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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 28, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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even furious. and you know what? you're right. it's not yet working the way it should. americans are willing to work and work hard, but right now an awful a lot of people feel there is less and less respect for the work they do. and less respect for them, period. democrats, we are the party of working people. but we haven't done a good-enough job showing we get what you're going through and we're going to do something to help. so tonight, i want to tell you, how we will empower americans to live better lives. my primary mission as president will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages, right here in the united states.
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from my first day in office to my last, especially in places that for too long have been left out and left behind, from our inner cities to small towns from indian country to coal country. from communities ravaged by addictions, to regions hollowed out by plant closures. i believe the middle class thrives when america thrives. i believe the economy isn't working the way it should because our democracy isn't working the way it should. that's why we need to appoint supreme court justices who will get money out of politics and expand voting rights, not
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restrict them. and necessary, we will pass a constitutional amendment to overturn citiz citizens united. i believe american corporations that have gotten so much from our country should be just as patriotic in return. many of them are. but too many aren't. it's wrong to take tax breaks with one hand and give out pink slips with the other. and i believe wall street can never, ever, be allowed to wreck main street again.
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and, i believe in science. i believe climate change is real. and that we can save our planet while creating millions of good-paying, clean-energy jobs. i believe that when we have millions of hard working immigrants contributing to our economy, it would be self defeating and inhumane to try to kick them out. comprehensive immigration reform will grow our economy and keep families together and it's the right thing to do. so, whatever party you belong
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to, or if you belong to no party at all, if you share these beliefs, this is your campaign. if you believe that companies should share profits, not pad executive bonuses, join us. if you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage and no one working full time should have to raise their children in poverty, join us. if you believe every man, woman, and child in america has the right to affordable health care, join us. if you believe that we should say no to unfair trade deals,
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that we should stand up to china, that we should support our steel workers and auto workers and home-grown manufacturers, then join us. if you believe we should expand social security and protect a woman's right to make her own health care decisions then join us. and yes. yes. if you believe your working wife, mother, sister, or daughter deserves equal pay, join us. that's how we're going to make sure this economy works for everyone, not just those at the
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top. now, you didn't hear any of this, did you, from donald trump at his convention. he spoke for 70-odd minutes and i do mean odd. and he offered 0 solutions. but we already know he doesn't believe these things. no wonder he doesn't like talking about his plans. you might have noticed, i love talking about mine. in my first 100 days we'll work with both parties to pass investments in new well paying jobs since world war ii. jobs in energy, clean manufacturing, technology, innovation, small business and
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infrastructure. if we invest in infrastructure now, we'll not only create jobs today but lay the foundation for jobs in the future and transform the way we prepare our young people for those jobs. bernie sanders and i will work to make college tuition free for the middle class and debt free for all. we will also liberate millions of people who already have student debt. it's just not right that donald trump can ignore his debts and students and families can't refinance their debts.
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and something we don't say often enough. sure, college is crucial but a four-year degree should not be the only path to a good job. we will help more people learn a skill, or practice a trade, and make a good living doing it. we will give small businesses like my dad's a boost. make it easier to get credit. way too many dreams die in the parking lots of banks. in america, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it. and we will help you balance family and work and you know what? if fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, then
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deal me in. now, here is the other thing. now, we're not only going to make all of these investments we're going to pay for every single one of them. and here is how. wall street, corporations and the super rich are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. this is not because we recent success. but when more than 90% of the gains have gone to the top 1%,
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that's where the money is. and we are going to follow the money. if companies take tax breaks and ship jobs overseas we'll make them pay us back and we'll put that money where it belongs, creating jobs here at home. now, i imagine that some of you are sitting at home thinking well, that all sounds pretty good, but how are you going to get it done? how are you going to break through the gridlock in washington? well, look at my record. i have worked across the aisles to pass laws and treaties and launch new programs that help millions of people. and if you give me the chance, that's exactly what i'll do as
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president. but then, i also imagine people are thinking out there, but trump. he's a businessman. he must know something about the economy. well, let's take a choser look, shall we? in atlantic city, 60 miles from here, you will find contractors and small businesses who lost everything because donald trump refused to pay his bills. now, remember what the president said last night. don't boo. vote. but think of this. people who did the work and needed the money, not because he couldn't pay them, but because he wouldn't pay them. he just stiffed them. you know that sales pitch he's making to be president?
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put your faith in him and you'll win big? that is the same sales he made to all of those small businesses. then, trump walk away and left working people holding the bag. he talked a big game about putting america first. well, please explain what part of america first leaves him to make trump ties in china, not colorado, trump suits in mexico, not michigan. trump furniture in turkey, not ohio. trump picture frames in india, not wisconsin, donald trump says he wants to make america great again. well, he could start by actually making things in america again.
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now, the choice we face in this election is just as stark when it comes to our national security. [ crowd chanting ]. you know, anyone, anyone reading the news can see the threats and turbulence we face from baghdad to kabul to nice and paris and brussels. from san bernardino and orlando, we're dealing with determined enemies that must be defeated. so it's no wonder people are anxious, and looking for reassurance. looking for steady leadership. wanting a leader who understands we are stronger when we work with our allies around the world and care for our veterans here at home.
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keeping our nation safe and honoring the people who do that work will be my highest priority. i'm proud that we put a lid on iran's nuclear program without firing a single shot. now, we have to enforce it. and we must keep supporting israel's security. i'm proud that we shape a global climate agreement. now, we have to hold every country accountable to their commitment, including ourselves. and i'm proud to stand by our allies innaies in nato against threat they face, including from
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russia. i've laid out my strategy for defeating isis. we will strike their sanctuaries from the air and support their local forces taking them out on the ground. we will surge our intelligence so we prevent attacks before they happen. we will disrupt their efforts online to reach and radicalize people in our country. it won't be easy but make no mistake. we will prevail. now, donald trump, donald trump says and this is a quote, i know more about isis than the generals do. no, donald. you don't. he thinks he knows more than our
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military because he claimed our armed forces are a disaster. well, i've had the privilege to work closely with our troops and our veterans for many years, including as a senator on the armed services committee and i know wrong he is. our military is a national treasure. we entrust our commander in chief to make the hardest decisions our nation faces. decisions about war and peace, life and death. a president should respect the men and women who risk their lives to serve our country. including, including captain kahn and the sons of tim kaine
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and mike pence, both marines. so just ask yourself, do you really think donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? donald trump isn't even handle the rough and tumble of a presidential campaign. he loses his cool at the slightest provocation. when he's gotten a tough question from a reporter, when he's challenged in a debate. when he sees a protestor at a rally. imagine, if you dare, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.
