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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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there you go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we have got you covered here at the democratic national convention. continuing coverage now. greta goes "on the record." donald trump here tonight "on the record" and you are looking live at the floor at the 2016 national convention. donald trump will be here in just moments. but, first, i must note this is a his night in american politics. secretary hillary clinton will become the first woman to accept the nomination for president for a major political party. we're going to go to the floor in just minutes. but, first, donald trump is taking heat for suggesting that the russians should find secretary hillary clinton's missing emails. he said he was being sarcastic. you will hear from him straight ahead. here is him at a news conference that just wrapped up. >> i have been watching these speeches at night, and, boy am i getting hit. oh, oh.
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[ laughter ] i am getting hit and they don't mean it and there is a lot of lies being telling you about i guess they have to do their thing i guess they have to do their thing. i will say, this we had a tremendously successful convention in cleveland. cleveland was amazing. cleveland was amazing. and they call it a bounce, but we had a bounce like very few people have a bounce. all i know is i'm leading in the polls. we are leading in all of these polls. [cheers and applause] and we're going it make america great again. but i watched last night, we're going to make america better than ever before. believe me. but i watched last night they are not talking about the real world. they are not talking about radical islamic terrorism. they are not talking about borders where people just pour across they are not
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talking about the kind of crime we have in this nation. they are not talking about the fact that many people in our country are making less money today in terms of real wages than they were making 18 years ago. they are not talking about that. [cheers and applause] they are not talking about the fact that our jobs are leaving our country. that our jobs are pouring in to mexico and other countries. they don't talk about that. they don't talk about all of the problems we have. >> and donald trump joins us live right now. nice to talk to you, donald. >> hello, greta. >> donald, the intelligence briefings are going to begin for both you and secretary clinton very soon. the democrats have issued dire warnings saying that you should not have classified information. in fact, senator harry reid had said that they should give you fake information. the white house says you will get the regular briefing by the dni just like secretary clinton. but your thoughts that democrats saying you should
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not have these intelligence briefings? >> well, i will tell you what my thoughts are. i said yesterday, long before they even thought of it. i said that she shouldn't get it. deleted 33,000 emails you saw what the fbi said she was negligent. i have never seen a report like that. she was negligent and she lied. she lied. i said yesterday she shouldn't be allow to do get briefings. she should absolutely not be allow to do get briefings, because anything she gets she has a phony server. what she has done is incredible. when they say that they are copying what i have been saying for a period of time right now. since i read the report. >> you made reference to 30 or 33,000 emails that were deleted. you made a reference yesterday saying something to the effect that encouraging the russians to try to go look for those 33,000 emails if they have it you now say that is a joke. is that buyer's remorse.
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>> i was being obviously, everybody knows i was being sarcastic when i said it. but where are those emails? i mean why did she delete those emails and how did she get away with it obviously i was being sarcastic and a lot of people really smiled and laughed. it was said in a carcass stick manner obviously. i looked at the cameras. tremendous number of press. it was in florida. and everybody sort of chuckled. and what it was, it was being sarcastic because how can anybody be talking about anything, greta, when you look at what she has done and how she has abused the system with her server, with the deletion of all of this information and these emails. and, i mean, you have to be sarcastic when you see something like that happen. we have not spoken since you gave your acceptance speech for the republican party. your critics have called it dark and i thought how do you describe? would you describe it as something different?
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and was it meant to be inspirational. everybody using same temperature. when people use the same word. naturally it looks like they all read each other. >> most people liked it in fact, there was 75% approval rating, which was extraordinary high done by one of your competing networks in terms of the speech. i got really rave reviews on the speech. the haters, yeah, they said it was dark. i say it wasn't dark. it was optimistic. i viewed that as hope. i viewed that as optimism because i talk about the problem which president obama didn't want to talk about last night. he didn't talk about radical islamic terrorism. he didn't talk about the problems that this country has with borders and with trade, where we are losing $800 billion a year in terms of trade deficits. you take a look at our trade numbers are horrendous. take a look at the main numbers. our jobs are leaving our country. they are moving to mexico
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and other places. people are being fired. you just take a look. i mean, you have to talk about if you are talking about our country, you have to talk about the good and the bad. he didn't want to talk about all of the problems. our real unemployment rate is astronomical. people have given up looking for jobs, greta. you know that better than anybody. you report on it as much as anybody. they are sitting home. they gave up and now they are considered employed. so we have a lot of problems with our country. but i view it not as dark. i view it as i state the fact and then i say we're going to fix it. i think it was very optimistic. that's what i wanted to portrayed and most people saw it that way. >> if secretary clinton were willing to give up the transcripts from her goldman sachs and other wall street speeches, would you be willing to give up or surrender or let the media see your tax returns and if not, at least not for the years not currently in audit? >> one thing, i don't think the transcripts don't mean very much to me.
