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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 29, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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it is friday, july 29th, and this is a fox news alert. happening right now, two police officers shot late last night in san diego. >> we've got two officers down. yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> one person in custody, and a manhunt for other possible suspects is under way. authorities unsure where the shots came from and a motive is unclear. residents in the neighborhood warned to shelter in place. conditions of the officers are unknown. and we will keep you updated on this developing story.
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and now to our other top story this morning, a historic night for hillary clinton now officially first female nominee for president. clinton not just outlining her policies but also taking aim at rival donald trump. >> when there are no ceilings, the sky's the lilt. we've reached a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union. the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. i will carry all of your voices and stories with me to the white house. now, remember what the president said last night, don't boo. vote. you really think donald trump has the ter perment to be commander in chief? he spoke for 70-odd minutes, and i do mean odd. don't believe anyone who says i
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alone can fix this. donald trump says he wants to make america great again. well, he could start by actually making things in america again. we began a new chapter tonight. e choice is clear, my friends. deal me in! >> we have fox news team coverage this morning. patricia stark on the campaign trail with donald trump. >> but we begin with doug mcel ray with us. a wrap-up from the dnc. a historic night it was. >> it was indeed. no doubt about that. finally this convention succeeded in overcoming several impediments. first, the stifling heat which plagued it all week along, the e-mail scandal and the wrath of bernie sanders supporters many of whom were still not on the clinton train.
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the ripping up of some competing signs, but not as much as before. when clinton arrived on stage some boos erupted before an ovation for her. she was introduced by her daughter chelsea who called her mom a fighter who never gives up. >> i'm here as a proud american, a proud democrat, a proud mother and tonight in particular a very, very proud daughter. >> clinton vowed to pursue a progressive agenda, as you would expect. one that focuses on the needy, on victims and on the less fortunate, but not just with promises of charity but with the active involvement of government leading the charge. at a convention when speakers largely avoided the topic of the isis threat, she broached it and said that donald trump was a man incapable of becoming a commander in chief. >> in my first hundred days, we'll work with both parties to
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pass the biggest investment in new good paying jobs since world war ii. my strategy for defeating isis, we'll strike their sanctuaries from the air. donald trump says, and this is a quote, i know more about isis than the generals do. no, donald, you don't. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> the central issue for clinton now is will there be enthusiasm in the united states for what is, in effect, an obama third term when at the same time the real clear average of politics in polls the majority say the country is headed in the wrong direction. i've got in entire tent to miss. nobody else is here. it's been teeming with people. i'm by myself. i'm going to be a one-man party. >> take advantage of it. you're a lucky man this morning. >> thank you.
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>> thank you, doug. >> so did hillary clinton make her case and did her speech make any difference with her trustworthy problem? >> here to debate managing editor of the washington free beac beacon aaron mclean. let's break this down. a historic speech, no doubt, the first female nominee from a major political party, but she spent a lot of it targeting donald trump. we mentioned earlier that she mentioned his name around 22 times. was it too much on donald trump, not enough on policy? >> no, i think that she had a lot of policy, she had a lot of donald trump. she had a great mixture. i thought her speech was very, very good. it was everything that democrats wanted to hear. that is not the question for me, though. the question is whether she was convincing enough to the bernie sanders supporters who feel
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betrayed and who feel lied to and it's impossible for her to get back her likability from those who have gone to the donald trump side. although the speech was great, i just don't think it was enough to really persuade people who aren't already in her camp. >> likability and trustworthiness, we see in almost every poll that comes out, that's where hillary clinton continues to struggle the most. was she able to tackle the trustworthy problem last night. >> you know, i really didn't see much of an effort to take on the trustworthy issue head-on. there was a lot of focus on her compete competent, and how she would be a competent president, that's an implicit contrast to donald trump. there was spin on the ground, if you listen for evidence of her specific accomplishments, specifically as skt, there were broad gestures, but not concrete things. the trustworthiness issue is sort of solved by donald trump rather than having to defend
