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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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at 5:00 eastern, 4:00 in oxford, and today, among my other guests, lance bass. we'll talk to lance bass for maybe 20 minutes. with no commercials. he has some thoughts on what to ask him,@shepnewsteam. tweet us. have a great day. >> after a tumultuous week of angry protests, shoutdowns and walkouts, can democrats you've night heading into the final night of the dnc? welcome everyone, i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." we're watching dueling events. philadelphia, where the dnc is about to gaffle in and davenport, iowa, where donald trump is about to hold a rally. shelby, one moment. want you to listen to what happened to former defense secretary leon panetta when he spoke last night. watch this. [shouting]
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>> today -- [shouting] >> former defense sect shouted down with chance of "no more war" and add that tot the bernie supporter and and they're protests. what is hillary clinton facing tonight? >> reporter: exactly. a lot of -- there's so much energy in this room. a lot of mixed emotions. a lot of hillary supporters who are ecstatic about this historic moment. a lot of bernie sand terse supporters who are frustrated how the primaries turn out and are really upset with the dnc and the fear is they'll cause chaos on the floor. we saw them protest panetta, elijah cummings and even protested obama ton the floor. was speaking to some delegates a few minutes ago and one said, the word on the street is that bernie sanders might appear with hillary clinton at the beginning of her speech tonight.
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first to show a sign of unity and secondly to quell the protests, calm people down, and hopefully spare her from what could be a very embarrassing moment here on the floor. this is her big moment. there's a lot of pressure, and if to there are tv chantses or "no more war" witness be a stain. >> the dnc hacked e-mails started this whole thing rolling, which added fuel to the fire. those e-mails were about race, religion, some ethnic mockery of hispanics. that really didn't help, did it? that really fueled the opposition fire. >> yeah. it really set this convention off on a sauer note. it has not blown over, and part of the reason why is nobody at the dnc was fired. debbie wassermann shut is not gaveling in but is still technically head of the dnc and we may see her tonight. there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding that.
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what it did was make -- affirmed all of the bernie sanders supposers and supporters' belief the sim was rigged and that clinton plays by her own rules. she does not play the game fairly. and there's still concerns about that tonight. and one thing i want to point out is these tpp signs have been everywhere. people are extremely upset about the waffling on tpp. clinton said she is against passing tpp, the transpacific partnership, but a lot of her supporters don't believe that, and have told me they don't know if they can believe she'll actually stand behind the progressive platform passed earlier in the month, either. >> shelby holiday right there on the floor, waiting for the big night tonight. thank you. now, dem croats are about to gavel in for the final day of the convention, leading up to hillary clinton's acceptance speech tonight. to jennifer griffin on what is going down today. >> reporter: we're on the floor
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of the convention hall. we're waiting just behind me we expect collegeman marsha fudge of ohio to gavel in any moment now. that should be happening. we also have some news out of as spend. the security institute there. we understand that director of national intelligence, james clapper was just asked about the hack of the dnc e-mails and he said that at this time the spell generals -- intelligence community cannot confirm who was behind the attack, suggesting they're not ready to claim that it was russia behind that attack. we heard from the white house that they are saying that the fbi has not concluded who is behind that attack. that did not, however, stop hillary clinton's campaign manager on sunday and others from suggesting that they believe that the russians were behind the e-mail attack, and that they were trying to interfere with the u.s. election. now, what can we expect here tonight? chelsea clinton will be introducing her mother. that is the main event tonight. but the buildup to that is a
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very interesting lineup that will include, law enforcement, as well as military members, medal of honor recipient will be speaking, general john allen and others who worked under hillary clinton, generals who are going to speak to her experience with the military. what is interesting about the families of fallen law enforcement officers, i'm told from those who are familiar with how the program was set up, that after the dallas shooting, after secretary clinton made that impassioned speech at the ame church in philadelphia, calling for people to walk in each other 's shoes it was decided to add the dallas sheriff, and four family members of those who have lost family members to violence, police officers, families of law. who have died. they will not, of course, be family members of those who were killed in dallas.