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what really means something are the 33,000 emails that she deleted. that's what i think she should be giving up. she should find out there is a way of finding emails. and i have always heard that when you are in, you know, whether it's litigation or otherwise, it's virtually impossible to get rid of emails, to delete emails and to make them permanently gone. i would be very interested, but not with transcripts, i'm not interested in her transcripts. i'm much more interested in her emails. now, with that being said, you're the one that said recently and i have used your name a couple of times that if i had a client who was under a routine order by -- audit by the irs, i wouldn't let him go public until the audit is over. you said that on your show and you were speaking then not as a great and talented anchor but you were as a lawyer. and somebody that knows what they are talking about. but you said yourself if you were a lawyer you wouldn't do it. >> i said as a lawyer for the years in audit, absolutely. now, let me be a political person or a media person.
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for the years at least not in audit, because there are certainly years not in audit, to give sort of a general idea, and sort of call off the dogs and the people who are after your tax returns to look at them, why not release those that are not in audit even if they go back a number of years. >> i don't have that much pressure, i will be honest. people don't care about it. certain people in the media i have had very little pressure. i remember with mitt romney four years ago. everybody wanted his is a peanut compared to mine. it's like a peanut. very small. not nearly as big a document. mine, you saw the picture where it's 2 or 3 feet high. now, they finally got it in september. he decided to give it. and they found a couple of little minor things. little things that didn't mean anything. he did nothing wrong. by the way, mitt romney did nothing wrong. but when they gave them. they found a couple of little sentences. if you remember harry reid lied about it he told a dirty lie. and mitt gave that and after he gave it, they found a
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little sentence and they made such a big deal. he might have lost the election over that. >> all right did you watch president obama's speech last night and your critique of it? >> i thought his speech was good. i thought it was well delivered but i don't think he said what's going on with the country. he didn't talk about radical islamic terrorism. he didn't talk about the problems. he didn't talk about the fact that people right now, that people 18 years ago were making more money in real wages than they are making today and enemy cases they are now working harder and two jobs. he didn't lay out the facts. he laid out just a rose picture. he didn't lay out what's really happening in our country. he didn't talk about our borders. he didn't talk about thousands of people coming in from syria. we have no idea who they are, what they're. and what kind of damage will be inflicted. you look at what's going on in france and germany and other places, he didn't talk about that. >> you know, it's -- november is just around the corner and no matter what happens, i think always in
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november the country tries to come together whoever is elected. let me ask you a couple of soft questions. is it at least sort of fun for you because ivanka introduced you. tonight chelsea clinton who we saw grow up is going to introduce her mother. is it fun for you to watch that or not? >> i would really look forward to watching it. and i will tell you, ivanka has a lot of respect for chelsea clinton. she really likes her but she has a lot of respect for chelsea clinton and i'm sure chelsea would do a very good job. >> fun to watch all the children of the candidates. one last question, leader pelosi says she doesn't think anyone should vote for a candidate because of gender. that was leader pelosi here last night. in light of that, stepping aside, i realize you are running against secretary clinton. something sort of your thoughts and the fact it's a rather historic night tonight because a woman will be nominated formally to accept the nomination to be head of party. i know you want to beat her in november. any remarks on the historic impact. >> you are going to have a woman. wrong woman.