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herself directly against charges that arise out of the e-mail scandal, for example. all she has to do is talk about trump, the idea that trump's untrustworthiness forgives what her own short comings will be in that department. >> we have a cbs poll that we can pull up that shows what the recent numbers look like. you can see there. 29% saying, yes, she's trustworthy compare to almost 70%. >> and on that point, when you listen to some of the policies that she did talk about, one specifically she seemed to waffle between what she said during the primaries and what she's saying now moving forward, and that would be specifically with trade. so how does that speak to, you know, is she honest or is she just telling people what they want to hear? >> i don't think she knows what she wants. you saw a lot of the protest ters there, they were protesting tpp. they're not satisfied with her
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waffling. but at the same time throughout the entire convention, not just hillary's speech, she had other people who have worked with her on policy, who have worked with her on all these different issues is and say that she is competent. and competency trumps trustworthiness because really the people who like her and are going to vote for her, they find her trustworthy. it's the far right or people that really believe trump that find her to be trustworthy. she didn't need to address it because she didn't see that as a problem with her constituency. >> when you go into the voting booth people base their votes on who they like, who they trust. >> the majority of the country finds her untrustworthy and the majority of the country is not all the far right. it's a major concern for her. look, the speech was fine. she's not a gifted speaker, it was a -- i think a mediocre speech. not the best speech at the convention by far. she did her best to strike at
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donald trump. going forward, this is going to be real for her. it's going to be a crazy few months. can you imagine seeing her and donald trump on the stage together? coming up at the debate? >> i can't wait, i'm so excited. >> the key is getting the voters in the swing states and pulling in the independents and the millennial voters as well. tamara holder and aaron maclean. using hillary clinton's speech to take direct aim at his rival. >> the gop nominee picking apart her speech and her record on twitter. no surprise there. patricia stark joins us with the war of words. >> good morning. several speakers at this week's democratic national convention had harsh words for the republican presidential nominee and hillary clinton finishes out with her own. but it didn't take long for donald trump to bash her acceptance speech on twitter saying his rival's vision for
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the world is borderless and tweeting, no one has worse judgment than hillary clinton. corruption and devastation follows her wherever she goes. now that the conventions are in the rearview mirror, the two candidates will get their intelligence briefings next week. democrats issuing desperate warnings saying trump should not have classified information, that is, even top senate democrat harry reid saying he should get fake intel. trump swiping right back. >> i said that she shouldn't get it. deleted 33,000 e-mails. you saw what the fbi said, she was negligent. she was -- i've never seen anything actually like a report like that. but they said she was negligent and she lied. i mean, she lied. and i said yesterday she shouldn't be allowed to get briefings. she should absolutely not be allowed to get briefings because anything she gets she has a phony server.
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what she's done is incredible. >> trump staying in the campaign spotlight after spending a day in iowa is now heading to colorado. >> it's a busy week. >> in like five states a day. >> patricia, thank you. >> we want to hear from you. what do you think of hillary clinton's speech and your comments on facebook, twitter or send an e-mail to fox friends >> people already doing that. keep them coming in. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. a post convention boost in the battleground states. donald trump taking the lead. but is hillary about to see a bounce, too. and does it even matter? our next guest says the conventions don't give us much of a preview, but the answer that he has, coming up.
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welcome back. a post rnc boost, donald trump taking the lead in the latest
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average of polls in a head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton. you can see it right there. >> but historically who does better coming out of the conventions and does it really matter? here is scott rasmussen. thank you for joining us this morning. >> great to be here. >> so we finally have reached the end, hard to believe, but at least the two conventions are over. before we begin the general election, this convention bounce that we're hearing about, traditionally how does that happen? does it matter? >> bounces always matter, but when you try to apply a historical perspective to this, it's difficult. we talk about wow, we're finally at the end of the convepgss. eight years ago john mccain's convention didn't even take place, didn't even begin until september. so every cycle is different. every bounce is different. and conventions are just one part of a bigger picture. we have issues like debates will come in the fall, outside events, fublmentals, those will
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determine the shape of the race. >> as we mentioned earlier in this segment, donald trump has seen a boost already. you see that latest cnn poll. what will happen at the end of this week? who will get the bigger bounce out of these two conventions? >> hillary clinton is likely to make some ground up in the coming week. in the a huge amount. bounces aren't as big as they used to be. donald trump got some traction because he helped unify the republican party. hillary clinton, despite some objections from sanders' supporters, has done the same. what's interesting to me is both parties are becoming unified by fear of the other party. you know, a lot of people on the republican side are saying we can't possibly let hillary clinton win. and hillary clinton last night more i guess about two dozen times mentioned donald trump. he's the unifying force among democrats. >> interesting to point out that the largest boost i believe that's happened in history was bill clinton in 1992, and that was what, 16-point bounce. >> yeah, but you go back to
