobs back, and the -- >> because they're not. >> the second half of that, so we got to find you other jobs, didn't really get talked about, as that explains why it's so dangerous to play the truth card, and to just be honest and open. listen, i covered ronald reagan
12:20 pm
in 1980 when he was traveling around the rust belt and was talking about -- going to steel mills, here in pennsylvania, and talking about how we'll bring back big steel. didn't happen in 1980 and hasn't happened in the 36 years since. it's a different world now than it was -- >> let's speak about big steel. look what end happened in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the young americans coming from all over the country, out of that fantastic education system that is in and around pittsburgh, working for upmc, fantastic healthcare provider, and enormous health operation. there are young people, millenials from all over the nation, going there for clean energy, for clean jobs, and pittsburgh is seeing a revitalization like few cities in america. steel went away. the human resources remain and pittsburgh is back. that can happen in appalachia, too. somebody has to figure out how to do that it it was not easy for the entirety of pittsburgh and the people of that great
12:21 pm
state, but they're coming back in a big way and it's impressive to see. >> look, if you're -- talk about donald trump and donald trump voters. i'm not saying the answer you'll turn the clock back to the 1950s. poverty is higher than it was at the beginning of obama's time in office. there is the no net increase in income. it's lower than in 2008. there are -- there is an economic reality. not to say this question you can turn the clock back but the transition you're talking about making is hard and there are lot of people who have not been part of it, and really feel they're being left behind, and you can understand trump speaking to those anxieties. we'll talk to hillary clinton about that. >> i am really -- i always look forward to "fox news sunday" but especially this sunday, on your local fox station, where there's football on sundays in football season. that's where hillary clinton will bev this "fox news sunday." >> i thought you would give me a plug. >> next time. more ahead on hillary clinton's
12:22 pm
historic speech tonight. i'll speak to a reporter who spoke to some of clinton's aides about what to expect.
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think we'll get a tear? when hillary clinton takes the stage she'll lay out a positive vision for the future and detail how she can unite a divided nation. that's what her aides are telling the "associated press." her campaign manager says secretary clinton has trouble selling herself to audiences because she is a, quote, work horse north show horse. how will she handle this biggest sales pitch of her life? we have lisa here, national politics report more talked to clinton aides. you're going on the bus tour. >> that's right, on friday, after she wrapped up here we have a rally in philadelphia and
12:26 pm
then 55 hours on the hillary clinton/tim kaine bus tour. >> remember last cycle, eight years ago, she lost in iowa, and then she went to new hampshire, and everybody was like, oh, my god, she's dead. the reporters behind the scene. and instead she had a little news conference, and we saw her emotional, and it seemed -- everybody was like, what was that? chelsea is going to introduce her tonight. that would be a nice time. >> you want to see a tear. >> i think we will. >> you want to see crying. >> i think we will. i just -- >> i don't know. i think -- i hear from her aides she is feeling the gravity of the moment. she spent weeks working on the speech and sees it as an opportunity to deal -- lay out her vision for the future and deal with persistents issues, namely the polls show people
12:27 pm
don't trust her. she thinks she can start chipping away at that, building trust, is in speech. they recognize that will be a long process. it's going to be a more positive vision than the one we heard from donald trump at the republican convention, but as for how emotional she'll be, we'll have to say. they say she is in a pretty good mood. >> the reason i said it, if my little niece, sadie, were introducing me in a big moment like that, i love her so much and i'm so emotional with her all the time anyway, that i think on a big stage like that, my little one introduces me, think i would be very emotional, and i don't know who wouldn't. >> right. and especially with her husband having given the speech that was pretty -- a pretty personal speech. talked about them first meeting, and what he loved about her. it was a pretty -- this has been a pretty personal convention for her. >> it's been -- the idea was to have a humanizing event, and
12:28 pm
clearly they've work toward that end. >> her aide believe people don't know her. she is the most famous female politician in the world, has written multiple autobiographies, people don't know the real hillary clinton so this is their effort to introduce people to what they see as the real hillary clinton, the person who is warm and compassionate and works very hard and is committed to making things better for the american people. the question is whether she is able to be that unguarded on the stage. she is a very private person. one of her -- that's been one of her downfalls as a politician. she is intensely private and she has had a rough time in the public eye for being honest. so i think that's made her even more closed off. so, the question now is whether she can let down her guard at bit. >> we'll see. the music is going to be good. i know that. carole king will be amazing. enjoy the bus tour. as the democrats push their message the g.o.p. is pushing back. we'll take you inside the run