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that, of course, is too raw at this moment in time. one of the speakers lost her husband in a 2010 shooting so a very interesting lineup. very clear they're trying to appeal not only to the center of the country, to moderate republicans and believe those republicans may in fact vote for. the over donald trump, and they are also going to try to appeal to young people. we had sheila e behind us practicing on the jumps. she'll perform as well as katie perry. a lot of concern mook the clinton campaign that clinton is polling low among those 18 to 29-year-olds. >> jennifer griffin on the floor. thank you. now, instead of building hillary clinton up, it seemed like some of the speakers lanight, like the vice-president, were bent on taking donald trump down. watch this. >> he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a butch of ma -- a bunch
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of malarkey. [cheers and applause] >> this guy doesn't have a clue about the middle class. not a clue. >> to former republican presidential candidate, herman cain. i see a problem here with joe biden's statement. the middle class under president obama has seen its net worth go down and it's not recovered. that's problem. >> yes, it's a problem, and of all people to say that donald trump doesn't have a clue, joe biden? vice-president joe biden? look, there are three tactics that have been obvious throughout this convention. what the liberals and the democrats do, they shift the subject, ignore the facts, and they name-call. so they're saying that donald trump is clueless. that's the label they want to put on him. but let's look at the facts, stuart. if you look median income over
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the last seven years it's come from $56,000 a year to approximately $52,000 a year. that's down. you have 13 million more people on food stamps. you've got a gdp growth rate of 1.7%, which i less than half of what this economy is capable of. and when president obama talked about passing the gavel to hillary clinton he is going to be passing to be her nearly $20 trillion in debt, and she is promising a lot of the same free stuff that bernie sanders was promising. they are absolutely trying to distract and deceive the american people. >> last night, at the dnc, some speakers poked fun at donald trump because of the debt. watch this. >> donald says he might pay off the new debt by printing money? >> you can do that? >> no. in economic terms, we would describe this as a --
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>> bad thing. >> more like a -- [bleep] that would really [bleep] this economy for decades to come. >> every never been more attracted to you than right now. >> that's interesting, herman. the dnc takes on trump over debt and yet it this democrats who have rub up the debt from 10 trillion when president obama walked into the white house to 19.5 trillion now. that's a difficult pivot. >> they are lying, stu. that commercial is lying and misleading. here's the two things that donald trump has said that he will do to address the debt. number one, boost this economy in terms of economic growth. he has laid out three major platforms. he wants to reduce corporate tax rates and you know this has been one of the biggest achilles heels this country has had. reduce corporate and permanent tax rates. secondly, repatriate profits. give it a holiday. allow $3 trillion to come back
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into the country. thirdly reeker peel and replace obamacare. those the three things with give us a more robust economy. then he said that you're got going to hear own nightly news he wants to dramatically cut federal spending in every department because he knows that there's a lot of waste there donald trump will make sure the west gets cut. that's how he is going to address it. that commercial you show is an absolute deception of the american people. >> the last words, herman cain. at the very much. >> thank you. enjoyed being here. >> did nancy pelosi just blame god, guns and gays, for hillary clinton's struggle with a certain voter? and with fresh attacks by migrants in europe, donald trump calls to pause our syrian refugee program here. hillary clinton is promising to welcome more in. if she repeats the calls tonight, is that a mistake? we're on top of it all as the general election faceoff is on.
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dismissing donald trump yesterday? here today, gone tomorrow candidate? now she is saying this about some of his supporters and why hillary clinton is having trouble winning them over. take a look. >> so many times noncollege educated white males have voted republican, voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of god. the three gs, god being the women's right to choose. >> well, reaction now from rnc communications director, sean spicer. sean, didn't we hear something similar to this from senator obama when he was running for president in 2008? i seem to remember it. >> i do, too. he talked about it in pennsylvania. people clinging to their guns and religion. i think frankly the democratic party is so out of touch with what is going on in america right now in terms of what the concerns and frustrations of the average, everyday americans, they why they did so poorly in
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2014 and will lose in november. >> is there an element of truth there? that white males vote heavily for donald trump because of the three gs, guns, gays and god? is there an element of truth there? >> well, i'm sure there's some kind of element but it's slightly dismisssive to women and minority supporting the ticket because we're socially and fiscally conservative party, we believe in life. we believe in entrepreneurship, we believe in -- the same failed system, the same failed policies these guys have been could be. >> sean, hold on, i have to go to the podium, where marsha fudge, representative marsha fudge, is about to gavel to order. listen in briefly. >> that's it. okay. that's the gavel has come down. the fourth and final day of the dnc is now gaveled to order. sean, back to you. i'm sorry. i interrupted you but seems -- >> no.