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1992, and again this tells you how different the dynamics of each race were, earlier that year bill clinton was in third place in the polls behind the first president bush and ross perot. so he had a long way to go, and he took advantage of it. perot effectively dropped out for a while and bill clinton got a great benefit from that. we don't have anybody like ross perot in the race this time around. but we do have -- we have donald trump hosting a reddit ama during the convention. >> how does that impact it? from '92. twitter is dominating this election. donald trump tweeting his whole way through. in 1992 there wasn't any internet. it's an entire different game. that's why people always want to look at say what happens after every convention. do republicans gain between now election day or do democrats gain. the truth is there is no
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pattern. what we're going to watch for is what do the candidates do now, how do the debates work out, which by the way, i can't even imagine. can't wait for that. and what other events take place. we had shootings in san diego. other events like that in the fall could have an impact on the race. >> the mood of the country on election day will be huge, foreign policy for sure. >> an unconventional convention, absolutely. >> thank you, scott. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> the time now is 20 minutes after the hour. country singer blake shelton versus actress debra messing. the political punches thrown on twitter and which star is now apologizing for it. >> and fact or fiction? hillary clinton protecting the second amendment. >> i'm not here to repeal the second amendment. i'm not here to take away your guns. >> but is she walking back claims she's already made? we're checking the facts from
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the dnc.
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welcome back to the early edition of "fox & friends." to breaking news we're following for you. chaos as two police officers are shot in san diego. >> we have two officers down. yeah. we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> one person under arrest at this hour, but authorities still sweeping the area for other possible suspects. they've warned residents to shelter in place. a motive and the conditions of the police officers are unknown. we will continue to follow the latest on this story and we'll bring you any new developments. >> all right. imagine looking out your airplane window and seeing this, flames shooting right from the
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wing. look at that. it happened minutes after an american airlines flight took off from dallas. passengers saying they heard a huge explosion. >> you can see kind of -- a lot of smoke, a lot of flames. so some of the passengers notified the crew. they came down who notified the pilot. >> the airline now speaking out saying the compressor in the engine failed but that the engine was never on fire. democrats hacked again? the fbi now investigating an intrusion into the democratic national campaign committee's servers, this following the dnc hack which exposed embarrassing bias for hillary clinton over bernie sanders. while democrats claimed it was the russians and the russians were allegedly encouraged by trump, president obama's top intelligence officer says not to jump to conclusions. >> i don't think we're quite ready yet to make a call on
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attribution. frankly taken aback a bit by somewhat hyperventilation over this. you know, i'm shocked somebody did some hacking. that's never happened before. >> the hacking force dnc chairman debbie wasserman schultz to resign just before the convention. >> a twitter war of words erupting between debra messing and blake shelton. the trouble starting over an interview that said trump is not afraid to speak his mind. messing who was one of the speakers for the dnc took it as an endorsement to trump. please talk to your man to not vote for the person who will strip you of your rights. shelton tweeted saying he hasn't endorsed any candidate. messing has since apologized. >> outrage from police officers as a black lives matter banner hangs on the city hall.
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they rallied holding signs saying support your local police and chanting take it down. the mayor says the sign is not coming down. instead, he wants to found a way to resolve the standoff. >> we can fight to protect minorities and still praise the hard work of law enforcement officials. >> the police union wants the sign replaced with one that says all lives matter. time is now 25 minutes after the hour. the conventions may be over but the war of words just getting started. >> you only have one person that you want to go after, and that's crooked hillary clinton. >> he's taken the republican party a long way from morning in america to midnight in america. >> so with no sign of simmering down, what can we expect for the general election? our political panel is on deck to weigh in. >> sanctuary city. are you okay with that? >> you know, i'm pretty sure that the most of the serial killers we know were natural
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born american citizens. are we concerned about that? >> sanctuary cities and the democrats. why do they refuse to support the law that would protect all americans from violent, illegal immigrant. jesse watters goes looking for answers.
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this is a fox news alert. two officers shot in san diego overnight. >> the shot is definitely a handgun. the suspect is going to be close by. >> one person is in custody. a manhunt under way right now for other possible suspects. authorities unsure where the shots came from and a motive is unclear. residents in the neighborhood being warned to shelter in place. conditions of the officers are unknown, but we will keep you updated on this story as it develops.