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i can't put it any better than jackie kennedy did after the cuban missile crisis. she said what worried president kennedy during that very-dangerous time was that a war might be started, not by big men with self-control and restraint, but by little men, the ones moved by fear and pride. america's strength doesn't come from lashing out. it relies on smarts, judgment, cool resolve and the precise application of power, and that's the kind of commander in chief i pledge to be. and if we're serious about keeping our country safe, we
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also can't afford to have a president who's in the pocket of the gun lobby. i'm not here to repeal the second amendment. i'm not here to take away your guns. i just don't want you to be shot by someone who shouldn't have a gun in the first place. we will, we will work tirelessly with responsible gun owners to pass common-sense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and all
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others who would do us harm. for decades, people have said this issue was too hard to solve, and the politics too hot to touch. but i ask you, how can we just stand by and do nothing? you heard, you saw family members of people killed by gun violence on this stage. you heard, you saw family members of police officers killed in the line of duty because they were out gunned by criminals. i refuse to believe we can't find common ground here. we have to heal the divides in our country. not just on guns but race, immigration, and more. and that starts with listening, listening to each other, trying as best we can to walk in each
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other's shoes. so let's put our shoes of young black and hispanic young men and women who face systemic racism and made to feel that their lives are disposable. let's put ourselves in the shoes police officers, kissing their kids and spouses goodbye every day, heading off to do a dangerous and necessary job. we will reform our criminal justice system from end to end. and rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. and we will defend, we will defend all our rights, civil rights, human rights, and voting
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rights, womens' rights, worker's rights, lgbt rights and the rights of people with disabilities. and we will stand up against mean and divisive rhetoric whenever it comes from. for the past year, many people made the mistake of laughing off donald trump's comments. excusing him as an entertainer just putting on a show. they thought he couldn't possibly mean all of the horrible things he says. like when he called women pigs or said that an american judge couldn't be fair because of his mexican heritage. or when he mocked and mimicked a reporter with a disability or insults prisoners of war like a hero and a patriot who deserves our respect. now, at first, at first i admit,
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i couldn't believe he meant it, either. it was just too hard to fathom. as someone who wants to lead our nation could say those things. could be like that. but here is the sad truth. there is no other donald trump. this is it. and in the end, it comes down to what donald trump doesn't get. america is great because america is good. so enough with the bigotry and bombbast. donald trump is not offering change, he's offering empty promises. what are we offering? a bold agenda to improve the lives of people across our
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country to, keep you safe, to get you good jobs, to give your kids the opportunities they deserve. the choice is clear, my friends. every generation of americans has come together to make our country freer, fairer and stronger. none of us ever have, or can, do it alone. i know at a time when so much seems to be pulling us apart it can be hard to imagine how we'll ever pull together. i'm here to tell you tonight progress is possible. i know. i know because i have seen it in the lives of people across america who get knocked down and get right back up. and i know it. i know it from my own life. more than a few times, i've had to pick myself up and get back in the game.
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like so much else in my life, i got this from my mother, too. she never let me back down from any challenge. when i tried to hide from a neighborhood bully she litter litterally blocked the door. go back out there, she said. and she was right. you have to stand up to bullies. you have to keep working to make thin things better. we lost our mother a few years ago. i miss her every day. i still hear her voice urging me to keep fighting and working for right no matter what. that is what we need to do together as a nation. and though we may not live to see the glory as the song from the musical "hamilton" goes, let
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us gladly join the fight. let our legacy be planting seeds in a garden you'll never get to see. that is why we're here. the founders showed us that. so have many others, since, they were drawn together by love of country and selfless passion to build something better for all who follow. that is the story of america. we begin a new chapter tonight. yes, the world is watching what we do. yes, america's destiny is ours to choose. so, let's be stronger together, my fellow americans. let's look to the future with courage and confidence. let's build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country. and when we do, america will be
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greater than ever. thank you and may god bless you and the united states of america. [ crowd cheering ]. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]
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>> nine years, six months and eight days after announcing her first run for president, hillary clinton makes history. formally accepting her party's nomination, the first woman nominated for a major party in america. a milestone in which she mentioned was the biggest applause line in the night. a speech was spent mostly reaching out to all americans, was also noted she's spent time going after donald trump. some of the most-stinging lines in this speech. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. and then, a rhetorical back and forth about swing states and where he should make his products. the trump product as far as instead of overseas. she said she was reaching out to all americans, specifically as mentioned throughout this
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convention, to republicans, disaffected republicans and moderates. she takes over a party that has a platform that is the most progressive, the liberal we have seen in decades. >> which she acknowledged in her remarks. but i have to say what a moment it was at the beginning. we saw a woman, a mother, a grandmother take to the stage and hug her daughter and accept the presidential nomination of her party. history in the making and there were tweets and posts all over the internet showing little girls, little toddlers in their pajamas, kept up late by their moms just to watch a woman make history in the united states of america after far, far too long. >> no matter your ideology, that
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is the moment everybody will remember. >> absolutely. it's similar to what we saw with barack obama. we saw him break the color barrier. many people went on to vote against him, and his policies, but still, we're making progress and the mere fact that her gender is something that gets mentioned but not the dominant theme. most people talk about what she's going to do to the country, not what her gender is. which is something as a whole, a lot of people out there are doing that tonight. >> she said her life has been in public service, she's liked the service, just not the public. >> it's interesting and said i get that some people don't know what to make of me. and it was a moment of honesty and you know, you want to talk about restoring trust. it's comments like that that
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might help a little. acknowledging what she's done to alienate people as well as make them understand her better. >> half of the country made up their minds. the other half of the country has made up their mind. hillary clinton and donald trump are fighting for a pretty small slice of this country, who wins this election. in swing states. comes down to about 300,000 people, roughly. and that is what they're fighting for. >> she made a play for working-class voters saying democrats are the party of the working class, trying to pull those folks over from trumpland, saying you can't trust him. you can't trust him with a nuclear code. you can't trust his temperament. you can't trust him when it comes to women, so on, down the line and saying come back to the party that brung you. dance with the one that brung you. >> let's head to our panel for their thoughts. brit? >> i thought the speech was
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workman like. she hit the things she had to hit. i thought she was particularly effective in her assault on donald trump. what was effective about it was her use of humor. she said there is no other donald, this is it. then, commenting on his remark that he knew more about isis than the generals, no, donald, you don't, brought the house down was really effective. i think making herself more appealing to the audience she might not have done so well. she has a habit of breaking into a sharp, lecturing tone like you've been called into the principal's office like you're being read the riot act. there are things as amplifiers and you're going to be heard. she tends to accelerate her delivery.
