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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 29, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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others, countries. she has nothing to offer besides lies and more the same. craig says clinton, no question. gave a great speech with deta s details. thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. we are back home, everyone. >> thank goodness. >> we were gone for basically two weeks. we were at the rnc, dnc. >> came home for a day. >> back here. >> and then hit the road again. we did wake up this morning with terrible news, breaking news. >> indeed. another police officer shooting overnight and it was in san diego. two cops shot about 11:00 last night. abby has the very latest. >> good morning, you guys. unfortunately it has happened again. two cops shot overnight in san diego and a massive manhunt is underway right now.
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>> yes. we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> we do not know where the shots are coming from. >> we have two officers down. >> we're gonna grab the officer throw him in the car and take him to the hospital. >> one person is in custody. police have been searching the neighborhood where the cops were shot with s.w.a.t. teams and helicopters. they are telling people there to stay inside. what led up to that shooting and the condition of those officers not known at this time. of course, police departments across the country on high alert since those deadly attacks on cops in dallas and baton rouge. i'll be following the story closely all morning for you guys and bring you more as we have it. that is all we know. >> we just got word that apparently one of the officers had died. let's talk to former police detective steve cardian. steve, it's speculation at this
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point. we don't know the circumstances. it looks like it's all part of a war on cops. >> it is a war on police officers. i've been in law enforcement since 1978. i don't think we've seen anything like this since back in the '70s. >> what happened in the '70s? >> new york city had a rash of police ambushes and shootings. ambushes are a type of event that you can't prepare for. it comes on you very quickly and you're at a huge disadvantage. when i talk to police officers across the country and there are three things they say, they feel unprotected, they feel unsafe and they feel very untrusting in our government and they just don't feel like they're able to get it done. >> i keep going back the lieutenant governor asked the president in the forum about understanding law enforcement and african-american's plight. mr. president, a word of support from high up goes a long way and words matter. is that true? >> it's beyond true.
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it is -- it makes a big difference to the people on the street. you do your job and you know you're not being represented by those above you, those who can hurt you and protect you. >> these guys don't know where the shots were fired. they don't know where they came from. >> it's the first time in my career in law enforcement where i've heard police officers say that. i'm app prehen sieve going on the street. >> whether thish' washington, - watching, the crime gets worse. >>does. you have pro active people. they're doing their jobs instead of 110% they're doing what's required of them. >> there was one guy in philly, a police officer, says he takes
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his uniform off at the end of the shift. he doesn't want the community to know he wears a uniform. >> we're speculating on the motive. we don't know if it's a war on cops but we do know as of this hour apparently one suspect in custody. the manhunt is over and one officer is dead. tragic. >> it's beyond tragic. it hurts every police officer whether in service or retired, active or inactive across the kun interest i to see this happening to their brothers and sisters. >> 62 cops who had lost their life being shot in the line of duty. it's already up to 67. steve, thank you very much. >> meanwhile, last night at the dnc there was a moment when a dallas sheriff, loupe valde ze wanted to show respect for the
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officers. asked for a moment of quiet reflection. she was interrupted. a couple of people in the crowd started chanting black lives matter during the moment of silence for fallen police officers. watch this. >> please help me in honor of all of america's fallen officers with a moment of silence. >> that's appropriate. nkts unbelievable. that's happening at the dnc who, by the way, we're going to talk about later on also disrespected the military at every turn. >> inside. >> right. we had been talking this whole week about how these officers were not being rertd at the dnc. i was grateful that they did that. but for someone to be screaming black lives matters, they lost five police officers in dallas. >> sure. >> she was there to honor their families.
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the family members came up on stage. just to get that reception i thought was embarrassing. >> remember two nights earlier the mothers of the movement had their moment and i don't remember anybody disrespecting them and suddenly it's a chance for the entire assembled democratic party to give props. >> very disrespectful. >> there's a situation where you go to the voting booth, pro law enforcement, pro anarchy, corrupt law enforcement that needs to be figured out. i cannot believe what's going on. i cannot believe -- i just worked the convention. i cannot believe the disrespect they got inside the theater which is -- arena. after watching the donald trump speech and seeing him go the other way. i asked him about it.
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>> police have to be careful. they have to do things right. they have to be properly trained. but the police in our country have done a phenomenal job. >> then you have disrespect during the moment of silence and you have last night also at the dnc captain florence groberg, a medal of honor recipient, u.s. ar a honor recipient. a number of people turned their backs on him and then you have retired general john allen. he made a stirring and impactful speech making the case for hillary. what happens when he's up there? they were chanting no more war. no more war. when leon panetta was up there,
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no more drones. they're bernie or bust people but nonetheless for the neem this country who are heroes, obviously a medal of honor recipient. for them to disrespect him, to disrespect our cops didn't speak well. >> no, it didn't. he was injured, he lost part of his leg because he pushed a suicide bomber out of the way so his troops could survive. he got up on taj reading the people who were fallen and you will have the country, to hold it up proudly. >> people turning their backs on him. it's unbelievable, brian. >> we met him. he was here. great guy. as general allen stands on that stage and as he is a medal of honor recipient stands on that stage and sees the way he has been received, he has chosen a party that has not chosen to
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support the mill tear r. up and down over the last seven years the military has been under manned, under financed. no attention is being brought to them. the president was putting a medal around his neck, what would the message of keep our supported in the field. i'm wondering what are they thinking now as they made their decision to appeal in filly and not cleveland. >> everybody has a choice but at the audience. >> no, i -- >> shouting out no more war. >> general allen spoke yesterday and gave his reason. he's had to shout. >> the american military to continue to be -- will continue to be the shining example of america and at our very best.
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>> i understand you can be anti-war and pro troops at the same time. >> absolutely. this is a party of barack obama. he was put into office eight years ago because he promised to get rid of the war. hillary clinton supports it. i get it. >> this person is sitting there endorsing a candidate and you're screaming and shouting no more war. he executes the war. were general allen talked about taking on isis and he quit and getting for mower years. >> he's a registered republican. >> that's what the general said last night. he said, i know general allen.
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it's the worst policy to take on this team in the middle east and he's doubling down on it. >> they just answered him. hillary makes an historic plea for unity in the democratic party. there wasn't a lot of units at this in a lot of sections. >> no, there were not. see the fluorescent t-shirts? bernie sanders making it clear they are not going quiet. >> neither is donald trump. doug mcelway is live. hey, doug. >> reporter: hey, good to see you guys. there have been so many obstacles the dnc was unable to take down. the downpaurs, for the delegates to the convention center itself.
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nothing as much as. there were sporadic shouting matches. the ripping up of signs. one bernie supporter was arrested inside the arena. when clinton emerged on the stage to a small chorus of boos, it was over come generally with an ovation for her. marco rubio said the boos and cat calls during hillary's speech at dnc in philly are even distracting. what a disaster. in her speech last night clinton spoke of the enduring values of the united states freedom and equality. justice and opportunity. even that provoked some boos among sanders supporters. >> i went to 112 countries. when people hear those words, they hear america!
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>> and it prompted, as you might imagine, a series of tweets from donald trump. hillary's refusal to mention radical islam as she pushes a 550% increase in rev few guys is more proof that she is unfit to lead the country. >> a poll shows 69% of the country is headed in the wrong direction. you mentioned the empty arena. going past your work chaise, brain, and you left -- ainsley, you left your gaffer's tape. >> i've been looking for that. >> fedex it to us. >> doug mcelway with us. >> jennifer griffen will mail it
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from the washington bureau to us. >> thank you very much. >> meanwhile. >> democrats made a lot of claims. >> he sandigned a law that woul have required women to hold funerals for fetuses. >> i'm not here to take away your guns. bp is pioneering drone technology to monitor refinery operations, so our engineers can spot potential problems from any angle. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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if donald trump's words are wad and they are, his actions are worse. just look at his vice presidential choice, governor mike pens. he signed a law that would have forced women to hold funerals for fetuses even in some cases after a miscarriage. >> funerals for fetuses, is that true? >> it's not true. it's a lie and a goali igoulhist that. hillary clinton called that disturbing. that organization was implicated in selling organs of aborted babies. this is not a fun topic to
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discuss but it's a lie and it needs to be called out. >> that's a lie. here's the president of emily's list talking about equal pay for equal work. >> republican leaders oppose equal pay for women and refuse to stand up for working mothers trying to balance career and family. that's why they've let your boss fire you for using birth control. >> okay. there's a new one. i hadn't heard that. is that true? >> no. i mean, everyone knows that the issue with birth control doesn't involve bosses firing people for that. it involves cases where the federal government is trying to force religious groups like little sisters of support to pay for birth control. if they could find a single person in america who's been fired for birth control, they'd probably cross them out and pass a law to ban that. i don't think they can provide a single example of that. >> finally, hillary clinton on the second amendment. listen to this. >> i'm not here to repeal the
3:20 am
second amendment. i'm not here to take away your guns. >> okay, john, true or false? >> maybe she's not going to take away your guns but i think her supreme court nominee would. any democratically appointed supreme court nominee will be in favor of overturning the right to own a handgun in cities like chicago or d.c. if hillary clinton gets the supreme court justice there, i think the ruling might be overturned very likely. >> there you go. after two weeks of speeches it's good to have a guy who can set the record straight. john mccormick from the weekly standard. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up on this friday, in the wake of police officers being shot, here's what's happening in our country. dispatchers are now refusing to send officers into certain emergency calls. you're going to hear from them why straight ahead. first, you're going to hear from an officer who did respond when the call came in that a girl was
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two cops shot overnight in san diego. one of them is now dead. >> yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> caution into area. we do not know where the shots are coming from. we have two officers down. >> we're gonna grab the officer, throw him in the car and take him to the hospital. >> wow. one person in custody. we don't know what led to the shooting. it begs the question, how are cops able to do their jobs right now? >> joining us right now is a cop and his k9 dog.