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good morning to you. and now to our toptory this morning. a historic nht for hillary clinton. now officially the first female nominee for president. >> clinton not just outlining her policies, but also taking aim at rival donald trump. >> and there are no ceilings. the sky's the limit. we've reach a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union. the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. i will carry all of your voices and stories with me to the white house. now, remember what the president said last night, don't boo. vote. you really think donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? he spoke for 70-odd minutes, and i do mean odd. don't believe anyone who says i alone can fix this.
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donald trump says he wants to make america great again. well, he could start by actually making things in america again. we begin a new chapter tonight. the choice is clear, my friends. deal me in. >> let's get right to doug mckelray. the last person to keep things standing there. you're such a champ. >> i've got the whole place to myself this morning. good morning, abby, good morning, heather. this convention finally got itself in order. a little bit less of the divisiveness that we've seen despite those huge impediments the convention was facing including the stifling heat and humidity, the dnc e-mail scandal and the wrath of bernie sanders supporters many of whom are still not on the clinton train. there were still shouting matches last night in the
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convention center, the ripping up of competing signs and when clinton arrived on stage a small chorus of boos. she made this peace offering to bernie sanders supporters. >> bernie sanders and i will work together to make college tuition free for the middle class and debt-free for all. we will not build a wall. we'll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants. we will work tirelessly with responsible gun owners to pass commonsense reforms. we will defend all our rights, civil rights, human rights voting rights, women's rights and workers rights, lgbt rights. >> clinton was introduced by her daughter chelsea, a woman who grew up in the spotlight as a child in the white house who has now grown to be a mother herself and called her own mother a fighter who never gives up, and
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that sentiment was echoed by the president of the united states who, after the speech was done last night, tweeted out this, quote, great speech. she's tested, she's ready. she never quits. that's why hillary should be our next @potus, she'll get the twitter handle, too. so it was last night in this video from katy perry featuring morgan freeman. >> on november 8th, you'll be just as powerful as any nra lobbyist. you'll have as much say as any billionaire. >> clinton is not quite done with philadelphia yet even as the convention empties out. she'll be speaking today at 12:30 at tem approximately university with her running mate tim kaine and husband bill clinton. >> thank you, doug mckelway live for us. >> he's taken the republican party a long way, from morning in america to midnight in
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america. donald trump says he wants to make america great again. well, he could start by actually making things in america again. donald trump says, and this is a quote, i know more about isis than the generals do. no, donald, you don't. and in the end, it comes down to what donald trump doesn't get. america is great because america is good. >> well, that was hillary clinton last night hammering donald trump in her acceptance speech as the democratic nominee. is this a preview of what we're going to see the rest of the campaign? >> joining us to talk about that is senior adviser for move and the chairman of gopac and republican strategist. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> very early.
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>> so hillary clinton got in quite a few zingers, you could say, last night in her acceptance speech. donald trump immediately firing back on twitter. so they're already going at it. is this a sign of things to come? >> well, let me just first say that the democratic party once again made history by -- with hillary clinton accepting the nomination of her party, which says volumes as to where the democratic party is going with that alone. look, i think hillary clinton gave an optimistic, a clear, clear choice for her candidacy. and also laying out, you know, that america can work for everyone. so yeah, we heard some zingers like what you guys played, which i think really gave -- had some traction and people really responded to that. but i think it was so different from the woe is me, the doomsday, the me, me, me type of convention speech, acceptance
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speech that we heard from donald trump last week. >> david, this is not just politics or trying to beat the other out. these two candidates know each other well on a personal level. hillary clinton was invited to donald trump's wedding. how much worse does that mean it's going to be? >> only time will tell. first, let's congratulate hillary clinton even if she did need the democratic party to put the finger on scale for her to have a rigged system, but congratulations to her for getting her party's nomination. last night's speech -- here's the problem for hillary clinton. voters didn't get any new information about hillary clinton. so there's nothing for them to move towards her. what we did learn this week is that the russians have e-mails which only underscores more people's concern for their personal security. we found out the irs is investigating the clinton foundation. and we found out from the fbi documents that the irs knew two
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years before they told congress that they were targeting conservative groups. all of this speaks to what is the biggest concern for hillary clinton. americans think she's crooked. >> so neither one of you really answered the question at hand, though. we were wondering what's going to happen moving forward. and you said that hillary clinton, she talked a lot about her policies. >> yes, she did. >> do you think she's going to continue to do that moving forward? you don't think it will get negative at all? because she mentioned donald trump about 22 times the day before, mentioned about 150 times. clearly they're a little worried about him. >> look, the leaked went negative weeks and weeks ago. so that's certainly going to continue to happen. there needs to be a contrast. while you have to have aspirational speech and let people know why you're the best candidate for them and why you should be president, there has to be some contrast and we'll