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look at her track record dismal with libya and all the mistakes she has made. look at the report issued last week by the fbi. it's a scasser. said she lied. thee veally put our country at risk with the server. you look at all of the things that are happening, i just don't know frankly how a person like this would be electable. now, with that being said, some day and i don't think it will be in the very distant future you will absolutely have a woman be president and i look forward to that. >> donald, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much, greta. >> and back here in philly, tonight is the night, secretary hillary clinton will formally tell her democratic party that, yes, she will accept their nomination for president. just as for donald trump last week in cleveland, this speech may be the most important speech she has ever given. let's go down to the convention floor where it's buzzing. co-host of america's newsroom martha maccallum is there. martha? >> hello, greta. good evening to you. obviously a lot of excitement here. especially in that this is the night that she will accept that nomination. i'm told that she is going
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to try to keep her emotions in check. that she is very excited about tonight. we know that chelsea clinton said it will be almost overwhelming moment for her to be standing there watching her mother have this moment and having children witness this big moment as well. a lot of buttons out there tonight. madam president with her profile on them. if she wins, we win. those kind of sentiments expressed on stickers and buttons down here. but you were just talking to donald trump about the issue of whether or not he presented a dark vision of the future. and there is some discussion that we may see hillary clinton, you know, the president last night talked about the shiny city on the hill and obviously a reference to ronald reagan's vision for america. but we may see hillary clinton give us a little bit more of a dose of realism. an understanding. anxiety that people face in the country. she may try to take some of that territory from donald trump in accepting that we need, perhaps, more law and order, more safety in our
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streets a at home. expect a law enforcement presence out there tonight as well, greta, to show that hillary stands with them as well. she is trying to present herself as a sober alternative to someone who she sees as not fit for the job. she has covered a lot of bases here in the past few days, the hispanics, with women, all of that important. but those people are largely in her corner, according to the polls. she is now reaching out to the middle to tell people that she is an alternative choice for those who may consider donald trump. that's going to be the tussle for those voters, greta, and that argument will begin in ernest this evening. back to you, greta. >> that are that thank you. we will check back with you later. much of the talk this week has been about the shocking dnc hack. the content of the hacked emails exposed and anti-bernie sanders bias within the dnc. last years sanders has been claiming the system was rigged against him. not the only one making that claim that the system was
4:14 pm
rigged here is former 2016 presidential candidate governor martin o'malley in september of 2015. >> do you believe the process has been rigged? >> i do. >> by the party leaders for hillary clinton? >> i think it's -- i think you are sore press to do say leaders. i'm told that this is the prerogative of the chair. and there is always an inclination, i think, for old relationships to kind of circle the wagons and protected one another. that's not what our party is about. tell the viewers hot chair is? >> the chair is debbie wasserman-schultz. >> governor o'malley is here to go "on the record." nice to see you, governor. >> good to be with you, greta. >> i know you are a loyal democrat. you have endorsed secretary hillary clinton. going back to that september sound bite. you had a lot of hope at the time those debates, for instance, if they had been scheduled on different nights and different maybe more of them might have had a little bit of an impact on you. >> might have had. i made that objection at the time. as a challenger who was virtually unknown, we were really counting on having as many debates in prime time as the republican candidates were having.
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and when the debate schedule was limited like that, that clearly hurt my odds of succeeding and our party's competition for the nomination what's concerned me more today is that the dnc has been broken into, burglarized if you will by likely a foreign power, namely the putin regime. and that i think, should concern all of us. >> what i'm surprised about, i haven't heard anything about is the rnc have better security or they vice president gotten around to releasing rnc emails? i can't figure out why we are only hearing one party. >> because it serves putin's interests to have a president like donald trump. >> you think that's why? >> i do. i mean, look, we have donald trump who i just listen to do on your program, is unprecedented as a candidate in modern times to say that he wants to pull back from nato. i think ronald reagan would
4:16 pm
be rolling over in his grave if he listens to the way donald trump off and ons over and says praises vladimir putin as a strong leader. >> secretary rumsfeld told me that he and i'm a little fearful because i might get it a little bit wrong that back a number of years that he sent a memo to then president bush saying that people in nato need to -- pay their fair share so to speak and make their payments. i always thought i understood what donald trump want to do do is make other nations, whether it's a good idea or bad idea who had committed to making certain payments to nato that they step up. >> we should do that. i mean, we should ask that everybody do their fair share. but that's different from saying that we should pull back from nato. talk about doing your fair share. how about donald trump's fair share when it comes to paying taxes. greta, i have probably. >> we don't know what he is paying. >> we have no idea. i will make you a a dollars bet. i bet there were years i paid more in taxes than donald trump paid. what do you think? >> without the tax returns, i don't think either one of us know.