3:25 am
he rescued a girl dragged to the woods. he and his k9 dog. thank you both for joining us. deputy, i'm sorry to hear about -- it's just awful. we wanted you to come on and talk about -- you were such a hero. you rescued this young girl and we'll get to that. first, we woke up this morning getting the news that two more police officers were shot and i know that you're out on the streets that has to go through your mind. what's going on? >> yeah, not far from where you work. >> right. >> actually, this is the first i've heard about it. >> really? >> i haven't really been able to process it yet. >> yeah. you guys are the first ones to tell me about it. it's disheartening. >> go ahead. >> it's disheartening. it's disheartening to say the least. obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to those families. it's just starting to become the norm, i hate to say it, but it's
3:26 am
happening more and more it seems like. >> do you get up and put on that uniform and think differently than you did a year or two ago? >> you can't. you can't. it's going to affect how you deal with situations. you always want to stay prepared, but you never really know what you're walking into. you never really know what's on the other side of that door and it's going to affect how you go and help people when they actually need help. we don't know these people that we're going to help. we have no bond with them. we don't know their names, but we still have to help them and we can't let what happens on a daily basis affect that. if we don't do it, who else will? that's the way i look at. >> just hard. bullets are coming, they don't know where it's coming. how did you protect yourself? you got a call in the middle of the night, bring your dog, we have a young girl, 16-year-old
3:27 am
who was kidnapped. she was dragged into the woods. and what happened next? >> like you said, i was at home in bed when i got the call. it was about 3:00 in the morning. our twin peaks station, local mountains, they called and needed a k-9 to track a person. they told me they had a missing juvenile that they were looking for and the call originally came out as a missing juvenile from a residence and shortly after that updated information came out that there was a juvenile that was matching the description that was seen getting drug through the woods by a male. deputies responded to that area before i got there. they were able to locate drag marks from her body going into the woods and she left some of her private property that fell off of her as she was getting drug behind. so that's when they utilized me and dasia. we get a piece of clothing or object that has the scent on it.
3:28 am
dasia follows it and knows she needs to follow it. >> so you track it. how long did you track them, a half mile and you got to a house? >> yes. we tracked about half a mile through the woods into a neighborhood and she took us to a house. >> then you were able to bust that door down and find out -- find the two inside. >> what was her reaction when she saw you? >> i did not go in side the house because i had -- i had dasia with me. i had a tactical team with me. we called in a tactical deployment since we were going to be possibly running into a dangerous suspect. once dfasia took us to the hous, i pulled back. our team surrounded the house. they went in, took everyone in the house into custody and assured the female was in there and she was safe. >> she was.
3:29 am
jack stone and his dog dasia, congratulations. great story. thanks for sharing with us. we wish we had better news. >> you are a hero and we thank all of our law enforcement officers. you are. you saved that girl's life possibly and you save lives all the time and you are a hero. >> i just followed her. >> deputy, good job. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead, in the wake of more cops being shot, here's what's happening in our country. what is happening in our country, dispatchers refusing to send officers to emergency calls. >> very, very important for officers safety that we get names because we have been targeted and that's the reason why we are asking for names. thanks a lot. i'm done with the conversation, sir. thank you. >> you'll hear from them next. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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fox news alert. it has happened again.
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two cops shot overnight in san diego. one be of them now dead. >> yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> use caution into the area. they don't know where the shots are coming from. two officers down. >> we're gonna grab the officer, throw him in the car and take him straight to the hospital. >> san diego police tweeting moments ago it is have a very sad heart we announce the death of one of our officers tonight. pray for his family. >> the other officer is in surgery right now. >> the other one. >> both were shot during a traffic stop. one suspect is in custody. >> of course, police departments across the country on high alert since the deadly attacks against police officers in dallas and baton rouge. 70 officers killed in the line of duty so far this year. let's bring in rod wheeler. he joins us right now on the phone. former d.c. homicide detective. rod, this is another terrible story. we understand apparently these two officers who were shot were part of an elite gang unit.
3:34 am
they were making a traffic stop. >> right. >> when somebody started shooting. >> that's right, steve. again, i think what this case goes to show us here in the united states is that police officers each and every day, you know, we do our jobs but we're walking around with targets on our back. we don't know -- this case is obviously still fluid because it happened last night. we don't know if this was a targeted attack or if this was the result of a planned traffic stop. what we do know is whoever the suspect is, he came prepared. he was armed. he was able to shoot two armed police officers killing one of them. it's a tragedy. again, this is the type of drk these are the types of things, steve, that we have to deal with each and every day. >> rod, a lot of police officers are scared to go into situations or their departments are fearful for their lives. in minnesota when you call 911 it sounds like you have to give your name, but we have a call where the dispatcher is refusing to send an officer because the caller is not providing a name and they -- i guess these police
3:35 am
departments are worried that they have targets on their back and they're going to send their officers into a situation. if you're not going to give your name, we're not sending an officer. listen to this and then we'll get your reaction. >> okay. >> it says actually -- let me read it to you. attempt to sift through fictitious calls that may be used to entice officers. >> that's the statement from the police department. apparently this person who had called the cops was a neighbor complaining about another neighbor didn't want his name used. nonetheless, that could keep people from calling the police when they need them. >> it will, steve. you know what, here's the thing. we've been asking people to give their name if at all possible. you know what we're seeing, this is so important, guys, we're seeing people actually calling the police, give a fictitious name, put them a certain name and ambush them. now we're driving around in our police cars two to three men deep because we know that this is a real possibility and
3:36 am
especially with the sentiment that we have in some communities across the country against police officers. that's a significant fact. we do send police officers even if the person refuses to give the name but, again, we approach the situation in a very, very cautious manner. >> yeah. so i guess you're dealing also going back to the actual shooting in san diego, if you're in that area with gang activity rampant and the border issue a problem that people are ignoring, you wonder if this is normal gang activity or a targeting of officers like we saw in baton rouge and dallas. >> that's exactly what i said earlier, brian. that's why those police officers, when they were shot, i don't know if you read the complete report, but the area was flooded within minutes according to witnesses with tons of police officers. so, again, we know this is a real possibility and hopefully things will change eventually, but until that time we have to do everything we can to protect ourselves. >> what does it tell you that it was flooded, that these officers
3:37 am
are always ready to flood these areas areas. >> exactly. expect it every call. we don't know. i would expect some citizens to do a ride along to get a feeling for what it feels like when you have to answer that unknown call. you don't know what's waiting for you at the end of that call. >> that is a good point. when we heard the dispatch call, rod, they said two officers down but we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> right. >> so be careful. as all of these people go en masse to that area it's kind of like, okay, look out. it can be coming from anywhere. >> right. they actually kind of cordoned off an entire area there in san diego and there were literally 100 police officers or more, dogs, helicopters, everything looking for the suspects. they did arrest one guy but they're still possibly looking for another. that hasn't been confirmed yet. it's a dangerous situation on the streets, guys. >> yeah, it is. something needs to be done. i was in philadelphia talking to the cops. every single one of them told
3:38 am
me, i'm retiring in five years, i'm retiring in seven years. they're all ready to retire because they're fearful and their families are scared. >> it's not worth it anymore. >> right. >> when you have pot tisch shans like the mayor of baltimore throwing themselves under the bus, you know what you say, it isn't worth it anymore. >> you can bet donald trump will be talking about the cop shooting today on the campaign trail. >> joining us live from colorado springs is the mantha hunts donald trump down wherever he goes. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts. hey, john. >> reporter: they put me on a plane and i end up wherever we end up. good morning, ainsley and steve. this is something donald trump has been talking about a lot on the campaign trail, what's been happening a lot across the nation. you saw in toledo his supporters after the rally lining up to thank the police who had been standing there in 95 degree heat
3:39 am
for the hours that they did just to protect people going in and out of that event. i suspect in the two events he has in colorado he'll talk more about that, one in colorado springs and one in denver. part of the narrative donald trump has been pushing on the campaign trail, that this world that hillary clinton and barack obama keep talking about really to him doesn't exist. here's trump in cedar rapids, iowa, yesterday. >> you know, his beautiful world, he doesn't talk about radical islamic terrorists, he doesn't talk about the fact that people don't want to fly in airplanes, people don't want to go to theaters. >> the fact that the officers are getting shot across the country in numbers we haven't seen in decades. >> now donald trump and hillary clinton are officially their party's candidates, they will start receiving intelligence briefings. might not happen until today or monday. donald trump says hillary
3:40 am
clinton should be disqualified from receiving these intelligence and national security briefings, classified briefings. here's what he told greta van susteren last night. listen. >> i said that she shouldn't get it. she delete e-mails. you saw what the fbi said, she was negligent. she was -- i've never seen anything, actually, like a report like that, but they said she was negligent and that she lied. i mean, she lied. and i said yesterday she shouldn't be allowed to get briefings. >> now democrats, of course, are firing back that because of what donald trump said at doral about maybe russia could turn over her 33,000 missing e-mails, he is now disqualified from receiving these classified briefings. brian, ainsley, steve, we are now officially on both sides in the general election campaign, we have 102 more days of this to go. so fasten your seat belts. >> this is when it gets really good. you know what happens next the
3:41 am
debates. everyone is so excited about that. when is the first debate, do you know? >> reporter: that's hardly next. those aren't until september. we have august and september to go through. typically the conventions aren't until the middle or end of august. we have them out of the way. july is not even over with. >> donald trump never left the public spotlight. he tweeted throughout the entire hillary clinton speech last night that kept john roberts busy. thanks, john. >> reporter: thanks. >> meanwhile, 19 minutes before the hour. coming up, he put his life on the line and received a medal of honor. when he took the podium at the dnc, this medal of honor recipient got this kind of reception. >> america lost four heroes that day, command sergeant major christ man, major gray, major cadze and reg guy al fon is a. the chanting and even some
3:42 am
democrats turning their back on him. iraq and afghan any vet pete has a message back on the curvy couch. >> we're back. we've landed. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. john allen and medal of honor recipient took the stage last night to endorse hillary clinton. listen. >> and the american military will continue to be -- will continue to be seen a shining example of america at our very best. >> fox news contributor pete
3:46 am
hegseth. what's your response? the audience rejects their existence. >> i hope they regret supporting hillary clinton at this point in light of that kind of reaction. it exposes the true core of the modern democratic party which in many ways has always been since the vietnam war anti-military, anti-war, anti-vet, anti-american leadership in the world and utterly lacking in true and real patriotism. the patriotism for the convention, dnc convention has all been reactive. they didn't have flags, they didn't talk about vets, they didn't talk about defeating isis. suddenly flags showed up, suddenly vets showed up. now general allen gave a strong speech, but i don't understand his endorsement in light of the fact that he saw the policy of obama and hillary clinton and how ineffective it was and isis and then he watched how the party reacted to him.