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see negative stuff, absolutely. what came out of this was the democrats were unified behind hillary clinton. we have a progressive platform that's speaking to all americans. not only do we have a unified platform -- i'm sorry, a unified party, but we also started to zero in on the general election, and you saw this week that the speakers started to speak beyond the base. >> karine, i have to say something to you there, though. >> no, sure, sure, sure. >> you say they've all come together, but clearly they've not all come together. you had bernie sanders supporters in the audience tonight while hillary clinton was speaking refusing to stand up and cheer. you had one protester who got carried out, at least one that we know of. so they have not come together yet. >> i hear you. i totally hear you. but there was a poll done recently that showed that 90% of voters who vote would go with hillary clinton. so i think we're getting there. i think the convention just ended. and i think that --
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>> there's still going to be a little bit of work. and bernie sanders is going to be out there campaigning for hillary clinton and tim kaine. and so i think it's still a work in progress, but we're going to continue to work on that. we're in a good place. >> but it's not just about uniting the base. you've got to get more than your base to win. >> yep. >> you do. and it will be interesting. here's the number to keep in mind. ultimately will decide this election. we have about 25% of americans who are still undecided. as those numbers continue to stay high as this campaign continues to be the two candidates slugging it out and getting very personal and very negative with their attacks about one another, for a lot of those 25% of undecideds, they'll decide to stay home. and that's going to have a big impact on ultimately who is going to win this election. so as it gets more negative, it really does become about uniting -- exciting and uniting your base and getting them to
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turn out. >> david, karine, thanks for being with us. we want to know what you thought of hillary clinton's speech. and your responses are pouring in on social media. >> linda on facebook says more of the same old thing. but she has a lot of big names campaigning for her so the republicans better get their act together. she certainly will not make america great again. joel on twitter said it sounded good, but since she's a proven liar, we know it is all fake. i don't bleeb a word this comes out of her mouth. truly a sad moment in history. the first woman to be nominated should have been someone worthy. in my opinion, this was an insult to all women. jacqueline says a powerful speech and if you didn't know her background, you would be uplifted. a mix. keep sending them in. fact or fiction, hillary clinton protecting the second amendment? >> i'm not here to repeal the
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second amendment. i'm not here to take away your guns. >> but is she now walking back claims that she's already made? we're checking the facts from the dnc.
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it doesn't matter to him that illegal immigration and the crime rate are as though as they've been in decades. >> donald trump and mike pence want to let big banks run wild again. republicans want to tear down the pillars of middle class security. >> trump says that in his first hour in the oval office he'll roll back safeguards that we already have. >> donald trump, on the other hand, has actually said, quote, wages are too high. >> well, there were some bold claims made by democrats at the dnc over this week slamming republicans and donald trump.
1:45 am
so who was lying and who was telling the truth? here for a fact check -- >> good morning, ladies. good to be here. >> first, we'll start with hillary clinton saying that she's not here to take away your guns. listen to this. >> i'm not here to repeal the second amendment. i'm not here to take away your guns. >> we'll get your response to it. true or false? >> this is false. it's false. last fall hillary clinton said in a debate when asked who are your enemies, she said the national rifle association is my enemy. that's pretty blatant trying to do a 180 here and trying to pull the wool over our eyes. her initiative is to restrict the second amendment. but the fact of the matter is
1:46 am
these urban areas have some of the most strictest gun loss already on the books. we really have to enforce that. she didn't say a word about that. >> she's trying to appeal to independents here as well. president obama on her accomplishments. >> we've seen deficits come down, 401(k)s recover, an auto industry set new records, unemployment reach eight-year los and our businesses create 15 million new jobs. through diplomacy, we shut down iran's nuclear weapons program. we put policies in place to help students with loans, protect consumers with fraud, cut veterans' homelessness almost in half. >> true or false? >> a part of it's true, but the most important parts are not true. he was playing a sleight of hand, in my opinion. he says unemployment is a lot lower, however underemployment is so high and people are dropping out of the workforce which means they're not even
1:47 am
looking for work. so it's really an inflated number for him to say that. it's incredibly dishonest when the top point is true. iran has not eradicated its deal -- i mean its nuclear program. yes, it has the deal, but iran is cheating. he's cherry picking to make them sound good. >> donald trump had something to say about this today specifically. this is bernie sanders saying that trump does not support raising the minimum wage. true or false? first of all, let's listen to what he said. >> he does not support raising the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, a starvation wage. while trump believes in huge tax breaks, huge tax breaks for billionaires, he believes that states should actually have the right to lower the minimum wage below 7.25.