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she has a radiant smile but not so attractive voice. she lapsed into that familiar lecturing tone. i suspected who found the toin off putting. >> let me say you may have heard the chants numerous times throughout the speech. they started with protestors saying one thing or another and the crowd had been instructed whenever that happened they chanted "hillary hillary". she kept going, chris. >> i want to get back to what megyn said. i thought the undeniable power of her on that stage. we knew it. it was not a surprise. to see a woman accepting the nomination of her party, we've never seen that before in our lives in the history of our country. i found that more moving than i expected it to be. in terms of the speech, a agree she's not a great speaker. i thought it was a solid speech and there were moments in the end when rose to eloquence in
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terms of the specifics of it, it was a speech of contrast. she's a unifier. trump's a divider. she offered an economic plan. pretty standard, liberal investment, spending, entitlements but says trump offers empty promises and a l laceration account of his history. he rips off people, basically. and she was the at table when the bin laden thing was decided. i think she understand there are problems in this country, that there is a need for change. she says she offers responsible change and donald trump does not. >> she went right after him, juan, using the word bigotry, enough with the bigotry and the
8:38 pm
bom bombbast. one comment was she he -- emasculated the emsaculated. >> there were moments that were an effective speech. she got in the biography, the story about her dad playing football at penn state. she talked about her methodist faith, then, she went on and used lines that spoke directly to women across america when she said if you're talking about family leave, if you're talking about child care, well, if that is playing the woman wacard, de me in, and the crowd responded as if it was a chorus line, deal
8:39 pm
me in. and putting trump in his place in ways and talking about how trump called people pigs and the like. i think america, the woman as a nominee of a major political party. she was saying the water is blitzed. talking about any issue, for a disabled child, she's willing to sweat the details. i think this was hillary clinton at her best in terms of what we expected tonight. not necessary the kind of oratory from a barack obama or bill clinton but say i'm your working person. do i expect a bump for hillary clinton coming out of this? yes. >> we shall see. the opponent, donald trump was active in rapid response saying hillary is with us if you're a clinton foundation donor or if
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you're a member of the status quo. i think there is a long list of things coming. bill, do you have balloons? >> a lot of balloons, we're drowning in them in fact. the clintons just exited off the stage here behind us. bret this is my fifth democratic convention and i've never seen so much red, white, and blue until tonight. there is level to express patriotism and country. in the obama administration they did not put america first this is clearly a campaign making sure it let's people know that red, white and blue is in the game. they test out thousands of small american flags and two dozen large flags were sent down the aisle. and so this was quite remarkable tonight. i think others and hillary clinton standing on stage and
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accepting the nomination was the biggest applause line of the night followed by the line about a woman being that was 1 and 1 a and the second will be the memory of patriotism. it is deliberate, intentional and expect more still to come. >> want to get down to martha down on the floor. >> it was quite a night for hillary clinton in many ways, the most emotion came before she started speaking. just a moment of her walking across the stage that you mentioned that were so powerful in terms of a woman having the nomination for the presidency of the united states. but one of the things i found interesting is that reaching out to moderates that we saw over the course of the last few nights seemed to disappear when it came to the policy you put forward. she talked about the economy, making biggest investments in
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history, going after corporations, going after wall street, making them pay more in taxes because they owe more to the economy than ever one else. she talked about trade deals and talked about the unions. and really bread and butter democratic policies and expanding cutting debt. so there are efforts to move to the recent days. >> thank you. >> well, that was quite something. two weeks in a row, back to back. republicans and democrat conventions, two major speeches, very different. two parties that are going to differentiate themselves further. can you imagine that first debate? september 26th? >> going to be spectacular. >> can you imagine? >> who won't watch that? who doesn't want to see that? >> of course. >> it's great to see these
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speeches but to see them go mono-a fsh mono. >> no. no. i think mono is in the hand. >> i made that mistake, too. >> if anyone knows something about fighting. >> you're going to start it. >> i liked it. >> here is my take. to me, it was a check list speech. slogans, cliches, no specifics or talk about her accomplishments, i would argue they're not. what stood out is that donald trump is in her head. he owns real estate in there. >> the moment, though, the woman moment. the fact, i mean. >> yeah. >> you, sean hannity? >> what about it? >> did you feel anything? >> she said isn't it time for a woman to be president? i play that cut on my radio show a lot. i say, yes, it is.
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but not her. >> you want carly fiorina. >> i admire her a lot. i think of my daughter. i would never let her do this. >> if she doesn't win the presidency, i know you don't want her to, history was made and a barrier was broken. just what she did tonight is good for little girls. >> thinking about barack obama, you think about the history of civil war and civil rights act, you know that was profound and good for the country. but i don't like his policy. >> but that is enough. >> her nomination? >> if it was somebody who lived in limited government, greater freedom i'm there. >> you can't vote for someone just because of gender or race. >> yes. not identify politics. >> but if i was going to write a book on cliches and platitudes,
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that is it. >> welcome to "hannity." hillary clinton just finished addressing the dnc here in philly. in just a moment moments we'll get reaction from newt gingrich. he's been with us two weeks but first here is a look at tonight's big speeches. >> i'm asking you to have an open mind and to use your voice because on november 8th, had been just as powerful as any nra lobbyist. i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm here as a proud american, a proud democrat, a proud mother. and tonight, in particular, a very, very proud daughter. >> now, america is once again at a moment of reckoning. powerful forces are threatening
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to pull us apart. bonds of trust and respect are fraying. and just as with our founders, there are no guarantees. it truly is up to us. we have to decide whether we will all work together so we can all rise together. our country's motto is out of many we are one. will we stay true to that motto? >> joining us now with the convention floor, the balloons and confetti and fun, jennifer griffin. jennifer? >> hi, sean. anybody who is a mother, a daughter, grandmother who saw that moment when chelsea clinton
8:47 pm
introduced her mother and she came out an stage and they had what seemed like an extended moment of embrace we had an incredible view of that moment when they, she took the stage just before she accepted, made history, accepting the nomination of her party becoming the first woman of a major political party to do so. what is incredible is just moments ago, after she left the stage a methodist minister asked everyone in the arena to hold hands, hold hands in the air, and pray with him. and i have never seen so many flags in one place. there were thousands of american flags. it's clear that what the democratic party was trying to do tonight was to broaden the tent. she invited in not only bernie sanders reporters but
8:48 pm
republicans. we had one republican after another standing on stage saying that they're with her, including general john allen who spoke. he does not say whether he's an independent, democrat or republican, but they had military, they had families of fallen police officers. they were taking a, seemed like a page from the republican play book. i know that that was part of the goal of the evening, to broaden out this tent, to invite anybody on the republican side who is not comfortable with the current candidate to come into the democratic party and there was red meat for everyone. red meat for bernie sanders, far left of the party, red meat for the right wing. it really was an unbelievable series of speakers this evening. including an army captain medal of honor recipient.