3:47 am
basically dismissive. >> you believe that they separate hillary clinton's philosophy from barack obama despite the fact that she supported a war in libya where there was no after gadhafi plan, post gadhafi plan. that's who we saw. that's her in action. >> unfortunately, i think they do split clinton from obama. if you split clinton from obama, it's just as bad. i was on the floor talking to them about the top two foreign policy issues. they talked about benghazi. these are not people that understand her record in any way, but they don't care, brian. medal of honor recipients come up, no standing ovation. general allen comes up, no roar. at the republican national convention, you get a roar. it's a back and forth between a party that's totally split and moving in the wrong direction. >> she also went on to talk
3:48 am
about her plan to take on isis get this, get a pen ready, we're going to bomb from the side, use local forces on the ground. we're doing that. how's that happening? fantastic. donald trump and the resilience plan, i wish she would have kept it to herself. where's the change? >> no change. in fact, it's doubling down on worse. she wants to bring in six time the amount of syrian refugees into this country, not secure our borders and not utterly crush isis. it's a fallacy what they're saying. >> leads into our next topic. angela merkel left her location because of three separate incidents, a hatchett, a knife, and a gun. she's being attacked for her refugee policy. here's the quote, fear cannot be the guide for the political action. we need not allow our weight.
3:49 am
don't bring people in who have knives and hatchetts on trains. how dare she say that? >> you know why she says that? because for angela merkel and the international left, multi-culturalism is a religion. the facts don't matter. the facts on the ground don't change their mind. they are utterly devoted to the idea that opening their borders and welcoming anybody will improve their society even if the people coming don't want to assimilate and angela merkel doubles down on stupid and that's exactly what they're getting. >> pete, if you have to tell the people of france, especially in nice now, paris where the stabbings and the steam rolling took place, you don't have to tell the german people. they're going to get rid of their leaders who are not responding to the threat they feel at home. >> they see the elites tell them they ought bring in more people. i think the people will react and will react against these leaders who are
3:50 am
internationalists, multi-can have cultural and want a way in. >> they give a moving speech and do knowing. this is what continues to happen. >> we've never seen that happen. >> thanks. a fox news alert. it just happened again. two cops shot overnight in san diego. one of them dead. we've got the latest on the breaking news. >> i am okay with cities protecting families. we want to make sure children are safe. >> that wasn't the question. see jesse watters bend over backwards about questions like kate's law. that's next hour. teeth was weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth. pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that. you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children across the globe
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3:54 am
two cops were shot during a traffic stop in san diego. one of them is now dead. the other one is in surgery at this very moment. and joinings us now with what we have learned, former police detective steve kardian. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> what's the latest information? >> we have the elite gang units from the san diego police department that made a traffic stop at i-5 and i-15. all with eknow is -- we know is that they were both shot in the upper torso. the suspect has been shot as well. when the officers responded to the scene, they were reporting that shots were coming from unknown directions. that's what makes you think it wasn't necessarily the people in the car. >> and people are thinking is this the war on cops given what happened in baton rouge and in dallas as well. because they didn't know where the shots were coming from, we don't know if the shots were coming from inside the car that was stopped or if they just used this opportunity, where these police officers made a stop in a particular area to ambush them from a distance.
3:55 am
>> i think at the end of the day, it's going to come back to it is responsible. the war on cops. we don't know what information is going to come out later. we only know what we have now. it's open to speculation. but still i believe this will tied back to the war on cops. >> here's the tweet put out by the san diego police department. quote, it is with a very sad heart that we announce the death of one of our officers tonight. pray for his family. so that's the way -- overnight that happened out in san diego. so now we're trying to process what's going on. but they have cordoned off the entire area. the investigation will happen. who takes over the investigation? >> it will be the police department, the state department, the sheriff's department, neighboring police departments. but it will be done by the san diego police, the primary lead. >> sure. >> to our -- most of our viewers, we support law
3:56 am
enforcement. i would probably say all of our viewers do. what's the message for them? how is this going to affect their lives? >> again, when you go after the law enforcement members that protect society, and you harm them, i mean, it doesn't get any worse than that. >> yeah. you know, we were just looking at a live view of the hospital where the two officers were taken right there in san diego. every once in a while i'll get an e-mail from somebody who say, you know, you just referred to a routine traffic stop. there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop and what happened last night at 11:00 in san diego proves that. >> nothing you do ever happens or is duplicated exactly like it was prior. so each day, each encounter, each police stop is something new to that police officer. he never knows what he'll get. >> steve kardian, stick around and we'll continue to follow this. straight ahead -- we will continue with this tragic story and none other than geraldo rivera is coming in this hour to talk about that and much more. plus, how will the trump campaign respond to another
3:57 am
deadly day for police officers? trump's campaign manager paul manafort is here in the next hour.
3:58 am
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and visit and get a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. well, as you wake up, we are sad to report it has happened again. another police officer fatally shot overnight. this time it's in san diego. >> yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> use caution, we do not know where the shots are coming from. two officers down. >> grab the officers, throw them in the car and take them to the hospital. >> wow. another officer is shot, what's in surgery right now. you're look live outside that hospital where those officers were taken. the san diego police tweeting moments ago this, we still have a second officer in surgery. keep him in your prayers. and this brand-new video just into the newsroom. that's the suspect who was shot by policing the taken away on a gurney. can you see that?
4:01 am
>> yeah. >> the number of police officers killed by a firearm this year now reaching 33. there were 39 all of last year. >> all right. let's go back down to philly right now. geraldo rivera is still there after the big night. hillary clinton accepting her party's nomination. geraldo, more bad news. apparently, a couple of members of the elite gang suppression unit there in san diego were making a traffic stop. and then somebody shot them -- two of them. we don't know if it was shots from inside the car. we don't know if they were picked off from a distance. >> you know, steve, it sounds an awful lot like the ambush of the police officer -- it sounds very much like a skirmish, a bloody one. a deadly one in this case of the war between certain elements in the ghetto civil war that's going on in america right now and the cops. it's damn shame, one cop dead,
4:02 am
the other in surgery. one suspect i understand in custody. so we'll soon be able to sort out at least the outlines of a motive. but deeply distressing, you know, it's raining here in philadelphia. belying the title of the danny devito series "it's always sunny here." so in the aftermath of the democratic national convention where hillary clinton made her -- not exactly stirring, but maybe stable speech last night, accepting the historic nomination as first female, steve. >> before we talk about politic, let's just talk a little bit more about this. we just got some information that the second officer is out of surgery. he's expected to be okay. the other -- if -- the suspect also has a gunshot wound but he's still alive. just to update you on that. >> you know, brian, it's -- this hatred, this rage, now i'm not going to jump to any assumptions, but -- well, let me
4:03 am
jump to at least a relatively learned assumption that this was the special gangs unit and then this traffic stop was not just an ordinary traffic stop to see if the person was speeding or going through a stop sign, or whatever. this was based on some suspicion related to what that special gang unit does. so if we assume the suspect -- i don't foe if he's got tats, i can't see too much of him on the gurney, if this suspect is indeed a gangbanger, whether latino more than likely than black, although could be a black. this is another battle in what is unfortunately an ongoing war. we're barely at the halfway point now. we have a long, hot august to o go. i fear for the worst, ladies an gentlemen. >> yeah, geraldo, more tn four officers each month so far killed if you look at the numbers. 33 officers killed so far this year. you know, in minnesota, you have a situation where you have this neighbor calling the cops,
4:04 am
calling 911 on his neighbor and didn't want to leave his name, i guess in fear he didn't want his neighbor to know he was calling. listen to this. talk about how they're handling 911 calls in minnesota. >> very, very important for officer safety that we get names because we have been targeted and that's why we're asking for names. >> okay. thanks a lot. i'm done with the conversation, sir. thank you. >> so they didn't send 911 because the guy wouldn't leave his name. that's what we're facing now, geraldo. >> well, i totally get the caution on the cop's end. we all have to. i remember you call a pizza and get it delivered to your buddy, he doesn't know it, it's a prank. so the jump from prank to malicious to malignant to criminal, you can see how this is an m.o. to setting the cops up. they're responding in a way not only to protect the public, but protect the cops themselves. it is a prudent move. we have caller i.d. so when you call 911 have the guts to stand up to the plate
4:05 am
and tell them who you are. it's very necessary and then you can ask for anonymity or you can cooperate or not as you or your legal representation suggestis n the process. you can't allow 911 to become this honey trap for cops. it is way too serious now. right here on the streets. i want to come back to that rage, i saw right here. it was not reasoned. it was not principled. it was not cause and effect. it was people who are just so filled with this -- i come back to this word rage that, you know, it is deeply -- sort of this thing. we don't want it to define the summer of 2016. >> sure. you know, geraldo, during the dnc we knew that the mothers of the movement, women who have had their children -- young men largely killed in shootings with police officers, they took center stage at the dnc and then a number of people said you know it's too bad they don't salute
4:06 am
the police officers whose lives were lost. last night at the dnc, dallas sheriff lupe valdez was paying tribute to police officers who were killed. and she asked for a moment of reflection, and it was very solemn for a second or two and then some people started screaming during this moment of silence, black lives matter, black lives matter. we have the sound bite. we'll play it for those who missed it. >> please help me in honor of all of american foreign officers with a moment of silence. [ crowd chanting "black lives matter" ] >> what do you think about people deciding during the moment of silence that's the time not to be silent? >> it gives me the creeps, steve. i'll tell you the truth, i was in the hall. i was there when that was going on. it is something that just gives you goose bumps. it is so deeply disrespectful. i will say that throughout the evening even through secretary
4:07 am
clinton's speech, you had bernie or bust types, or some anarchists who were hard lefties shouting everything from no tpp to ban fracking to, you know, want what you want. make love not war. all of these -- you know, they were the factional elements that was very discordant last night. it's less than 10%, but it's deeply offensive, particularly to those of us who get what cops do. >> let's use your word offensive and continue to be offensive. general allen, a general you know, decides i'm a republican. but hillary clinton is the better president option and for some reason gets on stage with other military leaders and then finds out not everyone is glad he's there. listen to what they're doing while he's speaking. >> and the american military will continue to be -- will continue to be the shining