1:17 pm
no. i think -- >> that -- >> four days -- they've had four days of getting politics getting up on the stage and preaching to america how they're going to fix everything they have had eight years to do it. this is a party that is so out of touch with the frustrations of the american people. the impression they have of a government that is not working for them. the frustration with politicians who don't understand them and contrasts couldn't be clearer tonight. hillary clinton is going to get up there and gloss over her record, continue to attack donald trump, and donald trump is talking about shake upping the system, putting america back to work and understanding the plight frankly of everyday americans. >> the media focused on the hacked e-mails, the dnc hacked e-mails. the media focused entirely on trump's reaction to that and what he said at the press conference yesterday. why wasn't there any real delving into the content of the e-mail inside it was dynamite. religion in there, there was race in there. as i said earlier there was some
1:18 pm
ethnic mockery in there, and and had that come from a republican, whole divisions would have been fired overnight. >> stuart, you're preaching to the choir. don't understand. let's walk back for one second. with respect to hillary alone, just on russia, let's be clear. the only rope we're talking about russian e-mail hacking is because hillary clinton set up a private server so that she could avoid detect and not play by the rules every other government official must, and she put classified information on her e-mail. there are two candidates in this race. one of them was trusted with national security secrets prior to this election and she failed. she failed to live up to the expectations of the rules and regulations she agreed to by handling classified information. so while they're doing a great job of pivoting back to donald trump, the reality is that the mere deflection for the fact she had the opportunity to play by the rules, to keep classified information safe and couldn't do it because she has to have a set of rules for herself and to burn
1:19 pm
everyone else in america. classic clinton. 30 years of scandles. no mention of the realities. they glossed over -- president clinton missed an entire decade of the clinton record tonight. when she gets on stage, it's not going to be what she says. it's what she won't say. he won't talk about benghazi and the rise of isis and libya. what she doesn't talk about is what is going to be the real story because she is going to have great story how all she has done. on paper hillary clinton should be the foreign policy expert. in the senate, smart armed services committee, four years as secretary of state and not once do you hear of a single accomplish. as secretary of state. >> sean spicer we'll hear from her directly in a few hours. thank you. >> now, after that suicide bombing bay migrant, germany's angela merkel just did something that has someone worried about ore refugee program here and we'll explain that one for you. forget losing bernie supporters to donald trump, dot hillary clinton need to worry about losing union members to trump? what bret baier is hearing as
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the dnc kicks off its final night.
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germ enough's acknowledges are angela merkel rolling out the welcome mat to more migrants today, despite the savage terror attacks in germany by migrants. of the attacks includes a suicide bombing, a knife attack on a train, a deadly machete attack on a pregnant woman. well, now the u.s. is preparing to lead a refugee summit at the u.n. in a few weeks time, and lieutenant colonel toneie schaeffer worries about what that means. do y think that the president wants to admit a whole lot more syrian migrants to america? you think that's going to happen? >> i think that's the intention, and i think mrs. clinton would do the same thing. and let me be very clear on
1:24 pm
this. we have an administration who is completely detached from the reality in which we live, where they're trying to govern using national security as a political tool rather than accepting the fact that their primary job should be protecting the american people. we have seen the german people suffer multiple times and i have a close friend over there right now, and the u.s. media is not reporting on all the challenges you just mentioned self things that happened. this is not new to the german people. the gsg9, their equivalent of an fbi delta force, a counterterrorism force, actually has been going into mosques, considered radicalized and doing raids, finding weapons, finding traces of explosives. so, if we really want to see that imported here, then we should just allow all these refugees to come in, completely unabated, unscreened, and i think we'll have the same problems as germ enough does. >> it would make enormous
1:25 pm