4:17 pm
>> i revealed my taxes and i ran as probably the poorest man with more college debt than anybody who ever ran for president. but every candidate has -- even richard nixon when he had some years under audit he still revealed his taxes. donald trump thinks he is beyond these rules. >> i put this on the same level as secretary clinton's speeches. those transcripts. in fact i think you asked for those transcripts. >> did i. >> why won't she reveal those? >> i don't know. i think she should as well. this is what i think is outrage just is donald trump has not revealed his tax returns. everyone who has ever run for president reveals their tax returns. this is the other nexus, donald trump has been so black balled in terms of being able to get loans for his serial bankruptcy businesses, if you want to call serial bankruptcies good business has been so black balled by domestic banks in the united states of america that he has had to go searching abroad, including to ollie oligarchs to close ties with putin. look, there is a reason that
4:18 pm
people are nerve success about this man getting security briefings given his coziness to the russians. >> the run ones who are nervous are the ones that oppose him. the fact there is a lot of people who support him. >> and there is a lot of people who also want to know who broke in to the dnc. >> i want to know that. >> i want to know what donald trump's connections are to oligarchs. >> do you think he was part of the hacking. >> i don't think i was part of the hacking. i think he encourages it and he by his desire to have us pulled back from nato. is he the candidate that vladimir putin wants to see in the white house because that is the candidate look, this is no joke. >> trump said it was sarcasm. we have the lowest form of a candidacy here in a man who uses fascist tactics, trying to put all of us in fear of.
4:19 pm
>> i am giving you the last word because i have got to go. anyway, governor, always nice to see you. thank you. >> good seeing. >> you tonight, secretary clinton paints the convention stage but according to the most recent polls most americans do not trust her. can she change those minds? also we go back to the convention floor where the excitement is growing by the minute. that's next. can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before.
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don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] "on the record" is live in philadelphia for the final night of the 2016 democratic national convention. let's go down to the convention floor for just a second with the anticipation is really building. co-host of america's
4:23 pm
newsroom bill hemmer is there with bill nelson. bill? >> good evening. senator, thank you for your time. >> thanks, bill. >> what does hillary clinton have to do tonight? she has to show that she is the genuine hillary that her friends and her family's friends know her to be. >> tough act to follow after last night. >> last night was the crescendo going all the way up to the president. >> donald trump says this convention is not living in the real world. what do you think about that? >> well, it seems to me that it is very much living in the real world. it seems to me that donald has to make all these strange comments and has to retract them he is not living in the real world. >> he says the lack of mentioning islamic terrorism by radicals is wrong. >> well, i talk about it all the time. >> it has not been mentioned here. how come? >> i don't even notice that. you have a secretary of
4:24 pm
defense, a cia director who does the organized mission to take out bin laden. that's terrorism. >> you are a u.s. army guy. last question? why the booing last night of leon panetta? >> that is poor form. that is people who wanted to make a liberal point but they picked the wrong guy. he is the guy that has reformed the pentagon he is the one that reformed the cia. he was the commander of the mission back in headquarters to take down bin laden. they picked the wrong guy. >> 29 electoral votes in florida. we will see you there in a couple of months. >> amen, thanks, bill. >> battleground again. >> all right. >> greta, back to you. >> acting international committee chair woman donna brazil is here to be "on the record." >> good evening i will be interim chair serving out the final months of debbie
4:25 pm
wasserman-schultz's term. >> why did you agree to do this. >> i love my party and country. as you well know i did this tim kaine and then governor decide to do run for senate. i'm the vice chair for voter participation. i get called upon and i believe i can help make a difference. >> any thoughts on how much of a mess this is. >> i'm a democrat and i know that we got to tidy up some things but my focus is to help elect hillary clinton and to make sure we have a party that is a lean, mean, aggressive fighting machine. >> are their deep wounds? looking at the emails from my perspective. bernie sanders kept saying the system was rigged and we all sort of ignored him a little bit and then you see these emails and it does look like it was rigged, the fix was. in she probably would have gotten it anyway. >> i don't think -- look, diveeferg for the 2016 election was held in the open. every rules meeting, credentials meeting. every opportunity we had to change the rules to make sure they were stronger. everybody waswhen you look at sf
4:26 pm
emails look at a conversation taking place in a back room, what you see is what happens in the back room. people say things people express things that you like onto see in the newspaper let alone the email trail. my job as interim chair is to make sure that we are prepared to help hillary clinton and tim kaine? nuts and bolts, up until the nomination, the dnc is neutral. isn't much of an advocacy group. >> right. >> now that the nomination will be formally accepted tonight now you partner up with the candidate, right? >> that's correct. >> what will be the role of the dnc between now and november. >> there is no question that victory 16 is to help our 50 state parties prepare to win this fall. we already -- debbie has already assembled staff in all of the key states. put the resources in those states. i want to make sure that everybody in headquarters is not working on something day to day. i'm going to send them out in the field. i'm a field organizer.