1:48 am
>> all right. true or false? >> that one is a big fat "f," false. donald trump does support increasing the minimum wage. it is true that in the past he was posed to that. he has come around and said that he does support it. i personally am actually hoping he will say that he actually goes back to his original saying which is that the minimum wage is actually really a tool to price people out of the labor force. it's historically been used by racist people to shut minority workers out of the work force. thomas seoulole a very famous african-american economist has said this. so bernie sanders is completely wrong here. not only is he wrong about donald trump's stance, he's wrong on the economics here. >> elizabeth warren spoke monday night. she said that trump was excited for the 2008 recession. >> look at his history. donald trump said he was excited for the 2008 housing crash that
1:49 am
devastated millions of american families. because he thought it would help him scoop up more real estate on the cheap. >> true or false? >> that's definitely a big false as well. so the comments from donald trump were in 2006, which was before the 2008 recession. the fact of the matter is in 2008, this crisis was caused by democratic policy that forced banks to lend to subprime borrowers. so it's completely disingenuous for her to say this. when we talk about investing, investors are looking to protect themselves through hedges. you own both sunglasses stock and um brel ha stock for when it's raining and not raining. you have to hedge yourself. that's what he was trying to say. >> no one knew how bad that recession was going to be. >> absolutely. no one predicted it. ten minutes till the top of the hour. why is the democratic party rejecting federal law and
1:50 am
supporting sanctuary cities. >> let's be honest here, right? sometimes the government makes laws that actually violate the constitution. >> so the city doesn't want to have a federal gun law, you're okay with that? >> jesse watters goes to the d in, c to get some answers. ...
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welcome back. sanctuary cities are a hot topic heading into november. >> jesse watters back at the dnc asking democrats where they stand on the issue. >> do you support sanctuary cities? >> i think it would probably depend on the dedefinition. it's not a technical term.
1:54 am
>> in the sense of people being able to come in from different countries who have been victimized by tyranny in their own homes and then coming to america? in that sense, absolutely. >> when someone who is undocumented, is a victim of a crime, they should know that they can contact the police without being deported. >> any violent criminal is sent anywhere sanctuary or not. >> that's not true. if you commit felonies they will not report you. >> in philadelphia they do. >> i'm okay with cities protecting families and making sure that children are not unsafe when we deport their families and leave them here. >> to be honest, i haven't given that much thought. >> don't you think you should? >> is that the platform of the democratic party or something? i don't know. >> there's a woman in san francisco named kate steinle who has been murdered by a guy who was deported five times and had multiple felonies.
1:55 am
he was in the city, a sanctuary city. >> i think most of the killer wes know were natural born citizens is. >> if the city doesn't want to obey the federal gun law, you're okay with that? >> but you're okay with cities obeying subrogation. >> steinle's life was -- >> the black homicide victims whose cases don't get solved by the nypd. >> i have to run for something else. >> your friend bill o'reilly has a quick question for you. >> bill o'reilly your good friend has a question for you. >> and he can answer it himself. >> oh, watters world. >> love that. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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it is friday, july 29th, and this is a fox news alert. two officers shot in san diego overnight and a massive manhunt is under way. >> yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> we do not know where the shots are coming from. two officers down. >> we fwrab the officers and throw him in the car and take him straight to the hospital. >> those are dramatic dispatch calls just coming into our newsroom. one person is in custody and right now officers are searching
2:00 am
for more suspects with s.w.a.t. teams and helicopters. >> no word on the condition of those two officers or what led up to these shootings. we're following the story very closely and we'll bring you more as we get it. it. >> to our other top story a historic night for hillary clinton now officially the first female nominee from a major party for president. >> clinton not just showing her policies for her speech but also taking aim at her rival donald trump. >> there are no ceilings. the sky is the limit. we have reached a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union. the first time that a major party has dominated a woman for president. i will carry all of your voices and stories with me to the white house. now rem


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