8:49 pm
you had the families of fallen police officers, and she spoke directly tonight about how when dallas police chief asked for volunteers for the police force he had 500 in 12 days so this is extraordinary as she tried to watch every group, because this campaign believes they're all up for grabs. sean? back to you. >> thank you very much. joining us now with more is our own shannon bream. >> we saw a lot of cheering and a lot of protests. they were coming from different factions. there were several bernie sanders supporters. the former secretary reached out to them, she said work with us, come, be a team with us. what happened is that those supporters didn't clap or stand up. that was several times very jarring because many thousands
8:50 pm
of people in this arena tonight were cheering. they were waving signs and chanting "hillary". you may have heard her name on many occasions. a protestor stepped up many times. we saw protestors screaming different things about no war, and supporting palestine and about boycotting israel. but in each of those cases hillary supporters shouted them down, security got to them. in cases it was a very extended delay until someone from security got to them and calmed them down, took their signs and moved them out. during the interim, you can still hear balloons popping here. there would be a number of people trying to shout them down, try to cover them up. they'll start the chant to hillary. it was often in response to protests. we had people chanting about ttp and all kinds of things. plenty of protests tonight. sean. >> thank you. and here with reaction to
8:51 pm
hillary clinton's speech, we have former obama economic advisor, and trump campaign advisor pollster kelly ann conway. so this is a check list speech. if i was to write every slogan i can this think of, no mention of 30 years of accomplishments because there aren't any, you would say i wrote down platit platitude. >> it is clear donald trump is in their heads. the trump-pence campaign remaining everybody hillary won't mention is that i want everybody to read and see the movie "clinton cash".
8:52 pm
it's well researched. >> we have breaking news considering democrats are so obsessed with melania. well, it turns out she lifted a sign from a speech, america is great because america is good. >> i knew i heard that somewhere. hillary delivered the 8th most dynamic speech of her convention. >> i wrote the same thing. the worst of the last several nights. >> you're plagiarizing now. >> right there. see? >>. a better strategy would have been quicker and less painful. >> she started slow. why did she start slow? because we know when she speaks she's not the best public speaker and she gets louder and shrill and angry.
8:53 pm
>> name the accomplishments. >> i don't know what you were watching. have you been paying attention to the convention? the convention put a series of pretty front and center issues that are going to be appealing to independents to republicans. >> besides slogans, tell me the specifics. >> okay. in her speech? or throughout the night? in her speech there was a section about economic policy she wanted to do, including infrastructure spending. he had to do with education spending, student loans and a series -- turn to the page. you've got it right there. >> donald trump -- >> no -- >> is about hillary clinton. >> two many thets at home and abroad. look at the strengths we bring. we have the most -- >> are on the wrong page. >> you don't like that page?
8:54 pm
>> here is my point. you're never going to out orate barack obama or bill clinton. they're legendary orators. she did touch all of the bases and was specific on policies in the way her opponent was not. >> just the opposite. >> there is a big bet that cheering usa, putting military up and saying we're a strong nation in the face of survey data that suggests completely the opposite would work. and i don't think it will. you and kelly ann were right. it's democratic orthodoxy
8:55 pm
designed for the base. she has no support from republicans. >> she's many in ways betrayed the base. tuesday was black lives matter night. then, we bring in super stars, bill clinton and joe biden and obama who outperform her on this stage. and then, again, it's the check list. it's the cliche. the platitude speech. >> she was referring to nice, brussels, san bernardino. she called them, quote, determined enemies. not radical islamic terrorists. right before that she said anyone reading the news can see we're on threats and turbulence. we're not on an airplane, lady. >> that is a powerful moment in this speech. >> hang on. i must have missed it.
8:56 pm
i might have gone to the bathroom at that moment. >> you should have been paying attention. it will come back. that is captain kahn, an islamic american citizen serving in the military runs forward 10 steps. >> that is a great story but that is not her. >> his parents come out on the stage. >> that is not how you get them. there is one big problem, one second it's one paragraph about what she's going to do to take on isis. a lot of cheering but only one sentence reiterating what she said on the campaign trail. for americans who are scared, that is about 85% of them -- >> we will strike -- >> backing her up -- we'll strike sanctuaries from the air, support local forces, taking them out on the ground. she's been in the public eye for 30 plus years. people are not going to forget benghazi or she was telling
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marines to get in uniforms, out of uniforms, arguing whether they can go into libya. >> 25 admirals got on the stage and said she'd be a great president. >> we're coming up on a hard break, here, coming up, another hour of "hannity" coming your way. former speaker newt gingrich will be on next. we'll have more from the chaos, confusion, black lives matter and of course, hillary clinton convention.
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and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. welcome back to "hannity". we're live at the final days of the dnc. hillary clinton accepted the democratic nomination for president and during her speech she took several shots at donald trump, donald trump is in her head. tonight, trump responded from the numerous attacks. let's take a look. >> i've been watching these speeches at night. and boy, am i getting hit. oh, oh, boo. i am getting hit and they don't mean it and there are lies being told. they're not talking about the real world.
9:01 pm
they're not talking about radical islamic terrorism. they're not talking about borders and the kind of crime we have in this nation. they're not talking about the fact that many people in our country are making less money today in terms of real wages that they he were making 18 years ago. they're not talking about that. so i'm watching as everything is hunky dory. everything is wonderful. >> that is kind of my analysis. this is the alice in wonderland, everything is great convention. we have double the debt, barack obama will accumulate more debt than any other president combined. donald trump just tweeted out a number of thing that's will make news. her refusal to mention radical
9:02 pm
islam as she pushes 550% increase in refugees is more proof she is unfit to lead the country. and hillary will never reform wall street, she is owned by wall street, and hillary's vision is a borderless world where working people have no power, no jobs and no safety. hillary's wars in the middle east unleashed destruction, terrorism, isis across the world. it's a pretty strong, and i argue, accurate rebuke by donald trump. >> you're seeing with all modern social media, a total change in how we used to do conventions. in old days, democrats got a week and republicans went on vacation. then republicans got a week and democrats got a vacation.
9:03 pm
now, it's all day and these guys are going to slug it out and trump is right on top of her and has been in various speeches. if the world was made up of speeches, the democrats had a great week. cory booker was terrific. michelle obama was very, very strong. bill clinton was very good with his fairy tale about this girl he once met who resembled hillary clinton. the president obama is a great orator. not a particularly good president but great orator. hillary had a workman like, thu thumpty thump, and nobody said the rest of the night the degree to which a great number of americans are proud of the fact there is a woman nominee of a major party and that she's
9:04 pm
earned it by just having the sheer guts to slug it out for a long, long time. this is a power couple who have been seizing national power over 40 years. now, you watch them on stage, this is both of them have been dominant figures for a long time. the problem i have is that today for example, the report came out in the u.s. census. we have the lowest homeownership rate in over half a century. item after item. fact after fact. things are not going as well as you point out, even in a week when a priest has his head cutoff by two vicious, evil people, she can't bring herself to talk about radical islamic terrorism. they can't talk about the 3400 dead americans in chicago. they can't talk about the failure of their big government programs in the inner city for poor people.