political opposition, political resistance, if the president or hillary clinton came out and said, yes, let a whole bunch more in. the political opposition to that would be enormous. especially if there are anymore terrorist incidents like we have seen already. >> i like to see a back lash against miss merkel on this and i'd like to believe you would see a huge backlash. was on capitol hill talking to congressional staff and there's a huge amount of concern this administration has a record of basically ignoring the will of the people, and basically ignoring the law. so there's some concern right there about what would happen should the leadership decide to do this. >> could the president do it? could hillary clinton do it if she becomes the president, without congress? >> i think congress could do a lot of things to limit regarding funding, regarding legislation, regarding limitations of locations, and frankly, stu, you would see an uprising at the local level. a lot of community does not want to take on this level of risk,
1:26 pm
and fundamentally i agree with the communities. the two things the federal government is supposed to do and provide for the common good and common defense. if you know there's a snake -- if you have ten people coming in and three to four in ten have some level of radicalization, and they're going to bring that with them, you have to be concern about that. so you have to -- we have to understand that what we're seeing in europe, the reality of that existence, what has happened in germany, will happen here if with allow the same unabated, large policies of allowing people to come in. >> but there is the other side of the coin, is the humanitarian argument. 3,000 migrants have drowned in the mediterranean sea trying to get into europe. just this year. 3,000. >> i get that. >> i know you get it. but that's that powerful argument in america, which is a very generous and open society. that humanitarian argument will be used. it will. >> but look, what are the saudis doing who are actually of the same faith?
1:27 pm
what are arab alis doing to alleviate that? i'm all for us being a very gracious country. my family came over from spain at the beginning of last century. my family is from immigrants. with that said, this is a crisis. why aren't all of our allies chipping in, doing that they took help? so, as much also we should do our share, others are not. and i think we need look at putting pressure on them to do what is necessary to alleviate that crisis before we get further involved. >> tony shaffer, thank you for joining us. we are keeping a close watch on davenport, iowa, donald trump is set to rally his troops there shortly. and the head of the afl-cio ripping trump this more morningt brett baier has been talking to union members and is hearing a different story. bret baier, coming up.
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ladies and gentlemen, breaking in for the national anthem. listen, please. ♪ through the perilous fight,
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>> that is 34-year-old star swain, a high school assistant principal in florida, facebook live video of her singing the anthem got 37-1/2 million views on the social media. that's why she is now leading the national anthem at the dnc, day four. got it. now, you're about to look live at davenport, iowa. donald trump is set to speak. and on the other side, the dnc in philadelphia where hillary clinton will deliver her acceptance speech tonight. after tonight, the official general election faceoff will begin 9/11 right now, donald trump is on top. the real clear politics average shows donald trump taking a slight lead over hillary clinton for the first time since may. to real clear's kaitlin huey
1:31 pm
burns. you say we have to start looking at individual states. start with trump. which state is an absolutely must win state for trump? >> reporter: i would take a look at ohio, where the republicans just held their national convention. no republican in modern history has won the white house without winning ohio. that's going to be a very key state for trump, and a trump campaign believes they can put ohio in play given its pop lift appeal to working class, figures to resonate there. also looking to flip pennsylvania, a state that has been favorable to democrats in general elects but another one in which even democrats i talk to here this week has said that it will be a competitive state. so for donald trump he is really looking to flip those two states in the republicans' favor.
1:32 pm
>> for hillary clinton what this absolutely must-win state for hillary? >> for hillary clinton i would look at florida. it's a state that democrats have done well the past couple of cycles. obama won it. a state where the changing demographics, especially the changing latino population in florida, has been helpful to democrats in carrying the state, but it's also a state that donald trump did very well in, the republican primary, clinton of course won the democratic primary there, but trump is also figuring to play in other parts of the state. the democrats can't win florida, think that it will signal trouble across the board. it's going to be a bellwether -- always is a big state but especially this cycle. >> tell me about new hampshire. mr. obama won new hampshire last time around. but hillary clinton in the primary in new hampshire, lost to bernie sanders. does that mean new hampshire is a trump opportunity? >> i think it could possibly be.