4:27 pm
that's what i plan to do. we are going to have a communication team. of course a finance team. everybody else is going out in the streets and that's where i will be myself. >> so tonight, leader pelosi says you shouldn't select a candidate based on gender, none the less, this is the first woman to head a major ticket. >> yes. >> fun? >> historic moment. i have got to tell you a quick story. 13 years ago hillary clinton introduced barack obama to a couple of her friends and she said this guy has a future. and guess what? 12 years later he is the president of the united states passing off the microphone to her tonight. all right, donna, it's always nice to see you. you sort of got -- i think you got the old maid job getting this job. >> i guess i like to clean things up. >> anyway, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> right now new york governor andrew cuomo is on the stage. let's listen for a moment. >> different colors and different languages, stop immigration. and they believed the nation would automatically rise it's not right. it's divisive, it's
4:28 pm
delusional and we must expose the truth to the people of this nation. [ applause ] republicans are suffering from short-term memory loss. unless the republicans are all native americans then they are immigrants, too. if we listen to the republicans, they will cut this nation in half and turn one against the other. it will take our greatest strength, which is our diversity and it would make it a weakness. and we are not going to let that happen to our america. now, my friends, fear is a
4:29 pm
powerful weapon. it can excite and motivate and it can get people to yell and to scream. fear can even bring you into power. but fear has never created a job. >> well, that is new york governor andrew cuomo. we'll go back to the floor coming up. plus, critics say president obama made his convention speech last night all about himself. did he or was it an invitation to carry on his policies? karl rove is standing by to go "on the record." crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections... ...including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,...
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voting in november. last week is the excitement in cleveland and now it's the excitement in philly. >> i think they still maintain some importance in that they deepen people's understanding of who the candidates are. they don't necessarily change a lot of minds. we have what's called a bump and generally the bumps cancel each other out. they do increase the amount of information that independent voters and swing voters have to make their decision and they bring that information in to play later in the fall when they finally make up their minds. >> we haven't heard secretary clinton tonight. once she speaks it will be fun to compare the two. do you want to compare and contrast the two conventions? which convention assuming that secretary clinton does a good job tonight. was it more effective? >> well, his was effective in that it gave him a bump. he shouted a lot. but woe got to hear particularly at the beginning when he talked
4:34 pm
about the violence that had been -- some families had to suffer through as a result of violent illegal immigrants. you knew that touched his heart. and i think he did an adequate job. he had an advantage, though, compared to her. she has got to compete with michelle obama having hit it out of the park. barack obama, joe biden and an adequate address from her vice president. she has got at least three big addresses, president obama, mrs. obama, and the vice presidents to, you know, try and best. it's a difficult speech under the best of times. it's going to be a really difficult one for her tonight. expectation is high. she has too many things she has got to do. she has to reassure voters she is up to the job. he has to tear down donald trump. has she got to defend herself against these weaknesses she got on honest and trustworthy. there are a lot of different things she could try to do. you can't do a lot of different things in about 30 to 35 minutes which is what
4:35 pm
she is likely to have in the way of speech time. >> fbi director james comey print ago grim picture about the fight against isis. director comey saying terrorist attack around the world will go up. >> at some point there will be a terrorist out of syria like we have never seen before. not all of the islamic state's killers are going to die on the battle field. hundreds and hundreds of them when the coalition succeeds and i'm confident it will in crushing the islamic state through the fingers of the that crush are going to come hundreds of really dangerous people. they will flow out primarily toward western europe but we might as well be right next door to western europe. given the ease with which people can travel. >> karl, that's just about the scarest grimmest warning coming out of the fbi. >> i think it's highly accurate. remember, we literally have hundreds of people. maybe even thousands of people were western passports who are fighting with isis in syria. i had my neighbor and my
4:36 pm
congressman is mike mccaul head of the homeland security committee. and i remember him talking to me last year about he had been blown away by the number of people. new zealand, australia, you know, not just the countries that you might expect, but all across the world, people with passports from those countries were being detected moving to syria. at least we knew who those people were. we may not know who all of them are. he is absolutely right. we have seen that europe has a very porous border given the refuse refugee crisis. and you add the number of people who hold european passports. we are in a war. a war like the cold war it will go on for decades and persistent american leadership is required in order to vanquish our foe. >> it's unthinkable. probably start to have metal detectors in churches. unthinkable what happened in france. just the worse. carl, thank you. >> you bet. >> democrats take the stage. you know their opponents are walking hard behind the
4:37 pm