9:05 pm
they can't talk about the economy in general. they make promises and think about this challenge of the presidential campaign. she's such a terrific effective remarkable fighter for real change that after 40 years of fighting for real change she hasn't gotten it yet but give her one more shot. she can't have it both ways. why would we think she's going to be betser for the next four years? and the fact is that she's failed. well, you know, it's fascinating to me. you mentioned the lowest homeownership rate in 50 years. we have one in five american families that don't have a single family member at work. one in six american males are either out of work, living in mommy and daddy's basement or in prison. these numbers are catastrophic. the doubling of the debt. millions more in poverty and on food stamps and you know, out of
9:06 pm
the labor force, the black community, they have a 20% increase in the number of black americans out of the labor force. a 58% increase in the number of black americans on food stamps. so you're right. trump is right. this is not real world. they're not talking about radical islam and terrorism and open borders or crime. they're not talking about 30 years of accomplishments. if you're running you'd talk about balancing the budget and giving america a surplus. what thing did she mention in that speech that wasn't a promise or a platitude? i don't hear it. >> it would be interesting for somebody to put the trump acceptance speech and hillary acceptance speech and put them side by side. he is saying we're in trouble and here are the things i'm going to do. and she's saying we're doing
9:07 pm
pretty good and here are a handful of things we're going to do. they're radically different speeches and appealing to radically different people. if you're the teacher's union or a left wing college professor you need hillary clinton because you need her to keep sending you government money. that is the base of her power structure. on the other hand, if you have a rest of the country, which is about 70% or 75% of the country, they're pretty expensive. that is why we're down to, i think, 17% satisfaction of the last gallup poll. one of the largest numbers in the history of the gallup poll. >> 73% of americans think we're on the wrong track. >> right. >> which is astoundingly high number. >> that is the challenge f trump can get across that he is a reasonable alternative if you're unhappy you will win in a hand slide.
9:08 pm
overwhelmingly, nearly three out of every four americans is not satisfied with how things are going. >> in the primary i remember you said at some point, donald trump needs to now make the transition from being a primary candidate to a general election candidate. i would argue, and i think polls show it, that transition has been made. you said if he doesn't make the transition it could be gold water. are you satisfied he's made that transition in light of the last four weeks have gone well. they didn't hay a ghof on pence. he had a controversy-free convention. i think things went well. the media didn't like his speech because it is reality based. >> well, i don't want to disappoint you. i'm satisfied he's making the transition. i think it's an every day experience. i think he's got to continue to
9:09 pm
move in the direction of big ideas, very deliberate speeches, driving home key messages in a methodical way. he can put together an enormous coalition. to do that, he's going to have to figure out coalitions. all sorts of groups said much stronger than hillary clinton, much clearer understanding of the problem. there are a series of those on infrastructure, on the drug epidemic. you look at the opoid crisis we're in the middle of. we got a tragic message from a good friend of ours whose granddaughter died today from a heroin overdose. this is a country that wants firm leadership and rob portman has been providing it on the opoid crisis. trump comes in, he will build a
9:10 pm
momentum that will make october a good time to be a republican. >> do you expect a post convention bounce for hillary? is that inevitable? >> i'm guessing she'll get a little bit of a bounce because she got so much television coverage. on the other hand, trump has done a pretty darned good job. he and paul manafort put together a provide, and ryan set out for republicans one of the great boxing rings in philadelphia history going to be used for a movie as soon as the rnc moves out of it. ryan said shawn spicer did a fabulous job. so i think they've done a very good job of staying competitive all week. >> mr. speaker you have been with us both weeks, and though, you heft me here alone in philly. i'll grant you absolution on
9:11 pm
that. there was no hope. >> i love philadelphia but it didn't seem right this week. >> i wasn't exactly the most-popular person here and i've spent a lot of time hiding in my hotel room, alone. anyway, thank you for with being us. >> the elections are in and it's a rigged system. you hear what goes on. it's a rigged system. >> donald trump says democrats are trying to rig this election. we'll check in with geraldo, and kelly ann conway, all coming up as this edition of "hannity" continues.
9:12 pm
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9:15 pm
welcome back to "hannity". we're live at the final night of the dnc, hillary clinton accepting the democratic nomination for president. now, all this week, the democrats were rocked by an e-mail scandal that exposed how the dnc tried to block bernie sanders from winning the nomination. donald trump talked about that rigged system which he talked about all primary season long. he was right. bernie was right. they were wrong. take a look. >> the elections are rigged. it's a totally rigged system. and i mean there are communities, you hear what goes on. it's a rigged system. so, i never want to say with great surety because you never know what is going to happen. i realize after two seconds because i'm a smart person, i say wait a minute, this is rigged. this isn't meant for me. this is a rigged deal. i started getting rough and
9:16 pm
nasty and saying it's a rigged system and bernie knew it. and bernie got so tired. do you know what he's doing now? he's going home and sleeping. >> the reason we've doubled the debt and poverty, that guy right there is responsible. by friend, geraldo riviera seen in a bar drinking a beer with me today and geraldo, you know, both bernie and trump were right about the super delegates. the dnc, the hacked e-mails do show a lot how the collusion was going on, but importantly, this is a party that claims republicans are racist and sexist and homophobic. we saw in these e-mails antigay slurs and anti-semitic strategy about how we can get more points
9:17 pm
if we point out bernie sanders is jewish in kentucky and west virginia. >> you know, sean, on this night, for you to be dwelling on e-mail. >> geraldo, on this night, i do my job like i do every night. >> i love you for it, but i have three daughters of my five children. this was a big deal. to have a woman nominated by a major party. >> you're all about identity politics. >> i'll all about, this was in the a stirring speech. it was ve workman like. i thought she's running for mother in chief as first. but on the other hand, she said she wants to heal divisions over race, guns and immigration, i said i'm down with that. this is history. >> i shouldn't have let you in the bar. >> how many beers did you buy this guy, geraldo? >> he's no fun to be out with. he doesn't let you pay.