12:29 pm
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>> more of tied's headlines. some news organizations in france are planning to stop publishing photos of the suspects in terror attacks because they do not want to glorify. the according to the british newspaper "the guardian." france is on high alert following recent attacks. a truck driver crashed into a crowd in nice killing 4 people. the mysterious fire ball people saw last night. that was a chinese rocket. that is the word from the defense department official. the rocket was re-entering the atmosphere near california and people could into it from nevada to utah. they earlier said it was a
12:32 pm
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12:35 pm
say. here's sean spicer of the rnc. >> what we tried to talk about is what they weren't talking about. never mentioned israel. the president never mentioned iraq. never talk about national security. didn't talk about the debts. the issues the american people care about. >> they are also going much higher tech than they would in the past, even four years ago at the conventions. they're using snapchat andle facebook and know voters get their information differently so they want to use those avenues. >> any evidence it's making a difference? >> well, you know, they certainly hope so. from this modest work space they say not only letting social media -- flooding social media but using he profile surrogates like rudy giuliani. congresswoman marsha blackburn and they think that is helpful in having highly profile voices. some of the g.o.p. believe pointing out that the departmentcrats didn't take on isis and terrorism on the first night, that may have led former
12:36 pm
defense second leon panetta to beef up his speech on that topic the following night. they want to take credit for that. he talked about portions of it and erupted into chance of "no more war" and that lasted several minutes. make no mistake, this is last week in cleveland as well. the democrats had 20,000 square foot work space there, doing the same thing. it works both ways. >> panetta got booed out of the house for a long time but he just stood there and powered through it. we were sitting -- thanks, shannon. we were sitting right above it, and the corners is where most of the bernie people were and had "no tpp" signs up at one point they were so loud you couldn't hear leon panetta. they were louder than the speaker system "no more war." eight years ago hillary clinton fought a tough battle against president obama and came up short. an lists predicted this campaign would be a whole lot ease career. of course bernie sanders put up a fight that dragged on longer
12:37 pm
and threatened to cause even more drama than we have already seen here in philly. >> hillary clinton started out as the runaway favorite. >> an america where a father can tell his daughter, yes, you can be anything you want to be, even president of the united states. >> but soon. >> -- whoa! >> senator bernie sanders, a democratic socialist, started filling up stadiums. >> almost all of the wealth is controlled by a handful of people and together we are going to change that. >> clinton was also facing questions about the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> but at their first debate, sanders let her off the hook. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you.
12:38 pm
me, too. me, too. >> things were not so friendly after that. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your superpac. >> talk about the kind of problems he had answering questions about even his core issue, breaking up the banks. >> got really interesting when voting started. clinton barely won the iowa caucuses. >> breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> a week later, sanders took new hampshire in a landslide. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say "uge --" >> but clinton scored big victories and started piling up delegates and in march sanders started talking about fighting
12:39 pm
all the way to philadelphia. >> the convention will be a contested contest. >> sanders claimed he could be the super delegates to switch sides if he could keep on winning. >> we're going to go marching out with the democratic nomination. >> and he was not budging. >> not even after clinton made history becoming the presumptive nominee. >> we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. sanders was still in the race a month later when the feds wrapped up clinton's e-mail investigation. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> that same day, president obama hit the campaign trail with clinton for the first time. >> to make sure that hillary
12:40 pm
rodham clinton is the next president of the united states of america. >> finally, less than two weeks before the start of the convention, bernie got on board. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her today. thank you all. very much. >> of course, sanders is still trying to convince lots of his supporters to get onboard. though there's evidence a lot of them have. the loudest voices in the room haven't but we have talked to plenty who have made the transition. tonight, hillary clinton has a chance to personally win over more of them. are you hearing this? pretty good. sheila e is killing it. she is widely known as the best woman drummer in the world.