scene historic rockie was filmed. rapid response team working to counter the democrat's message. shannon? >> hey, greta. listen. we talked to this team. they are listening to everything that's happening on the stage like the speech behind me right now. everything coming out from the dnc this week and fact checking it. talking about what you are hearing from the stage. they want to use surrogates. they want to use social media in every way they can to try to respond. they are using things that are different than in conventions past because they know consumers, potential voters take in information differently than they did just four years ago. they are using snap chat and facebook and live stream. also using surrogates we mentioned like rudy giuliani. former senator cot brown and others to try to be here on site to push back from what you hear from the stage. what they are also doing is talking about what you are not hearing from the stage. they are putting out the message that they don't think the democrats are taking isis seriously or other issues like israel and things that americans are worried about and are concerned about and are talking about. so i tried to reach out to the rnc to get a little feedback from them because we had heard that they push
4:38 pm
back on the dnc monday about not having flags on stage. american flags and the fact that they didn't mention isis. well, on tuesday night when former defense secretary and cia director leon panetta spoke he talked about isis and terrorism. i think they would like to make a link. we don't know if they are having that immediate impact. i can tell you when he did bring that up on this floor there were chants of no more war that rang out for several minutes. he took on that hot topic. the rnc will take on ha hot topic as well. >> shannon, thank you. the big political battle is to convince voters especially independents she can be trusted a brand new poll shows 68% of adults think she ♪ honest and trustworthy. just 38% say she is honest and trustworthy. campaign manager robbie mook saying to politico i don't think people will fully appreciate who she is until knock on wood she is elected president. a special "on the record" democratic strategist panel is here joe trippi and
4:39 pm
jessica erhlick. >> odd to tell the voters to waited until after the election she will get trustworthy. odd notion. also the fact that donald trump has lousy numbers too in truret one way or the trustw. what does she have to do tonight to pick off the independents and undecides that she is trustworthy? >> no one speech or convention is going to solve that issue the trustworthy issue. it's going to take between now and november and beyond if she wins. i think part of what is happening is a lot of these polls right now you are going to get bounces. but you are also on thee attributes like trustworthiness they don't matter as much as we make out. >> jessica, i think these polls are sort of odd in the sense that it's not whether you agree with the person's policies or not. i don't even know if you get to that because you don't think the person is trustworthy. that's truth both camps have lousy numbers.
4:40 pm
i think it's peculiar. >> there is a distrust people have about what their character is. and that's sort of what they have been trying to address here during the convention particular whether i hillary making her more humid and bringing her around. people know what she will do as a president. and i think that's sort of the most important thing that we will see coming out of tonight, that's how voters decide who they are going to vote for in this election when they have sort of a best of the worst option, i think, for a lot of people. >> but what happens here is there are people clearly, large numbers of people who have issues with trusting hillary clinton. they also have issues of trust with trump. >> with him. >> but, some of it also is the temperament thing. does this guy have the temperament to be our president. >> but that's -- >> -- what happens to voters who have both of those things? they are concerned about trusting her but they are worried that he doesn't have the temperament to be president. that's what the two of them. >> that's what the two sides pin on. republicans pin on her that she is crooked.
4:41 pm
so she can't be trusted and the democrats pin on him that he is reckless and going to push the button. >> and somebody is going to win that fight between now and november. or solve part of their problem, which is, by the way, why he is on a prompter now a lot and doesn't put himself in to so many situations where it's an impromptu press conference where he is off of prompter like he had. >> i will give you the last word, jess canchts interesting yes those numbers are out there but voters are still voting for hillary even though they think she is untrustworthy. that's to your point. not the only indication people are using it how they are going to vote in november. >> i'm surprised she doesn't have the millennial women. >> you know, i am and i'm not. >> in droves, i mean recommendation well, you know, they are just a different generation. you know, they are doing a lot of outreach. i think there is a lot of economic issues there that need to be addressed. they are sort of already above. >> my feeling is they have seen some women on the supreme court. head of the federal reserve. you know, having a woman do
4:42 pm
something. and leader pelosi says don't vote on gender. >> that's why i think she said the other night you're next. i think it's not about me. it's about you being -- one of you is going to be president and appeal to that. >> joe and jessica, thank you both. our coverage of the 2016 national convention continues next. ♪ ♪ (wolves howling) when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones)
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4:45 pm
"on the record" is leifer sky box democratic connection. on the stage behind me is nancy pelosi. let's listen for a second. >> from her opponent's luster. she has a gift for strategic
4:46 pm
thinking for knowing from her knowledge and her experience. and she has a connection to hard-working american families forged in her lifetime of leadership and service to others. leadership and public service are our cause and our calling as democrats. here is our commitment to the american people for a stronger america. first, we must secure our nation with strong action to keep americans safe, fighting terror at home and abroad and eliminating isis. we must be strong and smart, not reckless and rash at home, safer communities demand courage not cowardice in the face of the national rifle association. for the sake. >> that is, of course, minority leader house