9:18 pm
he's giving the bartender $50 trips. >> $100 but who is counting. >> and you still owe me money from a bet. >> i don't owe you money. >> i have three daughters. also. >> i have one. >> it doesn't matter how many you have. we have young girls in our lives and i feel differently. tonight, i realized it's not that we're nominating a woman. we're nominating that woman. it's not a hypothetical. it's hillary. with that comes 25 to 30 years of a record that is incomplete at best. we're told she never quits. it's true. she never quits running for office. she never accomplishes much they keep saying she's a fighter for women and children. millions don't have health care coverage. my point to you is that any speakers gave a rejection of the
9:19 pm
last seven and a half years. and if she's, if enough women felt strongly about she shares their genders and vision, why is she at 60% among women? >> it's such a competing vision here for the future of the country. this will truly be america's biggest choice election since carter and reagan. i look at the trump convention as reality convention. more people in poverty, doubling of the debt. isis out of control, police officers assassinated. boa border is out of control and versus this. this is to me, the cliche, happy talk, alice in wonderland alter reality that doesn't recognize truth because they caused a lot of what happened. >> the reason you feel that way is because her speech was a sham. it was an inauthentic as she is
9:20 pm
as candidate. this is a compulsive liar that will take any position that is politically expedient for her at the time. she talked about coal workers but said she wants to put them out of work. she talked about the middle class, putting them into a dive yiet -- divide. her husband's policy is why black police officers distrust. she doesn't mind taking big dollars from big banks. everything she said is a sham. >> austin, i want a serious answer to this. simultaneous simultaneously, she's telling the country one thing about benghazi and telling her daughter, egyptian prime minister another. did you say tray gowdy devastate
9:21 pm
james comey? is this true no? is this true, no? is this true? no? there is an issue when 65% of the american people distrust her, find her dishonest and think she's a liar. those numbers have been consistent all year. >> sean, i'm your friend and i want to help you focus. you're all over the map here. we're back to benghazi. >> is she an honest person? >> the first thing is this entire convention defined patriotism. you saw the press. >> the flags on day one. >> i didn't see an american flag. >> you're shamed into it. >> and they established that what makes the country great is that we're open to everyone. and that this is an open society, bringing in 25 generals to owe get up and say we're not going to torture people. . >> i have a question.
9:22 pm
>> the never trump people, the republicans that will consider voting for her are actually a large number of foreign policy voters. >> they have problems with trump. >> our director of national intelligence, claims clapper, our fbi director, our owe cia director, our owe former special envoy have said bringing in refugees represents a clear and present danger because isis will infiltrate the refugee population. >> that is not what they said. >> i have the tape and play it often. >> they say this often. not only does she want 10,000 obama is taking in. she wants 550,000 coming in. she has security. why does she want to gamble with the lives of people watching this show? >> i do not believe that is an accurate representation of the facts. >> what is not accurate?
9:23 pm
>> to portray that those intelligence officials say in a blanket way that refugees are a threat to the country. >> it says isis will infiltrate the population of the country. >> that is why they need to be -- >> you can go through the different groups she's trying to reach out. you can go through the list of ways she has failed them. the policies she embraces are the first of president obama, which are failed ones. foreign policy, failure, economy, middle class is slefrnging. african americans, poverty. >> you're quoting polls. >> hispanics -- >> there is a reason why he's popular. >> who cares why he's popular? >> who cares about the polls? >> you know, what is that she believes in science. >> but not that. >> but not math. >> come on. we've come a long way from reagan's morning in america to
9:24 pm
bomb night. >> it's going to be a vote between pessimists and optimists. [ speaking over one another ]. >> you have to be between truth and reality. i don't think you can solve problems unless you've recognized the debt and millions out of the labor force. >> i'm glad -- i'm glad -- >> every president before him -- wake up. [ speaking over one another ]. >> why do you want the guy that will make the debt go up more? >> it's a doubling of the debt. >> why do you want to do it more? >> why -- i'm glad austin mentioned never trump who i call never happy, i hope they're watching tonight, because this is what they're going to allow to happen. >> you're right. >> it's a bianary choice. >> let's go through this.
9:25 pm
supreme court justices. build a wall, don't build a wall. >> yes. i agree. >> pro second amendment? >> can we recognize the only reason we're hearing this message from the democratic party is that they have to embrace president obama's failed follow policy. she can't stand on the stage, she has to present this sunny projection and outlook of the current economy because president obama held office for two terms. >> and you're -- >> sunny picture -- >> you're against raising the minimum wage. you want to endorse trump's tax policy? >> you're scared what i'm saying is true. >> i'm actually not. i'm feeling good here. >> that is not. [ speaking over one another ].
9:26 pm
>> there is a certain truth to what you're saying. 46%, 47% part of the country watched every cliche and platitude but the question is if you're out of work. if you don't like a doubling of the debt, if you are pro second amendment, if you want somebody that can say radical islam, if you want to repeal obamacare, you will vote for trump. you gave us a doubling of the debt. you increased millions in poverty and food stamps. that is your record. >> that is your characterization and i hear you. however, there was compelling evidence presented by credible witnesses about the donald trump inability and unpreparedness to
9:27 pm
be the commander in chief in a pretty serious way. there are a number of republicans who are going to look at that and say woah. >> tell us what number. >> what number? what do you mean? >> i would say. >> you're talking about a couple personalities in the republican party? >> no. not a couple personalities. you had a number -- >> he's winning in every poll. >> including multiple presidential candidates and the governor of ohio. >> where is jimmy carter? did i miss al gore? what is the -- >> no. the republicans did not attend. the convention was empty. >> you're talking about the debt. he's talking about our convention. >> i just told you, donald trump will increase the debt by $12 trillion. >> i agree. >> going to cut your taxes. >> most americans don't want to say radical islam. most americans believe in a job
9:28 pm
for jihadis program and most americans believe air conditioning is a bigger threat than isis in america. whatever you're smoking, give it to geraldo, he'll try it. >> one week, i think you voted for donald trump. tonight, you don't know. >> how long did you stay in the bar when i left? >> you can never vote for someone that is pro abortion. i can never vote for someone who is anti-immigration. >> trump is for legal immigration. >> he has to be compassionate. if he meets me halfway i'll be very impressionable. >> let's -- >> i want to come down this point. you can argue about how much his administration added to the deficit. you can talk about george w. bush and the economic collapse that almost ruined the free enterprise problem.
9:29 pm
i don't want to talk about any of that. i think the main thing is optimism, pessimism, midnight or morning. you're going to pick whether the country is on the right track or wrong track. you're going to depend on what the situation is ten days before the election. >> if you're in poverty, if you're millions more on food stamps, part of the millions more out of the labor force, if you don't like stealing from your children, then, i would argue you're making my case because those people, you noef, you're a coal worker? >> in george w. bush's admission i realized i lost 50% of my wealth. >> i think geraldo has -- that is a nice way and insightful way to put it. we can kind of agree that is going to be the argument. i think if you look at the last six years, all of the measures you don't like have improved. >> why do you want to cut two years off of his track record? >> because it makes you look a little better? >> because we're enduring a horrible recession that ended.