4:08 am
example of america at her very best. >> unbelievable. your reaction? >> it was happening right under our skybox and i was so furious, brian. i wanted -- remember the black lives matter, the radicals among them, at least, doused us in a violent or semiviolent confrontation on wednesday. i wanted to throw water on those big mouths because they were so out of sync with what the general was saying. which i thought was very important. i remember when barack obama was running for office and then took high office, there was a lot of question of whether or not he would command respect and loyalty from the armed forces. you know, his record vis-a-vis the military was for all to sort out. but when general allen was suggesting his own deeply held political believes that he although a republican was voting for the democrat and the punks were screeching in that way, it was -- it was such total
4:09 am
disregard for any kind of protocol. i was -- >> it's an anti-military audience. anyone in uniform that chooses that party, you're dealing with an anti-military sentiment. >> and geraldo, that was perfectly exhibited when a medal of honor recipient a fellow by the name of captain florent groberg took the stage to list the names of dead soldiers. a number of people were chanting and a number of democrats turned their backs on this medal of honor recipient. >> who lost part of his leg fighting for our country. >> i saw it happen, i heard it happen. we're trying to shush them from the balcony. i'm there as a reporter, i didn't want to influence the news, but i wanted to grab them by the scruff of their neck and --
4:10 am
>> i wish you had. >> i would have had to jump off the balcony. i can't do that superhero -- >> well, you're geraldo. >> oh, please. it was utter disregard for anything. i wonder if they weren't a bunch of air heads. they were vacillating all over the place, from ban tpp, ban fracking. and it's very interesting during her remarks she was on the senate armed forces committee, the first member from new york ever. i mean, new york is a giant state and here it has this anti-military vibe sometimes despite the presence of huge facilities like west point and camp drum and i lament that and on behalf of anyone else from the empire state i apologize for it. >> you can be anti-war, but you can't be protruth. >> all right. come on home. 7:10 here in new york city. how will the trump campaign
4:11 am
respond to this? yet another deadly day for police officers. trump's campaign manager paul manafort here next, two minutes. , the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. all hp ink buy one get one fifty percent off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. this is what we woke up to, two police officers shot in cold blood. it happened overnight. this time in san diego, california. one officer has passed away, the other just made it out of
4:15 am
surgery. donald trump and mike pence calling themselves the law and order candidates. well, this is sadly right up their alley and what they're concerned about. >> how will the candidates respond? paul manafort joins us live. >> good morning. >> we're waking up to news that another police officer has been murdered. the reaction from the trump campaign i know it's early, but apparently they have got one suspect in custody. they may be looking for somebody else. your reaction, sir? >> well, as mr. trump has said, the -- what's going on in america is a result of really 7 1/2 years of failed leadership and too often making the police and law enforcement agencies into the bad guys. i mean, they're not the bad guys. now everybody has gotten the right message, including the administration, but until there's strong leadership and
4:16 am
leadership that gives direction to the country you'll continue to have this kind of lawlessness, unfortunately. >> well, can we expect donald trump to be talking about it on the campaign trail today? >> i'm sure he'll have a statement to make, if nothing else to express his concern and sympathy for the families. >> sure. we have learned that the officer who lost his life is marry and he has two kids. >> unbelievable. >> all right. we understand that ironically, later today in san diego, they were planning a police recruiting event. we don't know whether or not they're going to continue with that. but there are so many police officers, mr. manafort, in this country who feel like the administration just doesn't have their backs sometimes. >> well, that's been the i mean course of the last several years and, you know, now everybody is saying all the right things but the problem is that the lawlessness has gotten to such a level now that unless there's a change, there's not going to be any effective difference. >> what needs to change? this is ridiculous.
4:17 am
we're reporting on this it seems once a week. you look at the average, 33 cops have been killed already this year. these are people, they have families. these individuals leaving behind two kids. >> just doing their job. >> and these jerks are hiding out and targeting these cops. it's ridiculous. >> but paul on top of that, you have a situation in that theater, in that arena, where cops were not allowed to wear their uniforms on the inside, black lives matter made their presence felt. you had the families of victims of cop shootings there. but you did not have a big law enforcement presence. did you see an anti-law enforcement attitude last week? >> i mean, there is that attitude embedded into the democratic leadership. i mean, that is the problem, is that the law enforcement agencies and the first responders are not given the respect by the system. plus, just the general lawle lawlessness in the way that the administration has dealt with
4:18 am
the fbi and exonerating hillary clinton when everybody including in the case that mr. comey presented that she was guilty. there's an attitude that law enforcement is the bad guys and this justice is not equal for all. >> okay. let's talk politics. in particular last night, hillary clinton historically accepted her party's nomination. the week before your guy, donald trump, accepted his party's nomination. i is very clear what -- it is very clear what she's going to do over the next 102 days which is give donald trump everything she can. here she is last night. listen to this, what she had to say about your candidate. >> he's taken the republican party a long way from morning in america to midnight in america. donald trump says he wants to make america great again. well, he could start by actually making things in america again.
4:19 am
it comes down to what donald trump doesn't get. america is great because america is good. >> well, what'd you think? >> well, because she has no message, she has to try and confuse by making these kinds of attacks. if it's midnight in america it's because of the 7 1/2 years because of the obama/clinton administration. if -- you know, donald trump says america is great, but the problem is that the american people don't feel that their future is what they want it to be. the first time in history people are saying -- people believe according to the number of recent polls that their children's future is not going to be as good as their future. >> that's scary. >> that is a scary thought. >> yeah, it is. paul, so speaking of messaging, we had karl rove on the show a few days ago and he was saying that donald trump really needs to get these attack ads in the swing states before labor day he was saying. i know you have exclusively given us this latest ad, trump's
4:20 am
latest ad in response to the dnc. we want to play that for the audience now and then talk to you about it. >> you heard the speech. behind the glitter lies this stark truth. in hillary clinton's america, things get worse. under her dishonest plan, taxes keep rising. terrorism spreads. washington insiders remain in control. americans losing their jobs, homes and hope. and in donald trump's america, people are put back to work. our families are safe. the american dream achievable again. change that makes america great again. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> wait a second. change -- the change, i thought the change maker was hillary clinton. you guys are -- you guys think you're a change? >> well, we are the change. i mean, the problem that clinton had last night she can't hide from 25 years. in fact, her message to the undecided voter was confusing. on one hand she was saying that there's a need for a third term
4:21 am
of -- of an obama third term. she said she'll make a change. you know, she can't have it both ways. there's no way she can establish that she's the change. she is the establishment. >> all right. paul manafort, campaign manager of donald trump. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. more "fox & friends," two minutes. at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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4:25 am
presidents. charles payne is the host of "making money" on the fox business network. he has more on this. hey, charles. >> good morning, guys. this is just an absolutely amazing predictor. just the accuracy of this thing is phenomenal. >> it goes back to '84? >> the market was 4.8%. incumbent party won. the next election cycle, won. you can do this, down, loss, up won. down, lost, up, won. >> here we are in -- >> by the way the there are manager is working out to your cadence. one more. >> that's right. >> so in 2016 right now, you know the stock market is close to record highs. that would bode well for the incumbent party. >> absolutely. historically it would. and so we had a tough start to the market, but it's gained some traction. you know, the summer doldrums are here but going into the fall in this accelerates something it's something -- we'll hear
4:26 am
hillary clinton talk about it a lot. >> but is it reflective of america or just wall street? >> well, you know, the stock market, a lot of these gains are not a proxy for our economy anymore. caterpillar sells 70% of their stuff outside of this country. apple, if apple has a great quarter selling products in china, their stock is going to go up. doesn't mean that the american economy is doing well, doesn't mean that american workers are getting a piece of the action. so the perfect proxy that the stock market might have been 30 years ago no longer exists. >> doesn't indicate necessarily the country is great. >> absolutely. >> if you look at your predictor, who's going to win then? >> well, if you're asking me where the market is going to be, i think the market probably will continue to edge higher. you know, the big names are doing very well. you know, they're beating estimates. so based on that, you know, obviously. but i think based on the new reality that people aren't feeling the market the way it used to because it doesn't
4:27 am
reflect their world, maybe we'll see this thing become inconsequential. >> two other things that are not reflected in this and the uniqueness to this particular cycle. 70% of americans polled don't trust hillary clinton, don't find her to be honest. and then at the same time, you look at the -- is america on the right track/wrong track, huge majority of americans feel we're on the wrong track, so regardless of wall street maybe this is the time when those, you know, eclipse -- >> i think what hillary clinton did last night or said last night is that hey, there's an amazing amount of prosperity in this country. you're right, you don't feel it, but i'm going to make sure you do. because somehow there's a handful of people who are taking all of our amazing gains -- >> she said that, the 1%. >> that's the appeal to the bernie sanders people. >> yeah. and maybe somebody who works at a factory for the last 20 years who hasn't seen a raise. that somehow their boss lives in a big house, they live in a small house. this is a tough fight with the
4:28 am
economic back drop looming large. >> nothing like cheering when raising taxes. >> i know. i can't wait. >> the people who have money have to give more of it up. >> here's the problem with the whole thing. you have to dismiss the idea that america was built on rugged individualism. i think that's a major, major mistake. not only were we built on it, but it determines our future as well. the individual has to believe in themselves. if not, forget about it. we are the greatest country in the world because of the individuals that made us so. >> all right. >> you start telling people, sit back and wait for a check every two weeks it's not going to work. >> i'm voting your. >> thank you. >> you inspired me for the first time this morning. >> thanks a lot, guys. meanwhile, fox news alert. because of the latest police officer shooting another father won't be coming home to see his wife and kids after his shift is over. officer daniel faulkner was killed during a traffic stop just like the story we're following live this morning out of san diego. his widow, maureen faulkner, joins us live next.