4:47 pm
minority leader nancy pelosi. now on to donald trump. as you all viewers note donald trump is never afraid to hold a news conference and now trump is calling out secretary clinton about her lack of news conferences. in fact, secretary clinton has not held a press conference since december 2015. trump is now challenging secretary clinton to hold one. >> so it's been 235 days since crooked hillary clinton has had a press conference. and you, as reporters, who give her all of these glowing reports should ask yourselves why and i will tell you why. because despite the nice platitudes, she has been a mess. the "on the record" political panel is here from the "boston globe" anna linskey and from "time" magazine zeke miller. annie, 235 days since she gave a press conference. she sat down for a number of interviews since then. does it make a difference whether you answer questions
4:48 pm
from a reporter and a sit down interview or whether you get pummeled with a bunch of questions and a bunch of reporters? >> absolutely, greta. it makes a huge dinks. i think that the american traditions include our elected leaders standing up and responding to questions of the reporters who follow them the most closely are going to ask. and, yes, you know, she does do interviews. in fact, she is going to do one on your network on sunday. it's not the same as being in a room with reporters and answering for your policies. and i think that's just been part of our tradition and should continue to be so. >> zeke, why isn't she doing press conferences? since december of 2015 is a long time. >> i mean, 236 days now. updating the count for the press conference yesterday. it seems what her calculated there in the first do no harm role they think that caution could win the day for them. that might be an i observed carat of where this speech might go for her tonight here. they don't need to put themselves in front of the
4:49 pm
camera very often. that's only an opportunity for her to make some mistakes and they don't really want to take those risks. >> but she has a trustworthiness problem. this is something that feeds right into that. because i think the american people want to hear from their leaders. they want to hear them defend, you know, defend any number of things that come up. and leaders can do a very good job of it when the time is right. >> the more you say no, the more suspicious everybody gets no matter what the topic. >> right. i'm now at the point of saying why isn't she doing one? >> she is willing to absorb the negative news coverage. worst thing happen stories and make -- whatever it is about the press conference that would be worse. whatever could wrong worse than us writing and talking about her not holding that press conference. >> makes the bar that much higher when she does do one. >> exactly. >> leader pelosi says she has a gift for strategic thinking. that's going to be fed into a commercial because now the republicans says she has a gift for strategic thinking and lay out a lot of things she didn't do well. every sound bite is going to turn into a commercial from from here until november. >> certainly.
4:50 pm
>> campaign trail donald trump's children have shined eric and ivanka some of the best advocates for their father. >> when my father says that he will build a tower, keep an eye on the skyline. floor by floor a soaring structure will appear. usually record setting in its height and iconic in its design. >> i have seen it time and time again, that look in his eyes when someone says it can't be done. i saw that look a little over a year ago when he was told he couldn't possibly succeed in politics. yes, he did. to the unemployed voter sitting at home watching me right now, wondering how you are going to make your next mortgage payment or rent payment, my father is running for you. >> when my father says that he will make america great again, he will deliver. >> tonight, secretary hillary clinton's daughter chelsea will introduce her mother and let's talk about this. we have all watched chelsea grow up from a little kit in
4:51 pm
the white house. tonight she gave a preview of tonight's speech. >> this election is so important to me because i'm now a mom. and as proud as i am of my mom this fundamentally is about my children charlotte and aden. i couldn't imagine a better president for them. i couldn't imagine a better grandmother for them either. i think just standing there thinking about my children and looking at my mom, i think it's going to be overwhelming. i think it was clear last week when ivanka introduced her dad that she is so proud of him. i hope it will be at least as clear why i'm so proud of my mom when i introduce her here in philadelphia. and, yet, clearly ivanka and i have very different views about who we think should be our president. >> well, panel, what should we expect from chelsea tonight, zeke? >> a lot of same things we saw from ivanka trump last week. the idea is to try to show the private candidate and private hillary clinton. something the clinton always say she is the least well known famous person. and that she is going to hear testimonials of private
4:52 pm
side of now the democratic nominee. >> yeah. i think this is new though. i mean, to have the children of the candidate come out so strongly on both sides. and then you even had michelle obama, so movingly talking about her daughters in the white house. so, you know, seems like a new thing we are doing now for so long children were off limits and as reporters we are told gosh, one thing you cannot report on is the kids. and now everybody is taking them out. and we are seeing that. these are all good parents. i mean, every one of these candidates, whatever you think about them, their children are just beautiful, poised and so well spoken. >> what i'm going to miss tonight i have been around washington long enough is hillary clinton's mother dorothy rodham she was sort of a fixture in washington. and whether you are republican or democrat she was a hoot. she had a tough life herself she had a very tough life i regret that she is not here tonight to watch this. >> i hope we do.