9:30 pm
>> this convention is way more optimistic than him. >> i didn't like the fact she had no new ideas about isis. >> she doesn't have any. >> still going to be bombing and someone else's troops. >> at 4:00 p.m. calls. >> to geraldo's point on immigration, we're the most, we embrace 1 million people to come to this country legally. >> a year. >> we're incredibly -- this is -- look. if you're concerned about the 11 million. >> yes. i am very concerned. they're familys. >> don't you want to secure the border? >> guys i have to go. i'm really behind. >> good to see you. >> coming up next on "hannity". >> none of us can build a family, heal a community, or lift a country toatally alone. >> hillary claims she's a champion for women and children. our next guest talks about what
9:31 pm
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9:34 pm
heck do you mean by that? this is what i mean. none of us can raise a family, build a business, heal a community, or lift a country totally alone. america needs every one of us to lend our talents, energy and ambition to making our country better and stronger. i believe that with all my heart. >> that was hillary clinton earlier tonight, preaching about unity. by the way, you didn't build that. and of course, she's going to pay for your health care and day care for your kids and college tuition for your kids, everything is free, free, free. joining us now a man who knew bill and hillary clinton, former secret service officer, gary burn. is that the real hillary?
9:35 pm
>> no. there is more fantasy there than little red riding hood. >> so it's a show? >> absolutely. >> behind closed doors, didn't she throw things at secret service officers and curse them out? >> she looked at an officer and told him to go f himself. she referred to me and a bunch of others as a bunch of a-holes. >> but if big donors with her, she'd pat you on the back? >> absolutely. just like the eight years i worked with them when the press was around. >> you talk about a temper you know in her that is volcanic. >> yes. >> explain yes. i saw her get so angry one time, walking down the south lawn she tried to ditch her security. her detail. and this is one of the things i describe as being dangerous. not only to her, but to the
9:36 pm
agents and public. when she left the complex without her detail, and the detail running up behind her, if once the detail get outside, they see someone approaching they're going to decide they're a threat because that is the way we're trained. >> you described in your book there is a situation where secret service was concerned about the safety and security of the president, her husband at the time because of incidents that occurred including what a lamp thrown across the room? and him coming down with a black eye. you believe it was from her? >> absolutely. the facts are there was a bad fight and a broken vase. he showed up at the west wing later on, he was trying to conceal a black eye under makeup so those are the facts. >> my martial arts teacher
9:37 pm
ripped my chin off today in training. if you can say one thing to the people that watched this speech about the real person that you know, how many years did you watch her? >> eight years. >> eight years. what do you want them to know before going into the voting booth? >> she's dangerous. her temperament is bad. everything you saw there was fantasy. it is the -- everything you saw there was fantasy. and she, her temperament is horrendous. i never see -- she treated her staff terribly. >> by the way, george stephanopoulos confirmed this. you took heat for telling the truth. the reason was? >> i want the people to know the real hillary clinton. know what the truth is. these people have been around for over 30 years and they just go from one scandal to the next. that is my biggest fear.
9:38 pm
>> the lies about benghazi? >> yes. she tries to describe herself to someone committed to detail. what about the details of benghazi? and who is a senator eight years and doesn't know about secure e-mail? that is insane. >> gary, stay with us. executive director of the democratic party, and also, monica crowley. >> two things struck me watching this speech. it was either wag the dog, right? with dustin hoffman being the puppet master creating this emotional manipulation or "house of cards". if you watched the last season, parallels are similar. democrats are very good at creating the fantasy that doesn't compute with reality.
9:39 pm
they're also very good at projection, meaning that they accuse their opponents of what they, themselves are guilty of. mrs. clinton accused donald trump of having no policy prescriptions, no solutions but she barely offered any on that stage tonight. it was all gauzy, kind of he me -- emotion emotional. she was up there trying to reinvent herself for the gazillionth time. >> basil, 65% of the people believe she's dishonest, untrust worthy and she lies. we know she lied in benghazi. lies were told about the e-mail server scandal.
9:40 pm
do you believe she's a liar? >> she's honest and trust worthy. i don't believe she's a liar. >> she never sent or received any classified information? but she did. she did. james comey said she did. >> no. he didn't. look. i'm not going to go there. the point is this. i don't know what you all are watching. what i heard is four days of a legacy of accomplishments. >> name three big accomplishments of hillary clinton. >> she created a school for african american men in the bronx. >> okay. >> you wanted to know, i'll tell you. she organized first responders and elected leaders after september 11th. >> okay. organized after september 11th so these first responders would have health benefits. >> i understand. >> next.
9:41 pm
>> she paid a gas tax. >> so did every republican. >> what are you saying about her? >> what i'm saying. >> what is the third one? >> oh, my gosh. >> no. i want the third accomplishment. >> the third accomplishment, what i would go back is she has talked about debt free college and making college more affordable. >> she's talking about college is an accomplishment? >> i've accomplished almost. i talk about everything. >> and reformed pell grants and perkins loans. >> pell grant is for a rhode island senator. >> so you're going to say she's done nudge something. >> no. i'm asking. >> i gave you, i gave you -- >> two more. >> i gave you three. third one? >> she's started to reform college education. >> started to reform. she hasn't accomplished. >> it what does she talk about out there? >> that is my point. these are promises and words.
9:42 pm
just words. just speeches. no accomplishments. >> and you know what? i would take you throughout new york state and show you more. the highlights. she had a huge role. do you know the high life? >> is she dishonest, charles? >> of course she is. and even for a politician she is. which is saying something. i wish she'd talk more about those things. she did, i was astonished. i was keeping track of the number times she mentioned donald trump. and i actually gave upkeeping track because i couldn't keep track of it. it's, you know her entire campaign is going to be designed about, you know, creating a charactera tour of donald trump. talking about the big flags. do you know what they're there for? i was watching carefully. they popped up around the arena.
9:43 pm
they knew they had so many protestors in the audience going to stand up and heckle the nominee, and say things like "goldman sachs" and "no more war". and there was a crowd here going wikileaks. i mean it was, you -- >> you won't hear that in the media reports. >> no. of course not. >> i have to go back to the central theme. two different realities. one is based on uh-oh, we have a dying economy with millions of americans suffering. the lowest labor participation rate, lower homeownership rate in 51 years. a 20% increase in americans out of the labor force. black americans are 58% increase on food stamps. doubling of the national debt. then, you have iraq, syria. giving iran the bomb which is
9:44 pm
pretty stupid. they both, she bragged about it tonight. no thoughts on immigration. she wants to keep obamacare. >> did she not talk about immigration reform? >> she wants illegal immigrants that doesn't respect laws and sovereignty to become immigrants. >> what does that mean? >> it's a constitutional republic, basil. that means we have laws. >> right. >> that is our foundation of laws. >> right. >> when you don't respect our laws and sovereignty and your first act is coming into the country to break the law, i'd rather give it to people that respect our laws. >> the point is that people who are undocumented. >> not undocumented, illegal. >> have no desire to actually become americans. >> what about the people who have done it legally and waiting in line for years? or the cab driver waiting 15
9:45 pm
years to get his family in pakistan here legally. these people are jumping over a fence. >> the two are not mutually exclusive you want to take in, we have heard from our national intelligence, house homeland security committee chairman, they said isis will infiltrate the refugee population. hillary wants a 550% increase. can we let them move in next to you? >> i live in a very diverse neighborhood. i'm not afraid. >> you're not afraid? >> no. i'll tell you this. >> all 65,000. >> just over 2,000 have been accepted. >> that is not true, one. >> yes, it is. >> we saw what happened in belgium, paris and all over germany. >> home grown term. >> refugees brought in are committing crimes, killing, raping and acts of terror, monica, true or false? >> it's salutesly true. mrs. clinton has three major
9:46 pm
problems, her untrust worthy numbers are the worst they've been. nearly 70% of the american people don't think she's honest. secondly, she's trying to portray herself as a change maker. tough to do when you're the party in power and have been for eight years. to me, the worst possible challenge that she faces is that this woman is a card carrying member of the global elite and the status quo, at a time when regular people are in revolt against both of those things. >> one last thing. i've got to go. i feel the air conditioning coming in here and to me, that is as big a threat as isis. so i would ask, please turn off the air conditioning. >> you have an appliance threatening your life. >> we've got to take a break. barry good to see you. >> thank you. >> basil, monica, thank you. >> coming up next on "hannity". >> to all of your supporters here an around the country, i
9:47 pm
want you to know i've heard you. your cause is our cause. >> and another slogan and cliche as sanders supporters voiced their opposition all week. hillary clinton trying to smooth things over. our panel responds next, still ahead. a super pac makes an appeal to sanders voters. are they going to vote for trump in november? that and more as we continue. let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway!