1:33 pm
it will certainly be a battleground, new hampshire has four electoral votes but in a close race that could make a big difference. trump beat his opponents in new hampshire's primary, again tapping into the working class voters there. populist appeal resonated with people in new hampshire and helped propel bernie sanders there who was successful in that primary as well. so i expect both campaigns to be spending some time in new hampshire. there's very competitive senate race going on there, too. >> okay, thank you very much for join us. >> thank you. >> in philadelphia, tonight, it will be hillary clinton's big moment. to democrats maryland's senator ben cardin. welcome to the program. are we look can dirk. >> go to be with you. >> -- third term of president obama with a president clinton? >> we are looking to a first term for a president hillary
1:34 pm
clinton. hillary clinton has her record. we're excited about her record as not only first lady in and the united states senate and secretary of state and before she started public life. she was out there working on behalf of women, working on behalf of civil rights. so, we're looking at a term for a president who has her own strong qualifications, and will present her own unique way of carrying out those priority. >> but will she be pretty much following the economic policies already established by president obama? >> i think they share a lot of same objectives but it will be a hillary clinton administration -- >> what would be the difference -- >> first of all a new congress. hillary clinton has proven she knows how to work with senators, how to work with congressmen. we have to come together as a nation. not going to be a democratic agenda or republican agenda. we need an american agenda -- >> -- policy -- >> i hope we have a long-term
1:35 pm
budget agreement so we have predictable tax code, reform our tax provisions for a plea tickettable -- predictable tax code and build a stronger infrastructure, roads, bridges, energy infrastructure. all that are areas where i think secretary clinton will bring to a clinton administration. >> okay. senator, donald trump has just issued this statement. let me read it to you and i want your reaction: at hillary clinton's convention this week, democrats have been speaking about a world that doesn't exist. a world where america has full employment, where there's no such things a radical jamessic terrorism and the borders hays secured and americans are not suffering from rising crime in city like baltimore and chicago. that's what donald trump just said. your reaction. >> well, i'm so proud to live in america. this is the greatest country in
1:36 pm
the world where you have more opportunity than any other country. we have made tremendous progress in recent years and over our history. do we still have work to do? you betcha, we have lot of work to do, and a president clinton understands that. in her administration we're going to continue to make progress. but we don't do it in isolation. we don't do it by building walls. we do it by building bridges and building opportunity. including all. so that's what i think you'll see from a clinton administration. so, i am proud to live hereafter. i think this country provides more opportunity than any other country. i'm proud of the record we have been able to achieve during recent years but still have work to do. >> are you expecting a lot of trump bashing from hillary clinton. >> i don't think it will be trump bashing. laying out two different visions and two different styles. frankly, i'm the senior democrat on the senate foreign relations committee and a lot of what donald trump has said i find dangerous and i think extreme.
1:37 pm
i think -- i hope she'll point out the differences between herself and trump. >> senator ben cardin, thank you very joining us, sir. thank you. >> my pleasure. good to be here. >> a common theme of the dnc has been attack big banks. attack wall street. what about the millions they donated to hillary clinton's campaign? can she really attack wall street tonight? with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call
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all week, wall street has been a target of the dnc. but hillary clinton has raked in millions from big banks financing her campaign. is that an issue for her? to democratic strategist penny lee who joins us from the convention good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> bernie sanders' people are going to be very angry if
1:41 pm
hillary clinton does not bash wall street tonight. but how can she bash wall street having taken millions from them? >> i don't know that bashing is in order but i think she has been consistent throughout the campaign, similar to 2008. she has argued that there are some necessary governors that need to be placed on the banks, specially past 2008 and the crisis, to make sure that doesn't happen again. she has been very forthright and put fort a plan unlike rump trump who has not spoken about it other than in prosecutitudes. she has -- platitudes. she has given multiple speeches so people can see what the wants to do to make sure the financial situation don't occur again. >> trish regan is with us. trish, if hillary clinton doesn't bash wall street tonight, bernie sanders people are going to be wildly annoyed. >> i don't know how bash
1:42 pm
wall street. to your point earlier. this is a woman who is getting the majority of her campaign donations from wall street. wall street is her biggest backer. you compare that, say, with donald trump who has less than one percent of his donations from wall street. he has ken lang-on and anthony scaramucci who is running his finance team but a whole lot of people on wall street are supporting donald trump. so when he is making the case for himself and how he will not be beholden to any wall street interests, he can could so in a more legitimate way than, say, hillary clinton, who basically has been getting all her money from the street. >> what i'm getting at is division within the convention tonight during hillary clinton's speech. bernie sanders' supporters are still there. they're not happy. penny, you know, she is going to have to placate bernie sanders supporters and it's going to be difficult because of the money she has taken from wall street and because of her position on