12:41 pm
her -- well, she is amazing. let's listen to her on the way out as our coverage from the dnc continues in a minute.
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may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor about jardiance and visit and get a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. the democratic convention has been a celebration for some people in philly and a disappointment for others but one thing plenty of folks on both sides have in common. they drink. kennedy is here, host of "kennedy" 8:00 eastern time, 7:00 in oxford on the fox business network that do drink. >> they do. it is the bipartisan political elixir that sends to soothe the feelings and smooth feathers. >> happens here, too. >> a lot of people here who have very mixed emotions, many very pleased the great glass ceiling that a afternoon crack in and it they're using chunks of ice to
12:45 pm
replicate the crack. and other people are drown their tears in beers as their sweet beie has loosened his grasp on the nomination. within out with a friend of mind and we poked fun, we had a little bit of merrymaking. >> do you mind if i watch? >> i'd love it if you would. >> shall w dnc is almost over he in philly, and people are getting silly drunk. jimmy, one of my favorite come come makes are going inside. >> if i see a sixers jersey assume it's bad. if i ski a bernie jersey it's bad. if i see a hillary jerries i'll assume they're day drinking. >> are you happy drinking or sad drinking? >> both. >> a little bit of both. >> i'm so sad drinking. >> i'm a democrat. i support the democratic party, i'll support the nominee, but i'm sad. >> you think it's pulling the
12:46 pm
vote away, haven an extra party candidate. >> you should vote your conscience. >> that's ted crews' line. >> you're not buying what hillary is selling. but you don't like anything. you're a bernie fan. you like give aways. hey, i took a shot! >> jimmy, it's funny, not a lot of bernie sanders supporters in here. this is higher rent. >> i can tell because they're paying for stuff. >> sad drinking. >> sad-face drinking. >> huh happy drinking or sad drinking? >> a little bit disappointed but we'll get onboard eventually. >> what do you think hillary's biggest weakness is. >> she cares so much about this country. >> oh, my god. >> seven people just did a spit take. you'll get a dry-cleaning bill. >> we have a mechanical bull in there? i dare you to ride the bull.
12:47 pm
>> i'm crazy. it's the dnc. >> you will not ride the bull. >> happy drinking or sad drinking? >> both. >> who are you going to vote for? jill stein? >> what used to think hillary's biggest weakness is. >> nobody believes things that come out of her mouth. >> i would say cyber security. >> that's great. can i tell them the secret? >> go ahead. >> guess where she shot that? guess where the cameras were? >> the cnn grill. >> the cnn grill. >> cnn has a restaurant where they do tv after all the conventions. we all get invitations to go by. >> they had one at the rnc. >> they kicked you out. >> they did. there was a private party and they kicked me out. and then we saul the bull and went back in.
12:48 pm
>> was wolf blitzer there. >> forcibly removed me from the bull. >> that it is so wolf blitzer but he knows what time it is in kabul. >> he does. the power of the beard. >> i saw john king. he has been doing his thing in there. cnn -- i'm afraid to go over there. >> we need our own bar. we need the fox box, maybe next convention. >> maybe next -- that would be a better time for it. it's the last day. are you a little sad. >> i am a little sad. the last two weeks have been really fun. it's a lot of intense energy from both sides. it's a very emotional place. the soundcheck is unbelievable. >> listen to this. [drumming] >> she's pretty amaze. >> sheila e is incredible and sounds glorious. she is in her element. >> the god daughter of tito
12:49 pm
puente, and her job at this convention -- her whole family will be up there with her. her father, a magician -- musician. >> and her brother. >> and her outreach to support the latino crowd. >> god bless her. >> that's her role here. >> it's in her blood. she is feeling it. ♪ ♪ >> the great sheila e. >> that's just sound check. >> all day long. it was katie perry earlier.