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
let's start with a fox news alert to tell you about. two officers were shot overnight, this one in san diego. one of them did die as a result. >> i'm extremely heart broke on the report that we had an officer shot and killed tonight. a second officer has been shot and is currently in surgery. we are hopeful that that officer will survive and make a full recovery. >> the two police officers shot after a traffic stop in san diego. >> yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> use caution in the area. we do not know where the shots are coming from. and two officers are down. >> we'll grab the officer, throw them into the car and take them to the hospital. >> that dramatic dispatch coming into the newsroom overnight. moments ago, police holding a press conference. >> one of the officers was
4:33 am
placed in a vehicle of another officer that arrived on scene and was taken to the hospital. heroic effort by the officers on scene. heroic efforts by the doctors to save his life, but again, heartbroken to report that they were unable to save his life. >> the san diego police also just tweeting this. chief zimmerman just left the officer with our second officer has just come out of surgery. he is expected to survive. >> yeah, we still have so many questions. the lone suspect was shot, but he is alive. this is video of him, he's on a gurney. the cop who was killed has not been identified yet, but we know this, it's not good news. he is married, he has two children. they no longer have a dad. today's tragedy brings the number of death to police officers is 33 this year. >> and joining us is a woman who knows the pain of losing a
4:34 am
husband first hand. her husband was killed in a traffic stop in 1981 and there's an image of your husband, daniel. maureen, you know what it's like to get the phone call, don't you? >> yes, i do. i actually got a knock at the door at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. >> wow. >> to come to the hospital. >> when you hear stories like this this morning, what goes through your mind? >> it's very traumatizing. it breaks my heart. i become quite emotional to think that, you know, a father and a husband -- the children will not see their dad anymore. and his wife will not -- will no longer have him in her arms. and, you know, it's just heart breaking. >> what about the tone in this country right now when it comes to law enforcement? are you stunned we're actually going through this? where cops are made to look like the bad guys. >> yes, i am. and i personally think that president obama has caused a
4:35 am
great divide in this country. >> how? >> with race relations. and he has caused the tension that is out there and, you know, so many officers now are being gunned down and they're only there to protect other people. and they're losing their lives and i think it's just really the climate in this world -- in this world right now is just horrible. like with isis and everything else. >> what would you like him to do, maureen? >> president obama? >> yes, ma'am. >> well, what would i like him to do? get up and at least speak out this is wrong, you should not be -- people should not be gunning officers down. i mean, he sort of speaks out on black lives matter and -- at the dnc. i understand there were women there that lost their children from crime and my heart goes out to them. it really does. my heart is broken for them. they lost their children. but on that note, i think hillary clinton has sort of brought them out for her own
4:36 am
political gain. >> yeah. right. >> so last night at the convention, there was a moment of silence for officers who were slain in the line of duty. but listen to what happens during the moment of silence. >> please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers with a moment of silence. >> black lives matter! >> yelling out black lives matter. can't go through a moment of silence the right way. >> for police officers. >> well, i think black lives matter have a lot to do -- they have their own little cottage industry going. this is all about money to them. and that's my personal opinion. and so with whatever they can do to bring attention to their cause, their black lives matter cause, they will. and to bring -- to generate
4:37 am
money through their accounts. their little cottage industry. >> maureen, we don't know the circumstances of the latest police shooting out in california. it may have been part of this larger war on cops, sadly, that we're seeing. we saw it in baton rouge and in dallas. it could have been a random thing. so many people put on the uniform every day and they go to work and sometimes this happens and it's just heart breaking. >> it is heart breaking and i wonder in this country what would happen if we did not have the police officers out protecting people. there would be anarchy. >> absolutely. >> in our country. and that's what people need to know and realize. and especially in the situation where, you know, if there's a new band out with tom morelo and they have songs such as killing in the name and it's about black
4:38 am
people killing white police officers. they are making this world racially charged and they're -- and they're causing a hatred towards the police officers and it's wrong. >> maureen, i know that you're a donald trump supporter. why? what do you like about him as a candidate? >> i'm a donald trump supporter, because for first time in my life i feel fear in our country. >> for the first time? your husband died how many years ago? 30 years ago? >> my husband died -- 34 years ago, but for the first time in my life, i really feel fearful that our country has something to fear with isis and with what is going on in the world with the racial divide. and i think someone like donald trump, i think he may be able to bring our country back together. and he will be someone that will be respected by other countries. >> well, there's certainly a lot
4:39 am
going on, no doubt about it. maureen faulkner, thank you for getting up so early to join us. >> i'm sorry for your loss and i hope everything is okay for you and has been for the last 34 years. but our thoughts are with you and your family and all the families who have lost their husbands, their dads. it's tragic. >> just as a mention really quick. i wanted to let you know, we gave $50,000 to a children's charity back in philadelphia for children whose -- who have lost a parent due to crime. >> maureen, your group is what and what's the website? >> it's daniel faulkner educational grant fund. >> okay. >> and we give money to children -- civilian children who have lost a parent and we educate them. >> thank you, maureen. god bless you. meanwhile, we closed out a two weeks of convention news. we just have a big speech last night. there's a lot of other breaking news around the world. we told abby huntsman to make sense of it.
4:40 am
abby, could you do that for us? >> good to have you back. >> good to be home. >> well, you helped us prepare every morning. well, we have other headlines. murder charges dropped against an illegal immigrant in the 15-year-old murder investigation of chandra levy. federal prosecutors claim they no longer have a case citing unforeseen developments. a washington, d.c. bureau of prisoners intern back in 2001. her body was found a year later in a nearby park. well, imagine looking out of your plane window and seeing this. look at that. flames shooting right from the wing. well, it happened minutes after that american airlines flight took off from dallas. passengers say they heard a huge explosion. >> you can see kind of a lot of smoke, a lot of flames. so the passengers notified the crew, they came down and notified the pilot.
4:41 am
>> well, american airlines now saying the compressor in the engine failed and that the engine itself was never on fire. well, this is terrifying. we are learning that isis has a new undetectable car bomb. listen to this. it is used in the deadliest attack yet. it helped the bomb pass through a security check point, leading to the deaths of 292 iraqis earlier this month. the device is unique in the way it's placed in the van. there were only a limited number of chemicals used. that is some scary stuff. brand-new documents showing the irs is more crooked than previously thought. a new batch of fbi documents released by judicial watch shows the irs was aware of its targeting conservatives like the tea party more than two years before they even told congress. well, lois lerner who oversaw tax exempt groups helped to pass them off as a few rogue agents and no criminal charges were ever brought for that. those are your headlines. guys, back to you. >> thank you. coming up on a friday, it
4:42 am
seems like a simple question about immigration. but it's not so simple apparently for some democrats. >> sanctuary cities -- >> i'm okay with cities protecting families and making sure that children are not made unsafe because we deport the parents and leave them here. >> see jesse watters bend over backwards to try to get them to answer a simple question about kate's law. that is coming up next. for complete protection all day and night make nexium 24hr your #1 choice.
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that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me --
4:45 am
"put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay. well, we're back on the couch today. we had a very busy two weeks. we've returned to new york city, where we started the day with a little rain. we had plenty in philly especially on the first day. >> it was my first time ever covering conventions. cleveland was awesome. philly was awesome but it's nice to be home. home sweet home. >> so there are a lot of things that democrats did not want to bring up. when it comes to illegal immigration they want to say immigration. when they want to talk about the
4:46 am
dangers -- well you're anti-hispanic. when it comes to kate's law and getting justice for kate steinle, something that bill o'reilly pushed forward, jesse watters wanted to know how that squared with the pro open policy and belief. >> do you support sanctuary cities? >> i think it would depend on the definition. it's not a technical term. >> any violent criminal is sent -- >> that's not true. if you commit felonies in certain sanctuary cities they will not report you to i.c.e. >> in philadelphia they do. >> are you okay are sanctuary cities? >> i'm okay with making sure that children are not made unsafe because we deport the parents and we leave them there. >> to be honest i haven't given it much thought. >> don't you think you should? >> is it the democratic platform? >> there was a woman who was murdered by a guy who was deported five times and had multiple felonies.
4:47 am
he was in a sanctuary city. are you okay with that? >> you know, i'm pretty sure that most of the serial killers that we know are natural born citizens. are we concerned about this? >> i have to run for something. i have to run. >> your friend bill o'reilly has a quick question for you. your good friend has a question for you. >> then he can answer its himself. >> he can answer it himself. that's not the barney frank i know. he's usually so easy to get along with. >> jesse watters asking some democrats some questions they didn't want to answer in some questions and those who did were bending over backwards trying to square their statement with the world. come up, cops around the country waking up to the news in san diego. one officer -- we are waking up to this, one officer gunned down in the line of duty, and one out of surgery, expected to survive. the founder of blue lives matter
4:48 am
is going to join us live to react. that's coming up next. ♪ share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card.
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4:51 am
a fox news alert at this hour, a san diego police officer just getting out of surgery and is expected to survive. meanwhile, a second officer multiple gunshot wounds, murdered in cold blood. >> another horrific attack on police. this time it's in sdeepg. >> we are on the scene with the latest. hi, heather. >> reporter: good morning, brian, ainsley. a lot of work still needs to be done to find out what happened at the scene, we're at the media staging area here in southern san diego. the south crest neighborhood, but blocks away is where that scene is set. you can see dozens of officers responding to shots being fired
4:52 am
at san diego officers. what we know is they were part of a gang unit and this morning we know that one officer was killed, the other one just out of surgery. we'll tell you a little bit more about the officers, but right now in this neighborhood it's still unknown if there are other suspects on the run this morning. we do know that one is in custody. people in the san diego neighborhood are under a shelter in place order from the san diego police. so they're all supposed to be staying inside their homes at this moment. the officer involved shooting started before 11:00 p.m. last night. our chief of police, shelley zimmerman, said that they were doing a traffic stop when they called for emergency cover almost immediately. other officers nearby, they responded. they found the two officers at the scene, shot. they were down. right now we know of one suspect in custody. we have video of that suspect as well. he was being wheeled away on a stretcher and people tell us that suspect was shot at the scene. he was found in an open ravine just blocks away from where the initial shooting actually took place. he's yet to be identified but we
4:53 am
are told he's an hispanic male. he is currently also being treated at the hospital. back out here still don't know if there's any other suspects on the run, so they're telling people in this neighborhood to stay put in their homes. we do know that two of the officers were shot at 11:00 p.m., right before 11:00 p.m. right here in san diego. they have not been identified yet. one of the officers was killed. he is survived by his wife and two children. the other officer is expected to be okay. and he is survived -- he has a wife at home as well. that's the latest from the south crest neighborhood in san diego. back to you. >> thank you very much. so how are police officers across the country feeling this morning when they put on their uniforms and badges and go to work to protect us? joe imperatrice is a founder of blue lives matter nyc. >> good morning. >> we don't know the circumstances. we don't know if this part of the larger war on cops that we have seen, but police officers
4:54 am
like yourself are on edge after what happened in dallas, baton rouge and maybe what happened out in san diego. >> i don't think what people realize today, it was always a reality that you might lose your life going to work, but now you go every single day and it's really a reality. it's sad, because it seems like every single day something is coming up in the news. every time this happen, it takes you back to the ramos and the lui family, it's like a scab, but left with a scar. >> what is blue lives matter? is that your way of fighting back against the sentiment in this country? >> no, we wanted to remember the lives lost in regards to law enforcement and we want to be able to show that not every knock on your door is bad news. we want to do positive things in a negative tragedy like this. >> what's the reaction of the other individuals that you work with? when we were in philadelphia we
4:55 am
talked to a lot of cops. we were handing them water and chatting with them. one guy told me that he takes his uniform off now. because he's scared. another guy -- >> before he gets home. >> before he gets home. exactly. after work. another guy said his kids are terrified for him. they were all telling me we have ten more years to retire. five more years to retire. what are your friends saying? >> actually a gentleman i work with, his wife and his little children actually tell him all the time, daddy, you have 20 years on, why don't you retire and come home with us? he is playing a part in the officers lives because some go over 20 years and they could have retire and the tragedy happens. >> so you have 20 years before you get a pension. you're ten years in. are you counting the days? >> to an extent when this stuff happens, yes. you don't know what happens when you leave that door. there's no other profession other than the military, you're not going the -- >> how did we get to this point? >> i wish i knew. i believe that a lot of the officials they add fuel to the fire and people go out -- >> some of the official, who are you talking about? >> there's many out there.