1:43 pm
the negotiating a trade deal which is wildly unpopular with bernie sanders supporters. >> i think it's also important to remember these are individuals from wall street. not the corporations. it's illegal for a corporation to actually give to -- >> yes, but we know who the individuals represent. >> this -- >> look, given her $7 million. -- >> she has been up front and has not hidden the reforms so people and individuals who work an wall street want to support her, they're aware of the policies in which she will be championing when and if she becomes president of the united states. >> how do you know the money they've given to hillary clinton is -- the return on that money is soft peddle the regulation of wall street and back off a little bit? you don't give millions of dollars without getting something in return do you? >> well, someone like george --
1:44 pm
a very progressive minded individual. not an issue in which he champions. he has many other issues in which she has had slow indicating and sees mrs. clinton being a champion of, whether its be on climate control, many other issues. so, i can't speak to george because i don't know historied motivations but i do know in his past he has also supported -- >> i think what stuart is getting at, if i can jump in, is the crony capitalism. in terms of bernie sanders, she just chose a vice-presidential nominee that just days ago was calling for more deregulation in the banks. why? because he is in virginia and capital one is in virginia and wants more deregulation within the industry. so there he is doing their bidding. i do not think, stuart, she is fully taking into account what bernie sanders supporters want, what they feel, if she was she wouldn't have, for example, hired debbie wassermann schultz.
1:45 pm
she is not extending much of an olive branch to them and her risk is these supporters migrate to donald trump or migrate to gary johnson or go to jill stein from the green party, or they just don't show up, and they don't vote for her. so she doesn't have unity among the democrats. >> it's donald trump who wants to tax heavily hedge fund managers of that is donald trump. out of time everyone, thank you very much. we'll see you tonight when fox business network's coverage continues. 9:00 p.m. eastern. trish, you'll be there to take us through the night. thank you, everyone. >> thank you. >> bret baier up next. with hydrogenated oil...
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did you hear about this. earlier this week a police officer at a noodles and company restaurant in virginia heard a cook say she didn't want to prepare food for that, as in the officer. that cook and another employee who laughed at the comment just got fired. to former phoenix police chief, daniel garcia, who says all this police bashing has to stop. yes, sir. this seems to be happening with increasing regularity, doesn't it? >> it's really disturbing. any business or franchise who will participate in this kind of animosity and hatred toward law enforcement is not acceptable. >> i want to toll you, chief, that the nudeles and company has just put out this statement: we have concluded that the two team members in question acted inappropriately and we immediately terminated their employment. we have spoken with the officer involved, and apologized for the inexcusable actions of those individuals. you're okay with this, employs chief? >> yes. i accept their apology
1:50 pm
wholeheartedly. the norm i have seen across america has been a great support for law enforcement across the country. especially after these terrible tragedyies in dallas and baton rouge. the the support of the public has been incredible. >> i just wonder if the relationship between the police and the public has become politicized? i suggest this because at the republican convention, law enforcement very well represented. at the democratic convention it was not. is that the politicization of our relationship with the police? >> i think it has been. i was -- i was able to breathe again when i heard a candidate say he was a law and order candidate, of course mr. trump. we want to hear this type of terminology from our candidates for the president of the united states. it's important in law enforcement that we know we have the support of the president and our future president. >> i want show to you some videotape taken -- i believe it was yesterday. this is people coming out of the trump rally, lining up,
1:51 pm
literally to shake hands with police officers who had guarded them during the meeting. and in the background, you have some demonstrators who are spewing hatred towards the police officers. now, i guess you would like to see more of this handshaking and congratulations to the police and pro police support. >> the fact is that there is a group in america -- i want to say a small group -- committed to civil disobedience. the fact is supports law enforcement and what you saw there with community shaking hands with officers and giving them their support, means a lot to us. we need to see more of that. >> daniel garcia,. thank you for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. my pleasure. >> forget bernie supporters. if clinton's campaign struggling to get union members? [chanting]
1:52 pm
hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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they want to do away with prevailing wages and -- >> why are your numbers shrinking? >> because we've been attacked for 30 years. we've been in fights before and we've done well and we'll come back again. >> i had no idea until i saw the button that you were for barack obama. >> now the union head is for hillary clinton. the president of the afl-cio tearing into donald trump this morning in philadelphia. but he might be surprised to hear what bret baier has to say. the anchor of "special report" joins me now. what do you have to add to that, bret? >> unions are an important part, stuart, of the democratic base, obviously. and that is one of the places where hillary clinton needs to pick up votes, especially in some of these states in the midwest, in the rust belt.