4:53 pm
anyway. annie, zeke, thank you both. >> thank you. >> and the big moment, well, it's almost here. secretary hillary clinton's acceptance speech is just a short time away. we go to the wild convention floor straight ahead. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,
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4:56 pm
pennsylvania where he found voters fed up with excessive. >> we are on construction site in johnstown, pennsylvania, we are finding out what these workers think about the election. >> well, i think donald trump for our business and especially for the johnstown area would be a lot better choice. donald trump is for less regulations hillary clinton continues the obama world of regulations. >> you were saying this crane behind us actually has had to stop working temporarily. >> it has. until we get all the approvals back at the soil around the tanks are clean, which we expect to have that shortly. >> pennsylvania, which is a swing state, may be the most important swing state if these blue collar democrats go to trump. do you think that will happen and why? >> yeah, the best i can tell is the people that i know
4:57 pm
and a lot of democrat a lot of friends are supporting trump. whifs at the polls and talking to people, surprising amount of people that said when i asked them if they were republican they said no we are democrat but we are writing in donald trump. here in the johnstown area, i think he had probably two thirds of the vote. so he did very well here. in rural america. >> not everyone agrees rick elliott is a foreman here, rick, your political thoughts? you are not a trump guy. >> i'm not a trump guy. i say go hillary. >> you like hillary? >> looking for a fresh four years. >> your boss is fair and balanced. some reason you get on a a.m. to 10:00 p.m. shift in november you will tell us, right? >> yes, i will. >> greta, more than 80,000
4:58 pm
democrats here in pennsylvania had switched from the democrat party to the republican party since january and as the party winds down here and out here amongst these protesters as well, well, i can tell you this much, it's going to be places like johnstown that matter the most where the ratio is more than 10 times switching from democrat to republican. greta? >> griff, thank you. >> and we, that means you are just a few short hours of history being made on the stage behind me. secretary hillary clinton will become the first woman to accept the nomination to be a major political party's candidate for president. "on the record" has live team coverage on the floor with martha and bill. check in with martha first and bill's side of the floor. martha. >> they have made adjustments for the stage tonight for hillary clinton's big moment. biggest moment of her political career. there are now two podiums out there this evening to the left and right. she will stand at a podium that will be placed in the center this evening as she literally takes center stage. but she has a job to do up there this evening. she will still trying to be
4:59 pm
pulling together the two parts of this party. scattered around the arena this evening are people wearing knee on green shirts with the quote enough is enough from bernie sanders. when the lights go down. those green shirts are growing brightly. also hear from a former reagan staff who will take the stage in support of hillary clinton. also a woman who leads republicans for hillary will speak this evening as well. so, trying to bring everybody into the fold and that is the job that she set out for herself tonight. we will hear from her in just a while. greta, back to you. >> martha, thank you. go to the co-host of america's newsroom bill hemmer. bill? >> greta, good evening. i just talked to rob reiner, singer, and actor. she says she has to connect and show a warmer more human side and he mentioned that moment in 2008 when she lost the caucus in iowa and cried during a news conference in new hampshire the following week. she talked about the stakes on the line right there and suggesting that the stakes were too high to lose. that was 2008.
5:00 pm
eight years later, greta, she is about to make the speech of her life. hang on. back to you. >> bill, thank you. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. bill o'reilly is live next. good night from philly. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. as we wrap up our karageorge of the democratic national convention in philadelphia, at approximately 10:20 eastern time hillary clinton will give her keynote address. the secretary will be introduced by her daughter chelsea. other than that, it's the usual democrats saying the usual stuff this evening. so i have a confession to make, these conventions bore me to shreds. to tired of all the prop gab da on both sides, all the partisan hype, all the misleading rhetoric. it's just stupefying even though i concede


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