4:56 am
i'm not going to say one more than the other. but there's many of them today that do act on this and it's not adding to making things better right now. >> so who is involved in the organization and how can people support it? >> well, our website is >> what is your response? >> we have brought in over a quarter of a million dollars. we were recognized by albany. i met president obama last week. we were on "nightline." >> what are you doing with the money? >> we actually surprise families. instead of giving them a check, we surprise them at their house, give them birthday parties, send them on vacations. >> for fallen officers' children or their families? >> yes. and also sick officers. >> joe, thank you very much. >> thank you. meanwhile, judge jeanine pirro is here to react to the breaking news. she's here live in new york.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
it is friday. it's july 29th, 2016. we start with a fox news alert because another cop has been shot to death. this time it's in san diego. >> yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> use caution in the area. we do not know where the shots are coming from. two officers down. >> grab the officers, throw them into the car and take them to the hospital. >> oh, my goodness, they did not know where the bullets were coming from. officers of the elite gang suppression unit were shot during the traffic stop. they don't know if the shots were from inside the car or outside at this point. the san diego chief wrapped up a press conference where she said this. >> one of the officers was placed in a vehicle of another
5:01 am
officer that arrived on scene and was taken to the hospital. heroic efforts by the officers on scene. heroic efforts by the doctors to save his life. but again, heartbroken to report that they were unable to save his life. >> well, the officer that was not killed has not been identified, but we do know -- we do know he was married with two kids and we have received an update on that officer. >> san diego police tweeting this. chief zimmerman just left the hospital where our second officer has just come out of surgery. he is expected to survive. thank goodness. >> we do know that that officer's wife is by his side at this very hour and as for the suspect, we know he's a hispanic male. he was shot by police. there he is being wheeled up that hill right there on the gurney. after a massive manhunt, he was found in a ravine near the shooting scene. >> at this hour, the cops do not
5:02 am
know if there are other suspects. people who live in the area are being told to stay inside. today's tragedy brings the total number of police officers death by firearms to 33 this year. >> that's about one a week, brian. >> wow. >> judge jeanine pirro joins us on the couch. you're shaking your head because we have to change the topic and talk about this breaking news. >> the reason i shake my head, we're now seeing the normalization as i have said before of cop killings. this is starting to be almost, you know, routine. every week something we're -- something is happening. i guarantee you that there are people out there who were cheering the fact that a police officer was shot in the line of duty. irrespective of the facts of this case are yet to be revealed, but at the same time, if you think about it, eight years ago were people talking the way they're talking now about police? >> no. >> eight years ago, were police worried about the fact that, you know, when they go it they have a target on their backs? i heard you in the other
5:03 am
segment, they take their uniforms off as soon as they're done with work. this is a frightening time and you can talk the talk, but you have to walk the walk. and from obama to hillary clinton, they cannot stand there and say, oh, we support police when for the last seven years it's been about how the police are mistreating the minorities. >> this is happening. we're talking about this this morning. just last night, you had the sheriff from -- he was from dallas, he was talking about the five officers that were killed and said let's have a moment of silence for the 33 killed this year. moment of silence, then you have people in the audience chanting black lives matter. take a listen. then we'll talk about it. >> please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers with a moment of silence. >> black lives matter! >> black lives matter! >> you see that's shameful. that's my point. this would not have happened eight years ago and people need to understand there's a difference between america today
5:04 am
and america eight years ago. and if this is what they want a continuation of, then they know who to vote for. the theater we saw last year. >> one saluted in day one and the other had to be forced to do it because of the public sentiment with the chief -- with the police chief coming out and talking about those who lost their lives in baton rouge and in dallas. so you as a voter you have to say to yourself it is really not a gray issue anymore. >> no, it isn't a gray issue. what it is is i think now up to that small number in the middle of americans who are going to say you know what? i like what they said, but what is happening now as evidenced by what went on at this convention is not reality. it's not consistent with how they have conducted themselves the democrats for the last eight years. >> we had the fellow who started blue lives matter here and asked him how did this get started, how did question get to this point? where he's got another ten years before he can retire. we were talking to some secret
5:05 am
service guys who have proudly worn the badge representing the united states of america. i think one guy is two years away from retirement. and you know what? he's counting the days because you just never know these days. >> think about the families, the spouses. when they see news like this. it's almost like a ptsd when you talk about it was faulkner's wife from how many years ago, 33, 34 years ago. >> 34. >> this is damage to our society. it is a constant strike against law and order. it is a strike against, you know, what we assume is safety and security in this country. i mean, these guys are just target. >> so maureen faulkner you had on -- she said this about today's news. >> i personally think that president obama has caused a great divide in this country. and he has caused the tension that is out there and, you know,
5:06 am
so many officers now are being gunned down and they're only there to protect other people. and it breaks my heart. i've become quite emotional to think that, you know, a father and a husband -- the children will not see their dad anymore and his wife will not -- will no longer have him in her arms. >> yeah, judge, you're a mom. >> look, the pain that i have seen and i have seen it up close working with cops for, you know, 30 years, but one of the things that is so frustrating is that this -- these are the people that we should be protecting, that we should be cheering and it's not happening. >> black lives matter want to get their point across, it's a different experience with law enforcement if you're african-american and tim scott brought that up and newt gingrich said you have to understand this. so all this stuff, the chanting of black lives matter, the interrupting a moment of silence, that doesn't help anybody. >> it doesn't help anybody and
5:07 am
it incites other people because there are people out there who are saying, yeah, black lives matter, i don't want to take -- that's the police's problem. they owe us, we have been hurt, we have been damaged, we have been killed. hog wash. >> we have heard people blaming president obama for the larger, you know -- some of the things that are going on in this country regarding the anti-cop sentiment. but soon we're going to have a new president. and donald trump has made it very clear he's the law and order candidate. but have we heard enough from hillary clinton defending the police? >> no. absolutely not. and what you saw last night was political theater. it was theater designed to get to your heart. this woman is everything that we want in a president, let's make history. she's the best -- it's all word, it's all theaters, it's a play. you know, chandra ryan is the one who did the video of hillary
5:08 am
clinton. >> the woman behind "scandal." >> how appropriate. >> here she is last night. >> he's taken the republican party a long way from morning in america to midnight in america. donald trump says he wants to make america great again. well, he can start by making things in america again. it comes down to what donald trump doesn't get. america is great because america is good. >> so judge, after that trump took to twitter and this is what he wrote, hillary's vision is a borderless world where working people have no power, no jobs, no safety. >> you know, if people think that this woman is capable of saving us, again, look at the last eight years. do you feel safer now? is the world a better place? can we thank hillary clinton for her policy when she was at the state department?
5:09 am
everybody is on edge waiting for the next -- >> what should donald trump say today? what would maybe win over the people who are on edge or they're not shush if they're going to vote for him? >> people on the fence have to hear from trump. what he said right at the beginning. that is we need to thank law enforcement. we need to make sure that the police officers are defended by us. but they also -- i have to tell you something. cops don't make the money that they need to live, number one. and cops right now are thinking about retiring earlier or getting a pension or not signing up, you know, for additional years. i think that what we have to do is pay them appropriately. stand up for them. have a movement in america where every time a cop is killed, not just the wall of blue shows up, but the rest of the city and the county stays -- >> not many people can take that many days off from work because this keeps happening so much. this is why i was looking this up while you were talking, it's
5:10 am
getting so bad and democrats are starting to realize or clinton is -- the president put out an open letter to law enforcement saying clearly i have your back. because after that forum came out where he had that meeting on abc for an hour, that wasn't clear at the end of it. it was more we understand the plight of those who are victimized by police. >> i don't think there's any question if anybody has been listening for the last year that donald trump is pro law enforcement. he was pro law enforcement before it was kind of in vogue. before we started to see what's been happening lately. i think donald trump is going to be a friend of the veterans, he's going to be a friend to the law enforcement. he understands respect for authority and what we need to be safe. those are the two areas -- or the two groups that will protect us. law enforcement and the military. and no one has stood up for them. and hillary clinton can talk all she wants about how she's going to take care of people. that veterans administration disaster she -- you know, from when she was in the white house, so when she was a senator, to
5:11 am
when she was secretary of state, come on. it's not words anymore. >> judge, i think what you saying is november, people have a choice, it's pretty clear the choice. >> when do we see your show? >> tomorrow night i'll be talking about hillary's acceptance speech. don't miss it. >> it's funny you should mention the acceptance speech. on the coverst," their headline speaks to the dnc. she waives her $200,000 speaking fee, it's on me, and she released the transcripts. >> don't you love hearing her talk about wall street? she talks out of both sides of her mouth. we have to take care of main street not wall street. well, wall street has been taking care of you, by the way, do you have any off shore accounts? let's get started. i want to get started, let's go. >> you tend to be a morning person. did you know you were this fired up this morning? >> no, because i was up until 1:30 watching this and i got up at 4:00. >> the judge is getting primed up. thank you. all right. meanwhile, donald trump is expected to address the tragedy from san diego today.