12:50 pm
carole king? >> incredible. was doing a hit on the biz a little earlier, and one of the guests was like, who is that singing? she has such a nice voice. i'm like, that's carole king. not someone from the musical. her voice is powerful. >> during her sound check, she had -- she is singing "you got a friend," touchy feely. and tonight, she is going to have the whole crowd sing with her. the media did this afternoon, the people in here. at the beginning of the week, there was a small crowd in this building, around the noon hour, but when everybody found out that's when the sound checks go on, now all the technical crews and the cable layers and security people all come in for sound checks. like a free concert. >> the delegates and their freaky phones. the tpp signs, "no tpp" signs are going up. that's not necessarily political. she is just singing. >> it's just sound check. >> love, sweet love.
12:51 pm
>> next week we need to get bands up on the news deck. >> i'm surprised you have doesn't than already. you have a nice little riser there. >> and a drone and a bar. >> you need a drone. you need a bar drone who delivers drinks to whomever needs them. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. and who doesn'tb then seize the day already. crabfest is back at red lobster with so many kinds of crab and the most crab dishes of the year. so dive into whatever floats your crab-loving boat. like crab lover's dream. crack open tender snow and king crab legs, and twirl creamy crab alfredo.
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12:54 pm
>> my team and i are inside, watching this amazing concert of sorts. it's air conditioned and probably 71 degrees and lovely. then there's rick leventhal. outdoors in the rain with the protesters. hi, rick. >> reporter: if cops could make rain we'd have thunderstorms until sunday there half been no protesters out here, maybe two or three dots outside the main gates, but we just had about 100 pro pot demonstrators roll up
12:55 pm
here. they're wet but they seem very happy. and are holding holding alet of. the number of protesters ha has declined since day one. we had 500 -- 5500, 1500 yesterday, and the numbers are lower because of the rain. we had some action last night. a small group of anarchists that lit an american flag on fire. people were throwing water on it to put it out and one of that crew was detained by police after apparently an object was thrown as officers but the bernie supporters wanted no part of the agitators and moved their protests back to the park across the street. meanwhile, another group staged a sitin outside the gate tease the dnc parking lot. 34 issue citations and several more arrested because of breaking through the fence chase serious federal offense. >> rick, was kidding, didn't mean to be giving you grief.
12:56 pm
we thank you very much. >> you're welcome. we'll be right back with the moment america rubbed its eyes and woke up and it happened on this day in history. [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs.
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1943, president roosevelt announced the end of coffee rationing. during world war ii americans had to cut back on food and items to free up more supplies for the soldiers. the limit on coffee was one pound every five weeks. drivers could use just three gallons of gas a week. of course, people could always turn to black market if they could afford to do that. butt dr told americans to put another pot of coffee on, 73 years ago today. so, every day during the rnc, the dnc has been doing this facebook live hangout, on, and facebook live,
1:00 pm
at 5:00 eastern, 4:00 in oxford, and today, among my other guests, lance bass. we'll talk to lance bass for maybe 20 minutes. with no commercials. he has some thoughts on what to ask him,@shepnewsteam. tweet us. have a great day. >> after a tumultuous week of angry protests, shoutdowns and walkouts, can democrats you've night heading into the final night of the dnc? welcome everyone, i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." we're watching dueling events. philadelphia, where the dnc is about to gaffle in and davenport, iowa, where donald trump is about to hold a rally. shelby, one moment. want you to listen to what happened to former defense secretary leon panetta when he spoke last night. watch this. [shouting]


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