1:56 pm
and this is a group mostly non-college educated, white men, where she's trailing in most polls by 35 to 37%. i can tell you this, i talked to the guys who are all union around this arena. they set up this whole place, the dnc, they put up the tents, the carpenter's union. they won't say it on camera. they'll say even though their union has endorsed hillary clinton, that they, and they said 70% to 80% of them, are going to vote for donald trump. i don't have a way to verify that, and they won't do it because they're worried about repercussions from the union to talk about it. but those are the conversations that i had just over the past couple of days. >> not willing to go public with it. that's very interesting. so will be shamed into silence. very interesting, bret. i have to bring up the statement that we received earlier today from the director of national intelligence, james clapper. he said we're not ready to make the call on attribution for
1:57 pm
those hacked e-mails. this does not clear up the dispute about russia and hacking and the e-mails, does it? >> no, it doesn't. i think privately we have u.s. officials saying that there are indications that it is russia or a group tied to russia. but publicly, you're right. the director of national intelligence clapper did not say he's ready to say that definitively. the other thing that was interesting that he said at the aspen ideas festival that he's at, is that he is surprised at all the "hyper ventilating over this." and then clapper used sarcasm. he said, more people are hacking, you know, and it was just an interesting response considering all that we've been dealing with in the news with donald trump's statement of the past day. >> i believe you're about to interview clinton's campaign manager, is that correct? >> that's right. and we expect to get some thoughts on all of this, and the
1:58 pm
breaking news about how this is all playing out. a little bit of their strategy, and we'll lift the curtain on hillary clinton's speech. he said today in an interview it has been tough to convince people about the honest and trustworthy question considering all that's out there about hillary clinton. >> the question for the convention is, how far are they really pro and enthusiastically pro hillary clinton versus just been universally negative and anti-donald trump? >> that's a great question. it's one that this convention, stuart, has been dealing with. if you look at the messaging, it is really a messaging to reach out to moderates, to reach out to disaffected republicans most of all. this whole convention, as you and i know, started with the progressives and bernie sanders. but throughout it's been about american exemptionalism, the shining city on the hill and
1:59 pm
almost every speech gives reference to a republican. that's because they're going for those votes. >> there is some opposition to vocal opposition to hillary clinton when she makes her speech tonight. the division has not been entirely kuwaitentire ly quietened down, has it? >> no, but it has diminished a bit. some of those bernie supporters have left this hall, and we saw an emptying out on that second night. whether they've been filled and there's all kinds of stories they're filling seats, the point is you can't get in here. there's not going to be a seat here when hillary clinton gives the final speech of this convention. >> you've enjoyed yourself at these two conventions, haven't you, bret? >> for a political geek like me, this is the sweet spot. hopefully we've been able to express how interesting it is, when you get into the policy and politics of a convention, and now the real fun starts all the way to november 8th.
2:00 pm
>> wonderful stuff. bret baier, thank you very much. we'll see you very, very shortly. good stuff. that's it from us. i will see you tomorrow morning on the fox business network. but right now, stay tuned, "the five" is next. >> hello, everyone. i'm juan williams, with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in philadelphia, and this is "the five." ♪ >> you're looking live in davenport, iowa. donald trump expected to address a rally there in a few minutes. we'll bring that to you when he be begins. in the meantime, in just a few hours, hillary clinton will take center stage in philadelphia to formally accept her party's nomination for president. it will be a first for a woman in our


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