5:12 am
we just got the inside scoop from his campaign manager on what you can expect and you will hear it next. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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and we are back now with a
5:16 am
fox news alert. breaking right now, a metro train filled with passengers derailing in northwestern virginia right in the middle of rush hour. 75 people were on that train. we just learned there were no major injuries there, but you can see the in the live picture the train jumped the tracks but it's still sitting upright. look at this. well, it's causing major delays this morning. these pictures from passengers from inside the train. luckily, everyone is okay. guys, back to you. >> well, that is good news. two of my kids take that train to work. thank you, abby. this is not so good news, more breaking news, another cop shot to death in cold blood. this time in san diego. a man opening fire on two police officers during a traffic stop. >> meanwhile at this hour, the other officer is getting out of surgery. he is expected to survive and his wife is by his side. >> so-called law and order candidate trump is expected to
5:17 am
address this today, and now john robert. >> reporter: well, trump is expected to put out a statement about the shooting in san diego some time in the next little while. also expected when he comes here to the university of colorado in colorado springs in his meeting this afternoon, his rally, to talk about that as well. you know, he's made safety and the targeting of law enforcement a central focus of his campaign. a little while ago on "fox & friends" his campaign manager paul manafort suggesting that the policies of the past seven years of the obama administration have in part helped to fuel the mistrust in the law enforcement we see now being realized on the streets of america. here's what he had to say. >> what's going on in america is a result of really 7 1/2 years of failed leadership and too often making the police and law enforcement agencies into the bad guys. i mean, they're not the bad guys. now everybody has gotten the right message, including the administration. but until that's strong
5:18 am
leadership and leadership that gives direction to the country, you're going to have this kind of lawlessness. >> reporter: donald trump on the campaign trail also upping the ante in talking about immigration, in particular syrian refugees and the fact that so many are coming into the united states without being properly vetted and telling a crowd at cedar rapid, iowa, last night, without a new system being put in place, it's impossible to know exactly who is coming into the country, what their intentions are and where they're going. here's what trump said last night. >> nobody even knows where they're being put. so we don't even know what's going to happen, but all we know is we watch these people with these slashings and the throat cuttings and the cutting off of the heads and the -- and the drowning in steel cages, where they put them in steel cages and they drown. this has not happened since medieval times. >> reporter: and now that the
5:19 am
conventions are over, donald trump and hillary clinton will both start receiving daily intelligence briefings, though donald trump said because of the problems with her e-mail, hillary clinton is disqualified from having intelligence briefings. the democrats saying that because of what donald trump said about russia in e-mails the other day, he should be disqualified. 102 days to go until election day. brian, steve, ainsley? >> it's just getting good. john roberts out in colorado springs, one of america's most beautiful cities, thank you. >> i just wonder if donald trump could keep up this pace. multiple events every single day, all these different states. incredible. >> you know, pretty much at every event he takes questions. >> amazing. >> unlike the other candidate who hasn't had a press conference since i think 1978. >> right. i think 230-plus days which adds up to 1978. >> speaking of which, hillary clinton taking on guns. and the other hot issues during her big historic speech last night. >> i refuse to believe we can't
5:20 am
find common ground here. we have to heal the divides in our country. not just on guns, but on race, immigration and more. >> what did the voters think of that speech? lee carter put it to the dial test overnight and she has the results you're only going to see this morning. keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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5:23 am
hillary rodham clinton making history last night accepting the democratic nomination for president, becoming the first woman ever nominated by a major political party. donald trump also making sure his voice was heard on a big day for the democrats. how did the day's speeches resonate with the voters? lee carter is a partner and
5:24 am
pollster at maslansky & partners. and she put the big speeches to the dial test. she joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right. i know we have done the dials many, many times before. but just explain graphically what people are about to see. the red line, the blue line and then the yellow line. >> the red lines are republicans, blue lines are democrats, yellow are independents. i think the most important thing to watch is that yellow line because that's where this race is really going to be won or lost. >> and just so the people understand who does the dial test, you've got a number of people, you put these online. this is your group. and they identify themselves according to the political parties and it's so far it's been pretty accurate. >> it has been. we've been really predictive of how people have responded and all the way through the primary cycle and now here we are. >> here we are. here is hillary addressing gun violence. watch the lines. >> you heard, you saw family members of people killed by gun violence on this stage.
5:25 am
you heard, you saw family members of police officers killed in the line of duty because they were outgunned by criminals. i refuse to believe we can't find common ground here. we have to heal the divide in our country, not just on guns but on race, immigration and more. >> so you can see there democrats gave it an "a." and this was relatively as far as this speech went, this was not the most polarizing moment. you see independents and republicans gave this about a c-minus. the issue here wasn't that it was -- it wasn't a good message, people do want us to final common ground on this, but tonally and because of the way that she's communicated so far this isn't about finding compromise or common ground. people are saying you must agree with me on these issues or you're out. >> the common ground seemed to be with the republicans and independents. because they were in tandem. >> that's absolutely right. we saw that for a couple of days
5:26 am
independents sort of separated out from republicans and democrats and now they're back in line. >> meanwhile, donald trump had a speech yesterday and here he is talking about the system and just like bernie sanders he says it's rigged. >> it's a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. the elections are rigged. it's a totally rigged system. and i mean, there are communities -- you hear what goes on. it's a rigged system. so i never want to say with great surety because you don't know what's going to happen. you saw what happened two weeks ago with hillary where they caught her in lies and they caught her -- i mean, 33,000 e-mails are deleted. and that's okay? 33,000? can you imagine if you deleted e-mails? forget it. >> so you can see there the republicans and the independents were lock in step with each other. they gave this an a-minus and democrats gave it an "f." they said the system isn't rigged against us. but what i find so interesting
5:27 am
here is all of these attacks on donald trump being too direct or being impulsive or impetuous, that style of communication is really reaching folks. they like his plain spoken from the hip communication. so it's not something that democrats are wise to attack him on. >> certainly, he's certainly mr. off the prompter. meanwhile, it was a week ago ivanka introduced her father. last night, it was chelsea introducing her mother. watch the lines. >> i'm voting for a woman who is my role model as a mother and as an advocate. a woman who has spent her entire life fighting for families and children. i'm voting for the progressive who will protect our planet from climate change and our communities from gun violence. who will reform our criminal
5:28 am
justice system and who knows that women's rights are human rights. and who knows that lgbt rights are human rights. here at home, and around the world. >> so you can see there democrats loved this. they gave her an "a." independents were more along with the c-minus and republicans an "f." now, i have got to be clear here. it wasn't because they didn't like chelsea clinton. there were a lot of accolades of chelsea clinton, she was poised, to smart, all the way she delivered but people said i don't know hillary clinton as an a advocate for women -- this isn't how i think of her. i think of her as an advocate for health care. she would have been well served to say how she's fighting for
5:29 am
women and families and thousand that inspired her. and she should have brought that life. >> how did ivanka's speech do when she introduced her father across the demographics. >> ivanka reached both independents and democrats with her message. it really resonated across the board. >> lee carter, too bad you're not getting paid by the hour because you're pretty much working 24/7 for the last two weeks. great dials. >> thanks so much. meanwhile, switching gears, more breaking news on the west coast. one police officer has been murdered. another injured in san diego. what we just learned from police detective steve kardian weighs in next. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right.
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at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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back with a fox news alert. it is breaking news. we have been covering all morning long. another police officer shot to death. this time overnight and it happened in san diego.
5:33 am
>> yeah, we don't know where the shots are coming from. >> use caution in the area. we do not know where the shots are coming from. and two officers are down. >> grab the officers, throw them in the car and take them to the hospital. >> the officers shot during a traffic stop. san diego's police chief describing what happened. here she is. >> so we have two officers shortly before 11:00 making a stop. almost immediately, very shortly after they put out that they were making a stop, they called for emergency cover. other officers were in the area. they arrived shortly on scene and found both of our officers suffering from gunshot wounds. >> one of those officers died, despite what the police chief calls heroic efforts by fellow cops. we know he is married with two children. >> all right. the other officer was rushed into surgery. he is expected to survive. >> as for the suspect he's been
5:34 am
described as an hispanic male. he was found in a ravine and shot by police officers. this is new video of him being wheeled into the hospital. he's on that gurney. >> cops still aren't sure if anyone else was involved in this. people who live in the area, you are all told to stay inside. we have steve kardian, joining us right now to react, a former police detective. thank you for joining us. what's your latest reaction on this? >> we haven't heard a heck of a lot from the authorities in san diego because there's a three-hour time difference. i would imagine they'd have a press conference very soon, but right now it stands that they still have the community -- you know, shelter in place. because they don't know if that's a second suspect out there. >> so we still don't know the circumstances of out these police officers were shot. because they were part of an elite gang suppression unit. so i mean, maybe they made a stop, somebody they thought might be gang related and it just went south. >> well, you look at their mission. they're with the gang unit so they're not dealing with really
5:35 am
credible people. they're dealing with some of the worst of the worst. so not only is the police job dangerous, that job is more dangero dangerous. so they found this guy in the ditch. was he in car? was he set up somewhere, was this an ambush attack? we have to wait -- >> what does it sound line? >> that it was an ambush. >> when you think of san diego, you think of the border. >> yes. >> you wonder if that could factor into this. >> it could. there's a ton of gangs in -- not only in southern california, but all throughout california. way, way worse than it is here in new york. and it certainly could be. i mean, we think of -- we think of the ms-13, all the really bad people we deal with on the southern border. >> we learned that the family of the officer who has been killed was notified and they'll release his name shortly. what goes through your mind? i'm sure you know people who
5:36 am
have gotten the knock on the door or that phone call. >> yeah, i have been to dozens and dozens of police funerals all up and down the east coast. it hurts to the core. i have cried for people i don't even know. and, you know, it's hard. >> and we don't know the circumstances. we don't know if it was just a terrible encounter or the larger war on cops we have been talking about. we should have details later. >> most of the officers are under 40, so usually their kids are young and their wives are young and their lives are just taking root. >> they're ruined. you know, that entire police family is going to be in mourning for a very long time. the entire country. >> for the rest of their lives. they will be affected for the rest of their lives. >> they'll never forget this. >> they won't. >> steve, thank you. abby, i think you have some headlines for us this morning. >> good morning. i do. a fox news alert. breaking right now, a metro train filled with passengers derailing in northern virginia. this is a live look at the crews
5:37 am