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>> i want to thank bernie sanders. bernie, your campaign inspired millions of americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary. you put economic and social justice issues front and center where they belong. >> all right, hillary clinton earlier tonight, trying to appeal to bernie sanders voters but after all the drama this week, are they going to support her? a pro-trump super pac released an ad suggesting that sanders voters should join donald trump. take a look. >> hillary's washington insiders rigged the system, and bernie never had a chance. more corruption by hillary and her cronies. now hillary hires her dnc chair and wants you to just roll over. hillary clinton, she just doesn't get it.
9:52 pm
>> our friend larry elder, epny williams. larry, let me start with you. you know we've had seat filling going on here because bernie sanders, when he first mentioned he'd support hillary, got booed, roundly. then of course you have hell no, dnc, we won't vote for hillary. that was pretty loud. and debbie wasserman schultz gets booed. a lot of people forgetting some of the highlights of the week. seat filling going on because bernie supporters walked out so they started handing out tickets as fast as they could and of course the anti-semitic strategy, the racial slur, the gay slur, the misogynist language within the dnc, can trump get some of those voters? >> i think he can, but look, sean, i get it. i get it. i get it. this is a historic night. hillary will be the first female nominee of a major political party. i get it. but i asked my liberal female callers who intend to vote for hillary to call and answer three quick questions. the first one is this. other than if fact that she is a female, name the position, name
9:53 pm
the policy position, that she has taken or will take that her equally left wing male predecessor did not take. the second one is this, would you feel the same level of joy and s.e.a.l. and mirth and happiness if we were tall a prospective president sara palin or michelle balkman and the third is, donald trump has taken a beating these whole four days, sean. did he become a racist and a sexist and islamaphobe and homophobe before or after hillary attended his wedding. >> that's a really good point. no one's made that point. i'll give you a lot of credit. maybe it is time for a woman president. my friend ebony would be outstanding. >> this is a huge endorsement, sean hannity. i don't grade on a curve so i wasn't blown away with the speech. a lot of people were saying they thought it was a good speech for her, because following barack obama, for whatever his politics, great orator.
9:54 pm
ev of people away. hillary, i wasn't impressed but this is what she said that perked me. she said that many people don't know what to make of me and i said, maybe she's going get j that's connecting with people. and then she kind of dismissed here. here's where that's a problem. there's a saying, other people's problems with me are not my business and if you're a private citizen, i believe in that. but if you're running for public office, particularly the highest public office of the land, it is your business what people think of you so hillary needs to clarify that it's your job when you're the candidate to make sure that people do know what to make of you. >> really well said and i agree with you. and a very good analysis. frank, look, can somebody that's viewed by 65% of the electorate as a liar, dishonest, untrustworthy, can a convention change those perpss? >> a convention can move people but i want to ground you with three statistics. 71% of americans think that the country is seriously off on the wrong track. 58% believe that their kids are going to have a worse live than them. and 53% are living paycheck to
9:55 pm
paycheck, struggling to get by. >> we got a new statistic today, lowest home ownership rate in america in 51 years. >> and she's trying to defend the last eight years while at the same time saying that people are struggling and people are suffering. you can't have it both ways. >> but she still starts out with 46% of the vote. >> here's the challenge for the trump campaign. they have to be able to show that she's taking both sides of the same issue. the one thing that the public will not tolerate is hypocrisy. and that's what you've got. when you say, trust me because of the last eight years, and then you acknowledge that they weren't as effective as you thought they were, that kills the credibility of a candidate. >> larry, your reaction? >> i agree, but it's going to come down to, as i said, all this time, if the economy's stupid. and two-thirds of american people believe we're on the wrong track and she's not offered any criticism of anything. of course she's not going to criticize obamacare or the tax
9:56 pm
hikes on the middle class, she hasn't criticized stimulus, anything he's done, so if i'm on the fence and i'm looking for somebody that's going to improve my situation, what has she said or done about obama that makes me think the next four years are going to be any better than the last eight years? >> i see your point and i think that's a strong argument. but that's not the argument that she's concerned with, nor making. hillary's making the argument of, it's not about whether obama's good or bad. it's about donald trump. she calls him out by name numerous times. >> kelly ann had a great time. donald trump owns real estate in her head. >> i'm not mad at -- she has to do that at this point. she cannot run away. she cannot kind of be suggestive or subtle around this. she's got to -- if she's going to run against this man, she's got to run against him. >> it's got to be about accountability. in the end, you've got that whole litany that chris christie raised in the republican convention, north korea, iran, ukraine, the middle east, libya, israel, iraq, all these situations got worse under her
9:57 pm
tenure. this was a very strong speech for swing voters. she's going to move up -- i want to -- there'll be a bump. now, the question is, how does he respond? >> who's going to win this election? real quick. >> tell me the rules of the first debate. >> no answer? >> i do have an answer. >> pick one now. >> tell me the rules of the first debate and i'll tell you who wins it. >> the one that can withstand the most punches. >> larry, quick. we got to go. >> if trump sticks to the economy, immigration, and terror, and supreme court justices, he wins. >> unfortunately, thank you all. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank all of you for being with us, and we hope you all have a great night. i'm going home.
9:58 pm
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10:00 pm
and so, my friends, it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> a night for the history books as hillary clinton officially accepts the democratic nomination for president. she is the first woman to be the nominee of a major u.s. political party. hello, everyone, i'm heather childers. >> heather, great to be with you again tonight. hello, everyone, i'm eric shaun. hillary clinton appealing