working on the train that jumped the tracks. it is still sitting upright and these are pictures taken from a passenger inside the train. there were 75 people on board. luckily no major injuries reported. well, backup shuttle buses are running to get people around that mess. well, imagine looking out of your plane window and seeing this. flames shooting right from the wing. well, it happened minutes after that american airlines flight took off from dallas. passengers said they heard a huge explosion. >> so you can see kind of a lot of smoke, a lot of flames. so some of the other passengers notified the crew and they came down and notified the pilot. >> scary stuff. well, american airlines saying the compressor in the engine failed and that the engine itself was never actually on fire. well, the baltimore cop charged in the death of freddie gray now back at work, but not back on the street. they near paid administrative positions. a judge dismissing charges against the final three officers on thursday after previously
5:38 am
acquitting the others. well, gray died days after his april 2015 arrest, sparking riots across the nation. and google now trying to explain why trump's name wouldn't show up when searching the terms presidential candidates. the internet giant blaming a quote technical bug. users were only seeing hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders and even green party candidate jill stein when searching earlier this week. well, trump and gary johnson now show up on the first page of the results. i don't think that donald trump needs it. i think he's now surpassed the kardashians as the most googled person in the country. >> but it makes them look terrible. makes it look like they have a candidate -- >> yeah. there's that. >> i wonder how many twitter follows does the kardashians have. i think he has 10 million if not more. >> the biggest impact to donald trump is his social media outreach. he's his own advertising force. >> absolutely. because when he puts together a little 30-second commercial,
5:39 am
rather than buy time he just pushes it -- a button on instagram. boom. >> and any time hillary speaks, he's just tweeting. >> right. >> goes the show you how it's changing everything. let me tell you what's coming up. he received a medal of honor, yep. but when he took to the podium at the dnc to say i love hillary, this happened. >> america lost four heros that day. command sergeant griffin, major gray, major kennedy and foreign service aerial office deon the sew. >> some democrats turning their back to him while he spoke. iraq and afghanistan veteran pete hegseth has a message for those protesters. here he is.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
heroes heckled on stage as the words no more war are
5:43 am
chanted while retire four-star general allen and medal of honor recipient florent groberg took to the stage to endorse hillary clinton. >> and the american military will continue to be the shining example of america at her very best. [ crowd chanting "no more war ]" >> what must they be thinking on stage? here to react is u.s. retired vet, pete hegseth. >> if they were this for all four days they saw the true core of the democratic party, not just in the chants, but the focus and priority of this convention. anti-military, anti-war. not that anyone's pro war, but anti-war in the '60s sense. anti-police, you know, pro abortion, across the america, the core has been exposed. the democrat party had a choice
5:44 am
after the '60s. be the party of jfk or jim webb and they have chosen to be the party of jkerry who threw his medals in the river. it's been anti-war and anti-military. if you look at the record of obama how could they be for what he's given up, chopping up the military and retreat tong battled field. >> donald trump says the military is a disaster and they say we have the best military in the world. joe biden, barack obama and hillary clinton. i think you're splitting the difference. you're the number one military in the world but we don't judge ourselves against other countries. but against -- >> it's not a comparative standard. they have gutted it. you know, general allen gave a good speech, but he spent a good chunk of how tolerant and inclusive our military. transgendered able to serve, such a distraction what we need to do to defeat size. >> that's his audience. >> of course that's his
5:45 am
audience. that's what he has to say. rather than this is what we'll do to utterly crush and defeat isis. it's not a priority for them. the biggest threat they think we have in this nation is climate change. seriously, brian, donald trump wants to defeat isis. hillary clinton wants to defeat the weather that is what the contrast is in this election. >> secretary of state just said that to a climate change committee, that was coming up with the conclusions as you're doing -- you're doing your work is just as important as those fighting isis. a lot of people say there's a difference between barack obama and hillary clinton where president obama, his policies obviously have been effective. he never should have pulled out of iraq, afghanistan never worked t surge wasn't effective. they're done to the shell number of people who are basically targets in afghanistan. syria, 400,000 people dead and hillary clinton will be different. really? did you hear her describe in the speech how we'll take on isis. bombing on the sky, local forces on the ground. that is the current policy and it is not working. >> of course. she has bear hugged barack
5:46 am
obama. she was a part of making those policies from iraq as you said to syria, to libya, you didn't mention the intervention in libya. she also wants the same borderless world that barack obama is giving us. massive contrast between trump and clinton. >> the number one terror nation is iran. she bragged last night that we got rid of nuclear weapons in iran without firing a shot. do we know -- do we know in writing within ten years they have an opportunity to reconstitute their nuclear program. our belief is they'll like being such a great member of the world community that they won't do it. and we're not inspecting their sites. u.n. inspectors are doing that. >> because their theology of death to america no longer matters to them anymore. >> it hasn't changed. >> these are not the drones you're looking for, the nuclear weapons won't come back. they have the billions they wanted out of the deal. they're still violating the missile aspects of the treaty. that's a time line on it. they're playing the long game in tehran. hillary clinton wants to score
5:47 am
political points, as a result america is less safe. hillary clinton is is an extension of the failed barack obama policy. >> that medal of honor recipient, the general -- >> disgraceful. >> but their choice, they have to be wondering did i make the right choice as the audience said they're not welcome. you're always welcome. great job in cleveland and in philadelphia. coming up, more on this police officer who sadly was murdered overnight in san diego. we are live on the scene next. and just hours before at the dnc, democrats did this during a moment of silence for our fallen officers. >> in honor of all of american fallen officers with a moment of silence. >> black lives matter! >> black lives matter! >> well, the founder of blue lives matter who would nevral i react. but right now let's check in with gregg jarrett to find out what's coming up on "america's
5:48 am
newsroom." >> hillary clinton hitting a message of stronger together, so how did she do? we'll get a full analysis from chris wallace and chris will have his exclusive first interview with the presidential nominee on fox news sunday. that's important. so much more when heather childress and i sit in for bill and martha at the top of the hour. this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. get out there. find hotels at up to 50% off and more ways to save at when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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we have some breaking news this morning. one police officer murdered overnight. another police officer injured when he was shot during a traffic stop. so how are officers feeling this morning as they put on their uniforms and badges and go to work to protect all of us? joe imperatrice is a veteran of
5:52 am
the new york city police department and founder of blue lives matter in new york. he joins us right now. we still don't know circumstances. we do know that these particular officers made a traffic stop. they were part of an elite gauge suppression unit. so we don't know whether it was part of the larger war on cops which we have heard so much about, or just the fact that this is -- this is an inherently dangerous business that you're in. >> definitely a dangerous business. one of the hardest things is a car stop actually. you never know what's going on on on the inside of the vehicle. people always say, we got pulled over for a taillight or, you know, some minimal infraction. but on the other side the cop is not thinking that and you see what happened with this incident right now. they're the most dangerous things over than domestic violence issues being a police officer. >> what do you say to the people out there that aren't in favor of cops anymore? >> the thing is, i use this analogy before. i would love to be mayor of new
5:53 am
york city one day, but i can't tell the mayor how to do their job. now people tell the police officers how to do their job. we need to be given the benefit of the doubt. the problem is you see it all over. the second some issue happens, right away the police officer is wrong. there's no due process for them. for whatever reason people think that it's not right. let it play out. let them do their job and believe in them a little bit. they need faith. >> can we talk about what happens when that's a shooting like this of a cop? i'm looking at this footage of all the officers, the cars in the street. dozens and dozens. who's securing the rest of the city? is that the hard decision? you want to find out what's going on at this scene, but is that an opportunity for the other infractions? look at that force. >> there's a lot of moving parts and people will rush to the scene because they don't know what's going on. especially when you heard that a police officer has been shot or killed in the line of duty. your train of thought changes. you're worried about where could
5:54 am
the person be? let's is secure the buildings. they're setting up a attack plan. >> who organizes it? >> depending on who is there, its could be a chief, incident commander. in that case i don't know. >> what was scary about that, we played the dispatch call, when the initial call was made about the two officers down, they were going to put them in the police -- drive them as quickly as they could to the hospital. shots are coming -- we don't know from where. >> and they didn't even wait for an ambulance. they threw the police officers in the car and went. because you're not going to wait. it's your responsibility to make sure that these officer goes home at the end of the day. if they don't, it's your responsibility to take care of that family. >> take us through the mind of you as an officer or your colleagues, what's the sentiment among all of your friends that are with the force? because we were in philly talking to police officers. they're counting down the days to retirement now. one said he takes off has uniform when he's off the job, off the clock, because he doesn't want people to see them.
5:55 am
>> more police officers are definitely on edge. you're walking around with eyes on the back of your head. you're a target 24 hours a day right now. kind of a sad place. even being home, a lot of guys are paranoid. you don't know who is, you know, they can look like the average citizen. a criminal can look like anybody. >> citizens feel that way. they say don't engage in road rage. if someone cuts you off, you don't know if they have a gun. people are all scared. >> all right. we can't control road rage is the problem. you lose your temper. but let's talk about what happened last night. we have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in uniform. listen. >> please help me in honor of all american foreign officers with a moment of silence. >> black lives matter! >> black lives matter! >> did you know that we -- were you watching this at the time? >> i saw it this morning. >> what are your thoughts? >> very disrespectful and very hurtful. these are people that lost their
5:56 am
lives trying to protect the community and somebody who is a little irresponsible in the crowd trying to look at me, look at me. you don't do something like that. >> what's changing? i mean, my point is with the road rage thing, people are angry. people are acting out in a way i have never seen. no one used to use -- you get in a fight with someone, we're going to shoot you. we have seen vehicles being used as a weapons. it is ridiculous. >> i think the problem with america today is accountability. nobody knows how to say i'm wrong. it's pointing the finger at somebody else. everyone wants the issue to be solved but no one is making that issue to change. we need to change and it starts from the top. but we as citizens it starts with us. we really need to -- we need to make it happen. just get it done. >> all right. the founder of blue lives matter, thank you very much, jim imperatrice -- joe. sorry about that. been a long way. all right. we'll wrap this week up in two minutes. essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great.
5:57 am
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well, after two weeks on the road, i would like to thank you for making us the number one
6:00 am
cable news show for politics in the united states of america. >> tomorrow, governor mike huckabee will be on. >> peter schweizer from "clinton cash." we'll talk about the speeches if we ever get the transcripts. and run to the radio. kilmeade & friends is up shortly. >> it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. gregg: it was quite a night, now it's the morning. heather: bill and martha are on the road today. hillary clinton closing out the democratic convention in philadelphia with her acceptance speech, officially becomin


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